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9 Ellul 5777

Issue No.1018



It’s hell and high water

Brainy Londoner David Eldar is crowned world Scrabble champ after scoring a whopping 74 points with the word ‘carrels’. See page 5

Jewish volunteers help the victims of Hurricane Harvey See page 3



Jewish News 31 August 2017


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9 Ellul 5777

Issue No.1018


Brainy Londoner David Eldar is crowned world Scrabble champ after scoring a whopping 74 points with the word ‘carrels’. See page 5

It’s hell and high water Jewish volunteers help the victims of Hurricane Harvey See page 3

‘ She made everyone feel special’ Community pays tribute to Diana on 20th anniversary of her death See page 10

Jewish group sensationalises anti-Semitism, says JLC chief Activists want Simon Johnson to ‘apologise or resign’ for rejecting claim that one-in-three UK Jews have considered quitting Britain A communal row erupted this week after the chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council dismissed figures suggesting one-in-three British Jews have considered leaving the UK. The furore stemmed from a video blog by JLC chief Simon Johnson [pictured, right], published last Friday, which lambasted the survey results of a YouGov poll commissioned by Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. The CAA claimed around 30 percent of British Jews were considering emigrating because of anti-Semitism fears, but Johnson took to the airwaves to attack the stats as nonsense, saying they were unrepresentative and amounted to scaremongering. In the video, Johnson slapped the CAA down, saying: “It is beholden on organisations to never sensationalise anti-Semitism.”

After an online backlash, with some accusing his criticism as “shameful,” the video was taken down, but a spokesman said: “The JLC’s position on the report has not changed… The video was removed in the interest of communal relations.” On Wednesday, CAA head Gideon Falter accused Johnson of a “misconceived attack” and called on him to apologise or quit. “We did all we could to resolve the matter behind the scenes to avoid embarrassing the JLC and they deleted the video – which had backfired badly – on Monday,” he said. “That

should have been the end of the matter.” Instead, he noted, Johnson had since “stood by” the comments. Falter said the polling was conducted partly by YouGov and partly by the CAA using a methodology modelled on the National Jewish Community Survey, but “rather than attempting to understand the fears of the Jewish community, the JLC’s idea of leadership was to berate the significant minority of British Jews who are so concerned about anti-Semitism as to reconsider their future here”. Falter continued: “To compound matters

Mr Johnson attacked CAA’s unpaid volunteers, claiming that we are out to scare people so that we can get ourselves on television. We only refrained from taking action for the good of the community.” He added: “The community’s revulsion was evident in the barrage of negative comments about the video on social media. Simon Johnson should have apologised for his petty and personal attack. “Instead, despite an agreement that neither side would comment, an unnamed JLC source then said that the JLC stood by the video they had deleted, which is now ammunition for every antiSemite. At the moment, only anti-Semites welcome their stance. Simon Johnson should apologise or resign.” Continued on Page 4


Jewish News 31 August 2017


News / UN chief in Israel/ Corbyn ‘smears’

UN chief condemns Israel ‘hatred’ United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres dismissed calls for the destruction of Israel as “a form of modern anti-Semitism”, before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem this week. Guterres, who was making his first visit to Israel and the Palestinian areas since becoming head of the UN in January, said: “I understand the security concerns of Israel, and I repeat that the idea or the intention or the will to destroy the State of Israel is something totally unacceptable from my perspective.” Netanyahu told Guterres that the UN was failing to prevent Hezbollah obtaining arms, a mandate that formed part of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which was passed at the end of the Second Lebanon War in 2006. The prime minister charged that the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, or UNIFIL, has not reported one of the “tens of thousands of weapons smuggling into Lebanon for Hezbollah”. Guterres responded that he would “do everything in my capacity” to ensure UNIFIL fulfils its obligations. He also asked Netanyahu for Israel’s help to improve the Palestinian economy as a way to show the Palestinians that making peace with Israel will pay. Before meeting Netanyahu, the secretary-

The UN’s Antonio Guterres with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem this week

general held talks with President Rivlin at his residence in Jerusalem, at which Rivlin called on Guterres to work to end the discrimination shown against Israel in branches of the UN. “This targeting of Israel, this singling out of the world’s only Jewish state – and even actions and statements that threaten to

destroy Israel – are unacceptable and should come at a price,” he said. Rivlin also asked Guterres to intervene with Hamas to help bring home the bodies of two Israeli soldiers and two other Israelis who are believed to be held captive in Gaza. Guterres, in his appearance with Rivlin,

said that calls for the destruction of Israel were “a form of modern anti-Semitism”, then added: “But you also understand that I sometimes disagree with positions with the government of Israel or any other government, and that is absolutely normal in a society where many of your citizens have exactly the same expressions of opinions.” Guterres noted that he had started his visit on Monday morning at Yad Vashem, where he laid a wreath in the memorial hall. “Yad Vashem is there to remind us that we need to be in the first line in fighting against anti-Semitism,” the secretary-general said. He added: “But first of all fighting against all other forms of bigotry, be it racism, xenophobia, even anti-Muslim hatred, to promote understanding and to promote dialogue.” He said he was “very appreciative” of Netanyahu “for what has been your commitment to dialogue and understanding”. In other dialogue during the visit, Netanyahu warned Guterres that Iran was using Syria and Lebanon “as warfronts against its declared goal to eradicate Israel”. Iran, he said, was “building sites to produce precision-guided missiles in both Syria and in Lebanon. This is something Israel cannot accept ... and the UN should not accept”. Guterres also met Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and toured the Gaza Strip during his visit.

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Jewish representatives have hit out at a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet who said the Labour leader had been the victim of anti-Semitism “dirty tricks”. The Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish Labour Movement all reacted angrily after Shadow Fire Minister Chris Williamson said anti-Semitism allegations being levelled at Corbyn were “bull***t” and “smears”. In an interview with The Guardian, he said: “I’m not saying it never ever happens, but it is a really dirty, low down trick, particularly the anti-Semitism smears. Many people in the Jewish community are appalled by what they see as the weaponisation of anti-Semitism for political ends.” He added: “It is pretty repellent to use that to attack somebody like Jeremy Corbyn, who has spent his whole life fighting for social justice and standing up for the underdog… People have stopped listening to the smears and lies and dirty tricks.” It is the second time in recent days that Williamson has made headlines, after suggesting there was some merit to having women-only train carriages. The Board’s vice-president, Marie van der Zyl, said: “The Jewish community would expect a Labour MP and shadow minister like Chris Williamson to show solidarity with those suffering racism within his own party rather than blaming the victims. “After a second failure on equalities issues in a week, the Labour leadership should consider whether Williamson is a suitable person

Chris Williamson attacked Corbyn ‘smears’

to serve as a front-bench spokesperson.” A Jewish Leadership Council spokesman said: “We were extremely concerned by the dismissive nature of the comments. It is deplorable for an acting member of Labour’s shadow cabinet to downplay a sentiment felt by the majority of British Jews. Allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party did not come from thin air.” A Jewish Labour Movement spokesman said: “In the past two years, there have been three inquiries into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, one commissioned by the leader of the Labour Party. For a member of the frontbench to claim there is no issue belittles the Jewish community and the Labour Party. We call on Mr Williamson to reconsider his ill-judged comments.” In his response, Williamson said: “I absolutely did not and never would blame the victims of anti-Semitism or any form or racism and bigotry… The point I was trying to make is that accusations have, on occasions, been used for factional or party political ends.”

31 August 2017 Jewish News



Hurricane Harvey / Disaster response / News

Jewish groups unite to help victims of Hurricane Harvey Jewish emergency relief groups have come to the aid of American victims of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated parts of Texas and left around 20 people dead. Israeli humanitarian charity IsraAID and Jewish outreach group Chabad-Lubavitch both offered assistance after Jewish families in Houston, Texas, were among thousands evacuated from their homes. An IsraAID delegation is onsite, offering psychological help for victims and assisting with debris removal in the wake of the tropical storm. Working with the Jewish communities affected, local officials and the Israeli Consulate General, they are to deploy a team from Israel and the US to give psychological support, in particular to those evacuated to shelters in Austin and Dallas. The humanitarian group will also help clean up debris and sift through wreckage of destroyed homes and salvage

Left: Cars are submerged by floods. Right: Relief efforts as around 20 people are confirmed dead

people’s belongings, in part, to avoid any major health or hygiene issues from contaminated water and open sewage. Chabad in Houston set up a relief fund and offered aid to victims of the storm, while letting others use their centres as a place to reach out. Its envoys have also made calls, prepared food and organised for aid to reach those in need. The Jewish Federations of North America called for

donations to an emergency relief fund to support communities and individuals in Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, Corpus Christi and other areas in Texas. The Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Centre reported suffering flood damage. The Jewish Family Service also reported flood damage, as did at least three Houston synagogues. More rainfall and flooding is

expected in the coming days. Some 150 neighbourhood blocks in the city that are home to members of the Jewish community are reported to have been damaged in floods as part of the hurricane. Many of them were also flooded out last year and in 2015. More than 30,000 people overall have been left temporarily homeless, and the mayor of Houston has imposed a curfew from midnight to 5am to prevent potential looting.

t. Es

WJR ALL SET TO MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE An international disaster response team is to be launched by the community’s leading humanitarian charity to help those in need at times of crisis. World Jewish Relief (WJR) will compile a crack team of its most experienced volunteers to be on hand to respond to global catastrophes. The group of skilled workers, sourced from within the community, must be available to be deployed at short notice to support relief and recovery efforts. When a disaster occurs, WJR’s team arrives in affected areas and within days carries out needs assessments and selects local partners to work with. The disaster response team will bolster their presence and capacity, using their skills to identify partners, and ensuring responses directly meet humanitarian needs. WJR is looking for people with international humanitarian and development experience, in fields such as needs assessment, food distribu-

tion, water and sanitation and emergency provision of temporary shelter. “In the aftermath of any international catastrophe, responding in a timely and skilled way is essential to save lives and reduce suffering. WJR needs additional expertise, which we know exists within our community to assist us in this critical endeavour,” said WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni. “This is a brilliant opportunity for the right people to play their part in our front line emergency response work fulfilling the Jewish imperative of tikkun olam – fixing the world.”


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Jewish News 31 August 2017


News / Cold case reopened / Limmud rebrand

Continued from Page 1 saying Johnson’s criticism was However, sociologist Keith “uncalled for,” noting that anKahn-Harris questioned the ti-Israel author Gilad Atzmon CAA’s methodology. He said: had quoted from the video “They have not blog. He added: “It collaborated with is just over three experts on the years since the nomethodology of torious ‘Town Hall surveying the UK Meeting’ which Jewish commucriticised the woenity or quoted any ful leadership of research on this the British Jewish area other than community. Mr their own. They do CAA’s Gideon Falter Johnson was hecknot address the gap led for saying ‘now between low immigration rate is not the time to discuss that’. of Jews from the UK and their He did not discuss it then and claim that one third of UK he has not discussed it now. Jews have considered leaving The CAA filled the vacuum due to anti-Semitism.” created by the established orLevi Shapiro, director ganisations. It leads whereas of the Jewish Community the JLC leads only in its name. Council in Stamford Hill, Jonathan Goldberg QC branded the CAA report “far- said: “The smug complacency fetched”, adding: “We don’t of Simon Johnson in this think it reflects the views of matter is appalling. All credit the strictly-Orthodox com- to the unpaid young volunmunity. Not to say anti-Sem- teers of the CAA for calling it itism doesn’t exist, but not to how it is unlike the cosy backthe extent where people from slapping club of our Jewish our community are consid- establishment organisations.” ering to leave the UK.” Top media lawyer and Jew-  Editorial comment, ish community campaigner page 14; Gideon Falter, Mark Lewis backed Falter, page 17

Palestinian’s London death reinvestigated The unsolved murder of a Palestinian political cartoonist on the streets of South Kensington 30 years ago is to be reinvestigated, the Metropolitan Police has said. Naji Salim Hussain Al-Ali, a famous satirist popular throughout the Arab world, was shot in the neck as he walked to his office in west London on 22 July 1987. The gunman and his accomplice were never caught. Al-Ali was as critical of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as he was of the Israeli and American governments, and while the list of suspects included Israel’s foreign intelligence service Mossad, most commentators assumed he had been killed by the PLO, in an effort to silence its critics.

Photo by Met Police

Anger after CAA survey

Left: Satirist Naji Salim Hussain Al-Ali. Right: The gun used to kill him

A Palestinian student living in Hull, who said he was working for both the Mossad and the PLO, was arrested and later convicted for possessing weapons and explosives, but the killers have never been brought to justice. This week, the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command released new details of the case, with officers appealing for information about the gunman and a man seen driving from the scene – both described in detail by witnesses at the time. Al-Ali had parked his car on Ixworth Place, before walking down Draycott Avenue and into Ives Street. Witnesses saw him being followed by the gunman, who shot him in the neck from behind. Al-Ali died five weeks

later in hospital. The gunman, wearing a denim jacket and dark trousers, was described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, aged about 25, with collar-length thick black hair, that was wavy at the back. Another witness saw a second man crossing Fulham Road into Lucan Place and getting into the driver’s seat of a silver-grey, lefthand drive Mercedes shortly afterwards, with his left hand inside the right-side of his jacket, as if hiding something. This man was also said to be of Middle Eastern appearance, aged in his 50s, about 5ft 9in and of medium build but with heavy shoulders, a “fattish” face and “bigger than average” nose.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “A lot can change in 30 years. Allegiances shift and people who were not willing to speak at the time of the murder may now be prepared to come forward with crucial information.” Al-Ali’s son Khalid said: “Obviously many people were unhappy with his cartoons throughout his career. That could range from, obviously Israel as the enemy, and Arab leaders and Arab governments, including Palestinian leadership… “There were always threats, there were always problems with his cartoons but this did not stop him from actually drawing.”

Limmud reveals new identity Limmud 2017 in BirTsabari and New Yorker mingham started to take Erin Zaikis, who founded shape this week, with Sundara Fund, a sustainthe announcement of able soap recycling inispeakers and details of tiative active in India and a new street food dining Myanmar. experience. A re-branding exerOrganisers said precise this year sees senters and performers Limmud turn from for the 36th cultural a ‘conference’ into a event, taking place ‘festival,’ as well as an 24-28 December, would expanded programme include “unorthodox” Celebrating Chanukah at Limmud for families and young columnist and essayist teens programme and a Mark Oppenheimer, Israeli singer Shai greater emphasis on celebrating volunteers.

31 August 2017 Jewish News



Scrabble win / Insta duo / Bake Off / News

My word! David is Scrabble champ London-based Jewish wordsmith David Eldar has been crowned the new World Scrabble Champion after scoring 74 points with the word “carrels”, writes Joshua Levi. The 27-year-old, who hails from Melbourne but now works for an estate agent in London, beat players from 26 countries to take the title in Nottingham. “I’ve been playing the game for more than half of my life and this is the pinnacle of the game, so it felt amazing,” he told The Australian Jewish News this week. “It’s pretty crazy that I achieved this.” Eldar first took a tilt at the title 11 years ago. “This is my seventh of eight attempts at the World Championships, which I started playing in when I was 16 years old,” he said. “The first two years, I finished eleventh, then I failed for

a few years and, three years ago, I reached the quarter-finals.” According to Eldar, the makings of a good Scrabble player are understanding game theory, possessing a great vocabulary and also being a bit lucky with the letters you get. However, even though he scooped around £8,000 beating Sri Lankan-born Harshan Lamabadusurilya 3-0 in the best of five finals, Eldar said: “I have played for money before, but I wouldn’t recommend making a career out of it.” While the winning game featured words such as “asinicos”, “obvs” and “troelies”, Eldar said the most memorable word he has laid down was not from that match. “The one word I always remember playing was ‘badminton’, because it’s rare to play a nine-letter-word and I’m not sure if it’s been played in Scrabble before.”

Game Of Scones! Did Stacey Hart rise to the challenge on this week’s Great British Bake Off? This year’s much anticipated rebranded Great British Bake Off promised much excitement when it burst onto our screens this week, writes Caron Kemp. Not only boasting a new channel, new judge and new presenters but a new Yiddishe contestant to boot. Hertfordshire mum-ofthree Stacey Hart tried to impress Prue and Paul with an apple and walnut cake for the first challenge, but received a lukewarm response, with Paul admitting that he didn’t think the whole concept worked together and Prue noticing her fruit had sunk. For the first technical challenge, the 12 wannabe bakers spent two hours making 12

chocolate mini rolls from Prue’s recipe. Poor Stacey’s nerves got the better of her as she delivered an ‘underbaked’ and ‘messy’ batch, coming in at an unimpressive 11th place. And it was a mixed bag (pun intended) of feedback for her red velvet clutch bag illusion cake, which Paul said didn’t look as intended, but both he and Prue deemed ‘delicious’ on the taste test. Ok, so she may not have made Star Baker, but our Stacey’s luck wasn’t all out, as she narrowly escaped elimination. We can’t wait to see her back in the tent next week, when we’ll be hoping that she has more mazel.

Reflecting on Eldar’s victory, his father Yoram said he knew it was only a matter of time. “He’s been trying to win it for a while,” he said. “He came pretty close a few times so I wasn’t surprised because I thought he would eventually win it.” David with his winning board

Dad and daughter are Instagram hit A Jewish dad has become an lives in California and has Instagram hit after posting a distinctive bearded face, a series of photos of him and has delighted internet users his baby daughter in a variety for months alongside Zoe’s of poses, garnering 133,000 beaming smile. online followers. He has been posting Sholom Ber Solomon, who funny photos since before describes himself as a “silli- Zoe’s birth. ness enthusiast” on the photo sharing site, took a series of pictures of him and his 11-month old daughter Zoe, dressing her up as a flower, a bucket of KFC chicken, a fireman, a shark, a monkey and a gnome, among others. The largerthan-life dad, who On film: Sholom Ber Solomon and Zoe

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Jewish News 31 August 2017

News / GCSE results

Photo by Tash Photography

The challenging change in GCSEs this year failed to dent the A-grade performance of Jewish schools across the country, with Immanuel and Hasmonean topping the class in London. Measuring its “best ever” set of results, feepaying Immanuel in Bushey set the standard, with 70 percent of examinees gaining an A* or A grade and 45 percent hitting the highest mark. Incoming headteacher Gary Griffin said: “I’m absolutely delighted to discover such an outstanding set of GCSE results, which are the best in the history of the college. I congratulate both pupils and staff for their exceptional performance this year and look forward to welcoming the boys and girls into our expanding sixth form”. At JFS in Kenton, results were “at or above” previous levels, with 92 percent of all entries graded A* to C, or 9-4, under the new numerical ordering system. More than one third of the cohort achieved A* or A grades or equivalent in eight or more subjects, while 52 percent were graded A* or A (or 9-7). Outstanding performances were registered by dozens of JFS students, among them Joshua Korber-Hoffman and Benjamin Moss, both of whom took home ten A*s. School leaders said: “Although comparison of results with previous years is difficult, the 9-4 pass rates in English of 94 percent and in Maths of 92 percent are both higher than last year’s A*-C figures.” At Hasmonean, the percentage of top results

Photo by Tash Photography

Jewish pupils show they’re the A-team

The GCSE results crowned an exceptional year at JCoSS, with headteacher Patrick Moriarty saying they were “an occasion for rejoicing”

was even better, with 60 percent of examinees awarded A* to A (or 9-7) grades, while 92 percent were graded between A* and C (or 9-4), the school’s best performance in three years. Among the high achievers were Daniel Mann, Chloe Gold and Sharoni Blass. Headteacher Andrew McClusky paid tribute

to both students and staff, but said academic achievement “is just one of the areas in which we encourage our students to excel”, adding Jewish studies, community leadership and personal endeavour were just as important. At Yavneh College in Borehamwood, headteacher Spencer Lewis also oversaw the school’s

best performance in three years, with 86 percent of results graded A* to C, compared to 82 percent last year and 85 percent in 2015. More than a third of all examinees fell into the top bracket, with 36 percent weighing in at A* or A. “Examinations are getting even harder than in previous years,” said Lewis. “What is certain

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31 August 2017 Jewish News



GCSE results / News

as new rules fail to dent GCSE results

Photo by Blake Ezra Photography

Photo by Blake Ezra Photography

Yavneh students with their results certificates line up with headteacher Spencer Lewis

Happy faces all round at JFS as students celebrate the school’s ever-improving results, including “dozens of outstanding performances”

is that Yavneh pupils have worked extremely hard and have done exceptionally well. It makes me very proud indeed.” JCoSS students also had an exceptional year, with 43 percent of results graded either A* or A, and 88 percent marked A* to C (or 9 to 4). Among Pupils achieving nine A* grades were

Gil Krikler, Nuri Morad, Antonia Salem and Noam Solomons-Wise. Headteacher Patrick Moriarty said: “We rejoice at these excellent grades, and also at the huge achievements of many students who have far exceeded personal goals and school targets. In English, we added a whole extra grade on

average to every student.” The JCoSS result was mirrored at Kantor King Solomon High School in Barkingside, which also saw school leaders celebrating “another record-breaking year” and heralding “a remarkable transformation”. Grades in Jewish Studies and Religious Studies were particularly high, with Ishan Gulati, Aimee

Cohen, Prince Ahmed and Ashna Pillai all gaining seven A* grades. Headteacher Matthew Slater said he was “proud and delighted for the entire school,” adding: “It is my honour and privilege to lead this magnificent institution.” Rabbi David Meyer, head of the Partnerships for Jewish Schools and former head of Hasmonean, said the overall results were “outstanding” and “especially noteworthy given the changes in the curriculum”. He said: “This reflects the high standards of education being delivered in Jewish schools across the country. Students across the ability range are performing exceptionally well and these results will reinforce the confidence parents are showing in their schools, and in the desire to send their children to Jewish schools.”



Jewish News 31 August 2017

News / Selfridges store / Welsh tour / Missing guitar

Norwood opens UK’s first interfaith shop at Selfridges Norwood has teamed up with Islamic Relief and other religious charities to launch the country’s first interfaith charity shop in Selfridges, London. The concept is the brainchild of American artist and film-maker Miranda July, and the third-floor shop will open to the public from today until 22 October. Britain’s largest Jewish charity said it was “proud” to work alongside Islamic Relief, London Buddhist Centre and Spitalfields Crypt Trust, which funds services supporting people recovering from addiction. The proceeds will be shared equally between the four partners, all of which run their own charity shops.

The shop will raise ‘vital funds’

Norwood chairman David Ereira said the shop “promotes our common sense of charity and community”, adding: “Projects such

as this are important to raise vital funds, but also to build social cohesion and bring people of different faiths together.” He said the prospect of opening an interfaith charity shop in the heart of London’s shopping district “sends a powerful message that religions can work together to be a force for good”. The shop was commissioned by Artangel, which is funded by Arts Council England, and is the latest initiative of July, an author of two acclaimed books, who has a Jewish father and a Christian mother.

Israel’s vallies welcome Welsh Tories Conservative Friends of Israel has led its first delegation of Welsh Tories to Israel. The group from Wales took part in a series of high-level meetings with Israeli politicians, academics and journalists, and visited Israel’s financial technology hub, The Floor.

They met with MKs Yaakov Peri and Michael Oren, founding editor of Times of Israel, David Horovitz, and an adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organisation Negotiations Department. The delegation toured Save a Child’s Heart, which provides life-saving surgery for children,

Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency service, and the first Palestinian-planned city of Rawabi. They also visited Yad Vashem and met with the IsraelBritain Chamber of Commerce in Tel Aviv, which promotes bilateral ties.

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ROCKER’S GUITAR TAKEN A musician from East Jerusalem has said Israeli officials jeopardised his band’s UK tour by withholding his electric guitar at security at Ben Gurion Airport. Apo Sahagian [pictured], the lead singer of Apo and the Apostles, said security officials held back his guitar for further testing, promising that it would be on the next EasyJet flight to Luton, but after three days there was still no sign of it. “I don’t understand,” said Sahagian, an Armenian who has an Israeli ID and travel documents. “They asked me where my band

is from, I said Bethlehem, maybe they got suspicious. I’m an East Jerusalemite – they treat us like a virus.” In repeated calls to EasyJet, Sahagian, who completed the UK tour with a borrowed guitar, said the airline told him the £4,000 guitar was still with the Ben Gurion security team, but Ofer Lefler, a spokesman for the Airports Authority, denied this, saying it was taken for additional screening “but was then immediately turned over to the airline”. He added that Israeli ground handling services said the guitar “has been transferred to London”.


A lonely female monkey named Niv has befriended a chicken at Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv. The Indonesian black macaque had trouble making friends in her new environment, so has been spending time with the chicken on a daily basis – even sleeping next to it at night. You can watch a video of the odd couple at jewishnews.co.uk


31 August 2017 Jewish News




Jewish News 31 August 2017

News / Princess Diana / Hitler comment NEWS IN BRIEF

CATHOLIC PRIEST BURNT CROSSES ON JEWISH PROPERTY A Catholic priest who left his post because of revelations of his Ku Klux Klan past never apologised or paid court-ordered restitution to two Jewish institutions for burning crosses on their property. Bill Aitcheson, a priest at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Fairfax City, Virginia, acknowledged his college days in the KKK and said his Catholic faith saved him in an essay published a week ago in The Arlington Catholic Herald, The Washington Post reported.

POLICE IN ISRAEL PREVENT WEDDING OF BRIDE AGED 14 Police in Israel have broken up a wedding because the bride was aged 14, just before she was about to be married off by her rabbi father. The groom, reported to be in his 20s, and the girl’s father, both of the Breslov Chasidic sect, were arrested on Monday in the central Israeli city of Lod, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

Community pays tribute as world honours Diana Jewish community leaders have paid tribute to Princess Diana’s “indefatigable commitment to charity”, as the country marks the 20th anniversary of her death. Norwood chief executive Elaine Kerr recalled how Diana “made everyone feel special” when she visited Norwood’s Ravenswood village in 1985. Arriving in grand style, she touched down at the Berkshire site by helicopter to open a rose garden for residents. Kerr said: “Everybody who was at Ravenswood on that day will remember Princess Diana’s visit. It was an example of her indefatigable commitment to charity causes, both at home and abroad.” She added: “Her genuine warmth and interest in everyone she met made everyone feel special. The fact she stayed much longer than her official appointment meant a great deal to both staff and residents. “Princess Diana made public engagements feel like a real pleasure, not a duty. Public figures like her are rare and the fact that people still talk about her and

Diana, left, meeting Ravenswood residents in 1985

her visit so fondly, even 20 years after her passing, shows how much she touched everyone.” The Princess received a sculptured rose from a resident and former Norwood chair Ronnie Gottlieb. She also signed a book, recording the planting of the gar-

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den’s first rose to honour the birth of her youngest son, Prince Harry. The Princess Diana News Blog quotes Hazel Kaye, chief executive of Jewish Blind & Disabled, praising the charity work of the former Royal. She said: “One of the great things about Diana’s work, quite apart from the immediate benefit to the charities she supported, was that she really put the spotlight on charities. The impact she made was enormous, and her loss is still felt today by the charity sector.” In 1990, Diana, and her former husband Prince Charles, were guests at the Jewish Welfare Board (JWB)’s 125th anniversary dinner at the Guildhall. Jewish Care was formed from a merger between JWB and Jewish Blind Society that year. Diana’s death in a Paris car crash on 31 August 1997 shocked the globe and sparked unprecedented expressions of grief .

Japan’s deputy leader retracts Hitler comment Japan’s deputy prime minister has retracted a comment suggesting Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had good intentions. Taro Aso was speaking at a seminar for his faction in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday when he said: “I don’t question a politician’s motives; it is delivering results that matter. Hitler, who killed mil-

lions of people, was no good, even if his intentions had been good.” Aso said the remark was “inappropriate”, that he would like to retract it and regretted having caused a misunderstanding. He said he meant that Hitler was a bad leader with bad intentions. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre denounced the

comment as “downright dangerous”. An official at the centre, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, said: “When will the elite of Japan acknowledge they have a ‘Nazi problem’?”

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31 August 2017 Jewish News



Remembering Weizmann / News briefs / World News

Students compete to learn from Weizmann’s legacy Jewish students from the UK on tour in Israel have wound their way through the iconic Weizmann House, solving problems and learning history at the same time. The Weizmann name will be familiar to many. Jewish chemist and early Zionist, Chaim Weizmann, who was born in Russia in 1874, came to England in 1905 and was a lecturer at the University of Manchester until the First World War broke out in 1914. The conflict soon saw Britain fall short of acetone, a solvent used in making cordite, an essential naval explosive. Winston Churchill, then in charge of Britain’s Navy, turned to Weizmann. The biochemist worked out the bacterialogy, got his grain and set about fermenting, brewing and distilling, pro-

vided Churchill with his supplies. Weizmann’s science fed the war effort and he was rewarded for his efforts when, on 2 November 1917, prompted by prime minister Lloyd George, the foreign secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild urging British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The rest, as they say, is history. This summer’s tour groups, including Noam and Bnei Akiva, have been seeing how the Weizmann House has “special historic significance”, as this year celebrates the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, in which Weizmann, who later became Israel’s first president, played such a central role. On campus at the Weizmann Institute, Jewish

youngsters now invade his former house, recently reopened after an extensive restoration project, to find the connection between science, Weizmann, Balfour and the establishment of the State of Israel. The tours have tested the brainpower of up to 600 Jewish students, who must use curiosity and knowledge in an interactive race built on logic, team work and creative thinking. Organisers said the kids “have been solving riddles, assignments, and navigating with a speciallydesigned app to uncover the events, decisions, key figures and historic patent which ultimately led to the establishment of the State of Israel”.


NETANYAHU HITS OUT AT KOTEL BODY SEARCHES Body searches of female worshippers at the entrance to the Kotel are “unacceptable”, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. He asked minister of public security Gilad Erdan to look into accusations that at least four female rabbinical students were subject to body searches at the Western Wall Plaza. Israel’s High Court of Justice has ruled that women are not to be subjected to such treatment at the site.


Jewish students from the UK at the Weizmann House, where they are taking part in an interactive study project

The winner of a beauty contest for women of Lebanese ancestry was stripped of her title after it was discovered she had travelled to Israel. Amanda Hanna, who is Swedish and Lebanese, won the 2017 Miss Lebanon Emigrant competition earlier this month, but organisers discovered from her Swedish passport she had visited the Jewish state in 2016. Lebanese citizens are forbidden by law from visiting Israel.

Something to smile about

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Jewish News 31 August 2017


News / Settlement pledge / Iran warning / World news briefs

Palestinian anger over Bibi’s settlement vow Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow to never evacuate Jewish settlements has drawn outrage from Palestinians. The Israeli prime minister’s pledge has also complicated matters for the Trump administration’s would-be peace envoys as they try to restart talks. Speaking at a ceremony on Monday night in Barkan, a settlement in the northern West Bank, he said: “There is a momentum of development in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank’s biblical name]. “We have returned here for

Benjamin Netanyahu promised never to leave the West Bank

eternity. There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel. Settlements will not be uprooted.” The Palestinians called on

the White House to intervene, and visiting UN SecretaryGeneral Antonio Guterres challenged Netanyahu’s comments, reiterating the interna-

tional community’s opposition to Israeli settlements, of which there are more than 100 in the West Bank. Nabil Abu Rdeneh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said: “We call upon the US administration to deal with these provocations,” which, he said, hinder US peace efforts and are “an attempt to return things to square one”. A senior White House official played down Netanyahu’s comments, saying the Israeli position was known and that the US was talking to all sides.

Hamas: Iran helping us financially and militarily Hamas has re-established its relationship with Iran and is benefiting from the Islamic Republic’s financial and military aid, Gazabased leaders have said. The announcement from the new Hamas chief coincides with a warning from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net-

anyahu that Iran is busy building missile bases in Syria, where its proxy, Hezbollah, has fought alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the bloody civil war. “Today, the relationship with Iran is excellent, or very excellent,” said Yehiyeh Sinwar, who was elected the new Hamas

head this year. He added that Tehran is “the largest backer financially and militarily” to Hamas’ military wing. “Thousands of people work every day to make rockets, (dig) tunnels and train frogmen,” he said. “The relationship with Iran is in this context.”


Your weekly digest of stories from the international press... NIGERIA




Outreach groups have criticised the genetic testing of Igbo Nigerians who identify as Jews. The tests were conducted by an American group looking for ‘Jewish roots’ in Africa, but results were negative. Kulanu, an NGO supporting Jews in Africa, said: ‘It opens up a can of worms.’

The Portuguese town of Belmonte has renovated and reopened its Jewish museum one month ahead of schedule, in time for next month’s European Days of Jewish Culture project. A delighted town mayor said the interactive exhibitions ‘show how it was possible for our Jews to remain [for] in Belmonte’.

A student from a private secondary school in Atlanta has been expelled and four others suspended after a photo was posted on social media showing them playing a game of ‘Jews v Nazis’ beer pong. The Lovett School took action after the local rabbi reported the game.

World Jewish leaders are to take part in a moving memorial march from the birthplace of late Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to the station from where he was deported to Auschwitz. The event, on 10 September, is a collaboration between the Limmud FSU and March of the Living. A suspected 2,000-yearold half-shekel coin that was dug up in the West Bank was this week found to be a common museum souvenir replica – made last year.

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31 August 2017 Jewish News




S U N D AY 1 0 T H S E P T E M B E R , 2 0 : 0 0 LO C AT I O N : R O U N D H O U S E T I C K E T S AVA I L A B L E N O W V I A T LV I N L D N . O R G S E AT E D C O N C E R T



T LV I N L D N . O R G


30/08/2017 09:08



Jewish News 31 August 2017

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.




A community broigus we can all do without

Send us your comments PO Box 34296, London NW5 1YW | letters@thejngroup.com

The latest communal squabble appears familiar. Anti-Semitism charity CAA said last week that almost one-in-three British Jews are thinking of leaving the UK over anti-Semitism fears. Jewish Leadership Council chief Simon Johnson published a video saying – in essence – “calm down, dear.” When that provoked anger, the JLC promptly took it down, but “stood by” the comments. Cue the CAA and other grassroots groups calling for Johnson to say sorry or go. We’ve been here before. Activists have previously been told off by mainstream organisations and those activists have always reacted badly. Long have leaders warned of “crying wolf” lest the wolf actually turn up, but long too have those on the frontline felt that the high and mighty look down on them. This isn’t about Simon Johnson, who’s been an eloquent spokesman during his time at the helm of the JLC. It is about whether British Jews are planning to pack their bags. A few may be, but the overwhelming majority are not. The number making aliyah actually fell in 2016 compared to 2015, and has remained steady – in the mid hundreds – for many years. Besides, the CAA report says those most likely to leave are the Orthodox, but the Orthodox, in a statement from the Jewish Community Council, this week said the CAA figures were “farfetched” and “do not represent the views of the community in Stamford Hill”. Those who fight anti-Semitism should be applauded and those who offer wise words of warning should be heeded.

Flag in a powder keg

More foul language at football than targeted at Jewish people There is, of course, an alternative way of reporting the latest statistics on anti-Semitism, published by the CST which might avoid putting the frighteners on Jewish bubbes. Out of the 280,000 Jews in the UK, 279,233 reported no anti-Semitic incidents in the first half of 2017. Of the 767 incidents reported, 380 were verbal abuse, slightly less than could be recorded when Manchester United play Manchester City. Another 150 were online hate crimes, somewhat less than complaints about the treatment of badgers.

Sketches & kvetches

It was good to see the head of the United Nations in Israel this week, but troubling to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has planted the Israeli flag firmly in Hebron, a Palestinian city in the West Bank with a population of 160,000 and a powder keg if ever there was one. In the same breath, Bibi declared the West Bank “a strategic Israeli asset” and earlier gave the go-ahead for an “illegal” Palestinian school to be demolished. These are not the actions or words of a man who wants peace with the Palestinians. He should be mindful that, for the Diaspora, defending Israel is not the same as defending the direction of travel.

THIS WEEKEND'S SHABBAT TIMES... Shabbat comes in Friday night 7.31pm

Shabbat goes out Saturday night 8.37pm

Sedra: Ki Tetze

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ISRAEL-PALESTINE IS A PLAYGROUND FIGHT COMPARED TO INDIA-PAKISTAN Seventy years ago, British rule ended in the Indian subcontinent and two new states came into existence – Muslim Pakistan and secular Hindu-majority India. As a direct result of this, inter-communal rioting led to the deaths of up to two million people and the wounding and maiming of many more – along with the displacement of between 10 and 12 million refugees [pictured], all of whom have been absorbed long ago into the countries to which they fled. By comparison, the ending of the Palestine mandate led to a negligible loss of life and the displacement of a very small number – a

relative school playground squabble. Why is it that the Arab world is allowed to get away with the myth of their ‘naqba’ and hereditary refugee status? Israel should publicise these incontrovertible facts rather than pander to lies spread by its enemies. Martin D. Stern Salford



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There is a class of anti-Semitic incident categorised as extreme violence. This involves hospitalisation and, at worst, death. In the first half of 2017 there were no incidents at all which needed to be classified as such. Violent crimes can include a hooligan throwing an egg. Analysing the perpetrators, only 12 incidents were put down to people of Middle Eastern appearance. Most were caused by white people.

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31 August 2017 Jewish News



Editorial comment and letters

DIFFERENT WAY TO VIEW CHARLOTTESVILLE RIOTS Reading the Jewish News [17 August], I got the impression that the editorial staff and columnists had lost their collective marbles. Else, they were too busy organising a lynching party for Mr Trump [pictured] to understand what really happened. Along with others, I see Charlottesville differently: One bunch of thugs – racist, anti-Semitic but authorised to march, was attacked by another bunch of thugs who came prepared with weapons. While America supports free speech, it certainly does not sanction riots. As such, it was fitting to apportion blame fairly equally. Compare this with the event in London, some months ago –

where another bunch of anti-Semitic thugs, comprising Arab terrorists and their left-wing bedfellows were authorised to march through central London. There was no attack from the extreme right, only a peaceful counter-demonstration. It seems Jewish News contributors are 80 years behind the times: this is not the Spanish civil war – where socialists or Trotskyites were looked on favourably because they opposed fascism. Fascists are a busted flush, their power is non-existent – it’s the left, exemplified by the leader of the Labour Party, by the university student unions and academics who are the leading anti-Semites and it is they you should fear. Rabbi Menahem Lester Israel

SPELLING OUT THE REFUGEE DANGERS With regard to Rabbi Menachem Lester’s letter about the dangers posed by rising refugee numbers in the UK [24 August], I would like to praise Jewish News for giving this important issue such prominence. It was not a letter for those who wish to bury their head in the sand and kid themselves everything is rosy. It was, however, relevant to those who are parents and grandparents, as well as the younger generation. We have an obligation to advise the younger generation on the dangers that prevail. Rabbi Lester’s foresight and truth is there to guide us. Nothing he wrote is new. It is all based on truth. However, putting it together so logically deserves praise indeed. Thank you, rabbi! Michael Gordon By email

JLC CHIEF SHOULD RESIGN Following the chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council’s uncalled for attack on the Campaign Against Antisemitism this week, people are asking: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” This question was answered by a plethora of known anti-Semites who took delight in following Simon

Johnson’s leadership. Perhaps the JLC should change its name to the antiJewish Leadership Council. With one video, Mr Johnson has done more damage to the Jewish community than our enemies in the UK have ever achieved. He should resign.

Mark Lewis By email

Tune into this Friday’s Jewish Views podcast! • Following the flooding in Texas, we find out what the American Jewish community is doing to help the relief effort. • Hear what’s happening at the Hampstead & Highgate Literary Festival, which is at JW3 in September. • We learn about Lucy Kaye’s award HOW TO LISTEN... winning film Memory Songs, which PODCAST: Fridays iTUNES ‘The Jewish Views’ features members MW RADIO: Sundays 558AM at 12 noon of St John’s Wood WEB RADIO: Sundays at 10pm on Wandsworth Radio Liberal shul helping ONLINE: jewishnews.co.uk and spectrumradio.net those with early onset dementia.

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Jewish News 31 August 2017


Board must not alienate our loyal media friends ALEX BRUMMER CITY EDITOR, DAILY MAIL


uring Operation Protective Edge in Gaza three years ago, the British Jewish community was gripped by fear. Anti-Semitic incidents soared, there were occupations of a Tesco supermarket in Birmingham and Sainsbury’s in London and rumours that Israeli goods were to be removed from stores. With the Board of Deputies [of which I was an honorary officer] apparently paralysed, the grassroots Campaign Against Antisemitism filled the space. The truth was the Board was slow off the mark but was, in the end, able to receive assurances from the highest levels at major supermarkets that there would be no boycott of Israeli goods. It is at times of extreme stress in the community that it most needs stalwart friends. The narrative embraced by the BBC, Channel 4 and much of the media – which struggled to find balance – and the demonisation of Israel’s campaign refracted on British Jews, creating a terrible unease in the community. It was unlike


anything experienced in recent times. In such circumstances, Israel needed loyal friends in the media, and all the better if they were non-Jewish. The list of reliable stalwarts included commentators such as Richard Littlejohn, Julie Burchill, Oliver Kamm, Nick Ferrari and Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun. In the aftermath of Protective Edge, Kavanagh willingly stepped forward at a We Believe In Israel’event [that I chaired] to staunchly make the case for Israel’s actions and to criticise media bias. It was a gallant stand at a moment when

much of the British Jewish community felt isolated, alone, and disappointed with the sclerotic mid-summer response of our most prominent leaders. Some of these leaders were consumed by panic, others obsessed with the idea that the only way of dealing with the anxiety was to go directly to political leaders, leaving the Jew in the pew behind. Move the clock forward three or so years, and we find that one of the great defenders of Israel and British Jews finds himself on the wrong side of a campaign to have his words condemned and remove him from the board of the newspaper regulator Ipso. Kavanagh is under fire for closing a lengthy article with the phrase: ‘What will we do about the Muslim problem?’ The context was a cascade of prosecutions of Muslim men up and down the country over organised sexual offences against non-Muslim women. Kavanagh’s use of the phrase ‘Muslim problem’ was clumsy. Either advertently or inadvertently he lighted upon a phrase with Shoah connotations. Adoption of the language of the Holocaust is generally frowned upon in respectable society. This is especially so when used by the Palestinians and their friends on

the left of the Labour Party against Israel – a nation born out of the Shoah. Even so, the outcry against Kavanagh and the efforts to defrock him at Ipso are ridiculous. One can understand the anger of the Muslim Council of Britain and its effort to get a full and frank apology. One can also sort of understand why 117 MPs, in the depth of the summer recess, might feel there are some votes to be harvested among Muslims by signing a petition demanding Kavanagh’s head. What is more surprising is to find the Board joining this band of brothers. Sure, abusing the language of the Shoah is abhorrent and needs to be deplored in the strongest terms. But alienating The Sun’s distinguished former political editor Kavanagh and, potentially, his proprietor Rupert Murdoch looks to be reckless. The Board finds itself on the side of Richard Wilson, director of Stop Funding Hate who, in an opinion piece in The Guardian, calls on advertisers to boycott the paper. The Jews of pre-war Europe and Israel in modern times know where that slippery slope can lead. As a huge admirer of the Board [of which I am still a member], I cannot but feel that on this occasion it is showing a lapse of judgement by potentially alienating some loyal media friends.

Rabbi Dweck reminds us of importance of repentance BRIAN GORDON



took detached yet close interest in the recent controversy that rocked the Sephardi community. Detached, since I’m not a member of that community. Close, because a vital issue of orthodoxy was at stake. As the teachings of the S&P’s Sephardi Community senior rabbi gathered coverage in weekly reportage, it seemed increasingly likely his continuation as its leader had become untenable. Having pronounced on a highly sensitive aspect of sexual behaviour in a way that suggested a degree of sympathy for a relationship totally forbidden by the Torah, he had crossed a red line rendering him seemingly irredeemable. Additionally, views and judgments emerged on other subjects, which cast aspersions on his broader theological outlook. When the Review Committee was set up to decide on the rabbi’s future, it was difficult to envisage how it could conclude otherwise


than – in the politest of terms – that he would have to go. The dayanim comprising that committee were recognised halachic experts. They were not going to compromise proper judgment for political expediency. Then, following the committee’s deliberations, the unexpected appeared – a long, impassioned published statement from the rabbi. It was one of the most regretful, selfdenying declarations ever issued by such a senior clergyman. He retracted much of his teaching, admitted he had misled listeners, apologised for disrespecting other rabbis, confirmed his detach-

ment from the Sephardi Beth Din and promised to submit future lectures for scrutiny. It read like a catalogue of Al Chait confessions. It was hard not to be moved by it. I imagine members of the review committee, despite its strict profile, were likewise touched. Faced with such contrition, the committee evidently felt this was a case where it was appropriate to grant a reprieve. Hence he survived in office. Of course, those previously imparted teachings met with wholehearted enthusiasm from certain quarters. Apart from personal support the rabbi had within his own community, there was a predictable onslaught of leftists and reformists rushing to defend the teachings in the name of tolerance. Ample column space was reserved for those who revel in inter-orthodox controversy and Charedi-bashing, which a certain journal has for long chronicled as its weekly sport. Beyond the polemic, however, some world rabbinical figures vehemently condemned the rabbi’s teachings. Most in his predicament would have resigned to avoid further division

and embarrassment or stood their ground, fighting to defend their statements. To his credit, the rabbi did neither. He performed a dramatic U–turn, begged forgiveness and ate humble pie. So the outcome is probably the best that could be hoped for. Had he not apologised and likely been ousted, it could have caused a major split among the Sephardim – a sad scenario for a kehilla noted for its deep respect for its rabbis, and faithful adherence to authentic Judaism There may be wider positive consequences from the affair. First, the public realisation that no matter how clever and charismatic, a religious teacher cannot be allowed to stray beyond established halachic boundaries. Second, that forbidden personal relationships are no more acceptable in Judaism now than when the Torah was given, just because general society has decided to view things differently. Third, that repentance and forgiveness are key principles within Judaism – a topical message for us all as Rosh Hashanah approaches.

31 August 2017 Jewish News




We’ve never had it so good – but how long will we have it? CHAIRMAN, CAMPAIGN AGAINST ANTISEMITISM


have never understood why some people get used to anti-Semitism. There are those in our community who see nothing disturbing about dropping off their children at fortified schools, or passing through airportstyle security to enter their synagogue. As anti-Semitic crime surges, they look perplexed and observe that nothing feels different to them because nothing has happened to them personally. They accept the risk of anti-Semitism as part of their everyday life, but fail to act as long as they themselves are not targeted. Our charity seeks to educate against antiSemitism while simultaneously working to inflict criminal, professional and reputational sanctions upon anti-Semites. To succeed, we must pinpoint the problem, and that is why the accuracy of our research is crucial: if it

MORE THAN HALF ACCUSED THE CPS OF FAILING TO PROSECUTE ALL BUT A HANDFUL OF ANTI-JEWISH CRIMES contains mistakes, we could find ourselves fighting the wrong battles. Last week, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) published its Antisemitism Barometer research. Conducted over three years, it included three specially-commissioned YouGov polls of the British population’s attitudes towards Jews and two separate CAA polls of British Jews, the data from which was weighted by a former associate director at YouGov.

Our rigorous research showed that antiSemitic prejudice is actually declining, but British Jews are increasingly fearful, with almost one in three considering leaving the UK. They do not need to be packing their bags for the question to be significant. When our polling asked British Jews to point a finger of blame, more than half accused the Crown Prosecution Service of failing to prosecute all but a handful of anti-Semitic crimes annually, and the Labour Party was attacked by four out of five of us for its mastery in whitewashing anti-Semitism. Just when we should be celebrating a fall in prejudice against Jews, we find ourselves grappling with rising fear of surging anti-Semitic crime and the acceptance by swathes of the electorate of a political party riddled with antiSemites. Our findings sparked national debate, but communal debate was no less interesting because of the divisions it exposed. Some complained that they had never been a victim of anti-Semitism, and so it could not possibly be true – accusing us of exaggeration. Others accused us of somehow suppressing the

voices of those who are making plans to leave. Perhaps in this world of social media bubbles and fake news, we are all losing the ability to listen to the views of others. British Jews’ experiences will vary according to their denomination and whether they wear visible signs of their Judaism. They vary by neighbourhood, age and gender. Those with children may feel differently about the future to those without. As a community, we must accept these variations and try to understand the whole picture – not just our personal part of it. Our research tells us Britain is one of the best places in the world in which to be Jewish. But we can also see that our comfort in this country is increasingly at risk. There is no contradiction in recognising how lucky we are, while fighting the threats that assail us. However satisfied we may be with our laws and the majority of our politicians, it is imperative that we focus our attention on the failures to prosecute, and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Future generations will not forgive us if we enjoyed the golden era for British Jews but watched complacently as it ended.

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Jewish News 31 August 2017


Should I be sent to the stocks or allowed to speak my mind? STEPHEN ORYSZCZUK FOREIGN EDITOR, JEWISH NEWS


here do you draw the line? Until what point do you let someone speak because of their freedom to do so, and beyond what point does it – should it – become an offence? With a resurgent white supremacist movement spreading its hate beyond the United States, that is now an urgent question. So, here’s what we know: Urging people to kill Jews is an offence. Or is it? What’s the offence? In which countries is it an offence? Does it matter how you urge it? What if you urge people to kill Zionists (who are not always Jewish)? What if you simply say you wish Zionists would be killed? How’s about plain old abuse? Is it illegal to say Jews are greedy Israel loyalists? Or is it just racist and bigoted? What if the above were said of the Prophet Mohamed, with cartoon drawings to boot? Where, in short, is the line?


And what happens when someone crosses that line? Jail? Education? Apology? Take their phone, laptop and Twitter handle away? For hate speakers, it sometimes feels like anything less than the stocks is leniency, but anything custodial is way too harsh, given that these are mere words, uttered in a free society, which is meant to let idiots say idiotic things. Where that line falls determines who, today, is an anti-Semite. It seems to be changing as I type. What of the guy who hates Israel for “taking Palestinian land” and who says all Israelis are thieves? Is he anti-Semitic? Perhaps not, but what if he said all Jewish Israelis are motivated

by greed? And what of the pious old Christian woman who says “Jews ought to know better” and be kinder to the Palestinians because of what they went through? Is she a Jew-hater? Maybe not, but what if she adds: “They should be careful not to end up like the Nazis.” What then? If this is hate speech today, what to do with the offenders? What law did they just break? And what’s the sanction? Do they even know they broke a law? Few have ever even heard of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition, adopted by Theresa May in December, which redraws the anti-Semitism line yet again, and which now includes any reference to Israel being a racist state. Pointing this out is, since December, antiSemitic. But is it illegal? Regardless, does the IHRA stifle free speech, or does it simply protect Jews from the incitement and violence that would inevitably follow if I said Israel has different systems for different peoples? Should I get me hence to the stocks, or should I be allowed to speak? The issue is immensely serious, not least because of the evolving nature of communica-

tion and the proven link between words of hate and works of violence. America’s First Amendment protects free speech, but in the UK there is no such prescription, so we’re feeling our way through this issue. Some assume us strict, but we do not go as far as Germany or France, where Holocaust denial is outlawed, and despite its constitutional guarantee, we go nowhere near as far as the U.S, where some in Congress think criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, and where a new bill, introduced in the Senate, would ban the advocacy of boycotts against Israel. Where free speech ends and where illegal hate speech starts is one of today’s most difficult and pressing questions. There is no legal definition of anti-Semitism in the UK, so we look to experts to help us, but these being experts, they tend to disagree. Still, hope remains. In Britain, there’s always a fighting chance that common sense will prevail. As the CST always says, it depends on the context. If it’s David Duke carrying a burning cross through Golders Green saying Zionists are a bit greedy, you’d have to wonder.


Jewish heritage Days 2017

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Jewish News 31 August 2017 Everything you need

to create the perfect








BRITAIN 10 November 2016



• 9 Cheshvan 5777


• www.jewishnews.co.uk



Heaven help US!

How you can join the thousands taking part in this weekend’s ShabbatUK celebrations Pages 8 & 19

Israel • Mexico

• Italy • Cool Kosher

It’s time for a

• 24% of American Jews voted Trum p • ‘End of era’ for Pales tinian state hopes • Fury over UK Jewis h ‘congratulations’



Uncapped commission structure and friendly working environment VOICE OF THE

The popular consensus elect Donald Trump’s on President- more like a statesman surprise march during his victory to the White House speech on Wednesday has been shock and morning, but this horror. How can won’t begin to wash a man who says what away the unstateshe manlike bravado says and behaves how he that marred his campaign displaying the emotionalbehaves – while from start to finish. maturity of a 12-year-old – be If this man has allowed to have his fin- certainly didn’t any hidden depths they ger on the nuclear codes? emerge during his battle He may have looked with Hillary Clinton. and sounded a little The often-vile personality we witnessed


somehow managed to gain the trust and votes of 50 million Pragmatic politicians Americans – a quite are, of course, staggering statistic. making the best of it, insisting the new Most politicians – leader of the free world should be judged Vladamir Putin and Nigel Farage aside on future actions – didn’t want to see rather than the wicked the words that billionaire reality brought him to power. TV star anywhere near the White House. Theresa May said Now that’s where the UK and US he’s will remain heading, the world “strong and close will simply have partto ners on trade, knuckle down and deal with him. security and defence” Continued on page 12

Reports and reaction,

pages 2, 3, 4, 5,

6 & 12

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Join JNF UK for an inspirational day trip to the Negev. Learn about Israel’s victories and challenges and meet 21st century pioneers from the western Negev. • Sample honey from Israel’s largest honey producer at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. • Visit the famous Independence War battleground and hear about the extraordinary bravery of a few kibbutzniks against the Egyptian army. • Experience the challenges and creativity of young people living close to the Gaza border.

The Future of Israel Lies in the Negev



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Community / Scene & Be Seen


The 4th Hendon Brownies celebrated a landmark birthday as they held a special 25th anniversary party with birthday cake, cookies and balloons. The only Jewish unit in either Hendon or Golders, some 24 brownies meet up weekly during term time, with the cake for the special occasion ceremonially carried in by June Wilson aka ‘Snowy Owl’ (pictured, right, with the brownies).

And be seen


Jewish Blind & Disabled South Woodford tenants completed knitting their 250th blanket – which saw them receive acclaim by charity Age UK. The ‘Knitty Noras’ from JBD’s Milne Court building have been running weekly sessions for the past six-anda-half years, making colourful squares which are then put together into blankets and sent all over Britain to keep people warm. Blankets have also been donated to World Jewish Relief to help those in need in Eastern Europe.

The latest news, pictures and social events from across the community


World Jewish Relief supporters drank to a good cause as 40 people spent an evening learning about the secret Jewish history of vodka and sampling vodkas from across Eastern Europe. The session was organised by supporters Nick Reid, Emma Breger, Nurit Lasarow and Jonny Abrahams, and led by WJR’s Richard Verber. Vodkas from Ukraine, Poland and Russia were sampled and nearly £800 raised to support the charity’s programmes in Eastern Europe. For details on running a session at your shul or community, call 020 8736 1256.


Nine teenage volunteers from the National Citizen Service (NCS) visited Norwood’s Buckets and Spades children’s service to carry out work on the garden with equipment paid for by a series of previous fundraising activities. Having already raised more than £1,000 for the charity through individual sponsored walks, they used some of the money to buy compost, plants and planters for the front garden, with the rest being donated to support wider services. Annette Shimoni, home manager at Buckets and Spades, said: “Thank you to the wonderful team that made our front garden look so pretty. They all worked really hard.”






Jewish News


31 August 2017

Scene & Be Seen / Community




Photo by Almas Bavcic

World Jewish Relief’s Connections committee celebrated its 25th anniversary with a fundraising evening at the home of Wendy and Michael Max, which raised more than £18,000 to support Jewish students in Bosnia and Poland. More than 70 attendees heard from artist Ardyn Halter, whose Judaica is held by museums and art galleries around the world, and from Zlatan Vajnberger from Sarajevo, who spoke about the impact the Connections committee has had on him and his peers.





More than 60 religious leaders and members of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities were invited by Hertsmere Forum of Faiths to tour houses of prayer for the Great Faith Get Together. Strengthening bonds between their congregations, they listened and learnt from each other, while celebrating all that unites them.



A team from Yavneh College has won the Hertsmere’s Dragons Apprentice Challenge 2016/17. Elegantly Enterprising worked closely with their mentor Jonathan Lipitch, who helped them use their entrepreneurial skills, creativity and enthusiasm to develop business ideas to turn the £100 they received as seed

money into a profit for their paired charity. Organised by Community Hertfordshire, the team are pictured presenting a cheque for £1,184.68, to their paired charity, Carers in Hertfordshire.


Catford and Bromley United (Affiliate) Synagogue held another one of its popular Inter Faith meetings. Titled Religious Symbols in Faith, Rev Stewart Myers of South London Synagogue, Sister Ins of Libon of Lewisham Islamic Centre, Rev Bridget Shepherd of the Church of Good Shepherd in Lee, Imam Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Islamic Centre and Rev David Rome Minister of Catford Synagogue all spoke at the event.


East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue held its first service lead by the Kabbalat Torah group. Since their bar and batmitzvahs, members have been studying with Rabbi Richard Jacobi to learn about Jewish ethics and morals and what it means to be Jewish today, while also visiting Amsterdam and other Jewish sites. After the service, the students were presented with end-of-year certificates. Shul member Merle Muswell said: “It was a fabulous morning with all generations learning and celebrating.”

Enjoy a day of European Jewish culture Here are six don’t miss events…

1. Free Exhibition: The Wiener Library

2. Guided Visit: The British Library

(Monday, 4 September, 11am) A guided one-hour tour by IlanaTahan of the Hebrew manuscript display in the Treasures Gallery. Cost: £10 per person. The British Library, Euston Road, London. To book, email Ilana Tahan at ilana.tahan@ bl.uk, call 0207 412 7646 or visit bl.uk

3. Exhibition and Talk: Ben Uri Gallery and Museum

A British Library Hebrew manuscript

Pictures from the Wiener Library (September to November). The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide is holding an exhibition on the contribution of German Jewish émigrés to British culture from the 1930s. Open 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday in the Reading Room, Russell Square, London. Email Barbara Warnock at bwarnock@ wienerlibrary.co.uk, call 0207 636 7247 or visit wienerlibrary.co.uk

A Century of Polish Artists in Britain (Sunday, 10 September, 12pm) Featured artists include Jankel Adler, Janina Baranowska, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Stanislaw Frenkiel, Feliks Topolski and Alfred Wolmark, complemented by contemporary practitioners working in London now. Entry free, but pre-booking is required. Ben Uri Gallery and Museum, Boundary Road, London. Email Rachel Dickson on racheld@benuri. org, call 0207 604 3991 or visit benuri.org

4. Tour: West London Synagogue

Photo by J Jono David/ HaChayim HaYehudim

HOSTED BY B’NAI B’RITH UK and sponsored by Jewish News, this year’s European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage theme is the Jewish Diaspora. The events, which run from 3 to 17 September, follow the path of Jewish migration, settlement and assimilation through the centuries, as well as the contribution Jewish communities have made to their host countries.

(Sunday, 10 September, 4.30pm to 6pm) A presentation by representatives from different diaspora communities in the UK, who will speak about their experiences in settling in the UK. The presentation will be followed by tea. Entry free, but pre-booking is required. West London Synagogue, Holland Park synagogue Seymour Place, London. For more information, email Nic SchlagWorld Jewish Relief Talk man at nic.schlagman@wls.org.uk, call London Metropolitan Archives (Tuesday, 12 0207 535 0270 or visit wls.org.uk September, 2pm to 4pm) Over the years, WJR has helped Jewish Tour: Spanish & Portuguese communities during times of need, includSynagogue Holland Park ing Nazi persecution, the Suez crisis, the (Sunday, 10 September, 10.30am to 12pm) Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia Take a tour of this unique synagogue, which and the Balkans War. Event free but booking was founded by families from Salonika and is essential. London Metropolitan Archives, Istanbul. Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Northampton Road, London. Email Jan Holland Park, St James’s Gardens. Pimblett at ask.lma@cityoflondon.gov. Email Yanina Dvorkin at uk, call 0207 332 3851 or book online at admin@hollandparksynagogue.com, worldjewishrelief.eventbrite.co.uk call 0207 603 7961 or visit For more information, visit bnaibrithuk. hollandparksynagogue.com org/heritage-days/



31 August 2017 Jewish News




Politics on stage / Lifestyle

IN THIS SECTION: Tel Aviv in London 24 / Competition 34

Gentle art of diplomacy Award-winning political thriller Oslo opens in London next week, charting the machinations of Norwegian diplomats striving for Middle East peace. Jenni Frazer speaks to its director


About four years ago, it was Rogers’ good fortune to meet Rød-Larsen after the diplomat had been to see another of Rogers’ plays, Blood And Gifts, which has also been staged at the National. Bartlett Sher, that play’s director, knew Rød-Larsen and Juul through their children and suggested the outgoing playwright, who was looking for a new subject for his next play, should meet the diffident Rød-Larsen. “So we met in a bar near the Lincoln Centre, where my play was running. We had some drinks, and Rød-Larsen was a typical diplomat, deflecting, saying, no, it’s not all about me. She (Juul), when I met her, was even more deprecating. “But I consider myself a political junkie and I was both intrigued by these back-channel talks – and chagrined that I knew nothing about them.” Rogers told Rød-Larsen right away that he scented a subject for a play, and asked if he could come to Norway to see Oslo for himself. He marvels, now, at Rød-Larsen’s generosity and “courage” in giving him a free hand to tell the story on stage. “He said he trusted me, he knew my work, and I do think it was brave. Neither he nor his wife saw the play until they came to the theatre to see it. So it was a big deal,” he says. Two other big names went to see Oslo just before it closed in New York — former

Photos by: Brinkhoff Mögenberg

t is often said that art imitates life and nowhere is that truer than on the stage of the National Theatre, where smash-hit political thriller, Oslo, opens next week. Oslo’s writer, playwright JT Rogers, has spent the summer in London with a new cast after winning seven Best Play accolades for his New York production, including a Tony and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle award. The slightly shell-shocked Rogers, an affable and diminutive figure with a trademark panama hat, laughs. “Well, I say I’ve done it now, I’ve got my entire career’s worth of awards.” Oslo – for which Rogers is now writing a screenplay, as it is to become a feature film – tells the almost-forgotten story of the early 1990s back channel discussions between Israelis and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), which took place inside a castle tucked away in a forest, located outside the Norwegian capital. The hitherto unthought-of negotiations led to the 1993 Oslo Accords and that famous handshake on the White House lawn between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat, under the benevolent eye of then-US President Bill Clinton. But, as Rogers admits, few Americans – himself included – realise these days that the talks were not brokered by Washington insiders, but by utterly self-effacing Norwegian diplomats, led by Terje Rød-Larsen and his wife, Mona Juul. Juul is presently Norway’s ambassador to the UK.

Left: Lydia Leonard and Toby Stephens as diplomat couple Mona Juul and Terje Rod-Larsen, in rehearsal for Oslo. Right: Director Bartlett Sher with Nabil Elouahabi as a senior PLO negotiator

Oslo’s assistant director Oscar Toeman, with actors Yair Jonah Lotan and Daniel Stewart

President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary. It became a must-see show – one night, the entire audience was composed of UN diplomats, journalists and politicians, with an onstage Q&A afterwards. But Rogers is acutely aware of the difference between American and British audiences, not least for subject matter, such as the Middle East. He is familiar with British theatregoers and says Brits “are much more of an aural culture; we’re a visual culture in the States”. “Here (in Britain) there is an intensity to the listening in the audience, and you can sense people getting the lines, getting the jokes,” he explains. The other big difference, and to an extent, the play’s “hot potato-ness”, is an entirely opposite approach to the Middle East. Rogers, who is not Jewish, has written a play that is not a history lesson, but an absorbing and massively entertaining account of a focal point in the story of Israel and the Palestinians. Nevertheless, he acknowledges, “it’s so difficult to talk, let alone write about this subject in New York”. With entrenched positions being loudly embraced every day, Rogers felt the Norwegian aspect was his “aha!” moment, allowing him to explore the issue from a neutral angle. All the onstage action takes place in Norway

and we see the discussions between people who had not met before through the slightly exasperated eyes of the Scandinavian, logical diplomats, unused to the hot tempers of the protagonists. In Britain, Rogers recognises, the take on the Israel-Palestine issue is “almost 180 degrees the opposite of that in New York”. “In New York, the energy and the advocacy is about ‘whither Israel, whither the Occupation’ and a ferocious defence of Israel, rather than an attack on Palestinian statehood,” he reveals. “In London, it seems the default position is upholding the rights and political advancement of the Palestinians, and Israel is ferociously criticised.” While we, the audience, may know what happened after Oslo, the play observes very strict boundaries. “Nothing happens on stage before the secret channels, and nothing happens after,” he says. And with that, Rogers bounces off to rehearsals, effectively working on a brandnew play.  Oslo runs at the National Theatre from 5 to 23 September and then transfers to the Harold Pinter Theatre from 2 October to 30 December. Details: nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/oslo



Jewish News 31 August 2017

Lifestyle / Tel Aviv in London

Welcome to Tel Aviv – it’s right here in London! da8 Good food, great music and lots of fun all together in one entertaining package are on their way to the UK as a major Israeli festival hits town


el Aviv might be 3,000 miles away, but Londoners can still experience the rich and diverse culture of this vibrant Israeli city, thanks to a special four-day festival next week. TLV in LDN, from 8 to 11 September, is a four-day showcase of food, music, nightlife, arts and style direct from the Israeli city. The hub of TLV in LDN is the Roundhouse in Camden, with satellite events taking place across the capital. It will be transformed into a space where visitors can indulge their senses amid a bustling festival vibe, with

Traditional Israeli dishes by Ben Aderet; A taste of authentic Israeli cuisine.

events appealing to all ages. The festival kicks off on Friday, 8 September, where the godfathers of psychedelic trance, Infected Mushroom, take to the Roundhouse stage. Simultaneously, Israeli LGBT+ pioneers Shimon Shirazi and Eliad Cohen will host an unforgettable beach party at iconic club venue the Coronet in Elephant and Castle. Shirazi and Cohen bring with them international pop icon Dana International, who will give an exclusive performance with Israeli dance troupe Mayumana. Four incredible female artists are set to ignite London’s music scene on Sunday, 10 September with Women Power: A Night


of Musical Fusion, when the multi-talented Israeli musicians Ester Rada, Mira Awad, Marina Maximilian and A-WA will take to the stage at the Roundhouse. The four acts will perform songs inspired by their diverse backgrounds, fusing Ethiojazz, Yemenite folk and Israeli pop into an experience that will be designed to inspire and enlighten. Each performance will pay homage to the cultural diversity of Tel Aviv while touching on the female experience. The Roundhouse will also host a free Tel Aviv food and drink festival over the weekend of 9 Food from Tel Aviv will take pride of place at the festival, including shakshuka, inset and 10 September. Mozart and Tchaikovsky, blended with Esteemed Israeli favourite jazz standards and contemporary chef Shaul Ben Aderet will curate Israeli music. numerous food stalls, alongside Performed in unique arrangements, five guest chefs, showcasing Pianomania will be joined the breadth of cuisine from the on this evening, for one region, which is fast becoming night only, by awardone of the most popular among winning British diners in the UK. soprano Gemma A household name in Tel Aviv, Summerfield. Ben Aderet is the owner and head chef of three Israeli  TLV in LDN eateries: Kimmel, his flagship takes place at French restaurant in a variety of locatrendy Neve Tzedek; tions across London, Kimmel in the Gilboa, including the Rounda bistro in the Gilboa house, Cadogan Mountains, and Blue Hall and the Rooster, set in east Coronet, from 8 to 11 Tel Aviv. September. For the TLV in The food LDN festival, festival is Ben Aderet will A-WA will take to the stage at the Roundhouse free, while take traditional tickets for Israeli dishes evening perforand give them his own mances start from modern flair to offer £10 per person. For more information the public on the festival line-up, or to reserve and a taste of purchase tickets, visit tlvinldn.org authentic Israeli cuisine. Rounding off the festival is a performance from Pianomania at Cadogan Hall. Get ready to hear music like never before, as three grand pianos played by worldclass concert and jazz pianists alongside singer Marina Maximilian take to one stage to bring fans the concert of a lifetime. The spectacular evening will be filled with classics from Bach,

Psyche-trance band Infected Mushroom will perform

Tel Aviv wall art near the sea

Dana International will put in an appearance

31 August 2017 Jewish News



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Sedra: Ki Tetze / It’s Biblical / Orthodox Judaism


It’s Biblical

Ki Tetze


Everything you ever wanted to know about your favourite Torah characters, and the ones you’ve never heard of...


This week’s reading contains almost one-eighth of the 613 commandments contained in the Torah. Ki Tetze addresses the way in which a captive woman should be treated by a Jewish soldier. This unusual injunction reflects the ancient and cruel reality that women were raped in wartime. The approach of the Torah here is to contain wholesale cruelty by agreeing to a process whereby if a soldier was attracted to a female captive, he had to bring her home and allow her to mourn her lost past. Thereafter, the Jewish soldier was obli-gated to treat her as a married wife with all the usual rights. This scenario may have put off soldiers from taking this route, especially if the soldier was already married. An eclectic mix of commandments follows, including first-born inheritance, rebellious children, the concern for cruelty to birds and building fencing around roofs and patios to prevent accidents. Issues of infidelity, forbidden marriages and resulting bastardy are then investigated. The common themes here are loyalty to and protection of fellow beings. The state of mamzer is especially sensitive. It is no fault of the progeny of adulterous parents that the parents sinned. Nonetheless, the child inherits a status – that of mamzer – preventing him or her marrying anyone other than one sharing the same class of parenthood. Although the predicament is intended to warn off parents from acting in an illicit manner, the outcome appears to stand in contradiction to the principle that children should not suffer for the sins of parents.

 Ariel is rabbi of Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation



Shmuel Hanavi, the prophet Samuel, presided over the anointment of the first Jewish king, Saul and his successor David. Destined for greatness from a tender age, his life was dedicated to the service of the nation. He was greatly beloved for his commitment and his integrity and provided the nation with much-needed stability as the reign of King Saul turned sour. Samuel was never afraid to say things as they were, regardless of who he was speaking to. After King Saul violated the Divine command by sparing the Amalekite monarch Agag (whose subsequent descendant Haman met his end at the

hands of Saul’s descendant Mordechai), he seeks to appease God through a


multitude of sacrifices. Samuel’s response rings in our ears until today. ‘’But Samuel said: “Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices As much as in obedience to the Lord’s command? Surely, obedience is better than sacrifice, Compliance than the fat of rams.’’ ( Samuel 1 15:22). Samuel teaches us a moral message that lies at the heart of Jewish life. One cannot appease God as if He were some Pagan deity who needs our service. Our responsibility is to listen to the voice of God and fulfil our responsibilities accordingly. Perhaps for this reason, Judaism places such a great emphasis on listening as we recite daily, ‘Shema Yisrael’, “Listen Jewish People.” Samuel teaches us never to make the mistake of thinking that extra piety in selected and convenient areas of life can compensate for a lack of desire to do the right thing and fulfil our responsibilities to the maximum.  Rabbi Roodyn is education director of Jewish Futures Trust – @rjroodyn

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Progressive Judaism / The Bible Says What? / Progressively Speaking

The Bible Says What?

Progressively Speaking

‘You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk’

It’s our duty to welcome gay and lesbian Jewish couples into our synagogues

BY RABBI DR ANDREW GOLDSTEIN Three times in the Torah (Exodus 23:19, 34:26 and Deuteronomy 14:21) it states: “You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.” I believe this was originally intended as a protest against a fertility rite, where a baby sheep or goat would actually be cooked in this way, with the literal meaning obvious. But later, rabbinic Judaism developed it into ever more rigorous requirements, separating meat and milk foods. The kashrut kept by today’s modern Jews varies. Many, like me, do not insist on kosher meat. Yet we would never think of eating pork or anything containing the meat of a pig or other biblically “unkosher” animal. Some will have only kosher meat in the house but eat all manner of things in a restaurant. Some will not have milk after meat, even if the meat isn’t kosher; others are happy to have cream in coffee after a steak meal. There are also those, especially in our Progressive youth movements,

who are inspired by their Judaism to choose a vegetarian diet. So while some Jews try to follow every minutiae of rabbinic Halachah, many more decide their own level of kashrut, not because they believe God is concerned by what they eat, but because it reinforces their Jewish identity. As chair of the Beit Din of the European Union for Progressive Judaism, I hear many fascinating and inspiring stories of individuals returning to Judaism in Poland and Spain. In the former, it is often prompted by the discovery of a Jewish grandparent. In the latter, a Jewish ancestor more than 500 years ago was forcibly converted to Catholicism. One of the proofs often is the family never had milk and meat at the same meal. Festivals and rituals might define a Jew’s identity, but food also plays a key part. B’teyavon!

 Andrew Goldstein is president of Liberal Judaism

RABBI MARK GOLDSMITH Recent headlines reported the wedding of Miriam Jefferson, who is Jewish, and Kalavati Mistry, who is Hindu. The two women were married in a Jewish ceremony in Texas and a Hindu ceremony in Leicester. For more than a decade, Reform and Liberal Judaism in the UK has welcomed and celebrated gay and lesbian Jewish couples. On the Torah basis that “it is not good for a person to be alone” (Genesis 1:18), our synagogues have ensured lifelong Jewish gay and lesbian partnerships can be recognised publicly in their sacredness and declared with joy to the congregations where the partners belong. In recent years, both Reform and Liberal synagogues have also developed ways in which we can publicly and joyously celebrate the decision of a mixed-faith couple, of whatever gender, to be lifelong partners, establishing a Jewish home. When a couple make this

decision and intend to raise any children in the household as Jews, now or in the future, Reform and Liberal synagogues accept the duty and delight of bringing both partners, Jew and non-Jew, into the Jewish community, whether or not the nonJewish partner chooses to convert to Judaism, now or in the future. The way in which this celebration takes place varies from synagogue to synagogue. For some, a mixed-faith marriage will be celebrated by a ceremony to attach a mezuzah to the couple’s home, while for other couples, they will be called up to the Torah during a Shabbat service. Some couples also work with the synagogue’s rabbi or cantor to create a wedding celebration ceremony

using liturgy specially created for the occasion. The ceremony will not include the symbols of a Jewish wedding, such as a chuppah or ketubah, because this ceremony is created to celebrate the marriage of two people who have not at this point chosen to be governed by “the laws of Moses and Israel”. Also, we expect that the couple will not celebrate a ceremony in another faith as well. What is important is that a couple, gay or straight, who have made the decision to be each other’s partners for life and have chosen to create a Jewish home together, knows their decision is of enormous importance and delight to the Jewish community. They should know they are both welcome in our community and in our synagogues. It is the Jewish community’s responsibility to demonstrate this by celebrating with them.  Mark Goldsmith is rabbi at Alyth Synagogue

In the Line of Beauty BECOME A BEAUTY INDUSTRY RETAIL PROFESSIONAL! Short 2 week courses available Immediate work on completion with major Beauty Brands Recognised Qualification We are offering personalised customer service training in the attributes, attitudes and competences needed for the 21st Century workforce. Our students will be tutored in the art of selling, make-up, fragrance, skin and customer care together with luxury service excellence. As well as taught the key employability skills required for any working environment.


If you are interested in starting your career in customer service and retail beauty or breaking into a new occupation please contact Clare

In the Line of Beauty Academy are offering personalised customer service training to provide employees for Artisan People with a definite job outcome. Clare@inthelineofbeautyacademy.com Contact Number: 07392319285 www.artisanpeople.com/in-the-line-of-beauty-academy#who-we-are


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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts

Ask our Our trusty team of advisers answer your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Roaming calls, adapted apartments for independent living and cleaning a computer



Dear Maxi I’ve just returned from a great summer holiday in Greece and have been charged by my network for roaming calls made. Why is this? I thought Europe was now free – can I fight this charge? Dalia Dear Dalia I am sorry to hear you have returned from holiday to what we term a shock bill. Here is a summary of some of the more detailed information we sent to our RCUK customers before the holiday period, to ensure they understood how the changes to roaming in Europe may affect them. However, if you



Dear Hazel I recently graduated from university and am now moving to London to pursue a career in computers. At uni, I received a lot of support, including specialist accommodation, as I have cerebral palsy and need to use a wheelchair. I was at a complete loss as to where to go in London as

I definitely want my own place, but need somewhere suitable for my needs and where there would be someone around in case of an emergency (more for my mum’s peace of mind than anything else!). I think Jewish Blind & Disabled might be able to help. Whereabouts are your buildings and are there other young people living there? Also, how long is your waiting list because my need is very urgent as I have a job waiting for me but nowhere to live. Anthony Dear Anthony We could indeed be ideal for you, as we have specially designed wheelchair

require further clarification before you speak to your network, please contact our dedicated EU roaming line on 020 3870 5779. You can travel to certain countries in Europe using your existing UK minutes, text and data, and receive calls free of charge. While this is fantastic, this does not extend to making calls from the UK to the EU – these calls will be charged at your network’s current rates. In addition, if you did not have sufficient minutes, text and data in your tariff plan before you travelled, then you might be charged for going over your minutes while roaming, and there may be a fair usage policy in place. When you call your networks customer services to determine the reason for the charges, be sure to take the rep’s name, details or call reference number as sometimes, ‘magically’, the next day there is no trace of your call.

apartments with lowered kitchen work surfaces and wheel-in wet floor shower rooms, among many other features. Plus your mum can relax knowing that one of our resident house managers is always on site and on call 24/7. We have buildings in north-west and north-east London, four of which have a younger profile and so could definitely be suitable for you. Although our waiting lists are long, we do allocate according to urgency of need rather than time on the list. Please do, therefore, get in touch so we can start the process of reviewing your application.


MAN ON BIKE Dear Ian I’m being plagued by pop-up windows whenever I’m on the internet. I’m sure I have got a virus. How should I go about cleaning my computer? Jason Dear Jason I’m afraid it does sound like you have got an infected machine. If this has



218 Strand

mobile: 07465 880 123 clerks: 0808 250 3683 8:30am - 6pm Monday - Friday email: freedman@clerksroom.com DX: 232 London Chancery Lane London WC2R 1AT

www.clerksroom.com 01823 247 247 24/7

recently happened, then I suggest running the system restore to put the system settings back to how they were prior to the infection. This does not completely cure things, but it’s a good start for sorting things out. The process just changes back the settings and you do not lose any of your documents or information. You should then go through the process of removing any recently installed programs that you don’t recognise from the ‘Programs and Features’ section, such as Top Deals, Super Optimiser, Shopdeals, Driver tools etc. Then you should run the

disk clean utility to remove the temporary files and temporary internet files. Finally, I would suggest running a malware cleaning program, such as Spybot or Malwarebytes, and a virus scan just to be sure. If any of the pop-ups claim to offer you a way to clean your system, warn you that the FBI or police are aware of your activity or give you a number to call claiming to be Microsoft, do not click or call these as they are a scam and just steal your credit card details. Some even have a voice that warns you of problems. Always use a reputable company, such as Man on a Bike, to assist you. Good luck.



Jewish News 31 August 2017

Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com

SOCIAL WORKER CAROLYN COHEN Qualifications: • Supports couples dealing with infertility and reproductive health. • Strictly confidential helpline. • Specialist medical support and information. • Counselling for individuals and couples and educational events. • Expert medical advisory panel.

CHANA 020 8203 8455 Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018 www.chana.org.uk info@chana.org.uk




ELAINE KERR Qualifications: • Able to draw on the expertise of Norwood’s professional staff team, including social workers, educational psychologists, drug and alcohol specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit advisers. • Expertise in services available for children and their families and young people with special educational needs, and adults with learning disabilities.

STEVE WAYNE Qualifications: • Owner of Benjamin Stevens established in 2004 with offices in Edgware and Bushey and dealing with all surrounding areas. • Specialist in buy 2 let investments and managing lettings portfolios. • Deals with residential sales locally and an expert on all things property in North West London. • Partner at Frederick George & Co

DR PIYUSHA KAPILA Qualifications: • MB ChB (Man) MD (Lon) FRCPCH; trained in the Childrens’ Hospitals in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London. • Looks after children and newborns with all sorts of general problems. • Specialises in endocrinology and diabetes in children. • Works at N Middlesex University NHS Hospital; private sessions at the Wellington Centres and Hsopital of St John and St Elizabeth.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809 www.norwood.org.uk elaine.kerr@norwood.org.uk

BENJAMIN STEVENS ESTATE AGENTS 020 8950 7777 www.benjaminstevens.co.uk Steve@benjaminstevens.co.uk

TELECOMS SPECIALIST MAXI ROSE Qualifications: • MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business into three substantial UK branches serving clients worldwide – USA, Europe & Middle East. • Telecoms specialist in business & consumer mobile solutions, landline and broadband services and Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller.

RCUK 020 8815 4115 www.rcuk.biz maxi@rcuk.biz

MOBILITY SPECIALIST ELAINE FERGUSON Qualifications: • 20+ years experience with mobility and independent living products and services. • Expert advice to make life easier whether you have restricted movement, are disabled or elderly. • Manager of north London’s largest mobility centre, member of British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA). • Training provider: First Aid, carers, health and safety.

FORTUNA MOBILITY CENTRE 020 8344 4820 www.fortunamobility.com info@fortunamobility.com



DR PIYUSHA KAPILA 07741 416557 piyushakapila@gmail.com

CHARITY EXECUTIVE SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 18 years’ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Deep understanding of the impact of deafness on people at all stages of life, and their families. • Practical and emotional support for families of deaf children. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 info@jewishdeaf.org.uk www.jewishdeaf.org.uk


JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370 carl.woolf@noblesolicitors.co.uk




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration, eight years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

MICHELLE FREEDMAN Qualifications: • 15 years’ experience as a family law barrister, specialist in divorce and financial relief. • Approved by the Bar Council to undertake public access work. • Can be instructed directly by the public for legal advice and representation without having to go through a solicitor. • Appearances in the media, including BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Newsroom Southeast.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk wills@kkl.org.uk

MICHELLE FREEDMAN 07465 880 123 www.clerksroom.com freedman@clerksroom.com

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 8203 5242 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk louise@dancingwithlouise.co.uk

• • •

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




MELVYN SOBELL Qualifications: • Chartered accountant FCA. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Specialises in forensic accounting. • CEDR accredited mediator. • Expert witness advice for all financial matters.

JAMES CARMICHAEL Qualifications: • Fully qualified, HCPC registered, Hearing Aid Audiologist with 10 years’ experience. • Specialist in hearing healthcare including tinnitus management and wax removal. • Fully understands the impact of hearing loss and will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing needs.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk m.sobell@sobellrhodes.co.uk

BLOOM HEARING SPECIALISTS 020 8869 9999 www.bloomhearing.co.uk pinner@bloomhearing.co.uk

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

BAYLA PERRIN Qualifications: • Free professional service delivering immediate practical help with domestic administrative matters, assisting those alone and in crisis. • Providing workable solutions for debt management, budgeting, bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits, form filling, financial correspondence, bureaucracy and divorce procedures. Cross communal and throughout London.

HOWARD GOLD Qualifications: • Member of the Federation of Master Builders. • Member of the Consumer Protection Association offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee of 5 years on all projects. • Providing a tailored end-to-end property service for residential property clients in north and north-west London. Focusing on a quality service.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

THE PAPERWEIGHT TRUST 020 8455 4996 www.paperweighttrust.com info@paperweighttrust.com

HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320 wwww.hpsuk.com howard@hpsuk.com



ANDREW MILLER QC Qualifications: • Mediator with more than 25 years of experience of using mediation to economically resolve commercial disputes. • Queen’s Counsel (Barrister) with 25+ years legal experience of conducting commercial cases. • Providing a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to the court litigation process.

HAZEL KAYE Qualifications: • Able to draw on the charity’s 45+ years of experience in providing specialist accommodation designed to enable independence. • Knowledge of the features and innovations that can empower people to undertake everyday tasks and awareness of relevant grants and benefits available. • Understands the impact of a diagnosis of disability.

STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

AMQC MEDIATION @ 2TG 020 7822 1260 www.2tg.co.uk amqc@2tg.co.uk

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org hazel@jbd.org

STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD 020 8832 2222 www.shipsms.co.uk stephen@shipsms.co.uk



BERNARD MIEL Qualifications: Managing Director of Kitchens Continental, an independent design company specialising in function and form for bespoke high quality kitchens. More than 30 years in the industry, providing both retail and contract kitchens. Familiar with German, Italian and English kitchens. Full service including cabinetry, worktops, appliances, sinks, taps, floors and fitting.

• • •

LESLEY TRENNER Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help unemployed into work. • Offers practical support, workshops and networking opportunities to maximise job prospects. • Expert in change management and people development. International Coach Federation certified coach helping people with career development and midlife change including dilemmas around ageing parents.

KITCHENS CONTINENTAL 020 8203 6033 www.kitchenscontinental.com hendon@kitchenscontinental.com

RESOURCE THE JEWISH EMPLOYMENT ADVICE CENTRE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org



REBEKAH GERSHUNY Qualifications: Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited and registered with the Family Mediation Council. Collaborative family lawyer, with more than 20 years’ experience and founder of family mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation. Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach.

POLLY LANDSBERG Qualifications: • 35 years care experience in supporting elderly people at home and in the community. • Qualified nurse, providing advice and support for individuals with a range of needs. • Providing care at home for those requiring reassurance and companionship, assistance with personal care, help around the house and specialist services for those living with long-term conditions.

FREEMANS SOLICITORS 020 7935 3522 www.freemanssolicitors.net rg@freemanssolicitors.net

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9554 www.sweettree.co.uk info@sweettree.co.uk

• •


Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com

Discover the bloomWay to better hearing! Here at Pinner, James and Sarah take pride in offering friendly, helpful hearing advice. Together they are dedicated to giving you the very best hearing healthcare including:

Free Home Visits Money Back Guarantee 4 Year Warranty Free Aftercare for Life*

FREE Hearing Tests available now bloomFinance including 0% Payment Plans

For more information call bloom on 020 8869 9999 Please quote ref: PINNER 02

www.bloomhearing.co.uk *

For the lifetime of the hearing aid

22 High Street Pinner HA5 5PW


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Business Services Directory


Carer Auxiliary Nurse


Top prices paid Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. House clearances Single items to complete homes CHURCH STREET ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

07866 614 744 (ANYTIME) 0207 723 7415 (SHOP)

Call 0208 958 2939 or 07495 026 168


Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc. Wardrobes cleared

Available to support you in your home. Days/nights. Very reasonable rates.




Call 01277 352



Man on a Bike will get WE fast! BUY ANTIQUES you working Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac


Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein new computers and everything else you may need. Diamond Jewellery,&Gold, For small businesses home Silver, users. Paintings, Porcelain,

Glass, Bronzes, Oriental Judaica Antiques etc. Call Ian Green,Ivories, Man on a Bike & on 020 8731Full 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk house clearances organised. Please look at our website for more details Charitywww.antiquesbuyers.co.uk & Welfare

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 ARE YOU BEREAVED?

closed Sunday & Monday STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - stuart@churchstreetantiques.net

OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.


Counselling for adults children who are PORTOBELLO RD&LONDON. experiencing loss. Support groups offered. Call The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence


020 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk



VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Hille & Epstein Counselling forFurniture adults & children who are Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Paintings, Porcelain, experiencing loss, Silver, and support groups. Glass, Bronzes, Oriental &Bereavement Judaica Antiques etc. ContactIvories, The Jewish

Full house clearances Counselling Service organised. in confidence


Give support • Get support • Get involved


Please look at 020 our website for more details 8951 3881 enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk www.antiquesbuyers.co.uk FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON:

0800 & 840 2035 or 07956268290 CHARITY WELFARE OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS. PORTOBELLO RD LONDON.




Sheltered Accommodation We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden daysWHICH a week; aWAY residents’ lounge and IF YOUsupport, DON’Tseven KNOW TO TURN, kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.


For further details and application forms, please contact For confidential information and support don’t forget Jewish Direct. Westlonadvice, Housing Association on 020 8201Care 8484

020 8922 2222



We hav warden in Eal warden

For furt Wes

Charity Reg No. 802559 Company Number: 3024499

Charity Number: 1047045

Jami supports and represents people with mental illness across the Jewish community.

Ep Dini D


Jami supports and represents Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? people illnessdoacross Withwith abusemental in your home, you worry about your children? the Jewish community. We are here to help #jamithinkahead

A Wi

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling.

Give support Get support Get involved Kosher• refuge provision• available for women and children in need.

020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org


IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN, REMEMBER OUR HELPLINE. For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct.

020 8922 2222 jcdirect@jcare.org


Reg Charity No. 1003345


Home & Maintenance




No further, your


Hall & Randall Plumbers




Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com

All AllNW-London NW-Londonpostcodes postcodescovered covered


07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12 Not shabbat





City and Guilds Elect

All types of electrical work u

Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7

storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, securi Over 20Response years experience Rapid IT support for your PC & Mac LED spotlights, fault finding, CCTVportable ap

Friendly, reliable & Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless landlord tests andsystems, house buyer’s surveys. service. personal competitive rates Very new computers and everything else you may need. For an efficient reliable and friendly Call Harvey Solomons on For small businesses home users. STEPHEN: 07973 342&422

Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with. All quality furniture bought & sold.

Please contact Gordon Stirling 0208 9605401 or 07825224144

| |boiler boilerrepairs repairsand andinstallation installation| |complete completecentral centralheating heating| | | |power powerflushing flushing| |complete completebathroom bathroominstallation installationservice service| | | |landlords landlordscertificates certificates| |project projectmanagement management| |home homepurchase purchasereports reports| |


Stirlings of Kensal Green Best prices paid for complete house clearances including china books, clothing etc. also rubbish clearance service, lofts, sheds, garages etc

For Forall allyour yourheating heatingand andplumbing plumbingrequirements requirements


Home & Maintenance


“Better “BetterSafe SafeThan ThanSorry� Sorry�

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8953 2094 office 020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798

Charity Reg No. 802559


Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk Reg Charity No. 1003345 www.jamiuk.org


020 8958 6495 / 07836 648 554

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk TAILOR



020 8458 8306



Gary Green Memorials 14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889

41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535 www.garygreenmemorials.co.uk

A. ELFES LTD New memorials Additional inscriptions & renovations Gants Hill

12 Beehive Lane Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Telephone


130 High Street Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone

0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646


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Business Services Directory


Mrs Clarke 4x1 995_Layout 1 22/03/20 CLOTHING

FURS WANTED Cash paid for Mink, Fox, Coats, Jackets, Boleros etc.




Email Sales today at sales@thejngroup.com

01277 352 560 For a lady to call




THE WEDDING, BAR & BATMITZVAH SHOW! 2 FREE BRIDGE TASTERS 2 Beginners Courses 2 Intermediate Courses


Monday 11th September Monday 18th September Tuesday 19th September

Call sales today to book your stand on 020 7692 6959 or email sales@thejngroup.com

Guaranteed success

Book your place now 0208 905 3877

www.haroldschogger.com for further details


Leave a legacy and create the future leaders of Israel

020 8458 2223 info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org #jamithinkahead

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t: 020 8371 1580 e: info@youthaliyah.org.uk www.youthaliyah.org.uk

Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with a mental illness across the Jewish community.

Charity No: 1077913

Remember our future Please remember the future of Jewish children by remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will. It is the legacy that will last a lifetime. To find out more call 020 8446 8804 or email info@jcd.uk.com

Reg Charity No. 1003345 Registered Charity No. 209266

15-040-ER Small legacy advert v2_Legacy 26/01/2015 15:54 Page 1

HELP JEWISH CARE MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 0208 922 2833 for more information or email arubenstein@jcare.org Charity Reg No. 802559

Secure our

Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel. PLease remember us in your wiLL.

eNABLeD visit www.Jbd.org or caLL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity No. 259480

children’s future

The British Friends of Reuth

People come to Reuth broken, with no physical and mental independence. The patients need your legacy to help rebuild their lives T: 020 3286 4100 E: info@reuth.org.uk W: www.reuth.org.uk Charity no: 1126124

Please include

CST in your Will

Charity no. 1042391

Every gift makes a difference legacy@cst.org.uk

Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

020 8457 3700


07/04/2017 14:47



Jewish News 31 August 2017

Fun, games and prizes

WIN AN OVERNIGHT STAY FOR TWO AT DRYBURGH ABBEY! Jewish News and Dryburgh Abbey are offering one lucky reader an overnight stay for two at this magnificent Scottish venue, worth £220. The winner and their guest will stay in the Lady of Mertoun Suite, three-course dinner, use of the leisure facilities and a full Scottish breakfast for two people. Dryburgh Abbey in St Boswells, is a magnificent Scottish country house hotel and restaurant by the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders. They offer luxury accommodation, ideal for short breaks, Scottish wedding venues and business conferences. Nestled in an exclusive wooded estate, next to the historic Abbey, Dryburgh

Abbey Hotel is a unique, three-star country house hotel. Only an hour from Edinburgh and Newcastle, Dryburgh Abbey is the perfect setting for your Scottish borders holiday, wedding venue or corporate event. Dryburgh Abbey offers the perfect place to explore the local history, scenery and sporting opportunities. Unwind in the pool and sauna, relax in cosy fireside lounges and luxurious bedrooms, and enjoy some fabulous seasonal cuisine, freshly prepared in their bistro or restaurant. The Dryburgh Abbey Country House Hotel looks forward to welcoming you soon.

JUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Which river flows across the borders of Scotland and northern England? A: River Thames B: River Trent C: River Tweed


jewishnews.co.uk Closing date 14 September 2017

Hilarious Hebrew Hilarious Hebrew Word of the Week Word of the Week







19 Become sick (3) 20 Common rodents (4) 21 Complicated (6)


7 8


DOWN 1 Irate emotion (5) 2 Vein in the neck (7) 3 Overly sentimental (5) 5 Time past (3) 6 Hotel customer (5) 7 Item of outdoor clothing (4) 12 Bygone (7) 13 Army officer (5) 14 Misty, vague (4) 15 Mendicant monk (5) 16 ___ Gunnell, 1990s athlete (5) 18 Bed for a baby (3)







The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬ *** From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London. www.hilarioushebrew.com








ACROSS 1 Make minor changes to (6) 4 Fall, drape (4) 8 Pop concert (3) 9 Excite into action (7)

10 11 13 15 17

Pass on (5) Browned bread (5) Gift of the Magi (5) Confronts (5) Whirlpool hot tub (7)

Last issue’s solutions ACROSS: 1 Vouch 4 Notre 7 Tap 8 Bailiff 9 Menu 10 Spar 13 Bad 15 Aunt 16 Oily 19 Misread 21 Owe 22 Loyal 23 Enter DOWN: 1 Veto 2 Umpteen 3 Hubbub 4 Nail 5 Tri 6 Effort 11 Pull out 12 Mammal 14 Doodle 17 Peal 18 Rear 20 Say

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By Paul Solomons

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Barmitzvah boy leads Shenley to national title CRICKET Oliver White had double reason to celebrate after he capitained his cricket side to the NatWest U13 National Club Championship – and celebrated his barmitzvah at Lord’s. Along with Ben Werter, the pair helped Shenley Village Cricket Club land the prestigious title, in a tournament featuring more than 1,600 teams. The two have been playing cricket since they were eight-years-old, and originally met when playing football for London Lions. Yavneh pupil Oliver, said: “I was very proud to captain the team, it was a very special achievement for the club and I was over the moon when my parents told me we were going to have my party at the home of cricket.” Ben, who’s 10 months older than Oliver, said: “I was extremely proud to have been part of such a great team and team effort and was really pleased to score important runs in the final when they were needed. “If I keep improving, it would be amazing to represent GB at the next Maccabiah Games, hopefully in football as well. Qualifying for the finals by winning the Hertfordshire County Championship, they claimed their title by defeating Dumbleton by 21 runs in the final to seal a brilliant achievement. Oliver’s dad, George, who manages the team, added: “It was by far and away the best sporting experience of my life – I was quite emotional when we won the Regional Finals and was in tears when we won the whole thing. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.”


1 2 3 4

Golders Green Seuda in the Park 2 Sept – 5.00pm-6.30pm Child’s Hill Park – turn up on the day! Hypnobirthing course at JW3 3 Sept – 2.00pm www.jw3.org.uk/events LaserTag at Woodside Park shul 3 Sept – 5.00pm-6.30pm portal.tribeuk.com/events/ Tai Chi class 4 Sept – 6.30pm-8.30pm mosaicjewishcommunity@gmail.com

South London summer fun


Children from all over South London and Kent recently took part in Catford & Bromley Synagogue’s Maccabi summer project. Participants enjoyed four days of action-packed activities, with jointyouth leaders Joe and Jacob Kat saying: “We owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people, but none more so than the children – we couldn’t ask for a more adorable bunch!”

Hitting the Highlands Top: Oliver lifts the cup; bottom left: in action; bottom right: Ben receives his medal from England fast bowler Jake Ball, centre: Oliver and dad George at Lords for his barmitzvah party

5 6 7 8

Belly dancing at JW3 4 Sept – 7.30pm www.jw3.org.uk/events Pilates at Belmont Synagogue 5 Sept – 2.00pm-3.00pm admin@belmontus.org.uk Table tennis at Kol Chai 5 Sept – 8.00pm-10.00pm Table.tennis@kolchai.org Dancing classes for ladies and girls 6 Sept – 6.00pm-10.00pm admin@hendonus.org.uk


Curator’s Talk: Amy Winehouse 6 Sept – 2.00pm admin@jewishmuseum.org.uk


The weather was the main challenge for 13 ladies who went on a fourday hike of the Scottish Highlands, which raised £15,000 for Emunah. Trustee and past chairman Camille Compton said: “We got soaked through and had to buy new clothes – and nearly got blown off a mountain – but there was always a sense of achievement, as I never forget why I am raising money for Emunah – it’s all about the children.”

Ladies club together for MDA UK More than 70 ladies helped raise £15,000 for Magen David Adom UK, when they took part in Hartsbourne Ladies’ annual charity golf day. The money raised will go towards a medicycle, the dedication of which will take place later this year in Israel. MDA UK CEO Daniel Burger said: “We’re so grateful to the Hartsbourne Ladies for their amazing support and dedication, and for organising such a wonderful event. For so many people, this medicycle will be the difference between life and death. We look forward to seeing it on the streets of Israel.” Chair of the Hartsbourne Ladies Committee, Natalie Feldman, said: “We are thrilled that MDA will benefit from another medicycle on the road in Israel saving more lives.”




Jewish News 31 August 2017


It’s all kicking off!

We’re tipping Oakwood, L’Equipe and Fairlop to be celebrating in May NEW MGBSFL SEASON By Andrew Sherwood andrews@thejngroup.com @JewishNewsUK

Sunday sees the start of the Maccabi GB (Southern) Football League season as 29 teams do battle over the next nine months. Ahead of the big kick-off, we’re giving our predictions as to who will be popping the champagne in May. Tipping Oakwood A to make it back-to-back Premier Division titles, we’re predicting L’Equipe to claim a second consecutive title to become Division One champions and are putting our money

on Fairlop FC to claim the Division Two title. League chairman David Wolff is backing London Lions White to lift the Premier Division, is putting his faith in North Raiders London B becoming Division One champions, and new boys Bayern Mincha to get their hands on the Division Two title. Speaking about his hopes for the forthcoming campaign, he said: “We have 29 teams, which is down on last season and is disappointing,. But we have a new development officer in place, whose first objective is to keep that number in place and then look at ways of improving on that number.”




 Club-by-club preview of the new season, plus results, reports, photos and videos at jewishnews.co.uk

Israel set for crunch World Cup double-header WORLD CUP Israel’s hopes of qualifying for next year’s World Cup will be determined over the next five days when they face must-win games against Macedonia and Italy. Hosting the former on Saturday before travelling to Reggio Emilia on Tuesday, they currently sit joint-third in the table, with only the top two standing a chance of qualifying for Russia. Going into the games on the back of a 3-0 home defeat by Albania, manager Elisha Levy said: “We were all very disappointed after that game, and hope to restore the confidence in our supporters.”

Israel celebrate a 2-1 win over Macedonia

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PREMIER D London L IVISION ions Whit e DIVISION O NL Raide NE rs B DIVISION T Bayern M WO incha

31 August 2017 Jewish News


Balfour 100 From Declaration to Start-up Nation Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration by buying a ÂŁ100 Mazel Tov Israel bond and receive a special edition Balfour 100 presentation pack.

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I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration... Lord Balfour

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