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CONSECRATION OF THE NEW SOUTHSIDE CEMETERY HELD Chabad leads special service inside Sha-rei Shamayim Gardens at Greenlawn in Jax Page 4


Local woman is inducted into Int’l Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Page 13


Stanton Prep will be the site of the first JSU in the River City Page 17

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August 2017

• Av/Elul 5777 •



JaxJewishTV • Volume 30, Number 2 • 28 pages

Jacksonville Jewish News celebrates 30 years of storytelling in Northeast Fla.

Former JJN editor Susan Goetz looks over an early edition of the paper By Jacksonville Jewish News

For the past three decades, the Jacksonville Jewish News has been a reliable source of local news related to synagogue and secular life for Jewish men, women, families and retirees in Northeast Florida. While the colors, logos and faces in photos associated with the stories may have changed, one thing has not: the commitment to telling relevant and compelling narratives that inhabit Hebrew homes and hallowed halls in and around Mandarin.

in the 21st century (2011-15)

The early years (1988-92)

One person who has been there in one way, shape or form-from even before day one-is former JJN editor Susan Goetz, who assumed the significant role in 1990, a post she held for 18 years until her departure in 2008. “It started out for me being a very part-time type of thing, reporting, editing, rewriting articles and bringing it to our production people to do all the pre-press work,” she remembered. Goetz’s role seemed like a natural one, since she previously edited a publication in the mid-1980s known as ‘The Commentator’, which preceded the JJN.

“I had a monthly ritual that included bringing the paper to Florida Sun Printing in Callahan and waiting for the mechanicals to be shot, the plates to be made and the paper to be printed,” Goetz vividly recalled. “So I would wait around for anywhere between three to four hours and it was fun watching the paper rolling off the presses.” Fast forward 30 years, and while Florida Sun Printing is still producing high quality editions of the Jacksonville Jewish News, the process of printing and publishing has vastly changed. Now a monthly trip along I-95 to rural

Nassau County is no longer necessary as a simple click of the mouse uploads the finished PDF product to the printer, saving time and gas money for current editor and Communications Director Matt Franzblau. The Jacksonville Jewish News may be the longest standing Jewish news outfit in Northeast Florida, but it is certainly not the first. Before its inception in August 1988, a publication called the ‘Kehillah’ found its way into mailboxes around town during the 1980s, while the aforementioned ‘Commentator’ was around mainly in the 60s, 70s and a portion of the 80s.

Someone else who has seen the JJN grow from infancy to adulthood is none other than current advertising sales representative Barbara Nykerk, who once held a very different post with the publication. “I had a section of the paper called ‘People and Places’ and ‘Mazel Tovs’, Nykerk recalled. “I used to use the synagogue bulletins, the Jacksonville Business Journal and the Florida Times-Union, in addition to calling people if I knew there was a Mazel Tov in their family such as graduations,

See JJN 30 YEARS, p. 17

Israeli Scouts dazzle at Federation’s annual five agency meeting By Jewish Federation of Jacksonville

8505 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217

Jewish Federation of Jacksonville


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Jacksonville, FL Permit No. 146

The Southeastern Caravan of the Friends of the Israeli Scouts made a stop in Northeast Florida in early June, to help community members celebrate the year gone by in Jewish Philanthropy here in Jacksonville. Once the new board members and officers were officially installed for Federation,

JFCS, the JCA, JCF and River Garden, where the event was held, the eight Israeli teens took to the stage with the direction of their two counselors from the floor. A near hour performance was highlighted by the singing of the Hatikvah, or the Israeli National Anthem along with Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’, spreading a message of peace and love. Along with some of the more traditional and well-known favorites, the scouts also gave the audience in attendance a rousing rendition of some lesser known Israeli tunes, helping bring the Land of Milk and Honey to River Garden’s Cohen Auditorium that night. The Caravan is celebrating more than 40 years of bringing excitement, energy and friendship to North America. Founded in 1973, the first Caravan came to the United States to bring a message of hope and peace for Israel. Since that first Caravan, the program has grown to three different Caravans

travelling across North America, from New York to California to Wyoming and Tennessee. Each Caravan is made up of a group of five girls and five boys and their two leaders. They are chosen to be members of the Caravan based on their maturity, fluency in English, and of course their talent in the performing arts. After several rounds of competitive auditions and interviews, the scouts spend a year training and rehearsing for their exciting summer in North America. The Scouts appearance in Jacksonville was one of their first stops in a summerlong tour of the Southeastern United States. The group heads back to Israel in midAugust. To track their progress follow them on Facebook, @SoutheastCaravan and for more information on the program visit

Scan QR code for paper online at .com

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

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opinion and cartoons

Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

JJN’s Rabbinically Speaking: Mazel tov and a moment to reflect Mazel tov to the Jacksonville


Jewish News on being able to celebrate its 30th year of service to the Jewish community. Also, mazel tov to our Jewish community for supporting a Jewish newspaper which enables us to know what is happening and where, so that we can participate in Jewish events all over town with our fellow Jews and strengthen our own Jewish awareness and commitment. Reaching a milestone in life is always a good time for reflection, so if we take a careful look at Jewish history, we see an interesting and recurring pattern which has held over the last 2,000 years during our exile away from Israel.

We come into a new country as refugees, slowly learn the new culture, and work our way up the socio-economic ladder until most of us are near or at the top. As we move upward, we begin to forget and abandon our Jewish roots and practices, and then, when it seems we are so successful and secure, out of the clear blue sky, along comes someone or some group that wants to be rid of us in one way or another. Ancient Egypt, Christian Spain, Communist Russia, and Nazi Germany are just a few of the more salient examples of this paradigm. Amazingly, the Jews never see it coming – right up to the bitter end; and even more amazing, we are told by God in the Torah that this would be the pattern of Jewish life. I believe that we are seeing the

RABBINICALLY SPEAKING beginning of the last step in this

process here in America. Many of our people have moved so far away from Judaism that they are attracted to or even embracing individuals, groups, and causes which are antithetical or even hostile to everything we represent as Jews, and that does not bode well for us. So this year, as we approach the High Holy Day season, we would do well to see what we can do to bolster our own Jewish knowledge and practices. And should you be among the many Jews that don’t see what I am talking about, that is the very proof that what I’m saying is really taking place. Let us make the right effort to strengthen Jewish life in every way we can, and thereby bring the blessings of Judaism to ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow Jews, and all of our fellow

Americans. Gary Perras has been living in Jacksonville for 30 years and was Rabbi at Temple Beth Shalom for 20 of those years.

Rabbinically speaking is a monthly column written by clergy members in the Jacksonville Jewish community. If you are a Rabbi, hazzan or religious leader in NE Florida and would like to contribute your inspirational thoughts for a monthly column, please e-mail with your name, organization, congregation and which month you are interested in writing for and what topic, specifically you would like to write about.

The Shlicha Corner: Leaving a path for growth in the near future


Community Shlicha

Snow is a magical thing as when you stare at a fresh pile of it, it glows due to its untouched layers. You don’t want to jump in and ruin its clean, naïve look. On the other hand, your inner child just wants to be the first to set footprints and change the white landscape. A similar feeling rushed through my body when taking upon myself the responsibility of becoming the first Jacksonville community Shlicha a year ago. I was afraid to ruin the untouched landscape and make wrong steps in the new position, but at the same time was filled with enthusiasm and energy to make this experience the best it could be for the community. Today, a year after the beginning of this amazing, empowering journey, I am writing farewell notes to a position that has become who I am and to a community which has become my family. Being a Shlicha consists of many things, one of which is living, breathing and learning Israel, while at the same time living, breathing and learning the community you call home. Being open to and learning new ways of looking at and understanding

your home country is an acquired skill, alongside schmoozing 24/7 and becoming a vital part of the community, which becomes second nature. As you can see, being a Shlicha is not an easy job, but it is definitely a rewarding one and ultimately a life changing experience. During the past year, you have allowed me to become one of youto talk, educate, experience and share my knowledge and deepest feelings toward my home country. We have had many events, programs, informal conversations and eye-opening meetings about Israel. Through cooking, dancing, lecturing and talking, I tried to make the vibrant, beautiful yet complex Israel I love come alive. Thanks to your openness, curios-

ity and participation we were able to bring Israel into our amazing Jacksonville community and build the first steps into what, hopefully, will be a long, amazing journey with the Shlichut program. I want to thank you all for opening your homes, agencies and hearts to me and allowing me to become a part of this community, personally and professionally. From the minute that I landed in Jacksonville, you all were so welcoming and loving, that I really couldn’t have asked for a better community to call my own. I want to thank you all for your support and interest in my programs, but even more for your support and interest in Israel. I truly hope that you will all remember that Israel has many

diverse colors, landscapes and aspects to it, much more than we often see on the news. It is a matter of opening our minds, educating ourselves and our children, and creating connections that will allow us to see a broader picture of Israel’s reality in the 21st century. A year ago, I was standing in front of a snowy hill, with no footsteps on it. Today, I feel proud to say that we have taken many steps further and started paving a path that will allow for a closer connection between Jacksonville and Israel. I feel proud to have had the honor to lay this important groundwork for the Shlichut

program in Northeast Florida. I will miss you all, truly and deeply, as you have become my peers, my friends, my mishpacha, and I will carry you all in my heart forever. Remember that you always have a friend in Israel and don’t hesitate to keep in touch, no matter the distance. Sending you a lot of love and already missing you all … Your first Shlicha,

Dana Marmari

Advertising Representatives Elise Kurian • 404-625-9263 Barbara Nykerk • 904.733.4179 • 904.923-3205 Eta Perras • 904.629.0466 Editor & Communications Director Matt Franzblau •

Dry Bones Cartoons by Yaakov Kirschen

Communications Committee Jon Israel, Chair Shirley Bielski Helen Hill Michele Katz Joan Levin Andrea Mail Rachel Morgenthal Andrew Ocean Marsha Pollock Federation President Sandy Zimmerman Federation Executive Director Alan Margolies 8505 San Jose Blvd. • Jacksonville, FL 32217 The Jacksonville Jewish News is published monthly. All submitted content becomes the property of the Jacksonville Jewish News. Announcements and opinions contained in these pages are published as a service to the community and do not necessarily represent the views of the Jacksonville Jewish News or its publisher, the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Jewish News is not responsible for the Kashruth of any product advertised. Copy due dates: All news, photographs, etc., must be received by the 6th of each month, and sent to Ad deadlines: All ads must be received by the 15th of each month and sent to in .pdf format. Editorial support: Donna O’Steen, Erin Cohen, Ariel Frechtman, Val Battini, Emma Pulley, Alan Margolies, Andrew Ocean

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

community news

Chabad holds a consecration ceremony for new Southside cemetery By Chabad of the Southside

Clergy and community members gather at Sha-rei Shamayim Gardens

In mid-July a special consecration ceremony was held at Sha-rei Shamayim Gardens on Jacksonville’s Southside. A cemetery comprises a specific set of Jewish tradition and customs connected to the burial of the dead. Known in Hebrew as ‘bet kevarot’, place of the graves, and ‘bet olam’, house of eternity. The land of the cemetery is considered holy and a special consecration ceremony takes place upon its inauguration, which was led by Rabbi Shmuli Novack of Chabad of the Southside.

JCA to celebrate cultural arts month in November By Jewish Community Alliance

Each November the JCA celebrates Cultural Arts Month with a variety of events including films, performances and its signature event, the Annual Jewish Book Festival. Now in its 21st year, the book festival showcases renowned authors you won’t see anywhere else in Jacksonville. The JCA team of volunteers, led by chair Sherrie Saag, is already hard at work supporting the JCA in planning and programming fun and engaging programs for everyone in the community. This year’s committee includes Shylie Bannon, Nicole Brown, Susan Elinoff, Kelsi Hasden, Katie Kight, Jan Margolies, Rachel Morgenthal, Jennifer Plotkin, Emma Pulley,

JJN Advertising Directory At the Jacksonville Jewish News, our advertisers are precious to us. It is with their support that the Jacksonville Jewish community has a newspaper. Advertising revenue also offsets the cost of production, so Federation dollars can be dedicated to helping Jews locally and overseas. Please continue to live generously and support our advertisers: • Adams Eyes (p. 5) • JJN (p. 16, 28) • Alhambra Theatre (p. 4) • JCA (insert) • All Pro Painting and • Jewish Java (p. 18) Restoration (p. 23) • Larry Tallis (p. 9) • Athens Cafe (p. 10) • Margo’s Catering (p. 6) • B&C Financial (p. 18) • Mensch Express (p. 23) • Beachview Rentals (p. 8) • Northeast Florida • Bob Ham Eyewear (p. 7) Conservatory (p. 6) • Brandon Pest (p. 10) • Wajsman Home Team • Dignity Memorial (p. 25) Realty (p. 24) • Erica Jolles Realty (p. 11) • Pediatric Dentistry (p. 23) • Harbor Chase (p. 27) • River Garden (p. 18) • Impressions (p. 23) • rGEN Jax (p. 26) • Innovative Financial • Setzer Youth Ed (p. 2) Solutions (p. 13) • Stein Mart (p. 9) • Israel Partnership (p. 15) • The Tax Man (p. 23) • JCF (p. 20) • The Temple TIR (p. 26) • JFCS (p.7, 12) • Watercrest San Jose (p. 14) For your advertising needs, please contact advertising sales representatives Elise Kurian at 404-625-9263, Barbara Nykerk at 904-733-4179 or or Eta Perras at 904-629-0466.

August 2017 - Av/Elul 5777

Randi Rogozinski, Jackie Simms and Eunice Zisser. Sponsorships are crucial for the success of this event and are the reason all events during the Jewish Book Festival are free and open to the community. Stay tuned for information on ways to support

the festival by becoming a sponsor. The lineup of authors and events is coming soon. For additional information about JCA’s Cultural Arts Month, please contact Lior Spring at or 904-730-2100, ext. 318.

Adult Education................p. 24 Business Directory.......... p. 23 Chabad News .................. p. 26 Community News.....p. 4-6, 13 Education ..................p. 10-12 Federation News ........7, 15-16 Foundation .................... p. 20 Jax Jewish News ........p. 17-18

JCA ................................. p. 19 JFCS .................................p. 21 Lifecycles ......................... p. 23 Opinion & Cartoons ...........p. 3 River Garden ................... p. 22 Synagogue News ...........10-13 Top Stories..........................p. 1

Read archived issues of the JJN online at


This month in JJN History August 2008

This was the Jacksonville Jewish News’ first individual August issue. Up until this point, the JJN was either published as a double Aug/Sept. edition or took the summers off with publication running from Sept. – June and the months of July and Aug. lying dormant. Some of the highlights of the issue included a recent Federation trip to Israel where participants ‘dined in the desert’ and a special visit from the deputy consul general of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico, who made a specific stop in Jacksonville.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

community news

River Garden rehab success story helps one man shed pesky neck brace BY KEN GOLDMAN River Garden Volunteer

Beefed-up rehabilitation services are creating miracles on a regular basis at River Garden Senior Services. This could be seen with Bob Bossen, who wore a neck brace for 37 years, but thanks to an alert and knowledgeable physical therapist at River Garden Rehab in Jacksonville, the neck brace is history. A Jacksonville native, Bossen was the Florida State High School high jump champion at Robert E. Lee High School and a track star at Emory University. While competing in a high hurdles event, he tripped on the top of a hurdle and crashed into an adjacent fence, knocking him

unconscious for about 20 minutes. Over time, pain in his neck and back intensified, so the avid athlete went to a specialist, who took X-rays, and then informed him that he had a neck disc which was flattened, almost bone on bone. Any neck movement caused sharp pain, so the doctor fitted him with a large neck brace to restrict neck movement, something he wore for nearly four decades. Bossen went to virtually every local specialist and “They said my neck was too delicate for surgery,” he recalled. “I guess they didn’t want to be responsible if something went wrong.” Bob Bossen rehabs at River Garden Earlier this year, Bob’s wife Naomie was sent to River Garfollow-up care, and he accomden Rehab after back surgery for panied her to physical therapy.

Second Gen voices have impactful presence in Tallahassee

BY STACEY GOLDRING Voices of the Second Gen

Two inspiring second gen experiences took place during the Holocaust Education Resource Council’s annual educators’ conference in mid-June at Florida State University in Tallahassee. The day began with an introductory writers workshop that was opened to the Tallahassee second gen community. The private discussion was rich and enlightening with second and third gen in attendance. Later in the morning, second gen writers from Jacksonville presented their work to conference attendees, which included dedicated elementary, middle and high school Florida educators. The importance of the second generation experience is validated by its inclusion in the HERC conference. Following SFI’s Voices of the Second Gen program, Second Gen Shoshana Haas discussed a personal anti-semitic vandalism experience with HERC Executive Director Barbara Goldstein and educators. In the future, the second gen will be the primary stewards of Holocaust education, as it is vital that they are understood in this role laden with complicated responsibility. However, it must also be made equally clear that the second gen are also individuals, sui generis. The writing workshop experience is an effort

Second gen writers Naomi Chase, Ethel Holzmann & Shoshana Haas

to mine this identity and explore its personal, academic, historical and cultural importance. A big thank you goes out to the Tallahassee writers workshop participants, the passionate unstoppable HERC Executive Director Barbara Goldstein, in addition to Facing History and Ourselves Senior Historian Dr. Mary Johnson, Conner and Company’s Emily Conner, SFI’s Stephanie Goldstein, the admirable HERC conference educators, HERC volunteers Jonathan Grant and Tiffany Webster and Jacksonville second gens Naomi Chase, Shoshana Haas and Ethel Holzmann. The HERC educator conference experience underscores that the effects of the Holocaust manifest generation to generation, giving deeper meaning to l’dor v’dor.

First Jewish online high school opens for students in the Sunshine State BY RANDI SCHWARTZ

Director of Communications

David Posnack Jewish Day School, a top-five private school in Florida, has announced the opening of Posnack Virtual School (PVS), a live, online private Jewish high school. PVS offers Jewish students the opportunity to study at Florida’s highest-ranked Jewish high school. PVS students learn in real time, using technology to interact live with teachers and fellow Posnack School students. As an example, Posnack Virtual students enrolled in an honors class meeting at 10 a.m. attend the class virtually alongside other Posnack Virtual honors students. PVS students receive a full college preparatory curriculum in addition to taking Hebrew and Judaic Studies classes. “There are many options for self-directed learning, but most students have better learning out-

comes when studying with a live teacher, interacting with other students,” explained Dr. Brandon Diamond, Posnack Virtual School’s principal. “Our format will allow Jewish students who do not live near a Jewish high school to get the same quality education as the students in our brick-and-mortar school.” Posnack Virtual School will be open to students living in Florida north of Boca Raton, south of Downtown Miami, or west of the Everglades, and to students living in select other states. Jewish students in these areas are not currently served by a Jewish high school. Posnack Virtual School will provide unprecedented learning opportunities to Jewish high school students living in those areas.

Her therapist Shawn Leftwich, who holds a doctorate in physical therapy, promptly pointed out that his permanent use of a neck brace was weakening his neck muscles, something that none of the other therapists mentioned. Leftwich worked with Bossen on a wide variety of muscle building exercises three times a week for nine weeks, and the neck brace came off. Now Bob remains virtually pain free. The former all-state athlete is now working with physical ther-

apy assistant Callen Logan and already is seeing results. “I only had a couple sessions, but already I could tell the difference,” he described of his back pain. “Having been everywhere, this is the place because in other rehab centers, the therapist has multiple patients, but there they get you started and move on,” he explained of River Garden’s capabilities. “Here, the therapist stays with you and it’s more of a one-on-one type of relationship”.

Largest mass arrest of Rabbis in the U.S. remembered in June ceremony By Jewish Historical Society of St. Augustine

A large turnout was on hand in mid-June at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine to commemorate the largest mass arrest of Rabbis in U.S. History. Dr. Wayne Gunthorpe, a student of Rabbi Leon Jick, read the famous letter written by the Rabbis from the St. Johns County Jail on the nights of July 18-19, 1964. This was the fifth consecutive year the Jewish Historical society of St. Augustine has held this commemorative event.

PHOTO courtesy of St. Augustine Record: Wayne Gunthorpe (standing), a former student of Rabbi Leon Jick — one of 16 rabbis arrested in St. Augustine on June

18, 1964 – speaks at the fifth annual commemoration ceremony of their arrest at Columbia Restaurant on Monday, June 19, 2017.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

Community news

Local Hadassah president attends national women’s summit in D.C. BY HELEN HILL

Jacksonville Hadassah

Hadassah member, Lin Pomerantz, attended the Women’s Health Empowerment Summit in Washington, DC this past May, held in conjunction with Women’s Health Week. We asked her a few questions about the Summit and how Hadassah became involved. Jacksonville Hadassah: What exactly is the Women’s Health Empowerment Summit, and what role did Hadassah play? Lin Pomerantz: The Summit, which brought together policymakers, thought leaders and women’s health champions, was a national meeting to build momentum and strategize action steps to further

Lin Pomerantz

women’s health equity – from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment and cure. Hadassah was a national supporter of the Summit and the

convener of the Coalition for Women’s Health Equity, comprised of 23 different organizations, which sponsored this inaugural event. JH: Hadassah members range from ages 17 to 90-plus, so what age group do you think is most impacted by issues of women’s health? LP: The most underserved population is definitely women between 50 and 64, because the greatest health care focus for women is on their reproductive years. The ages ‘between Menopause and Medicare’ see the highest insurance costs, the greatest gaps in coverage for many procedures and the higher likelihood of medications being deemed unnecessary. This age group is also most likely to become family

caregivers which often results in their own health care needs taking second place to those they are caring for. JH: What was your number one take-away from the Summit? LP: In my opinion, the biggest call to action is to get out and vote and to elect more women to public office. We need more women both in Congress and on the local level. It’s all about educating, advocating and legislating if we hope to achieve our goals for ourselves, daughters and granddaughters. JH: As the incoming President for Hadassah Florida Central, is advocacy going to play a major role in the agenda you set forth for the Region? LP: It’s going to be my main

platform because advocating for women’s health equity has never been more crucial. The Coalition for Women’s Health Equity has come together to promote gender equity in medical prevention, research, funding, and quality of care, all of which have long been part of Hadassah’s goals. I believe it is important for Hadassah to continue raising awareness of the health inequities that adversely affect women and families – not only now, but for generations to come. To learn more about the work being done by Hadassah, and to see a complete list of members in the Coalition for Women’s Health Equity, visit The next Summit will be held in May 2018.

Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Lois Chepenik wins a state award for mental health work

By Jacksonville Jewish Center

Earlier this summer, Lois Chepenik was awarded the National Association of Social Workers – Florida Chapter’s Public Citizen of the Year Award in Orlando. Chepenik is very active in the community focusing on bringing awareness and solutions for social issues. Her most recent accomplishment is co-founder of RE:MIND, a congregational effort to improve mental health and reduce stigma at the Jacksonville

Jewish Center. This project is an outgrowth of the 2015 Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI) study of mental health in Jacksonville, which she was an active participant. When Chepenik was the executive director of JCCI, she successfully affected change through several studies. She helped ensure that experts in their fields were providing the most up-to-date information and that participants demonstrated their committment to understand the needs and work cooperatively for change. Most re-

Lois Chepenik

cently, she has immersed herself in the needs of people with persistent mentally illness and seeks out the advice and expertise of those in the field to help inform and guide her. Chepenik currently serves on the board for the Advisory Council of the AgeWell Center at Baptist Medical Center and the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center for national and state policy

development for girls in the Juvenile Justice System. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with 132,000 members. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.

Lunching and Learning

Working professionals in the Jacksonville Jewish community take time out of their busy schedules to attend regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with Rabbi Avi Feigenbaum of Etz Chaim Synagogue. Find out the time, date and place of upcoming Lunch and Learns ‘Like’ Etz Chaim on Facebook at

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Beth El – The Beaches Synagogue and Shalom Jax to screen The First Basket documentary in Aug. BY BETH BRENNER

Communications Specialist

Come to Beaches for a historical look at Hebrews and the Hardwood, as on Sunday, Aug. 27th at 5:00 p.m., Beth El – The Beaches Synagogue will be screening the film ‘The First Basket’. Wine and cheese will be served prior to the film, which comes courtesy of the Jewish Federation’s Shalom Jacksonville. Though basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Mass., in the late 1800s, the game spread like wildfire through turn-of-the-century New York settlement houses and proved a perfect fit for urban Jewish kids. By the 1920s, basketball had become a staple of life in Ameri-

can Jewish communities, and many of the top teams grew out of these neighborhoods. ‘The First Basket’ is the first comprehensive documentary to examine both the role that Jewish players had in the evolution of the game and the impact that basketball played in the assimilation of American Jews. This event is free and open to the community, however donations

Beth El will host its member and guest mixer and viewing of ‘The First Basket’ on August 27th

are gratefully appreciated. For more information, contact Gail Greenfield at 904-534-7381 or at

Moviegoers sit and watch the first screening of ‘The First Basket’ held in June at River Garden Senior Services

Shalom Jax’s screening of the First Basket film a slam dunk! By Shalom Jacksonville

A large turnout was on hand in early June at River Garden Senior Services to view the documentary about Jews and basketball known as ‘The First Basket’. The film which was presented by Shalom Jacksonville, centers around the first basket scored in NBA history by a Jewish man from Queens named Ossie Schectman. The movie also covers the Jewish immigrant experience of the early 20th century and explains why Jews dominated the sport in its earliest days. Freshly popped popcorn and drinks were served prior to the screening and a special talk on the historic links between the Jews, Jayhawks from the University of Kansas and basketball was given by Federation Communica-

Popcorn and drinks were on hand for the complete movie experience

tions Director Matt Franzblau on his graduate Alma Mater. Special thanks goes out to the River Garden staff and all attendees who made this event such a success.

There were a number of giveaways doled out to those in attendance

Shalom Jax’s Isabel Balotin and communications director Matt Franzblau, with the original 13 rules of basketball before the film’s screening

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Etz Chaim Synagogue holds leatherworking class for young ladies of Israel compared to a gazelle?. The young ladies also learned how to draft and use patterns, cut and hammer rubber soles, and sew up a flat piece of leather to become a three-dimensional shoe. It took the girls seven weeks from tracing their feet to walking out in their new shoes, but they rose to the challenge, persevered, and had a great time doing it. Each member of the group also committed to performing a daily act of micro-heroism, going out of her way to do one small good deed she didn’t feel like doing, just for the exercise.

BY SARA BROWN Class Leader

A group of girls ages six though adult, with a concentration of nine-year-olds, has been meeting every other Sunday morning in Etz Chaim, learning and discussing Torah sources that touch on leatherwork. Each girl designed and made herself a pair of leather shoes, while learning Midrashim that discuss leather, for example, what clothing did G-d give Adam and Eve when they left Eden? What does it mean to walk in the ways of G-d? and Why is the land

This group meets as the local chapter of a larger organization, Moriya, which offers a Scoutingstyle program integrating Torah sources and hands-on skills. Each member completing the Leatherwork unit received a small silver shoe charm in recognition of her achievement. For more information about the Moriya program, see Moriya Jacksonville will reconvene after the summer vacation with a new project. For more information, please contact Sara Brown at 904-235-7067 or eschuli613 at

Temple’s Leah Palestrant wins a youth professional fellowship

By Congregation Ahavath Chesed

The Temple is excited to announce Leah Palestrant’s acceptance in the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship program, sponsored by the Union for Reform Judaism. The URJ is the national organization representing more than 900 Reform congregations throughout North America and Israel. This Fellowship program is sponsored with generous support from The Covenant Foundation. The Fellowship, a community cohort of more than 40 youth professionals from across North America, offers expanded support and deeper learning for congregational youth professionals and

their supervisors. Palestrant graduated from Ohio State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Zoology. She has dedicated her entire career to teaching and mentoring youth, both in the classroom and beyond and is currently engaged as an Impact Coach with City Year Jacksonville, an education focused organization committed to helping students and schools succeed. She joined the Temple Institute of Religion’s faculty in 2015 and has taught grades six through nine. This school year, she will serve as a coach and mentor for TIR teen volunteers and instruct grades eight through 12, whose curriculum focuses on social action and

Leah Palestrant

social justice issues specific to the

Jacksonville area. “As I begin my third year teaching religious school for post-Bar/ Bat Mitzvah-aged students, I am very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with other youth professionals across the country,” Palestrant shared. “I will have the opportunity to experiment and try new models and techniques for youth engagement at our congregation as the national learning includes small group coaching, an in-person retreat, and ongoing leadership development,” she explained. Michelle Penson, TIR Director, will participate with Palestrant in a supervisory capacity. Over the nine month course of the Fel-

lowship, the cohort will attend the Congregations Connection Retreat in Cincinnati in the fall, participate in monthly webinars, join small group coaching sessions bi-monthly, complete monthly independent learning goals, and be invited to publish their learnings in URJ publications. “I can’t wait to bring back my learning to our youth programs and community at large,” Palestrant said. “While most others in the cohort will be formal youth advisers, I plan to bring an educator’s perspective to the group and start to connect the dots between JAFTY and religious school for our teens.”

Annual Beth El Sisterhood Returning to Camp Ramah Darom after fashion show to be held nearly a decade proves to be meaningful Sept. 14th in Ponte Vedra


All of the lovely Beth El models from last year’s Sisterhood Fashion show


Communications Specialist

Beth El – The Beaches Sisterhood’s Annual Fashion Show will be held Thursday, Sept. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Leila’s Delicious Fashions will be presenting 10 different looks modeled by beautiful Beth El

ladies and this event is being put on in coordination with Hadassah. Wine and cheese will be served and the event is free for paid up Beth El Sisterhood members, but $15 for non-members. Be sure to mark your calendar for what is sure to be a great evening of fun and fashion.

BY GABRIELLE MAGID Setzer Youth Education

This June, I was given the opportunity to return to Camp Ramah Darom to visit our Jacksonville Jewish Center kids as they began their summer adventures. Being back in Clayton, Ga., for the first time since I was a camper, the experience was nothing short of surreal. I’m sure by now you’ve heard a child rave about the specialness of a camp Shabbat and how it includes, the ease of observance and spirituality, the feeling of community with friends, and of course, the food. The kids are excited to dress up and take a break from their hectic daily schedule to experience the beauty of their surroundings and appreciate the closeness of their friendships. Nine years later, it’s still something for me to write home about. Having the opportunity to return in my capacity as the

Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Setzer Youth Education Youth Director was amazing because it gave me the chance to interact with our kids while ‘in their element’. They are relaxed and happy and truly themselves, while being silly and carefree. They wanted to hang out and tell me their stories and I loved every minute of it, as together we were loving being Jewish. That’s the point of camp, and it’s why going is so important. Ramah might have a secret recipe-mixing mountains, friends, Hebrew, crafts, sports, and prayers to create a spiritually charged community that is joyfully Jewish in every breath. But we’ve got our own special qualities that we blend together and strive to achieve the same result. Our programs are different, but they complement each other beautifully, and when we’re discussing our children, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. We don’t have to leave the

camp spirit in 30525, as it doesn’t evaporate as our cars cross the state line. It’s up to us to welcome our Ramahniks back to our community and ask them to share their greater sense of self and Jewish identity with us. We have to encourage them to use their tunes or teach us their dances, and tell us their stories to keep the momentum going. While the Center’s Neal F. Portnoy Youth Lounge might not have the allure of a Lakeside cabin, it has air conditioning and we carry our camp spirit with us wherever we go. Let’s keep that camp spirit going all year, so for more information about Setzer Youth Education’s Youth Groups, at the Jacksonville Jewish Center, for children in 4–12 grades, contact Gabrielle Magid at gmagid@ or 904-2921000. Check us out on Facebook at to see what our youth groups have been up to lately.

Temple Bet Yam to host trivia night, Aug. 12th BY JACKIE WITTE Temple Bet Yam

Test your knowledge of trivia at Temple Bet Yam in St. Augustine, Saturday, Aug. 12, starting at 6

p.m. Tickets are $15 per person and kids 16 and younger are free. Food and prizes are included, so call Carol or Bernie for information and reservations at 954-8957332 or via Temple Bet Yam is a reform synagogue located at 2055 Wildwood Drive in St. Augustine.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Upcoming Wizard of Oz production has a certain Jewish flair to it BY RHODA LONDON

Congregation Ahavath Chesed

The Northeast Florida Conservatory’s next production, “Wizard of Oz,” will feature a Jewish wizard as well as several other Temple members in its cast. Leonard Alterman, an attorney and Past Temple Brotherhood President, will be playing the Wizard. Alterman is a veteran of numerous shows around the Jacksonville area. Other Temple members in

the cast include Andrew Ocean, Rhoda London and Matt Miller, a popular participant in the 20’s and 30’s group. All of these men and women will be playing various roles as part of the Ensemble. The co-producer of the show is Ava Fixel, a Jewish Center member, who is newly retired from Bartram Trail High School, where she was an English and Drama teacher. Her husband, Michael Fixel, is creating exciting new sets and special effects for the show. Recent shows at NFC with a Jew-

ish theme include ‘Fiddler on the Roof ’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’. NFC is a non-profit offering free music lessons as a part of Laura’s Friends to children who couldn’t ordinarily afford them, as well as classes in voice, all instruments, drama and art. In addition, several members of our Jewish community play in the orchestra or various bands, which perform throughout the community at other venues. The facility is very accessible for the handicapped,

who can be dropped off at the door and have only one step. ‘Wizard of Oz’ will be performed from Aug. 11-20 and tickets are only $20 for all shows, which always include live orchestra music. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 904-374-8639. Since its opening three years ago, many NFC Theatre shows sell out as loyal audience members know to purchase their tickets early.

Temple Sisterhood has unique volunteering opportunity which can help blind students By Temple Sisterhood

For almost 60 years, Temple Sisterhood at Congregation Ahavath Chesed has sponsored a program that converts printed books into Braille versions used by the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and other institutions serving the visually impaired. The next training class of Braille volunteers is forming now. Beginning Thursday, Sept. 7, volunteers will go through a free nine-month program in which they learn either to transcribe printed text into Braille or to convert illustrations into raised images that can

be interpreted through touch. The program is open to both men and women of all faiths who can attend classes every Thursday morning through June, 2018. While no computer is needed for converting graphics, Braille transcribers must have their own Windows computer. “Using a special program on their home computer, they press different combinations of six keys on their keyboard to create Braille versions of each letter of the book they’re transcribing,” explained long-time group volunteer Lynnette Taylor.

“When they’re done, another computer uses the digital file they’ve created to punch out the text in Braille’s raised-dot format,” she added. “Learning to Braille is

a unique challenge, like learning a foreign language, but all that’s really needed is basic computer skills and a dedication to serving people who need our help.”

Susie Coleman, another veteran volunteer, said that no computer is needed to create tactile versions of illustrations. “The pictures that go with the books are converted into Braille using different forms of crafts materials,” she explained. Interested adults are invited to come to an orientation meeting for the program at 10 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 31 at Congregation Ahavath Chesed (The Temple), located at 8727 San Jose Blvd. For more information, contact Lynnette Taylor at 904-466-2129 or, Nancy Cohen at 248-250-2406 or r4cohen@, or Candace Richardson at 904-607-7619 or

The Temple to host speaker on Israel’s paradox: flourishing but imperiled By Congregation Ahavath Chesed

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, a think tank based in Philadelphia, will speak at Congregation Ahavath Chesed (The Temple), Wednesday, Aug. 9th beginning at 7 p.m., and the entire community is welcome to attend. “Israel is a success story with few parallels,” explained Dr.

Daniel Pipes

New year and two new logos By Jacksonville Jewish News

Etz Chaim Synagogue and the Torah Academy of Jacksonville will be sporting new looks for the upcoming 2017-18 educational and programming year. For a complete look at the respective rebrands, check them out on the Federation’s Facebook page.

Pipes. “A once-desolate land has turned into a military, scientific and cultural powerhouse, yet the country still lives under a unique barrage of threats,” he added. “I offer an unorthodox recommendation to the U.S. government: Let Israel defeat the Palestinians.” Dr. Pipes is an affiliated Professor at the University of Haifa and served in five presidential administrations. He also writes a bi-weekly column. Dr. Larry and Kathy Kanter have sponsored this learn-

ing opportunity as they share a commitment to learning varying perspectives on the issues of the day. They have created the Dr. Larry and Kathy Kanter Fund for Jewish Preservation at The Temple to provide a forum for the whole community to hear, to consider, to debate important issues within the Jewish community. Wine and cheese, beer and munchies will be provided before Dr. Pipes begins speaking.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Another fun and successful camp season in the books at the JCA

By Jewish Community Alliance

Children from across the city enjoyed a fun-filled summer in the JCA’s Summer Camps, which included crafts, drama, swimming and of course sports

Chabad at the Beaches’ Hebrew School invites students and their folks By Chabad at the Beaches

Jewish education has been proven to be the key factor in Jewish continuity and in an effort to promote Jewish awareness and education, Chabad at the Beaches’ Hebrew School will offer another year of instruction. The school takes place in a stimulating yet friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride, no matter what their level of observance or affiliation. “Our goal is for children to

have a great time, for them to love Judaism and for them to connect to their heritage.” explained Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky, director of the Chabad at the Beaches. “This program will offer a first taste of Jewish learning in a creative, joyful, hands-on and interesting way.” The Beaches Hebrew School provides an innovative academic and enjoyable environment where children will acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism in a motivating and challenging venue. Through Hebrew reading, writing, Jewish history, holidays and more, the students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage as it is vividly brought to life by the dedicated

and enthusiastic teachers whose creativity and dynamism make every lesson a unique learning experience. “Our school’s underlying approach is for the children to enjoy the time spent at Hebrew School so that they are left with positive experiences and a greater appreciation for Jewish education,”

said Leah Kurinsky, director of the Beaches Hebrew School. The program is thus carefully blended with games, incentives, crafts, dramatics, family celebrations and other exciting extracurricular activities. “Our students love coming and we love seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they rush in the door Sunday morning as there is nothing that gives us greater joy than making Judaism so joyful and exciting for the children,” Mrs. Kurinsky added. “They are often so busy having fun they don’t notice how much they are learning as this is Hebrew School done differently.” With Chabad’s Aleph Champ method of Hebrew reading that

uses the Karate-based system as well as innovative curriculums and personalized attention the school has an outstanding success rate of thrilled parents and students. Registration for Chabad Hebrew School is now open for the upcoming year of 2017–18. The School is housed at Chabad Center for Jewish Life 521 A1A N. in Ponte Vedra and will officially open Sept. 10th. Classes are held Sunday mornings and are offered for children ages 5-13. To schedule a visit, please call 904-543-9301 or send an e-mail to For general school information log on to

Michele Block Gan Yeladim PreschoolPlus students delight in a year-round experience BY NATHAN WOODS

Michele Block Gan Yeladim

For some students at Michele Block Gan Yeladim Preschool and Kindergarten, the school year ends in May. But for others, the fun continues throughout the summer with the school’s PreschoolPlus program. Students signed up for this 12-month program get to experience the school year program and the safe, structured fun of Camp Gan Yeladim and KinderCamp.

Throughout the summer, educators become ‘counselors’ and classrooms turn into ‘cabins’, but the comfortable, familiar environment of Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s campus remains. Camp Gan Yeladim and KinderCamp campers enjoy many of the same enriching, educational activities they experience throughout the regular school year alongside many of their friends and classmates. Activities center around key parts of the Michele Block Gan Yeladim curriculum such as

science, nature and exploring the five senses. The year-round learning experience offered by Michele Block Gan Yeladim allows for students

to continue the fun of learning and exploring into the summer and exposes them to the wonderful world of JCA Summer Camp. For more information about

Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s Preschool Plus program or to register your child, please contact Theresa Levy at 904-730-2100, ext. 237 or

Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s new school year set to begin in Aug. BY NATHAN WOODS

Michele Block Gan Yeladim

It’s back-to-school time at Michele Block Gan Yeladim as the

joys of summer and Camp Gan Yeladim, in addition to KinderCamp have passed. The time has once again come for Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s young students to continue the fun of learning. The

school year officially begins Monday, Aug. 22, but the school will hold a special welcome brunch for parents and children from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 21. There will also be a parent night held Thursday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. Parents can get their child ready for the year by viewing the family handbook and class supply lists at Limited spaces are still available for the 2017-18 school year, so for more information about registering your child for Block Gan, please contact Theresa Levy at 904-730-2100, ext. 237 or Theresa.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Selevan Religious School prepares for new school year By Jacksonville Jewish Center

The first day of the Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School of the Jacksonville Jewish Center is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 27th, and will be both busy and exciting. Parents and children will share a light breakfast as they enjoy the company of old and new friends. Classrooms in grades K-7 are expected to be filled with enthusiastic students, fresh and eager to continue their studies in Jewish history, Torah, rituals, holidays and, of course, Hebrew prayer.

Children in Kindergarten and first grade will enjoy arts and crafts, stories, songs, dance, and an introduction to Hebrew letters and language in a blend of traditional and 21st century teaching methods. The innovative ‘Judaism through the Arts’ curriculum in grades two through five utilizes a rotation of technology, crafts, literature, music and cooking to teach Judaic subjects. Hebrew instruction is both experiential and self-paced, incorporating all skill levels and individual learning styles. Students love interacting with the smartboards, combined

with traditional Hevruta study. This year, a new middle-school curriculum strives to make Judaism relevant to all sixth and seventh grade students, while sixth graders will begin to gather

their Jewish ‘tools’ together as they learn to incorporate Judaism into their modern lives. A connection to their past and the present will lead seventh graders straight into a Jewish future, as they get ready

to graduate into the community as young, Jewish adults. Regardless of background and ability, this updated, state-of-the art Religious School challenges and blends students of all backgrounds and abilities. Mitzvah Day, special school Shabbats, and plenty of family programs allow parents to join in the fun, and field trips this year will include several Jewish community organizations, as well as the Jacksonville Zoo. It isn’t too late to join this exciting program, so for more information, please visit the website at barsr. org (Parent Portal) or feel free to contact Principal Lois Tompkins at or call 904 268-4200, ext. 146.

Michele Block Gan Yeladim to host 9th annual early childhood symposium presented by CSX, features a keynote address from Dr. Rosemarie Allen, an assistant professor within the School of Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver with an extensive background in education, social justice and mental health. A well-respected figure in the field of early childhood education, Dr. Allen previously oversaw the childcare licensing program in Colorado and served on an early childhood task force during President Obama’s administration.


Michele Block Gan Yeladim

Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming ninth annual Early Childhood Symposium at Michele Block Gan Yeladim Preschool and Kindergarten. This year’s symposium, ‘Foundations for Life: Social Emotional Success,’ takes place Tuesday, Oct. 24 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. The symposium,

Now in its ninth year, Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s symposium provides an important opportunity for educators throughout the Northeast Florida region to come together and discuss crucial topics related to the advancement of early childhood education. Registration for the symposium is currently open, so for more information or to receive the special Jewish educator’s rate, please contact Rochelle Golomb at 904-730-2100, ext. 259 or rochelle.

Temple’s Religious School blends the old and new in curriculum By Congregation Ahavath Chesed

The Religious School at Congregation Ahavath Chesed (The Temple) hosted many discussions with parents last winter and Religious School Director Michelle Penson, said, “It was evident that parents of young children wanted to connect in both new and old ways.” With this in mind, “They wanted to recreate their sense of community and love of learning they remember from their days in religious school at Temple, or elsewhere around the country, with innovative educational experiences we now have at our fingertips,”

she added. The Religious School’s Education Committee, headed by Temple Board of Trustees member Julie Martin, was tasked with reviewing curricula from URJ congregations across the country, as well as the Temple’s policies and procedures. “We are extremely excited with what the next school year has in store,” Martin explained. “We are introducing a new Hebrew and Judaics curriculum with a virtual option for those families living at a distance; a new Wednesday night teen program (Teen Night at Temple - TNT) with a variety of subjects

Another year of after school enrichment for GROW at the Chabad of S. Johns County By Chabad of S. Johns

As GROW Afterschool enrichment enters its third year, a fresh combination of educational and exciting Jewish workshops will be offered like the much loved High Holiday Art Series. The superadorable Mini Chefs Series will also continue as will the Character and Teambuilding Series, in addition to the exclusive and highly motivational Aleph Champ Hebrew reading program that will have your child anticipating each week with enthusiasm. One of the unique workshops this year, is GROW’s groundbreaking new series: Inclusion, as children will learn to be more inclusive and see the unique qualities in each other. Together they’ll explore what makes each person different and talk about how they can each do their part to give others what they need. At GROW your kids will go on a journey beneath the surface and beyond the superficiality of our physical differences. They will uncover the beauty that lies within each and every person and learn to look for it in the people around them. The GROW After School Enrichment Program is where kids dive deep into their Jewishness, get creative and messy, and discover their Jewish pride. The workshops are specially designed to foster positive character development, social competence and emotional awareness.

“Our goal for GROW is that kids should be excited about being Jewish,” said Chabad of S. Johns Youth Director Mrs. Dini Sharfstein. “They should be proud and they should love it because it’s not just about keeping your kids busy after school, it’s Jewish enrichment right in your backyard.” GROW is conveniently located at Durbin Creek Elementary School and takes place on Tuesdays at 3:45 p.m. This year Jewish children will be joining others from several different schools as GROW caters to Elementary and Middle school-aged children. You send your kids to soccer, piano lessons, gymnastics and ballet, but are you ready to give them a fun, meaningful Jewish experience that will last a lifetime? Find out now as GROW registration is still open for the 2017-18 school year at GROW. For more information, email Dini@JewishSJohnsCounty. com or call 904-701-4422.

and teachers from throughout the community, all peppered with some programs, like the Purim Carnival, which parents and students remember nostalgically.”

Registration for Temple’s Institute of Religion (TIR) opened July 17 with an expectation that all families will have registered and been placed in classes by Sept. 1. Penson is encouraging families to register promptly. “We have welcomed several new families this summer and it looks like we will need two classes per grade level for a few grades,” she explained. “We will hire additional teachers, as needed and I will make room for every child who wants to learn as I’m ecstatic families are returning and joining our community.” Temple’s Institute of Religion will kick off the year with a Back

to School Open House, Sunday, Sept. 10, and the Temple’s Brotherhood, the chefs who create ‘the best breakfast in town’, will be grilling up lunch for everyone. Brotherhood President and teacher Wiatt Bowers said, “Brotherhood is proud to support the Temple in every way we can to help connect our communities within our Temple family.” First day of TIR classes is Sunday, Sept. 17, so for more information about the religious school and other youth programs at Congregation Ahavath Chesed, please contact Michelle Penson at mpenson@

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

New head of schools opens Martin J. Gottlieb Day School’s 56th year By Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Martin J. Gottlieb Day School is excited to welcome a new Head of Schools, Raquel Scharf-Anderson, as it begins its 56h year of instruction. Mrs. Scharf-Anderson recently relocated from the Chicago area, and is a graduate of the Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and World History and she holds a Master’s of Arts in Reading from the Sage Colleges as well. In addition, Scharf-Anderson has studied at

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Non-Profit Management program for heads of school. She has also spoken to both professional and parent groups nationally on topics such as Reading and Emotional Quotient. Monday, Aug. 21st, will mark the first day of school and will commence with the annual blessing of the new Kindergarten class, presided over by Mrs. ScharfAnderson as well as Hazzan Jesse Holzer. Returning students and teachers are excited about the busy year ahead, including the Middle School Mitzvah Program headed

Raquel Scharf-Anderson

by Middle School Vice Principal Edith Horovitz, in which students leave campus every Friday afternoon for service-learning projects around Jacksonville. For more in-

formation about Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, a Solomon Schechter K–8, please call admissions director Nancy Davis at 904-268-4200 ext. 147.

Temple to welcome Seaside San Jose Beth El – The Beaches’ Religious School looking into its many classrooms forward to fall instruction

BY SUSAN DATZ EDELMAN All of the teachers, students, and Madrichim from this past school year

BY BETH BRENNER Education Director

It’s hard to believe, but the religious school year at Beth El – The Beaches Synagogue has come to an end. It was an outstanding one, from family Shabbat to the Chanukah dinner and celebration and even Mitzvah Day, the students, teachers, and families learned and celebrated together. The teachers and madrichim went above and beyond for their students, rolling out a brand new curriculum, which included Hebrew Wizards, for the youngest student which was well received. Hebrew Wizards curriculum will be expanded to the first grade next year and an

eighth and ninth grade class which was started this past year will be returning in the fall. Meaningful and engaging events throughout the next school year will be provided such as family education day, family Shabbat, and schoolwide holiday celebrations. The first day of the 2017-18 school year is Sunday, Aug. 20th and teachers are already looking forward to meeting their new students and coming up with new and exciting activities and projects. For registration information or for any additional information, contact Beth Brenner, Education Director at Beth El-The Beaches Synagogue, at or call 904-273-9100.

Congregation Ahavath Chesed

Congregation Ahavath Chesed (the Temple) is delighted to announce that Seaside Charter School will be utilizing the Temple’s Education wing for K-3 students during school hours Monday through Friday, starting in August. This arrangement provides Seaside Charter a premier in-town site to complement their highly successful Atlantic Beach location, and ensures that the Temple’s dedicated education space is fully utilized nearly every day of the week.

“Our beautiful Education wing houses our Religious School and experiential education for grades Pre-K through Grade 10 on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, so this arrangement with Seaside Charter will mean our space can be used for educational opportunities six days a week,” noted Michelle Penson, Religious School Director. “When we began exploring this possibility, were immediately were impressed with the quality programming Seaside offers and their willingness to dovetail with our schedules, so it really couldn’t be a better fit.”

Temple Board members Leed Silverfield and Mike Elkin brought the proposition to the Board of Trustees, and the Temple membership approved the concept at the Annual Meeting in early June. Seaside Charter has been holding open houses for prospective students and their families this summer, and expects to open with a full complement of students on Aug. 14. “Seaside could not have found a better place or a more helpful group of people to start our second school,” said Seaside San Jose Principal Rick Pinchot. “We are so grateful and honored to be part of this community.” Seaside’s Atlantic Beach location received an ‘A’ grade from the State of Florida in 2016 and a ‘B’ grade in 2017. In addition to grades K-3, Seaside will offer an early learning center for ages three, four and VPK at the Temple location. Leaders of Seaside describe its mission as having ‘rigorous arts and science infused, standards based curriculum inspired by principles of Public Waldorf Education.’ As a tuition-free Duval County publicly chartered school, Seaside is non-sectarian and does not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Five-star rating awarded to Michele Block Gan Yeladim


Michele Block Gan Yeladim

Michele Block Gan Yeladim Preschool and Kindergarten is proud to announce it has again earned the highest level of one of the most prestigious early childhood education accreditations in Northeast Florida. The school was recently awarded a 5-star rating from Guiding Stars of Duval (GSOD), an accreditation created by the Early Learning Coalition of Duval. According to ELC’s website, Guiding Stars of Duval is ‘The quality rating improvement system for child care providers in Duval County’. The criteria for achieving a 5-star rating on accreditation are based on having the highest quality educators, positive climate, teacher sensitivity and regard for student perspective, in addition to instructional learning formats, concept development, modeling and use of advanced language, program content, curriculum and screening tests, and teacherchild interactions. Michele Block

Gan Yeladim not only easily met all criteria, but also received additional bonus points for family engagement, low teacher-to-child ratio and for holding multiple prestigious accreditations (including NAEYC and Florida Kindergarten Council). Out of more than 700 local schools, Michele Block Gan Yeladim was one of just 34 to achieve a 5-star rating. It adds to a long-running streak for the school, having achieved the 5-star rating each year since 2010. “It was such a joy for all of us to visit the Jewish Community Alliance for the class observations and for the Guiding Stars 3.0 documentation review,” said Padma Rajan, vice president of programs, research and evaluation at Early Learning Coalition of Duval. For more information about Michele Block Gan Yeladim’s 5-star rating and why it’s so important, please contact Rochelle Golomb at 904730-2100, ext. 259 or rochelle.

Interfaith Challenges

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

community news

Orender inducted to International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in Israel By Jacksonville Jewish News

Jacksonville Jewish community member Donna Orender was recently inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame at the Wingate Sports Institute in Netanya, Israel. Friends and family for the ceremony joined her, including her husband MG Orender and friends, Debbie and Garry Kitay. Orender is the CEO of Orender Unlimited, a business consulting company, and founder of Generation W, a not-for-profit platform dedicated to connecting, Orender at the WNBA All-Star Game inspiring and educating women and girls. She was recognized athlete. She served as president both for her outstanding work as of the WNBA from Jan. 2005 to a sports executive as well as an Dec. 2010 revitalizing the brand

Orender during a TEDx Talk in Jax

and the business. Within a year after taking the WNBA helm, Fox Sports named her the seventh

most powerful woman in sports and Newsweek as one of the top 100 people in sports. Prior to her post at the WNBA, Orender was an executive with the PGA TOUR for 17 years, and rose to Senior Vice president of Strategic Development in the Office of the Commissioner. The sports executive also shined on the court as she was a regional All-American basketball player at Queens College in N.Y., played in the first women’s game ever played at Madison Square Garden and played three seasons as an all-star guard in the Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL). During that period, the only three seasons the

league was active, Orender, wore the uniforms of the New York Stars (1978-79), New Jersey Gems (1979-80), and Chicago Hustle (1980-81). “It was an incredibly emotional honor for me,” said Orender, to be able to stand tall as an athlete, is always a privilege, to be able to say “I am a Jewish athlete, has a depth and breadth of meaning, that is really hard to describe, and fills me with a tremendous sense of responsibility.” The Long Island, N.Y. native now calls Jacksonville Beach home, where she and her husband M.G. have four children with their two youngest graduates of the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School.

Local student artist uses his talents to River Garden’s ‘Birdies for contribute to the Jewish community Charity’ Winner makes a hole in one BY ALLAN ANDREW Troop 14 Scout Master

Corey Kreisel is a local teenage artist who created the cover art for the recent Yom HaShoah program at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. The incoming senior at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts is active on a number of fronts, as he is also a Boy Scout in the Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Troop 14. Kreisel also designed the national Scout Shabbat patch for 2014, and his work, which appeared in the program was chosen by Nova Southeastern University’s Holocaust Learning and Education Fund for first place recognition in their 2017 Holocaust Reflection Contest. Always curious to Learn more about Judaism and history, the teen began investigating his own family’s Holocaust stories and those of other’s finally choosing Henry K. Ross. Ross was a Jewish photographer interned in the Lodz ghetto in Poland during the Shoah. He secretly captured more than 6,000 images of life in the ghetto, at great risk to himself and his family. When the Nazi began liquidation of the ghetto, Ross was forced to bury his negatives in the ground, later stating that he anticipated,

BY KATHY OSTERER River Garden Foundation

Kreisel and his fellow volunteers

Kreisel and friends hard at work

“The total destruction of Polish Jewry” and through his buried images wished to leave a “Historical record of our martyrdom”. Ross survived the war, and after the liberation of the ghetto was able to return and dig up his photographs, which provide a powerful visual testimony of Jewish life in the ghetto. As a Troop 14 Eagle Scout Candidate Kreisel, along with fellow Scouts, friends and family worked on the grounds of the Mandarin Community Club for a beautification project. The group tackled

installing a large butterfly garden in an area of the park that previously remained wild. The project included clearing overgrowth, pulling weeds and stumps, laying loads of top soil, planting and mulching. His artistic ability was incorporated into the new garden with several decorative planter sculptures he made. Kreisel chose this project as a way to give back to a place where he has enjoyed many art festivals and local events as well as learned the importance of preservation and beautification of the earth around us.

Congratulations to River Garden donor Mr. Gerry Bettman for being the winner of The PLAYERS Championship Birdies for Charity program. The program is an opportunity for charitable organizations to utilize THE PLAYERS Championship tournament to further their fundraising initiatives. Bettman guessed the exact number of birdies made during the competition rounds and had the closest answer to the tiebreaker question from the 9,192 entries. River Garden appreciates so much all that the THE PLAYERS does for so many charities in the area to further their fundraising goals. We are a better community because of their involvement. Bettman made his Birdies for Charity donation at the 21st Annual River Garden Classic, Apr. 25th at Deerwood Country Club. The tournament was sponsored by Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home – Dignity Memorial. The tournament benefits The Albert Z. Fleet Geriatric Training School located on the campus of River

Garden Senior Services. Mr. Bettman is gifting his $5,000 Birdies for Charity prize to River Garden on behalf of Gerald Bettman and Lawrence Gendzier, in honor of Alois Gendzier and in memory of Irwin Gendzier and Miriam Ehrlich and the Honorable Raymond Ehrlich. Each year, before the PLAYERS actually happen people can make a donation to any participating charity and guess how many birdies are going to go to be made in the qualifying rounds of the TPC tournament. Donations can be made to the charity anytime between the beginning of January until a few days before the TPC tournament takes place. For more information log onto: or contact Courtney Davis at The PLAYERS via

Jax now home to scholarship fund that promotes diversity

Non-profit founder Jess Green By Open Doors for Open Minds

Open Doors for Open Minds, Inc. (ODFOM) is a 501(C)3 scholarship fund that promotes diversity and provides access to education for students who are committed to diversity through their study, career, and/or everyday life. Jessica Green, Founder, and her team gained nonprofit status in March 2017 and are currently in the midst of their fundraising efforts. “I wanted to reward young people who were improving their

communities and ‘Open Doors for Open Minds’ does that, but it also gives non-students who are frustrated by the rising levels of hate in the U.S. a way to be directly involved in changing the situation,” the Jacksonville Jewish community member explained. “ So the mission goes beyond providing scholarship money; it is about connecting people who believe that education can help combat hate and promote diversity,” Green added. The scholarship fund has a unique business model designed to give rise to inspiring content and to attract a multitude of small donations. The process starts with donors, each of whom—as long as they give ten dollars or more—will automatically be given a seat on the selection committee. Scholarship applicants will submit videos discussing their commitment to diversity in their communities and are encouraged to be as creative as possible. Once all the applications

are received, the top ten videos will be shared across social media and the donor-based selection committee will vote on the students they believe deserve to win. While ODFOM is a national organization, the team’s formation in Jacksonville will ensure a strong donor and applicant base here in Northeast Florida. Both Green and Vice President of Marketing, Nicole Miller, have been intimately involved in Jacksonville Jewish life and they are joined on the team by Ranga Ocholi and Alan Hiscott, Vice Presidents of Finance and Technology, respectively. Green looks forward to improving upon the organization as she learns new strategies while pursuing her M.B.A at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business this Fall. To find out more or to donate, find Open Doors for Open Minds on Facebook, or check out their website opendoorsforopenminds. org. For questions, email

Dine on the Southside with Jax Jewish Singles BY FRANCINE SMITH Jax Jewish Singles

Join the Jax Jewish Singles at Piscos Restaurant as it is a family owned restaurant on Southside Blvd. offering authentic Peruvian food. Contact Francine for details at 904-221-8061 or francine.smith

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

federation news

The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville thanks you for your support! We appreciate our donors and want to express this each month in the Jacksonville Jewish News. Thank you to the following donors who have made a commitment to support our 2016-17 Federation Annual Campaign as of July 15, 2017. Names in BOLD & LIGHT BLUE denote a gift that was made since June 15, 2017. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abel Dr. and Mrs. Mark Abramson Dr. and Mrs. Scot Ackerman Mrs. Toby Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ackerman Dr. and Mrs. Tony Adelson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Adler Mr. and Mrs. David Adler Dr. and Mrs. Philip Adler Mrs. Peggy Ageloff Mr. and Mrs. Scott Allerding Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allison Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Alterman Mr. and Mrs. Allen Altman Ms. Rosa Alvarez Ms. Barbara Ames Ms. Jacqueline Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Greg Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Allan Andrew Mr. and Mrs. Marc Angelo Mr. Lawrence Ansbacher Jordan and Shirley Ansbacher Family Lewis & Sybil Ansbacher Family Mr. and Mrs. Larry Appel Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Appelbaum Mrs. Sandy Archer Mr. Robert Armel Mr. and Mrs. William Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Mark Atkins Ms. Sara August Mr. Philip Axelrod Ms. Diana Azpiazu Mr. and Mrs. Michael Backer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Backilman Dr. Guilad Pribluda and Ms. Ashley Backlund Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bailet Mr. and Mrs. David Bailys Dr. Scott Baker and Mrs. Maureen Ruddy-Baker Mrs. Audrey Baker Dr. and Mrs. Robert Baker Mrs. Isabel Balotin Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bannon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barkowitz Dr. and Mrs. Harold Baumgarten Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Becker Mr. and Mrs. Ben Becker Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Beckerman Ms. Sarah Beekman Mrs. Mary Beissinger Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bendit Mr. and Mrs. Jean Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Odell Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Guy Benrubi Dr. Isidore D. Benrubi Mr. and Mrs. Ira Berger Dr. and Mrs. Alan Berger Mr. and Mrs. Greg Berger Mr. Martin Berger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Berger Mr. Daniel Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Berke Ms. Danielle Berke Berman Family Mrs. Steve Bermudez Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bernard Dr. Anne Bernstein Ms. Carolee Bertisch Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bettman Mr. Herschel Bettman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bettman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beyer Mrs. Adrienne Biber Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bick Mr. and Mrs. David Bielski Mr. and Mrs. Abe Bielski Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Blattner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blaustein Block Family Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bloom Mr. David Blum Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blum Ms. Stacey Blum Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Blumenfeld Mrs. Sue Ann Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Board Mr. Al Bogacius and Ms. Carol Doyle Mrs. Traude Bohrman Mrs. Josephine Bonnett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bossen Mrs. Rhona Botnick Mr. Wiatt Bowers Mr. and Mrs. David Boyer Dr. Joy and Mr. Steven Boyne Mr. and Mrs. James Brady Ms. Michelle Branly Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brattner Mrs. Joyce Braun Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Breault Mrs. Ruchel Broadman Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brodsky Ms. Adrienne Broere Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bronowitz Dr. and Mrs. Sol Brotman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Browdy Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Dr. and Mrs. Andy Brown Mrs. Estelle Brust Drs. Robert and Suzanne Bryskin Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bubis Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Buchman Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Burns Mr. and Mrs. Howard Buss Cantor and Ms. Henry Butensky Mrs. Felice Caliestro Ms. Sharon Cane Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cantor Mrs. Barbara Carman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chait Mr. and Mrs. Barry Chefer Ms. Miriam Chefer Dr. and Mrs. Mark Cheiken Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cheiken Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chepenik Dr. Colleen Bell and Mr. Craig Cherrin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cherry Ms. Susan Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Chiapetta Mrs. Rita Clark Mr. James Coffman Ms. Carol Cohane Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cohen Ms. Gail Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cohen Rabbi and Mrs. Matt Cohen Ms. Joanne Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Donald Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Meir Cohen Mrs. Marion Cohn-Spitzner Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Constain Mrs. Maxine Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Coplan Mrs. Ellen Cottrill Ms. Cheryl Covitz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Crafton Mr. and Mrs. David Cristol Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crovatto Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cutler Mrs. Sheri Daar Mr. and Mrs. Albert Datz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Datz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Datz Ms. Joan Davidow and Mr. Stuart Glass Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis Drs. Leo and Joanne Davis Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dayan Mr. and Mrs. Jim De Arman Mr. and Mrs. Jon DeBardeleben Ms. Angela Deese-Theobald Mr. and Mrs. Moti Demri Mrs. Marilyn Desser Dr. and Mrs. Robert Diamant Mrs. Helen Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dreicer DuBow Family Mrs. Jody Dughi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Alexius Dyer Mrs. Sue Eaglstein Mr. and Mrs. Dan Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Edelman Mrs. Goldie Edelstein Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Martin Edwards Dr. Barry Efron Ms. Gloria Einstein Mrs. Judy R. Eisen Mrs. Elizabeth Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Elikan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Elinoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elkin Dr. and Mrs. Mark Emas Dr. and Mrs. Warren Endes Dr. and Mrs. Warren Enges Mr. and Mrs. Neal Esserman Mrs. Fern Estner Mr. and Mrs. Steve Evans Ms. Laura Evans Ms. Arlene Faracchio Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fastenberg Ms. Betsy Federman Dr. Denise Sherman and Mr. Yakov Feig Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Feigenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Neil Feinglass Ms. Harriet Feinglass Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Feldman Dr. and Mrs. Charles Feldstein Dr. Alan Fetner and Dr. Mary Hartigan Dr. and Mrs. Michael Fetner Drs. Howard and Dina Fetner Ms. Gaye Feuer Ms. Etta Fialkow Mrs. Luba Finegold Mr. Alex Finelt Ms. Anna Finelt Mr. and Mrs. Neal Finkelstein Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Fisch Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fischoff Ms. Billie Fishel Mr. and Mrs. Myron Flagler Mr. Dave Flagler Mr. Matt Flagler Mr. and Mrs. Martin Flamm Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fleet Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fleet Ms. Kaitlin Flynn Ms. Bobbie Fost Ms. Deborah Foust Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Fox Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fox Ms. Sarah Fraden Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Franzblau Mr. Matthew Franzblau Ms. Ariel Frechtman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freedman Mrs. Marilyn Freedman Dr. and Mrs. Marc Freeman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Friedman Frisch Family Mr. and Mrs. Adam Frisch Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Frohman Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Fruit Judge Jerry Funk Ms. Elaine Furman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furman Mr. and Mrs. Oren Gahanian Mr. and Mrs. Harold Garber Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gare Ms. Nicola Garner Mrs. Zelda Gartner Mr. and Mrs. Simon Garwood Mr. Victor Gaukhman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gefen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Geller Mrs. Alois Gendzier Mr. Sheldon Gendzier and Ms. Estelle Kritz Mrs. Sunny Gettinger Judge and Mrs. Marvin Gillman Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ginzig Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gladstone Mr. Peter Levy and Ms. Kim Glasgal Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Glassman

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goetz Mrs. Carole Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Goldberg Ms. Lauren Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Ira Goldfield Mr. David Golding and Ms. Leslie Carmel Mr. Alan Goldman Mrs. Muriel Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldman Mrs. Hilda Goldman Mr. Kenneth Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Roy Goldman Mrs. Irma Goldman Mr. and Mrs. David Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Marty Goldmintz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Goldring Ms. Bea Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Allen Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldstein Mr. Harvey Goldstein Ms. Janet Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Goodfarb Ms. Rosalind Goodman Rabbi and Mrs. Robert Goodman Mr. Jonathan Goodman Mrs. Gloria Goodman Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goranson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gosa Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Goshen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jarzyna Gottlieb Family Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gould Mr. and Mrs. John Grado Dr. and Mrs. Neill Graff-Radford Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Granat Dr. and Mrs. Brett Gratz Ms. Ashley Gray Mr. and Mrs. Mark Green Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Green Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Greenblum Dr. and Mrs. Michael Greenburg Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Greenfield Dr. Mickey Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Steven Greenhut Dr. and Mrs. Earl Greenwald Ms. Gari Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grenadier Ms. Ilisa Griffin Mr. Matthew Grinnan Mr. and Mrs. James Grinnan Mrs. Brenda Gross Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Arnold Mr. Marc Grosse and Ms. Lisa Ross Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grossinger Mrs. Dolly Grunthal Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gutterman Drs. Randall and Shoshana Haas Ms. Amy Hadden Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hall Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Halpern Ms. Gabrielle Hamaoui Mr. Peter Hammer Mrs. Cynthia Handmaker Mrs. Bonnie Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hare Dr. and Mrs. Alan Harris Dr. Sherrie Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Mr. and Mrs. Alan Harrison Rabbi and Mrs. Shaya Hauptman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayflick Mrs. Sonie Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hedrick Mrs. Leslie Held Mr. Steven Heller Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Herman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hersh Ms. Dena Heyman Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hilbert Mr. John Nelson and Ms. Murren Hill John and Helen Hill Ms. Karen Hill Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hirsch Rabbi Joseph Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hodor Mr. David Hoffman Mr. Royal Holian Mr. and Mrs. Jay Holiday Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Holzer Hazzan and Mrs. Jesse Holzer Mr. and Mrs. David Honig Mrs. Nancy Honig Mrs. Wendy Honigman Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Horn Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Horovitz Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Horovitz Ms. Sheila Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hunt Mr. Arthur Hurwitz Ms. Janet Healy and Mr. Charles Hyman Mrs. Amanda Ibrahim Mr. and Mrs. Michael Isakbayev Ms. Helene Isolica Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Israel Mrs. Judith Israel Mrs. Marlene Israel Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jaben Dr. and Mrs. Ira Jackler Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jackrel Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson Mr. Marc Jackson and Ms. Ann Tiefenthaler Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jacobs Mr. Darryl Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. James Jaffa Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jaffa Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Jon Jagodinski Ms. Gail Jarrett Mrs. and Mr. Alexa Jenkins Mrs. Lorraine Jenkins Mrs. Stacey Jewesak Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Jolles Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joseph Dr. Edward Joseph Ms. Sharon Juhasz Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kagan

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Burton Kagen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Perry Kale Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kaminsky Mr. Jeffry Wollitz and Ms. Randy Kammer Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Kane Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kanner Dr. and Mrs. Larry Kanter Mr. and Mrs. Jay Karp Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Karsin Mr. and Mrs. David Kasriel Ms. Michele Katz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Katz Dr. and Mrs. David Katz Ms. Libby Katz Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Katz Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaufmann Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Kaunitz Dr. and Mrs. Marc Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kaye Mr. Robert Kaye Mrs. Barbara Kazin Mr. and Mrs. Benjay Kempner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kempner Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kersun Judge and Mrs. Morton Kesler Ms. Sharon Kesler Ms. Marcia Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Kigel Mr. and Mrs. David Kight Ms. Simone Kilbourn Dr. and Mrs. Garry Kitay Mr. and Mrs. Gil Kleiner Mr. Hy Kliman Ms. Janice Knack Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kodner Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kopp Dr. Michael Koren Mr. and Mrs. Brett Koretzky Mr. and Mrs. Howard Korman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Korn Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kornhauser Mr. Yefim Brunfon and Mrs. Polina Koropova Mr. and Mrs. Eric Korzyniowski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kossoff Mrs. Sylvia Kraemer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kraemer Dr. and Mrs. Alan Krantz Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kreisel Ms. JoAnn Krestul Mrs. Carolyn Krestul Mrs. Barbara Kristal Ms. Ann Kristal Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kuhbander Mrs. Shelley Kulchin Mr. Don Kupfer Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kurtz Dr. and Mrs. Ron Kushner Mr. Carl Kutlin Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kuvin Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Lafer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Land Ms. Rebecca Landerman Mr. Howard Laner Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Langer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lantinberg Mrs. Sonya Lasris Mr. and Mrs. James Lawson Mrs. Naomi Lazar Mr. and Mrs. Eric Leach Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leach Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leader Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leavitt Ms. Jean Lebowitz and Ms. Thelma Lebowitz Mrs. Dorothy Legum Ms. Sybil Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Leibowitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Leif Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Leimberg Ms. Tilde A. Lerman Dr. and Mrs. Eli Lerner Mrs. Louise Leve Drs. Jeff and Ilene Levenson Dr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Levin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levin Mrs. Pearl Levin Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Levine Mrs. Eileen Levine Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Levine Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Levine Ms. Robin Levine Mr. and Mrs. Mark Levine Ms. Stefanie Levine Mr. and Mrs. Kal Levinson Mr. Alan Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Don Levinson Ms. Carol Levitan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Levitsky Levy Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Philip Levy Ms. Lillie Ray Levy Ms. Alexandra Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lieberman Mr. Tyler Curl and Ms. Jessica Ligator Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ligon Dr. Leonard Lipkin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lipsky Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lissner Mrs. Muriel Litt Dr. and Mrs. Marc Litt Mr. Mark Lodinger Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lodinger Dr. David Loeb Mr. and Mrs. Alan Loeser Ms. Joan Logan Ms. Rhoda London Ms. Esther LoPiano Ms. Sherri Louer Ms. Maigret Loureiro Ms. Joanne Lowell Ms. Sylvia Lubliner Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner and Mrs. Susan Lubliner Ms. Marcia Luettchau Drs. Robert and Anne Lufrano Ms. Lucille Lustig Mrs. Betty Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mack Ms. Gabrielle E. Magid

Mr. Leonard Magid and Mrs. Claudia Baker Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mail Mrs. Raquel Maiman Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Maiman Ms. Stephanie Majeskey Mrs. Amy Malkin Mrs. Ilana Manasse Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Marcus Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Margol Mr. and Mrs. Drew Margol Mrs. Marilyn Margol Mr. and Mrs. Alan Margolies Mr. and Mrs. Adam Marko Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Marks Ms. Caroline Marks Dr. and Mrs. Alan Marks Ms. Dana Marmari Mr. and Mrs. Adam Marmelstein Mr Howard Capland and Ms Jeanne Maron Dr. Donald Mars Dr. Ronald Mars Mr. Ben Marsh Mrs. Phyllis Martin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martinez Mrs. Pearl Marton Dr. and Mrs. Mike Mass Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mautner Mrs. Deinya Mautz Mrs. Charlotte Mayo Mrs. Hilda Mazo Mr. and Mrs. Leo McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Tom McNett Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Meisel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Melamed Mr. and Mrs. Walter Menaged Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mensh Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Meritt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metlin Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Tony Milian Mrs. Jo Miller Mr. Glenn Miller and Mr. Michael Miller Mr. Matthew Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. Matt Miller Mr. Michael Miller Mrs. Melissa Miller Mrs. Margaret Miller Mr. and Mrs. David Miller Alexandra Miller Bequest Mr. Daniel Miller and Ms. Lior Spring Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Millrood Dr. Stuart Millstone Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mintzer Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Mirensky Dr. and Mrs. Jon Mitzmacher Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mizrahi Dr. and Mrs. Ed Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mizrahi Mrs. Judy B. Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Montagna Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Dr. and Mrs. Craig Morgenthal Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Morris Mr. and Mrs. Joel Morris Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moskovitz Mr. Andrew Yellen and Ms. Ruthellen Mulberg Ms. Geri Myers Ms. Kathy Myers Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Myers Judge and Mrs. Bernard Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nadler Dr. and Mrs. Peter Natale Dr. and Mrs. Alan Nathans Ms. Maria Natovitch Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Neadle Ms. Melissa Neadle Drs. Steven and Tmima Neihaus Mr. and Mrs. Lon Neuman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman Mr. and Mrs. William Newman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nicotra Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nied Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nussbaum Drs. Michael and Sue Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nykerk Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Nykerk Ms. Linda Oberdorfer Mr. Andrew Ocean Ms. Gloria Oehlman Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Ohayon Mr. and Mrs. Jais Ohayon Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Olesker Mrs. Donne Ordile Ms. Allysondra Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Osterer Ms. Sandra B. Overton Ms. Janice Ozer Ms. Ali Pagano Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pagano Ms. Marilyn Pagano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paisner Ms. Leah Palestrant Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Palevsky Mr. Michael Pallen Mrs. Francine Parfitt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pargman Mr. and Mrs. Todd Parker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Passink Mr. and Mrs. John Pataky Mr. and Mrs. Herman Paul Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Ms. Adele Paul Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pearl Mr. and Mrs. Ira Peck Mr. and Mrs. Mark Penson Mrs. Sophia Pentel Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Perin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perlin Dr. and Mrs. Gary Perlman Dr. and Mrs. Morton Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Doronne Perras Ms. Meredith Persky Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Persky Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Peters Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pies Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pinnar Dr. Leslie Platock and Mr. Brian Platock Ms. Laura Platzer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Platzer

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

federation news Donor List Continued from pg. 15 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Plaut Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Jay Plotkin Mrs. Lita Poehlman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pollan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pollock Dr. Judy and Mr. Ronel Poppell Mr. and Mrs. Steven Porter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Portnoy Mrs. Phyllis Portnoy Mr. and Mrs. Jan Pozin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pozin Mr. and Mrs. Marc Preminger Mr. Neil Presser Mrs. Anne Presser Mr. Bradley Preuss Dr. Susan Price Mr. and Mrs. Sam Price Mr. and Mrs. Ron Price Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Priddle Ms. Terri Quint Dr. and Mrs. Marco Rand Mrs. Laura Rappaport-Spector Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rashba Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rauchwarger Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Raudt Mr. Melvin Redmond Rein Family Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reinfeld Dr. Harry Reinstine Jr Mr. Edward Witlen and Ms. Marie Reitzes Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reiz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Resnick Mrs. Barbara Resnick Ms. Sondra Resnikoff Dr. Amy and Mr. Jason Rice Mrs. Marian Rice Dr. Deena Richman and Mr. James Richman Mrs. Ina Richter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickerson Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rickoff Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rideman Mr. and Mrs. William Rifkin Mrs. Toby Ringel Dr. and Mrs. Harris Rittenberg Mr. and Mrs. Skip Roach Mr. and Mrs. David Robbins Mrs. Linda Rodman Mr. Howard Roey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogove Dr. and Mrs. Abe Rogozinski Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rogozinski Dr. and Mrs. Chaim Rogozinski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rohan Mr. Jeff Rood Mr. and Mrs. Don Rosborough Ms. Margaret Rose Mr. William Rose Mr. Paul E. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Rosenbaum Ronnie & Jerrold Rosenbaum Family Mr. Jerome Rosenbaum Mrs. Stacia Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenfield Mrs. Elaine Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rosner Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ross Ms. Hilary Rotenberg Dr. and Mrs. Neal Roth Mrs. Sandi Roth Mr. Simon Rothstein Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rothstein Ms. Nan Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Grigory Royzen

Mr. and Mrs. George Rubens Ms. Nancy Rubenstein Mrs. Laura Rubin and Mr. Irwin Kirk Mrs. Arlene Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rubin Dr. and Mrs. Devon Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruby Mrs. Shirley Rudnick Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rudowitz Mr. and Mrs. Leif Rush Mr. Joseph Rutansky Mr. and Mrs. David Saag Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Sachs Dr. and Dr. Barbara Sharp Mrs. Carol Sack Ms. Daryl Sadowsky Ms. Jill Sadowsky Mrs. Rubye Safer Joe P. Safer Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Safer Ms. Eleanor Safer Mrs. Gaye Sager Ms. Bess Saliman Dr. and Mrs. David Sall Rabbi and Mrs. Martin Sandberg Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sandler Dr. and Mrs. Eric Sandler Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sandler Drs. Jeff and Wendy Sapolsky Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Saraga Mr. and Mrs. Mark Saye Mr. and Mrs. David Schachnovsky Dr. and Mrs. Howard Schare Dr. and Mrs. Michael Scharf Dr. and Mrs. Jay Schauben Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Scheer Judge and Mrs. Jack Schemer Ms. Amy Schemer Mrs. Frances Schemer Mr. and Mrs. William Schemer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schemer Mrs. Shirley Schemer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schiller Ms. Ilene Schinasi Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Schlackman Judge and Mrs. Harvey Schlesinger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schneider Judy and Robert Schnitzer Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Schochet Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Schulman Mrs. Laura Schulman Dr. and Mrs. Brian Schwam Mr. Brandon Schwartz Mr. Marc Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schwartz Mr. Zachary Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sebotnick Ms. Stephanie Seebol Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Seebol Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sekine Selevan Family Mrs. Mimi Selig Mr. Alan Selmanoff Dr. and Mrs. Robert Selwitz Mr. Howard Serkin Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Serkin Mrs. Jeanne Serota-Schultz Dr. and Mrs. Barry Setzer Setzer Family Mr. and Mrs. Alan Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shacter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shainbrown Mrs. Arlene Shainbrown Mrs. Juli Shapiro Mr. Barry Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Craig Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shapiro Rabbi and Mrs. Rick Shapiro Rabbi and Mrs. Mendel Sharfstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shenkman Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sherline Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Josh Shilts

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Mr. Harry Shmunes Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shorstein Shorstein Family Mr. and Mrs. David Shuman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shumer Dr. and Mrs. Jules Sidle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Siegel Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Signer Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Silbar Mr. and Mrs. Leon Silke Ms. Elaine Silver Mrs. Cynthia Silverberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Silverfield Ms. Barbara Berlin and Mr. Robert Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Silverman Mrs. Christine Silverton Mr. and Mrs. Chris Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Simms Mrs. Deborah Simon Mrs. Julie Simon Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sims Mr. and Mrs. Federick Singer Mrs Carole Sinoff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sisisky Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Sherman Mrs. Irene Sloat Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smiley Ms. Laurie Smirl Mr. and Mrs. Avi Smith Ms. Dianna Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eric Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lon Smolensky Drs. Todd and Catherine Snowden Ms. Zina Sohaney Mr. and Mrs. Eugolio Soliven Dr. and Mrs. Michael Solloway Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Solomon Mrs. Carole Solomon Ms. Cindy Spain Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Spill Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spriggs Mrs. Elaine Stack Mr. Rob Armstrong and Ms. Barbara Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stark Dr. and Mrs. Mandell Stearman Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stein Mr. Daniel Stein Mr. and Mrs. David Stein Ms. Ruth Stein Mrs. Marilyn Stein Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Martin Steinberg Ms. Talia Steiner Mr. and Mrs. David Steinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Murray Stern Ms. Irina Stevens Ms. Adele Stewart Mr. Richard Margulies and Mrs. Karen Stone Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Stone Mrs. Bernice Stone Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stone Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stromberg Mr. George Strumlauf Ms. Linda Stuart Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Sugar Dr. and Mrs. Saul Sussman Dr. Millie and Mr. Edward Tannen Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tannenbaum Mrs. Marilyn Tanney Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tavill Mr. Larry Teitelman Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Tesler Ms. Laura Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lev Tillis Rabbi and Mrs. Howard Tilman Ms. Marion Tischler Dr. Karen Toker Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Toyzer Mr. and Mrs. Marty Trachtenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jason Trager Mr. and Mrs. Brent Trager

Trager Family Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Triebwasser Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tromberg Ms. Esfir Tulchinskaya Mrs. Carol Turbow Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Turko Mr. and Mrs. Izrail Turovskiy Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ullmann Mr. and Mrs. Sean Valliere Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Van Mrs. Hope Vandervort-Kulish Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Vandroff Mrs. Dot Verstandig Ms. Sharon Voiron Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Voloshin Mr. and Ms. Yan Makeev Mr. and Mrs. Jules Wagman Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Waitz Mr. and Mrs. Ilan Wajsman Mr. Eric Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ware Dr. and Mrs. Steven Warfield Mr. Michael Waskew and Ms. Elsa Mitschele Drs. Paul and Marte Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weihnacht Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Weiner Dr. Joseph Weinman Mrs. Linda Weinstein Ms. Rachel Weinstein Mrs. Renee Weinstein Mrs. Margie Weinstein Mr. Daniel Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. Arlen Weintraub Mr. and Mrs. David Weintraub Mrs. Susanne Weisman Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weiss Mrs. Sandra Weiss Dr. and Mrs. David Weiss Mr. Mitchell Weiss and Mrs. Gale Cohen-Weiss Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Weitzen Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Weitzner Mrs. June Weltman Dr. and Mrs. Gary Weltman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Werner Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Josh Whitman

Mr. Jeff Wiener Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilkinson Mrs. Linda Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Skip Willbach Mrs. Dottie Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wilson Mr. Stuart Wilson Mrs. Hylda Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James Wiss Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Witt Mrs. Jacqueline Witte Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Witten Ms. Carole Witten Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Wohl Ms. Kathy Wohlhuter Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Wolchok Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Wolchok Mr. and Dr. Arnie Wolf Mr. and Mrs. David Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Judah Wolf Ms. Irene Wolfe Dr. David Wolfson Dr. and Mrs. Bud Wolfson Mrs. Carole Wolpin Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wolpoff Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodard Ms. Elaine Wright Mrs. Marjorie Wyzan Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Yahre Mr. and Mrs. Evan Yegelwel Mrs. Elsie Yellin Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Yergin Mr. Leon Yergin and Ms. Caryn Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Larry Yeston Dr. Harry Yoffee Dr. and Mrs. Brian Young Mr. and Mrs. Donald Young Dr. and Mrs. Larry Young Mr. and Mrs. Dana Zaifert Mr. and Mrs. David Zavon Ms. Anita Zeldin Mrs. Elissa Ziemba Zimmerman Family Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman Mr. Sandy Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Zisser Mr. Jonathan Zisser Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zisser Mr. Daniel L. Zucker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zyserman

A Meeting of the Minds

The Jewish Business Network of Jacksonville had its monthly meeting at the Federation offices this past July. A record turnout came to the JCA to discuss their business ventures and interests, while learning about the work Federation does in the local Jewish community and abroad.

For your advertising needs ... contact: Elise Kurian

(St. Johns/Beaches) 404-625-9263

Barbara Nykerk

(Mardarin/Southside) 904-923-3205

Eta Perras

(Mardarin/Southside) 904-629-0466

For Rates scan QR Code

or log onto

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

Jacksonville Jewish news

Naomie Bossen Varied Volunteer for Numerous Great Causes



Naomie Bossen said she’d like to do more, but she can’t. Not because of health reasons or her age, but because there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week. Bossen is a long-time member of the Chesed Committee at the Jacksonville Jewish Center, where she and her husband Bob reach out to those in the congregation who are ill or shut-in. She has done the same thing as a volunteer with the Jewish Healing Network at JFCS, and at River Garden, in addition to Chevra Kadisha and over at Baptist Medical Center. It’s at Baptist she has spent a significant amount of time, volunteering for 24 years, once a week in the Gift Shop and once a week at the Infusion Center where her caring presence and beautiful

m ot m

smile conveys a sense of hope to those receiving treatment for a variety of very serious conditions. Her smile not only makes patients feel comfortable, it also makes patrons to the Jacksonville Symphony feel welcome. Yes, she also volunteers at Jacoby Hall where she has served as an usher for 30 years, for both for the Jacksonville Symphony MasterWorks concerts and the Pop Series. Growing up in Sarasota, where there was a very small Jewish community at the time, Bossen learned the importance of giving to others. “My mother was a very giving person, I guess that’s where I learned it,” she said. “I get so much out of giving to others because I really get so much more than I give.”

If you would like to nominate someone special for Mensch of the Month, who volunteers both their time and efforts to the Jacksonville Jewish community, simply submit their name, photo and a short write-up about them to jjn@jewishjacksonville. org.

Continued from pg. 1

honors, awards and achievements.” Nykerk’s newsgatherings had a significant place and a solid following in the paper for a large Communications Director and JJN part of Goetz’s tenure as editor, editor Matt Franzblau works on laybut now takes the form of the lifecycles section of the JJN, where ing out the newspaper using Adobe InDesign software in his office the classifieds and business card ads are also housed. Adobe Pagemaker (InDesign’s “I also did students and their predecessor) which covered the accomplishments along with the paper’s overall layout and design. adults’ graduations, weddings, While timeline and scope of births and I even took care of the designing the JJN each month has obituaries,” she explained of her evolved, so has the physical body former role. of the publication. That’s because Presently those components the paper is no longer a paper, of the newspaper are primarily emailed to jjn@jewishjacksonville. at least for the summer months as the Jacksonville Jewish News’ org, but some still make their way Summer Magazine debuted durin print through old fashioned ing the summer of 2016 and came word of mouth. The process of laying out the paper has also dras- out with its second edition just a tically changed as Adobe InDesign few months ago. Even though the overall prohas taken the place of other primicess of producing, printing and tive forms of desktop publishing. publishing the paper has changed “I used to bring the articles over the years, the range and which were edited and sometimes rewritten to the production people importance of stories has stayed largely the same, with a few excepwho would do all the pre-press tions. work,” Goetz remembered. “Now “In the earlier days when I was you just push a button!” In 1993, doing more reporting and intershe took over all pre-press proviewing, I remember doing one duction responsibilities utilizing

‘The Commentator’ was an earlier incarnation of the JJN, covering Jewish news stories in Jacksonville from the 1960s to the 1980s

The ‘Kehillah’ lasted for a brief time in the 1980s before paving the path for the birth of the JJN

story on the chevra kadisha, or the Jewish Burial Society and that was interesting because I had never known anything about it before,” the former editor recalled. “Also in conjunction with the Federation’s annual campaign, we would do articles spotlighting certain beneficiary agencies, and learning in depth what these organizations do, which I found very enlightening and I hope others did too.” Another memory that stands out for Goetz was being able to meet then Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, when he came to Jacksonville and met with the editorial board of the Florida Times-Union in advance of his appearance at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. “You’re meeting somebody and sitting in on an interview with

someone who was a part of history,” Goetz recalled of her once in a lifetime experience. “You’re there, listening and taking it all in, so it was just amazing and awe inspiring to hear from this man.” Continuing this legacy, the Jewish News still reports on topics and dignitaries of interest to the Jewish community at-large. In the past two years, the JJN has brought readers stories about Jewish inmates in prison and on death row, what goes into stocking the shelves of the local Judaica shops and of course speaking with another former Prime Minister. This time it was Ehud Barak upon his trip to the River City in October, 2015 to speak at the Times-Union Center for Performing Arts. “I’m very pleased that the tradition has been carried on because

The JJN underwent many stylistic changes, along with the Federation as seen here in the March 2014 issue announcing its rebrand

the newspaper is a vital organ to our community,” Goetz explained. “People read newspapers differently from how they seek out information online. When you look at the internet you’re looking for targeted items, but when you’re flipping through a newspaper, you can find some unexpected treasures.” Those treasures continue to be the people here in the Jacksonville Jewish community and across Northeast Florida. Families, young professionals, teens and seniors, in homes, schools and synagogues as far away as St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach and Ponte Vedra have compelling stories to be told, and the JJN is here to put them in print for another 30 years to come.

First Jewish Student Union in Jax coming to Stanton Prep this fall BY RABBI A.Y. COHEN Etz Chaim Synagogue

This month, in more than 300 public schools nationwide, unaffiliated Jews are studying Judaism and having Jewish experiences through the Jewish Student Union and you can now add Jacksonville to the list as JSU is coming to Stanton College Preparatory School. These clubs and activities are part of the Jewish Student Union’s efforts to educate students about Judaism in an attempt to instill a sense of Jewish pride and increase Jewish involvement. Unlike traditional outreach or Jewish community-based programs, JSU culture clubs operate on school grounds, during school hours thereby creating a maximally convenient venue for unaffiliated and under-affiliated teens to connect Jewishly.

Funded by private philanthropists, the Orthodox Union and Jewish Federations across the country, each club is sanctioned by its host school and supervised by a school faculty member. JSU provides an additional club advisor who supplies free pizza or other kosher refreshments, delivers teen-savvy educational program, and bonds with the teens serving as their link to the organized Jewish community. More specifically, JSU seeks to enhance Jewish identity and pride, nurture a connection to the State of Israel, provide a portal for deeper involvement

with the Jewish community and inspire an enduring relationship with the Jewish people. Since the first four clubs were founded in Los Angeles in 2002, JSU has grown quickly and now reaches more than 15,000 teens annually across the nation. By creating a fun, social atmosphere, and bringing cool, Jewish advisors to public school campuses, JSU reaches all types of Jewish teenagers. JSU facilitates regular club meetings in public schools that meet during the lunch hour, before or after school, providing food for the body and soul. Programs include speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discussions on timely topics of interest to the participants and interactive activities. Kosher pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Starbucks, holiday foods or other snacks are always served.

In addition to the regularly scheduled school club meetings, JSU sponsors activities outside of school including Retreats, Citywide holiday parties, community service projects, ski trips, Friday night dinners, and other exciting

events. For more information, or to start a new chapter in your school, please contact Rabbi A.Y. Cohen at 908-922-0268.

JEWISH NEWS acksonville

Grow your business

If you want to reach a demographic with a higher than average household income and education, the JJN is your vehicle. To advertise, contact:

Elise Kurian (St. Johns & The Beaches) 404-625-9263 Barbara Nykerk (Mandarin/Southside/San Marco) 904-923-3205 Eta Perras (Mandarin/Southside/San Marco) 904-629-0466

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

Jacksonville Jewish news

Didn’t read the JJN Summer Magazine? By Jacksonville Jewish News

No problem as issues of the annual June/July double-issue will be out on newsstands (while supplies last) at the Jewish Community Alliance, River Garden Senior Services and Whole Foods on San Jose Blvd., alongside the August issue if the Jacksonville Jewish Newspaper.

page 19

Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


JCA Members reach their goals with the help of focused fitness By Jewish Community Alliance

JCA Fitness has undergone an exciting change to program offerings to help members achieve their fitness goals with more precision. Fitness and Wellness offerings are now categorized into five groups or pillars, including mind and body, strength and conditioning, corrective, dance and slim and finally sculpt. This makes it that much easier for program participants to choose programs based on activity types that fit their workout interests. “Now JCA members that have specific interests can more easily discover and participate in the amazing events and programs they find most appealing,” said JCA assistant wellness director Sarah Perfido. “They can also better connect and build community with other like-minded members,” she added. Additionally, under each pillar are a variety of classes and clinics as mind and body offers stress reducing classes like Tai Chi and Chair Yoga to facilitate

calming and relaxation in addition to fitness health benefits. Strength and conditioning includes Russian kettlebells and young and new to the weight room, a clinic to help older youth members develop safe practices while weight training. In corrective, the managing low

back pain workshop offers progressive exercises in ergonomic position. Members can find adult dance classes under the dance pillar, and slim and sculpt offers workouts like SpinRX and aqua Pilates. For those looking for an even more personalized fitness expe-

rience, fitness and wellness also offers small group and individual personal training and Pilates reformer sessions. Just in time for the Jewish New Year, members can enjoy Rosh Hashanah personal training specials from Sept. 15 – Oct. 30. This improvement is just another way for JCA

Fitness and Wellness to serve members with personalized wellness guidance. For information on classes in the JCA Fitness and Wellness department, contact Eiffel Gilyana at 904-730-2100, ext. 324 or Sarah Perfido at ext. 267.

JCA to hold its final family fun day on Labor Day, Sept. 4th

Summer Camp at the JCA


Jewish Community Alliance

JCA members and families have had fun all summer long during JCA Family Fun Days. Many families and friends joined the JCA for the Memorial Day celebration, which included the annual cardboard boat regatta, prizes and games. Fourth of July featured a festive pool party that

honored the Independence Day holiday, and the final Family Fun Day of the year will be held on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4, 2017. JCA members are invited to the Howard and Joy Korman Outdoor Pool for an afternoon of food, fun and more from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. JCA Family Fun Days are held three times a year and provide the opportunity to enjoy

quality family time and make new friends within the JCA community. Every Family Fun Day features poolside games, food and refreshments, including JCA famous hotdogs and DJ entertainment. JCA Family Fun Days are free and open to JCA members and JCA families. For information on Family Fun Days, contact Josie Martin at 904-730-2100, ext. 240.

The JCA’s Summer Camp wrapped up another successful session with fun activities like pottery (pictured) and plenty of pool and outside time

Jewish community alliance HAPPENINGS August 2017 Av/Elul 5777

For more information or to register for programs at the JCA, call 904-730-2100 or visit our official website at

Vandroff Art Gallery

The work of Cynthia Csalovski and Pauline Dickson will be shown from July 27 - Aug. 30.

Sunday Film Series

On Aug. 13 at 2 p.m., see ‘Man Hunt’, starring Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett. This is free to the community, however reservations are appreciated.

Classic Movie Magic

See this Thriller by Alfred Hitch-

cock on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 12 p.m. Joel McCrea stars as an American reporter trying to expose a continent-wide conspiracy during WWII. Reservations are appreciated.

Talkin’ Football with Vito Stellino

Get the lowdown on who’s hot and who’s not from acclaimed sports journalist and Football Hall of Fame selection committee member Vito Stellino, Tuesday, Aug. 29 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. The fee is $12 and $8 for JCA valued members.

The Travel Diner Dinner Club

Enjoy great company at Jacksonville’s best restaurants. Dinner is

Dutch treat and the fee is $5, but JCA valued members are free. Reservations required by Aug. 9. Call 904-730-2100, ext. 265 for details.

School Year Swim Team

Learn an introduction to competitive swimming and prepare for the summer league. Monthly clinics for ages 5 - 18. Call 904-730-2100, ext. 240 for information.

JV Makos Swim Team

Classes for children interested in swim team run from Aug. 2 – 30. For those who can put their faces in the water and swim half the pool length unassisted. The fee is $82 and $55 for JCA valued members. Call 904-730-2100, ext.

240 for more information.

Select Basketball

Tryouts for youth ages 8 – 14 are on Monday, Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. for girls and 7 p.m. for boys.

Youth Tennis Clinics

Ongoing six-week clinics are available for youth ages 3-18. The fee is $108 and $72 for JCA valued members.

Youth Gymnastics

Terrific Tumblers for ages 3 -6 and Junior Gymnastics for ages 5 – 10 begin in Sept. The fee is $75 and $50 for JCA valued members.

Men’s Basketball Leagues

Form teams of six players for


4-on-4 competition. Games start in mid-Aug. For more information or to register as an individual, call 904-730-2100, ext. 254. The JCA valued member fee is $84 for 18 and older and $90 for 25 and older.

Youth Fencing

Youth fencing lessons begin Sunday, Sept. 17. The six-class fee is $158 and $105 for JCA valued members.

Youth Soccer League

Mandatory skills evaluation will be held Sunday, Aug. 13 from 1 – 4 p.m. at Bolles Field. Clinics begin Sept 10, so call 904-730-2100, ext. 250 for more information.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Fall into a new season of giving with the Foundation BY LAURA THOMPSON

Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida

It’s almost the beginning of another vibrant and exciting new school year. Whether you have school age children, nieces and nephews starting college, or grandchildren starting preschool, think about the importance of education to your family and our community. What schools did you attend? Do you want to ensure the longevity of those educational institutions? What type of financial commitment do you and your family want to make to schools, colleges, and universities in our area and around the country? As a community that cares about our children and their welfare, we should consistently remind them of how gifted they are and encourage them to do great things with their life. Teachers have the power to inspire youth and channel their intelligence and talent into making a difference. We often talk about teaching the younger generations to engage in philanthropy. What better way to set an example than by support-

ing access to quality education? In the spirit of celebrating professors, teachers, administrators, and staff for all that they do, we would like to thank our JCF donors for supporting schools in our community. Whether a student in your life is headed to first day of kindergarten or university graduation, we know that formative lives are shaped and strengthened by education. With your help, we may continue to ensure quality education in the Jacksonville Jewish community. JCF donors support many educational institutions in the Jacksonville area. We would like to recognize two schools in particular: Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and The Torah Academy of Jacksonville. Both schools excel in Jewish and secular education. Donations to these institutions have been made by JCF donors though Donor Advised Funds, Endowments, the Grants program, and by private donation. Contact the JCF at 904-394-0720 if you would like to discuss making a donation to either school. In addition to local schools, the JCF is proud to support a wide variety of nonprofit organiza-

Children of the Holocaust program returns for the upcoming school year BY JENNY HAMBLETON

Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida

Do you have a son or daughter who will be celebrating their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah during the new school year? If so, then you should consider participating in the Children of the Holocaust program. If you are not already familiar, this is a JCF program that honors a child who did not have the opportunity to participate in their B’nai Mitzvah. By participating, your child will learn about children who perished in the Holocaust and they will be able to choose a child with whom they can share their upcoming simcha. By participating in this program, your son or daughter will ensure that their chosen child will always be remembered. To choose a child, you and your son or daughter may come to our office and look through a book of French children. If you prefer, you may also navigate the web to search for a child or conduct your own independent research to select a child that you would like to honor. You will need to provide the child’s name, picture, and biography to the JCF. You will then fill out and sign the Children of the Holocaust form and mail or email back to our office. We will then mail a certificate of participation to your synagogue to be presented at your child’s B’nai Mitzvah. As a starting point for your research, take a moment to remember Sir Nicholas Winton who was knighted in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II for his humanitarian work. He passed away on July 1,

• The JCF Investment Oversight Committee will be meeting in August with Glenn Harris from SEI Investments and several JCF partner organizations. Please email Laura Thompson, Interim Executive Director, at laura.thompson@ if you would like to learn more about the JCF’s investment strategies. • The next JCF Board of Trustees meeting will be held in September. Stay tuned for future

2015 at the age of 106. He rescued 669 Jewish children in Czechoslovakia and delivered them to safety in Great Britain before the onset of World War II. In 1938 he joined his friend Martin Blake in Prague to start organizing the rescue operation. He opened an office in Prague and began taking applications from the parents of children who wanted their children to be taken out of Czechoslovakia. Winton would eventually return to London to raise money and organize transportation. While there he also began to finalize plans for the children once they came to Britain by securing foster families. In all, Winton organized eight transports of children out of Prague and across Germany to the Atlantic coast where they would then cross the English Channel to Great Britain. Their foster families were waiting for them at the train station as they arrived in London. This wonderful humanitarian effort remained mostly unknown until 1988 when Winton’s wife, Grete, found a book from 1939 in their attic containing information on all of the children that Winton saved. Mr. Winton was able to save many children, but so many others were not as fortunate. Hopefully Mr. Winton’s contributions to humanity will inspire you to want to participate in the Child of the Holocaust program during this coming school year. The JCF staff is excited to help honor a child who couldn’t have their own B’nai Mitzvah. Please contact Jennifer Hambleton at the JCF at 904-3940720 for more information.

Board and Committee meetings at the JCF! • Have you had a chance to stop by the new JCF office? We would love to meet with you about your long term giving goals! Our new address is 9310 Old Kings Rd. S. Suite 1704, Jacksonville, FL 32257. • Check out the new JCF website at, and please update the JCF bookmark in your web browser for easy access to our current site.

tions. Our donors help hospitals, senior living facilities, museums, galleries, and universities, just to name a few. What nonprofit in our community is important to you? Please consider making a donation to an organization that is in need of your help by starting an Endowment Fund or Donor

Advised Fund with the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, Inc. The start of every new school is full of excitement, hope, and promise. These are feelings that should not fade away with the Autumn season, but should last all year long. The JCF Board of Trustees

and staff wish you a happy, safe, and healthy school year ahead.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


Help kids get a head start on the new school year with new school supplies

By Jewish Family & Community Services Care Manager Position at JFCS The Care Manager provides comprehensive assessments, coordinated action plans and ongoing monitoring to help seniors, Holocaust survivors and family members with life transitions. The Care Manager offers individualized support and services connecting seniors and their families to local resources. A college degree is required and a Masters Degree in Social Work is preferred. Interested individuals need to apply by completing an application at our website at EOE/AA: females/minorities/disabled/vets DFW .

As July closes and August begins, kids are heading back to school. Each year, Jewish Family & Community Services serves more than 2,500 at-risk children in

Northeast Florida through its Child Welfare program. Help JFCS help area kids start their school year off right by collecting school supplies from co-workers, friends and family to provide a child with everything they need to be successful during the 2017-18 school year.


For more information, contact Donna O’Steen at 904-394-5714 or dosteen@, as every little bit helps. School supplies are due by end of the business day, Friday, Aug. 4, and can be dropped off at the Dupont location (6261 Dupont Station Court E, Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

page 23

Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

lifecycles Births

Miles Levi Bortz was born Saturday, May 20, 2017 to parents Robyn and David Bortz at Sibley Hospital, in Washington, D.C. weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. Proud grandparents are Cheryl and Fred Blum, members of the Jacksonville Jewish Center and Mary Jayne Miles Bortz and James Bortz of Rockville, Md. Preston Robert Hodgson was born Sunday April 2, 2017 to Elizabeth and Zach Hodgson. He is the new baby brother of twins, Ava and Anthony and his proud grandparents are Dale and Lois Gosa of Jacksonville and James and Lorraine Hodgson of Stuart, Fla. Preston Hodgson

B’nai Mitzvah

Gabriel Joshua Willens, son of Sara and Michael Willens, will be called to the Torah on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah, Saturday, Aug. 19 at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. Sharing in the simcha will be his brothers, Jonah, Ari and Nathan, as well as many other family and friends. Willens is in the eighth grade at Fruit Cove Middle School, where he is a member of both the art and robotics clubs. He loves reading and creating art; especially drawing cartoons and making comics, in addition to spending time with Gabriel Williams his friends and family. For his mitzvah project, Gabriel will be donating art supplies to and volunteering at the FemArt Gallery.


Annie Fischman and Jonathan Mizrahi were married Sunday, June 4, 2017, in New Orleans, La., The bride is the daughter of Nathan and Leslie Fischman of New Orleans. She is a graduate of Indiana University and is employed as a District Manager at Cook Medical. The groom is the son of Jack and Nancy Mizrahi of Jacksonville. He graduated from Harvard College, the University of Florida College of Fischman and Mizrahi Medicine, and is currently completing his residency program at Washington University in St. Louis. The couple will reside in Houston where the groom will be in a hematology/oncology fellowship program at M.D. Anderson and the bride will be continuing in her current position at Cook Medical.


Stephen and Judy Davis celebrated 50 years of marriage Aug. 5th. The Davis’ have called Jacksonville home for most of their lives, while Stephen continues to practice law as an immigration attorney after a career that has Stephen and Judy Davis spanned four

plus decades. Judy is a retired English teacher in the Duval County Public School System, in addition to helping co-found the Jewish Civic Press which predated the Jacksonville Jewish News. The couple lives in the Mandarin area and are members of the Jacksonville Jewish Center where they have celebrated many simchas with their three children Doug, Alicia and Dana, and have three grandchildren, Sam, Becca and Tobias.


Lillian Robyn Anderson, daughter of Dr. John and Joette Anderson graduated from the UF Levin College of Law this past spring. Along with her Juris Doctorate, she also received a Certificate in Family Law and hopes to join a practice here in JackLillian Anderson sonville. Congratulations to Barry Setzer, D.D.S., who received a Public Service Award from the Florida Dental Association, or FDA, for his humanitarian service to the state of Florida during the 2017 FDA Annual Meeting in Orlando in June. Setzer was also honored for his service to the FDA as an outgoing member Barry Setzer of their board of trustees. The FDA Public Service Award is awarded to those who “perform extraordinary acts of charitable service related to oral health that have left an indelible mark on the individuals, groups, or communities it touched.” Setzer has practiced dentistry in Jacksonville since 1977 through his private practice, Setzer, Cochran, Soares & Hubbard Pediatric Dentistry. In addition to his volunteer teaching at the dental college, he is a courtesy assistant professor in pediatrics at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville. He and his wife, Ellen, have one daughter, Dena, a son-in-law, Jason Rosen, and a grand-son, Adam Shepherd ‘Shep’ Rosen. Maci Morse was recently named the new Youth and Programming Director at Temple Beth El in West Palm Beach. Morse is the daughter of Karen and Todd Morse, and grew up in Jacksonville where she participated in two of the youth groups offered by the USCJ – Kadima and USY. She attended Florida State University, Maci Morse graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is currently attending Florida Atlantic University part-time, to earn her Master’s in Social Work. In her new position, she will work with all of the temple’s various organizations to ensure their programs are carried out successfully, in addition to starting some new Shabbat programs and continuing Tot Shabbat.


… To the family of Jacksonville Jewish Center member Eli Becker, who passed away Saturday, May 27th at the age of 88. He is survived by his daughters Teri Becker and Karen (Joe) Johnson; and grandchildren Morgan (Eric) Alvarez and Benjamin (Hannah Easter) Johnson. Funeral services took place May 30th at the Old Center Cemetery in Jacksonville. Contributions in Eli Becker’s memory may be made to the Jewish National Fund or the Jacksonville Symphony. … To the family of Paul Raudt who passed away Monday, May 29th at the age of 89. He is survived by children, Kevin (Caryl) Raudt and Randall Raudt, and grandchildren Staci (Oleg) Fortun and Melissa Raudt. Funeral services were held June 4th in Broward County, Fla., while Shiva was

held June 6th at the home of Kevin and Caryl Raudt in Ponte Vedra. The family requests that contributions in memory of Paul Raudt be made to Temple University in Philadelphia and/or The Temple’s General Fund. … To the family of Donald Zell Sr., who passed away Friday, June 2nd at the age of 88. He is survived by his children Elizabeth Zell, Anne Zell Schooley, David Zell, Margaret Zell McEachin, grandchildren Luis and Donald Rovira, Jesse Zell and Sarah Zell Tillis and great grandchildren Luis and Connor Rovira. A memorial service was held on June 4th at Beth El - The Beaches Synagogue and graveside service with military honors were held June 5th at Palmetto Cemetery in Brunswick, Ga. The family requests that contributions in memory of Donald Zell Sr. be made to the charity of your choice. … To the family of Yehudis Storch, who passed away Thursday, June 8th. She is survived by her parents Rabbi Shalom and Dina Storch and sister Yocheved (Rabbi Shaya) Hauptman. Funeral services took place June 9th in Lakewood, N.J. … To the family of Norma Gordon, who passed away Wednesday, June 14th at the age of 80. She is survived by her husband Sam Gordon, their children Lynn Gordon, Debby Gordon, Bobbi (Stuart) Rosenberg and Alisa (Peter) Savitz, in addition to six grandchildren and brother-inlaw Alan (Renee) Gordon. Funeral services were held June 16th at Beth David Congregation in Coral Gables, Florida, where she was a past president. … To the family of James D. Oswald, who passed away Thursday, June 8th at the age of 92. He is survived by his long-time companion Barbara Teitelman, in addition to daughters, Barbara (Alan) Steele and Shelley Zmich; grandchildren, James (Amy) Bumbaugh, Jason Macartney, Justin (Nana) Macartney; and eight great-grandchildren. Contributions in James Oswald’s memory may be made to the Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg. … To the family of Sylvia ‘Shimmy’ Kornblatt, who passed away Friday, June 16th. She is survived by her husband Dr. Ralph, children Steve, Susan Ealgstein, Norman (Kim) and Howie. She also leaves behind grandchildren Melanie (David) Engle, Shari and Jenny Kornblatt, Mitchell and Brett (Emily), Milion Max and Brena. Shimmy had the great pleasure of welcoming her first great grandchild Gabriella Grace just a month ago. Funeral services were held in Long Island, N.Y., on June 20th. The family request donations be sent to either Babe Memorial Tournament/American Cancer Society, 1 Clubhouse Drive, Commack, N.Y. 11725, River Garden Hebrew Home for the Aged or the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville. … To the family of Barry Schreiber, who passed away Saturday, June 17th. He is survived by his wife Roberta Schreiber, children Neil and Jennifer Schreiber, and grandson Jacob Schreiber. Funeral services were held in Orlando, June 20th, with Shiva that evening taking place at The Temple. The family requests that contributions in memory of Barry Schreiber be made to the National Parkinson Foundation at … To the family of Hy W. Kliman, who passed away Wednesday, June 21st at the age of 90. He is survived by his children Marvin (Cheri) Kliman and Marilyn Kliman; grandchildren Nekka Hindmarsh, Harry Hindmarsh, and Chad (Julie) Sherr; and to his three great-grandchildren. Graveside services were held June 23rd at the New Center Cemetery in Jacksonville. Contributions in Mr. Kliman’s memory may be made to the University of North Florida Lovee & Hy Kliman Family Endowed Scholarship or the University of North Florida Lovee K. Kliman Endowed Scholarship for the Arts, the Mayo Clinic, or the Jacksonville Jewish Center. … To the family of Etz Chaim Synagogue President Emeritus Jay Graff, who passed away Tuesday, June 28th. He is survived by his wife Polina, daughters Helene and Galina, son Randy, in addition to grandchildren Shane, Sydney, Emily and Emilia, and great grandchildren Emma and Elli. Funeral services took place June 29th in the Etz Chaim section of the Arlington Park Cemetery, with Rabbi Yaakov Fisch officiating. … To the family of Albert Wolfson who passed away Tuesday, July 4th

business card directory

at the age of 86. He is survived by his wife Marilyn, and children Jay and Elisa. The Funeral took place July 6th at the new Chabad Sha-rei Shamayim Gardens located in the Greenlawn Cemetery. Shiva and services followed at the Wolfson residence in Mandarin. … To the family of Joel Garber, who passed away Thursday, July 13th at the age of 74. He is survived by his wife Fay, and his children Kim (Matt) Luellin and David Garber. Funeral services took place July 16th at the Arlington Park Cemetery in the Etz Chaim section with Rabbi Yaakov Fisch officiating.

... To the family of Ilona Friedman, who passed away Friday, July 21st. She is survived by her son Elliot Friedman, who sat shiva for her in N.Y.

To submit an item for life cycles, please email it to jjn@ Due date is the 15th of the month. For guidelines of how to write Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding or obituary Classified Ads announcements, go to Missing Dog Needs seizure meds. Last seen on Col- news under “Share lege St. on July 8, 2017 $100 reward. your news.” Seven years old, female (spayed) and answers to the name ‘Bella’. Please call 239-877-2152 with information on whereabouts .

Bella was last seen on 7-8-17

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

adult education May 2017 Av/Elul 5777 To include your adult education event in this listing please email the Jacksonville Jewish News at, with the time/date or frequency of the event from your specific organization or synagogue, along with a short description of each program or event.

Special Events

August 6th

Jacksonville Jewish Center (12 p.m.) YIDDISH ‘CLUB’ - Our monthly meeting will held in the Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Henry & Miriam Kramer Library. This is an informal group of all ages with varying levels of ability where you’ll meet other local speakers to practice the language, or to just shmooze a bisl! We’ll listen to Klezmer music, watch videos and films, read and speak in Yiddish, so please join the fun.

August 12th

Jacksonville Jewish Center (9:15 – 9:30 a.m.) SHALom MEDITATION – This is held the second Shabbat of every month, so please join us for 25 minutes of meditation in a Jewish environment, where some basic instruction of meditation technique and approach will be offered. We will start our actual practice at 9:30 and go until 9:55 (in time for the Torah service).

August 15th

Jacksonville Jewish Center (7:30 p.m.) CENTER BOOK CLUB - Open to all interested adults and meets in the Starbuck’s section at Barnes & Noble on San Jose Blvd. We will be discussing ‘The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu’, by Joshua Hammer this month.

August 19th

August 19 Jacksonville Jewish Center (8 – 9 a.m.) COFFEE AND TORAH – Held the third Shabbat of every month, where you can come and enjoy a strong cup of brew, a tasty breakfast treat, and thought-provoking insights into the weekly Torah portion in the intimate setting of Rabbi Lubliner’s office.

August 27th

Beth El-The Beaches Synagogue (5 p.m.) ‘THE FIRST BASKET’ SCREENING - A wine and cheese social will be held prior to the showing of the film, ‘The First Basket’, which comes courtesy of the Jewish Federation’s Shalom Jacksonville. The documentary is the first comprehensive film to examine both the role that Jewish players had in the evolution of the game and the impact that basketball played in the assimilation of American Jews. This event is free and open to the community; however donations are gratefully appreciated. For more information, contact Gail Greenfield at 904534-7381 or at gailsgreenfield@

September 17th

Jewish Community Alliance (4 – 5 p.m.) WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP - This new, women’s only workshop offers an introduction to reality-based, self-defense techniques in a safe environment. The fee is $10, however JCA valued members are free.

Regular Events


Jewish Community Alliance (5-6 p.m.) WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE CLINIC - This new, women’s

only clinic offers reality-based, self-defense techniques in a safe environment. The four-class fee is $90 and $60 for JCA valued members. STARTING IN OCT. and held Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22. Etz Chaim Synagogue (after Shacharis) THE CHABURAH - The Chaburah is a text based Talmud study learning program with an emphasis on practical Halacha. After preparing the source materials with a learning partner, a brief synopsis and discussion is led by Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum. Hot coffee and pastries are served. For more information or to sponsor this event, please speak with Avi Smith or Jonathan Gross.

skills are necessary, but we will work together on fluency and prayer vocabulary. Classes held Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28. Jacksonville Jewish Center (7:15 p.m.) TALMUD CLASS - Rabbi Lubliner explores communal responses to crisis in tractate Ta’anit. Classes held Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28. Jewish Community Alliance (6:45 – 7:45 p.m.) ISRAELI MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - This beginners’ program features elements of Krav Maga. The 14-class fee is $180 and $120 for JCA valued members. Sessions held from Sept. 11 – Dec. 11.

Jacksonville Jewish Center (10:15 a.m. – 12 p.m.) FOUNDATIONS OF JUDAISM CLASS - Classes are held at the Center and are open to all, whether you are considering conversion, seeking to understand a friend or relative’s religious choices, or simply trying to go beyond your childhood Jewish education. We begin with Unit 1, Jewish Identity and Spirituality. Classes held Aug. 20, 28.



Beth El-The Beaches Synagogue (10:30 a.m.) YOGA SHALOM - Meditation and Spirituality. Using a DVD with Cantor Lisa Levine and Carol Kurgoff, you will learn to relax your body, calm your mind, and nurture your spirit. We learn to use advanced, gentle chair modifications for each posture sequence, so bring your mat and we will see you at the next session. Immediately following Yoga Shalom is an hour of Jewish Meditation and Spirituality for you to study and grow spiritually within a Jewish framework.

Jacksonville Jewish Center (After morning Minyan) MONDAY MINYAN MAPQUEST - Rabbi Lubliner takes us on a tour of Jewish cities, explaining history and current statistics of some well-known and not-so-well-known Jewish communities in our country. Sessions held Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28. Jacksonville Jewish Center (11:30 a.m.) SERVICE SKILLS - (intermediate Hebrew level) This is an ongoing class, designed to increase prayer fluency and help our congregants to become more comfortable in our Jacksonville Jewish Center weekday and shabbat services. Basic reading

Etz Chaim Synagogue (8 p.m.) TALMUD STUDY - Learn the Talmud as you never have before with Rabbi Rabinowitz. The class will slowly and methodically study the sixth chapter of Tractate Brachos and delve into its many intricacies. Previous Talmud study is recommended but not required.


is for women and is taught by Rabbi Feigenbaum. The weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant to our daily lives. This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives. Jewish Community Alliance (6 – 8 p.m.) ADULT FENCING - The JCA offers fencing for adults ages 14 and older. The eight class fee is $210 and $140 for JCA valued members. Classes are held from Aug. 16 – Oct. 18.


Etz Chaim Synagogue (8:45 a.m.) JAVA FOR THE SOUL – Class is for women and is taught by Rabbi Feigenbaum. The weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant to our daily lives. This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives. Etz Chaim Synagogue (6:50 p.m.) NOSH & DRASH - This class is taught by Rabbi Fisch and covers Torah portion that are every week in synagogues. Yet for many of us there is a major disconnect between the words from this ancient text and our lives. Please come for an informal discussion and see the weekly parsha come alive like never before. Hot potato kugel from Sweeta by Ita will be served for participants to enjoy.


Etz Chaim Synagogue (8:45 a.m.) JAVA FOR THE SOUL – Class

Jacksonville Jewish Center (10:30 a.m.) ALEF BET HEBREW CLASS Taught by Lois Tompkins. We also offer a video conferencing option (students will be attending the class remotely via computer). Classes held Aug. 4, 11, 18, 25.

the minister is joyless. He learns of his name change when he is a young adult. At midlife, he investigates the fate of his real famAusterlitz ily and his own identity. The book is haunting, an af-

fect enhanced by the protagonist’s connection to the architecture of his world. The narrative describing the sequential measures by the Nazis to concentrate Czech Jews for extermination is well written. It leaves the reader with a clear understanding of how it all went down. The notion of a four-year old forgetting his birth name is a bit of a stretch, but the depiction of the minister’s joyless home, I thought, was shop-worn. Despite this criticism, it is a worthwhile read.

Adults are now able to Reading recommendations from the learn to swim at the JCA Second Gen AUSTERLITZ

Author: W. G. Sebald Genre: Fiction Recommended by: Moishe Rapyr Submitted by: Stacey Goldring Jacques Austerlitz is a Czechoslovakian boy of four who is sent by his parents to the UK to avoid Nazi persecution. He is taken in by a Calvinist minister and his wife who changed his name to Dafydd Elias. His new life with New adult learn-to-swim classes are now offered at the JCA in addition to the ones previously held for younger swimmers in the community


Jewish Community Alliance

JCA Red Cross Learn-to-Swim programs have helped children of all ages learn water safety and swimming skills. In July, the JCA expanded its program to include a new clinic for adults to help them learn and improve swim skills while having fun. The new Adult Group Learn-to-Swim classes are great for those who want the support of learning to swim in a group setting and the convenience of an

evening class that can be taken after work. These monthly, ongoing classes are offered twice a week Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. or Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Participants in all JCA Learnto-Swim programs benefit from American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors and small class sizes. For information on adult group swim classes and other JCA Learn-to-Swim programs, contact Josie Martin at 904-7302100, ext. 240.






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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

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chabad news

Chabad at the Beaches to host a holiday cultural fest, Aug. 27th By Chabad at the Beaches

A Jewish Cultural Festival will be held in Ponte Vedra, Sunday, Aug. 27 from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., so whether you are new to the community and seeking to meet people or have been here for years and love Jewish culture, this is an event no Beaches resident should miss. Enjoy Jewish art displays while you meet your Jewish neighbors and take part in creating your own shofar at the Shofar Factory or feast on a choice of three Kosher meals from Zahavah’s Famous Falafel. Attendees will be able to enjoy a fun Kiddie Package and Chef Masha’s Gourmet cooking all on a budget of $6-$13 for the entire meal. Shop for Mezuzahs after meeting a real scribe and watching him write your Hebrew name on

authentic Scribal paper or watch Chef Masha’s gourmet healthy Latin cooking demos. You’ll also be able to listen to Jewish music, paint a ceramic masterpiece with Pink Flamingo Arts and get your face painted at the face painting stations. The festival will offer adults and children alike the opportunity to get into the spirit of the upcoming High Holidays in a hands-on, fun and entertaining way. The combined factors of the incredible turnout of last year’s Kosher Food Festival and the need for more Jewish related art and culture at the Beach led organizers to form this year’s festival. “The first Kosher Festival was held in 2007 it was followed by a Cultural festival the next year and we’ve been rotating them every year or so” Rabbi

A new, cutting-edge Hebrew reading crash course is taking the Jewish world by storm. The flashcard based language course developed by the Jewish Learning Institute, promises users that they can learn to read Hebrew in only five weeks if they follow the program. Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 15 at 7 p.m., Mrs. Dafne Blank will conduct the five sessions of the new course, ‘Read it in Hebrew’ at Chabad at the Beaches, located at 521 A1A N., in Ponte Vedra Beach. “Many people feel lost in synagogue, because they don’t know how to read Hebrew,” explains Rabbi Levi Kaplan of JLI’s headquarters in Brooklyn. “We have found that learning how to read Hebrew strengthens one’s feeling of connection to Judaism in a powerful way, so ‘Read it in Hebrew’ fills a tremendous need.”

The first two lessons of ‘Read it in Hebrew’ focus on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet while the last three lessons introducing vowels and teaching students how to read words. With flashcards portraying the letters alongside catchy mnemonics that make the information memorable and easy to digest, ‘Read in Hebrew’ allows students to absorb information quickly and efficiently. “Finally, a fun and easy-to-use program that teaches Jews how to read in the language of their ancestors, said Chabad at the Beaches Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky. “If you want to participate in synagogue

upcoming and ongoing events Mandarin/HQ Daily Chassidic Philosophy Held weekday mornings, Monday – Friday, 6:40 a.m., Sundays 8:15 a.m., with instructor Rabbi Yossie Kahanov. Insights on the Torah Portion Shabbos Mornings, 8:30 a.m., with instructor Rabbi Mendy Browd.

Kurinsky said, “As the community grows here, the need for additional Jewish cultural events is more apparent than ever as the Beaches area is culturally rich.” The Festival is scheduled to take place at the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center located at 55 Executive Way. Admission is free with advance registration prior to Aug. 27 and just $8 at the door. Register at the event’s official site, Chabadbeaches. com/festival. Additional information can be obtained for those wanting to volunteer or sell Judaica by contacting Chabad at the Beaches by phone at 904-543-9301 or by e-mail at info@chabadbeaches. com.

Chabad at the Beaches introduces a 5-week Hebrew reading crash course By Chabad at the Beaches

Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

but find it hard to follow what’s going on, this is for you because language no longer needs to be a barrier between Jewish people and their heritage.” ‘Read it in Hebrew’ utilizes a timeless teaching method espoused by the Jewish sages for generations. In addition to reading skills, students will get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters. The class is designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. The course is open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship. Interested students may call 904–770-0502 or visit for registration and other course-related information.

Exploring The Talmud Tuesday evenings after Ma’ariv with instructor Rabbi Mendy Browd. Women’s Study Group Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m., with instructor Rivkie Kahanov. Shabbos Live - Join us for a memorable Shabbat dinner and monthly oneg. The dinner is free and open to all to experience the feeling of holiness that only Shabbat can bring. Great food, insightful discussion, Chassidic melodies and a warm ‘Heimish’ atmosphere is to be had. Call 904-262-6641 for more information or to reserve a spot.

Special Shabbat coming to Nocatee in August By Chabad of S. Johns

This summer Nocatee residents are invited to join their neighbors and friends (or soon to be friends) to celebrate Shabbat with a delectable, four-course dinner in a warm Shabbat atmosphere. The evening which will take place, Friday, Aug. 18 at 6:30 p.m., will begin with a quick candle lighting ceremony for women and a joyous welcoming of Shabbat, which will be followed by an exquisite Shabbat dinner at the Nocatee Crosswater Hall. This event is perfect for those new to the neighborhood so they can meet their neighbors and is open to the whole family, so bring your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even the kids as there

will be an exciting, interactive children’s program. Shabbat is one of the greatest treasures of our people, from the Kiddush and Matzah balls, to the meaningful discussions and Shabbat inspiration, Jewish people all around the world have relied on the Sabbath as a day of connection. So take a load off and treat yourself to the ultimate Shabbat experience as no membership or affiliation necessary to join. Reservations are required and can be made at JewishSJohnsCounty. com. To find out more, email or call 904-701-4422.

The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville is currently seeking a director for its rGEN Division The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville seeks a dynamic, motivated professional to serve as rGEN (“Our Generation”) Director. This was formerly known as the Young Adults Division Director. The rGEN Director will be an experienced relationship builder and have a strong understanding of young adult engagement and philanthropy as they relate to the Jewish community. Responsibilities Volunteer Management & Leadership • Work with rGEN Steering Committee and Chair on current initiatives included but not limited to programs and events, fundraising efforts and leadership development • Empower and develop current and potential volunteer leaders to be advocates for Federation its mission Community Outreach • Serve as a liaison between new and existing Jewish young adults and the Jewish community • Work to build relationships with Jewish partner agencies, Synagogues, staff and volunteer leadership • Establish understanding of Federation’s mission and engagement opportunities among community members Development • Manage all young adult giving (under 45) for the Annual Campaign • Identify potential donors and works to encourage first time giving • Coach volunteer leadership to have peer to peer conversations about giving Events & Programs • Work in tandem with volunteer leadership to effectively plan, promote and execute events • Ensure proper event follow-up among attendees • Help to support Federation community-wide programming and events in addition to rGEN programs/events • Other duties as assigned Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree • Experience in event planning, donor cultivation, and/or non-profit communal work • Ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities • Ability to cultivate a collaborative sense of team, both internally and externally • Excellent written/verbal communication • Proficiency in MS Office Applications • Experience with donor management (or CRM) preferred • High level of organization, attention to detail and follow-up • Knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish values • Ability to work nights and weekends as needed The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville offers a vibrant work environment, and a good benefit package. Please send your resumes to and indicate 'rGEN Director' on the subject line.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017

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Jacksonville Jewish News • August 2017


A ll has changed in the last three decades ... but the

has been there the entire time and has seen and repooed on it all

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Jacksonville Jewish News - August 2017  

Av/Elul 5777 Volume 30, Issue No. 2 - 28 Pages

Jacksonville Jewish News - August 2017  

Av/Elul 5777 Volume 30, Issue No. 2 - 28 Pages