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Jacksonville residents travel to AIPAC conference

DuBow Preschool celebrates 75 years



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April 2018

• Sh’vat/Adar 5778 •



JaxJewishTV • Volume 30, Number 9 • 32 pages

Local Holocaust survivor and wife rebuilt life Retired couple receives support through Jewish Family & Community Services

Temple to host annual Yom Hashoah event April 8 By Jewish Federation of Jacksonville

8505 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217

Jewish Federation of Jacksonville


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Jacksonville, FL Permit No. 146

Yom Hashoah, Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day, was established in 1953 to commemorate the lives that were taken during the Holocaust. Each year, one local synagogue hosts a community-wide observance for the day. This year, Congregation Ahavath Chesed – The Temple will host the Yom Hashoah service. Throughout the service, there will be certain readings and psalms read by area Rabbis, and the Cantor will sing a prayer. Survivors and family members will be invited to light candles to honor those who were lost. Each year, there is a different centerpiece – a different speaker and type of program. “This year is a really interesting program,” said Rabbi Matt Cohen of The Temple. “We will have a living room setup, a really nice, comfortable setup. We will have a panel of 3 generations – a Holocaust survivor, a child of a Holocaust survivor, and a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor which I think is going to be really powerful. I think the focus will certainly be on why it’s important to remember. I’m relaly looking forward to the third-generation piece because that’s the generation that’s most removed. The question is: How do we make those memories continue and last? That’s where the program is really going to hit home. How do we keep the memories alive?” This event will take place Sunday, April 8, at 3 p.m., at the Congregation Ahavath Chesed – The Temple (8727 San Jose Blvd.)

Semen Malamud (center) with his family in 1941 in Yampol, Ukraine.

BY DONNA O’STEEN Jewish Family & Community Services

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Fifty-six years after they married, local Holocaust survivor Semen Malamud and his wife, Nelli, remain as in love as ever. Sitting at the dining-room table in their Mandarin home, they look through old photos and documents from throughout their lives that only re-affirm their commitment. “I really love you,” he tells her.

“I love you. I do,” she responds. Eighty-year old Malamud, who is one of 90 local Holocaust survivors receiving support from Jewish Family & Community Services, had a long road to get to Nelli. He was born to a family of eight in Yampol, Ukraine, in 1937 under the Soviet Union. He was just four years old when the Germans bombed and took over his town in 1941. The Nazis gathered Jews into a ghetto, where they lived in constant fear and

hunger. Mr. Malmud's mother tried to feed her family. During the day, one of her tasks was to peel potatoes. At night, she and her friend would go through the garbage to find the potato peels. One night she was caught and beaten by the Nazis. An even more horrifying memory was witnessing the Nazis gathering 126 Jews and killing them in front of the others. Malamud and his parents were sent

See SURVIVORS, p. 22

Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut with a community-wide event at the JCA By Jewish Community Alliance

Once again, the Jacksonville community will come together to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 70th Independence Day. The event will recognize this milestone year with a community-wide celebration featuring activities and learning for all ages. We will explore Israel’s rich history and culture in collaboration with all of Jacksonville’s Jewish organizations. This event will take place at the Jewish Community Alliance on Sunday, Apr. 15

from 12-3 p.m. Included in this year’s event is a special Vandroff Art Exhibit, Expressions, curated by Major Assour and featuring Israeli artists. There will also be a screening of the award-winning film “Ben Gurion: Epilogue,” which details the life of one of Israel’s founding fathers. The afternoon will also have a Yom Hazikaron commemoration and a rabbinic panel. Attendees can enjoy fun activities such as sports, music,


Federation annual campaign update As we send this issue off to the printer, the 2018 campaign stands: We have raised $1,891,641.

We have received 894 gifts. We are ahead of last year on a gift to gift comparison by $40,000. Right now, we have $420,009 outstanding on 388 gifts.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

COMMUNITY NEWS Society of Healers to host medical ethics panel JJN Advertising Directory By Jewish Federation of Jacksonville

The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville’s Society of Healers will welcome Rabbis Matt Cohen, Yaakov Fisch and Jonathan Lubliner to its annual spring event for a panel discussion about Jewish medical ethics. “First, Do No Ham,” will take place on Monday evening, April 30th at the Jewish Community Alliance. At 7:00 PM hor d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served, followed by the panel discussion, starting promptly at 7:30 p.m. Kosher catering will be provided by Chef ’s Garden of Jacksonville. Rabbi Cohen, of Congregation Ahavath Chesed; Rabbi Fisch, of Etz Chaim Synagogue and Rabbi Lubliner, of the Jacksonville Jewish

Center will delve into a variety of “hot topic” Jewish medical ethical issues that care providers face today, as presented by the Society of Healers through case scenarios. They will share the varying perspectives on the topics as seen through the lens of the three major denominations of Judaism. The panel will be moderated by Ben Becker, WJAX-TV, Action News. The Society of Healers is cochaired by Drs. Suzanne & Robert Bryskin. Suzanne remarks, “Have you ever wondered about what the Jewish/Halachic answer is to scenarios caretakers face daily in modern medicine? Than please join us for an evening full of Jewish medical wisdom from a Reform, Conservative and Orthodox point of view.”

This event is in support of the 2018 Federation Annual Campaign. A minimum gift of $104 is required to attend if you have not yet made a campaign contribution. Kindly RSVP by April 23 to or (904)448-5000 x1201. The Society of Healers committee includes: Inbal Cohen-Rasner, Joseph Dayan, Dina Fetner, Howard Fetner, Jill Metlin, Cheryl Plotkin, Steve Porter, Todd Rasner, Sandy Shapiro, Blair Sisisky Sherman, Alissa Swota, Marte Wasserman and Paul Wasserman. For more information about the Society of Healers or to inquire about the January 2019 medical delegation trip to Israel, contact Erin Cohen, (904) 448 5000 x1205 or

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April 2018 - Sh’vat/Adar 5778

• Spacious apartments, bright, airy floor plans, washer & dryer, and private patios • Cathedral ceilings and dine-in kitchens • All utilities included except telephone • 24-hour security - gated community • Fine dining • Weekly housekeeping • Enclosed, heated pool

• Primary medical care on campus • Priority access to the award-winning River Garden system of care • Personal care services available through our Florida-licensed Home Health Care agency • Free wireless internet and Free cable TV • Scheduled transportation • Emergency call system



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One year ago this month, the Jacksonville Jewish News publicized the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration held at the Jewish Community Alliance.


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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

OPINION AND CARTOONS JJN’s Rabbinically Speaking: I’ll have a slice of life on Jewish Wry BY RABBI MATUSON

Beth El - The Beaches Synagogue

In an essay entitled “Why Are Jews Funny?,” Mark Horowitz recounts the shock some folks felt when in 1978 Time magazine reported that 80 percent of the stand-up comedians in the United States were Jewish. I found that fascinating. Why would anyone be shocked by the disproportionate number of Jews in comedy? I would think we’d be shocked if it were otherwise. Horowitz must have anticipated that reaction for in the opening paragraph of the essay he posits a reason for the surprise many felt when faced with the incontrovertible evidence that Jews are funny, “Were Jews always funny? For most of their history they (the Jews) had the reputation, at least among their Gentile neighbors, for being humorless and glum.” Well now it was my turn to be shocked. Jews being humorless and glum belie my belief that we are born with a predilection for humor but I could be wrong. Herman Adler, the chief rabbi of London, felt compelled to author a treatise in 1893 arguing vehemently, if not particularly convincingly, that Jews did indeed have a sense

of humor. Even the great Hebrew poet Chaim Bialik wrote, “To our great distress, there is very little humor in our literature. It is hard to find five continuous lines in Tanach with humor.” So I ask you, did Jews get funnier over the centuries, or were we just funny all along but very few were in on the joke? And why does it matter? Let’s consider the second question first. In the seminal study conducted by the Pew Research Center titled “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” 42 percent of respondents indicated that having a good sense of humor was a critical component of being Jewish in America today. That is 14 percent more than those who said being part of the Jewish community is a critical component of being Jewish in America, and (brace yourself) 23 percent more than those who thought observance of Jewish law is a critical component of being Jewish in America. As the wonderful Jewish essayist Joseph Epstein puts it, “In other words, at the heart of being Jewish, in the minds of a preponderant number of American Jews, is comedy.” If having a sense of humor is perceived to be such an

RABBINICALLY SPEAKING essential element of being Jewish in America it might behoove us to take Jewish humor seriously if for no other reason than to preserve Jewish identity in America. (I’m not certain if I mean that facetiously or factually, or in the spirit of Jewish humor, perhaps both.) There is another reason to take Jewish humor seriously, again let me reference Joseph Epstein’s wry insight as to why this subject should merit our attention, “More needs to be said if one is to understand Jew-

ish humor-not the jokes but the impetus driving the humor. I should say this derives from the split social personality of Jews, their simultaneous feeling of resentment at not being entirely in the mainstream of ordinary life joined with their disdain for the vapidity of that life.” While that may sound pedantic doesn’t it make the same point as Groucho Marx’s classic aphorism that he wouldn’t belong to any club that would have him as a member? (And doesn’t Groucho make the point in a much more memorable way?) Jewish humor has served as an antidote to anti-Semitism and a stalwart bulwark against the fear that is the stock and trade of terrorists. Recently Iwatched a video produced in Israel depicting ISIS fighters as hapless buffoons, it was hilarious, especially because it used actual ISIS propaganda to make the terrorists the targets of derision and

mockery. It was a powerful and important weapon in the same way Charlie Chaplain in “The Great Dictator,” made Hitler look less invincible and more insane and inane. The message and purpose of Jewish humor is no longer an attempt to distract our enemies but to confront them. Mel Brooks once posited the purpose of Jewish humor as, “they can’t kill us if they’re laughing.” No longer. I see genuine Jewish humor as a force to be reckoned with and I hope we don’t lose it. At its best, Jewish humor prepares us to live in a world of wolves without becoming one or becoming a victim of one. So I suppose I should conclude with a joke, one of my favorites. A waiter in a Jewish deli approaches a table and greets the diners by saying, “Is ANYTHING ok?” Yes, there are many things worth cherishing and protecting and there is much to celebrate in life. I sometimes imagine that I’m sitting at the table in the Jewish deli and after assuring the waiter that I am ok I would place my order, “I’ll have a thick slice of life served on Jewish wry please. And how about a schmear of something spicy just to keep it interesting.”

April 4th Jewish Java to feature “Hiding from the Nazis in Holland” BY ISABEL BALOTIN Shalom Jacksonville Director

When the word got out in Rotterdam, Holland that the Germans were planning to invade the area, Izaak and Bertie Cohen pleaded with their friends and neighbors to hide their son and his cousins while they searched for a hiding place in another city. It was a difficult and heart wrenching task. First, leaving your child and second, not knowing if they could find a family willing to risk their lives to take in a Jewish family. And worst of all, not knowing if the family would ever be reunited. Although a young boy at the time, and separated from his family, Tommy will share what

he remembers and some of the anecdotes from his parents and relatives. You’ll learn about the drama and difficulty of hiding in a small area, the anxiety of being caught and the bravery and risk the host families endured. There is so much more to this story, but I am hoping you will join us on April 4 for the full story from Tommy. Shalom Jacksonville’s Jewish Java is held the first Wednesday of every month at River Garden Senior Services. The morning begins with complimentary delicious Passover refreshments followed by schmoozing and an interesting and entertaining speaker. Newcomers and locals are invited

to attend. This popular program is a partnership of the Jewish Federation’s Shalom Jacksonville and River Garden Senior Services (11401 Old St. Augustine Rd.) RSVPs are a must by March 30. Contact: Isabel Balotin, 904-448-5000x206 or shalomjax@jewishjacksonville. org. Also joining us on April 4 will be Stacey Goldring, creator of The Searching for Identity Second Gen Writers Workshop which is dedicated to capturing the experiences of the Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor, the children of those who survived the war. Meeting monthly, the workshop offers an opportunity for the Second Gen to write, reflect and discuss

their childhood memories. The SFI Second Gen Writing Workshop will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a readers’ theatre program, Voices of the Second Gen at 7 p.m. on May 6 at JFCS. No one is ever required to write in the workshops and all members of the Holocaust Sur-

vivor community are welcome to attend . The SFI Writing Workshops are in partnership with JFCS and the Fanny Landwirth Foundation. The next workshop will be April 10 at JFCS. For more information contact:

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018


The Shlicha corner: My Israeli Passover BY SHELLY SHALEV Community Shlicha

In Israel, we have a famous tune that we like to chant for those exact moments and the song is called “Aviv hegia, Pesach ba”, which in translation means “the spring has arrived and Passover with it”, the air is warmer and the flowers are blossoming as we celebrate “Darom Adom” which means “red south” - southern Israel and practically the Northern Negev are having festivals to celebrate our national flower “Anemone” blossom. Passover is such a fun time to be in Israel. The first night of Seder for me is the best family time in the entire year. All of “Chol Hamoed” which in translation means “the week of Passover” I travel with family & friends all of Israel and enjoy going to Jerusalem’s “Kotel” and “Machne Yehuda” market, Tel Aviv’s “Shuk Hakarmel” & the beautiful board walk of Jaffa, The Golan Heights and Eilat’s Red Sea breath taking scenery. The Seder in my house is super fun and lively since we are a very big family. Every Seder we start with the “Hagada” reading and finish at 1 in the morning singing “Echad Mi Yodeah” and it is one of my favorite moments that I really miss my grand-

parents. My “Babu” (grandfather) Eliyahu Shalelashvili, was our light & our Passover Seder leader, for as long as I can remember me and my cousins waited for Passover to see the “Babu” show. With a thick Georgian accent he used to recite the “Hagada” and the tunes, the most memorable tune I have in my mind is the song “Dayenu”. That song is the also the hardest to sing to today

after losing Eliyahu in March 18th, 2012. Today, we honor him and are reminded of him and his presence everyday and especially during Passover time. Passover is the holiday of freedom and new beginnings and with that I want to wish every one of you a happy, fun, funny and loving holiday filled with the people you love, delicious food and a lot of traveling and exploring, “Hag Sameach”!

May 2 Jewish Java features Tools for the Whole Mishpucha—Mind, Body, and Soul BY ISABEL BALOTIN Shalom Jacksonville Director

The May Jewish Java will feature Michelle Pargman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor on Wednesday, May 2 as she gives a dynamic presentation on Coping Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul entitled, “Tools for the Whole Mishpucha.” The monthly program, held at River Garden’s Cohen Auditorium begins a 9 a.m. with a complimentary bagel brunch followed by the speaker. The community is invited to attend. MISHPUCHA, as you may know, is the Yiddish word for “family.” Family is important, but not necessarily specifically defined. We have incorporated words like framily, to describe friends that we choose to be like a family to us. In any case, your mishpucha is ideally there to support, encourage, and cheer you on. Join your mishpucha, old, new, and still waiting to be framily for this uplifting discussion on ways to manage life throughout the year with great take-aways that can serve you well in your work and/or personal life. As you can see, the tools go along with the mnemonics device M.I.S.H.P.U.C.H.A., which stands for: • Mindfulness, which simply refers to focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while recognizing and accepting current thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Learn tools like deep breathing and the impact it has on managing our daily stress. • Irrational Self-Talk is discussed along with learning ways to identify it so you can minimize its negative impact and make room for more productive self-talk. Changing our thinking can change everything. • Styles, refers to our communication preferences and why those people that seem the most difficult to us, may really

just be different in their styles and approach. • Happiness Study. Learn a proven method to increase happiness. • Px3 of Learned Optimism. The good news is that optimism can be learned. The way we explain events can impact our feelings and actions. Gain insight into becoming more optimistic. • Unleash your no. Why

is it so difficult to say “no?” If you suffer from the “disease to please,” you may come away with a new skill. • Corral Your Energy and Time. We all have limited time and energy, so explore ways to optimize what you have. • Humor. Erma Bombeck said, “When humor goes, there goes civilization.” If that is the case, plan on getting more civilized!

• Additional Tools for your stress management tool box will be offered, so you won’t want to miss it. Michelle Pargman, Ed.S., LMHC, NCC has been serving individuals and groups in a variety of settings including corporate and community as a clinician in the Employee Assistance Program field since 1999. Her writing can be sampled through

her blog: Shalom Jacksonville’s Jewish Java is a monthly program sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville and River Garden Senior Services. To RSVP, please contact Isabel Balotin, 904-448-5000 x206 or We look forward to greeting you.

Double Shot Jewish Java Tommy Cohen

Michelle Pargman

Wed. April. 4th

Wed. May 2nd

( Second Gen Survivor)


“Hiding from the Nazis

“Tools for the Whole

in Holland”

When the word got out in Rotterdam, Holland that the Germans were planning to invade the area, Tommy Cohen’s parents pleaded with family friends to hide him and his cousins while they searched for another safe place for themselves. Although a young boy at the time and separated from his family, Tommy will share his experiences and stories that were told to him by his parents. A fascinating tale of separation and reunion.

RSVP by March 29th

Mishpucha ‘Family’ ”

Join Michelle Pargman, Mental Health counselor as she gives a dynamic presentation on coping tools for mind, body and soul. Tools such as breathing, corralling energy, acceptance of flaws and humor are just a few that will be discussed. We promise you will walk away with the necessary tools to manage your personal life/work throughout the year with the help, support of family and “framily”friends we choose to be like family to us.

RSVP by April 25th

9:00-10:30 am

Cohen Auditorium - River Garden (11401 Old St. Augustine Rd.) Complimentary Passover Refreshments by Reservation Only Please RSVP to Isabel Balotin at 904-448-5000 x 1206 or

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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AIPAC Policy Conference – 2018 BY MICHAEL A. ABEL The AIPAC Policy Conference is the largest gathering of America’s pro-Israel community. This March 6-8, I joined the delegation from Jacksonville and Congregation Etz Chaim and attended the 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. Joining nearly 18,000 delegates from all fifty states, we enjoyed presentations of groundbreaking Israeli innovations, keynote speeches by American leaders from both parties, and wide-ranging, intimate educational sessions ranging from the Palestinian conflict, to a behind-the-scenes briefing from the founder and star of the Israeli-created binge-worthy TV show “Fauda,” to many other numerous and diverse social and cultural issues. Policy Conference culminated with a visit to Capitol Hill to lobby members of Congress in support of legislation that enhances the relationship between the United States and Israel. AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is non-partisan. As AIPAC describes it, the organization “empowers pro-Israel activists across all ages, religions, races and political parties to be politicly engaged and build relationships with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship.” Indeed, over the course of three days, we heard from American and Israeli political leaders representing diverse backgrounds. Former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, made a compelling case for Progressives to be active in AIPAC, while Vice President Mike Pence reminded AIPAC delegates that the United States “stands with Israel because her cause is our cause, her values are our values, her fight is our fight.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended in-person and spent considerable time extolling the wonders of Israel. It was impressive to watch a sitting head-of-state essentially turn into Israel’s “chief marketing officer,” effectively using a Power Point presentation, in front of 18,000 people, to illustrate Israeli innovation, the flourishing Israeli economy, and Israel’s widening circle of allies, most notably in Africa and Central America. Beyond speeches by politicians, there were touching and uplifting moments as well, most exemplified by

compelling and deeply moving presentations that exemplified the heart of the Jewish State and the Jewish people: a first-ever meeting between a bone marrow recipient and the IDF combat soldier who had provided his bone marrow via an innovative program known as Ezer Mizion, which expands bone marrow match availability by collecting saliva swabs from recently drafted IDF soldiers; an Israeli pioneer in training and providing guide dogs to visually impaired Israelis of all backgrounds; and, medical clowns who bring joy and raise the spirit of profoundly ill children at Hadassah Hospital. For many attendees, hearing UN Ambassador Nikki Hailey was the highlight of the Policy Conference. Welcomed with thunderous applause and multiple standing ovations, Haley reaffirmed that the current U.S. Administration would no longer tolerate the UN’s unfair treatment of Israel. Relaying simple and powerful stories of growing up in South Carolina as

the daughter of immigrants from India, Haley noted that she employs the exact same tactics at the UN for dealing with its bullies that she used in her youth when ignorant and meanspirited bullies taunted her family. “I have absolutely no patience for bullies,” Haley said. On the final afternoon of the Policy Conference, Rabbi Yaakov Fisch of Congregation Etz Chaim led the Jacksonville delegation to Capitol Hill for a lobbying meeting with Florida’s Fourth District Rep. John Rutherford. Our delegation, which included a highly motivated group of high school students from the Jacksonville Jewish Center, spoke openly and candidly to Rep. Rutherford regarding pending legislation in Congress that addressed America’s support for Israel’s security, the Iran nuclear deal, and the emerging Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions threat. Rep. Rutherford spoke about his recent trip to Israel with a bi-partisan delegation of members of Congress, and he demon-

strated detailed knowledge and insight regarding Israel’s security concerns and ongoing needs. In this deeply divided, highly partisan political environment, it was uplifting to join the company of 18,000 AIPAC activists and unite around a common value – a shared love of Israel and American support for the Jewish State. Many speakers – Republicans and Democrats, progressives, liberals and conservatives – all recognized that America’s interests and Israel’s interests are closely aligned, through shared values of freedom and democracy. American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman best captured this spirit when he remarked “I am convinced that America is at its best when it supports Israel.” Together, 18,000 delegates, including our representatives from Jacksonville, sent a powerful and united pro-Israel message to Congress and the Administration, and it was an honor and privilege to be able to join and participate.

Jacksonville Jewish Center confirmation class goes to AIPAC Left: Metro – JJC Siyyum Confirmation Class has arrived at #AIPAC2018 and is off to check in for the policy conference. Below: Jacksonville Jewish Center Siyyum Confirmation Class Visits Library Conference after lobbying with Congressman John Rutherford.

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

DuBow Preschool Celebrates 75 Years What began in 1942 as a Nursery-Kindergarten program for three, four, and five-year-olds at the Jacksonville Jewish Center’s home at Third & Silver in Springfield has thrived and grown into Jacksonville’s oldest Jewish early education program. On the evening of March 18, The Galinsky Academy held the DuBow Preschool 75th Anniversary Celebration and Award Dinner at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. With all proceeds benefitting the L’Dor V’Dor Annual Giving Campaign, the more than 320 guests in attendance enjoyed cocktails and a seated dinner. The event’s co-chairs were Haley Trager and Faye Hedrick, who pulled out all the stops in creating a program that highlighted the DuBow Preschool’s amazing history, serving as the evening’s emcees as well. Following an inspiring program, the evening’s highlight was the presentation of two awards, including the Rabbi David Gaffney Leadership in Education Award to the DuBow Family in recognition of their years of love and support of the Galinsky Academy’s schools and educational programs. A second award was presented to Jewish Family & Community Services in gratitude for JFCS’s commitment to special needs inclusion in Jacksonville’s Jewish day schools. The Community Partner Award was accepted by Colleen Rodriguez on JFCS’s behalf. The Galinsky Academy serves children from one year of age through high school, currently numbering approximately 300 children in total, and includes the DuBow Preschool, Bernard & Alice Selevan Religious School, Setzer Youth Education, and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. For more information on the Galinsky Academy, please contact Nancy Davis at nancy.

Jewish Business Network takes it out to the ballgame By Jewish Business Network

Networking, news, new friends, new experiences and ‘nosh’… terrific ingredients for another stimulating JBN meeting. With an attendance of over 20 businesses professionals, it was “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” time with the meeting being hosted by Jacksonville’s famed entrepreneur, Ken Babby. Treated to special seating in the “Wheelhouse,” Ken shared his journey, his aspirations and his commitment to bringing the Jumbo Shrimps back to the community in a big way! Offering the inside scoop on the anatomy of the Jumbo Shrimp’s rise in the community, Babby shared his journey, aspirations and commitment to a life filled with baseball. With fireworks, food (including Kosher Hot dogs) and healthy options – all at an affordable price, Ken hopes to inspire more interest in baseball while encouraging families to spend fun-filled, affordable days, at the Ballpark! Whether you’re a new business owner in Jacksonville, or a long-time established professional interested in growing your business, JBN meetings offer great opportunities to spend invaluable time with a very diverse group of outstanding business owners. JBN’s member profile includes attorneys, (criminal, entertainment, sports & probate), nutritionists, non-profit administrators, communicators, writers, engineers, financial advisors, realtors, marketing gurus and…yes, even a Baseball Team owner! Join JBN! Find your niche, listen to inspiring stories, make wonderful lasting connections and take some time to promote your business. Stay tuned for more information from JBN’s President, Zach Cohen, on our April 13th meeting. If you’re interested in attending a JBN meeting or want more information, please email Zach@

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018



Jacksonville turns out for Anne Frank’s Stepsister

Community invited to ancient Hebrew scroll project

By Chabad of Southside

On Wednesday evening March 7th over 800 people gathered at the Adam W. Herbert University Center on the UNF campus for a most memorable evening. Mrs. Eva Schloss, a storied survivor of the Holocaust who was also a childhood friend and stepsister of Anne Frank spoke for Chabad at UNF. Facilitating the conversation was UNF President John Delaney who engaged in a fascinating discussion with Eva. She shared stories of her youth playing with Anne Frank and the unique personality that she displayed. The large audience was taken from her hiding in Holland, her betrayal, capture and interrogation, to the concentration camps and ultimately liberation. She discussed her mother’s marriage to Otto Frank, and her own recovery from the physical torments of the camps, as well as her personal journey to once again finding faith, not only in G-d, but in humanity. A special video presentation was produced for the evening about the “Ani Ma’amin” song which was written by Jews while on the cattle cars to the gas chambers. Following the video the LaVilla Chamber Quintet played a stirring version of the song to a rousing ovation. In his remarks, Chabad of Southside co-director and UNF Rabbi Shmuli Novack focused on the incredible inspiration and strength we can take from each and every survivor, the resiliency of the human spirit and the ability to recover from life’s greatest challenges. The event was made possible by the FinkerFrenkel Foundation, Dignity Memorial, Avecina

By Bruce Latimer

Medical, Vystar Credit Union, Doherty Sommers Architects Engineers and First Atlantic Bank. “Despite this event revolving around the Holocaust, it was incredibly positive and upbeat and even

humorous at times. I am so grateful to our sponsors, to Mrs. Schloss for coming from London and to Mr. Delaney for really taking his time to read up on and connect with Mrs. Schloss.”

JFCS accepts CMO of the Year award

The Ancient Hebrew Scroll display is the only complete set of the Tanakh (Old Testament) that you can see. Come and bring family, friends and neighbors to see this once in a lifetime event. To learn more about the scroll project visit A review written by Rabbi Gary Perras who was the Rabbi at Daytona Beach Temple Israel in October


JCA to host special musical performance by Boyd Jones BY JCA

On the heels of the Young Concert Artists Series, which brought violinist Benjamin Baker, flutist Anthony Trionfo and pianist Dasol Kim to the Jacksonville, the JCA presents a special musical event with Boyd Jones on Sunday, Apr. 3 at 3 p.m. Jones is a professor at Stetson University who regularly performs as an organ and harpsichord soloist across the country. For this performance, Jones will play the complete Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Back on a large twomanual harpsichord. The Goldberg variations consist of an aria and 30 variations and was written for the harpsichord in 1741. Jones’s instrument was created by John Philips of san Francisco and has been built in the style of a German harpsichord. This event is free to the community thanks to the generosity of Henson Markham. For information, contact Thelma Nied at Reservations are appreciated.

Cindy Edelman Honors Yom Hashoah with presentation BY LESLIE HELD Director of Jewish Life

We welcome Cindy Edelman’s return to River Garden to present “Henryk Ross: A Man and His Camera” on Wednesday, April 11 at 10:30 am. Polish photographer Henryk

Ross, one of a handful of established Lodz ghetto photographers from 1940 to 1944, took “official” images for the SS along with prisoners’ IDs while also promoting the ghetto’s work efficiency. At the same time, Ross secretly documented the grim daily life in the ghetto and the accompanying horrors of starvation and illnesses, the terrible treatment of workers, and even the deportation of thousands to the death camps including Chelmo

and Auschwitz. Facing many risks while working under restricted conditions, Ross wanted to be sure that he captured “total destruction of Polish Jewry” because he knew that at any moment his life would be over. As a result, he buried his negatives in the cold hard ground before the ghetto was liquidated in the Fall of 1944. After the Red Army liberated the ghetto in Jan. 1945, he dug the box up to find that approximately

half of the 6,000 negatives survived. Not only are these photos an important historical document of what happened at Lodz, they were also used to help convict Adolph Eichmann at his Jerusalem trial. We will be looking at a range of the photos that tell the story he was trying to preserve. Refreshments will be served. Kindly RSVP by 4/4 to Laura Platzer: lplatzer@ or 886-8429.

Jewish Genealogy Society of Northeast Florida set to meet in April BY MARLA WESTBERG River Garden Senior Services

Are you interested to learn more about your family history? Maybe your parents or grandparents didn’t talk much about their lives. But you may be able to find records (or relatives you didn’t

know you had) to help put the pieces together. Would you like to learn about how DNA might help your search? Or are you an experienced researcher? If you’ve had success researching your family tree, maybe you’d like to share your expertise and help others break

through brick walls. Please join us April 25 at 10 a.m. at River Garden Senior Services for a meeting of the new Jewish Genealogy Society of Northeast Florida. Whether you’re a beginner just starting to ask questions about your ancestors or you’ve been working at this for a long

time already, let’s get together and share our interest in Jewish ancestry. For more information, join our Facebook group called “Jewish Genealogy Society of Northeast Florida”, or email Marla Westberg at marla@ or

and they will receive a good answer. Rabbis in the community are welcome to attend and add any additional comment they deem proper. Our congregation which is affiliated with the Conservative movement hosted this exhibit which was open to the entire community. We counted more than 1000 people who attended in just four hours on a Sunday afternoon. The reviews from our own community and the community-at-large were glowing. I highly recommend this exhibit and would

urge anyone hosting this exhibit to make it available to the entire community. It will be one of your most successful programs,” said Rabbi Gary Perras, Temple Israel, Daytona Beach, Fla. Please join us on Sunday, April 22 between 1 and 5PM. For additional information and/or directions, call 268-4600. All Souls Anglican Church is located at 4042 Hartley Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257 (corner of Old St. Augustine Rd.)

JFCS to Participate in Family Support Services “Party in the Park” By Jewish Family & Community

Jewish Family & Community Services accepting the award for Case Management Organization of the year by Family Support Services of Northeast Florida.

2016 reads: “This collection of scrolls containing all the books of the Jewish Bible in scroll form is truly a treasure for anyone who identifies as a Jew or a Christian. There are apparently 2 or 3 similar collections in existence, but they are not open to the public. This exhibit speaks for itself without any attempt to convert anyone to any faith. The presentation exhibits ritual objects connected with a Torah Scroll, its construction, and placement in the synagogue. If anyone has any questions, they are invited to ask them,

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and JFCS would like to invite you to join in the fun at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at Edward Waters College AdamsJenkins Community Sports and Music complex as Family Support Services of Northeast Florida hosts “Party in the

Park.” This yearly event serves as a unique outreach opportunity for local agencies to educate the entire community about some of services offered by social service organizations in the area. The focus of the event is child abuse prevention. The Jewish Family & Community Services High Risk Newborn (HRN) and the STEPS (Strengthening Ties

Authentic Greek Food

Georgia and her family at Athenian Owl want to wish all our friends

Happy Passover!

Empowering Parents) programs will be vendors. HRN focuses on families with children ages 0-5 that are at-risk. Our therapists meet with families in their homes to strengthen parenting and provide case management support

for highly vulnerable young families. The STEPS program, although similar, provides families with more practical, every day support such as budgeting assistance, communication skills and wraparound care. Both programs are designed


beautiful thing

is a


with 20% off your dinner! *not valid with any other coupon

9551 Baymeadows Rd. Ste. 21-22-23 Jacksonville, FL 32256 Open: M-F: 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., 4:30-9:30 p.m. Sat.: 4-10 p.m. Closed Sun. Phone: 904-503-3008 Website:

Roosevelt | Mandarin Lakewood | Beaches Harbour Village Baymeadows 1-888-SteinMart

LET’S CONNEC T & SHOP SteinMar t .com

to demonstrate progress and success in the home to preserve family unity. If you would like more information on this event, contact Family Support Services at 904-418-5842 or visit events@

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Do you have old tax documents piled up in your home? Have you recently finished your spring cleaning? Join Setzer Youth Education for our fundraising Shred Event on April 25th from 5-7 p.m.! Protect yourself against identity theft and bring all of your sensitive documents for us to shred. Iron Mountain will be on property at the Jackson-

ville Jewish Center to provide safe and secure shredding services to the community. The cost will be $5 per standard file box and all proceeds will benefit the Youth Summer Merit Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to Jewish youth wishing to participate in Jewish summer programs. For more information, visit or contact the Jacksonville Jewish Center at 904-292-1000.

Rabbi Merrill Shapiro Presents Influential Women of the Bible BY LESLIE HELD Director of Jewish Life

Rabbi Shapiro returns with the second lecture in his series “Influential Women of the Bible: Examining Persuasive Personalities.” On Wednes-

day, April 18 at 10:30 a.m. in River Garden’s Cohen Auditorium, attendees will find themselves engaged by his take on “Women in Charge: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel Assert Themselves.” The lecture is free and open to the community. Please feel free to bring a guest. Kindly RSVP by April 9 to Laura Platzer at 886-8429 or Refreshments will be served.

Temple Bet Yam brings back author Andrew Nagorski By Temple Bet Yam

The Shoah will be remembered as part of Temple Bet Yam’s Shabbat service on Friday, April 13 beginning at 7:30 p.m. The service, led by Rabbi Fred Raskind, will be followed by an Oneg Shabbat. Andrew Nagorski, former senior editor of Newsweek International and former VP and Director of Public Policy

for the East/West Institute and now a St. Augustine resident, will return as the guest speaker. Mr. Nagorski has done extensive research and first person interviews as the basis for his award winning books. All are welcome to join us at Temple located at 2055 Wildwood Drive, St. Augustine, just off SR 207. For further information, go to or call 904-819-1875.

Lag B’Omer picnic returns to Jacksonville Jewish Center By Renee Haire

Growing up at the Jacksonville Jewish Center, many things stand out in my memory. Some of the happiest memories were spending summers with my family and friends at what is now the Yegelwel Family Pool. The big summer kickoff was always the Lag B’Omer picnic. The summer camp staff was there playing games and doing crafts while the Men’s Club provided a lunch of hot dogs, chips, and watermelon. These cherished memories will soon be a reality once again so that we can share this special event with a new generation of

Jax Jewish Singles go Turkish for April event By Francine Smith

Event rescheduled. Join the Jax Jewish Singles at Istanbul Grill, a familyowned restaurant serving Mediterranean and Turkish food. They have a delicious buffet and also ala carte items. It is located on Southside Blvd. For date and time of the dinner, email or call 904-221-8061.

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018


Community Shred Event to be held at the Jacksonville Jewish Center By Jacksonville Jewish Center

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family and friends. On May 6 beginning at 3 p.m., the Center will officially open the Yegelwel Family Pool for the summer season, the Center’s Men’s Club will once again man the grill with a kosher picnic meal. Staff and counselors from Camp Ki Tov will be there leading relay races, contests and games and more! Go to JJCJax. org for more details about the return of this family favorite event!

Celebrating Jewish Disability Awareness Month By Jewish Family & Community Services

Jewish Family & Community Services is proud to support Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, February 2018. Cindy Land, Inclusion Supervisor and her school staff worked with our partners, the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and the Torah Academy of Jacksonville to bring awareness programs to the students. “Wonder,” a story that follows a 5th grader named Auggie living in Manhattan who has been diagnosed with a rare facial deformity. Auggie had been home schooled for the majority of his life due to various facial surgeries until middle

school when his parents decided it was time to enroll him in a school where he could meet and interact with other children his age. The theme throughout the movie is to overlook and accept people that are different from you and welcome them. Watching “Wonder” opened up the conversation between students and teachers about people who are different. The exterior is simply the exterior – it is not the person. The lesson for the students that attended was not to judge others based on their outside appearance, but to accept them for who they are in their heart. The students at Torah Academy celebrated as well with a presentation by Matt Sechrist. Matt is a 23-year-old man born with the birth defect Spina

Bifida, a rare deformity where the backbone and membranes of the spinal cord do not close properly. Matt does not let his defect keep him down, though! He has a full-time job at Brooks Rehab and in his spare time plays competitive basketball. Students were curious as to how Matt did all that he does. Matt brought a basketball with him and illustrated how he plays. He dribbled, blocked and shot the basketball into the net – all in a sports wheelchair. After he was finished exhibiting his many skills, Matt gave the students the opportunity to “test drive” his wheelchair. Each Torah Academy student learned that anyone can live a normal life and do normal things, regardless of disabilities.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

SYNAGOGUE NEWS Rabbi from Arizona visits Jacksonville for inspirational Shabbos By Etz Chaim Synagogue

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan, Rabbi of Ahavas Torah in Scottsdale, Arizona spent Shabbat in Jacksonville’s Etz Chaim Congregation and gave 10 public classes including appearances at Torah Academy and Jacksonville Torah High School. The entire program was organized by Etz Chaim Sisterhood under the leadership of Etz Chaim’s esteemed Rabbi Yaakov Fisch. Over the last year, two outreach groups led by Emily Rosenbaum, former JWRP madricha, have been gathering to learn from recordings of classes and lectures Rabbi Shoshan has delivered at home in Arizona. The groups have studied directly with the rabbi on two recent occasions by video-conference and the idea was hatched to have him travel to Florida and speak in person to them and their families and friends. That event, entitled The Mystical Truth of Ephraim & Menashe: Raising Our Children & Ourselves took place on Thursday night at home of Steven and Andrea Mail. As the anticipation for the single lecture grew, Rabbi Fisch and the Sisterhood identified the possibility of expanding Rabbi Shoshan’s visit into a full-blown Chizuk Shabbos (Inspirational Shabbat) for the benefit of the broader community and the two

schools. Travel plans were adjusted and by the time it was over, Thursday had additionally included Rabbi Shoshan’s Lunch & Learn in San Marco on the topic Jacob’s Ladder: Is Food the Stairway to Heaven? as well as a group discussion of personal development when family members want to embrace observance at varied

speeds. On Friday afternoon, Rabbi Shoshan spoke to Torah Academy’s grades 5-8 on A Deeper Side of Bein Adam L’Chavero (Between Man and His Neighbor) and met with the students at the Jacksonville Torah High School. Shabbos was of course the high-

light. The visiting rabbi led a spirited Kabbalas Shabbos and spoke on the topic Adar’s Joy, the Beis HaMikdash and a Cup Half Full. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Fisch hosted a Friday night dinner for many of the host committee couples. This was followed by a celebratory Oneg (Friday night gathering) for the community at the Fisches. Over 50 people gathered to sing Jewish songs and listen to words of Torah offered by Rabbi Shoshan, Rabbi Fisch, and Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz. On Shabbos day, Rabbi Shoshan led Shacharis and gave a sermon on the topic “Command”ments & Profound Daily Possibilities. After a festive Kiddush, well over 100 people returned to the sanctuary for a lecture entitled A Practical Guide to Overcoming Life’s Greatest Spiritual Challenges, based on the writings of a modern day Chassidic Rabbi, Shalom Noach Berezovsky. The participants learned an in-depth analysis of the early Torah portions’ prescription for tackling life’s most difficult challenges. On Shabbos afternoon, another very large group gathered before Mincha for Rabbi Shoshan’s final talk, entitled The Megilla, the Haggada, and the Curious Words “Detzach, Adash, b’Achav” In all, hundreds of people gathered for a Shabbos that was described as “deeply inspiring and transformational.”

Congregation Ahavath Chesed welcomes Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar as Senior Rabbi By The Temple

The Temple is excited to welcome Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar as the 136-year-old synagogue’s newest spiritual leader. Rabbi Bahar joins the Temple on July 1 after spending nine years as the rabbi at Temple B’nai Sholom in Huntsville, AL. Rabbi Bahar had an opportunity to introduce herself by speaking with nearly 200 congregants gathered at Temple just before the Purim Carnival during a recent brief visit to what will be her new home. She told the as-

sembly that she focuses on the joy in Judaism and intends to find many opportunities to celebrate together. “We can allow ourselves the possibility of dancing together as we celebrate Simchat Torah, singing out loud as we welcome in Rosh Hashanah and offering praise together as we let go of feeling alone,” she promised.

Temple Sisterhood honored for 60 years of Braille Group Support

have also provided support for Temple’s Braille group. Funds to keep equipment in good repair and to purchase new equipment are always welcome as the group strives to provide quality materials and keep up with the growing demand. On Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon, braillists meet at The Temple to produce materials. Supervising it all is Lynette Taylor, who has a Master of Library Science Degree from Florida State and is a presenter at local, state and national Braille conferences. It was a special honor for Sisterhood to receive the recognition plaque directly from her. Individuals, groups, or businesses interested in funding or participating in Temple’s Braille Group can email Lynnette Taylor at Training classes are held each fall.

was similarly impressed,” he noted. “She is passionate about engaging our congregation about all aspects of Reform Judaism and is also eager to work with the greater local Jewish community and other Jacksonville faith leaders to share the Jewish perspective among a wider audience.” In Huntsville, Rabbi Bahar worked with lay leaders to launch a Jewish preschool, and worked with Conservative Jewish leaders to establish a North Alabama Community Hebraic School (NACHaS) so that there would be Jewish education for

students from both congregations. She has been an advocate for Reform Jewish values, and an active member of Faith in Action Alabama. The Forward listed her as one of America’s 33 most Inspirational Rabbis in 2015. (Interestingly, she shared the accolade with another former Temple rabbi, Fred Guttman.) Rabbi Bahar, her husband Uzi, and their three children, Aiden (7), David (6) and Daniel (almost 3) are excited about starting this new chapter in Jacksonville. An official installation will be announced at a later date.

Temple Bet Yam presents Murder Mystery Theatre By Temple Bet Yam

By The Temple

On March 4, Temple Sisterhood was honored with a plaque for 60 years of support for Temple’s Braille Group. Founded initially to help a member’s son with his education, it is now a nationally-known group, which provides brailled materials not just locally but throughout the United States. Recipients include students at the Florida School for The Deaf and The Blind in St. Augustine, a home-schooled student in Pennsylvania and a Virginia-based, part-time college student, who is pursuing a second Master’s degree in business. Restaurant menus and graphics are not a challenge for this determined, creative group. Congregation Ahavath Chesed (The Temple) has dedicated space to support the good works of these volunteers. Technology advances have had a major impact on the way brailled materials are produced. With enhanced technology, materials produced for one individual can now be reproduced as needed, saving thousands of hours and dollars. Sisterhood has purchased various machines over the years and paid for warranties on others. The Braille group is a line item in Sisterhood’s annual budget. Over the decades, many businesses and organizations

“Judaism is about learning to live life here under God’s heaven while still experiencing suffering, isolation, hardship and rejection. It is about discovering the courage to rejoice.” Temple President Brian Mendelson is excited about Temple members getting to know Rabbi Bahar, as he has come to know her during the search process. “The 21-member Senior Rabbi Search Committee, led by Joanne Cohen and Judy Poppell, was enthusiastic in its recommendation of Rabbi Bahar, and the Temple Board of Trustees

Get ready, get set, go back in time to the years of the roaring ’20s where speakeasies, prohibition, and mobs were the norm. Don Carrasino’s number one henchman is murdered outside the local speakeasy. We need your help to solve this murder mystery before anyone else bites the dust! Join us at The Italian Café on April 14 for a fun-filled and rewarding evening. Come dressed in 1920s garb

if you like to add to the merriment. While solving the murder, enjoy a complete Italian dinner which includes appetizers, wine, and dessert. You can find the Italian Café at Temple Bet Yam, 2055 Wildwood Drive, St. Augustine, just off SR 207. Tickets are $33 per person. Contact Carol Levy, 904895-7332, or bernie.levy@ for more information and to reserve your tickets and seating preference.

Temple Sisterhood presents Domestic Violence program By The Temple

The entire Jewish community is invited to Temple Sisterhood’s Domestic Violence program, No Excuse for Abuse, on April 22 from 2-4 p.m. at Temple. A panel consisting of a JSO officer, lawyer from Hubbard House and a licensed mental health counselor will be followed by a local Jewish survivor who will tell her harrowing story. A period for questions and answers will follow. A suggested donation of $5 will be collected at the door with envelopes on each table for additional donations to Northeast Florida safe houses. Please bring a Ziploc bag of toiletries to donate to the women currently living there. Rethreaded will be selling items they create from solid-color cotton t-shirts. Proceeds from these efforts support women rescued from

Human Trafficking. Please bring solid-color t-shirts to be added to Rethreaded’s inventory. Remember to wear purple to show support for all involved in domestic violence! RSVP to Marie Reitzes at maxiemom1949@ if you plan to attend, although walk-ins are also welcome.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Torah Academy and Etz Chaim celebrate Purim with fiesta

Michele Block Gan Yeladim kicks off Send a Kid to Camp tzedakah campaign with Grandfriends Shabbat By Jewish Community Alliance

On Friday, Feb. 16, Michele Block Gan Yeladim Preschool and Kindergarten invited Grandmas, Grandpas, Bubbies, Zaydes and special friends for a special Shabbat celebration. Grandfriends’ Shabbat was a fun-filled, intergenerational experience with over 130 guests that raised money to help children in need have a memorable summer camp experience. Judaics Resource teacher Morah Karen and Director of Family and Jewish Programs Dave Flagler led this program

that celebrated the core Jewish values of hachnasat orchim, welcoming guests, and tzedakah, charitable giving. Michele Block Gan Yeladim students experience the value of compassion and helping others through the giving of tzedakah money on Shabbat and throughout the year. For this Shabbat celebration, the school invited grandparents and special guests to reinforce and exemplify this Jewish value. The donations collected will go towards JCA’s Send a Kid to Camp fundraising campaign.

Science, gardening going strong at DuBow

Torah Academy hosts Chumash Party

By DuBow Preschool

The Temple to host talk on Saudia Arabia, Israel By The Temple

Dr. Ellen Wald will speak at The Temple on April 24 at 7 p.m. on “The Secret History of Saudi Arabia and Israel.” Rumors grow today of a possible détente between Israel and the Saudi kingdom, based, in part, on the shared threats of Iran and terrorism. However, “the history is not one of pure enmity,” explained Dr. Wald. “Neither country was nearly as ideological as we have come to remember, and, in truth, Saudis leaders shared surprising sentiments about Israel at times. Perhaps there is a greater chance for peace than we had thought.” Dr. Wald’s new book, “Saudi, Inc.” will be released April 3. The book tells the history of Saudi Arabia through the central figure of the Aramco oil company and uncovers the motivations and backroom dealings behind the rise of the Arab power. Dr. Wald is a consultant on energy and geopolitics and adjunct professor of Middle East history at Jacksonville University. She is also a nonresident scholar at the Arabia Foundation, a D.C. think-tank, and writes regular columns for Forbes Online, and Arab News, a Saudi Arabian daily. Dr. Wald received her AB in history from Princeton University and a PhD from Boston University. Her presentation is made possible through the generosity of the Dr. Larry and Kathy Kanter Fund for Jewish Preservation at Temple. The entire community is invited to the presentation which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Make your own Matzah Pizza with Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner returns By Jacksonville Jewish Center

Once services have concluded on the seventh day of Passover, Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner will come down from the bima and show off his cooking skills in a family friendly favorite kiddush tradition at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. In addition to our traditional Passover Kiddush fare, on this day we add a hands on, yummy twist. With over fifteen different toppings and spices, everyone’s inner

2nd Annual Nocatee Shabbat Dinner: May 2018 By Chabad S. Johns

This spring we invite you to join your neighbors and friends (or soon to be friends) to celebrate Shabbat with a delectable, four-course dinner in a warm Shabbat atmosphere. The evening will begin with a brief candle lighting ceremony for women and a joyous welcoming of Shabbat, which will be followed by an exquisite Shabbat dinner at the Nocatee Crosswater Hall on Friday, May 4 at 6:30 p.m.. New to the neighborhood? It’s the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors! Nocatee Shabbat Dinner is open to the whole family - so bring your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even the kids. There will be an exciting, interactive children’s program. No membership or affiliation necessary to join. Reservations are required and can be made at To find out more, email Info@JewishSJohnsCounty. com or call 904.701.4422

gourmet can find something to create delicious matzah pizza that will tease and delight their palate. Make-Your-Own-Matzah Pizza with Rabbi Lubliner has been a 5 year plus tradition here at the Center and by far one that

is looked forward to each year. There is something for everyone; young to old, home cook to professional chef. We invite you to join us at the Jacksonville Jewish Center for our festival morning service on the seventh

day, Friday, April 6 beginning at 9:00 AM. After the conclusion of services stay and show off your culinary skills with your own matzah pizza creation. Chag Pesach Sameach!

Join us for Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Community Shredding Day!

Benefiting Setzer Youth Education’s Summer Merit Scholarships

Wednesday, April 25 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Jacksonville Jewish Center 3662 Crown Point Road

$5 per standard file box Paper ONLY, Please!

Small staples & paperclips are permitted!

Early Dropoffs Available at the Center!

Sunday, April 22 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Monday, April 23 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday, April 24 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Wednesday, April 25 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

For more information contact

Being a little can be a challenge, but at the DuBow Preschool our Science and Garden teacher, Ms. Heather, is showing our students how they can use simple machines to help their growing muscles do big work! Students were introduced to the concepts of friction, wheels, and pulleys. Have you ever tried to push a heavy object on a flat surface? Add a few wheels and lessen the friction, and you are ready to roll… literally! By having the opportunity to engage with pulley systems first hand students learned that two pulleys were better than one. Yet again, teamwork and collaboration for the win! Our classes love having unique science experiences in the Discovery Studio! Outside in our garden, freez-

ing temperatures zapped some our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. We were still able to harvest pounds and pounds of vegetables this fall and winter. We had bowls full of green beans and sugar snap peas, stalks of bok choy, and several huge heads of broccoli. One of the students’ favorite

days is our carrot-harvesting day! We identify the carrot plants in our raised beds and discuss how they may look when we pull them out since they are root vegetables. Everyone uses their strong muscles to pull them out of the ground, and after washing them they were ready to enjoy!

By Torah Academy

Mazal Tov to Torah Academy’s First Graders on receiving their first chumashim on February 21. The First Grade class gave a wonderful, song-filled performance for their parents, demonstrating their enthusiasm and excitement as they begin learning Torah.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Camp Ki Tov Opens Enrollment for Summer 2018 By Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Camp Ki Tov at the Jacksonville Jewish Center will be open for seven weeks of fun this summer! With programming for campers as one year old, campers incoming to grades Kindergarten through 5th grade will even have opportunities for specialty themed weeks where there will be unique programming dedicated to a particular topic. Maybe your elementary schooler loves Legos? Or would they jump at the chance to bake and learn to cook? Camp Ki Tov may be their answer to summer fun! There will also be an LIT (Leader in Training) Program for students entering 8th-10th grades. As always, our campers will enjoy twice-daily swimming at the Yegelwel Family Pool or playing in our splash pad. They will experience archery, fishing, and outdoor games within our beautiful 34-acre campus. For more information, email or call (904) 292-1241.

Celebrate Earth Day with Michele Block Gan Yeladim

Torah Academy hosts Cyber Wellness series On February 15, Torah Academy hosted Mr. Billy Steeghs, cybersecurity advisor and managing partner of On Defend Cyber Security, for an informative evening to help parents better understand the challenges our digital age presents to families. Mr. Steeghs offered practical advice for educating children to safely and responsibly use technology. This program served as an important kickoff to Torah Academy’s in-school cyber-wellness curriculum for its students.

This 4-week series, also given by Mr. Steeghs in partnership with TA’s school counselor Ms. Karen Hanson, included content which taught students that online friends aren’t real friends, the importance of protecting private information, pausing before posting, being kind online, and much more. Torah Academy is confident that these proactive measures will help children interact more responsibly and safely as they navigate the cyber world.

Family game night fun for all ages By DuBow Preschool By Jewish Community Alliance

Participating in Earth Day events is a great way to teach children about preserving the wonders of our planet. The Jewish value of bal tashchit guides us to take care of the earth and not waste or destroy. At Michele Block Gan Yeladim, it’s never too early for young children to celebrate and embrace nature. On Sunday, April 22 from 10:30-11:30 a.m., the school will hold a JPlay Earth Day Celebration. Families with young children can join Michele Block Gan Yeladim in their lovely

outdoor gardens, sandy beach and playground for an active, interactive play day. A picnic breakfast is included. JPlay programs offer the opportunity for fun, educational experiences for young children. These events are just another way Michele Block Gan Yeladim brings learning outside of the classroom and into the community. JPlay Earth Day Celebration is $15 per family to attend. JCA valued member families are $10. For information in this and other JPlay events, contact 730-2100 ext. 235. To register, call 730-2100 ext. 228 or go to

The DuBow Preschool and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School recently hosted their first Family Game Night at the Java Game Haus Café in Mandarin. Families could choose from an enormous selection of games and puzzles. Some families played games together, while others enjoyed the playing with school friends! Families that attended left with their own dice game, and there were a few raffle winners. Overall, it was a great night, and the schools are looking forward to hosting another Family Game Night soon!

Registration open for JCA Stage Door Theatre Camp BY IMAN BYFIELD Jewish Community Alliance

JCA Summer Camp programs offer age-appropriate activities for every child’s unique interests. Every summer, creative campers can hone their theatrical skills in Jacksonville’s most popular creative arts camp. Stage Door Theatre Camp, for children entering grades 1 to 9, provides the unique opportunity to work with theatre professionals through fun, interactive activities and performing arts programming. Registration for the 2018 summer season is underway. Themed sessions of State Door Theatre Camp include training in musical theatre-style

dance and Fit for Broadway aerobic-style dance. Daily activities feature singing, dancing, acting and arts and crafts. Campers also enjoy daily swim and special activities. At the conclusion of each session, campers present a full-scale stage show to friends and family. Stage Door Theatre Camp is offered in two, 4-week sessions. The first session, from June 11 to July 6, celebrates the magic of Disney. Session two is from July 9 to August 3 and explores the works of Dr. Seuss. Each session offers various day and time options. For details about Stage Door Theatre Camp and other JCA camps or to register, go to


Nurturing young minds through innovative learning and whole child education.

904.641.6644 |

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville thanks you for your support!

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

We appreciate our donors and want to express this each month in the JJN. Thank you to the following donors who have made a commitment to support the 2018 Federation Annual Campaign as of March 15, 2018. Names printed in BOLD TEAL denote a gift that was made after Feb. 15, 2017.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abel Dr. and Mrs. Mark Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ackerman Dr. and Mrs. Tony Adelson Dr. and Mrs. Philip Adler Mr. and Mrs. David Adler Mrs. Peggy Ageloff Mr. and Mrs. Michel Allen Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Alliance Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allison Mr. and Mrs. Howard Alterman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Alterman Mr. and Mrs. Allen Altman Ms. Barbara Ames Mr. and Mrs. Allan Andrew Mr. and Mrs. Marc Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ansbacher Mr. Lawrence Ansbacher Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ansbacher Mrs. Sybil Ansbacher Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Appelbaum Ms. Eve Aptheker Mrs. Sandy Archer Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold Ms. Sara August Ms. Diana Azpiazu Mr. and Mrs. Frank Backilman Mr. Al Bagocius and Ms. Carol Doyle Mr. and Mrs. David Bailys Dr. Scott Baker and Mrs. Maureen Ruddy-Baker Mr. and Mrs. Scott Balotin Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bannon Mr. and Mrs. Martin Barna Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Barone Mrs. Rita Baumgarten Mr. Jack Bazinsky Mr. and Mrs. Ben Becker Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Becker Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Beckerman Ms. Sarah Beekman Mr. and Mrs. Jean Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Odell Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Guy Benrubi Dr. Isidore D. Benrubi Mr. and Mrs. Prince Benyehudah Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Berger Mr. and Mrs. Greg Berger Mr. and Mrs. Ira Berger Mr. Martin Berger Mr. Daniel Bergman Ms. Danielle Berke Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Berke Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berman Mrs. Steve Bermudez Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bernard Ms. Carolee Bertisch Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bettman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beyer Mrs. Adrienne Biber Mr. and Mrs. Abe Bielski Mr. and Mrs. David Bielski Mr. Sheldon Blattner Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Blattner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blaustein Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bloom Mr. David Blum Ms. Stacey Blum Mrs. Sue Ann Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Board Mrs. Traude Bohrman Mrs. Josephine Bonnett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bossen Mrs. Rhona Botnick Mr. Wiatt Bowers Mr. and Mrs. James Brady Ms. Michelle Branly Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brattner Mrs. Joyce Braun Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Breault Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brodsky Dr. and Mrs. Sol Brotman Dr. and Mrs. Andy Brown Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Ms. Alison Brown Mrs. Estelle Brust Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bubis Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Buchman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Burns Mr. and Mrs. Howard Buss Mr. and Mrs. Jan Butensky Mr. Leonard Cagan Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Howard Caplan Mrs. Barbara Carman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chait Mr. and Mrs. Barry Chefer Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cheiken Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chepenik Dr. Colleen Bell and Mr. Craig Cherrin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cherry Ms. Susan Cherry Mrs. Rita Clark Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cohen Mrs. Shirley Cohen Rabbi and Mrs. Matt Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Danny Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cohen Ms. Joanne Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Donald Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Constain Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Coplan Mrs. Ellen Cottrill Ms. Cheryl Covitz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Crafton Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crovatto Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cutler

Ms. Bev Darkatsh Mr. and Mrs. Albert Datz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Datz Ms. Joan Davidow and Mr. Stuart Glass Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis Mr. James Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis Drs. Leo and Joanne Davis Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dayan Mr. and Mrs. Jim De Arman Mrs. Lisa De Marco Mr. and Mrs. Jon DeBardeleben Mr. and Mrs. Allan Decker Mr. and Mrs. Moti Demri Mrs. Marilyn Desser Mrs. Ellen Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dreicer Mr. and Mrs. Sean Driscoll Judge and Mrs. Robert Droker DuBow Family Ms. Nanci Duchovnay Mrs. Jody Dughi Mr. and Mrs. Alexius Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Dan Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Edelman Mrs. Goldie Edelstein Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Edwards Mr. Marvin Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Martin Edwards Ms. Gloria Einstein Mrs. Lisa Eisenberg Mrs. Elizabeth Eisenberg Mrs. Marie Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Elikan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Elinoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elkin Dr. and Mrs. Warren Endes Mrs. Fern Estner Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Farhi Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fastenberg Ms. Betsy Federman Dr. Denise Sherman and Mr. Yakov Feig Ms. Harriet Feinglass Dr. and Mrs. Neil Feinglass Mr. and Mrs. Brian Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Feldman Dr. Alan Fetner and Dr. Mary Hartigan Dr. and Mrs. Michael Fetner Drs. Howard and Dina Fetner Ms. Gaye Feuer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields Ms. Anna Finelt Mr. and Mrs. Neal Finkelstein Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Fisch Ms. Cheryl Fisch Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Myron Flagler Mr. and Mrs. Martin Flamm Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fleet Ms. Bobbie Fost Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Fox Ms. Sarah Fraden Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Franzblau Mr. Matthew Franzblau Ms. Ariel Frechtman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freedman Mrs. Marilyn Freedman Mr. Michael Freedman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Freeman Dr. and Mrs. Marc Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Adam Frisch Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Frohman Judge Jerry Funk Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furman Mr. and Mrs. Oren Gahanian Mrs. Helena Gandell Mr. and Mrs. Harold Garber Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gare Ms. Nicola Garner Mrs. Zelda Gartner Mr. and Mrs. Simon Garwood Mr. Victor Gaukhman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Geller Mr. Sheldon Gendzier and Ms. Estelle Kritz Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gendzier Mrs. Alois Gendzier Mrs. Sunny Gettinger Judge and Mrs. Marvin Gillman Mr. John Gilmore and Ms. Amy Grass-Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ginzig Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gladstone Mr. Peter Levy and Ms. Kim Glasgal Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goetz Mrs. Carole Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Goldberg Mrs. Patricia Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Golden Ms. Lauren Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Goldfarb Dr. Bruce Goldfeder Mr. and Mrs. Ira Goldfield Mr. David Golding and Ms. Leslie Carmel Mrs. Irma Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Karl Goldman Mr. Alan Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldman Mr. Kenneth Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Roy Goldman Mr. and Mrs. David Goldman Mrs. Hilda Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Marty Goldmintz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldsmith Ms. Bea Goldsmith Ms. Janet Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Allen Goldstein

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldstein Mr. Harvey Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Mrs. Gloria Goodman Mr. Jonathan Goodman Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gordon Mrs. Naomi Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Goshen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jarzyna Gottlieb Family Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gould Mr. and Mrs. John Grado Dr. and Mrs. Brett Gratz Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Green Ms. Diane Greenbaum Mr. and John Barrett Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Greenblum Dr. and Mrs. Michael Greenburg Dr. Melinda Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Joel Greenhut Mr. Gerald Greenspoon Ms. Gari Greenwald Dr. and Mrs. Earl Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grenadier Ms. Ilisa Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James Grinnan Mr. Matthew Grinnan Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gross Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Arnold Mr. Michael Grossman Mrs. Roslyn Grossman Mrs. Dolly Grunthal Mr. Stephen Gurne Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gutterman Drs. Randall and Shoshana Haas Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Haile Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hall Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Halpern Mrs. Cynthia Handmaker Mrs. Bonnie Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hare Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harlow Dr. and Mrs. Alan Harris Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Mr. and Mrs. Alan Harrison Rabbi and Mrs. Shaya Hauptman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayflick Mrs. Sonie Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hedrick Mr. William Layton and Ms. Rachel Heiser Mrs. Leslie Held Mr. Steven Heller Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Helming Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Herbst Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Herman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Brian Herschkowitz Mrs. Raymonde Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hilbert Mr. John Nelson and Ms. Murren Hill John and Helen Hill Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hirsch Ms. Masha Hleap Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hodor Mr. Royal Holian Mr. and Mrs. Jay Holiday Hazzan and Mrs. Jesse Holzer Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Holzer Mr. and Mrs. David Honig Mrs. Nancy Honig Mrs. Wendy Honigman Ms. Sheila Horowitz Mr. Arthur Hurwitz Ms. Janet Healy and Mr. Charles Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Isakbayev Ms. Helene Isolica Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Israel Mrs. Judith Israel Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jaben Dr. and Mrs. Ira Jackler Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jackrel Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson Mr. Marc Jackson and Ms. Ann Tiefenthaler Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jacobs Mr. Darryl Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jaffa Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jaffa Mr. and Mrs. James Jaffa Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Jon Jagodinski Ms. Anita Jarrett Mrs. Lorraine Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Jolles Dr. Edward Joseph Ms. Sharon Juhasz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kahn Mr. Jeffry Wollitz and Ms. Randy Kammer Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kanner Dr. and Mrs. Larry Kanter Mrs. Barbara Karsin Mr. and Mrs. David Kasriel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katz Ms. Heidi Katz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Katz Ms. Michele Katz Dr. and Mrs. David Katz Ms. Libby Katz Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Katz Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaufmann Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Kaunitz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kaye

Mrs. Barbara Kazin Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith Ms. Sharon Kenner Rabbi and Mrs. Dov Kentof Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kersun Judge and Mrs. Morton Kesler Ms. Sharon Kesler Ms. Marcia Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Kigel Mr. and Mrs. David Kight Ms. Simone Kilbourn Ms. Ida Kirsner Dr. and Mrs. Garry Kitay Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klausner Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kleiman Mr. and Mrs. William Klein Mr. and Mrs. Gil Kleiner Ms. Janice Knack Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kopp Mr. and Mrs. Howard Korman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Korn Mrs. Annetta Kornblum Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kornhauser Mr. Yefim Brunfon and Mrs. Polina Koropova Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kossoff Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kraemer Mrs. Sylvia Kraemer Dr. and Mrs. Alan Krantz Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kraus Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kreisel Mrs. Carolyn Krestul Ms. Ann Kristal Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kuhbander Mr. Don Kupfer Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kurtz Dr. and Mrs. Ron Kushner Mr. Carl Kutlin Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Lafer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Land Mr. Howard Laner Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Langer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lantinberg Mrs. Sonya Lasris Mr. and Mrs. James Lawson Mrs. Naomi Lazar Mr. and Mrs. Eric Leach Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leach Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leader Ms. Jean Lebowitz and Ms. Thelma Lebowitz Mrs. Dorothy Legum Ms. Sybil Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Leimberg Ms. Tilde A. Lerman Dr. and Mrs. Eli Lerner Drs. Jeff and Ilene Levenson Dr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Levin Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Levine Mrs. Eileen Levine Ms. Robin Levine Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Levine Ms. Stefanie Levine Mr. and Mrs. Mark Levine Mr. and Mrs. Kal Levinson Mr. Alan Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Don Levinson Ms. Carol Levitan Levy Memorial Fund Mrs. Phyllis Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lewis Ms. Suzanne Lichter Ms. Karen Lidsky Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lieberman Mr. Tyler Curl and Ms. Jessica Ligator Dr. Leonard Lipkin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lipsky Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lissner Mrs. Muriel Litt Mr. Mark Lodinger Mr. Herman Lodinger Mr. and Mrs. Alan Loeser Ms. Rhoda London Ms. Esther LoPiano Ms. Sylvia Lubliner Ms. Marcia Luettchau Drs. Robert and Anne Lufrano Ms. Diane Lurye Mrs. Betty Lustig Ms. Lucille Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mack Ms. Gabrielle E. Magid Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mail Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Maiman Mrs. Raquel Maiman Mr. and Ms. Yan Makeev Ms. Maria Mamalui Mrs. Ilana Manasse Mrs. Laura Marder Mrs. Marilyn Margol Mr. and Mrs. Alan Margolies Mr. and Mrs. Adam Marko Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Marks Ms. Caroline Marks Dr. and Mrs. Alan Marks Mr. and Mrs. Adam Marmelstein Dr. Donald Mars Dr. Ronald Mars Mr. Ben Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Bob Marshak Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Martino Dr. and Mrs. Mike Mass Mrs. Deinya Mautz Mrs. Charlotte Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Adam McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Melamed Mr. and Mrs. Walter Menaged Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mensh Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metlin Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Meyer Mr. A.J. Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Barry Michelson Mr. Alex Migdall Mr. and Mrs. Tony Milian Mrs. Jo Miller Mrs. Margaret Miller Mr. Daniel Miller and Ms. Lior

Spring Mr. Matthew Miller Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller Mr. Glenn Miller and Mr. Michael Miller Mr. Michael Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Millrood Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mizrahi Mrs. Judy B. Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Montagna Ms. Cheryl Moore Dr. and Mrs. Craig Morgenthal Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Morris Mr. and Mrs. Joel Morris Ms. Vanessa Morris Mr. and Mrs. Todd Morse Ms. Geri Myers Mrs Marlene Myers Judge and Mrs. Bernard Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nadler Dr. and Mrs. Peter Natale Dr. and Mrs. Alan Nathans Ms. Melissa Neadle Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Neadle Drs. Steven and Tmima Neihaus Ms. Kym Newlen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman Mr. and Mrs. Lance Newman Mr. and Mrs. William Newman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nicotra Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nied Drs. Michael and Sue Nussbaum Ms. Linda Oberdorfer Mr. Andrew Ocean Ms. Gloria Oehlman Mr. and Mrs. Jais Ohayon Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Ohayon Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Olesker Mrs. Donne Ordile Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Organes Ms. Allysondra Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Osterer Ms. Sandra B. Overton Ms. Marilyn Pagano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paisner Ms. Leah Palestrant Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Palevsky Mr. Michael Pallen Mrs. Francine Parfitt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pargman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Passink Mr. and Mrs. Herman Paul Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Ms. Adele Paul Mrs Evelyn Peck Mr. and Mrs. Mark Penson Mrs. Sophia Pentel Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Perin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perlin Dr. and Mrs. Morton Perlman Ms. Meredith Persky Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Persky Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Peters Ms. Laura Platzer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Platzer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Plaut Mr. and Mrs. Jay Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Plotkin Mrs. Lita Poehlman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pollan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pollock Dr. Judy and Mr. Ronel Poppell Dr. and Mrs. Steven Porter Mrs. Phyllis Portnoy Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Portnoy Mr. Jan Pozin Mr. and Mrs. Marc Preminger Mrs. Anne Presser Mr. Bradley Preuss Mr. and Mrs. Ron Price Ms. Terri Quint Dr. and Mrs. Marco Rand Mrs. Laura Rappaport Mr. and Mrs. Joel Rappoport Mrs. Cornelia Rappoport Dr. Todd Rasner and Dr. Inbal Cohen-Rasner Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rauchwarger Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Raudt Mr. Melvin Redmond Rein Family Dr. Harry Reinstine Jr Mr. Edward Witlen and Ms. Marie Reitzes Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Resnick Mrs. Barbara Resnick Ms. Sondra Resnikoff Mr. and Ms. Ronald Rettner Ms. Karen Rettner Mrs. Marian Rice Ms. Rachael Rice Dr. Deena Richman and Mr. James Richman Mrs. Ina Richter Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rickoff Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rideman Mr. and Mrs. William Rifkin Mrs. Toby Ringel Dr. and Mrs. Harris Rittenberg Mr. and Mrs. Skip Roach Mr. and Mrs. David Robbins Mrs. Linda Rodman Mr. Howard Roey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogove Ms. Danielle Rogozinski Dr. and Mrs. Abe Rogozinski Dr. and Mrs. Chaim Rogozinski Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rogozinski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rohan Mr. Jeff Rood Mr. and Mrs. Don Rosborough Ms. Margaret Rose Mr. William Rose


Proposed slate of officers announced by Federation By Jewish Federation of Jacksonville

In accordance with the bylaws of the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville, the nominating committee, chaired by past president Sandy Zimmerman, presents to the members of the Jewish community a proposed slate of officers and board members for the fiscal year July 1,

2018, to June 30, 2019. election and installlation will occur at the annual meeting to be held thursday, May 31 at River Garden. Any changes or additions to this list will be noted in the next issue of the Jacksonville Jewish News. The executive committe will include: Ken Jacobs, president; Iris Kraemer, vice president and campaign chair; vice presidents, Andrew Jaffa, Daniel Miller, Sue

Nussbaum, Allison Jacobs, vice president and women’s division president; Debbie Banks Kitay, women’s campaign chair; Jen Plotkin, treasurer; Kim Glasgal, secretary; Richard Margulies; Sue Eaglstein; Shylie Bannon, rGEN chair; Sandy Zimmerman, immediate past president; Mitchell Levine, presidential appointee. Board members include: Susan Cohen (River Garden),

TBA (Jewish Community Alliance), Stephen Goldman (Jewish Family & Community Services), Claudia Baker, Susan DuBow, Jeff Edwards, Dina Fetner, Mark Green, Risa Herman, Jon Israel, Michael Korn, Mark Kraemer, Sue Levine, Ben Marsh, Judy Silverman, Jeanine Rogozinski, Emily Rosenbaum, Zachary Schwartz, Rebecca Selevan, Nicole Sena Brown, Haley Trager, Susan Wolchok, Barry Zisser.

Past president/honorary life members include: Scot Ackerman, Larry Appel, Guy Benrubi, Jack Coleman, Ronald Elinoff, Leslie Held, Joan Levin, Gary Perlman, David Robbins, Kenneth Sekine, Leonard Setzer, Steve Silverman, Richard Sisisky, Arnold Vandroff and Elliot Zisser. Rabbis include: Rabbi Yaakov Fisch, Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar, Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner and Rabbi Michael Matuson.

The Jewish Federation of Jacksonville donors continued from pg. 16 Mr. Paul E. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rosen Ronnie & Jerrold Rosenbaum Family Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Rosenbaum Mr. Jerome Rosenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Rosenberg Mrs. Joan Rosenberg Mrs. Janet Rosenblatt Mrs. Stacia Rosenblum Rabbi Shira Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenfield Mrs. Elaine Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rosner Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ross Dr. Emily and Mr. Erik Rostholder Ms. Hilary Rotenberg Dr. and Mrs. Neal Roth Mrs. Sandi Roth Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rothstein Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Rothstein Mr. Simon Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. George Rubens Ms. Nancy Rubenstein Dr. and Mrs. Devon Rubin Mrs. Arlene Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruby Mrs. Shirley Rudnick Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rudowitz Mr. and Mrs. Leif Rush Mr. Joseph Rutansky Mr. and Mrs. David Saag Mrs. Carol Sack Ms. Daryl Sadowsky Joe P. Safer Endowment Fund Ms. Eleanor Safer Ms. Bess Saliman Dr. and Mrs. David Sall Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sandler Dr. Rachel and Mr. Daniel Sandler Ms. Mitzi Saul Mr. and Mrs. Mark Saye Mr. and Mrs. David Schachnovsky Dr. and Mrs. Michael Scharf Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Jay Schauben Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Scheer

Mr. and Mrs. William Schemer Judge and Mrs. Jack Schemer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schemer Mrs. Shirley Schemer Ms. Amy Schemer Mrs. Frances Schemer Ms. Ilene Schinasi Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Schlackman Judge and Mrs. Harvey Schlesinger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schneider Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Schochet Mrs. Laura Schulman Shira and David Schwam-Baird Dr. Renee Scott Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sebotnick Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Seebol Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sekine Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Selber Selevan Family Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Selevan Mrs. Mimi Selig Dr. and Mrs. Robert Selwitz Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Serkin Mr. Howard Serkin Setzer Family Dr. and Mrs. Barry Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shafer Mrs. Arlene Shainbrown Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shainbrown Mr. Barry Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Craig Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shenkman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shieldhouse Mr. Mike Shields Mr. and Mrs. Josh Shilts Mr. Harry Shmunes Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shorstein Mr. and Mrs. David Shuman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shumer Dr. and Mrs. Jules Sidle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Siegel Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Signer

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Silbar Mr. and Mrs. Allen Silberman Mr. and Mrs. Leon Silke Mrs. Cynthia Silverberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Silverfield Ms. Barbara Berlin and Mr. Robert Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Silverman Mr. Richard Singer Mr. and Mrs. Federick Singer Mrs Carole Sinoff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sisisky Mr. and Mrs. Adam Skala Mrs. Irene Sloat Mr. Michael Smalline Mr. Michael Smalling Mrs. Joscelyne Smiley Ms. Laurie Smirl Mr. and Mrs. Avi Smith Ms. Dianna Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eric Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lon Smolensky Drs. Todd and Catherine Snowden Mrs. Phyllis Sohn Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Soilson Mr. and Mrs. Eugolio Soliven Dr. and Mrs. Michael Solloway Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Solomon Mrs. Carole Solomon Mr. and Mrs. David Solomon Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Spill Mrs. Elaine Stack Mr. Rob Armstrong and Ms. Barbara Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stark Mr. and Mrs. David Stein Ms. Ruth Stein Mr. Daniel Stein Mr. and Mrs. Martin Steinberg Ms. Talia Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Murray Stern Ms. Adele Stewart Mr. Richard Margulies and Mrs. Karen Stone Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Stone Mrs. Bernice Stone

Mrs. Ann Stone Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stromberg Mr. George Strumlauf Ms. Linda Stuart Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Sugar Dr. and Mrs. Saul Sussman Dr. Millie and Mr. Edward Tannen Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tannenbaum Mrs. Marilyn Tanney Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tavill Mr. and Mrs. Howard Teitelbaum Mr. Larry Teitelman Ms. Marion Tischler Dr. Karen Toker Mr. and Mrs. Marty Trachtenberg Trager Family Mr. and Mrs. Jason Trager Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tromberg Ms. Esfir Tulchinskaya Mrs. Carol Turbow Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ullmann Mr. and Mrs. Sean Valliere Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Van Ms. Ruth VanAlstine Mr. and Mrs. David Vandroff Mrs. Dot Verstandig Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Voloshin Mr. and Mrs. Jules Wagman Mr. and Mrs. David Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Waitz Mr. and Mrs. Ilan Wajsman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ware Dr. and Mrs. Steven Warfield Mr. Michael Waskew and Ms. Elsa Mitschele Drs. Paul and Marte Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weihnacht Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weiner Mrs. Renee Weinstein Mrs. Margie Weinstein Mr. Daniel Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. Dan Weisberg Dr. and Mrs. David Weiss Mr. Mitchell Weiss and Mrs. Gale

Cohen-Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weiss Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Weitzen Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Weitzner Dr. and Mrs. Gary Weltman Mrs. June Weltman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Werner Mr. Jeff Wiener Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilkinson Mrs. Linda Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Skip Willbach Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wilson Mrs. Dottie Wilson Ms. Grace Wilson Mrs. Hylda Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Witt Mrs. Jacqueline Witte Ms. Carole Witten Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Witten Ms. Kathy Wohlhuter Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Wolchok Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Wolchok Mr. and Mrs. David Wolf Mr. and Dr. Arnie Wolf Mrs. Carole Wolpin Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wolpoff Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodard Mrs. Daiva Woodworth Mrs. Marjorie Wyzan Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Wyzan Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Yahre Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Yergin Mr. Leon Yergin and Ms. Caryn Kenny Dr. Harry Yoffee Mr. and Mrs. Donald Young Dr. and Mrs. Larry Young Mr. and Mrs. Dana Zaifert Mrs. Elissa Ziemba Mr. and Mrs. Lev Zilberman Zimmerman Family Mr. Bradley Zimmerman Dr. and Mrs. Rod Zimmerman Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Zisser Mr. Jonathan Zisser Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zisser Mr. Daniel L. Zucker

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Rabbi Robert and Marilyn Goodman Rabbi Robert and Marilyn Goodman define the term

Mensch. Rabbi Robert Goodman and his wife, Marilyn, visit with River Garden residents each week. The residents look forward to their visit, or as Rabbi Goodman explains, “it is unclear if they really look forward to us, yet they surely enjoy Shayna, our dog.” They maintain a regular call list for others who are chronically ill or, alone and isolated. When paying a visit, Marilyn always brings homemade food. “How can we go to someone’s home empty-handed,” she says.

Rabbi Goodman is always available to officiate at the funeral of an unaffiliated grieving Jewish family. Everyone gets a copy of the eulogy as he knows that no mourner hears what is said at the funeral. Rabbi Goodman officiates at marriages for unaffililated Jews and at interfaith weddings. He believes that any occasion where he can infuse the beauty of Judaism may be THE experience that brings unaffiliated families into the community. They have been Temple members since their arrival in Jacksonville in 2009. He is always ready to officiate at a

If you would like to nominate someone special for Mensch of the Month, who volunteers both their time and efforts to the Jacksonville Jewish community, simply submit their name, photo and a short write-up about them to jjn@jewishjacksonville. org.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018


service, lead a Torah Study, teach a class. He shares his time and gifts with abandon. They are a blessing in our community.



New local Jewish Genealogy group off to a successful start BY ISABEL BALOTIN Shalom Jacksonville

THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018 PRIME OSBORN CONVENTION CENTER 6:00 p.m. Cocktails/6:30 p.m. Program & Dinner

L-R Edwin Safer, Bernie Grossman, Marla Westberg, Mitch Gordon shared their genealogy research stories and anecdotes to over 70 people at the February meeting Jewish Genealogy Society of NEFL. The program was co- hosted by Federation’s Shalom Jacksonville and River Garden Senior Services. For more information join our FaceBook group called “Jewish Genealogy Society of Northeast Florida”, or email Marla Westberg, or





S UNDAY, M AY 6 11:30


- 2:30



Congregation Ahavath Chesed



The Temple is proud to host this 7 th Annual community-wide celebration of food, fun and friendship! Sample brisket, kugel, bagels, falafel and much, much more...

We will have fun, kid-friendly activities so come hungry and bring your family. General Admission Family Pass





(includes 2 adults & children under 16)

Children 3 and under


Ticket Info Wine Wall



each or 2 for

50/50 Raffle 1 for



or 5 for






Unlimited entries per person



Per Entry

Thank you to our participating donors, vendors & sponsors

PJ Library Steering Committee Faye Hedrick, Tmima Neihaus, Alicia Rauchwarger, Lauren Rickoff, Rachel Sandler, and Lauren Setzer

JFCS Heroes Staff Sersie Blue, Bernardo Cuadra, Jessica Grady, Tierra Holsey, Whitney Kuvin, and Latonya Waterman

Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

PACESETTER - $1,000 + • VISIONARY - $2,500 + • LUMINARY - $5,000 + • VANGUARD - $10,000 + • Tickets - $150 For sponsorship information, contact Kathy Wohlhuter at 904-394-5727


Well bistro

To Purchase Tickets In Advance Call 904-733-7078 or visit

8727 San Jose Boulevard • Jacksonville, Florida 32217 Ad design and marketing courtesy of The Marko Group. • In-kind services provided by: Larry J. Smith Events and Tallis Photography

To RSVP, contact Donna O’Steen at 904-394-5714 / or visit Co-Chaired by: DEBRA PATAKY and TAMMY SHUMER

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

Jacksonville Jewish Center to host world-famous “Divas on the Bima” concert

By Jacksonville Jewish Center

The Jacksonville Jewish Center is pleased to announce its Spring concert entitled, “Divas on the Bima,” which shares the stories of four of the world’s most renowned cantors. The concert will take place on Sunday evening April 29 at 7PM. We will journey from Nashville to Eastern Europe to Israel to Broadway, hearing every musical genre from Israeli folk to opera. This event is FREE and open to the public. For more information please visit….. About our performers: HAZZAN ALISA POMERANTZ-BORO grew up on Mercer Island, Washington, in a rabbinic home, instilled with a love of Judaism and music. From an early age, she knew she would continue the long family line of rabbis, cantors and educators. Hazzan Pomerantz-Boro was invested as a Hazzan and earned her degree in Sacred Jewish Music from the Cantors Institute of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where she was awarded the Jacobson Memorial Prize in Hazzanut. She also holds a B.A. in Near Eastern Studies and Music from the University of Washington. Hazzan Pomerantz-Boro is delighted to be serving as the Cantor of the magnificent Congregation Beth El in Voorhees, NJ since 2004. While in Cantorial school, she held the position of Assistant Cantor at New York’s prestigious Park Avenue Synagogue. Following her investiture, she was the Hazzan at Tifereth Israel Synagogue in San Diego, CA for 13 years. In May 1991, Hazzan Pomerantz-Boro was among the first 14 women to be inducted into the Cantors Assembly, the professional organization of

Conservative Cantors and is the International President. CANTOR JEN COHEN grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, and earned a B.A. in East Asian Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from Yale University. She then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and toured the U.S. playing universities and clubs, recording two CDs, and earning nominations for Campus Entertainer of the Year three years running. With a love of Jewish music and transformative experiences in volunteer and interfaith work while in Nashville, she entered the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where she explored the intersection of her pop music background and the traditional melodies of the synagogue. Upon investiture as a cantor in 2009, Cantor Cohen was proud to receive the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism Kol Isha Award, and in February 2010, she was named to Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s task force to restructure the cantorial school at JTS. She has served proudly on the Executive Council of the Cantors Assembly. She is thrilled to call Temple Beth Sholom in Cherry Hill, NJ, her home and enjoys travel, live music and comedy, design and photography, and her rescue chihuahua and internet-famous muse, Biscuit MAGDA FISHMAN (mezzo-soprano) is a Cantor, singer-muPARTNERSHIP2GETHER PHYSICIANS’ sician, who is building a large and loving folDELEGATION EXCHANGE lowing among a wide spectrum of audiences. The Jewish Federation of She performs a Jacksonville through our

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Gentleman’s Agreement Expert to introduce special showing at Jacksonville Jewish Center

Partnership2Gether Physicians’ Delegation Exchange has reserved spaces on a unique and specialized weeklong trip for medical doctors.

January 20-26, 2019

By Jacksonville Jewish Center

Seventy years ago, the Academy Award for Best Picture went to Gentleman’s Agreement, a film about anti-Semitism in America, based on a 1947 best-selling novel by the same title. Laura Z. Hobson was the author behind the story, and her own remarkable life story provided much of the insight that shaped Gentleman’s Agreement. On Sunday, April 22, beginning at 2:00 pm, the Jacksonville Jewish Center will be showing this movie. In addition, Rachel Gordan, assistant professor of religion and Jewish Studies at the University of Florida, will be speaking about her bookin-progress about Gentleman’s Agreement and its author, Laura Z. Hobson. Rachel received her doctorate at Harvard and her BA at Yale. She holds the Bud Shorstein endowed chair in American Jewish Culture and Society at the University of Florida Center for

Trip Includes: • All meals and hotel accommodations including two nights of home hospitality. • Tours of Hillel-Yaffe Hospital, Hadassah Medical Center, Western Galilee Hospital, and other innovative medical facilities. Program includes touring, Shabbat in Jerusalem and social and professional time with physicians in our region. Cost $950 for all land costs for one week. Airfare purchased on your own. Jewish Studies. As a scholar of American religion, she researches Judaism and Jewish culture from the early 20th century to the present, with a particular focus on the Post-WWII era, middlebrow culture, and American Jewish literary history. She has written about her research on Gentleman’s Agreement in academic journals and for the popular press.

For more information or to reserve your space, contact: Jill Abel, Israel Partnership Director at or 904-224-1445

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Community shares memories of “Schmaltz” BY ISABEL BALOTIN Shalom Jacksonville Director

Open any Jewish cookbook and you will see a variety of foods from the Eastern European countries our people inhabited over the centuries. While I continue to enjoy so many wonderful Jewish foods, there is only one such food that intrigues me the most---schmaltz-- rendered chicken fat used in many Ashkenazi recipes. Could it be its smell, consistency, taste or just the memories associated with eating it? In recent decades, schmaltz has gotten a bad rep. In this world of healthy eating and cholesterol-conscious recipes, my longing for the artery- clogging

delicacy intensifies as the the Festival of Passover approaches. The smell of onions frying in schmaltz, then added to the warm chopped egg which is carefully placed on schmaltz-slathered matzo is a smell, sight and taste that cannot be duplicated. It seems I am not the only one who has these “schmaltzy” memories. I have asked a variety of people in our community to share some of their memories. The response has been overwhelming so we will post some in this edition of the paper and continue the responses in the May issue. If you wish, send your memories for us to share. Thank you to everyone who has responded.

Here are just a few. I can still picture my Mom standing at the stove rendering chicken fat after our house was kashered for Pesach, because we needed the schmaltz for the kneidel. And I was waiting for the gribbenes, because that was the best part.--Sandy Rosenfield My Mom made something called “kaantjes” (Dutch). You cook the chicken fat until it’s crispy and eat the crispy bits with salt. We also took the marrow out of cooked beef shank bones and spread it on bread with a little salt. I don’t eat it anymore but it sure is delicious! --Yvonne Cohen

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

What could be better as a snackschmaltz on matzoh with a little salt sprinkled on it.—Ron Elinoff Have I got memories of schmaltz? It actually didn’t become schmaltz until it was rendered down to a liquid. My grandmother removed the fat clumps from the freshly-killed chicken along with the “eggeluch” that we found inside. She would fry the chicken fat with chopped onions and then added the egg. The pieces of schmaltz were called “gribbenes”. We schmeared this concoction on challah every week and on matzo with salt on Pesach. It’s amazing we survived.---Marcia Grado

JCA Executive Director succession planning underway By Jewish Community Alliance

After 30 years in the community, the Jewish Community Alliance continues to be one of the most successful and prestigious JCCs in North America. We continue our commitment to

the JCA’s pursuit of excellence and innovation by transitioning and teaching the next generation to lead our agency. In keeping with the JCA’s long history of investment in professional talent, a transition search committee lead by Adam

Frisch, comprised of a diverse representation of the JCA’s “past, present and future,” has been formed to identify the next

leader of the Jewish Community Alliance upon Myron Flagler’s retirement. We have engaged JCC Association to help us with our national search, and the person identified by the committee, and ultimately approved by the JCA’s Board of Directors,

will be hired and mentored by Myron Flagler and will subsequently become CEO of the JCA. We look forward to continuing the long history and tradition of excellence at the Jewish Community Alliance.

JCA Celebrates 30 with a party through the decades

Survivors Continued from pg. 1 to a concentration camp in 1942 in Semenka and were transferred to another one in Ladyzhenka. He doesn’t remember much because he was so young, but he said he often refused to eat. He felt there was no point since the Germans would kill him anyway. Malamud and his parents survived the camp and were freed by the Soviet Army in March 1944. However, liberation was not the end of their troubles. They returned to Yampol, sick and exhausted, only to find their home had been destroyed. Although his parents lived through the war, their health never fully returned. The harsh conditions resulted in both his father and mother dying by 1947. Now parentless, Malamud was sent to a children’s orphanage with horrid conditions and little to eat. A few years later, his life stabilized when his brother took him in and enrolled him in school. After turning 18, Malamud joined the Soviet Army that had freed him from the ghetto. He served for three years and then pursued a career in electrical and computer engineering. He started working in a factory in Uzbekistan, and it’s here that his road intersected with Nelli Malamud. She also had lost her father in the Holocaust and was working at the factory. When they met, they shared an instant connection. “It was like the universe wanted us together,” Nelli Malamud said. They married in 1962 and their daughter, Elina, was born in 1970. Their life seemed settled until 1993. Nelli Malamud’s brother had moved to the U.S. after the fall of the Soviet Union, but he was desperately alone and begged them to come over. They answered his call and joined him in Jacksonville, but the transition was difficult. They

Celebration Continued from pg. 1 dancing, arts and crafts and more. This Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration is a joint effort by community agencies, including Congregation Ahavath Chesed, Etz Chaim Synagogue, Jacksonville Jewish Center, Jewish Community Alliance, Jewish Family and Community Services, Jewish Federation of Jacksonville, River Garden and other representatives from our Jewish community. This event is free and open to the community, but advance registration is requested. Food will be available for purchase.

The Jewish Community Alliance celebrated 30 years making a difference in the Jacksonville community on Saturday, February 24, 2018, with an all-out bash with honorary chairs David Stein, Howard Korman and Jeff Parker. The event celebrated our past, recognized our present and secured our future for generations to come.

Semen and Nelli Malamud in the 1960s in Uzbekistan. had few connections, no jobs, and a language barrier. Malamud, an experienced engineer, could find work only as a dishwasher. With the help of local nonprofits, Malamud found a factory job where he used his engineering skills to become a mechanic. He worked there for several years, but he wasn’t able to continue after his open-heart surgery in 2001. Instead, he joined his wife once

again at her workplace. This time it was at River Garden Hebrew Home, where she was a baker and he was at the deli. After working side-by-side for decades, they both retired on the same day in 2013. The Malamuds have certainly found a way to live a life rich in love, but due to their many trials, financial wealth has eluded them. Fortunately, the Malamuds have access to the resources they need

through Jewish Family & Community Services, which provides support and compassionate care for aging Holocaust survivors. Through JFCS, the Malamuds are supported with weekly Kosher Meals. Fresh fruit and vegetable boxes are delivered twice monthly. As a benefit of Claims Conference, they receive weekly home care assistance. In addition, JFCS provides case management support.

“When I need help, I call them,” Malamud said. This support has given the Malamuds the ability to truly enjoy their retirement in the only way they know how: together. (Footnote) This is first feature in the Holocaust Survivor Series, which will highlight the story a local Survivor each month. The series is presented by Jewish Family & Community Services.

Jewish Community Alliance HAPPENINGS April 2018/Sh’vat Adar 5778

For more information or to register for programs at the JCA, call 904-730-2100 or visit our official website at

Vandroff Art Gallery

Expressions art exhibit partners with Jewish communities around the globe to feature upcoming Israeli artists. The reception for this exhibit is on April 10 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Sunday Film Series

See Arch of Triumph (1948) with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer on April 22 at 2 p.m. This event is free to the community.

Movie Madness

See 1994 blockbuster Maverick, starring James Garner and Jodie

Foster on Monday, Apr. 23 at 12 p.m. This is free to the community.

Family Art Series

Join other JCA Families to create items for Shabbat on Sunday, Apr. 22 and 29 from 4:30 – 6 p.m. The fee is $30 per family and $20 per JCA valued member families. Individuals are $15 and $10 for JCA valued members.

Making Mugs with Momma

Just in time for Mother’s Day, get creative in this class on Sunday, Apr. 29 from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. The fee is $30 and $20 for JCA valued members. For ages 6+.

Youth Services Open House

On Tuesday, Apr. 24 from 5:30 – 7 p.m., tour the facility, meet our

team and experience all the JCA has to offer your student after school. Registration appreciated by April 23. Free for JCA valued members and guests.

Me classes beginning in April. These interactive, family programs are free to the community. For more information, contact Michelle Cutler at ext. 242.

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures

Putting Prevention into Practice

In this series, on Tuesdays, April 3 – 24, children learn cyber safety with Garfield and Friends. Registration required by March 30.

Jacksonville Teens Volunteer

Teens, 14 – 18, participate in this Earth Day cleanup at Jacksonville Beach on Sunday, Apr. 22 from 12 – 4 p.m. This is free to the community. Registration required; space is limited.

Deepica Reddy, MD, of Baptist Primary Care, discusses the importance of having a relationship with a primary care physician on Tuesday, Apr. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

Summer Youth Basketball League

The JCA has a summer basketball league. For more information, contact Rio at ext. 250.

Parent and Me Classes

The JCA has several Parent and


Makos Summer Swim Team

Splash into another great summer on this swim team for ages 5 – 18. Contact Josie at ext. 240 for information.

Private and group swim lessons

JCA Aquatics offers private swim lessons for children and adults. For information, contact Josie at ext. 240.

Private and group tennis lessons

JCA Tennis has ongoing clinics for youth and adults. For information, contact Reggie at ext. 317.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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PJ Library, the award-winning free program for books and music is open to all families with Jewish children in Jacksonville. If your children are between the ages of six months and eight years, they are eligible. Please sign up now by going to, or calling Whitney Kuvin at 904-394-5724.


JFCS in partnership with River Garden is pleased to bring you our meal program, Meals4You, from our kitchen to yours. Meals are delicious, nutritious, convenient and delivered right to your door. Jewish dietary laws are observed. Call Whitney for more information at 904-394-5724.


JFCS is now using a Lyft product called Concierge, which allows JFCS to arrange rides on behalf of its clients, including the ability to schedule rides up to a week in advance. Lyft has also partnered with GreatCall, a senior-focused cell phone company, which will help seniors use Lyft without having to navigate the smart phone app. Anyone using a Jitterbug phone can now simply press ‘0’ and arrange a ride with the company. To learn more or schedule rides, please call Whitney Kuvin at 904-6609268.

Jewish Healing Network

Become a Jewish Healing Network Volunteer at JFCS and help us fulfill the mitzvah of Bikkur Cholim. We need volunteers to make weekly visits or phone calls to a senior or deliver food to those who cannot get out. For more information, please call Gail at 904394-5723.

JFCS Success – Jenna’s Adoption Story In December of 2016, Jenna, age 9, entered the foster care system with two younger siblings, one age 3, one age 1. She and her siblings were split, going to two separate households. Jenna was placed with a cousin of her mother, Sheri, and her husband Donald. For the next two years, Jenna would be in the care of Donald and Sheri. She got to see her siblings often – going to church together every Sunday. On breaks from school, the families visited “the greatest place on earth,” Disney World – courtesy of the work of JFCS Case Managers partnering with Medicaid’s Care grant. As a result of Jenna’s placement, she has been provided a stability in her life that was previously missing. With Sheri and Donald giving her the emotional support she needed, Jenna is thriving. She does very well in school and thanks to the support of JFCS, Jenna is immersed in a team environment on a community soccer team. She plays the position of goalie and thanks to the generosity of JFCS Holiday Gift Giving donors, Jenna received the much-needed protective gear she needed to participate. On top of that, her favorite pastime is making slime. On February 7, 2018, after almost two years in foster care, Jenna was legally adopted by Sheri and Donald. To commemorate the occasion, her new parents organized a photo shoot. When asked about JFCS, Sheri said, “I love JFCS and all they have done for my family. It is clear that JFCS is focused on the success of the child – they truly care. They made everything seem so seamless and handled all aspects of Jenna’s case with the utmost respect.” Success!

Staff Spotlight: Marla Crocker Marla Crocker has been an employee of Jewish Family & Community Services in the position of Human Resources Administrator for four years. In that time, she has successfully made each and every staff member feel like they were special. From putting gifts on everyone’s desk to let them know how extraordinary they are to cooking hot dogs for the staff for a “Frankly Friday,” Marla is the epitome of what a JFCS employee should be! We asked her some questions so readers can get to know her too. What are three words that describe you? MC: Positive, thoughtful and observant. What do you like most about JFCS? MC: The core values of the organization. Service to others,

results focus, professionalism, commitment, transparency and personal accountability. What do you find most challenging at JFCS? MC: The work itself is very challenging, but my biggest frustration is chasing paperwork. I get lots of exercise! What is your favorite project you have been involved in during your tenure at JFCS? MC: The most rewarding thing I have done is sponsor children for the Holiday Gift Giving program – fulfilling the needs of someone in need. What was your proudest moment at JFCS?

MC: The opening of our new building with the Frisch Family Holocaust Gallery. It is good to see what JFCS does for Jacksonville’s Holocaust survivors. Thanks to the Gallery, we will never forget. If you could switch jobs with anyone in JFCS, whose job would it be? MC: I would have to say no one. I have the best job! If you could say “thank you” to one person who helped you become who you are today, who would it be? MC: I would say thank you to my mother. She gave me my moral compass. What bit of advice would you give to everyone? MC: No matter where you are, bloom where you are planted.

Jewish Educational Loan Fund Deadline April 30 As of March 1, 2018, Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF) is accepting applications for interest-free loans for higher education (college, graduate school and vocational programs). These loans will be awarded to eligible Jewish students in the Jacksonville area for the 2018-2019 school year. JELF grants need-based, “last dollar” financing that pro-

vides the final dollars to bridge the gap between a student’s total financial resources and the cost of attending school. To qualify, applicants must be: • Enrolled full-time in a program leading to a degree at an accredited U.S. institution; • A U.S. citizen or have lawful immigration status; and, • Be able to demonstrate financial need (2017-18 FAFSA

application required). In 2017, JELF granted $1,000,046 in interest-free last-dollar loans to 276 students across its five-state region. They are proud to serve students in the Jacksonville Jewish community. Deadline for application is April 30, 2018. Apply today! For more information, visit or email or call 904-394-5706.


JFCS Board Focus: Michael Katz Michael Katz grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan but earned his BA in Business and Operations Management from Michigan State University. After working on an MBA Michael Katz at Eastern Michigan University, Michael began his career in manufacturing production and inventory control. This experience evolved into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems implementation consulting and project management in Detroit and Chicago. Along the way, Michael has been a partner/owner in a manufacturing software company, a boutique software consultancy, and, just prior to moving to Jacksonville, an online and catalogue company, marketing aids for daily living for people with vision, hearing and mobility challenges. Michael and his wife Glori, the Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Stein Mart, came to Jacksonville nearly 10 years ago. While here, Michael has done IT consulting and invested as a silent partner in two Jacksonville businesses, but now prefers to analyze stock market data and trade equities. Glori and Michael have two grown children. Daniel is married and a cardiology fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. Chelsea is a public relations professional in Chicago. In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing his guitar, developing his home automation system and video production. He has produced several videos for JFCS annual events, including the Centennial celebration in 2017. Michael has been on the JFCS board since 2013. He is proud to be a part of an organization that has such a significant impact on both Jacksonville’s Jewish community and the people of Northeast Florida.

JFCS to Host a Passover Seder By Jewish Family & Community Services

On Thursday, April 5th, Jewish Family & Community Services will host a Passover Seder with The Salvation Army. The Seder will take place at the Alan J. Taffet Building in the Chartrand Family Tolerance Education Center. JFCS Board member, Matthew Lufrano, will preside over the event and will use the Holocaust Haggadah, which honors the first Passover after the Jews were liberated from the Nazis during World War II. The event is by invitation only. To find out more, contact Geege Schuman at 904-3945720. Pictures and highlights from the Seder will appear in the May JJN.

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

Variation on a Theme – A Personal Presentation at The Coves By SKIP WILLBACH, Director of Marketing and Communications


11401 Old St. Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32258

Briefs Caring for a loved one with a memory disorder? We invite you to attend a

Monthly Caregivers Support Group

2nd Wednesday of each month 3:30-4:30 PM in the Frisch Family Pavilion. Confidential, free of charge and open to all. For more information, contact Dr. Sue Krall, PhD, ARNP 904-886-8421 or

The tables in the Coves clubroom were decorated in the style of offering a spot of "high tea" to Coves members during a very special book presentation. You may have met Debbie Kummoung, River Garden’s Executive Secretary. She sits in the middle of all the activity in our Administration Wing, and keeps our Administration team, Marty, Betty, Jim and Mauri, focused. Did you know that Debbie is also a published author? When she read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in high school, Debbie fell in love with the courtly manners of the English Regency Era. Falling for Elizabeth Bennett – A Pride and Prejudice Variation, written by Debbie and recently published by Page Publishing, Inc., is the byproduct of grit, hard work and a love of the romance genre. After someone introduced her to the world of Pride and Prejudice variations, Debbie realized she could possibly write an interesting, and personal, variation of her own. She noticed that none of the versions she read included characters with medical conditions,

Left: (L to R): Debbie Kummoung, River Garden Executive Secretary and guest author, with Cheryl Fisch, Life Enrichment Coordinator, The Coves, and Lisa Poremba, Director of Life Enrichment Services

YOU are the Best Gift!

Acts of kindness are what build the world. Our campus is home to devoted and caring volunteers. From teens to those who are young at heart, we invite you to become a part of our volunteer team. Create your own convenient schedule… we guarantee your personal fulfillment! Contact Leslie Held at 904-886-8429 or

and, having lived with epilepsy for most of her life, Debbie felt she could add something unique and special to the story. Introducing epilepsy, known during the Regency Era as “falling sickness”, to the story allowed Debbie the liberty to control what happens to the characters as they each deal with Elizabeth’s special condition. Debbie reached out to a publisher which specializes in Jane Austen works, and never heard back. She thought she would have to self-publish, until she saw a publishing company ad on TV late one night. She reached out to them, and ten months later, the rest, as they say, is history. When asked what the experience was like, Debbie said, “It was an emotional roller coaster, with constant ups and downs. In the end, I am left with a profound, unbelievable sense of ‘I did this’!” Debbie is writing other books, and is looking forward to the next publishing roller coaster. Congratulations Debbie! The entire River Garden family wishes you much success!

Right: Author Debbie Kummoung presents to Coves members during an elegant "high tea" event

Happening Around the Garden

Remember River Garden when honoring or memorializing your loved ones

Donating to River Garden is an uncomplicated, feel-good activity. Here are several ways we’ve made it easy for you… Simply go online: Or mail to: Development Department River Garden Hebrew Home 11401 Old St. Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, Florida 32258 Or call: 904-886-8432 From Generation to Generation… L’Dor V’Dor Remember River Garden and the entire Jewish Community in your will.

- Please Note -

As an integral part of the River Garden community, you have priority access to our care system when our programs can best meet your needs

Left: Rabbi Merrill Shapiro engages the audience during an interactive program of “Influential Women of the Bible: Examining Persuasive Personalities”. Top Right: “Under the Sea” is the title of the newest collection of paintings that our residents created in partnership with JCA teens. Come to River Garden’s second floor and admire this collaboration hanging in our gallery.

Bottom Right: Cindy Edelman returned with an in-depth look at a variety of passionate paintings from the Renaissance period to the Modern Era. Her presentation of “Visions of Love” introduced the audience to some new, and some very famous, artists. L to R: Susan Elinoff, Cindy Edelman, Ron Elinoff, Isabel Balotin

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! Simply search for RiverGardenSeniorServices. We invite you to “like” our page, share our content with family and friends, and

be part of our online community! Our Facebook page is a forum to keep you up-to-date on services and events on our active campus and in the surrounding community.

River Garden Senior Services

Admissions...........904-886-8420 Adult Day Care ........... 288-7858 Donations .................... 886-8432 Foundation .................. 886-8430 Home Health Care....... 288-7851 Rehab / Therapy .......... 886-8454 The Coves ................... 292-2683 Volunteers.................... 886-8429 CEO Marty Goetz ....... 260-1818


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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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LIFECYCLES B’nai Mitzvah

Moses Jaffa, son of Sylvia & Andrew Jaffa, will be called to the Torah on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah on April 14, 2018 at Etz Chaim Synagogue. Moe’s sister, Eliana and brother, Micah Jaffa, grandparents, Irene and Jimmy Jaffa and grandmother, Betty Lustig, will share in his simcha as well as many friends and family from the U.S., Hong Kong, Canada and Israel. Moe is in the seventh grade at the Martin J. Gotlieb Day School, where he is an honors student and serves on the student council as Knesset Vice President. Moe is an avid sports enthusiast who plays basketball for The JCA Makos and the Dupont Middle School team. Moe loves walking to synagogue with his Zaydie and enjoys spending Shabbats with family and friends. He is also a wicked ping pong player and always up for a game. Jessi Walter celebrated his BAR MITZVAH on Saturday March 17. Etz Chaim Synagogue, Marietta, Georgia. The proud parents Daryl Walter, Beth Strumlauf Walter and the grandparents, George Strumlauf and the late Phyllis Strumlauf.


Jessica Rosalyn Kopp and Harry Christopher McCorkle were married November 11, 2017 at Temple de Hirsch Sinai in Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington, with Rabbi Aaron Meyer officiating. The ceremony was followed by a reception at WithinSodo in Seattle. The bride, daughter of Henry and Ellen Kopp of Jacksonville, graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fashion Design and is employed by Tommy Bahama as a designer for their Men’s Knit collection. The groom, son of Kurt and Kathleen McCorkle of Wake Forest, NC, attended Savannah College of Art and Design and is employed by Big Fish Games as a UX designer specializing in human-computer interaction. The couple enjoyed a honeymoon in Barcelona, Madeira Island, and Lisbon and is now residing in Seattle, WA. Nicole Miller and Fred Marks were married on Sunday, March 11, 2018 in St. Augustine. Nicole is the daughter of Marc and Kim Miller of Jacksonville and Jerry and Sylvia Miller of Stoughton, Massachusetts. Fred is the son of Jeff and Penny Marks and the grandson of Lee Marks and the late Dr. Bernard Marks, all of Jacksonville. Nicole and Fred live in Jacksonville also. Shannan Sussman Collier and Brian Stalvey were married March 3 at the Ahavath Chesed Synagogue with Rabbi Cohen officiating. The ceremony was followed by a reception at the synagogue. The bride, daughter of Sharon and Jack Sussman, is an attorney practicing in Atlanta. Brian is the son of Debbie Stalvey of Jacksonville, Fla. The couple will live in Atlanta.


… Jerry Kay, beloved husband of Judy Kay, died February 28, 2018. He is also survived by his children, Larry (Cindy) Kay of St. Johns, Karen Kay (Tommy-deceased) Mason of Corona del Mar, CA, and Suzanne Kay (Tim) MacNeil of The Hague, Netherlands, his grandchildren, Max, Cameron, Alexandra, and Madelynn, sister-in-law Lois Brenner, and nieces and nephews. Contributions in Jerry’s memory may be made to River Garden.

Federation staff travel to Nashville Professional and vounteer leadership of the Southeast Partnership2Gether consortium together in Nashville for annual budget meetings.

Divas Continued from pg. 21 unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Her repertoire includes Israeli songs, jazz, liturgical masterpieces, musical theater and her own compositions. Magda served in the Israeli Army Orchestra as vocal soloist and trumpet player. She has performed extensively in Israel, Europe, and throughout the United States and Canada. She came to the United States as part of the TelAviv Broadway Musical Theater Project and is the recipient of the prestigious America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship. She has performed at the Kennedy Center, the National Gallery of Canada, the First Night Festival in Boston, the 92nd Street Y Festival, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Baked Potato Jazz Club in Los Angeles, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Walter Reade Theater, Town Hall, Prague State Opera, and most recently at AIPAC, the Apollo Theater, the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Central Park Summerstage and countless other venues large and small. Cantor Fishman graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary’s H.L Miller Cantorial School and is a member of the CA- Cantors assembly. She served as the Intern Cantor at CBST Manhattan and served Congregation Beth Am, Los Angeles and North Shore Synagogue as Cantor. Cantor Fishman had recently joined Temple Beth El in Stamford CT on July 2014 as their full time cantor. CANTOR ELIZABETH SHAMMASH has been honored to serve Tiferet Bet Israel in Blue Bell, PA since 2007, when she received investiture as Hazzan and a Master of Sacred Music from the Jewish Theological Seminary. She is a member of the American Conference of Cantors and the Cantors Assembly, for whom she has

Mazel Tov

Jill Shomer, the daughter of Pat and the late Michael Shomer, was selected for the first award presented as “Leading Lion” at Columbia University, for outstanding work ethic and congeniality. The award is in place for 6 months. Jill is the managing editor of the Alumni magazine. She lives in Manhattan and has been with Columbia for two years.

To submit an item for lifecycles, please email it to jjn@ Due date is the 6th of the month. For guidelines of how to write Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, wedding or obituary announcements, go to under “Share your news.”

served on the executive council. Her work in opera has taken her to major roles with companies including New York City Opera, Boston Lyric Opera, Wolf Trap Opera, Berkshire Opera, Palm Beach Opera, Israel Vocal Arts Institute in Tel Aviv, and the Beijing Music Festival. Concert appearances have included the China National Symphony, Israel Philharmonic, Mostly Mozart Festival, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Berlin Radio Symphony, Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields, Los Angles Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, Boston Baroque and Early Music Vancouver. Cantor Shammash has recorded extensively for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music on the Naxos label, including Yiddish stage songs of Abraham Ellstein and Joseph Rumshinsky, Yiddish art songs of Lazar Weiner and David Stock’s A Little Miracle. She holds a Master’s degree in Music and Voice Performance from Manhattan School of Music, an artist diploma from Boston University’s Opera Institute and a B.A. in Italian Studies from Brown University.

Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

April 2018 - Sh’vat / Adar 5778

To include your adult education event in this listing please email the Jacksonville Jewish News at, with the time/date or frequency of the event from your specific organization or synagogue, along with a short description of each program or event.

Special Events

April 9

Jewish Community Alliance (6:30 – 8 p.m.) DECLUTTER YOUR MIND – Learn to relax and be more present with health counselor and mindfulness practitioner Daniel Callahan. The fee is $5; JCA valued members are free. Advance registration is appreciated.

April 10

Jacksonville Hadassah 11 a.m. “The Healing Art of Music”, featuring Certified Music Therapist Danielle Porter. Partnering with River Garden, this interactive program will provide information about how music is used in healing; specifically with stroke, Parkinson’s and brain injured populations. We will also learn how a variety of healing therapies are being used at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The program, which is free and open to the community, will be held in the auditorium at River Garden, 11401 Old St. Augustine Road. RSVP to Dena Grossman (904) 923-5635, or Laura Platzer 260-1818 x 859,

April 18

Jewish Community Alliance (1 – 3 p.m.) ART IN THE AFTERNOON: WOVEN WALL ART – Create a beautiful woven work of art in this class. The fee is $18 and $12 for JCA valued members. Registration is appreciated.

April 19

Jacksonville Jewish Center Center Book Club The April meeting will be in the Starbucks section of the San Jose Barnes and Noble at 7:30 p.m. The book for April is Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

April 21

Jacksonville Jewish Center Coffee & Torah Third Shabbat of every month Come enjoy a strong cup of brew, a tasty breakfast treat, and thought-provoking insights into the weekly Torah portion in the intimate setting of Rabbi Lubliner’s office. 8:00-9:00 a.m.

April 22

Jacksonville Jewish Center YIDDISH “CLUB” - Our

monthly meeting will held in the JJC Kramer Library at 12:30. This is an informal group of all ages with varying levels of ability. Meet other local speakers to practice the language, or to just shmooze a bisl! We’ll listen to Klezmer music, watch videos and films, read and speak in Yiddish! Please join the fun!

April 23

Jewish Community Alliance (6 – 7:15 p.m.) MONEY MATTERS – Join UNF professor Lian An, PhD, CFA, for this fascinating discussion on Bitcoin and the future of money. The fee is $5; JCA valued members are free. Advance registration is appreciated.

April 24

Jewish Community Alliance (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) SMART DRIVER COURSE – Pack a brown bag dairy lunch (no meat, please) for this class for drivers 50+. The fee is $20 and $15 for AARP members.

April 26

Jewish Community Alliance (6:30 – 8 p.m.) EPIGENETICS: LIFESTYLE, ENVIRONMENT AND OUR HEALTH - Learn the benefits of this fascinating area of medicine with holistic health provider Dr. Jon Repole. The fee is $5; JCA valued members are free. Advance registration appreciated.

April 29

Jacksonville Hadassah – 10:30 a.m. “Skin Care 101”, presented by Dr. Melinda Greenfield, Board Certified dermatologist. May is Melanoma Awareness Month, and because research has shown that UV exposure causes more than 90% of melanomas in the US, this is a perfect time and this is a topic of interest to all of us - men and women, young and old. This educational program will be held at Coastal Oaks Clubhouse in Nocatee. Space is limited so an RSVP of April 23 is required. $10 per person includes a light brunch. RSVP to (904) 834-7174 or

Regular Events Sundays

Jacksonville Jewish Center FOUNDATIONS OF JUDAISM CLASS - Sundays 10:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Classes are held at the Center, and are open to all, whether you are considering conversion, seeking to understand a friend or relative’s religious choices, or simply trying to go beyond your childhood Jewish education. Classes are ongoing – join us at any time! April 8, 15, 22,

CLASSIFIED PRIVATE SENIOR CARE 24/7 (904) 370-9178 I am certified Nurse Assistant, FL. License. w/many years experience in Geriatric care like: Dementia, MS, Diabetic,Stroke.etc. (Grooming,Bathing, G.Tube feeding, Monitoring behavior.. etc) Also office/Computer work. Have excellent references & clean FBI background letter report.

29 ALEF-BET HEBREW Jacksonville Jewish Center April 8, 15, 22, 29


Jacksonville Jewish Center MONDAY MINYAN MAPQUEST - Monday mornings, following morning minyan: Rabbi Lubliner takes us on a tour of Jewish cities, explaining history and current statistics of some well-known and not-sowell-known Jewish communities around the world. April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Jacksonville Jewish Center TALMUD CLASS - Rabbi Lubliner explores communal responses to crisis in tractate Ta’anit. Open to all! Mondays 7:00 p.m. April 2, 9, 16, 23


Jewish Community Alliance (April 25, May 2, May 9; 7 – 8 p.m.) BACK PAIN: PREVENTION AND TREATMENT - Join licensed neuromuscular therapist, cranial sacral practitioner and personal trainer Tim Dailing for this enlightening lecture and exercise series. The fee is $45 and $30 for JCA valued members. Registration required by April 23.


Jacksonville Jewish Center SHALOM MEDITATION Please join us for 25 minutes of meditation in a Jewish environment! At 9:15-9:30, we will offer some basic instruction of meditation technique and approach. We will start our actual practice at 9:30 and go until 9:55 (in time for the Torah service). We meet in the Kraemer Library (JJC). April 7, 14, 21, 28

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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NYL Summer Mission 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

Mission at a Glance Travel deeper into an Israel that only Federation has access to. Explore the land with fellow adventurers (ages 25-45) from across North America. Meet with Israelis from all walks of life to gain a local perspective. Hear their stories and give back to their communities through hands-on service projects. You will touch each other’s lives in ways you never imagined.


July 2-8, 2018


Highlights • Join an all-encompassing tour of Israel to see the breathtaking landscapes of the North

Double Occupancy


Single Supplement


Price includes first-class hotel accommodations, transportation, guides, most meals, taxes, tips, group transfers, and security. Participants are responsible for airfare.

• Dive into Israel’s vast history as you tour Jerusalem • Feel the energy in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv • Hear from dynamic Israeli leaders shaping the highest levels of business, government, technology, and military

Minimum Suggested Gift

• Experience tikkun olam through hands-on service projects


• Connect with your global Jewish community during a vibrant Shabbat together

Co-Chairs Haley Trager (Jacksonville) Marc Wolf (New York)

Taking care of each other is what



is all about. For more information, contact

What Past Participants Are Saying

A wonderful, spiritual, ENLIGHTENING experience that I can’t wait to share with others!

I am so grateful that I had the OPPORTUNITY to be on this mission. It gave me an in-depth look at issues in Israel today, the wonderful work of Federation, and the chance to meet with Israelis from all walks of life.

the friends and families of our Jewish community with personal, compassionate care. As your Dignity Memorial professionals, we are dedicated to helping families create a personal, meaningful memorial that truly honors the life it represents. W E’RE PROUD TO SERV E ®

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Let us be outdoors, SEE Israel through food!

Calling all adventurers! Get ready for this exciting, unique opportunity for young professionals - experience Israel for the first time or as you never have before through the National Young Leadership Summer Mission! This year, Jacksonville is proud to have our own National Cabinet member Haley Trager co-chairing the mission. Haley’s passion for the Jacksonville community and for Federation both locally and nationally are the perfect compliment to this experience! A $1,000 subsidy will be offered to those who are interested to go toward cost of the program. So don’t miss out on what will be an unforgettable summer with friends, peers, and your global community!

GREENLAWN CEMETERY Garden of King David JACKSONVILLE 904-396-2522

HARDAGE-GIDDENS Funeral Home – Mandarin JACKSONVILLE 904-288-0025

> <

HARDAGE-GIDDENS Oaklawn Chapel JACKSONVILLE 904-737-7171

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018




Picture a More Active You! If you're always skipping the family selfie because you aren't happy with your weight, it might be time to consider weight-loss surgery.


At Memorial Advanced Surgery, we know that great care starts with caring. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Led by Dr. John DePeri, Dr. Steven Webb and Dr. Husain Abbas, our office has helped thousands of people just like you get back to a more active life.

Go to or call (904) 399-5678 to make an appointment or learn about our weight-loss surgery seminars.

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Jacksonville Jewish News • April 2018

This Passover Ask Yourself; “Why Is This Israel Trip Different From all Other Israel Trips?” Gather with family and friends for a spiritual journey of Israel through the past and present of Jewish life with Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner from December 23, 2018 to January 3, 2019

Join us on for a Parlor Meeting on Monday, April 16, at 7:30 PM at Rabbi Lubliner’s home. ITC Tours will be on hand to discuss the trip and answer your questions!

Highlights Include: · Tour the must-see parts of Israel including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaa, Masada, the Golan Heights, Safed, Tiberias, and the Dead Sea, and go o the beaten trek to discover an Israel most tourists miss. · Craft your own unique spiritual journey to the Jewish homeland as Rabbi Lubliner guides you to the Jewish sights, sounds, and sacred texts of our people’s past and present. · Encounter firsthand the diversity of Israel’s many dierent religious communities, customs, and traditions. · Meet influential Israelis and visit the institutions that help further the cause of religious pluralism in Israeli society. · Celebrate a distinctly spiritual Shabbat in Jerusalem. · From a boutique winery to a chocolatier, from a traditional Bedouin meal to the exotic bites of Tel Aviv’s and Jerusalem’s open markets, savor Israel’s eclectic menus. · Perfect for families and individuals of all ages with options for age-appropriate activities for children. · Ideal for those who wish to celebrate a life-cycle event in Israel.

Treat yourself to the Jewish adventure of a lifetime! Interested? Want More Info? Website Call Us 904-292-1000

JJN April 2018  
JJN April 2018