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Israel & the Palestinians

Come to the 9th Annual Day of Learning to learn what really happened to the Palestinians upon the creation of the state of Israel. 3

The Dead Sea

Join Professor Shay Rabineau to hear about the Dead Sea and how its environmental crisis might be solved. 15

Jewish Book Festival

Going Strong

This month, JBF presents three authors and their books to enlighten and entertain.


Why go to Israel in 2024? Israel needs us now, more than ever

There is a trip to Israel being offered by Jewish Federation of Greater Naples the first two weeks in November this year. I know, there’s a war. I know you and/ or your family thinks this isn’t the right time to go to Israel. However, before you say no, think about the following three things.

When's a good time to go?

For 75 years, Israel has existed in a very bad neighborhood. The first time I went to Israel was 1964 — yes, before the 1967 war. I didn’t get to see Masada, the old city or many of the sites we now see regularly. The first night there, I went to sleep to gunfire and woke up to gunfire. It was a bad time to go to Israel. Every trip I have taken to Israel since, there has been an Intifada, a bombing or some other “problem.” And each time, someone here in the States has said to me, “Jane, this is not the time to be going to Israel.” In my view, it is always a good time to go to Israel, except July and August when it is brutally hot.

Israel needs us now, more than ever

The people of Israel are feeling abandoned

and need to know that we Jews stand together. We care about what they are going through enough to come over and see what has happened and hear their stories so that we can come back

and tell people here the truth. We are them and they are us. If we don’t go, learn and come back with their stories, who will?

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Sunday, April 7, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Where: Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center To register, go to Jewishnaples.org OF GREATER NAPLES
Jane Schiff
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Genocide, resistance, celebration

All in the words of Esther

Project Coordinator, CAMERA’s partnership of Christians and Jews

Purim, as related in the Book of Esther, has always seemed like a celebration of anomalies. The text is included in both Jewish and Christian canons, but only the Catholic version even mentions G-d. Unlike the other four books of Ketuvim, which focus on strong human emotions, the saga of Esther and Mordechai tells a dark tale of last-minute reprieve

why go...continued from previous page

The economy needs us

This war has devastated the economy. Our travel and retail dollars in Israel matter. Jobs have been lost. No one is coming to buy their treasures. We make a difference. Our dollars at hotels, restaurants, buses, guides and security

from genocide as an almost Shakespearean court intrigue, replete with contrived situations, human foibles, wildly exaggerated characters and multilayered subplots; and we observe it with customs and rituals that are altogether too raucous and lighthearted for a serious holiday.

What lies behind the shpiel, gragers and hamantaschen, the costumes and merry

provide jobs that were lost during the war.

This is a trip designed to be user friendly. If you want to see family or friends, we’ll make time for that. If you want to come early, stay late, volunteer before or after the trip, we’ll help make

making? Why do we consider Esther the first female diplomat and what is her appeal outside of Judaism? How did our survival hinge on an exchange of letters?

We invite you to join us March 19, 7 p.m. (seating begins at 6:30 p.m.) at Jewish Federation of Greater Naples’ Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center, 4720 Pine Ridge Road.

all those arrangements. This is a trip with friends from Naples. This will be fun, exciting, impactful and interesting.

Join us Oct. 31 through Nov. 14 as we visit Israel and the United Arab Emirates. We have a meeting to explain the trip on March 14 at 7 p.m. and another

Featured speakers, Dr. Tricia Miller and Rabbi Fishel Zaklos, will delve into the deeper significance of Esther and the Purim story, and why it is so relevant and timely for both Jews and Christians. Registration required at www.jewish naples.org.

on April 15 at 3 p.m. Sign up for one of these informational sessions with Jeffrey Feld at jfeld@jewishnaples.org. Jeffrey and I look forward to seeing you in Israel – this year!


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has arrived in Southwest Florida By popular demand, we now have a physical location!
York Deli
According to the bylaws of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, members are those individuals who make an annual gift of $72
information, please

9th Annual Day of Learning

Israel and the Palestinians – What really happened?

May 14, 1948 was the day Israel declared its independence as a nation and reestablished an ancient homeland for Jews after centuries in exile. Finally, Jews had a homeland; their own country recognized by the international community and the United Nations. This was a time for joy and great celebration.

The Arab population in Palestine had and has a different perspective of the creation of the state of Israel. They call that day a catastrophe and recognize May 15 of each year as Nakba Day (memory of the catastrophe). Half of the Arab population left their homes shortly after the creation of the state of Israel, which led to 700,000 Arab refugees.

as well. That rhetoric has fueled even more antisemitism.

It is particularly important for all of us to know the true facts about why the Arab Palestinians living within Israel’s borders in 1948 left and why they did not return. Equally important is how those Palestinians that remained within the borders of Israel have been and are treated versus the Jewish population of Israel.

On college campuses and on the streets of some of our largest cities, there have been pro-Palestinian demonstrations even though scores of innocent Israeli citizens and visitors from other countries were killed, raped, tortured and kidnapped. These demonstrations have increased in frequency after the Israeli response to those attacks. Many of the demonstrators claim that Jews are colonial occupiers of the land that the state of Israel is on, and that they are racist

Mr. J.J. Goldberg, an author, frequent lecturer and nationally syndicated columnist on topics relating to Israel, will discuss these issues, and more. After his presentation, Mr. Goldberg and Stephen (Steve) Schreier will participate in a broader moderated discussion of significant matters of concern related to Israel.

Please attend the 9th Annual Day of Learning (March 11, 1-4 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center) to learn what really happened to the Palestinians living in the territory that is now Israel. This will be an in-person event only. The cost to attend this event is $18. Refreshments will be provided. To register for this event, go to www. jewishnaples.org.

3 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION Sunday, May 5, 2024 4:00 PM Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center 4720 Pine Ridge Rd Please join us for a special program. Everyone is invited to attend. Register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org This program is brought to you by: The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center, Temple Shalom, Beth Tikvah, GenShoah SWFL, Naples Jewish Congregation, Chabad of Naples, and Jewish Congregation of Marco Island. OF GREATER NAPLES COMMUNITY WIDE ANNUAL YOM HASHOAH HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE
J.J. Goldberg
Read current and previous issues of the FederationStaronline at www.jewishnaples.org
Stephen (Steve) Schreier
You deserve the care of a Real Estate Specialist. DebbieSellsYourHome4You.com D ZDEBORAH ZVIBLEMAN REALTOR® PA Deborah Zvibleman, PA ABR, AHWD, CIPS, CLHMS, PMN, RSPS, SRES, SFR,TRC DZvibleman@johnrwood.com 239.272.8878
Past President of Temple Shalom and Federation Member since 1998. 10% of my net commission will be donated to Jewish Federation of Greater Naples in your honor.

Haddasah Medical Organization firsts

Presentation hosted by Israel and Overseas committee and Hadassah

Did you know that one of the immunotherapy drugs used to treat macular degeneration and a number of cancers came out of research developed at Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO)? Avastin is only one of the breakthroughs developed by Hadassah researchers.

Hadassah, known for excellence in clinical care, education and research, collaborates with centers around the world and has developed breakthroughs that not only benefit the people of Israel but many others around the globe.

During my talk of “Hadassah Firsts,” I will touch on just a few areas that make Hadassah among the leading centers in the world.

HMO has been cited by U.S. News and World Report as a leader in cardiology, oncology and smart tech. The dual robot system for treatment of complicated orthopedic procedures was first tested at Hadassah; other pharma and tech companies chose HMO as a partner to test new products and treatment modalities. Additionally, it is Hadassah to whom other countries turned for

help in managing the COVID crisis; and Hadassah provided the first intake clinic in Poland to treat many Ukrainian refugees.

Israel is truly the “start-up nation” on so many levels.

Everyone is invited to hear more about these topics. Please join the Israel and Overseas Committee, Hadassah and the community on Thursday, March 28 at 2:30 p.m.

Please register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org.


The Pomegranate Society is a sisterhood of women who share a commitment to paying a vital role to support those in need and to building and sustaining a vibrant Jewish community in the Geater Naples area. We care deeply about our local Jewish community and Jews in North America, Israel and around the world.

4720 Pine Ridge Road

Naples, FL 34119

Phone: 239.263.4205


Email: info@jewishnaples.org


Board Chair: Nathaniel Ritter

Vice chairs: Marc Saperstein, Arlene Sobol, Beth Wolff

Secretary: Rosalee Bogo

Treasurer: Steve Strome

Immediate Past Chair: Jane Schiff

Board of Directors

Frank Baum, Myra Benedikt, Patti Boochever, Harvey Cohen, Marcia Cohodes, Paula Filler, Cheryl Ginsburg, Steve Iser, Larry Israelite, Tammy Katz, Elliot Lerner, Merlin Lickhalter, Robin Mintz, Joel Pittelman, Stuart Price, Michael Rubinstein, Anne Schuchman, Michael Sobol, Jay Weiss, Jeff Zalasky, Board Member Emeritus: Alvin Becker, Emerita, Phyllis Seaman

Past Board Chairs

Gerald Flagel, Dr. William Ettinger, Ann Jacobson (z’’l), Sheldon Starman, Bobbie Katz, Rosalee Bogo, Judge Norman Krivosha (z’’l), Alvin Becker, Jane Schiff

Synagogue Representatives

Stan Alliker, Cantor Donna Azu, Rabbi Ariel Boxman, Rabbi Ammos Chorny, Rabbi Mendel Gordon, Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, Rabbi Mark Gross, Joseph Henson, Rabbi Howard Herman, Rabbi Adam Miller, Charles Flum, Rabbi James Perman, Dr. Arthur Seigel, Len Teitelbaum, Rabbi Fishel Zaklos


Jeffrey Feld: Federation President & CEO

Eduardo Avila: Campaign Associate

Reneé Bialek: Program Director

Michelle Cunningham: Receptionist

Courtney DeVault: Accounting Manager

Alicia Feldman: Development Director

Amber Ferren: PJ Library Coordinator

Savannah Kelly: Marketing Communications Manager

Pat Pastorius: Facility Assistant

Linda Sherman: Receptionist

Phil Zoltek: Facility Manager

Federation's mission is to enhance and enrich the quality of Jewish life by recognizing and supporting the charitable, educational, humanitarian and social service needs of the Jewish community locally, nationally, overseas and in the state of Israel.

Programs include:

• Annual Community Campaign

• Celebrate Israel

• Educational & Cultural Programs

• Israel and Overseas Committee

• Israel Scouts

• Jewish Book Festival

• Jewish Community Relations Council

• Jewish Young Professionals

• Jewish Russian Cultural Alliance

• Men’s Cultural Alliance

• PJ Library

• Publication of the Federation

Star and Connections magazine

• Singles Social Group

• Women’s Cultural Alliance

• Women’s Philanthropy

• Youth Activities Committee –sponsoring youth education and scholarships for Jewish Summer Camp and Israel Experiences

4 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
Pomegranates are: Pomegranates enjoy: • Leading by example • Powerful together • Philanthropic and care about making the world a better place If you would like more information on becoming a Pomegranate Society Member in Greater Naples, contact 2024 Pomegranate Chair Debra Antzis or call Alicia Feldman, Development Director, at 239-449-8266.
than a beautiful piece of jewelry, the Pomegranate pin is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to and compassion for the Jewish people. To qualify for the Pomegranate Pin, women must donate $1,800 or more to the Jewish
of Greater
Annual Campaign.
Exclusive programs and events
Unique mitzvah opportunities
A bond like no other

Something for everyone this month

ewish Federation of Greater Naples is the place to be in March!

Jewish Book Festival

The Jewish Book Festival continues in March with “The Golden Doves” by Martha Hall Kelly on Friday, March 1 at 10:30 a.m. (refreshments will be served at 10:10 a.m.), followed by “The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World” by Jonathan Freedland on Thursday, March 7 at 12:30 p.m. (light lunch begins at noon) and “The Jewish Deli: An Illustrated Guide to the Chosen Food” by Ben Nadler on Tuesday, March 26 at 1 p.m. Please visit www.jewishbookfestival.org

for more information or to buy individual tickets.

Informative presentations

Join us for informative presentations:

• Monday, March 11 – JCRC Day of Learning with J.J. Goldberg and Steve Schreier. $18 pp.

• Monday, March 18 – The Life and Death of the Dead Sea presentation with Professor Shay Rabineau, Department of Judaic Studies, Binghamton University. Please register for this free presentation.

• Thursday, March 28 at 2:30 pm. – Haddasah Medical Organization – Hadassah Firsts with guest speaker Dr. Karen Ezrine. Please join the Israel and Overseas Committee, Hadassah and the community. Registration can be found on our website.

The Elliott Katz Lecture Winter series continues

Please register for these informative presentations that start at 10 a.m.


March 8 – The Black Experience, under the Swastika, You Will Be Surprised

March 22 – The New York Times, It Never Learns

March 29 – Saluting America and the American Soldier

New classes!

Sit and Stand With Poles and Bands is the fun way to greater strength and better balance. Join fitness instructor Shari Greenberg on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. More information can be found on our website.

Weekly free games!

Jewish singles in their 40s and 50s will go out Saturday, May 4 at 7 p.m. Please email Michelle at mcunningham@ jewishnaples.org for more information.

Join us for Scrabble every Monday at 1 p.m.

Please email Michelle at mcunningham@ jewishnaples.org to let her know you will be playing with the group.

Super Samba card game on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. Please email Leslie at tennislbow5549@gmail.com.

The Singles Social Group offers monthly events for Federation members who are 55 years old and up. Please email Michelle at mcunningham@ jewishnaples.org to let her know you are an JFGN member, Jewish, single and ready to meet new friends.

Please register for all events at www.jewishnaples.org.

Dates and times of upcoming events are announced on our website homepage. If you aren’t receiving our weekly Monday e-blast, please email me at rbialek@ jewishnaples.org.

We have a variety of groups and committees at Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, such as PJ Library, Cardozo Legal Society, Catholic-Jewish Dialogue, Israel and Overseas Committee and Jewish Community Relations Council. Please join the group and/or committee that best fits your needs.

5 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION


Co-sponsored by


Jan. 12 – The United Nations Blinks, Again

From April 1992 until November 1996 Bosnian Serb soldiers and Serbian Army units conducted a campaign of genocide against Bosnian Muslims. Learn how NATO was useless when handcuffed by the U.N.

Jan. 26 – Very Rich, Very Beautiful, Very Bad

While living in France during WWII, Florence La Caze Gould, wife to the son of one of America’s richest men, befriended and bedded some of the worst Nazi murderers in the country. Investigated by J. Edgar Hoover and F.B.I. for treason after the war, what was her excuse?

Feb. 9 – These Were Not Nice Jewish Boys

During the 1930s, there was an almost unfathomable rise of antisemitism. One man enlisted a group of Jews to stop Jew baiting and harassment. They were known nationwide as Murder, Inc. What did they do?

Feb. 23 – They Said It Couldn’t Happen Here, It Did 19th century America was in turmoil. Mormon immigrants were the subject of an expulsion and extermination order. Later, a Union General, who later became the President of the United States, ordered Jews living in the South to be deported. How could this happen and who did this?

March 8 — The Black Experience Under the Swastika, You Will Be Surprised

Adolf Hitler and National Socialism had only hatred and scorn for black skinned people. Ironically, one black “American Prisoner of War” became a hero to a generation of white concentration camp and labor camp inmates. Hear about Johnny Nicholas and his courage.

March 22 – The New York Times, It Never Learns

The New York Times reporting on the rise of Fidel Castro, violence in the middle east and Israel’s need to defend itself reaffirms the view that the Sulzberger Dynast, continues to let ideology, politics and prejudices dictate “all the news fit to print.”

March 29 - Saluting America and the American Soldier

81 years ago, the United States Marines captured Iwo Jima, steppingstone to Japan. 6,000 Marines died and 18,500 were injured. Today we tell the story and honor every man and woman serving to protect America.

Interfaith marriage discussion

Presented by the Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

The debate of interfaith unions has been around longer than Tevya and “Fiddler on the Roof.”

We invite you to join us for a discussion on interfaith marriage: exploring the opportunities for cultural and spiritual growth Sunday, March 17 at 2:30 p.m. Can it actually strengthen religious beliefs and observance for both faiths?

Clergy from both the Catholic and Jewish faiths will join us to explore the viewpoints of their respective religions, followed by a brief Q&A session.

Immediately following the Q&A, attendees will be invited to participate in roundtable discussions of the following questions, as well as any related questions anyone wishes to discuss.

• Is acceptance by immediate family a necessary part of a solution?

• Has your family had any experience with this?

• Can acceptance improve numbers of “the faithful” for each religion?

• Are Judaism and Catholicism cultures that can successfully coexist in a household?

We hope this time together will enrich and enlighten us as we explore interfaith marriage at a time in our cultures when the number of the “faithful” appears to be diminishing.

Please register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org.

Understanding senior housing in Southwest Florida

My presentation, “Understanding Senior Housing in Southwest Florida,” is back by popular demand.

Nicknamed “The Matchmaker of Senior Housing,” I have more than 30 years of experience in senior housing having overseen 75 senior living communities in 14 states, including three in Naples. I am a lecturer with FGCU and am considered the foremost expert on senior housing in Southwest Florida. Additionally, I’m a member of MCA, a Federation Star advertiser and a longstanding supporter of the Federation.

Please join me for this interactive discussion on these topics:

• When is the right time to consider a senior living community?

• What are the types and costs of options in our area?

• The pros/cons of hiring home care

• What do you do if senior living is not for you?

• How to plan ahead

• Important questions to ask when touring

• What is the role of a senior housing advisor? And much more…

This event was standing room only in January. Join us Wednesday, April 17, 10 a.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. RSVP required for this free program at https:// JFGN.regfox.com/seniorhousing-solutions.


WHERE: Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center 4720 Pine Ridge Rd.

WHEN: 10-11:30 a.m. with Q&A to follow . COST: Series tickets: $150 pp; 4 ticket: $100; Individual tickets $35 pp


Tickets can be purchased at the door if seats are available.

6 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
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B. Rosenblatt


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7 March 2024 Federation Star PEST•TERMITE•RODENT LAWN INSULATION 239•494•3544
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What do you want your legacy to be? The Lion behind the pin

On Feb. 2, our generous Lion of Judah members gathered for a unique experience, The Lion Behind the Pin program. Jewish Federation of Greater Naples Lion donors participated in this fabulous program being introduced across 146 Jewish Federations in North America.

Jeffrey Feld, JFGN president/ CEO and Alicia Feldman, JFGN development director, secured two outstanding Lion of Judah philanthropic leaders who were instrumental in developing this program: Shelley Robbins and Debbie Lazarov. Robbins and Lazarov are incredible thoughtful leaders not only in their Memphis, Tennessee community but role models for all 18,000 Lion of Judah members across North America. The two women shared their heartfelt story of how this program began and why all of us should be proud of our Jewish values and what being a Lion of Judah means to us individually.

This special program helped all of us begin to consider what we want our legacy to be. What are our most important values

as Jewish philanthropists? What is our legacy, our values that we want to share with those we love in the next generation?

Wonderful discussions started as our Lion of Judah women enjoyed a few moments to reflect on these important questions.

Each luncheon attendee received their own personal Lion Behind the Pin gift box. Several Lions have already signed up for the private Legacy Writing Workshops being held in members’ homes. These optional workshops are an opportunity for our philanthropists to share their views and begin to crystallize their own thoughts regarding what to include in their legacy letter. What values and family stories are uniquely theirs?

The first legacy workshops will be held on Thursday, March 7 for brunch or, alternatively, Wednesday, March 13 for lunch. Space will be extremely limited at each workshop. Keep an eye out

for an email with details for reserving your spot or contact Alicia Feldman.

Any Lion of Judah member who missed our fabulous Feb. 2 program was invited to a 30-minute catch-up briefing to receive their own Lion Behind the Pin gift on Wednesday, Feb. 21 or Wednesday, Feb. 28 at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center.

To sign up for a legacy writing workshop or learn about the program, please contact Alicia Feldman at AFeldman@Jewish Naples.com. For any questions about the Lion Behind the Pin program, please contact Lion Behind the Pin Chair Paula Filler at PaulaPFiller@gmail.com.

8 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
Paula Filler Jeffrey Feld, JFGN CEO/President; Alicia Feldman, JFGN Development Director; Paula Filler; Estelle Price; Gail Smith; and Rosalee Bogo Sharon Stein thoughtfully enjoys the event. Participant takes notes toward creating her own legacy letter.


9 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION TheCarlisleNaples.com 239.444.6891 AN SRG COMMUNITY ECC LICENSED • ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY: 9408 OPEN HOUSE AT THE CARLISLE | SATURDAY, MARCH 30 th • 2:00-4:00 pm Learn about the lifestyle practices of some of the world’s longest-lived people. To RSVP, call 239.444.6891
A beautiful setting? Great conversations? Enhanced vitality? New passions? Find out for yourself at The Carlisle Naples’ March Open House where you’ll be transported to the Blue Zone of Okinawa, Japan. Get a taste of our celebrated hospitality with divine Japanese appetizers & refreshments, and tour our community grounds, amenities, and homes.
2024 Lion Behind the Pin luncheon attendees Gail Smith, 2024 Lion of Judah co-chair; Shelly Robbins and Debbie B. Lazarov, event guest speakers; and Paula Filler, Lion Behind the Pin Chair Every Lion of Judah in attendance received this beautiful gift box to facilitate her legacy journey.
Why I took the big step to ensure my


Since my last article, I am very excited to share with you something I am very proud of. With the advent of the Lion Behind the Pin program, there has been a lot of talk lately about legacy and endowments. It really got me thinking about the future and my own legacy. So, I started the process of endowing my gift to Jewish Federation of Greater Naples a few months ago. Being the 2024 Annual Community Campaign chair and having been involved in Federation as a volunteer for 40 years, I realized how important this is to me. As I age, I want to be sure that when I am gone, I will still make a difference and all my work will not have been in vain, and in a small way, I will still have purpose.

I thought back through the years to what I have seen traveling on Federation missions and know that we make a difference in the overseas countries we help. Though these trips were years ago, we are still in the same countries I visited, and more.

On Oct. 27, 2018, a gunman opened re inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 people as they prayed, in what would become the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. Hear from survivors and the Muslim and African American allies who came together to ght for love, not hate.

I have a son who is part of the Gen X group, who shows no interest in Judaism, even though he went to Jewish Day School and had a bar mitzvah. He, like most of his friends, aren’t really interested in going deep into learning about the Holocaust and their knowledge of Judaism is superficial. Can I realistically expect him to carry on my legacy when I am gone?

So, my decision was an easy one. I joined a few of my local Lion of Judah friends and endowed my pin. These women who have also stepped forward and ensured their legacy are Jane Schiff, Phyllis Seaman, Sharon Stein, Paula Filler, and of blessed memory, Shareen Willens. After attending the Lion Behind the Pin luncheon on Feb. 2 and learning about this fantastic program, I know we will have more Lions proudly join this philanthropic and passionate group.

We talk so much about raising money for local needs and satisfying our community’s core needs is of upmost importance.

In Cuba, where food is rationed, we provided chicken for Shabbat dinners at Friday night services. In Azerbajan, I delivered a food package to two elderly ill sisters in a 5th-floor flat where we provided a social worker to care for them. Now they would get debit cards to spend on their needs. How about the Holocaust survivor in Odessa who Federation sent a medical team to rig a hoist to raise her up in bed after she broke her hip. I went to a school in Kiev where the children were learning about Judaism and a Jewish summer camp where they could just be kids. All this is provided by Federation.

In Buenos Aires, I visited an ORT school training Jewish youth for jobs. One of my most impactful trips was to a true shetel in the Russian countryside which had a Chesed center. We walked through mud to get there and witnessed the socialization and appreciation for what we provided for their needs. The needs of today are different, but our willingness to help is still there.

As our slogan says, No Gift Touches More Lives.

Think about where your dollars are going now. After your passing, who will answer the needs of our people? Talk to Jeffrey Feld, Alicia Feldman or our financial group, TOP, who handle our Naples Federation funds or talk to your personal financial advisor for advice. Make the decision to allow the generosity of your life to continue after you are gone.

10 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION For a continuously updated community calendar, visit www.jewishnaples.org Join us to watch the lm Monday, April 15, 11 a.m. at the Nina
Cultural Center
Iser Jewish
Register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org “A Tree of Life: THE PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING” OF GREATER NAPLES *Watch this lm together in the Schi Hall or watch from your home. Special orders, Custom Designs, Estate Jewelry, Restoration & Laser Repairs 4th Generation Fine Jeweler MATTHEW SKIS Tel: 239-793-4400 | mattisinc@hotmail.com 3635 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34103 MATTIS Inc. of Parkshore Center
Rosalee Bogo

An Introduction to

& Our Executive Chef’s Top Culinary Delights

Here’s your chance to get a taste of what life is like at Moorings Park’s three stunning Naples communities.

Attainable Luxury Begins at $522,000

Successful aging expert and Vice President Tom Mann will introduce you to our three premier Moorings Park communities. Discover an innovative approach to successful aging as you learn valuable details on costs, oor plans, healthcare, dining, and waiting lists.

During this presentation, you’ll enjoy a video tour of each community’s clubhouse and model residences, all while savoring top culinary delights from our executive chef.

RSVP today by scanning the QR code, visiting MooringsPark.org/Events, or calling 239-842-2558.

Discover Our Secrets to Successful Aging

Thursday, April 4th | 10:30 a.m.

Moorings Park Grande Lake Clubhouse 7410 Little Lane, Naples, FL 34105

RSVP by April 2nd by calling 239-842-2558, visiting MooringsPark.org/Events, or scanning the QR code.

Unable to attend? Join our webinar on Friday, April 5th at 10:30 a.m. To register, visit MooringsPark.org/Webinar.

11 March 2024 Federation Star Prices from $ 522 ,00 0 to $9M+ 7410 Little Lane | Naples, FL 34105 | 239-842-2558 | MooringsPark.org #88033 P030124
Moorings Park’s Three Communities
Moorings Park Communities is a nationally accredited, non-pro t, Medicare-certi ed organization and one of the only Life Plan providers with A or A+ ratings by Fitch and S&P Global Ratings.


your opportunity to enjoy Jewish Book Festival. Visit JEWISHBOOKFESTIVAL.ORG to become purchase individual tickets.

JBF Patrons



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Roaring art Lions

Docent and Lion of Judah Society member Ellaine Rosen treated 26 Lion members to an engrossing lecture about renowned artist Victor Vasarely at the Naples Art Institute on Jan. 24. The “grandfather” and leader of the Op Art movement, Vasarely’s artistic works utilize geometric shapes, colorful graphics and an illusion of spatial depth. Known for his hallmark checkerboard paintings in the ’70s and ’80s, he was born in Pécs, Hungary in 1906. He died in Paris in 1997.

An engrossing lecturer with great knowledge of art, Rosen detailed Vasarely’s famous creations, explaining that he believed in democratization of art by supporting broad distribution of his works. He felt strongly that the masses, not just the wealthy, should enjoy and own pieces of fine art. The broad reproduction of

his prolific collection prompted many famous artists to produce silk screenings, lithographs, and the like.

In her lectures, Rosen always attempts to point out the Jewishness of an artist and their famous associates. She emphasizes their life struggles and interesting family history, which the Lions find quite fascinating.

In addition to the lecture, the ladies enjoyed a delightful lunch at Vergina on Fifth Avenue, where they welcomed new Lions to the pride and shared a harmonious time visiting with good friends.

If any of our Naples Lions were not present to hear them ROAR, come join our pride of Lions for brunch at Royal Poinciana Golf Club on Sunday, March 17 at 10:30 a.m. Invitations will be coming out soon.

Roaring for you…

14 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
Greater Naples Lion of Judah and visiting Lion of Judah relax over lunch at Vergina on Fifth Avenue. Gail Smith, Lion of Judah co-chair and Ellaine Rosen, Greater Naples Lion of Judah and Naples Art Institute docent Gail Smith and Estelle Price, 2024 Lion of Judah Co-chairs
PLEASE HELP US BUILD COMMUNITY! Publishing the FederationStarwould not be possible without our advertisers. Please patronize our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad in the FederationStar. OF GREATER NAPLES
The Greater Naples Lion of Judah members enjoy a private tour of the Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye Exhibit with Greater Naples Lion of Judah and Docent Ellaine Rosen.

The life and death of the Dead Sea

On Monday, March 18, Professor Shay Rabineau from the Center for Israel Studies at Binghamton University will give a talk entitled “The Life and Death of the Dead Sea.”

In 2022, Rabineau organized the second-ever trek that circled the Dead Sea on foot. During the two-week trek, he walked through Jordan, Israel and the West Bank in an effort to better understand the Dead Sea and its current environmental crisis. Rabineau’s trek followed a 1934 journey, carried out by Jewish hikers from British Mandate Palestine,

which remains legendary in Israel today. As an expert on Israeli trails, Rabineau journeyed across a landscape that had

changed enormously over the previous 88 years. In his talk, Rabineau will discuss the challenges of crossing international borders, navigating minefields, being detained by intelligence officers, walking through industrial zones and avoiding deadly sinkholes.

He will also share the Dead Sea’s long history, as viewed from the ancient lands of Moab and Edom, the desert fortress of Masada, and the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Finally, he will show how ancient and modern sites are threatened by the Dead Sea’s disappearance and how its environmental crisis might be solved.

Please register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org.

Presented by MCA, WCA, Israel and Overseas Committee, and Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

Singles Social Group

Join us Monday, March 18 at 2 p.m. when we will sit together and listen to Professor Shay Rabineau speak about The Life and Death of the Dead Sea. After this presentation, the Singles will mingle and enjoy a light dinner in a private room at Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

This is a free event for singles age 55 and older, but please send your RSVP to me at mcunningham@jewish naples.org so I can give you more details.

Save the date!

Monday, April 8, we will meet from 5:456:15 p.m. for wine and cheese, followed by “My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy” performance at 7 p.m. Cost is $75. Registration information coming soon!

For a continuously updated community calendar, visit www.jewishnaples.org


The Pomegranates held their annual luncheon at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center on Monday, Feb. 26, showcasing the important work of Cultivate Abundance, a wonderful organization working to address food insecurity in Immokalee. Cultivate Abundance Executive Director and Co-founder Ellen Burnett told us about the many ways the organization achieves its goals.

We Pomegranates are partnering with Cultivate Abundance to establish a new orchard in Immokalee, and I hope that next year around this time, we’ll be able to take a trip to see what’s growing there and celebrate the way we are helping to address food insecurity in our community.

Thank you all for supporting this important work.

In addition to the lecture, the ladies enjoyed a delightful lunch catered by Prestige Catering, welcomed new Pomegranates and shared the afternoon visiting with good friends. As a new member myself, it was a lovely opportunity to get to know many more Pomegranates.

I hope to see more of you in March at our last gathering of the season. Keep your eyes open for more on that in your email inbox.

16 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
enjoy afternoon of friendship and philanthropy
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GIVE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH POTENTIAL. ADVERTISE WITH Robin Leonardi • 941.552.6307 • rleonardi@jfedsrq.org www.TheJewishNews.org Contact Joy Walker at 941-284-0520 or walkerjoy62@yahoo.com. GIVE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH POTENTIAL. ADVERTISE WITH THE STAR FEDERATI N
Debra Antzis
17 March 2024 Federation Star NEW YORK’S HILARIOUS COMEDY HIT COMES TO NAPLES! This hilarious and poignant story is universal in its message: The journey to follow one’s DREAM, and the parents who SUFFER through it! STARRING BRAD ZIMMERMAN MONDAY, APRIL 8 LAUGH“YOU’LLYOUR TUCHAS OFF!” -TheHuffington Post “Delicious! DISTINCTLY ORIGINAL & POWERFULLY POIGNANT. GreatComedy!” - New York Times “PlentyofLaughs! IT’SALLFUNNYSTUFF. (HESHOWSUSTHAT) BEINGANARTISTIS ABOUTTHEJOURNEY, NOTTHEDESTINATION!” -AZRepublic at Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center 7-8:30 p.m. • $50 pp 5:45-6:15 p.m. Wine & Cheese private reception • $75 (includes reserved seating for the show) Register at www.jewishnaples.org OF GREATER NAPLES

Craving a snack at night?

You’re not alone

The majority of my weight loss clients tell me using food as a treat or reward is the biggest reason they’re overweight. This gets compounded when upset or tired, making it even harder to avoid rummaging in the pantry.

Craving a treat at the end of the day is often a sign that you’re ignoring your own needs. You’re likely too busy working or running errands to make time for relaxation or “me” time. It’s no wonder you end the day craving cookies; it’s become more than just a treat! It’s a way to carve out “me-time” or signal that you’re done for the day.

Without a treat, does evening (or other parts of your life) become less tolerable?

To decrease the power food has over you, figure out how your answer to that question is driving you toward food.

Ask yourself if there are other things you can do to give yourself an evening treat without eating. When you understand your underlying reasons and prepare some alternatives, you can rewire your brain to crave a nonfood treat instead; maybe a bubble bath, good movie or a chat with a friend.

To learn more about your brain’s wiring and how to retrain it to help you lose weight permanently, join us for a free preview session of Weight Loss Reimagined classes taught by me, a certified weight loss coach.

• Free preview session date: Thursday, March 14, 1-2 p.m. Sign up at


About the Weight Loss Reimagined class

If you've found yourself in a cycle of resolutions to lose weight every year only to end up regaining it, you're not alone. If you think you lack the self-discipline needed to lose weight and keep it off, this class may be just what you’re looking for! The good news? As course creator, I will share that you don’t need to rely solely on your own willpower to lose weight for the last time. Join us to hear how I broke my own decades-long emotional eating habit and learn how I can

help you via a unique approach that creates lasting results.

Most of us can force ourselves to suffer through a diet for a little while, but if we don’t change the way we think, feel and behave, the weight is very likely to come back. In Weight Loss Reimagined classes, you'll learn tools to help you stay in control around your favorite junk food, even during social events. And there’s no calorie counting or point systems! You'll create a personalized, healthy food protocol that fits easily into your lifestyle. Most importantly, you’ll learn a tool based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help rewire your brain to no longer crave junk food, making permanent weight loss so much more attainable!

Why this program is different

• Transformation from within: We’ll focus on changing the way you think about food to find healthier ways to celebrate and even deal with the upset that may lead to emotional eating.

• Self-empowerment: You'll learn tools to help you stay in control around food, even when out at restaurants or home alone with the nighttime munchies. Imagine being able to say no to the breadbasket without feeling deprived and easily ignore urges to snack!

• Results without restrictions: No more calorie counting or point systems. You'll create a personalized, natural,

healthy food protocol that seamlessly fits your lifestyle.

Class details

• Adults only

• Six-week class series: March 21 and 28, April 4, 11, 18 and 25 (6 classes) at Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center, 4720 Pine Ridge Road, Naples. Each class builds on the last, please plan to attend all six.

• If you need to miss a class, arrangements can be made to watch a recording to catch up.

• Register for the classes at https://JFGN. regfox.com/march-weight-loss-class.

• If you have any difficulty registering, please contact Reneé Bialek at rbialek@ jewishnaples.org.

• Tuition: $297 (a portion of tuition benefits JFGN)

• Instructor: I am a resident of Naples, a WCA member, a certified weight loss coach and creator of these “Weight Loss Reimagined” classes. By retraining my brain, I was able to finally shake my lifelong yo-yo dieting and emotional eating habits to lose 65 pounds and keep the weight off for good. I was so impressed by the power of harnessing thoughts that I quit my corporate career, got my coaching certification and created this sixweek class series to help as many people as possible gain control over their minds, weight and health!

18 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
Indicate how you want your engraved brick to read, using the grid below for the size brick you are purchasing. Each square is the space for one letter or number. Each row counts as one line of text, only use the amount of lines specified below for your brick. 12” x 12” Engraved Brick - room for 8 lines of text with 20 characters per line ($1,800) 8” x 8” Engraved Brick - room for 6 lines of text with 20 characters per line ($720) 4” x 8” Engraved Brick - room for 3 lines of text with 20 characters per line ($360)
ould you like to add your name to a brick paver as a welcome to guests visiting our new Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center? Contact me at eavila@jewishnaples.org or 239-263-4205. Welcome guests to our new center with a brick paver
Associate BRICK PAVER ORDER FORM Donor Information Name ____________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ City _____________________________________________________________ State _______________________ Zip Code __________________________ Email ___________________________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________________________________ Donation Amount (S) ______________________________________________ Make your check payable to JFGN and send it, with this completed form, to: JFGN, 4720 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119.

Sit and stand with poles and bands

The fun way to greater strength and better balance

With passion and purpose, I bring a fitness strategy to support your lifestyle to each 45-minute class designed to safely guide participants through a total body movement experience and held at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center.

Each session includes fun activities to build and enhance strength, endurance, balance, agility and posture. While targeted to all levels, those who engage in racquet sports, golf or other activities will also benefit.

Each class begins with a warm-up while seated or standing. With a strong focus

on balance, I integrate both static and dynamic exercises throughout each class session.

Resistance bands are a great way to target upper and lower body to improve strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. Walking poles will be introduced in creative ways using all directions of movement to allow for increased range of motion. Walking poles help to improve posture, which promotes better balance in motion.

In order to stay functional with less pain and stiffness, we need to move and challenge our heart, muscles, bones and brains.

To remain steady on our feet, it is imperative to do something active every day. Each week, you will learn a new movement pattern to practice at home to support and enhance skills learned in class.

After several class sessions, you will begin to notice less pain and stiffness, resulting in greater ease of movement, along with a greater sense of confidence and a bonus of more smiles!

March sessions

Pole Walking on Tuesdays from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.

(March 5, 12, 19 and 26) All sessions $56.

Pole Walking on Wednesdays from 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.

Great opportunity for fun and giving with Beading for Betterment

For several years, the Beading for Betterment project has provided custom-made special necklaces to be given to children at the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee. They are distributed to children there so that they have a Mother’s Day gift to give to their mother, grandmother or special woman in their life. In addition to the

children at the Guadalupe Center, necklaces have been distributed to children who participate in Jewish Federation of Greater Naples’ Shop with a Sheriff event for Christmas.

Whether you are an experienced “beader” or have never made a beaded necklace, please join the group for a fun beading session. All are welcome.

There will be free sessions at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center, 4720 Pine Ridge Road. Sessions will be held from noon to 3 p.m. on:

• Wednesday, March 6

• Wednesday, March 13

• Thursday, April 4

• Monday, April 8

Come to one or come to all!

(March 6, 13, 20 and 27) All sessions $32. Sit, Stand, Poles & Bands on Wednesdays from 2 to 3 p.m.

(March 6, 13, 20 and 27). All sessions $48.

Register at www.jewishnaples.org.

Wear sneakers and bring your poles. To encourage good grip and stability, I recommend special Urban Poling poles, different from trekking poles, which I will bring for purchase (prices range from $106-$132)

Jewish Federation of Greater Naples is cosponsoring these classes and a portion of the tuition will benefit the organization.

If you have your own supplies, please bring them. If not, supplies will be provided and a donation will be requested so that more supplies may be purchased. For more information, contact me at chirsch1951@gmail.com. This program is sponsored by Jewish Federation of Greater Naples and Temple Shalom.

March 3 - “All About the Levkoviches” – (Hungarian/Hebrew)

7:00 p.M.

Sit back and enjoy this contemporary drama about family dynamics telling the story of a generous, stubborn and loving boxing coach who gets along with everyone except his own son. When the son returns to sit shiva for his mother, they are forced to face old grievances.

March 17 - “ Irena’s Vow” – (English)

7:00 p.M.

Fresh off its world premiere at the TIFF, this gripping drama tells the true story of a 19-year old nursing student, Irena, employed by a Nazi officer, secretly smuggled Polish Jews out of the ghetto to safety. Irena’s Vow sheds light on the untold stories of courage and compassion of the Holocaust, serving as a poignant reminder of the indomitable human spirit and the potential for heroism, even in the darkest of times. • Q&A with Jeannie Opdyke Smith, daughter of Irena Gut


19 March 2024 Federation Star
The Nina Iser
4720 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34119 2024 2024
Festival subscription $100 per person $36 per person \ per film Mail checks payable to NJFF with your name film selections and contact information to NJFF c/o 1459 Pine Ridge Road, Naples FL 34109 Get your TICKETS at NaplesJewishFilmFestival.org JEWISH FEDERATION

It was so nice to see you all at the Can U Dig It Playground playdate and our first recent PJ Our Way event! It is so great to have events with all ages but also sometimes split into more age-appropriate activities for the kids! Thank you to all who came out to see Rick Recht! I hope you had a wonderful time!

The month of March brings the holiday of Purim! Kids ages 5 and older, please join us on Sunday, March 17, 2-4 p.m. at Jewish Federation of Greater Naples. We will act and sing in our first PJ Purim Play. No experience necessary. Just come and have fun with friends! Snacks will be provided. Families are welcome to come at 4 p.m. and watch the kids’ performance! Wear a costume and email programs@ jewishnaples.org to RSVP!

For families with children of all ages, please join us at the Collier County Naples Headquarters Library on Tuesday, March 19 at 5 p.m. We will have stories, crafts, music and a costume parade, all to celebrate the holiday of Purim. Please register on the library website so we know who to expect. I look forward to seeing everyone this month!

Please be sure to follow PJ Library –Federation of Greater Naples on Facebook and @naplespjlibrary on Instagram for upcoming events and up-to-date info on all things local for PJ Library.

20 March 2024 Federation Star
JEWISH FEDERATION NAPLES COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA 2024 SEASON TICKETS ON SALE NOW! www.naplescommunityorchestra.org Single ticket $40 • Students free of charge OUR 31ST YEAR! Schedule of Events: April 13, 2024 Spring Classics s March 23, 2024 Romantic Classics BEETHOVEN Egmont Overture CHAUSSON Poème – featuring Boris Sandler, violin DVORÁK Symphony No. 8 UPCOMING EVENTS! All events will be at: “Can U Dig It” Playground at North Collier Regional Park facebook.com/PJLibraryNaplesFL January 30 March 20 May 15 Shabbat Yom Yerushalayim PJ Library March events By Amber Ferren, Coordinator for PJ Library & PJ Our Way Candle lighting times March 1: 6:11 p.m. March 8: 6:14 p.m. March 15: 7:18 p.m. March 22: 7:21 p.m. March 29: 7:25 p.m. FREE Jewish books kids will love, sent every month! Learn more at jewishnaples.org/pj-library OF GREATER NAPLES OF GREATER NAPLES OF GREATER NAPLES Add Jewish connections to reading time with curated stories for ages 0-12

MCA members volunteer in Israel

We don’t have another country

When Hamas viciously attacked Israel on Oct. 7, Jews in the Greater Naples Jewish community, like Jews everywhere, expressed horror, shock, outrage and anger. And next, they asked themselves, “What can I do?” Donations poured in, reaching almost $1 million. We demonstrated our support for Israel on the streets of Naples, we donated clothing and other things that were needed by the Israeli army, and more. But for some, that was not enough. They wanted to do more. And they did.

Four courageous members of MCA –Lou Berneman, Bob Fidel, Dale Katz and Bruce Sherman – joined by others from the Temple Shalom community, traveled to Israel on Jan. 6 on a service mission organized by the Emergency Volunteer

Project (EVP). EVP is under the command of the Volunteer Department of the IDF, which meant that they had greater access to combat units and army bases than a mission organized by a tour and travel company. For years, EVP has been training and deploying firefighters and medical professionals and, more recently, started sending civilian teams to feed the troops and offer moral support.

The story that follows is told in ‘first person,’ allowing Lou, Bob, Dale and Bruce to describe their experiences in their own words.

From Lou, Bob, Dale and Bruce

For a week, we traveled hundreds of kilometers to four IDF bases and fed more than 2,000 soldiers. With generous donations provided by members of the Greater Naples Jewish community, we purchased and delivered thermal socks, underwear, personal coffee makers and mess kits and as a special treat, we grilled steaks for the troops. And every day and at each base, soldiers thanked us for our presence and our support.

Soldiers are saddened that news reports emphasize the impact on Palestinian civilians and not the deaths and ongoing suffering of Israelis. They were so happy to see us and to know their efforts and sacrifices are appreciated. We repeatedly heard soldiers tell us they are fighting for the very survival of their families, friends, neighbors, and country — fighting for the survival of our one and only homeland, Israel.

We listened to combat officers tell us how grateful they are for America’s support. They are grateful that the U.S. administration immediately sent two carrier groups to the Mediterranean, which they believed foiled Arab plans to invade from the North. They hope this support will continue if the northern front heats up and they must fight Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, in the north as well.

From our home base (Anatot) in a bedroom community of Jerusalem in the West Bank, we traveled daily in a three-vehicle trailer caravan, hauling a mobile kitchen, a generator (for the kitchen) and a huge grill. Each day, we set up at an IDF base and prepared meals for soldiers comprising steak, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, Israeli salad and the fixings (tomatoes, onions, pickles, sauce).

Prior to leaving Israel, we spent time in Tel Aviv. We saw a re-creation of the Nova Music Festival, where actual items from the aftermath of the murderous attack (including port-a-potties with bullet holes, burned-out cars, tents, clothing, etc.) were displayed. We visited Hostage Square and participated in an emotional Sabbath service hosted by the Hostages and Missing Family Forum, urging bring them home now! We also visited a military cemetery at Mount Herzl – already the resting place for this war’s fallen soldiers.

We spent Shabbat at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem, surrounded by scores of internal refugees – displaced families from lower income areas in the south of the country who cannot return home until the threat of another Hamas attack is neutralized. While there, we distributed toys and games to the children, who were thrilled to have something to occupy their attention.

We give our kids hugs and kisses and send them off to college. In Israel, we saw parents saying prayers over their children as they sent them off to war – girls and boys doing their mandatory service and 360,000 reservists, many carrying weapons and huge backpacks containing their gear for the difficult weeks and months ahead.

We returned to the U.S. emotionally drained and exhausted, so glad we went and so thankful to be home. Thank you to all who supported our mission.

MCA sincerely thanks Bruce, Bob, Dale and Lou, and the other members of our

community with whom they shared what we all hope is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for their courage, their commitment and their willingness to sacrifice so that Israel can survive.

For additional information about EVP, go to www.evp.org.il. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in another EVP mission, please contact one of us or Deborah Fidel at Temple Shalom.

21 March 2024 Federation Star
MCA members who participated in Temple Shalom’s recent volunteer mission to Israel: Dale Katz, Lou Berneman, Bruce Sherman and Bob Fidel Powerful Tel Aviv street art commemorating Oct. 7, 2023 Bruce Sherman grilling steaks and chicken for IDF soldiers returning from combat in Gaza IDF paratroopers resting every chance they get but always prepared
MEN’S CULTURAL ALLIANCE www.MCANaples.org / 508-733-9427
Recent graves of fallen IDF soldiers at the Mt. Hertzel military cemetery in Jerusalem

2024 WCA Volunteer Expo

Giving back to our community

WCA held its signature “Community Volunteer Expo” on Wednesday, Jan. 31. This annual event, which was first held in January 2018, was created in response to WCA’s strong belief in giving back to our community. WCA President Patti Boochever explained, “WCA is not a fundraising organization, and we wanted to find a way to help nonprofit agencies in our community. WCA Board Member Linda Simon had the idea of holding a Volunteer Expo. The goal of the Expo is to introduce WCA members to local nonprofit agencies that rely on volunteers to carry out their missions.”

This year, members had the opportunity to meet representatives from 24 agencies

who shared information about their agency as well as the types of volunteer positions available.

The old adage “When you need something done, ask a busy person” certainly applies to WCA members! Although members are busy planning and participating in the myriad of activities that WCA offers, many women are committed to tikkun olam – making the world a better place by helping others. More than 100 members came to the Volunteer Expo to learn about the agencies and the opportunities to extend their volunteer service within the Greater Naples community.

Super-organized and energetic WCA Board Member Linda Hyde chaired the 2024 Expo with the assistance of talented

board members Ann Cowen, Robin Mintz and Susan Pittelman. Several WCA volunteers helped as well as JFGN Facilities Assistant Pat Pastorius. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you as well as to WCA NextGen member Erika Schwartz of “Poppin Up with Erika,” who generously donated the colorful balloons.

Hyde said, “After the event, several agencies contacted me to express their appreciation to WCA for hosting the event and providing them with the opportunity to get new volunteers.” She also noted that seven of the agency representatives were WCA members. In fact, many WCA members already work closely with these agencies. For example, for the second year, WCA’s Foodies have

served hot and hearty meals at Café of Life, whose mission includes helping the working poor in Bonita Springs, once a month, November through March. This project for WCA Foodies was conceived after Hurricane Ian by Foodies Chair, Lea Bendes, and assisted in its inception by Jane Shaw. This year, it is cochaired by Harriet Berneman and Peggy Brown.

Maya Angelou challenged us, “You shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.” WCA members have taken that to heart, and our community is so much the better for it.


Alliance for Period Supplies of SWFL • Best Buddies • Bikes for Tykes • Café of Life • Champions for Learning

• Collier County Guardian Ad Litem Program • Conservancy of SWFL • Eva’s Closet Foundation • Florida Lions Eye Clinic

• Grace Place for Children and Families

• Interfaith Alliance

• The Guadalupe Center • Humane Society Naples • The Immokalee Foundation

• Jewish Federation of Greater Naples • Lighthouse for Blindness & Vision Loss

• Literacy Volunteers of Collier County • Naples Art District • Neighborhood Health Clinic

• Naples Therapeutic Riding Center • Pace Center for Girls • Planned Parenthood

• STARability Foundation • Youth Haven

22 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
ALLIANCE www.wcanaples.org / 518-852-3440
WCA Foodies serving a meal in January at Café of Life: Linda Shapess, Madeline Foster, Sydelle Weinberger, Peggy Brown and Nancy Glick Thank you to the volunteers who worked at the Expo. Café of Life representative Dolores Siok with WCA Foodie Chair Lea Bendes and Linda Simon. NextGen WCA member Erika Schwartz (in black top) with representatives of Guadalupe Center, Grace Place and Youth Haven

WCA is a Community of Friendship

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be with other wonderful women! Not a member? Join today! You will be glad you did. Visit our website: WCAnaples.org and click on Membership.

QUESTIONS? Contact Membership Chair Harriett Kleinman at hmkleinman@gmail.com

23 March 2024 Federation Star JEWISH FEDERATION
Best Buddies
Ad Litem
Immokalee Foundation
Naples Art District
Pace Planned Parenthood Eva’s Closet Interfaith Alliance Alliance for Period Supplies Lighthouse of Collier WCA Foodies serving a meal in February at Café of Life: Sydelle Weinberger, Carol Mandour, Harriet Berneman, Peggy Brown, Laurie Weiss and Lea Bendes Linda Simon, Anne Cowan, Susan Pittelman and Expo Chair Linda Hyde

The event will consist of three parts:

1. Aleeza will talk about the Netflix series and reveal some secrets that may shock you.

2. Aleeza will take questions from attendees and share her wisdom for dating, relationships and marriage culled from her years of experience.



stage. Attendees will ask questions of the singles, and Aleeza will teach interview tactics that work so you can set up your friends, kids, grandkids or whomever you like.

24 March 2024 Federation Star For tickets, go to CJLnaples.com or call 239.262.4474 Sponsored by Presented by Aleeza Ben Shalom LIVE in NAPLES! This event is fun for both singles and couples!
star of Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking will share her story, show
and do live matchmaking on stage! Monday, March 4 • 7:30 - 9:00pm Chabad of Naples • 1789 Mandarin Road 6:00pm: Pre-event Reception with Aleeza Light nosh and beverages after the show
local Jewish singles will be inter viewed on stage and will walk away with a date with an audience member or a friend/relative of someone in the audience!
relationship wisdom,
Buy your tickets today! ‹ $36 for general admission in advance ($45 at the door) ‹ $72 for VIP seating ‹ $180 for pre-event reception: • private two-minute meeting with Aleeza • cocktails and hors d’oeuvres • VIP seating
Aleeza will do live matchmaking
stage! The audience will be taught the secrets of successful matchmaking through the lens


Monday, March 11, 1-4 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center

To register: www.jewishnaples.org

Jewish Book Festival promotes sense of community

We are excited to feature three authors in March. Starting off on Friday, March 1 at 10:30 a.m., Martha Hall Kelly returns to Naples to talk about “The Golden Doves.” She participated in our second annual Jewish Book Festival as part of a debut novelist panel in 2017 discussing “The Lilac Girls.” We are pleased to have her join us once again. Arrive at this event, sponsored by Women’s Cultural Alliance, at 10:10 a.m. for light refreshments.

Next up, on Thursday, March 7 at 12:30 p.m. is Jonathan Freedland presenting

live from London “The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World.” This event will be Zoomed from London only to the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. If you would like to arrive at noon for a complimentary

light lunch, please respond to the email invitation that Reneé will be sending.

Closing out the month, on Tuesday, March 26 at 1 p.m. is Ben Nadler who will share his thoughts on “The Jewish Deli: An Illustrated Guide to the Chosen Food.” We will have a fun time.

The Jewish Book Festival has brought an array of fabulous authors to Naples. Many of you have told me how much you are enjoying it this season. An important additional benefit of our Jewish Book Festival is being together in person in our beautiful Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. We can all feel the warmth

of our community. With an average attendance of nearly 200 guests, Jewish Book Festival events provide a wonderful opportunity for us to visit with other members of our community.

All author presentations will be held at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. Prior to each event, a one-week reminder email will go out to all ticket holders, so please watch for them and reply to Reneé when necessary. To purchase tickets or to become a patron, visit jewishbookfestival.org or call Reneé at 239-263-4205.


1A March 2024
Star ARTS &
Volunteers Molly Getnick, Terri David, Jean Landweber and Lee Henson get the round refreshments ready. Robin Mintz, Jane Saginaw, author of "Because the World is Round," and moderator Spencer Forman Carole Greene at the Feb. 1 event’s book selling table Burton and Carol Hirsch get their book signed as Robin Mintz looks on.

Join us Monday, March 4, 7:30 p.m. at Chabad of Naples (1789 Mandarin Road) as Aleeza Ben Shalom, the star of Netflix’s “Jewish Matchmaking” series, shares her story, show secrets and relationship wisdom, and does live matchmaking on stage!

Ben Shalom is the renowned globe-trotting Jewish matchmaker, captivating audiences worldwide. With her Netflix show reaching millions of viewers across 130 countries and being translated into 37 languages, she has become an international sensation.

The 90-minute live show will consist of three parts:

• Ben Shalom will talk about the Netflix series, reveal some secrets, share stories from behind the scenes, and more.

• Ben Shalom will be interviewed on stage and answer audience questions.

• Ben Shalom will do live matchmaking

on stage with four local singles! We all know single people – friends, kids, grandkids, perhaps yourself – whom we’d love to set up with another Jewish single. The audience will be taught the secrets of successful matchmaking through the lens of the Jewish singles on stage, who will leave the event with a match – perhaps you or a relative. While interviewing them with your questions, Ben Shalom will teach everyone tactics that work when matching people.

This event is fun for both singles and couples!

Join us for a pre-event cocktail reception during which you’ll have a two-minute private session with Ben Shalom for photos and conversation. You’ll also receive copies of her two books.

For tickets, which start at $36, and more information, please visit CJLnaples.com or call 239-262-4474.

2A March 2024 Federation Star ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Celebration ofJewish L if e Enrichment • Entertainment • Empowerment Enlightenment • Engagement 2023-24 CJL REFRACTIVE LASER CATARACT SURGERY REFRACTIVE LENS EXCHANGE SURGERY ALL LASER LASIK 239.325.2015 | GINSBERGEYE.COM | OLDE NAPLES Aleeza Ben Shalom live in Naples!
Sunday, March 10 at 7:00pm Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center • 4720 Pine Ridge Road, Naples $50 General Seating • $75 Benefactor Preferred Seating Event concludes with a wine and dessert reception Tickets are available for credit card purchase at naplesjewishcongregation.org or mail your check made out to NJC, along with your email address and phone number, to: NJC, PO Box 111994, Naples, FL 34108, attn: Tickets Tickets will be held at the door Our weekly Shabbat services are held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 6340 Napa Woods Way, Naples 239-431-3858 • www.naplesjewishcongregation.org Sponsored in part by Jewish Federation LISTEN UP! Coming back to Naples Acclaimed Jewish vocal band Listen Up! delivers warmth and sheer knock-your-socks-off vocal power through a love of Judaism and Israel. With multi-generational wit and humor, Tzioni sensibilities, and an impressive artistic palette drawn from diverse Jewish musical traditions, Listen Up! consistently wins the hearts and ears of audiences of all ages. Visit JewishSong.com. CELEBRATING OUR 25 th ANNIVERSARY! NAPLES JEWISH CONGREGATION *Mention this ad for 15% off of your first order 239.592.9377 Info@NaplesEnvelope.com • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • Event Invitations/Programs • Business Identity Packages • Events & Tradeshows • Signs, Banners, Posters • Mailings • Promotional Items • Stationery

The most complete guide to Jewish Oscar nominees

Stars of David

Editor’s Note: Persons in bold are deemed by Nate Bloom to be Jewish for the purpose of this column. Persons identified as Jewish have at least one Jewish parent and were not raised in, or identify with, a faith other than Judaism. Converts to Judaism, of course, are also identified as Jewish.

In past years, the deadline for this column, and the date when Oscar nominations were announced, made it impossible for me to tell you who the Jewish Oscar nominees are before the Oscars are presented. This year, the “stars aligned” and I can write that column for you. For many years, I’ve written a ‘guide’ to Jewish nominees for weekly Jewish papers. I know I provide my readers with the most complete and accurate list of Jewish Oscar nominees. I do regret that I don’t have the space to give you more “bio” details.

The Oscars will be presented on Sunday, March 10 (ABC, begins at 7 p.m.). Jimmy Kimmel will host. The Governors’ Awards (honorary Oscars) were presented last November. Mel Brooks, 97, was one of the three awardees. He gave an amusing short speech (on YouTube).

Here are the Jewish nominees in all but the ‘technical’ categories (like editing, costumes, etc.)


This is the oddest year I’ve ever seen. No Jew was nominated for playing a nonJew and four actors were nominated for


playing “real” Jews. But only one of the four has a “claim” to being Jewish. In the best actor category, there is Cillian Murphy as physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer in “Oppenheimer” and Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in “Maestro;” Jodie Foster, a supporting actress nominee, is “up” for playing Bonnie Stoll (now 71), Diana Nyad’s swim coach in “Nyad.”

That leaves Robert Downey, Jr., 58, a supporting actor nominee. He’s “up” for playing Lewis Strauss, a government official, in “Oppenheimer.” Downey’s paternal grandfather was “half Jewish,” and his paternal grandmother was ‘just’ Jewish. Downey always credits his Jewish wife with saving his life (he was a drug addict). He’s called himself “Jewish-Buddhist.”

Best original screenplay

“Anatomy of a Fall” (French film) was cowritten by nominee Arthur Harari, 42. Harari’s paternal Sephardi grandfather was born in Egypt and became a well-known French actor. With help, I found out that Arthur Harari’s parents are Jewish, too. Also in this category: Josh Singer, 52, the cowriter of “Maestro,” and Sammy Burch, 36, for writing “May December.” Burch’s mother is Jewish.

Best adapted screenplay

Noah Baumbach , 54, for co-writing “Barbie.” His father is Jewish. The Oscar

nomination citation notes “Barbie” was based on characters created by the late Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel Toys; Also: Jonathan Glazer, 58, a British Jew, for “The Zone of Interest,” a film about the Holocaust (loosely based on a novel) — and the citation for “Oppenheimer” notes it was based on a historic study co-written by the late Martin J. Sherwin

The Oscar for best non-English language film goes to the film’s director. “Zone” is a non-English nominee and if it wins, Glazer, who also directed “Zone,” gets the Oscar.

Best score

Laura Karpman, 64, for “American Fiction” and Robbie Robertson, who died last August, for “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Robertson was famous as the “lead guy” and chief songwriter for “The Band,” a top ’70s band. Robertson’s mother was of a member of the Cayuga and Mohawk tribes. He was 12 when he found out that his deceased father was Jewish. His father’s brothers were very kind to him and in a 2018 documentary, he said he felt his ‘burning ambition’ was a genetic gift of his father. In a memoir, Robertson made this wry remark about his Jewish and “First Nations” heritage: “You could say I’m an expert when it comes to persecution.”

Best original song

Diane Warren, 67, for “The Fire Inside”

from” Flamin’ Hot.” Warren has been nominated 15 times for an Oscar, and has never won — and Mark Ronson, 48, the co-writer of “I’m Just Ken” from “Barbie.”

Best animated film

The nominees for best animated films are a hodgepodge of animators and producers. Amy Pascal, 65, a top veteran producer, is “up” for “Spiderman — Across the SpiderVerse.” She shares the nomination with four others.

Best film

The best film Oscar goes to a nominated film’s principal producers. There are 10 nominated films and a lot of producers. My practice is not to work very hard to “verify” producers almost no one outside Hollywood has heard of and probably won’t win. Here are the producer nominees I am “sure of:” Fred Berner, 70, and Steven Spielberg, 77, “Maestro”; David Heyman, 62, (Jewish father) “Barbie;” and Charles Roven, 74, “Oppenheimer.”

Two more notes

“Zone of Interest” is a best film nominee, too. But Jonathan Glazer was not a “Zone” producer — and — “Killers of the Flower Moon” is a best film nominee, but its screenplay wasn’t nominated. The screenplay was based on a nonfiction study of the same name by David Grann, 56.

3A March 2024 Federation Star www.Theatre.Zone 888-966-3352 x1 presents TheatreZone Naples’ Premier Musical Theatre Little Me March 7-17, 2024 A Neil Simon musical comedy with music by the legendary Cy Coleman. Belle Poitrine, a diva from humble beginnings, achieves wealth, culture and social status when the many men in her life meet unfortunate and comic ends at opportune moments! THE CHARITY RANDALL FOUNDATION BOOK TICKETS NOW TZ18_JewishFedHalfHorz_Mar24indd.indd 1 2/9/24 12:00 PM ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT


Jointly sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Israel and Overseas Committee of Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

Refreshments will be provided.

March 11, 1-4 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center

$18 pp for this in-person only event

To register: www.jewishnaples.org

The purpose of the Annual Day of Learning is to educate and discuss important and significant issues to Jews with members of the Jewish community. This year, the program will consist of two parts:

Part I: The Palestinians in Israel –1948 to the Present

Why they left Why they did not return

How have those that stayed been treated?

Presented by author, nationally syndicated columnist and frequent lecturer J.J. Goldberg

J.J. Goldberg is one of America’s most respected, award-winning observers of American Jewish-Israeli relations and the internal politics of both communities. In 40 years of journalism, he has served as editor-in-chief of the Jewish Daily Forward, U.S. bureau chief of The Jerusalem Report, a nationally syndicated columnist and metro beat reporter for a Los Angeles Hebrew-language weekly. His books include “Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment,” which was listed by the Philadelphia Inquirer among the “100 Most Important Books” of 1996; as well as “Builders and Dreamers,” a history of Labor Zionism in America. He has been a frequent guest commentator on Israel’s Army Radio and has lectured at dozens of universities, synagogues and community centers nationwide.

Part II: Difficult Issues Facing Israel

This moderated panel discussion co-hosted by J.J. Goldberg and Stephen (Steve) Schreier will discuss the latest difficult issues confronting Israel. Bring your questions for these two highly knowledgeable Israeli experts to address.

4A March 2024 Federation Star


www.naplestemple.org / 239-455-3030

Temple Shalom events open to the community

Join us for the following March events:

Rabbi Harold Kushner Book Review Series

Sunday, March 3 at 10:30 a.m.

Rabbi Frank Muller presents a monthly series of discussions on the books of Rabbi Kushner. The book that will be discussed in March is “Living a Life That Matters.” Register at tinyurl.com/ TS-KushnerSeries.

Purim Festivities at Temple Shalom

Sunday, March 24

Join us to celebrate Purim! All are welcome. The morning kicks off with the Megillah reading at 10:30 a.m. followed by this year’s shpiel, “Barbie Megillah.” Immediately following the shpiel is the Food Truck Purim Palooza

with food trucks (obviously!), music and entertainment, a kid’s zone and Purim carnival games. Registration for the Food Truck Palooza is required. Go to tinyurl.com/TSFoodTruckPalooza for more information and to register.

Soulful Shabbat

Friday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m.

Join us for a musical Shabbat conducted entirely in song and accompanied by the Temple Shalom Band.

Torah Study

Join our virtual Torah Study Saturday mornings, 8:30 a.m. via Zoom. All are welcome! Come to explore and connect with Jewish teachings. Call the Temple Shalom office at 239-455-3030 for the Zoom link.

Federation Star Publication Policy

The Federation Star is a subsidized arm of JFGN. Its purpose and function is to publicize the activities and programs of Federation as well as ongoing activities of recognized Jewish organizations in Greater Naples.

The goal of JFGN is to reach out and unite all Jews of the Greater Naples area. While differing opinions and points of view exist on many issues of importance to Jews, the Federation Star will confine itself to publishing only items that report the facts of actual events of concern to Jews and offer commentary that clearly intends to unite all Jews in a common purpose.

Critical or derogatory comments directed at individuals or organizations will not be published.

To avoid misunderstandings, controversies and destructive divisions among our people, the Officers and Board of Trustees of Federation have adopted the following publication policy: Advertisements: All advertisements, regardless of their sponsor, shall be paid for in full, at the established rates, prior to publication. The contents of all advertisements shall be subject to review and approval of the Federation board or its designee. Commercial advertisers may make credit arrangements with the advertising

Arline R. Kaplan, PhD


Recovery from grief and loss Relationship issues

Anxiety and Depression


PhD, Temple University, School of Psychoeducational Processes Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis

Hahnemann University Hospital, Neuropsychology internship and fellowship Co-facilitator: Bereavement Group, Temple Shalom Synagogue, Naples


At Beth Tikvah

March is a very special time at Beth Tikvah! All month, we will collect feminine hygiene products to donate to Hadassah. These products will be distributed to women's shelters and other area sources to help end problems created by the lack of those products to women and girls in need. These products are not supplied by SNAP or other financial aid to those who need it most. Please drop off your supplies in our shul's foyer.

Planned events

March 3 – Naples Jewish Film Festival

“All About the Levkoviches”

March 8-9 – Rabbi Ellison, Scholar in Residence. Join our Shabbat services followed by a catered dinner and Rabbi Ellison's talk. Reservations required! $36. On Saturday, join us for services followed by a Kiddush lunch.

March 10 – 10 a.m. Rosh ChodeshSue Paul

March 12 – Daniel Weiser concert at 7 p.m. $18. Reservations requested.

March 13 – Cooking with Arlene Levin, by reservation only. $18. Reservations required.

March 17 – Naples Jewish Film Festival “Irena’s Vow”

March 23 – Hadassah Shabbat

March 24 – Tikvah Annual Meeting at 4 p.m. (***special time!); Purim Party at 5:30 p.m.

March 26 – Judit Price, “Raol Wallenberg,” Speakers Series No. 7

All the events offered by Beth Tikvah have been enabled by our gracious supporters. In no small part, this is due to a grant from Jewish Federation of Greater Naples and seen in the events for "All Things Jewish."

Please consider becoming a sponsor of our Shabbat Kiddush luncheons, Speaker Series or Jewish Learning events. Thank you so much!

All events are made more successful when we know how many to plan for! RSVP by calling our office at 239-434-1818 or on our website at bethtikvahnaples.org.

manager, subject to the approval of the Federation board.

Regular Columns: Regular columns shall be accepted only from leaders (Rabbis, Presidents, Chairs) of established and recognized Jewish organizations in Greater Naples and the designated chairs of the regular committees of Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

Special Announcements: Special announcements shall be accepted from established Jewish organizations in Greater Naples and may, at the discretion of the Federation board, be subject to the conditions applicable to paid advertisements, as set forth above.

The first step is the hardest. Reach out, contact me and we will work together to improve your life. I believe in the power of connection and the power of words, and you are welcome whether your issues are large or small.

News Items: Only those news items pertaining to matters of general interest to the broadest cross section of the Jewish community will be accepted for publication.

Note: Items of controversial opinions and points of view about political issues will not be accepted for publication without prior approval of a majority of the Federation Officers and Trustees.

All persons and organizations objecting to the actions and rulings of the Editor or Publications Committee Chair shall have the right to appeal those rulings to the Officers and Board of Trustees of JFGN.

5A March 2024 Federation Star
BETH TIKVAH www.bethtikvahnaples.org / 239-434-1818
239-898-8498 • arkaplanphd@gmail.com
PSYCHOLOGIST, PRACTICING FOR 45 YEARS Fuller Funeral Home 1625 Pine Ridge Road Naples, Florida 34109 Fuller Cremation Center 5325 Jaeger Road Naples, Florida 34109 239.592.1611 wecare@fullernaples.com www.FullerNaples.com SERVING THE JEWISH COMMUNITY SINCE 1996 COMMUNITY FOCUS
connected. Visit www.jewishnaples.org

NAPLES JEWISH CONGREGATION www.naplesjewishcongregation.org / 239-431-3858

at Hodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial

you and your loved ones honor the heritage of the Jewish faith with a meaningful memorial that truly captures the essence of the life it represents. We offer our deepest gratitude for giving us the opportunity to assist you through one of the most challenging times in life, and for allowing us to earn and keep your trust. HONORING

TRADITIONS, strengthening faith

Naples Jewish Congregation events

By Chuck Naumoff, Publicity Chair

he following NJC events are open to the community:Adult education

Join us Friday, March 22 at 5 p.m., when Rabbi Howard Herman will address “Is Democracy in Danger in Israel?”

Rabbi Herman is a poignant, insightful and entertaining educator, who generously shares his knowledge and brings about a vibrant and respectful exchange of ideas and beliefs.

Join us for dinner ($10 at the door) after the class and before services. We can continue the discussion or just share the social moment, then attend the Friday night Shabbat Service that follows. Dinner reservations at dlechtner@gmail.com or call Dick Lechtner at 814-882-4578.

Listen Up!

Nationally acclaimed Jewish vocal band Listen Up! will perform at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center on Sunday, March 10 at 7 p.m. They will deliver

warmth and sheer knock-your-socks-off vocal power through a love of Judaism and Israel. With multi-generational wit and humor, Tzioni sensibilities and an impressive artistic palette drawn from diverse Jewish musical traditions, Listen Up! consistently wins the hearts and ears of audiences of all ages. Tickets $50 and $75 at naplesjewishcongregation.org

Shabbat services

Everyone is welcome to attend our services which will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 1, 15, 22 and 29 and Saturday, March 9 at 10 a.m. Join Rabbi Herman, Cantorial Soloist Jane Galler and Music Director Alla Gorelick for song and inspiration. Worship together with the members of the “The Small Congregation with a Big Heart.”


Tributes to the Jewish Federation Campaign

To: Cheryl Ginsberg & Luc Carrier

In appreciation of your friendship and warm hospitality

From: Rosalee & Jerry Bogo

To: Robin Mintz

The Joy Book Club is thrilled to acknowledge our friend, Robin Mintz, for her exceptional dedication to and fervent passion for books and reading. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to her for her invaluable leadership as the chair of this book festival.

From: The Joy Book Club

To place a Tribute in the FederationStarin honor or memory of someone, please contact Linda Sherman at the Federation office at 239-263-4205 or lsherman@jewishnaples.org.

Tributes require a minimum donation of $18. A note will be sent to the person/family you are honoring. Tributes help further the work of Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

Tributes require a minimum donation of $18.

6A March 2024 Federation Star
SANITARY ESSENTIALS DRIVE Greater Naples Lion of Judah Greater Naples Lion of Judah Service Project benefiting PACE Center for Girls The following items are gladly accepted: Pads | Tampons | Panty Liners Menstrual Cups | Sanitary Wipes Wednesday, April 3, 2024 9:30 am – 11:30 am Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center SANITARY ESSENTIALS DRIVE 525 11th Avenue North | Naples, FL 34108 239-597-3101 | www.HodgesNaplesMG.com
life is unique and deserves to be remembered in a special way. The professionals
are dedicated to helping
Services continue Friday nights and Saturday mornings through May. See our website at naplesjewishcongregation.org for specific dates and times.


7A March 2024 Federation Star POWER OF COMMUNITY CELEBRATION & ANNUAL MEETING NOW MORE THAN EVER, NO GIFT TOUCHES MORE LIVES Join us for a brunch to honor, celebrate and thank you for contributing to the Annual Community Campaign.
Sunday, April 7, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Cultural Center
Leadership Award
Community Award
Stand Up for Justice Award To register, go to https://jfgn.regfox.com/power-of-community
more information, please contact Alicia
Where: Nina Iser Jewish
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At the Museum

arch being Women’s History Month provides a timely reminder to remember the courageous women who were UpStanders during the Holocaust — women like Magda Trocmé, Sophie Scholl, Irena Sendler, Hannah Senesh and Noor Kahn. Each put their lives and their families’ lives on the line to help protect Jewish people and fight against the Nazis. Each of them made an important impact, some paying with their lives for doing so. We also honor the thousands of others whose actions will never be known. We also honor modern-day UpStanders like Claudette Colvin, who as a teenager in 1955 refused to obey a bus driver and give up her seat, six months before Rosa Parks’ refusal to do the same; Niemat Ahmadi from North Darfur, Sudan, who stepped in to help sustain relief efforts for the 2003 Darfur war and genocide survivors and established the Darfur Women’s Action Group (DWAG); Malala Yousafzai, who as a young teenager was shot and nearly killed for going to school against Taliban restrictions. Surviving her

attack, she became an advocate for girls’ and women’s right to education. Today, there are thousands of other women UpStanders at work in our communities and across the world. While they might not make the news or headlines, they are just as committed to standing up and fighting for people whose basic human rights are being withheld or in peril.

This month

It has been a busy season so far at the Museum. Here is information about this month’s events.

Looking for an interesting activity for your organization, neighborhood group, or family and friends ?

Triumph of Resistance dinner is sold out

Our annual fundraising event, "Triumph of Resistance," is now sold out. We are excited to hear special guest speaker Ruth Bielski Ehrreich share the story of her father, Tuvia Bielski, and his brothers. Together, the Bielski brothers built a refuge in the forests of what is now Belarus, and rescued 1,200 Jewish men, women and children fleeing the Holocaust. Ruth also joined us earlier this year to introduce a screening at the Museum of the film “Defiance,” which depicted the Bielski brothers’ story, and graciously answered questions about the film.

“Growing Up Sephardic in an Ashkenazi World”

GenShoah SWFL member Sam Varsano will present “Growing Up Sephardic in an Ashkenazi World” at the Museum on Wednesday, March 13 at 2 p.m. His presentation will take place in the Herbert H. Schiff Classroom. Reservations are required – please visit hmcec.org to RSVP.

“Zoog Mir in Yiddish”

GenShoah SWFL member Sol Awend will present a class Sunday, March 17 that is suitable both for those interested in learning to speak Yiddish and those

who already do. The program will take place in the Maureen and Arnold Lerner Classroom at 3:30 p.m. Reservations are required as space is limited – visit hmcec. org to RSVP.

Lecture by docent Stuart Mest, M.D.

Museum Docent Stuart Mest, M.D. will present “The Holocaust: Medically Driven Genocide.” The lecture will take place at the Museum Wednesday, March 20 at 2 p.m. in the Herbert H. Schiff

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Holocaust Museum & Janet G. and Harvey D. Cohen Education Center 975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd., Suite 108, Naples, FL 34110 239-263-9200 HMCEC.org Info@HMCEC.org
Join Us for A Private Group Tour! We look forward to hosting you! Our Private Group Tours are offered during non-public hours, for groups of 10 - 25 adults, as is a Large Group Program option for up to 70 adults. In addition to the Museum tour, we also offer add-on options such as a light breakfast or lunch, or special presentation by a Holocaust Survivor or Descendant. For more information about the types of tours we offer, or to schedule your Private Group Tour, please contact Museum Education Specialist David Nelson at David@hmcec.org or call 239-263-9200, ext. 205.

Thank you, helpers

Most of the readers of this column will remember the gentle and genial host Mr. Rogers and “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Many people admired Mr. Rogers, but some did not. The same was true about his advice: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Some people did not like this advice, but many more did.

Since the massacre in Israel and the Hamas-Israel War, I have read that many individuals from throughout the U.S. volunteered to go on missions to Israel to do a number of tasks, from preparing meals for IDF soldiers to harvesting produce because those who usually harvest were not available. One of our GenShoah SWFL members went to Israel soon after the war began. And you may have heard that a mission from Temple Shalom

in Naples went to Israel. In addition to bringing needed clothing items and letters to IDF, they also performed many jobs. I was very moved when I heard their stories. Some said it was one of the most important things that they had ever done. Most said they would go back if they could. I thanked each one with whom I spoke. I would like to thank each and every one who has volunteered. They were the helpers that soldiers and others were looking for. They were there to help when needed.

At GenShoah meetings, often 2Gs (i.e., second-generation children of Holocaust survivors) tell their parent’s story. And often, the story includes a helper of some sort. A helper who gave someone in a concentration camp an extra piece of food, a non-Jewish family who hid the Jewish child who was their family member. We also should acknowledge the helper who was able to get papers to a person trying to get out, as well as the family who took in a child from the Kindertransport.

Most of the helpers from WWII are no longer alive, but it is meaningful to tell their story. A number of 2Gs are writing their parents’ stories, which will be posted on the website of the Holocaust Museum. More volunteers will go to Israel. Their story is important as well. Not everyone can go to Israel to be a helper at this time. But everyone can do something to help. Make a donation. Write to a soldier in the IDF. Listen to the stories. Say thank you to the helpers. Be there for others whenever you can.

at the museum...continued from previous page

Classroom. Reservations are required –please visit hmcec.org to RSVP.

Other news

Additional docent tour added

Due to popular demand, we have added another docent-led public tour. They will now be offered on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Reservations and prepayment are required for these tours, as space is limited. Please visit our website for more information and to purchase your tickets.

Matching Challenge Grant

The Museum has received a generous Matching Challenge Grant of $100,000 from Jack and F.E. Nortman, along with friends of the Boxcar Foundation to help support the Museum’s traveling "Boxcar Education Project." The Boxcar Exhibit travels to schools, public libraries and other locations throughout Southwest Florida. Since 2008, over 150,000 students, teachers and members of the public have seen the exhibit and learned more about the dangers of hate. Please consider a donation, as your gift will be matched to double the impact!

“Forgeries and the Holocaust” Exhibit extended

“Forgeries and the Holocaust” will be on display in the Estelle and Stuart Price Gallery through March 2024. We hope you will explore this fascinating exhibit and take the brief quiz at the end to test your knowledge of how to spot a forgery.

Antisemitism film

Now showing in the Maureen and Arnold Lerner Classroom, "Antisemitism" is a film produced by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. This film is available to view for all visitors to the Museum.

Save the Date

Sunday, May 5 at 4 p.m. – Yom HaShoah Community Commemoration at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center.

Many thanks for your continuing support of our mission – to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to inspire action against bigotry, hatred and violence, and our programs and events. I hope to see you at the Museum soon!

About GenShoah SWFL

GenShoah SWFL is a group for children and descendants of Holocaust survivors and anyone interested in the mission of GenShoah of SWFL, which is:

•Promotion of Holocaust education and human rights

•Preservation of history and memories of the Holocaust

•Connecting the Second Generation with one another

•Support of the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

Our group is always open to interested people. There aren’t any dues or forms to fill out. If you would like to receive our

newsletter and program announcements, just send an email to genshoahswfl@ hmcec.org or liebro@gmail.com. If you would like to volunteer to help with future programs, please let us know that, too!

Thank you to those who support our mission, read the newsletter, attend GenShoah programs and are members of the Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center in Naples. We do encourage membership at the Museum as we are an affinity organization with them. If you are not already a member of the Museum, please consider joining or making a donation.

The Helen & Edward Brancati Teacher Development Scholarship

The Helen & Edward Brancati Teacher Development Scholarship was begun with the feeling that education is the door to the future and that a good teacher is the key. One scholarship of $500 is awarded annually to the teacher who best exemplifies dedication to the principles and the high professional standards of Helen and Edward Brancati.

Who may apply

Any teacher employed at an accredited school in the United States — classroom

teachers seeking post-graduate education or needing funds for required continuing education classes, workshops and conferences as well as for certification courses. Applicants may not use the scholarship money for post-graduate classes that will lead to an administrative position, removing them from the classroom.

How to apply

The application deadline is March 31 at 11:45 p.m. The application and all details can be found at http://www.capecoralcf. org/grants-scholarships.html.

9A March 2024 Federation Star COMMUNITY FOCUS
Ida Margolis and Shelley Lieb Museum volunteer Becky Cornacchia spoke at GenShoah’s open house about her friend and Holocaust survivor Rene Bedouk, who passed away recently. Judit Price, Holocaust survivor; Judy Isserlis, editor of 2G stories; and Rochelle Miller, 2G Holocaust survivor Rob Nossen

Did your parents or grandparents survive the Holocaust? An opportunity for remembrance

The Jewish community of Southwest Florida will commemorate Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in Collier County on Sunday, May 5, 4 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. It is a time for meditation, reflection and somber memorial.

Book Festival Events in March and April

Friday, March 1, 2024 • 10:30 AM

Join us at 10:10 a.m. for light refreshments

The Golden Doves by

Two former female spies, bound together by their past, risk everything to hunt down an infamous Nazi doctor in the aftermath of World War II — a pulse-pounding novel inspired by true events, from the New York Times bestselling author of "Lilac Girls." Sponsored by Women's Cultural Alliance

Thursday, March 7, 2024 • 12:30 PM

Arrive at noon to enjoy a light lunch.

The Escape Artist: The Man

Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World by Jonathan Freedland

Award-winning journalist and bestselling novelist Freedland tells the astonishing true story of Rudolf Vrba, the man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world of a truth too few were willing to hear. Winner of the 2023 National Jewish Book Award and a New York Times Bestseller. (Live from London.)

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 • 1:00 PM

The Jewish Deli: An Illustrated Guide to the Chosen Food by Ben Nadler A delightful celebration of Jewish delicatessens in a graphic format, full of history and humor and guaranteed to make you hungry.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 • 10:30 AM

The Lioness of Boston by Emily Franklin

Please visit jewishbookfestival.org to learn about becoming a patron or to purchase individual tickets.

We want to include the names to remember — the parents and grandparents of our local second (2G) and third (3G) generations of the Holocaust.

Please submit your name along with the names for remembrance to genshoahswfl@hmcec.org.


Join GenShoah SWFL

Membership in GenShoah SWFL is open to the entire community. It is an affinity group of the Holocaust Museum and Cohen Education Center and is for Holocaust survivor families and others who are interested in:

• Promotion of Holocaust education and human rights

• Preservation of the history and memories of the Holocaust

• Connection with other secondand third-generation families

• Supporting the Holocaust Museum and Cohen Education Center

Rochelle Zelcer Lieb – daughter of Auschwitz survivors Mayer Zelcer and Marta Zwecher Zelcer

Ida Margolis – daughter of Auschwitz survivors Max and Janet Zuchter Moskowitz

There are no fees or mandatory attendance. Programs of interest and a monthly newsletter are available to all members. For more information, contact us at genshoahswfl@hmcec.org.

GenShoah programs

The following is information you need for GenShoah SWFL’s upcoming programs:

Back by popular demand: Genealogy Workshops

Bring your device and follow the lead of Hank Bitterman, 2G, who takes you to various online resources to find out about you and your family’s past. Hank shares his knowledge from his own family findings both in the U.S. and abroad. This session is limited in size and will provide a good starting point for further inquiries. Sunday, April 7, 1 p.m. Location TBD. RSVP required: Shelley Lieb liebro@gmail.com.

A special invitation to GenShoah members and guests

“They Were Children: Rescue as Resistance”

This exhibit is about a specific resistance group, the OSE, that was active in German-occupied France. It provided a network of escape to Switzerland when children were being deported throughout France. A team of archivists from the FGCU library traveled to France and now share their information, discoveries and artifacts-on-loan. This free exhibit is open to the public through March 31, M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., FGCU Archives, Bradshaw Library.

GenShoah members are invited for a private tour (lunch included) on Sunday, March 3, 10 a.m. FGCU Archives — limited attendance; RSVP required: Shelley Lieb liebro@gmail.com.

Growing Up Sephardic in an Ashkenazi World by Sam Varsano

Wednesday, March 13, 2 p.m. Holocaust Museum. RSVP required: hmcec.org (special events)

Yom HaShoah Commemoration

GenShoah SWFL is already planning for the Yom HaShoah program in Collier County on Sunday, May 5, 4 p.m. at Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. RSVP requested: jfgn.org. Pre-event reception for GenShoah SWFL and survivors, 3 p.m. at Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center.

We encourage you to invite your children/grandchildren to be at your side for this program. It is an opportunity to share your history with your family in a meaningful way.

And for those who are 2Gs and would like to remember parents who were survivors, please submit your name, along with the names for remembrance, to genshoahswfl@hmcec.org.

Zoog Mir in Yiddish

March 17 and April 21, 3:30-5 p.m. at Holocaust Museum. Limit 20 people. RSVP required to attend for each session: hmcec.org.

Book discussion

“All the Frequent Trouble of Our Days: The True Story of the American Woman at the Heart of the German Resistance to Hitler” by Rebecca Donner. Date TBD. For additional information, contact Estelle Kafer ekafer520@gmail.com.


Zoog mir in Churban Yiddish

It’s been said that some 50,000 books have been written about the Holocaust.

One more such book that is shortly to be published has to do with Yiddish and what the language went through during that terrible time.

The book, written by Hannah Pollin-Galay*, is entitled “Occupied Words: What the Holocaust Did to Yiddish.” During an in-depth lecture last year, she detailed and outlined the changes Yiddish underwent during the cruel and unusual circumstances during the Holocaust. It’s important to note that Pollin-Galay is a noted writer and assistant professor of literature at Tel Aviv University. She speaks of this phenomenon called Churban Yiddish: Holocaust Yiddish.

Just as our people suffered and were overcome, so, too, did our Mameh Looshen

For more than 1,000 years, through centuries of wandering, through both good times and bad, Yiddish was always there. Like a good friend, Yiddish was there to express feelings, share knowledge, create laughter and convey what it meant to be Ah Yeed

When the war broke out, everything changed terribly for the worse. Ghettos were formed and people were hustled into them, along with whatever belongings they could bring. People began disappearing while their belongings didn’t. After a while, they went missing, too, and a term was created for that loss: Shabren. Even the term for clothes took on a less than respectable meaning.

In the camps, normal people were confined in abnormal situations and forced to behave crudely to survive. In Auschwitz alone, some 40 languages were said to have been spoken, but just like the Jews, Yiddish suffered greatly. Yiddish was heard and used to describe less than honorable situations. Since the camp was run by corrupt and unsavory characters, their behavior was reflected in their treatment of people around them. Once decent people were treated brutally, which caused them to behave in ways better not mentioned. Even terms dealing with the crematoriums and their smoke stacks had their own names and were used in shunting people towards their demise.

As Primo Levy, the noted survivor and writer once said, “Where violence is inflicted on man, it is also inflicted on language.”

What’s amazing is the effort placed on defining and following this transformation of Yiddish. After the war, in spite of all the deprivation and upheaval, Jews actually wanted to come to grips with their language and how it had changed. Dictionaries dealing with Churban Yiddish were written to better explain and outline what had occurred during the war. It was as if “you needed one Churban Yiddish word to describe another.”

It is a fascinating subject, and looking back at growing up with my parents, I remember hearing words used in less than respectful situations.

A few words in Churban Yiddish

SHAB reh ven/Sha BROV nikess (stealing/ ones doing the stealing)

Shabrovnikes zenen geh gaangen shabreven in leidehkeh haazeh. (“Thieves” went to “steal” from empty houses. The reason for the quotation marks is that it was rationalized that if it was ownerless, then how could it be “stealing?”)

Chooc’hes – Chew c’hess (abandoned and threadbare clothes and coats.)

Shabrovnikes ob’n geh nimmen vifil chooc’hes zei ob’n geh kent troogen. (“Thieves” took as much clothing as they could carry.)

Drong – Drawng (a heavy billy club)

Deh kapo ot geh shlook’t mah tateh mit ah drong. (The kapo beat my father with a drong.)

Kapo – KAH po (a concentration camp inmate appointed by the SS to be in charge of a work gang. The word “Kapo” originates from the Italian “Capo” (head, leader).)

Deh kapo iz geh vaysen ah shlaac’hteh mensch. (The kapo was a bad person.)

Yooshnyik – YOOSH nik (literally means pig feed, watery soup)

Deh yooshnyik ih geh vayzen ahveh bridik vaaseh. (The soup was more like dirty water.)

* Hannah Pollin-Galay is a noted writer and contributor to various periodicals about the Yiddish language.


Jewish Federation of Greater Naples Introduces the New 2024 Lions of Judah

Harriet Berneman

Pamela Blaskey

Joan Meltzer Blumkin

Barb Carlstrom

Debbie Doppelt

Shelley Einhorn

Alicia Feldman

Ellen Frankel

Cindi Goldfine

Cristina Isaacs

Jay Kaye

Carol Lader

Linda Lerner

Paula Maisel

Lillian Menkin

Terri Polacheck

Susan Ritter

Sarah Rockler

Wendy Rubin

Ellen Wollman

Welcome to the Pride!

The Brazina Documentary Film Series presents… Turn Every Page

March 5 at 1:30 PM

Turn Every Page explores the remarkable fifty-year relationship between two literary legends, writer Robert Caro and his longtime editor Robert Gottlieb. Eighty-six at the time the movie was released, Caro is working to complete the final volume of his masterwork, The Years of Lyndon Johnson. Gottlieb, 91 at the time of filming, waits to edit it. The task of finishing their life’s work looms before them. With humor and insight, this unique double portrait reveals the work habits, peculiarities and professional joys of these two ferocious intellects at the culmination of a journey that has consumed both their lives and impacted generations of politicians, activists, writers, and readers.

According to the Washington Post, ‘Turn Every Page’ revels in the joy of working with wordsThe documentary double portrait of writer Robert Caro and editor Robert Gottlieb bristles with ego and good-humored tension.’

To register, go to: mcanaples.org, or scan the QR code

11A March 2024 Federation Star
you would like more information on becoming a Lion of Judah in the Greater Naples area, feel free to contact Lion of Judah Co-chairs Estelle Price or
or call, Alicia Feldman, Development Director,
Gail Smith
Sol Awend
ensure a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. Join
Florida and Orlando jmellits@jnf.org
x865 jnf.org 800 .JNF. 0099
Jewish National Fund-USA in Naples
us today. For more information, please contact
Mellits Director, Western
or 941.462.1330

One person can make a difference

Thank you, Henrietta Szold

IJanett Edelberg, Presidents Council for Collier/Lee Chapter

n March, Collier/Lee Hadassah celebrates the 112th anniversary of Hadassah’s founding. We proudly honor the person who created an organization of depth and meaning that has become the largest Jewish women’s organization in the U.S., with 300,000 members in all 50 states.

At Purim in 1912, Hadassah, the Zionist Women’s Organization of America, was born in Baltimore. Two years later, Henrietta Szold sent two nurses to the Holy Land to provide desperately needed health care. Over the years, Hadassah has built the foundation of Israel’s modern-day health-care system. Today, Hadassah’s two hospitals, Mt. Scopus and Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, are world-renowned medical research and health-care providers. Newsweek named Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem one of the world’s best “smart hospitals.” They have

1,300 beds, 31 operating rooms and treat 1 million patients annually regardless of race, religion or nationality.

Hadassah’s commitment to improving children’s lives started during WWII (1933) when Henrietta Szold founded Youth Aliyah. Hadassah established three Youth Aliyah Villages in Israel to support, educate and care for 30,000 displaced children from around the world. Many displaced Ukrainian children have found a home in one of Hadassah’s villages today.

Hadassah International was founded in 1983 to enhance the image of Israel through the work of the Hadassah Medical Organization. Hadassah International now spans five continents with over 50 medical research partners worldwide. Hadassah International showcases the philosophy that advancement and cooperation in medicine transcend politics, religion and national boundaries.

All of this comes from one woman with a vision, dedication and a dream!

Looking forward

More than 100 years later, Collier/Lee Hadassah is proud to advance Henrietta Szold’s legacy. We continue to build a

Reflection times

uring the Q&A after my January’s presentation “The Jewish Confederates,” someone asked, “Why are you covering the Confederates?” In all honesty, I felt like impulsively responding, “Why do you all like living in the South ’cause it’s still nice, but want to eradicate any reference to Confederacy?” A

few nights before, a gentleman to whom I mentioned my presentation already berated me for it, calling the Confederate Jews traitors and lowlifes. He was not ready for a civil conversation, but I later learned that he spent half the night researching and reading. So, I replied to the question, “So that you would be informed. It’s kind of like knowing facts about Israel so you can refute the uninformed.”

On March 4, 1845, when Florida was admitted into U.S. statehood, its very first Senator was David Levy Yulee, a Jewish man, who suffered the burdens of institutionalized antisemitism in U.S. politics for the entirety of his political

strong community in the U.S. and Israel. Hadassah looks to the future by empowering members, both women and men (Hadassah Associates), in the United States. Hadassah’s focus in the U.S. is on women’s health and well-being, providing programs to over 700 chapters nationwide. Hadassah advocates on the national, state and local levels for topics including women’s health, Zionism and antisemitism.

Hadassah believes that it is the duty and responsibility of this generation to serve as mentors for the next, to help nurture and grow future leaders to make Hadassah stronger. Our mission continues to evolve and pivot to face current challenges and the ones that lie ahead. Hadassah is committed to being a welcoming, diverse place for all generations.

Please join us to support Hadassah

Collier/Lee Hadassah is a vibrant chapter with programming to educate you about Hadassah’s mission, vision and values, entertain you with delightful performances, feed you with delicious food and introduce to you a group of women with a wide variety of interests.

Here is a listing of its upcoming events. For more details and to register (advance registration is required), please contact CollierLeeHadassah@gmail.com with “Information” in the subject line.

• March 3: Inspiring Women Brunch, “Empowering Your Passion,” where we will recognize three local women whose leadership, dedication, generosity and time make a difference in their organizations, the quality of our lives and our communities

• March 18: Spring Brunch, “Let Us Entertain You,” where we will honor Life Members and enjoy the music of many favorite songs

• March 22 (Temple Shalom) and March 23 (Beth Tikvah): Shabbat Zachor, where Hadassah members will participate in the service

• March 28: Hadassah Medical Organization, “Hadassah Firsts,” a presentation by Dr. Karen Ezrine, who will touch on areas that make Hadassah among the leading medical centers in the world

• April 3: Hadassah Associates Recognition Event, where we will honor the contributions of our male members

career. He was pro-slavery. His father, Moses Levy, formerly a slaveowner and slave-trader, became a significant figure in the antislavery movement later in life and influenced attitudes in Europe not only vis-à-vis slavery, but Jews, becoming the first Jewish speaker in private society circles of England.

People change over the course of their lives. Haven’t you? Historical figures do and with much more visible and lasting effects than ordinary folk. Haven’t we all changed since the Oct. 7 massacre? How about since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? There are future changes of historic proportions on the horizon. I assure you that each one of us will be altered by them.

It’s part of life experience, learning how to change in response to changing times without losing the core values one holds dear. To me, those have always been liberty, integrity, self-respect and the ability to reflect on history without having the urge to revise it because of demands from new societal perspectives and pressures. I am guided by the intrinsic drive to conduct not only an honest search of available facts but to withstand the demands of cultural revolutions and openly present those facts to all people, so that they can draw their own conclusions and reflections.

The correlation between historic and current events sometimes seems uncanny and often not coincidental. But those are the hypothetical suppositions. Our future will tell. Our past has already spoken. How informed you choose to be in order

to discern its lessons, hints and messages is entirely up to you. I’m saddened that too many prefer to remain uninformed and, worse, twist facts into something supporting the revisionists’ views, even supplying fuel to modern-day libels.

Stay historically informed through us

The newest documentary film in SWFL Jewish Pioneers series, “A Midsummer Dream,” about Michael Mendelsohn, will premiere on March 21, 3 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center. Born into an Ashkenazi family in the U.K., Mendelsohn spent his life between being a professional pharmacist and playing double bass and piano in various groups and orchestras in England and Naples, Florida. Free to members. Registration is required. Tickets may be purchased at jhsswf.org.

Your generosity helps us in our research, future films and presentations. Donate online, by mail or contact us at office@ jhsswf.org. Sign up as a member to receive announcements, reminders and news.

To sponsor Goldstein’s new composition recording, please reach out to us directly.

We can be reached at The Jewish Historical Society of Southwest Florida, 8805 Tamiami Trail North, Suite # 255, Naples FL 34108, 833-547-7935 (833-JHS-SWFL), www.jhsswf.org and office@jhsswf.org.

The Jewish Historical Society of Southwest Florida is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

12A March 2024 Federation Star ORGANIZATIONS
www.hadassah.org / 518-330-1559
JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF SWFL www.jhsswf.org / 239-566-1771

Incontinence — Not a Jewish taboo

What our traditions teach us about growing old

As the iPhone’s ringtone played the opening bars of “Copa Cabana,” Rose was ready. It was the precise hour for Zooming with the grandkids — an event that Rose anticipated each and every Sunday.

After an exchange of pleasantries, granddaughter Abby announced a surprise. “Bubby, we know you love to travel and that you love Barry Manilow. So, we’re coming to Florida and all of us are taking you, all expenses paid, to Las Vegas!”

In a recent article, author Jodi Eichler-Levine describes her bathroom challenges result ing from colon cancer. As a professor of Jewish studies, Eichler-Levine turns to the Talmud for guidance. There, she found evidence of Judaism’s practical approach to one of many everyday problems.

Rose swallowed hard. Tears welled in her eyes as she thanked Abby and all the grandkids for their generosity. But there was hesitancy in Rose’s voice, something Abby discerned immediately. “Bubby, aren’t you happy? Is there something wrong?” As Rose recovered her composure, she reassured Abby that the gift was much appreciated but that “I just need time to digest it all.”

Later on, as Rose sipped an iced tea with her best friend, Bea, Rose agonized about how to bring up a delicate subject that she’d kept from her friends and family for months. “Bea, I’ve never told anyone, but now I have to. I can’t even think about a trip to Las Vegas. I have bathroom problems. I’m incontinent.”

With that, Rose led Bea to her hall closet where dozens of packs of adult underwear were stored. “Look here. It’s what people joke about. Adult diapers. I hardly go out anymore because I never know what will happen. That’s the real reason I can’t go to the movies with you or to Las Vegas or anywhere far away. My life revolves around the bathroom and the accidents that I have several times a week.”

Bea sympathized with her friend. “Truth be told, I’ve had a few close calls myself. And if I don’t make it, the clean-up is … well…” Rose jumped in, “Mortifying.”

Ruth and Bea are not alone in their reluctance to discuss issues surrounding bowel difficulties. Some older adults don’t want to talk about it with anyone, including a doctor, while others, like Rose, eschew the neighborhood store and shop for adult incontinence underwear far from home where they won’t be recognized. Nonetheless, gerontology professionals agree that an open and honest admission of how incontinence affects daily life could calm social situations and alleviate stress.

In order to promote communication and understanding, an Australian government website offers a wide range of information on what the Aussies call “faecal incontinence.” The condition is defined as the experience of leakage from the bowel or when a stool is passed at the wrong time or the wrong place. Amazingly, the site reports that as many as 1 in 20 older adults have poor bowel control that affects how they conduct their daily lives.

A ubiquitous problem, the Australian site even includes a detailed map of the 19,000 public and private public toilet facilities located throughout the country.

Eichler-Levine quotes the Babylonian Talmud, Berakht 54B, where Rav Yehuda writes, “There are three matters which, when one who prolongs their duration, extends a person’s days and years. They are: One who prolongs his prayer, one who prolongs his mealtime at the table, and one who prolongs his time in the bathroom.”

In an ancient effort to combat the dis comfort and shame often associated with bathroom issues, Eichler-Levine reminds us of the Talmudic prayer for using the facilities:

“The rabbis disagree about what to say upon entering the bathroom ( literally, “the house of the seat”). One says to begin by speaking to the angels who accompany him.”

Another rabbinic sage says that we should recite the following: “Guard me, guard me; help me, help me; support me, support me; wait for me, wait for me, until I enter and come out, for this is the way of man.”

Naturally, there is a blessing to make when we leave the bathroom as well. We are grateful to God who “formed man in wisdom and created in him many orifices and cavities. It is … known … that were one of them to be ruptured and blocked, it would be impossible to survive and stand before you. (Berakhot 60b)

Why discuss something that has been taboo for so many? Maybe we Jews are more inclined to deal with the subject given that the incidence of Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) among Jews is greater than among the general population. The result: more of us Jews may have to deal with a messy accident than those in other ethnic groups.

What to do? The answer might be had in a popular children’s book written in 1977 by Minna Unchi and translated into Hebrew and English by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum. The book tells children that all animals defecate and rather than feeling shame or embarrassment, defecating is a natural part of life. The book is titled “Everyone Poops,” and although its message is for little ones, the matterof-fact practical approach to one of life’s messier processes reminds us that an honest approach to incontinence is helpful, compassionate and a very Jewish thing to do.

Rabbi Barbara lives and works in Italy. For 10 years, Rabbi Barbara Aiello served the Aviva Campus for Senior Life as resident rabbi. Currently as Rabbi Emerita, she shares her experiences on Aging Jewishly with audiences around the world. Her columns are collected in her book, “Aging Jewishly,” available on Amazon. She is also host of the 18-year Radio Rabbi program, WWPR 1490 AM. Contact her at Rabbi@RabbiBarbara.com.

The Cardozo Society is formed as a way to network the many existing and new Jewish attorneys in our legal community. The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples continues to reach out to raise awareness through this association of Jewish attorneys promoting professionalism, cooperation, and identification with our Jewish community.

13A March 2024 Federation Star
Calling all Jewish Singles in their 40s and 50s who are Federation Members OF GREATER NAPLES Join us on Saturday, May 4 at 7 pm for a night out. Come mix and mingle! Jewish Singles & MINGLE MIX Free event, but please RSVP to Michelle at mcunningham@jewishnaples.org for additional details. OF GREATER NAPLES
For more information
contact Joshua Bialek at jbialek@porterwright.com
Rabbi Barbara Aiello

Hundreds of India’s “lost tribe” of Bnei Menashe ask to make Aliyah and join the IDF

Aizawl, Mizoram (Jan. 15, 2024)

– Hundreds of members of the Bnei Menashe community in northeastern India, who descend from a “lost tribe” of Israel, gathered in Aizawl, in the Indian state of Mizoram, to show their support and solidarity with the state of Israel as it marked 100 days since the war in Gaza began.

During the gathering, they marched in the streets of the city, waved Israeli flags and called on the government of Israel to allow them to make Aliyah (immigration to Israel) immediately so they could join the IDF and fight alongside other Israeli soldiers whom they call “our brothers and sisters.”

According to Shavei Israel, a Jerusalembased nonprofit organization lobbying for 20-plus years for the Aliyah of the Bnei Menashe, 75 members of the Bnei Menashe who made Aliyah from northeastern India in recent years are on active duty and currently serving as soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fighting against Hamas and Hezbollah. An additional 140 members were called up for reserve duty.

Of Bnei Menashe immigrants of military age, nearly all men (99%) and 10% of women join the IDF, with 90% of females performing sherut leumi, national service due to religious reasons, the organization said.

"The Bnei Menashe are dedicated Zionists and passionate about the state of Israel, its people and their security. It is no coincidence that so many of them serve in combat units in the IDF, and we are proud of their willingness to risk their lives alongside other Israeli soldiers to defend the land and people of Israel,” said Shavei Israel’s founder and chairman, Michael Freund.

“Since the war broke out, Shavei Israel has received hundreds of requests from young community members in northeastern India asking to make Aliyah immediately,” Freund said. “Not only that, they are asking to join the IDF immediately to fight shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters.”

The Bnei Menashe, or sons of Manasseh, claim descent from one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, who were sent into exile by the Assyrian Empire more than 27 centuries ago. Their ancestors wandered through Central Asia and the Far East for centuries, before settling in what is now northeastern India, along the borders of Burma and Bangladesh. Throughout their sojourn

in exile, the Bnei Menashe continued to practice Judaism just as their ancestors did, including observing the Shabbat, keeping kosher, celebrating the festivals and following the laws of family purity. Down through the generations, they nourished the dream of one day returning to the land of their ancestors, the land of Israel.

Thus far, Shavei Israel has made the dream of Aliyah, immigration to Israel, possible for over 5,000 Bnei Menashe and plans to help bring more members of the community to Israel. Currently, there are 5,000 Bnei Menashe awaiting their return to the Jewish homeland.

March 25 at 10:00 AM

presented by Dr. Marc Dichter, Professor of Neurology University of Pennsylvania

COVID has not gone away, and Dr. Marc Dichter, Professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, will update us on the current best practices for dealing with this virus and dealing with Long COVID.

Dr. Dichter has recently co-authored a book entitled "Unravelling Long Covid" that represents more than 2 years of research into this new syndrome. Dr. Dichter will present the most recent findings about this very troubling illness, current research into its origins, and possible future treatment strategies.

To register, go to: mcanaples.org, or scan the QR code

14A March 2024 Federation Star ISRAEL & THE JEWISH WORLD
OF GREATER NAPLES Jewish Young Professionals Jewish 20-40 year olds! The Jewish Young Professionals of Greater Naples invite you to come socialize! Please email or call Renee’ to be added to the roster. rbialek@jewishnaples.org 239-263-4205 Activities include: • Happy Hour • Game Night • Movie Night • Shabbat Services • Volunteering • Holiday Parties • Zoom Meet & Greets • and more! We want to hear yourandsuggestions ideas for upcoming events!
Courtesy of Shavei Israel


JFGN Mission to Israel, Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Tour begins October 31, 2024 at 9 AM in Tel Aviv

Tour includes 10 days in Israel and 4 days in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Mission Information Meetings

Thursday, March 14, 7 PM, Schi Hall and/or

Monday, April 15, 3 PM, Schi Hall

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Feld at the Federation – 239-263-4205 or jfeld@jewishnaples.org.

15A March 2024 Federation Star OF GREATER NAPLES

WRabbi Howard S. Herman DD

e live troubled lives in troubling times. Some might even say the time period we are living in is not just troubled but is downright scary. All one needs to do is open your eyes and/or your ears and you would have to admit there is much to be afraid of.

Our civil rights are being chiseled away; women’s reproductive rights, which held firm for 50 years, have dwindled; our politicians do very little and seem to have an aversion to telling the truth; antisemitism is at the most dangerous point ever; religious service attendance is at an all time low; university leadership refuses to protect their community’s students; and as if all this were not enough, we are faced with a national election in less than a year. We are stressed, we are scared, we are confused, and we are in emotional pain not only as individuals but as communities as well. We seem stuck in a place we

don’t want to be. It is almost as if we are mired in quicksand, locked in place and without any help, we are doomed to suffocate there.

In the 19th century, there was a Swedish philosopher named Søren Kierkegaard, who posited an idea that was to revolutionize our thinking. He developed and postulated the idea of us taking a “leap of faith.” The definition was, a person having to trust in something, despite the lack of logic, reason or rationality. We leap, figuratively, to interact or explore this thing. This sounds simple, but it represents a radical act of commitment to an idea of belief, regardless of whether it can be rationally or empirically proven.

19th-century Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, notes that when the ancient Hebrew expresses belief, the Torah uses the language of believing in something, rather than believing that something is true — in Hebrew — Ma-amin beh not Ma-amin she . What is the difference?

When I say “I believe that,” I am asserting that I judge a proposition to be true. For instance, I believe “climate change” is real. Based on the preponderance of scientific data, I believe that the planet is warming and that serious weather threats are more common than at any time in

The season of war


he sexy drama of David and Bathsheba, which was the subject of a 1951 costume drama featuring Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward, took place during what the Biblical source



material in the 11th chapter of Second Samuel refers to as “the return of the year, that season when kings go off to war.” Or, as the Romans would say: March — the very name of which is a tribute to the war-god Mars, patron spirit of chaotic mayhem and murder in the interests of the state, whose eponymous month marks the end of winter when the roads are once more becoming passible.

In our era of ’round-the-clock conflict, of night-fighters and radar-guided missiles, and of pilots in Nevada carrying out

recent history. On the other hand, to say that I believe in something is to affirm that I have an investment in a process that allows me to affirm life.

This is what faith looks like. Faith is the belief that gives us strength to forge ahead as we continue to move forward even though there are a series of forks in the road, and as we do so, we navigate the detours along the way. In this way, we all lead productive lives, negotiating our

“…itrepresentsaradical act of commitment to an ideaofbelief,regardlessof whetheritcanberationally orempiricallyproven.”

way between success and failure, hand in hand as we walk together through lives of uncertainty.

When the entire Jewish nation stood in front of the Red Sea, they were confronted by a terrible dilemma; whether to take a “leap of faith” into the Red Sea or return to Egypt. Nachshon, from the tribe of Yehudah, was the first person to take that “leap of faith” and jump into the

sea. As he moved deeper into the water, he started to realize that life was about leaving their old life and moving forward. The water eventually reached his nostrils and at that moment, the Red Sea split. When Nachshon was walking through the sea, he felt alive and free He had the courage to take a “leap of faith” to leave a bad situation and move toward something new, even though he didn’t know what that “new” was.

Thinking everything will be OK just because, is not the way to go. When facing our own challenges, it helps to remind ourselves that although our comfort zone is nice, we might want to step out of it every once in a while, especially when it comes to an issue for which we would like to procrastinate. If you remain in your comfort zone too long, your best option to solve the issue may be gone. But by taking a leap of faith and throwing yourself into the unknown, that act can sometimes be most rewarding. It means that you fully surrender to all expectations that you and others have ever had of yourself. It means that you allow yourself to start anew and in doing so, feel completely free.

Shalom Uvracha

Rabbi Howard S. Herman DD serves at Naples Jewish Congregation.

real-time drone strikes halfway around the planet in central Asia, we easily forget that until relatively recently, combat was not an all-year endeavor. Thomas Berger writes of two enemy Indian bands, coming upon each other on the frozen plains in the snow of deep winter after a fruitless day of hunting, who begin wearily unlimbering their bows until one of their number signs to the other party, “let’s just fight later, when the weather is better.” In the Old World, men and pack animals couldn’t even find the road to walk, under the winter snow … or, in the case of our home turf in Israel, navigate the roads during the winter rains without treading them into an impassible morass.

hot, not too cold, and no rain to hamper the action.

““…letusatleastaspire tothesimplerkind of world in which 'kingsgoofftowar' onlyatcertain foreseeable seasons…”

But the sanguinary despot could not have anticipated that, through the courageous intervention of the Empress Esther and her uncle Mordechai, the edict of genocide would be reversed. So the same seasonal climate that made for the most effective warfare stood to the advantage not of those who attacked the Jews of Persia but rather of our own people, facing mobs of race-rioters throughout the Empire and — by the Emperor’s own decree — standing for our lives.

Which may be what God had in mind when Haman was tossing lots.

The prime minister of Persia, seeking a date propitious for a genocidal campaign against the Jews of the Empire, flipped his pick-up sticks in the air and inquired of his panoply of deities, “Is this date the day of destruction?” When they landed separately (every day for 11½ months), it meant “no.” But they finally fell touching, as a gesture of the affirmative, in the middle of Adar … which is to say, March. Haman must have been pleased that his summons for the entire populace of the 127 jurisdictions of the Achaemenid Empire to rise up and murder their Jewish neighbors fell out at the time of year expeditious for fighting — not too

As I write this, the Jewish state is still deeply engaged in an ongoing hostagerescue operation in the Gaza Strip. That campaign began last October, just as Israel’s rainy season was beginning, and is still ongoing coming up on the end of the rainy season in March. If we cannot have Isaiah’s kind of world, in which “nation shall not lift up sword against nation,” let us at least aspire to the simpler kind of world in which “kings go off to war” only at certain foreseeable seasons, with people going home to gather their harvest in the summer and rest in winter.

And if Purim this month is a reminder that evil is always with us, may God’s choice of the date be an encouragement that the evil cannot win in the end.

Rabbi Mark Wm. Gross serves at Jewish Congregation of Marco Island.

16A March 2024 Federation Star RABBINICAL REFLECTIONS With over 30 years of experience, I help eliminate the guesswork in choosing the right senior living community that meets your needs and preferences. I look beyond the fancy décor and evaluate facilities on: Quality of care and services
satisfaction Health care violations Operational stability
lifestyle 239.595.0207 WWW.SENIORHOUSINGSOLUTIONS.NET Bruce Rosenblatt Owner/Senior Housing Advisor Certified Dementia Practitioner Senior Housing Solutions Honest and knowledgeable advice about assisted living options... AT NO COST TO YOU! THE “MATCHMAKER” OF SENIOR HOUSING L me help you find a m ch! Take
leap from fear to faith
Rabbi Mark Wm.

Space to accommodate growth

ood news for Beth Tikvah — the demographics are in our favor.

The two generational groups, the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers, with the highest rate of religious participation have a retirement rate that is increasingly driving growth in Southwest Florida through relocation. As Beth Tikvah is the only synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in Collier County, we attract traditional Jews and are running out of places to put people. This season, to seat all who attend our Shabbat morning services, we sometimes must move additional seating from the social hall into the sanctuary. At a few of our excellent Kiddush lunches, people had to stand as we did not have enough chairs. Our current solution is

using our rear garden where we have tables with umbrellas for members and guests.

But growth means Beth Tikvah needs additional space and our property lease ends in four years. So, as Roseanne Roseannadanna famously said, “It just goes to show you, it's always something — if it ain't one thing, it's another." Bottom line, Beth Tikvah is now actively searching for land on which to build a new synagogue or an existing property to retrofit.

Our Board has determined that to meet the current and future space requirements, we need a building of about 7,500 sq. ft. This would be about 38% larger than our current synagogue. In addition, we would add an open-air social area of about 65 feet x 65 feet, which is similar to the size of our current backyard. Our new building proposal would allow an interior design focused on member use and comfort. For one thing, the kitchen would not take a large swath from the center of social hall. Plus, we can build a true kosher kitchen with separate fleishig and milchig work spaces. This size building could finally accommodate sufficient

Our March lineup at JCMI

arch is filled with activities here at JCMI!

On March 8, we will share Shabbat Services honoring the Federation. On March 10, the Jewish Film Festival featuring the film “Brothers” will be shown here at JCMI at 2 p.m. with a reception following the film. Tickets may be purchased on our website, www.marcojcmi.com.

On March 16, our next Concert/ Cultural Series presentation, “Swingin’ and Singin’ Broadway,” which features Charlie Blum will take place at 7:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased on our website, www.marcojcmi.com. Back by popular demand, Charlie Blum brings a fresh

take on the Great American Songbook this season with a stroll down Broadway, singing show tunes that have become standards over the years, along with stories behind some of these iconic productions. Blum will share the stage with guest vocalists Kristyn Estes and JJ Boylen with songs from “Guys & Dolls,” “Les Misérables,” “The Music Man,” “Gypsy,” “Chicago,” and many other blockbuster hits. You won’t want to miss this onenight-only event!

March 17 at 9:30 a.m., the Rabbi Mark Gross Life-long Learning Lecture will address “(Far) West of the Hudson: Some Unique Pioneers of 19th-century Jewish America.” The rabbi invokes his roots as a Californian to emphasize that there are and have always been Jews, Jewish communities and Jewish characters outside the Five Boroughs of New York.

On March 19, the Book Club will meet at 11 a.m. The book of the month is “Lady Clementine” by Marie Benedict. All are welcome to participate.

storage areas so our library is not, in fact, just a catch-all storage space.

Accommodating a campus this size would require a lot of approximately 3 to 3.5 acres. The building and open-air social area would cover just over onequarter of an acre. Landscaping and the synagogue’s security perimeter would take a little more. But the greatest land use would be for parking, ingress and egress. Zoning regulations for parking are keyed off of the building’s square footage and in our case, would necessitate roughly 100 parking places. The next biggest land use is generally for water/waste control needs. As expected, cost is driven by acreage and location, so this will be a big-ticket item.

Given this potential cost structure, our preferred choice remains locating, then retrofitting, an existing building that already has sufficient parking available and does not pose unreasonable hurdles for zoning as a religious building. However, in speaking with our commercial real estate broker, there are significant hurdles to Beth Tikvah retrofitting a building. Principal is availability of properties in

general and, second, finding a building that is both the right size and configuration. Until then, the search continues for acceptable existing space. Retrofitting an existing building has the clear advantage of (potentially) reducing the time needed to move. It could also offer cost-saving advantages, an important aspect for a congregation of our size.

Successfully completing our building project is important in a number of respects. A central one is that to build and maintain a flourishing Jewish community in southern Lee and Collier counties, the viable presence of all three primary branches of Judaism must be present. The congregational bodies are supported in turn by a strong network of Jewish social, educational, youth, communal and cultural bodies. Clearly, we all benefit from Jewish Federation of Greater Naples being dedicated to developing a thriving Jewish community. What we as Jews must do is offer our support financially and through active participation.


17A March 2024 Federation Star SYNAGOGUE NEWS Please Join CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews for a unique Purim celebration! TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2024 7:00 – 9:00 PM The Nina Iser Center Jewish Federation of Greater Naples 4720 Pine Ridge Rd., Naples, FL 34119 Preregistration is required. To register: JoinCAMERAsPartnershipforaspecialPurim.eventbrite.com Unite with likeminded Christians and Jews in the fight against antisemitism as we discuss Esther’s story, apply its timeless lessons today, and enjoy delicious hamentaschen!
Rabbi Fishel Zaklos Chabad of Naples Dr. Tricia Miller Ph.D., Hebrew Bible 2024-03-19_Esther-Purim-Event.indd 1 2/7/24 12:40 PM
www.bethtikvahnaples.org / 239-434-1818
JEWISH CONGREGATION OF MARCO ISLAND www.marcojcmi.com / 239-642-0800 PLEASE HELP US BUILD COMMUNITY! Publishing the FederationStarwould not be possible without our advertisers. Please patronize our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad in the FederationStar.

are in Florida, but our hearts

hen I first started organizing a Temple Shalom mission to Israel with EVP (Emergency Volunteer Project, part of the Volunteer Division of the Israel Defense Forces), I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that people in our congregation wanted to go to Israel and help in some concrete way and EVP seemed to fit the bill. Our mission was to support the troops with a fresh hot meal and let them know that Jews from the other side of the world appreciate their sacrifice. We could not have anticipated how much our visit would mean to them or that we would receive way, way more than we gave.

Because EVP is part of the IDF, we stayed on an army base outside Jerusalem and had unparalleled access to frontline basecamps and combat soldiers who most needed a morale boost. Over the course of a week, we travelled to sites in and around the Gaza Envelope. One day, we could actually see Gaza in the distance and hear the booms of tanks and artillery fire. We chopped and sliced and grilled and fried

and wrapped and served approximately 2,000 meals — hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, shawarma, felafel, steak and chicken wings with all the fixings — to soldiers currently serving in Gaza, living in tents in the cold, rain and mud, sleeping on army cots. We were honored to serve two units who were among the first to respond militarily to the attack on Oct. 7 and discover the evidence of the massacres at the Nova Music Festival, in the kibbutzim and in the villages of the south.

We brought thermal undershirts, long johns and socks for the troops, cards with messages of encouragement and support and distributed coffee kits containing everything combat soldiers need to make hot coffee in a tank, tent or on the go. Every one of the approximately 2,000 service men and women we encountered was incredulous that we cared enough to take the time out of our own lives to bring them those admittedly small comforts. Sharing a meal with them and hearing their stories was life-changing for us.

When we were not slicing and dicing, prepping and schlepping for the IDF, we lent a hand at a nursery that had been relocated from Gush Katif, Gaza in 2005. Incredibly, a rocket fired from that same area destroyed the irrigation system and flooded the nurseries in their new location near Ashkelon. They are woefully understaffed since most of their Thai workers returned home, fearing for their safety, after Oct. 7. Despite the cold and rainy conditions that day, we were happy to keep going until our task was complete.

We paid our respects to the families of those who were abducted on Oct. 7 at Hostage Square and to the recently fallen at Har Herzl. We visited a memorial to the murdered young people at the Nova Music Festival and said prayers for them at the Kotel on Shabbat. We ate the most delicious food imaginable and bonded with our outstanding Israeli team.

Israelis need to know that we, North American Jews, have their backs. As a Hebrew speaker, I was able to chat freely with soldiers and Israelis wherever we went. People of all ages and from all walks of life repeated similar themes; they are defending their families, homes and country, and they are truly struggling to comprehend the lack of moral clarity about this war around the globe, especially in the West. They feel abandoned and alone. I met a wizened older man in a convenience store who asked me where I was from and why I was in Israel during a war. I explained that I was there with a group of Jews from Florida who came to feed soldiers and work in the fields. He started to cry like a child, saying that he didn’t know that anyone in the West still cared about them. A few days later, I had the same conversation with a 20-something young professional woman in Tel Aviv. She could not speak. The tears just ran down her face.

Each of my visits to Israel has been memorable in its own way, but being in Israel with EVP was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. There are many tour companies and travel agencies for people who want to see the sites in Israel. EVP provides a trip for those who want to feel the heart and soul of Israel. Please feel free to contact me for more information about our trip or Rabbi Miller’s upcoming mission in March.

18A March 2024 Federation Star SYNAGOGUE NEWS Collier/Lee Hadassah is a proud sponsor of the 2024 Jewish Book Festival For Information about Hadassah’s Programs, Events & Projects Contact: Diane Schwartz collierleehadassah@gmail.com WE MAKE GIVING EASIER. TOP IMPACT 2023 Number of grants distributed Total assets distributed OUR APPROACH Pro-Israel investment policy, strict anti-terror and anti-Boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) Total assets under management, including $5.4 M in Israel Bonds TOP serves donors and nonprofit organizations in small Jewish communities in Florida and nationwide. We secure the future by using Jewish-inspired values, innovative philanthropy, and extraordinary service. $81.3 M $11.3M 13009 Community Campus Drive, Tampa, FL 33625 www.topjewishfoundation.org Elyse Hyman Director of Philanthropy elyse@topjewishfoundation.org 813-769-4769 Ellen Weiss Executive Director ellen@topjewishfoundation.org 813-769-4785 CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE 2023 Investment Performance 15.84%* 15.32%** 6.32% 5.24%**** 23.22% 22.20%*** 2456 739 Total Funds *Balanced pool excluding Israel Bonds **40% Bloomberg Intermediate US Government/Credit Total Returm Index, 60% MSCI All Country World Total Return Index Ne*t ***MSCI All Country World NTR Index in USD ****Bloomberg Barclays Capital US Intermediate Government/Credit TR Index in USD TOP Jewish Foundation Benchmark 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Balanced Equity Fixed Income TEMPLE SHALOM www.naplestemple.org / 239-455-3030
in the
A. Stephen Kotler • Medicaid Planning • Elder Law and Special Needs Planning • Estate Planning and Probate BOARD CERTIFIED SPECIALIST IN WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES Kotler Law Firm P.L. (239) 325-2333 999 VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD, SUITE 200, NAPLES, FL 34108

Chabad Naples news

As part of our adult education, Advice for Life is based on “The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Guidance for Leading a More Purposeful Life.” Join us for a multimedia journey through the Rebbe's practical wisdom on work, family, health and well-being. You may still attend three of these amazing classes as each class stands independently. Don't miss this outstanding opportunity Feb. 27, March 5 and March 12. Call the office for further information.

Men’s Club and Parsha Class

Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., the Men’s Club offers meaningful conversation and Torah classes. Call the office for more details.

Parsha Class is held Wednesdays at 11:45 a.m. Rabbi Fishel gives a parsha class to which men and women are invited.

Celebration of Jewish Life

Brace yourselves for an unforgettable experience as Aleeza Ben Shalom, renowned host of Netflix's hit series "Jewish Matchmaking," takes center stage Monday,

March 4, 7:30 p.m. at Chabad

Naples. This exclusive event promises to transport attendees into the world of Jewish matchmaking. Whether you're a devoted fan of the series or simply intrigued by the art of matchmaking, this live event is an opportunity not to be missed. For tickets and details on all “Celebration of Jewish Life” events, visit CJLnaples.com or call 239-262-4474.

“1, 2, 3, Nosh with Me”

Join author Micah Siva as she shares her new children’s book with your children and preschoolers, followed by a hamantaschen decorating workshop on Sunday, March 4! Both fun and educational, 1, 2, 3, Nosh with Me helps young children learn about basic numbers while introducing them to the foods found in Jewish culture. Learn about Siva at noshwithmicah.com. Registration is required for this free event.

Groundbreaking celebration

On Jan. 19, we hosted a communitywide "Groundbreaking Celebration" to acknowledge that, with your help, we reached a monumental Phase 2 goal toward beginning our campus expansion project. We are blessed to share that we

have reached $6 million for the Big Build! We still need $1.5 million to secure a bright future and invite our community to partner with us at www.naplesbigbuild.com.

Grand Purim party

Chabad Jewish Center and Naples Preschool of the Arts will host an annual Grand Purim Celebration Sunday, March 24 at Chabad Naples, beginning with the customary reading of the Megillah (scroll of Purim) along with a slide show for children. This will be followed by a grand kosher buffet along with traditional hamantaschen cookies. There will be various forms of entertainment throughout the evening. Stay tuned for details!

Shabbat and Kiddush luncheon

Join us weekly for uplifting Shabbat

services with meaning, melody and humor. All are welcome; Hebrew/English prayer books are used. One of the weekly highlights has always been the Kiddush luncheon at 12:15 p.m.! The Torah service begins at 11 a.m. and includes the Rabbi’s insights during the Torah reading.

The Flying Challah and Kosher meals from the heart

Know someone in need of just a little extra love right now? All you have to do is nominate a recipient by sending us an email and we will have it delivered.


If you have a yahrzeit or need to say Kaddish, we are always here to help make a minyan during the week. We are so grateful to those who help when called and it is amazing to see how the community comes together for each other.

Chabad Naples community care

Chabad of Naples has a special committee of professionals and lay volunteers who are available and trained to visit anyone in need. If you know someone in the hospital or at home who would appreciate a visit, please call 239-261-0772.

19A March 2024 Federation Star SYNAGOGUE NEWS This program is brought to you by: The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, The Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center, Temple Shalom, Beth Tikvah, GenShoah SWFL, Naples Jewish Congregation, Chabad of Naples, and Jewish Congregation of Marco Island. COMMUNITY WIDE ANNUAL YOM HASHOAH HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE Sunday, May 5, 2024 • 4:00 PM Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center 4720 Pine Ridge Rd Please join us for a special program. Everyone is invited to attend. Register for this free program at www.jewishnaples.org OF GREATER NAPLES
JEWISH CENTER OF NAPLES www.chabadnaples.com / 239-262-4474
Rabbi Fishel Zaklos

A cappella music, Flamingle, tai chi, and more!

have wondered how AI would work to write an article. To that end, I asked ChatGPT for the topic “Judaism and music.” This is what I got back: Jewish music is a diverse and rich art form that reflects the historical, sociological and religious experiences of the Jewish people. There are many different types of Jewish music, including klezmer, piyyut, nigun and zemirot.

Music has always been an integral part of Jewish life and culture, and is often used to express joy, sorrow and spiritual devotion. In fact, some Jewish scholars believe that music was the catalyst for creation itself.

Jewish music has evolved over time, with different Jewish communities developing their own unique styles and traditions. For example, the earliest synagogal music was based on the system used in the Temple in Jerusalem and the Mishnah gives several accounts of Temple music. After the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E., versions of the public singing in the Temple were continued in the new institution of the synagogue.

Today, Jewish music continues to thrive and evolve, with modern Jewish composers drawing inspiration from the different

traditions of Jewish music. Whether it’s the haunting melodies of klezmer or the joyous songs of zemirot, Jewish music remains an important part of Jewish culture and identity.

Why this prompt? Sunday, March 10, 7 p.m. at the Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center, Naples Jewish Congregation and the Federation will present Listen Up!, an a cappella group from Chicago consisting of Steve and Rebecca Singer, Eli Taylor and Aron Wolgel. They sing Jewish music meant to awaken your Yiddishkeit. Tickets may be purchased at naplesjewishcongregation.org. Don’t wait, they are selling quickly!

Do you know what lamed vuvnick is? According to Jewish mysticism, they are the 36 righteous people because of

whom the world continues to exist. Even they themselves do not know who they are. This is just one factoid we learned at Rabbi Herman’s lifelong learning session. Look for the upcoming March lifelong learning session date.

Want to Flamingle? When you join NJC, you can partake in this fun gathering. In February, we played miniature golf and had lunch together. Another as yet unknown fun get together is planned for March.

Book club discussions, tai chi, etc. — this is what you get when you join our sisterhood. Men are not excluded from many of the activities.

Come check us out at naplesjewish congregation.org. You’ll be glad you did.


Updates from BBYO Naples and Fort Myers

Naples BBYO started off the new year, 2024, strong. On Sunday, Jan. 7, our Naples BBYO Chapter board held its first meeting at First Watch. The board members discussed goals for their upcoming term. They had a nice time catching up with one another and were excited to plan future events.

On Sunday, Jan. 21, our teens participated in Temple Shalom’s Mitzvah Day. We met up for a delicious breakfast at 8:30 a.m., which the Temple Shalom Men’s Club was generous enough to sponsor. Temple Shalom congregants, along with the teens, participated in numerous mitzvahs, such as: “Welcome Home” sign making for Habitat for Humanity, dog biscuit making, jewelry making and Meals of Hope. Our teens over the age of 16 donated blood for the blood drive.

Thank you to Bobbie Katz, the Men’s Club and Temple Shalom for organizing this wonderful day of mitzvahs.

Our teens planned three events for February. A Cookie Decorating Orientation was planned to serve as a kickoff for our Naples teens to introduce prospects to

their local BBYO chapters and to engage their current members. This program allowed current members and prospects to get to know one another, decorating some delicious sugar cookies in the process.

The Mishpacha B’nai B’rith girls planned a Galentine’s Day Party, which consisted of chocolate desserts, a romantic comedy and making felt tied pillows. The Negev AZA boys planned a Pre-Superbowl Game party, where they ate snacks, watched highlights from the 2023-2024 Football season, played Spikeball, foosball, ping-pong, corn hole and set up Superbowl Squares for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Fransisco 49ers.

As of this writing, three of our teens plan to attend BBYO’s International Convention in Orlando. Please keep an eye out for more details about upcoming events.

What is BBYO?

BBYO is a diverse and inclusive Jewish youth group to encourage Jewish teens to become more immersed and interested in meaningful Jewish activities and programs. This organization accepts Jewish teens attending 8th through 12th grades of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender, race, denominational affiliation or socioeconomic status. BBYO currently reaches over 70,000 teens worldwide, with participants in over 60 countries and hundreds of chapters across the United States.

Supporting our Teenage Jewish community

It is crucial to engage teens post-b'nai mitzvah age in Jewish activities. Having teens get involved in BBYO and be eager to create and confidently continue their own Jewish community within their greater Jewish communities is critical to our future.

The BBYO chapter of Naples has entered its 11th year of partnership

with Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, Temple Shalom, Chabad of Naples and Beth Tikvah. Each organization provides financial support, volunteers and community involvement opportunities for the BBYO teens. We thank each and every one of our BBYO alum, friends and other supporters for making this a safe and positive environment for the teens of BBYO Naples and Fort Myers.

If you know of someone who has a teen who might like to join BBYO Naples or Fort Myers or know of someone who may want to be an advisor to our chapters, please email me at cschreier@bbyo.org. You can also follow us on Instagram at Mishpacha_BBG and Negevaza. Scholarships to attend BBYO conventions and summer programs are available through both Jewish Federation of Greater Naples and the Temple Shalom Men’s Club. Please contact me for more information on scholarships. If you are a BBYO alum and would like to be included in our Friends and Alumni of BBYO mailing list, please email us at mjs0821@aol.com.

20A March 2024 Federation Star SYNAGOGUE NEWS / FOCUS ON YOUTH
BBYO 239.261.7157 | wynnsmarket.com 141 Tamiami N., Naples, FL 34102 ORDER ONLINE FOR PICKUP & DELIVERY!
NAPLES JEWISH CONGREGATION www.naplesjewishcongregation.org / 239-431-3858


Building for the future of POTA

he beginning of 2024 brought an exciting milestone as Preschool of the Arts broke ground on its brand-new 17,000-square-foot building! Since its inception, Preschool of the Arts has been innovating, enhancing and broadening its program. It started as a fledgling preschool with a vision of an excellent early childhood education and my two daughters as the first students enrolled in the school. There was a dream of bringing together early childhood educators who are driven to give 100% of themselves, reach greater heights and love and nurture confident and creative young learners.

That dream became a reality with exponential growth. Community events are standing room only, educational programs have reached maximum capacity, and our award-winning preschool has long outgrown the campus. We recently opened enrollment for Summer of the Arts 2024 and nearly reached capacity on the very first day. It is both flattering and humbling to see the popularity of our programming, especially entering our 20th summer camp year.

Some may see our long waiting lists as a sign of success. But for us at POTA, having to deny children essential education or a meaningful summer camp experience is not something we can abide by.

As we look to build tomorrow’s leaders, we are obligated to take a step forward

Be Part of PJ Library/PJ Our Way’s Purim Play!

Come act, sing, or act AND sing and tell the story of Purim! No experience necessary!

Sunday, March 17th 2:00-4:00 PM

Jewish Federation of Greater Naples Building

Families are welcome to come in at 4:00 to watch the performance!

Perfect for ages 5+! Wear a costume!

Email Amberprograms@ jewishnaples.org for more information and to RSVP!

and build something bigger and better.

For years, we dreamt of expanding our campus so that we can provide the POTA experience to many more deserving children. It is thrilling that construction has finally begun and it is happening! We have partnered with an incredible

contracting team that is aiming to get the new building up and move-in ready within 12 months. The building will transform learning with new classrooms, a children’s library, a STEM center and innovative communal spaces. We are continued on page 22A

21A March 2024 Federation Star FOCUS ON YOUTH
/ 239-262-4474

pota...continued from previous page

building a space where children can learn, campers can play, teens can connect and our community can gather and celebrate.

None of this would have been possible without our incredibly generous donors who have helped fund the $7.5 million project. Jay and Patty Baker, our namesake donors, led the way with their visionary leadership, inspiring so many others to give. We celebrate and honor every single donor – big and small alike – helping us meet our fundraising goal and build our future.

We are proud to share that we have successfully raised $6 million to date, with only $1.5 million left to reach the finish line. But we still really need your

support! We turn to our incredible Naples community to ask for your partnership to enable us to complete this major phase of our growth. Please consider donating today at www.NaplesBigBuild.com so that we can continue to build the leaders of tomorrow.

In the meantime, we get down to business, both at the construction site and in our classrooms, which will continue to serve and educate students without interruption. Our children have always come first and there is so much learning in store this school year, this summer and for many exciting years to come. We cannot wait to get started and hope you will join us!

22A March 2024 Federation Star FOCUS ON YOUTH


4630 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119

Phone: 455.3030  Fax: 455.4361 www.naplestemple.org

Rabbi Adam Miller, MAHL

Cantor Donna Azu, MSM

Rabbi Ariel Boxman, MAHL, MARE, Director of Lifelong Learning

Rabbi James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus

Deborah Rosen Fidel, J.D., MAJPS, Executive Director

Len Teitelbaum, President Dr. James Cochran, Music Director

Shabbat Services:

Shabbat Eve - Friday 7:30 p.m.

Shabbat - Saturday 10 a.m.

Sisterhood Men’s Club



991 Winterberry Drive

Marco Island, FL 34145

Phone: 642.0800  Fax: 642.1031

Email: manager@marcojcmi.com

Website: www.marcojcmi.com

Rabbi Mark Gross

Hari Jacobsen, Cantorial Soloist Stan Alliker, President

Shabbat Services

Friday 7:30 p.m.

Seasonal: Saturday Talmud-Torah at 9:30 a.m.

Rabbi’s Lifelong Learning Series

Sidney R. Hoffman Jewish Film Festival Saul I. Stern Cultural Series

JCMI Book Club


Services are held at:

The Unitarian Congregation 6340 Napa Woods Way

Rabbi Howard Herman 431.3858

Email: rabbi@naplesjewishcongregation.org www.naplesjewishcongregation.org

Charles Flum, President

Jane Galler, Cantorial Soloist

Shabbat Services

Friday evenings 7 p.m. May - August: services once a month

Sisterhood • Men’s Club

Adult Education • Adult Choir Social Action • Community Events

BETH TIKVAH (Conservative)

1459 Pine Ridge Road Naples, FL 34109 (just west of Mission Square Plaza) Phone: 434.1818

Email: office@bethtikvah.us

Website: www.bethtikvahnaples.org

Rabbi Ammos Chorny

Joseph Henson, President

Roberta Miller, Secretary

Shabbat Services

Friday evenings 6:15 p.m.

Saturday mornings 9:30 a.m.

Youth Education

Adult Education Community Events

Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Phone: 239-949-6900

Email: chabad@jewishbonita.com

Website: www.JewishBonita.com

Rabbi Mendy & Luba Greenberg Co-directors


Sunday 9 a.m.

Monday through Friday 8 a.m.

Shabbat 10 a.m.

Adult Education

Challah of Love

Community Events

Daily Minyan Services

Hebrew School

Kosher Grocery

Kosher Meals on Wheels

Smile on Seniors




33, No.

Jewish National Fund Joshua Mellits, 941.462.1330 x865

Jewish War Veterans Post 202

Commander, Harvey Sturm, 261.3270

Men’s Cultural Alliance

President: Michael Sobol, 508.733.9427

Naples BBYO

Cayla Schreier, 845.405.1991

Naples Friends of American Magen David Adom (MDA)

SE Reg Dir: Joel Silberman, 954.457.9766

PJ Library Coordinator: Amber Ferren 239.263.4205

Women’s Cultural Alliance

President: Patti Boochever, 518.852.3440

Zionist Organization of America

23A March 2024 Federation Star
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24A March 2024 Federation Star Your guests will appreciate your choice of venues. Hilton Naples & Shula’s Steak House Excellent Food and Impeccable Service 5111 Tamiami Trail North I Naples, FL 34103 I 239.430.4900 I HiltonNaples.com I ShulasNaples.com Hilton Naples and Shula’s Steak House have been serving our community for more than twenty years. We would love to discuss your event and show you our beautiful and diverse banquet and meeting space. Please call us at 239.659.3108.

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Temple Shalom events open to the community

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The most complete guide to Jewish Oscar nominees

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Aleeza Ben Shalom live in Naples!

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Jewish Book Festival promotes sense of community

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2024 WCA Volunteer Expo

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MCA members volunteer in Israel

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PJ Library March events

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Great opportunity for fun and giving with Beading for Betterment

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Sit and stand with poles and bands

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Craving a snack at night?

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Pomegranates enjoy afternoon of friendship and philanthropy

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The life and death of the Dead Sea

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Roaring art Lions

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Why I took the big step to ensure my legacy

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What do you want your legacy to be?

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Understanding senior housing in Southwest Florida

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Interfaith marriage discussion

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Something for everyone this month

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Haddasah Medical Organization firsts

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9th Annual Day of Learning

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Genocide, resistance, celebration

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Why go to Israel in 2024?

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