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DECEMBER 7, 2017 | The Jewish Home

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Yeshiva Har Torah Gets a Safety Lesson


t was a special week dedicated to safety for the YHT kindergarten. A real ambulance came by with a special visitor to help teach the children about what to do in an  emergency. Yakir Wachstock, who is a Hatzalah member and YHT  parent,  spoke to the children about Hatzalah and what to do in case someone  is hurt and needs medical attention.  The children had the op-

Camp Kaylie Reunion Concert


n Motzei Shabbos, December 1, the magic of Camp Kaylie was felt in Beth Shalom in Lawrence, NY, for a Kaylie Family Concert featuring Jewish music superstar Benny Friedman. Over 800 campers, Kaylie families and Kaylie alumni were dancing and singing along to all of their favorite camp songs. The amazing night was capped off with Rita’s ices and churros. Everyone went home with a Camp Kaylie winter hat. Rabbi Eli Brazil, Director of Camp Kaylie, said, “It was a really beautiful night where campers, alumni, board members and staff all came together.” We already can’t wait for Camp Kaylie Summer 2018! For more information on Camp Kaylie, go to

portunity to go into the ambulance and see all the equipment and tools used to help people who are sick. It was a great lesson tied and perfectly timed to help the students learn the Hebrew letter hey for Hatzalah! Thank you to Mr. Moussaief who generously provided the ambulance from his company for this incredible experience. 

Gesher: Small Changes Make Big Differences


hanukah is in the air, and the children of the Gesher Early Childhood Center are following in the footsteps of the Chashmonaim. One of the main themes of Chanukah is that small changes can make a big difference. The Yevanim allowed us to have a Beis Hamikdash, as long as it was tamei. And they served many idols, each representing a different facet of nature. But, as the Gesher children know, there is only one Hashem. The battle cry of the Chasmonaim was mi kamocha b’eilim Hashem, reminding us that we have to be ready to say mi l’Hashem ailai. Many of this week’s lesson took on the theme of subtle differences. The kindergarten reinforced their alephbeis progress by comparing and contrasting the almost identical letters tes

and mem. The mouth of the mem is on the bottom while the tippy top of the tes is open. Similarly the Pre-1A compared tzaddik and ayin, also almost identical letters, just that the tzaddik bends over. Learning about pey and phey re-

iterated the need to “pey” attention to detail. Pre-1A also focused on identifying subtle social cues and body language. The group awareness lesson was a strong reminder of the power of togetherness, one of the elements of the

Chashmonaim’s victory. The nursery was treated to a new pet, a rabbit. They used their new friend to examine how Hashem created every detail with a purpose. The fur, big ears, and whiskers are all specially designed for the world of the bunny.

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Five Towns Jewish Home - 12-7-17  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 12-7-17

Five Towns Jewish Home - 12-7-17  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 12-7-17