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Tamar Heller of HAFTR Wins Scholar-Artist Award of Merit


September 17 - september 27, 2013 | Distributed Weekly In The Five Towns, Queens & Brooklyn

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Inspiring Yom Iyum at Bais Yaakov of Queens Page 42

Special TJH Chol Hamoed Guide Includes Ten Trip Ideas for Just $10! Page 66

Back in the USSR: How Putin Schooled Obama By: Nate Davis

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 Simchas Torah in Breuer’s  A Sukkah to Go  TJH Chol Hamoed Trip and Event Guide  Adorning Your Sukkah with Grace  A Sampling of Sides for your Yom Tov Meal

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Abe's Parve Ice Cream... Treat your Yom Tov guest, with the very best!

NOUGAT ICE CREAM PIE 2 ready pie crusts 1 1/2 gallon abe's vanilla ice cream Brittle Crunch 1/2 cup bakers choice hazelnut or almond brittle crunch (toast for 8 to 10 min) 10 chocolate sandwich cookies (crushed) 1/2 cup bakers choice nougat chips


Simply Delicious!

To assemble Defrost ice cream for 20 - 25 minutes Mix together ingredients for brittle crunch. Divide crunch into 2 parts. Sprinkle crunch over each pie crust, pour ice cream over nougat brittle crunch. Garnish with remaining crunch. (optional decorate with chocolate curls and whip topping).

Av a i l able at you r lo c a l s up e r m a rke t

Dart Design | 845.782.6558

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n september 17, 2013



90 s c o r e

Product of Israel

I give my wine everything I have, including my name. Gilad Flam Winemaker


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


NO Tax Hikes!

Wishing the Jewish Community a

Chag Kasher V’Sameach! George Maragos Nassau County Comptroller




Nassau County Comptroller Protecting Taxpayers from Waste & Fraud

Proven Record of Results -

NO Property Tax Increase in 4 Years


Cut $300 Million in Waste & Fraud


Reduced Borrowing By 50%


Excellence Awards in Financial Reporting

NOV Re-Elect Comptroller MARAGOS 5th


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


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>> Jewish Thought Flashes of Inspiration, by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Ask the Rabbi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78


Dear Readers, When I think of Succos, I think of Carlebach’s “Harachaman Hu Yakim” sung on a cool, crisp night with the stars overhead. My Uncle Duvid, a”h, would come to us every Succos and when asked him what he wanted to sing in the sukkah, he always requested that song. Singing in the sukkah is an exciting experience. Even though we felt like we were in our own abode closed off from the elements, our voices would soar into the breeze and would mingle with the voices of our neighbors. We may not have known the other families who lived around the corner from us, but once a year, we heard their sweet tunes and joined their excitement for the yom tov. The yom tov of Succos comes with a flurry of preparation. The men are busy building the sukkah and buying the arbah minim, the women are shopping for food and cooking succulent dishes, and the children are working hard on their paper chains and signs for the sukkah. After spending our time in shul on Yom Kippur fasting and davening, we are looking forward to the new year with the anticipation of what it will bring. The Breuer’s community is one steeped in tradition. Many of their customs stem from their German roots and differ from those of other communities. Simchas Torah in K’hal Adath Jeshurun takes one back to a different time. When Rena Zingmond describes the ceremony, one can imagine the majesty of the Torah and the splendor found in their formalities. It is an article worth reading and rereading. As a child I always looked forward to chol hamoed for the family trips we would go on. There are so many places to go where the whole family can enjoy being together for the day. Make sure to check out TJH’s chol hamoed guide for ideas on where to spend your days together. This year, Malky Lowinger compiled a list of ten trip ideas for chol hamoed for only $10 a day! These trips are fun, and best of all, you’ll get to explore so much of what New York has to offer. Wherever you go, make sure to bring a camera, food, and your pop-up sukkah. Speaking of sukkahs, this week Baila Rosenbaum writes about sukkahs on the go—have you ever been on a pedi-sukkah or a sukkah on a camel? You’ll love to read about the different sukkahs available. As always, we love to hear from our readers. Feel free to reach out to me with your comments, your pictures, or even just to tell me how your chol hamoed trips went. We love to hear from you! Wishing you and your family a most enjoyable Succos,

A Sukkah to Go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Torah and Tradition: An Inside Look into the Unique


Way the Breuer’s Community Celebrates Simchas Torah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 TJH Chol Hamoed Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Ten Things to Do on Chol Hamoed

Yitzy Halpern Publisher


for about Ten Dollars a Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

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Parenting Panel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Adorning your Sukkah with

Yosef Feinerman

Shoshana Soroka

managing editor

Nate Davis

Editorial Assistant

Nechama Wein Copy Editor

Rachel Bergida Berish Edelman Mati Jacobovits Design & Production

Elegance and Grace. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82


P.O. BOX 266 Lawrence, NY 11559 Phone | 516-734-0858 Fax | 516-734-0857

Succos: Wednesday, September 18 Candle Lighting: 6:40

>>Health How to Get Closer, by Deb Hirschhorn, PhD. . . . . 76

Friday, September 20 Candle Lighting: 6:37 Shabbos Ends: 7:34 Rabbeinu Tam: 8:06 Friday, September 27 Candle Lighting: 6:25 Shabbos Ends: 7:34 Rabbeinu Tam: 7:53

Start the Year by Eating Right, By Lori Boxer, Weigh No More Diet Center. . . . . . . 77 Pincer Skills for My One-Year-Old. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108

>> Food & Leisure Recipes: A Sampling of Starters and Sides for your Yom Tov Meals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Travel: Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110

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>>Political Crossfire How Putin Schooled Obama. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Notable Quotes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week Global Meet the Father of the Taliban Maulana Sami ul-Haq is revered in Pakistan and Afghanistan by those who

follow the ways of the Taliban. The radical Pakistani cleric runs a seminary described as the University of Jihad and his views are respected by many in that world. So who is this man who is known as the Father of the Taliban? When speaking to Reuters at his Darul Uloom Haqqania University, he expressed his hope that the Taliban would sweep power back in Afghanistan. “Give them just

In News one year and they will make the whole of Afghanistan happy,” Haq said. “The whole of Afghanistan will be with them ... Once the Americans leave, all of this will happen within a year.” Haq’s university is recognized officially in Pakistan, despite his pro-Taliban views. Back in the 1980s, many of its graduates left their studies to fight along mujahideen groups against the Russians. One of those students was

Mullah Mohammed Omar, who took advantage of the chaos surrounding the Soviets’ withdrawal in 1989 and founded the Taliban movement. Haq is proud of his former student. “He is a devout Muslim, very virtuous. He is hospitable. He is a very simple man, with no princely tastes,” Haq said. “He is very intelligent. He understands politics and is wise to the tricks of outsiders.” Haq added with conviction: “He is no aggressor. He is an angel-like human being.”

The seminary was founded in 1947 and is one of the biggest and most respected Islamic institutions in South Asia. It propagates a hard-line curriculum based on the radical Deobandi strain of Sunni Islam, although Haq insists his school has nothing to do with terrorism. 4,000 male students live in its buildings. Regarding the situation in Afghanistan between U.S. troops and the natives, Haq says, “As long as they are there, Afghans will have to fight for their freedom. It’s a war for freedom. It will not stop until outsiders leave.” The Afghans initially welcomed the Taliban after years of Soviet rule. But once the group seized power and instituted their restrictions and punishments, life in Afghanistan became nightmarish for many. Some still hold out hope that the Taliban will be able to be coaxed to the negotiating table, perhaps by people such as Haq. “They are my students. In our tradition, a teacher is like a father, like a spiritual leader,” Haq said. “Afghans should be allowed to fight for their freedom. Foreign powers should get out and let them do what they want.”

Al Qaeda Leader: Time to Bleed America Economically A day after the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri urged small-scale attacks

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


To experience the past at the Exlusive vacation with Winter Club

Privilege Hotel Dead Sea January 15-23/2014 Ä”Ä?ÄĽÄ? Ä?Ă‚Ä—- Ä?Ă‚Ä•


ÂŻÂˇÂ¸ÂťĂˆÂžÂ¸Â¸ÂˇĂˆÂżĂ‡Â´Â°ÂťÂŻÂ´Â˝Ăˆ°Ç³ ž¸Ç²³½¡¯¹Ÿ¸ÇÅ´½³º

Its all included !

For reservations: Quality vacation for the entire family

IL 972-2-540-21-22 Belgium 0486-4652-30 UK 208-802-0773 US 917-5105980

> Seasonal vacations > Projects > Shabbos events > Weekends > Holidays > Groups and more

The Week inside the United States, adding that he hoped for a more significant strike against the Western power. In the audio speech, Zawahri said attacks “by one brother or a few of the brothers” would weaken the U.S. economy by forcing America to spend big on security.

“We should bleed America economically by provoking it to continue in its massive expenditure on its security, for the weak point of America is its economy, which has already begun to stagger due to the military and security expenditure,” he said. Keeping America in a

state of tension would only require a few attacks “here and there,” he explained. “As we defeated it in the gang warfare in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, so we should follow it with ... war on its own land. These disparate strikes can be done by one brother or a few of the brothers,” the terrorist said. A message like this could prompt “lone wolves” who may not have direct contact with al Qaeda to perpetrate attacks against the United States, counter-terrorism experts said. In addition to urging small-scale attacks, Zawahri said that Muslims should boycott goods from America and its allies, as purchasing American goods will only help fund U.S. military action in Muslim lands. The al Qaeda leader also praised the recent Boston Marathon bombing which killed three and injured 264. “The Boston incident confirms to the Americans ... that they are not facing individuals, organizations or groups, but they are facing an uprising Ummah (Muslim community), that rose in jihad to defend its soul, dignity and capabilities.” “What the American regime refuses

In News to admit is that al Qaeda is a message before it was an organization,” he concluded. Now, he insisted, if Muslims want to live in dignity and “be liberated,” then they have to defend their dignity.

Master Salvager Lifts Costa Concordia On Monday, Nick Sloane will face his biggest test. The South African salvage master will be attempting to raise the Costa Concordia cruise ship from its watery grave. He has said this will be his “most challenging” in a career that included rescuing a burning ship from pirate infested waters and a sinking oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Sloane was flown to the Italian island of Giglio last year and has led an international operation with 500 salvage workers including divers, welders and engineers operating 24 hours a day on the rusting hulk of the passenger ship which is bigger than the Titanic. After months of working, Sloane will be giving the commands from a control

room on shore to lift the 114,500-ton ship. He is confident it will be successful, but there are still questions about what will happen. “There’s a lot of unknown factors about the ship. We’ve made a lot of assumptions,” he admits. The most serious risk is buckling in the hull as the luxury liner is dragged upright, which Sloane has compared to a “banana” effect – the extent of which will only become clear as the operation is underway. The hull is slowly compressing onto itself and now may be the last chance to lift the Costa Concordia before it collapses too much. “You can’t afford to wait. Time is your worst enemy,” he explained. Sloane has made his career on doing what others have thought impossible. His first major job was the salvage of the Castillo de Bellver, a burning Spanish tanker filled with 252,000 tons of crude stranded off the coast of South Africa. He was part of a team that went in with the US Navy’s salvage division to repair damaged pipelines and oil infrastructure in Afghanistan and Iraq immeContinued on page 15

Fall Business & Boutique Expo Tuesday, October 29th Wednesday, October 30th at Grand Prospect Hall Brooklyn, New York 10am - 5pm

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013




Coming to You for an Amazing Real Estate Fair! From $3,800 per sqm

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Expansive Private Homes and Luxury Towers. A community being built especially for people like you!


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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

te! i S n O d e tart S s a H n o i Construct

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


diately after the US-led invasions and has worked in Russia to build a giant oil pipeline for Kazakh crude. In 2011, Sloane was involved in a risky operation when he helped secure the Brillante Virtuoso tanker, which was attacked by pirates off Yemen and set on fire.

Long-time Mubarak Aide Dies

Osama El-Baz, the long-time advisor to former Egyptian presidents An-

war Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, died on Saturday at the age of 83. In the later years, El-Baz served as Mubarak’s emissary in his contacts with Israel. El-Baz first became known in Israel as part of Sadat’s negotiating team during the Camp David peace talks in the1970s. Israeli officials have said that the diplomat was more acquainted with Israeli politics that many Israelis, despite the fact that he never once visited the Jewish State. “He believed in the strategic aspect of Israeli-Egyptian cooperation,” Yossi Beilin, a former deputy foreign minister and one of the architects of the Oslo Accords, told Army Radio. “He envisioned a possibility of Israeli-Palestinian-Egyptian-Jordanian cooperation, an axis of peace in the Middle East in a Middle East that isn’t really peaceful.” Israeli politicians and diplomats knew that El-Baz was the contact for anyone wishing to pass a message to Mubarak. “Osama El-Baz was a very special man,” Beilin told Army Radio. “He had a very unique personal demeanor, and he was also extremely up to date

In News on what was taking place in the region. But he isn’t the only one. In the Egyptian leadership today as well as in the defense, intelligence, and diplomatic communities, there are those who are intimately familiar with the history of relations between the two countries and the development of the diplomatic process between them.”

Ancient Non-Muslim Tax Being Enforced

Christians in the Dalga village in Egypt are being forced to pay an ancient

tax written about in the Koran. The tax is called “jizya” and is money that “that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords ‘with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued’ to safeguard their existence,” according to author and translator Raymond Ibrahim. The Muslim Brotherhood is collecting the tax “without exception,” according to Friar Yunis Shawi. “[The] value of the tribute and method of payment differ from one place to another in the village, so that, some are being expected to pay 200 Egyptian pounds per day, others 500 Egyptian pounds per day,” Mr. Shawqi told reporters. If families are unable to pay, they are either attacked or are forced to leave the region. Over forty families have already fled the village. These taxes have popped up in other areas of the region as well. Last week, it was reported that Syrian rebels presented a Christian shopkeeper with three choices: convert to Islam; pay $70,000 as a tax levied on non-Muslims, known as jizya; or be killed along with his family.

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week “Forest Boy” Found in Siberia

A young man has been discovered living alone in a Siberian forest after having apparently spent most of his life living there in a hut with his parents. Locals near the town of Belokurikha found the man, who told the local prosecutor that he was born in 1993 and had lived in the forest since 1997, when his family decided to leave society. His parents left him alone in the hut in May before he finally went to a nearby village to ask for help when the summer ended, the authorities said. The local prosecutor’s office, alarmed that the man may have to spend the Siberian winter in a forest by himself, appealed in court to have his identification documents reestablished so that he can seek state support. Prosecutor Roman Fomin said that he is “not sure if he needs all this attention,” he said. “He looked normal and healthy, he only spoke slowly, since he doesn’t communicate as often as most people.” He said that the man’s family went to live in the wild as a conscious decision, but apparently not for religious reasons. Fomin said that a local woman had brought the young man to the prosecutors out of fear that he may need help through the cold winter, but the man then had gone back to his hiding place in the forest. The Russian media are calling him “forest boy” or the “Siberian Mowgli,” after the main character in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

Russian Lawsuit over Fictional Elf Russian President Vladimir Putin is notoriously careful about his image but this story is taking it a bit too far. Russian lawyers are reportedly planning to sue Warner Bros. movie studio

In News because a character in one of their films resembles Putin too much. Reportedly, lawyers have charged that “Dobby the Elf,” who is a character in the popular Harry Potter movie series, closely resembles their president, Vladimir Putin.

The lawyers claim to have proof that this was done on purpose and are apparently so incensed at the insult to their leader, famously obsessed with his “tough guy” image, that they are taking to the courts in his “defense.” However, their chances of victory appear almost as slight as the offending, floppy-eared elf. A spokesman for the Russian lawyers’ guild told reporters, “Similar suits have taken place. But it’s very difficult for courts to rule on them; lots of experts have to be called in. It’s doubtful if it has a chance.”

Israel Esrogim Come from Morocco to Israel for First Time

A few days ago, the first deliveries of 1,500 esrogim from Morocco arrived in Israel. This is the first time the state imported esrogim from there. The esrogim that grow in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are considered to be part of the original esrogim from biblical times. The Moroccan esrog is most popular in the Sephardic communities and the import is being done at the community’s leaders’ request.


Exclusive It’s an entire neighborhood with only 190 residents!

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It’s 17,000 meters of trees, greenery and playground areas.

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Merom Yerushalayim Schneller


‫המועצה לשימור‬

‫צמרת העיר‬

Sun Chen Exclusive Realtors | USA: +1-718-732-3609 | 074-7333733

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Not Just

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week Israel: 11th Happiest Country in the World Israelis are happy! In fact, as a country, they are the 11th happiest in the world.

According to a report released by Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Israelis are generally happy and content. The World Happiness Report analyzed 156 countries in its yearly report. Last year, Israel ranked 14. This year, the United States came in at number

In News 17, just after Mexico which ranked 16. Denmark, Norway and Switzerland led the top ten list. Many African countries occupied the bottom of the list including Togo, Benin, Burundi. Many Arab countries ranked “unhappy” as well. Syria ranked 148; Iran, 115; Palestinian territories, 113; and Egypt ranked 130.

We stand behind our products



The study measured positive and negative emotions and evaluations of life as a whole. It concluded that mental health is the single most important determinant of individual happiness. “There is now a rising worldwide demand that policy be more closely aligned with what really matters to people as they themselves characterize their lives,” the study’s authors wrote. “This report offers rich evidence that the systematic measurement and analysis of happiness can teach us much about ways to improve the world’s well-being and sustainable development.”

Prisoner X’s Family Receives Settlement

We would like to welcome our new store manager

Gabe Goldsmith

126 Cedarhurst Ave. Cedarhurst, New York | 516.792.1191

5211 New Utrecht Ave. Brooklyn, New York | 718.438.3933

Back in December 2010, a former Mossad agent, nicknamed Prisoner X, killed himself in his prison cell in Ayalon Prison. Ben Zygier’s family sought compensation from the Israeli government. The court document published in February ruled that the Israel Prisons Service should have been responsible for protecting Zygier against suicide since he had known emotional instabilities. Continued on page 18

We would like to welcome our new store


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

This Event is Being Sponsored

vecr ,c krgp vfkn wkjr vra ,c vxsv gaybgv :vnka vtupr ,ufzk


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


ONE YEAR SINCE HURRICANE SANDY One year ago we were all struck with an unprecedented crisis. The devastation was terrifying and our community has been through a most difficult year; and for many that struggle continues. But even amidst the destruction, we have hearts filled with gratitude to Hakadosh Baruch Hu as our community was spared any loss of life. Just as our community rose together as one to rebuild, let us all gather now together as one community, with one voice, and express our gratitude to Hashem. The children of our community will all complete Sefer Tehillim culminating with a massive siyum where yet again, we will all join together as one.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2013 2:00 PM




For more information please call: 516-791-4444 Ext. 110

The Rabbonim and Principals of our community strongly urge all parents to join with their children at this event.

21 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


999 Yeshiva


Far Rockaway

‫ישיבה דרך איתן ע''ש מרן הגאון רבי אברהם יפהן זצ''ל‬



Kehillas Bais Yehuda Tzvi Rabbi Yaakov Feitman

Yeshiva of South Shore Rabbi Binyomin Kamenetzky

Kehillas Ahavas Yisroel Rabbi Dov Silver

Yeshiva Darchei Torah Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Young Israel of Bayswater Rabbi Eliezer Feuer

Yeshiva of South Shore Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky

Bais Medrash of Cedarhurst Rabbi Dovid Spiegel

Young Israel of Woodmere Rabbi Herschel Billet

K’hal Nesiv HaTorah Rabbi Binyamin Forst

Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz

K’hal Zichron Moshe Dov Rabbi Aron Eliezer Stein

Beis Medrash Ateres Yisroel Rabbi Yisroel Meir Blumenkrantz

Agudath Israel of the Five Towns Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel

Congregation Anshei Chesed Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz

Bais Avrohom Zev of Lawrence Rabbi Asher Stern

Young Israel of Oceanside Rabbi Jonathan Muskat

Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum

Young Israel of Hewlett Rabbi Heshy Blumstein Yeshiva of Far Rockaway Rabbi Aaron Brafman HILI Bais Medrash Rabbi Dov Bressler Agudath Israel of West Lawrence Rabbi Moshe Brown Congregation Tifereth Zvi Rabbi Pinchas Chatzinoff

Chofetz Chaim Torah Center Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg Yeshiva Ateres Shimon Rabbi Mordechai Groner Congregation Beth Sholom Rabbi Kenneth Hain Bais Medrash Ohr Shlomo Rabbi Chanina Herzberg Bostoner Bais Medrash of Lawrence Rabbi Yaakov Y. Horowitz

Young Israel of Far Rockaway Rabbi Saul Chill

Bais Medrash of Harborview Rabbi Yehoshua Kalish

Agudath Yisrael of Bayswater Rabbi Menachem Feifer

Congregation Shomrei Shabbos Rabbi Shimshon Katz

Congregation Kneseth Israel Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Agudas Achim Rabbi Elisha Horowitz

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Young Israel of Long Beach Rabbi Chaim Wakslak K’hal Chesed V’emes Rabbi Shmaryahu Weinberg Congregation Shaaray Tefilah Rabbi Dovid Weinberger Congregation Aish Kodesh Rabbi Moshe Weinberger Woodsburgh Minyan Rabbi Lewis Wienerkur K’hal Bnei HaYeshivos Rabbi Shmuel Witkin Chabad of the Five Towns Rabbi Zalman Wolowik

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


44th OHEL Annual Gala Sunday Evening November 24, 2013 21 Kislev 5774 New York Marriott Marquis 1535 Broadway New York City Reception 5:00 PM Gala 6:00 PM

The Week According to the media, a settlement was reached requiring Israel to pay NIS 4 million ($1.1M) although Israel maintains that they are not responsible for Zygier’s death and refuses to accept the blame. According to reports, the Zygier family will receive NIS 2.4M now and the remaining NIS 1.6M will be paid out over the next four years.

Guests of Honor

Dinner Chairpersons Cindy & Fred Schulman

“The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.

At OHEL we see the star in Everyone.”

To Make Your Reservation or to Place Your Journal Ad call 718 972 9338 email Moishe Hellman & Mel Zachter

Elly Kleinman

Ronny Hersh

David Mandel

Moshe Zakheim and Elly Kleinman

Robert Katz

Co Presidents OHEL

President of Lifetime Care Foundation Co-Chairman of the Board

Camp Kaylie Chairman Chief Executive Officer Chief Development Officer

Jewish Artifacts Discovered by Har Habayis

Israel Approves 5,000 Working Permits for Palestinians

Chani and Jay Kestenbaum

Honorary Dinner Chairman Eugen Gluck

In News

Don’t be surprised if you see more Palestinian bus drivers, construction workers, farmers, and other workers in Israel. Last Sunday, the Israeli cabinet approved an additional 5,000 permits to Palestinian workers. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon suggested the proposal, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is heading the negotiations with the PA, both supported the move. There are currently 35,000 Palestinians working legally inside Israel, and now there will be 40,000. Of those legal workers, 27,500 work in construction, 2,250 in industry and service professions, 5,000 in agriculture, and 250 in health services. The majority of the permits approved will be specifically for construction workers. This grant is intended to help the Palestinian economy. One cabinet source noted, however, that “while we take a step that will help the Palestinian economy, [the Palestinians] continue to call for a total boycott of settlement goods and industry – something that hurts them since they are employed in that industry – and are behind the calls in Europe for stiffer economic sanctions against settlements.”

Coming off an array of exciting Holy Land finds, archaeologists have discovered precious ancient treasures at the foot of the Har Habayis. The artifacts will help historians gain further insight into ancient Jewish life in Jerusalem. Dr. Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University led the excavations this summer. Thirty-six gold coins were discovered along with gold and silver jewelry and a gold medallion. The medallion is inscribed with a menorah, a shofar, and a Torah. Archaeologists believe the medallion was once used as an embellishment to a sefer Torah. Mazar called the medallion “a breathtaking, once in a lifetime discovery.” “We have been making significant finds from the first temple period in this area, a much earlier time in Jerusalem’s history, so discovering a golden seven-branched menorah from the 7th century CE at the foot of the Temple Mount was a complete surprise,” Mazar said in a news release. Mazar believes the items date back to the Persian conquest of Jerusalem in 614 A.D. The hypothesis is based on the way the items were packaged in two bundles. One bundle was concealed under the ground and the other appeared to have been abandoned in a rush, with its contents strewn across the floor, the university said.

Majority of Palestinians in Support of Suicide Bombings A new survey released by the Pew Research Center reveals chilling values amongst the majority of Palestinian Muslims.


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• Completely Anonymous • Desgined around your schedule • Use the service as a sounding board for even small issues you feel you may want to discuss further

• Discuss current Shalom Bayis issues • Get a referral to a local therapist to further discuss problems • Hear ideas how to make your current marriage better



Sunday/Tuesday/thursday 10-11pm

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week About 62% of Muslims support suicide bombings in order to defend Islam from its enemies; they feel that these violent attacks are “often or sometimes justified.” The poll showed that support of suicide bombings was strong in both Hamas-ruled Gaza (64%) and the Fatah-governed West Bank (60%).

Reem Riyashi of Gaza posed with her child before launching a suicide attack that killed 4 Israelis in 2004

The poll was released just a day after September 11th, a day after the anniversary of one of the most deadly suicide attacks on American soil. The majority’s opinion is different in other regions of the Muslim world. According to the survey, outside the Palestinian territories, “clear majorities of Muslims oppose violence in the name of Islam.” In Pakistan, 89% of respondents said that suicide bombings and terrorist attacks aimed at civilians are never justified. In Indonesia, 81% agreed; in Nigeria, 78%; and in Tunisia, 77%. According to Pew, “overall support for violence in the name of Islam has declined among Muslim publics during the past decade.” “Today, al Qaeda is widely reviled, with a median of 57 percent across the 11 Muslims publics surveyed saying they have an unfavorable opinion of the terrorist organization that launched the twin attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, more than a decade ago,” Pew said. Another 67% admitted that they are “somewhat or very concerned about Islamic extremism.”

In News The research was gathered by in-person interviews with 8,989 Muslims in March and April in Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Senegal, Tunisia and Turkey.

said, “Here, too, not words but actions will determine the results.”

Netanyahu: Actions Will Determine Middle East Situation In a strong message, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the U.S.-Russian understanding of dismantling Syrian chemical weapons arsenal will be judged only with the result of its complete destruction. The Israeli leader was speaking at the government’s memorial ceremony on Mt. Herzl marking the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War on Sunday. Later in the day he met with U.S. Secretary of State Kerry. During his speech, the prime minister mentioned his efforts to stop Iran from producing chemical weapons and

In any event, he reiterated, “Israel must be ready and prepared to defend itself, by itself, against any threat. And that ability and readiness is more important today than ever.” Israel’s defense is now very different than 40 years ago. Since the Yom Kippur War, Israel has signed peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan and was “trying to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.” “That would not have happened Continued on page 27

25 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

SEFER DONATED ‫לעלוי נשמת‬ ‫אליעזר בן אברהם לייב זכטר‬ ‫רייזעל בת אלטר יעקב דוד זכטר‬ ‫חיה גיטל בת יוסף מאיר‬ ‫דוד בן יעקב‬

Cordially invites the entire community to a


Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Fischler

280 Morris Avenue, Inwood, NY 11096 Sunday October 6th, 2013 at 2:30 p.m. The Seudas Mitzvah will follow the procession at Yeshiva Ketana Of Long Island 321 Doughty boulevard, Inwood, NY 11096 There will be a float, flags, pekalach, and live entertainment for children. live event streaming at to join our event sponsors or to obtain a list of available dediction opportunities please contact Yehuda Zachter at For more information about our community, please contact: Bais Tefila of Inwood | 312 Sprague Rd. | Inwood, NY 11096 | |516.813.4222

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without our neighbors’ knowledge that we could not be defeated on the battlefield,” he pointed out. “We are now in a new era, in the middle of a regional earthquake unprecedented since the establishment of the state. We are facing new challenges: missiles, cyber and weapons of mass destruction.” The administration has a responsibility “to be wise, not led by illusions or vain hopes. It must see the complete strategic map. It must always be prepared in time. Sometimes it needs to make the difficult choice between bad and worse, and it must ensure the existence of the State of Israel,” he added. Netanyahu, who flew back from university studies in the U.S. in 1973 to join his IDF unit during the war, quoted from his brother Yoni’s letter to his parents praising the will and determination of the country in time of crisis. “Don’t forget, the strength, the justice and determination are with us, and that is a lot,” Netanyahu said, quoting his brother. Netanyahu said Israel’s existence was not only based on the country’s defensive abilities, but also on its offensive capabilities and the enemies’ knowledge that “the price that will be extracted for

aggression against us will be too heavy to bear. That is the true base of our deterrence, and in the final analysis it is the true basis of our existence.” President Shimon Peres also spoke at the ceremony. He recalled the fear of the nation during the Yom Kippur War. “Every man and woman that were living in Israel at that time will never forget that terrible moment that shook the state and devastated its serenity,” Peres said. But now, Peres concluded, “We have an army that is stronger than ever, that is capable of deterring any enemy, to ward off any danger and to ensure the dawn of peace.”

In News versity of California, Berkeley, income inequality has surged again in the U.S. last year. The gap between those with the highest incomes and the rest of the country is the largest it has been since 1928. The very wealthiest Americans earned more than 19 percent of the country’s household income last year, and the top 10 percent captured a record 48.2 percent of total earnings last year.

National Income Inequality Highest Since Roaring Twenties According to economists at Oxford, Paris School of Economics, and Uni-

Some view the high rise in incomes in the past few years as a “come-back” of the financial crisis. The wealthiest

Americans were hit hardest according to the numbers. Their incomes fell more than 36 percent in the Great Recession of 2007-09 as stock prices plummeted. Incomes for the bottom 99 percent fell just 11.6 percent. Since the recession officially ended in June 2009, the top 1 percent have cashed in on rising corporate profits and stock prices: 95 percent of the income gains reported since 2009 have gone to the top 1 percent. That compares with a 45 percent share for the top 1 percent in the economic expansion of the 1990s and a 65 percent share from the expansion that followed the 2001 recession. The American households considered the top 1 percent had pretax income above $394,000 last year. The top 10 percent had income exceeding $114,000. The income figures include wages, pension payments, dividends and capital gains from the sale of stocks and other assets. The gap between rich and poor narrowed after World War II as unions negotiated better pay and benefits and as the government enacted a minimum wage and other policies to help the poor and middle class. The top 1 percent’s share of income bottomed out at 7.7


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The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week percent in 1973 and has risen steadily since the early 1980s, according to the analysis. Economists point to several reasons for widening income inequality. In some industries, U.S. workers now compete with low-wage labor in China and other developing countries. Clerical and call-center jobs have been outsourced to countries such as India and the Philippines. Increasingly, technology is replacing workers in performing routine tasks. And union power has dwindled. The percentage of American workers represented by unions has dropped from 23.3 percent in 1983 to 12.5 percent last year, according to the Labor Department. The changes have reduced costs for many employers. That is one reason corporate profits hit a record this year as a share of U.S. economic output, even though economic growth is sluggish and unemployment remains at a high 7.2 percent.

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In News and take pictures. Santana Sensenna was one of them. “I could stay here for half an hour; I don’t care; this is America,” he said while stuck in the traffic. It took 50 minutes for the riders to pass and traffic was backed up for miles but the traffic concerns didn’t overwhelm the riders. The overarching theme of the day was remembering what happened 12 years earlier. One rider who is a full-time firefighter and was in the World Trade Center on 9/11 recalled the heroism of his comrades and said he was “riding in their memory.”    

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“2 Million Bikers” Ride in Commemoration A group called “Two Million Bikers to D.C.” paid tribute last week to those killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks by having a bikers rally in Washington, D.C. Although they didn’t reach their goal of two million riders, thousands of bikers rolled through the Washington, D.C. area to mark the 12th anniversary of that tragic day.

Many participating riders were veterans who said they rode to protect Americans’ freedom in the midst of tumultuous times. “The enemy has a say when the war is over,” said rider Pete Raymond. “I believe they’re saying it’s not, so we’re here.” The ride began at Harley Davidson of Washington in Fort Washington, MD, at 11 a.m. Many drivers pulled over along the side of the highway to wave

Want to know where to move if you like having very little debt? This list ought to help. According to data from Experian-Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Reports, people in Iowa carry the lowest average credit card balance per consumer in the U.S. with an average balance of $2,904, as of the second quarter of 2013. Close behind Iowa was North Dakota, where the average total credit card balance was $2,971, followed by Utah ($3,014), South Dakota ($3,168), Wisconsin ($3,204), Idaho ($3,225), Nebraska ($3,326), Montana ($3,408), West Virginia ($3,411) and Kentucky ($3,424). Many of the states on the list are also on the list of states expected to lead the housing recovery. Based on high credit scores and low numbers of foreclosures, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana are all being forecasted as positive contributors to the recovery. On the other end of the scale, the state with the highest average credit card balance is Alaska, where residents carry an average credit card balance of $4,706. New Jersey citizens are close behind with an average balance of $4,523. Other states with the largest average balance include Connecticut

that broke out in an ice cream shop. Approximately 400 firefighters were called to the scene and about 100 of them remained at the scene well into Friday morning to ensure that there were no more remaining burning pockets under the rubble.

($4,420), Maryland ($4,311) and Delaware ($4,296). High credit card balances can be expensive. With a 16% interest rate, a $4,000 balance will cost a consumer roughly $640 a year in interest. If the consumer pays only the minimum payment each month, it can take 20 years to pay off and costs nearly $4,800 in interest. In addition, high credit card balances can hurt credit scores. I guess I shouldn’t have just bought that igloo in Juneau…

NJ Boardwalk Ravaged by Fire New Jersey had just caught its breath after the devastating Hurricane Sandy. Residents worked tirelessly to restore the shore and were proud, telling the world that they are “Stronger than the storm,” But on Thursday, some of the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalk was covered in water once again. This time, the water was doused by hundreds of firefighters attempting to put out a six-alarm fire


Authorities said the fire raged for eight hours and destroyed about five blocks of boardwalk in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, New Jersey. “There’s not much left” in the affected areas, said Brian Gabriel, Ocean County’s fire coordinator. “It looks like a couple of

In News bombs went off. It’s pretty much complete devastation.” The city is left with yet another expensive project of rebuilding the boardwalk but more upsetting is the merchants who now have to struggle through another major disaster just 11 months after Superstorm Sandy. “We just reopened June 1, went through the whole summer trying to stay open, and now this happens,” said Daniel Shauger, manager of Funtown Arcade, which was one of 32 Seaside Park boardwalk businesses damaged in the fire. “We’re wiped out again. It’s just unimaginable.” Officials estimate that it will cost about $600,000 to rebuild the borough-owned part of the boardwalk, that’s excluding private businesses in that section. Arson investigators began investigating the cause of the fire immediately, which is routine with a fire of this magnitude. Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, said there was no indication on Friday that the fire appeared suspicious, though a cause had not yet been determined.

Colorado Submerged in Water

Central Colorado was hit with heavy rainfall and flashfloods on Friday. Hundreds were forced to evacuate. A group of fifth graders and their chaperones were stranded at an education center near Boulder. The children of Fireside Elementary School were on a class trip when flashfloods broke out. The floodwaters made the roads unsafe for the group to travel back so they remained at the site until they were rescued by helicopter and returned safely

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The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week to their worried families the following day. “All the kids are down from the mountains and either delivered here or en route,” said Briggs Gamblin, a spokesman for the Boulder Valley School District. The 85 fifth-graders and 14 adults were rescued from the mountainside by helicopter, then flown to the Boulder Municipal Airport before being loaded onto buses and brought to Fireside Elementary. Boulder County was hit hardest, with many houses flooded one to two feet, especially in the lower-lying flat areas. Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm of Chabad at University of Colorado says he is thankful that his family and the students he knows are okay. “Not everyone is accounted for yet, but we are hopeful,” says the rabbi. Unfortunately, his home which doubles as the shul is submerged in under a foot of water. Just before Yom Kippur, the rabbi said, “Thank Gd, the students [of Colorado University] have been immensely helpful moving the Torahs and other sacred items to higher ground, and we still have 24 hours to work out where we will pray.” There have been 3 deaths reported associated with the floods and hundreds are unaccounted for.  

In News ing. “This is in a bay so there’s not a lot of circulation, so you’re not going to have flushing of this water out,” said Dr. David Field, a visiting assistant professor of marine sciences at Hawaii Pacific University. “So in this area where the spill occurred we’re probably going to see the effects for a long time.” Field also has fears about what will happen when the water finally leaves the harbor area. “As water does leave this bay area and goes out into the neighboring ocean, we can expect the effects in the long term, in days, weeks, months and probably years, to spread out over some of the South Shore reefs,” he said. The Department of Health has added crews to collect the dead fish and monitor water quality. Gary Gill said, “Unfortunately, the environmental impact will get worse before it gets better.”

That’s Odd $115K for 12th Man Tradition

Molasses Spill Not so Sweet

Over 1,400 tons of molasses have spilled into the waters near Honolulu. Health and safety officials in Hawaii are warning swimmers, snorkelers, surfers, and beachgoers in general to keep clear of the water. The spill has killed an untold number of fish already, and thousands more are expected to die. It is slowly choking off coral and other marine life that form a protective buffer against tsunamis and is a core part of the ocean ecosystem. Officials say the spill could also draw sharks to the area. Marine biologists have said the effects in the harbor area will be long-last-

Since when does a license plate cost $115K? When it’s more than just a license plate. For those of you who are Texas A&M fans, you know about the “12th Man” tradition. It’s a tradition where fans show their desire to support their team and declare readiness to jump in to help them succeed. It all started in 1922, when A&M played Centre College. Due to a large number of injuries for Aggie, Coach D.X. Bible feared he’d run out of players. So he did what he thought was best—he called upon E. King Gill who was watching in the stands and had him don an injured player’s uniform. Gill was an A&M student who once played football before switching to basketball, and although he never got to play in the game, his willingness to serve started the famous 12th Man tradition. This week, former U.S. Marine Corps officer Tony Buzbee forked over a whopping $115K for a Texas license Continued on page 34


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


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c∑inuc∑ c∑umas∑ tiferes mic∑a’el 4Large, clear type 4Extra-reinforced side-sewn binding for durability 4Comfortable spacing between lines and a clean page design 4Page headings designed to help find the place easily 4Includes Targum Onkelos, Baal HaTurim and Ikkar Sifsei Chachamim 4The appendix repeats the complete text of Sefer Bereishis, indicating the SHORESH (root) of the word and its BINYAN (grammatical structure) 4Listing of the roshei teivos used by Rashi and their meanings 4Over twenty full-color pages with many important charts, illustrations, and maps to help young and old alike understand the material THE SCHOTTENSTEIN EDITION





Available: 5-volume slipcased set, 1-volume (full size and travel size)

Available: 5-volume gift set (mid-size and personal size) and 1-volume (full size and travel size)

With an annotated, interpretive elucidation and additional insights 8 volumes now available.



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THE CALL OF THE TORAH by Rabbi Elie Munk


LIVING THE PARASHAH VOL. I, II, & III by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

RABBI FRAND ON THE PARASHAH VOL. I, II, & III by Rabbi Yissocher Frand


TOUCHED BY THE PARASHAH by Rabbi Yechiel Spero

TORAH FOR YOUR TABLE by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

ALEINU L'SHABEIACH by Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein

FROM THE MAGGIDIM OF YESTERYEAR based on the Hebrew bestseller L'Haggid

SFORNO by Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz

TWERSKI ON CHUMASH by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.



The Torah with Rashi's classic commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated by RABBI YISRAEL HERCZEG. Available: 5-volumes (full and student sizes) 17-vol. personal-size paperback booklet edition.



The Torah with Ramban's commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated.

RAV LEVI YITZCHAK BERDITCHEV by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Reinman


Available: complete in 7-volumes (full size and popular size)

‫ספר מסילת המהרש“א‬

The Torah with the Baal HaTurim’s classic commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated.

The Maharsha’s Aggados arranged according to the parshiyos (Hebrew) by Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg

Available: complete in 5-volumes

Available: complete in 5 volumes.

Additional titles on BEREISHIS

DARASH MOSHE VOLUMES I & II by Harav Moshe Feinstein

Coming Soon: SHEMOS

The Torah, Haftaros and Five Megillos with a commentary anthologized from the Rabbinic writings.



Now available BEREISHIS

The Torah, Haftaros and Five Megillos with an interlinear translation and a commentary anthologized from the rabbinic writings


2-VOLUME BEREISHIS elucidated by Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

OUTLOOKS AND INSIGHTS by Rabbi Zev Leff RAV SHACH ON CHUMASH by Rabbi Asher Bergman LIVING EACH WEEK by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. TABLE TALK by Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz

PIRKEI TORAH by Rabbi Mordechai Gifter

THE ILLUMINATED TORAH by Rabbi Yoneh Weinrib



BRISK ON CHUMASH by Rabbi Asher Bergman, translated by Rabbi Yaakov Blinder


SHABBOS DELIGHTS by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Lopiansky

WINDOWS TO THE SOUL by Rabbi Michael Bernstein, M.D.



SICHOS MUSSAR by Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz

THE TORAH TREASURY by Rabbi Moshe Lieber

INSPIRATION AND INSIGHTS by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman A SHABBOS VORT by Rabbi Yisroel Bronstein THE ESSENTIAL MALBIM by Rabbi Reuven Subar and Rabbi Mendel Weinbach

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Begin BEREISHIS with

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week plate with the letters 12THMAN. The bidding for the plate started on August 12 and a little over 24 hours later, the price surpassed $30K. Despite the fact that $115K is a crazy amount of money to spend on a little plaque for your car, the rights for the license plate goes back up for sale in ten years; Buzbee will have first dibs. This is the most spent on a Texas license plate. The previous record was for $25K for the HOUSTON plate. Joe Adams unsuccessfully bid for the 12THMAN plate and said that he couldn’t put the exact meaning of the plate into words because “it’s bigger than I can describe.” He said it is a “life-altering event that you can carry with you forever.” Buzbee is aware of the significance of the plate and wants to give it to a more deserving man. He plans on donating it to a decorated war veteran who graduated from Texas A&M. “I’m not saying who it is yet, but I see him as a 12th Man to our country,” said Buzbee. “He did a lot more than pay a hundred thousand dollars for a license plate.” While $115K may seem like a lot of money for a license plate, it’s not

that crazy considering what billionaires around the world have paid. In 2006, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich purchased the plate “VIP 1” for close to $500,000, a plate originally commissioned for placement on the Popemobile for Pope John Paul II’s papal visit to Ireland. But the most expensive license plate ever belongs to Abu Dhabi’s Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, bought back in 2008. He paid, at that year’s exchange rate, $14 million for a plate that simply read, “1.” Buzbee’s plate, on the other hand, is not about vanity or glamour. His purchase is all about giving back to one who gave of himself for his country and that is to be commended.

Flying for Free It happens once in a while, and when it does, it’s like free money. On Thursday, United Airlines gave away airplane tickets for free. Well, they didn’t do it on purpose, but a computer glitch allowed passengers to book flights for $5 to $10; some of those

In News tickets were even booked for $0. Once United caught wind of the error, they shut down their systems to prevent any more free fares.

that ran as high as $130. It honored the tickets without the surcharge.

World’s Oldest Man Dies

The question now is if United will honor the tickets. A spokeswoman said that the airline, “as always…will do what is appropriate.” Maura Leahy, who lives in Houston, was booking a trip for December when she saw the low fares. So she decided to take advantage of the fares and then booked a cheap flight for the weekend as a surprise for her parents. “It was $5 round-trip, no fees, nothing,” she said. “This is nuts.” United customers may be lucky with these cheap fares; in 2008, the airlines accidentally dropped a fuel surcharge

the s ! in wn ays w o no e Tkaw v Fi oc R &

What’s the key to a long life? It could be…bananas. This week, the world’s oldest man died. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez was 112-years-old and earned the title of the world’s oldest man on June 12, when Jiroemon Kimura died at age 116. Sanchez-Blazquez lived through over a century of good times and bad. He was born on June 8, 1901, in the village of El Tejado de Bejar, Spain and he loved music. He was known for his talent on the dulzaina, a double-reed wind instrument he taught himself to play. He would regale listeners at weddings and village celebrations.

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week After living for a short time in Cuba, he came to the United States in 1920 and worked in the coal mines. He was living in a nursing home at the time of his passing. In June, when he was told of his new title of world’s oldest man, he replied, “I’m an old man, and let’s leave it at that.” He attributed his longevity to eating one banana a day and his daily dose of six Anacin tablets. His daughter, though, thought that his long life was due to another reason: “I think it’s just because he’s an independent, stubborn man,” she surmised. Now that Sanchez-Blazquez has passed on, the world’s oldest person is now a woman—115-year-old Misao Okawa of Japan. Arturo Licata, 111, of Italy, will probably be officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the world’s oldest man. Ad meah v’esrim!

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In News No, he wasn’t a hitchhiker; he was on his way to an environmental festival when his $1 million biomass-powered hybrid refurbished 1959 Lincoln Continental broke down. The police, who had hearts of gold, helped Young and took photos with him. To Young we say, you’d have been better off riding a crazy horse. To his car we say, long may you run.

Do You Have A Wallet? Go Fish! You might just take up fishing after reading this story… Joshua Woods, of La Crosse, WI, is a regular at his favorite local fishing spot along the Black River. Sometimes he hooks trout, sometimes bass, and sometimes the tuna are biting. But last week was the first time he caught a wallet on his line.

Helpless...Helpless... Helpless

ABA Program – Center & Home Services Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching l


Ser Roc


When California patrol officers spotted what appeared to be a hitchhiker on the side of a California highway last week, their response must have been “Hey, hey, my, my!” when they realized that it was high-profile environmentalist Neil Young.

“I was dragging it in and I wasn’t even sure what it was at first,” Woods, 31, recalled. “It just looked like a dirty old sock, but it had stuff in it. I opened it up and I couldn’t even believe it. It was a wallet.” The mystery wallet immediately piqued Woods’ interest. Without miss-


ay Come and let your creativity flow...

TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

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camp dora golding (718) 437-7117 •

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Alexander Gold Executive Director Brooklyn, NY

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Rabbi Yechiel Spero Division Head Rebbe, Torah Academy Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Dani Staum Division Head Rebbe, ASHAR Monsey, NY

Rabbi M. Moscovitz Division Head Rebbe, Derech Hatorah Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Mayer Erps Night Activity Director Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Eli Akerman Learning Rebbe Rebbe, Shaarei Tzion Edison, NJ

Rabbi Eli Herzberg Rabbi Hersh Kasirer Learning Rebbe Learning Rebbe Rebbe, Yeshiva of South Shore Rebbe, Tiferes Moshe Hewlett, NY Queens, NY

Nachi Baldinger Division Head Singer, Nachas Music Brooklyn, NY

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Rabbi AC Posner Program Director Principal, Shaarei Torah Monsey, NY

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Rabbi Shloime Katz Asst. to Head Counselor Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Ari Glazer Head Lifeguard Rebbe, HAFTR Lawrence, NY

Dr. H. Antosofsky, MD Camp Doctor Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Daniel Lapp Learning Rebbe Rebbe, Tiferes Moshe Queens, NY

Rabbi Jason Olshin Learning Rebbe Rebbe, HANC West Hempstead, NY

Rabbi Y. Weberman Learning Rebbe Rebbe, DRS HALB Woodmere, NY

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


ing a beat, he took a picture of the wallet by the riverbank and posted it to his Facebook page along with a few details about the contents inside, all in hopes of eventually tracking down the original owner. Fortunately, a driver’s license and several credit cards were still inside and remarkably intact for being underwater for so long. “The ID was still in it, and I knew it was a La Crosse address so I figured it was somebody local, so I should be able to find him,” Woods explained. “I tried Googling the name and found too many people, but as soon as I posted the information from his ID on Facebook, I had three people messaging me saying, ‘I’m friends with him, I know him.’ It was easier than I expected.” The social media site helped connect Woods with the wallet’s owner, Jesse Gomez, who still lives in La Crosse and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the photo of his long-lost belongings. “He put my first name, middle initial and last name along with my address on Facebook, and it ended up getting the word out that day,” said Gomez, 30. Gomez said his wallet was stolen in a bar a few years ago and he had giv-

en up all hope of recovering it. He has no clue how it ended up in the river and certainly not how it ended up on a fishing rod. Maybe it just liked the bait.           

The Walkie Scorchie Building in London

The Walkie Talkie skyscraper in the London is famous for its unique shape and cool design. However, it is quickly becoming famous for a far-lesscool-while-still-unique feature. The

In News building’s shape reflects the sun in an ultra-bright way that is causing serious damage to the vehicles parked on the streets below. Last week, it caused extensive damage to a Jaguar parked on a nearby street. And other drivers have been complaining as well. Martin Lindsay, director of a tiling company, said he was distraught to see the warped panels along the side of his high-spec Jaguar XJ. “They’re going to have to think of something,” he said. “I’m gutted. How can they let this continue?” He parked his Jaguar at 12:45 p.m. and went about his business. When he returned an hour later, there was a smell of burning plastic and the panels on his car were warped beyond repair. The building has been dubbed the “Walkie Scorchie” after it began reflecting the rays of light that has left passersby shielding their eyes. A van owned by Eddie Cannon was also badly burned. A heating and air conditioning engineer, Eddie said his Vauxhall Vevaro had suffered similar damage. “The van looks a total mess – every bit of plastic on the left hand side and everything on the dashboard has melted, including a

bottle of Lucozade that looks like it has been baked,” he said. “When I got in the van it was a really strange light – like it was illuminated and they were filming. I want to know what effect it’s having on people walking down the road.”

Antique Gold Used For Bail

This gypsy family has a unique way of posting bail. After not being allowed to use property in Florida to get Tom Eli released from jail, his parents had to use their old family heirlooms and even that might not work. The defendant is incarcerated in Rikers Island Penitentiary for stabbing someone and is being held on $50,000 bail. Inside the small black bag they presented to a judge in a Manhattan Supreme Court were solid gold coins, chains, bracelets and other family heirlooms, some dating to the 1800s. “It’s their intention to post bond with gold bullion—antique gold coins passed down from generation to generation,”

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

The Week


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Week Eli’s lawyer, Tom Kenniff, told Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon.

“Whether it’s gold bullion, a stamp collection or a coin collection, I don’t want to give you an anticipatory ruling,”

Solomon said. “If it’s presented to me, I’ll review it.” He directed the parents to the court clerk to get the necessary paperwork. They are due back in court Wednesday. Prosecutor Michael Pasinkoff said he would want to review the new collateral and conduct a hearing to determine ownership of the valuables. Family friend Lorcan Otway said the treasures passed through the family for generations include heavy, thick, twisted gold ropes studded with large gold coins that are traditionally given as wedding gifts. I bet they never thought they’d be using it to post bail.

In News Robbery Suspect Caught because of his Baggy Pants A Florida thief who was running away from the crime scene couldn’t manage to hold onto his pants. As Anthony Jason Garcia, 31, ran away juggling his loot, his baggy pants began to slide down. Garcia had been praying at a church near Disney World. He got up during services, went into the gift shop and snatched cash from the cash register. When the thief made a beeline for the yard, maintenance director Joe Larkin was close behind. Orange County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jane Watrel said, “So here Garcia is, both hands holding the cash drawer and trying to pull up his pants. So he [Larkin] sees an opening,” Watrel said. “He plunges for him and pulls his pants down further which trips up the guy.” Larkin was able to keep Garcia in a wrestling hold until authorities arrived a few minutes later. Garcia was arrested on a felony robbery charge. The sheriff’s office said its policy is not to disclose the amounts of money involved in robberies but church officials say the church gift shop is the

largest in the southeastern U.S. Garcia, next time wear a belt!

Couple Gives Birth to Quintuplets September 6 was a big day in the Derrico family. Evonne Derrico gave birth to quintuplets—that’s five babies! The babies were born at about 32 weeks at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona, and are all healthy. Initially, the Derricos were told they were having quadruplets; then doctors discovered another baby in the womb. The excited parents chose not to find out the genders prior to delivery. The babies began making their grand entrance at 11:17am. They were all given names starting with the letter “D,” a family tradition. The eldest is Deniko, a boy weighing in at 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Next is Dariz, the biggest of the five at 2 pounds, 15 ounces. The first girl, Deonee, weighed 2 pounds, 6 ounces, and her sister, Daician, weighed 2 pounds, 9 ounces. The youngest and smallest of the five is Daiten, weighing 1 pound 14 ounces; she arrived at 11:21am. The five siblings are currently under observation in the neonatal intensive care unit of Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Their 33-year-old mom said, “For me it was a milestone, two nights ago I got to hold Dariz and see how he was squirmy and then I held him and kind of hummed to him he calmed down.” The quintuplets’ father, Dion, said, “They went above and beyond they really went above and beyond and I really mean every member of this hospital did that and I will be forever grateful.” These five little people are joining their new siblings: a 7-year-old girl, 3-year-old boy, and twin 1-year-old boys. That’s a family of 4 shooting up to 9 literally within minutes. The family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, when Evonne was 22 weeks pregnant for specialized care by perinatologist and multiple-birth specialist, Dr. John Elliott. “I remember when we first got here Dr. Elliot was like, ‘I need you to gain about 75 to 100 pounds.’ And I was like, ‘Good luck!’” When it is medically safe for the babies, the Derricos plan to move back to their home in Las Vegas, Nevada.



HaRav Shmuel Brazil and his Talmidim Hold an Inspiring Tefilla and Joyous Dancing at the Site of the new Yeshiva A heartfelt tefillas minchah was held this week in the heart of the new Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood that is developing rapidly. Rosh Yeshivas Ziv HaTorah, HaRav Shmuel Brazil, shlita, and tens of his talmidim, arrived at the construction site in the center of the neighborhood, right where, b’ezras Hashem, the building will stand in all its glory, and davened especially for siyata d’Shmaya. The tefillah took place in light of the rapid progress of the development work in the neighborhood and to mark the occasion of paving the road that will traverse the neighborhood and reach the yeshiva. The progress took the rosh yeshiva and his talmidim by surprise. Rav Brazil read a few chapters of Tehillim for the success of the move with his students, after which they broke out in joyful dancing which expressed their happiness on the developments. As reported, with the construction of the Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood, the developer, Reb Chanoch Kass,

signed a contract with HaRav Shmuel Brazil, and his yeshiva Ziv HaTorah, to move the glorious yeshiva to the neighborhood. Rav Brazil, formerly a rav in Sh’or Yoshuv, recently established a praiseworthy community in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem, for the Anglo-Saxon community, centered around Yeshivas Ziv HaTorah. With the move to the new neighborhood, along with several of the yeshiva’s rabbanim, the yeshiva will serve as a spiritual beacon of the Ramat Givat Zeev community, and will be witness to the upcoming of a neighborhood that understands the physical and spiritual needs of the Anglo-Saxon community. Ramat Givat Zeev is the flagship project of the CHISH Nofei Yisrael Company, and many rabbanim in America have classified it as the most suitable option to realize the dream of American residents to make aliyah. The project offers exclusive advantages to ensure maximum integration into the new community, with emphasis on building a warm,

homogenous community with a range of community institutions that suit the mentality of the residents. Ramat Givat Zeev is an upscale project with rich technical specifications, spacious parks and shopping centers. This neighborhood, which

is located just north of Jerusalem, offers a suburban setting nestled in breathtaking views and the clear air of the Jerusalem hills. Additionally, it is just a short distance from the Torah and chassidic centers in the capital.

41 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Around the


42 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Around the Community Tamar Heller Scholar-Artist Award of Merit Our most sincere congratulations to Tamara Heller for being selected as a Long Island Scholar-Artist Award of Merit winner in the 2013-2014 Scholar-Artist program. Only 20 students on Long Island were awarded this distinction.  This program is sponsored by the Long Island Arts Alliance and is featured in Newsday.  Tamara will receive her award at a Gala at the Tiles Center for the Performing Arts, located at Long Island University’s C.W. Post Campus in Brookville.  Tamara is a senior at HAFTR High School and is a member of our Art In-

stitute program under the direction of Mrs. Dale Malekoff.  

Inspiring Yom Iyun at Bais Yaakov of Queens

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Yaakov of Queens’s seventh grade spent Wednesday morning of Aseres Yemei Teshuva at an inspiring, thought-provoking Yom Iyun. To raise interest in advance and start the conversation, the girls saw a preview of the theme, “Hashem is knocking, ‘Open the door for Me!’” from a beautiful bulletin board designed by Batsheva Hammer and Chava Beckerman.  After the girls davened together, Morah Pfeiffer explained the theme.  Rabbi Gewirtz and Mrs. Somerstein joined the girls, and Rabbi Gewirtz explained the importance of these days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  He also introduced Rabbi Sokoloff, Rav of K’hal Adas Yeshurun in Kew Gardens, who delivered a heartwarming speech. Rabbi Sokoloff explained that we have so much to be grateful for, and that children have the power to open the gates of shamayim with their tefilah and teshuva. We all should take advantage of this great opportunity. After a delicious Danish and recess, the girls reconvened in the multi-pur-

pose room for a short video from Aish. com. The video described the growth of a bamboo tree which is cultivated for five years without growth and then shoots up in six weeks. The students learned they can also work on themselves in small steps and see results only after much time and effort. Dividing into groups led by their teachers: Morah Cyperstein, Morah Hanson, Morah Pfeiffer and Morah Schwartz, the girls were inspired in the workshops. Each girl received a booklet of pesukim, divrei Chazal and articles related to the theme and to teshuva in general. The booklet, its meaningful cover drawn by Tova Friedman and Shaina Mirsky, was a springboard for discussion, and the girls were animated and involved.   As a memento, the girls made personalized door hangers which now hang on their lockers. The label on the door hangers, a graphic design of the theme and posuk, was designed by Raizy Bruckstein and Batzie Schwartz, who headed the project and coordinated the materials.


Suozzi spent his 8-years as Nassau County Executive spending your money on a luxury office suite and a healthy pay raise, while setting a record for government waste and mismanagement. He claims he balanced the Nassau County budget. Simple math shows all he did was hike taxes and borrow millions.

Here’s what it cost the Five Towns the last time Tom Suozzi was in office: • Hiked property taxes 23%* • Planned another 16% hike* • Passed a tax on heat and electric† • Stuck taxpayers with a $378 million deficit • Gave himself a generous $65,000 pay raise • Spent nearly $70 million dollars on luxury offices for himself and fellow Democrats * Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) † Ed Mangano and the new Republican Legislative Majority repealed the Emergy Tax their first day in office, LI Herald 12/21/09, Nassau County Public Records,

County Executive Ed Mangano spent the past 4 years cleaning up Suozzi’s mess. We’re halfway there.

Vote for ED MANGANO on Nov. 5th

so he can finish the job.

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Five Towns taxpayers CAN’T AFFORD to vote for Tom Suozzi

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


Around the



Bais Tefilla of Inwood to Inaugurate Sefer Torah from Pre-war Europe By Adam Mayer “Ki ner mitzvah v’Torah ohr” Intrinsic in every sefer Torah is an extraordinary light imbued with the pure luminescence of the Ribbono Shel

and enduring – can ironically only be seized and observed by privileged few. Only the luckiest of lucky and the most privileged can harness their innate abil-

Olam. A pure light that comforts the weary, emboldens the weak, and can singularly expunge all darkness in the World. This pure light – however bright

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ity to see this light. Indeed, so very few people choose to open their eyes. On Sunday, October 6, Bais Tefilla of Inwood will host a very special Hachnosos Sefer Torah for the entire Five Towns Jewish community. The sefer Torah that will be paraded through the streets with great simcha is a sefer Torah from pre-war Europe that somehow has managed to find itself amongst a community of young, dedicated bnei Torah. In fact, if one would simply contemplate on the magnificent display of Jewish continuity this Hachnosos Sefer Torah represents, we would break into immediate shira v’hodaa. Bais Tefilla of Inwood, under the tutelage of the Rav Pinchos Weinberger, shlita, has opened a community discretionary fund, a loan gemach, a flourishing n’shei, holds regular weekly and Shabbos shiurim, a lively night kollel, and the capstone being the community initiative, distinct from the shul, to build a mikvah tahara for the benefit of the entire Five Towns community at large. And it is precisely because of the shul’s young and driven base that makes this Hachnosos Sefer Torah so special. It is the continuity that out of the ashes of Churban Europe a sefer Torah can be paraded through the streets of Inwood surrounded by young families and generations of Yidden to embrace its kedusha and openly welcome it into their lives and homes. The entire Five Towns Jewish community is invited and encouraged to partake in this momentous occasion as we welcome this sefer Torah and reinvigorate its cherished past to be utilized by a growing community. On October 6, everyone is requested and encouraged to assemble at the Fischler residence located at 280 Morris Avenue in Inwood at 2:30pm to be followed promptly by the procession to Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, located at 321 Doughty Blvd. There will be pekalach for the kids, singing, dancing, and a seudas mitzvah l’maan haTorah. On that day with young and old celebrating the re-inauguration of an old sefer Torah perhaps all can join together if but for a fleeting few hours to open our eyes and partake in this great simcha.

47 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


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We will have Strictly Kosher catering available (Only Sunday - Tuesday) From Hunki's of Plainview and Klein's Real Kosher

White Post Farms  250 Old Country Road

Melville, NY 11747  (631) 351-9373

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Eliest In the Heart of Cedarhurst: A Jewelry Line for the Times ELIEST, a family owned company since 1998 based in the heart of our community, has over 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry. As the economy has toughened, the nature of gold has changed, and the all-around concept of spending a fortune on a luxury item has stopped. ELIEST has tweaked and changed their outlook on production to accommodate to the new times, creating the same gorgeous jewelry in the finest care. Instead of obligating the average customer to spend too much, or not have a piece of jewelry at all, they made their casted pieces of jewelry in the finest sterling silver. To ensure the look of the jewelry does not change, they layer their line in a thick platinum finish or 18kt gold. ELIEST uses a very high quality of lab created stones and semiprecious stones, also ensuring the best quality of jewelry, without compromising the most beautiful look of jewelry there is out there on the market. Those customers that have already had the experience with purchasing a piece of jewelry from ELIEST will vouch that they have stood

behind their quality guarantee policy. All merchandise from men’s, ladies’, and children’s products, are all made with pride and stand with a seal of quality, which ELIEST provides. The look and quality almost make you wonder which is real and which is not. All must see to believe what is an unbelievable piece of jewelry. Definitely worth a visit—you will not be sorry. Eliest's expertise in making fine travelers’ jewelry will leave the headache at home. Wearing the jewelry, made custom to look like your exact piece, in the pool or at the beach will not affect the quality or look. It is made to take with you to enjoy, no matter where you go. Now conveniently located in the heart of our shopping area, ELIEST will be a great source for gift items for anyone. 403 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516, (516) 218-2626. Mon-Wed 10-6, Thurs 10-8, Fri 10- 4, Sun 11-6 call for late evening hours – happily accommodating.


Community Shefa Fruit Snacks— Sweet and Good for You Too!

Ask the kids; they know. Everybody knows candy is sweet. But some candies are naturally sweeter than others. Enter Shefa Fruit Snacks, the latest candy sensation. Chock-full of natural goodness and bursting with delightful fruity flavor – every Shefa Fruit Snack is a real treat. While most candy manufacturers are concerned only with the flavor and texture of the candy they produce, Shefa is equally concerned with the quality and nutrition of the nosh you give to your child. While flavor remains as important as ever, Shefa has brought healthy to a level previously believed impossible. One review of the ingredients reveals as much: no food coloring, no artificial flavoring and no unhealthy preservatives. What the Shefa Fruits Snacks do have, are all the right things: a healthy dose of Vitamin C, lots of delicious natural flavors and of course, awesome taste. It is no wonder that Shefa Snacks have

become number one sellers in every grocery store and supermarket, disappearing from the shelves faster than they can be restocked. Immensely popular with kids, and even more so with their parents, Shefa Fruit Snacks are available in a variety of great flavors, including Strawberry, Cherry, Green Apple and Orange, and they carry kashrus certifications of the highest quality given by the OK and Rav Eckstein. Shefa Fruits Snacks come in convenient one-serving packets of Fruit Bites, perfect for little hands. They are also available in refreshing Fruit Stiks, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether your kids like to nibble on the Bites or snack on the Stiks, you no longer have to feel guilty when you give your children their favorite snack. When you’re packing lunch boxes or serving the suedas, sweeten every day with a fruit snack from Shefa. It’s healthy, it’s delicious and it’s guilt-free.


“Awe-Inspiring” “Fascinating for all ages” “beneficial for all ”

rbcreativemg com / 732.526.3446


! d e o m a H l o h C

yidden alike

Chol Hamoed Showings

captivating $15 Adult $12 Under 13

Far Rockaway

Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Diamond Auditorium

Motzei shabbos Men & ladies: 9:15 pm


Men & Ladies: 8:00m

relive the illustrious life of

approximately 1:50 hr run time recommended ages 11 and older Special family rate

harav elyashiv

102 minute video presentation on 102 years of ‫ תורה‬in its purity full video production of the entire life of harav elyashiv with real photos, videos & vignettes directly from Gedolim & family of harav elyashiv

-THIS VIDEO IS NOT available for purchase ANYWHERE-

‫מסכת חיים‬ ‫ר‘ יוסף שלום אלישיב זצק”ל‬ to schedule a private showing or more info please call


or email

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T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


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Dirshu Chizuk L’Lomdei Torah to be Held in DoubleTree Somerset, NJ, on Shabbos Parshas Vayeitzei By Chaim Gold In approximately two months, Dirshu will hold its Second Annual Shabbos Chizuk L’Lomdei Torah, Shabbos Vayeitzei, November 8-10. The Shabbos will bring Dirshu participants from across the United States and Canada to the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention Center in Somerset, NJ. They will come together, be mechazek one another, and celebrate the accomplishments of the thousands of participants in Dirshu’s myriad programs of accountable limud haTorah. The Shabbos will be graced by numerous gedolei Yisrael from the United States and across the world representing the entire cross-section of Klal Yisrael. During the course of the Shabbos, the gedolei Yisrael will address the North American members of the Dirshu community and impart chizuk as well as give them an enhanced appreciation of what

they are accomplishing. The enthusiastic participation of so many gedolei Yisrael from across the spectrum reflects the varied and diverse members of klal Yisrael who are participants of Dirshu. That diversity is what makes Dirshu a movement that so personifies the concept of achdus. Through the power of its participants’ dedication to limud haTorah, Dirshu unites Yidden from every walk of life, from every culture and from every geographic area. Unique Achdus among Differences At last year’s Dirshu Shabbos held at the DoubleTree hotel in Tarrytown, NY, the numerous participants could not stop talking about the profound feeling of solidarity that they felt with other Dirshu members. It did not matter how they looked or from where they came.





This Year,

Give your Child the Gift of...

Self Esteem Creative Expression Public Speaking Social Skills Confidence Join Us for the 013 Fall Semester 2 grade and up

for girls 1st Classes are available . and West Hempstead ut! s wn To e Fiv e Th in abo g kin tal are ls s of gir Find out what hundred

Classes begin in October. Limited Space is available on a first come first serve basis. Founding Director: Rina C. Hirsch, M.A.

Call Now for more information: 516-385-1959 or email:

Every girl is a


in Drama for Life!

Some not uncommon scenes from last year’s Shabbos Chizuk included a kollel yungerman from Lakewood discussing a difficult Tosafos in Masechta Shabbos with a Chassidishe Yid from Williamsburg. It was perfectly normal to see a Daf HaYomi B’Halacha participant from Far Rockaway discussing the hotel’s eiruv with his counterpart – a businessman from Monsey. It was almost a natural occurrence to hear a heated debate between a Gerer kollel yungerman from Boro Park, a participant in the Kinyan Halacha program and his counterpart, a Litvishe kollel yungerman from Kensington, on the various shitos on hagalas keilim relevant to commercial kitchens. Then of course, there was the talmid chochom engaged in his exercise regiment at the hotel’s fitness room with his gemara firmly between the handlebars of the treadmill as he chazered another blatt in preparation for the upcoming test. These types of casual conversation and occurrences are typical of any Dirshu event. After all, learning with Dirshu becomes such an integral part of the participants’ lives that it becomes their sichas chulin, their normal conversation. New, Larger, Central Location This year’s Shabbos Chizuk will be held at a new location, the DoubleTree Hotel in Somerset, NJ. The Somerset location is a central location less than an hour from any major Jewish center in the tri-state area. The large hotel and convention center is eminently suitable for gatherings of this sort. The combination of amenities offer harchavas hadaas in gashmius and the non-stop chizuk in ruchniyus promises to leave members of the extended Dirshu family inspired, enriched and newly energized to learn, chazer and be tested on even more areas of Torah! In addition to several prominent American roshei yeshiva, admorim and rabbonim, the Shabbos will also be graced by a special guest rosh yeshiva from Eretz Yisrael and other international guests as well. Three-fold Purpose: Chizuk Boost, Appreciation for Past Success, and Tefillos for Future Hatzlacha “One of the primary purposes of the Shabbos Chizuk L’Lomdei Torah,” said

Dirshu’s Nasi, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, “is for talmidei chachomim to gather and contemplate their profound accomplishments thus far while re-dedicating themselves with even greater alacrity. It is a time—to paraphrase the Gemara in Brachos—for hodaah al ha’avar and zaakaah al ha’asid, to give thanks for the extraordinary siyata diShmaya and bracha that has been showered on the Dirshu family until now and to daven and look forward to future hatzlacha. There is so much for which to be thankful. Day by day more Yidden are undertaking the yeoman task of becoming Shas Yidden; of mastering the areas of Shulchan Aruch needed for horaah; of incorporating daily halacha in their lives and knowing the 6 volumes of Mishna Berurah; and of participating in any of Dirshu’s other 23 programs of accountable Torah learning.” “In addition,” Rav Hofstedter continued, “the guest rosh yeshiva from Eretz Yisrael will address the tremendous difficulty facing the bnei Torah of Eretz Yisrael and will create greater awareness of the situation in the North American Torah Community and thus strengthen the bond between chavrei Dirshu in North America with that of their counterparts in Eretz Yisrael.” Chizuk and Spiritual Booster for Those Behind the Scenes – the Wives! Another important component in the Shabbos is to give chizuk and thanks to the quiet, unsung heroes of Dirshu who are always in the background; the neshei chayil, the ones who discreetly help facilitate their husbands’ learning. There will be special women’s programming that promises to be both enjoyable and inspiring. After all, when the wife of a Dirshu participant comes to an event such as the Shabbos Chizuk she is coming as a true shutaf, a true partner in her husband’s limud haTorah. She lives and breathes the same test schedule, willingly sacrificing her husband’s assistance in the home at some of the most important “rush hours” of the day so that he can learn. She also has that little pit in her stomach when her husband sets off to take his monthly test, and she also revels in his success when the long anticipated envelope arrives with his latest test results. The Dirshu wives will thus be

able to come together with women from all walks of Klal Yisrael; perhaps they will look different; they may come from different cultures, but they will have so much in common! They will be bound together as one by the only true unifier of Klal Yisrael, the limud haTorah hakedosha in which they invest so much! Learning from Dirshu, “Homework” and “Test-taking” Lessons for Life! At last year’s Shabbos, Mrs. Hofstedter, wife of Rav Dovid Hofstedter, shared a touching anecdote with one of the participants. She related how one of the women had handed her a letter from her eight-year old daughter, who wanted to share something with Mrs. Hofstedter. The letter described how the girl’s class had been studying presidential debates, and the teacher had assigned each member of the class a partner and a topic for them to debate. Hers was taking tests and homework; she had to defend its good qualities – hardly an easy task for an eight-year-old. She returned home from school in a terrible mood. When her parents asked what was bothering her, she

told them about her assignment. “How am I supposed to defend studying for tests and doing homework?” she asked them. “I’ve lost before I even began!” “I’m not so sure,” replied her mother. “Do you see how much work Tatty puts into his learning at home? Do you see all the homework that he does, all of the chazara that he does to prepare for his Dirshu test? Have you observed all the tests that he willingly subjects himself to? Don’t you see how much more satisfying life is for him because of all his ‘homework,’ because he must take tests?” The daughter did see. And when it was her turn to debate in class, she won. Dirshu had taught her a lesson for life: that sometimes home-



work and taking tests is worth having, because it makes life worth living … and that’s why we’re here! The Dirshu convention will take place this coming Parshas Vayeitzei. We are familiar with the Rashi at the beginning of Parshas Vayeitzei that explains, when Yaakov Avinu – whom Chazal teach us symbolized Torah – left Eretz

Yisrael, its magnificence, splendor and grandeur left with him. Perhaps we can say that at this year’s Dirshu Shabbos Chizuk L’lomdei Torah, a microcosm of the magnificence, the splendor and the grandeur of so much limud haTorah in one place will be found at the DoubleTree Hotel in Somerset. You won’t want to miss it!

Meet Your Apple Bank Manager: Lauren Stamm, Cedarhurst Branch Manager Lauren Stamm, recently promoted to Assistant Treasurer and Branch Manager of Apple Bank’s Cedarhurst office, has hit the ground running in her new role, with customer outreach and community involvement at the top of her priority list. With over eight years’ tenure at Apple Bank, Lauren began her career in the bank’s Management Training Program. She has worked at over 10 locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and now Long Island. Along the way, Lauren has built longstanding, multi-generational customer relationships based on trust and getting to know her customers. “I believe it is important to go beyond the normal day-to-day transactions with customers and to provide each one with completely comprehensive personalized service,” Lauren says. “We work together to arrive at the solutions they are looking for.” Lauren adds, “Trust is key. When I tell my customers that I will take care of something, they know I’ll do it.” Apple Bank acquired 29 branch offices from Emigrant Savings Bank earlier this year, expanding the bank’s footprint to 77 branches in New York City, Long Island and Westchester. Lauren is delighted to be growing along with Apple Bank. “The bank is celebrating over 150 years of providing individuals and

businesses with neighborhood branch banking. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and believe that individual attention to customers is what sets us apart from other banks,” she says. Lauren spent the past four years as a member of the management team at Brooklyn’s bustling Avenue J branch. She notes, “Working in a primarily Orthodox Jewish community in an extremely busy branch has been an invaluable experience. As a modern Orthodox Jew myself, I feel that I have a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the thriving Cedarhurst community and surrounding areas.” Lauren notes that Cedarhurst customers are excited to see a modern Orthodox Jewish female manager at the helm and getting involved in the community. “I have received tremendous support from our customers and my branch team,” she says. “I’m looking forward to expanding the branch’s already solid customer base, relationship by relationship!” Born and raised in South Florida, Lauren attended Hillel Community Day School in North Miami Beach. She came to New York to attend Yeshiva University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Business Management and International Business.

Throughout her university career, Lauren was active in both academic and athletic extracurricular activities. She founded the International Business Club and served as a business editor, writer and cartoonist for the Yeshiva University newspaper. An award-winning fencer, Lauren served as Sabre Captain of the university fencing team. She earned a Dean’s Award for academic excellence and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Award. Lauren received her MBA from Tou-

ro Business School, where she was Class Commencement Speaker at graduation. Her Apple Bank credentials include a license to sell Life Insurance and Fixed Annuities. Lauren is also a licensed Notary Public. Lauren and her husband lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a number of years, where she served as an NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer (now retired). She now resides in Forest Hills with her husband and young son.

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52 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Around the Community Siyum on Sefer Tehilim to be Held One Year After Hurricane Sandy By: Achiezer Staff Hurricane Sandy has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the better part of the last year. In as much as we would all love nothing more than to leave Sandy behind us, it is simply not possible to do so, as so many in our communities continue the rebuilding struggle, and are still working to regain some sort of semblance of the life they used to know and live, pre-Sandy. However, as we approach the one year mark since the actual hurricane came and went, the rabbonim in our community unanimously feel that we cannot overlook the tremendous Siyata Dishmaya and open nissim that we, as a community, experienced. Despite all the terrible physical damage and emotional mess Sandy left in her wake, there was boruch Hashem, incredibly, no loss of life within our community. For that alone, we have a tremendous amount of hakaros hatov to Hakadosh Boruch

Hu and just as we came together after the storm to rebuild, we will do so once again in unique fashion. A massive community-wide siyum on sefer Tehillim is being planned with the endorsement and guidance of nearly every single rav from within the affected communities, as well as with the participation and involvement of all of our local schools and yeshivos. The siyum will be the culmination of all the children of these schools and yeshivos having completed sefer Tehillim, and we will all express our gratitude to Hashem for these open miracles that our community experienced. Further details and specific event information will be published over the next couple of weeks, and we will be sure to keep everyone informed in a clear and timely fashion.

DRS Seniors Selected as Semi-Finalists for National Merit Scholarship Award

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For the second year in a row, two DRS Seniors have been named National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalists. Seniors Yitzie Scheinman and Aryeh Kaminetsky have both qualified for this extremely prestigious honor, and it reflects the high level of education that DRS strives to deliver to their students, as well as the level of commitment and work they expect from them. The National Merit Scholarship Program is a United States academic scholarship competition for recognition and college

scholarships administered by National Merit Scholarship Corporation, a privately funded, non-for-profit organization. Being chosen as a semi-finalist means that the student is of the highest scoring entrant on the SATs and PSATs in his state and that he also maintains an outstanding academic record. Each year a total of approximately 10,500 scholarships are awarded through NMSC programs, which represents less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors.

53 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

ONLY $8.50

Le Chocolat Chocolate & Coffee Cafe

Open Saturday Night 516.792.2462

556 Central Ave. Cedarhurst, NY








Yankel was talking to his psychiatrist. “I had a weird dream recently,” he said. “I saw my mother but then I noticed she had your face. I found this so worrying that I immediately awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I just stayed there thinking about it until 8 AM. I got up, made myself a slice of toast and some coffee, and came straight here. Can you please help me explain the meaning of my dream?” The psychiatrist was silent for a moment, and thensaid, “What? One slice of toast and coffee? Do you really call that a breakfast?!”

Your Sukkah has a big round table which seats 10 people with chairs placed evenly around. It is your job to tell everyone where to sit. Like in all families, everyone has their preferences. You, of course, are the only mature one and couldn’t care less where you sit. Figure out how to seat everyone while accommodating each and every one of the requests listed below. • Adam and Ben want to sit across from each 10 other. 1 9 • Chaya wants to sit opposite Dave, who insists on sitting closer to Ben than to Adam. • Ella, Fay and Chaya always sit together, in that order, anticlockwise. • Dave only wanted to sit between Gabby and Jay, who always sits with Rita. Answer on next page 2

T Hi Es h J EHWo ImSeH nH OsMeEp tne mMbAY The Jew e r 2147, , 2012 2013

You Gotta be


54 78

Would you BEE-lieve it? These pesky creatures play a big role during the Yom Tov season, from producing the honey that we eat to visiting us in our sukkahs. They also play an integral role in the universe, as Albert Einstein said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more man.” Get to know your little friends by starting with the following facts: • A colony of bees consists of 20,00060,000 honeybees and one queen. • There is only one queen per hive. • A queen bee leaves the hive only once in her whole life. • All worker bees are female (ahem, men, what say you?). • The male honey bees are called drones, and they do no work at all and have no stinger. • A honeybee flies up to 15 mph. • A queen bee can live for 3-5 years. • The queen bee lays up to 2,000 eggs per day. • A bee visits 50-100 flowers during one collection trip. • It takes 10,000 worker bees to gather a pound of honey.

• It takes around 30,000 bees to pollinate an acre of fruit trees. • A worker bee gathers in her entire life 1/10 teaspoon of honey. • Bees have to tap 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey. • A honeybee’s wings beat 200 times per second or 12,000 beats per minute. • The honeybee is the only insect that produces food for human consumption. •

A bee has five eyes: two compound lenses, and three light sensors on top of the head.

• Bees fly the equivalent of more than twice around the world to gather a pound of honey. •

Worker bees live for 4-9 months during the winter months but only 6 weeks during the summer.

bees • Honey communicate by Elicing. The Elice explains the direction and distance of the nectar. • The honeybee is not born knowing how to make honey; the younger bees are taught by the more experienced bees. • Honey never goes bad as it has natural preservatives and bacteria can’t grow in it. Honey was found in the tombs in Egypt and it was still edible!

55 T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012


Assad Trivia Secretary of State John Kerry’s first real diplomatic challenge is trying to maneuver through the Syria situation. How would you do if you were snecretary of state? Do you know enough about Assad, the region, and diplomacy to succeed? Take this test to find out. 1. Before becoming dictator of Syria, what did Assad do? a. He was a cumin taster b. He was an ophthalmologist c. He was an engineer d. He was a professional soccer player 2. The majority of the Syrian population is which of the following? a. Druze b. Kurdish c. Sunni d. Shia 3. One military option that is being thrown around is to lob Tomahawk missiles at Syria. How much does each missile cost? a. $10,000 b. $50,000 c. $150,000 d. $1,100,000 4. What did Israel capture from Syria during the Six Day War? a. aza b. The Golan Heights c. he West Bank d. East Jerusalem

5. In a last minute turn of events, the U.S. will now hold off on military action against Assad and will wait to see if Russia can create a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Several weeks ago, Russia’s deputy prime minister described the U.S and the west as the following: a. War hungry b. Uninformed c. Not smart d. A monkey with a grenade Answers: 1. B- Assad graduated from the medical school of Damascus University in 1988 and started to work as a physician in the army. Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London, specializing in ophthalmology. 2. C- Approximately 60% of the population is Sunni. 13% is Shia. Assad is Alawite, which is a subset of Shia. 3. D 4. B- Israel captured the Golan Heights from the Syrians in the Six Day War. During the battle in the Golan Heights, Israel gained invaluable assistance from Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who reached the upper levels

of government in Syria and was the chief adviser to the Syrian minister of defense. Before the war, he suggested to the Syrian army that they should plant eucalyptus trees to keep the Syrian soldiers cool. When fighting in the Golan began, whenever IDF soldiers saw eucalyptus trees, they knew that there were Syrians nearby. 5. D- When it appeared like the U.S. was on the verge of a strike, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said, “The West behaves towards the Islamic world like a monkey with a grenade.”

Scorecard: 4-5 Correct: Wow! You could be secretary of state! (But then again, so could John Kerry, so I guess the bar is ... never mind) 2-3 Correct: You are right in the middle! Just like John Kerry—one day it’s this way and one day it’s that way... flip flop, flip flop... 0-1 Correct: The only thing you know about diplomacy is that your diploma probably has a big “C” on it.


Comm Let the ission er dec Send your s tuff

Answer to riddle: Starting with you and going clockwise, there was Chaya on your left, Fay, Ella, Ben, Gabby, Dave, Jay, Rita, and then Adam on your right. Helpful Tip: Number all the seats clockwise starting with Chaya = 1, then Fay = 2 and Ella = 3, etc. Dave is at 6 (because he is across from Chaya) That leaves only 4 and 9 or 5 and 10 for Ben and Adam (because



o fivetow centerfold@ nsjewis hhome. com

those are the only seats remaining which are directly across from one another). Since Dave wants to sit between Gabby and Jay, we know that the only combination for Ben and Adam could be 4 and 9. Since Dave wants to sit closer to Ben than Adam, put Ben at spot #4 and put Adam at spot #9. That leaves you no choice but to put Gabby in spot #5 because you need to put Jay and Rita together, with Jay sitting near David in spot #7 and Rita in spot #8. The only remaining spot is # 10, where you sit.

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


Sans titre-4




jbge zgnye

57 71

Celebrating as One

62: Flashes of Inspiration

By Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

63: A Sukkah to Go

By Baila Rosenbaum

Torah and Tradition Inside Look into 64: An the Unique Way the

Breuer’s Community Celebrates Simchas Torah By Rena Zingmond

Chol Hamoed

66: TJH Chol Hamoed Guide Artwork by Brocha Teichman of The Art Studio of The Five Towns

Things to Do on 73: Ten Chol Hamoed for about Ten Dollars a Day By Malky Lowinger

In the Kitchen

your Sukkah 81: Adorning with Elegance and Grace By Esther Ottensoser

Sampling of 94: AStarters and Sides for Your Yom Tov Meals


75: Parenting Panel

Moderated by Dr. Dov Finman

TThHeE JJeEw e p t2e4m, b2012 e r 1 7 , 2013 Wi IsShH HHoOmMeE nn MsAY

Special Succos Section

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


59 The Jewish Home n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013













YCQ - 147-37 70TH ROAD 12:30PM









FOR MORE INFO CALL 718.854.6902 OR 718.853.9403


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


61 The Jewish Home n


it’s alw ays

and sun ny!


s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013



Monday, September 23rd 5th Annual Sukkot Celebration at Sahara Sam’s!

pe d’s tallest ro ® samazon worl


A raininoer sh Event!

Featuring installed uan2,000 sq ft sukkah of Rabbi Mender the supervision dy Mengel

Purchase Your Tickets Online to Guarantee Admission:

Questions?: By Email: By Phone: 856.767.7580 535 N. Route 73, West Berlin, NJ 08091 / NJ Turnpike Exit 4

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


The Observant Jew Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Flashes of Inspiration


ne of the saddest things I can think of that I must tell my dear readers is the fact that many of you will never get to read some of my very best articles. The reason you won’t get to read them is because I never wrote them. You see, often, I’ll be going along, minding my own business, when a thought strikes me. I won’t always know what precipitated it (besides that it’s Hashem dropping the idea in my mind) but it can happen almost any place and any time. I’ll start to develop the idea and figure out what I’ll write next, the progression of the piece, and the lesson or reaction I hope to elicit. Then, inexplicably, I’ll forget this magical castle I’ve built in my mind. OK, so it’s explicable. What happened is that I got involved in something else, the moment passed, and my

beautiful insight is gone, perhaps forever. If only I’d taken the time to write it down or add it to a memory palace, you would have been able to read that article instead of this one. I don’t think it’s limited to article

any they had. It works with inspiration for self-improvement too. Sometimes we see or hear something that inspires us to act and we put it on our calendars to do something about it, but by the time

One should try to take an inspiration and make it more concrete.

ideas. It happens with stories, speeches, jokes, and more. People come up with business models, ideas for inventions, and things they think will be great to do, but then they get involved with other things and forget that epiph-

we get around to it, our enthusiasm is gone. I’ve often said that the difference between good impulses and bad impulses is that the good impulses don’t last nearly as long. But what can we do? Isn’t this just how we’re wired? It is, but there is a solution. There is a Ramban on Shir HaShirim discussing the verse, “im to’iru v’im t’oreru es ha’avahava ad shetechpatz,” literarily translated as, “that ye not awaken nor stir up love until it pleases.” Basically, it means don’t try to rush things; they will happen at the right time. The Ramban, however, offers a striking insight. The word “techpatz,” meaning “it is wanted, or desires to” comes from the root of chefetz, meaning an object. He says that one should try to take an inspiration and make it more concrete. Then the love, or the inspiration, will endure. People inspired to do something used to give a coin to tzedaka as a way of initiating the action and giving it a certain reality. Having been brought partially to fruition, they were more likely to continue to act on their thought. This was a speech I heard from R’ Mordechai Orbach shlit”a one Shab-

bos in Monsey, and I acted on it right away. As soon as he finished speaking, having been inspired, I ran over to a fellow mispallel in the shul who was also a coworker. I said to him, “Let’s start a study session at work during lunch!” He replied, “OK, what do you want to learn?” Said I, “I don’t know yet – we’ll figure that out – but for now, let’s establish that we’re going to do it.” We did. From that inspiration and my immediate acting on it to cement it into my heart, came several years of learning Chovos HaLevavos which changed my life greatly. It has given me peace of mind when I would otherwise not have had it, and helped me create some lasting relationships. That’s the lesson we all need to keep in mind when we get those flashes of inspiration, those “text messages from G-d,” which don’t yet have a form to them. We need to capitalize on those moments and figure out right then and there how we can put them into action in some way so as to ensure they don’t dissipate like a cloud on a windy day. We’re all constantly subjected to stimuli and information from every direction. This way, we get to do the directing for a change – a change for the better, hopefully. Jonathan Gewirtz is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. He also operates JewishSpeechW r i t e r. c o m , where you can order a custom-made speech for your next special occasion. For more information, or to sign up for the Migdal Ohr, his weekly PDF Dvar Torah in English, e-mail info@ and put Publication Sponsorship or Subscribe in the subject. © 2013 by Jonathan Gewirtz. All rights reserved.


A Sukkah To Go

kah-topped, pick-up truck; but for the last few years he utilizes a new and unusual alternative –the pedi-sukkah. Originally designed by Levi Duchman, a young Chabad-Lubavitch yeshiva  student from Crown Heights, a pedi-sukkah is a lattice-walled succah about the size of a phone booth. It’s affixed to a rickshaw – a take-off The classic sukkah mobile on the pedi-cabs that transport tourists around Manhattan. Rabbi Stone explains, “The pedi-sukkah has some advantages over building a sukkah on a truck or trailer. There are no permits needed and you don’t have to worry about parking restrictions. As with any sukkah, to stay kosher you have to make sure you’re not parked under a tree or an overpass. The bike itself requires no registration and you don’t need a license to drive one; so even a teenager can take one out and do outreach.” Rabbi Stone estimates that his is among thirty to forty pedi-sukkahs on the road throughout the tristate area. “Years ago there was less of an awareness about the holiday of Sukkos. It was difficult and inconvenient to connect to it. Today the public is more in tune with this unique holiday, and it’s fast and easy to fulfill the mitzvah. Just step inside and make a bracha and you’re done. It’s simple and inspiring for those who’ve never been inside a sukkah and it’s also a service to those who are stringent about not eating outside of a sukkah on the yom tov.” What about people who travel outside the metropolitan area during Sukkos? Or families planning pleasure trips? Along with the picnic baskets and briefcases they have the option of packing along a traveling sukkah. We spoke to Mendel, one of the managers of the Sukkah Center of the Five Towns, to hear what’s available, “The original portable sukkah was made up of sixteen pipes that formed a frame, covered by a canvas wrap. About ten or fifteen years ago, the Sukkah Center developed the “Pop Out” sukkah. Its design is based on a tent or car port principle. An aluminum frame is covered by a canvas and it opens ‘umbrella style.’” The Pop Out sukkah folds up and is stored in a carrier the size of a golf bag; and that’s with schach included! You can put it in the trunk of your car or take it on an airplane. Another popular model of portable sukkah is the “Pop-Up Sukkah.” This sukkah is designed to be more light weight. It folds larger, but flatter and resembles those A sukkah on a camel in Israel pop-up hampers that frequent our laundry rooms. How common are sales of portable sukkahs and who buys them? “Our typical customers are families who want to spend the day out on Chol Hamoed, or have very limited space to set up a sukkah at home,” Mendel says. “But we sell to people all over the world, in all kinds of situations. We just shipped a sukkah to a customer in Florida and one to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, every year we sell about six to ten Pop Out sukkahs to prisons – we just shipped one to Otisville. We’ve also sold these sukkahs to the United States Army for Jewish soldiers to use in Iraq and Afghanistan.” This month, Jews all over the world will once again be emulating our ancestors by living and eating in temporary dwellings, and thanks to some innovative thinkers and creative entrepreneurs, this special mitzvah has been made easier and more accessible to all.

s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


e are a generation that is always in motion, and there are lots of resources available to help us stay on the move. For those of us who commute or travel for business or pleasure, the holiday of Succos can be a challenge. One contemporary answer to that challenge is the mobile-sukkah. While most Orthodox families will be spending pre-Succos Sundays hammering away on their decks and in their backyards, some of us will need more creative means to fulfill the mitzvah of sitting in the sukkah. Luckily, there are dedicated and imaginative Jews who’ve come up with ways to help anyone, in any location, sit in a sukkah this yom tov. Chabad is known for their extensive outreach efforts, and one of their specialties is making the mitzvah of sukkah available to the masses. For decades, ChabadLubavitch chasidim, emissaries and rabbinical students have taken mobile sukkahs, usually converted pickup trucks or trailers, through the streets of cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rome and Paris. Rabbi and Mrs.Taubenfleigel, Chabad representatives in the Catskill region, have been using mobile sukkahs in their community for the past thirty years. Starting with an unassuming pick-up truck, they build, bang and tie, until they have a sukkah on wheels. Then they’re off to community centers, schools and shopping malls. “We invite people in; they eat something and make a bracha. It’s especially fun and exciting for the children,” says Raizy Taubenfleigel. “When we visit the senior centers it’s too difficult for the seniors to climb aboard, so we bring three panels, a roll of schach and a few branches. We set up a sukkah outside the building and the wheelchair-bound can be brought right in.” Many of us are familiar with the public sukkahs set up by Chabad in Manhattan and commercial areas area where any office worker can duck in for a quick lunch and the curious can be introduced A sukkah on a boat in Venice, Italy to the mitzvos of the season. Chabad’s Mitzvah Tank office, a division of Lubavitch Youth Organization, goes one step further. They outfit large trailers – 48 feet by 8 feet flatbeds – converting them into mobile sukkahs. The vehicles are the largest such “Sukkah Mobiles” ever employed by Chabad-Lubavitch. The rabbis who staff and drive these sukkahs maintain a supply of lulav and esrog sets for Jews to fulfill the commandment to make a bracha on the Four Species; many for the first time. Snacks and drinks are available for people to make a quick bracha and continue on their way. According to Rabbi Mordechai Hirsch, tens of thousands of Jews fulfill the mitzvah of eating in a sukkah through the “Mobile Sukkah” project. Instead of waiting for their customers to come to them, these Chabad emissaries seek out their customers. They park their rigs near major train stations, catching commuters as they head off on their morning commutes. Airports are also prime locations to help out the observant Jew and welcome the not-yet observant. Kosher restaurants cannot legally erect a sukkah on the street and are grateful for the trucks that can legally park nearby, providing a kosher sukkah for their customers. Rabbi Yisroel Stone, a Chabad rabbi who lives and works in Lower Manhattan, has been manning a mobile sukkah for the last fourteen years. He started out with the standard issue, sukThe pedi-sukkah can be brought anywhere its wheels can carry it

Baila Rosenbaum

The Jewish Home n


2012 T h e J e wTiHsEh JHEoWmIeS Hn H OS M e pEt enmMb eAYr 12 74 , 2013

86 64

Simchas Torah Rena Zingmond



he procession moves in solemn reverence, ac- kehilla operates with the aplomb and majesty of former changer loves when Chanukah comes around, since it companied by ethereal hymns that reverberate generations, but on Simchas Torah, it shines. will be a whole eight days before it would be time to off the room’s walls and high celling. All eyes First, there is the main sanctuary, which is accord- change anything again. The paroches hanging in front remain focused on the prime subjects at the head of the ingly dressed for the occasion. In addition to the im- of the aron kodesh on Simchas Torah is, naturally, the file, crowned in gleaming silver and clothed in royal pressive and yet modest air already exuded by the vast paroches of the shalosh regalim. Featuring embroivelvet. While only a few have the esteemed privilege room, the paroches has been changed to reflect the cur- dered illustrations of items related to Pesach, Shavuos of direct escort, a great number of the constituent body rent yom tov. There are various curtains that adorn the and Succos, it bears the words “Shalosh p’amim bashalovingly joins the march in a gesture of tribute and aron kodesh throughout the year, na...” It is against this backdrop that the humble thanks for their role as honored subjects. The specific to each occasion. There hakafos begin. focus turns to the raised dais in the middle of the room; is one for Shabbos Mevarchim, Hakafos at Breuer’s commence on the designated attendants raise the royal ones to their Rosh Chodesh, chol hamoed, Simchas Torah night only after the conpositions above the crowd where each bows to the other Chanukah, Rosh Hashana, Yom clusion of ma’ariv, and there is no leinand receives one in turn. A picing. It may serve as the starkest contrast ture of elegance and decorum, the to the practice of most shuls around the festivities continue throughout world. While most kehillos rev up their the day in a celebration of the unenergy and exuberance in honor of the paralleled greatness of this leadSimchas Torah festivities, the members ership and the inestimable fortune of KAJ (K’hal Adath Jeshurun) express of its followers. their joy in a more collected and reverNo, this is not a scene taken ential vein. The men follow the chazfrom one of the many ceremonial zan through the maze of aisles in a conproceedings of the English court scious and orderly fashion, providing a today. Nor does it describe the dizzying display of coordination that is movements of any other royal fascinating to watch from the women’s family across the globe, now or section up above. While the event may in centuries past. It is Simchas appear serious and rather subdued at first Torah; the sifrei Torah are the royglance, the observer soon recognizes the alty, the kingdom is Washington underlying emotions infusing every step. The chanukah habayis of the shul Rav Breuer zt'l Heights, and the loyal subjects This is genuine awe of Hashem and His are the members of K’hal Adath Jeshurun. Torah; this is exhilaration tempered with dignity and K’hal Adath Jeshurun, or “Breuer’s,” as it is colloself-control. quially called, has always been a paradigm of the prinBefore Rav Hirsch joined the Frankfurt community ciples and minhagim of the German Jewish community. in 1851, there were actually no hakafos performed at A transplant of the original Frankfurt am Main kehilla all. While the kehilla did recite “Ata har’eisa” and bearing the same name, the shul perpetuates the teachthe chazzan did dance a little as he chanted the stanzas ings of Samson Raphael Hirsch; his grandson, Rav Dr. “Ana Hashem” and “Elokei haruchos,” the institution Joseph Breuer; and Rav Shimon Schwab. of hakafos occurred subsequent to Rav Hirsch’s arrivIn contrast to many Ashkenazi minyanim in the al. While he respected the previous Frankfurt minhag, United States which follow the nusach Askhenaz of Rav Hirsch felt the addition was necessary to attract Polish origin, Breuer’s follows the German minhag the younger people in the community and prevent them Ashkenaz in its niggunim, minhagim, and text in tefilfrom seeking enjoyment elsewhere. Over the years, the lah. Any first-time visitor will quickly come to this reBreuer’s community has included dancing with the sialization within minutes of joining the service on Shabfrei Torah in their Simchas Torah proceedings, reworkbos day, whether it be from the wearing of a tallis by all ing the room’s setup to include a row of removable Rav Schwab and Rav Breuer men and boys over bar mitzvah (married or not), often seats in the front of the shul. beginning as early as five- or six-years-old, the unique Kippur, Purim, and multiple options for Shabbos and Following hakafos at night and the reading of the tunes chanted by the ba’al korei and celebrated choir, weekdays. They range in colors as well, and when the haftorah during the day, there begins a time-honored or the slight differences in the seder of tefillah as found paroches changes, the sifrei Torah and bimah coverings tradition that many have described as the highlight of in the S’fas Emes Siddur. All year-round the Breuer’s are changed to match. Members joke that the paroches the yom tov. The chazzan and two other men (a board

All year-round the Breuer’s kehilla operates with the aplomb and majesty of former generations, but on Simchas Torah, it shines.

The regal formality is so moving that one can’t help but feel infused with a sense of responsibility and purpose innate in any child of the King.

65 87 T hH eE J eE w e r 1 7 , 2013 W iI sS h H H oO m M eE n MsAYe p 2t e4m, b2012

member and/or gabbai) ascend to the bimah. Await- change every two lines to reflect the chag-specific nig- the Ashkenaz ArtScroll machzor mentions that after ing them are the three sifrei Torah which contain the gunim which would be sung for those phrases during hakafos some congregations continue straight to the day’s kri’ah portions. As each member lifts a sefer To- the year. The kaddish shaleim at mincha of Shemini end without reading the Torah. In addition, while many rah, all those in the men’s section converge around the Atzeres is called “Pizmon Kaddish” and is so named af- kehillos make sure that every man in the shul receives bimah while the women move closer to the center of ter the seven different tunes for the pizmonim which are an aliyah, Breuer’s does not have that requirement. the ezras nashim and peer down in anticipation from recited at selichos, and are all of which are combined During the night and day festivities, children are their vantage point above. The chazzan begins the piyut in this kaddish. The kaddish on Simchas Torah night kept alert and involved by an inestimable amount of “Agil v’esmach,” bowing to one of the others, holding and after shacharis is called “Jahres(Yahres) kaddish” candy distributed during hakafos. They know beforehis sefer Torah. The other bows simultaneously, and (kaddish of the year) and uses at least thirteen different hand to bring large plastic bags with them to best conthe choir and congregation complete the sentence sing- tunes! tain their spoils. Their haul can sometimes last until ing “b’simchas Torah.” The chazzan turns to the third Purim! Rav Schwab Some other minmember for the second part and exchanges bows, after hagim that differ from himself pointed out that doing a little dance of his own in between, and every- most Ashkenazi comin the annual luach in one sings “b’simchas one German village SimTorah.” At the refrain, chas Torah was written as the kehilla joins in the the “children’s holiday”; singing, and all three during ain kailokainu men dance together in a in Breuer’s today every circle. This is repeated child receives a small a total of twelve times package donated by the until the piyut is fincongregation itself. ished. The exchange is Later in the day, an mesmerizing; one feels event occurs known transported in space as the “Simchas Torah and time to some royal Party.” Rather low-key palace of old where as far as parties go, this Chazzan Lasdun leading the hoshanos pomp and ceremony is a kind of blend of a still reign supreme. I siyum and an annual The shul before the yomim noraim was reminded of a shul dinner. It features cuckoo clock, with at least four speakers -each of the figures the Chosson Torah, the moving precisely in president of the shul, the Chosson Bereishis and a time, bowing and circhairman, designated by cling. My neighbor the board, who expound commented to me that upon relevant Torah every year her children subjects. Rav Zechahave a grand time perriah Gelley, mara d’asra, forming their own renholds the position as ditions of the ceremony Chosson Torah each year back at home. Funnily and is usually followed enough, after witnessThe shul dressed in white for the yomim noraim-by Rav Yisroel Mantel, ing it with my own note that the coverings on the shtenders say l'shana tova acting rav of the kehilla. eyes, I found myself reThe event is, in fact, a sienacting it later on with Rabbi Zechariah Gelley a friend! The regal munities include “kol yum of the entire year’s learning, following the Rema formality is so moving han’arim,” duchanin, and who says that the Chosson Torah and Chosson Berethat one can’t help but feel infused with a sense of re- aliyos. For “kol han’arim,” the children are called to ishis should make a seudah in honor of the occasion. sponsibility and purpose innate in any child of the King. the bimah but are not placed under a tallis like in many During the meal, the speakers also use the time to offer Then there are the tunes. During the year, the kehillos. In the mi shebeirach, each and every child’s thanks to and acknowledge the hard work of the shul members and associates. This year, due to the threeBreuer’s kehilla is already set somewhat apart from name is mentioned individually. the rest of the Ashkenazi world in the use of their own, The custom of some communities is to recite Birkas day yom tov, the Simchas Torah party will actually ocunique niggunim for most of their tefillos. From the Kohanim at shacharis only rather than during mussaf, cur during shalosh seudos on Shabbos. It truly feels leining trop to kaddish to various tefillos, the uplifting for fear of inebriation. Breuer’s is makpid to retain the like the crowning moment of the year, with everyone melodies are reminiscent of what the Levitical choir customary placement of duchanin in mussaf in addition sitting together as they review and appreciate the efforts could have sounded like in the Beis Hamikdash. Addi- to shacharis (which they do every yom tov) as a kavod of all those involved in making the kehilla what it is. The day concludes, leaving only memories and tionally, each yom tov has its own niggunim. Since the to the tefillah and ensures that drinking is not an issue. seventh day of Succos is the last and culminating day of As mentioned before, Breuer’s only leins on Sim- warm feelings (and sticky teeth where the children are the chag, Breuer’s treats Shemini Atzeres and Simchas chas Torah day. This is due to that fact that the prac- concerned) mingled with anticipation for the coming Torah, the eighth and ninth days of the chag in chutz tice was not specified in the Talmud or any other source year’s Simchas Torah celebration. Members of K’hal la’aretz, as the culminating days of the entire year. This until about 700 years ago. The Breuer’s community Adath Jeshurun have the esteemed privilege of upholdis expressed in the choice of tunes. As a representa- did not wish to insert Torah reading since it came to- ing the German tradition and do so with care and precitive of every chag of the year, Simchas Torah features gether with brachos, but they of course acknowledge sion. Their pride is tangible as they continue to forge niggunim from each of those holidays. For example, that those who do have a few centuries of observance links in the hierarchical chain and ensure that the pracin Hallel, the refrains for “Hodu” and “Ana Hashem” to back up their mesorah. It is interesting to note that tices of generations past remain steadfast until today.

T h e J e wT Hi sE hJ EHW o mI SeHnH OSMeEp tne mMbAY e r 2147, ,2012 2013

66 102

Chol Hamoed

Chol Hamoed

Places to Go, Things to Do This year, Succos falls out in beginning of the fall season. Take advantage of the cool, brisk temperatures and spend time with the family during chol hamoed. TJH has compiled a list of ideas, activities and places to go for you to enjoy this time spent together. Make sure to pack enough food and music for the road and have fun!

Zoos and Farms

Scenic Attractions

Queens County Farm Museum

Central Park

73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park, New York 11004 718-347-3276

Boating, biking, The Great Lawn, modelboat sailing, carriage rides, carousel Between 5th & 8th Avenues and 59th & 106th Streets 212-360-3444

White Post Farms 250 Old County Road, Melville, NY 11747 631-351-9373 Sukkah available on premises

New York Aquarium Surf Avenue & West 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224 718-265-FISH

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center 431 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901 631-208-9200

Bryant Park Prospect Park Zoo 450 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 718-399-7339

Bronx Zoo

6th Avenue, between W 40-42 Street, New York, NY 10018 212-768-4242

Governor’s Island

2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460 718-220-5103

New York Harbor, check website for ferry schedules

Queens Zoo

Fort Tyron Park

53-51 111th Street, Flushing, NY 11368 718-271-1500

Central Park Zoo 64th Street & 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10065 212-861-6030

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm 150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, PA 17572 717-687-6843

Claws ‘N’ Paws 1475 Ledgedale Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436 570-698-6154

Riverside Drive to Broadway, W 192 Street to Dyckman Street, New York, NY

New York Circle Line Pier 83 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 212-563-3200

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferries from Battery Park, NY 1 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004 212-363-3200

Old Westbury Gardens

Old Bethpage 1303 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage, NY 11804 516- 572-8400

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 900 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 718-623-7200

Downtown Brooklyn— Remsen Street to Orange Street along the East River

The New York Botanical Garden 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458 718-817-8700

The Amish Village

Amusement Parks

199 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572 717-687-8511

Hersheypark 100 West Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 1-866-946-9977, Monday, September 23, 11am-7pm

Mystic Seaport 75 Greenmanville Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355 888-973-2767

Six Flags Great Adventure 1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ 08527 Continued on page 70

$23.00 $20.00

Chol Hamoed Succos PARK HOURS ONLY ON

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Sept. 22-24 from 11AM to 6PM

Long Island Expressway - Exit 49S or Southern State Parkway to Exit 32N to 2245 Broad Hollow Road (RT. 110) Farmingdale, NY 11735

There will be a Succah available on premises.

TThHeE JJeEw e p t2e4m, b2012 e r 1 7 , 2013 Wi IsShH HHoOmMeE nn MsAY

71 Old Westbury Road, Old Westbury, NY 11568 516-333-0048

67 103

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013



Simchas Bais Simchas Bais presents its

19 th annual

s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

HASHOEVA hashOeVa HASHOEVA hashOeVa 22 22 HASHOEVA hashOeVa 9. 13 . Simchas Bais 9. .13 SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

SEPTEMBER 22, 2013


22 .13


SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

22 .13 A


SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

at the

ndrew J. PAr

ise PArk

5:30 8:0 hashOeVa HASHOEVA 0

| Light refreshments available |

corner of

Great Fun For the whole Family

- Amazing Children’s Entertainer -

“JuGGlinG Josh ”


Simchas BaisRaindate ›› Monday, SepteMber 23

| Dance to the beat of Jewish Music azaMra DJ |


AzAmrA DJ & Gourmet GLAtt

Summit & cedarhurSt aveS.

The Jewish Home n


ThE Jean Fischman chabad center oF the Five towns

70 104

Rye Playland

Woodmere Lanes

T h e J e wT iHsEhJ EHW o mI Se HnH OSMeEp tne mMbAY e r 2147, , 2012 2013

1 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY 10580 914-921-0370

948 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598 516-374-9870

Sahara Sam’s Oasis and Water Park

6161 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234 718-763-3333

535 N Route 73, West Berlin, NJ 08091 856-767-7580 Splashtastic Succos on Monday, September 23rd with separate swimming hours for men and women

Adventureland 2245 Broad Hollow Road (RT 110), Farmingdale, NY 11735 631-694-6868

Dorney Park

Luna Park Coney Island 1000 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224 718-372-0275

Adventurers (formerly Nelie Bly Park) 1824 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214 718-975-2748

4000 Dorney Park Road, Allentown, PA 18104 877-4-CHOLHAMOED Sunday, September 22, 12-8pm

Gil Hodges Lanes

Museums Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Pier 86, 12th Avenue and 46th Street 212-245-0072

Sony Wonder Technology 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 212-833-8100

New York Hall of Science 47-01 111th Street, Queens, NY 11368 718-699-0005

Indoor Fun Parks

Jewish Museum Legoland Discovery Center Westchester 39 Fitzgerald Street, Yonkers, NY 10701 866-243-0779

New SUCCOS Tour Live with Rabbi Deutsch

1109 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10128 212-423-3200

Fun Fuzion at New Roc City 19 Le County Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-637-7575

Fun Station USA 40 Rocklyn Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-599-7757


Every stone has a story. Be part of it. Mark history.

Chol Hamoed Schedule: Hourly tours 9am-9pm Daily Friday 9am-5pm Motzai Shabbos 8:45-1am Men-only tours 8pm nightly, & 12 midnight ‫מוצאי יו“ט & מוצש“ק‬. No appointment necessary during Chol Hamoed. Daily live tours by Rabbi Deutsch

Brooklyn 1pm-9pm Lakewood 9am &10am

229 Route 110, Farmingdale, NY 11735 631-847-0100

Long Island Children’s Museum

New York Skyride

145 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11213 718-735-4400

Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118 212-279-9777

For details call:

877-PLAN-A-TOUR 8 7 7 - 7 5 2 - 6 2 8 6

Brooklyn: 1601 41st St•Brooklyn, NY 11218 Lakewood: 235 River Ave•Lakewood NJ 08701

Chelsea Piers Hudson River—Piers 59-62—New York, NY 212-336-6800

11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530 516-224-5800

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Jewish Children’s Museum 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213 718-467-0600

Children’s Museum of Manhattan 212 W 83rd St, New York, NY 10024 212-721-1234

American Museum of Natural History

Liberty Science Center Liberty State Park, 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305 201-200-1000

Crayola Factory 30 Centre Square, Easton, PA 18042 1-866-875-5263

The Franklin Institute 222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-448-1200

Concerts and Events Yeshiva Boys Choir and The Chevra Monday night, September 23, 7:30pm Brooklyn College,

Uncle Moishy

Avraham Fried & Abie Rotenberg Sunday night, September 22, 7:30pm Queens College,

Lipa & Benny Friedman Sunday night, September 22, 7pm Boulder Park Stadium,

Chaim Yisrael & Lipa Monday night, Sept 23, 7: 30pm; Tuesday, September 24, 1:30pm Millenium Theatre, Brooklyn;

Chabad of Five Towns Simchas Bais Hashoeva Sunday, September 22, 5:30-8pm Andrew J. Parise Park

Sunday, September 22—Flatbush

Sunday September 22 At 8:30pm Location: TAG Elementary School 444 Beach 6 Fee: $20 per person

Miami Boys Choir Sunday & Monday night, September 22 and 23, 7:45pm 883 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, www.

Kineret and Leah Forster For women only Sunday night, September 22, 7:30pm The Millenium Hall in Brooklyn, www. TJH assumes no responsibility for the kashrus, atmosphere, safety or accuracy of any event or attraction listed here. Please call before you go. Have fun!

T hT He EJ Je EwWi sI ShHHHoOmMe E nn Ms eAYp t 2e m e r 1 7 , 2013 4 ,b2012

Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY 10024 212-769-5100

71 105

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Chol Hamoed Malky Lowinger

Ten Things to Do on Chol Hamoed for about Ten Dollars a Day New York is full of fun and interesting attractions. The trick is to choose wisely, tally up the expenses, and – most important – consider what types of activities your family would really appreciate. Remember that the best family outings are those where everyone is spending relaxed, quality time together. A day in the park with some sports equipment, a few snacks, maybe even a crafts project, and certainly a camera, will provide memories that will last a lifetime. The following are some suggested activities that are short on cost but long on good times. Enjoy!



Vanderbilt Museum

180 Little Neck Road Centerpoint, NY 11721 Located in Suffolk County, this 43 acre museum complex built by William K Vanderbilt II is built on his lavish estate. It’s a combination of mansion, museum, and planetarium so there’s something here for everyone. Adult admission is $7, children are $3, and students pay $6. (Additional $5 for planetarium shows.) The museum is open from 11:00 to 5:00 on weekdays, 12:00 to 5:00 on Sundays, and closed on Mondays. Admission allows access to the museum’s beautiful grounds and galleries as well as to the marine museum. Explore this magnificent 24 room Spanish Revival Mansion, learn about the lives of the Vanderbilts, check out the Marine Museum, the natural history habitat, the gardens and fountains. Guided tours are available. Don’t miss the awesome Hall of Fishes.



New York’s newest attraction, the CitiBike bike sharing system offers the best of exploring the city on a trendy blue bike while getting some wholesome exercise. A 24 hour CitiBike pass costs $9.95 plus tax. This allows you to ride all day long, but only in 30 minute intervals. There are 600 CitiBike docking locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan and thousands of bikes. There are also hundreds of miles of trails and biking paths. Choose your route, grab a bike, and you’re good to go. CitiBikes may only be used by people ages 16 and older.

Walkway over the Hudson

Just because it’s chol hamoed doesn’t mean you have to forgo your daily walk. You only need to be more creative about it. Consider Walkway over the Hudson, an old abandoned steel railroad bridge that was revamped into a lovely pedestrian park. The Walkway spans the Hudson River and is the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world. At 212-feet tall and 1.28-miles long, it offers breathtaking views of the Hudson River. The park is crowded on weekends but is generally more peaceful during the week. It’s open from 7:00 AM to sunset and runs from Poughkeepsie to Highland NJ. It can be accessed by riding Metro North or Amtrak to the Poughkeepsie station (located just four blocks away from the Walkway) or by parking in the adjacent parking lot for a $5 fee. The Walkway itself is free, just don’t forget to bring along a camera.


Federal Reserve Bank 44 Maiden Lane, NYC

Guided tours (or self-guided) of New York’s Federal Reserve Bank are free, but they must be reserved in advance through their website. Visitors learn about the role of the New York Fed in setting monetary policy and promoting financial stability. The fortyfive minute tour is offered Monday through Friday, six times a day, and is only open to visitors who are 16 or older. The tour includes a short visit to the bank’s famed gold vault. Did you know? The Federal Reserve in New York is the most important of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks in the United States. Find out how much money goes through the NY branch daily? Book early, as tours tend to sell out quickly. Also, check availability online periodically for cancellations if your intended dates are already booked.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a great day on Chol Hamoed—you just have to be a little bit more creative when you make your plans.

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Staten Island Ferry

This remains one of New York City’s favorite attractions. The ferry, which runs over a hundred trips daily on weekdays, is totally free. The five mile, twenty-five minute ride offers majestic views of New York Harbor, as well as of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You can board the ferry in Staten Island (St. George) or lower Manhattan (Whitehall Street). The St. George terminal has two municipal parking lots where cars can be parked for $5.50. There are also two eight-foot tall fish tanks at the Staten Island terminal each holding 200 tropical fish to keep you occupied while you wait for your trip. Consider visiting the Staten Island Zoo while in the area ($8 for adults, $5 for children) or ride the ferry back and forth just for fun.


Prospect Park Zoo 450 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Open 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, this zoo is an excellent choice for families with young children, as the visit is fun but not overwhelming and should last just about two or three hours. The major attraction is the sea lion court in the center of the park, with three daily feeding demonstrations. There’s also a discovery trail, a barn where farm animals can be fed, and lots of indoor exhibits in case of inclement weather. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children, and $6 for seniors. The zoo is adjacent to Prospect Park and located across the street from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.


Nunley’s Carousel

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned carousel ride, especially for the little ones among us. For sheer nostalgia, you can’t beat the price (just $2) or the thrill of riding this magnificent forty horse carousel which was built back in 1912. The carousel was painstakingly restored and is located in its own building adjacent to the Cradle of Aviation Museum. It’s open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays from 12:00 to 3:00 and 12:00 to 5:00 on Sundays. Visits to the museum itself are pricier ($14 for adults, $12 for children) but may be worthwhile, considering the exhibits include 75 actual air and spacecraft, some of which can be accessed.


Tram to Roosevelt Island


Boating and Biking in Central Park


For the price of a subway ride, you can “fly” over the East River on the aerial tramway that connects Roosevelt Island with Manhattan. The ride is only three minutes long, but a real thrill for children of all ages. The tram runs in fifteen minute intervals, and climbs 250 feet above the river for some breathtaking views. Metrocards are accepted and children under 44 inches ride free. Once on the Island, visitors can ride the Red Bus (25 cents) for a quick tour around town, stroll on the waterfront promenade, or visit one of its parks and playgrounds. The Tram runs from 6:00 AM until 2:00 AM.

A visit to Manhattan’s Central Park is always an adventure. But at this time of year, it’s even more special with lots of boating and biking opportunities. Model sail boats can be rented at the Central Park Conservatory Pond ($11 includes thirty minutes of fun) on a first come, first served basis. Or you can bring your own model boat and join in the fun. For a real workout, consider rowing on the park’s magnificent 22 acre lake. Rowboat rentals are available at the Loeb Boathouse ( for $12 per hour and up to four people on a boat. And those who prefer to exercise on dry land can rent bicycles at the boathouse for $9 per hour (adults) or $6 for children. The park also offers lots of walking trails, picnic grounds, and play areas. Consider walking the scenic reservoir trail which is 1.58 miles long and perfect for couples with baby strollers. Or let the little ones enjoy any of the park’s 21 playgrounds.


Flushing Meadows Mini Golf 718-271-8182

Mini golf has always been considered a wholesome, fun-filled family activity. Located in Queens, this course is landscaped and includes streams and waterfalls. The price is $8.75 for adults and $6.75 for children and seniors. Parking is free. The course is a year round operation and fully lit in the evenings. It’s open from 8:00 AM through midnight at this time of year.

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Parenting Panel Moderated by Dr. Dov Finman

Should I Have my Non-Observant Relatives over for Sukkos?

Rabbi Dov Silver

Madraigos, Founder and Executive Vice President I understand your dilemma and it is a complicated situation. Let me begin by saying that our first responsibility is to our children. We, as parents, need to have a grasp of our children’s commitment to Torah and mitzvos. If you feel that your children’s commitment may be compromised by your extended family, I would find a peaceful and respectful way of letting them know that having them over didn’t work out well for the family and it would be better if the family could get together on another occasion that is not a Jewish holiday. In order to assess the situation to determine if your kids will be influenced negatively, I would recommend that you consult with your rav. Sometimes it is difficult to see the reality with our own kids because of the lack of objectivity. Personally, I grew up in a home where my family was constantly hosting non-observant Jews for Shabbos and holidays. The experience was extremely rewarding and special, and it made a tremendous impact on my life. I want to express that if it is indeed possible to host your non-observant relatives without the negative influences, the experience can be tremendous for all involved. Being part of this tremendous mitzvah of kiruv rechokim, bringing His children back to our Father in Heaven, is a phenomenal z’chus which facilitates growth and inspiration. May you and your family have a happy and uplifting yom tov.

cially true, as we have an added obligation to be close to our family and have a relationship with them, all the more so if they are far away from observance. There is a gemara in Yevamos that states that one who is “mekarev es krovav,” who has great relationships with his family, Hashem always answers his prayers. The

tives. You could do either one or both, those details probably require more specific information. However, you should always take into account the developmental appropriateness of the conversation when talking with your children. You probably don’t need to say anything to the very young children. When you speak with the older children, make sure to speak about your relatives in a positive way. Something like, “As you know we are so lucky to have your aunt and uncle for yom tov. We want to show them the beauty of Sukkos; so please make sure to share with them everything that you learned in yeshiva about sukkos, such as eating in the sukkah, shaking the lulav, etc…” If you see a repeat of last year, i.e. you see one of your children snacking outside of the sukkah, then just gently remind him that we want to show your family the beauty of the sukkah and so we make sure only to eat inside it. You can also use a strengthsbased approach by mentioning to your child how great a job he has done so far and how proud you are of him this Sukkos for davening with kavana or whatever else you’ve noticed and then remind him to only eat in the sukkah. If you choose to speak to your relatives, you may want to phrase your words in a way that will keep them from getting defensive. One approach would be asking them to assist you with making sure the children eat in the sukkah. Instead of reminding them to keep your rules, you’re soliciting their help instead. Find a way to get them on your team, rather than reminding them that they are different.

Chinuch habonim is the most sacred job that we are charged with; you can never be too careful with the chinuch of your children.

pasuk in Yeshayahu (58:7) also teaches us “mibsarcha al tisalem,” one may never turn away from one’s family. If they are respectful of the halachos, as you say, and you feel it will be a “davar hanishma,” something they can hear, it is appropriate to let them know the standards of the home for Sukkos. I also think it is a good idea to let your children know that not all Jews in the world are observant; that we love our relatives despite the fact that they are not observant, and just because they act in a certain way does not mean that we act that way.

Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky Menahel, DRS HALB

Dr. Dov Finman Licensed Clinical Psychologist Professor, Adelphi University

As with all questions of this nature, it is difficult to give one answer that fits every specific situation. In general, it is a great thing to have not-yet-observant relatives over to the house. As the question points out, there is tremendous value in showing others the beauty of Torah Judaism. Aside from this, simply showing love and care to one’s fellow Jew, observant or not, is a foundation of Yahadus. With one’s family it is espe-

Chinuch habonim is the most sacred job that we are charged with; you can never be too careful with the chinuch of your children. Additionally, in general, being proactive usually yields better results, so it’s great that you’re taking the initiative now to resolve this dilemma. You mentioned two options: one, talk to your kids, two, talk to the rela-

s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Last year on Sukkos we had family visit and spend yom tov with us. Some of our relatives are not religious; they are generally respectful of the halachos that we keep in our home but there were times when they ate inside the house instead of the sukkah. I try not to judge my relatives; I love them wholeheartedly and want to show them the sweet derech of Torah. However, I saw this behavior rub off on some of my own children eating outside the sukkah. I was unsure what to do last year, I just kept reminding my kids to eat in the sukka. I anticipate a repeat this year. Should I speak to my relatives before they come? Should I say something to the children before the yom tov starts?

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Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

TJH Staff

How to Get Closer


itting in the sukkah brings us closer to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Wouldn’t it be nice to get closer to our loved ones as well? Let’s listen in on a conversation that took place between Laurie and Morrie a week ago. “Okay,” Laurie said, “I’m going to my lunch group.” “What a big waste of time,” was what popped out of Morrie’s mouth. Laurie was taken aback. Suddenly, the pleasure she was feeling at her upcoming meeting diminished. She walked out, wondering what hit her. “Why can’t I be trusted to decide what is a good use of my own time?” Laurie thought as she sat down in the car. “Yeah! Why can’t I?” she said aloud with some strength. She started the car and put on her Bluetooth so she could safely talk to her husband. She dialed his number and pulled out as he answered the phone. “That was very insulting!” she told him, “And it wasn’t at all nice.” Now Morrie was startled. “What wasn’t nice?” he asked, totally not connecting things. After Laurie explained to him what should have been obvious but wasn’t, he replied with the way-overused response, “Can’t I express my feelings?” Luckily, Laurie was prepared for this. She had been educating herself on the subtleties of hurtful communication – and how to handle it. “Of course you should express your feelings. But that’s not at all what you did. You put me down! It hurt my feelings and took the fun out of things.” Again, Morrie was puzzled. “How did it put you down?” he wanted to know. “Because you decided I don’t know how to spend my time. You acted as if I’m not a responsible person when here I’m working so hard. Aren’t I entitled to a break?” “Of course you’re responsible,” Morrie answered, somewhat defensively. “And of course you’re entitled to decide how to spend your time. I could understand it if you said you wanted to go to a shiur, or to work out at the gym. But all you’re doing is going to gab to some women. That’s what I don’t get.” “There you go; you’ve just made my point. If I don’t do what you think is on your official list of approved activities, it’s a waste of time. Do you really think that’s respectful?” Morrie inhaled deeply. He could see her point. “I didn’t mean to be dis-

respectful,” he said quietly, “but I don’t understand it at all.” “Then why don’t you just ask me a good, well-thought-out question?” Laurie replied. “Ask me what you don’t understand! Isn’t that the basis of getting to know someone?” It’s interesting that Laurie mentioned getting to know someone. They had been married 34 years and it felt to Laurie like her husband didn’t really “get” her at all. But she was correct: A secret to getting past the oppositeness of the genders is

When you say something that puts down your listener, what does your listener do? He stops listening! You know this; you’ve been on the receiving end of it. So instead of ‘expressing yourself’ for the purpose of having your thoughts heard and respected, your thoughts and opinions just went into the wastebasket. Don’t blame the listener for that: You did it yourself. This is why real communication begins with asking, “What will be the impact of my exercising my freedom to

When you say something that puts down your listener, what does your listener do? He stops listening! asking good questions. In fact, what Laurie didn’t mention, which is an even more basic secret of the genders, is to keep your mouth shut for that extra 30 seconds and ask yourself, “What will be the impact of my exercising my freedom to ‘express myself’?” You see, it’s not all about First Amendment Rights. In a Torah-ruled home, expressing yourself, while important, takes second place to creating shalom. The Torah requests of us in Leviticus (Vayikra) 25:17: “lot sono ish es amiso.” The word “sono” is from the root hanwa which is used in the expression “onaas devorim” to hurt with words (Gemara 58b). On the other hand, what kind of relationship would two people have if they can’t be honest? How can two people live together for decades and not be totally themselves? Wouldn’t that be a farce? Paradoxically, following the Torah guidelines creates more openness and more understanding. It fosters an environment in which a person can truly be himself or herself – and be accepted for it. How is that? How can keeping mum foster openness and real communication? Let me explain how the opposite – saying whatever is on your mind in plain English breaks down communication:

express myself?” This impact includes both the impact on the listener and the degree to which my ideas got listened to. Let’s go back to Morrie and see how this plays out. Had Morrie asked himself this question, he would immediately have realized that (a) his wife’s feelings would be hurt, and (b) she obviously would not take his views into account once she has shut down. So he scores zero. How then is Morrie supposed to communicate with his wife? The real question is what exactly does he want to communicate anyway? I would bet he didn’t intend to insult her; that would definitely not help his cause. Let’s continue the conversation between Laurie and Morrie further. Let’s assume that Laurie, wise as she is, demonstrates to Morrie what she is talking about by asking him a wellthought-out question. “So if you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings,” Laurie begins, “what were you trying to convey?” Morrie’s answer is surprising. “You know how worried I am about business and if you go out and don’t put those receivable bills in the mail before Yom Tov, then we have a very small chance of getting paid before the end of the month. You know the condition of our financ-

es!” Ah. Now we know what was going on in Morrie’s mind. It’s too bad he didn’t give one iota of indication that that’s what it was when he first attacked his wife. “So why didn’t you just say, ‘I’m worried about getting out the billing. Are you certain you should put your meeting first?’” Laurie responded. “I didn’t think of it that way,” Morrie replied sheepishly. Now, Morrie has had time to think. In the cooler atmosphere of a rational conversation rather than snap attacks, he realizes that he never did find out why his wife thought the meeting would be more important than the billing. “All right. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings,” Morrie said. “And now I am curious to know how you figured going to this luncheon would be a good use of your time under the circumstances.” “That’s easy,” Laurie answered. “First of all, I need a break. If I do accounts for too long, I start to make mistakes. You know I’ve been trying to cut down on coffee so I can sleep better. I’m not a machine; something has to give. Second of all, I am hungry. Maybe it’s because of all the fasts we’ve had! Since I have to eat anyway, why not try that restaurant they’re meeting at and see how we like it?” Apparently, Laurie did have some good reasons. People usually do. Finding them out in an open, curious way – not a demanding, argumentative way – fosters closeness, understanding, intimacy, friendship and First Amendment rights, too! As we sit in our sukkahs and feel that closeness to Hashem, let’s bring our families close, too. By holding back from impulsively blurting out the first thing on our minds and instead figuring out what good questions to ask, we not only learn more about our loved one, but we also create an environment in which our loved one wants to know more about us as well. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn, a Marriage & Family Therapist and best-selling author of The Healing Is Mutual--Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect--Together, is proud to announce that readers of The Jewish Home will receive a $50 discount on every visit to her Woodmere office. For more information, call 646-54-DRDEB or check out her website at

Lori Boxer

Start the Year Eating Right on their own about the foods they want to eat. Make cooking fun and interesting. Eat meals together. A family that eats together eats better. Children who report frequent family dinners have healthier diets than their peers who don’t. Avoid portion distortion. When serving the food, institute portion control, as in “this is what you are allocated” instead of a buffet-type or family-style situation. Many obesity experts suggest that it is the lack of portion control at home as well as the super-sizing of portions at fast-food restaurants that

are short-term solutions to what will be a lifelong challenge. The goal is to learn to eat today the way you have to eat for the rest of your life. Can you eat steak and eggs and butter or macaroni and cheese daily for the rest of your life? No. Do you want your kids to eat that way? No. Take the time to learn what a healthy diet is because the mealtime habits you help create within your children now can lead to a lifetime of healthier choices. Parents who are al-

A family that eats together eats better.

can play a part to encourage healthy eating in your household in order to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. Be a good role model. The # 1 thing that parents can do is to be a good role model for their children. Parents very often set their kids up for failure. If there are only chips and cookies and no fruit or veggies when your kids look for snacks, how can they succeed at healthy eating? Instead, stock your refrigerator and pantry with fresh fruits, mini-carrots, cucumbers and celery sticks, lowfat cheese and low-sodium crackers. Be positive. Instead of telling your child to “lose weight,” say, “Let’s be healthy and start taking care of our bodies.” Focus on the foods you can eat, not on the ones you can’t. Say, “Let’s go pick out fruits and make a fruit salad” instead of “Don’t eat that.” Instead of saying, “We have to exercise,” say, “Let’s go for a walk in the park.” Don’t approach a child’s weight loss needs from a cosmetic standpoint. Make healthy eating a family affair. Make meals or prepare foods that are appropriate for the whole family so you don’t single out the overweight child as having a special meal. Select age-appropriate tasks so your child can help you make the meal; this can help prepare them to make good decisions

plays a major role in the obesity crisis in America. You must also limit your own portions and not overeat. Talk about your feelings of fullness. You might say, “This is delicious, but I’m full, so I’m going to stop eating.” Don’t force kids to clean their plates. Doing so teaches kids to override feelings of fullness. Start the day off right with a good breakfast. A bowl of low-sugar cereal with low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt with a granola bar or an English muffin with sugar-free jelly is better than a doughnut or muffin or calorie-laden bagel. Pack a nutritious lunch for children. One of the major sources of fat and sugar in a child’s diet comes from school lunches. So try and make packed lunches fun. Include a bottle of water, not soda or sugar-flavored juice, and a piece of fresh fruit or apple sauce as opposed to a candy bar; low fat popcorn instead of chips. Encourage your child to have whole-grain breads to eliminate white-flour and white-sugar from their diets. If you can get a child thinking about what they eat for lunch, you may be able to help them make positive changes. A good place to start may be at the grocery store where you can shop together for healthy, packable foods. Try again. Some parents say, “My kids just don’t like broccoli or cauliflower or string beans,” but sometimes it takes more than one introduction to a food. Remember, too, you can’t ask them to eat broccoli if you are eating something else! Rise to the challenge yourself. We all know that diets don’t work, that they

ways dieting or complaining about their bodies may foster these same negative feelings in their children. Don’t diet for the rest of your life; change your diet for the rest of your life.

Lori Boxer is the Director of Weight No More™ Diet Center. In addition to serving the Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey communities for 25 years, they also provide Skinny Skype™ service to clients nationwide and to Israel. For more information, please call Rosalie Shatzman, Rana Frankel and Linda Franklin in their Cedarhurst office, 516.569.6400.

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eptember is a wonderful time of year: It returns our children to school. It also brings the yomim tovim, a period of soul-searching, introspection and self-evaluation. Hashem brings out His “scales” in order to weigh the deeds of every person. As parents, make a commitment this year to contemplate the ways in which you

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Health & Fitness


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Ask the Rabbi Yehoshua Levy

Babble or Bible? I usually enjoy the “Ask the Rabbi” than prayer. column and find it stimulating, infor   It is true that desecrating the name mative, and even entertaining. In a pre- of G-d is one of the worst sins that a Jew vious edition, I was surprised to see you can do. The Aruch Hashulchan points write certain things that I found difficult out that there is a perception among to believe and understand. Quite frank- some that non-Jews are more respectful ly, I was somewhat offended by it. You in their houses of worship than Jews are. compared talking If the atmosphere during the chazin shul is more like zan’s repetition a social gathering of the Shemoneh than serving our A shul that is Esrei to murder Creator, we are remeant only for and idol worship, inforcing that perattributed the ception and that prayer does not burning of synais a desecration of require a mezuzah. gogues to talking G-d’s name. that took place in    The source those shuls, stated that said a that one who talks shul-talker loses during prayers has no portion in the his place in the World to Come is certainWorld to Come, and wrote that it is the ly talking about one who has no regard worst sin a Jew can do. I may not know for this law and no respect for communal that much Torah law, but I feel pretty prayer. Even so, it’s not clear that all othconfident that there are worse sins a er authorities agree with that statement. man can do. Do you stand by what you As to the comparison to murder, idolawrote? try, and that it is the worst sin possible, it’s not uncommon for the talmud and The Rabbi Responds: halachik authorities to make compariFirstly, thank you for the introduc- sons that have a basis, but aren’t to be tory compliments and for giving me a understood literally. They are intended chance to respond and clarify. to help us realize the importance of cerI take responsibility for what is print- tain laws that even G-d fearing observant ed in this column, and I understand that Jews tend to take lightly sometimes. We it was written in a way that could have would never engage in idol worship and been easily misunderstood. would never kill in cold blood, but we    If every person who ever spoke (yours truly included) fail to appreciate during prayer would lose their portion the sanctity of a shul—which is like the in the World to Come, then I must ad- Holy Temple in many ways—and the demit that I too am in big trouble. There corum required when talking to the King is a big difference between those who of all kings. Prayer is one of those areas occasionally slip up and those who are which we constantly need to remind ourserial talkers during prayer. The sources selves how important it is and how we quoted saying that many shuls have been should conduct ourselves. The lesson we destroyed or have become churches as should take from these statements is that a result of talking that went on in those prayer and decorum in the synagogue is places are very credible. But they were more serious than we tend to think. Anreferring to shuls where talking was ram- other lesson I will take from this is to be pant and there was a general lack of re- more careful as an writer. spect for prayer among the congregants. All the best, It’s also noteworthy that while the ShulYehoshua Levy chan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) rules that idle talk is forbidden in shul even when prayers are not being recited, nowadays there is some room for leniency Please note, the information written above is concerning such talk, since some early not meant as a rabbinic ruling. If you have authorities rule that shuls are general- any questions, please consult your rabbinic ly built with a “precondition” allowing authority for clarification. Yehoshua Levy, a teacher of Torah, is a them to be used for essential matters othwriter and lecturer who dares to think outer than prayer. A shul that is meant only for prayer does not require a mezuzah. If side the box to bring his thought-provoking your shul has a mezuzah by the entrance insights and facts to his readers. He welto the sanctuary, it’s probably because it comes your comments and can be reached at was built for and is used for things other


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Don’t play the odds with your child’s future Keeping a child with learning disabilities in a mainstream class, when he or she needs the support of a professional special education program, greatly increases the risks of failure and isolation with the potential for at-risk behavior in the later grades. Since 1992, CAHAL has helped hundreds of children in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, Queens and greater Nassau County overcome their learning disabilities. CAHAL has a proven success rate of helping children rejoin mainstream classes and reach their full potential, while avoiding the shame and stigma of being singled out. CAHAL’s success in the classroom adds up to a brighter future for our children! To discuss placement of a child with learning disabilities contact CAHAL today at 516-295-3666 or visit us online at WWW.CAHAL.ORG.

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81 95 Esther Ottensoser

r u o y g n i n r o Ad Sukkah withGrace d n a e c n a g e l E

! t I e m a r F

Gedolim pictures have become an integral part of our sukkah decorating. So many sukkos have their array of roshei yeshiva, rebbes, rabbonim – past and present. This year I decided to give my pictures and artwork a uniform look. I created simple, inexpensive, matching frames in which to put various gedolim photos (and other sets of pictures). Here are three different ideas for decorating inexpensive wooden frames (available in craft stores for just $1).

Scrapbooking Paper Frames Supplies Wooden frame Scrapbooking paper Glue Paint Mod Podge –optional Directions Trace the frame onto (wrong side) scrapbooking paper. Cut out. Paint all areas of the frame that will not be covered with scrapbooking paper. Allow to dry. Use glue to glue scrapbooking paper to the frame. Using a glue called Rubber Cement is advisable to prevent paper from bubbling. As an option, you can Modge Podge the frame as well.

WiIsShH HHoOmMeE nn MsAY TThHeE JJeEw e p t2e4m, b2012 e r 1 7 , 2013


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Stone Frame Supplies Wooden frame Crushed stone vase filler (available at floral department in craft stores) Paint Elmer’s Glue

Directions Paint the frame. Allow to dry. Glue the stones onto the frame. Make sure to put on enough glue so that the stones will stick sufficiently. Allow to dry before hanging.

Diamond Wrap Frame Supplies Wooden frame Diamond wrap Paint Tacky Glue

Directions Paint frame. Allow to dry. Cut enough diamond wrap to cover the frame. Glue diamond wrap onto the frame. For all these projects, it is advisable to laminate pictures to prevent damage from the rain.

I’m excited to introduce you to my new Sukkos decoration concept. I couldn’t help but notice the variety of interesting leathers and vinyls available on the market. Sorting through the many different colors and textures, it dawned on me that I could easily create Sukkos décor using one of my favorite combinations: leather and nail heads. To make the project easier and more affordable, I replaced the nail heads with simple thumbtacks. The “Bruchim Ha’baim” is just one idea being shown, but use this concept to create any sukkah decoration or wall décor throughout the year.

Supplies 12”x 18” -¼” plywood 12” x 18’” -1/4” cork 15”x 21” piece of leather or vinyl to cover the board 1/4 yd coordinating piece of leather/vinyl for the lettering Thumbtacks Gold paint marker Hook for hanging

Directions Place the 15”x21” piece of leather/vinyl face down on a flat work surface; center your cork on top of the faced down leather/vinyl. Next you will place the wood on top of the cork. Pull and staple the leather to the back of the board using a staple gun or a regular stapler. Make sure the fabric is taut and secure, paying special attention to the corners. Create a “nail head border” by putting thumbtacks all around the board. Copy, cut and trace the letters on to the

coordinating leather. Cut out lettering. Place the letters on the board and then smear a thin layer of glue on the back of the letters. Glue the letters onto the board. Work neatly so the leather doesn’t get messy. Decorate the letters with additional thumbtacks. Outline the lettering using a gold marker for extra enhancement. Use a hammer to bang a hook on the back for hanging.

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

! n I t i l i a N

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ZAhAvA Block, Assistant Head Counselor Assistant Program Directors: AvitAl ABrAhAm, ronit PelcovitZ Division Heads: GolDie Dicker, chAni herShkoWitZ, rivkA GolDin, AvivA GreenBerG, chumi iSrAel, rikki liff, rAiZy nitZky, PeninA Wolff

Shira abramSon • Gila adler • Shana afterGut • ariela aGreSS • eSti aiSenStark • michelle alper • racheli ambinder • penina amSterdam • chayale andruSier • miriam andruSier • chevi aronovitz • tova aSa • rachel aviSrur • zipi avitan • kayla axelrod • hadaS azriel • lea bachrach • naomi backer • eliSheva bahar • dena bald • Simone battat • aviGail beer • eSti beGun • mrS. ettie behrend • aliza belSky • miriam benjamin • peSSy benno • dalia benScher • Shani berGer • abby berGman • aliza berkowitz • eSther berkowitz • marGalit berkowitz • marcella berman • racheli berman • Sophia berman • kaila bernhard • theda beyda • chayale biderman • adina biStricer • atara biStricer • chaya blaivaS • chana blaShnikov • chani blatt • yocheved blau • batSheva blauStein • Shaindy bleier • racheli block • tobi blumenfeld • atara blumenthal • leah bodner • nechama bodner • haddaSa boGomilSky • ariela bortz • yitti brailofSky • Shayna brainin • Shifra braude • malky brazil • deena brecher • miri brecher • brina breSSler • rachel breSSler • ahuva bronStein • chaya bronStein • chevi brown • chana leah brownStein • Shaindee broyn • eSther buchen • layala buchler • Sorah buchSbaum • rochel buxbaum • blimie chait • tzippy chait • raizy chein • nadia choueka • ariella cohen • eSther cohen • mrS. Shana cohen • tali cohen • yael cohen • avia cooperSmith • leora crandall • tiferet crandall • dafna dancykier • chava daniShevSky • noa daube • riki daviS • hadaSSa deitSch • chaya dembitzer • Gabi deutSch • Shevy deutSch • aviva diamond • kayla diamond • yael diamond • ariella dickman • riki drazin • alexandra eaGle • eSther edell • Sara edelStein • eSti ehrman • leah ehrman • breindy eiSenStein • tzipora eiSenStein • nechama eizik • natali elfenbein • Gitty ellenboGen • rachel ellman • lani enGel • chaya epStein • eSty ettlinGer • naGila faizzadeh • mrS. Shani farkaS • rebetzin aviva feiner • mrS. adina feinStein • Shima feinStein • Sara dina feinzeiG • eliana feller • hindy fink • racheli fink • fayGe finkelStein • zahava fiSchman • yael fiShel • Sarah fiShman • tziril frank • penina freedman • miri frei • blimie fried • chaya Gitty fried • rucki fried • brocha leah friedman • nechama friedman • rykki friedman • Sara friedman • Sheva friSchman • chavie fuchS • lee-el Gakner • eliSheva Gantz • tSivia Gavzey • faiGi Gelb • eSti GelliS • eSther Gemal • elka GerShman • eSti GerSten • Shalva GinSparG • adina Glanzman • baSSie Gold • Shevi Gold • faiGi Goldbaum • faiGy Goldblatt • rochel GoldfiScher • ShulamiS GoldfiScher • nechama Goldhar • chani GoldinG • Gitty Goldman • yitty Goldman • Gila GoldStone • mrS. Goodman • nechama Goodman • Shevy Gordon • yehudiS devorah Gordon • zahavah Gottlieb • kayla GreenberG • miri GreenberG • rachelli Greenfield • rachela Greenman • batSheva Greenwald • atara GroSS • orly GroSS • malkie Gruner • Sarala Grunhut • chanie Grunwald • mimi Grunwald • hadaSah Gitty Gutman • malky Gutman • carolyn haber • Shir halevi • chani haller • tamara hammer • tova hammer • zahava hanflinG • miri haSSan • batSheva hecht • devorah heimlich • dina helberG • michelle herShberG • miriam herShkowitz • devorah hertzberG • chaya bracha hirSch • naomi hofman • chaya hollander • Shaindy holtzberG • talya horenStein • ruti horn • Shana horn • yocheved horovitz • chaya rivky horowitz • kelly hyman • Goldy ilowitz • eSty ironi • chana jacobS • eSti jacobSon • aliza jaffa • malky jakobovitS • Sarala jeGer • aliza jeidel • eSty kahan • racheli kaiSman • ShoShana kaminetSky • leah kaplan • eliSheva katz • julie katz • racheli katz • Sara katz • eSther kazlow • orly kierSzenbaum • baSya kinzer • racheli klauSner • alti klein • tamar klein • Gittela kleinkaufman • nechama kleinkaufman • Shaindy kleinkaufman • Shevi kliGer • Sury kolodny • lea koniG • Sarala korn • racheli kotler • laila krauS • peri krauS • rivkah krawiecz • rivky kreinberG • chaya krieGer • elka krupka • ilana kunStlinGer • Goldy kupczyk • rayzee kutner • Shana kutner • eSti lam • talya landau • Sara lanG • pearly lapciuc • amanda lax • tova lazaruS • elianna lebowitz • Sarah lederer • faiGa miriam leff • ShoShana leibowitz • Stephanie leichtunG • raina leon • alySSa lerer • frimi lerner • rena lerner • Shana lerner • rivka levenSon • arielle leventhal • bonnie leventhal • kayla michal levi • deena levine • eSther baSya levine • traci levine • Stephanie levit • adina levitan • leora levitan • nechie levitz • Sori lewinSon • bracha libman • ShoShana libman • Sarala lichtenStein • eSti lichtman • hindy lieberman • racheli liebhard • ahuva liff • adina linn • rina linn • Shira linn • ShoShana linzer • malka lipovenko • nechama litenatSky • rachel loffman • Simi love • chantal low • ShoShana lowenthal • chanie lowy • michali luz • tali lyonS • aviva mael • jordana mael • aShira maGid • tehila mahana • perri malek • tali malkin • mrS. meira mandel • nechama mandel • Sarah mandelbaum • chaya Sara manSour • rochel leah marGoliS • S'rivka marGoliS • brocha marmorStein • noa maSe • becca maSin • barbara matalon • roSie matalon • alia matitia • tzippy matitia • marGie matthewS • carly mayer • toby mayer • aviGail mayzel • reGina menahem • ayala mendlowitz • fraidy mermelStein • yomi mermelStein • Sarra metzGer • abby meyer • aliza miller • aviva miller • melanie miller • rivky miller • malka mizrachi • bracha monczyk • frumie morGenStern • keren moyal • Shira muSkat • adina naGelberG • tamar nelkenbaum • rikki neuhauSer • ilana neumann • S'rivka neumann • tziporah nierenberG • rivka niSSel • yaffa nuSbacher • malka nuSbaum • yaelle nuSbaum • tiki nuSSbaum • etty olGin • tova orbach • ilana peck • rachel pekarSky • debbie perl • daniella perlStein • cypora perr • daniella philipS • ruchama pliner • devorah plotzker • Shaindy plotzker • mimi pollack • batSheva pollak • chaya pollak • malka pranSky • ayelet prero • yael proviSor • adel rabinowitz • menucha rabinowitz • rayna rabinowitz • rikki radner • Shiffy raichik • hindy rand • Sheina raSkin • yali rechnitz • eSty reich • mimi reich • chayale rhine • Shayna ritz • dahlia rivkin • ayelet roller • daSSy roSen • adina roSenberG • eSty roSenberG • malky roSenberG • Shira roSenberG • chana aviGail roSenStock • hindy roSS • ShoShana rotenberG • beka dalit rozenberG • adina rubin • ruchie rubinStein • Sarah ruchelman • michelle SabaG • chayala Scharf • nechama Schattner • rina Scheiner • rebecca Schenker • Gabrielle Schlakman • rivkoh Schleider • hindy SchliSSelfeld • eSther Schnaidman • kayla Schoen • aliza Schoenbrun • Shani Schonfeld • dina Schorr • mindy Schron • rivky Schubert • michal Schulman • batya Schultz • leah SchuSS • eSty Schwartz • Shaindy Schwartz • Shani Schwartz • tzirel leah Schwartz • yehudiS Schwartz • miki Schwebel • Sarah Schwebel • penina SebbaG • eSter SeGel • Goldy SenderovitS • mimi Senter • rachel Shain • malka Shapiro • chani Sheinfeld • eStee Sheinfil • chava Sherman • amiela Shiff • rivka Shuchatowitz • aleeza Shumacher • judy Silber • malka Silber • ayala Silverman • eStie SiminS • rifky SinGer • aviGail Small • avital Sobol • nechama Sochet • eSty Soibelman • miriam Solomon • malky SontaG • eSther SoSowSky • tziporah Spector • tzivia Spector • moriah Spellman • eliSheva Spinner • daniella Spira • chana Spitzer • Shira Spitzer • reizy Stahl • etana Staiman • rachel miriam Stamler • Shevy StefanSky • rivky SteiGman • revital Stein • eSti SteinberG • Sarah Steinhardt • tziporah Steinhardt • temima Steinherz • atara Stern • chavie Stern • yocheved SternberG • perri Sternbuch • raizy StraSSer • meira StrauSS • tova Strohli • eStee taub • eSty taub • batya teller • nechami tenenbaum • devora tennenbaum • aliza tepper • Sara tepper • atara toSo • miriam traube • rivky treGer • chavi tuSk • tehila tyberG • Shayna udman • yael unGar • racheli uSdan • blimie wachSmann • brochy waGner • rivky warGa • aiden waSSerman • rifkele waSSner • aliza weill • peSSi weill • tirtzah weill • mrS. hinde wein • tzivi weinberG • eliSheva weinberGer • Sheina weinGarten • frumie weinreb • devora weiSS • racheli weiSS • ilana weStbrook • danielle wietSchner • ella williG • yehudiS wincelberG • baSya wolf • yaffa wyGoda • ronit yaiSh • ita yarmiSh • miriam yitzchakov • mrS. liba yoffe • eSti zacharowicz • racheli zakS • muShka rochel zaltSman • aviva zapinSky • Sarit zaret • Shifra zeiler • rivky zinStein • yehudiS zuckerman • muShkie zwiebel


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


Events Coordinator: Duvi Becker Assistant Program Directors: Shlomo Groner, Alex PorcelAin, ePhrAim ShAPiro Division Heads: moShe DeutSch, meir GooDmAn, Avrumi heimoWitZ, meir kAlmAnSon, elAD mAimon, ShAyA SAmet, DoviD tAuBer

yoSSi abadi • Sruly abraham • david abutbul • avi adler • Shlomo adler • nadav afri • tzvi aiSenStark • elchanan amar • jack anteby • albert balaSiano • avromi balSam • benjamin bedziner • mayer behrend • yoSSi beller • meir berGer • Shua berGer • dovi berman • aSher berSin • meir bienenfeld • avraham birnbaum • benny birnbaum • yoSef bizouati • yitzchok blachman • yaakov blatter • avrumi bliSko • yoShi block • iSrael blum • yaakov bolel • akiva bomzer • yoni bonan • yitzchok bortz • chezki botwinick • ShimShin braver • ari broker • berl brown • moShe meir brown • zalman nechemia brown • zev brull • yoSef buchen • natan buchSbaum • dovid meir burnham • Shmuel carrey • eliyahu caSSar • niSSim chod • maxi chopp • Shloime chopp • evyatar cohen • ShimShon cohen • yaakov cohen • mordechai cukier • yitzy cyperStein • mordy dachS • mordichai daduSh • moShe daphna • yitzchok davieS • Shlomo deutSch • ezzy dicker • menachem dicker • yaakov drebin • yehuda dukhan • yehuda ebStein • daniel eckStein • zevi edelkopf • dani edelman • ari edelStein • refoel ehrenpreiS • marc eichenbaum • yehuda eiSenberGer • ahron dovid eiSenreich • ari eiSenreich • leiby eiSenreich • armo elazary • moiShe eliaS • yaakov epStein • david eSSeS • iSaac eSSeS • nechemiya faGleman • eli farkaS • duvy feiler • herShy feiler • ely feintuch • yanki fekete • avromie felSenthal • eli finGerer • Shlomo fink • alex finkelStein • meir finkelStein • abba floranS • yitzy frankel • david freilich • nuSSi fried • nutty fried • Shimi fuerSt • Shalom Ganz • chaim Gelber • daniel GenachowSki • tani GerStman • eitan Gewirtz • yitzchak GinSberG • yonah Glatter • Shmuly Glick • mark GlickSman • Sender Gluck • yitzy Gluck • jordan Gold • moShe Gold • Shmuli Gold • yehuda GoldberG • benjamin GoldStein • dovi GoldStein • zecharia Gottlieb • Shia Green • yoSef yehuda Green • yaakov aryeh Greenwald • eli GroSS • Shlomo GroSS • chaim GrunberG • yoel Grunhut • daniel GuGenheim • eli GunSburG • yitzchak Guterman • tzvi haber • tzvi hanS • akiva haSS • mordechai heimlich • Shaye dovid heller • duvi herSkowitz • avi hirSch • eliezer hirSch • boruch hirth • Shuie hochman • mordechai hoffman • ari horn • aSher horovitz • yehuda horowitz • alexander huberfeld • chaim jacobowitz • avi jacobSon • yaakov jeidel • yehuda joffe • aaron joSeph • avraham junGreiS • david kadaShev • ari kadiSh • ShimShie kahan • yehuda kahan • zak kanter • kalman yoSef katlowitz • yaakov yiSrael katlowitz • eliyahu katz • nuty katz • tzvi katz • yoSSi katz • chaim kaufman • zevi kaufman • Sruly keSSner • Sruli klariStenfeld • yaakov kleiman • michael klein • yoSef klein • cheSky kleinkaufman • Shmuel kohn • meir kolko • tuvia korn • david kramer • Shaya krauSz • jj kreSch • mendy kunStlinGer • reuven kupferStein • avi kweStel • yaakov lanGer • aryeh laufer • moShe S. lax • chaim lazaruS • moShe lebovitS • tzvi eli lefkowitz • avi lerer • benyomin lerner • binyamin levin • Shmuly levitin • reuven levovitz • moShe levy • azi lichtenStein • eli lichtenStein • yoSSi lichtenStein • moe lichter • yehuda lieberman • akiva liebowitz • lozi liff • menachem liGht • eli lipSchitz • dovid loewenthal • yoni lorber • ezri lowenthal • yiSroel lowenthal • yoSSi lowy • joSh luGaSSy • zalmen malik • yitzy mandel • tzvika manieS • yehoShua marcovich • mordechai marcuS • yoSSi marcuS • david mendelSohn • adam mermelStein • cheSky miller • Shmaya miller • ezra moSkowitz • menachem neumann • yedidia norman • yehuda olGin • Gidi orelowitz • moShe orkanov • chai ouzzan • maor pachima • avi parneS • dudi parneS • yehuda parneS • adi paSternak • yitzi patchen • aSher pearl • ari peikeS • akiva perl • Shmuly perlow • yoni pfeiffer • daniel pincuS • ShamShy pinter • aron platSchek • Shlomo platSchek • eli plopper • Shloimie plotzker • yoSSi pomerantz • menachem portnoy • Sruli portnoy • yoSef praGer • volvy prero • azriel pultman • yaakov raitzik • ari rappaport • yaakov raSkin • noSSon reichmann • yoSSi ribiat • avi roSalimSky • yehuda leib roSen • meyer roSenbaum • naftali hertz roSenberG • Shuey roSenberG • yitzy roSenblatt • yoSSi roSenblatt • yoSef roSenthal • yoSef chaim rothSchild • avrumi rottenberG • max rowe • avi rubin • david rubin • yoSef rubinStein • cj SaleS • yaakov SalGo • aharon Samowitz • Simcha Sauer • dovid Schachner • meir Schattner • kalman Scher • Shimmy SchleSinGer • eli Schonbrun • avi SchuSter • dovid Schwab • zevi Schwab • baruch Schwartz • daniel Schwartz • moShe Schwartz • eli Schwartzblatt • eliyahu Schwed • eliyahu SeGal • dovid Seidel • menachem SeleSki • menachem SeliGer • elchanan Shamla • boruch Shapiro • levi Shapiro • Shaya Shapiro • eli ShebSon • aviShai Sherman • yoSSi Sherr • ephraim ShkarofSky • meir Simcha Silverman • benji Simon • yaakov SinGer • noam Slodovnick • paul Slodovnick • moiShe SochaczewSky • chemi Soibelman • reuvain Solny • Gavriel SomerStein • aron yoSef Spielman • ezriel Spinner • yanky Spitzer • ahron Stark • Sruly SteG • alex Stern • Shimi Stern • yoSSi Stern • raphael StrauSS • ari Streicher • jeSSe Sutton • mayer taub • nachman taub • chaim tecotzky • chaim teitelbaum • yehuda tenenbaum • pinny trachtenberG • lippy treitel • danny treStman • yiSroel trop • yitzy tyrnauer • moShe vatch • Shea waGSchal • Shmuel wallerStein • eli warman • uriel waSSner • leopold-lipa weinGarten • benji weintraub • avrumi weiSS • dovid weiSS • Shmulie weiSS • yehuda weiSS • yitzchak weiSS • michoel weiSz • ShraGi weiSz • volvy weiSz • ezriel wertzberGer • netanel winderboim • rami winkler • Samuel witriol • moiShe wulliGer • mordechai wulliGer • harry yarmiSh • menachem yoffe • danny younGer • yitzy yudkovSky • tzvi zazulia • cheSky zeffren • Godil mordechai zellermaier • yoSaif zellermaier • nechemya zelmanowitz • eli ziGun • Shimmy ziGun • akiva zneimer • boruch zucker

The children and families of Chai Lifeline thank the outstanding staff of Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special for making the 2013 season the best ever!

located on the jack & moishe horn campus rabbi eytan feiner Manhig Ruchni

laurel Steinherz, mD Medical Director, Camp Simcha

rivkah reichmann

Associate Director, Camp Simcha Special

rabbi Avrohom kunstlinger Bracha Goldress Director

Head Nurse, Camp Simcha

Ari Dembitzer

Bency Brown

robert van Amerongen, mD

rivky Schwartz

racheli meister

esti kleinkaufman

Director of Operations

Shaindy lowenthal Program Director

Medical Director, Camp Simcha Special

Head Nurse, Camp Simcha Special

Peter Steinherz, mD

Boys Head Counselor

Girls Head Counselor

Administrative Assistant

ruvain millet

Medical Director, Camp Simcha

Executive Chef

Medical staff Physicians:

tzvi aaron, md • jay begun, md • ilya buhtoiarov, md • zev carrey, md • leonid dubrovsky, md • carolyn fein levy, md • devra Gutfreund, md • eli halpert, md • alissa kahn, md • yosef levenbrown, md • rina meyer, md • Scott moerdler, md • michael rosen, md • liora Schultz, md • Gila Spitzer, md • leonard wexler, md nurses, nurse Practitioners, Physician’s assistants, Pharmacists, theraPists:

Shulamit amar • Gila biegacz • jennifer bieler • Shifra broder • rivka cooper • penina danziger • adina freud • mariel Goldstein • mozelle Goldstein• Shira malka Gordon • dina Greenfield • chaim Greenspan • tzipporah halpert • rivky hass • chaya hecht • dina honick • aliza kahn • Sarala korn • yossi krasner • tali lebowitz • Sori machlis • reena majer • Shira priluck • raizel robinson • rachel rosenberg • faygie Schwartz • yocheved leiba Seidel • betsy Sonnenblick • daniel Stok • tamar traube • etty vider • devorah warshavchik • dovid zidile emergency medical technicians, Paramedics:

joshua beren • david blumenthal • Shea farkas • joshua hans • Shlomo katz • tzvi katz • uri katz • moti leiser • Shalom lerner • normie lowenthal • beinish mandel • yisroel neuman • Simcha Shain • yossi Simha • yossi Sochaczewsky • moshe Somerstein • michael vatch • Shlomo zakheim • raanan zidile

Helping the child, the family and the community

151 west 30th street, new york, ny 10001 • 212.465.1300 • • •

s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

8th day • kevin abato • avrumi balsam • Shea beren • avi bernstein • nancy block • yoel brach • the hon. danny butler • baila caller - jumba • Sara cantor • jim carroll • chai riders motorcycle club • Shloime dachs • lynn dashiff • delorean mid-atlantic club • Shani farkas • Shea farkas • yanky fekete • avrohom fried • moishy fried • nuty fried • benny friedman • lenny friedman • nesanel Gold • yaakov Gold • tzvi Golding • Shloime Gertner • yehuda Green • junee • ely katz • chavi kestenbaum • dovid kestenbaum • yanky ketina • nochi krohn • Shimshi krohn • yosef krohn • aryeh kunstler • yoeli leichter • living torah museum • bentzy marcus • Shmuel marcus • Steve max • murray's kosher Socks • nypd • yiddi paplanos • peninsula hempstead Gun club • edon pinchot • rambam • jeremy reichberg • meyer rosenbaum • Srully rosenberg • chedva and eli rowe • lipa Schmeltzer • Srully Schreiber • moishe Schwartz • yitzy Schwartz • psachya Septimus • Simcha Shain • chemy Soibelman • Symphonia music • john tendy • tri State rod and Gun club • michael vatch • yoni z. • Shlomo zakheim • raanan zidile • yaakov ziennes • aaron zutler

The Jewish Home n

The children of Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special thank the following people for brightening our summer with their talent, time and love.


T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


87 Nate Davis

Back in the USSR: How Putin Schooled Obama whole life and all of the sudden embraced western democracy? Do you think he forgot about the Cold War? Perhaps President George W. Bush wasn’t that dumb after all. Shortly after meeting Putin for the first time, Bush said, “I looked into his heart and saw a kind man.” The world laughed at this statement, as everyone knew that Putin is a thug. But Bush’s strategy on a diplomatic level was “keep your enemies close.”  At the same time, Bush flexed America’s muscles by approving a plan to deploy a missile-defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland, despite Russia’s strong objection. Then came Obama. In his first term, he caved to Putin’s demands and scuttled the defense system plan. (If you don’t recall, that was when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented her Russian counterpart with a red button, which said “Reset” in English and “Peregruzka” in Russian. Unfortunately, the Russian word they used actually means overloaded, not reset.) Abandoning the program was a signal to Russia that America was weak. But it was essentially a back-room signal because if Putin would have thumped his chest about it, even the then-new and inexperienced President Obama would have realized that he is conceding too much ground to Russia. Once Putin got his back-room victory, he needed to publicly display Russian dominance. It took several years, but along came Edward Snowden and Syria. And here is where the final game begins...and ends very quickly. Putin grants asylum to Snowden and lectures America on democracy. Thumbs his nose at America. Score one for Putin. In response, Obama cancels a previously unilateral summit with Putin.  Putin placed in detention chair. Score one for Obama. Then comes the big play. Syria uses chemical weapons to attack women and children. Obama says that America will respond with force. Putin, who was just belittled by America, backs Assad. So what is going to happen? Obama doesn’t back down. He makes the case for an attack. Not bad. He’s holding on. But then he blinks. Instead of quickly lobbing some

cruise missiles at some chemical weapon sites and at a few of Assad’s palaces (to make him feel the pain), he remembers that he is the anti-Bush.  If G-d forbid his finger is ever seen near a trigger, he is no longer the king of the yuppity-duppity, Prius-driving, Preservethe-Earth crowd. So, he decides to kick the can over to Congress—who is on recess and back in their districts reading constituents’ letters about potholes—for them to pull the trigger on an attack. In the meantime, Putin is beating down on Obama and waiting to pounce. He doubles down by repeatedly warning America and Congress not to strike. Obama says, “We will strike.” Putin says, “Don’t you dare.” Who will win? Enter John Kerry. It’s his maiden voyage into diplomacy and it’s...Costa Concordia. You see, whereas Joe Biden has been a committed Obama administration gaffe machine for the past six years, his gaffes usually just embarrass the administration, but they never alter policy.  For example, when Biden said during the campaign that what America needs is a “three letter word: j-o-b-s,” everyone laughed and we moved on. (He actually makes us feel good because if he could get that far in life, it means everyone has a shot.) But Kerry is a totally different type of gaffer. He doesn’t simply have footin-the-mouth disease, he purposely puts his foot in his mouth as if it’s a yoga position and thinks that what he is saying is the smartest thing in the world. But it always blows up in his face. For example, in the 2004 election, when he said about the war in Iraq, “I voted for it before I voted against it,” you could see that as he was saying it, he thought that it was a brilliant response to a question from a dopey college kid.  Turns out, it cost him the 2004 election. The same thing happened last Monday. Kerry has been digging this Syria

crisis and was starting to feel more and more like Henry Kissinger. When asked what Assad could do to avoid an American attack, he beats his brow and says, “Well, if he gives up all of his chemical weapons within a week...” Putin pounces and says, “Deal.” Within moments, the State Department releases a statement that Kerry was “speaking rhetorically,” which is fancy speak for “he didn’t mean it.” In fact, Kerry calls the Russian foreign minister within a few hours (once he realizes that he just smeared egg all over his face and did not in fact issue a Churchill-ian statement) and tells him that it was not meant to be a real offer. But the cat is out of the bag. Now obviously the Obama administration has to try and spin this the right way. So President Obama, who at the

time is working on a national speech he is about to give about why America must strike Syria, declares: “This is a plan that Putin and I discussed last week.” (Good try, Mr. President, but last week the Russian foreign minister called America “monkeys with grenades.” Hardly a diplomatic overture.) But Putin is not done. After President Obama cries “uncle” and is forced to place America’s fortitude in the hands of Russia, Putin spikes the football and writes an op-ed in The New York Times (Obama’s paper), making a mockery out of America. Fifteen yard penalty for taunting the opponent. But, it doesn’t matter, game’s over. Putin wins; Obama loses. Never play chess against a Russian.

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bama just had a chess match with Putin and as usually happens when you play chess against a Russian—it was bam...bam...bam, checkmate. But that should have no global ramifications; the Cold War was just some silly Bud Light vs. Heineken commercial. After all, the world’s balance hangs on who wins American Idol, right? Wrong. Although the power struggle between Russia and America has not been front and center over the past fifteen years, geopolitical battles play themselves out over a much longer period of time than a decade or two. It is more appropriate to assess them over the course of a half century or even over a century. Since World War II, America has been involved in an epic battle with the former Soviet Union. The Korean and Vietnam Wars both had underpinnings of the conflict between Russia and America, who each took opposite sides in each war. In the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War, the Arabs were armed by the Russians, which is one of the reasons America supplied arms to the Israelis. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and fought a decade-long war there, America backed the Afghan rebel forces. (In hindsight, we know that arming the breeders of al Qaeda turned out to be a bad gamble, but at the time, America was trying to prevent Soviet global domination.) The tug of war reached a crescendo in 1987 when President Reagan stood at the Berlin Wall and against the advice of his advisors, challenged Gorbachev by demanding, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Shortly thereafter, the Soviet Union collapsed for a variety reasons, one of them certainly being the military and economic burdens of the Cold War. But pride runs deep in Russia and within a few years of the collapse of the Soviet Union—and the supposed embrace of democracy—a shrewd and ruthless leader who was a lifelong KGB member rose to power: Vladimir Putin. Thirteen years later, he still has complete and tyrannical control over Russia. Does he seem like the type of guy who concedes? Do you think he abandoned everything he believed in his

The Jewish Home n

Political Crossfire

2012 T h e J e wTi Hs Eh JHEoWmIeS H n H OS M e pEt enmM b eAYr 12 74 , 2013

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“Say What?” 12 ANNIVERSARY OF 9-11: To commemorate this we are offering 9 holes with cart for only $9.11. - Advertisement of a September 11th promotion by a Wisconsin golf course We’re a little hurt by the fact that people are putting such a negative context on this. I thought people would appreciate it. - The golf course’s owner after retracting the promotion due to negative publicity

Sometimes diplomacy demands silence. - Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, after Secretary of State John Kerry made lengthy remarks at a joint press conference

I feel like I want to throw up. - Governor Chris Christie after a portion of the NJ seaside boardwalk which was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy was destroyed in a fire

Syrian President Assad says he is turning over his chemical weapons because Russia asked him to, “not because of the U.S. threatening to bomb him.” Yeah, and Osama bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean right now because he enjoys scuba diving. - Jay Leno

Haven’t got any teeth? - Text of an ad for a dental implant clinic, published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, featuring photo of President Obama

Scandal! caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing—worst of all I lost. - Tweet by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) after a photograph went viral showing him playing online poker during a Senate Syria hearing

President Obama is trying to get congressional approval before we attack Syria. And if that works, there’s talk we might even consider bringing back the rest of the Constitution. - Jay Leno Las Vegas is about to unveil what will be the world’s largest Ferris wheel. They are billing it as a new way to throw up on the streets of Las Vegas. - Conan O’Brien

What kind of Magoo-esque accidental genius could bumble...their way into diplomatic success? It’s John Kerry to the rescue! - John Stewart, discussing President Obama’s Syria strategy

This is weird. A brewer has apparently come out with a beer that you can spread on toast. It is said to appeal to a very specific market known as “alcoholics.” - Conan O’Brien Enough of this foreign fiasco distraction. Get back to work. It is time to bomb Obamacare. - Tweet by Sarah Palin


Compiled by Nate Davis

No one ever gets away with chopping my name without hearing about it. - Janice “Lokelani” Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele, who recently won a battle to have the Hawaii DMV’s computer system updated so that her last name, which consists of 36 letters and 19 syllables, can fit on her driver’s license

Seriously, it amazes me that people don’t love Obama. - NSNBC’s Ed Schultz These are tears of joy, y’all. This is my first time out in three months. … The one place I wanted to make my first step out was in Texas. You are forgiving folks with hearts as big as your state...I’m back! - Paula Deen, who was recently thrown off of the air for racist comments made 30 years ago, at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show in Houston last week

Syria’s President Assad referred to President Obama as weak. Obama is so angry he plans to ask Congress for permission to come up with a good comeback. - Jay Leno

You can tell that fall is coming. The leaves are changing faster than the White House position on Syria. - Jay Leno In New York, former Congressman Anthony Weiner became the first candidate to concede in his bid to become the Democratic candidate for mayor. Weiner got less than 5 percent of the vote and came in fifth. There’s got to be something else he can run for. I have 3,000 more Anthony Weiner jokes. - Jimmy Kimmel

I was happy when I found I was here. Most fighters know they will get good care in Israel. - A Syrian rebel fighter at Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, Israel, talking to The Jerusalem Post They could be al Qaeda. We just don’t know. - A hospital staff member talking about the Syrian rebels that they treat

Last night, President Obama spoke to the nation about Syria. Hopefully, Americans who were confused about the president’s plan feel better now, knowing that he’s confused too...Well, it was confusing, wasn’t it? First, President Obama laid out his reasoning for a strike against Syria. And then he gave the rebuttal. - Jay Leno

If one person is offended, we have to listen. - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, when asked about changing the Redskins’ name

Plans are being discussed for a reality show based on the White House. It’s called “Lame Duck Dynasty.” - Jay Leno

John Kerry said during the Senate hearing that we are not the world’s policemen. Really, then how come we eat most of the world’s donuts? - Jay Leno

If President Obama really wants to hurt the Syrian government, don’t send cruise missiles. He should end over some of his economic advisers. - Jay Leno

I am not impressed by the blessings uttered by a regime that just last week threatened to destroy the State of Israel. - Prime Minister Netanyahu responding to a tweet by Iranian President Rouhani, stating: “As the sun is about to set here in #Tehran I wish all Jews, especially Iranian Jews, a blessed Rosh Hashana.”

Support for suicide bombing and other violence aimed at civilian targets is most widespread in the Palestinian territories, with 62% of Muslims saying that such attacks are often or sometimes justified in order to defend Islam from its enemies. Support is strong both in Hamas-ruled Gaza (64%) and the Fatahgoverned West Bank (60%). - Results of a recent Pew survey

A lot of people don’t know this, but I really don’t like balloons. I don’t like them because it reminds me of gunfire, and perhaps somewhere in my life, or past childhood, I must have had something to do with gunfire. It just really freaks me out being around balloons. - Oprah Winfrey

As the President attempts to ally w/ Al-Qaeda in Syria’s civil war, we must always remember who attacked us on our soil 12 years ago. - Controversial tweet by Tennessee’s Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey on the 12th anniversary of 9/11

This weekend Burger King announced it will offer a new French fry burger. So finally a solution to the problem of having to reach for fries between bites of your burger. - Conan O’Brien

Generally speaking, we have made great progress in becoming an independent nation, an “island nation” if you will, and I think we want to continue down that path so that if the rest of the country falls apart, Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system. - Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman, who is running for Texas attorney general

A new report says 60 percent of teenagers don’t have even a basic knowledge of finances. Although in fairness, I’m 38 and I just found out this year that a 401(k) is NOT a type of marathon. - Jimmy Fallon

OBAMA: We’re goin’ to war … COUNTRY: Nah bro … OBAMA: No serious … COUNTRY: Nah bro … OBAMA: Okay no war… What a genius. - Tweet by Wolf Blitzer of CNN

Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida without using a shark cage. She swam all the way from Cuba to Miami — accompanied by five Cuban pitchers. - Dave Letterman The Oneida Indian Nation wants the Washington Redskins to change the name “Redskins” because they consider it a racial slur. In a related story, the city of Jacksonville wants the NFL team, the Jaguars, to drop the name “Jacksonville” just because they stink. - Jay Leno

Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded. - What Syrian Christians were told after the village of Maaloula was taken over by Syrian rebels associated with al Qaeda

I was wondering, could you describe the dilemma to being a Nobel Peace Prize winner and getting ready to attack Syria? - A Swedish reporter to President Obama I would argue when I see 400 children subjected to gas, over 1,400 civilians dying senselessly in an environment where you already have tens of thousands killed, and we have the opportunity to take some action that is meaningful even if it doesn’t solve the entire problem, may at least mitigate this particular problem, then the moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing.\ - A portion of President Obama’s response

I have a problem helping those people screaming [“Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!] after a hit. - Fox News host Brian Kilmeade to Sen. John McCain Would you have a problem with an American or Christian saying “Thank G-d? Thank G-d?” That’s what they’re saying. Come on! - Senator John McCain in response

All week President Obama has been saying he will seek congressional approval for the strike but he insists he doesn’t really need it. When asked by the media if he was sending mixed messages, the president said: “Yes and no.” - Jay Leno Today is the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah and the first day of the NFL season. In other words, a lot of NFL players had to start the season without their lawyers today. - Conan O’Brien President Obama is pretty clever. Did you see what he is doing to get Congress to approve the attack? He told them Syrian President Assad supports Obamacare. - Jay Leno

Apple announced a much lower-priced iPhone. It’s so low budget, you can ask Siri a question only after she gets off her second job as a waitress. - Conan O’Brien

I’m going to say something outrageous. I think I understand the Senate better than any man or woman who’s ever served in there. - Vice President Joe Biden at a recent press conference about renewing the Violence Against Women Act

89 wIiSsH h H OoM mEe nn M sAYe p2t 4e m b e r 1 7 , 2013 T HhEe J EeW , 2012

My grandmother puts her feet in the sink of the bathroom at Sears to wash them in the ritual washing for prayer, wudu, because she has to pray in the store or miss the mandatory prayer time for Muslims... Respectable Sears matrons shake their heads and frown as they notice what my grandmother is doing, an affront to American porcelain, a contamination of American Standards by something foreign and unhygienic. - From an Islamic poem read over the intercom at Boston’s Concord Carlisle High School on the 12th Anniversary of Sept. 11th. (The Pledge of Allegiance was not part of the ceremony.)

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


Lola's Story

Lola Lieber Schwartz

A World After This

A Memoir of Loss and Redemption Lola Lieber Schwartz is a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been exhibited in art galleries throughout the United States and are part of the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. Most importantly, Lola is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. She has myriad friends and sees life in all its vibrancy and vitality. But life was not always easy. Lola was only sixteen-yearsold when Hitler ym”sh invaded Poland, and Lola was forced into hiding and spent years on the run with her husband, Mechel. Through six years of trying times, near

Chapter 21 The Winter of 1944–1945


legant Budapest was coming apart at its architectural seams and so were its human inhabitants. Buildings crashed, turning into powdered stacks of rubble within moments of the bomb strikes. We were on alert for the unmistakable wails of the air raid sirens that signaled another air offensive. Everyone scampered like lemmings, not to the sea, but to the closest basement or shelter. We waited under buildings and in tunnels to get the all-clear siren. Leaving the shelters we never knew what we would find on the ground. Sometimes there was no damage in our area; other times there was total destruction. The Germans were no longer transporting Jews, but we were moments from a tragic ending of a different kind. A political war was in full swing about which we knew nothing at all. The fight between two future enemies was under way – the clash between what would become known as the “free world” and the world behind the “Iron Curtain” had begun. We did not know that a future we would refer to as the Cold War would become the status quo. In Budapest in the winter of 1944–1945 we were still in a white-hot and noisy war. The bombing schedule was impossible to figure out, even for those of us who prided ourselves on being canny. The Soviets and the Western Allies coordinated the timing of their advances against the Reich. The Germans were in retreat, but there were already significant plans in place about how to divide up the spoils of war between the Soviets and the democratic nations of Europe. In Hungary, the internal political maneuvering of the two forces fighting Hitler gave the Arrow Cross and the remaining Nazis plenty of elbow room to continue their “work.” In the last year of the war, or perhaps even the last six months of the war, tens of thousands of Jews were murdered in Hungary.

starvation and brutality, Lola and her husband held onto their faith and values. It was Mechel’s words of encouragement, “There will be a world after this,” that helped them cling to the hope that there will be a life of light and joy waiting for them at the end. This is the story of Lola’s life—from her grandparents’ “enchanted garden” to meeting Eichmann ym”sh to making the Pesach seder for the Bobover Rebbe during the war—her words will take you back to a different world.

At first, the horror of the scene overpowered our senses and our emotions, but after a short time, we did not stop to look. It was never safe to venture outside, but I had to do it and so did the Halberstam sisters in order to find food. We bartered or we badgered someone until they let go of a tidbit of something for a ridiculous price. At times people helped each other with generosity but not too often. It was a time of such deprivation that most people reverted to primal concern for only their immediate families or themselves. We learned how to scavenge for edible food. It was a skill everyone picked up quickly. It was either that or die of starvation rather than from a bomb. On lucky outings I found a store open that had a few miserable tins of food or wilted vegetables left. We rarely came across a peddler with fresh food. Those were joyous events, even to see a peddler with a cart. This was our life. We engaged in two major forms of activity: dodging bombs and searching frenetically for food. There wasn’t time for anything else. In a manner of speaking, it made life easier. We were down to the basics of survival. The streets were littered with corpses both human and animal – mules and horses. At first, the horror of the scene overpowered our senses and our emotions, but after a short time, we did not stop to look. The terror of that winter was so extreme that the “playing field” between Jews and non-Jews had become somewhat more level. Everyone was in peril of being a victim of the next bombardment. Therefore there was less and less time to inspect the person standing on line to buy a carrot or the person in the shelter. Distinguishing the Jew from the non-Jew was not worth most people’s efforts any longer. The exception was the Arrow Cross, ever vigilant to find the last

Jews in Budapest and shovel them into the convoys to Auschwitz. My Uncle Yoshe Berger and his family had escaped into Budapest from Poland, but had not managed to get out of the ghetto. They were swept up in one of the last Aktionen in the ghetto. Crossing into Slovakia, Yoshe jumped off the train, but his wife, Rushe, and their daughter, Toby, and their grandchild, ten-year-old Halinka, ended up in Auschwitz. They survived only because the Nazis were so afraid of the Russian invasion that they stopped operating the gas chambers. After liberation, Uncle Yoshe’s family was reunited and returned to Krakow, but their story does not have a happy ending. One night the doorbell rang, and my Aunt Rushe answered the door. Anti-Semitic Poles, knowing it was a Jewish family, shot her dead standing in her own front hallway. My Uncle Yoshe fell to the ground as if he had also been killed. The surviving members of the family fled Krakow forever. Our time with the Halberstams ended naturally. Most of us were functioning with an internal clock that designated the appointed time to move on, to protect our benefactors and ourselves. We would be safer alone rather than with a well-known Jewish family, and the Halberstams would be better off without two permanent houseguests. Also Mechel and I were very uneasy about remaining so close to the ghetto. We walked around town on an unusually quiet day without air-raid sirens and looked at streets and neighborhoods. Budapest was a crumbling mess of a city. We went into one of the best sections. Why not? What was there to lose?

We found a house on what had been one of the finest streets in the city and rented a room two floors up. The landlord seemed happy to have extra income and apologized for the distance between our room and the safety of the basement. We were young and still in fairly good shape, despite everything we had been through. Dashing down two flights of stairs did not intimidate us and we took the room immediately. The concierge told us it was best to take some bedding to the basement before the next bombing. We did that, establishing ourselves in a corner with a blanket, pillows, and some provisions. One day I decided to explore the neighborhood, taking my chances that my foray outdoors would not coincide with firepower from the sky. I sensed that I knew the neighborhood when we first rented our room but wasn’t sure why. When I was alone on the streets, the flash of recollection became a true memory. My Aunt Hendi and Uncle Nandor lived on Andraszy Utca, which was a few streets over from our room. They had been part of our extended family in Munkach. I found their house and learned that they had continued to manage with gentile papers as we had. Their daughters, my beautiful cousins Mimi and Katy, had been close friends of mine when we were girls. Now we were all in Budapest and settled in for the duration, and we speculated about the length of time that might be. They were in much better shape than we were, having been protected by truly righteous gentiles. By early January things turned from impossible to unbearable. Ghastly sirens screamed, often without interruption. We were in the basement more than we were anywhere else. The basement shelter had at least fifty other occupants by January 1945. In mid-winter, the house took a direct hit. The shaking was so intense and lasted so long, that I was sure it was the end of us, indeed the end of the world. So Continued on page 92




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The Jewish Home n

Oz Btls ted



T h e J e w i s h H o m e n S e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


this is the way the entire world ends and it is happening now, I thought. Finally, the house stopped tilting and the noise ceased and the basement filled with such thick dust we could not see across to the other side. There was the stinging odor of explosives and our eyes hurt and our throats closed. When the dust settled and the air cleared somewhat, the men investigated the damage. The walls of the basement had not cracked. The perimeter foundation was solid and firm. The house, however, had toppled over on an angle and blocked the basement entrance. There was no way to ascend the stairs. The fallen bricks and stones of the house blocked the small basement windows. We would all suffocate if we did not make an air passage quickly. We immediately began to clear one window. Everyone worked. We got some air quickly, but it would take a few more days to create a sizable opening. Once the opening was large enough, Mechel and I climbed out and ran away. We did not want to go back there. The house was demolished and it gave us the chills to think about going back to a place where we had yet again cheated death by inches. We saw a building that was still intact and had an open basement door. Sirens wailed again as we ran into the strange basement. In this cellar were two large rooms, packed with people. We had nothing with us, not a blanket, not a

scarf, not a pillow. We assessed the place into the backyard and went over to the and figured this was our best chance of shattered remains of a shack, which must surviving. Rumbles started, the latest air have been a chicken coop before the war. attack was underway. We took a place at I saw a stone next to the rubble in the the back of one of the rooms with about yard, but for some reason I picked it up. twenty other people, all lying side by I realized it was a piece of bread. It must side like sardines. We found some news- have been intended for the now-dead papers to cover chickens. I scraped us and settled at it and determined into our corner. that it was in fact a The concept heel of hard bread. The shaking was so of charity toward It was emerald others had given green from mold. intense and lasted way to the basic And, it was winter so long, that I was impulse to surso it was frozen solvive. Nobody id as well. I brought sure it was the end was going to it back to the celof the us, indeed the share their food lar and presented with us, if food is it to Mechel as if end of the world. what I should call it were a fine piece what they had. of chicken or beef. Nevertheless I continued to claw they had someat the mold with my thing and we had nothing at all. Mechel fingernails. Mechel tried to take it away could sustain himself for long periods from me, but I fought him. I was crazy with virtually nothing to eat. I was un- from hunger, like the old man I had met able to do this. I begged some people the morning after we buried Mechel’s who were cooking on a small burner to family. Now I knew what it meant to beg give me just the water left over from their for a piece of bread. noodles or rice. They obliged me. Mech“Don’t you dare eat this thing! Give el and I “ate” the broth of the water with it to me. Lola, you must listen to reason. some starch left in it from their “dinner.” If you eat this you will become very ill.” Mechel was holding on, but I was so It was no use. I kept scraping away hungry that I was hallucinating and was at the mold. Mechel was so weak that he faint from starvation. I went upstairs and just stared at me in disbelief and horror.

He knew what was going to happen to me but he was powerless to stop me. I finally found the bit of bread underneath the mold. It was no larger than a fingernail, but I ate it. It stank of mold and rancid yeast. It was only a bite but I gobbled it down. Then I begged everyone in the cellar for a sip of hot water, but I was ignored. The pipes were frozen. There was no source of fresh water. Those who had water in canisters were not going to part with what they had for a strange, halfstarved crazy person. Mechel had gone to sleep underneath the newspapers. I could not stand it. I could not endure it another minute. All around me people were shivering and moaning. I made up my mind I would go to my aunt and uncle and bring some provisions back for Mechel and for me. I made my way to the door of the basement and asked a woman who camped out there if she would tell my husband where I had gone. I pointed out where he was and said that he was sleeping, but insisted forcefully that when he woke up, she must tell him where I was. She said she would. Continued next week Lola wrote this book with the help of Alida Brill. A World After This was published in 2010 by Devora Publishing.


The Jewish Home n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

T h e J e w iTsHhE JHEoW m IeS n r 1274,, 2013 H HSOeMpEt enm bMeAY 2012

92 94

In the Kitchen

A Sampling of

St arters and Sides


Za’at ar and Rosemary Baked Olives Yield: about 4 cups

Ingredients Za’atar Black Olives • 2 (6-oz) cans whole black olives, drained • 2 tsp za’atar • 4 garlic cloves, minced • 2 Tbsp olive oil Rosemary Green Olives

• 12 oz whole green olives, drained • 1 tsp dried rosemary • 4 garlic cloves, minced • 2 Tbsp olive oil Preparation Preheat oven to 375ºF. Prepare the za’atar black olives: In a baking dish, combine olives, za’atar, garlic, and olive oil. Bake, uncovered, for 40 minutes. Prepare the rosemary green olives: In a baking dish, combine olives, rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. Bake, uncovered, for 40 minutes. You can serve the olives separately, or combine them in one serving dish. These olives turn into a perfect spread for garlic bread or challah if you smash them up a bit. These recipes have been printed with permission from the new cookbook Starters & Sides Made Easy by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek, published by Artscroll/Mesorah publications.

Yield: 4 servings

Ingredients • 1(8.8-oz) package Israeli couscous, prepared according to package directions • 2 zucchinis, sliced into half-moons • 4 Tbsp oil, divided • 1 tsp salt, plus more to taste • 1 tsp cumin • 1 tsp dried basil • 1 tsp garlic powder • 2 Tbsp cornflake crumbs • 2 tsp lemon juice • 1-2 garlic cloves, crushed • pinch coarse black pepper to taste Preparation Preheat oven to 425ºF. Grease a baking sheet or line with parchment paper. On prepared baking sheet, toss zucchini with 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoon salt, cumin, basil, and garlic powder. Spread in a single layer and bake for 1520 minutes, until beginning to turn golden. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add cornflake crumbs and sauté until toasted and crisp, about 2 minutes. In a medium bowl, toss couscous with cornflake crumbs, zucchini, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, and remaining 1 tablespoon oil. Season with additional salt to taste.

Green Bean, Basil, and Pecan Salad Yield: 8 servings

Ingredients • 2 lbs green beans • 1 Tbsp olive oil • 2 red onions, cut into thin strips • ½ cup chopped pecans, toasted Dressing

• 2 Tbsp minced fresh basil • 3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar • 1 Tbsp olive oil • 3 garlic cloves, minced • 2 tsp salt • pinch coarse black pepper Preparation Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add green beans and blanch for 2 minutes. Drain; rinse beans with cold water until the steam is no longer rising from them. Heat oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add red onions and sauté until caramelized and deeply golden, 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Prepare the dressing: In a small bowl, combine basil, vinegar, oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. In a large bowl or large plastic container, toss green beans and red onions with dressing. (If using a container with lid, place the lid on and shake it up). For best results, cover tightly and marinate in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Top with pecans before serving.

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Couscous and Crumbs

95 93

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REGAL Mother of Pearl and Sterling Ataros


The Jewish Home n s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

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‫ישיבה גדולה עטרת יעקב‬ Yeshiva Gedolah Ateres Yaakov A thriving ‫מקום תורה‬, Ateres Yaakov is geared for talmidim returning from ‫ארץ ישראל‬, who are Bnei Torah aspiring to continue their growth and development in Torah and ‫יראת שמים‬. A serious, yet warm environment where each talmid is cultivated in all facets of Yiddishkeit while building lasting relationships with dedicated Rebbeim. The Yeshiva provides all of the support and resources to excel and grow during these crucial years. Rav Mordechai Yaffe, shlit”a Menahel Rav Meir Braunstein, shlit”a Rosh HaYeshiva Rav Yisroel Gold, shlit”a Ra”m Rav Chezky Rodkin, shlit”a Ra”m


‫ תשע“ד‬- ‫חורף זמן‬ 131 Washington Avenue, Lawrence | P: (516) 374-6465 | E:

99 Avi Heiligman

America’s Underwater Demolition Teams the use of inflatable boats and not much swimming, although being a strong swimmer was a requirement. The first test for the UDTs would be in support of the invasion at Kwajalein. Two men were sent in before the invasion to investigate the tide, look for mines and to report information about the reef. Completely unarmed, they jumped in about 500 yards from the shore and spent less than hour investigating the reef and Japanese gun emplacements unnoticed from aerial photographs. Their report changed the original plan to use landing boats which would have gotten stuck on the reef to

UDT 21, often they were sent in with just their shorts to train for missions

using amphibious tractors. This invasion had a much happier ending for the Americans due to the vital information passed on by the UDTs. Men started lining up to be recruited into this elite unit which added combat skills into the training. John Schworm from Maryland graduated from Class 1 on the East Coast to become one of the first Jewish frogmen in history. The UDTs began to look like a formidable unit when Draper Kauffman was transferred to the Pacific in early February 1944. The amphibious landings continued and the frogmen were badly needed for HUMINT (Human Intelligence). Kauffman led a recon team before the landings on Saipan. One UDT team was assigned to the OSS and assigned secret missions. The OSS, Office of Strategic Services, was America’s cloak and dagger predecessor to the CIA and the bond between the secret services and naval special warfare units still continues today. Another Jewish UDTer who took part in the Mariana’s landings was Sidney Robbins (born Rabinowitz) from Chicago. After the war began, he joined

the navy as a Seabee and volunteered for the UDT. He eventually became the commanding officer of UDT 7, earning the Silver Star for bravery in action. Robbins passed away in 2012 at the age of 95 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. UDTs participated in almost every landing in the Pacific, gleaning important information that saved countless lives. At Guam, the greatest threat was underwater obstacles. In six days, 930 of these barriers were removed by UDTs. The largest group of frogmen assembled was at Okinawa in March 1943. About 1,000 men in 8 teams supported the landings and performed some high risk missions such as acting as decoys to protect the real landing force and setting charges on coral reefs. UDT 16 only blew up half of their targets because they evacuated early due to a death of one of the members. It was considered a shameful move, and UDT 11 moved in the next day to finish the job. As the war came to an end, the UDTs were preparing for the invasion of the Japanese home islands. Fortunately, the Japanese surrendered, and the expected high casualties were avoided. Altogether, there were 32 teams during the war. After it ended, UDTs shrank to just a few teams as they weren’t needed in huge

UDTs returning from Iwo Jima after their mission was done

numbers. This was a critical period for American frogmen as using underwater breathing equipment, like SCUBA gear, became part of the ever-evolving and extremely intense training. Also added to the training was using submarines as launching platforms, infiltration and escape and evasion (E & E), gathering intelligence and supporting land units. After basic training, more advance training commenced and even once as-

s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013


rom the outset of WWII, the American commanders knew that they would be fighting an amphibious war in the Pacific against the Japanese. Soldiers and marines would wade ashore from landing craft, assault the beaches, and make their way inland until the island was captured. Most of the reconnaissance was done by aircraft and for the most part it was adequate enough information for the first part of the war when there were just a few invasions. The disastrous marine landings at Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands changed that thinking. Over 1,000 marines were killed while assaulting the island. Many drowned because their assault boats got stuck on the reef, and others were shot while wading inland. A new unit needed to be formed to do underwater reconnaissance, demolitions, and beach clearing tactics. NDCU (Naval Combat Demolition Units) were formed mainly for Atlantic Ocean invasions and UDT (Underwater Demolition Teams) were for the most part deployed in the Pacific. These were the beginnings of today’s Navy SEALs. Fortunately, there was a training program for “frogmen,” as they were nicknamed. The Navy Scouts and Raiders had participated in the landings in North Africa. These units gave way to NDCU teams that were trained by Lt. Draper Kauffman. They recruited from units across the entire military and from Class 1 onwards very tough training including “Hell Week” was instituted. Enlisted men and officers trained together and had the same requirements—a rarity for the American military. Officers and enlisted personnel still train together in SEAL training. The men were sent into battle in just shorts, a combat knife, and their wits. On D-Day, June 6 1944, 175 NDCU men went ashore to blow holes in the exits blocking the beaches and destroy other obstacles. They preformed most of their missions brilliantly under intense fire, but at a great cost. 31 were killed on Omaha Beach, and 60 were wounded in one of the bloodiest battles of the war. The frogmen in the Pacific were formed into UDT units and trained in Hawaii. They recruited from previous frogman schools as well as Seabees (armed construction battalions) and other military units. Their training included

The Jewish Home n

Forgotten Heroes

signed to a team, the training continued sometimes with foreign Special Forces. (The author once met a SEAL captain, who is still on active duty so his name can’t be revealed, and asked him if he has been to Israel on missions. He replied, “I can’t tell you that, but I could tell you that I have many friends within the Israeli military.”) The Korean War saw UDTs in action again supporting the invasion off Inchon. They also preformed a wide range of missions including cutting North Korean fishing nets that were fouling up American warships, helping spies, clearing mines, acting as lead scouts and guides for marine landings and going inland to blow up bridges and tunnels. Usually the frogmen stayed near the comfort of water but this marked a change in operations which led them to be very effective in Vietnam. A couple of years before the Vietnam War, President John. F. Kennedy authorized the creation of the Navy SEALs (Sea Air and Land). The days of the UDTs were numbered as all SEALs were recruited from the UDTs who saw limited action in the war. UDTs were the swimmers who recovered the Apollo space capsules that landed in the ocean. In the 1980s, all UDT teams were transferred into the SEALs. The UDTs started a legacy for all American Naval Special Warfare soldiers that high standards, tough training and professionalism is the way to successfully fight battles and win wars.

Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions.for future columns and can be reached at aviheiligman@

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s e p t e m b e r 1 7 , 2013

Queens, Bayswater House for sale Amazing 1 family home, Great friendly Block, 4 bedrooms Formal dining room, Eat in Kitchen 4 full bath Finished Basement, closets, Water View won't last call 212-4703856 WinZone Realty EZ showing. Other listing available.

The Jewish Home n



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Ask the Attorney Zehava Schechter, Esq.

Can I Make Changes to My Will on My Own? I am a single person, never married and without any children. I want to change portions of my Last Will and Testament, Health Care Proxy, and Power of Attorney – especially my appointment of agents. I do not have any close relatives to name as my agent or executor. May I cross out the names and write in the new names I choose? The Attorney Responds: Thank you for your letter. It is wise to have estate planning documents (also called advance directives) in place. Every adult needs to do estate planning regardless of marital status or age. Whether married, single, divorced, or widowed, we do not know when we will pass or no longer be mentally competent to handle our own personal matters. As I have written in this column previously, the right time to do estate planning is yesterday (or at least, today). Who knows what tomorrow will bring? My clients usually tell me after signing their Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, and Last Will and Testament, that they feel a sense of relief and calm because they have insured that their wishes are known and will be followed. While you may think that a married person or parent would name his/ her spouse or adult child as agent (and many do), many do not. The right person to name as agent or executor (of your Will) is the person you trust to carry out your decisions and whom you believe will act as you wish. This may be a close friend, extended relative, or rabbi. In the case where a person does not want to name even a close friend, it is possible to appoint an attorney. The agent or executor must be at least 18 years of age and mentally competent to accept the appointment. Please discuss this requested appointment with your nominee to obtain his/her consent prior to executing new documents. Now to the second part of your question: How do you keep your documents valid while making small changes to them? The short answer is that this cannot be done. Once you make

changes to these official documents, you are effectively revoking (or cancelling) them. Any writing, crossouts, tearing, or other changes to your documents will likely invalidate them and make them unenforceable by any court. In addition, never remove staples from a Last Will and Testament (LWT). Removal of staples is an almost certain guarantee that the LWT will be disqualified and not honored. As you may be aware, you may

change your documents at any time as long as specific requirements are met. Years ago, attorneys would prepare a codicil (amendment) to an advance directive. The codicil would be executed in the same way as the original document, namely signed by the principal in front of two (2) disinterested witnesses and a notary public. Today, it is easy to modify documents on computers using word processing software. Therefore, codicils and other amendments have fallen out of favor with estate planning attorneys. If you are making changes (even small ones), it is much better legal practice to prepare and execute new advance directives. Please do not make any changes to your advance directives until you speak with an estate planning attorney. Good luck to you. No column is a substitute for competent legal advice. Please consult with the attorney of your choice concerning specific legal questions you may have. W. Zehava Schechter, Esq. specializes in real estate law, estate planning and administration, and business law. Her law practice is located on Long Island. Please send your comments to SchechterLaw@gmail. com.

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My Israel Home

Gedaliah Borvick

How to Buy a Great Investment Apartment


y friend recently asked me to help him purchase an apartment in Israel as an investment. David wanted to diversify his portfolio, which had been comprised of stocks, bonds and U.S. real estate.

Goals As David lives in New Jersey and therefore won’t be a “hands-on” owner, he wanted to acquire an apartment in good condition that would be easy to rent out. I suggested buying in a large population center, as demand for rentals in such markets tends to outstrip supply, limiting the possibility of the apartment sitting vacant for an extended period of time. In addition to the rental apartment generating an income stream, another important consideration for David was

“capital appreciation” which means the potential for the market to rise and the profit he can achieve when selling the apartment in the future.

Where We decided to concentrate on the densely populated central Jerusalem

from the project is a recently completed residential complex whose apartments are selling for up to 40,000 NIS per square meter (sqm). Because the

Three-bedroom units can accommodate a greater spectrum of potential tenants, ranging from young families to retired couples.

market, thus ensuring that the rental unit would always be in high demand. In addition, acquiring an apartment in a well-developed area with few additional development opportunities guarantees that when David decides to sell his apartment, there will be limited available supply, ensuring strong demand and a full sale price. What We determined that the best “bang for the buck” was to buy an apartment “on paper” in a new complex being built in Baka by an experienced developer, which offered top quality construction and lovely green parks bordering the property. Located across the street

new project is two years from completion, we were able to cut a deal significantly below 30,000 NIS per sqm plus closing costs. Although the return (rental income) on such an apartment is not particularly wonderful – about 3% per year – the expected capital appreciation is significant: the apartment’s value upon completion is anticipated to be at least 40,000 NIS per sqm, translating into a 30%+ increase above my client’s purchase price. Size Purchasers of investment properties often buy smaller apartments, as one- and two-bedroom rental units are always in demand plus they generate steady returns. However, David had the budget to acquire a larger unit and was vacillating between purchasing a three or four bedroom apartment. My

colleague Eric Gluch, a highly regarded agent in Ra’anana, sent me an essay he penned analyzing the ideal-sized rental apartment. When comparing three- and four-bedroom apartments, he recommends purchasing the smaller-sized units due to their broad market appeal. In general, four-bedroom rental units are requested by families with three or more children. However, three-bedroom units can accommodate a greater spectrum of potential tenants, ranging from young families to retired couples who enjoy having a spare room to use as an office, den or guest room. In addition, an apartment with less people tends to endure less

“wear and tear” and the maintenance costs are usually lower. After considering all of the issues discussed above, David decided to buy a three-bedroom apartment “on paper” in Baka. He was excited to gain a foothold in Israel, and we were honored to guide him through the acquisition process.

Gedaliah Borvick is the founder of My Israel Home, a real estate agency focused on helping people from abroad buy and sell homes in Israel. To sign up for his monthly market updates, contact him at Please visit his blog at

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Room for Design Naftali Landau

Different Types of Kitchen Hoods I am renovating my kitchen and need to put in a new hood over my cooking area. Can you help me understand the different types of hoods I can get? P.L. Your kitchen stove or range is an integral part of your kitchen and most likely you use it several times a day or at least a few times a week. Regardless of the frequency, your range hood above your stove helps filter out smoke, grease, moisture and odor.  The decision on how to choose one for your cooking lifestyle and the style of your kitchen could be a hard decision.  Below are the different types of kitchen hoods, and depending on your needs and style, you should be able to choose the perfect range hood for your kitchen. The first type of kitchen hood which is the most popular option is an under-cabinet hood. These hoods mount to the bottom of the wall cabinet above your cooking surface and can either be a standard hood or a microwave hood combination. Using a standard type under-cabinet hood is going to be the most economical but most people tend to purchase the microwave combination hood when using a under-cabinet type hood. The reason for this is that you also get the use of a microwave which can replace one that is taking up space on your countertops currently. These hoods can be made to be recirculating, where the air is recirculated, or vented outside, which is the better option of getting the air vented to the outside, dispersing the smell and smoke. The next type of hood is a wall mounted hood. Wall mounted type hoods are mounted on the wall instead of under a cabinet. Wall mounted hoods come in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel or copper and can even be made in the same wood as the rest of your cabinetry. These hoods are mostly chimney style hoods that have a chimney flue towards the top and a rectangular or curved shape on the bottom giving it a nice focal point on your wall of cabinetry. These hoods tend to be mainly vented to the outside with an option to have the blower inside or outside, meaning you can hear the noise inside of your home or the better option of having the blower on the outside.

Another type of hood which is the least common is an island style hood or ceiling mounted hood. These hoods are primarily used if you have a cooktop situated in your island and therefore need to have a hood installed from the ceiling coming down. These hoods, like the wall mounted hoods, can be made out a wide variety of materials that blend with your style of cabinetry. These hoods are finished on all sides so no matter what angle you look at it, you get an beautiful view of the hood and the design effect in the space. When using this option, it is best to pick something a little less obtrusive like having a glass canopy, since it is usually sitting in the middle of your kitchen plan. Venting for this type of hood is the same as the wall mounted style. The last type of hood and usually the most expensive is custom style hoods. These hoods are basically made custom from your cabinetry to match seamlessly with the kitchen cabinets. This style is popular for the people that are looking for mantle style hoods and big focal points in their kitchen. These types of hoods can also be made out of other materials such as tile or even brick which gives your kitchen hood area that extra pizazz that you won’t find in a regular style hood. Venting again is similar to that of the wall mounted or island style hoods. In summary, there are a few different types of kitchen hoods that you can choose from, each with their own style and functionality. Depending on what type of look you are trying to achieve and the different use you need from it will help you determine the correct hood that will finish your kitchen project beautifully. Good luck. Naftali Landau is owner and chief designer of Exclusive Cabinetry and Design and has been designing kitchens for the past 13 years. For questions or ideas for future articles, he can be reached at 917-468-7693 or at



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Yeshivas Nefesh Dovid Invites Men and Women to a Breakfast Reception with the Rosh Yeshiva and his Rebbetzin, Rabbi Chaim Tzvi and Libbi Kakon

Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Kakon

Guest Speaker

Rabbi Eytan Feiner Rav of Congregation Kneseth Israel The White Shul

For More Information ~ 647-204-5512

Sunday, October 13, 2013 9:30 am At the Home of Yitzy & Nechama Halpern 106 Cumberland Place Lawrence, NY 11559

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Can thrive in Yeshiva

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Young men with HEARING LOSS


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Leisure & Travel

Susan Schwamm

From Sea to Shining Sea: Texas


verything in Texas is big—it’s the second-largest state (after Alaska) and has the second-largest population in the nation (following California). Speaking of big, did you ever see those hats and cowboy boots they all wear? The Lone Star State has a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s music for music-lovers, there’s business for the economy-minded, and there’s lots of good, ol’ Texas rodeo for those who like that sort of entertainment. Millions of tourists flock to Texas every year. Despite the heat, or maybe because of it, Texans are a friendly bunch and love to entertain. They’ll be glad to show you their ranch on horseback and then invite you back home for some barbeque ribs—yum! Things You Won’t Want to Miss State Fair of Texas If you’re in the Lone Star State in September, you’re in for a real treat. The annual state fair has been held yearly at Dallas’ Fair Park since 1886, and it has been the site for many historical and memorable moments—and lots of fun! For the three weeks of the fair, young and old will enjoy the carnival, the auto show, art exhibit and the livestock show. Kids will delight in the Kids’ Corner. And lots of music and sports will entertain the huge crowds. Remember the Alamo Just miles away from San Antonio, the Alamo has been a crossroads for Texas

history. Spanish colonization took place here and Mexico armed its independence here. But the Alamo is best remembered for the small band of Texans who held out for thirteen days against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The death of the defenders has come to symbolize the courage and sacrifice the valiant men had for the cause of liberty. A trip here is a step into the history of Texas and of the American nation. Visit the Presidents Texas has the most presidential libraries than any other state in the nation. Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush all have their namesake libraries here. These libraries highlight the important events of each president and help visitors take a stroll down memory lane. The George W. Bush Library just opened this past May; visitors will enjoy the Freedom Hall which depicts a montage of 44 of the United State presidents. In Memory On November 22, 1963, the world was shocked with the news of the assassination of the nation’s 35th president on a grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza documents the assassination and legacy of one of our nation’s most beloved leaders. A memorial is erected in the Dallas County Historical Plaza and crowds gather annually to mourn his untimely death.

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Life Coach Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

Whole In Your Head

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8/6/13 3:39 PM

id you ever hear the saying, “I need this like I need a hole in my head.” It’s probably an old Yiddish mantra. It kind of means it’s superfluous or unnecessary. One of the messages of Succoth is, leave your home and stay in a flimsy shack in order to recognize it is not the secure structure you live in all year that protects you but rather that it is G-d! Well, these days we need that shack to remind us—like a hole in the head! After seeing how flimsy some of the strongest structures were during the last year’s hurricanes, I think we all know that like looks, houses are deceiving. In fact, some sukkahs are made so well these days, they remain even after the house disintegrates. People fortify their sukkahs with heaters and air conditioners, rain shields, even child safety seats. The only difference I see these days between a house and a sukkah are the vast number of bees flying around inside the sukkah. And at this point my bees are so well-trained, they show up with yarmulkes on and lulavim in hand. With this kind of devotion, how can I deny them participation in the holiday?! People have also created 5 star accommodations inside their sukkahs. The sukkah is connected right to their back door and includes furniture, beds, and a galley kitchen. The question I’m wondering is why anyone we even bother moving back inside after Succoth is over. It’s much easier cleaning one room than ten. Just tell the bus driver to drive around to the back when school resumes—and you’ve got it made. The concept of “it’s feast or famine,” meaning you have either too much or too little, comes alive during this time too. Somehow we really learn to appreciate moderation. We are either eating way too little—I refer to Tzom Gedaliah and Yom Kippur—or way too much as per Rosh Hashanah, Succoth, and Simchat Torah. And this year yom tov is connected to Shabbos; we definitely feel as stuffed as our chickens when Saturday night arrives. The supermarket owners must have had some kind of influence when G-d was authoring the Torah—how else can we explain the endless requirement to keep eating and eating and eating?! And getting back to the bees, they must have been in line right behind the supermarket owners, because suddenly honey is as valuable to us as fuel.

All during these few weeks, honey is everywhere. Often at a meal your tablecloth is stuck to your tie, which is glued to your challah cover, which is stuck to your kid, who is luckily stuck to his seat or you’d be strangled by your tie, the minute he gets up from table. It seems no tool or honey dish has yet been invented to avert this problem; not the wooden roller or the one hole dispenser or even the little dependable bear. Somehow honey has a life of its own once set free. It can turn up anywhere in your immediate vicinity. How this consistently occurs even when you were so careful is one phenomenon science has yet to unravel. Popular spots that are randomly plagued include: the side of your hand, which I don’t even think has a name because it’s never referred to except to identify a spot that honey managed to hide on. Your new clothing and your wig (not even the one on your head) are two other places that you find suddenly to be mysteriously sticky. How and when the honey found its way there are enigmas that will probably never be unearthed. So let’s see: What are some messages we can glean from Succoth these days? Well, one is families should always “stick” together. Another is there’s no place like home—except of course, a sukkah. Always be on your best behavior, you never know who you may be inspiring. (I refer you to my baal teshuva repentant bees.) And though some people find there’s always another test or challenge around the corner, and that may be true, the honey demonstrates that sweetness will always find us as well. So, as I said, though we need to sit in the sukkah “like a hole in the head” to realize no man-made construction can truly protect us, nevertheless, these messages should help you feel “whole in your head”; that is to say, solid and confident that G-d is always taking care of us wherever we are and wherever we go, and dousing us with sweetness and blessings even when and where we expect it least! Rivki Rosenwald is a certified life coach and relationship counselor, as well as a space design consultant. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or

113 Assorted





Egg Noodles


Reg. $2.50


Reg. $1.99





Reg. $5.99




Reg. $3.49


Cream Cheese


Reg. $4.49






Reg. $1.59


Reg. $1.49






Reg. 5/$1

Reg. $1.49

Reg. $8.99






Reg. $14.99




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‫ערב ראש השנה‬

before zman



Reg. $4.99


Thur. - Aug. 29 7am-12am ‫ראש השנה‬

Thur. - Sep. 5 Closed






5lb Bag



Minute Roast $ Reg. $3.99


Brisket 1st & 2nd Cut

$ Reg. $5.99


Meat Dept.

Reg. $2.99 Ea.

Matzo Ball Mix $


Reg. $1.99



Reg. $1.99




2/ 7

Red Seedless


Honey Bear


Pizza Cheese

Reg. $5.49 Ea.







Assorted Pints




Reg. $.39 Ea.


Reg. $15.99

High Gluten & Regular










Natural & Kosher

2/ 5










Reg. $2.79

Reg. $2.99

Paper Towel








Potato Chips

Twin Pack Gefilte Fish




75 Count


Crinkle Sliced

Reg. $1.99



Reg. $2.79

2/ 3


Bittersweet/Milk/Strawberry & White

Hearts of Palm


Challah $




Sandwich Cookies







Fruits & Vegetables




Reg. $5.99

Chocolate Covered


Reg. $.69 Ea.






9” Round




Reg. $6.99

Chocolate Bars






Reg. $4.99



Honey Cake


Chocolate Chips





Big Apple


Honey Loaf

Peanut Contrase


Chicken Capons

Chuck Calachel




Chicken Cutlets



Silver Tip Roast

Fri. - Aug. 30 7am-5:30pm ‫ראש השנה‬

Fri. - Sep. 6 Closed





Sale valid 8/25/13 thru 9/5/13. Cash & Carry only. We reserve the right to limit quanitities on sale items. Not responsible for typographical errors. While supplies last.

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Yummy Bites

Kariot Cereal 13.20oz



Bakery Dept.

The Jewish Home n

Grocery Section

T h e J e w i s h H o m e n september 17, 2013


r a e e Y 2 as t Le wou ! s o l l B ecia Sp

2013 Toyota Camry LE

2013 Toyota Corolla LE

143* $ 169* $

/Per Month

w/college grad!

/Per Month

Features: Bluetooth/Remote Keyless Entry/AM-FM-CD-MP3

27 Month Lease 12,000 Miles Per Year Up to $5,000 Damage Waiver Available

2013 Toyota Sienna LE 8 Passenger



Per Month 27 Month Lease 12,000 Miles Per Year Up to $5,000 Damage Waiver Available

/Per Month

w/college grad!

/Per Month

27 Month Lease 12,000 Miles Per Year Up to $5,000 Damage Waiver Available

Features: Remote Entry w/ Trunk Release/Power Seats/ Bluetooth/AM-FM-CD-MP3

2014 Chrysler Town & Country Touring



Per Month 24 Month Lease 10,000 Miles Per Year Up to $5,000 Damage Waiver Available

Features: Back-Up Camera/Leather/ Rear Entertainment/Power Liftgate


Lease Loyalty Or Conquest


Features: Remote Keyless Entry/ AM-FM-CD-MP3-iPod/ Dual Power Sliding Doors/ Heated Mirrors/Bluetooth/ Back-Up Camera

173* $ 199* $

Expires 9/30/13

iPad Giveaway

Join our listlist and youwill willbebeentered entered into a raffle for an iPad 3 Joinemail our email & you into a raffle for an iPad3 Congratulations to our lastlast raffle winner, Jonathan Thurm! Congratulations to our raffle winner, Sam Mayer!

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Five Towns Jewish Home 9-17-13  

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