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SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 | The Jewish Home

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September 11th Commemorated at Yeshiva of South Shore


n Sunday, September 11, 15 years after the infamous attacks on America, the Yeshiva of South Shore hosted a Yom Iyun that reflected on and commemorated the tragic events of 9/11 and the impact they had on the nation, the world and the Jewish community. In addition to the program, a special curriculum was developed for all grades revolving around important themes and lessons through which the nation as a whole, and particularly the Jewish community were able to grow. Dr. Norman Blumenthal trained the teachers in “How to help children in the aftermath of traumatic news events.” An entire curriculum was developed by our menahalim and principals. In the days surrounding the anniversary, our teachers and rabbeim discussed with the talmidim concepts on heroism, community service, rebuilding after a tragedy, and appreciation

of the freedoms granted in the United States of America. Grades 1-5 focused on the middos of hakaras hatov and yeshuas Hashem k’heref eyin. The Mechina Division hosted a special assembly that featured Rabbi Moshe Taub, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Holliswood, noted author and lecturer, and Mr. Eli Polatoff, Hatzalah member and Ground Zero first responder. The boys sat riveted to the speakers and listened as they discussed personal experiences from that day and ways in which to grow from the experiences. Rabbi Taub explained to the gathering of talmidim and parents that when we feel an awaking to do teshuva, we need to put concrete actions behind our decisions to make the closeness to Hashem more real.   He told wonderful anecdotes about connecting to Hashem and keep the inspirations of teshuva resonating. Mr. Polatoff focused on the necessity of tefilah in our daily lives. In addi-

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky with Rabbi Moshe Taub and Eli Polatoff

tion to the amazing stories of the fear, the terror and the faith that got him and his chaveirim through the terrible tragedy, he discussed the power of prayer. He related over that on September 11th he was with 40 Hatzalah members and survivors standing on the desolate streets near Ground Zero when someone announced that they

would daven Mincha. After Shemoneh Esrai he turned around and the number of people tripled in size to nearly 150 people gathered together. He said that some weren’t even Jewish! Yet when they saw a group of Jews praying they too instinctively flocked to their group. Mr. Polatoff told the boys, “Don’t ever forget that in your most lonely times, where everything seems lost, you always have Hashem!” According to Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, Rosh Yeshiva, “The events of September 11, 2001 had an integral  part on American history as well as forging the future of global civilization, until the times of Moshiach.  Though not one single student in the Yeshiva was born during these events, their impact has affected their lives in ways they do not even realize. It is an essential part of chinuch to teach about the tragedy and triumphs of that day and to instill in their minds and neshamos that Hashem is always waiting to bring us mi’tzara l’ruvacha, mei’afeila l’orah, umi’shibud l’geulah.”

Eli Polatoff speaking at the YOSS 9-11 Memorial Yom Iyun

Freshmen and Faculty Orientations at DRS


eginning high school can be a nerve-racking experience, but the incoming class of 2020 at DRS learned right away that DRS is a high school unlike any other. At freshmen orientation this year, our 96 members of the new freshmen class met one another in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. This is the largest incoming class in DRS’s 20 year history, hailing from 15 different elementary schools. The students met

with school administrators, received their schedules and books, and enjoyed a night out at the batting range after a delicious dinner. The students seem to already be acclimating well to their new schedules and new high school experience. But the freshmen were not the only ones beginning a new school year. The DRS faculty also began the year with an exciting, engaging, and informative orientation. Dr. Rona

Novick, Dean of YU’s Azrieli Graduate School for Education and Administration, addressed the faculty on the topic of “Catering to the needs of diverse students,” something the school is focusing on a lot this year. DRS prides itself on the care and attention it delivers each of its students, ensuring that each receives the education and guidance necessary for their particular success. To that end, the freshmen will be receiving special

study skills training this year from the people at Elevate Education, an award-winning, global provider of study skills programs, working with over half a million students across the globe. One of the founders of Elevate also addressed the faculty at their orientation to help teachers assist their students in proper note-taking techniques.

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Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16