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The Jewish Home | SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Center for Health Security. “In the United States, there are thousands of people” who have the disease, Adalja said. According to the National Hansen’s Disease Program, there are currently about 6,500 people living with the disease in the U.S. and about half require active medical treatment. The symptoms are treatable with antibiotics. Once the first few doses are administered patients are unable to transmit the disease to another person. About 60% of those people with Hansen’s disease living in America were not born in the U.S. The main question regarding these suspected cases in California is where the children may have contracted the disease. Armadillos in the United States have been reported to have the bacteria that cause the disease. It is possible for humans to become infected through contact with the animal but the risk is very low. Another way that people can become infected with the disease is via extended contact with other patients with leprosy. The disease is not highly contagious and it’s unlikely to become infected through casual contact. Stock up on Purell, just in case…

Goat Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts claim that the exercise calms them and bring them the serenity they need in our hectic world. But it could be that something is missing in their yoga class. Skip the ambient music. Perhaps a few goats would make the class more complete? Heather Ballenger Davis’ yoga class in the Pacific Northwest is held on No Regrets Farm. Goat Yoga is performed outdoors and the farm’s six goats wander in when the class

gets started and appear to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Those in the class find that the four legged creatures add to the serenity of the group. And yogis have enjoyed the animals so much that the classes are booked until the end of spring next year. Wish you had a four legged friend while you do your sun salutations? Other classes around the country offer cats and dogs as friendly yogis to join with you. Namaste.

Expensive Taste

It’s a matter of taste and taste really matters. Recently, the world famous chocolate brand Cadbury insured one of its scientist’s taste buds for a staggering £1 million. Apparently her tongue is just so important. Hayleigh Curtis’s skills are key to the success of many Cadbury’s products. She works as part of a 300-strong team of inventors in the innovation kitchen in Birmingham, and the company says that her expert taste buds are essential in making sure all new Cadbury creations meet their high standards. As part of the insurance package, Curtis has to watch her mouth. That includes no sword swallowing, fugu fish and truly hot peppers. This is not the first time Lloyds has insured parts of people’s bodies. “We’ve insured some interesting assets over the years, and this certainly adds to the mix!” Jonathan Thomas from Lloyds observed. Curtis is delighted with her pout’s protection. “There is a lot of science that sits behind our chocolate innovation – from mouth feel to melting temperatures of chocolate – so with my taste buds safeguarded I look for-


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Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 9-15-16