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L’Dor V ’Dor

2006 T H E






1986 1983

9901 Donna Klein Boulevard • Boca Raton, Florida 33428

1991 1988

1995 1992

1999 1998

2003 2001

Kosher Konnection, Ruth Rales JFS, circa 1980

Federation campus under construction, 1991

“Burning of the Mortgage” on Siemens Campus, 1996

Plans unveiled for Federation’s “North Campus,” 1999

Dedication of Sandler Center at Levis JCC, 2001

Federation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2005


Most would agree that completing

In fact, Bobick’s experience only confirmed

They didn’t stay at “scratch” for long.

Then came a major land donation by

a quarter century of history, as the

a trend. Although the Jewish community

First came what is now Ruth Rales Jewish

real estate developer Richard Siemens

Federation did in 2004-2005, is a

in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland

Family Service, then a fledgling day

and his partners, in west Boca, which

major accomplishment. Yet few know

Beach was small... only 15,000 compared

school was built into today’s award-winning

was mostly farmland. Siemens’ foresight

that all that’s been done in those years...

to almost 140,000 today... growth was

Donna Klein Jewish Academy. The

has been evident as a thriving Jewish

the programs, the agencies, the building

beginning, and the existing organization

Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community

community grew precisely as he thought

projects and more... started with things

wasn’t serving it.

Center came next, and other programs,

it would in the pastoral wilderness.

as mundane as a refusal to send a minibus to take children to day camp.

including the Jewish Association for “A group of us determined that we could

Residential Care (JARC), followed. In

raise more money if we were independent,”

time, the Jewish Education Commission

This fact became clear when six founders

said Al Gortz. “But West Palm Beach

and Jewish Community Relations Council

“When you look back at the fact that

of the Federation gathered to talk about

was against our ‘seceding from the

were established. Senior housing went

there was nothing, it’s mind boggling,”

the organization’s beginnings. The group

union.’” Then, he recalled, came a

up. Russian Jewish immigrants were

Nobil said, “thirty shuls with their own

included past presidents Jim Nobil and

tumultuous meeting, highlighted by “an

resettled. And, each year, substantial aid

facilities, plus this campus with programs

Marianne Bobick, along with Betty

interesting discussion.” When the smoke

went to Israel.

from preschool to seniors. We’ve been

and Norman Stone, Al Gortz and Abby

cleared, a new Federation was born.

Jim Nobil summed things up:

privileged to be a part of it.” Feeding this growth were the Annual

Levine, who have all served on the “We looked for a place to celebrate,”

Campaigns, with goals set each year,

“We’d do it all again,” added Gortz,

said Gortz, “and wound up in a

which were regularly exceeded. The

“in a heartbeat.”

Bobick explained that, in 1979, there

Howard Johnson’s, having coffee and

Jewish Community Foundation was

was only one Jewish Federation in the

pie.” Norman Stone picked up the tab,

established in 1984 to add to that total.

county, headquartered in West Palm

marking the Federation’s first contribution.

Board of Directors.

Beach, with a tiny office in the south.

The need for more space was a con-


South county mothers asked for help in

The leaders noted that the new group

stant. The Federation moved from a

sending their children to a Federation

followed a very different growth path than

storefront to a strip mall to a former

James B. Baer 1979-1983

Richard Okonow 1992-1995

day camp. “We can’t underwrite you,”

the usual, in which individual agencies

church. “We called a rabbi to ‘kosher’

Marianne Bobick 1983-1986

Herbert Gimelstob 1995-1998

was the reply, said Bobick. “We can’t

precede an umbrella organization.

the place,” Bobick recalled, but she was

even send a minibus. That’s when,” she

“Think back to the Lower East Side of

told no special steps were necessary.

James H. Nobil 1986-1988, 1999-2001

Ralph Solomon 1998-1999

continued, “the women decided to hold

New York,” said Betty Stone. “We were

Marvin Zale 1988-1991

Andrew S. Robins 2001-2003

their own yearly campaign.”

like immigrants starting from scratch.”

Allan Solomon 1991-1992

Lawrence D. Altschul 2003-2005

From generation to generation... to generation!


he energy of youth...the wisdom of experience. Both are needed to build a Jewish future.

Dear Friend: As our Federation enters its next quarter century, and in the spirit of L’dor V’dor, our founding generation is beginning to turn their work over to us. As they do, the thoughts that cross this page also cross our minds. The future really does depend on a mix of energy and experience.We are blessed with both. Etta Gross Zimmerman

William S. Bernstein

While we scramble day to day to meet the challenges growth brings, those who built this organization remain at our sides, imparting their wisdom and guiding our steps. Our gratitude to them is boundless. Our fondest wish is to continue the traditions they started. Now, as the two generations work together, it’s appropriate to glance back as we peer ahead, to see how much we’ve done, as we dream of how much we can do. We have accomplished much in 25 years and, as you’ll read in this report, in the past year.We encourage you to review those accomplishments and to benefit from some words of wisdom from our founders, also included on these pages. In 2004-2005: The Federation reached a fundraising milestone of $20 million in 2004, then promptly shattered that record for 2005 as our Annual Campaign raised nearly $20.5 million.And our other prime fundraising vehicle, the Jewish Community Foundation, increased funds under management by almost $3 million, with $13.5 million in new confirmed deferred assets. Along the way, a Jewish Women’s Foundation was launched and new campaign events were held. And an innovative new collaborative campaign strategy, embodied in our new Center for Jewish Philanthropy, has begun to take root, with the potential to greatly increase results in the future. Internally, we made significant facilities improvements, bettered relations with our agencies and reformed our financial reporting. Looking toward the future, we conducted our first demographic study of the area’s Jewish community in a decade and have detected an important trend in the growth rate of our younger families. Now, using what we’ve learned, we’re about to embark on a new capital campaign, and in fact, one with the potential to change our Jewish future. None of this would have happened without the tireless devotion of the new generation, but also without the wisdom of experience.We salute our founding generation for providing it, and dedicate this report to them. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year, with peace and prosperity both in our land, and in our beloved Israel.

Etta Gross Zimmerman Chair, Board of Directors

William S. Bernstein, MSW President and CEO



Tzedakah,“righteous giving,� is the essence of the Federation fundraising concept, both in our Annual Campaign and in our planned giving programs. Both had a strong year.




Under the leadership of Campaign Chair Etta Zimmerman and Co-Chair Steve Bedowitz, working with Jason Shames, Vice President, Campaign & Community Development, the 2005 campaign continued its string of record-breaking years, generating total resources of $20,470,000 from 14,000 donors. This marked an increase of nearly $500,000 over the 2004 mark. A far cry from the $900,000 founder Arnold Rosenthal remembers was raised in the Federation’s first campaign in 1979.

Steve Bedowitz

MAJOR GIFTS In 2005, we raised almost $7 million from 158 major donors ($25,000 and up), an average of more than $44,000 each. This was up from $6.4 million given by 140 donors the preceding year, recording increases in both donor base and total amount. In the coming year, the category will be even broader, with the addition of the new Joshua Society for those contributing between $10,000 and $24,999. This year, prospective Joshua Society members are credited with adding an additional $2.78 million to the above totals. Special recognition should be given to the chairs of our “Major Gifts Opening Gala,” featuring NBC newsman Dan Abrams. Harvey and Phyllis Sandler were Prime Minister’s Council Chairs. Alan and Jane Cornell were Leadership Gifts Chairs and Ellen R. Sarnoff was King David Society Chair.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M In the final analysis, people give because Jewish people want to give. – Abby Levine


WO M E N ’ S


Women’s Division continues to spearhead our fundraising success, raising just over $9 million from 5,932 members, a jump of nearly $400,000 over last year. This one division generates nearly 44% of every Federation fundraising dollar. Credit this achievement to the leadership

Dorothy Seaman

Jane Glaser

Ellen R. Sarnoff

of Dorothy Seaman, Women’s Division Chair, Jane Glaser,1st Vice Chair, Campaign and Ellen R. Sarnoff, Vice Chair, Major Gifts. Lion of Judah members continue to constitute the heart of the Women’s Division results, with contributors of $5,000 and up generating nearly 80% of those results. Lion Luncheon chairs were Sandra Lippy and Cindy Nimhauser, and the Lion Outreach was led by Chair Kinnie Gorelick and Co-Chair Louise Galpern.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMS Young Adult Division (YAD), led by President Jill Deutch, had a highly successful year. This success was built on events designed specifically to meet younger donors’ interests, such as Kol Esha (Voice of a Woman) featuring a producer of TV’s “20/20,” and Young Men’s Forum, a series of ongoing study sessions with leading rabbis and educators. The third annual YAD Assembly was another highlight, as was the inaugural dinner of the brand new Ben Gurion Society, hosted by community leader Ellen R. Sarnoff. Meanwhile, YAD’s integration into the campaign was strengthened by the 2005 Campaign Ignition, keynoted by UJC national trainer Janis Roszler, a board retreat and “Tuesdays with Bill,” a series of focus meetings with Federation President and CEO Bill Bernstein. The result: YAD showed campaign growth exceeding 30%, year over year, with increases in both new and existing gift levels. Joining YAD in grooming future donors were our other outreach programs, including the Business and Professional Division, which hosted a highly successful event featuring Bill Rancic of TV’s “The Apprentice,” missions to Israel and corporate development. All showed steady progress and great promise. And our annual “Super Sunday” event, chaired by Emily and Stephen Grabelsky, proved its usual enormous success, generating over $1 million.


WO R D S o f W I S D O M Don’t just tell them, show them with tours of the campus, dinner at JARC, food delivery to the needy. Actually seeing where one’s dollars go makes a huge impact! – Ellen R. Sarnoff


JEWISH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Twenty years ago, a handful of visionaries imagined creating a gateway for Jewish philanthropy in burgeoning south Palm Beach County. With compassion and foresight, they established the Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County. Since then, its growth has been remarkable. In 2005, under the leadership of President Charles Ganz and Vice President & Executive Director Leah B. Siskin, the Foundation

Charles Ganz

Thomas R. Kaplan

blossomed into a beacon of opportunity for everyone who shares in the commandment of Tzedakah. It provides numerous avenues for donors to realize their philanthropic objectives, regardless of age, degree of wealth or focus of giving. This year, the Foundation experienced significant advancements in a number of areas: •

Total assets under management rose to $57,500,000, deferred commitments rose to $110,096,130 for a combined total of $167,596,130. For 2005, overall outright and deferred gift commitment activity was $9,541,945. Some 57 new outright gifts or deferred gift commitments were established – a 9% increase over 2004.

With a highly qualified investment committee co-chaired by Leon F. Thorpe and Michael J. Beckerman at the helm, investment returns of 4.58% were achieved in a flat investment market, compared to only 1.74% on the S&P 500 and a loss on the NASDAQ of 1.14%.

Under Wendy Gutmann, LOJE Chair, 20 new Lion of Judah Endowment Fund commitments were established, resulting in a total of 175 LOJE Funds, ranking our Federation #1 in the United States – with commitments totaling $24,100,000. Sincere gratitude was expressed to our LOJE members at the “Ultimate Thank You” event featuring the noted designer, Judith Leiber.

Equally important is the development of the new Jewish Women’s Foundation, with Roxane Frechie Lipton as Chair. We increased the number of new trustees by 19 for a total of 44, representing commitments totalling $210,000. An outreach cocktail and thank you reception, featuring Linda Richman, was held in March.

A new Jewish Day School Endowment Fund initiative was launched with the endorsement of world-renowned philanthropist Michael Steinhardt. An initial generous gift of $500,000 was made by Dotti Seaman toward a goal of $100 million, to be raised over the next 10 years.

David Pratt, PAC Chair, engaged John Porter, from the law firm of Baker Botts, LLP, to address more than 125 professionals on the topic of “Family Limited Partnerships – the Timing is Right” at our 21st Annual Seminar for Professionals in May. Our PAC Mitzvah Society grew from 29 to 34 members. This year’s honoree was the late Ralph Solomon. His wife, Delores, accepted the recognition award on his behalf.

Jerry Altheimer, Chair, Grants Committee, distributed scholarships to needy and deserving students totaling $41,950 for college study or trips to Israel for organized and accredited programs. This coming year we expect great things of our new chair, Thomas R. Kaplan.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M We’ve grown to young adulthood. Mature Federations have substantial endowments. Endowments should be one of the focuses of the next 25 years. – Al Gortz



CAMPAIGN Top leaders Larry Altschul and Bill Bernstein had a lot to look back on as they addressed the Federation’s annual meeting

(top left).

Exciting events of 2005 included “The Main Event starring Jackie Mason,” Miami Dolphins football great Don Shula addressing “Sports Night” and the largest crowd Mizner Park had ever seen for a Jewish event ... more than 6,000 ... enjoying “Israel Under the Stars,” a Federation-organized community party to support the Jewish homeland.



MOMENTS Offering another path to assisting Israel, our Jewish Community Relations Council gathered 18 organizations in a major press conference expressing unity in the face of the Gaza pullout. It was covered by all local media. Meanwhile, our younger members danced the night away at several YAD events while our business and professional audience met Bill Rancic, of TV’s “The Apprentice.” Area teens took part in the Jewish Education Commissionsponsored “March of the Living.” “Super Sunday” capped the event year by generating over $1 million.



Performing mitzvot (good deeds) is one of the key concepts of Judaism. It’s also one of the main reasons for the existence of the Federation. In the past year, our organization and its founding agencies served thousands locally, and hundreds of thousands in Israel and other overseas communities.




It follows that the “people of the book” should have an active and


varied education program. The Jewish Education Commission, under the leadership of Chair Mark Mendel and Executive Director Dr. Leon Weissberg, fulfills this role at the Federation level by both supporting local day and congregational school programs as well as making efforts on its own to provide educational opportunities to youth and adults alike. This past year, the JEC: •

Offered a 10-week distinguished lecture series, to be expanded to 16 lectures in 2005-2006.

Conducted intensive professional growth workshops for 500 educators from area day schools, congregational schools and early childhood education centers through its Education Resource Center.

Held its sixth annual Day School Torah Fair for students of area Jewish schools at Town Center.

Sponsored another of the acclaimed Kristallnacht Film Forums, generating nearly half the funds needed for the agency’s March of the Living Scholarship Program.

Expanded the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School to include its first graduate-level classes. More than 150 Jewish adults are being reintroduced to their faith through Melton.

Administered the March of the Living program, raising funds to take 64 area teens to Holocaust sites in Poland and then to Israel.

Special mention should be made of the JEC’s new “One Stop Jewish Teen Shop” program, funded by a grant from the Jules & Dorothy Kamsly Teen Programs Fund, administered by the Jewish Community Foundation. “Teen Shop” is a group of programs aimed at continuing the connection of area teens to their Judaism after their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The program was initiated in light of repeated studies showing that if Jewish interest is maintained during the high school years, the effect lasts into adult life.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M Concentrate on the generation who will be here after we’re not. Education is one of the most important things we do. – Dotti Seaman


JEWISH COMMUNITY RELATIONS COUNCIL The JCRC, under the leadership of Chair Stephen Mendelsohn and newly appointed Director Elise Dolgow, is the public policy, community relations and social action arm of the Federation, charged with increasing community knowledge about vital issues of Jewish communal concern, advocating for a safe and secure democratic Israel and working with government officials at the city, state and federal levels in a non-partisan manner, to advance community goals. In the past fiscal year, the JCRC: •

Hosted a series of non-partisan, interfaith events aimed at helping local voters understand issues in the 2004 elections.

Conducted leadership briefings on Middle East issues by noted experts and scholars.

Presented its second annual College Campus Advocacy Forum for entering college freshmen, supplying them with strategies to face anti-Israel sentiment on campus.

Held a dramatic and emotional Yom HaShoah memorial service to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.

Assembled leaders of 18 Jewish organizations in a show of solidarity for Israel’s leadership in the debate over the Gaza withdrawal plan. The event was covered by all major print and electronic media and reported in other cities through coverage by the Associated Press.

• Helped

to obtain close to a half-million dollars in government funding for the Federation and its agencies.

JCRC’s year was highlighted by “Israel Under the Stars” (see photo below), a celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, held at the Mizner Park Amphitheater.This gathering of some 6,000 was the largest Federation event ever held in south Palm Beach County.





FOUNDING AGENCIES s the Federation grew, and began to

meet area needs, it founded four major agencies, each of which now conducts its own programs. We proudly highlight their accomplishments.

RU T H R A L E S J E W I S H FA M I LY S E RV I C E ( R R J F S ) This past year, RRJFS, under the leadership of President Michael Mullaugh and Executive Director Dr. Jaclynn Faffer, continued to expand its delivery of services to the community. Case management, guardianship, the Forster Family Kosher Food Pantry and information and referral services all saw significant increases in the number of clients served. The RRJFS professional staff provided an efficient response to the psychological and social needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuees who relocated to our community and to the victims of Hurricane Wilma. The Welcome Home program for the recovering mentally ill and their families increased its Drop-In Center activities to five days a week. RRJFS also established the Cancer Support Program to offer emotional support, education and hope to those facing a cancer diagnosis. Café Europa, a socialization program for Holocaust survivors, was initiated and met with unprecedented attendance and enthusiasm from participants. With the exceptional talent of 25th Anniversary Gala Chairs Jill and Cliff Viner and Co-Chairs Madeline and Eugene Pargh, RRJFS, along with the Federation, celebrated this important milestone. Looking ahead, the agency will continue to respond to the ever-changing needs of the community, meet new challenges on a daily basis and preserve its tradition of making a difference in people’s lives.


ADOLPH & ROSE LEVIS JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER The Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center, led by President Beverly Feurring and Executive Director Allan Just, is the largest JCC in Florida and one of the largest in the nation. It serves some 35,000 visitors a year in multiple facilities. This year saw several key advancements in its operation: • Along

with the more than 850 children attending its Camp Ted Weisberg summer day camp program,

the JCC increased the size of its accompanying Camp Kavod for special needs children. Camp Kavod has tripled its size over the past two years. •

The JCC’s Marvin and Betty Zale Early Childhood Learning Center, which offers some 600 tots their first taste of Jewish education, was again voted the top school of its kind in Palm Beach County by polls in both the Sun-Sentinel and South Florida Parenting magazine.

Meanwhile, the Sports and Wellness Center became one of two sites for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Humana “Silver Sneakers” effort, offering insurer-subsidized wellness activities to older residents. Sports and Wellness currently serves 2,000 weekly visitors.

The Levis Alzheimer and Adult Day Care Center was re-licensed on the first visit, while the Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center initiated several new programs, including The Women’s Health Symposium and My Grandmother, Mother & Me intergenerational program. The annual Women’s Seder again sold out, attracting more than 400 participants.

Finally, JCC launched “JCCBay,” a revenue-generating program on ebay™, the world’s largest web-based auction site.



Now entering its 20th year, JARC, under the leadership of President Peter S. Sachs, Esq. and Executive Director Dr. Debra Hallow, provides group homes, apartments and vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities. It services 70 clients in a residential setting, and a growing number, now over 100, who attend JARC’s Adult Day Training program and return to their families at night. With clients from ages 19 through 75, JARC makes its care commitments for life. As newer clients are being added at younger ages, those commitments may now be for 40 years or more. JARC reports these significant events for the year and for the future: The Essig Culinary Center is expanding. This program was of great help to residents of campus senior housing after Hurricane Wilma when they were unable to replenish their food supplies. Plans for a Supported Employment Department, which will help clients find competitive work in the community, were being finalized. And perhaps most important, plans continued for four more JARC group homes, bringing the total to 10, as well as for an expansion of the Living and Learning Center, with an additional apartment complex and specialized training for clients with challenging behaviors.

DONNA KLEIN JEWISH ACADEMY During Donna Klein Jewish Academy’s 25th anniversary year, the school’s parents, students, teachers, administrators and Board of Trustees spent many months reflecting and examining DJKA’s identity, mission and goals for the future. The work resulted in a strategic plan, titled “Atid – Visions of the Future,” which will ensure that the DKJA students of today, who will be the Jewish leaders of tomorrow, will understand global connections and celebrate learning and the values of Torah in a school with an international perspective – one that is, and that will continue to be, a model of academic excellence in a state-of-the-art facility. Significant student accomplishments this year included a member of DKJA’s Class of 2005 qualifying as a National Merit Finalist. This was the first student who attended DKJA from kindergarten through high school to achieve such status in this rigorous national competition. Several high school students also earned the designation of Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar by the College Board for exceptional achievement on the college-level AP Exams.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M There should be key Federation people involved in the agency boards. Also, when allocating, weigh the priorities at the time. – Jim Nobil


Tikkun Olam

In the strata of Jewish commandments, the faithful are instructed not only to care for themselves, their families and their local community, but also to practice Tikkun Olam ... repairing the world. Our Federation, both directly and through affiliated agencies including the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, both overseas partners of the United Jewish Communities, serves hundreds of thousands in Israel and 60 other countries worldwide.

SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL The Federation’s connection with the Jewish homeland was enhanced over the past year with several key initiatives:

We also increased the intensity of our programs by initiating additional visits to Israel. In addition to the Israeli portion of the 2005 March of the Living, which included 64 area teens, and ongoing participation in birthright israel, we organized a major mission to Israel, initially planned from late October to early November and co-chaired by Warren and Gail Greenspoon, with Dorothy Wizer as Chair of the Missions Committee. The more than 130 participants were to include several key Federation lay leaders and several Florida state government officials. In spite of Hurricane Wilma, many completed the journey. An additional element of the Mission is scheduled for early 2006.


We continued our successful “Partnership 2000” program with Boca Raton’s sister city, Kiryat Bialik, near Haifa, with an exchange of students and teachers. We also reconfirmed our commitment to help fund the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in their efforts to bring and acclimate new immigrants to Israel. We specifically began funding a JDC program called PACT: Parents and Children Together, aimed directly at assimilating new Ethiopian families moving into the city of Kiryat Yam into Israeli society.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M Never forget it’s a partnership between the Jews of south Palm Beach County and overseas and it’s our job to help other Jewish people. – Herb Gimelstob


SUPPORT FOR OVERSEAS JEWS Our funding support for JDC also assisted Jews in the former Soviet Union and other areas, many of them frail and elderly. Several Federation representatives, including Chair Etta Zimmerman and President and CEO Bill Bernstein, personally traveled to these lands to meet with the beneficiaries and see the projects firsthand. O P E R AT I O N P R O M I S E The Federation Board decided unanimously in September to help fund “Operation Promise,” a major project organized by the United Jewish Communities, the North American Federation movement’s umbrella organization. Operation Promise is a $160 million initiative to help feed and deliver basic services to poor, elderly Jews in the FSU, strengthen Jewish identity programs for young FSU Jews facing assimilation, bring the remaining Ethiopian Jews to Israel and lift the entire Ethiopian-Israeli community into the mainstream.


HURRICANE AID EFFORTS The Federation generated substantial aid for victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, which decimated the U.S. Gulf Coast, where a million homeless included an estimated half of the New Orleans Jewish community, and caused severe damage to our area. Some $400,000 was raised for hurricane victims in less than a month, to be forwarded to UJC, coordinator of the national Federation effort.

victims, serving more than10,000 hot kosher meals in the first few days alone. RRJFS also arranged for delivery of ice, water, medications, counseling services and medical treatment, while also helping to house and relocate Katrina victims newly arrived in our area. In addition, one of our own leaders, Carol S. Smokler, in her position as UJC Emergency Committee


Here at home, the Federation arranged for Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service to immediately aid Wilma

Chair, represented the U.S. Jewish community in President George W. Bush’s “Compassionate Cabinet” of faith-based and not-for-profit organizations, as this group met with the President on hurricane relief.



Most Jews know the concepts of Tzedakah, Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam. However, Kadima (“Onward!�) may be even more significant.The future, after all, is where all the others are put to work, not only for us, but for the generations that follow. Here are some key initiatives upon which the Federation has embarked, in the spirit of Kadima, as we move into the next 25 years:

DEMOGRAPHIC STUDY In January 2005, the Federation, under the local leadership of a committee co-chaired by Howard DuBosar and Jan Savarick, along with Richard Jacobs, Federation Vice President, Community Planning, conducted the first thorough demographic study of south Palm Beach County’s Jewish population in a decade. The goal was to determine the key trends and future needs of the community. More than 1,500 phone interviews were conducted in south Palm Beach County under the leadership of Dr. Ira Sheskin, a noted demographer at the University of Miami, who also conducted the last major study in 1995. Some 1,500 pages of data were generated, with a full report to be issued in early 2006. A few of the key findings: In south Palm Beach County: •

More than 130,000 Jews are in residence in 73,000 Jewish households. This is an increase of some 20,000 Jewish individuals over the decade.

The density of the Jewish portion of total households approaches 50%, making our service area the most Jewishly-populated in the nation. A fifth of area Jews attend synagogues once monthly or more; 28% say they never attend.

Median age of the Jewish community is 71.

62% of persons in Jewish households are over age 65. Average household size is 1.87 individuals.

About a quarter of those 65 and over live alone, with about one in five households in total considered


low-income and about the same percentage housing a health-limited individual. •

Just over half the area’s Jews are connected to a synagogue, JCC or other organization.

Some 80-90% of respondents who state they are very familiar with the Federation and its agencies view these institutions as excellent or good in their service.

More than two-thirds of households who donated significant amounts to Jewish causes call these four needs very important: supporting Israel, combating anti-Semitism, providing services for the Jewish elderly and providing Jewish education for children.

Adjunct to the last point, although still a small part of the overall Jewish population, the number of children aged 17 and under has doubled in a decade, a growth rate five times that of the overall Jewish population, with the greatest growth in the high school years. We view this as a significant trend for the future.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M You have to re-look at yourself because things you built 5, 10 or 20 years ago may not be the best things for now. – Abby Levine


THE CENTER FOR J E W I S H P H I L A N T H RO P Y: A NEW FUNDRAISING MODEL Is there a way the Federation can more efficiently use its limited fundraising resources to more precisely meet the philanthropic vision of its donors? The answer may well lie in the new Center for Jewish Philanthropy, a collaborative fundraising model the Federation is beginning to integrate into its efforts. CJP was developed in partnership with United Jewish Communities, which then selected our Federation as one of a select few to pilot the program over the next five years. The model is built on the principle of integrating the Annual Campaign, planned giving and endowments, capital campaigns and other efforts in a mix that works best to meet each donor’s needs. Under the CJP model, a major donor would be approached personally by a team comprised of a respected lay leader and a skilled professional and asked to outline his or her specific vision, whether it be a building project, help for Israel or another goal. The team would then custom-design a plan for giving that would help the donor realize that dream, with whatever mix of tools works best, and with no arbitrary separation between types of programs or departments. Meanwhile, fundraising costs would be kept low by using only the precise mix of events and other forms of marketing that best suit each level of giving. The end result: the most efficient allocation of limited resources.


SPANNING THE GENERATIONS: INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY PHILANTHROPY Just as the Federation is transitioning from one generation to the next, so are the philanthropic intentions of our donors. It is incumbent therefore that we work with this reality. That’s the reasoning behind the new Institute for Family Philanthropy, a program designed to educate entire families inter-generationally on key giving options that will keep the original donor’s legacy alive long into the future. The first such educational session, chaired by Rani Garfinkle, was held in December 2005.


FACILITIES FOR THE FUTURE The past year has marked several upgrades of our existing plant and operations. We rebuilt and recovered the superstructure surrounding our buildings and appointed new vendors for food, security and building management services. We also replaced the previous “matrix” financial system with a simpler and more flexible procedure. Meanwhile, our Capital Planning Task Force met frequently over the past year to consider agency needs and demographic factors and will shortly issue its report.

WO R D S o f W I S D O M To this day I get very excited. This place is literally my second home and after 22 years, I’m still very proud of it! – Dottie Lipson



From left: LEAH













From left: WA R R E N









Financial Resource Development

Uncollectible Pledges 3%


Overseas Services* 25%

Management & Administration 10%

Local & National Agencies & Services 75%

ALLOCATIONS & DISTRIBUTIONS * Overseas allocations are 25% of the unrestricted 2004 Campaign.

Allocations & Distributions 76%

EXPENDITURES Based upon total support and revenue

Community Services 7%

Jewish Education 45%

Social Services 48%



Jewish Agency for Israel 75%

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 25% ISRAEL & OVERSEAS ALLOCATIONS

2004-2005 I N C O M E & A L L O C AT I O N S R E P O RT 2004-2005 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS INCOME AND ALLOCATIONS REPORT (In Thousands) Preliminary Audit Information SUPPORT Annual Campaign Other Pledges, Grants and Contributions Less: Provision for Uncollectible Pledges Total Support REVENUE Program Revenue Interest and Dividend Income Realized and Unrealized Gains Other Revenue / Services Total Revenue Total Support and Revenue ALLOCATIONS United Jewish Communities (UJC) Community Partnership Entities: Levis Jewish Community Center Support Campus Expenses (Note A) Donna Klein Jewish Academy Support Campus Expenses (Note A) Jewish Association for Residential Care Support Campus Expenses (Note A) Ruth Rales Jewish Family Services Support Campus Expenses (Note A Jewish Education Commission Total Community Partnership Entities Other Beneficiaries: Hillel Day School of Boca Raton Weinbaum Yeshiva High School Florida Hillel Council Community Kollel Kosher Konnection Israel Program Grants birthright israel B’nai Brith Youth Organization FL Assoc. of Jewish Federations Hillel National Programs NORC Grant Torah Academy Total Other Beneficiaries

Consolidated $ 19,522 4,506 (875) $ 23,153 $

Federation $ 19,522 (875) $ 18,647 $

$ $

2,473 1,601 2,072 1,990 8,136 31,289

$ $

2,140 167 1,990 4,297 22,944






318 3,498



457 1,596





$ $

332 1,434 2,072 3,838 8,344

273 381


1,684 143 84 8,434


1,827 84 8,434


390 219 143 35 19 41 84 5 13 24 30 25 1,028



Programs, Management and Distributions to Outside Parties







Total Allocations and Distributions








2,548 3,258 5,806


2,086 2,933 5,019


462 325 787

Functional Expenses: Management and Administration Fundraising/Campaign Total Functional Expenses


Foundation $ 4,506 $ 4,506


$ $

Note A: Includes fair market value of building lease space provided at no cost by Federation to Community Partnership Entities.



HONOR The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County is pleased to present our Honor Roll of Contributors which recognizes generous contributions and acknowledges commitment to the growing south Palm Beach County community. In an emerging community such as ours, leadership giving sets the standard for others to follow. The dollars raised during our Annual Campaign ensure that we can continue to provide vital programs and ser vices for our growing population, as well as help Jews in need throughout the world. We also wish to acknowledge the ongoing generosity and commitment of individuals in our community not listed here who contribute annually to the Federation/UJA Campaign. It is the dedication and loyalty of all our donors that make our mitzvah of community tzedakah possible.

ANNUAL CAMPAIGN LEVELS INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP REUNION Minimum family contribution of $250,000 to the Annual Campaign. PRIME MINISTER’S COUNCIL Minimum family contribution of $100,000 to the Annual Campaign. LEADERSHIP GIFTS Minimum family contribution of $55,000 to the Annual Campaign. KING DAVID SOCIETY Minimum individual contribution of $25,000 to the Annual Campaign. JOSHUA SOCIETY Minimum individual contribution of $10,000 to the Annual Campaign. BEN-GURION SOCIETY Open to all donors, age 25-45, who make a contribution of $1,000 or more to the Annual Campaign.

ROLL $250,000.00+ Judy Levis Markhoff Lawrence Phillips Harvey Sandler

$100,000.00 $249,999.99 Lester & Richard Cohen Rani Garfinkle Barry Kaye Carole Kaye Ronald Krancer Jerome Lorber Billi & Bernard Marcus Foundation, Inc. Phyllis Sandler William Weprin Etta Zimmerman Raymond Zimmerman $50,000.00 $99,999.99 Gloria Baker Lee Baker Elliot Brody Martin Brody Dorothy Brown Sylvia Fried-Arnold Herbert Gallen Elaine Gimelstob Herbert Gimelstob Irwin and Bethea* Green Beverly Gross Mildred & Abner Levine Bette Lorber Marvin Neuwirth Jack Pechter Lois Pergament Robert Pergament Norman Rales Ellen Sarnoff Nelson and Cara Shaller Larry Silver Teddy Struhl Leon Thorpe Barbara Weprin $25,000.00 $49,999.99 Anonymous III Elaine Adler Myron Adler Jerome Altheimer Lawrence Altschul

Jerome Aresty Adele Barron Steven Bedowitz Bernard Beifield Carol Benach Ronald Benach Abe Brenner Anne Brenner Florence Brody Helene Brody Maurice Bucksbaum Edward Burns Freyda Burns Carl’s Furniture Myron Chapman Edith Clayman Melvin Clayman Norma Cohen Phyllis Cohen Ruth Coleman Alan Cornell Jane Cornell Gail Edelstein Helene Eicoff Kenneth Endelson Edward Epstein Jeffrey Fried Barry Friedberg Bernice Friedman Charles Ganz Nancy Ganz Ruth Gelfenbein Ira Gerstein Grace Goldberg Peter Goldman Bernard Goldstein Jerry Gorelick Shirley Gralla Phyllis Greenman Julius Guttman Cynthia Hollander Judith Huston Sanford Huston Irving Jaffe Bernard Kaminsky Mildred Kaminsky Tobee Kaplan Morton Karper Donald Kline Simon Konover Jerry Kramer Jeffrey Kukes Charna Larkin Harold Larkin

Lenore Larkin Mike Leslie William Lester* Dorothy Lipson Carl Marbach Helen Marbach Sheldon Maschler Manuel Mayerson Irene Milin Michael Milin Sidney and Constance Miller Joseph Mishkin Jane Morningstar Sigmund Nathan* Felice Neuwirth Ruth Nussdorf Eugene Pargh Jules Pearlstine David Polen Rosa Polen Howard Poorvu Dollsey Rappaport Norman Ricken Arthur Rudolph Sanford Sandelman Susan Sandelman Harriett Sands Irving Sands Norton Sarnoff Roy Schwedelson Dorothy Seaman Ronald Sedley Harriet Shanus Jerry Shaw Marion Silberberg Marlene Silver Eleanor Silverstein Joseph Sitrick Martin Stein Manfred Steinfeld Daniel and Helene Sterling Robin Struhl Stewart Sunness David Sykes Barry Tatelman Ruth Taubman Donald Vinik Jeanette Vogel Sherman Vogel Saul Weinberger Paul Weiner Carole Weinstein Marcus Weinstein

Barton Weisman Shirley Weisman Daniel Weiss Albert Willner $10,000.00 $24,999.99 Sandra Adler Shirley Aidekman-Kaye David Ain Helen Ain Audrey Altheimer Karen Altschul Albert Arent Lorraine Aresty Margie Baer Lynn Bedowitz Judy Bell Renee Belman Franklin Benamy Joan Benamy David Berger Bernard Berk Gerald Berkman Patricia Berman Henri Bertuch Joy Binkovitz Esther Blank Jean Blechman Leona Brauser Arthur Braverman Joan Brawer Harold Brode Linda Brodie Dorothy Bucksbaum Eleanor Carman Jerry Chod Carol Cohen Phillip Cohen Yetta Colin Robert Colton Milton Cutler Richard and Marilyn Davimos Helen Derfner Stan Edeiken Bernard Eichenbaum Helen Eisenberg Lois Elkman Stanley Elkman Martin Elrad Eleanor Epstein Freda Epstein Karola and Aaron Epstein

Estelle Falik Diane Feldman Lawrence Feldman Mitzi Feldman Mel Finkelstein Bernard Fishman Adele Friedland Anne Frisman Larry Frisman Estelle Futterman Meryl Gallatin Ronald Gallatin Iris Gelber Norma Geller Jane Glaser Robert Goldberg Deborah Goldman Michael Goldman Selma Goldstein Carolyn Goodman Dorothy Goodman Bernard Gordon Kinnie Gorelick William Gorelick Albert Gortz Stephen Grabelsky Nancy and Richard Grant Duff Greenbaum* Frances Greenbaum Barry Greenfield Warren Greenspoon Abraham Gross Harriet Gruber Aaron Gural Judy Gushner Irwin* and Marjorie Guttag Calvin Haddad Debra Halperin David Hast Doris Heisler Bernard Hellman Marcia Hendler Richard Hendler Ronald Hermann Carol Herscot James Herscot Howard Hirsch Mimi Hirsch Marissa Hollander Abraham Irwin James Jacobs Shirlee Jacobs Dalia Jarashow Daniel Jesser

Peggy Kalish Sherry Kalish Polly Kaltenbacher Leonard Kaplan Daniel Katz Susan Katz Thomas O. Katz Florence Kaufelt Stanley Kaufelt Howard Kaye Pamela Kaye Ann Kelman Joan Kessel Rita Keywell Albert Klein Henry Kort Larry Kravet Hillary Krouse Rodger Krouse Joan Kurz Bernice Lebbin Gary Lebbin Ann Katz Lederman Eleanor Lerner Gloria Lester Jerry Levin Harvey Levins Herbert Levitt Robert and Barbara Levitt Barbara Levy Margie Levy-Plough Michael Lewitt Carole Lichterman Sandra Lippy Roxane Lipton Herbert Littman Linda Littman Toby Lublin-Stolzer Louise Macks Morton Macks Paul Markhoff Victor Markowicz Carolyn Meier* Deborah Meisel EK Miller Esther Miller Marvin Miller Oscar Miller Beth Mishkin Claire Myers Alice Nadler Herbert Nadolny* Millicent Nathan James Nobil

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Jeff Perkins Sandra J. Perkins Marilyn Perlin Ben Pivnick Shirley Polen Seymour Powers Clarice Pressner Seymour Rappaport Deana Richman Gilda Rieger H. Richard Roberts Rose Robinson Rudolph & Muriel Robinson The Rodstein Foundation Muriel Rosen Harold Rothstein Marilyn Safenowitz Ruth Sandler David Schimel Renee Schindler Walter Schindler Dolores Schlesinger* Maurice Schwarz Beverly Senville Phyllis Seresky Bud Seretean Sidney Shames Sol Shanus Paul Shapiro Michael Sheinson Esther Sherman Rosalie Silberman Sol and Irene Silver Edward and Jan Silverman Anita Simon Margie Simon Susan Simon Renee Singer Selma Sitrick Irene Snyder Florence Soble Allan Solomon Shirley Solomon Dani Sonnenblick Mildred Sperling Elaine Stein Max Stettner James Stoneman Linda Struhl Warren Struhl Janice Sussman Lenore Tagerman Frances Tarter* Martin Tash The Rodstein Foundation Irwin Thomases Leonard Thun The Toppel Family Foundation Phyllis Victor Arthur Wachtel Phyllis Wachtel Sandra Waldman Eleanor Weiner Donna Weiss Jerry Weiss Marvin Weiss Selma Weiss


Stanley and Evelyn Weiss Marilyn Weissglass Bernice Wenger Donald Werner Irene Whitman Stephen Winig Warren Wintrub Sidney Wolgin David Yorra Maury Young Paul Zelenkofske $5,000.00 $9,999.99 Sydell Aaron Natalie Abecassis Serge Abecassis Claire Abrams Mildred Ackerman Harvey Adelstein Evelyn Africk Philip and Barbara Altheim Joel Altman Marilyn Anderson Edward Anfang Cynthia Aronsohn Gail Asarch Judith Auritt Klein David Bady Cherie and Daniel Baer Elaine Baker Tara Baker Candy Barbag Alice Barbanel Malinda Baronoff Ely Barsel Gloria Bass-Fine Helen Beck Rosalyn Beifield Deborah Belford George Bell Phyllis Bell Ann and Joseph Berkman Doris Berkman Paula Berkowitz Robert Berkowitz Vera Berkowitz Ella Berman Joan Berman Melvin Berman Sandy Berman Sylvia Berman Beverly Bernard Hilda Berner Charla Bernstein David Bernstein Jean Bernstein Lee Bernstein Rose Bernstein William Bernstein Louise Birnberg Helen Black Henrie Blau Brenda Bleustein Jeffrey Bleustein Michael Block Nancy Blumenkrantz Dee Botnick

Mark Braun Leon Brauser Fay Braver Helen Braverman Eileen Breakstone Anne Brecker Yetta Bregman Iris Brener Miriam Brenner Judy Brodman Betty Brody Suzanne Brooks Philip Brous Leo Brown Helen Budd John Budd Ethel Bulman Florence Burack Dorothy Burke Irving Burke Joel Busel Arlene Bushell Gordon Bushell Phyllis Butters Fran Butwin Jerome Butwin Mickey Cail Bernice Caine Carole Cameron Florence Carples Cary Caster Florence Cayne Leonard Chackman Ellen Channing Jon Channing Edna Charles Hannah Chestnov Richard Chestnov Stephanie Chestnov Geraldine Chod Richard and Robyn Chwatt Caryn Clayman Leah Coblitz Helen Cohan Barbara Cohen Barbara Cohen Bella Cohen Ellen Cohen Mildred Cohen Prudence Cohen Shirley Cohen Shirley Cohen Shirlee Cohen-Freed Francine Cole Allan Coleman Nancy Coleman Andrea Colton Gladys Cook Dorothy Cooper Leon Cooperman Marcus and Allison Corwin Blanche Cramer Joan Cramer Sydney Cramer Lisa Crane Joyce Croft Dolly Dan Merwyn Dan

Judith David Helen Davis Jane Davis Lori Davis George Dean Vivian Dean Ralph Delman Theodore Deutch Sandra Dickerman Tami Director Aileen Disick Marjory Dobbin Nancy Donner Albert Dubin Pauline Dubin Annette Dubner Marion Dubrow Sigmund Dubrow Jerome Edelman Nancy Edelman Merylin Edelson Robert Edelstein Fern Edson Fern Edwards Barbara Eidelsberg David Einbinder Gloria Einbinder Esther Ellman Debbie Elrad Sherry Endelson Harvey Engel Janine Engel Elsie Epstein Anne Essig Bernard Ettinger Adele Feinerman Barbara Feingold Esther Feintuck Norman Feintuck Elaine Feit Bunny Feldman Leona Feldman Shirley Felner Murray Felton Beverly Feurring Jeanne Fibus Dale Filhaber Madeline Finch Cherie Fine Harriet Finger Florrie Fingerhut Edward Finkelstein Elaine Finkelstein Morton Finkelstein Pam Finkelstein Joan Firestone Shirley Fleishman Lynn Foggle Sandra Foreman Mildred Forsythe Ina Fox Marcia Fox Neil Fox Richard Fox Alfred Fried Florence Friedberg Phyllis Friedel Kathleen Frieder

Elaine Friedland Harold Friedland Delores Friedman Elaine Friedman Herbert Friedman Hilda Friedman Howard Friedman Lillian Friedman Marion Friedman Patricia Friedman Phyllis Friedman Sanford Friedman* Ronald and Carol Friedsam Leonard Frischer Janet and Daniel Fruchter Sheila Fuente Sheila Furr Jack Futterman Leona Gale Louise Galpern Geraldine Ganin Ellie Gans Hensha and Hirsh Gansbourg Ina Gant Suzy Garfinkle Chevrier Elaine Gebel Samuel Gelt Gendal Family Charitable Foundation Rochelle Gendler Cynthia Gentile Helene Gerber Hollise Gersh Fan Gershow Lionel Gilels Rose Gindel Stanley Ginsberg Michael Ginsburg Judith Gittinger Lisa Gladstone Roger Gladstone Thelma Glanz Allan Glassman Davida Glick Marilyn Glickfield William Godfrey Adele Godofsky Anne Gold Beatrice Gold Jerome Gold Myra Gold-Sabal Helen Goldband Joan Goldberg Lois Goldberg Ronald Goldburg Allen Goldenberg Arlene Goldenberg Ruth Golder Burniece Goldetsky Philip Goldfein Bernard Goldman Eileen Goldman Melvyn and Rheda Goldman Judith Goldsmith Carol Goldstein Dorothy Goldstein

Irene Goldstein Lillian Goldstein Muriel Goldstone Edward Gollob Edith Golub Doris Gordon Ethel Gordon Toby Gordon Bobbie Gordon Miller Helene Gorenstein Marilyn Gotterer Ann Gottlieb Lita Gouchberg Emily Grabelsky Florence Grajwer Milton Gralla Barbara Grant Peggy Greenbaum Bernice Greenberg Evelyn Greenberg Jane Greenberg Martin Greenberg Sandra Greenberg Eleanor Greenblatt Jean Greenspan Gail Greenspoon Louis Gritz Harriet Gross Henni Gross Maurice Gross Victor Gross Honora Grossbardt Seymour and Helen Grundy Martin Grunley Dayvee Bonnie Guthartz Wendy Gutmann-Kupfer Marilyn Guttman* Gloria Haberman Rita Haddow Gloria Haft-Furman Stephanie Halio Rhea and Charles Hallinan Bonnie Halperin Dorothy Halperin Lawrence Halperin Alan Halpert Barry Hamerling Jane Harris Stewart Harris Dolores Hartzmark Lee Hartzmark Adele Hast Helen Heiman Lenore Helfman Lily Helft Joy Hendel Karen Herbstman Ilyne Herling Lester Hersch Molka Hersch Selma Hersh Sidney Hersh Eileen Herskowitz Robert Herskowitz Bernard Hewitt Marianne and Robert Hiller Lorna Hoffman Eydie Holz

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

Lorraine Holzer Joan Holzman Stephen Holzman Mara Huber Linda Hurst Elaine Hurvitz Beverly Hurwitz Alitta Irwin Eileen Isdaner Barbara Jacob Adrienne Jacobs Celia Jacobs Trina Jacobs Alfred Jacobson Anne Jacobson Ruth Jacobson Eleanor Jaffe Woodrow Jaffee Diane Jaffin Morton Jarashow Sydney Jarkow Pauline Jesser Jan Jiler William Jiler Charlotte Joskow Mary-Jo Jubelirer Annette Jungreis Allan Just Sharon Kabat Beverly Kadish Beverly Kahn Betty Kane Herbert Kane Charlotte Kantor Jean Kaplan Lilly Kaplan Marilyn Kaplan Roslyn Kaplan* Thomas Kaplan Sydell Kastenbaum Sylvia Katcef Caroline Katz Melvin Katz Nancy Katz Seymour Katz Lois Katzman Paul Katzman Alex Kauffman Janet Kaufman Daniel Keisman Myrna Keisman Marcia Kent Benjamin Kerr Evelyn Kerr Alfred Kerzner Sandra Khaner Pearl Kier Ralph Kier Alfred and Barbara Klein Amy Klein Beverly Klein Cynthia Klein Gloria Klein Leo Klein Andrea Kline William Klinsky Barbara Knee Elaine Kofsky

Marvin Kogod Sheila and William Konar Doris Konover Elliot Koolik Wendy Koolik Zita Kort Edith Kossoff James Kraft Judith Kraft Vera Krakauer Debra Kramer Judy Kranz Herbert Krickstein Dania Kronick Hazel Krop Lynn Kruger Leonard Kulick E. Maurice Kupersmidt Elyssa Kupferberg Barbara Kushnick Marvin Kushnick Donna Lamm Jeffrey Lamm Jules Lane Michael Laupheimer Eudine Laurans Madeline Lax Leona Lazar Sydelle Lazar Constance Lazarus Barbara Learner Adele Lebersfeld Herman Lebersfeld Helga Lechner Leon Lederman Roberta Leeds Frieda Leemon Carol Leff Gerald Legow Ruth Legow Elaine Leibowitz Martha Lemcoe Esther Leno Manuel Leno George Lerman Lucille Lerman David Lerner Marianne Lerner Lauren Leslie Arlene Levenson Jane Leventhal Shirley Leventhal Carol Levin Lucille Levin Elaine Levine Herbert Levine Michael and Patricia Levine Thelma Levine Audrey Levinson Ellen Levitt Arthur Levy Irving Levy Jack Levy Marcia Levy Sally Levy Gerald Lewin Ellen Liebman Ellie Lifton

Irene Lippert William Lippy Roberta Lipson Michael Lipton Randolph Lipton Shirley Liss Adele Loeb Florence Lowenstein Jacqueline Lowy Lila Luber Lila Lubov Barbara Lurie Daniel Lushan Loren Lyon Allan Lyons Peggy Madan Robert Madan Joyce Mandell Rhea Mandell Barbara Manning Shirley Margulies Cynthia Markowitz Cynthia Marks George Marks Marjorie Marlowe Dorothy Martin Elizabeth Maschler Pauline Mash Phyllis Maxwell Beatrice Mayer Gail Mayerson Rhoda Mayerson Linda Melcer Martha Melcer Stephen Melcer Florence Melton Mark Mendel Mona Mendelsohn Gail Mendelson Debbie Menin Arlene Merson Elliot Mesirow Morton and Phyllis Metzger Phoebe Metzger Rita Meyer Jack Milin Beverly Miller Eugene Miller Geraldine Miller Howard Miller Joan Miller Lee Miller Marc Miller Thelma Miller Carol Minkin Gilbert Mintz Joan Mintz Debra Mochan Bryna Monsein Sydney Morris Ruth Morrison Elaine Morse Jean Moss Shirley Mostov Donna Mullaugh Dale Nadel Dorothy Nadolny Robin Nagle

Ammy Neiburger Orrin Neiburger Stanley Nemer Deborah Nemiroff Fran Newberg Jerry Newberg Barbara Newman Garry Newman Robert Newman Udella Newman Vicki Newman Cindy Nimhauser Nedra Novick Kate Obstgarten Fritzi Ohren Julius Ohren Edgar Otto Serene and Leonard Paletz Jewel Paley Madeline Pargh Janice Parsont Eleanor Paulenoff Shirley Pearlstine Natalie Pelavin Stuart Perlen Alvin Perlin Judy Perlin Wilma Perlman Leila Perlmutter Rita Perlow-Langue Evelyn Perlstein Carol Pessah Lewitter Sondra Pickelny Dr. Susan Resnick Pierce Lorraine Pivnick Cecelia Platnick Maurice Plough Estelle Plous Selma Pluznick Lois Podolsky Susan Podolsky Helen Pokotilow Ellen Polevoy Bernice Polivy Mary Jane Pollack Beth Pollak Edwin Polokoff Georgina Polokoff Dorothy Pomerance Abraham Portnoy Alice Powers Joyce Preiser Stanley Preiser Wendy Pressner Roslyn Prevor Marian Prince Gary Rabiner Letty Rabiner Barbara Rabinowitz Maynard Rabinowitz Blanche Rader Harriet Rader Constance Rakity Wendy Rapaport Beverly Raphael-Altman Elaine Ravich Celia Reich Gerry Reich

Donald Rich Judith Richards Donna Richter Myrna Ricken Jerome Rieger Theodore Rifkin Carol Rippner Louis Rippner Joseph Robbins Bernard Roberts Elaine Roberts Jane Roberts Andrew Robins Carolyn Robins Charles Robins Donna Robins James Robinson Sylvia Robinson Pearle Romanoff Doris Rome Eleanor Rones Thelma Rose Mary Rosen Marlene Rosenbaum Barbara Rosenberg Della Rosenberg Jeff Rosenberg John Rosenberg Andrea Rosenfield Ardath Rosengarden Fred Rosenstein Miriam Rosensweig Elinor Rosenthal Bernice Rosenzweig Sylvia Rosett Barbara Rosinsky Bonnie Rosner David Rosner Norma Ross Arthur Roth Elaine Roth Muriel Rothman Fran Rubenstein Alan Rubin Charlotte Rubin Marvin Rubin Sandra Rubin Robyn Rubinoff Morton Ruderman Arlene Ruff Eleanore Rukin* Libby Sadwith Robert Saex David Saginor Janet Sahr Corinne Saldanha Phyllis Salganik* Phyllis Salsberg Sylvia Salzberg Ruth Samuels Phyllis Sanders Jeanne Sankin Lynn Sapoff Harriet Saporta Helen Sarasohn John Saril Susan Saril James Satovsky

Judy Satzberg Jan Savarick Betsy Savelle Sidney Savelle Sugar Savin McCauley Dorothy Schachne Lucy Schachter Anita Schaeffer Phyllis Scher Alvin Schiffman Norman Schlanger Wendy Schlesinger Audrey Schlossberg Charles Schneer Paul Schneider Lawrence Schnurmacher Elayne Schoke Sue Schonfeld Alison Schreier Florence Schubert Howard Schubert Monroe Schulder Marjorie Schulman Judi Schuman Arline Schuster Eda Schvetz Jack Schwalb Barney Schwartz Betty Schwartz Freda Schwartz Helen Schwartz Hyman Schwartz Jay Schwartz Leonard Schwartz Louis Schwartz Muriel Schwartz Ray Schwartz Ruth Schwarz Helene Schwedelson Elmer Seaman David Segal Dottie Segal Paula Segal Linda Selbst Anita Shalley Shirley Shapero Beverly Shapiro Elaine Shapiro Gerald Shapiro Norman Shapiro Audrey Shaw Charles Shaw Patsy Shaw Lewis Sheketoff Sylvia Sheketoff Claire Sheres Faye Sherman Janet Sherr Iris Shlansky Milton Shlansky Arthur Shoyer Florence Shulman Gertrude Siegel Mary Siegel Sheldon Siegel Leonard Silberman Judith Silver Robert and Janet Silver

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Rosalyn Silver Elaine Silverman Marshall Silverman Myron Silverman Bernice Silverstein Joyce Silverstein Robert Silverstein Sheldon Silverstein Rochelle Simms Allen Simon Cynthia Simon Donald Simon Jean Simon Sylvia Simon Harold Simpson Ellen Singer Saul Singer Susan Singer Joseph Sirotkin Leah and Phillip Siskin Bea Slomin Barry and Rochelle Smith Bernard Smith Marjorie Smith Robert Smith Roslyn Smith David Sokol Carole Sue and Phillip Spector Phyllis Spielman Arnold Spring Phyllis Squires Alfred Stein Benjamin Stein Charlotte Stein Diana Stein Edith Stein Joan Stein Selina Steinberg Louis Steiner Fern Steinfeld Allan Stillman Marion Stillman Herbert Stolzer Betty Stone Howard Strauss Iris Strauss Judi Strauss June Strauss Sheila Strauss Bonnie Sunness Stanley Sussman Velia Sweet Shirley Sweet-Ehrlich Diane Sykes Doris Tamarkin Estelle Tandet Philip Tarter Claire Taylor Lee Temkin Tescher Gutter Chaves Josepher Rubin Riffin & Form Jane Thomases Nancy Thornton Anne Thun Phyllis Topchik Patricia Toppel


Sol Toscher* Elaine Tuckerman Marilyn Tulgan Stanley Tulgan Elaine Udell Laurence Urdang Mollie Verebay Lois Victor Morton Victor Jill Viner Joan Vinik Anita Waltuch Norton Waltuch Sandra Wasserman Ruth Webber Marilyn Weigensberg Carolyn Weil Adrienne and Maurice Weill Caren Weinberg Michael Weinberg Renee Weinberg Eric Weinberger Ruth Weinberger Toby Weinman Palchik Pamela Weinroth Marjorie Weinstein Cecelia Weisenberg Arthur Weiss Beverly Weiss Doris Weiss Irene Weiss Barbara Werner Lois Werner Richard Werner Linda Wexler Jacquelyn Wheeler Lillian Wilen Carol Winig Toby Wintrub Bill Wittenberg Dorothy Wizer Ilene Wohlgemuth Peter Wohlgemuth Shirley Woldar* Jerome Wolens Jerome Wolff Acey Wolgin Jacqueline Wolgin Rachelle Wolgin-Blick Karen Wollowick Barbara Yaspan Judith Yorra Babette Young Beverly Young Betty Zale Marvin Zale Bonnie Zalkowitz Barbara Zallea Ricky Zarn-Stern Adele Zimmerman Rita Zimmy* Betty Zinman Martine Zinn Lyna Zommick Mildred Zucker Norman Zucker Ruth Zuker

$1,000.00 $4,999.99 Arnold Aaron Joan Aaronson Richard Abrahams Morton Abrams* Rita Abrams Don Ackerman Warren Adamsbaum Michael Adin Susan Adin Abbie Adler Arthur Adler Howard Adler Nathan Adler Nathan and Clara Adler Sheldon Adler Jack Africk Charlotte Ainbinder Jacob Ainbinder Adele Albert Jack Albert Harold Albinder Judith Allen Lea Allen Roy Allen William Allen Henry Altman Eric Altschul Albert Anikstein Elaine Apelbaum Jacob Apelbaum Morris Appelbaum Betty Apple Seymour Applebaum Susan Applebaum Hershel Arenberg Burton Arenson Elaine Aronoff Jerrold Arons Charles Aronson Dorothy Aronson Morton Aronson Raphael Aronson Rhoda August Robert August Helene Avidon Martin Axelrod Barry Axler Leslie Axler Natalie Bachman Sophie Bady Joan Bagley Elbert Bagus Rita Bagus Matthew Baker Richard Ballin Marc Balmuth George Bane Adam Bankier Harvey Barbag Herbert Barbanel Toby Bardin-Shapiro Beryl Barenholtz Eugene Barnett Cynthia Baron Ronald Baron Frani Barr-Bleiwise

Joseph Barry Joan Bates Louis Bates Rafael Bazan Felix Beck Lorraine Becker David Beckerman Michael Beckerman Shirley Becker-Silfen Charles Bederman Seymour Beere Albert Bell Gerald Bell Irma Bell Leonard Bell William Belman Ben Belnick Rhoda Belnick Lois Bender Laurence Benedict Enid Bentley Maxwell Bentley Fred Berdass Joan Berenson Annette Berger Irving Berger Seymour Berger Rosalyn Berk Martin Berkoff Lester Berkow Ian Berkowitz Lloyd Berkowitz Marion Berkowitz Mark Berkowitz Carole Berlin Irving Berlin William and Harriet Berlin Arnold Berliner Anita Berman Barbara Berman Elias Berman Jonathan Berman Linda Berman Lori Berman Malcolm Berman Morton Berman Rita Berman Rose Berman Samuel Berman Seymour Berman Robert Bermant Sanford Bernay Daniel Bernheim Evelyn Bernstein* Gerson Bernstein Ilene Bernstein Leonard Bernstein Maxine Bernstein Robert Bernstein Stanton Bernstein Rhoda Bertuch Lawrence Berul Henry Bialer Myra Biben Alan Bilgore Eugene Binkovitz Hyman and Fannie Birnbaum

Jack Birnberg Gail and Robert Birrer Asher Black Laurence Blair Joy Blakeman Murray Blanchard* Milton Blank Robert Bliss Irene Block George Bloom Saul Bluestone Harold Blumenkrantz Adeline Blumenthal B’nai Torah Congregation Esther Bober Stanley Bober Paul Bodzin* Adele Bogard Robert Bohrer Sheila Bohrer Martin Bolnick Sanford Bomstein Alan Borck Virginia Borck Nancy Bornstein Aaron Boxer Roslaide Boyer Benjamin Bragman Kenneth and Rachel Brander Marvin Bransdorf Barbara Braun Jeffrey Braun Selma Braunstein Gerald Brauser Joseph Braver* Bernard Brawer Irving Brazen Burt and Lois Breakstone Lois Breakstone Robert Breakstone Arthur Bregman Scott Brenner Helen Bresky Allan Bresnick Alan Bresson Lenore Brindis Shirley Brodlieb Barbara Brodsky Harvey Brodsky Irvin Brodsky Burton Bromson Mark Bromson Earl Bronsteen Arthur Brovender Dolly Brown Steven Brown Israel Bruk Alex and Roberta Bruner David Bubes Myron Buchman Mordecai Budner Marvin Burack Neil Burd Dina Burg Melvin Burke Sondra Busch Sandra Busel

Abraham Butnick Sam Butters Davida Bye Irwin Cain Morton Caine Nissim Calderon Camp Winadu Lee Cantor Boyd and Ruth Carnick Matthew Carpelow Nancy Carpelow George Carson Roberta Caruso Anita Chachkin Sam Chafetz Irving Charno Mickey Charno Irwin Chase Herbert Chauser Donald Chepovsky Murray Chernick Murray Chernicoff Stan Cherry Anwar Chitayat Walter and Naomi Chucnin Judith Chyten Robert Clair Eileen Clark Ross Clark Joan Claster Edward Cogen Stanley Cohan Albert Cohen Alvin Cohen Bernard Cohen Burton Cohen Donald Cohen Edward Cohen Erwin Cohen Eugene Cohen Gerald Cohen Harold Cohen Harold and Adelle Cohen Howard Cohen Isaac Cohen Joseph Cohen Linda Cohen Martin Cohen Philip Cohen Robert Cohen Sandra Cohen Shirley Cohen Shirley Cohen Solomon Cohen Stanley Cohen Alice Cohlan Howard Cohlan Arthur Cohn Cara Cohn Philip Cohn Sylvia Cohn Jacquie Coleman Ronald Coleman George Colin Harold Cooper Joseph and Annette Cooper Joseph Copulsky Sheldon Cornfield

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

Eugene Cornick Irwin and Sophie Cozier Donald Crain Sandra Crain Herbert Crane Steve Croft Henry Cummins Paul and D. Cutler Helen Cyker Abe and Ruth Dansky Martin Dash Sidney David Irma Davidson Jim Davidson David Davis Dick Davis Herbert Davis J. Sanford Davis Marshall Davis Marvin Davis Richard Davis Shirley Davis Rachela Dayan Louis Deitcher Marvin Delfiner Sy Delfiner Geraldine Delman Ruth Delman Michael Demet Byrdie Denison Bernhardt Denmark Burton and Beatrice Dermer Jeffrey Deutch Jill Deutch Samuel Deutsch Sherman Devitt Michael Diamant Robin Diamant Marvin Dicker Harry Dickman Jay and Sharon DiPietro Jerry Director Kenneth Dollinger Craig Donoff Judi Donoff Leonard Dopkins Alvin and Barbara Doppelt Nathan and Elsie Doreson Avram Dorman Murray Dornfeld Leonard Douglas Sidney Dreier Edith Dresner Sy Dresner Paul Drucker William Drucker Michael and Bobbie Drukman Henry and Thelma Dubin Jason Dubinsky Howard DuBosar Stanley Dubrow Sidney Dulman Edwin Early Donald Edelman Stanley Edelson Sandra Edison

Selma Edlavitch* Marla Egers Helen Eichenbaum Harold Einhorn Melvin Einsidler Dorothy Einziger Herbert Eisenberg Marvin Eisenberg Seymour Eisenberg Harold Eisenman Philip Eisenpresser Alan Eisnitz Ellis Elgart Janet Elinoff Robert Elkins Philip Elkus Bernard Ellentuck Ferne Emas Stanley Emas Joseph Ender Betty Lou Engman Norman Engman Jack Erdle Elaine Ertischek Renee Esther David Etzler Leo Evers Harry Ewig Jaclynn Faffer Lewis Fagen Henry Farber Morton Farber Si Farber Florence Feder Lester Fein Abe Feinberg Alan Feinberg Karl Feinberg Max Feinerman Samuel Feinerman Jeffrey Feingold Marian Feinman Sanford Feinman Matis Feit Joseph Felber Joseph and May Feld Sophie Feldbau Albert Feldman Elise Feldman Morton Fellman Jay Felner Kenneth Fibus Jerry Field Martin Fierberg Sondra Fife Edward Filhaber Beverly Fine Eli Fine Eugene Fine Ralph Fine Estelle Finer Chet Finger Arthur Fingerhut Frank Fink Harold Fink Phyllis Fink Joyce Finn Hinda Finston

Leon Finver Burton Firtel Stephen Fish Catherine Fisher Florence Fisher Gerard Fisher Mark Fisher Daniel Fishkoff Ellen Fishman Edward Flank Alice Flateman Stuart Flaum Miriam Fleischman Bruce Fleisher Mona and Gerald Fleisig William Foggle Daniel Forsythe Erma Fox Howard Fox Melvin Fox Morris Fox Albert Frager Marc Frager Marion Frager Seymour Frank Benjamin Frauwirth Leonard Freed Nathan Freed Allan Freedman Benjamin Freedman Eugene Freedman Gerald Freedman Howard Freedman Kay Freedman Martin and Marcie Freedman Roni Freedman Simcha Freedman Walter Freshman Arthur Fried Roger Fried Suzanne Fried Theodore and Theresa Fried Merle Frieder Fred Friedfeld Madeline Friedfeld Arline Friedman Arnold Friedman Benjamin Friedman Bernard Friedman David Friedman Harry Friedman Harry Friedman Judith Friedman Martin Friedman Mike Friedman Murray Friedman Philmore Friedman Harold Friehling Sherwood Friend Shirley Ann Friend Bernard Fromm James Fromstein Arlene Fruman Lawrence Fruman Leonard and Marion Frumin David Funt

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Furlong Robert Furr Michael Gable Raymond Galant Kenneth Gale Melvin Gale David Galpern Jeffrey Ganeles Martin Gant Joseph Garay Elaine Gardner Fred Gardner Elias Garelick Betty Garfield Hillard Garlovsky Albert and Betty Garnitz Daniel Garren Sylvia Garrett Harold Garson Samuel Garson Lucy Gateno Rita Gavzy Lee Gaynor Martha Gaynor Laurel Gebroe Melvin Gebroe Ivan Gefen Harold Gelb Harvey Gelfenbein Albert Geller Sylvia Gelt Abraham Genderson Thomas Gentile David Gerber George Gering Hyman Gersten Herbert Gertner Solomon and Vera Getz Daniel Gevirtz Doris Gidding Bruce Gilbert Alvin Gillman Lucille Gillman Milton Gilman Robert Gilman Daniel Ginsberg Ira Ginsberg Adam Ginsburg Allen Gitlin Bernard Gittelman Nathan Gittleson Hy Glantz Sanford Glanz Seymour Glaser Mortimer Glasofer Abraham Glasser Barry Glassman Jerome Glassman Lila Glassman Arnold Glaubman Beverly Glaubman Leonard Glazer Barbara Glick Robert Glick Arthur Glickman Mark Glickman Shirley Glickman Steven Glickman

Evelyn and Allan Gluckstern Bernard Gochman Myrna Godfrey Paul Godofsky Hal Godshaw Elaine Goetz Alan Gold Anita Gold Bernard Gold Burton Gold Leo Gold Marion Gold Myra Gold Arnold and Marjorie Goldbaum Edwin and Dorothy Goldberg Francine Goldberg Harry Goldberg Ruth Goldberg Ruth Goldberg Joan Goldburg George Goldenberg Edythe Goldman Florie Goldman Howard Goldman Leonard Goldman Marilyn Goldman Nanci Goldman Sue Goldman Marvin Goldsmith Arnold Goldstein Bernard Goldstein Cynthia Goldstein Edwin Goldstein Ephraim and Claire Goldstein Marvin Goldstein Monica Goldstein Norman Goldstein Samuel Goldstein Steven Goldstein William Goldstein William Goldstein Rose Goldstone Joan Goldwasser Arnold Golieb Glen Golish Rosa Golish Leonard Golombek Benjamin Golub Bernard Goodman Bernard Goodman Burt Goodman Daniel and Kathy Goodman Daniel Goodman Elayne Goodman George Goodman Lisa Goodman Martin Goodman Arthur Gordon Burton Gordon Eric and Sarah Gordon Jim Gordon Joel Gordon Kenneth Gordon Michael Gordon

Edward Gorenstein Sal Gorge Harriet Gorsen Jane Gortz David Gotterer Alfred and Ileen Gottlieb Allyne Gottlieb Irving Gottlieb Joseph Gottlieb Gerald Gouchberg Lewis Gould Morris Gould Elaine Grabel Kalmaine Graham Donald Grandis Arnold Grandt Barry Gray Elliot Grayson Ruth Grebow Jay Green Kathy Green Kenneth Green Avi Greenbaum Harry Greenbaum Irene Greenbaum Barry Greenberg Harold and Barbara Greenberg Harold Greenberg Helen Greenberg Jonnard Greenberg Martin and Barbara Greenberg Michael Greenberg Milton Greenberg Robert Greenberg Robert Greenberg Samuel Greenberg Stuart Greenberg William Greenberg Gerald Greenblatt Milton Greenblatt William Greenblatt Barry Greene Norman Greene Nancy Greenfield Richard Greenwald Murray Greiff Sidney and Sidney Grinberg Meyer Grodetsky Cyril Gross Evelyn Gross Gerald Gross Hy Gross Joseph Gross Judith Gross Morton Gross Jerome Grossbardt Anita Grossman Susen Grossman Ronald Grudberg Jack Grumet Morris and Judy Gurevitch Elias Gurian Robert Guterman William Haas Herman Haber*

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Babs Haddad John Haddow Beatrice Hagelberg-Marx Albert and Edith Haimes Samantha Haimes Barry Halperin Alvin Halpern Morton Halpern Sherry Halpern Linda Halpert Leon Handler Rachel Harman Jeffrey Harris Jodi Harris Mark Harris Muriel Harris Nathanial and Pearl Harris Dr. Phillip Harris & Carol Harris Richard Harris Mike Hartz Erwin Harvith Estelle Harwood Sanford Harwood Harriet Hatoff Joan Hauser Hershel and Korene Hausman Marjorie Hausman Jerome Hayflich Sallie Hayflich Robert Hayman Marvin Hecht Donald Heiman Sylvia Heisman Paul Heller Helen Hellman Maynard Hellman* Auta Hendler Lisa Henschel Herbert Herling Harvey Herman Sidney Hersch Sanford Hersh Robert Hershey Bernie Herskowitz Helene Herskowitz Arlene Hertz Leonard and Ursula Hess Janet Highbloom Stanley Highbloom Ross Higier Robert Himler Lee Hinderstein Toby Hinderstein Gloria Hirsch Howard Hirsch Jerome Hirsch Ronald Hirsch Ben Hittleman Donna Hodis Mel Hodis Paul Hoffman* Rowena Hoffman Donna Holland Peter Holland Leonard Hollander Paul Homer


Perry Hookman Rita Horbar Stanley Horbar Harvey Horn Steven Hornreich Marlene and Zola Horovitz Ernestine Horwitch* Marvin Horwitz Steve Huber Wolf Huettemann Alan Hurst Arnold Hurvitz Allan Hutensky Max Hyman Harold Isdaner Irving Ives Robert Izenstark Henry Jacobius Elliot Jacobs Joyce Jacobs Marianne Jacobs Michael Jacobs Richard Jacobs Robert Jacobs Allen Jacobson Harold Jacobson Jack Jacobson Suzanne Jacobson Kenneth Jacoby Meta Jacoby Arthur Jaffe Bert Jaffe Jack Jaffe Trudy Jaffe* Gertrude Jaffee Phyllis Jaffee Robert Jaffee Jill James Arthur Jaspan David Joseph Jules and Charlotte Joskow Irving Jungreis Doris Juster Donald Kabat Clive Kabatznik Elaine Kagan Herman Kagan David Kahn Jeffrey Kahn Errol Kalish Carole Kalman Jack Kamen Paul Kamen Louis Kaminow Sheldon Kamins Sidney Kaminsky Max and Fanny Kandler Gary and Valdine Kane Lois Kaniuk Raymond Kanow Calvin Kanter Carole Kanter Lawrence Kantor Ann Kaplan Carl Kaplan Edward Kaplan Edwin Kaplan Elaine Kaplan

Harold Kaplan Helen Kaplan Herbert Kaplan Lawrence Kaplan Louis Kaplan Theodore Kaplan William Kaplan Helen Kaptzan Toby Karan Herbert Karas Gabriel Karoly Martin Kasen Paul Kashden Irving Kass Sidney Kastenbaum Edward Katz Gary Katz Gary Katz Henry and Deanna Katz Irwin Katz Joseph Katz Liane Katz Warren and Evelyn Katz Abby Katzman Carole Kaufman James Kaufman Manual Kaufman Margaret Kaufman Robert Kaufman Rose Kaufman Seymour Kaufman Shep Kaufman William Kaufman Chester Kay Helen Kay Howard Kay Janice Kay David Kaye Gerald Kaye Howard Kaye Adolf Keehn Alice Kemper Sydney Kemper Ira Kent Lillian Kent Gary Kerner George Kessel Henry Kessler Shirley Kestenman David Kirschner Myron Kirshner Marvin Kirsner Rhona Kirsner Harold Kittay Seymour Kivitz Sheldon Klahr Edward Klar Rhoda Klar Carole Klein Hal Klein Harold Klein Joseph Klein Joseph Klein Miriam Klein Miriam Klein Robert Klein Ronald Klein Audrey Kleinfeld

Stanley Kleinfeld Eugene Kleinwaks Richard and Judith Klitzberg Herbert Kobin Thomas Kochman Marvin Koenig Mel Kofsky Muriel Kogod Jean Kohen Susan Koolik Harvey Kopelowitz Lore Koppel Deborah Korash Carole Korn Morton Korn Ronald Korn Seymour Korn Leo Kornblath Morton Kornreich Irwin Kossoff Margaret Kottler Joan Koven Sarah Kramer Saul Kramer Gary Kranz Marilyn Kraus Jeffrey and Laura Krauss Oliver Krauss Roman Kriegstein Philip Kriger Seymour Krinsky Martin Kroot Alfred Krop Morris Krovetz Daniel Kruger Dolores Krugman Faye Krupp Mayer Krupp Norma Kugler Sol Kugler Seymour Kunin Sidney Kupetz Philip Kupperman Eleanor Kurson Lawrence Kurtis Bertram and Eleanor Kurtz Larry Kushlin Ronald Kushner Florence Kuskin Gertrude Kutner Ted Lafair Jerry Lampert Allan Land Ross Landesman Shirley Landwirth Edward Lane Marvin Langhaus David Lanter Lillian Laplace Jon and Margie Larkin Margie Larkin Hermine Lash Marvin Lash Penny Lash Charlotte Lax Philip Lax Melvin Lazar

Michael Lazar Al Lazarow Lawrence Lazarus Mel Lazerick David Leader Harold Leavitt Joyce Leavitt April Leavy Natalie Lebau Kenneth Lebersfeld Melvin Lechner Albert Lechter Sam Leder Paul Lederer Leonard Leeds Mimi Leeds Harvey Leff Jay Leffe Joseph Leflein Wayne Legum Wendy Legum Eunice Lehrer Stanley Lehrer Walter Leibowitz Arthur Leichtung Aaron Leifer Sherman Lein Murray Leipzig Davida Lenhoff* Arthur and Barbara Lerner George Lerner Herbert Lerner Howard Lerner Lois Lerner Norman and Inez Lerner Sidney Leshinsky Bertram Lesser Thelma Levenberg Malcolm Levenson Bernard Levi Toby Anne Levi Georgine Levin Herbert and Marlene Levin Joshua Levin Marlene Levin Philip Levin Ralph Levin Abe and Blanche Levine Alvin Levine Alvin Levine Ann Levine Elliot Levine Gladys Levine Lawrence Levine Marvin LeVine Paul Levine Robert Levine Samuel Levine Stanley Levine Susan Levine Anita Levin-Epstein Harry Levinson Jacie Levinson Robert and Phyllis Levinson Meron Levitats Paula Levitt Bea Levy* Edward Levy*

Gabrielle Levy Gerry Levy Gregory Levy Henry Levy Joseph Levy Karen Levy Lawrence Levy Richard Levy Robert Levy Steve Levy Ted and Gladys Levy Barbara Lewin Anthony Lewis Howard Lidov Mildred Lidov Gregory and Lauren Liebman Bryna Liebowitz Francine Lifton Harvey Lifton Martin Lifton Joshua Light Beatrice Linter Bernard Lippman Myrna Lippman Ruth Lippman Howard Lipschutz Jack Lipsey Stanley Liss* Laura Litinsky Robert Livingston Michael Loeffler Gerard and Doris Loewenstein LOJE of Shirley Gould Jacob Lomazow Helen Londo Lawrence Long Philip Lorber Jonathan Louis Barry Love Dorothy Love Herbert and Cecile Lovit Peter Lowe Mel and Peggy Lowell Irving Lowey Jayne Lowey Eugene Lowy Sherman Lowy Ronald Lubman Susan Ludwig Leon and Gloria Luger Harvey Lurie J. Zel Lurie Lora Lurie Norman Lurie Jack Magill Carol Magod Ira Magod Mae Maidman Ilene Malasky-Frankle Selwyn Malisoff Daniel Man Jocelyn Manes Clarence Mann Ina Mann Ralph Mann Ann Marcus

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

Bernard Marcus Billi Wilma Marcus John Marcus Shirley Marcus* Henry Margulies Max Markel Norman Markow Anne Marks Leonard Marks Paul Marks Raymond Marks Stanton Marks Muriel Marlowe Seth and Francine Marmor Jerome Marsh Heinz Marx Beatrice Marz Barbara Masin Harry Masin Morton Maslov Sylvia Maslow Patricia Masser Sheldon Masser Maxine Mates Eric and Orly Matheson Jerry Mayerson Lee Meisel Joel Meisner Alvin Melser Lita Melser Felix Mendelsohn Stephen Mendelsohn Lorita Mendelson Edward and Natalie Mensch Oscar Merber Sanford Merkin Kurt Merl Ruth Merns Charlotte Mesches Jack Mesches Alec and Bernice Messing Seymour Metnick Leonard Meyers Marcia Meyers Marvin Meyerson Virginia Meyerson Alan Mibab Melvin Michaelson David Middleton Harold Middleton Arnold Midlarsky Ernest Milchman Jerry and Macky Milgram Arthur Miller Edith Miller Ernest and Sally Miller Milton Miller Samuel Miller Arthur and Madeline Millman Marlene Mindel Philip Minkin Miscellaneous Boca Raton David Mishkel Judy Mishkel Stanley Mitnik Mark Model Yuval Moed

Kenneth Mogell Isadore Moore Murray Moore Phyllis Morgenstern Leland Morris Arthur Morrison Melvin Morse Michael Morton Frederick Moss Michael Mullaugh Lewis Myers Irwin Nable Joan Nackman Les Nackman Felice Naide Caryn Nashban Robert Nathan Arnold Nathanson Sallie Needles Stanley Needles Israel and Sonia Neiman Noah Neiman Neiman Marcus Group Adella Nemer Beverly Neumetzger Jerry New Charlene Newman James Newman Jeffrey Newman Joyce Newman Justin Newman Melvin Newman Melvin Newman* Myron Newman Rita Newman Lynn Nobil Eleanor Nord Harry and Sally Nosanchuk Scott and Ida Novack Jay Nusbaum Phyllis Nussman Leonard Nyman Julius Obin Sol Odette Gerald Ogan Judith Ogan Michael Oksenhorn Harry Olstein Austin Oppenheim Norman Oppenheim Eleanor Oppenheimer Nettie Opper Murray and Rosalyn Oratz Lawrence Orbach Andrea Orleans James Orleans Alvin Orlian Allan Orlins Alan Orman William Ornstein Sanders Orr Anne Osher Nancy Osherow Gerald Osinoff Ronni Osinoff Gerald Ostrow Randall Ostrow Nina Otto

Stephanie Owitz Greenberg Marvin Padover Harry Paget Randall Pakula Andrew Pargh Robert Parsont Anne Paskin Baynard and Leona Paul Michael Paul Samuel Paul Saul and Dorothy Pearl Beverly Pearlman Aaron and Carol Peck Edith Peiser Marshall Pekin Ronald Penner Lawrence Perelman Stuart Perlin Murray Perlman Alfred Perlstein Louise Perlstein Lester Peskin Ruth Peskin Leonard Pfeffer Lawrence and Shirley Phillips Norman Pickelny Gloria Pinck George Pincus Murray and Peggy Pitkowsky Alan Platner Stephen Platt Stephen Ploscowe Wendie Ploscowe Leonard Plotch Maurice Plough Barry Podolsky Martin Polin Marvin Polinsky Herb Pollack Jack Pollack Len Pollak Arline Portnoy Hal Portnoy Arthur Posner Florence Posner Maurice Posner Roslyn Posner Sidney Posner Madelene Posternak Noel Posternak Arthur Potoff Esther Potoff Dale Pratt David Pratt Don Pressman Roger and Barbara Pressman Sheldon Pressman Bart Price David Price Richard Projain Claire Pugatch Al Putterman James and Geraldine Quartner Lorence Queen

David Queller Barry Rabinowitz Judith Rabinowitz Gloria Rachles Amy Rader Kevin Rader Lawrence Rader Stanley Rader Harold Rafel Eric Rahn Irving Rakoff Irving Ram William Rand Patricia Rankin James Rapaport Lloyd and Jeanne Raport Abraham Rapp Roz Rapp Eleanor Rassler Lillian Ratner David Ravich Herbert Ray Donald Rechler Neil Reger Morton Reich Sam Reich Harold Reichenthal Irving and Elinor Reiner Harold Reinish Ruth Reinish Bernard Reisin Eleanor Reitzes Mark Resnick Martin Resnick Martin Riback Hy Richman Marion Richman Tobi Richman Gerald Richter Robert Rickel Norma Riessen Arnold Rifkin Carol Rifkin Ellis Rifkin Barry and Sandy Riggs Gene Rintels Robert Rivner Joseph Robbin Joseph Robbins Selma Robbins Babs Robin Robert Robin Bernard Robinson Donald Robinson Gerald Robinson Joyce Robinson Judy Robinson Bertram Rodman Allan and Anita Rodolitz Albert Rodstein Miriam Rodstein Carl Rose Eugene Rose Rhoda Roseman David Rosen Harvey Rosen Joan Rosen Lois Rosen

Martin Rosen Marvin Rosen Saul Rosen Alan Rosenberg Barry Rosenberg Charles Rosenberg Edward Rosenberg Fred and Ann Rosenberg Harold Rosenberg Jay Rosenberg Jerome Rosenberg Joshua Rosenberg Robert Rosenberg Ted Rosenberg Gerald Rosenblatt Enid Rosenblum Jerome Rosenblum Joseph Rosenbluth Clive Rosenbusch Dorothy Rosencrans Irwin Rosencrans Herman and Bebe Rosenfeld Solomon Rosenfeld Edward Rosenfield Edith Rosengarden Joseph Rosengarden Anita Rosenstein Arnold Rosenthal* Barry Rosenthal Beverly Rosenthal Jack Rosenthal Kenneth Rosenthal Lisa Rosenthal Maurice Rosenthal Marvin Rosett Martin Rosinsky Abby Ross Allen Ross Daniel Ross Stephan Ross Carol Roth David Roth Joel Roth Melvin Roth Norman Roth Joseph Rothchild Shirley Rothchild Carol Rothenberg Daniel Rothfeld Philip Rothman Marcus Rothschild Aser Rothstein Evelyn Rothstein Ruth Rothstein Rosalyn and Joel Rottman Jack Rowen Rubens Family Foundation Howard Rubenstein Myrna Rubenstein Annette Rubin Benjamin Rubin Judy Rubin Leonard Rubin Stanley Rubin David Rubinoff Marc Rubinstein Leon Ruchlamer

Milton Rudick Susan Rudnick William Rudnick Milton Rudo Millicent Rudolph Edward Ruff Alvin Rush Ruth Sabin Peter Sachs Stephen Sackel Frances Sacks Theodora Sackter Rivka Sadja Sanford Sadja Norman Saferstein Alfred Saffer Dorothy Saft Steven Sager Abe Saland Stephen Saldanha Gordon Salganik Edward Salinas Seymour Salloway Eli Salnick Alison Salomon Melvin Salomon Scott Salomon Sherman Salovitz Albert Salzman Murray Sanders Arnold Sands* Ira Sarasohn Roy Sarasohn Seymour and Diane Sard Elaine Sarnoff Valeere Sass Burton Satzberg Gordon Saul David Savitt Eugene Saypol Edward Schachter Lola Schack Rosalind Schacknow Howard Schaeffer Mitzi Schafer Morris Schapiro Harold Schatz Mark Schaum Sidney Scheinberg Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Schepps Jack Scher Edward Schiff S. Howard Schiller Jack Schlegel Les Schlesinger Mel Schlesinger Daniel Schliftman Suzanne Schliftman Alan Schneider Nathan Schneider Milford Schneiderman Howard Schnoll James Schoke Leila Schott Melvin Schott Regene Schottenstein Florence Schreibman Robert Schulman

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Robert Schumer Hortense Schur Lawrence Schur Cole Schuster Steven Schuster Howard Schwab Sandy Schwalb Beverly Schwartz Bill Schwartz Emily Schwartz Eugene Schwartz Joseph Schwartz Martin Schwartz Steven and Elizabeth Schwartz Suzanne Schwartz David Schwartzfarb Glenn Schwartzman Linda Schwartzman Sol Schwartzman Jack Schwebel Bonnie Schweiger Mori Schweitzer Herschel Seder Arthur Seeman Merton Segal Paul Segal Lucille Seidenberg Marvin Seigel Irwin Selkow Ruth Seltzer Henry Sender Clifford Seresky Irving Serwitz Les Seskin Mitchell Shadowitz Rubin Shafran Jason Shames Alvin Shapiro George Shapiro Herbert Shapiro Jerry and Florence Shapiro Nina Shapiro Nita Shapiro Stephen Shapiro William Shapiro Ronald Shapss Harold Share Ettagail Shatz Jack Shatz Bernard Shavitz Gregg and Elizabeth Shavitz Harriet Shavitz Hally Shaw Mark Shaw Albert Shayne Frank Shear Murray Shear Robert Sheinkopf Emanuel Shemin Florence Shenker Jack Shenkman Miriam Shenkman Irving Shepard Leslie and Sydelle Sher Sydelle and Leslie Sher Harold Sherman


Lawrence Sherman Richard Sherman Wilfred Sherman* Rosalie Sherman-Teperow Brian Sherr Nancy Sherr Laura Sherry Honey Sherter Harvey and Robin Shiffman Seymour Shinder Harry Shlachter Bernard Shlossman Irving Showstack Ronnie Shrinsky Alvin Shulman Miriam Shulman Irving Shusterman Henry Shweitzer Donald and Carol Sider Roslyn Siegal Sol Siegal Jay Siegel Joan Siegel Lawrence Siegel Robert Siegel Ronald Siegel Alvin Siegler Paul Sifen Sonia Sifen Marshall Sigel Sybil Sigel Harry Sigesmund Arthur Signer Sherry Silk Seymour Silver Sidney Silver Bernice Silverman Joseph Silverman Martin Silverman Lawrence and Joy Silverstein Theodore Simkin Monty Simmonds Alvin Simon David Simon Eric Simon Jack Simon Leonard Simon Burton Singer Del and Joanne Singer Rose Singer Saul Singer Deborah Singerman Morton Singerman Sheldon Siskin Stanley and Sybil Siskind Murray Skala S. Skeist* Jane Skelton Richard Skinder Leo and Libby Sklar Edwin Skuller Sam and Myrna Skurnick Donald Slavin Jay Slesinger Walter Sloane Morton Sloate Sandra Slomin

Carmi Slomovitz Alan Slootsky Abraham Small Lee Small Rickie Smiley Lois Smirnoff Harold Smith Judith Smith Larry and Elaine Smith Lawrence Smith Miriam Smith Herbert Snyder Lila Snyder Mike Solnik Lawrence Solomon Sandra Solomon Steven Solomon Ruth Solomont Michael Sonnenreich Jerry Sorkin Lloyd Spalter Marcia Spear Samuel Spear Lawrence Speizman Norton Sperling Jerry Spevack Stanley Spielman Robert Spoont Richard Spring Eugene Squires Bernice Stearman David Stearman Gregory Steifman Elinor Stein Eric Stein Hilarie Stein Norman Stein Nathan Steinart Beverly Steinberg Irwin Steinberg Jack Steinberg Marvin Steinberg Melvin Steinberg Morris Steinberg Naomi Steinberg Natalie Steinberg Norman Steinberg Sanford Steinberg Stuart Steinberg Linda Steiner Lucille Steiner Sheldon Steiner David Steinhardt Gerry Steinlauf Leonard Steinlauf Phillip Steinman Burton Stender Gloria Stender William Sternheim David Stillman Pauline Stillman Sol Stiss Marvin Stockel Arthur Stone Barbara Stone Donald Stone Janis Stone Joel Stone

Lewis Stone Marcia Stone Norman Stone Howard Straus Maury Strauss Geraldine Stregevsky Norman Stricof Rita Strochak Linda Strosberg Aubrey Strul Michael Supera Beatrice Sussman David Sussman Phyllis Sussman Robert Swados Richard Swartz Wendy Swartz Stacey Swaye Howard Swernoff Howard Swidler Norman Tafet Robert and Anita Taffae Ethel Tager Jerry Tamarkin Kay Tamarkin Norman Tandy Jay Tanenbaum Stanley Tanger Irving Taragan Howard Taranow Morris Tarica Marc Taub Judy Taxel Alene Tecot Stephen Tecot Justine Teitlebaum* Edward and Bernice Teltser Libby Temkin Sherwood Temkin Temple Beth El of Boca Raton Irving and Fay Tenenblatt Betty Terkel Maurice Terkel Eugene Terry Donald and SuAnn Tescher Edwin Timoner Perry and Miriam Tirschwell Martin Toback Elinor Toberoff William Tollin Robert Topchik June Toppel Morris Trachten Elaine Tractenberg Burt Traub Benjamin Trichter Betty Tuchman Donald and Nanci Tuck Donald Tuckerman Herbert Tyner Dorothy Uchin Bert Udell Simon Unger* Leon Urdang Jerry Van Herbert Victor Clifford Viner

Joseph Viner Myron Vogel Jesse Volk* Ed Wachtel Herman Wachtenheim Rhoda Wagner Helene Wallace Herbert Wallens Robert Wanderman Beverly Warheit Walter Warheit Alan and Nancy Warshow Michel Wassermann Edward Wasserson Leonard Wayne Lewis Wayne Ruth Wayne Charles Weber Eric Wechsler Herbert and Elaine Wechsler Randee Wechsler Shirley Wegman Irving Weigensberg Bill Weil Cathy Weil Ralph Weil C. Richard Weinberg Leon Weinberg Alan Weiner Max Weiner Marshall Weinerman Irving and Rosalyn Weingrod George Weinstein Eve Weintraub Alvin Weisberg Stuart Weisenberg Martin Weisfeld Albert Weiss Howard Weiss Howard Weiss Jack and Ruth Weiss Marlene Weiss Morton Weiss Leon and Toni Weissberg Richard and Julianne Weisshaut Julius Weissman Rose Weitz Stephen Weitz Allan Weitzman Regina Weitzman Anita Wengrover Todd Weprin Richard and Serena Werber Bruce Werner Murray Westreich Eleanor White Leonore Whiteman Diane and Bert Widder A.Edward Wilen Alex Wilen Harry Williams Isabel Williams Kenneth Winston Marvin Wische Sue Wische

John Wise Arline Witenstein Gerard Witt Howard Wiviott Joanne Wiviott Morton Wizer Bette Wohlgemuth Paul Wohlgemuth Jacob Wolansky Sylvia Wolens* Edward Wolf Jerome and Susan Wolf Lois Wolf Joan Wolff Robert Wolfson Norman and Marian Wolgin William Wolgin Adele Wolinsky David Wolinsky Burton Wollowick Teri Wolofsky Edward Yarock Muriel Yarock Robert Yaspan Gerald Yass Melvin Yavner Mark Yellin Murray Yogel Jay Yospe Victor Youkilis* Ephraim Young Murray Yudin Hank Yunes Judy Yusem Lesley Zafran Robert Zalkowitz Zallea Foundation Michael Zavis Craig Zeuner Doris Zeuner Stuart Zeuner Naomi Zichlin Paul Zieky Philip Zieky Phyllis Zimble Barbara Zimmerman Edgar Zimmerman Michael Zimmerman Eugene Zins Joseph Zommick Bernard Zucker Alan Zuker Diane Zunamon Wayne and Ellen Zuskin Lisa Zwig-Gerstein Eugene and Sandra Zwillinger $500.00 - $999.99 Burton Aaronson Shirley Abelson Louise Abrahams E. Leslie Abramson Eleanor and Leo Abramson Howard and Arlene Ackerman Louise Adell Arlene Adelson

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

Gerald Adelson Iris Adler Phyllis Adler John Alberstadt Evelyn Albert Irwin Albert Keith Alexander Sheila Alexander Samuel Alhadeff Seymour and Barbara Alter Harold Altman Marianne Altschul Linda Anikstein S. Harold Appel Irving Appelbaum Marcy Appelbaum Phyllis Applebaum Seymour Applebaum Carl Arfa Arven Aronin Renee Aronin Bernard and Mitzi Aronson Evelyn Aronson Irving Aronson Deborah Aronstam Steven Artzi Jerry Asher Richard Asher Phyllis Attman Herman Auerbach Michael August Arthur Avidon Cele Awerbuck Sidney Awerbuck Cecile Axelrod Pearl Axelrod Sol Axman David Badner Adolph Baer Donald and Roberta Baggish Irving Baker Harriet Ballin Margot Ballin Murray Balter Miriam Bamdas Gilbert Barbash Gloria Bardach Sonny Barnett Harold Baron Guy Barron Nora Barron Jan Barsel Stanton and Carol Bass Morton Batt Doris Bauer Deborah Baum Bert Bauman Jacqueline Bazelon Sheldon Bearman Doris and Sol Beaver Doris Beck Marlene Beere Phyllis Beinstein Florence Bell Steven Belson Irv and Rosalind Benedon Burton Benjamin

Margo Berdass Marc Beresin Barbara Berg Barbara Berger Barry Berger Helene Berger Sandy Berger Scott Berger Stephen Berger Rhoda Berkow Bert Berkwich Aaron Berlin* Harriet Berlin Murray Berliner Arnold Berman Barbara Berman Ruth Berman Stan Berman Gerald Bern* Barbara Bernheim Allan Bernstein Bernard Bernstein Sandra Bernstein Simon Bernstein Judith Berson Annette Berul Edward Berzak Helga Berzak Harvey Beyer Tamara Bezark Harvey Bier Toby-Ann Bier Melvin Bierman Shirley Bilker Marjorie Binder Harold Black John Black Elayne Blackman Ethel Blanchard Beverly Blas Ronald Blau Robert Bloch Stuart and Beth Bloch Marion Bloom David Blue Edith Bluefeld Louis Bluefeld Bernard Blum Bette Blum Molly Blum Morton Blum Robert Blum Arthur Blutstein Jack Bobb Linda Bodian Martin Bodian Lester and Alice Bogart Walter Bogart Marian Bolotin Jerome Bonat Shirley and Stanley Bond Marlene Borman Arnold Bortman Norman Bortz Lynn Bragin Herman and Billie Bram Lawrence Brandes Allen Brayer

Ruth Brazen Claire Breiner Andrea Brenner Eileen Brenner Jack Brenner Barry Broder Theodore Brodlieb Gloria Brody Bert Bronheim Judith Bronsteen W. Leonard and Rhoda Brooks Eugene and Ann Bross Herb Brotspies Barbara Brous Bobbi Brown Dana Brown Phillip Brown Oscar Brumberg June Brunswick Laurence Brunswick Norma Brunswick Tanya Buchman Alvin Burnett Florence Burnett David Bushell Judith Butnick Ted Bye Monica Cabrera Orlando Cabrera Stuart Caine Carolyn and Louis Cantor Doris Cantor Paul Cantor Jack and Barbara Caplan Allan Caplowe Iris Caplowe Sylvia Carol Frederick Caruso Carolyn Caster Randi Caster Gloria Chaban Francine Chackman Norman and Joy Chadwick Zelda Chafetz Lila Chapin Annette Chernicoff Anne Chernin Edward Chernoff Dan Chernow Lester and Miriam Citrin Evelyn Clement Gene Clement Lee Cogen Lois Cogen Elaine Cohen Elsa Cohen Hanford Cohen Howard Cohen Howard Cohen Lauren Cohen Robert and Janet Cohen Robert Cohen Rose Cohen Roz Cohen Shirley Cohen Sidney Cohen Barbara Cole

Rita Cole Nancy Colman Randy Colman Annette Cooper Janis Cooper Nat Cooper Natalie Cooper Richard Coplan Kym Cornick Emanuel Corwin Martin and Ida Cotler Robert Crane Helen Cuden-Pisik Arlene Cutler Mitzi Cutler Robert Dabrow Robert Dachman Fran Daniels Julius Daniels Richard and Marlene Darnell Martin Dauber Robert Davidoff Stanley and Sandra Davidoff Jane Davidson Elma Davis Ilana Davis Jordan Davis Morris Davison Sarafae Dear Stanley Deckelbaum Phyllis Dern Richard Deutsch Peggy DeZwirek Harold Diamond Allen Dickerman Richard Dickstein William and Betty Dimm Philip Director Alvin Dobbin Joan Dobbin Gloria Dobbs Elise Dolgow Sherry Doninger Mary Sue Donohue Bernard Dorn Joyce Dornfeld Alfred Dreyfus Helen Dreyfus Bob Drogowitz Bernard Drucker Dan Drykerman David Dubov Joan Dubov Daniel Duchin Jonathan Duker Roberta Duker Richard Dukes Hyman and Jacqueline Dushman Sandra Eastman Lorraine Ecker Lenore Edelson Martin Edlow Michael Edrei Jack Edwards Edith Eger

Joan Eglow Martin Eglow Irving Eichenbaum Judy Einsidler Laird Einziger Lorraine Eisenberg Robin Eisenberg Harry Eisner Sivia Elgart Hubert and Rita Elkins Alex Ellenbogen Harold Ellison Judy Ellison Charles Ellman Edward Ellman Gloria Ellman Sonya Ellman Naomi Elson Lenore Emmer Fay Engerman Ruth Englander Jerald Eppy Norma Erdle Linda Erman Arlene Ettinger Irwin Ettinger Harry and Irene Exler Jerome Fader Walter Fair Martin Falk Florence Feinberg Nancy-Jo Feinberg Brandon Feingold Anne Feinman Leslie Feinsmith Florence Feinstein Elayne Feld Arnold Feldman Bill Feldman Lenore Feldman Leonard and Judy Feldman Norman Feldman Wallace Feldman Karen and Stephen Feller Richard Felser Mikki Fenichel Sam Fenton Beverly Ferber George Feuerman Thelma Feuerman Joseph Field Bertram Fields Marilyn Fields Melvyn Fields Roberta Fields Albert Fils Michael Finci Harold Fine Joy Fine Nancy Fine Roslyn Fine Robert Fink Elliot Finkelstein David First Jerome Fischbein Daniel Fischer Doris Fischer Elaine Fischer

Paul Fischer Edward Fischler Aline Fisher Florence Fisher Jerry Fisher Yehuda Fishfeld Marvin Fishman Paul Fishman Sandra Fishman Ellen Flank Irwin Flashberg Janice Flaum Gloria Fleischer Elizabeth Fletcher Robert Floum Max Fluhr Mitchell Fogel Gloria Forman Melvin Forst Irvin Fox Rosalyn Fox Samuel Fox Milton Frank Phyllis Frank Sheila Frank Arline Frankel Sylvia Frankel Samuel Fredson Selma Freed Donald Freedlander Harriett Freedman Herbert and Ruth Freedman Kole Freedman Lindy Freedman Maxine Freedman Myrna Freedman Saul Freedman Seymour Freedman Gary Freedson Howard and Lorraine Freeman Frieda Freshman Elaine Frias Gloria Fried Howard Friedberg Paul Friedberg Rose Friedberg Lawrence Frieder Betty Friedman Corinne Friedman Elayne Friedman Isabel Friedman Joel Friedman Judith Friedman Mark Friedman Norman and Shirley Friedman Renee Friedman Sandra Friedman Rhoda Frischer Austin Frishman Marshall Frishman Al Frohman Sallye Frohman Ruth Fromstein Elwood Fuerstman Jody Funt

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Renee Gaines-Bialo Shirley Galant Marilyn Gale Stanley Gale Morton and Norma Gallub Eleanore Gann Helene Gans Joseph Ganz May Ganz Shirley Garber Marilyn Gardner Gerald Gare Marvin Gareleck Bernice Garelick David Gartner Max Gavzy Betty Gaynor Eli Gaynor Robert Gaynor Stuart Gelber Sidney and Shirley Gelfand Eileen Geller Leo Geller Vivian Genser Leona Genshaft Toby Gerber Edward Gersh Sy Gerstman Renee Getlan Jane Gilbert* Richard Gilbert Patricia Gillman Robynn Ginsberg Jerrie Gittleson Erminio and Catherine Giuliano Franklin Gladstone Helen Glasofer Barbara Glasser Robert Glasser Marjorie Glassman Mary Glassman Max Glassman Glenna Glauber Reva Gochman Ralph Goffner Marvin Golberg Burt Gold David Gold Leonard Gold Nathan Gold Carol Goldberg Irving Goldberg Leo Goldberg Norman Goldberg Ronald Goldberg Stanley Goldberg Bradley Goldfarb Herbert Goldfarb Betty Goldman Marilyn Goldman Mildred Goldman Fred and Edith Goldsmith Harold Goldstein Muriel Goldstein Naomi Golieb Betty Golombek Alice Goodman


Lance Goodman Miriam Goodman Ted Goodwin Daniel Gooze Bruce Gordon Glenda Gordon Ida Gordon Ina Gordon Judy Gordon Lydia Gordon Milton Gordon Saul and Libby Gordon Stacey Gordon Fredrick Gorwit Roberta Gotlieb Marvin Gottlieb Bernard Gouz John and Shirley Graham Shirley Graham Shirley Grallnick Frances Grandis Martin Granowitz Howard Grayson Pat Grayson Connie Greco Geraldine Green Joan Green Myron Green Morris Greenbaum Stanley Greenbaum Arnold Greenberg Barbara Greenberg Carolyn Greenberg Cheryl Greenberg David Greenberg Edna Greenberg Hugh Greenberg Roger Greenberg Nathan Greenblatt Sheldon Greenburg Barry Greene Selma Greene Alvin Greenfield Melvin Greenwald Selma Greiff Arlene Gritz Babe Grollman Jack Grollman Malcolm Gropper Doris Grosberg* Barbara Gross Irma Gross Murray Gross Howard Grossman Leonard Grossman Evelyn Grunley Jerome Gudelsky Joan Gudelsky Sylvia Gutenplan Beatrice Gutkin Lynne Haberman Mark Haberman Alan Haft Florence Haft Larry Haft Jill and Elijah Hagler Elayne Hallarman Kermit Halperin

Linda Halperin Natalie Halperin Faye Halpern Karen Hamerling Eric Handis Arnold Hantverk Harold and Ruth Harris Arthur Harrow Annette Hart Stanley Hart Ellen Hartz Sylvia Harvith Regine Harwick Harry and Edith Hayman Adele Haymes Abraham Hazelcorn Lynn Hecht Jerry Helfman Alan Helft Robert Helft Neal Henschel Emil Hensel Alfred Herman Martin Herman Milton Herman Evelyn Hersch Jack Hersh Phyllis Hersh Robert Hertz John Heuman Judith Heyman Larry and Dee Heyman Lawrence Hier Shari Hier Bonnie Hildebrand Felix Hirsch Nancy Hirsch Reata Hirsch Daniel Hodas Joan Hoffman Harriet Hollander Arlene Hollenberg George Hollenberg Holocaust Survivors Club Stanley Holtzman Carole Holzwasser Paul Honig Robert Honig Marjorie and Mitchell Horwin Joyce Howard Lenore Howard Ingrid Huettemann Mandy Hurwitz Robert Hurwitz Lois Hutensky Judith Hymowitz Irving Imburg Alexander and Marjorie Intrator Karen Irwin Shirley Isenstein William Isenstein Irwin Isser Eliott Izen Helene Izen Gail Izenstark John Izsak

Lillian Jaco William Jacobs Herbert Jacobson James Jacobson Lenore Jacobson Myra Jacobson Robert and Susan Jaffe Jack Jaiven Barbara Janower Donald Janower Leon Jonas Nathaniel and Edith Jonas Alvin Kadish Sanford and Sarah Kadish Eugene Kagan Theresa Kahan Muriel Kahn Alice Kaiser Bernard Kaminetsky Melanie Kaminetsky Barbara Kamins Stanley Kanter Marilyn Kantor Marlene Kantor Alvin Kaplan Edward Kaplan Frances Kaplan Howard Kaplan Max and Roberta Kaplan Milton Kaplan Pamela and Thomas Kaplan Peter Kaplan Rita Kaplan Joyce Kaplowitz Rose Karden Richard Karyo Norman Kasser Herbert Kassner Isabel Kaston Stephen Kates Judith Katten Robert Katten Anita Katz Arlene Katz Carol Katz Doris Katz Doris Katz Elaine Katz Florence Katz Harold Katz Ira Katz Judith Katz Loeb and Natalie Katz Melvin Katz Pauline Katz David Katzman Harvey Kaufman Terry Kaufman Joseph Kavanau Bertram Kay Jack and Harriet Kay Judith Kay Ben Kaye Florence Kaye Gerald Kaye Robert and Carol Kaye Sandy Kaye Phyllis Keehn

Joseph Kell Charlotte Kellert Kelman Family Foundation Isobel Kemper Alice Kent Marian Kent Amy Kerstein Ruth Kessler Bebe King Alvin and Myrna Kingsley Bruce Kirschenberg Marlene Kirschner Stanley Kirwin Melvin Kitt Selma Kitt Helen Kittay Gerald Klafter Libby Klafter Edgar Kleban Joyce Kleban Arthur Klein Harold Klein Edith Klimberg Jordan Klingsberg Al Knobler Paula Knobler Rhona Kochman Barbara Koenig Betty Koenig Jennifer Koenig Michael and Carole Kohn Marjorie Kopple Elaine Korn Peter Korn* Juliet Korngold Charles Kornheiser Muriel Kornheiser Roz Kornreich-Lazar Tevie Kozak Julius Kramer Minerva Kramer Elliot Krangle Alvin Kravet Ralph Kravitz Sandra Kravitz Barry Krell Elaine Krell Donald Kreston Judi Krevolin Evelyn Krickstein Cecile Kriegstein Robert Kroker Pamela Krolik Martin Kroll Robert Kronish Howard Krosser Roz Krosser Jack Kulawitz Theda Kures Helene Kurtis Irving Kuskin Matthew Kutcher Shirley Ladd Ronald Lakin Arthur Landesman Jeanne Langer Miriam Langhaus Edwin Langue

Shirley Lantz Michelle Larkin Lee and Edene Lasser Elinor Laupheimer Susan Lavine Beth Lazerick Helen Lebowitz Peter and Terri Lebowitz Doris Lehman Fred Lehman Roger Lehman Sally Lehman Seymour Leifer Eleanor Lengyel Saul Lesser Rose Levenson Courtney Levin Daniel and Aimee Levin Jacob Levin Mitchell Levin Scott Levin Janet Levine Jo Levine Robert Levine Sidney Levine Weldon Levine Ralph Levin-Epstein Alan Levinson Miriam Levinson Barry and Sandra Levitt Herman Levitt Ellis Levy Flossie Levy Fred Levy June Levy Lee Levy Lynne Levy Russell Levy Sue Levy M. and Sally Lewis Marshall Lewis Robert Lewis Morris Lewitter Alvin Lezell Anne Liebenthal Bernard Liebman Marlane Lilienthal Phyllis Linn Arnold Linter Harold Lipman Maurice Lipman Michael Lipman Stephen Lippy Todd Lipsich Wendi Lipsich Harvey Lipson Irving Lipson Sharon Lipton William Lipton Esther Liss George Liss Donald Litt Florence Litvack Mimi Livingston Sol Lobe Louis and Muriel Lobovits Raymond Lobovits Robert Locke

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

Howard Loewentheil Leonora Loewentheil Harry and Anita Lokos Judith Long Janet Lopin Melvin Lowenstein Jerome Lubin Leonard Luck Lesley Ludwig William Luss Jodi Lustgarten Eileen Mack Cyril Madesker Harold Maidman David Makover Reena Makover Joe Mandelkorn Bernice Mann Elias Mann Martin Mann Philip Marber Morris and Ruth Marcus Sara Marcus Marc Margolies Marjorie Margolis Clara Margulies Oscar Margulies Arlene Margulis Irving and Frances Margulis Elliot Marion Sam Marion Phyllis Markel Coralyn Marks Graham Martin Lois Martin Jules Mason Barbara Masterman Paul Mautner Walter May Larry Mayer Irving and Marilyn Mechanic Florence Medlinsky Marvin Mehlman Neil Meisel George Meissner David Menashe Aaron Mendelson Herbert Mennen* Linda Meran Philip Merlin Elise Mesh Gene and Elise Mesh Diana Messing Samuel Messing Nathan Metzger Phyllis Metzger Max Meyer Sandra Meyer Sid Meyers Debra Michaud Scott Michaud Judy Michnoff Ethel Miller Harvey Miller Ira Miller Louise Miller

Raphael and Jeannette Miller Relli Miller William Miller Irwin Minzer Marilyn Mironer Daniel Mironov Aaron and Ann Mizel Vera Monkarsh Abraham Morduchowitz Conrad and Carol Morgenstern Stanford Morris Elaine Morrison Jeannette Morrison Helen Morton Marilyn Motzkin Dennis Muenzer Wallace Musoff Stanley Muss Margot Myers Myron Nadler* Arthur Nasso Saunee Navlen Roberta Navre Irwin Needle Sylvia Neiberg Bill Neides Marvin Newberg Gertrude Newman Josephine Newman Miriam Newman Saul Newman Sheldon Newman Willliam Newman Zelda Newman Bruce Nimhauser Jeannette Nizel Morton and Sylvia Noble Randy Nobles Michael and Marsha Noller Elinor Norian Allan and Deyse Norwitz Harold and Nedra Novick Louis Nussbaum Roberta Nussbaum Samuel Ochlis David and Judy Ohayon Sally B. Oken Stanley Okin David and Rosalind Oltsik Henry and Dennie Oppenheim David and Eleanor Oppenheimer Sidney Orlans Edward Osher Mark Osherow Harold Paley Ira and Yvette Paret Jerry Pasahow Lola Pasahow Bert Paseltiner Alan and Sybia Pastor Rachel Patron Benjamin Payson Samuel Pearlman Janice Pelz

Judy Pencer Phyllis Penney Roberta Perez Joseph Perl Michael Perlin Arlene Perlman Barbara Perlman Dolores Perlman Doris Perlman Natalie Perlmuter Victor Perlow* Marvin Perry Marvin Perrye David Peskind Alyne Phillips Leonard and Francine Pickard Elaine Pilat Robert Pillar Gertrude Pilzer Jack Pincus Mitchell Pinke Jay Pisik Mildred Pittman Elaine Plaskow Norma Platner Phyllis Platt Sonia Pliner Harvey and Lila Plosker Laura Polan Carol Polin Seymour Polishook Miles Portman Elaine Portnoy Simon Portnoy Carol Posner Herman Post Albert Postrel Marsha Potchtar Ronald Potkin Claire Pottish Eugene Preslier Robert Pressner Elaine Price Joan Prizant Sue Projain Sanford Putesky Karey Queen Robert Raab Florence Rabinowitz Morton Rachelson Betty Ram Gilbert Raphael Frederick Rapoport Jeanne Raport Aaron Rappaport Claire Rappaport Marcia Raskin William Ratner Judith Rechler Milton Reece Ernest Regis Lani Regis Sheldon Reibman Valerie Reichenthal Dennis and Ruth Rice Miriam Rich Marcia Richter

Evelyn Rickel Robert Riesner Martin Rindner Milton Ring Roberta and Milton Rinzler Pearl Rissman Betty Robbin Harvey Robbins Martin Robbins Alan Roberts David and Estelle Robinson Morris Rochlin Beatrice Rocker Marcia Roff Benzion Rogoff Marion Rolnick Samuel Ron Andrew Rose Barbara Rose David Rose Edward Rose Irving Rose Sheldon Rose Bonny Rosen Gloria Rosen Rhea Rosen Barbara Rosenbaum Barbara Rosenberg Julius Rosenberg Marvin Rosenberg Ruth Rosenberg Alan Rosenfeld Leo Rosenson Phyllis Rosenstock Henry Rosenthal Miki Rosenthal Raymond and Rose Rosenthal Barbara Rosenzweig Henry Rosenzweig Grace Rosner Barbara Ross Herb Ross Marcia and Robert Ross Martin Ross Robert and Marcia Ross Barbara Roth Howard Roth Melvin Roth Stanley Roth Shirley Rothbart Madeleine Rothman David Rothstein Bruce Rowland Cliff and Beatrice Ruben Jason Rubin Joseph Rubin Samuel Rubin Syril Rubin Jack Rubinstein Norma Rubinstein Cora Ruchlamer Marcia Ruderman Boris and Edith Rueger Catherine Rush Gloria Russell Lawrence Rutstein Allen Sabath

Lester Saber Mark Sachs Nancy Sachs Stanley Sachs Lorrilyn Saex Alan Safian Martin and Rita Saiman Sheldon and Nadine Saitlin Shirley Saland Yomtov Salazar Ira Salk Millie Salnick Melvin Saltz Israel and Dorothy Salzbank Theodore Samel Larry Samuels Norman Samuels Norman Samuels Jay Sanders Joel Sankel Helen Sarasohn Tania Saslove Harold Satenspiel Susan Satsky Sidney Saull Melvyn Savage Robert Savin Jeffrey Savran Perry Saxe Marilyn Saypol Miriam Saywitz Claire Scafa Ronald Schacht Robert Schachter Judi Schaffer Lilian Schaffer Barbara Schapiro Ruth Scharf Edgar and Lois Schauber Benjamin Scheckner Ruby Schepps Stanley Scher Jeffrey and Patricia Schildkraut Cynthia Schiller Shirlee Schiller Etta Schlesinger Sarah Schlesinger Bernard Schmidt Fran Schmutter Martin Schnapp Ruth Schnapp Corinne Schneider Ellen Schneider Harvey Schneider Irwin Schneider Melvin and Eleanor Schneider Rhoda Schneider Ronni Schneider Natalie Schneiderman Barbara Schnoll Leon and Rose Schnur Lorraine Schoen Melvyn Schoen David Schoenfield Stanley Schor

Julian Schorr Arnold Schotsky Bruce Schreiber Howard Schreiber Sherri Schreiber Marilyn Schulder Mickie Schulman Murray Schulman Carol Schumer Ellen Schumer Irwin Schumer Stephanie Schuster Craig Schwamm Elaine Schwartz Elaine Schwartz Geraldine Schwartz Howard Schwartz Paul Schwartz Shelly Schwartz Stanley Schwartz William Schwartz Martin Schwartzberg Rand Schwartzwald Irwin and Thelma Schweber Leonard Schwimmer Salvatore Scoma Madeline Seeman Aaron Seff Adam and Heidi Segal Herbert Segal Richard Seifer Sophia Seitchik Ronald Selbst Gerald Selig Ruth Selis Arthur and Ruth Selnick Jason Seltzer Maxim Seltzer Laurie and Avi Semo Norman Sessler Susan Shaber Meyer Shafman Phyllis Shafman Seymour Shagrin Barry Shanbron Benjamin and Ruth Shapiro Dr. A. Eugene and Mrs. Shapiro Wallace Shapiro Philip Sharaf Gertrude and Norman Sharpe Mark Shatz Linda Shaw Helene Shear Michele Sheppard Alan Sherman Carol Sherman Sidney Sherter Sol Sherwin Judith Sherwood Carol Shiffman Ruth Shlachter Donald Shopiro David Shore Gary Shore Lillian Shoyer William Shron

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05


Sam Sidewater Harry Sieber Molly Siegal Daniel Siegel Elaine Siegel Gigi Siegel June Siegel Laurie Siegel Rita Siegel Robert Siegel Sam Siegel Susan Siegel Marcia Siegler Shirley Sigesmund Edna Silber Bernard Silver Lucy and Jules Silver Philip Silver Carol Silverman Joy Silverman Joyce Silverman Robert Silverman Sidney Silverman Fred Silverstein Bernard and Esther Simon Jerome Singer Myra Singer Samuel Singer Judith Sirkin Simon and Lillian Skolnick Albert Slate Herbert Slater Marie Slaven Seymour Slaven Milton Sloban Marvin Slomowitz Lillian Slonim Jill Slootsky Stuart Small Ben Smith May Smith Morton Smith Eleanor Smolka Irving Smolka Libby Snyder


Philip Snyder Gerald Sohne Yetta Sohne Oscar Soifer Shirley Sokolsky Evelyn Solomon Larry Solomon Naomi Solomon Eunice Solow Shirley Somerman David Sonabend Lila Sorkin Marshall Sorkin Elliott Spector Judy Speizman Kenneth Sperber Seena Sperling Anne Spielman Samuel Spielman Selma Spielman Elissa Spiro Lucille Spitz Herbert Spitzer Sidney Sprung Howard Stackman* Ann Stark Joseph Stark Andrew Starr Maurine Starr Seymour and Bertha Statman Arnold and Elaine Statsinger Burton Stavitsky Gerald Stein Loren Stein Sorrell Stein Charles Steinberg Eugene Steinberg Richard Steinberg Robert Steinberg Betty Steinhauser Marilyn Steinman Penny Stender Eugene Stern

Mindy Stern Enid Stillman Marvin Stolberg Jeanne Stone Richard Stone Sandra Stone Irwin Stovroff Sterra Stovroff Helen Straub Arnold Straus Harry and Shirley Strauss Florence Strober-Greiff Robert and Judith Suchoff Carl Sudakoff Gilbert Sugarman Samuel Susi Elaine Sussman Ira Sussman Leon and Helen Sussman Marilyn Sussman Nathan and Marilyn Sussman Eugene Suttin Morton Swartz Gisha Swernoff Shirley Swidler William Tabachnik Linda Tafet Arthur Taitz Amy Taney Barry Taney Vivian Taragan Ida Tatelbaum Matthew Tatelbaum Sema Tatelbaum Carol Taub Elene Taubman Joseph Taubman Martin Teitelbaum Joel and Selma Telles Josie Telman Muriel Tharler Toby Thierman Norman Thrope Albert Toll

Jaclyn Tompkins Bernard Topfer Minna Topfer William Topkis Nanci Tuck Allen and Phyllis Turtel Daniel Twer Eveline Tysk Edwin Umanoff Bud Ungar Rosalyn Unger Herbert Usow Jo Van Der Linden Barbara Vanefsky Allen Vann Florence Vine Louis Vine Ruth Viner Diane Vogel Herbert and Lenore Wachtel Erwin Wainer Rosalind Waitman Horace and Edith Waldman Ruthie Waldman Skip Waldman Leonard Walker Janice Wallach Alice Wanderman Leon and Ruth Warms Norman Wasserman Harold Wax Janet Wayne Helene Weicholz Stephen Weicholz Clifford Weidberg Sheldon Weil Frances Weinberg George Weinberg Irwin Weinberg Lillian Weinberg Warren Weinberg Herb Weiner Robert Weiner Steven Weinfeld

Norman Weinger Sylvia Weinger Jack Weingold Barry and Linda Weinhouse Robert Weinroth Emanuel Weinstein Frederick Weinstein Joel Weinstein Marvin Weinstein Myriam Weinstein Rose Weinstein Seymour Weinstein Henrietta Weisberg Sally Weisbuch Marcie Weisman Fredric Weiss Jeffrey Weiss Matt and Patty Weiss Morris Weiss Murray Weiss Norman Weiss Renee Weiss Cynthia Weissman Morton and Eleanor Weissman Dolores Wenig Louis Werner Hilda Werth Benjamin Wertkin Craig Wertkin Sandra West Alvin Wheeler Rose Whinston Doris White Paul White Melvin Wides Bernard Wiener Hilton Wiener Ila Wiener Sidney Wiener Iris Wilder Leo Wilder Janet Wilen John and Ruth Winston Zella Witt

Rita Wolf Howard Wolfe Robert Wolff Felyce Wolfson Adam Workman Workmens Circle Br1051 Judy Yanoff George and Claire Yedvarb Richard Yellin Roslyn Yellin Lawrence Yore David Young Martha Young Frank Youngman Jane Yudell Myron Yudkin Jennifer Zakin Miriam Zakon Stanley Zale Harry Zam Lorraine Zam Walter Zashin Joan Zavis Susan Zeff Martin Zeitler Sheila Zeitler Herman Zeitlin Morton and Judith Zemel Anne Zetzer Sidney Zichlin Sandra Zimelis Beverly Zimmerman Richard Zimmern Melvin Zimmers Marda Zimring Ira Zippert Stanley Zola Seymour Zubatch Rhoda Zuckerman Sol and Harriet Zweig Max Zwiebel

* Of blessed memory as of 12/28/05

NATIONAL STAR OF DAVID/HERITAGE SOCIETY MEMBERS The Heritage Society honors and recognizes all donors who have made a $100,000 current or deferred gift endowment in a will, trust, IRA, life insurance policy, or charitable gift annuity benefiting the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, any of its partner agencies, or the Jewish community through the Jewish Community Foundation. We are grateful to the following members (List in formation as of August 31, 2005): Beatrice & Milton Adelman David & Helen Ain Jerome & Audrey Altheimer ✡ Lawrence & Karen Altschul ✡ Sylvia Fried Arnold ✡ David & Sophie Bady ✡ Marjorie Baer Lee & Gloria Baker ✡ Harvey & Candy Barbag Adele Barron ✡ Leon* & Rose Barrow Arthur & Shirley Becker-Silfen Steve Bedowitz ✡ Lynn Bedowitz ✡ Bernard & Elaine* Beifield William & Renee Belman Franklin & Joan Benamy Harry H. & Helen Berkof ✡ Ella Berman ✡ Patricia Berman Gary* & Rose Bernstein ✡ Stanton & Jacqueline Bernstein Eugene & Joy Binkovitz Milton & Esther Blank Ronald & Henrie Blau ✡ Leon & Leona Brauser Theodore & Goldye* Breman Abe & Miriam Brenner ✡ Anne Brenner Scott & Andrea Brenner Edward & Gaby Brill ✡ Martin & Florence Brody Harriet Bryer Maurice & Dorothy Bucksbaum Irving & Dorothy Burke ✡ Ed & Freyda Burns ✡ Stephanie Chestnov Suzy Garfinkle Chevrier Leah Coblitz Mark & Helen Cohan Alan* & Carol Cohen Nancy Cohen Richard & Shirley Cohen Francine Cole George & Yetta Colin Irving* & Dorothy Cooper ✡ Alan & Jane Cornell ✡ Lester* & Mitzi Cutler Craig Donoff Howard* & Ada Dunn Selma Tyser Edlavitch ✡ Helene Eicoff Helen Eisenberg ✡

Aaron & Karola Epstein Ed & Eleanor Epstein ✡ Edward & Dale Filhaber Harriet Finger Sam Flanel Harold & Marleen Forkas Daniel & Mildred Forsythe Neil & Ina Rae Fox Barry & Florence Friedberg ✡ Bernice Friedman ✡ Hilda Friedman Morris & Phyllis Friedman ✡ Jack & Estelle Futterman Ronald L. & Meryl Gallatin ✡ Charles & Nancy Ganz ✡ Joseph & Joan Garde ✡ Sandor* & Rani Garfinkle ✡ Albert & Norma Geller ✡ Herbert & Elaine Gimelstob Alan Ginsburg ✡ Seymour & Jane Glaser Leo & Beatrice Gold Shefford* & Helen Goldband ✡ Christine Golden Gerald & Phyllis Golden ✡ David & Lisa Goodman Jerry & Corrine Gorelick ✡ Shirley Gould* Stuart W. & Paula Graff William & Eleanor Greenblatt Phyllis Greenman Abraham J. Gross Wendy Gutmann Kupfer Stephanie Halio ✡ Solomon* & Gertrude Harrison Abraham* & Ruth* Hases Seymour Hecker ✡ Richard & Marcia Hendler Cecil* & Faye Henschel Fred* & Julia Hershaft Howard & Miriam Hirsch ✡ Herbert & Bonita Hirsch ✡ Jeff & Marissa Hollander ✡ Leo* & Cynthia Hollander Alan & Linda Hurst ✡ Joel & Barbara Jacob Celia Jacobs Robert & Trina Jacobs Norman & Anne Jacobson ✡ Alfred & Ruth Jacobson Trudy Jaffe* Morton & Dalia Jarashow Jeffrey & Deborah Kahn

Jules* & Dorothy* Kamsley ✡ Leonard & Tobee Kaplan ✡ Thomas & Pamela Kaplan Roslyn Kaplan* Richard & Jane Karp Emil* & Paula Kasner ✡ Sidney & Sydell Kastenbaum Garrison Kaufman Sheryl Kaufman Barry & Carole Kaye ✡ Charles* & Ann Kelman ✡ Dr. Stacey Kirschenbaum Ralph & Pearl Kier Joseph & Miriam Klein Stanley & Audrey Kleinfeld ✡ Mel & Elaine Kofsky Simon & Doris Konover ✡ Gerald & Debra Kramer ✡ Herman Krueger Betty Krupnick* Elyssa Kupferberg Shirley Lasdon Jacob Lasky ✡ Madeline Blondman Lax Mel & Helga Lechner Ann Katz Lederman Gerald & Dr. Ruth Legow ✡ Samuel Leitner Manuel & Esther Leno ✡ Marianne Minkoff Lerner William* & Gloria Genin Lester ✡ Abner & Mildred Levine Irving & Barbara Levy Bea Levy* Heinz* & Harriet Liebross Dottie Lipson Michael & Roxane Lipton ✡ Sherman & Jacqueline Lowy Shirley Marcus* Milton Margolis William & Harriet Margolis Judy Levis Markhoff Beatrice Cummings Mayer Jerry & Macky Milgram Eugene & Thelma Miller Joseph & Beth Mishkin Jane Morningstar Shirley Mostov & Edward Kanun ✡ Michael & Donna Mullaugh Naomi Myers Sigmund* & Millicent Nathan ✡ Bruce & Cindy Nimhauser James H. & Lynn Nobil ✡

Bernard & Ruth Nussdorf Jules & Fritzi Ohren ✡ Mel* & Toby Weinman Palchik ✡ Eugene D. & Madeline Pargh ✡ Sandra Perkins Larry Phillips ✡ Maurice & Margie Plough ✡ Ben Z.* & Estelle Plous Stanley & Joyce Preiser Frank & Roberta Press ✡ Wendy Rapaport Seymour & Dollsey Rappaport David & Geraldine Ratner Arthur & Irene Regan Norman & Madeleine Reich William & Florence* Reisberg ✡ Hyman & Deana Richman Andy & Donna Robins James & Rose Robinson Joseph & Dorothy Robinson Sylvia Rosen ✡ Joseph* & Abby Rosenberg Jerry* & Della Rosenberg Dr. Lewis Rosenthal* ✡ Marvin & Sylvia Rosett Allan* & Rosemary* Rubin ✡ Marvin & Sandra Rubin Eleanore Rukin* ✡ Irving R.* & Carol I. Rutkin Harvey & Phyllis Sandler ✡ Irving & Harriett Sands ✡ Louis & Sylvia Saposnekoo John & Susan Saril Ellen R. Sarnoff Jan Savarick Sidney & Elizabeth Savelle ✡ Sol & Mildred Schaikowitz Berenice Schankerman* ✡ Dolores Schlesinger* ✡ Sidney* & Dorothy* Schuman Elmer & Dorothy P. Seaman ✡ Dr. Miriam Segall Albert Sher* ✡ Jean Shacter* Alvin & Beverly Shapiro Cantor Elaine Shapiro Audrey Shaw Jerry & Patsy Shaw ✡ David & Jean* Shechet Lewis & Sylvia Sheketoff Leonard & Rosalie Silberman ✡ Bernard & Eleanor Silver ✡ Edward & Jan Silverman

Myron & Elaine Silverman Eleanor Silverstein Morris & Margie Simon Saul & Susan Singer Wally & Myrna Small Dr. Irving & Dr. Carol Smokler ✡ Irene Calig Snyder Harold & Sylvia Solinsky ✡ Allan & Shirley Solomon Ralph* & Delores Solomon ✡ Gloria C. Sommers* ✡ Gary H. Sommers ✡ Jack & Dani Sonnenblick Sam & Marcia Spear Mildred Sperling William Spitalsky Frederick Spitzer Eugene & Phyllis Squires ✡ Alfred & Charlotte Stein Seymour* & Diana Stein ✡ Martin & Edith Stein ✡ Melvin & Selina Steinberg Robert & Shirley Steinberg Fern Steinfeld Harry Sugarman ✡ Elbert & Beatrice* Taitz Ruth Taubman Nancy Seaman Thornton Clifford & Jill Viner ✡ Arthur & Phyllis Wachtel Gerald Ward Bruce & Lynn Warshal Enid Weinberg Michael & Caren Weinberg Renee Weinberg Paul & Eleanor Weiner Pamela Yaffe-Weinroth Bruce & Susan Werner Donald & Barbara Werner Marvin* & Cynthia (Markowitz) White ✡ Ruth White* Jay & Barbara Wiston Dorothy Mayers Wizer ✡ Peter & Ilene Wohlgemuth Shirley Woldar* William & Acey Wolgin Jules J. Yablow Etta Gross Zimmerman Sidney* & Rita* Zimmy ✡ National Star of David Society * Of blessed memory


L I O N O F J U DA H E N D OW M E N T $100,000 + The Lion of Judah Endowment program is a joint effort between the Foundation and the Women’s Division of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. Establishing a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) allows a woman to endow her gift in perpetuity. Women of any age can provide a legacy and safeguard their values forever. The Or L’Atid (Light Unto the Future) flame, attached to the outstretched paw of the lion pin symbolizes a woman’s commitment to the continuation of Jewish life. Donors creating a LOJE fund with a minimum of $100,000 are recognized by membership in the LOJE Honor Roll and on the Federation LOJE recognition wall. Gifts may be made through a charitable remainder trust, life insurance, IRA, bequest, charitable gift annuity or an outright current gift such as cash or appreciated stock. (List in formation as of August 31, 2005) • • ◆•

• ◆•

◆• ◆•


• •

• •

• ◆•


Helen Ain Audrey Altheimer Karen Altschul Sylvia Fried Arnold Margie Baer Gloria Baker Candy Barbag Adele Barron Shirley Becker-Silfen Lynn Bedowitz Renee Belman Joan Benamy Ella Berman Patricia Berman Rose Bernstein Joy Binkovitz Esther Blank Henrie Blau Madeline Blondman Leona Brauser Anne Brenner Miriam Brenner Gaby Brill Florence Brody Dorothy Bucksbaum Dorothy Burke Freyda Burns Stephanie Chestnov Leah Coblitz Helen M. Cohan Carol Cohen Shirley Cohen Francine Cole Yetta Colin Dorothy Cooper Jane Cornell Selma Tyser Edlavitch* Helene Eicoff Helen Eisenberg Eleanor Epstein Dale Filhaber Harriet Finger Marleen Forkas Mildred Forsythe Ina Rae Fox

• ◆• ◆• ◆•

• ◆• ◆•


• •


• •


• •


Florence Friedberg Bernice Friedman Hilda Friedman Phyllis Friedman Estelle Futterman Meryl Gallatin Nancy Ganz Joan Garde Rani Garfinkle Suzy Garfinkle Chevrier Norma Geller Elaine Gimelstob Jane Glaser Beatrice Gold Helen Goldband Christine Golden Phyllis Golden Corinne Gorelick Shirley H. Gould* Eleanor Greenblatt Phyllis Greenman Wendy Gutmann-Kupfer Stephanie Halio Marcia S. Hendler Julia Hershaft Cynthia Hollander Marissa Hollander Linda Hurst Barbara Jacob Celia Jacobs Anne Jacobson Ruth Jacobson Trudy Jaffe* Tobee W. Kaplan Roslyn Kaplan* Jane Karp Sydell Kastenbaum Sheryl Kaufman Carole Kaye Ann Kelman Dr. Stacey S. Kirschenbaum Pearl Kier Doris Konover Debra Kramer Elyssa Kupferberg


• •

• ◆•


• • ◆•

Helga Lechner Ann Katz Lederman Dr. Ruth Legow Esther Leno Marianne Minkoff Lerner Gloria Genin Lester Mildred Levine Barbara Levy Bea Levy* Dottie Lipson Roxane Frechie Lipton Jacqueline Lowy Shirley Marcus* Judy Levis Markhoff Cynthia White Markowitz Beatrice Cummings Mayer Beth Mishkin Jane Morningstar Donna Mullaugh Millicent Nathan Cindy Nimhauser Ruth Nussdorf Toby Weinman Palchik Madeline Pargh Sandra J. Perkins Margie Plough Estelle Plous Joyce Preiser Wendy Rapaport Dollsey Rappaport Madeleine Reich Deana Richman Donna Robins Dorothy Robinson Rose Benak Robinson Sylvia Rosen Della Rosenberg Sylvia Rosett Sandra Rubin Eleanore Rukin* Phyllis Sandler Harriett Sands Susan Saril Ellen R. Sarnoff Jan Savarick

• • •

• ◆•


• ◆•


Elizabeth Savelle Dolores Schlesinger* Dotti Seaman Beverly M. Shapiro Cantor Elaine Shapiro Audrey Shaw Patsy Shaw Sylvia C. Sheketoff Rosalie L. Silberman Jan Silverman Eleanor Silverstein Margie Simon Susan Singer Dr. Carol Smokler Irene Calig Snyder Delores R. Solomon Shirley Solomon Gloria C. Sommers* Mildred Sperling Phyllis Squires Charlotte Stein Diana Stein Edith Stein Selina R. Steinberg Fern Steinfeld Ruth Taubman Nancy Seaman Thornton Phyllis Wachtel Caren Weinberg Renee Weinberg Eleanor Weiner Pamela Yaffe-Weinroth Barbara Werner Ruth White* Barbara Wiston Dorothy Wizer Shirley R. Woldar* Acey Wolgin Etta Gross Zimmerman Rita Zimmy

Established LOJE in two communities Member National Star of David Society

* Of blessed memory

M E N ’ S P E R P E T UA L A N N UA L C A M PA I G N E N D OW M E N T ( PAC E ) H O N O R S O C I E T Y $100,000 + As a complement to the extremely successful Women’s Division Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) program, the Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County instituted the “Men’s Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) Honor Society.” As in the LOJE program, when a man permanently endows his Annual Campaign gift to our Jewish Federation with a current or deferred gift of at least $100,000 or equal to twenty times his Annual Campaign gift, he becomes a member of this very prestigious group. Each of the men proudly carries a beautifully engraved, sterling silver money clip from a famous New York jeweler, signifying his outstanding commitment to the Jewish people. (List in formation as of August 31, 2005) ✡ ✡ ✡

Jerome Altheimer Steve Bedowitz Gerson K. Bernstein* Scott Brenner ✡ Irving Cooper* ✡ Alan Cornell Craig Donoff ✡ Barry Friedberg ◆✡ Ronald L. Gallatin

Charles B. Ganz Sandor Garfinkle* ✡ Gerald Golden ✡ Jerry Gorelick Stuart Graff ◆✡ Howard A. Hirsch ✡ Norman K. Jacobson Jeffrey S. Kahn, Esq. Thomas R. Kaplan ◆✡

✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡

Barry Kaye Dr. Charles Kelman* Joseph P. Klein Gerald Kramer Manny Leno William M. Lester* Sigmund Nathan* James H. Nobil Eugene Pargh

✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡ ✡

Lawrence Phillips Maurice D. Plough, Jr. Irving Sands Sidney Savelle Jerry Shaw Dr. Irving Smokler Ralph M. Solomon* Frederick Spitzer Eugene Squires

✡ ✡

Martin Stein Marvin White*

PACE established for two communities Member National Star of David Society

* Of blessed memory

P E R P E T U A L A N N U A L C A M PA I G N E N D OW M E N T ( PAC E ) F U N D S $2,500 – $99,999 A PACE fund is a permanent fund dedicated to endowing the donor’s Federation/UJA Annual Campaign gift. This fund enables the donor to extend their commitment by making a connection to the future. Trina Elkin Campaign Perpetuation Fund Elaine Ertischek PACE Fund Mark Glickman PACE Fund Richard D. Levy Campaign Perpetuation Fund Blair & Sylvia G. Ruben Memorial Endowment Fund

Anita and Howard Schaeffer PACE Fund William Spitalsky Jerry & Audrey Weinberg Campaign Perpetuation Fund Alan & Phyllis Weiner Insurance Fund


GOLDEN GIVERS The Golden Givers Society represents an ever-expanding group of deeply committed people who have given their continuous support to the UJC/Federation Annual Campaigns for 25 years or more and currently give to our Federation. Your gifts have helped ensure both the physical and spiritual survival of the Jewish people in south Palm Beach County, Israel and around the world. The Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County is pleased to recognize the following individuals as Golden Givers. (List in formation as of August 31, 2005) Arnold & Sydell Aaron Joseph & Dorothy Ackerman Mildred Ackerman Robert & Sandra Adler Nathan & Clara Adler William & Judith Allen Jerome & Audrey Altheimer Lawrence & Karen Altschul Sylvia Fried Arnold Jerry & Ann Asher Morris & Adele Avruch David Badner Elbert & Rita Bagus Lee & Gloria Baker Arty Barkas Marion Baron Cynthia Baron Saul & Mimi Barrick Jerome & Norma Bashover Leonard & Phyllis Bell William & Renee Belman Ben & Rhoda Belnick Franklin & Joan Benamy Mae Benson Gertrude Berg Alexander & Phyllis Berger Morris Berke Samuel & Anita Berman Robert & Hilda Berner Jules Bernstein Stanton & Jacqueline Bernstein Rose Bernstein Myra Biben Ethel Blanchard Ernest & Elaine Boas Roslaide Boyer Samuel & Harriet Brand Julius & Madalyn Braufman Barbara Braun Arthur & Helen Braverman Anne Brenner Hilda Brier Burton & Carol Bromson Dorothy Brown Jean Buchman John & Helen Budd Irving & Dorothy Burke Edward & Freyda Burns


Doris Cantor Irving & Doody Caplan Harry Carter Judith Chason Hannah Chestnov George & Yetta Colin Harold & Janis Cooper Anita Cope Martin & Ida Cotler Sydney & Elizabeth Dankman Joseph & Jean Delman Pearl Donshik Daniel & Sheila Duchin Jay & Helene Eichler Morris & Lorraine Eisenstein Sonya Ellman Milton Engel Sam Engel Aaron & Karola Epstein Jay & Ronni Epstein Ed & Eleanor Epstein Florence Feinstein Joseph Felber Joseph Feld Lila Fierer Isabella Fink Rebecca Fink Marilyn Finkle Ruth Fishman Lou Fradin Albert & Marion Frager Arline W. Frankel Henrietta Freidman Barry & Florence Friedberg Bernice Friedman David Friedman Hilda Friedman Norman Friedman Sol Friedman Florence Fuller Ronald & Meryl Gallatin Charles B. Ganz Joan & Joseph Garde Beatrice Ginsberg Sy Ginsberg Mary Glassman Mark Glickman Dr. Jerome & Anne Gold

Helen Goldband Bettina Goldberg Robert & Joan Goldberg Gerald & Phyllis Golden Bernard & Marilyn Goldman Jerome & Lee Goldsmith Fred Goldsmith William & Lillian Goldstein Theodore Golembo Martin & Elaine Goodman Bernard & Doris Gordon Albert & Jane Gortz Irving Gottlieb Sam Graf Albert & Barbara Grant Sylvia Greenberg Meyer Greenberg Jean Greenspan Joseph & Judith Gross Victor Gross & Shirley Fleishman Abraham Haller & Beatrice Levy Natalie Halpern Roslyn Handler Nathanial Harris Stanley & Annette Hart David & Adele Hast Leo & Alice Hecht Irene Heiber Richard & Marcia Hendler Robert & May Hershey Dr. George & Arlene Hollenberg Joseph & Celia Holman Arthur Holtz Laura Honig Stanley & Rita Horbar Alfred Horowitz Ada Hyams Max & Anne Hyman Abraham & Alitta Irwin Sidney Israel Dr. William & Barbara Jacobs Robert & Trina Jacobs Celia Jacobs Charlotte Jagolinzer Morton & Dalia Jarashow Irving Joffe Thomas R. Kaplan Norman Kasser

Edward & Anita Katz Harold & Doris Katz Thomas O. Katz Rose Kaufman Jack Kay Lillian Kent Bernice Kesslen Joseph & Miriam Klein Stanley & Audrey Kleinfeld Oscar Klioze Dr. Norton & Phyllis Klotz Theodore & Barbara Knee Simon & Doris Konover Julius & Doris Kramer Estelle Krasno Samuel Krupnick Frieda Leemon Gerald & Dr. Ruth Legow Gloria Genin Lester Abner & Mildred Levine Herbert & Elaine Levine Sylvia Levine Dr. Harry & Miriam Levinson Richard D. Levy Seymour Lieberman Harriet Liebross Lila Liner Dorothy Lipson Rebecca Lister Herbert & Frances London Cmdr. Philip & Joan Lorber Leroy & Helene Lowenfeld Lila Luber J. Zel Lurie Robert & Peggy Madan Joe Mandelkorn & Regene Schottenstein Maurice Manov Leon Margolin William & Harriet Margolis Henry & Shirley Margulies Florence Melton Rita Meyer Jerry & Maxine Milgram Stan Miller Ethel Miller Marvin & Beverly Miller Paula Miller

Florence Minkin Isadore Moore Jane Morningstar Lewis Myers Millicent Nathan Arnold Nestel Ted and Joyce Newman James & Lynn Nobil Barbara Nusbaum Harold Ostrow Toby Weinman Palchik Beatrice Pankin Eugene & Madeline Pargh Dr. Samuel Paul Beverly Pearlman Natalie Pelavin Doris Perlman Lawrence Phillips Maurice & Margy Plough Estelle Plous Henry and Anita Pollock Stanley & Joyce Preiser Maynard & Judy Rabinowitz Lucille Rader Seymour & Dollsey Rappaport Melvin Reichman & Mary Glassman Herbert Reisman Dr. Sidney & Marion Richman Rabbi Jack Riemer Louis Rifken Alan Roberts Bernard & Elaine Roberts Della Rosenberg Herman & Beatrice Rosenfeld Elinor Rosenthal Alfred Ross Daniel & Norma Ross Joseph & Shirley Rothchild Dr. Harvey Rothstein Leonard & Syril Rubin Herbert Rubman Rebbetzin Frances E. Sacks Gordon Salganik Sherman Salovitz Harriet & Irving Sands John & Susan Saril Mitzi Schafer

GOLDEN GIVERS CONTINUED Dr. Harry Schatz Sarah Schlesinger Shirley Schreiber Florence Schreibman Hyman & Muriel Schwartz Bill Schwartz & Margie Baer Stanley Schwartz & Lucille Steiner Irving & Paula Segal Charles Seibel Robert & Norma Seligman Clifford & Phyllis Seresky Sol & Harriet Shanus Dr. Alvin & Beverly M. Shapiro Louis Shapiro Norman & Gertrude Sharpe

David Shechet Betty Sher Bernard & Deborah Shlossman Solomon Shore Marion Silberberg Millicent Silverstein Rochelle Simms Claire Simon Herman Singer Leah Siskin Carmi Slomovitz Frances Snow Harvard & Miriam Sohn Harold Solinsky Delores R. Solomon

Ruth Solomont Edwin & Marilyn Sonabend Samuel & Marcia Spear Norma Spector Seymour Statman Diana Stein Benjamin & Joan Stein Alfred & Charlotte Stein Melvin & Selina Steinberg Norman & Bettye Steinberg Manfred & Fern Steinfeld Allan & Marion Stillman Sol & Therese Stiss Norman & Betty Stone Geraldine Stregevsky

Lillian Swift-Gaeser Sam & Naomi Tauber Ruth Taubman Leonard & Anne Thun Albert & Esther Toll Dr. Isidor Tolpin Robert & Freida Wallstein Sheldon & Cathy Weil Audrey Weinberg Saul & Ruth Weinberger Morris Weiner Paul & Eleanor Weiner Irving Weingrod Claire Weisberg Irving Weisbrod

Bernard Weiss Bernard and Sylvia Weiss Henry Weiss Marilyn Weissglass Stephen & Rose Weitz Edward West Jack Widitor Harry & Isabel Williams Dr. Albert Willner Dorothy Meyers Wizer Jerome Wolens Etta Wolfe Leonard & Naomi Yardeni Edward & Muriel Yarock

J E W I S H WO M E N ’ S F O U N DAT I O N O F S O U T H PA L M B E AC H C O U N T Y The Jewish Women’s Foundation (JWF) funds projects which work to improve the status of Jewish women and girls, and affect positive change in their lives and the lives of future generations. Endowers of the Foundation comprise its Board of Trustees, and is being built by $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000 contributions. Gail Asarch Gloria Baker Lori Berman Florence Brody Suzy Garfinkle Chevrier Caryn Clayman Carol Cohen Francine Cole Sherry L. Endelson

Freda H. Epstein Barbara Feingold Sheila Fuente Rani Garfinkle Doris Gidding Helen Goldband Phyllis Greenman Dayvee Bonnie Guthartz Wendy Gutmann-Kupfer

Melanie R. Kaminetsky Andrea Kline Merle Krimsky Gertrude Kutner Dr. Ruth Legow Wendy Legum Gloria Genin Lester Sandra Lippy Roxane Frechie Lipton

Laura Litinsky Judy Levis Markhoff Merry Morris Toby Weinman Palchik Natalie Pelavin Jeri Poller Mara Reuben Phyllis Sandler Ellen R. Sarnoff

Dotti Seaman Dr. Carol Smokler Delores Solomon Phyllis Wachtel Caren Weinberg Donna Weiss Carol Winig Etta Gross Zimmerman

C O R P O R AT E PA RT N E R S P RO G R A M The business community is an integral part of the charitable network supporting the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and the Jewish Community Foundation. The Corporate Partners Program recognizes those corporations who have committed a minimum of $1,000. The Federation and the Jewish Community Foundation thank these corporate partners for their vital participation: Autohaus Pompano Mercedes-Benz Bank Leumi Barry Kaye Associates Bernstein, Kaplan & Krauss LLC Branham Realty Inc. Charles Schwab & Co. Citigroup The Private Bank Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Florida Colonial Bank

Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, PA HSBC Bank USA Kaufman, Rossin & Co., PA L Boutique Levitt Capital Management Life Insurance Concepts Management Planning, Inc. Mellon Private Wealth Management Merrill Lynch Northern Trust Bank of Florida N.A.

Pratt & Bucher LLP Proskauer Rose LLP Sandelman Foundation Shuster Design Associates Solomon, Bardes & Flank Stratum Wealth Management Sun-Sentinel US Trust West Boca Medical Center/Tenet Healthcare Foundation


2005 Annual Report  

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County 2005 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report  

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County 2005 Annual Report