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Project footsteps

synopsis Creating a new brand, that is a biannual subscription publication consisting of reliable and honest aspects on the topic of travel and fashion. Marketed to women directly and others indirectly to strengthen empowerment, encouragement and appreciation. Explaining through journalistic writing and various collaborative visuals with photographers and illustrators, as well as other creative, the psychogeographic theory that the influence of geographical environment effect the mind and/or on behaviour. By choosing to expose themselves to real life situations may it be comfortable or not, it allows the consumer to grow and become wiser as well as adaptable. An important movement and message I chose to encourage and deliver within this publication/brand. Additionally creating an online platform for consumers to share, engage and connect with each other and the brand itself. Encouraging women to aspire without limitations through their stories and advice given within the brand. Displaying beneficial aspects of travel as well as fashion, as a long life learning environment. A guide-like publication. Deciding to have a physical publication as a brand is due the product being tangible, allowing the product to stay within the holders possession for many years. Print offers the idea that it is credible and establishes the brand, as it introduces the new brand as being serious/confident and professional to dedicate time and effort to creating a physical product for consumers to believe in, as digital content can now be published by anyone. Additionally on average 43 minutes is spent by consumers reading a magazine which defeats the digital content where often 15 seconds are spent to skim a site. This results to a more engaging platform to widen the target market worldwide.







Problem & Solution

What is different ?

The common issue I see, is the fact that most travel related magazines and publications have become commercialised and one of the biggest facts is Volunteering abroad. Starting from making consumers believe that they are helping out the less developed countries, when in fact it is just a way to make more money, that you don’t even are aware off where it gets spent. From personal experiences to other stories, has created the theory that there is more to helping abroad than just going to classic camps for Instagram posts click bait.

The difference is, we do not focus on selling, but stick to informing.




Marketing to the direct consumer does not mean it is closing doors for other readers that are not directly marketed to them, it is still open to them, as parents, men, ages and more. It is an influential travel and fashion guide. Assisting comfort and relief from stress of the planning process of where to go and what to and look out for. A NG PI IK

Instead of trying to fulfil the standard online that only make us compare ourselves and feel defeated, the focus will be on creating your pathway of what you want to develop and explore within yourself. More interactive, bringing movement back and being happy and content not compared.

Talking about the truth. Honest perspectives, open minded and focusing on the consumer’s wants of the travel aspect. Stepping away from commercialised advertising and creating an experience through print, encouraging the reader to make it come alive for them, in their way.


It will explain the difficulties you can face and how to avoid or solve the scenario. All in all to encourage to become adaptable by creating their own battles of adventure to learn about themselves and develop their environmental behaviours and perspectives. Take them out of social media lifestyles, sitting on their computers and phones, and get back to reality and true beauty that they would have put to waste. We’re using the internet far more than we used to. Spending around 11 hours a day using media. This brands aims is to create real moments for not the sake of looking good online but feeling good within and feeding their own eyes with the real worlds treasure.

No matter the budget or the fear. There is something out there that will allow you to become adaptable and strongminded. Not selling trips but displaying the benefits of travel of any kind and style. Teaching budgeting and that possibilities of any range.


Travel is a big factor on how we develop and become adaptable and handle various situations as well as overall outlook on environmental behaviour. This brand and publication is here to stand as a guide to display the ventures opportunities with the truth. Honesty plays a key role as to how the countries, culture and activities are perceived and recommended, regardless of he budget.

Educate the unknown and encourage the ventures life. Guiding with the difficulties that may come across but show that these are good struggles that develop self-strength mentally. That anything is possible, and there is no wrong path.

‘footsteps’ is a publication that focuses and values honesty. A journal and guide-like feel, discussing the truth about travelling especially as a women. Whether the intent is to discover themselves or purely want to experience different cultures. It discuss the dangers you can come across and the culture restrictions in some countries and advises how to feel confident, comfortable and stay respectful for the country and its culture and environment without culturally appropriating and still feeling fashionable. While keeping a bright, light, adventures, fresh and spontaneous feel to our readers, ‘footsteps is offering solutions and alternatives catering to the consumers travel intentions.

To communicate that the adventures life and risk taking aspect is needed in your life at least once, encouraging self-empowerment and uncover your own capabilities in real life situations. From the psychogeogrpahic theory that the influence of geographical environment has effects the mind and/or on behaviour. Bringing in the benefits and encouragements of travel.

Travelling = Wisdom


Honesty saves everyone’s time.

‘footsteps’ believes that the more you travel the wiser you become on how to not only handle and respect yourself and your environment, but how to appreciate the little things, the natural things and the people around you as well as the different cultures. You become more open minded and optimistic.

Those who do not travel, have only read the first page of their own book.

So no matter the dangers. Danger is all around us and if we restrict our self because of the fear of something then we are hindering to seeing true value of many aspects of living . So no matter what the message that ‘footsteps’ wants to bring across consumers is that you need to experience real life by going out there even if there are difficult situations to face, to learn how to adapt and handle various real life scenarios and become more open to everything and to grow as a person as well as extend their own capabilities. Not to sit at home and try experience the world through a screen. This develops the consumer not only culturally but mentally, their behaviours changes in a way as they have more respect for minimal aspect in life itself. Allowing yourself to expose your mind to the world and become adaptable.

Beauty in the smallest things we don’t notice. Hidden treasures in corners of streets, the influences of small flower in Philippines that are in corners of pavements growing like weeds. Bringing them out with the combination of flowers that are at eye level to create a vibrant appreciation of nature’s beauty and where our colours have come from naturally. Not only are they communicating passion, Happiness, calmness, creativity and strength but the idea that our environment is an influence to everyday life and how we perceive it.

C=0 M = 80 Y = 20 K=0

Colour Palette

R = 234 G = 82 B = 132

C=6 M = 22 Y = 86 K=0 R =243 G = 198 B = 50

C=0 I = 75 Y = 79 K=0 R = 235 G = 92 B = 57 C=0 M = 48 Y = 79 K=0 R = 244 G = 153 B = 66

C = 37.85 M = 8.6 Y = 19.6 K=0

C=4 M = 31 Y = 10 K=0 R = 241 G = 195 B = 207

R = 171 G = 205 B = 207

C=8 M=4 Y=5 K=9 R = 239 G = 242 B = 242

The main logo for front covers of the publication is made out of 3 components, the main title font which is ‘Abril Fatface’, the sub-title in ‘ DrSugiyama Pro’ and the illustration which was manipulated from the existing ‘o’ of ‘Abirl Fatface’

Logo Abril Fatface


Aa Bb Cc Dd


AaBbCcDdEeFf GgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSs TtUuVvWwXxYyZz

abcdefghijkl mnopqrstuvwxyz


Aa Bb Cc Dd AaBbCcDdEeFf GgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSs TtUuVvWwXxYyZz

Main body


Cambria Math

Aa Bb Cc Dd

The feet illustration logo is for branding and social media uses as well as merchandise, for that minimal branding aesthetics.

Sub- headings DrSugiyama Pro

Aa bcdefghijkl mnopqrstuvwxyz

Simpler version is used for packaging such as boxes, wrapping paper, tissue paper and more. A possible repeated print with various colour ranges would tie in the colour pallet of the 1st volume of the brand.

Brand identity

Brand USP ‘footsteps’ aims to offer honest and reliable content on travel and fashion, through print. Reaching out to true stories and experiences from real women with real stories with the intent to aspire and empower other independent female travellers. To deliver relatable common errors, and display friendly solutions and alternatives.


Communicating the truth about travel and fashion. A guide of travel intentions and solutions with realistic situations. Being that reliable source and helping hand for our readers. Offering trust between our reader and our brand. Theory influenced: The Proust effect.

A vivid reliving of events from the past, those special moments, when you are taken by surprise by a tiny sensory stimulus evoking an intense and emotional memory of an episode. The drive of most of the content. Journalistic pieces and imagery of shared personal stories from women. Encouraging appreciation of shared sentimental stories as well as allowing our readers to interact with us.

Brand vision

Tone of voice ‘footsteps’ tone of voice is confident as well as aspiring. We believe our readers approach footsteps as a helping hand for their personal travel intentions. We fill the desire of advice, reliability and comfort of true shared stories. Allowing our readers to feel relatable to us as we understand the truth about travel, as well as contributing our platform to engage themselves within their stories as well as their own.

Our mission is to stay honest and be that reliable platform for our readers. Enabling the truth to be shared within the aspects of travel and fashion. To empower women to think independently and show that the way you expose yourself environmentally benefits your adaptability to real life situations. Celebrating and appreciating real women with real stories and real experiences. Creating a visual escape for their own adventures.

The personality of ‘footstpes’ is a formation of women’s perspective on travel and fashion, the truth of travelling as a female both factual and enticing . It is honest, reliable, relatable, fresh, inspiring, optimistic and open minded. It devotes to offering women a platform to engage through real shared experiences, suggestions and appreciation. Distributing the same aspirations in various ways.

Brand values

We intend to fulfil our readers desire of reliability and honesty. We are an open minded guide that aim to aspire as well as empower every women with the truth. To encourage and execute risk takers and develop their adaptability in different countries and their culture. To display the beneficial effects of exposing your mind environmentally. A bright movement that is fresh, youthful and optimistic. A Guide that puts travel at ease.

Brand personality

Brand positioning

Brand mission

To constitute a community that share the same aspirations and understand that there is more to fashion and travel than advertised. That seek help and guidance of solutions and alternatives. Relying on our focused essence; honesty, open minded perspectives and shared appreciation with the similar aspirations.

Brand Onion Brand in action

d personality Br a n

Brand Value

nd Essenc e Bra


Statement of Intent

The publication celebrates the independent traveller. Its eccentric biannually magazine offers a fresh and divers perspective on travelling. The truth. It focuses on personal experience - the way people actually feel,think and grow as a person through their adventures. Featuring aspiring journalism and photography of the most sincere perspectives, it promotes the power of the mind through its distinctive combination of authenticity, personality and true beauty. With the influence of psychogeography and the Proust effect theory, the brand not only to advocate the reader about travel but also to illustrate how to become adaptable to real situations. A visual escape where real people, real stories and real experiences are appreciated in one community.

Honest, reliable, relatable, fresh, inspiring, optimistic and open minded. It devotes to offering women a platform to engage through real shared experiences, suggestions and appreciation. Adventures, Challenging, Risk taker, Aspirational, Youthful, Encouraging and eye-opening

Fulfil desire of reliability and honesty of our consumers. To stay open minded and be a guide that aim to aspire and empower women with the truth. Encourage and execute risk takers to be adventures and develop their adaptability in different real life situations. Present the beneficial aspects of exposing your mind environmentally. Becoming a Guide that puts travel at ease.

Vision Statement

Perusing a confident movement of independent travellers. Guiding them to spontaneous adventures and wisdom of adaptability. Celebrating self-empowerment and awareness, through Travel & Fashion.

A confident as well as aspiring publication. A helping hand for personal travel intentions. Filling the desire of advice, reliability and comfort through true shared stories. Being relatable as we understand the truth about travel and fashion within. Offering a platform to engage themselves with their own stories as well as others. Through: - Collaborations with photographers, creative illustrators, and journalists. - Publication print, Website and app and social media

A honest Travel & Fashion publication, focusing on the reality of travel as well as empowering women and sharing true stories.

Macro Environment On the bigger scale of macro trends of this year, there is a lot of focus on becoming more self aware and of their surroundings. Uplifting and empowering each other to become a better version of themselves and reach their own optimal capabilities. People now have adapted to the idea that learning never stops and want to fully understand themselves and their surrounding by improving their knowledge, wellness and health. While staying young at heart and continually curious of the world. Consumer are now relying on reliability and honestly that is beneficial, where the consumers are able to see the process of the products making to ensure it is efficient and enhancing the aspects of their existences.

Using this idea the brand will execute this approach from the core concept and allow them to fulfil the consumers needs and desire to better their health and behaviour mechanisms. Building up their knowledge on adaptability and enhancement of their thinking process and appreciating the development of they surroundings and themselves.

Ensuring the learning aspects of exposing themselves to culture and the world to develop their adaptability and behaviour of themselves and their surroundings. Regardless if its for leisure or business or pure curiosity of a learning aspect.

Behaviour market

Micro Environment 1

Due to the economy changing a lot more has been dismissed of the unfair trade happening within out countries and small communities. Footsteps will aim to interoperate this factor and try to display how to travel and support the communities and women especially in their tourist workplace.

Because of technology the younger generation are able to stay connected to families and keep them together as well as fulfil their needs and wants of venturing out to unknown world.


The publication will use this to focus on this market and ensure they are aspiring to become adaptable and learn more about their surroundings in a safe mater and show the different possibilities and solutions of travel and fashion.

Extending the awareness through the publication and simply illustrate how the consumers can still travel and help at the same time to the well deserved communities.

Creating a platform where people can share their stories and worries and connect with others as well to ensue reassurance and safety while venturing out not jut for the youth but the parents and other family members.

To take action of what many speak of, by guiding the variations of support and help anyone can do without a hassle.

As the increasing topic of pollution rises every year hotels are not switching the way they use their toiletry they offer to their guest, one movement that can be made is owning your own mini toiletries bottles for soaps and amenities that is not damaging to the environment. Saying no to plastic travel sized bottles and turn more on the eco-friendly materials such as bamboo.

The brand footsteps could offer a starting step of this idea, to encourage consumer to starting conscious making decision and purchases. As it is easy to say and not do, if footsteps provide that starting step by offering eco-friendly travel times in the subscription service, it will allow consumers to feel motivated and begin their journey of conscious consumption.

footsteps products/services/merchandise planning

Publication Print

Publication will cover honest and reliable content and useful tips , ticks and alternatives that can cater to all budgets. Content from collaboratives of photographers, illustrators, any travellers stories established or not. As well as multiple stories of the Proust effect and the overall psychogeography theory influence of travel and fashion to inspire and empower readers.




Subscription services allow the consumer to customise their orders as well as feel part of the brand and team. Receiving bundles that are cheaper than buying the print and merchandise on it sown, with additional surprise goodies included. The subscription service is all about consumer experiences of opening their package and venturing into their box and finding new staples for their day to day lifestyle. Starting their ‘Better Traveller’ aspect of being more eco-friendly with their purchasing and possessions. A Conscious consumer.

The app provides all the needs of travel and fashion. Your organiser and new best friend. From helping you plan trips and find great places to visit and when to book to the latests news and trend of the travel and fashion spectrum.

All the merchandise provided are for a more conscious consumer, that want to become ‘Better Travellers’ even in the first volume release of footsteps publication talks about what little contributions, you can do in order to become a more eco-friendly traveller, by switching your daily items.

Footsteps, helps you with trendy and ascetically pleasing utensils and more to swap out for a better environment for not only themselves but everyone and the plant.

‘footstpes’ as a brand will have a wide competition as it is a niche brand and a new approach of the travel and fashion publication game.

Challenging the commercial aspects of magazine and speaking about the honestly travelling as a girl but offering the benefits, solutions and alternatives to traveling as a female.


However the most competitors have had the same start up and are still conceder-ably niche to the market. To compete it needs a good message of word of mouth, sponsors, endorsements and publicity through social media. All part of building up the brand. The main competitors are Cereal and Boat, through the layout, concept approaches and photography.


The other competitors in the same topic and categories in the market platform are well known brands such as like Conde Nast travller, a more mass market competitor but is more commercial and driven away from its original core value.

Internal origin [ Attributes of the organisation ] External origin [ Attributes of the Environment ]

Competitive situation

Helpful to achieving the objective - Honest perspective of travel, no sugar-coating the experience, displaying the truth and how it creates a wiser version of yourself to accept the natural events that happen when on an adventure. - Collaborative organisation, with real people being interviewed, photographers, journalists and other creative minds. - Empowering women, being proud and showing how strong we can be in the harsh reality. - Youthful and challenging to the consumer. - Expands on cultural knowledge. - Encouragement of confidence. - Strong independent publication. - Interactive through apps and appreciation from true stories and experiences.

- Develops networking and collaborations with various companies. - Create offers and exclusive deals. - Increased the opportunity for other businesses especially travel agency’s increase sales. - Giving the opportunity, to create a story to relate to for consumers. Allowing them to share their story and grow together interactively with the consumers.

- Consumers have a variety to choose from when looking into travel and fashion publication that have a wider target market rather than just independent women. - Competitors having similar content and subject matter, advertising and marketing consumers in a better way due to better experience of marketing and intriguing the consumes attention. - Seasonal increase and decrease as to when consumers are travelling , the peak time would allow more sales than the unpopular dates.



Suitcase Conde Nast Traveller


- A Mass market publication, aiming on a niche consumer. - Empowering women, to a younger audience who are the future of encouragement to society. - Affordable publication - A honest guide for travelling, showing the beneficial aspects of it, communicating the feel of how it will be like and put travelling stress at ease. - Creative, collaborative with artistic artists from visuals (photographers) Creative direction/ set Designer , Journalists and illustrators. As well as Interactions of stories and input from our readers. - Core value of honesty, reliable and gain trust from consumers. - Available in print and digitally.



- Collaborate with brands and create partnerships, and deals within my own brand. - More encouragement to travel for consumers to contact and get insight and get content from. - The message of women empowerment spread and shared in a positive aspect. - Subscription for the publication and membership for the app. - Expanding exposure through website online and social media. - Digital copies to access and purchase online for the use of compact and light weight travel proposes. -Engagement as a community that the brand builds, empowering each other through the publication

We are here Jungles in Paris



Harmful to achieving the objective

- Target market, less aimed at one gender - Cultural values - Perception of identity - Because its a niche and new publication brand it might be expensive due to the profit market. - Due to being new it could involve inconsistent content and collaborative work, no one works and is assigned to it religious to work for it.



Affordable QUEST

The Explorer The Style Traveller



- There is a lot of competitors within this market - On sex marketing target - Cultural appropriation - Range of consumer target where the older hidden target is less relatable. - No huge following and exposure for established clients as it is based on a niche and new start up brand business. -Lack of support to start due to lack of money to back up the project idea.



- If core essence does not communicate well, it miss leads the consumers to be afraid to travel and avoid facing the adventures. - Miscommunication with the production of printers and people that are collaborating with the brand such as the photographers and journalists. Leading to missing content and false information and results. - Other publications becoming more accessible than mine due to exposure - Start up brand might lack interaction opportunities from not enough content online





Copy right laws, if there is a • disagreement in collaboration and one or the other side claims fraud or copy right. Travel policy (visas) & Brexit and the laws and regulations changes causing difficulty for • travelling aspects, its more difficult to be aware where you can and can’t go depending on your time period you want to travel. What is acceptable, loosing consumers optimism and hope with the publication • and its purpose as well as sales and exposure. Also effects how consumers spend their money. Feminism , women’s right. The gap that continues to be forgotten about for equality between (all)genders •

Associated risks with legalisation changes which can either have a positive or negative impact as well as restrict trade of product endorsements. Elections in America can affect collaborations outside of the UK, it might cause problems to have the right of multiple perspectives without being bias due their environment and social access. Gender pay gap, some companies pay equally and some don’t this affects their spending intentions as they are cautious of what they can afford with their disposable income rate. Feminism. Always circulates around as a topic, encourages the movement and empowerment for the publication itself.

The constant exchange rates ( worth of money ) can affect how consumers chose to spend their money. Unemployment both within and out of UK, impacts again their purchasing intentions, as they would need to prioritise necessitation. Rent and Bill costings also has a huge impact on targeted consumers as this determinates their spending choices. Costing of publication.





• •

Culture and religion of targeted consumers might have an affect of interest and sharing as it still might offend them some ways. Disposable income can different between each consumer which defines their purchasing choices. Trending topics and actions of travel and fashion might change or continues to circulate between the ages of consumers. Leading to unpredicted sales and interests. Sustainability is always a circulating concern. Attitude and motivational changes in consumer also affects purchasing intentions as well as their connection and relation to the brand.


Social media platforms allows more exposure and reach consumers who can not access physical copies, as well as contribute their perspectives and stories with the brand. Increasing engagement and interaction aspects and promotional strategies. It is free to market through an online platform, allows easier to receive sponsors and expansion of the brand itself and its collaborators.



• • •

The sustainability aspect of paper and ink and its shipment. Carbon footprint. Weather changes, giving the purpose of consumers purchasing intentions to want to escape to the opposite weather situation they are in now to their liking.


• • •

Laws: Rule book for publication basic standards, if not met could effect the whole process. Environmental laws affecting paper and ink shipment supplies. Traffic and shipping laws leading to the efficiency of how the brand can distribute. Visa and travel policy with Brexit and the elections in America this could effect the motive for consumers and their purchase intentions for future plans. As well could push them to find a way and an aspiration within the brand to push them to travel and take risks. Freedom of press. The right to circulate perspectives in print without censorship by the government. Allows for individuality and empowerment for self to relate to the publication and its purpose and create a community of like minded people to the brand.

Age: Generation:


Generation Y/Z

Acorn Classification: City Sophisticates,Young professionals in smaller flats Occupation:

Life stage:


Convenient thinkers, savers and spenders

Relationship statues: Single or in a relationshop/Married Place of residence:

Income: Interests:


The new Value-seekers Shopping Habits:

life-long learners Age: Generation:

Consumer Market

Acorn Classification: Occupation: Life stage:


X /Y Millennial

Rising prosperity, Townhouse cosmopolitans to metropolitan money. Teachers, self employed or could own their own business.

Unlimited curiosity, motivated leaner. Living in the moment.

Relationship statues: N/A

Place of residence: Income: Interests: Lifestyle:

Shopping Habits:

Food & Drink:

Terraced properties in the Urban area to large apartments. £25,000 - £50,000

Long Travel ventures, Lectures, Workshops, seek heritage, being care free and have good networking. Family and Friends.

Driven my development and adaptation of continues learning and curiosity. Optimistic for everyday opportunities. Social friend groups based and connected through public lectures and travels. Meet for catchups at local restaurants with an insider of good quality food. Travels often even for 3 months to immerse into the culture. Always on the go. - Heterophily

Acne, Cheap Mondays, Belstaff, Nike and Lululemons are a few examples of their preferred brands, appreciating craftsmanship and convenience for their every day to day life, athleisure best suited for multiple purposes. Trust international brands too such as Urban Outfitter, Zara, Channel and Gucci. No discrimination to high or low price, functionality in trend and good delivery service.

Nourishment in mind, very healthy and focuses on nutrition on what enhances the mind and body. Don’t mind the price as they believe in quality like a Feroz wine by Franziska studio. Can vary from cooking at home and eating out, try to shop organic and fair trade foods.

Food & Drink:

Urban, like London in a converted flat Moderate income

The online world is their oyster, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube is their main hang out. Travel is their way of living with work, good for artistic digital content for them as well as their network mechanism. Exploring places such-as Japan, Oman and Paris

The adventures life of being social online and offline to venture their lifestyle, sharing and renting their own property and materials for a fulfilling life on the go as well as at home. Adaptable and optimising, valuing the little things and appreciating life itself. - Heterophily

H&M, PaulSmith and anything that isn’t too commercially advertised in your face, un-bothered about appearances and judgement they focus on what they really want and need. Purchasing Vitamix and/or a Complex Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera that enhances and supports their online presence and reputation of sales. Using apps such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Roomorama for convenience accommodation offers and Zipcar,Hailo and Uber to transverse to places. Health is key, stores like Whole Foods Market is their more preferred grocery store, anything with organic options. This is where they opt to spend their money on more, splurging on items like high end soy sauce ‘Yamasa’ rather than the budget ‘Kikkoman’ brand and fresh wild caught fish to farmed.

Indie Brands

Market Drivers


The Opportunity

Convincing consumers

Ethical values, purpose , goals. E-Commerce


Intellectual enhancement

Empowering, beneficial, self-developemnt

Influencers Living in the moment conflict with social media

Review/ Honest and reliable brand that recommendations consumer can trust culture. Influence of over commercialised brands

Health wellness

Convincing brand of ethics within travel and fashion purposes

Changing attitudes

The rise of co-creation and collaboration allows consumer to engage with brands emotionally rather than just a functional product they own, giving a sense of belonging to the consumers.

Consumer Behaviours

Empowerment to all aspects and beings.

Success Objectives & Measurements Business Objectives :

Marketing Objectives :

Communication Objectives :

- Become an innovator as well as a market leader within the market of travel and fashion through the next 3 years.

- To launch ‘footsteps’ by beginning of June 2019 in order to build up brand awareness and achieve peak sales for summer 2019 & 2020 plans.

- To penetrate the UK publication market within the travel & fashion market, through brand awareness.

- Plan and launch pop up events once a year

- For the brand to become more established through PR reach, sponsorship as well as social media and word of mouth from influencers and consumers.

- Increase annual sales each year. Publication brands are being questioned of its existence and purpose. There is a split between wanting something to hold and own and use of space and compact purposes.

Conscious consumer/ consumptions

Subscription/ loyalty/ reliable services and products.

Key Insights

Consumers are now more subconsciously purchasing products that reflect their values, aspirations and emotions as well as ethics they wish to live by and share.

Product transparency

- Ensure profit by the end of year 1

- Try grow in sales by 5% after 6 months.

Measurement :

- Monitoring new market trends and entrants, allowing the brand to stay on trend and true to itself as well as stay competitive to new income brands. - Monitor sales performances, profits and losses. Check before and after launch sales to see the effect. - Ensure to gain loyal consumers through returning purchases.

- Monitor revenue, outgoing orders and sales.

- To have ‘footsteps’ established and become a recognisable brand that is desirable above its target audience to achieve profit after 3 years. At the numbers around £250,000.

- Increase social media increase, especially on Instagram, due to popularity. Aim to try to increase 30% - 40% each year on most platforms.

- Maintain consumer engagement and interaction, with PR, email and social media to increase subscription consumers.

Measurement :

- Increase service traffic, website, app, subscription.

- Reach awareness and success on he first brand launch, through demand of products.

- Monitoring the traffic on websites, social media, app and subscription to the brand.

- Keep on track with sales to hit targets. Ensure stock is being sold.

- Start bundles and discount codes for certain amount of times. Check on Instagram influencer and its success to drive sales better.

- Monitor Social media growth, ensure promotional ads are circulating well and consumer interaction is maintained.

Measurement :

- Monitor sales within all platforms and how consumer reach the brand.

Website The website provides a platform for consumers, to share, empower and inspire one another. It offers self-set itinerary that come from activities that are highly recommended with filtered budgets and locations. Printable or downloadable on their phones. As well as accessing the print with different bundles, from subscriptions to bulk purchases and of course merchandise that also offer bundles and sets.

Consumer can stay engaged and interact with the brand by sharing their stories that potentially will feature in the blog posts or social media platform or even get called for an interview to discuss deeper their story for a feature in the physical publication print. The website also present of news and trends in and around the topics of travel and fashion, keeping the consumers up to date, on day to day bases. Footsteps in the future will consider featuring live podcast with special guest to grow its platform as well as place in the market.

Digital Components

Footsteps APP The footsteps app is another platform that reaches out to consumer interactions. With a personal account users, can share their own photos and stories with others as well as follow up on their favourite travellers, all advising each other the best places to go on any budget they seek and so much more such as tips and travel hacks they have discovered. From creating saved recipes, checking flights, offline maps and many more the app will provide a community of open minded and like minded people that are the love of travel and fashion, creating a moment of confident travellers that know they have support and help in their hands at all times. With features as Travel log where users can meet up if they have shared their county location of trips to socialise and uncover the country together, perfect for solo travellers, groups and anyone wanting meet new people.

Instagram & more Social media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, play a big role on creating a buzz for the brand. Footsteps will utilise these platforms for marketing and spreading awareness of the brand. Interacting with the consumers and giving them and insight of what goes in and around the brand. Such as behind the scenes and appreciation supporters posts. Sharing and taking stories , making the consumer feel involved and heard.





The APP 1






2 Scan your print, allows you to scan a barcode on the back of the physical print that you have purchased and download it within seconds, so when they do travel, you can leave the physically print safe at home and have the digital version in hand and in your pocket. Portable and light on your packing list.

Exchange rate and money conversion, allows you to manually type in or use the camera to help assist to recognise the value of your money and will advise you when its best to exchange and where. 5

Places to stay is simple to use for finding accommodations, which can be filtered to the consumers’ needs/wants. Displaying location, ratings and reviews. 7








‘Your footsteps’ is a self-planned itinerary where you get to pick the places you want to visit alongside of where to eat, activities to do and what to see on your particular trip. Customised by the filters provided and a various amount of recommendations you can choose from, will allow you to create your own personal itinerary that you can save and print or carry in on your phone.



The check list enables you to stay organised and make your own list that will also send a notification if there was a timed task or action noted down with a reminder. Ensuring great time management when travelling and organisation on anything needed regardless for travel or everyday common use.

Spotter, is there to recognise any items/product that you want information of. Whether it is where to buy, reviews, or name of the item. Once recognised you are then able to choose to save the item or share to their friends and/or family.



Translator, is where you can use your camera on the required word that is needed to translate, and the translation appears straight away. Also giving the option to type the request. 14

You can find recipes you like and save them for when you want to use them as well as share your own creations made with others. Rated in difficulties levels and required ingredients. Enter your location to enable you to create local dishes with the ingredients that are available around you. Offline map is simple where you are able to use the map but offline, when there is no internet or wi-fi access. Easy to use and see where you are and where you last check in, so you can trace back to a more familiar place. My Planner, works like a calendar, keeps you informed of your self-set plans, meetings, travel dates. If booked through an email, the links will alert the app and add this to the planner automatically.



Tracker, is there to keep an eye on your booked travel fare, flights, trains, coaches and taxis and more. You can track your own or others journey transportation.


The ‘my wish’ segment is there for you to save destinations, hotels, activities that you like and want to keep for a later time and feel it will come use in your future plans and travels.


Locate mate, is where you can track your friends or family when you are abroad, in case you are lost or mistakenly took a wrong turn. This is also accessible offline, perfect for the non-Wi-Fi areas. Easy to find comfort in an unknown place to find your group or accommodation.


News feed section is where you find what is going on and where within the topics of travel and fashion as well anything associated with the brand. Getting yourself more involved and aware with the events around you. Travel log, allows you to connect, share and follow fellow travellers. Enabling you to share your own trips and tricks as well as get in contract with others who are in the same area as you via sharing their location. Easy way to make new friends with like-minded people.

Publication outcome

Sturdy wash bag & coin purse made out of pineapple leather. Spacious to fit all your essentials. With a metal zip and small pocket inside, it’s a great organiser for your packing needs.

Publication will be a small but sturdy size of 210mm x 244 mm, aesthetically pleasing to display on your shelf and come back to at any time. Exterior Cover on Rives 320grm, Soft touch laminated to face and gold foiled.

Interior pages are printed on Matt 150grm Edition

100ml,50ml Frosted glass with Bamboo lid bottles and jars, perfect for your hand carry. Leak proof and sturdy. Refillable with your subscription if preferred.

Facial syrum , perfect for hydrating the face on a long flight. Refillable packing made out of bamboo.

This pencil

im recycled den

recy is made from

is made from This pencil

Bamboo pencils and pens, 100% biodegradable, easy to use and simple to make, some pencils will be made from recycled denim that was donated .

cled denim

Packaging is thoroughly thought out and made out of recycled cardboard, the interior is designed precisely to fit in the subscription box, with the print.

Extra Bamboo straws for you and your Family and friends, with one straw cleaner, easy to clean, reuse and simple to pack away with a mini bag to keep them all together.

A Bamboo toothbrush made form all organic materials is the perfect piece for carrying as it is lightweight, durable and also biodegrades.

A whole set of bamboo cutlery, including a Spoon, Fork, Knife, a set of Chopsticks and Straw with a straw cleaner. All perfectly portable and wrapped around self-drying packaging, to put in your bag and bring with you anywhere. Durable, smooth and 100% biodegradable. Easy to clean and is stain, heat and odour resistant.

Thread is made from Bamboo and Woven into a pair of organic socks & jumpers, to let your feet breathe and relax. Bamboo has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help keep your feet healthy and hygienic. Perfect to add warmth when sitting on your flight. As well as having arch support, cushioning and ventilation mesh sections.

Subscription box

The spine is printed on Rives 320grm, Soft touch laminated to face and gold foiled.




Physical Environment


As the brand is about collaborations and input from travellers and consumers themselves the content origin is around the world. Physically the brand production will be placed in the UK. ‘footsteps’ will be sold worldwide as a subscription that consumers can opt for to receive biannually. However single purchase can be made online as well as from some small selected stores in the UK such as Books and Beans, 5th View Bar and Food, London Review bookshop, Maison Assouline and other independent and established stores. With future plans of working with STA-Travel

The product aspects of ‘footsteps’ itself is a publication that is released biannually due to the amount of content it needs and travel time to overview enough decent value. Consumers can choose weather to by the print in their own time separately or sign up to a subscription plan where they receive the print in advanced of the official release date. Packed with a press pack that is refillable.

‘footsteps’ consumers have a wide audience that fulfil the needs for various tribes. However, the New Value seeks, New Millennials and Lifelong learners are the focused target tribe. Without eliminating other consumers who seek reliability of honest perspectives the brand indirectly is open to other of any gender and age. Through word of mouth and non-stop curiosity of people who seek advice from fellow travellers the brand is easily to recommend and relate to regardless of the travellers identity.

The online presence of the brand itself allows consumers to access it globally who may not be able to access the print itself in the UK.

The printed product itself would be placed in the Publishing sector under the category of fashion and travel.

The online social media platform will allow to fulfil the needs and wants of the consumer and reach out to a wider range of audiences worldwide, making it easier to share and widen the presence of the brand itself. Providing a platform of interaction within the ‘footsteps’ community, where they can share their stories, perspectives and appreciation. Through the App, Website and Instagram.

Marketing mix


The main proposition of promotion is the use of social media, it allows consumers to make it easier to get engaged and communicate with the brand. As well as informing the brand with the current travel and fashion situations around them. It allows them purchase the publication from anywhere they are situated regardless the distance.

Word of mouth is another way to get the publication promoted, networking with people that have common interest and promoting opportunities and feature in their own brand, business and social media accounts. Collaborating with others will help with like-minded ethics and brand visions. For instance collaborating with UPcycle, an upcoming brand whos ethos is to reuse, and recycle items creating customised accessories for any purpose and lifestyle. As well as collaborate with brands such as ASOS, Paperchase, Urban Outfitters, STA-Travel, John Lewis.

The elements of the publications content all create an adventures, youthful and fresh mood and atmosphere, keeping that idea of risk taking and optimism of real stories within the writing and images included. A relaxed tone of voice with an assertive feel of empowerment and inspiration of venturing out for beneficial reasons will be projected through the content.

The products included pushed the encouragement of contributing to change one step at a time. As travel is not great on our carbon footprint, the brand encourages to at least reduce other aspects that are easy to adjust. Such as our clothes and causal everyday products. Items such as Travel safe bottles and jars that hold under 100ml products, made out of frosted glass and bamboo lids, Bamboo straws and cutlery set, Bamboo toothbrush and key chain as well as bamboo socks and recycled denim pencils. All packed in pinatex ( pineapple leather) wash bag and recycled weekender bag. This pack is the consumers starter pack to make the change real and easy. Capturing the well hearted and hand crafted elements in each piece. The Format of the printed publication will be more smaller and compact compared to regular publications and magazine, to allow an easy way to bring with you anywhere in your bag. The 19.7cm by 24.4cm is a perfect size to hold and read and if consumer wish to travel with it they can opt to scan the bar code in the back to allow them to have their print digitally on our ‘footsteps’ app. Providing an online service, that is portable and easy to pack away for when going on a trip will allow the brand to keep in touch with its consumers and continue its platform presence worldwide.

The various tribes of ‘footsteps’ are able to relate to the content in different aspects as well as come together as one with the common empowerment energy for each other and support.

They enjoy informative content that has a optimistic touch to it. A platform for real stories with real women and perspectives that they feel they can engaged and relate with and communicate their own support and stories to the brand. Either spreading it on social media and to each other or emailing in to the brand itself.

‘footsteps’ has create a platform where people like to enhance their knowledge and self-awareness and capabilities. The content is uplifting and has a serious ycet encouraging tone of voice. With the mix of journalistic pieces and editorial approach, it gives of the realness and honest touch of the brands approach in general image.


The price of the publication will be £24 per print, and £44 for a bundle package of 2 prints. Footsteps also offers subscription with its other products and merchandise that it offers. From standard subscription, to premium and then deluxe ranging in prices of £75.99 - £113. All customisable to the consumers wants and needs. As other products and merchandise are singularity priced but also available in bundle package.

The online world is growing rapidly every day, providing that connection with our consumers will allow ‘footsteps’ to welcome anyone who wishes to follow the brand at any place and time.

Selected stores that are appropriate to the brand, will have the opportunity to feature a sale to pick up the publication, such as instafamous coffee shops and boutiques like Oliver Bonas. As well as places like, Selfridges, London, 50m (Rails), London , Artwords, Broadway, London , Compton News, London, Donlon, Books, London, Foyles, London, Good News, London , IDEA Books, London, DSM, London, Magalleria, Bath, MagCulture, London, Ripe Studio, Glasgow, The Photographer’s Gallery, London, The Stores, London, Village Store, Leeds, magCulture - Central London, Mzin - Germany Foyles - London / Bristol / Basingstoke, Vintage Magazine Shop - soho, Magazine Brighton - Brighton, Colours May Vary - Leeds Ideas On Paper - notts, Basheer Graphic Books - SG

Key media message #myfootsteps will be one of many of the tags that the footsteps Instagram account will use. With the aim that the consumers will follow this act when owning related items from footsteps. This will allow peer to peer promotional and influence. Leading to the importance of brand awareness and trust. Reposting and liking as well as responding to consumer will encourage them to more likely be interested in the brand and purchase the products.


The printed publication will first be sold at a pop up event and online on its independently run website. Easy to access for people who cannot attend the event and want to reach out for a copy from wherever they are. There is also an app where people can share, gain advice and follow others for travel and fashion advice. Alongside other useful elements that anyone needs to stay organised and feel comfort when travelling. As well as scanning the physical print into your phone, for on the go.


With the physical placement in selected stores and independent cafés and boutiques, with high reputation to ensure the quality of the publication to the consumers.

Public relation

With a PR team that would intern for footsteps, press releases will be released that surround the launch of the brand as well as use PR strategy to act as the communicator for the marketing. Focusing in creating that trust relationship with the consumers as well as the reputation and connect with relevant brands to collaborate with.

• • • • • • •

Create social media and website set ups. Get the domain rights and scouting suppliers. Plan content for social media to release at the countdown of the opening event of the brand. Plan launch event pop up stall, where, what and how it will happen. Contact journalist for collaborative content. Plan costing and layout the process of it. Ensure funding is in place and set start up from home. Get freelance collaborative to build up branding. Create a business plan with the collaborative team of the next move for the 1st release of the publication and brand itself.

• • • • • •

Write up the journalistic pieces from personal and collaborative work. Shoot the flat lays , 100ml products, what is in my bag for a.b.c. Country, portraits for Proust effect. And landscapes Finalise with illustrators the suited visuals for the content. Plan press packs for event & Launch brand book as well as the marketing report. Design packaging . Launch Instagram account, brand statement and vision/mission. And the brands hash-tags, and open up the give away to build brand awareness

• • • •

Speak to business associates that are helping with marketing and putting the publication out there, how to advertise it, to stand out in the market. Find candidates that will fill the content in for ‘The Proust’ effect segment, interview them and plan a shoot for their portrait. Contact the photographers that are collaborating with the brand to create still life an flat lays. Set test shoots up and find location. Email independent and niche cafés, boutiques to purpose selling the books in their store. Contract brands and travel agency to purpose endorsement for their products to be in the publication.

This will allow the brand awareness to start on a good buzz with consumers as there is interaction and engagements occurring during these events. Consumes then can learn about the brand and its ethos in person before becoming a future loyal consumer to the brand.

The brand at this stage will be more established on all platforms, which needs to continue to grow in awareness. Continue engaging with the consumers and have them more involved at all times. With more influences connection and awareness of promoting ‘footsteps’ in their posts. Builds the trust with the brand and consumers as this creates the idea of reliability and quality of the brands products and its reputation. At this stage the next pop up store launch of the latest volume release will be planned and confirmed.

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

2nd Year

End-1st Year Launch website, allow to see preview of sneak peak images. Print packaging Print and produce press pack Finalise the first volume of publication Meeting with the brand team and advisors. Approve designs of the cover Pick the final images for each segment of the content. Confirm location of brand launch event and its interior. Build online presence of brand awareness to turn numbers into sales. Become more established in the market from brand strategy and confirm influencers agreement of promotional post.

Conclusion footsteps aims to launch in June 2019, with two launch pop up events, one in Graduate Fashion Week and in Westfield Shepherds London.

Mid-1st Year

Start-1st Year •

5th Year

3rd Year • • • • • • • •

Collaborate with STA agency. Bloggers, influencers, writers to send a press-pack and write reviews. Post competition banner on website and other social media for consumers. Create a subscription of care packages, design, develop and launch Develop and finalise app and its featured for the brand. Continue to grow in social media awareness and established brand within the market. More trustworthy brand from recommendations of many. Send out new letters about the launch event Launch the event of the next release of the brand publication..

• • • • • • •

Create stories and snaps for social media and post them, of the countdown 2 weeks before the launch. Contact potential sponsorships and more endorsement deals. Plan an other location launch pop up event. Social media platform posts about the event and Live streams. Launch video of country specific montage travel, on official website. Consider branching out with collaborations of similar ethics as well as products to offer, such as clothes, jewellery and gadgets or footwear. Always increase brand awareness of social media exposure.

Future growth By sticking to the marketing plan and preparing for set backs, footsteps is able to problem solve and situations as soon as possible. Being an independent brand that is merging into the market, means there is a smeller team to work with and communication is much easier reached within all the contributors and collaborators.

Come out with more contents and mini booklets for country specific locations. Release merchandise. More competitions and offer internships Interviews with more established people that influence and are the consumers wants of insight about them. Central London pop up event. Personalisation service to their press pack, bags, badge, thermal bottles, notebook ect. Get published on higher platforms such as featuring on Conde Nast Traveller More brand awareness means bigger budget for promotion and marketing.

In the future, consumers will expect a fully working brand of footsteps, with customisable purchasing system with the products and services provided. To meet the needs and wants of the consumers and fit their ethics through the merchandiser offered. A store that is psychically interactive with the brand would benefit for the future plans of footsteps. That offer a more touch and feel

experience for the consumers. As well as open up the variety of products that footsteps can offer, from beauty to shoes.

From successful marketing strategy techniques will develop a more conscious consumer, creating a higher demand of the brands products and services to do what consumer love about travel and fashion with a more conscious mindset.


PINATEX Create a must have item, that consumer can use on their every day to day life or trips, made out of something more sustainable for the more conscious buyers. PINATEX as an alternative leather product will allow the consumer to become a better consumer for themselves and the environment. Allowing the brand to encourage and guide consumers to a better buyer, creating a staple piece that is universal for all types of consumers of all tastes.


Pop Up Event

An emerging new accessories and bag company which seeks to challenge the status quo and provide an alternative, that is not only stylish and on trend but also sustainable option for the conscious consumer. Created in 2018, upCYCLE has focused on re purposing textile waste in the fashion industry to try and reduce the external cost to society that the fashion industry produces. A simple design, which allows us to use as much of the fabric as possible

Maintain consumer interaction and engagement through pop up events to introducing new products and the ethics of ‘footsteps’ spreading the influences of the psychogeography.

Aim/goal Collaborations for future plans of footsteps

Collaboration projects


Create these elements for the emerging brand footsteps, in order to enhance its purpose of existence as a brand in the market. Collaborate with other creative to achieve products that can be used within the brand in the future. Helping to give other creatives an opportunity to come together and create something that helps not only the themselves but also improve the brands future plans and ethics. As well as begin to build a team for the brand.

Creating a buzz with the brand and allowing consumer to get up close and personal with what the brand has to offer, and be able to see what the goal is as a brand to their consumers.

Upcycle Create a weekender bag that is made from materials that is donated from fashion brands and other companies. Finding material that suits best to the consumer, that is also universal for all tastes. Be spacious a enough for a quick day trip or two. Maintain the style that upCYCLE offer while suiting the aesthetic of footsteps.


Create in collaboration with Charlotte Holland a pop up event for the first release of the brand to the public. Ensure interactive elements are involved and appropriate elements are created that is best suited for the brand and its consumers. Create visuals of the event to see the potential outcome as well as promotional elements of posters and flyers.

Create a wash bag and purse 0ut of PINATEX, test with colours that suit the brand. Collaborate with designers Georgia Bennett & Maria Streng to create a stable design that can be universal to all kinds taste of the consumer and fulfill the needs of the use of the product.

Skills Problem solving Design planning Communication Team work

Creative direction Branding

Pop Up Event


PINATEX Wash bag

in collaboration with Georgia Bennett

Screen printing technique was used to create small logos inside the bag for the pockets

The design of the bag is simple and easy to use the main component of the bag had to be that it fitted enough items for the consumers trip. With a sturdy zip and secure design allows all the items to be safe within the bag. I wanted to create options of colour so I began with creating a black and red version of this wash bag. one that is more out there and can become a fashion statement piece and another that is more neutral and universal to all consumer taste.

YKK zippers for a secure and sturdy function.

The idea behind creating a wash bag is to give the consumer a starter pack that is useful as well as promoting the brand. While continuing the aesthetics and ethics of the brand of wanting to travel with eco friendly products, I wanted to make the bag out of pineapple leather so the luxury feel in aesthetics is still applied. Allowing the consumer to be more conscious of their purchases in the future.

Any left over fabric was then used to create a small coin purse for travelling as well as any tags and labels needed so nothing went to waste.

Minimal structure and shape of aesthetics, universal and more adaptable as must have item.

Final Outcome

footsteps x upcycle Who is Upcycle ?

The Plan

upCYCLE is a new accessories and bag company which seeks to challenge the status quo and provide an alternative, that is not only stylish and on trend but also sustainable option for the conscious consumer.

To create a weekend bag based on the research of what consumers responded based on what they needed for shorter trips. Focusing on comfort, space but still looks small, sleek and easy to carry.

Created in 2018, upCYCLE has focused on re purposing textile waste in the fashion industry to try and reduce the external cost to society that the fashion industry produces.

upCYCLE’s vision is to educate the consumer to the negative externalities that arise from the fashion industry and seek to educate them that the current way in which we buy clothes (seasonally) is no longer a viable option.

Look book created before deciding to create a collaborative weekender bag.

Picked bags that were suitable within the asthetics of the footsteps publication volume 1.

To pick a suitable donated fabric that suits the aesthetics and colour palette of the first release of footsteps publication. Thinking about the consumers style needs and wants as well as functionality of being able to fit enough items for a weekend or small day trips.

I decided to use the same fabric, of the donated airline blankets and more to build the weekender bag, as it suits within the theme of the topic as well as ethics.

For the future they want to provide an infrastructure in which the only option for the consumer is to throw out used clothing, so if they can provide a viable alternative the problem of textile waste will be drastically reduced.

Their aim is to be at the forefront of the sustainable collective seeking to challenge the fashion industry’s waste and reduce its environmental impact.

Thick width handle for support of the bag and shoulder to avoid slip off the shoulder.

Toile test of having handles outside or inside of the bag lining and cover. Working with colours that suit the pallet of the recent publication of footsteps. Simple shape and form, for easy use, big enough to store paper documents in case it is for business trip.

Pop up event

in collaboration with Charlotte Holland

1st pop up event will be placed in Westifeld Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 7GF. June 14th - 18th 2019

Elements of promotion


Promotion Materials :

- Create flyers and posters of promotion.

-Before the event:

Instagram Stories 2 a day with a voting pole, 1 post every other day 3 weeks prior for countdown

- Leaflet introducing event.

- Collaboration set up illustrations with Charlotte Holland for creating a visual of all the elements of the pop up event.

Email, to subscribers, for free ticket.

Payed adds on Instagram & Facebook Event on Facebook ( open ) Short Video add - At the event:

Instagram-able Backdrop of 3 themes ( Travel/flying , Walking Wardrope, floral ) LifePrint sponsers Mask On Facemaks Sponsers Press Packs UPcycle Corner Spin Wheel prize win Merchandise section VR sponser to take you to destinations Creators and collabortors and special guess panel talk and Q&A Special invites :

Influencers and Bloggers of Travel & Fashion:

Rosie The Londoner, Pommie Travels - Victoria, Copper Garden - Jess, Steffi Daydreamer, FunForLouis, Ben Brown, Jack Morris, Freddie Harrel, Camille Charriere, Shini Park, Lisa Aiken, Yanin Namasonthi, Monikh Dale, @hilvees, @mddyelrck, @ elsas_wholesomelife, @veerabianca, Lloyd and Yaya from Hand Luggage Only, Jess Gibson from The Travelista, Neil Barnes from Backpacks & Bunkbeds, Amar Hussein from Gap Year Escape.

Purpose In order to maintain consumer interaction and engagement the brand will launch twice a year to spread the buzz of the upcoming releases. Introducing new products and the ethics of ‘footsteps’ spreading the influences of the psychogeography. Creating a movement of empowerment of doing anything and everything. The events will allow the brand to introduce the experience the subscription service and its products. Consumer will use their online platform to post and talk about the even if there is nice set ups build to take pictures on. Spreading the buzz naturally without feeling the pressure to do so.


The purpose of the poster is to spread awareness and the buzz of the event through word of mouth from promotional poster hung in appropriate locations, 2 weeks prior, along side social media updates and ads.



June 14th 2019 to June 18th 2019

Westifeld Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 7GF.


Join us at our pop up event filled with full of surprises, amazing food, a chance to meet the team at a panel Q and A, Interactive photo booth and many more and chance to get the latest release and footsteps merch!

The leaflets are available on site at the event, giving an insight of not only the brand overall but also what the event itself has to offer, with potential prizes they can win. Also including the details about the Q&A panel where they can meet the team of footsteps. Staying interactive with the consumers.


Footsteps is a reliable publication based on travel and fashion. Tying the study of the Proust effect and psychogeographical theory together to produce its biannual content of perspectives, recommendations, advice and influential stories. It aims to empower readers through shared ventures from all travellers around the world. Whether the intent is to discover themselves or purely to experience different cultures, they will find themselves immersed in different environments, becoming adaptable and simultaneously learning more about their own capabilities. The more one allows themselves to expose their mind and venture into new surroundings the wiser they become.

Travel = Wisdom

Leaflet Follow us up on Instagram to see sneak peaks and more upcoming events and special offers !




When June 14th 2019 to June 18th 2019



Westifeld Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 7GF.

Join us at our pop up event filled with full of surprises, amazing food, a chance to meet the team at a panel Q and A, Interactive photo booth and many more and chance to get the latest release and footsteps merch!

For more and Speical offers! GB



The flyers will be handed out the day before and on the event day around the location shopping centre and outside. To continue more exposure, which allows unexpected guest as well to attend and have a look around. Getting consumer intrigued on what is there to offer on the stand.

The Event, Mock up illustration Interactive photo booth,where consumers can print, share and hang up their photos. With the choice of different advertised filters.

P hotobooth

Benches and other seating areas are made from upcycled wooden pallet.









o sp







don Lon Bush ds file ds est hepar S

don Lon ush ds B file rds est hepa S s tep

ts Foo







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P ic

‘n’ M


Collect your Photo’s

don Lon ds Bush ch file est pards aun e pL h S -u op sp p e tst Foo

Wristbands for the events that allows promotion naturally of consumers wearing and collecting them. With a QR code attached directed to the app from footsteps.

Pic ‘n’ Mix

Screens of ads, films and interactive activities of the events, including a chance to win prizes when signing up to the mailing list.

The Pick and Mix stands adds a sweet touch to the event. A light hearted elemtns to the event.

Stand for screens and interactive Ipads, to get to know the websites, app and other social media platfomrs of footsteps.

Small juice shake voucher

Plinths/stands with the same material as the benches, to present work and other collaborative creations within the brand.







Spin Free


Spin again






‘Spin the wheel’ for consumers to allow a chance to win some discounts or free juices from the event. Creating a need to want involvement at the events.



t pu



The caravan is a cosy relaxing place where you can pick up sneak peak lookbooks and publications of footsteps and pick up a complimentary drink at the same time.


Organic juice bar, one of the pop up food stands that share the same ethos as footsteps as a brand. Through amazing flavours inspired from various countries.



Who is Gentlewoman

Content from ambitious journalism to photography, displaying a beautiful collection of inspirational women in a publication. Empowering women and giving recognition where its due. To encourage others and celebrate women of every kind.

Talking about journeys and accomplishments through all the hard work and other good and bad press on peoples story.

Gentlewomen collaborates with multiple people and brands that encourages empowerment and support for one another. To show pride in the success achieved, as well as come together to show inspiring fashion and art. Whether it is from telling a journey of someone successes and how difficult the battles were to get there or simply giving the recognition of something amazing and emerging within the community that Gentlewomen have created.

Gentlewomen feature

Project Gentlewomen

Gentlewoman is about celebrating modern women of today. Whether it is of style or purpose. Offering multiple perspectives on fashion as well as behaviour for instants on how they think, dress, believe or achieved.

Here is an example of K-Swiss ad on Anna Kournikova, laying across the tennis court captioned ‘KEEP IT PURE’ . The pose and composition of the whole image is unrelated and confusing. She is there to be an object to create this image of the brand representation, ignoring the fact of the talent and her purpose. A lazy excuse for a women to be barley covered for a laying on the floor ad. Advertising when watching a game you can expect to see this , not an exciting game. Both adverts are heavily sexualized, the Nike advert with Sharapova’s slogan is essentially saying that you should “try” and keep your eye on the ball implying that it would be a challenge to take your eye off Sharapova and that people watch to see her body and not to see one of the best female tennis players in the world. Simply using her body as an object to represent their brand rather than taking her serious as a tennis player. It is interesting is that sharipova was one of the best in the world whereas kornikova was never the best, she was good not at the highest standard but because she was very attractive she was one of the biggest names in female tennis

Previously had a story on Maria Sharapova as renown and distinct woman in Gentlewoman issue. Made me think how much misconception happens within women in the news especially women in sports. Women often get recognition on the way they look rather than their talents in the sport.

The big topic of when women used to be forbidden to play gold in the clubhouse.

How Mildred Zaharias in 1947 was the first to win the British Women’s Amateur title. Has brought the start of women striving for what they wan to do, and not going down without a fight of the rights.

Idea To style a shoot to feature in Gentlewomen that represents appreciation and celebration of some of the ambitious women who made little steps of changing the stigma of women in sports and other job roles that are typically assigned and seen only in a male figure. In a 50’s style and aesthetics, creating a colour pallet within that era to displaying the stage of juxtaposition roles of female in any career goal situation. Showing no matter the looks, women will play the role if they strive for it, without stress. Wanting to display effortless switch roles within the character created in the image. Creating a ‘Women can do it all & in style ’ feel of the image.

AIM/goal To create a series of images styled to show women empowerment as well as show the juxtaposition and journey they have come through within sports and any other male dominated roles, that either have been dismissed, unheard or miscommunicated through media. Displaying that women can be bosses and do their own thing with any career choice and ambitions. Displaying style, class and power.

Shoot outcome

C=3 M=35 Y=40 K=0

C=18 M=22 Y=22 K=2

C=21 M=58 Y=64 K=10

C=49 M=11 Y=26 K=0

C=21 M=67 Y=53 K=10

C=73 M=27 Y=41 K=10

C=31 M=74 Y=60 K=34

C=89 M=39 Y=58 K=39

C=59 M=70 Y=64 K=84

C=82 M=42 Y=50 K=39

Final outcome

“...can do it all & in style.”

the gentlewoman

Underestimated Power Am facero molorenis eveliquam doluptam rae dolent eum, verferit quos volum ea cus audissit eictenis ea corro blat autatum iunt quaspe pore volupta volut que pligend icabore rferunt labores que plit, et fuga. Et apicaecabor molorec tiandan tumquo beatatium hicia debis ratios exereici dolorer ferero viti non plab ilia quassum que vent. Rio quia aliquuntio. Itatect empore cus estiisint acid maximagnit, sitis recabo. Rat aut aut expelention re num facianda velibus, eles reptatestiis derovid quis same venia con repeditiam num erum et ut inctur autempost, saeped minim quid quae quiae nimusdame voluptatem vellupt iandiciis eossuntur sitiatur sitist que venim non et volupta turest int quae et alis as rerro quodis dollam, suntoratem illamus danderc ientur? Solupta tiorem aturia incto consequas prate nem labo. Namus idunt lam re, verchil ipsant auda cullorero volorat. Orum ima volo maio etur remperum quo mincia ipsandio vitas sequo volupta quodis dolorer oraepel ectecus arion nem ipsandel Hicti voloribus est aut as distor sitataqui omniassi doloritet la dolorpo rentium fugiatent, cor arit lacerchil idem expel inciis eum facea qui rest, velenim et rese velest inctius natia nos eum re occus

“...& with style, we create such power with support each other...”

UK £6.50

USA $15.99

Underestimated Power

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Fashion Image & Communication Portfolio  

Synopsis Footsteps is a reliable publication based on travel and fashion. Tying the study of the Proust effect and psychogeographical theor...

Fashion Image & Communication Portfolio  

Synopsis Footsteps is a reliable publication based on travel and fashion. Tying the study of the Proust effect and psychogeographical theor...