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ZAMB Written by: Jeung Yun Ge






đ&#x;‘Ľ Is it consider as a test for government? đ&#x;’Ź Some said it is considered as a test for government. This is considered as unexpected effects of the


civil war. It is a test for government in security and military aspects. It is a time to prove that government has enough military power to overcome this problem and enough security power to protect people from these crisis.

Will this become a negative effects on government?

đ&#x;’Ź This Zamboanga civil war will become a sword to government. Many says that government acted

too late. According to the timeline, government started to act after 2 days of MNLF attack. This is considered as late because government should act within 24 hours after the crisis. Also, people says that if government was successful on peace talk with MNLF, there will be no war and crisis like this.


Can Aquino Administration overcome this and regain the trust of people?


There is many ways to overcome and regain the trust of the people but the best way is to solve it peacefully and quickly. Even there is a peacetalk, we can not assure that it will be effective amd perfect way to solve. it is a responsibility of government overcome this.


Government should be unified and centralized. Is this present in present society?


Government should be unified and centralized. This is important factor of the government present and past. But now in present day, this factor is not present with our government. The government is divided with MNLF and Philippine Aquino Administration.People is ruled by 2 different government in one country. 1.html#sthash.ItY7GXgj.Rr8Q6fdp.dpbs

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