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ACTION PLAN The Filipino race is one that does not easily give up. We did not give up when the Spanish, the American and the Japanese invaded our country. I am sure that we, Filipinos will not give up today. The government can make a difference in the lives of the Filipinos if they try to. With the help of all the Filipinos, I strongly believe it is possible to resolve this problem quickly and easily. The Philippines was able to recover and rebuild in the past and I am sure that it is possible to do again today.

The government should establish centers for the distribution of relief goods in the different cities and provinces around the Philippines because most of the relief goods are from either schools or religious groups. A way they could do this is by making a program that requires all the Local Government Units to make relief good operations in their respective areas which will serve as a drop off point for donations which will come from the benefactors. Facilities like sports centers and multi-purpose centers can be used during the weekdays while schools can be used during the weekends for the collection and distribution of goods. Another thing that the government can improve is their military. By doing this the military can solve national problems easier and quicker than before which will lessen casualties on both sides. Another program that the government can start, is by funding and sending volunteers to help aid those in need. In line with this, Filipinos in general can help by participating in the programs initiated by either schools, religious groups and the government. We could help each other by lending each other a hand. It wouldn't hurt to give a little time to serve others. We could start out by helping in sorting the different relief goods donated by other people. If there are other variables that hinder individuals from giving a helping hand such as school work and lack of funding, as student, I encourage you to simply donate either food or money which can still make a big difference in other peoples' lives. Another can be by volunteering in relief good operations to help out in sorting the different goods donated by other people. As students, we can start by sacrificing our time to help those in need. Rather than playing in the computer, we can instead help out in the schools relief good operations. The simplest thing that students can do is to pray for those who are affected.

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