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Content: 1 Cat on a leash - from USA 2 Dejol pont de lion - from France 3 Der brænder en ild - from Denmark 4 Jag tänker sä tit pä min bröllupsdag 5 Kom alla väsen - from Sweden 6 Lika’ - from Palestine 7 My Jonny was a shoe maker 8 Omeyalasonmey - from Mongolia 9 Payo ji maine - from India 10 Schoon lief - from Belgium 11 Tea - Totaller’s reel & Jigg of mass destruction - from Scotland 12 Tukra (teen tal) 16 beat cycle - from India 13 Tweyanze & Enamulondo - from Uganda 14 List of events + recepies from the kitchen 15 List of participants, crew and staff



Dejol pont de lion Dejol pont de lion laderi margarida se banha Ela se banha pa laderi n’en lava la bugada Passan tres cavaliers laderi tres cavalier d’armada So fe lo de davan laderi quela bela lavaira


Der brænder en ild Der brænder en ild Den brænder for mig Den brænder for dig Den brænder i tusinde flammer Tag mig ved hånd Sving du mig om Jeg vil så gerne danse

Far siger jo Mor siger nej Jeg vil (x6) så gerne <danse> Hvis bare jeg turde For dem begge to



Kom alla väsen Kom alla väsen Ur mörker å djup Kom fram å visa era krafter för oss Kom alla vättar från rot o sten Kom fram å visa era krafter för oss Gång på gång vi giver er vår sång, För att hedra underjordens moder



My Johnny was a shoemaker My Johnny was a shoemaker and did he love me My Johnny was a shoemaker but now he’s gone to sea With pitch and tar to soil his hands And to sail across the sea stormy sea And sail across the stormy sea His jacket was a deep sky blue and curly was his hair His jacket was a deep sky blue it was i do declare For to reive the top sails up against the mast And to sail across the sea stormy sea And sail across the stormy sea One day he’ll be a captain bold with a brave and gallant crew One day he’ll be a captain bold with a sword and spyglass too And when he has a gallant captain sword He’ll come home and marry me marry me He’ ll come on home and marry me



Ongmeya lasong meya Ongmeya lasong meya Ongmeya lasong mey Ongmeya songma leye Ongmeya songma ley Ongmeya lasong x2 Ongmeya lasong me

Paayo ji maine Paayo ji maine Paayo ji maine raam rattan dhan payo – 3 times variation1 Paayo ji maine – 1 time variation2 Paayo ji maine raam rattan dhan payo – 3 times variation3


Schoon lief Schoon lief, hoe ligt gij hier en slaapt In uwen eersten droome Wilt opstaan en den mei ontvaen Hij staat hier al zo schoone

Waar zou ´k hem planten of waar doen ´t Is al op ´s heeren straate De winternacht is koud en lang Hij zou zijn bloeien laten

´k En zou voor geenen mei opstaan Mijn vensterken niet ontsluiten Plant uwen mei waar ´t u gerei Plant uwen mei daarbuiten!

Schoon lief, laat hij zijn bloeien staan We zullen hem begraven Op ´t kerkhof bij den eglantier Zijn graf zal rozekens dragen

(Beautiful love, how are you laying down here to sleep In your first dream Do you want to wake up and accept my tree He stands here so beautifully)


(I wouldn´t wake up for any tree I wouldn´t open my window Plant your tree wherever you want Plant your tree outside)

Where would I plant it or where would I put it (It´s on the road of the lord The winter night is cold and long He would loose his flowers)

(Beautiful love, if he loses his flowers We will bury him On the cemetary close to the eglantier His grave will carry roses)

Schoon lief, en op die rozekens Zal ´t nachtegaalken springen En voor ons beiden elke mei Zijn zoete liedekens zingen (Beautiful love, and on those roses The nightingale will come and sit And sing his sweet songs For us every May)



Tweyanze, tweyanze Tweyanze, tweyanze Walalala kagutema bamwongere Ekyupa namunagala Yesimwe Enamulondo yezala Abalungi nababi Omwoyo-mulondo gwoyagala Gukulondola


Our public events: Parade through Roskildes pedestrian street. Friday 5th of July at 15.30 Dance evening. Friday 5th of July at 17.00, at Roskilde Bibliotek, Dronning Margrethes vej 14, Roskilde. Koncert. Sunday 7th of July, 16.00, at Den Rytmiske Højskole in Vig. Final concert. Monday 8th of July, 19.00, at Trekronerskolen, Spejlsalen, Trekroner Allé 1, Roskilde.

Recepies with love from the kitchen: World’s easiest breakfast buns - from Rune Night before: 20 g yeast dissolved in 3/4 l. of water with a bit of salt and sugar. Add 300 g of porridge oats and/or dark breaf flour. Now add white wheat flour till it’s nice and sleek. It should be very sticky, not hand-movable. Leave overnight and in the morning put it on baking paper using two metal spoons (dip in glass of water bestween each bun). You can add seeds on top of them. Bake at 200 degrees celcius until golden (start checking after 10 minutes) From Rune Extravagant pea soup - from Tina 1 liter good chicken broth ½ liter cream 800 g peas ½ bottle of champagne/cava/spumante Boil the broth and cream “until it tastes good”. Add peas, boil the soup, blend, pour in the champagne and serve.


Participants: Aboud Salous, Palestine aboud__salous@hotmail.con Andrew Mill, Scotland Anna Lings Kjelgaard, Denmark Anna Malmström, Sweden Axel Wendt, Sweden Clive Kabulidde, Uganda Coll Williamson, Scotland Elof Wendt, Sweden Emil Palme, Denmark Gary Rafferty, Scotland Jamie Chou, China/Sweden Johan Herskind, Denmark Julie Chot, Denmark Katelijn Florizoone, Belgium Kelsey Wells, USA Lewis Williamson, Scotland Louise Hviid, Denmark Luna Cottis, France/Spain/England Maja Aarøe Freese, Denmark Nidal Kalbona, Palæstine Nina Aagaard Hviid, Denmark Rahul Sharma, India Rajati Bakshi, India Sandra Holm, Denmark Sebastian BB Larsen, Denmark Thomas Eriksson, Sweden Thor Ahlgren, Sweden Artistic leaders: Masie Greenwood Nenad Kovačić Nicolaj Wamberg Crew: Anna Egholm Pedersen Elisabeth Dichmann Jonas Clausen Magnus Heebøll Pia Nygaard Chef: Tina Hummelgaard Nielsen

Volunteers: Alexander Jost Isaksen Emil R Nielsen Maria Midtiby Martin Strange Lorentzen Rune Øster Mortensen Sofie Mortvedt Thyge Søndertoft Pedersen


Thank you for a wonderful Ethno Denmark 2013!

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Ethno Denmark - Tunebook (2013)  

Learn folk songs from Denmark, Mongolia, Scotland, Sweden, Palestine and many other countries. All taught at Ethno Denmark in Roskilde this...