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As a market leader in low carbon heating systems, we help housing developers comply with the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations by specifying Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps for new build homes.

Our dedicated website pages provide you with support at every one of the seven steps of the RIBA Plan of Work.

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Being awarded ‘Best for Innovative Hard Surfaces Restoration and Repair Services 2022’ by Design and Build Awards and with 30 years’ experience in specialist repairs and restoration, Magicman can assist.

Our customers include celebrated hotels, famous cruise lines and busy international transport hubs. From Park Lane to Pakistan, Bermondsey to Bermuda, we provide repair and restoration services all over the UK and around the world. At Magicman, we know that a good repair is the best thing to do.

If your premises are in need of some TLC, we have the services and equipment to help you out. We can handle minor chips, scratches, and other superficial issues as well as more major damage such as dents, burns and cracks.

Our skilled technicians can restore your premises in the highest order by addressing any unsightly damaged items in a timely manner and in an affordable manner. There’s no need to worry about how much time it will take us to complete repairs because our team is always on time—and ready to go!

We do not limit our services to small repairs; we are able to restore main entrances and windows while also working on door frames, cills and even entire buildings or shops fronts. Inside or outside, we can fix any colour, grain, or pattern you may want! We use only certified technicians who are trained and experienced with every job they undertake.


We remove the panic when sudden and unexpected damage occurs which has the potential to push clients into penalty clauses. As completion deadline approaches, it is imperative that snagging issues are remedied promptly and to a standard that assists you to handover to client ‘defect free’. Magicman has both the skill sets and the ability to provide the numbers to ensure this happens.

Most items are produced in batches and replacements, in addition to being subject to long lead times, may not be the same colour or sheen of the original. A Magicman repair is the easy, cost-effective solution.

When you’re a hotelier, you can’t afford to have a room that’s not up to snuff.

That’s why Magicman is the perfect solution for when your rooms need a little work.

Before After

We’ve been providing repair services for hotels for over 30 years, and we know how important it is to keep your rooms looking and feeling brand new. We also know that sometimes things happen maybe there’s an incident that causes damage, or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you find solutions— and fast!

Our team can handle most problems with efficiency and ease, whether they involve cabinets or furniture. We’ll even handle any of your snagging issues before you hand over possession of the room to your client, so they don’t have to worry about paying extra fees due to incomplete repairs.

We’ve got all kinds of options when it comes to repairing damaged items in your hotel rooms.


Our business model of repairing items on site instead of ordering and installing replacements, saves you time and money and is better for the environment.

Typically repairing on site saves between 50– 80% of the cost of installing a replacement. Repairing on site reduces waste to landfill and greenhouse gases created in production and delivery of replacement items.  It avoids long delivery times; any possibility of ancillary damage and items can often be back in use within hours. Magicman provide teams of technicians who repair, restore, and rejuvenate (in-situ) doors, floors, furniture, sanitaryware, baths, basins, shower trays, whirlpools, ceramic tiles, handrails, panels, artworks, sculptures, reception desks, walls, common areas including bars, restaurants, gyms, and spas.


We are fully accredited, certified, and audited so we can deliver the standards you expect nationwide:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management

• ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management

• ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health & Safety

Our team of experts can repair hard surfaces to a wide range of different items and types of substrates, including:

• Wood and laminate

• Glass polishing

• Metal polishing

• Stone and marble repair & polishing

• Ceramic tiling

• Plastics / uPVC

• Corian

• Powder coated surfaces

• Painted surfaces (including wallpaper)

• Sanitaryware (baths, basins, and showers)


That’s why we created Magicman: to help you save time, money, and resources.


The premise of Magicman is a simple one. Instead of replacing damaged items and surfaces we copy the colours, patterns, texture, and sheen to repair the original, typically saving between 50% - 80% compared with the cost of replacement. Better for you and better for the environment.

Because Magicman work on site (we come to you) and our repairs are so quick, without the lead time involved in ordering replacement items, the turnaround time is reduced, and costs are dramatically lowered. Also, your items are brought back into use much more quickly.

If you would like to know more, please contact or visit our website

Before After


Tradition meets Innovation: Graphenstone, the most advanced ecological and natural paint on the market, unique in harnessing graphene technology in collaboration with the World’s oldest public museum to capture the colours of art and culture through the ages in an exclusive Ashmolean Paint Collection

Graphenstone, the world’s most certified eco paint company will launch an exclusive paint collection with the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, the world’s oldest public museum celebrating 340 years.


Taking some of the Ashmolean’s most treasured objects as inspiration, the range will launch in April 2023 and comprise 16 carefully curated and complimentary shades that are practical for both home and commercial use. Colours range from the burnt orange of the maple wood used by master violin maker, Antonio Stradivari, to the vibrant teal of the feathers in John Ruskin’s ‘Study of a Kingfisher’.

Each colour has been chosen and matched to the original artworks by the Graphenstone team.

Dec McCarthy, Commercial Manager, Ashmolean Museum, comments, “We have often mixed our own paints for our interiors by matching colours with our collections, so it is great to launch this new range with Graphenstone and offer it to the public. The range Is 100% natural and non-toxic in line with Graphenstone’s unrivalled environmental credentials; and sales will support the Museum and our work.”

Graphenstone is made using the highest quality lime and sustainable natural minerals, perfectly suited to both modern and traditional interiors. Containing Graphene, a nontoxic pure carbon that is the strongest material known to science, it offers exceptional performance, durability, and coverage.

Graphenstone’s healthy paints are petrochemical and plastic free, with only trace elements of VOCs (less than 0.1%), free from carcinogens, hazardous chemicals, and preservatives. The paints are virtually odour free so will not release harmful off gasses or synthetic additives often associated with breathing difficulties and allergies.

The environmental impact is rigorously controlled, and the manufacturing process is powered entirely by renewables (hydro (37%), wind (51%) and solar (12%)) with waste water being reused in the production process. All packaging is cardboard, and the paint tubs are made using 100% PCR plastic (post-consumer) meaning everything is 100% recyclable.

Patrick Folkes, Graphenstone Director said, “We are often approached by global partners to collaborate. When the Ashmolean explained what they wanted to do, we could not say no to this unique opportunity to create stunning colours that will also help to support one of the UK’s most important cultural institutions and we are honoured to be working alongside them.”

The range is available in two finishes ideally suited for internal applications. GrafClean and Grafclean Eggshell are mixed mineral paints composed of vegetable resins and ecological materials, certified as Eurofins ‘Indoor Air Comfort Gold’ complying with the lowest emission rates in Europe, ensuring quality and the brands contribution to a healthy indoor environment.

The Ashmolean paints will be sold nationally via selected Graphenstone UK distributors and exclusively online at

Further details of the collaboration will be available the Graphenstone x Ashmolean web page

For more information, please contact Melissa Byrne or Emma Tweedie at Byrne Comms / 07795 805 937 or



• The number of applications from small builders for personal guarantee insurance more than doubled in 2022, up 135% on 2021

• Average personal guarantee backed business loan rose to £174,101 in Q4 2022

• Local builders are securing finance just to keep business ticking over

The number of local builders applying for personal guarantee insurance (PGI), to protect their personal assets should their business fail, hit a new high in 2022.

Purbeck Personal Guarantee Insurance, the U.K.’s first and only provider of personal guarantee insurance saw applications from local building firms up 135% in 2022 on 2021, as directors/owners took on new finance that put their personal assets at risk. Lenders will ask for a personal guarantee when there are not enough assets in the business to repay the loan if the business fails.


Underlining the increasing costs of running local building businesses, the average value of personal guarantee backed loans taken out by local builders rose to £174,101 in Q4 2022.  This is up from £156,900 in Q4 2021 – an increase of over £17,000.

The main reason for local building firms taking new finance in 2022 was for working capital, to assist with the day to day running costs of the business.

Todd Davison, MD of Purbeck Personal Guarantee Insurance said: “Our findings uncover the personal risks many small builders have accepted in the past year to secure finance to keep their businesses from insolvency.

“Many builders in need of new finance not only find that there’s a poor choice of loan products, but when they are able to find the right loan, they have to take on a big chunk of risk themselves as security for the lender. This means if the firm fails, the lender could use the builder’s personal estate such as their home and savings to settle the debt. A rapidly growing number are therefore taking steps to protect their personal assets should their business become insolvent.

“Small builders are feeling the impact of inflation and economic uncertainty on all sides and we know a growing number of construction companies are in ‘critical financial distress’[i]. It therefore makes perfect sense that they are doing what they can to bring some certainty in very uncertain times.

We would certainly urge any local builder that is considering new finance to fully investigate the pros and cons of signing a personal guarantee and consider insurance to mitigate the risk.  Unlike other forms of insurance, a PGI policy includes free mentoring and advice if a business gets into financial distress, to help prevent failure.”


Integrated wireless charging takes user convenience to the next level, making messy cables a thing of the past

Zens, a Dutch innovative company, focusing on the development and manufacturing of wireless charging solutions, has revolutionised the functionality of everyday furniture for office environments, restaurants, hotels, public transportation and homes with the recent introduction of six built-in wireless chargers. As access to wireless charging has become the expected standard from consumers, these solutions enable businesses to provide a simple and powerful convenience to their customers by incorporating them into desks, dining tables, nightstands, kitchen counters and other furniture in public and private spaces.

The latest innovations from Zens push the boundaries of wireless charging and continue to improve everyday living through advancements in technology coupled with clean, modern designs.

“In today’s extremely connected world, people require the convenience of charging their devices wherever they are,’’ said Zens CEO Johan Plasmans. “Our designs allow businesses to create a customer centered differentiator as part of their experience that can power consumer buying decisions.

“Now a charger is one less thing people have to worry about bringing to the office or coworking space. Restaurants and cafés are able to heighten the customer experience if their table also serves as a wireless charging station. And when traveling, no need to worry about dragging chords or country specific adapters along because a nightstand in the hotel will now wirelessly charge your phone. With almost

every smartphone being compatible with Qi, the universal standard for wireless charging, Zens can transform any surface into a wireless charging spot.”

More and more businesses are taking advantage of this design integration offering universal power as a service and embracing an innovative image. Zens wireless chargers are integrated in the prestigious 5-star Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. This 55-storey landmark of modern sophistication is Asia’s most iconic destination for chic city-stays. By integrating Zens wireless charging in all hotel rooms, meeting rooms and the casino, Marina Bay Sands offers the greatest level of service and comfort to their guests.

At several Deloitte offices, including world’s most innovative and sustainable office building “The Edge” in Amsterdam, Zens wireless charging is integrated in every desk. This makes it easy to move around to meetings without worrying about losing battery power on devices that keep people connected.

By integrating wireless chargers into tables in their restaurants across Europe and the United States, McDonald’s turns them into power sources. People can charge their devices while enjoying a bite and they often stay a bit longer for just that extra battery boost.

Zens offers a broad assortment of different wireless charging solutions, varying from ultraluxury to basic and from single to multi chargers, all sharing the newest technology and a modern design.


Liberty Built-In Glass & Liberty Built-In Solid White

The 4-in-1 Zens Liberty Built-In wireless charger provides ultimate freedom of placement making wireless charging even more convenient and truly effortless. The see-through tempered glass surface reveals the inside technology, giving a luxurious and inspiring look and feel. It is the ideal charging solution for in a premium hotel room or luxury suite, allowing guests to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

The Liberty Built-In Solid White blends almost invisible with most office furniture and kitchens. In addition to the wireless charging option for two devices, the Liberty Built-In’s feature both a built-in USB-A and USB-C port to charge up to four devices.

Puk & Play Built-in wireless charger 10- & 15-watt output

The Puk & Play Built-in wireless charger is a unique, ultra-thin, wireless charger designed to provide a simple wireless power source that is easy to install and convenient across multiple spaces. This best-in-class wireless charger features a minimalistic design and is regarded as the thinnest (only 5 mm) built-in wireless charger available. The installation is simple, requiring the user only to drill a small 9 mm hole for perfect and seamless installation with minimal changes to the furniture. The Zens Built-in wireless charger is available in 10 and 15 watt and is supplied with an adapter (US/EU/UK) and a two meter / 79-inch-long cable.

About Zens

We are innovators. Inspirers. Pioneers. We’ve been pushing the boundaries of wireless charging since 2011. We are dedicated, passionate specialists who believe in the power of wireless. Our mission is to empower everyone to connect & charge easily and everywhere. With wireless charging from Zens, you can experience ultimate freedom. At home, in the office and on the road. Located at Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands, home to some of the world's most trusted technology experts, thinkers, doers and collaborating minds. Zens' range of innovative wireless chargers is packed with cutting-edge technology and designed for both consumers and businesses, empowering people to improve the way they live. Zens – empowering freedom.

The Zens PuK Combi enables the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously, including a laptop, tablet, smartphone or headphones without the need for bulky power strips. This integrated charging solution combines wireless charging with a standard power socket or double USB-C port. It can be visibly integrated into an office desk or meeting room allowing users to tap into the power for their devices, without unnecessary cables and adapters that typically leave an office looking cluttered and unorganized.

The Zens PuK Combi is available in two models. With USB-C port or standard power socket and comes with an integrated Qi wireless charger. With these variations, Zens has the perfect combination for all kind of environments, depending on the user’s preferences.

PuK Combi USB-C PD & Zens PuK Combi à



In recent weeks, many companies have been looking to the new year of 2023 with mixed feelings. The coronavirus pandemic, which dominated the past two starts to the year and caused major restrictions, has faded in significance. Even China, which had, until recently, operated the strictest “no covid” strategy, has began easing restrictions. But the industry is still holding its breath.

The start of the war in Ukraine last February not only impacted business and production within the EU, but also across the entire world. Economists expect a difficult period ahead for the global economy.

Pricing pressure is on the rise and many companies are passing on the costs for raw materials and energy to end users. But prices for energy have risen less sharply than anticipated and despite gloomier forecasts, the EU Single Market has proven more stable than many experts initially assumed.

Challenges for 2023

At the start of a new year, the Global Risk Report containing forecasts for the year is released. The biggest challenges in 2023: Rising costs in all areas of life and business, climate change and shortage of resources. But crises can either bring things to a standstill or drive innovation – an incentive for companies to look into and optimise their own production facilities.

According to a survey by Germany’s Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA), 48% of decision-makers

surveyed from the industry are behaving with optimism, with just 14% taking a pessimistic view of this year. But the challenges of 2023 vary for the different branches of the industry.

The end of the construction boom

The construction industry is gearing up for a difficult 2023. Costs are set to rise further, while order volumes will decline. The previous year’s problems are carrying their consequences into 2023 and ultimately putting a stop to the construction boom, which had been continuing non-stop right up until the pandemic broke out.

Major new build projects in planning cannot be implemented in full. And in light of current interest rates, private individuals are shying away from taking out loans and investing in property themselves. The increase in sales seen in the previous year is all linked to growing prices for raw materials, with inflationadjusted growth in construction volumes not expected again until 2024.


To help the industry, governments now need to take a clear route to be able to execute projects and effectively circumnavigate obstacles. Because despite stagnated housing construction, an upswing in the construction of infrastructure is still possible. Even more sustainable renovation projects are conceivable and could be implemented, despite economic problems. The EU has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050, something which can only be done if every necessary step is taken. What construction companies need to do now is respond quickly and prepare for a year packed with challenges, to ensure that they can stand up to the competition.

Equipped for the future

Inflation, supply chains, sustainability – there are many aspects that determine the success or failure of the industry. The current economic situation and geopolitical circumstances only allow for clear predictions of the effects of 2023 on production to a limited extent. However, companies should look at these challenges as opportunities and use them to expand and modernise their in-house processes. Budgets must be used wisely and new investments calculated with care.

To stay ahead of the competition in 2023 despite rising prices and supply chain problems, secondhand machines are a worthwhile investment. They are available in high quality for a lower price and are ready to be used in just a short time. Working together with experts like industrial auction house Surplex, companies can find the best machine to suit them and upgrade their production facilities with second-hand machines with the help of a competent, all-round service. This will enable companies to release the brakes ever so slightly.

About Surplex

Surplex is one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses and trades worldwide in used machines and factory equipment. The 16-language auction platform is visited around 45 million times every year. It sells more than 55,000 industrial products per year in over 800 online auctions. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in 15 European countries. Over 220 employees from 20 different nations generate an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros.


Bond It, which ranks as one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers of building chemicals, knows all too well about the perils of damp present in buildings.

Dampness in properties is unfortunately a common, and sometimes constant, threat for many buildings, and is a problem that is still greatly underestimated – even by the professionals! Visually excess moisture can look ugly and result in unsightly marks on walls and floors, but more importantly more serious cases of damp and flooding can present serious health risks, and even undermine the structural integrity of certain buildings. Walls of a building can become damp for many reasons: building faults, penetrating damp, plumbing issues and rising damp. And unfortunately damp walls generally mean bad news. Often leading to structural issues as well as causing health risks. Potential decorating damage and bad odours are also common results of water damage. Damp in walls is commonly caused by penetrating damp and in some rare occasions rising damp. Below ground, you may experience damp walls due to water ingress. This occurs due to hydrostatic pressure being exerted on the earth-retaining walls. This is exactly what tanking slurry has been developed to tackle.

What is Tanking Slurry and what is it used for?

The term “tanking” comes from the idea that by completely sealing a room, a waterproof tank-like barrier is created. Also known as cementitious tanking, tanking slurry is an effective solution

that’s specifically designed to prevent water leakage, seepage and penetrating damp in walls and floors. It is essentially a type of cement fortified with polymers and aggregates. Once mixed with water, it becomes a liquid coating that adheres onto damp masonry. The slurry penetrates the porous passageways in the stone/brick and then sets to create a watertight bond, blocking water from travelling through the internal wall, that will safeguard structural integrity, aesthetics and hygiene

Although other alternatives exist to tank basements and cellars, such as bitumen, a cementitious tanking slurry is one of the most effective and easy to apply.

Most commonly used in basements, cellars, sunken garages and similar rooms below ground, the main reason for use is acting as flood protection or as a measure against problem damp areas. Installing basement waterproofing systems, such as tanking can reduce and even eliminate the risk of basement flooding. Below ground spaces are those most vulnerable to damp, as groundwater that can leak in (lateral damp) or rise up (rising damp) from the surrounding earth. If not treated and left unresolved, this can rapidly lead to black mould growth. Use of a Tanking slurry will stop this mould and water ingress in its tracks but it is equally useful at both above and below ground level installations.


The most common uses for tanking slurry are cellars/ basements; tanks, silage pits and swimming pools, potable water tanks, bund walls, fish ponds, foundation slabs, party walls and as a vertical DPC in stone walls or walls over 250mm. However, it is also suitable for wet rooms and wet zones as it offers a perfect solution for damp-proofing these areas prior to tiling.

As an effective waterproofing barrier for stone, masonry, brickwork and concrete it can be effectively used in an array of buildings from modern homes, commercial facilities and older buildings

How does Tanking Slurry work?

Tanking Slurry is a two-coat system, generally supplied as a cementitious/powder which is simply mixed with water to attain a silky batter-like consistency. Once dried it forms insoluble crystals that effectively work to block the passage of water. Application is simple. Once the wall has been prepared which involves removing any plaster (especially any that has been contaminated with salt) or and render, along with any previous coatings (bitumen, paints etc) right back to the original masonry. Rake out old and replace loose mortar joints and remove any other loose material before finally making sure the walls are dust-free. You will then need to carry out repairs on any cracks or holes that you can see. These can be potential inlets for water from outside. We suggest a fast setting cement compound to seal the gaps. A rapid setting watertight barrier that cures in

2 minutes and is successful in plugging running water leaks. The slurry can then be applied directly onto a damp wall or floor using a masonry brush or trowel. Under normal applications no priming is required. However for difficult surfaces a suitable SBR may be applied as a primer coat. We also recommend that any services and pipes are also sealed with a hybrid sealant to ensure a watertight finish.

Tanking slurry requires at least two coats. The first coat should be applied directly to the masonry, brick or concrete surface by brush in a horizontal direction. You should go down and across the wall floor joint and apply the slurry a 100mm onto the floor. It needs to be applied quickly as it will start to cure around the 45 minute

mark. The walls should be ready for a second coat in 2 – 24 hours. Walls can be over plastered approximately 5 days after application. If plastering, only a cement based renovating plaster can be used. Solvent based paints are not suitable. Water based paints can be used however, the first coat should be of a matt emulsion type, not silk or similar.

Bond It offer a WRAS approved Tanking Slurry, available in 25Kg sack, which is resistant to positive and negative water pressure up to 7 bar, and Plug It rapid setting cement for remedial work on cracks and holes, supplied in a 5Kg tub.

Contact 01422 315300 or email  for more information


Roann Limited appointed to supply quartz worktops to Barratt Homes

Roann Limited, a Wakefieldbased granite and quartz worktop supplier, has been appointed to provide luxury kitchen worktops for the nation’s leading housebuilder, as part of an optional upgrade.

This comes as David Wilson Homes, part of the renowned brand Barratt Homes, released the upgrade options on its Penning Ridge, Sheffield-based newbuild houses.

Roann Limited is supplying the homes with Cosentino Silestone White Storm and Marengo 30mm for all the kitchen worktops.

The dedicated high-rise residential and housebuilder worktop suppliers and installers fit over 15,000 worktops each year and hold over 30 years’ experience.

Simone Roberts, Sales Manager at David Wilson Homes, says “We are excited to be working with Roann for our beautiful development, across our division at Barratt DWH Sheffield. The quality of the workmanship and service levels so far have been incredible. Thank you again.”

Scott Wharton, Operations Director at Roann Limited, adds “We’re thrilled to be working with David Wilson Homes again! Our collaboration across projects is fast expanding and we’re delighted to have been appointed for this project.”

Roann Limited:

Established in 1990, Roann Limited specialises in manufacturing, supplying, and installing high-quality granite and quartz worktops within the house building, property development and construction sectors.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Roann Limited is dedicated to procuring stone worktops that help developers significantly reduce costs on their projects by selling direct to them.

Roann Limited’s purposebuilt factory in Wakefield houses more than £2 million worth of state-of-the-art stone manufacturing machines and equipment, enabling the business to fabricate more than 15,000 worktops every year.

Roann Limited proudly holds accreditations with many of the industry’s leading health & safety schemes, including SSIP certification, and is also ConstructionOnline Gold Approved.

For more information on Roann Limited and its products, visit its website:


Searches on Google for bathroom colour schemes are up by 100% since the beginning of 2023, as many of us start to think about renovating our bathroom spaces.

So here at UK Bathrooms we thought we’d take a closer look at what bathroom colours boost our moods, what will be the most popular colours in 2023 and what will be the top choices for those looking to update their bathroom.

Forget ‘January Blues’ let’s take a look at which of the trending colours are best for boosting our moods every single day.

The top bathroom colour choices of 2023

Graeme Borchard MD of UK Bathrooms commented “Bathroom colour can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your bathroom, and by extension, your mood. Neutral bathroom colours are perfect for providing a calming environment. If you wanted to brighten up the bathroom and produce a more energizing atmosphere, incorporating brighter colours such as reds, oranges and yellows can be an effective way to achieve this.”

Graeme continues: “Clearer blues

1. White bathrooms 2. Pink bathrooms 3. Black bathrooms 4. Green bathrooms 5. Blue bathrooms

and aqua greens offer a fresh look in any bathroom and can help evoke a sense of calmness.”

White for tranquility

A white bathroom is a perfect choice to create a clean, calm atmosphere, think of white doves representing peace, white will help to relax a busy mind and also boost mood.

Design a clean, elegant space by using white high gloss tiles or marble, the look will be spalike and will give the illusion of a lighter, brighter, spacious room.

Pink for warmth

To get this right opt for a blush or old rose pink for a subtle introduction of this uplifting colour into your bathroom space. It will create a warm, comfy feeling that will definitely

then help to boost your mood. The more intense, brighter hues of pink may make you feel overwhelmed, uneasy and agitated.

Pair your rose pink with colours such as navy blue or sage green.

Black for empowerment

Use this strong hue correctly to achieve a feeling of empowerment, use just enough so the space still feels open. Black epitomises luxury and sophistication, paired with brushed brass brassware. Or use Matt Black brassware against a neutral setting for an industrial modern look.

Green for wellbeing

Green is a colour that is the closest to nature and makes us feel more connected to ourselves

as well as giving us a feeling of relief after a long day with its feeling of freshness. A green bathroom will help us relax, help promote our self-care and enable us to feel grounded. Shades of sage green and forest green work so well with brushed brass, as well as matt black.

Blue for relaxation

Blue is associated with relaxation, think of the ocean. Use lighter shades or rich jewel blues to create a relaxing space. These shades are ideal used to create as an accent colour around a shower area.

So whether you want to create an oasis of calm or energizing space, bathroom colour is key to setting the right tone in the bathroom –so take some time to think about which colours will suit you best.



Natural materials, subtle colours, mixed with organic forms combine to create an inviting bathroom in which to while away the hours.

• A cosy bathroom offers a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

• Natural, high-quality materials such as ceramics and wood are pleasant to touch.

• Creative bathroom design for rooms of any size.

• Sustainability: durable, water-saving, and recyclable products

• Design and technical features to ensure enhanced hygiene in the bathroom.

The bathroom is no longer merely a place for a daily care and health routine. It has become a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In the same way that the kitchen has converged with the living room, the bathroom is now becoming an extension of the bedroom. Room boundaries are becoming more fluid; as the washing area and bathtub can be creatively located in the centre of the bedroom, with only the toilet being physically separated.

Such floating spaces work because sanitary objects are now designed and installed in a similar fashion to furniture – as decorative standalone features crafted from natural materials such as ceramics, wood, and stone with a look and feel that creates a feeling of sanctuary.


Contemporary bathrooms are being designed in a homely style with sanitary objects and bathroom furniture, being entwined with soft furnishings, lamps, textiles, and accessories.

Specific shapes and materials combine with calming earth tones specifically to create a cosy ambiance - enhanced with plants bringing a touch of outdoors indoors.

Inspiration from nature in interior design are hallmarks of Scandinavian design and Japanese aesthetics. The Zencha bathroom collection from Duravit brings these two concepts into harmony.

Designer Sebastian Herkner crafted the sanitary objects and bathroom furniture from natural materials such as ceramics, wood, and textured glass. Whilst the modular storage furniture with its delicate edges and shadow gaps exudes a slightly more austere look, with the freestanding bathtub giving the impression of a large bowl that culminates in a graceful edge with a gentle outward curve.

Duravit’s White Tulip bathroom collection features organic forms combined with furniture in natural solid wood surfaces and high-gloss or satin-matt lacquers to create harmony and softness in the interior. Designed by Philippe Starck, the forms of

the sanitary objects, faucets, and furniture are reminiscent of the silhouette of a tulip in bloom.


Inspiration from nature is a trend that is here to stay in interior design. As a material, wood surfaces are appealing to the touch with aesthetic and tactile qualities that make it suited to a natural furnishing style like no other material.

Wood is also an established feature of the bathroom. In D-Neo, Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly has created a complete bathroom range that offers no-fuss vanity units and semi-tall cabinets in a range of oak and walnut furniture finishes.


Increasing numbers of manufacturers now offer sanitary objects, and furniture smaller sizes so that bathrooms with compact measurements can easily be transformed into living spaces.

Inspiration from nature in interior design – create a feel-good D-Neo bathroom with Duravit. (Image source: Duravit AG)

Bathrooms 20
Homely bathroom design with the Duravit White Tulip bathroom range. (Image source: Duravit AG)

Bathrooms in large cities are often only a few square meters in size. Mirrored cabinets, storage furniture, and washbasins with storage space also play their part in maintaining order in the bathroom. Free surfaces can accommodate eye-catching decorative pieces such as jewellery boxes, vases, and bowls.


Thinking and acting in a sustainable manner has always been important at Duravit as such they offer a range of bathroom solutions that consume less water than conventional ones or are made from sustainable materials.

Sustano is the first ever recyclable shower tray to be marketed from the German manufacturer. Made from the sustainable mineral material DuroCast Nature, it not only has a high surface hardness and density, but the shower

trays can either be returned to the manufacturer or a local recycling centre after the end of their useful life.

The minimalist Tulum faucet range by Philippe Starck saves energy and water because it is equipped with a FreshStart function. In the central position, this only produces cold water to start with. The flow rate limited by the MinusFlow function additionally helps save this precious resource. In parallel to its existing sustainable product range, Duravit has embedded the goal to be climate-neutral by 2045 in its company targets.


Since the pandemic more attention has been paid to hygiene, especially in the bathroom. Thorough cleanliness is ensured by easy-to-clean surfaces such as ceramics or DuroCast Nature. Toilets in the White

Tulip range from Philippe Starck are equipped with the innovative HygieneFlush technology which cleans the entire inside of the toilet. The ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze ensures that approx. 90 percent of bacteria have been eliminated within six minutes, rising to approx. 99.9 percent after 24 hours.

The Soleil by Starck bathroom series, toilet has a slightly protruding, delicate lid. This design feature means the lid is easily griped without touching the seat or ceramic.

The energysaving FreshStart function on the single-lever mixers ensures that hot water is only added when the lever is deliberately moved to the left – a carefully considered option available for example on the unmistakable Tulum by Starck faucet range.

(Image source: Duravit AG)



No bathroom is complete without a mirror, and RAK Ceramics ensures that including this essential accessory as part of a purchase is no hard sale, with several new additions to its collection.

In a choice of stylish finishes to combine seamlessly with any décor, the new RAKArt and RAK-Picture mirrors come with Chrome, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold. This enables them to be chosen to match the bathroom’s brassware, extending the sale and ensuring retailers can value up.

Both ranges feature four shapes – Round, Square, Soft and Oval – and have LED lighting, a demister pad and touch sensor activation, bringing the latest bathroom technology into the home in a seamless way.

Also new to the RAK Ceramics mirrors collection is RAKOrnate, available in the same choice of finishes and with the same technological features. The RAKOrnate mirror has an integrated shelf for handy storage of bathroom essentials, making it the perfect addition to a master ensuite for a hotelinspired look.

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Contact | RAK Ceramics UK 01730 237850 | RAK-Picture Oval RAK-Arc Round RAK-Ornate


Now in stock and ready for immediate delivery


Stelrad’s range of radiators are aesthetically designed to perform with the future in mind. All radiators, including current and new models are fully compatible with low temperature heating systems and are in stock for immediate delivery.

Stelrad have the radiators to meet your installation, specification and contract needs.


Large range of sizes, styles, colours and high output radiators

Compact with Style Vertical
Find out more at

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It will not rust, flake or corrode.

It is the sustainable, durable choice and can be used in all systems including open. We source our rails ethically and take our social responsibility seriously, from our sourcing to our manufacture to our charity initiatives.

We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the range: Electric, dual fuel and central heating only. We offer both polished and satin finishes as well as the Black Edition Range, manufactured from 100% stainless steel and powder coated black, hereby giving you the ultimate flexibility within your heating as well as visual requirements.

JIS Europe first introduced the

the market in 1998. At that time although there were ladder rails on the market we were unique in that the rails were manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel.

The cornerstones of our business are quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand. We offer an extensive range of sizes and accessories, and constantly strive to bring new and interesting product to the market, whilst always marrying practicality and durability with design aesthete.

We have always maintained a policy of stockholding and all orders are dispatched for next day delivery when ordered before midday. This added to our extensive product range only goes to further improve the service we are able to offer.

Our staff are firstly and foremost polite, friendly and efficient, furthermore they are knowledgeable and able to deal with your queries. There will always be a friendly and willing person on


the other end of the line ready to assist you.

We have a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails, on our website . Comfortable in both a modern and contemporary bathroom as well as the traditional, we think you will be impressed by the diversity of the images shown.

We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and are pleased to offer a 25 year guarantee.

Should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01825 722988 or
Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988


Cosentino Group, a global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, presents their new immersive collection Dekton® Onirika.

Onirika is the latest collection from Cosentino Group’s leading innovative ultracompact brand Dekton®, which has been designed alongside international interior design powerhouse, Nina Magon, creating a one-of-a-kind surfacing collection.

Inspired by marble patterns and immersive living, the stunning series showcases eight daring and luxe colours: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus, which embody sustainability, forward-thinking innovations, and timeless elegance. Onirika represents a powerful journey where boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred.

Onrika Neural combines elegance and structure to bring an overall feeling of wellbeing into a space. With fine, pale veins crossing the marbled pattern, the design creates an eye-catching neural network. It is best suited for bright, neutral spaces with soft textures, light colours, and wooden or metallic accents.

Onirika Lucid displays many shades, reflections, and glints of colour to become an illuminative surface best combined with wood, grey and gold shades, and frosted glass. Onirika Morpheus features the same tonality as Lucid, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

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Onirika Awake is a re-interpretation of the precious Paonazzo stone. It features thick veins of light greys, exquisite oxide terracotta, and a hint of subtle, inky blues. This iteration pairs beautifully with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and golds of any shade.

Onirika Trance features warm fine streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, combining perfectly with reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. Blue furniture and warm golds bring sleekness to this vibrant colour.

Onirika Somnia boasts captivating details of warm oxide browns and whites that merge under a grid of thin lines. It is perfect teamed with warm dark woods, frosted glass and textured metal

Onirika Vigil recreates the popular Calacatta structure but with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys, matched with a subtle touch of gold. This is a classic colour that is easy to combine with warm and cold hues, wood, metal and clean concrete. Onirika Daze features the same tonality as Vigil, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

Nina Magon said of the creation of Dekton® Onirika, “When working with the product development team, we realised we’re not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone. With Dekton technology, we are

able to create our own colours and structures, bringing to life something that is unique, beautiful and irreplaceable. The purpose of Onirika is to showcase the versatility of Dekton. We want all designers, architects, and people around the world to see that the product is not only a book matched worktop with a waterfall, but can also be used on walls, ceilings, facades, outdoor spaces, and more.”

Carbon neutrality has been achieved for the entire life cycle of Dekton®, covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3, from the extraction of the raw material and the calculation of the direct and indirect emissions from its production cycle, and those derived from its use, to the end of the product’s life. Thanks to its unmatched hardness, strength and durability, Dekton® is perfect for use in both outdoor and indoor applications, such as façades, floors, wall and furniture cladding, kitchen and bathroom worktops, shower trays and washbasins. Available in various thicknesses and large format slabs, Dekton® is the perfect solution for any project.

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Knightsbridge evolves Tron range with celebrity designer

Following the successful launch of the Tron range in 2021, Knightsbridge has collaborated with designer Bruce Kenneth once again, to develop the collection further with the addition of the Tron lounge chair.

As an experienced designer, Bruce Kenneth is well known for his appearances on popular television shows such as BBC’s Money For Nothing, Channel 4’s Mend It For Money and Channel 4’s The Great Garden Revolution. Working alongside Knightsbridge’s design and development team, the Tron range has expanded from the outdoor and upright models, to also include a lounge option.

Ideal for corporate, leisure and hotel markets, the chair features a striking silhouette, synonymous with the existing Tron collection, with a more relaxed frame and deep seat for ultimate comfort. Inspired by angles and motion, Tron is reminiscent of furniture from the 1950s and 1960s with a modern twist.

Jason Brown, Director of Design & Development at Knightsbridge Furniture, said: “Working with Bruce back in 2021 on the initial Tron designs was an absolute pleasure and really captured what Knightsbridge is all about - combining stylish designs with functionality. We’ve always admired Bruce’s unique style and knew the Tron would be a collection we’d love to develop

further to explore the needs of the hospitality and hotelier markets. After a discussion, we decided the distinctive frame of the Tron would look amazing as a lounge chair, and so the Tron lounge chair was born.”

The Tron lounge chair is available in solid walnut, solid oak or stained beech and can be upholstered in any fabric. There’s also the option to add a matching footrest.

Commenting on the new design, Bruce said: “Knightsbridge’s expert craftsmanship is something that drew me in when looking to collaborate with a furniture manufacturer, and evolving the collection further is an amazing progression of our partnership. I set out to create something that although static, doesn’t appear stagnant, and takes you on a journey of movement as you look at the chair. We’ve captured this perfectly and can hopefully continue to develop it further to bring it to more sectors to enjoy too.”

With more than 80 years’ experience, Knightsbridge provides quality furniture from concept and design to manufacture and delivery to a number of industries including healthcare, care, challenging environments, hospitality and workplace.

For further information on Knightsbridge Furniture please visit, and for further information regarding Bruce Kenneth, please visit

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Roché’s launches the Award Winning Artares Systems into the UK

Roché Systems are proud to launch the Weinor Artares system in the UK, Artares is a louvered roof solution, a perfect way to start creating your perfect outdoor space. Winner of the Red Dot Award and iF design Award the Artares louvred impresses with its stylish cubic design and can be designed as free-standing or leaning against the façade of a building. Individual bioclimates are created by adjusting the opening angle of the slats, protecting against sun, rain, wind, frost and snow. Intelligent sensors allow the slats to be adjusted automatically depending on the weather, so that patios are protected no matter the weather. Artares can be designed with extras such as integrated vertical shading or LED lighting on the slats and frame to create individual dream patio skies.

Artares come with automatic weather protection via the weinor BiConnect radio controller. The louvres can close automatically if the sun shines on the sensor. They remain slightly open for improved air circulation, as a

result, heat does not accumulate under the roof, temperatures remain comfortable, and your furniture does not suffer from the UV light. When it rains, the louvres close automatically however after the rain shower the louvres open slightly to allow the residual water to drain off. In case of a strong breeze the louvres close and the vertical sun protection is automatically driven upwards. At sub-zero temperatures the louvres move into a tilted position to ensure they don’t freeze together and to avoid damage due to heavy snow loads the system can be regulated to open the louvres at low temperatures.

The Artares posts and fascia can be equipped with high-quality coloured LED strips and the louvres with LED strips which emit a warm white light. And you have already immersed your favourite place in its own individual light. As a free-standing version, Artares can be opened with a view to all sides. The panoramic view is not disturbed by any walls, creating a calming outdoor area with

atmospheric lighting and at night, opening the louvres bring the starry sky to the patio.

There is a choice of more than 50 standard colours and over 150 further RAL colours. The weinor powder coating ensures colour fastness and a uniform gloss level. The louvres and frame can be coated differently. Special colours are available at an extra charge. Decorative strips consisting of anodised aluminium can be integrated in the corner posts with 5 different looks: silver aluminium, copper aluminium, brown aluminium, brass aluminium or anthracite aluminium.

With Artares you can rely on a louvred roof of the highest quality; intelligent sensors, modern control technology brings new life to any outdoor setting



Carbon reduction and improved building performance driving the use of timber

High performance timber windows and doors manufacturer, NorDan UK Ltd, has announced a record 34 percent increase in turnover for a single year for 2022, and growth of more than 85 percent in the past five years.

Sustained growth across private and public customers demonstrates changing priorities in the construction industry, with an increasing focus on the whole life carbon reduction of buildings and the lengthening lifespan of products and materials.

Architects and specifiers are now seeking materials that meet the changing demands of developers and housebuilders, making NorDan’s products increasingly mainstream in UK building.

This is being heavily influenced by the Future Homes Standard (set to come into force in 2025), with numerous big social landlords and local authorities already specifying and building to that standard.

Significantly, NorDan is now able to meet the 2025 standards with just a doubleglazed product, while aluminum and UPVC windows will require triple glazing to achieve the required u-values.

The sale of timber products is also being driven by an increasing need to reduce whole life carbon of buildings, including the embodied carbon emissions generated from the manufacture, transport, installation, and eventual disposal of building materials.

NorDan is one of the few construction suppliers that has up-to-date Environmental Product Declarations (or EPDs) on virtually its entire product range, proving third-party validated audits of all the carbon in its products.

Alex Brown, NorDan UK Managing Director said: “Last year’s record growth is obviously very pleasing, but 100% consistent with the wider direction of travel in construction and the built environment.

To find out more about NorDan visit

“People have long known that NorDan’s timber products are carbon negative and offer a 60-year lifespan but have maybe in the past needed a reason to specify what were perceived to be premium windows or doors.

“What we now see is low carbon, durability, and high-thermal performance becoming the new mainstream, and this is taking NorDan’s and other quality timber products with it.

“Architects and developers are now seeking incremental gains across buildings to meet raising industry standards, as well as the expectations of the public, and NorDan can give them the low-carbon, high-performance guarantees they need.

Alex concludes: “Looking ahead, NorDan UK’s priority is to continue developing its people and infrastructure to maintain anticipated accelerated growth over the coming years.”

Mat Clarke, Contracts Manager at contractor Henry Boot Construction comments: “Sustainability, and reducing the whole life carbon impact of building, has become an increasing priority for Henry Boot Construction in recent years, and we now routinely seek out sustainable suppliers and partners.

“As a result, we are increasing the amount of timber we use in our construction projects,

and this has made NorDan a natural choice, as it places sustainability at the heart of its operations and products.

Mat continues: “A recent example of this can be found at our marquee development at The Cocoa Works in York, where NorDan’s products have the specification to achieve a high environmental and energy performance.”

Ayo Allu, Director of Design, Technical & Innovation at NorDan customer Clarion Housing Group comments: “Material costs and the impact of embodied carbon calculations on business performance is increasingly driving the way Clarion is constructing its buildings, as is our familiarity with the timber products on the market, and the vast increase in testing data compared to previous years.

“Embodied carbon is already a development consideration within major cities, and the GLA how has an embodied carbon tool which has to be completed for each new development – with other cities set to follow suit.”

Ayo concludes: “As a development business, we’re now benchmarking our embodied carbon for development and construction activities for the second year running, so we can set reduction targets for ourselves and our supply chain.”

Both Henry Boot Construction and Clarion Housing Group are working with NorDan on the iconic Cocoa Works refurbishment project in York.

NorDan UK is the British arm of the Norwegian founded NorDan Group, a multinational business that operates in seven European countries, employing 2,200 people across 12 factories and 35 sales offices.




Award-winning British comic book artist and illustrator

Charlie Adlard is enjoying a new lease of life in a new home featuring a building material that is seriously old!

Charlie has been a “veteran” of the comic industry for more than 25 years and recently finished a 15-year spell working on The Walking Dead series which was adapted for television by US network AMC in 2010. Charlie himself appeared in the pilot as a zombie extra!

Now free to pick and choose his own projects, including life drawing sessions and single illustrations for music, films and other media, Charlie is working from his new home on the banks of the River Severn in his hometown of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The house, which was designed as one of a pair by AHR Architecture, uses Welsh Slate products on various aspects – as vertical cladding on elevational features including a “chimney” on the house, and for hard landscaping, as walling and copings to terraces and walls in the landscaped gardens.

The architectural and landscaping products manufactured by Welsh Slate at its main Penrhyn quarry near Bangor are produced from a material that is 500 million years old, but at Charlie’s three-storey, split-level house, it has been used to complement the contemporary aesthetics of the building.

The cladding is from Welsh Slate’s Penrhyn Heather range, in a Honed finish, while the pillared walling is from the same Penrhyn quarry with a

textured finish and the same Honed finish also features on the copings.

Charlie said he specified the Welsh Slate products for a variety of reasons. One was sustainability (the garden features an extensive photovoltaic array), the other sentimentality!

“The house, as much as possible, is hopefully as environmentally friendly as we could make it, so a natural product like Welsh slate works with that remit. We also wanted to use as much locally sourced product as possible.”

He also explained that his family has a strong connection to North Wales. His wife is Welsh - her family

come from Bangor and Anglesey - so to them it made sense to source local materials from that area to complement their house design. They had always known about Welsh Slate, having visited the area many times, and eventually having a holiday home in Beaumaris that virtually looks across the Menai Strait to the quarry.

Charlie added: “The use of the Welsh Slate products has been mainly decorative, and they have made a striking natural addition to the modern look of the building. It’s the first time we have used Welsh Slate and we love it!”

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Tel: 01256 771222




Mountbatten House, a large grade two listed building, cited as one of the 15 most important modern listed buildings in the UK, is set to be restored to its former glory as part of an extensive refurbishment of the property and its terraced gardens.

The developer of Mountbatten House, intends to restore both the building and its gardens to provide new modern office space for Basingstoke.

Mountbatten House’s roof-garden has become an ‘iconic symbol’ for Basingstoke and is affectionately known as ‘the Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke’. The landscape and garden terraces were recognised as significant by the award of a separate Grade II status for the entire site by English Heritage in January 2015.

Landscape architecture practice Grant Associates, the lead designers of the world-recognised Gardens by the Bay, are leading on the full renewal of the historic gardens. The landscape proposals will

Landscaping 38

enable increased usage and access to the garden spaces, enhance the richness and areas of current planting by building on the original layouts and principles, and promote urban biodiversity. The comprehensive renewal will improve year-round access around the gardens and provide seasonal interest and interaction between the inside and outside spaces of the building.

Rainwater harvesting will irrigate all of the garden areas and a wealth of sustainable features will be delivered via the scheme.

With ambitions to ensure that the building meets modern sustainability standards, an application has been submitted to put photovoltaic cells at roof level, which it is anticipated will generate

annual carbon savings of 50 tonnes. The building’s glazing is also set to be replaced, having a significant impact on the energy consumption, while the property itself will have 77 electric car parking spaces and charging stations.

“This project is a heritage-led redevelopment scheme, involving the updating, repair and reuse of the Listed Building and the Gardens. The proposals set out the redevelopment of a high-quality and sensitive landscape scheme that fully reflects the original vision and sensitive context and provides a new 21st century landscape layer for its future users which respond to contemporary issues of office workers and visitors.”

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AeroCity Group, a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, leading aviation business group, has successfully completed the sale of the group’s administrative office located at 21A Dariaus ir Girėno street in Vilnius. The building was purchased by the Finnish real estate investment fund Titanium Baltic Real Estate. The financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed to the public.

Following the completion of the transaction, Avia Solutions Group remains the sole tenant of the 10,800 square meters building through a long-term lease agreement.

“We are delighted to have received recognition from foreign investors who appreciate the success of our welldeveloped project, the group’s financial stability, and our future growth plans. The funds generated from the transaction will enable us to move forward with our AeroCity project,

located in the particularly strategically promising southern part of Vilnius, near the airport,” said Justas Baltaduonis, Director of AeroCity Group.

The Finnish Titanium Baltic Real Estate fund focuses on the Baltic real estate market. Investment objects are mainly new or modernised real estate objects intended for long-term ownership.

“We are thrilled to have added a new and contemporary office building, leased to one of the world’s leading aviation business

groups, to our portfolio. This is our first investment in an office building, and we trust it will play a significant role in diversifying our real estate holdings and achieving our goal of becoming one of the largest real estate investors in the Baltic States,” said Siim Rosenthal, real estate portfolio manager of Titanium Baltic Real Estate.

The successful completion of this transaction was made possible through the collaborative efforts of law firms Motieka & Audzevicius, Sorainen, and consultants Newsec Baltics.

retr fitting net zer f r There’s an Ecodan for every home Find out more at
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