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Page 1 April 2023 MANUFACTURING PDATE Driving change in the automotive industry with specialty fluids Join Railtex, the leading one-stop-shop event for the entire rail industry in the UK. Discover the latest technology in person and experience products and services from more than 180 different categories Connect with industry experts and make impactful business relationships Gain valuable insider knowledge and find out about the current trends and topics THE PLACE TO BE IN 2023! Featuring: Conference Programme On-Track Display Area Recruitment Wall All about the rail industry: Railway Civil Engineering - Rolling Stock - Track Design, Supply & Construction - Track & Infrastructure Maintenance - Safety & Security Systems - Electrical Products & Equipment - and much more! 9 – 11 MAY 2023 NEC, BIRMINGHAM REGISTER NOW:

MultiMark: the smart all-in-one solution

In Weidmüller, you have a trusted and reliable partner with years of experience in cable preparation, processing and systemised marking. Our THM thermal transfer printer integrates cutting and perforation tasks into the printing process; it can divide endless materials into arbitrary lengths. The result is a noticeably simpler production of custom cuts with a respective inscription assignment.

Using the Mulitmark printer, you reduce the potential sources of error with complete data consistency. You will streamline timeconsuming work processes and increase your productivity.

Weidmüller UK

Klippon House, Centurion Court Office Park Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1TP

Tel: +44 1162 823470

Fax:+44 1162 893582

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Order 1 THM MultiMark Printer (2599430000) for £995 and you will receive £1400 worth of list price marking materials FREE!
£995 RRP* Weidmiiller
More productivity in your workplace with our THM MultiMark printer Let’s Connect
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“Live” webinars
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for the
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Independent Pump Training from April

2023 Already a Gilded Year for TMI™

Team Leadership and Lean public courses receive City & Guilds Assurance.

The Manufacturing Institute (TMI) has been trusted in delivering high-quality and impactful training since 1994. Offering courses that create impactful changes to a business such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Team Leadership. This year has started off with a bang for TMI, receiving City & Guilds assurance for the Team Leadership Development Programme (TLDP) and the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing (ARTL). These are often the gateway onto the MSc in Manufacturing Leadership, or even larger continuous improvement consultancy projects and Shingo.

The City & Guilds Assured Benchmark is a quality assurance framework, which evaluates eight areas of programme design and delivery. It is the Benchmark Standard to confirm that an organisation has met the global quality standard set by City & Guilds. Lisa Riley, Executive Director at TMI reflected, “These programmes are so enduring that customers old and new refer to them by their acronyms. In the last 12-months, both programmes have been updated and refreshed. It felt like time to get them formally ratified by one of the Nation’s most familiar educational organisations – City & Guilds.”

Joe Bell, Strategic Commercial Manager at City & Guilds said, “City & Guilds is delighted to be able to work with organisations who value good quality skills development. The Manufacturing Institute has invested in developing these programmes to achieve the City & Guilds Assured benchmarks, which now evidences that the courses meet world-class quality standards on all aspects from planning and design, to delivery and evaluation.  Congratulations TMI!”.

These programmes help build a coaching culture, giving employees the opportunity of personal development, which reflects on their business. TMI understands this culture and encourages delegates to continuously develop. Upon successful completion of the Programme, delegates receive a co-branded digital credential highlighting their personal development, which includes detailed information about the learner’s skills and achievements.

For more information about Leadership and Lean training, please visit or telephone +44 (0)161 245 4845 for a prospectus.

April 2023 4 Manufacturing PDATE

There has never been a more important time for our sector to pull together and to work together, to create a shared agenda and Manufacturing and Engineering Week will do exactly that. I am delighted to be part of the Advisory Board and that MAKE UK are a partner of this groundbreaking event.”

Innovation, insight and future inspiration Celebrating the advancements in manufacturing & engineering excellence and innovation 7-8 June 2023 | NEC Birmingham
Secure your pass here: Find out more at @mandeweek2023

High performance engineering fluid for precision solvent cleaningInnovation driven by legislation

Vapour degreasing is the simplest but most effective industrial solvent cleaning process which, until recently, has been subject to little change since it was first invented in the early part of the 20th century. This is a very mature chemical technology, but legislation changes in recent years has impacted the industry significantly.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons have historically been the solvents of choice for vapour degreasingcompatible with most materials, stable in use, producing a non-flammable saturated vapour heavier than air at a temperature greater than ambient.  Traditional solvents such as trichloroethylene exhibited all these characteristics but concerns about its carcinogenic properties and the danger to operators by exposure, led to a continuing search for a safer alternative. 1,1,1 trichloroethane based formulations became popular in the last century as a safer replacement. Although safer for users, it proved to be depleting the Ozone Layer and was subsequently banned. N-Propyl bromide (nPB) based formulations became popular in the last part of the century as a safer replacement, but this was later put in Annex 14 of REACH by the EU and can no longer be used as a vapour degreasing solvent in Europe. Countries around the world are now setting increasingly stringent environmental legislation to control emissions of Ozone Depleting and Global Warming industrial cleaning solvents. This has led to new chemical formulations being developed for industry.

Over 20 years of Innovation for industry

EnviroTech Europe Ltd have been supplying vapour degreasing solvent formulations for over 20 years, constantly responding to regulatory requirements for environmental and safety laws and the need for improved standards. Staff and distributors are highly trained to work with customers to advise on the use of industrial cleaning solvents, helping them to navigate through legislative changes and ensure their vapour degreasing and cleaning solutions remain within regulatory boundaries.

Customers may have recently read in the industry press about another major industrial supplier ceasing production of their range of fluorocarbon containing metal degreasing and vapour degreasing solvents. They may be concerned that other major suppliers will follow suit.

Envirotech Europe would like to assure the industry of its intention to continue the manufacture of its ProSolv® range of metal cleaning and vapour degreasing solvents for the foreseeable future.

April 2023 6 Manufacturing PDATE

Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) solvent blend for high performance vapour degreasing

ProSolv®5408e ticks all the boxes with the perfect profile for a vapour degreasing solvent, developed by EnviroTech Europe Ltd for precision parts cleaning or cleaning automated machinery at strip down.

ProSolv®5408e offers improved cleaning at a lower cost, without compromising quality. Substitution is simple with little or no changes to equipment or control settings needed. A non-flammable stable azeotrope needing no testing for acid acceptance or stabilising additives, easy to use and maintain and safer for the workplace.

ProSolv®5408e is extremely effective for precision cleaning in high-tech industries such as aerospace, aviation, electronics and medical device cleaning. It can be used in most solvent cleaning systems, one tank vapour degreasing or multi tank immersion / vapour tank systems using ultrasonics or flush cleaning for complex mechanical and electronic components with blind holes and channels and close mounted electronics or for removing grinding and buffing soils on surfaces. Exceptionally low surface tension to penetrate micron sized holes and close contact surfaces.

ProSolv®5408e is highly effective when used with ultrasonics and can usually be used in existing degreasers or dip tanks. Ideal for precision cleaning and degreasing of electronics, metals and glass. It can be used to remove adhesives, fluxes, pastes, buffing compounds, greases, silicone oils, particulates, resins, waxes and other oils and soils. Soft on the environment, low solvent losses, reduced costs, sustainable and secure for the future.


• Fast precision cleaning, short cycle times. Stable with no additives, no testing required

• Alternative to Methylene Chloride, Perchloroethylene and High ODP/GWP Fluorocarbons

• Excellent choice to replace flammable solvents such as MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or Hydrocarbons

• Established replacement for Trichloroethylene, n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) and other now banned solvents

• Can be used in any vapour degreasing equipment, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance. Compatible with a broad range of substrates

• Improved productivity, parts exit the machine cool, dry, spot-free with no drying required

• High density solution, excellent for ultrasonic cleaning

• Mid-range temperature operation, easier handling, mid-range boiling point, processed components easily handled (48°C)

• Very low surface tension for penetration into the micron level crevices and holes, efficient cleaning in tight to reach places and complex geometries

• Easy process monitoring with minimal effort and minimal waste generation, easy reclamation for reuse

• Minimal non-volatile residue

• High Solvency (KB Value 98) for a variety of contaminants


• Safe for the environment, zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

• Very low impact on Global Warming (GWP)

• Non-hazardous for transportation

• Non-flammable (No Flash Point)

• Not classified as a carcinogen


ProSolv®5408e vapour degreasing solvent is manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide. Please visit our website for information about all our products and further information on ProSolv®5408e

For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form

7 Manufacturing PDATE April 2023
Join Railtex, the leading one-stop-shop event for the entire rail industry in the UK. Discover the latest technology in person and experience products and services from more than 180 different categories Connect with industry experts and make impactful business relationships Gain valuable insider knowledge and find out about the current trends and topics THE PLACE TO BE IN 2023! Featuring: Conference Programme On-Track Display Area Recruitment Wall All about the rail industry: Railway Civil Engineering - Rolling Stock - Track Design, Supply & Construction - Track & Infrastructure Maintenance - Safety & Security Systems - Electrical Products & Equipment - and much more! 9 – 11 MAY 2023 NEC, BIRMINGHAM REGISTER NOW:

From 9 - 11 May 2023, the rail industry will gather for Railtex 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham. The show provides a unique opportunity to meet with national and international players and thought leaders, all looking to enhance the passenger experience, freight logistics and the overall efficiency of railway operations. Participants can expect live demonstrations of new machines and systems, technical inperson discussions and a rich supporting programme packed with keynote speakers from leading industry names. Railtex will once again reinforce its role as the central marketplace for the industry to come together and discuss both challenges and opportunities in the light of current developments within the rail industry.

Keeping the current rail market in mind, it is particularly important to focus on crucial topics such as decarbonisation and investments to create a more sustainable rail industry, the digitalisation of rail transport, as well as the passenger experience. It is essential to not only address and mirror these topics, but to also come together to find common solutions and shape a successful future for the rail industry. This is precisely what Railtex facilitates. “Railtex 2023 is the place to be with all key players gathered in one place. We are glad to have the great support from our main show partner RIA – the Railway Industry Association, as well as our show partners, Rail Forum, Railway Benefit Fund, the CPD Certification Services, our media partners, and many more.” states Olaf Freier, the Transport Portfolio Director.

Visitor Information

The visitor registration is now open, and free tickets can be ordered online ahead of the show. During the exhibition, tickets can be purchased on-site or via the online ticket shop. For smooth entry, visitors are advised to print out their e-ticket or download their mobile ticket prior to the show.

Show opening hours are from 1000 AM to 17:00 PM on Tuesday, 9th May 2023, and Wednesday, 10th May 2023, and from 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM on Thursday, 11th May 2023.

More information at:

Read the full article here

Images ©2023 Mack-Brooks Exhibitions Ltd - Part of RX, St Albans, UK 9 Manufacturing PDATE April 2023
Railtex 2023: Full steam ahead with powerful partnerships, a strong line-up of new exhibitors and an exciting programme

Tunnel/Mirror simply better networking


For data protocols that are difficult to connect, the DataHub Tunnel/Mirror provides easy-to-configure, secure and robust networking. Eliminate the hassles of DCOM, detect network breaks quickly and recover from them smoothly. Access your remote data, not your plant systems. Connect and share data among locations with no DCOM or Windows security issues.

The DataHub Tunnel/Mirror goes beyond the basics, letting you integrate your data without exposing your network. Simply better networking.

Learn more about DataHub®

SECURE INDUSTRIAL IoT REDEFINED DataHub® is a registered trademark of Real Innovations International LLC, used under license

NIS 2 takes effect October 2024 - Are you ready?

You can take a big step towards compliance with the NIS 2 Directive by securing access to your process data.

You may have heard about the NIS 2 Directive. With the growth of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, more companies need access to their process data. At the same time, cyber attacks on industrial systems are at an all-time high. So the EU has issued a tough new policy--the NIS 2 Directive-which takes effect next year.

Among the mandates, NIS 2 requires “a level of security of network and information systems appropriate to the risks posed.” In practical terms this translates into securing access to process data from corporate systems by segregating OT (operations) and IT networks, using a DMZ.

Tunnel/mirror technology

Skkynet provides a way to do this. DataHub tunnel/mirroring seamlessly passes OT data across a DMZ-enabled connection to an IT network. Most industrial protocols require opening a firewall to access the data, but the patented DataHub architecture keeps all inbound firewall ports closed on both the control and corporate sides, while still allowing real-time, two-way data communication through the DMZ.

Crossing DMZs

Unlike MQTT, which cannot reliably daisy-chain connections across a DMZ, DataHub tunnel/ mirroring maintains a complete copy of the data and connection status from the source to final destination. It provides accurate indicators of data reliability at each point in the path.

And unlike OPC UA, DataHub tunnel/mirroring keeps all inbound firewall ports closed on the OT side, while still accessing the data. It faithfully replicates any or all of the full data set from source to user, maintaining the namespace.

NIS 2 takes effect next year, but you can secure your system now. Keep your OT and IT networks segregated with a DMZ, and pass the data securely between them using DataHub tunnel/mirroring

Driving change in the automotive industry with specialty fluids

It is estimated that 60% of the automotive market in the UK will be electric by 2030, compared to just 5% at the end of 2020, which certainly sets the bar high. As innovative technology emerges in this field, new challenges become evident, including lithium ion battery technology, which must deal with the high heat load generated during charge transfer in this brief time.

With this increased heat, it becomes paramount to improve long-term performance and reduce the fire risk in the battery packs. The key is developing an efficient thermal management solution that mitigates fire potential and improves heat transfer.

At Fraser Technologies, we work closely with Chemours, which has developed Opteon™ Specialty Fluids with performance and environmental sustainability in mind. The Opteon™ product portfolio includes heat transfer fluids for many different applications and temperatures ranging from -90°C to 250°C. These Opteon™ heat transfer fluids are non-flammable, offer excellent stability and provide superior heat removal in dielectric applications, with an environmentally friendly footprint.

The Opteon™ range also has advanced cleaning potential across the automotive industry, and can be

applied to oil and grease removal, precision cleaning, high solvency defluxing, silicone removal, vapour degreasing and cold cleaning.

Significant advancements have been made in industrial solvent cleaning, making specialty fluids a viable, safe and cost-effective option. They use eco-friendly chemistries, and are an effective alternative to older, hazardous solvents and those containing F-gases that have now been banned or restricted. Opteon™ SF80 has a GWP of <2.5, which is one of the lowest GWP figures on the market for this type of chemistry. Historically, other common F-gas solvents have had GWP figures of up to 11,000.

The Chemours™ range of safe, environmentally friendly solvents has become widely accepted as best in class and is approved for use in a large range of standard cleaning systems. If considering a new solution for oil and grease removal; precision cleaning; high solvency defluxing; silicone removal; vapour degreasing; or cold cleaning, Fraser Technologies can support the right products to deliver cleaning requirements.

For further information about Chemours Opteon™ fluids please visit our website

April 2023 12 Manufacturing PDATE

Registration opens for the 46th annual edition of Subcon: The UK’s largest subcontract manufacturing supply chain show

• Registration is free

• Less than 25% stand space remaining

• Sponsors: OMNIDEX, Turkish Machinery

• Machinery magazine joins The Engineer and Manufacturing Management to deliver a practical two-day conference

Subcon 2023 registration now open! The event will be held 7-8 June, at the NEC, Birmingham and will deliver hundreds of UK and international suppliers, thousands of the latest products, and topical content on the challenges, painpoints and opportunities for the manufacturing industry.

Over 200 exhibitors will be displaying their products and latest innovations. 75 per cent of stand space has been sold, with Dawson Precision Components, European Springs & Pressings, Keyence UK Ltd, Plastic Coatings Ltd, Truturn Precision Engineering Ltd, WLR Prototype Engineering Ltd and many more, already confirmed to exhibit.

In addition to the exhibition, the leading industry journals, The Engineer, Manufacturing Management, and new for 2023, Machinery magazine, have curated an informative agenda across two conference theatres. Visitors can take-away practical skills and learnings from case-

study led presentations and panel discussions covering topics including AI and automation, agility and resilience, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, sustainability, digitalisation and much more.

There will also be plenty of dedicated networking areas at the show including a VIP zone. Over 20% of visitors to Subcon are VIP attendees and have a buying power of 500k a year.

Event director, Jason Dante commented “Subcon opens its doors to the full manufacturing ecosystem. With the industry facing a multitude of challenges from soaring costs to supply chain shortages, there’s never been a more critical time for suppliers and visitors to meet. With nearly half a century’s experience Subcon provides the perfect platform to facilitate this.”

Register free here

2023 14 Manufacturing PDATE

Armorduct to unveil upgraded trunking system

Armorduct will showcase its portfolio of standard and bespoke cable management systems on stand number M35 at the Railtex Show 2023 at NEC Birmingham in May, with a spotlight on its upgraded IP4X trunking system.

This year’s Railtex will provide contractors with the opportunity to see and sample Armorduct’s UK-manufactured portflio, including systems approved by London Underground (LUL) and Transport for London (TfL).

These include the newly enhanced IP4X cable trunking, as well as a comprehensive range of solutions to solve installation, maintenance and corrosion challenges for rail industry cable containment.

The improved trunking system is designed specifically with railway applications in mind, offering features such as individual tamper-proof fixings for multiple compartments, with each lid on a chain fixing for inspection and safety purposes.

The range is supported by an expert in-house project engineering team that boasts 25 years of experience in partnering with customers to develop bespoke solutions for challenging onsite installations.

James Wood, National Business Development and Rail Manager for Armorduct, says, “We’re exhibiting at Railtex at an exciting time in our company’s history because we’re now introducing a dedicated focus on the industry to build on our long history of supporting rail projects. Our business is growing rapidly, and this is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to the close collaborative approach we adopt with our clients, which results in exceptional project outcomes. This allows us to

consistently deliver the most suitable solutions through our specialist and evolving range of products.

“As the UK’s most prestigious railway industry trade event, Railtex provides the ideal platform for us to showcase the innovative work we’ve been doing for the rail industry and how this helps contractors. We are looking forward to meeting visitors to our stand, demonstrating how product excellence and collaboration can help them to cost-effectively meet their cable management systems requirements.”

The Armorduct team can be found at stand number M35 at the Railtex Show, which takes place from 9-11 May 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham.

April 2023 16 Manufacturing PDATE
Fluregiene 200™ provides protection for hygiene conscious parts and surfaces • Excellent corrosion resistance • Low friction anti-fouling and anti-stick properties • Durable and easy to clean/wipe down • Permanently applied to metals, alloys and plastics • Built-in antimicrobial technology actively reduces microbes on the surface of the coating. • Reduces fungal growth and surfaces stay fresh longer Low friction PTFE based coating containing BioCote® antimicrobial technology Fluregiene 200™ Protecting your surfaces for longer. For more information about Fluregiene 200™ call us now on +44 01386 425755 or email Easy cleaning of hygiene conscious parts Reduces microbial growth Permanent coating protection

Titan Enterprises Goes Live with New Website to Better Serve the Flowmeter Market

Titan Enterprises is inviting visitors to explore their dynamic new website.  Designed for the evolving scientific, engineering and measurement marketplace, Titan’s new enriched content-led website gives the visitor a step-up in user experience. This next generation website has improved navigation and functionality at its core while allowing visitors to explore the full liquid flow measurement product portfolio Titan offers.

Created to give a user-friendly experience, the site includes many new features to enable visitors to easily navigate their way around the site, find the flow measurement products applicable to their application or process, and discover rich technicalbased content.

The dynamic design and new features include:

• Flow Meter Product and Application filters that allow users to narrow down the product portfolio by selecting flow meter operational attributes

• Quote Requests are now easily processed online through a new ‘cart’ functionality.

• Concise product pages provide the user with easy access to the technical information and option to request a quote for specific flowmeter model types.

• Rapid Response Functionality allows the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

• Site-wide Search tool helps users find information relating to a flow measurement device or technical aspect of interest.

Samantha Hannay, Titan’s Marketing Manager says: “The enhanced media pages give users a richer online content with press releases, case studies and technical papers.”

Samantha continues: “Valuable content is also contained in the " Guides and Tools " pages so the user is never far away from useful and pertinent information, particularly in regards to the installation of their selected flow meter device.”

Visitors to Titan’s new website can stay informed with the latest flowmeter technology and industry news by signing up to their fLowdown e-newsletter.

For further information on flow measurement devices to suit specific applications, please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or

19 Manufacturing PDATE April 2023

Universal Robots and Labman Automation partner to help bring pharmaceutical products to market quicker

Labman Automation, a UK-based company creating laboratory automation solutions, has partnered with collaborative robots (cobots) manufacturer, Universal Robots, to develop the MultiDose powder dosing system.

The MultiDose system will enable pharmaceutical companies to rollout much needed products for testing, bringing them to market faster. A highly-accurate, automated solid dispensing instrument, it will save technicians up to six hours per experiment, compared to manual processes.

The system requires virtually no training, is user-friendly and intuitive for technicians to use. Increased throughput of a lab is enabled by the ‘walk away’ nature of the MultiDose system, which allows experiments to be performed automatically out of normal working hours.

The MultiDose powder dosing system enables pharmaceutical companies to rollout much needed products for testing, bringing them to market faster

The MultiDose powder dosing system enables pharmaceutical companies to rollout much needed products for testing, bringing them to market faster

“With medicine shortages ongoing across UK, EU and US supply chains, the pharmaceutical industry is under pressure like never before. That’s why it’s crucial for pharmaceutical companies to have access to outof-the-box automation solutions that can be used right away,” says Adrien Poinssot, Global Director for OEM at Universal Robots. “We are proud to have played a role in Labman’s MultiDose to create turnkey solutions that will allow the pharmaceutical industry to be more flexible, reactive and efficient in these challenging times.”

Labman’s MultiDose addresses the rising need from a number of laboratories for a bespoke solution to automate powder dosing with a greater level of usability, while offering the versatility to integrate the system into larger workflows.

A key part of the MultiDose system requires a cobot. Having collaborated with Universal Robots on previous projects, Labman saw Universal Robots as the natural partner. Labman selected the UR3e – a highly flexible cobot arm – which can be easily integrated into an established lab process, without compromising safety, while adhering to strict industry regulations.

When compared to running manual processes, MultiDose saves lab technicians up to six hours on an experiment by improving efficiency. The system requires virtually no

training and is very user-friendly and intuitive for technicians to use. Increased throughput of a lab is also enabled by the ‘walk away’ nature of the MultiDose system, which allows experiments to be performed automatically out of normal working hours.

“Having a trusted partner such as Universal Robots has helped us shape and finesse MultiDose to make it the best it can possibly be,” says Matthew Smith, MultiDose Project Lead at Labman Automation. “The Universal Robots arm works out of the box with virtually no training, meaning lab technicians can almost instantly reap the rewards of increased efficiency. The MultiDose automated dosing platform is a solution that hasn’t yet been matched in UK pharmaceuticals and it’s great to see it already being used like any other piece of lab equipment.”

You can read more about the MultiDose case study at

April 2023 20 Manufacturing PDATE
The MultiDose powder dosing system enables pharmaceutical companies to rollout much needed products for testing, bringing them to market faster

Otto Motors launches new ‘mid-sized’ autonomous mobile robot

Otto Motors, a provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has unveiled its newest AMR, Otto 600, which the company describes as “the toughest and most nimble AMR in its class”.

With the launch of Otto 600, Otto Motors now offers the most comprehensive autonomous material handling fleet on the market.

Otto 600 unlocks important new workflows with its ability to move pallets, carts and other payloads up to 600 kg (1,322 lb). With an all-metal construction and IP54 rating, Otto 600 follows the Otto Motors legacy of AMRs built to deliver results in the most demanding of factory environments.

Matt Rendall, CEO and co-founder of Otto Motors, says: “In 2015, Otto 1500 defined the heavy-class AMR category. In 2017, Otto 100 quickly became responsible for the industry’s largest AMR installations.

“In 2022, we launched Otto Lifter, the world’s first truly autonomous forklift. Today, we’re proud to announce Otto 600, a mid-range AMR offering the perfect balance of strength and agility. Powered by our industry-leading autonomous software, Otto now offers an unmatched material handling portfolio.”

Maneuverable in tight spaces: Otto 600 offers capabilities of larger AMRs with the maneuverability needed to get around in constrained spaces like work cells.

Durable build for demanding environments: In addition to a rugged, allmetal body, Otto 600 offers a superior ability to withstand dust and fluids with IP54 construction.

Fast and safe around people and objects: Otto 600 works quickly and safely alongside people thanks to advanced sensors and Otto’s proven autonomy software.

Versatile to get different jobs done: Capable of moving carts and pallets, as well as connecting islands of automation, Otto 600 unlocks limitless

workflows including lineside delivery, work cell delivery and palletizer to stretch-wrapper transport.

Key specs:

• 1,322 lb (600 kg) payload capacity

• 4.5 mph (2 m/s) maximum speed

• 1050/700/320 mm footprint

• IP54 rating

Otto 600 is available through the existing global network of Otto Motors system integrators and material handling solution providers.

Otto’s award-winning software is used by some of the world’s most recognized brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Otto’s latest software release, 2.28, delivers faster and safer traffic movement and a new facility configuration interface for quicker workflow setup. Otto Motors invests heavily in software development to constantly evolve and deliver the smartest AMR software. This marks the sixth software release in the last three years.

The Otto AMR software-suite is the most proven solution in the industry with over four million hours of production driving experience and is trusted for large-scale deployments by the most reputed brands like Toyota and GE.

Jay Judkowitz, VP of product at Otto Motors, says: “The success of largescale, deeply integrated deployments depends significantly on effective fleet management, which is why we are continuously evolving our fleet manager.

“In this software upgrade, we are introducing new traffic management functionality that enables users to create different rules of the road for groups of different Otto AMRs in the facility, resulting in faster traffic movement and improved safety.

“As our customers continue to deploy a variety of models from Otto in complex environments, this is a game changer.”

Software release features include:

• Team-Based Traffic Control: Customers can create traffic zones for specific robot types. For example, operators can specify lanes where larger AMRs cannot enter, ensuring smaller AMRs remain unblocked and are able to keep moving for higher throughput.

• New and intuitive facility configuration interface: Customers can now save up to 50% of the time required to set up facility maps and workflows. It is also easier for customers to use, learn and adapt to the system.

• Interoperability: Otto Motors says it was the first AMR vendor to support the well-known AGV standard, VDA5050, empowering customers to manage dissimilar types of material handling solutions from a third-party master controller interface.

• New pallet types: Otto Lifter now supports BulkPak 4845 HDMP series bins, enabling customers to move more pallets of their choice.

Since its inception, Otto Motors has helped customers achieve throughput improvements as high as 600 percent and return on investment in as little as 11 months in different industry verticals. This launch of Otto 600 and new software enables Otto Motors to help manufacturers automate a larger part of their material handling operations and “achieve higher return on investment”, according to the company.

April 2023 22 Manufacturing PDATE

Worldwide Fruit Automate Quality at Scale with AI

OAL is proud to announce its latest project with Worldwide Fruit to stop packaging errors with artificial intelligence and automation. Worldwide Fruit has scaled and improved its quality control processes, resulting in happier customers and reduced operational risk. Automation has helped find and prevent “hard-to-spot errors” whilst reducing the time it takes to complete quality control checks. They have also removed substantial paperwork from the business helping meet and surpass sustainability goals.

Previously manual human checks of product labels, date code and country of origin were undertaken, but these methods are susceptible to human error, especially in a high-complexity business like Worldwide Fruit. Their complex operations handle thousands of different product, grower, and packaging combinations. For one category like apples, there are many varieties of apples from different countries with different packaging and promotion requirements from each retailer.

For a production run, Worldwide Fruit must ensure the right product (apple), is in the right packaging with the right date code and country of origin. Any mistake in the process could result in a product recall and a fine from retailers. To address these challenges Worldwide Fruit turned to automation.

After a review of suppliers, Worldwide Fruit chose to work with OAL because of recommendations and previous experience implementing the OAL system. Furthermore, they wanted to work with a business that could integrate with their existing ERP system, which OAL could demonstrate.

The priority was implementing an “online” label and verification system across its packaging lines to accelerate its digital transformation. Online meaning, every product is verified as opposed to “offline” where a sample is verified.

Fran McNally, Quality Manager at Worldwide Fruit described the project: “The team at OAL are easy to work with, working together we have implemented a robust automated label and date code verification system. By introducing cutting edge artificial intelligence technology

we’ve futureproofed our packaging lines, enabling further automation. Crucially we’ve been able to customise the system to meet our unique requirements. The 247 support is quick, friendly, and efficient!”

The OAL solution has a number of elements to automate the process. A digital master product database was created containing all critical SKU information. OAL Line Terminals were installed on every line for operators to start and finish jobs and conduct quality checks related to the job. This includes online cameras to scan and verify packaging to ensure the right packaging is applied to the product. Each online printer was connected to the OAL system. The OAL system controls the printer and tells it the date code to print based on the date code rules in the master product database.The offline print room printers were also under the control of the OAL system to ensure offline printed labels were also correct.

Finally, the site chose to add an extra layer of assurance with APRIL Eye date code verification. APRIL Eye gives the OAL system the functionality to read back and verify printed date codes in an image. This ensures the right date code is applied, it’s legible and in the right location.

At Worldwide Fruit, as part of start-up, interval and end-of-run checks the operator takes a picture of a finished pack with the OAL line terminal hand scanner. The system checks it’s correct and legible against the current job.

Finally, every check, scan and data point is recorded providing a complete digital audit trail to ensure BRC and retailer code of practice compliance. 23 Manufacturing p DATE April 2023

Snap-on’s Level 5™ asset management system is network ready

As engineering managers come under pressure to meet demanding schedules, often with fewer skilled hands and tighter budgets, the benefits of professional tool storage and management become stronger than ever.

Snap-on Industrial’s Level 5™ automated total asset management system brings order to any workplace, enabling engineers and technicians to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and easing stress.

How useful would it be if all valuable tools could be tracked from one central point? Snap-on’s Level 5™ system makes that possible. It provides complete reports on everything

managers or supervisors need to keep an eye on.

And then there’s FOD. The threat of foreign object damage is a real and present danger in many engineering workplaces. Using Snap-on Level 5™ minimises the risk of human error, as automated tool control constantly tracks every tool and detects which tools have been removed or returned, ensuring greater protection against FOD.

Engineered to track individual tools by user, without bar codes, scanners, RFID tags or other add-ons, the system works at the speed its users demand. Other systems require additional steps to scan or log activity. The Snapon system does this automatically so users save time and don’t have to depend on other steps to ensure accurate results.

Snap-on’s Level 5™ ATC boxes are network ready, using either Ethernet or wireless connection. That enables users to review activity at all Level 5 boxes in their location from one central computer, avoiding the time consuming need to inspect each box.

Major benefits of the system include:

• No individual tool scanning required;

• No RFID tags to install or replace;

• No limitations on tool size: from ¼” screwdriver bit upwards;

• Intuitive interface, with an easy to use touchscreen

• Audible voice announcement of tool removal and replacement

• Automatic locking for maximum security

• Errors announced and displayed to indicate incorrect tool position or advise when a drawer is not closed.

Says Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial: “Snapon’s automated system takes asset management to an entirely new level. The ability to monitor several boxes from one central computer offers a huge advantage to engineering managers.”

For technical details visit: call (01536) 413904 or e-mail:

April 2023 24 Manufacturing PDATE

MPW Precision cuts a short path to success with day-one MRP system implementation

Burton-on-Trent based precision engineers

MPW Precision reached a six-month traceability goal in just four weeks, earning the ISO 9001 without a single non-conformance.

About MPW Precision

MPW Precision was founded in December 2020 by father and son entrepreneurs Maurice and Paul Watson, who between them have over 60 years of combined experience in precision manufacturing. The company specialises in producing high-precision quality engineered components for use in larger fabrications and power generation.

A lot of prior experience with MRP systems

With years of previous experience leading a manufacturing company, Paul knew that complex manufacturing needs a capable MRP system for efficient and well-organised operation.

Since all of MPW Precision’s clients require ISO 9001 and other quality assurance certifications, an important functionality that Paul required was end-to-end traceability. Being located over three manufacturing sites and two home offices, it was also important that the software be web-based and able to run on off-the-shelf PCs and tablets. A final determining factor was affordability.

After trialling several MRP systems, Paul demoed MRPeasy and felt it ticked all the boxes and seemed easy not just in name but also for day-to-day use and crucially – to implement.

Up and running in one month

Having prior experience with implementing manufacturing software, Paul decided to go at it himself. “I had a target to install MRPeasy and become ISO 9001 approved within 6 months,” he says. Using the wealth of resources on MRPeasy’s website he got the system up and running in just about 4 weeks.

“After 6 months of using MRPeasy, SGS (an industry-leading certification company) came in to undertake the certification audit and we passed without a single non-conformance. On the report, SGS also commented on how good MRPeasy was with traceability”, Paul explained.

Workflow efficiency raised by 70%

Since MPW Precision opted for a day-one implementation, there were no metrics on how MRPeasy affected efficiency after going live. However, comparing with the MRP solution that Paul and Maurice had previously used, Priority Software, they can now do things like taking an order and getting it to the shopfloor in around 25% of the time. “There was approval and other stages involved and we had 40 employees instead of 8 but all-in-all, it’s around 70% more efficient.” says Watson.

Today, MPW Precision uses MRPeasy for pretty much everything, except for some ISO-specific QC processes, and benefits from having business-critical information all in one place and accessible from the shop floor, office, or any internet-enabled external location. The owners have also been praised by their customers for the speed at which the system makes documentation available to them. Meanwhile, the seamless QuickBooks integration ensures the accounts are well taken care of.

MRPeasy is a cloud-based ERP/MRP system for small manufacturers and distributors. For more information and a free trial, visit

25 Manufacturing PDATE April 2023
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