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Get an Estimate 0345 458 1010 The No.1 Hard Surface Repair Specialists: Saving you time, money and reducing your waste April 2023: Industry News, Hotel Openings, Luxury Furniture, Technology, Lighting... Hotelier & Hospitality Design
No.1 Hard Surface Repair Specialists: Saving you time, money and reducing your waste

Being awarded ‘Best for Innovative Hard Surfaces Restoration and Repair Services 2022’ by Design and Build Awards and with 30 years’ experience in specialist repairs and restoration, Magicman can assist.

Our customers include celebrated hotels, famous cruise lines and busy international transport hubs. From Park Lane to Pakistan, Bermondsey to Bermuda, we provide repair and restoration services all over the UK and around the world. At Magicman, we know that a good repair is the best thing to do.

If your premises are in need of some TLC, we have the services and

equipment to help you out. We can handle minor chips, scratches, and other superficial issues as well as more major damage such as dents, burns and cracks.

Our skilled technicians can restore your premises in the highest order by addressing any unsightly damaged items in a timely manner and in an affordable manner. There’s no need to worry about how much time it will take us to complete repairs because our team is always on time—and ready to go!

We do not limit our services to small repairs; we are able to restore main entrances and windows while also working on door frames, cills and even entire buildings or shops fronts. Inside or outside, we can fix any colour, grain, or pattern you may want! We use only certified technicians who are trained and experienced with every job they undertake.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction!

We remove the panic when sudden and unexpected damage occurs which has the potential to push clients into penalty clauses. As completion deadline approaches, it is imperative that snagging issues are remedied promptly and to a standard that assists you to handover to client ‘defect free’. Magicman has both the

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The appearance of your hotel is of paramount importance when inspiring confidence and delight amongst clientele.

skill sets and the ability to provide the numbers to ensure this happens. Most items are produced in batches and replacements, in addition to being subject to long lead times, may not be the same colour or sheen of the original. A Magicman repair is the easy, cost-effective solution.

When you’re a hotelier, you can’t afford to have a room that’s not up to snuff. That’s why Magicman is the perfect solution for when your rooms need a little work.

We’ve been providing repair services for hotels for over 30 years, and we know how important it is to keep your rooms looking and feeling brand new. We also know that sometimes things happen maybe there’s an incident that causes damage, or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you find solutions—and fast!

Our team can handle most problems with efficiency and ease, whether they involve cabinets or furniture. We’ll even handle any of your snagging issues before you hand over possession of the room to your client, so they don’t have to worry about paying extra fees due to incomplete repairs.

We’ve got all kinds of options when it comes to repairing damaged items in your hotel rooms.

What does this mean for you?

Our business model of repairing items on site instead of ordering and installing replacements, saves you time and money and is better for

the environment. Typically repairing on site saves between 50– 80% of the cost of installing a replacement. Repairing on site reduces waste to landfill and greenhouse gases created in production and delivery of replacement items. It avoids long delivery times; any possibility of ancillary damage and items can often be back in use within hours. Magicman provide teams of technicians who repair, restore, and rejuvenate (in-situ) doors, floors, furniture, sanitaryware, baths, basins, shower trays, whirlpools, ceramic tiles, handrails, panels, artworks, sculptures, reception desks, walls, common areas including bars, restaurants, gyms, and spas.

All without removal or replacement!

We are fully accredited, certified, and audited so we can deliver the standards you expect nationwide:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management

ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health & Safety

We’re all about making your life easier. That’s why we created Magicman: to help you save time, money, and resources. Our team of experts can repair hard surfaces to a wide range of different items and types of substrates, including:

• Wood and laminate

• Glass polishing

• Metal polishing

• Stone and marble repair & polishing

• Ceramic tiling

• Plastics / uPVC

• Corian

• Powder coated surfaces

• Painted surfaces (including wallpaper)

• Sanitaryware (baths, basins, and showers)

Big savings

The premise of Magicman is a simple one. Instead of replacing damaged items and surfaces we copy the colours, patterns, texture, and sheen to repair the original, typically saving between 50% - 80% compared with the cost of replacement. Better for you and better for the environment.

Because Magicman work on site (we come to you) and our repairs are so quick, without the lead time involved in ordering replacement items, the turnaround time is reduced, and costs are dramatically lowered. Also, your items are brought back into use much more quickly.

If you would like to know more, please contact or visit our website

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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant. FORCHROME S O TITNAILLIRB LLEWSTCELFER NO Y O U TURNTOBRISTAN 3895 Hotelier and Hospitality AW.indd 1 13/09/2019 15:45 Get an Estimate www mag cman co uk enquiries@mag cman co uk 0345 458 1010 The No 1 Hard Surface Repair Specialists: Sav ng you time, money and reducing your waste April 2023: Industry News, Hotel Openings, Luxury Furniture, Technology, Lighting... Hotelier & Hospitality Design The No.1 Hard Surface Repair Specialists: Saving you time, money and reducing your waste

Marriott to Open Three Hotels Within Luxury Island Destination Sindalah in Saudi Arabia

Marriott International, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with NEOM to open three properties on its luxury island destination Sindalah, situated in the Red Sea off the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia.

The multi-deal agreement includes Saudi Arabia’s first Autograph Collection Hotels property, as well as two Luxury Collection properties.

“NEOM is one of the most highlyanticipated developments in the world and we look forward to working with its team to develop these three exciting properties,” said Jerome Briet, Chief Development Officer, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International. “The Luxury Collection and Autograph Collection Hotels properties will express their own

unique personality inspired by the exceptional natural landscapes of NEOM. We continue to see growth opportunities for our brand portfolio within the destination and Saudi Arabia overall.”

The Luxury Collection in Sindalah

Offering global travelers a gateway to the world’s most captivating destinations, The Luxury Collection is expected to open two properties in the highly anticipated island destination, featuring transformational experiences and destination-rooted

authenticity. Slated to open in 2024, a beach resort will offer a mix of 70 luxury rooms and suites, including one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom villas all featuring private pools.

The second project, projected to open in 2024, is expected to be an all-suite property offering 115 one, two- and three-bedroom luxury suites, and will be situated in the heart of the retail and marina district of Sindalah. Both Luxury Collection properties are set to showcase multiple culinary experiences and leisure facilities.

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Autograph Collection in Sindalah

Autograph Collection Hotels are a product of passion inspired by a clear vision, soul, and story that makes it individual and special.

Expected to open in 2024, the Autograph Collection property in Sindalah is anticipated to offer rich immersive moments that will leave a lasting imprint for guests. Plans for the resort include 66 rooms and suites, including one- and two-bedroom villas, multiple dining options, a kids club, and a spa.

Sindalah is the first of a group of islands that will be developed in NEOM and is set to be among the most alluring destinations in the Red Sea. The island will feature exquisite facilities and exclusive offerings

surrounded by a stunning and diverse ocean environment home to over 2,000 marine species, 600 of which are endemic to the Red Sea.

Extending over an area of approximately 840,000 square meters, Sindalah will be a new destination for one-of-a-kind nautical and yachting experiences, located just 17 hours sail from the Mediterranean and featuring a prestigious 86-berth marina for yachts up to 75 meters and serviced offshore buoys for superyachts up to 180m. Additionally, the island will include over 400 ultra-premium hotel rooms and 300 top-end suites, a beach club, a glamorous yacht club, and 38 unique culinary offerings.

“Marriott International offers one of the most compelling portfolios

in the entire industry and enjoys a stellar reputation in the region. We are thrilled by the prospect of working together and look forward to building a hospitality experience that captures the spirit of Sindalah’s year-long appeal, while creating unforgettable memories for our guests,” added Chris Newman, Executive Director, Hotel Development at NEOM, the division responsible for building a future-centric hospitality ecosystem in the region.

The first destination in NEOM to start welcoming guests, Sindalah is expected to welcome guests from early 2024.

The three projects are expected to the first hotels to open on the island.

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How Oracle’s Nor1 Machine Learning Helps Barceló Hotel Group Extend Their Revenue Strategy and Maintain Their Human Connectio

Resort owners and operators have always specialized in the ‘human touch’, providing highly personalized services and experiences at beautiful locations.

Resort guests, paying higher rates with long lengths-ofstay and anticipate having the perfect holiday, expect this kind of high-touch service. But automating that high level of service has proven difficult, as resort products and services are unique. With ongoing staff shortages and high rates of churn, the search for automation to assist in providing that level of experience has become critical.

Barceló Hotel Group believes they’ve found a great partner to do just that in Oracle Nor1, which helps them build and automate their guest engagement efforts. “Our goal is to continue to be one of the best hotel management chains in the world, and our strategic plan includes the objective of increasing extra revenue by improving our guests’ experiences,” said Sara Ramis, CMO of Barceló Hotel Group. “With Nor1’s assistance, Barceló has built an ancillary platform for our business because we needed a better way to present that information to our guests at check-in.”

Nor1’s CheckIn Merchandising

front desk upsell service uses the power of artificial intelligence to completely automate the upselling process so Barceló’s staff can focus on their guests. Nor1’s machine learning engine PRiME instantaneously evaluates guest data, then selects a small set of appropriate offers, optimizes pricing, and presents them to the agent in a specific order. The agent, using the vocabulary and service culture of Barceló, can engage the guest by presenting product and service recommendations that are relevant to that guest.

“When a family goes on holiday, it’s one of the most important times of

their year,” says Ramis. “Our goal is to present recommendations to our guests to add value to their stay, to provide them with memorable and unique experiences. AI, or more specifically machine learnings technologies have proven to be extremely useful for selling and managing ancillaries during checkin.”

Because the human connection is so important at resorts, Barceló’s people have always been the key to their success. For that reason, Barceló Hotel Group and Nor1 worked together to create a training program for their staff. “We train our teams about relational techniques so that they can spot business opportunities and adapt what they offer to guests’ needs and desires, so we can provide guests with top value throughout the upselling process,” says Ramis.

This technology, and the automation it enables, doesn’t just benefit front line staff; it also helps management by extending revenue strategy beyond the booking engine. Revenue generated during pre-arrival and at arrival becomes predictable and forecastable; Barceló has included line items in their budget and

financial control systems for ancillary revenue.

Most importantly, their revenue data becomes visible via business intelligence dashboards that feature performance data by agent and by offer. “Nor1 allows us to evaluate how much each guest is willing to pay for a better stay and to refine the offers available, generating profitable opportunities throughout their trips,” says Ramis. “We can easily measure results and maximise turnover.”

…And the results for Barceló Hotel Group? “We have implemented this program in almost the entire EMEA region with highly satisfactory results both with regard to turnover and guest satisfaction,” said Ramis. “Our upselling strategy – which is a world leader with presence in 25 countries–is yet further proof of the Barceló Hotel Group’s firm commitment to innovation and digitalisation and, most importantly, to keep offering our guests the very best experiences, now custom designed and highly personalised thanks to our great partnership with Nor1.”

Barcelo Hotels & Resorts chose Oracle in 2017.

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The Morrison Room

one of four Irish Michelin additions

The Morrison Room at Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel, is delighted to be one of four Irish Restaurants added to the UK and Ireland edition of The Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide of The Morrison Room Reads: “We all need a little glamour in our lives, and this restaurant within the vast, luxurious Carton House resort provides it in spades.

“The room is gloriously showy and boldly ornate; this is certainly dressing up time. The menu is an eclectic mix of French classicism, Asian influences and, of course, prime Irish ingredients, be sure to try the delicious Irish cheeses with honey from the Estate.”

Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel, reopened in June 2021 after a two-year, multimillion-euro renovation and reimagining of the original house, surrounding hotel and stunning grounds and parkland. The refurbishment put the spectacular Palladianstyle mansion, The Manor House, at the heart of the guest experience, with the particularly special addition of The Morrison Room, a spectacular room which has been transformed into the resort’s fine dining restaurant and morning breakfast room.

General Manager Martin Mangan expressed his pride in his team at being listed in The Michelin Guide, saying: “I’m delighted for Head Chef Charles Degrendele, our Director of Food and Beverage Thomas Lagrue, our Restaurant Manager Marie Soudain and all their team in The Morrison Room who have received this fantastic recognition. We want The Morrison Room to be a really special part of our guest experience, a meal that they’ll remember long after they’ve experienced it, so for this to be noted by the esteemed Michelin inspectors is really wonderful.”

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gruvyer chair and armchair

The Gruvyer is a best selling Italian manufactured range available in both a side chair and armchair.

Striking design in a choice of 16 different polypropylene colours.

harrogate Range Truro Range

Rustic Vintage Style Furniture

Eden Furniture has a massive selection of Indoor, Outdoor & Poolside Furniture. Our Harrogate and Truro Ranges have become increasingly popular with their rustic and rural charms. The Harrogate Range is available in dining and bar height with complimentary stools and benches. The Truro Range is also in dining and bar height with dining stools and benches.

Both ranges are made to order so almost any size is achievable.


The Salford is a great looking all-weather stackable chair with an aluminium frame in an Antique Vintage finish

The Salford Chair can be used both indoors and outdoors and we stock these in Antique White and Antique Grey

Available for QUICK DELIVERY

F U R NITU R E Call: 01527 519580 E: Warehouse & Showroom Unit 16 Padgets Lane, South Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcs B98 0RA Eye catching outdoor furniture

AA reveals new Rosette Award winners for 2023

Fifteen restaurants were commended for their culinary excellence, demonstrating an unprecedented level of quality and originality.

One venue was awarded the esteemed four AA Rosettes, while an impressive fourteen were granted three AA Rosettes.

Establishments with three AA Rosettes are all outstanding restaurants achieving standards which demand national recognition well beyond their local area, while those awarded four AA Rosettes are considered among the top restaurants in the country.

London-based restaurant, the Amethyst, received four AA Rosettes – standing out for its creativity and boundary-pushing flavours and presentation, which earned it a top spot as one of the finest UK restaurants.

The list of outstanding restaurants awarded three AA Rosettes, represents every corner of the UK, including One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin, in Scotland; Upstairs by Tom Shepherd, in the West Midlands, Home by James Sommerin, in Wales, Karrek, St Enodoc Hotel, in Cornwall, and Alex Dilling, Hotel Café Royal, in London.

Simon Numphud, Managing Director at AA Hotel & Hospitality Services, which operates AA quality assessment schemes, said: “This year we’ve seen an exceptional level of culinary excellence demonstrated by those receiving our coveted three and four AA Rosettes.

“I’m constantly inspired by the resilience, innovation, and quality demonstrated by these trailblazers in our industry. Congratulations to the chefs and front-of-house teams who have helped make their Rosette awards possible.”

As is tradition, each winner of a Rosette Award also received the iconic porcelain AA plate.

Craig Martin, Head of Sales UK at RAK Porcelain, the sponsor for the 2023 AA Rosette Awards, said: “We are absolutely delighted to provide the AA Rosette plates, which are the hallmark of culinary excellence. It’s fantastic to recognise these outstanding restaurants which are amongst the best in the UK. Congratulations to all worthy recipients.”

Since 1956, the AA Rosette awards have been a mark of leading restaurant and hotel venues across the UK. The allocation of multiRosettes is determined by one or more visits by an AA inspector to a hotel or restaurant.

To discover all of the top restaurants across the UK with AA Rosettes and also watch the 2023 Rosette awards ceremony, please click here

The full list of 2023 Rosette winners

New four AA Rosettes:

• Amethyst | London

New three AA Rosettes:

• Upstairs by Tom Shepherd | West Midlands

• The Traddock | North Yorkshire

• Smoke, Hampton Manor | West Midlands

• Home by James Sommerin | Wales

• Karrek, St Enodoc Hotel | Cornwall

• The Dog and Gun Inn | Cumbria

• Turnips with Tomas Ludakevicius | London

• Thornbury Castle | Gloucestershire

• The Checkers | Wales

• Ben Wilkinson at The Pass, South Lodge | West Sussex

• Alex Dilling, Hotel Café Royal | London

• 263 | Lancashire

• Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay | London

• One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin Glasgow | Scotland

The UK’s top restaurants and hotels have been recognised at this year’s prestigious and highly anticipated AA Rosette Awards.
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compared with 29% of masks when using paper towels.

New Mask Study Shows That The Method of Hand Drying Can Affect The Spread Of Viruses Through The Air


When using jet air dryers, 89% of masks were contaminated by viruses

More details about the results of the study, can be found here

Virus load significantly higher with jet air dryer use than with paper towels

Scientists have found that contamination of hand dryer users by splattering was found to be 10-fold higher when using jet air dryers than when using paper towels and contamination of other washroom users was also significantly greater.

ETS is the European Tissue Paper Industry Association. The members of ETS represent the majority of tissue paper producers throughout Europe and around 90% of the total European tissue production. ETS was founded in 1971 and is based in Brussels. For more information:

OTA Insight Launches Rate Insight+

The First Commercial Solution to Combine Hotel and Short-Term Rental Data in a Single Platform

Hoteliers can now eliminate blind spots in the face of increased competition

OTA Insight, the global leader in cloud-based hospitality business intelligence, announced today the launch of Rate Insight+, a first-ofits-kind solution that gives hoteliers a complete view of their competitive landscape by combining hotel and short-term rental data in a single platform. The new short-term rental data will be available as an upgrade to the core Rate Insight product.

Rate Insight+ offers hoteliers a comprehensive view of competitive short-term rental and hotel pricing in their specific market, providing crucial data to enable better pricing decisions based on demand, occupancy, and rates in their market. With the addition of short-term rental data, Rate Insight+ also saves time and effort by providing a single source of truth - hoteliers now have both the hotel and short-term rental data they need, in one simple and easy-to-use tool.

As the short-term rental industry continues to rapidly grow, professionalize, and increase market share, hoteliers face a host of new challenges. Short-term rentals are now a mainstream competitor to hotels: 46% of those who paid for lodging in 2021 stayed in a shortterm rental at least once. Potential guests compare factors including

price, value, and experience offered by both short-term rentals and hotels when booking rooms. But until now, hoteliers have not had a solution to truly understand this new short-term rental competitor, leading to a major blindspot across their competitive landscape.

“With the majority of booking sites offering both hotel and short-term rental accommodation, market convergence is accelerating, and traveler habits are changing,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of OTA Insight. “Our Data Science team has surfaced some powerful insights to help hoteliers understand the impact of short-term rental properties in their market on their commercial strategy. We’re excited to introduce Rate Insight+, the first solution

of its kind in the industry. Rate Insight+ enables hoteliers to take a comprehensive approach to analyze their market, understand the impact of short-term rental supply, and gain a competitive advantage.”

For over ten years, tens of thousands of hoteliers have relied on OTA Insight to provide real-time, high-quality market data to capture demand at the optimal price. The winner of Hotel Tech Report’s Rate Shopping and Marketing Intelligence category for three consecutive years, OTA Insight is a proven innovator. The new Rate Insight+ will help hoteliers gain a much richer view of their markets, enabling them to price with confidence in the face of an everchanging competitive landscape.

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Hotel Roof Refurbishment: Why it Needs to be Five Star

In a post-pandemic era, a hotel renovation has proved crucial for many businesses as changes in visitor behaviour has impacted the sector greatly. Alongside this, the cost-of-living crisis and increased energy prices means consumers and businesses are potentially seeing their hotel booking as a luxury expense; and so, the importance of maintaining the highest of standards has come into focus more than ever before.

Hotel owners and chains have quickly grasped the opportunity to refurbish their sites as the higher guest demands and expectations for increased comfort and well-being is now the new norm for many travellers in our current economic climate. Although the roof of a hotel may not be seen by the end user in the majority of cases, the overall experience of their stay will depend on the usability of the building.

Improving Standards

For hoteliers, remaining competitive in this ever-uncertain market has never been more important. The rush and popularity of UK ‘staycations’ may not last, and the highest of standards must be met to ensure end users have the best experience, and hotels can maximise on revenue.

Correct specification of a waterproofing system during the roof refurbishment of a hotel is vital, as the design is most likely to impact the user the most when it comes to hotel renovation.

Quick application with minimal disruption to hotel guests when the site is occupied is a vital consideration. Access to site and flexible working patterns will also need to be adhered to, to meet the client brief and timescales whilst remaining respectful of hotel guests.

Hotel in the Spotlight: Forest of Arden Marriott

One such example of a recent hotel renovation took place at the prestigious Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel in Birmingham, which benefitted from a durable cold-applied liquid waterproofing solution thanks to Kemper System.

A solution from the liquid-applied membrane specialist was used by contractors, Whitestone Property

Services (Midlands) Ltd, to refurbish the 254 sq. m roof at the high-end country club and hotel.

The existing single-ply roof, which comprised extensive plant and surface units, had experienced severe water ingress due to a number of vulnerable laps and seams around multiple penetrations.

Installation Considerations

Working during winter months, contractors specified Kemper System’s Kemperol V210M for its ease of application and fast curing properties, as well as its durability and versatility.

Charlie Marshall, senior contract’s manager at Whitestone Property Services Ltd explains the challenges on site.

He said: “We’ve worked with Kemper System for many years and its coldapplied liquid solution was an obvious choice for this project. One of the main benefits is it can be applied very quickly and easily using a roller. This provided us with the speed and flexibility to complete the job on time as we had limited daylight working hours. We also had to be respectful of the hotel’s guests as the building was still occupied during the refurbishment works.”

Contractors erected an up-and-over scaffold on the hotel’s roof to create a safe access route to the site.

Charlie added: “This was a challenging project due to the vast amount of plant on the roof. A decision was made to overlay Kemperol V210M on top of the single ply. Another challenge was access – we were unable to enter the

hotel so the scaffolding was the safest option. Transporting huge amounts of sheeting or other materials would have created health and safety risks, so Kemper System’s two-component solution adapted perfectly.”

The V210M liquid-applied membrane was applied ‘wet on wet’ in a single process using a reinforcement fleece. Once cured, the resin formed a seamless and elastomeric membrane that cannot delaminate.

Sustainable Roof Refurbishment

The Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel is an extremely prestigious hotel, and a lot of thought had to go into the design and specification stages.

Kemperol V210M is cold-applied, avoiding any risks relating to hot works, and can be applied quickly. It is also UV stable and more suitable for complex details, providing a completely seamless membrane encompassing the entire roof area.

These were all factors take into consideration at specification stage, which made for a successful and safe installation and improving the overall customer experience, and increasing the revenue for the client.

This hotel project is just one example of our vast portfolio of work in the hospitality sector. Kemper System has successfully been specified and installed on a number of hotel projects, including the Radisson Blu at Manchester Airport, several other Marriot Hotels across the UK, the Shaftsbury Suites in London and the Grade II listed North Western Hall in Liverpool.

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Victoria Ramwell, commercial manager at Kemper System, discusses the importance of keeping standards high when it comes to hotel roof renovation work.

Woolfox wellness experience exudes radiance amongst rural surrounds

The site is near to the town Stamford in Lincolnshire, set amongst hills and with vast space in all directions. Formerly known as The Woolfox Golf and Country Club, the membership now offers existing guests and new, so much more under the new ownership. Restaurant group Fika, has opened a site within the grounds and there are property development opportunities too for buyers to build their own holiday homes.

This luxurious retreat had a number of farm buildings that could be repurposed to make large spaces with lots of character. The Nordic minimalistic approach to the architecture allowed the design internally space to breathe. It is light, textured, sleek and timeless throughout. The large-scale windows provide a lot of natural light, bringing the colours and textures of the surrounding nature to flood within the spaces. B3 started applying their design expertise to the Old Barn which now is home to a pool, sauna, gym, yoga and changing facilities. Each of these health and wellness zones were sympathetic to the architecture and location and therefore the number of finishes were kept minimal, with smart lighting being key to layering the experience for guests. Simple and organic; the calmness of the outdoors spreads throughout the interior.

Upon entering the Nordic-style timber clad Reception, guests check-in and get ready for their wellness or fitness experience with Woolfox. The desk is upholstered in a sage linen, adding

softness and texture in the open barn entrance. The changing facilities are light with deep tones in the colour palette, timber for comfort and warmth on the locker front. The soft green ceiling draws guests in, the layout is simple and easy, the red shimmering tiles adding more warmth. The wall lanterns are brass and classic in style, a slight contrast to the modern tapware. Additionally, further lighting throughout is soft ceiling spotlights, dimmable in every area of the space.

Guests proceed to the gym, pool, studio, sauna and relaxation room or can simply relax on the outdoor seating. The pool has a deep red ceiling with neutral walls and floor making the blue look serene and ever tempting. The spotlights that shine upwards showcase depth, exaggerating the tall ceiling heights in the space. The modern arch windows draw guests through to the different spaces from the pool. A pale pink, white, black and grey palette is applied in these spa facilities with the red gloss tile continuing throughout the space. The sauna features some of the best views from the wellness area; the views stretch for miles across the rolling hills while being warm in a timber clad cocoon.

The gym is industrial, raw and masculine; the near ceiling barn doors have become a feature to show the double-height voluted ceiling. The femininity detail of the glowing mirrors provide a welcome contrast, and the neutral warmth timber floor continues the use of natural materials throughout.

Mark Bithrey from B3 says “It’s been a great pleasure working with the client at Woolfox. Incredible vision and we’ve been really proud to be a part of the journey. Transitioning this old barn into a luxurious destination has been really exciting. Designing a swimming pool, sauna and relaxation space, that looks out onto an uninterrupted landscape at Woolfox, has been really special opportunity to design and epitomizes what a spa experience destination should be.”

Holly Withers from Woolfox says “Working with Mark and his team at B3 has been brilliant. From the beginning, they realized our vision and pushed our boundaries, leading us to what Woolfox has become today. The old barns were beautiful yet somehow uninspiring, so to see how they’ve been brought to life in such a sleek and cosy way is truly impressive. B3 supported and inspired us to create, and make our own design decisions too which makes this project even more rewarding.”

14 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
Luxury lifestyle members club, Woolfox, approached B3 Designers to develop the design narrative of their estate as part of their design overhaul.

New Video Strategies and Technologies Define the Next Generation of Hotel Travel Experience

As executives in the global hospitality sector assess new market dynamics in the aftermath of a long pandemic season, they are coming to grips with significant shifts in what travellers worldwide now expect regarding their digital entertainment and information needs.

The pandemic era’s shelter-inplace economy has not only left an indelible mark on consumers’ relationship with their personal devices and content services but also on how they digitally interact within the spaces they occupy -- from stores and workplaces to hotels and resorts. Leaders in the hospitality sector are consequently re-evaluating their approach to video entertainment and information services as new properties are built, and existing facilities are upgraded.

The Evolution Will Be Televised

Over the past few decades, video services have primarily been delivered through conventional set-top boxes, allowing hotels to offer a rich spectrum of on-demand video and linear cable channels. It has been a highly profitable strategy, producing positive -- and familiar -- experiences for guests by replicating the access that people had been used to at home.

Consumers today have become accustomed to watching what they want, when they want, on their devices of choice. Various industry analysts have determined that as many as twothirds of guests want to watch live TV in their hotel room -- to stay on top of local news and developments -- while also having the option to cast content from their personal streaming services. About three-quarters of the traveling public appears willing to pay more to stay in properties that offer these capabilities.

The industry’s response to this immense pivot in video and content service demand has been uneven. While property managers and owners who view digital engagement as an essential part of the “stay experience” are rapidly revamping on-premises infrastructure and in-room experiences, others are spending more on pillows than video systems.

Property owners and management executives who take the shift in digital requirements seriously are moving on multiple fronts to address these emerging needs. Many are converting basic in-room TV setups that offer rudimentary access to legacy entertainment into robust media hubs that serve as a sophisticated -- but easy-to-use -- platform for delivering a wide variety of digital services.

Beyond entertainment, effective in-room media hub strategies create the opportunity to provide guests with instant access to a wide array of digital concierge services, enhancing in person services offered by staff on site. It is a proven way of driving incremental traffic to on-premises restaurants and other revenue-generating offerings.

Role of Open Standards for Integrating Digital Services

Hoteliers that treat the in-room entertainment environment as a point of engagement will be well advised to integrate these services with customer relationship management, maintenance management, reservation management and other enterprise applications. To this end, integration and interoperability will play a key role in elevating the quality of the guest experience while maximizing the revenue generated by each guest.

Open standards and systems provide the foundation for this critical level

of interoperability. The good news is that standards-based technologies -- including IPTV -- have evolved to the point where hoteliers can now easily integrate in-room entertainment and messaging with other digital services. Digital signage is another technology category that has traditionally operated in its own silo, often consuming expensive resources. Today, however, it makes no sense to have separate systems for managing these different experiences.

From a technological perspective, displaying content on an in-room television screen is the same as messaging on a panel located in a public space.

Driving both kinds of content from common systems makes the dynamic management of these experiences easier. Technology -- and standards -have evolved to a point where hoteliers can easily integrate in-room digital messages with signage across other areas of the hotel, such as the lobby, elevators, and bars.

The bottom line is this: As new hotels are built -- and existing ones are upgraded -- hoteliers who optimize guests’ digital experiences will be best positioned to improve margins while elevating guest satisfaction.

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New PEPPADEW® Bites - The Ultimate Bite to Pep Up Menus & Profits

PEPPADEW® - the UK’s No. 1 pepper brand6 - has launched new PEPPADEW® Bites, a premium branded bite exclusively available for foodservice.

PEPPADEW® – the UK’s No. 1 pepper brand – has launched PEPPADEW® Bites, a premium branded bite exclusively available for foodservice.

With 9/10 consumers looking to treat themselves when eating out1 and 87% of consumers saying they’d order new PEPPADEW® Bites2, this latest innovation from Peppadew® is set to take menus by storm. Made in the UK in their AA BRC accredited facility, these delicious new added-value bites balance the sweet, tangy flavour of their signature whole Piquanté Pepper, with a smooth, sumptuous West Country Soft Cheese filling, all coated in a crisp, panko-style crumb.

100% vegetarian, they meet the demand for tasty flexitarian options, as consumers continue to move away from meat3. The ultimate in versatility, they’re perfect for starters, sides, small plates/tapas, bar bites, or as an addition to sharing-platters. Not only that, they also come conveniently frozen and can be ready in 3-4 minutes straight from the fryer, making them the quick and simple way to pep up your menu.

Crucially, these delicious bites also offer an easy way to drive margin, as over half of consumers would pay more for PEPPADEW® Bites, than jalapeno poppersii, with each 5kg case serving up a substantial £200 return4. Whilst their frozen format, 18-month long shelf life and versatility help minimise waste, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Try PEPPADEW® Bites for Yourself This March!

This month the PEPPADEW® team will be showcasing new PEPPADEW® Bites at several foodservice events around the UK. Including the Northern Bar & Restaurant Show (14th-15th), Bidfood Big Food & Drink Show - Lee Mills (15th), HRC 2023, Excel London (20th-22nd) and the Confex Trade Show (23rd). Giving you the chance to try PEPPADEW® Bites for yourself and find out how they can pep up your menus.

Speaking about the branded PEPPADEW® innovation, Lukasz Lubasinski, Commercial Director, PEPPACO Ltd. said: “Now more than ever every part of your menu needs to taste great, work hard and most importantly drive spend and margin. PEPPADEW® Bites is an exciting, flexible and premium new product that works across a range of eating and drinking occasions as well as major trends5from indulgence and meat-free to sustainability.

“Consumers love the PEPPADEW brand, indeed our consumer research has shown that 66% of consumers would be more likely to order if they saw the PEPPADEW® brand on menu. So operators can take advantage of our brand profile and number one status to premiumise their menu with a quality product that works on a practical and commercial level.”

PEPPADEW® Bites are now available through leading wholesalers including Bidfood, Booker and KFF.

Visit for more inspiration and information.

PEPPADEW® Background

PEPPADEW® International has been the trusted global supplier to retailers and foodservice operators for over 25 years, in 25 countries. Famed for their sweet Piquanté Peppers, PEPPADEW® maintains a first-to-market approach with exclusive and unique offerings, including the Sweet GOLDEW® Peppers, PEPPADEW® Whole Sweet Piquanté Peppers and now the new PEPPADEW® Bites.

To find out more visit

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Established in 2002, FOH® is a global design and manufacturing leader in the foodservice and hospitality industry with two leading brands, Front of the House® and room360®.

Front of the House® provides innovative, award-winning, and eco-friendly collections that are as practical as they are aesthetic. With an exclusive focus on buffet setups, Front of the House® allows you to optimize your serving solutions with commercial-grade pieces. Explore your options amongst a variety of setups with a large selection of risers, boards, and serving solutions available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. All buffet collections are easily scalable for any sized event ranging from small to highvolume settings, and pair with any décor.

Throughout the past 21 years, each season, FOH ® continues to introduce hundreds of new products, surpassing market and industry trends. All collections are intended to provide access to chic, multi-functional, and well-priced collections that are uniquely expressive of the Front of the House® brand.

Delivering more than products, FOH®’s commitment to sustainability is at the heartbeat of their corporate culture. From their eco-chic product designs to their inoffice practices, FOH ® has successfully replaced all plastic materials across

all offices and distribution centers with their very own sustainable collections. In addition, their energy-efficient workspaces are outfitted with LED motion sensor lighting, Nest programmable thermostats, and energy-saving appliances.

FOH ® continues to strengthen their commitment to sustainability by partnering with organizations such as One Tree Planted and The Ocean Society. Through community service and outreach all FOH® team members are encouraged to support and contribute to the overall longevity of our environment’s health. Additionally, their team of Product Development experts continuously introduce innovative, eco-friendly options that improve existing product lines that work towards minimizing the company’s overall carbon footprint. Currently, Front of the House ® has 10 sustainable collections available, including their “Wise Collections”, Servewise ® , Platewise®, and Drinkwise®

Designed in Miami, all products are stocked and exclusively distributed in the United Kingdom by Lockhart Catering Equipment.

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Peppermint Products Launches Socially Made Designer Hangers for Hotels

Hangers are a guest’s best friends

Key Features:

• Available in two versionseither a hotel anti-theft version or a regular one

• Available in seven colorsblack, white, red, blue, yellow, green, and sand

• Handmade in a social workshop near Stuttgart, to promote equal opportunities

• Custom color options and branding with the hotel’s Logo are available

• A long-lasting, waste-free product, made of recyclable materials and with a plasticfree packaging

• Non Slip: designed with a wide surface and a good grip, so that the clothes don’t slip

• Noise Free: their fabric coating makes them quiet, while at the same time, they don’t scratch the wardrobe’s bar

• Durable: strong steel core that can stand up to 7 kg

• Easy to clean: sweat and dirtrepellent rope

Pricing And Availability:

The brand applies quantity discounts for businesses and hotels, after discussing their specific needs, find contact details here.

Almost a third of Brits chose pre-mixed cocktails this Valentine’s Day

• Pre-mixed cocktail market has rocketed by 226% over last five years

• Findings in line with recent research revealing 30% of Brits will cut their spending on alcohol in 2023

New research from premium British drinks company Gunner Cocktails Ltd has revealed that nearly 30% of Brits celebrated Valentine’s this year with a pre-mixed alcoholic drink, signalling the growing consumer uptake of ready-to-drink alcoholic alternatives.

New research from premium British drinks company Gunner Cocktails Ltd has revealed that nearly 30% of Brits celebrated Valentine’s this year with a pre-mixed alcoholic drink, signalling the growing consumer uptake of ready-to-drink alcoholic alternatives.

Of the 2000 respondents surveyed, nearly 30% of those celebrating Valentine’s Day with a drink did so with a Ready to Drink (RTD) alternative, shunning the wines and spirits traditionally associated with the day. Recent years have seen the pre-made cocktail market become one of the fastest-growing segments across beverage alcohol, with sales of RTD cocktails increasing by 226% from 2016 to 2021.

With research earlier this year revealing that 30% of Brits plan to limit their spending on alcohol due to the cost-of-living crisis, these latest results echo an increasing demand for portable bar-level quality cocktails which consumers can enjoy at home instead of potentially expensive nights out.

Other key findings from the survey reveal that:

• Just under half (45%) of UK adults intended to celebrate with a drink.

• A third (32%) planned to celebrate with an alcoholic drink.

• 16% planned to celebrate with a non-alcoholic drink.

• Around one in ten (11%) planned to celebrate with a cocktail.

This announcement follows previous research from the luxury cocktails company, which found that 40% of consumers feel let down by the lack of free/low alcohol alternatives, a trend reflected in Gunner Cocktails

anticipated year-on-year growth of 500% in 2023.

Dannie McDonald, Managing Director of Gunner Cocktails, said: “On an occasion that has long been dominated by wine and champagne, our survey revealing that almost a third of consumers will plump for premixed cocktails this Valentine’s Day is a bellwether moment. As consumers look to trim their spending on alcohol, high-quality RTD alternatives which can be drunk at home with a partner or friends will be welcomed by consumers, and Gunner Cocktails stands ready to cater to this change.”

Giles Fuchs, Founder of Gunner Cocktails, said: “There is no debating that drinking habits in the UK are in a moment of transition and companies such as Gunner Cocktails, which are succeeding in tapping into this shift, will no doubt thrive.”

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Introducing Citizen Spritz:

Innovative new entrant to the low and no alcohol market.

Alcohol-free for the people - all of the flavour - none of the faff

A disruptive new entrant to the market, Citizen Spritz is reimagining adult drinks with its range of innovative concentrated spritz mixes. Sophisticated and deeply complex in flavour, when combined with sparkling or soda water, the carefully crafted but simple-to-serve drinks, create a refreshing aperitif style beverage, designed to be enjoyed either at home or served via the on-trade in hotel bars and restaurants.

The brainchild of successful food industry entrepreneurs, Mark Gould and Mike Bagshaw, Citizen Spritz was born from the desire to moderate their own alcohol intake. Both passionate foodies with a zest for life, they appreciate a cold beer or glass of wine but were on the hunt for a refreshing and genuinely delicious drink to be enjoyed as an alternative to alcohol.

Citizen Spritz Co-Founder and owner of I.T.S. International Taste Solutions, one of Europe’s fastest-growing flavour companies, Mike Bagshaw says, “We weren’t looking to quit alcohol completely but wanted something for the times it was too early to start drinking, or for when we just fancied a break from the booze. We tried so many mocktails and non-alcoholic spirits, but most were sickly sweet, with no complexity or depth of flavour. We thought that we couldn’t be the only ones looking for a satisfying ‘in-between’ drink that wasn’t a compromise, so Mark and I combined our many years of food and flavour expertise and decided to create our own.”

Designed to make everyday moderation desirable and effortless, Citizen Spritz is carefully crafted with over 40 natural ingredients, expertly blended and layered, to provide the depth, complexity and taste profiles normally only found in alcoholic drinks. Launching initially with four spritz recipes, the down-to-earth but deliciously sophisticated drinks, deliver an intense flavour experience, simply served by combining a 25ml measure of Citizen Spritz with 175ml sparkling or soda water and ice.

Co-Founder of Citizen Spritz and previously Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Wholebake, (9Bar and Bounce Balls) Mark Gould says, “The number of adults in the UK choosing not to drink alcohol is increasing, and there has been a definite focus in recent years towards healthier living. According to a 2021 Mintel Report, more people reduced their alcohol intake in 2021 compared to 2019 - 21% of adults report not drinking alcohol at all and over a third say they’ve reduced or limited their intake in the past year. This doesn’t always mean quitting alcohol completely but just being more mindful and moderating alcohol intake.”

Mark continues, “We identified a gap in the market for a desirable, delicious zeroalcohol drink, that rather than feeling like a compromise, would be a genuine first choice. A drink to be savoured alone or with friends, that heralds the next part of the day, to fill the space between work & play. Complex in flavour but still very simple to serve, it was essential to us that Citizen Spritz not only hit the mark when it came to the flavour, but that it was accessible and value for money too, for both consumers and the on-trade. A non-alcoholic cocktail that is complicated and expensive to make, whether at home or behind a bar, just didn’t make sense. We’ve put in the work so that you don’t have to!”

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Over the last two years and through dozens of concepts, the Citizen Spritz team developed a flavour almost indistinguishable from authentic Italian Prosecco. This flavour became the base notes for the whole spritz range. The first spritz to take shape was a non-alcoholic Aperol style drink, which they have called Bitter Orange Spritz, followed by Cool Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Passion Fruit, with a bank of other flavours and formats in the pipeline.

The product retails at £20 per 500ml bottle, delivering 20 serves per bottle.

In stock now at our online shop:

Alcholol usage and reduction 2019* & 2021*

“Have you at some time in the past 12 months, limited/reduced the amount of alcohol you drink in comparison to how much you would consume?”

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Black Bull Sedbergh to build new luxury guest suites

Work is set to start this March on the creation of two new luxury guests suites at the Black Bull, Sedbergh, which was recently listed as one of the UK’s top 50 gastropubs, located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The next phase of the Black Bull development will see an existing stone cottage located in the 17th century Inn’s stable yard be sensitively restored and transformed.

The Cottage, a £250,000 project, will see the creation of a ground floor garden suite, sleeping up to four people, with a separate seating area, sunken bath in the contemporary ensuite, as well as providing new external spaces and a ‘wildflower garden’ for guests to enjoy.

While the upper floor’s suite, with its double height roof space will reveal and celebrate a unique existing roof structure constructed from ancient

ship’s timbers. Externally the suite will lead onto a new external wrap around terrace complete with seating area for those wishing to take in the views of Winder and the Howgill Fells.

The Cottage suites design will see the contemporary concepts taking their inspiration from aspects of ‘Ryokan’, traditional Japanese inns. Though now more often frequented by walkers and visitors ‘Ryokan’ are still feted for their impeccable hospitality ‘omotenashi’ and multicourse seasonal ‘kaiseki’ dining and hearty breakfast spreads, which are philosophies that guests staying at the Black Bull will most certainly recognise and attest to.

Head Chef Nina Matsunaga has taken ‘kaiseki’, to new heights. At the heart of this simple multisensory dining experience is the fact that ingredients are at their tastiest, most vibrant, most flavourful and most nutritious when they are in season.

Alongside this Nina has taken the ethos of regional German cooking centred around wholesome hearty dishes made with vegetables to develop a very distinctive and innovative culinary style.

Nina is producing food that makes you sit up and take notice. Using the very best fresh produce available from the landscape surrounding the Inn, she creates dishes with a twist, inspired by the fusion of two very different cultures, her rich Japanese and German heritage.

Image credit Rob Whitrow Photography Image credit Phil Rigby Photography
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How to Improve Customer Experience with Smart Video Solutions

Today’s business owners need to provide an exceptional customer experience to develop a loyal customer base and stay competitive. Smart video systems can play a significant role in success. By helping protect businesses from criminal activity and providing insights that help improve every aspect of a customer’s experience from the moment they enter your establishment, it’s no wonder more businesses are leveraging smart video solutions.

Evolving Technology

Intelligent video has evolved. These days, users can expect their video solutions to offer insights, track key metrics, and generate reports on transaction times, customer conversion, and other trends. With insights like this at business owners’ fingertips, using analytics to improve business operations is rapidly becoming the norm – Fast Company reports that 99% of Fortune 1000 companies are investing in big data. Often there is no need to upgrade your current CCTV or EPOS to get on board with intelligent video, as the latest tech can work with existing infrastructure.

Intelligent video can also improve employee performance which is important to ensure a positive customer experience. You can track employee and customer behaviour, identifying areas where employees might need additional training and support. We call this ‘big sister technology’ as it can be used to instigate positive change across the business.

Measuring Customer Experience

Once a leadership team has taken steps to monitor customer and employee behaviour, how can success be gauged? Intelligent video can generate valuable insights on metrics such as speed of service (SOS) which is a key indicator of customer satisfaction.

Intelligent video and AI-powered analytics allow businesses to find areas of improvement in their customer service operations, ultimately becoming more efficient and being able to deliver an even better customer experience. Investing in analytics pays off big: Forbes reports that businesses using customer analytics have higher growth and more sales.

Another key measurement in customer experience is order accuracy. Using video solutions to monitor orders helps businesses identify why orders may be delivered inaccurately and how the issue can be addressed and solved.

Help from DTiQ

If you need expert advice on how to improve customer experience with video surveillance, DTiQ has more than 20 years of experience, serving more than 45,000 clients around the world. DTiQ works with some of the leading QSR brands in the USA and Europe including Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Domino’s, and the Hard Rock Café to help them manage costs, optimise revenue, and drive operational excellence.

DTiQ combines best-in-class surveillance equipment with cloudbased analytics and convenient managed services. The team at DTiQ can build a customised business intelligence solution that integrates with your existing POS system, saving time and money. Our 24/7 support and enhanced reporting tools give you the data you need to drive better business decisions.

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