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Events during the last two years have resulted in an unprecedented surge in awareness over surface hygiene, with more emphasis than ever now placed on the importance of effective and reliable cleaning chemical dispenser systems.


n commercial kitchens, janitorial applications and food preparation areas, there are many challenges associated with cleaning chemical dispensers used for dosing concentrated and pre-mixed solutions into sinks, spray bottles, mop buckets and scrubber dryers.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Robustness is of course a key characteristic, particularly in installations that are not regularly monitored or that receive harsh treatment. This includes excessive force (heavy-handed operatives may attempt to extract chemical even when the supply runs dry) and accidental collisions typical of high-pressure, fast-paced environments.


Lightweight systems may be cheaper per unit but such systems are unreliable and have a short lifespan, therefore a tough, impactresistant design helps to ensure consistent, reliable performance while reducing the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement. Due to the high turnover of staff in janitorial applications – along with a typically diverse workforce – the simplicity and ease of use and safety of chemical dispenser systems is also of vital importance.

A multicultural, multilingual workforce can complicate identification of chemical type, presenting a health and safety issue should the incorrect solution be selected. For this reason, many manufacturers incorporate interchangeable colourcoded buttons and labels into system casings, helping to simplify selection and minimize the chance of error. In terms of cleaning effectiveness, it’s essential that dilution adjustment is precise and consistent, as this optimizes chemical performance while reducing chemical consumption and the associated financial and environmental impacts. In many cleaning stations it’s common to see concentrated chemical containers such as 20-litre drums stored unbunded on the floor, causing a potential leakage or trip hazard. Or, worse still, staff dosing detergent and other solutions manually, exposing them to potentially harmful concentrated chemical. Integrated chemical storage can help solve this issue, enabling operators not only to save space and make cleaning stations tidier and more presentable, but also providing vital health and safety benefits by keeping the chemicals off the floor and avoiding possible spillage and trip hazards. Such systems typically feature a cabinet-style enclosure where various-sized chemical containers can be stored and connected to the built-in dispenser. Lockable cabinets help to prevent theft and tampering and protect employees against exposure to harsh concentrated chemical. It’s clear that while the cleaning industry faces a number of challenges relating to chemical dispensing systems, manufacturers continue to respond to market needs with new and refined solutions to ease the burden on operators as we adapt to the “new normal” post-COVID.

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Industry News

The Grosvenor returns to Stratford-upon-Avon In September 2021, Brightstar Hospitality Management acquired The Villare Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. The hotel, formerly known as The Grosvenor, has now been rebranded and returned to its original name, as was the new owner’s intention.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The Grosvenor Hotel was a well-known landmark in Stratford-upon-Avon, known and loved for its beauty and charm.


Clive Nicholls, Chairman of Brightstar Hospitality Management Limited, lives in Stratford-upon-Avon and fondly remembers when the hotel was at its height. He says: “We had our eye on this hotel for a considerable time before we bought it, so this day is one we have looked forward to for a long time. “It is our hope that the local community of Stratfordupon-Avon will join us when we celebrate becoming The Grosvenor Hotel again. We also invite them to join us on our journey to creating the kind of great hotel experience this wonderful town deserves”. Today the hotel is officially going back to the old name, with celebrations at the hotel that include an unveiling

of the new signage by the mayor Stratford-upon-Avon, Kevin Taylor. The hotel has invited press, businesses, friends, and locals to pop in any time between 3pm and 6pm for a glass of bubbly, canapés to see the changes and to meet the team. Nikhil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Brightstar Hospitality Management said: “Having operated this iconic hotel when it was called The Grosvenor over twelve years ago, it was important for me to bring back the Grosvenor name. The name brings back memories of a hotel that was much loved by our guests and residents of beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon.” This 76-bedroom property in the heart of Stratfordupon-Avon is one of 12 in Brightstar’s portfolio. The group plans to expand across the country with several additional acquisitions in the pipeline.

Industry News

Stay Hotels gain carbon-neutral status Independent hotel group The Stay Hotels has been awarded carbon-neutral states by certification company Bureau Veritas.

Across its four properties in Istanbul and Alacati, Stay Hotels had to meet three criteria:

• Measuring the total carbon emission over the

consumption plan of the group’s commercial properties, headquarters and other venues and vehicles

• Investing in and supporting projects approved by international certification systems including Gold Standard and IREC

• Undergoing an audit by an internationally recognition institution

Stay Hotels has invested in domestic and green-energy projects locally and globally to counter any greenhouse gases produced. The group also works with suppliers such as a provider of brown sugar-cane straws, which will be introduced across the portfolio from summer 2022. As part of the audit, Stay Hotels will now implement the three criteria points each year. Managing partner, Ali Ispahani, said: “We are very happy to be a carbon-neutral hotel group. This process will continue to contribute to the world and the future as we implement these stages every year, by offsetting emissions and continuing to invest at home and across the world.” The Stay Hotels also aims to be zero waste by the end of this year.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


tay Hotels reached out to Bureau Veritas for evaluation of the group’s adherence to ISO 140641 – an international standard for greenhouse gas verification.


SMART LIGHTING CHOICE CREATES STUNNING AMBIENCE AT LUXURY NAIROBI HOTEL When planning the design of a hotel, whether in communal areas, outdoors or in guest bedrooms, the choice of lighting is one of the most crucial decisions to be made.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design



rom meeting functional requirements to creating overall ambience, it can make or break the space.

Selected as the preferred supplier on a new five-star hotel project in Nairobi, Kenya, Ansell Lighting worked with contractors, Power Engineering International Limited and Architects AR. Parijat Misra on the lighting design at the impressive Ole Sereni Hotel. Tasked with creating a scheme that would illuminate both the interior and exterior of the building, enhancing and emphasizing its modern and sleek design whilst delivering both practical and aesthetically pleasing light, Ansell specified a range of products for the hotel’s bedrooms, meeting rooms, reception and kitchen areas, as well as in the

outside entranceways, gardens and car park. Installed in the ceilings throughout the hotel were Twistlock and Unity downlights. At the last count, over 3,000 Unity LED downlights were installed in the hotel including Unity 80, Unity 80 Gimbal, Unity 125D, Unity 150D, Unity 150DHP and Unity 175 Wall Wash; all chosen for their compact, high performance and an anti-glare design. Concho LED strip, Addar LED strip and Iris LEDs were also installed throughout guest areas. In the hotel kitchens, Defender recessed modular panels were installed as well as Eagle 3-in-1 Emergency Exit signs. The Defender panels are designed specifically to endure arduous environments whilst the Eagle 3-in-1 emergency exit

signs can be installed as suspended, recessed or with a side arm wall mounting. For maximum functionality and convenience, Ansell’s industry leading smart technology solution OCTO was also selected and installed in the hotel. Used to connect a large number of OCTO enabled lighting products together, it has enabled the hotel to create specific pre-set lighting scenes and schedules, combining assorted luminaires and setting different colour temperatures and brightness levels throughout the day to achieve the perfect atmosphere. Overall, the installation has resulted in the creation of an energy efficient, warm, welcoming, and relaxing space throughout the hotel for staff and guests to enjoy.

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Pictured above left: Tarya Ceiling Rectangle £985, right: Tarya Wall Light £375

Gong lights the way for stylish refurbishment of renowned French restaurant, L’Oasis Nestled in the heart of the small fishing village of La Napoule, L’Oasis is an historic address for French Riviera gastronomy. In 2020 the current owners decided it was time for a reinvention of this legendary establishment, and the stunning new interiors feature beautiful timeless designs from Gong, helping to set the perfect ambience for diners.


he past 18 months have presented a number of challenges for the hospitality industry however, Michelin-starred restaurant L’Oasis took the opportunity as a chance to reinvent and refresh their celebrated restaurant, creating a new, immersive experience for diners.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Situated in the bay of Cannes, L’Oasis dates back to 1954 when Louis Outhier set out to create a prestigious dining institution, quickly notching up three Michelin stars. Today, this legendary restaurant is run by Nicolas Decherchi, a chef able to distil an array of gourmet emotions with the changing seasons.


Dedicated to nourishing the senses as well as delighting the taste buds, Cenk Mikailoglu of Studio Ravn in Paris, was commissioned to re-imagine the restaurant interiors, giving it a new lease of life. His vision was to plunge guests into an intimate universe where contemporary and Provençal inspirations, noble and natural materials, works of art and the bewitching scents of the garden blend together seamlessly and the results did not disappoint. Bold contemporary artwork and soft green foliage provide the perfect setting for diners to enjoy the innovative cuisine at a leisurely pace for maximum pleasure. Pictured Above: Tarya Ceiling Rectangle £985

Pictured above: Tarya Wall Lights £375

When it came to the lighting, Cenk turned to Jo Plismy at Gong. Lighting from Gong’s Brass & Metal Collection was selected for it’s beautiful lattice work and majestic golden interior, which diffuses an elegant soft light, perfect for dining. Large Tarya Ceiling Rectangles make a bold contemporary statement over sparkling glass cabinets oozing with delicious delicacies, while

Pictured above: L’Oasis Restaurant Dining Room

matching wall lights set the perfect ambience for relaxing after the meal. Jo Plismy, designer and owner of Gong comments “L’Oasis is an exceptional restaurant with a fascinating culinary history and we were delighted to be part of it’s reinvention. Cenk has done an outstanding job with the new interiors and our Tarya lights fit beautifully alongside the stunning contemporary works of art and wonderful sculptures, which contrast with the neoclassical style of the house itself.” Jo continues “Lighting is great for creating varying atmospheres and in a restaurant for example, a very different feel for the breakfast and lunchtime sittings may be desired, as opposed to the evening service. Having dimmers can help with this and it’s important to consider the amount of natural light in the room and how it changes throughout the day. From an interior design aspect, lights can also be viewed as pieces of art in their own right and bold designs, tactile textiles and sculptural shapes will provide interest to an interior design scheme, even when the light is turned off.”

Jo Plismy works with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants and decoration shops throughout the world. Passionate about timeless designs, combined with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Gong’s focus is style with atmosphere. Custom orders are accepted.

Pictured above: Tarya Ceiling Rectangle £985

Images courtesy of Cenk Mikailoglu of Studio Ravn, and L’Oasis Restaurant,

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Gong’s beautiful Tarya lights used at L’Oasis are handcrafted from antique brass and matt black metal. Also available in the Tarya Collection are matching table lamps, floor lamps, and square or round pendants, making it easy to create a beautiful, seamless lighting scheme.


Wash Series

Connect to your on-premise laundry dosing system like never before SEKO’s Wash Series multi-machine laundry dosing systems allow operators to manage their equipment wherever they are in the world courtesy of IoTenabled remote access.


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T Hotelier & Hospitality Design

hornbury Castle, built in 1511 during the reign of Henry VIII, was one of the grandest buildings of its time in England. It has been the home of kings, queens and dukes over the centuries before becoming a luxury hotel in 1966 and recently re-opened its doors once again to guests following its multi-million pound refurbishment.


Located near Bristol and overlooking the Gloucestershire countryside, Thornbury Castle is the only Tudor castle in the UK which operates as a hotel and restaurant. This month (November 2021) sees a new chapter in the Castle’s rich history as Thornbury Castle became a member of the Relais & Châteaux collection. Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of more than 580 landmark hotels and restaurants spanning England, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada and France. Established around the globe, it offers its members an introduction to a lifestyle inspired by local culture and a unique dip into human history.

Commenting on becoming a Relais & Châteaux member, Simone Arcucci, the General Manager of Thornbury Castle, said: “We are thrilled that Thornbury Castle has been invited to become a member of Relais & Châteaux and we very much look forward to introducing the castle to their discerning guests. Thornbury Castle is the only Tudor castle in the UK which operates as a hotel and restaurant and is a truly unique place to stay. Built in 1511 during the reign of Henry VIII, it was one of the grandest buildings of its time in England and has been the home of kings, queens and dukes over the centuries. Following a multi-million pound refurbishment, the décor artfully reflects the Tudor style in which royalty and aristocracy would have socialised, feasted and relaxed in, allowing our guests to experience Tudor opulence in total luxury.” For further information about Relais & Châteaux please visit Rooms from £279 B&B. Website:

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April 2022



Villa at The New Four Seasons, Bodrum (Turkey), a contemporary, luxury hotel with a focus on wellness.

Chin Lim, Principal & Design Director of Hospitality at HKS on:

Remaining relevant, highly creative, and delivering emotionevoking, award-winning luxury hotel design during the pandemic’s travel decline

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Those of us working in the travel and hospitality industry tend to count ourselves lucky – and with good reason given that frequent travel opportunities to see and shape some of the most beautiful parts of the world is all in a day’s work.


I have been fortunate enough to find myself catching my breath on countless occasions as I stand on a pristine beach looking out at a stunning sunset, thinking …WOW ...this is my office for the day…. Until, of course, COVID hit, and everything came to an abrupt stop. As creative designers we faced a huge challenge, a challenge of the unknown, a challenge of how to stay creative and relevant during this time. You see, for me - travel, culture, experiences, and human interaction are the key ingredients to creativity. It’s the fuel that stokes the fire of imagination.

Chin Lim, Design Director Principal at HKS Architects - credit Sisi Burn Photography

Alex Kergall, international Performance Coach who has worked with Chin Lim to unlock his highest potential

Creativity does not exist in a vacuum - I seek inspiration from all around me, be it fashion, technology, music, the environment, nature, or day-today conversations. This is one of the key ingredients of our work. So, when the world stopped it gave me, like so many others, a huge opportunity to reassess my life. I realised that I needed to find new ways of engaging with inspiration. It was at this time that I chose to take the plunge and start working with a coach. I reached out to Alex Kergall, an executive coach who coaches high performers from different fields. I was his first architect client which was critical to me. I subconsciously wanted someone who could bring insight from a different perspective. I needed Alex to think from outside of the architectural sphere.

I have key elements in my week that are not strictly project related which are critical to maintaining creativity. For me, these are times to paint or draw, time to read and time for side projects. For example, currently I am working on a collaboration with an interior designer and product designer to produce a range of lighting and furniture. While these things might seem to be a distraction when you are busy, Alex and I believe they are a critical part of keeping the mind fresh and motivated. And this has been part of my solution to remaining creative, relevant, and ahead of my game, during recent, unprecedented times. “The common thread I see when working with high performers is their appetite for growth and Chin was no exception. Enabling Chin to unlock so much potential professionally and personally was achieved by aligning him with meaningful goals and a solid vison, using wellbeing as the driving incentive. – I believe it’s this that positions Chin as a leader in his industry” – Alex Kergall, High Performance Coach. Technology has also played a huge part in enabling a virtual environment to collaborate in a different way. While we couldn’t

gather around physically to work on a project, we could meet virtually. There are now so many tools that enable us to workshop and exchange ideas remotely. We can have many frequent meetings with people from locations all over the world without getting on a plane and that hugely excites me. Travel will always be a critical part of my work and design process but the challenges we have had to go through recently have opened new and exciting ways of working. My work with Alex had a massive impact in setting a vision of what I wanted to achieve. My creative focus and general wellbeing are at their highest right now, my team and I at HKS are working at the highest echelons of luxury hotels and resorts. Clients routinely notice the passion and uniqueness of our designs -we design with emotion. This enables us to continue working with amazing brands such as Fairmont, Four Seasons, Six Senses, Corinthia, Baccarat and continue to push the envelope of design. As travel begins to open up, I am hugely optimistic for the future. I cannot wait to travel again and experience the world once more, armed with a renewed vision and powerful purpose.

Everybody’s process for this will be different. Alex helped me work with my need for a morning routine; waking up an hour before the kids every day, so that I have a moment to for myself, to read, exercise, and get set up for the day ahead. Through the coaching journey, we worked on a series of different exercises to keep pushing me.

Exploratory Sketches for design details at the new Four Seasons, Bodrum

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

What stood out for me about Alex was his holistic, 360° approach to coaching, which encompassed mind, body, heart, and spirit. We can all be guilty of getting so boggedv down in our daily tasks that we forget to take the blinkers off and take a good, hard look at ourselves from a macro lens perspective to take sight of the bigger picture.


IT’S NEVER BEEN EASIER TO WOW YOUR GUESTS Partner with the highest-rated global brand* & deliver an experience guests rave about.


Now is the moment for hospitality asset managers to step into the spotlight Jonathan Humphries - Head of International Hotel Development and Asset Management Specialisation Glion Institute of Higher Education

In my view the hero of the story, and the one person with the means to bring all those differing – and sometimes competing – interests round the table, is the asset manager. For anyone unfamiliar with the role, the asset manager is the guardian of the financial investment in a hotel or other hospitality-related property. This person is responsible for ensuring that the right choices are made to maximise the value of the asset, at every stage of the cycle from initial purchase to eventual disposal. And this matters more than ever, when placed in the context of an explosion of interest in hotels as a commercial real estate asset class. Once seen as the playground of the specialists, hotels have increasingly been acquired by insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth managers, family offices and pretty much every other type of professional investor. The numbers are eye-catching. In Europe alone, hotel investment transactions grew from €6.5 billion in 2010 to a record high of €27.1 billion in 2019, the last full pre-pandemic year. And though the Covid-effect has since forced transaction volumes lower, the overall outlook remains strong. For example, advisors Cushman & Wakefield published research last year in which over a third of major hotel investors said they wanted more European hotels in their property portfolios, with only 21% planning to scale down their investment activity. This flood of new money into hotel real estate has been a game-changer for asset managers. Not only has it increased demand for professionals with this skillset; it has also given much greater visibility to the importance of the role, and its unique position as the ‘glue’ that holds the asset management strategy together.

As if that was not enough, the shock of the pandemic has left the hospitality sector in an unprecedented state of flux, placing even greater expectations on asset managers while at the same time giving them an extraordinary opportunity to make the difference between ultimate success or failure. If that sounds overly dramatic, consider this: we still do not fully grasp the longterm effects of the pandemic on tourism and hospitality. We do not know which customer segments will come back, let alone how they will come back. There are so many as-yet-unanswered questions around hybrid working, meetings and incentives, corporate travel, and leisure travel, that hotel owners and operators need to be ready for whatever turns up.

case. In this, we are working closely with HAMA, the Hospitality Asset Managers Association. This group, which started in the United States, represents the world’s major owners of hotel and hospitality real estate. And each year it runs a competition, in collaboration with a member company, for hospitality students to test their asset management skills on a live consultancy project relating to a real-life hotel property.

How can they do this? By making the guest space more customisable, more flexible and more easily adaptable to rapid market shifts. It is simply no longer feasible to establish a positioning and say ‘that’s good for the next 10-15 years’ when you do not really have a clue what the market segmentation is going to look like over the next 12-18 months.

For this year’s competition we are working with Starwood Capital, one of the world’s leading owners of hospitality real estate, and I am also pleased to say that the competition has expanded to involve four major European hospitality schools, including – for the first time – Glion’s sister school, Les Roches. The high status conferred on this competition is exemplified by a prize that includes the opportunity to present the winning concept at the HAMA Annual Meeting in Berlin. It is a clear signal of how the hospitality asset management industry recognises it is waging a war for talent.

Moving from a fixed state to a dynamicstate approach is highly challenging, and of course there is always a chance you read the trends wrongly and miss the target. But in our present, highly volatile marketplace, the risks from simply staying the same are, for me, significantly higher. And in any case part of the built-in benefit from being agile is the ability to right any wrongs fairly quickly. I mentioned the increased demand for asset managers who have the specialist knowledge to work within a hospitality context. And by that I mean not just hotels but also the many other operational assets that fall within the broader hospitality definition – such as co-living, branded residences, serviced apartments and youth hostels. When it comes to fulfilling this demand, the major hospitality business schools – like Glion, where I teach – are on the

If investors want to make the most of the post-pandemic recovery, in whatever form it takes, it is essential to have a strong pipeline of talented individuals who can combine knowledge of hospitality operations, financial nous, the bravery to try new things and the allround soft skills to bring different factions together and ensure everyone is aligned and on the same pathway. There is nobody else who can perform this role like the asset manager. Without them, we will not emerge from the Covid quagmire with the hospitality assets we want to offer – and more importantly that customers want to experience – in the future.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


ho holds the influence in a hotel? The General Manager? The brand which has its name above the door? The owner of the bricks and mortar real estate?


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Polaroid Pop-up Store,

Chengdu, China - Interior design by inkmason A VISUAL STORY, IN AN INSTANCE GO CREATE POLAROID NOW

context and consumer experience. Visitors’ projected experience of the brand within the space provided the basis for formulating an appropriate design strategy, while also serving as the basis for a design-and-build system suitable for applying to the brand’s future pop-up stores.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

To express in as pure a way as possible Polaroid’s unique qualities with a clean, contemporary design language, the “process of creating beauty” was used as a springboard for the spatial design. In doing so, the intrinsic characteristics of the site and the brand as well as the dynamic relationship within the intimate space were amplified.



Project Background

Brand Experience x Design Strategy Located within the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li shopping complex in Chengdu, this vibrant Polaroid pop-up store – designed by inkmason and commissioned by LoOneCommune (Polaroid’s exclusive agent in China) – is the product of a combination of extensive research on brand positioning, site


Fun-filled Space

A Space Filled with Toys “May every visitor to this pop-up store discover a suitable camera for recording their own stories with distinctive aesthetics.” — LoOneCommune As a retail outlet focused on analogue photographic equipment, LoOneCommune is committed to celebrating the culture of analogue photography and instant imaging. The Polaroid cameras, in particular, with their ease-of-use

functional attributes, kaleidoscopic colors and ability to afford instant, individualistic expressions have become immensely popular with Chinese consumers. The “Toy Box”, a spatial form that implies both imagination and expectation, was utilized as a concept to create a highly energetic space that inspires child-like wonder and curiosity. Using colors as a paint brush, the design team at inkmason delineated this compact space of 24 sqm into an assortment of playful configurations. The colors of the spectrum, conceptualised as building elements, are treated as toy blocks and are utilised as three-dimensional components in this pop-up store. Through combining them in a flexible and imaginative manner, the intangible quality of colors become


Breaking Spatial Restrictions

An Outward-looking Space of 24m2 To break out of the restrictive compactness of the site, the display windows which face two different directions were mobilized to create an extroverted, inviting space that creates an appearance of a distinctive large-scale “installation” when seen from the street. The atmosphere of the space’s interior opens and expands outwards, bringing visual drama and attracting passersby with its exuberant presence. The lines of the scaffold shelves and solid forms of concrete blocks are visually transformed into a scale of lightness and simplicity, balanced between the virtual and the real. The boundary of the space is transformed into an open and exchangeable interface, allowing the dynamic nature of the interior to extend and refract outwards like a multi-faceted mirror. The shaping of this small pop-up store, through the use of frames and blocks, color and light, subtly strengthens the atmosphere of the internal space, while also incorporating the surrounding exterior environment into its design approach: thus a new urban spatial relationship is created, and new architectural spatial scales along with it.


Instant Imaging

The Process of Creating Beauty This is not simply an example of creating an experience geared towards a

particular product, but also a solution that satisfies the requirements of a rapid building process, instituted to comply with the hard restrictions on construction time and building cycles for commercial malls. “Southwestern China, Chengdu in particular, is a historical center with young vibrant creativity. Polaroid is the perfect medium for ideas to be exchanged and crossed over.” — Polaroid The compressed passage of time, an instant gratification process inherent in instant imaging, is a core experience of Polaroid cameras. The finished space, through its utilisation of materials meant to evoke the transitional and industrial – scaffolding and concrete blocks – conceptually embodies “the process of creating beauty”, and in doing so creates a spatial and visual metaphor of abstract time. While maintaining an open, elemental visual order, the scaffold shelves are installed in a direct manner which trace a series of lines within and around the store, creating a geometric sense of composition and using the ‘negative’ space available in an advantageous and pleasing manner. Meanwhile, the neatly arranged concrete blocks introduce a tactile, textural quality into the store, in accordance with emphasising the personal experience of touching the products on display, a way of connecting to the space through the sense of touch. Somewhat akin to using a space bar on a keyboard, they allow for three-dimensional interaction, from space to product, and back again. The pop-up store is pre-visualised from the point of view of the space to be created, inside looking out, transforming the kernel of a composition contained in an image into a constructed unit realised in three dimensions – ultimately representing the concept of “interior”, which can be understood as both a physical space, and an abstraction of time.

Whether it be the creation of images or the construction of spaces, meaning is not the outcome of a specific objective, but rather something which arises out of an immediate appreciation of the present moment. In this way, a sense of meaning within time may be born within space.


A Theater of Encounters

The Moment of Birth “This pop-up store curated a space that is meant for each person, every day, every moment, to be unique.” — inkmason Designer Kin Lam Situated in a shopping mall environment with a dark color palette, the project creates “encounters” by applying the iconic color spectrum of Polaroid at an expanded scale – in doing so, brand recognition is effectively achieved, while visually activating the store for visitors as the variegated colors subtly shift while walking through or past the project. In light-sensitive photo development, we comprehend the process in terms of optical principles, and abstractly as a record of an encounter between an individual and space. Optical phenomena are transformed into a poetic language, and the technology of the camera is brought to reflect a philosophical sensibility – resulting in the unique product of a flash of inspiration within a singular moment in time. When beginning this project, the store was envisioned as a theater which would provide a setting for many unique future experiences, allowing for rewarding engagement between the space, brand, and people. In doing so, interaction between the brand and consumers is condensed into pure visual attraction or the simple touch of a button – and at this moment of contact, everything becomes possible. In the store, the Polaroid brand identity is fully integrated into the space, providing a platform within which a heightened focus on the products becomes possible: the color spectrum logo acts as a conceptual anchor point, and is an instantly recognizable element which can be easily seen or recorded. The conception and realisation of this design also stem from inkmason’s years of experience with the brand – a path which has encompassed exploration in all directions and dimensions, delving into the very core of Polaroid’s history, values, and aspirations.

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concretized in the space, moving from the plane of flat surfaces to the realm of three dimensions. At the same time, the perception of color creates a richly layered space – conjuring a spatial experience that triggers an emotional response of joie de vivre.


Increase the footfall in your establishment with a striking, commercial grade shading solution. With an extensive product range, Indigo Awnings offer practical, quality solutions for any outdoor area to combat the great British weather, all at a very competitive price. Providing unrivalled and professional expert advice from concept through to completion with all installations completed by our expert fitting teams.

INDIGO AWNINGS OFFER: // GIANT PARASOLS // FIXED STRUCTURES // COMMERCIAL AWNINGS // SCREENING // LIGHTING ACCESSORIES // HEATING ACCESSORIES Invest in an outdoor space to increase your profit, all year round By creating usable all year round spaces from under-utilised areas, businesses can increase their capability dramatically as well as improving their kerb or garden appeal. Put simply, an investment in outdoor space is the equivalent to creating money from fresh air.

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Creative spaces Custom branded products by Indigo Awnings not only look aesthetically attractive, they also serve to drive revenue by making it easier for customers to find your business. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, all our products are fully customisable and built to your required specification.


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Take it Easy 26

Working in hospitality means doing a million jobs while keeping a smile on your face. So, if you can make some of those jobs easier, you’re onto a winner.


nter easy-care bedlinen. So-called because it needs less ironing, easy-care bedlinen not only helps you save time, but also helps you reduce energy costs. However, is easy-care bedlinen the best choice for your guests?

Not all easy-care bedlinen is created equal Historically, easy-care bedlinen has had a bit of a bad reputation. Typically made of polycotton – a blend of polyester and cotton – it can feel rough and a bit scratchy on the skin. Not only that, but because of the synthetic fibres in the fabric, it traps heat and can cause overheating not the way to make your guests happy! Soak&Sleep’s modern take on easy-care bedlinen is smooth, silky and breathable for guest comfort and hotelier happiness. That’s because it’s made with a blend of Indian cotton and Tencel®.

Tencel® is a light and silky man-made material made with cellulose – a natural fibre. By combining it with cotton, the resulting fabric requires less ironing – perfect for bedlinen! What’s more, because it’s made with natural fibres, Tencel® is a breathable fabric which helps prevent the overheating that can happen with synthetic fibres.

A more responsible choice Tencel® has strong environmental credentials. The cellulose fibre used to make the Tencel® in Soak&Sleep bedlinen comes from carefully managed sustainable Austrian forests. And remarkably, the production process captures 99% of the chemicals used in the process and recycles ALL of the water used during the production cycle. Now that’s something that can’t be said for polyester! And the good news doesn’t end with the production process. The combination of cotton and Tencel® creates bedding that’s more durable than fabric made with cotton alone, so it will last longer before needing to be replaced. And when it does eventually need to be replaced, it will naturally biodegrade – you could even compost your bedlinen! Finally, the quick drying nature of cotton-Tencel blend fabrics reduces the energy consumption associated with tumble drying and ironing – for an even smaller environmental impact.

Cotton-Tencel® blend – a winning combination As much as easy-care and environmental credentials matter, it’s essential that guests appreciate the bedlinen they sleep under. And we’re pleased to say that they do. The silky smooth fabric has an elegant drape and is styled to look timeless with borders and a marrow stitch edging, as well as tie closures for an elegant finish. And with comments such as ‘beautifully soft’ and ‘feels really silky’, you’ll know you’re onto a winner for comfort.

French Linen - the relaxed approach to easy care bedlinen If our cotton-Tencel® blend isn’t what you’re looking for, then our French Linen range is a beautiful alternative. It’s made with pure Linen that’s grown on the Belgian/French border and is blissfully soft, relaxed and wonderfully good-natured when it comes to laundering. All you need to do is wash, dry and make-up the beds. Our French Linen bedding looks better unironed and has a casual, bohemian appeal that works well in a range of bedroom looks.

To see our full range of easy-care bed linen, visit www.Soak&

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Introducing Tencel®






In Stock For Quick Delivery The Odyssee Lounger is a high quality stackable lounger with a strong white resin frame and a tough blue textaline cover. It has a four position adjustable back rest for comfort and is stackable to approx 15 pieces for easy storage.

Terrace Non Wood Folding Range

Hinton Non Wood Armchair and Side Chair

Bali Teak Armchairs & Tables


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Panasonic launches ‘try before you buy’ to speed up your food offer Such is the Company’s confidence in this amazing piece of kit being able to transform any operator’s food offer, they are giving caterers the chance to apply for a free four week trial* so they can see for themselves how the SCV2 can assist in the kitchen with cooking, toasting, grilling, baking and reheating a wide range of fresh and frozen menu items. Using Panasonic’s unique Inverter technology, the SCV2 heats gently enough for soup and will toast a panini in under a minute, yet has a small footprint, is stackable and can be located anywhere, front or back of house, thanks to its catalytic converter, eliminating the need for any extraction! The SCV2 oven can store up to 1,000 cooking programmes with images, so is easy for anyone to use.

Andrew Whyte, Assistant Product Manager, Panasonic UK; “We wanted to make the SCV2 accessible to as many operators as possible because we understand there may be hesitancy in investing in a piece of quality equipment up front. By offering a free trial, we can ensure that any barriers to making a decision can be removed, and demonstrate fully the features and benefits of this remarkable oven in a customer’s own kitchen.” To get your hands on an SCV2, free for four weeks, all you have to do is email your interest at To learn more about the SCV2, go to or to see the SCV2 in action, go along to the Panasonic stand at HRC between 21st – 23rd March 2022 at ExCel.

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Panasonic, the professional microwave giant, is giving catering operators the chance to trial its SCV2 speed convection oven for four weeks, for free!




from Regale Microwaves

The Microsave® protects your investment against unnecessary breakdowns, downtime and clean time keeping the microwave clean and hygienic.

NE-1843 NE-1853 NE-1878


FS315 (CM1919) FS316 (CM1929)















COOKING from Regale Microwaves


These ovens produce crisp, browned, delicious food super quickly & with a small footprint.










PLUS £115 worth of FREE accessories with this oven

PLUS £161 worth of FREE accessories with this oven

Contact us today on 01329 285518 for full details of all our range of combination and commercial microwave ovens & our dealer network!

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Hospitality sector sees a huge uplift in footfall following the addition of an awning


Commercial Awning and canopy specialist Roche, have today released their 2021 figures which reveal an 82% increase for awnings in hospitality year on year. This coincides with a huge uplift in footfall and revenue for their hospitality customers following the addition of an awning being erected outside their pub/bar/restaurant. Bars and restaurants with outdoor space saw a spike in revenue of up to 30% with increased footfall following the popularity of alfresco dining and drinking last summer. 2022 looks set to see this continued trend, though in order to maintain business, and continue with a steady stream of customers, hospitality

businesses need to find a suitable solution that’s right for the spaces they have available. Using the Roché calculator, businesses can calculate where they are missing out on crucial business and factor this into their plans for 2022. The Roché calculator helps business owners calculate their

capacity, based on 1.5m squared per person, so they know exactly how much space they are working with.

Try out the calculator here Simon Watkin of Junction Bar in Chesterfield said “We have two patio awnings installed by Roché to cover the pub's beer garden. Weather can discourage people from eating outdoors - the awnings mean they have somewhere to retreat to and gives us more space to spread out tables and chairs which has been important during the pandemic and as we’ve moved into the winter months.”

Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

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Bespoke Planters Planters are a great way to create a private space. With castor wheels they can be easily rolled in and out as required. We offer a full range of planter contents including both real and artificial plants. With add ons such as glass screens and built in TV monitors available we can transform your outdoor space.

A UK leading trade supplier of Outdoor, Indoor & Recycled Plastic Furniture All prices are subject to VAT. Prices correct at time of going to press.

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Restore the Rhythm Music is a power, Music is a gift. Music stops the clock, it’s a change, a shift. Whether it’s up front and live. In the background inside. The music had been silenced but now it’s time to revive. It keeps you going on a long day. It can be the centre of your short day. It can fill that gap when there is nothing… more to say. Whether you’re the butchers, the bakers or the future innovators. If music is a drive. Makes you want to strive. Then surely, music helps bring your business to life.

Music could help your business get back to its best.

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