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Page 39 CONSTRUCTION Air conditioning: Leading the way with copper pipes.... pages 30 & 31. RINNAI - HEATING & HOT WATER for H3 LOWER CARBON TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTS

Hot water provision is a foundation for lifestyle comfort and is therefore Rinnai’s area of specific expertise. Rinnai understands that hot water and heating provision are key areas of modern life that can be considered as contributing factors towards maintaining societal cohesion and continuity. Rinnai will therefore continue to work towards delivering

Products & services to lower carbon to net zero in any and all buildings WITH H3 HYDROGEN/BioLPG HYBRID HEAT PUMP RINNAI - CREATING A HEALTHIER WAY OF LIVING Contact Rinnai today for free training and design support / free CPDs - simply email or Tel. 0300 373 0660 for consultation with sustainability specialists.

H1 – Hydrogen blends ready, renewable liquid fuel ready and electric water heating equipment.

Rinnai now offers H1, H2 & H3 solutions to the energy question in the cost of living squeeze.

initiating new working behaviours and corporate practises that update and add to employee knowledge of product understanding and manufacturing processes. Rinnai employs 650 design engineers and reinvests 6% of annual sales revenue into R & D.

H3 products consist of hydrogen, rDME, heat pump or hybrid options in all energy vectors - natural gas, electrical, rDME and BioLPG. All methods of heating

H3 – Market leading, Low GWP heat pumps.

This expansive product portfolio is enhanced by design support and precise modelling of capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon to establish the practical, economic, and technically feasible solutions needed and required for any site.

H2 – Hybrid hot water systems – Including heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and electric.

Rinnai has maintained and sustained a reputation for technological innovation and creating a healthier way of living for over a century. By creating a healthier way of living through developing commercial products that accept clean energies, customers will be able to identify Rinnai as a trusted brand that delivers customer convenience and health.

Rinnai has launched the expansive H3 offering to simplify the decarbonisation of any building and supporting sites with the decarbonisation pathways that exist now and in the future.

All major international economies are now seeking sustainable alternative energies that improve domestic energy security and negate the release of harmful emissions. Rinnai’s H3 range of products coincides with the current internationally approved direction of future energy distribution and consumption.

products that improve upon customer convenience and Rinnaihealth.isconstantly

October 2022

Rinnai’s product and service offering is based on H3- Hydrogen, Heating and Heat Pumps - which allows any site in either residential or commercial sites to maximise the energy efficiency and performance in striving for NetZero and Decarbonisation. Additionally, Rinnai is developing and introducing electrical formats to all existing product ranges within the coming months. Rinnai’s H3 range of products includes a wide selection of commercial heat pumps as well as hydrogen blends-ready and hybrid hot water heating systems.

More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage.

All sourced product materials, manufacturing conditions and effect on local environment are issues that are under constant revision and will be altered accordingly if found to be in noncompliance with Rinnai’s current and future brand promise to deliver a cleaner living.

For more information on the RINNAI product range

Rinnai’s commercial and domestic hot water products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water and all units are designed to align with present and future energy sources and accept either natural gas or hydrogen gas blends. Rinnai units are also suited for off-grid customers who require LPG and BioLPG or rDME.

Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heaters and produces over two million units a year. The company operates on each of the five continents and the brand has gained an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives.

Internal practises are constantly refined to ensure Rinnai remains a leader in technological innovation, heating, and hot water dispersal. Rinnai’s H3 range is designed to reflect the corporate values and direction our organisation is keen to project.

October 2022

Rinnai’s H3 range represents an organisation capable of producing cost reducing technologies that act as a response to the sensitive financial demands perpetrated by the global energy market towards the customer. Rinnai’s H3 range is a pragmatic, socially conscious and a technologically innovative solution for customers who seek products that accept clean energy for home heating and hot water appliances.

Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. System design services are available if needed and cost comparison services are accessible to all customers who require further cost detail.

Rinnai is committed to decarbonisation. Rinnai’s water heating products are all hydrogen-blends ready NOW including the world’s first 100% hydrogen powered water heater. Rinnai products also accept BioLPG capable of delivering NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry.

Rinnai H3 Product Roadmap to Lower Carbon and Net Zero De-Carbonisation

Rinnai’s Innovation Manifesto clearly outlines the path to carbon neutrality and maintains a pledge to fully decarbonize company operations by 2050. Rinnai will further support the global clean energy transition by introducing a wide variety of domestic heating options across multiple energy vectors.

and hot water provision ensuring lower carbon leading to decarbonisation and a higher standard of living quality at affordable prices and costs. All models are designed specifically to reduce all related costs and provide efficient working quality across an entire product life cycle.


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury 1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

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hilst we generally think that a Passivhaus design building maintains a comfortable internal environment given the colder zones of the northern climate, the reverse is also true. Utilising colder evening temperatures in hot climates to cool the structure, internal temperatures can be kept at a comfortable level during the hottest of days.

There are five key elements to understand about Passivhaus before starting to look at the technical requirements. First and foremost,

by Wojciech Brożyna - MD of Aluprof UK

As the UK has recently seen temperatures reach 40º Celsius, many of our buildings fail to cope with keeping internal spaces at a constant comfortable and safe temperature. It is estimated that there are currently around 2,000 heat-related deaths in the UK every year with a further 10,000 deaths due to the cold. With increasing extremes of weather, these figures will likely increase over time. Keeping our buildings within a temperature comfort zone throughout the daily and yearly cycle will ensure a safe and healthy environment is maintained for occupants.


Passivhaus is fundamentally about integrated design where the whole building team are involved at the outset. Whilst it may seem that Passivhaus is designed just for colder climates, the second key element is information about location, as a well designed Passivhaus structure can now effectively be installed anywhere in the world. Orientation, the third key element, has a part to play in ensuring that solar heat gains are minimised. The fourth key element is the building form; whilst a Passivhaus construction can take any form, physics confirms that a convoluted shape with a resulting greater surface area for a given space, will likely allow for more heat transfer through the building fabric. Finally, the fifth element is that of the construction methodology itself. Passivhaus maintains a fabric first approach and whilst any material can be utilised, the focus on airtightness and thermal insulation are paramount. Thermal bridges are to be avoided at all costs to maximise insulation at critical points of the structure. In Passivhaus, it is the building fabric design that does all the heavy work of maintaining a steady, comfortable internal temperature.

Whilst ‘Passivhaus’ is commonly considered as a German innovation, in fact, it was an American physicist, William Shurcliff who in 1982

published a book House,”Saunders-Shrewsbury“The in which he describes the concepts of “super-insulation” and passive solar as “passive house.” In the late 1980s a passive house movement had emerged in North America, but, shortly after America lost its appetite for energy conservation and Germany picked up the reins. German physicist Wolfgang Feist refined the passive house concept to further improve efficiency and proposed a passive house concept with an annual energy demand of just 15 kilowatt-hours per square metre of floor area.

Industry News October 2022 04

Aluprof KeepPassivhausHelpsitsCool

In previous decades when energy costs were affordable, we heated our poorly insulated buildings in winter and then switched on air conditioning in summer to keep them cool. The extensive use of fossil fuels to heat and cool our properties has contributed to placing us on a global warming roadmap which we are now eager to apply the brakes, if we can find them in time!

At the design concept it is crucial that the right product is specified along with detailing to ensure that the building will meet Passivhaus standards. Aluprof can assist in


in thickness, doors can also be assembled into panel doors as well as fully glazed options.

Further information is available on the company’s website at or direct from their UK head office in Altrincham on 0161 941 4005.

product choice, often tailoring the system chosen to offer the best specification for its location. The technical team at Aluprof can also offering assistance in the reveal detailing, which will minimise thermal bridging in the interface between the building fabric and window system.

Since setting up the Aluprof Office at the Business Design Centre in London, the company has rapidly grown their specification influence in the UK with their high-performance architectural aluminium systems. Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view.

Designing high insulation wall elements can be relatively straightforward, but when these elements are perforated by windows and doors, robust detailing is needed to minimise thermal bridging and maximise air tightness. Window and door systems chosen must offer the highest levels of thermal insulation including the adoption of triple and quadruple glazing. Few systems meet these high performance characteristics, most are supplied by aluminium systems companies with wide, high performance thermal breaks. Aluprof, one of Europe’s leading aluminium systems companies, offer a range of systems that can be specified by architects to meet the requirements of Passivhaus

Whilst high performance curtain walling, windows and doors can greatly assist in thermal insulation, especially when specified with high performance glazed units, it should be remembered that there are also additional products that may be used to enhance thermal stabilisation of a building space. Solar shading, or brise soileil, can offer sun shading of glazing helping to reduce solar gains. Solar shading can take the form of fixed louvres or external Venetian or roller blinds. Enhancing thermal insulation, roller shutters can be added at the design stage to external window reveals, furthermore, shutters can also offer enhanced building security, especially at ground floor level. Aluprof offer a wide range of additional products that can be discussed as options during the early design stages.


of the UK Passivhaus Trust, Aluprof’s class leading MB-104 window and door system has gained the Passivhaus Institute Darmstadt certification. The MB-104 Passive Aero has excellent thermal insulation performance for an openable window system with a Uw as low as 0.53 W// m2K and for a door with a UD as low as 0.62 W//m2K. With glazing widths up to a class leading 81mm

Didcot’s independentnewestplumbing,heating,andbathroomstoreopensitsdoors… County Plumbing Supplies in Didcot, Oxfordshire opened its doors in late February 2022, with the aim to be a one-stop-shop for local tradespeople, giving them easy access to plumbing, heating, and bathroom supplies Industry News October 2022 06

Graham Bustin was Branch Manager at Oxford Plumbing Supplies (part of UK Plumbing Supplies) when he met Nick and has a lot of management experience in the industry. Graham jumped at the opportunity to join Nick as a director and shareholder at County Plumbing

pen to the trade and public, this new store has a strong product offering - stocking the best brands at great prices. What’s more, the team at County Plumbing Supplies has over 115 years of industry expertise between the four of them. Nick, Graham, Richard, and Anthony have all previously worked together and understand what an independent merchant needs to offer.

Supplies, as he shares his sentiments when it comes to a customer-first mindset. Graham said: “Every time a business makes a decision, it should think about how such a decision might affect its customers. Putting your customer first is not a one-off action. It’s imperative that your whole team is knowledgeable and has the right information to hand, it’s the whole attitude of a business that fosters a positive customer experience.”

October 2022 Industry News 07

Nick Wheatley, the owner said: “customers not only want a great price, but they also want good, unbiased advice, and therefore the ability to offer exceptional customer service is key.” He went on to say: “you should always be honest to your customers to ensure their expectations are met.”


The new premises boasts over 8,000 sq. foot of warehouse and storage space and importantly, ample car parking for customers’ vans and cars to park. The shop design has a modern and fresh feel with an element of the ‘wow-factor’.

A large bathroom showroom is being built in phase 2 of the store build.

Having been in the industry since 1985, Nick Wheatley, the owner, worked for several independent merchants before founding his own business ‘UK Plumbing Supplies’ in 2005. He retired in 2018 but was encouraged by previous customers to return. He explained what was key to bringing him back to the industry: “The people –our customers. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to serve the local community. We care about our customers, and we enjoy being able to meet their needs and help them to solve any problems.”

Routes to market have changed over the years - with the introduction of digital channels, and Nick and his team understand the need to engage with websites and social media, especially amongst their younger customers who prefer to communicate this way.

County Plumbing supplies are a member of The IPG and proudly promotes this fact on their new signage. The IPG is a membership group that commits to providing business and marketing support to local independent plumbing and heating stores and bathroom showrooms. It has the expertise to support Nick’s team with not only their purchasing power, but all digital aspects including a website, social media content, and an in-store digital screen. Glenn Fisher, The IPG’s Managing Director said: “We are committed to encouraging communities to support their local IPG member store, where alongside unrivalled service and unbiased honest advice, a customer is likely to find that their shopping basket is cheaper.”

Industry News October 2022

Construction applications that apply or generate hazardous gases

During land clearing activities, the chances of a gas pipe rupture is increased. Underground pipe location technology has improved in recent years with the application of electromagnetic and radio detection tools, but these methods are never fail-safe. If a gas pipe rupture goes unnoticed, the risk of explosion and consequent harm to personnel increases considerably.

as the metal is heated above its melting point, causing evaporation and condensation into fumes. In addition to metal particulates that may affect long term health, welding fumes may contain nitrogen oxides, ozone, hydrogen chloride, phosgene, and carbon monoxide, which makes them a potential risk to onsite personnel, especially in confined spaces. Appropriate ventilation is essential if some serious health risks are to be avoided. In 2018, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified welding fumes as a carcinogen, based on strong evidence. Therefore, welding fumes need to be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure health and safety of construction workers.

All construction projects involve some degree of land trenching and excavation. As well as the risk of cave-ins, digging activities can also result in the release of toxic gases when gas pockets are breached, or sewer or gas pipes are

is evident that volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are emitted as harmful gases, pose a significant risk to employee’s health and safety within the construction industry. Minimising the risk of harm due to dangerous gases is a problem that demands urgent attention.


The construction industry uses several VOCs and hazardous chemicals such as adhesives, paint, and flammable gases which are stored on site in tanks, cylinders and containers. If these items are incorrectly stored or damaged during transit, they can pose a hazard to site personnel including the risk of asphyxiation or explosion. In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) sets out guidelines for the safe storage of hazardous chemicals and gases, which includes guidance for correct ventilation, compatibility with other stored materials, stacking and storage layout, onsite transportation, container maintenance, and containment of leaks and spills.

The Importance of Gas Detection in the Construction Industry

For those who work in the construction industry the risk of exposure to hazardous gases is all part of the working environment. In 2019/20 there were 8 fatalities and more than 200 non-fatal incidents related to harmful gas exposure in the UK, compared to that of the previous 2 years.

accidentally ruptured. Additionally, exhaust gases from machinery can accumulate to dangerous levels and reduce the oxygen levels in the trench or hole. Some common gas types including carbon dioxide are far denser than air and can collect in depressions, holes and trenches, where they may cause their own health effects in addition to reducing the oxygen intake of anyone operating in the hole or trench. Some flammable gases common on building sites are even denser and can pool unseen in the bottom of trenches where they may be ignited by a hot surface or a spark.


Welding is a construction activity that uses hazardous flammable gases, such as acetylene, argon, hydrogen, and propane. The most common type of on-site welding is MIG or TIG welding which often uses a carbon dioxide and argon mix. During welding activities, fumes are released

Our fixed gas monitors provide constant readings from a specific location and therefore can be implemented throughout a construction site for a cross section of monitoring reports. Site-wide warning systems offer data from several areas and can be analysed within a central control room and across the safety network. If abnormalities are detected, automatic alerts and safety measures can be activated to provide safety fall backs, alongside options to remotely shut down an area and isolate hazards.

applied at various stages of the construction process, these include the design and planning phase, underground detection, rupturing buried services, above ground construction activities and underground construction activities. All of which create a high risk of toxic gases building up or being released into the environment. Gas detection reduces the risk of hazardous gas exposure from the design and planning stage to when the construction work commences, there is an increased risk of carbon monoxide.


Over the past three decades, there has been significant global action to improve health and safety standards for construction workers. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has been instrumental in improving health and safety in the construction, including reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases. In today’s world, we have technology at our disposal that can do more than provide basic provisions and preventative measures. Gas detection technology is sufficiently advanced to provide early warning of the presence of dangerous gas and prompt an emergency response.

Managing the risk of hazardous chemicals

In the United Kingdom, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has released guidance on managing the risk caused by hazardous chemicals, including VOCs. The four main steps that IOSH identifies as crucial to managing the risk of hazardous substances, including dangerous gases, are:

4. Establish robust emergency procedures.

3. Apply safety measures to minimise exposure risk and protect workers

2. Ensure safe handling, storage, and use of the chemical

Global focus on construction health and safety

Demolition activities often take place in hazardous environments such as old industrial buildings. The risk of unintentionally releasing hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, or hydrogen sulphide is high during demolition works.

October 2022 Industry News

An important part of the process is to undertake a thorough risk assessment. However, unlike a typical risk assessment of controlled risks, you should also assess any uncontrolled risks to help identify potential exposure to hazardous gases. For example,

Gas detection is an important control measure to help reduce the risk of harm to construction workers. Gas detection can be

Gas detection technology

Gas detection – reducing the risk of hazardous gas exposure

For more information about gas detection solutions for the construction industry visit or email us

Gas detection is a necessary control measure to meet health and safety standards and comply with regulations in the construction industry. Crowcon offer a wide range of gas detection products to help you improve construction site safety. Our personal portable gas monitors offer versatility and flexibility in use and again if heightened gas levels are detected can activate alert systems, enabling workers within construction environments to take immediate appropriate action.

1. Understand the health consequences of accidental exposure

in the case of on-site excavation, it is advisable to assess the risk of releasing gases from an underground pocket, such as methane gas. A thorough risk assessment will help you to create a risk mitigation strategy and emergency response procedure. For instance, you may decide to fit excavation machines with methane gas detectors as a control measure to mitigate the risk of exposure or explosion.

Machinery & Vehicles October 2022

Delivering 23.5 kWh gross electric power (19 kWh usable), the 48V air-cooled model provides outstanding digging, lifting and carrying proficiency, while meeting the world’s most demanding emissions restrictions. With a bespoke LCD operator interface and 400V optional fast-charging capability (230V standard), the SV17e guarantees the highest levels of comfort, ergonomics, precision and control, making it the perfect jobsite partner for the industry of tomorrow.

In-line with Yanmar’s commitment to ensuring an exceptional customer experience, the appeal of the SV17e goes far beyond its plug-in design. Indeed, the engineering team have set out to build a revolutionary new model that offers the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics, as well as providing finger-tip precision and unmatched control.

Perfectly demonstrating Yanmar’s ability to bring the quality of its highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification, the SV17e truly raises the bar.

Yanmar Compact Equipment has a long and welldeserved reputation for setting the standards in reliable, powerful, fuel-efficient engine technology. But with a company-wide commitment to building a sustainable business for both its customers and dealers, Yanmar is embarking upon a transformational step towards alternative fuels with its all-new SV17e electric mini excavator.

Perfectly suited to a diverse range of construction, civil engineering, agriculture and landscaping applications, the all-electric model offers impressive power and performance, providing operators with uncompromising durability and reliability. In normal working mode, a full charge provides 4.5 hours of digging time, or a four-hour mixed duty cycle (20% travelling, 80% digging).

Cédric Durand, Director Product Management EMEA at Yanmar Compact Equipment, commented: “While Yanmar is renowned worldwide for its conventional engine technologies, we’re proud to be bringing our


Introducing the SV17e: Yanmar’s commitment to electrification

Aimed at customers in the European market looking for a sub twotonne solution,excavatingtheSV17e is set to positively disrupt the compact equipment marketplace. Powered by all-electric drive and featuring an open-centre hydraulic system with load-sensing hydraulic pump, the impressive model has been designed to excel – whatever the application, whatever the terrain.

unmatched experience into the field of electrification. Our latest models offer a glimpse of the future and demonstrate the progress that we’re making towards offering a complete range of all-electric compact equipment.

Alongside the SV17e, Yanmar will unveil a working prototype of its all-new V8e compact wheel loader. With a 40 kWh battery capacity as standard (with the option to increase this to 53 kWh), the V8e is capable, powerful, highly productive and designed for a wide range of all-terrain applications.


“We are challenging the way we think and the way we work, to transform our products, our business, and our brand to create even more value for our customers. Our latest plug-in models demonstrate our capability to bring the quality and reliability of our highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification.”

For more information about Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA, or to find your nearest dealer, visit:

“As our first ever plug-in mini excavator, we’ve put the operator at the heart of our SV17e – ensuring it performs at the highest levels and delivers above and beyond the class-leading standards our customers expect.”

Weighing just 4,500kg, the nextgeneration prototype is fitted as standard with an 800 litre loading bucket and offers on-board fast charging up to 11 kW (option to increase this to 53 kWh). As Yanmar’s first electric wheel loader, it’s perfect for tight job sites, while offering a zero tailpipe emissions solution for construction professionals worldwide.

October 2022 Machinery & Vehicles

If you’re attending BAUMA 2022, head over to Outdoor Space North, booth FN 1017/2 and meet the team.

Making its public debut at this year’s BAUMA exhibition (October 24–30, Trade Fair Centre Messe München), Yanmar will present the SV17e at Outdoor Space North, booth FN 1017/2. ‘Yanmar City’ will feature four areas dedicated to the company’s road construction, demolition, earthmoving and landscaping equipment, as well as a special zone for its all-electric line-up. Visitors will have the chance to speak with the Yanmar team about its electrification strategy, as well as find out more about the latest product technologies, machine attachments and customeroriented finance options.

Giuliano Parodi, Global CEO of Yanmar Compact Equipment, concluded: “Yanmar CE is on a journey of transformation. Our ambition is to lead the way in compact equipment and, with the help of our dealer partners, deliver sustainable business solutions for our customers and the societies in which they operate.”

As a result, the new HD Box Blade can be used to level ground effortlessly in roadwork and construction, including creating bases for car parks or pavements. Engineered for maximum precision, no rework is needed while grading.

The HD Box Blade covers all applications – it can be used for rough grading or enhanced with Bobcat’s compatible laser guided control systems for precision grading. These high-tech systems help the operator maintain the same plane on the graded surface, leading to very high accuracy.

Wheels behind the cutting blade allow the operator to push material more efficiently and quickly. The wheels also enable operation in tight spaces while also improving travel and stability. The increased precision offered by the compact design and rear positioned casters allows grading to take place in corners, around pillars or next to walls. Additionally, the side edges are adjustable to the desired cut depth, maintaining a precise grade.

for use with most of the models in the Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader ranges, the new HD Box Blade attachment saves time and money while producing a more accurate and higher precision finish grade, even on tough jobsites. The fingertip controls and user-friendly display on the Bobcat loaders also guarantee ease of operation.

Machinery & Vehicles October 2022


With the HD Box Blade attachment, contractors can expand grading and levelling work as the system is perfect for sub-grading and other surface preparation jobs, saving costs for materials and labour. The adjustable articulation of the grade enables the operator to remain at peak efficiency. Even working on slopes has been made simple – filling in low spots is easier thanks to the wheels being mounted behind.

Bobcat has expanded the company’s market-leading line-up of attachments with the launch of a new Heavy Duty Box Blade, aimed at both 2D and 3D grading applications. The new attachment offers a Plug & Play integrated solution, that can be installed on Bobcat loaders within a minute.

Bobcat has ensured that there is a high-quality standard of durability with its HD Box Blade. The dual-sided and replaceable cutting edge provides a long product life with its hardened steel, as well as its removable option. Optimized for Bobcat machines, this attachment gives more control while providing less ground disturbance and giving the robustness that customers have come to expect.


When it is set up for 3D applications, this new Bobcat solution is capable of grading complex designs on landscaping projects with either GPS or UTS guidance. This increases business opportunities and market share for contractors by increasing the range of projects they can bid and work on. Working in sync with a 3D grading system the HD Box Blade can work on golf courses, sports fields and other medium-large landscaping projects.

Bobcat has expanded the company

The dual-sided cutting blade allows the operator to push or pull material in either direction – operating in reverse covers tracks for a smooth finish. The blade can also be tilted by up to 20 cm to better manoeuvre the material loads and side angles.



visit:2 NEW ADTs from Hyundai

To see

The new Hyundai HA30A and HA45A articulated dump trucks are the next piece in our heavy equipment range. With many industry-leading features that set them apart, our new machines are part of a range and reputation that just keeps growing. the picture

“This balanced position – into which we hope also to expand our position in the industrial processing and warehousing front – is one that we have been working to achieve, helped by improvements and user-focused features introduced across the Merlo range,” McGrath said.

New this year is the arrival of an all-electric eWorker which is now available to order here, both in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive versions. Also new, and due to launch in Ireland shortly, is the versatile and somewhat unique Merlo Cingo multipurpose tracked transporter.

Machinery & Vehicles October 2022

Of particular note is the emergence of a trend that sees sales of Merlo equipment split 50/50 between construction and agri-related deliveries, helped in large measure by increasing demand for Panoramic and Turbofarmer models.

models, and by on-going specifications enhancements to the existing line-up.

Merlo, the Italian-made range of telehandlers distributed in Ireland by McHale Plant Sales, is experiencing what their general manager, Denis McGrath terms: ‘a busy year gone by and an even busier year to come’.

Likely to appeal to the plant hire sector, the dieselpowered Cingo – with easy operator ‘step-on/step-off’ convenience – accommodates a broad range of fitments that equip it for use across a multiplicity of applications in construction, agriculture and industry.

Merlo Forecasts ‘Busier Year’

Boosted by New Model Arrivals

Looking ahead, it is expected that Merlo’s market position will be boosted by the introduction of new

In successful partnerships, tasks are always allocated to the people best able to manage them. So, let us look after your MAN trucks, while you focus on your business. TOGETHER

With a UK-wide dealer commitment to keep in stock all the parts you’re most likely to need replacing, our uptime guarantee and our extensive range of warranties, you can rely on us to keep you on the road. TOUGHER. PARTNERS SHARE THE LOAD.


This commitment to service also includes free design and artwork for products, ensuring the highest quality products and personalisation.

The business has proved to be a popular choice for clients since its launch, due to their commitment to ‘good old fashioned’ personal customer service. This personal service means that clients can be confident in their decisions, having the ability to browse online before speaking directly to one of the team to discuss any particular requirements.

The company specialises in the supply of large format print products, including custom designs for Heras fence covers, PVC & ACM hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, large scale scaffold wraps and more helping increase brand visibility in venues or construction projects. These products also have longevity, with the premium Heras fence cover proving popular for long projects as well as its potential for re-usability. Each is compatible to fit all brands of temporary fencing and include free delivery on fence covers.



Their friendly designcombinedapproachableandnature,withexpertsolutionstailored


events and construction, with the later booming in 2021, despite the reduction in many other outdoor events.

October 2022 16

Established in 2018, Mesh has worked in the event and

Founder of Monster Mesh, Mark McLennan is committed to maintaining this service with all construction products, complete with a team that are always happy to help advising and talking through options.


Much of Monster Mesh’s business comes from business exhibitions, venues, festivals,

to individual needs means they have grown year on year, impressing customers with their quality of service.

Monster Mesh has been working incredibly hard to maintain their high results, going so far as having their record year in 2021.

We spoke to Mark who stated, “2021 was our busiest year ever despite restrictions and we have grown our customers in the construction sector considerably. It’s great to see the construction industry to boom and the sector is certainly doing its bit to move things forward. Our growth has been down to more customers with repeat business and recommendations, as well as increasing our focus on building the Monster Mesh brand and securing our place in the industry.”

This has been down to a number of factors, including a focus on brand strengthening and continual digital marketing efforts. The business has also added several new products to their site, generating more interest and a broader choice for customers. 01709 432001 HAPPY TO HELP Our friendly team are always happy to take your call and offer advice on any of our products. We pride ourselves in our service CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE Our TRIPLE SERVICE OFFER is ha UBIGP YOUR BRAND Take a look at our superb range of high quality products online and then simply call or email us to place an order. We are always happy to help and advise. Ordering is simple FREEDESIGN&ARTWORKPRICE10%BEATGUARANTEE FREEDELIVERY5-7DAYS WE WON’ T BE BEATEN ON PRICE NO ART WORK? NO PROBLEM.. DELIVERED DIRECT TO YOU large format displays at your event or work site. Monster Mesh can provide a Heras Fence Covers • Crowd Barrier Covers • Branded Debris Net ting Scaff old Banners • Banners • Hoardings • Flagpoles and Flags

“We want to provide the construction professionals with the best tools and solutions available. so that they can get on with what they do best, building society’s future infrastructure and doing it in a safe and efficient way” , says Sebastiaan Groenhuijsen, Head of Product Marketing Northern Europe at Hilti

sites today, increasing productiveness, introducing state-of-the-art data-driven solutions and improving health and safety at the construction sites” , says Sebastiaan Groenhuijsen, Head of Product Marketing Northern Europe at TheHilti.development

After a successful launch in North America, Germany and other key regions for the Hilti Group, Nuron is set to launch in the UK and northern European markets at the end of 2022. Nuron is not just a new set of tools or batteries; it is the future of Hilti’s cordless offering, with the power to make job sites cordless across both light and heavy applications. Launching with an entire ecosystem of 70 cordless new tools, and reengineered all on one 22V battery platform, Hilti is set to change the cordless experience for the construction industry forever.


“We are very excited to bring this new platform to our customers in the UK. From customer feedback on what kind of innovations they would find useful we know this will make a huge difference to their operations in many ways. We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive solutions to solving some of the bottlenecks of construction

Machinery & Vehicles October 2022

The third and fourth areas of improvement are in health and safety and the data driven services that link all Hilti tools to the cloud. The redesigned tools use real world insights to improve the design and health and safety aspects of the tools. From a practical perspective, tools have been redesigned to weigh less, with ergonomically enhanced grips and improved robustness through shock resistant bumpers. Hilti’s Dust Removal System (DRS) and Active Torque Control (ATC) are available on the Nuron platform with relevant tools. Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), another key health protection and comfort feature, has been expanded to many more tools within the Nuron portfolio.

A second area of innovation is that the cordless tools provide more power than even corded or gas-powered tools do, thanks to the reengineered batteries. The 22 volt cordless platform delivers high performance, which also enables heavy-duty applications that were once restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher voltage battery systems. The completely redesigned battery now delivers significantly higher power transfer than corded mains, resulting in higher performance.

Key Areas

Hilti Group, an innovator of tools, technology, software and services for the construction industry, has launched a new innovation providing the construction industry with a fully-connected tool park experience: Nuron, a more-powerful 22V cordless battery platform.


of Nuron has taken years of deep research and is based on an in-depth understanding of the industry. One of the most important aspects of developing the new platform was to understand the everyday working conditions of customers including the roadblocks and obstacles they face in their work.

Nuron‘s primary value proposition is split into four key areas of innovation. Firstly, the power of one, which sees all tools powered by one single source, the 22V battery, making all batteries interchangeable and compatible with the full Nuron roster. One platform reduces the need for multiple batteries, chargers and corded power sources usually found on construction sites. This makes using tools and the management of them much more streamlined.

with more than 70 tools, Nuron is the biggest launch in Hilti’s history, covering areas including building construction, mechanical and engineering, interior finishing, heavy industry and steel and metal work.

Completely New Cordless Platform with Built-In Connectivity

“By linking all Hilti tools to the cloud, we bring our tools into the digital age. By transmitting data to the cloud, our customers can use ON!Track to improve tool park performance and productivity and keep track of tools via tags, ensuring nothing gets misplaced or lost. The data collected includes information such as tool usage, charging location and battery state-of-health, ensuring operators are working with batteries in optimal conditions. All of this information and insight can be used to manage a better functioning and fit-for-purpose tool park.”

KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EUROPE BV FOR EUROPE, RUSSIA, CIS TEL: MACHINERY EUROPE BV FOR UK, IRELAND AND SOUTH AFRICA TEL: • EU Stage 5 compliant power plant • Up to 25% fuel consumption thanks to G-mode: G-Engine, G-winch and Auto-Idle-Stop • Ergonomic, luxurious, spacious cap with joysticks • Dual pump flow for clamshell, bucket or material handling* • Efficient transport • Fast assembly / disassembly • Tractor type crawlers* • Over-swing preventative device* • Low maintenance • Excellent reliability • Worldwide service network *optional STRENGTHitems THROUGH EXPERIENCE SINCE 1930 KOBELCO G-SERIES

Industry News October 2022

As workplace visibility decreases and the pvotential for accidents increase, Snickers

The extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces all work together to satisfy the requirements of Class 1, 2 and 3 protection levels.

These outstanding products combine Snickers’ unrivalled hallmarks for Protective Wear with the requirements of the EN 20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.


the garments. Added to which, all Snickers Hi Vis garments can be custom profiled to ensure ‘stand out’ coverage for your corporate brand.

For more information on the Snickers Workwear Protective Wear range, call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email

extended range of sustainable and functional High Visibility working clothes for light to night, dawn to dusk.

With advanced designs and sustainable SORONA fabrics, all these working clothes haverdurable, colour-fast protection retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of

Make Yourself SeenWith Snickers Workwear


Workwear High Visibility garments work hard to protect your wellbeing and safety on site.

Designed for professional craftsmen and women who want maximum functionality and mobility on site, they incorporate the very latest in high-tech fabric technology for top-class performance.


Snickers Workwear System

The new clothing in the Autumn Workwear System includes windproof, waterproof and HiVis garments for both men and women to keep them warm, dry and visible all day, every day.

October 2022 21

So, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, make Snickers Workwear your first choice for tackling the toughest of jobs and the worst of weather. the for Autumn.

For more information on the Autumn range from Snickers Workwear and the brand’s sustainability philosophy, you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email

Snickers Workwear’s body-mapping Jackets, Tops, Trousers and Accessories work together for sustainable working comfort and protection wherever and whenever its needed.


IMMUNE Building Standard™ Extends to Cover Educational Buildings St. Catherine's British School in Athens Becomes the World’s First IMMUNE™ Certified Educational Institution

The IMMUNE™ certification for St. Catherine’s British School was achieved after the successful implementation of a large majority of measures included in the IMMUNE™ Assessment Scoring Index, an evaluation tool developed by Genesis Property. The building now has enhanced air filtration systems and benefits from strengthened sanitation in essential areas such as

St. Catherine’s British School, an international school located in northern Athens, Greece, has


the main entrance, lifts, stairwells, door touch plates and handles. Moreover, automatic hand sanitizers were installed in the main entrance and lobbies on each floor.

October 2022 Building & Renovations

obtained the highest certification level of the IMMUNE Building Standard™ - becoming the first educational institution in the world to do so. The school achieved the label IMMUNE™ - Resilient, scoring 5 stars out of 5, following the successful implementation of the health and safety set of measures for its students.

IMMUNE™ is based on a practical investment in a Healthy by Design System (HbDS), which empowers building operators to verify and adjust the condition of the building to a healthy performance level, and thus providing occupants with the space and confidence for a healthy experience.

IMMUNE™ Assessment Scoring Index comprising 130+ measures recommended for implementation in buildings that include technical solutions for architectural engineering, technology, and design.

Every IMMUNE™ certified building incorporates advanced technologies, specialized equipment, and dedicated personnel such as an IMMUNE™ Steward, to manage the building’s operations and health parameters as recommended. The standard is based on an

We are proud to receive this certification which emphasises a key priority to enabling a healthy environment for our whole community, especially our staff and students. It is our responsibility to create a greener setting and future for our future generations and this certification validates our vision and mission in action”, stated Stuart Smith, the CEO and Headteacher of St. BritishCatherine’sSchool.

IMMUNE Building Standard™, which was developed mid-pandemic in 2020 to attenuate the effects of Covid-19, continues to extend its global reach that started in 2020. Launched by Genesis Property, a leading member of the European Property Federation, the IMMUNE Building Standard™ which initially covered offices, industrial and residential assets, now has now extended to cover educational institutions, with the first being a school.

This new milestone for IMMUNE Building Standard™ reflects a strong commitment in creating healthier built environments for the future and proves the versatility and adaptability of the standard. We support safe education and believe that it is our responsibility to engage and unlock the potential of future generations. Achieving the highest level, 5 stars out of 5, St. Catherine’s demonstrates the commitment to transform the educational institution into the best place for children to nurture their innovative spirit and creativity” , said Liviu Tudor, the Founder of Genesis Property and President of the European Property Federation.

An independent authorized building assessor performs the evaluation and recommends a property to become IMMUNE™ - certified with one of the three labels: Strong (3 stars), Powerful (4 stars) or Resilient (5 stars).

Established in 1956 on the grounds of the British Embassy in Athens, St. Catherine’s teaches over 1,300 students, aged 3 to 18 years, from 54 nationalities. The school is a COBIS Executive Member (Council of British International Schools), an HMC School (Head) and an IBO World School (International Baccalaureate). St. Catherine’s British School has outstanding teaching and recreational facilities, including a 350seat theatre, state-of the art science laboratories, a design technology Fablab and much more. Moreover, the classrooms are equipped with interactive smart board technology and Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire school.



Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow said: “Following a successful consultation period, we are pleased to announce that we will be submitting our proposals for the redevelopment and expansion of Villa Park at the end of the month.

The £100m first phase plans will pave the way to create a worldclass sporting venue, increasing the stadium’s capacity from its current 42,785 to more than 50,000.

CGI images showcase our spectacular vision for Villa Park which includes a brand-new commercial destination, Villa Live and high-quality public space for the community. We look forward to continuing to work with all partners to realise our future vision.”

Building & Renovations October 2022

The move follows a public consultation that ran in June and July, in which nearly 10,000 residents and businesses, stakeholders and fans had their say on the plans.

Aston Villa unveils new CGIs of Villa redevelopmentPark

Aston Villa has released a host of new CGI images to illustrate their vision for the future of Villa Park. This comes as the club announces that they will submit a planning application for the redevelopment and expansion of the stadium at the end of August 2022.

“We have received a hugely positive response from the local community, our supporters and other stakeholders and are confident that this project will transform both the stadium and the local “

October 2022 Building & Renovations 25 To find out more information, please visit:

The unique Schöck Sconnex type W makes a major contribution to achieving this initiative and is a product based on derivative technology from Schöck. Sconnex utilises the company’s long-standing expertise in structural thermal breaks for balconies and other cantilever constructions and applies it to reinforced concrete wall and support applications. By installing the Sconnex product in Chapel Street, thermal losses are greatly reduced and the surface temperature in the rooms increases to considerably more than the critical dew point temperature. Heating costs are lower, a pleasant room climate is created and the  linear thermal


Minimising thermal bridging at the wall connection to the floor, or floor slab, is an ongoing problem with reinforced concrete construction, However, a dedicated new solution – the Sconnex type W – has been developed by Schöck and is being installed in what is currently the largest Passivhaus accredited social housing scheme in the North of England.

Thermal losses are greatly reduced

The Sconnex type W product

Building & Renovations October 2022

‘Greenhaus’ nine-storey development of 96 affordable homes in Chapel Street, Salford, is part of the 50-acre Salford Central regeneration and the result of a collaboration between The English Cities Fund (ECF) – a national development partnership between Muse, Legal & General and Homes England – contractor Eric Wright Construction and Salix Homes. The scheme focuses on sustainability and is designed to reduce the energy consumption of the building. With Passivhaus, energy savings can be as much as 90% compared with the average building stock and more than 75% compared to average new builds.

New Schöck Sconnex for major Passivhaus social housing scheme


A graphic of the Sconnex type W in position

Eric Wright and Salix have key roles

Greenhaus forms part of ECF’s wider £1bn, 50-acre, Salford Central masterplan transforming former surface car parks and derelict buildings into a vibrant and diverse community. John Hartnett, managing director at Eric Wright Construction, comments: “We are proud to be supporting not only a green future for Salford, with the delivery of high efficiency buildings built to Passivhaus standards, but also supporting Eric Wright’s own journey to net zero carbon. These new homes will deliver valuable social housing in partnership with Salix Homes.“

Sue Sutton, chief executive at Salix Homes, also adds: “Chapel Street enjoys an incredibly rich history and the innovative Greenhaus development marks the next exciting chapter for this historic part of Salford. At a time when affordable housing is in such short supply, we’re very proud to work alongside our partners to deliver these high quality, sustainable, eco-homes of the future, and we look forward to seeing this ambitious development take shape on the Salford skyline.”

For further information on the new Sconnex type W product contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or download the brochure at

CGI of Chapel Street


transmittance (Psi) of the connected reinforced concrete wall is reduced by as much as 80%. This outstanding insulation performance is combined with an excellent load-bearing capacity. It transmits very high pressure, tensile and shear forces, in the longitudinal and transverse direction, made possible by the use of a pressure buffer consisting of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete. Compressive strength levels in excess of 175 N/mm2 are achieved, with extremely good flexural strength. A further important benefit is the significant cost reduction involved when compared to installing insulation beneath the floor slab.


The Titon FireSafe® Air Brick is designed and tested to BS EN131412:2010 specifically for mechanical ventilation systems. Made from 1mm electrogalvanized sheet steel, fire class A1 ‘no contribution to fire’ and polyester powder coating meeting EN13501-1 classification A2s1,d0. The Titon FireSafe® Air Brick is ideal for fire safety applications.

October 2022

Titon’s FireSafe® Air Brick has recently been installed at the new Hayes Village development in West London.

Commenting on the partnership with Titon and SIG Distribution, Laura French, Area Sales Manager stated “It was a pleasure working with SIG Distribution, they have a vast range of product knowledge and knew early on that the Titon FireSafe® Air Brick was perfect for the Hayes Village scheme. By supporting SIG Distribution with their product specification, Titon were able to meet and exceed all their requirements.

For more information about Titon and its range of window and door hardware, as well as its whole house ventilation products, please

Titon’s FireSafe® Air brick is the perfect fit for hayes village

FireSafe® Air Brick is a specialist product developed and manufactured by offering low resistance to airflow, but high resistance to fire as set out in Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 1: Dwellings, 2019 edition.

Hayes Village, situated at Nestles Avenue, Hayes in Middlesex, is a brand new development from Barratt London offering 1,473 new homes. Built on the former Nestle Factory, the area is undergoing signification regeneration.

SIG Distribution, priding itself on delivering expert knowledge and service across the construction industry, supported the development with key products including the Titon FireSafe® Air TheBrick.Titon

why Hellberg Safety’s new and improved protectionnoisetechnology

Hellberg Safety – Continuous and Effective Noise Protection Against Hearing Loss.

October 2022 Industry News

The SECURE ACTIVE series with active listening systems, allow you to communicate with your colleagues, hear warning signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise.

Hellberg Safety’s SECURE series are market-leading hearing protection products within a wider range of Eye, Face, Hearing and Communication solutions that have been developed to deliver optimum personal wellbeing and safety at work.

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the world’s most commonly reported physical diseases – particularly in the workplace. It’s an accumulated ailment that increases at every time of over-exposure to noise. The bad news is that hearing loss can be permanent. 29 Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy - call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website or email


SECURE RELAX products protect your hearing while you enjoy listening to your favourite radio station, while SECURE REACT headsets allow you to listen to AM/FM radio and communicate with your colleagues while still being protected from harmful noise.

The SECURE series features a choice of basic or multifunctional ear defenders and communication solutions, which are available in 3 protection levels.

has been developed to deliver the most advanced passive and active protection for a variety of risk environments.

The power of copper: An essential material for everyday life


Copper piping is as essential in our office spaces as it is in our homes and transport systems, as it has the capability to effectively heat or cool large spaces. When supplying hot water to busy offices, copper is chosen because of its durability, reducing the risk of leaks and other plumbing problems.

electronics and appliances such as your kettle, microwave, oven, and

As well as being the sustainable choice for plumbing systems, copper is an everyday essential around the rest of your home. It’s found in the wiring of household

material for heating homes, not just in traditional central heating systems but in sustainable heating alternatives such as air source heat pumps. Many heat pumps rely on copper pipes in order to improve efficiency, as copper is a superior conductor of heat so can withstand large variations in temperature without expansion or contraction issues.


Despite being aware of copper’s aptitude as a plumbing and construction material, many people are less aware of how essential copper actually is to everyday life. It’s used throughout homes, hospitals, public transport, and office spaces; as well as in renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

So just how essential is copper to everyday life?

What’s more, flow rate and pressure drops must be considered when choosing which pipes to use in heat pumps. As well as having serious environmental problems, plastic pipes have a bore size which is considerably smaller than copper and a smaller internal area, which has a dramatic effect on flow characteristics. If installers select plastic pipe instead of copper without checking the size correctly, this could have a negative effect on

In your home, you’ll find copper running through your walls, supplying water from your boiler to your bathroom and kitchen, powering your shower and providing hot water to your taps.

the heat pump’s performance. It’s clear that copper is a key material for sustainable heating methods, saving consumers money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Outside of the home, copper is essential in both cars and public transport. It can be found in the wiring of electric car chargers, as well as your car’s brake lines. It’s also vital in keeping public transport running, powering our train lines and being used in the brake lines of trains and buses, ensuring vehicles start and stop safely and efficiently.

Copper is one of the most versatile materials on the planet and, throughout history, it has played a key part in bringing about change, inventions, and new opportunities across society.

Office spaces

Homes and transport

As well as being found in the pipework in the ceiling above your office, copper is used in the wiring of computers, printers, and other devices that are vital in offices. Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to work without it!

What makes copper an everyday essential?

In fact, copper is so durable that it is used in Sweden’s nuclear waste handling technology, where copper canisters encapsulate the radioactive waste for long-term storage. The canisters are required to keep their integrity for at least 100,000 years but are thought to last five times that time as copper ensures the safety and longevity of the solution.

Our hospitals use medical grade copper to prevent contamination and bacterial growth and, at a time when hospitals are facing unprecedented demand, its use is vital in our places of care.

Copper’s widespread usage across the home, office, and medical environments, as well as within innovations, is thanks to its ability to be infinitely recycled, without any loss of performance or properties. This ability ensures it will continue to be an everyday essential for generations to come.


From homes and hospitals, to transport and offices, copper is the material of the future. Thanks to its superior quality, safety, and ability to be infinitely recycled, it is playing a vital part in our everyday lives, creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

As a result, almost half of Europe’s copper demand is being met by recycled materials and at least 65% of all copper ever produced is still in circulation today. And even in its recycled form, the material can stand large variations in temperature, with very minimal expansion or contraction issues, unlike plastic pipes.


Copper has been recycled and reused for as long as the material itself has been in use and there is a fully developed scrap collecting infrastructure which has existed for

To find out more about the benefits of copper, visit

In addition to our homes and office spaces, copper is an essential in hospitals too. It’s one of the only materials trusted to supply medical grade gases, such as oxygen, to patients’ bedsides with no leaks or contamination. Additionally, it has anti-microbial properties which help to protect the health of patients, with studies showing that it can reduce infection rates by 58%.

pipes come to the end of their life, they are taken to a scrap merchant and are recycled in their entirety. They simply go into the furnace and are melted down to form a billet of copper, which is stretched out, cut to size, and made into brand new pipes. This process does not affect the performance or properties of the new pipes –copper used once will be identical to that used 100 or 1,000,000 times.

October 2022 31

As part of the updated regulations for new homes, windows and doors must have a U-value lower than 1.6 W/m²K, Bereco’s windows and doors proudly

Bereco welcomes new Approved Document L with products that hit the notional u value targets

If you have full plans or have submitted building notice before 15th June 2022 and site works start before 15th June 2023, you’re exempt from complying with the new standards, however, if you only submitted or intend to submit plans or building notice after 15th June 2022 then you must comply with the new standards.

with the building regulations is something that every builder or developer has concerns about and our timber windows and doors are designed with optimum energy efficiency and ease of compliance in mind. We have set the bar on thermal performance, every one of our windows and doors are up to 25 per cent more energy-efficient than the new requirements so our customers can make their considered purchase with confidence.

have a U-value of 1.2W/ m²K meeting the notional targets in the new Approved Document L, not just the limiting standards.

One of the key objectives of the updates is that new dwellings from 2022 achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions over homes built in line with the preceding building regulations. This significant overhaul of the regulations also revamps existing home energy efficiency criteria setting a U-Value of 1.4Wm²K for those looking to replace their windows and doors and serves as a forerunner to the Future Homes Standard’s implementation in 2025.

Craig Morris, Assistant Manager at Bereco said: “As a leading supplier of timber windows and doors we wholeheartedly welcome the new building regulations and have worked hard to ensure that our products not only meet the new standard but exceed “Complianceit.

Award-winning timber window and doors supplier Bereco have welcomed the release of the new Approved Document L as the company’s products already achieve the new notional U-value target of 1.2W/m2K, which is 25 percent better than the limiting standard of 1.6 W/m2K for new homes, which is outlined the document.


The latest amendments to the building regulations, including Approved Documents F, L and the new Approved Document O, came into effect on 15th June 2022. Part F refers to ventilation, Part L to the Conservation of fuel and power and Part O refers to overheating.

October 2022

October 2022 33 For more information on Bereco visit

“We wear our U-value as a badge of honour. We have worked hard to develop and manufacture our products at this

elevated standard which enables architects, developers and house builders to future-proof their developments by using Bereco windows.”

“We can offer sash windows double glazed with a U-value of 1.2W/m²K, bi-fold doors and sliding patio doors double glazed with a U-value of 1.2W/m²K that again meet the notional targets in Part L and in addition our Heritage range of windows and doors with SlimLine double glazing has a U-value of 1.4W/m²K, which is 12.5% better than the limiting standards. This range of windows and doors is for buildings in conservation areas and has been approved by many conservation officers across the UK so developers can build in a conservation area and still meet the new Part L regs and not only meet it but exceed it.

Bereco, founded in 2003, is a UK-based supplier of timber windows and doors, offering made-to-measure timber sash and casement windows, entrance, patio and bi-fold doors to both the new build and home improvement sectors. The company offers a ten-year warranty on all their products and a six-year warranty on installation in addition to an insurance-backed guarantee. The firm uses only FSC 100% timber and delivers industry-leading sustainability and energy efficiency processes.

A new report – ‘Working towards Net Zero’ – sheds light on the construction industry’s attitudes toward direct electric heating and decarbonisation. ThermoSphere’s managing director Alistair Bell unpacks the findings.

As the UK grid incorporates more renewable energy, direct electric heating has become a viable lowcarbon heating method for the construction industry. Ultimately it is the electricity grid’s ‘generation mix’ that determines the carbon intensity of any form of electric heating. So, as renewables continue to replace fossil fuels, electricity is becoming a low-carbon source of energy.

Since the UK government set its 2050 target for Net Zero, efforts have been made across the economy to reduce emissions. In the construction industry that has meant decarbonising supply chains, replacing non-renewable energy with renewables, and using lowcarbon heating methods. In fact, the most recent Climate Change Committee (CCC) parliamentary report highlighted that for the UK to meet its 2050 Net Zero target, at least half of the current heat demand for buildings must be supplied by low-carbon sources by

Decarbonising heat in UK buildings is not a single solution problem. Several methods must be used to reach the UK government’s goals; one size doesn’t fit all.

What the Working towards Net Zero report reveals is that 48% of

October 2022


Priorities first

Attitudes to decarbonisation and direct electric heating in the construction industry

transition to low-carbon heating is therefore essential and applies to all construction across the UK. Yet, the transition is more pressing for residential buildings. Residential homes are by far the largest contributor to UK buildings emissions. Building emissions make up 20% of the UK total emissions, and residential homes account for almost 80% of that total.

construction workers rank installing low-carbon heating as the most or second-most important method for reducing carbon emissions. Above that, efficient insulation is seen as the top priority.

The construction sector sees the need for change. It sees insulation and low-carbon heating as essential to making that change, especially when paired with renewable tariffs. And it sees decarbonisation as a challenge and opportunity for growth, with upskilling the future workforce a necessary step to realising that opportunity.


It is against this backdrop that the ‘Working towards Net Zero’ report commissioned by British-based electric heating manufacturer, ThermoSphere, has revealed important and timely attitudes towards the decarbonisation of heating and direct electric solutions within the construction industry.

Pairing a direct electric heating method, such as underfloor

Forward-looking retrofitting

What’s required is a change of image. Too many people have negative associations based on old, outmoded electric heating solutions like storage heaters. 71% of the construction industry believe these older electric heating methods have a negative impact on how consumers perceive modern, lowcarbon direct electric alternatives.

Prices are up, but so is demand

The construction industry is keen to use low-carbon direct electric heating solutions, particularly in retrofitting older, less spacious buildings, and in multi-storey buildings. But the industry also sees the challenge of retrofitting as an opportunity for growth.

October 2022

coming decades, the construction industry is on track to transform. Heating solution providers that offer viable, lowcarbon alternatives can help to usher in that transformation.

The construction industry is prepared to tackle this challenge, and direct electric heating solutions are a preferred method. Direct electric heating is seen as a better overall solution by almost half of the construction industry, second to the use of hydrogen boilers.

But, as with many areas in the UK economy, there is a skills gap between the currently available talent, and the required talent. 69% of construction workers believe that while there’s an opportunity for growth, there isn’t sufficient workforce expertise to embrace that What’sopportunity.needed is a concerted effort to upskill the current workforce. If the industry can do this sooner rather than later, it won’t miss the chance for growth and it will more easily meet its own decarbonisation goals.

are 29 million homes that need to have low-carbon heating methods retrofitted by 2050, which is one of the main priorities for Climate Change Committee (CCC). As the ThermoSphere report reveals this outlook is shared by the construction industry, as 62% of industry professionals report that retrofitting is the single biggest challenge to decarbonisation.

35 For more insights download ThermoSphere’s ‘Working towards Net Zero’


64% of those surveyed believe decarbonisation is an opportunity.

New homes need low-carbon heating. But without replacing and retrofitting older homes with low-carbon alternatives, it won’t be possible to meet the Net Zero Theretarget.

Crucially, direct electric poses a less of a challenge to upskilling as compared to other low-carbon heating methods, such as heat pumps. Direct electric involves less paperwork and is easier to install, particularly in buildings that have restricted space. The upskilling requirement, therefore, will is significantly less onerous for the industry, meaning direct electric heating offers a route to more readily embrace the opportunity for

But, while methods like hydrogen boilers and heat pumps are impactful and popular, they’re not seen as suitable for the varied UK housing stock. 52% of industry professionals believe that direct electric solutions are the right solution for modest properties and apartments, due to the fact they’re smaller, easy to install, and do not require external equipment that would be incompatible with multistorey buildings.

The report also reveals an increase in consumer interest in low-carbon heating alternatives. But current energy prices are high, and electricity is often unfairly seen to be a more expensive form of energy than oil

or gas, which is having a deterrent effect on the uptake of low-carbon direct electric alternatives. 79% of respondents in the construction industry believe that high running costs have deterred customers from installing direct electric heating.

Growth and gaps

heating or electric radiators, with a renewable electricity tariff, will prove to be one of the most effective ways of decarbonising heating in residential and nonresidential settings.

This need not be the case. Modern direct electric heating solutions are much more efficient than older solutions, and direct electric is 100% efficient at the point of usage, compared to gas heating where energy is lost throughout the system. They also require lower installation and maintenance costs and won’t be phased about by the UK government over the next 15 years (unlike gas).

UPDATERecommended Suppliers

At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness.

Globeside, Fieldhouse

PafBag Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom

Head Office: Unit G16 River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire. HX5 9DN. www.bonditgroup.com01422315300


For almost two decades, Bond It has been a manufacturer of high performance, high quality building chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries, landscaping products and other similar products.

OVER 4000 TRADE FOCUSED SOLUTIONS THE COMPLETE SOLUTIONS uk.milwaukeetool.euPROVIDER+44(0)1628894400 (+44)

Techtronic Industries EMEA, Floor, Unit 3 Lane, Marlow, SL7 1HZ

We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private


We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes.

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality products and innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years.


Industry Safety

News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment Health &


RTITB WELCOME October 2022 40

Snickers Workwear’s body-mapping Jackets, Tops, Trousers and Accessories work together for sustainable working comfort and protection wherever and whenever its needed.


Designed for professional craftsmen and women who want maximum functionality and mobility on site, they incorporate the very latest in hightech fabric technology for top-class performance.

The new clothing in the Autumn Workwear System includes windproof, waterproof and HiVis garments for both men and women to keep them warm, dry and visible all day, every day.

So, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, make Snickers Workwear your first choice for tackling the toughest of jobs and the worst of weather. the Snickers Workwear System for Autumn.


For more information on the Autumn range from Snickers Workwear and the brand’s sustainability philosophy, you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email


Guide USB includes an Instructor Guide PDF, including a library of different sessions and practical exercises. It also includes a PowerPoint slide deck, and supporting documents, alongside the Driver Handbook.

Dangerous goods are assigned different classes ranging from Core, Packages, Bulk and Tanks. The classes cover goods from the highly dangerous, such as explosives, flammables, and fuming acids, to everyday products such as paints, solvents and pesticides.

Updated in line with current dangerous goods syllabus, and legislation, the RTITB ADR training materials to give employers and training providers the resources and support they need.

For more information about joining the ADR Consortium and to find the latest ADR training materials, click here.

The Driver Handbook is reported to have been researched and rewritten from scratch. It uses clear, nononsense language, and is set out according to an easy-to-use, logical structure. References are given to the specific chapters and subsections of dangerous goods so that drivers know exactly where to look for further information when they need it.


Ittraining.isbased on accepted industry standards, in line with The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations (CDG) 2009, and the Health and Safety at Work Act etc.


“The Driver Handbook has been designed with the driver in mind,” explains Sarah. “It is a handy go-to reference guide. It reminds drivers of the rules and regulations they need to

know and follow. To ensure it supports instructors in the training room, and safety for drivers in their day-to-day roles, it must be accessible and usable.”

The RTITB ADR Dangerous Goods Trainers’ Guide, supplied on a USB, has been specifically designed to allow appropriately qualified Instructors to conduct carriage of dangerous goods

costs by becoming Dangerous Goods Training Consortium members, which includes SQA approval.


“Available via the RTITB Dangerous Goods Training Consortium, the new and updated training materials, enable businesses to deliver training that is up to date with legislation and accepted industry standards. They don’t have to spend the time and resource redeveloping their own materials and getting them SQA approved.”

“Member organisations that are training providers also find that association with the RTITB brand gives confidence to their customers. It shows that they take obligations to deliver great training for them seriously,” Sarah Brown adds.

To help businesses keep compliant RTITB has launched new and updated ADR training materials that are SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) approved.


They cover Core, Packages and/ or Bulk, Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, Tanks and specialist modules. Brand new Class 1 and Class 7 courses have also been developed, along with a new Driver Handbook.

The RTITB Dangerous Goods Training Consortium was launched in 2019. It helps businesses to save money and time. For instance, membership to the consortium grants access to all the SQA approved, up-to-date training materials. This removes the time and costs associated with developing their own materials and getting them SQA

“Safety and legal compliance are vital in any working environment. Especially for the transportation of hazardous goods. It affects LGV/HGV drivers, other road users, and the wider general public.” says Sarah Brown, Driver CPC and ADR Manager for RTITB, accrediting body for workplace transport training.

This process will see checks on training database records (for those offering ADR training and external verifiers), conducted by SQA. RTITB Auditors and SQA Verifiers will be checking that the new versions of ADR Training materials are being used.

“Many organisations don’t realise that in addition to the training materials being approved by SQA, training providers that run ADR training courses for drivers, must also be approved, by the Department for Transport (via SQA)” says OrganisationsSarah.delivering ADR training can be SQA approved in their own right. However, they can further reduce

Employers and training providers across the UK are being urged by RTITB to bring their ADR training materials up to date, in line with recent revisions to the ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) training syllabus.

of the consortium are given annual audits. This ensures compliance and safety standards are being met. A new SQA quality assurance process has also been introduced.


Founded in 2007, Sustainable Merton is dedicated to inspiring, mobilising and enabling the Merton community to respond to the climate emergency while also improving local quality of life. With the support of its army of volunteers, it works to champion sustainability and make a difference through community-led projects that address issues around waste, air quality, energy and food.

Donations from Merton-based supply chain compliance expert, CHAS, are helping fund the essential work of local environmental charity Sustainable Merton.


CHAS, a provider of risk prevention, compliance and supply chain management services, has been making donations to the charity every time a member chooses to opt-out of receiving paper accreditation certificates or CHAS van stickers. As a result, it has donated more than £6,500 towards Sustainable Merton’s sustainability initiatives and community projects in the last 12 months.

“Working with Sustainable Merton provides the perfect opportunity to improve our environmental credentials while supporting our local community.”

Diana Sterck, CEO of Sustainable Merton, added: “The flexibility of getting donations from businesses such as CHAS makes an enormous difference for us. Unlike grant funding, the donations enable us to build our activity without being beholden to pre-specified commitments or restrictions. When we get money from CHAS, we can really put that anywhere.”

Ian McKinnon, CHAS Managing Director, said: “An important part of CHAS’s work involves helping businesses demonstrate how they are meeting their obligations towards the planet and society through our environmental and corporate social responsibility accreditation schemes. Naturally, this means we are committed to ensuring our own organisation strives to have a positive impact.”

This means Sustainable Merton can adapt as needs shift, allowing the charity to focus predominantly on its ‘Growing Spaces’ and ‘Merton’s Community Fridge’ initiatives in recent times.

The Community Fridge initiative has also seen exponential growth in recent times. It involves collecting food that would otherwise go to waste from businesses and redistributing it. In addition, the surplus from the Growing Spaces allotments provides a source of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since May 2020, Sustainable Merton has given out the equivalent of 64,000 meals to people living in food insecurity, with even higher quantities expected to be needed in the months ahead.

Growing Spaces is about bringing people together and addressing food poverty by helping residents of all ages access, grow and cook fresh, healthy, nutritious food. The spaces allow residents to learn more about the food system, develop new skills, improve health and wellbeing, and feel more connected with their community.

MC221 Registered Charity No. 1097271 and OSHCR No. SC037998. Find out more: T. +44 (0)20 3510 3510 Thousands of organisations have trusted us over the years to help them seize opportunities through challenging times.


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