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UPDATE November 2022 CONSTRUCTION Through our innovative H3 initiative we are “creating a healthier way of living” with hydrogen enabled water heaters, hybrid solutions and heat pumps. Hydrogen/Biogas Hybrid Heat Pumps Find out more at



Products & services to lower carbon to net zero in any and all buildings

Contact Rinnai today for free training and design support / free CPDs - simply email or Tel. 0300 373 0660 for consultation with sustainability specialists.

Rinnai now offers H1, H2 & H3 solutions to the energy question in the cost of living squeeze.

H1 – Hydrogen blends ready, renewable liquid fuel ready and electric water heating equipment.

H2 – Hybrid hot water systems – Including heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and electric.

H3 – Market leading, Low GWP heat pumps.

This expansive product portfolio is enhanced by design support and precise modelling of capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon to establish the practical, economic, and technically feasible solutions needed and required for any site.

Rinnai has launched the expansive H3 offering to simplify the decarbonisation of any building and supporting sites with the decarbonisation pathways that exist now and in the future.

Rinnai has maintained and sustained a reputation for technological innovation and creating a healthier way of living for over a century. By creating a healthier way of living through developing commercial products that accept clean energies, customers will be able to identify Rinnai as a trusted brand that delivers customer convenience and health.

Hot water provision is a foundation for lifestyle comfort and is therefore Rinnai’s area of specific expertise. Rinnai understands that hot water and heating provision are key areas of modern life that can be considered as contributing factors towards maintaining societal cohesion and continuity. Rinnai will therefore continue to work towards delivering

products that improve upon customer convenience and health.

Rinnai is constantly initiating new working behaviours and corporate practises that update and add to employee knowledge of product understanding and manufacturing processes. Rinnai employs 650 design engineers and reinvests 6% of annual sales revenue into R & D.

All major international economies are now seeking sustainable alternative energies that improve domestic energy security and negate the release of harmful emissions. Rinnai’s H3 range of products coincides with the current internationally approved direction of future energy distribution and consumption.

H3 products consist of hydrogen, rDME, heat pump or hybrid options in all energy vectors - natural gas, electrical, rDME and BioLPG. All methods of heating

November 2022

and hot water provision ensuring lower carbon leading to decarbonisation and a higher standard of living quality at affordable prices and costs. All models are designed specifically to reduce all related costs and provide efficient working quality across an entire product life cycle.

Internal practises are constantly refined to ensure Rinnai remains a leader in technological innovation, heating, and hot water dispersal. Rinnai’s H3 range is designed to reflect the corporate values and direction our organisation is keen to project.

All sourced product materials, manufacturing conditions and effect on local environment are issues that are under constant revision and will be altered accordingly if found to be in noncompliance with Rinnai’s current and future brand promise to deliver a cleaner living.

Rinnai’s H3 range represents an organisation capable of producing cost reducing technologies that act as a response to the sensitive financial demands perpetrated by the global energy market towards the customer. Rinnai’s H3 range is a pragmatic, socially conscious and a technologically innovative solution for customers who seek products that accept clean energy for home heating and hot water appliances.

More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” webpage.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Rinnai H3 Product Roadmap to Lower Carbon and Net Zero De-Carbonisation

Rinnai’s product and service offering is based on H3- Hydrogen, Heating and Heat Pumps - which allows any site in either residential or commercial sites to maximise the energy efficiency and performance in striving for NetZero and Decarbonisation. Additionally, Rinnai is developing and introducing electrical formats to all existing product ranges within the coming months. Rinnai’s H3 range of products includes a wide selection of commercial heat pumps as well as hydrogen blends-ready and hybrid hot water heating systems.

Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heaters and produces over two million units a year. The company operates on each of the five continents and the brand has gained an established reputation for high performance, robust cost efficiency and extended working lives.

Rinnai’s commercial and domestic hot water products offer a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water and all units are designed to align with present and future energy sources and accept either natural gas or hydrogen gas blends. Rinnai units are also suited for off-grid customers who require LPG and BioLPG or rDME.

Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficiency, accessed through multiple fuel options and are available for purchase 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. System design services are available if needed and cost comparison services are accessible to all customers who require further cost detail.

Rinnai’s Innovation Manifesto clearly outlines the path to carbon neutrality and maintains a pledge to fully decarbonize company operations by 2050. Rinnai will further support the global clean energy transition by introducing a wide variety of domestic heating options across multiple energy vectors.

Rinnai is committed to decarbonisation. Rinnai’s water heating products are all hydrogen-blends ready NOW including the world’s first 100% hydrogen powered water heater. Rinnai products also accept BioLPG capable of delivering NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai offer comprehensive training courses and technical support in all aspects of the water heating industry.

November 2022
Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury 1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611
Construction Update November 2022 PUBLICATION MANAGER JAKE PAGE JAKE@CONSTRUCTION-UPDATE.CO.UK 01843 595818 Featured This Month: Dealing with waste water onsite? We provide CONCRETE WASHOUT AND WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS so that you can easily re-use or safely discharge your onsite wastewater @ConstructionUpd Construction Update 26 Kebbell 22 ASWS 10 Geze UK 04 Gilberts

How to Address Multiple Issues with One

A deline Properties commissioned NGA Architects to refurbish and upgrade the 10-storey, 60,000 sq ft Waverley House, Soho. The challenge for the design team was to optimise a light, inspirational feel and bring the interior and office space up to the high standard demanded in a highly urbanised location. The only suitable and available space for siting of new building services plant was in the basement at the rear of the building. That location was further hampered by varying ground levels, protruding pipework and the need to make the plantand building- secure.

Building services consultant the Consultus International Group advised protective insulated louvres be integrated into the façade to protect the a/c and hydro plant, and recommended Gilberts Blackpool to design, manufacture and install the plant screening.

The brief involved provision of adequate natural ventilation for the primary gas main in conjunction with thermal optimal efficiency of the plant behind whilst including access apertures to facilitate maintenance. The screen also needed to accommodate various pipework penetrations, protect against extreme temperatures and airborne particulates and pollutants.

Gilberts’ in-house team designed a special support structure to fix the louvre screen in place and address the stepped ground levels. The screen itself was engineered using Gilberts’ WGK75 louvre system, being purpose-designed for siteassembly whilst providing up to 50% net free ventilation area.

Mullions up to 1.9m tall were fabricated to support the louvre blades, clipped into place on site to enable precise positioning, especially around penetrating pipework. Plenum box sections designed into the screen optimised air circulation as part of the natural and mechanical ventilation strategy. Non-combustible insulated blanking plates were incorporated to moderate noise

and temperature variation through inactive areas. A pair of double door sets were included: one set providing access for maintenance and plant removal split 1/3: 2/3 with internally opening leaves and open area for gas meter ventilation; the other set were outward opening, for access to isolation valves.

The whole assembly was complimented by a secondary support system using 4” x 4” aluminium box section, finished as the louvre screen, delivering appropriate support for the louvres, doors, insulation and plenum assemblies.

“Whilst not a big project, Waverly House was challenging,” explained John Hanger, Gilberts’ Area Sales Manager. “It was a complex screen that had to meet a variety of requirements- to protect the building services plant from the elements whilst enabling ease of maintenance, improved plant area access and security. The basement was the only suitable location for the plant on/around the building. That site added its own challenges, being constrained on working space and having to ‘step’ the screen to provide a flush fit to the ground.”

Added Michael Collins, NGA project architect, “The consultants put forward Gilberts. The finished louvre helps bring the basement into line with the smart, clean ambience we have aimed for throughout Waverley House.”

Gilberts’ range of kitform and factory-assembled standard architectural, weather protection and acoustic louvres are just part of its range of solutions that have established it as the UK’s no 1 independent commercial air movement supplier. Gilberts’ louvres have been installed in locations as diverse as Wimbledon no 1 Court, National Composites Centre, Blackpool FC, Papworth Hospital and Museum of London (formerly Smithfield Market).

Family owned, the company has a 60 year heritage of innovation, operating from a 95,000 sq ft facility in the Northern Powerhouse of Lancashire.

November 2022 05 Gilberts Shows
Solution Design expertise behind the scenes is giving work life in the heart of London a light, bright and safe environment. Gilberts tel 01253 766911 E:

Increasing environmental responsibilities and sustainability targets are driving the construction industries ongoing needs for cost effective, easy to use solutions for dealing with wastewater onsite. Sites need quick replies, concise information, simple transactions and deliveries without hassle. For the past 9 years Kelly Tanks has enjoyed providing all of these whilst building a large customer base, expanding their team and facilities, and responding to customer demand with innovative new products year on year.

November 2022 06


Kelly and team KT provide a selection of Water Treatment and Concrete Washout Solutions for hire or purchase. Their popularity and proven track record is a result of providing the kit you need, in the manner you want, at a price you’re happy with. Match this with their eager to please attitudes and above and beyond aftercare and its easy to see why their customers keep returning.


Various concrete washout solutions, to allow concrete trucks and equipment to be washed off safely onsite, including closed loop washwater recycling, washwater filtration sacks, pH correction, robust washout trays and skip washouts.


Self contained units or full systems to separate and treat wastewater and Water Quality Monitoring Systems including Settlement & lamella Tanks, flocculation and pH adjustment dosing, pH/TSS/ Turbidity remote monitoring, auto desludging.


Water Treatment Solutions for high alkaline hydrodemolition waste, used to retain solids and automatically correct pH.


Automated daily prevention for concrete drum build-up. Using recycled or fresh water the highly efficient electric driven pump combined with the water jets at the tip of the boom remove the days build up before it hardens. DrumBlaster Build-up Control Technology incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head allowing the mixer drum to remain stationary.


Tailor made solutions to suit all applications. Whether an idea or a full plan, we can accommodate. We can also tweak our existing products and/or have them sprayed in your corporate colours.


Complete onsite Water Management. Consultancy, Testing, Supply, Install and Maintenance.


• Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry

• Fast and Simple to Set up

Small Footprint equipment available

• Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics

Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment

Reduce off-site disposal costs

Reduce risk of pollution

Easy to use equipment

Kelly Tanks take pride in the quality of their products and have a classy approach to customer service making them a real pleasure to deal with. If you weren’t able to experience their hospitality for yourself at Hillhead this year, you can catch them again at the Contamination Expo, Birmingham NEC in September. If you need anything in the meantime give them a call on 01889 508944, email or check out their website

November 2022 07

Monster Mesh

Their friendly and approachable nature, combined with expert design solutions tailored to individual needs means they have grown year on year, impressing customers with their quality of service.

The company specialises in the supply of large format print products, including custom designs for Heras fence covers, PVC & ACM hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, large scale scaffold wraps and more helping increase brand visibility in venues or construction projects. These products also have longevity, with the premium Heras fence cover proving popular for long projects as well as its potential for re-usability. Each is compatible to fit all brands of temporary fencing and include free delivery on fence covers.

Much of Monster Mesh’s business comes from business exhibitions, venues, festivals,

events and construction, with the later booming in 2021, despite the reduction in many other outdoor events.

Monster Mesh has been working incredibly hard to maintain their high results, going so far as having their record year in 2021.

This has been down to a number of factors, including a focus on brand strengthening and continual digital marketing efforts. The business has also added several new products to their site, generating more interest and a broader choice for customers.

The business has proved to be a popular choice for clients since its launch, due to their commitment to ‘good old fashioned’ personal customer service. This personal service means that clients can be confident in their decisions, having the ability to browse online before speaking directly to one of the team to discuss any particular requirements.

Founder of Monster Mesh, Mark McLennan is committed to maintaining this service with all construction products, complete with a team that are always happy to help advising and talking through options.

This commitment to service also includes free design and artwork for products, ensuring the highest quality products and personalisation.

We spoke to Mark who stated, “2021 was our busiest year ever despite restrictions and we have grown our customers in the construction sector considerably. It’s great to see the construction industry to boom and the sector is certainly doing its bit to move things forward. Our growth has been down to more customers with repeat business and recommendations, as well as increasing our focus on building the Monster Mesh brand and securing our place in the industry.”

November 2022 08 Established in 2018, Monster Mesh has worked in the event and construction branding sector since inception and is now an established marketleader in this field. 01709 432001 HAPPY TO HELP Our friendly team are always happy to take your call and offer advice on any of our products. We pride ourselves in our service CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE Our TRIPLE SERVICE OFFER is ha BIG UP YOUR BRAND Take a look at our superb range of high quality products online and then simply call or email us to place an order. We are always happy to help and advise. Ordering is simple FREE DESIGN & A R T W O R K 10% PRICE BEAT G U A R AN T E E FREE DELIVERY 5 - 7 DAYS WE WON’ T BE BEATEN ON PRICE NO ART WORK? NO PROBLEM.. DELIVERED DIRECT TO YOU large format displays at your event or work site. Monster Mesh can provide a Heras Fence Covers • Crowd Barrier Covers • Branded Debris Net ting Scaff old Banners • Banners • Hoardings • Flagpoles and Flags

Operator in hiding

An automatic swing door operator that is completely hidden

from view has been introduced by GEZE UK.

TheUFO NT is the new underfloor automatic swing door drive. It boasts a much wider range of capabilities and features than its predecessor including manual use via the Smart swing function.

Providing maximum transparency and meeting aesthetic and access demands the UFO NT is hidden in the floor and so overcomes the problem of a limited area at the top of the door frame, perfect for use with glass facades or listed or historical buildings with structural limitations, or where automatic doors are required but with an operator that is not visible.

The UFO NT can be used on any type of door – glass, wood or metal and is especially suitable for use where vandalism could be a problem as the operator is fully concealed. It is also suitable for retrofitting.

It provides compliance with the demands of the Equality Act and the building standard BS EN 8300.

Developed from the robust and efficient GEZE Powerturn operator the UFO NT has a higher IP rating (IP 67) making it suitable for external doors, and a higher closing force than

its predecessor size EN1 - EN4.

In addition, it can operate leaf widths up to 1250mm on external doors and 1600mm on internal doors, and leaf weights up to 125kg, surpassing the older unit in all areas of performance.

The Smart swing function enables large doors to be operated manually with ease, though if the door is manually opened at high speed the operator will apply motor resistance to slow it down. Using a redundant spring system, the Smart swing function allows the operator to be fully motorcontrolled until power failure or fire alarm activation.

The versatile UFO NT underfloor operator is suitable for use with GEZE Cockpit and building management systems.

Andy Howland, sales and marketing director of GEZE UK, said “The aesthetically pleasing UFO NT is perfect for use in all types of buildings. Its versatility as an automatic swing door provides safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing a door yet the Smart swing allows it to be used manually with ease, its location in the floor makes for an attractive, unhindered door set.”

November 2022

To find out more about the UFO NT email or for more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic operators and manual door closers visit


Bobcat has expanded the company

Bobcat has expanded the company’s market-leading line-up of attachments with the launch of a new Heavy Duty Box Blade, aimed at both 2D and 3D grading applications. The new attachment offers a Plug & Play integrated solution, that can be installed on Bobcat loaders within a minute.


for use with most of the models in the Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader ranges, the new HD Box Blade attachment saves time and money while producing a more accurate and higher precision finish grade, even on tough jobsites. The fingertip controls and user-friendly display on the Bobcat loaders also guarantee ease of operation.

The HD Box Blade covers all applications – it can be used for rough grading or enhanced with Bobcat’s compatible laser guided control systems for precision grading. These high-tech systems help the operator maintain the same plane on the graded surface, leading to very high accuracy.

As a result, the new HD Box Blade can be used to level ground effortlessly in roadwork and construction, including creating bases for car parks or pavements. Engineered for maximum precision, no rework is needed while grading.

When it is set up for 3D applications, this new Bobcat solution is capable of grading complex designs on landscaping projects with either GPS or UTS guidance. This increases business opportunities and market share for contractors by increasing the range of projects they can bid and work on. Working in sync with a 3D grading system the HD Box Blade can work on golf courses, sports fields and other medium-large landscaping projects.

Wheels behind the cutting blade allow the operator to push material more efficiently and quickly. The wheels also enable operation in tight spaces while also improving travel and stability. The increased precision offered by the compact design and rear positioned casters allows grading to take place in corners, around pillars or next to walls. Additionally, the side edges are adjustable to the desired cut depth, maintaining a precise grade.

The dual-sided cutting blade allows the operator to push or pull material in either direction – operating in reverse covers tracks for a smooth finish. The blade can also be tilted by up to 20 cm to better manoeuvre the material loads and side angles.

With the HD Box Blade attachment, contractors can expand grading and levelling work as the system is perfect for sub-grading and other surface preparation jobs, saving costs for materials and labour. The adjustable articulation of the grade enables the operator to remain at peak efficiency. Even working on slopes has been made simple – filling in low spots is easier thanks to the wheels being mounted behind.

Bobcat has ensured that there is a high-quality standard of durability with its HD Box Blade. The dual-sided and replaceable cutting edge provides a long product life with its hardened steel, as well as its removable option. Optimized for Bobcat machines, this attachment gives more control while providing less ground disturbance and giving the robustness that customers have come to expect.

Plant Hire & Vehicles November 2022
01908 562191 @aceplantukMK19 6LA First of its kind—Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson MK18 5LJ

R-Link: A Step Forward for Risk Management Technology

It’s time to take the next step on your journey towards preventing health issues in your workplace.

For twenty years, Reactec have guided our customers as they’ve navigated complex legal landscapes, changing regulations, global crises, and the day-to-day challenges and opportunities that arise in the industries we serve. Through working with clients and partners across construction, rail, manufacturing, and countless other sectors for over two decades, we’ve had the unique opportunity to gain unprecedented and exclusive insight into how organisations, duty holders, and workers perceive and prevent workplace health issues, and how that’s changed over time.

Over the years, we’ve collected those insights and poured them into our research and development. We’ve been able to stay ahead of the field when it comes to building partnerships and launching products and features that we know our customers will use, and love.

That’s why, when we created our latest product - the successor to our trusted HAVWEAR - we felt a responsibility to create something truly special, and innovative.

Introducing: R-Link.

R-Link is the next step on your journey from being a mitigator of workplace risk, towards becoming a prevention engineer. The R-Link watch has been designed specifically to stand up to the rigours of construction sites and heavy industry while offering an easy and familiar user experience. By creating an interface that people are instantly comfortable with from their use of smartphones or smartwatches, we’ve created a resilient device that looks and feels like something you’ve already been using for years.

When it comes to functionality, R-Link is truly in a class by itself. This is a device built for purpose, with purpose. Initially launched

with HAV exposure and an ability to warn of proximity to danger, R-Link will ultimately contemplate your universe of risk, and include geofencing, lone worker, employee messaging, evacuation, and mustering, and more. As with HAVWEAR, R-Link will provide real-time alerts to notify workers of unsafe exposure levels to any number of known workplace threats.

R-Link will be supported by the powerful Reactec Analytics that our customers have known and relied upon for years, ensuring that organisations, duty holders, and workers can all access vital information and insight, as quickly as possible. Reactec’s world-class Analytics will enable

R-Link users to shorten the distance between insight and action - meaning the decisions that our customers make on the ground or in the office will be based on the most reliable, most accurate information available.

August 2022

R-Link Features and Benefits:

HAVS: Based on Reactec’s proven and validated Hand-Arm Vibration monitoring methodology, which has seen over 100,000 employees across the UK protected, R-Link easily and reliably measures workers’ exposure to HAV and ensures simple, effective monitoring by providing workers with real-time data about their exposure to vibration from tool use.

Dangerous Proximity: Keep your workers safe from proximity to dangerous locations or vehicles with R-Link. By alerting workers to unsafe proximity in real-time, R-Link not only offers immediately actionable insight, but also provides an overview of near-misses, enabling you to refine your controls more effectively.

Reactec Analytics: R-Link is powered by Reactec’s industry-leading Analytics, which provide datadriven insight to organisations, empowering them to understand their risk environment easily and reliably. Reports are generated automatically and circulated to duty holders for effortless, effective risk management.

Coming soon . . .

• Geofencing: Monitor and prevent unauthorised entry into restricted areas with cuttingedge geofencing technology.

• Lone Worker Support: With man-down alerts, check in/ checkout capabilities, and

panic mode functionality, you can help ensure the safety of workers operating alone or in the field.

• Employee Messaging: Empower workers with easy, familiar messaging to enable two-way communication and help ensure information is transmitted when and where you need it.

• Evacuation and Mustering: R-Link makes it easy for you to account for your employees during an evacuation and mustering situation.

Let’s build the future of prevention engineering, together.

R-Link is available for pre-order now! We’re thrilled to be offering the chance to pre-order the R-Link watch, which will offer HAV monitoring and dangerous proximity technology. As we continue to add functionality to R-Link, we welcome feedback from early adopters of R-Link to help us ensure that each and every feature is as useful as possible. Just as we have for 20 years, we’re always looking for ways to refine and improve our products, and we know the best place to get that information is from the people who use our devices every single day. By

pre-ordering and adopting this technology before additional features are released, you’ll have the unique opportunity to contribute to the future of R-Link

in a hands-on way that will help ensure that every feature and update is as practical and useful as possible.

To help us build the future of workplace prevention engineering, and to ensure that we tailor a deployment that fits your needs, just give us a call and one of our dedicated R-Link experts will help you put together the perfect package. 01312210930 November 2022 Plant Hire & Vehicles 15

Introducing the SV17e: Yanmar’s commitment to electrification

Yanmar Compact Equipment has a long and welldeserved reputation for setting the standards in reliable, powerful, fuel-efficient engine technology. But with a company-wide commitment to building a sustainable business for both its customers and dealers, Yanmar is embarking upon a transformational step towards alternative fuels with its all-new SV17e electric mini excavator.

Aimed at customers in the European market looking for a sub twotonne excavating solution, the SV17e is set to positively disrupt the compact equipment marketplace. Powered by all-electric drive and featuring an open-centre hydraulic system with load-sensing hydraulic pump, the impressive model has been designed to excel – whatever the application, whatever the terrain.

Delivering 23.5 kWh gross electric power (19 kWh usable), the 48V air-cooled model provides outstanding digging, lifting and carrying proficiency, while meeting the world’s most demanding emissions restrictions. With a bespoke LCD operator interface and 400V optional fast-charging capability (230V standard), the SV17e guarantees the highest levels of comfort, ergonomics, precision and control, making it the perfect jobsite partner for the industry of tomorrow.

Perfectly suited to a diverse range of construction, civil engineering, agriculture and landscaping applications, the all-electric model offers impressive power and performance, providing operators with uncompromising durability and reliability. In normal working mode, a full charge provides 4.5 hours of digging time, or a four-hour mixed duty cycle (20% travelling, 80% digging).

In-line with Yanmar’s commitment to ensuring an exceptional customer experience, the appeal of the SV17e goes far beyond its plug-in design. Indeed, the engineering team have set out to build a revolutionary new model that offers the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics, as well as providing finger-tip precision and unmatched control. Perfectly demonstrating Yanmar’s ability to bring the quality of its highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification, the SV17e truly raises the bar.

Cédric Durand, Director Product Management EMEA at Yanmar Compact Equipment, commented: “While Yanmar is renowned worldwide for its conventional engine technologies, we’re proud to be bringing our

Plant Hire & Vehicles November 2022

unmatched experience into the field of electrification. Our latest models offer a glimpse of the future and demonstrate the progress that we’re making towards offering a complete range of all-electric compact equipment.

“As our first ever plug-in mini excavator, we’ve put the operator at the heart of our SV17e – ensuring it performs at the highest levels and delivers above and beyond the class-leading standards our customers expect.”

Making its public debut at this year’s BAUMA exhibition (October 24–30, Trade Fair Centre Messe München), Yanmar will present the SV17e at Outdoor Space North, booth FN 1017/2. ‘Yanmar City’ will feature four areas dedicated to the company’s road construction, demolition, earthmoving and landscaping equipment, as well as a special zone for its all-electric line-up. Visitors will have the chance to speak with the Yanmar team about its electrification strategy, as well as find out more about the latest product technologies, machine attachments and customeroriented finance options.

Alongside the SV17e, Yanmar will unveil a working prototype of its all-new V8e compact wheel loader. With a 40 kWh battery capacity as standard (with the option to increase this to 53 kWh), the V8e is capable, powerful, highly productive and designed for a wide range of all-terrain applications.

Weighing just 4,500kg, the nextgeneration prototype is fitted as standard with an 800 litre loading bucket and offers on-board fast charging up to 11 kW (option to increase this to 53 kWh). As Yanmar’s first electric wheel loader, it’s perfect for tight job sites, while offering a zero tailpipe emissions solution for construction professionals worldwide.

Giuliano Parodi, Global CEO of Yanmar Compact Equipment, concluded: “Yanmar CE is on a journey of transformation. Our ambition is to lead the way in compact equipment and, with the help of our dealer partners, deliver sustainable business solutions for our customers and the societies in which they operate.”

“We are challenging the way we think and the way we work, to transform our products, our business, and our brand to create even more value for our customers. Our latest plug-in models demonstrate our capability to bring the quality and reliability of our highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification.”

For more information about Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA, or to find your nearest dealer, visit: If you’re attending BAUMA 2022, head over to Outdoor Space North, booth FN 1017/2 and meet the team.

October 2022 Machinery & Vehicles

Mental Health in Construction: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wecan just about deal with skills shortages, increasing material costs, the battle of tendering and value engineering.

What we can’t handle is the overworking, unrealistic expectations and impossibly high demands that put an unbelievable amount of pressure on our workforce.

The construction industry is notorious for pushing back deadlines and running behind program. It’s almost laughable, really, that more time isn’t assigned as a buffer for every contractor to make amends, fix complications and deal with variations that may have come up. No project runs perfectly smoothly. If you’ve heard any differently, you’ve been lied to.

Like any other plan that you make, there’s always a risk that something will interfere and postpone things. Just like planning a picnic in Spring, the rain is always a possibility. We know that issues are going to arise, so why do we act so surprised and disappointed when they crop up?

We need to change the way we look at construction projects. Rather than stressing every person to their maximum, isn’t it better to plan for issues and have a more accurate time frame that allows for change, controversy and complications? Or better still, accept the fact that the cost of works is not just materials and labour. The prelims, planning and contingency are a key part of getting a quality result and they can’t just be cut from a budget to save money.

Editor’s Choice November 2022
Once again, the construction industry is telling me it’s miles behind the times.

The immense pressure of LADs and prospects of future works can feel like a bomb strapped to our backs, terrifying us into overworking and stressing about the elephant in the room that’s inevitably going to explode. The question is, who will explode first? The man on the ground who is one step away from suicide, or the client because you pushed back the handover date by a week?

I know what scenario I’d rather play out. Maybe if construction workers weren’t under pressure every second of every day, less mistakes would be made, snagging lists would be shorter, and standards would be higher. Maybe if we change the way we see construction, as human beings pulling together to collaborate on something amazing, rather than robots who must do their jobs on time, without fail, we’d see less illness, better morale and more job satisfaction.

Not only is construction literally behind the times in my eyes, but individual companies are doing the bear minimum to support those with mental health issues. Not enough businesses have mental health policies. And of those that do, how many of these were implemented retrospectively? We need to make proactive changes to reduce stress levels that can cause poor mental health, not just support our workers once they’re at breaking point!

You may be proud of the fact that you have 6 mental health trained first aiders? But what are they doing? Sitting there waiting for someone to come to them with a problem, that’s what.

Why aren’t we acting on the problems that are right in front of us every single day? Any other industry’s employers would be torn apart for improper treatment if they enforced the pressure of deadlines on their workforce like we do. But it’s not the companies’ fault; it’s the construction industry’s. It’s stuck in its ways.

November 2022 Editor’s Choice
It’s not just ‘time to talk’. It’s time to change.

Responding to market demand for greater transparency, Schüco has built on its second-tonone engineering to develop the ultimate bi-fold door.

Seamlessly connecting the outside with the inside in the most stylish and functional way, the new bi-fold door is available with very large pane sizes of up to 3.5m high x 1.5m wide. This means doors can be taller with fewer separate panes per opening, which combined with sightlines of only 90mm offers greater views with minimal obstruction.

Increased airtightness enables the AS FD 75/90.HI to achieve U-values as low as 1.0, which is the lowest in the company’s bi-fold door range. This could mean the crucial difference when working towards a warm, energy-efficient building that also allows the luxury of ample glass.

Come September 2022, Schüco will be rolling out the new bi-fold doors in in more opening configurations

Introducing the new larger, slimmer bi-fold door from Schüco

Schüco is launching its new AS FD bi-fold door, delivering its slimmest frames yet, larger pane sizes and improved performance over its predecessor, the ASS 70 FD. The AS FD 75 will launch in May 2022 and the AS FD 90.HI will be available from September.

with additional flush, barrier free threshold options, providing even greater design flexibility.

Meanwhile, no compromises have been made in terms of security either, ensuring the utmost security while enabling an overall more streamlined look with fewer hinges and the option of a new 3-point handle operated lock. The new bi-fold door is tested to burglar

resistance PAS24/RC2 and is also covered by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative of which Schüco UK is a member.

Experience the ultimate design freedom to create maximum light with minimum frames with this pioneering new glazing solution.

Find out more by visiting:

Doors & Windows November 2022
Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury 1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

ASWS shows forensic attention to detail in Whiteleys window removal


the refurbishment of historic properties is a skill that London-based metal window specialist, Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) has become renowned through the decades. The company rightly reflects with pride on the complexity of the challenges it faced in carrying out its largest ever survey and detailed removal project as part of the £1billion redevelopment for the former Whiteleys Shopping Centre in West London.

Originally completed in 1911, but partly destroyed in a fire and rebuilt by a different architect, the landmark retail property on the Queensway had seen its former glory fade by the time ASWS was invited to carry out a comprehensive condition survey by the owner’s architectural consultants, in 2016.  Two of the company’s highly experienced surveyors were subsequently kept occupied for 14 weeks - detailing every frame member, piece of ironmongery, each copperlight and other component across 147 windows on the three main elevations to the three storey building.

With both Heritage England and the local conservation officer closely involved with monitoring the project, ASWS went on to present its very detailed report, including individual drawings of each window - not only in digital form, but also as a bound volume which was circulated to all the main parties involved on the project.

Contracts Director of ASWS, Kris Bennell, reflected, “Whiteleys is of enormous historic significance and complexity - being split between the original Belcher & Joass end and that designed by William Curtis Green after the 1920 fire - while it is also very unusual to see an entire façade of copper glazed windows.  Following on from our full condition survey which took some three and a half months, we produced a report on the 19 different window types, with physical drawings, CAD drawings and details on every component.  This all added up to a digital and bound document setting out what work needed to be done, what windows or elements could be saved, and formed the basis for liaising with the conservation bodies.

Due to the confused picture presented by a century of maintenance replacement as well as the fire damage, the forensic nature of this work included checking back on catalogues for the earliest designs of steel windows, plus dating items like hand-made screws as well as coatings, to help the project team determine the comparative age of all the ironmongery and other components. (ASWS was even able to source a copy of the original Architect Review from March 1912, costing one shilling at the time, showcasing the original project.)

Kris continued, “Following on from this, in 2017, we were appointed by Erith Contractors to painstakingly deglaze some 2,000 copper lights, and dismantle the steel frames along with the half ton cast iron mullion and fascia sections.  Everything was tagged, catalogued and stored separately in crates and palletised for transport to our facility at Gatwick.  This was, at the time, the largest refurbishment project

being undertaken in Europe and we were very proud to be involved.”

From the logistical viewpoint, the windows’ removal was made more complex by the fact that parts of the building were already being demolished while openings were being made ready for the façade retention system to reach through.  As well as involving a Health & Safety consultant, ASWS utilised a MEWP - or Mobile Elevated Working Platform - with all of its operatives having to be harness trained and only use tethered tools as well as hydraulic mini-cranes to demount the mullions and other heavy sections.  Site records show that during the 18 month

Doors & Windows November 2022

process the company had no accidents or reportable incidents.

The Project Manager for Erith Contractors, James Williams, commented: “Having worked with ASWS for nearly two years on the Whiteleys Project, I could not recommend them enough.  Their professionalism, knowledge and experience in the heritage sector is second to none and was invaluable throughout the project.  The site team are continually trying to push their works, even in the sometimes demanding demolition sector.  They were able to move about the building with the works to support our developing programme demands.

“Where ASWS was most useful was the continued provision of information and continual support with their elements of our works.  As with all heritage and listed projects, the demands on the main contractor to provide support, evidence and proof of safe and effective removal and storage was incredibly intense.  This was made simple by the whole ASWS team - from their removal teams, to tagging and registering, to off-site storage and logistics they were always able to give that confidence that both the planning officers and our client demanded.”

While the developer was eventually given permission to install new, high-performance metal windows

in the building on an energy basis, the work carried out by ASWS represents its most detailed ever involvement in heritage enablement.  The conserved frames and copper lights have been returned to the client and will likely find a role in restoration work on other listed buildings.

For more information on ASWS, please visit


Sliding steel doors provide stylish link between interior spaces

Members of the Steel Window Association (SWA) supply and install internal sliding doors (pictured) in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all types of interior schemes. They create a stylish link which maximises light transmission while cutting draughts and noise transmission from adjoining spaces.

The single glazed doors can be specified as bi-parting and can be installed with discreet wall pockets to hide the running mechanism from view.  They are ideal for zoning off a dining room or children’s playroom from the kitchen, for example, but will work equally well in other locations such as spa complexes and restaurants.

Sliding doorsets are not fire rated.  They are, however, glazed with toughened or laminated glass for safety and can be lockable.  They are also available with many different types of handles and in bespoke as well as standard RAL colours.

The specification of the sliding mechanism itself will be determined mainly by the overall weight of the door, as Darren Lloyd of Govette Windows explains: “These sliding/pocket doors are available across the membership, though each company may have their own way of manufacturing the doors utilising different sliding mechanisms and makes of ironmongery.

“Our internal doors are single glazed with 6.4 mm laminated glass, while the sliding mechanism is a ‘Henderson’ product.  We recently manufactured and installed a single sliding pocket door that was 2150mm wide x 2700mm high.   We also use a ‘blanking off’ plate to the visible door and fixed light jambs that SWA members specifically designed to cap off profiles, so that they look neater when used on an internal application.  The meeting stiles can further feature a draft strip, included within the blanking plate, to reduce air movement and sound transmission.”

The SWA’s membership provides UK-wide coverage for the manufacture, installation and repair of all types of steel framed doors and windows, from heritage situations to ultra-modern apartment buildings and commercial developments.

For further information on the Steel Window Association or if you’re interested in becoming a member, please visit:

Doors & Windows November 2022 24

W20 door screen streams light into Wandsworth kitchen extension

A Steel Window Association member company has created a large and elegant screen which forms the entire end wall to a new kitchen-dining room for a private residence in the desirable London Borough of Wandsworth.



Windows worked in close cooperation with the building contractor, TA Prestige Construction, and the client’s architect MAP Architecture to design, manufacture and install the 5.5 metre wide, 3.5 metre tall screen. This was fabricated using the timeless W20 steel sections, which closely match the appearance of earlier steel frames often seen in warehouses and other old properties.

Finished in RAL 7009 Green Grey and glazed with Kryptonfilled 20mm IG units, which also use warm edge spacer bars to help reduce heat loss, the opening lights and three doorsets feature high performance weather-stripping.

The founder of Perla Windows, Nick Vassilopoulos, commented:

“This is our favourite project to date, featuring an unusually large screen for a private home that incorporates a double door and single doors as well as fixed lights – all in a lovely grey colour, with cool ironmongery.”

Jessica Meech, Architectural Assistant at MAP Architects, added: “We were impressed with

the communication from the Perla team and their work on assuring that the site survey was accurate and delivered on time (even during the pandemic!)

Perla worked very well with the contractor on site and were quick to respond to building control queries. We loved both their work ethic and the excellent design and finish of the product and very much look forward to working with Perla again!”

Members of the Steel Window Association cover the whole of the UK to serve all sectors of the construction industry, including hotels, retail, residential and high security applications.  The SWA has an on-going programme of product development which has seen its Technical Committee carry out testing on new thermal-breaks and fire doors for internal use; while its collective buying power is helping to mitigate price rises and maintain the supply chain.  In addition to the widely specified W20 systems, customers can also choose from the W40 and W50 frames, amongst other options, or access services for the repair and restoration of older steel windows in heritage situations.

For further information on the Steel Window Association or if you’re interested in becoming a member, please visit

November 2022 Doors & Windows

Whilst millennials have reshaped the housing market in terms of waiting longer to buy their first home, they are not as financially insecure or averse to homeownership as we are sometimes led to believe. Some millennials used the pandemic to buy new homes using the various schemes on offer or took some time to move back home to raise a deposit for their future home. With high housing prices and a shortage of stock, it’s not an easy time for millennial buyers, but luckily as a generation, they know exactly what they want and how to go about it.

Andrea Fawell, Sales and Marketing Director at Kebbell, reveals the top things millennial buyers are looking for when searching for their new home.

1. Eco-friendly and Sustainable. Reducing any damaging effects on the environment is increasingly important to these buyers, from air source heat pumps to electric car chargers, underfloor heating, solar panels, super energy-efficient utilities, excellent insulation, and innovative water-saving and recycling systems.

2. Value for money. Millennials can be quite careful about their money and will want to know that bills are being kept to a minimum with underfloor heating, solar heating and other energy-saving technology.

They are savvy about the schemes that are available to help them and want the best deal but understand time is also money. They may well be happy to buy off-plan.

3. It’s all about the visual. Millennials are drawn to videos and expect to be able to virtually view a house before committing to a booking. They want to browse through photos, virtual tours and even drone footage to gain as much insight into a property as possible. They will also no doubt check for details and reviews on social media.

4. Quick and easy-touse solutions and applications. Millennials are avid researchers and conduct detailed property searches on their laptops, tablets and phones. They will reduce the legwork of visiting countless houses by doing a lot of research online before booking any viewings. Speed is important to them and they may struggle with how long the process of buying a new home is taking at the moment, but as long as they are being kept in the loop they are likely to accept the difficult market conditions.

5. Trust is important. Having good communication with the sellers is important. Integrity, care and the company’s values and purpose can be critical factors in a buying relationship.

6. Clean simple, stylish interior design. Many millennials will have a clear vision of their future space. They know what they want and it’s bespoke and stylish. A new build home can be the perfect blank canvas to personalise to their taste and to be able to choose finishes such as wall colours, carpets, fittings, tiles and worktops.

7. Convenience. Good storage and a laundry room are important, and they may be attracted to a ready-to-go home complete with all appliances, as long as it comes within budget.

8. Great location. Millennials want to be in the heart of all things including a safe neighbourhood with a good school district and a short commute to work. Our Meadow Court development in Iver has a lot of interest because buyers get the best of both

November 2022 28

What Millennial Buyers Are Looking For

worlds: an idyllic rural setting adjacent to Greenbelt land yet benefitting from being close to the thriving towns of Windsor, Uxbridge and Gerrards Cross.

9. Strong sense of community. Millennials are often very sociable. They enjoy informal hosting and meeting up with friends and family. A good kitchen and entertainment space are of utmost importance for impromptu get-togethers.

10. Room for a home office is vital. Hybrid working is most likely here to stay. Millennial buyers at Misbourne House tell us they are looking for a property outside of London where they can work in a hybrid manner but also have access to outside space to relax and unwind after a busy day working. Smart home technology is a must so anything that helps support that is a real draw.

11. Nature is everything.

Millennials prioritise their physical and mental well-being, so buying a property situated close to areas of outstanding beauty, large open spaces and nice gardens is top on the list.


Delve into A History of Council Housing in 100 Estates from RIBA

The need for building more social housing is growing, but how much do we really know about its history and origins?

Fromthe popular author of the critically acclaimed book Municipal Dreams comes the highly anticipated A History of Council Housing in 100 Estates – a thought-provoking insight into the remarkable history of social housing in the UK.

Featuring examples from all around the UK, John Boughton provides a thorough and complete history of social housing. Beginning from early charitable provision to ‘Homes for Heroes’, garden villages to new towns, multi-storey tower blocks and modernist developments to contemporary sustainable housing.

From the almshouses of the 16th century to Goldsmith Street, the 2019 winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize, Boughton invites readers to explore the rich and varied history of social housing. He highlights the central principle running through all the evolving dynamics of politics and design, that personal and communal wellbeing require good housing for all.

Boughton comments: “The contemporary housing crisis and a small uptick in council housebuilding in recent years, often with a commitment to high-quality and sustainable design, may yet mark a new chapter in the longer story.

“For me, this is a moment to both celebrate the achievements of the past and better understand its missteps. Thus armed, we might build better, just as we need to build more, in the future.”

The book is beautifully illustrated with over 250 images including photographs and sketches that make the history of social housing come to life. It’s a truly engaging read that is sure to appeal to architects, students, history enthusiasts and general interest readers.

A History of Council Housing in 100 Estates is available exclusively from RIBA Books from 13th October and will be widely available on the 1st November.

Order your copy from RIBA Books:

November 2022
KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EUROPE BV FOR EUROPE, RUSSIA, CIS TEL: +31-(0)36-549-5510 KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EUROPE BV FOR UK, IRELAND AND SOUTH AFRICA TEL: +44-(0)1342-301122 • EU Stage 5 compliant power plant • Up to 25% fuel consumption thanks to G-mode: G-Engine, G-winch and Auto-Idle-Stop • Ergonomic, luxurious, spacious cap with joysticks • Dual pump flow for clamshell, bucket or material handling* • Efficient transport • Fast assembly / disassembly • Tractor type crawlers* • Over-swing preventative device* • Low maintenance • Excellent reliability • Worldwide service network *optional items STRENGTH THROUGH EXPERIENCE SINCE 1930 KOBELCO G-SERIES

Cordia Blackswan unveils Jewellery Quarter gem with new show apartment

Birmingham-based property developer Cordia Blackswan has unveiled the brand-new show apartment at its latest heritage redevelopment, The Gothic.

The developer recently welcomed guests from across the region at a launch event to celebrate the completion of phase one of The Gothic, and to showcase the brand new two-bedroom show apartment.

The show apartment is one of 14 homes in the first phase of The Gothic, located on Great Hampton Street. It forms part of Cordia Blackswan’s active pipeline of developments on the street in a range of tenures, with their vision to transform the street and

surrounding areas into a place for the community to enjoy for years to come.

Local interior design practice

Suzanne Barnes Design Partnership has styled the apartment to reflect and enhance


the buildings authentic Victorian features, including its original beams and traditional windows. Sitting across the former sites of the historic The Gothic Inn, Goode’s House and The Quality Works Factory, some of the building’s features date back as far as 1870.

Priced at £769,000, the show apartment features two bathrooms, double height ceilings, a spacious modern kitchen, dining and living areas, as well as a large private terrace. Residents of The Gothic also benefit from residential and commercial courtyards soon to be boasting an inner-city oasis experience, with commercial units to be let to local independent retailers.

The show apartment has been named ‘The Pemberton’ after

Roger Pemberton, who was one of the first goldsmiths to establish a workshop in Birmingham and led the way in the city’s ensuing industrial success. As the development show home, this apartment showcases the wonders of The Gothic, much like Roger Pemberton did for Birmingham’s renowned jewellery industry. Each unique apartment is named after iconic jewels, jewellery, and jewellers to reflect the significance of its location within the Jewellery Quarter.

Marcus Hawley, Managing Director at Cordia Blackswan, said: “We hope that the region enjoyed the opening of our prestigious show apartment at The Gothic and we look forward to welcoming potential buyers to experience this unique and special place to live.

“Each apartment at The Gothic is individual and filled with its own character, reflecting the past uses of the building and our industrious Jewellery Quarter heritage. Fit out with 21st century appliances and modern touches, The Gothic is the perfect home for the modern city goer, just a ten-minute walk from the Central Business District.”

One-bedroom apartments at The Gothic start from £250,000, while two-bedroom apartments begin at £405,000. To enquire about a home at The Gothic, please click here

For more information about Cordia Blackswan, visit their website

November 2022 33


Recommended Suppliers

design and supply bags and cradles

that secure non-standard loads ready

lifting to height using winches and cranes.

Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom

ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility

environmental awareness.


has been

of high performance, high quality building




River Bank Way, Lowfields



Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality products and innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years. At
two decades, Bond It
a manufacturer
chemicals such
sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries,
products and other
products. Head Office: Unit G16
Elland, West
HX5 9DN. 01422 315 300 PafBag
for 0114 3241224 We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners. T: 0333 2414 413 Techtronic Industries EMEA, 1st Floor, Unit 3 Globeside, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1HZ OVER 4000 TRADE FOCUSED SOLUTIONS THE COMPLETE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER +44 (0)1628 894400 (+44) 07759 520 034

Health & Safety Update

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment


Nationwide Platforms
November 2022 40


Continuous and Effective Noise Protection Against Hearing Loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the world’s most commonly reported physical diseases – particularly in the workplace. It’s an accumulated ailment that increases at every time of over-exposure to noise. The bad news is that hearing loss can be permanent.

That’s why Hellberg Safety’s new and improved noise protection technology has been developed to deliver the most advanced passive and active protection for a variety of risk environments.

The SECURE series features a choice of basic or multi-functional ear defenders and communication solutions, which are available in 3 protection levels.

The SECURE ACTIVE series with active listening systems, allow you to communicate with your colleagues, hear warning signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise.

SECURE RELAX products protect your hearing while you enjoy listening to your favourite radio station, while SECURE REACT headsets allow you to listen to AM/FM radio and communicate with your colleagues while still being protected from harmful noise.

Hellberg Safety’s SECURE series are market-leading hearing protection products within a wider range of Eye, Face, Hearing and Communication solutions that have been developed to deliver optimum personal wellbeing and safety at work.

Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy - call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website or email

Completely New Cordless Platform with Built-In Connectivity

A second area of innovation is that the cordless tools provide more power than even corded or gas-powered tools do, thanks to the reengineered batteries. The 22 volt cordless platform delivers high performance, which also enables heavy-duty applications that were once restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher voltage battery systems. The completely redesigned battery now delivers significantly higher power transfer than corded mains, resulting in higher performance.

Hilti Group, an innovator of tools, technology, software and services for the construction industry, has launched a new innovation providing the construction industry with a fully-connected tool park experience: Nuron, a more-powerful 22V cordless battery platform.

Launching with more than 70 tools, Nuron is the biggest launch in Hilti’s history, covering areas including building construction, mechanical and engineering, interior finishing, heavy industry and steel and metal work.

After a successful launch in North America, Germany and other key regions for the Hilti Group, Nuron is set to launch in the UK and northern European markets at the end of 2022. Nuron is not just a new set of tools or batteries; it is the future of Hilti’s cordless offering, with the power to make job sites cordless across both light and heavy applications. Launching with an entire ecosystem of 70 cordless new tools, and reengineered all on one 22V battery platform, Hilti is set to change the cordless experience for the construction industry forever.

“We are very excited to bring this new platform to our customers in the UK. From customer feedback on what kind of innovations they would find useful we know this will make a huge difference to their operations in many ways. We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive solutions to solving some of the bottlenecks of

construction sites today, increasing productiveness, introducing stateof-the-art data-driven solutions and improving health and safety at the construction sites”, says Sebastiaan Groenhuijsen, Head of Product Marketing Northern Europe at Hilti.

The development of Nuron has taken years of deep research and is based on an in-depth understanding of the industry. One of the most important aspects of developing the new platform was to understand the everyday working conditions of customers including the roadblocks and obstacles they face in their work.

Key Areas

Nuron‘s primary value proposition is split into four key areas of innovation. Firstly, the power of one, which sees all tools powered by one single source, the 22V battery, making all batteries interchangeable and compatible with the full Nuron roster. One platform reduces the need for multiple batteries, chargers and corded power sources usually found on construction sites. This makes using tools and the management of them much more streamlined.

The third and fourth areas of improvement are in health and safety and the data driven services that link all Hilti tools to the cloud. The redesigned tools use real world insights to improve the design and health and safety aspects of the tools. From a practical perspective, tools have been redesigned to weigh less, with ergonomically enhanced grips and improved robustness through shock resistant bumpers. Hilti’s Dust Removal System (DRS) and Active Torque Control (ATC) are available on the Nuron platform with relevant tools. Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), another key health protection and comfort feature, has been expanded to many more tools within the Nuron portfolio.

“We want to provide the construction professionals with the best tools and solutions available. so that they can get on with what they do best, building society’s future infrastructure and doing it in a safe and efficient way”, says Sebastiaan Groenhuijsen, Head of Product Marketing Northern Europe at Hilti

“By linking all Hilti tools to the cloud, we bring our tools into the digital age. By transmitting data to the cloud, our customers can use ON!Track to improve tool park performance and productivity and keep track of tools via tags, ensuring nothing gets misplaced or lost. The data collected includes information such as tool usage, charging location and battery state-of-health, ensuring operators are working with batteries in optimal conditions. All of this information and insight can be used to manage a better functioning and fit-forpurpose tool park.”


Working at Height provider leads in HSE training

Nationwide Platforms, the UK’s leading provider of powered access machines for hire, recently delivered a bespoke three-day training course to Mechanical Specialist Inspectors at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, which seeks to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health.

This is the second time the HSE has requested training from Nationwide Platforms, after they successfully delivered a two-day version of the course in 2019. The course took place at Nationwide Platform’s Didcot branch, covering the journey of a MEWP from pre-delivery to collection. Technical Instructors from multiple departments got involved to share their expertise with HSE, including IAPA award winning Senior Lead IPAF Instructor Phil Drayton.

Nationwide Platform’s Head of HSE, Alana Paterson, also delivered the latest IPAF Global Safety report and reviewed trends of reported incidents when working at height.

Kate Bell, Head of UK Training for Nationwide Platforms was responsible for overseeing the course creation and delivery. She said, “The objective of this course was to enhance the knowledge of these experienced inspectors on safety innovations, highlighting risks and the

prevention of common incidents that may occur. This is the second course that we have delivered to the HSE teams, we are delighted by the positive feedback and look forward to working with HSE in the future”.

“Safety is a priority at Nationwide Platforms, so we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to support the industry by enhancing knowledge and promoting safer working with our best practises and safety innovations.”

Darren Nash, the HSE’s Portfolio Holder for MEWP’s added “I want to thank Kate and the rest of the training team for the delivery of the MEWP course.  They tailored the course to our specific needs and the quality of the delivery was excellent.”

For more information on Nationwide Platforms and the market leading training they offer, visit



The growth of working from home (WFH) following the COVID-19 pandemic poses potential security concerns around unwanted access to confidential company data. This is easily resolved with Code Handle, the door lock from ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware Group that keeps private rooms private via the use of a PIN code.

85 percent of employees currently working from home say they would favour a ‘hybrid’ working pattern in the future – a clear indication that WFH is here to stay. Unsurprisingly, however, many domestic spaces that were repurposed into offices during the pandemic are not equipped to provide the security or privacy that a workplace demands.

Craig Birch, Head of Product Management at the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware Group, comments: “With many companies and employees having now turned to a hybrid working model, it is clear that working from home is here for the long term – but it is vital that security is improved alongside this, especially for those employed in sensitive industries. After all, not every houseguest should be reading confidential company data that has been left lying around on a desk.

“This is where Code Handle comes in. It provides an elegant and convenient way to put an effective barrier between the work environment and the rest of the home – ensuring that confidential documents are as secure as they would be in a purpose-built office.”

A sleek and stylish handle with a built-in PIN-pad, Code Handle offers a convenient access control solution for those that need to keep home offices private. Access is granted to authorised individuals via a four- to six-digit code on the handle’s keypad, and the device automatically locks when a door closes for added security and peace of mind.

Unlike other costly access control systems, Code Handle can be quickly and easily installed or retrofitted. It is battery-powered and so requires no expensive wiring. Users can keep the current cylinder or lock and upgrade almost any interior door to Code Handle by simply securing it in place with two screws, making it easy for nonspecialists.

“The security and ease of use of Code Handle has led to it being trusted within medical surgeries, retail stockrooms, flexible workspaces and almost anywhere else a private door meets a public space,” says Craig. “It is perfectly adapted for upgrading a home study, basement, loft or spare room into an office, as it provides optimum security without the hassle of keys or an unsightly push-button device.”

For more information on Code Handle from ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware Group, please visit

MC221 Registered Charity No. 1097271 and OSHCR No. SC037998. Find out more: T. +44 (0)20 3510 3510 Thousands of organisations have trusted us over the years to help them seize opportunities through challenging times.


Abloy UK showcased its comprehensive range of security solutions that are revolutionising access control on stand

F61 at the International Security Expo (ISE) 2022. Held at Olympia London from 27-28 September 2022.

Abloy is leading the way with innovative new digital access control systems, as well as presenting the tried and trusted electromechanical and mechanical locks in the company’s extensive portfolio. Representatives from Abloy will be on hand to explain how these solutions can be combined in a variety of ways to meet virtually any requirements.

The latest solutions include Incedo Business and CIPE Manager – two access management solutions that enable flexible, scalable, and compliant security, in a wide range of applications, buildings, and environments. These solutions also allow users to gain access using mobile credentials, providing convenient access control.

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, explains: “We’re seeing an increasing need for solutions that utilise mobile credentials to accommodate modern life’s changing and complex requirements. In fact, The Wireless Access Report found that two-thirds of organisations will have adopted mobile access control within two years.

“It also highlighted that 77% of organisations have already adopted some form of electronic access control, as these systems help meet security challenges and offer additional benefits concerning health and safety, compliance, and efficiency.

“For both our business operations and that of our clients, sustainability is a key focus too. We want to ensure the solutions we specify on behalf of our customers create a more sustainable future for their organisation, so we also develop our solutions with this in mind.”

Visitors to ISE will be able to learn more about the following solutions from Abloy’s Portfolio:

IncedoTM Business is a flexible security ecosystem that combines ASSA ABLOY’s world-leading range of wireless locks and other access hardware with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand, in any direction. It offers remote control of a premises to manage the ever-changing movement of people across multiple sites.

To meet increasing demand for mobile credentials, ASSA ABLOY has recently launched IncedoTM Business Mobile Keys that offer secure mobile access, simplified management and user convenience and efficiency.


Aperio technology offers cost-effective, integrated access control, and is the ideal retrofit option to update an existing access control system to wire-free, providing a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of a premises.

SMARTair utilises electronic locks to provide advanced, user-friendly access management with multiple credential options. In addition to the Openow™ mobile solution which enables the sending, revoking, and updating of virtual keys over the air in seconds, Abloy will be featuring the i-max electronic escutcheon ideal for areas of high traffic use and the i-gate digital padlock, that you lock and unlock with your mobile phone.

eCLIQ is a retro-fit solution to control the movement of people, and allows access to be easily granted, changed and removed while providing a wide range of data for health and safety purposes.

PROTEC2 CLIQ is a user friendly access management system. It enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks which fulfils the demands of regulators.

ASSA ABLOY PULSE is an intelligent, energy harvesting, future-proof solution you can install new or retrofit in existing sites, which is suitable for all kinds of environments, from schools to assisted living blocks and multi-resident apartments.

CIPE Manager from Abloy UK brings together a keyless solution with electromechanical and mechanical keys, allowing organisations to manage all their keys, locks, and access rights from any location, with a user-friendly, cloud-based management system.

CIPE Manager connects with every locking solution in Abloy’s digital portfolio, including the BEAT keyless Bluetooth padlock, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ® system, as well as Abloy’s high-security mechanical master key systems.

Abloy also offers compliant Low Energy Electric Locks, which only consume energy when the lock is being used, in contrast to door magnets which require a constant electric current to keep the door locked. These Electric Locks have an annual energy consumption of 0.02kWh compared to 52.0kWh per year for those reliant on magnets.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy visit call 01902 364 500, email


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