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With drier summers and wetter, milder winters, environmental changes are already affecting the UK’s climate in visible and measurable ways. Met Office figures show that since 1998 we have experienced six of the ten wettest years on record.

Moreover, according to analysis by the University of East Anglia, UK rainfall will continue to increase in intensity for years to come.

This is why Langley’s recently appointed new build lead, Simon Griffiths, is calling on the government to urgently legislate for all new developments to feature at least one green or sustainable element.

Simon’s call follows an Autumn Statement, which saw the government pledge to invest in the country’s energy efficiency and make a renewed commitment to a 68% reduction in UK emissions by 2030 as agreed at COP26.

“The number of empty roofs currently in development in the UK is frankly a wasted opportunity for our planet and our wellbeing, which is why we’re working to support our customers to provide a range of solutions that can improve the sustainability – and appeal – of any new build whatever its function.

We’re calling for all new roofs, wherever possible, to be fitted with at least one of the following: a green or wild roof to enhance an area’s biodiversity, a blue roof to manage rainfall, or a solar or bio-solar green roof to generate clean energy.

As of June 2022, the government mandated for all new builds with the requirement of associated parking to have electric vehicle charging infrastructure installed during construction. However, there is currently no obligation to choose an alternative eco element if parking is not required.

For example, designers and owners can reduce the need for artificial cooling in hot weather and reduce the energy requirements for the building’s lifetime by factoring even just a single green roof into a development. So the question is, how quickly can we get to a future where every new building has at least one sustainable element incorporated into its design?”

Langley’s calls, if acted upon, would see the UK fall more closely

in line with other European countries which have already introduced new laws to ensure future building becomes an eco-orientated opportunity.

Germany has already mandated that from 2023 onwards, solar panels must be installed on all new buildings and recently, France created a new law to ensure every car park would see a solar roof added.

Why now is the right time to legislate for eco roofing –in all new buildings
Langley New Build Expert, Simon Griffiths

The appetite for these changes has well and truly arrived and with continued take-up and innovation, we will continue to see lower price points and greater accessibility.

Meet the Langley New Build Expert, Simon Griffiths

The opportunity to join the Langley team followed over two decades in the construction industry. During this time, I was exposed to numerous roles and experiences which introduced me to roofing specialisms ranging from roof glazing to roof waterproofing and the exciting world of offsite construction (MMC). Working with experts in your field is what everyone wants. I found that here. I also knew Langley was an organisation that would enable me to lean into my interest in the technical detail of roofing whilst developing solid and long-lasting relationships with various key stakeholders in the construction industry. All this is possible by offering a full suite of the latest, high-quality, sustainable solutions supplied by The Langley Group.

I’m now responsible for managing the new build team nationally to deliver new build roofing projects at Langley. I will work closely with clients, housing

associations, local authorities, specifiers, main contractors and roofing sub-contractors in various market sectors. Our work covers everything from waterproofing solutions, green and blue roofs, biosolar and rooftop development, all delivered working closely with our in-house Eco-Solutions and Langley Structures teams. Langley’s corporate culture and desire to do good in the world are the key to their success. It’s an approach which makes for an incredibly open, collaborative, and innovative atmosphere.

Our ambition is to continue building our team and delivering incredible results for our new build clients as they tackle the decade’s economic and Net Zero challenges. Simon will apply his vast experience and passion for technical detail to guide and drive the delivery of new build roofing projects at Langley.

For more information please visit our website:

February 2023


The original and still the best, Magicman supply on-site sustainable repair and refurbishment technicians who deliver on time, every time. Fully certified with every commercial accreditation. Comprehensively insured, monitored and audited. Available nationwide. Is it any wonder that over 300 companies and organisations trust and rely on us?

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Leading With BIM

Whilst design is certainly an element of BIM, collaboration is a key element, from inception through to completion of a project, and beyond. Collaboration across the design team, particularly at the early design stages both reduces risk and maximises value. A detailed BIM design forms a ‘single source of truth’ which de-risks the entire construction programme.

According to MacLeamy (2004) who plotted a simple graph of project time and project effort, it can be seen that the influence on the project design is high at the early design stages, whilst project changes further down the project timeline entails more effort and cost. MacLeamy argued that completing the design earlier in the construction programme reduced risk and cost by negating

design changes later in the programme. An early BIM model using high quality, virtual BIM objects assists final design sign off earlier in the construction cycle.

BIM has been with us for some years now, so it is far from a new concept, but helps us in developing new methodologies for construction, new methodologies which help us reduce carbon in construction. According to Transparency Market Research, in 2025 the Construction Industry will generate as much as 2.2 billion tons of waste annually which is about 50% of all global solid waste. The Construction Industry has to move from this linear construction process to a circular construction process where buildings can be deconstructed and rebuilt using some or all of the same parts, or materials

recycled back into buildings. A growing number of architectural practices globally are designing ‘temporary’ or ‘deconstructable’ buildings that fall into the circular construction methodology.

In the UK a recently completed project in London, the Forge, aspires to be the first commercial building constructed and operated in line with the UKGBC’s net zero definition and energy reduction targets. It comprises two new office buildings and a public courtyard. Located on Sumner Street, The Forge is a Landsec office development located just behind Tate Modern in London and utilising BIM at its core is one of the most innovative construction sites in London, pioneering several new construction methods fit for the decades ahead.

Breaking new ground, the project is be the world’s first large-scale office scheme built using a standardised “kit of parts”, in an approach known as ‘platform design for manufacture and assembly’ (P-DfMA), which

February 2023
Many people in the Construction Industry still believe that BIM is just a modern design tool, but BIM is much more than this.
by Wojciech Brożyna - MD of Aluprof UK
BIM cruciform arrangement of the Aluprof MB-SE120 used on the Forge The Forge - London

applies the advances made by the Manufacturing Industry to construction, this would not be possible without BIM. Aluprof are delighted to have been invited to take an early design role in developing a unitised facade system that meets the P-DfMA specification pioneered by architects and engineers Bryden Wood. Construction is led by Sir Robert McAlpine and Mace, working together in an innovative joint venture (JV) partnership.

Working with BIM essentially creates a 3D ‘digital twin’ of the building project and it doesn’t stop there. There are a further four ‘dimensions’ that are added, ‘4D’ Time, ‘5D’ Costs, ‘6D’ Sustainability and ‘7D’ Facilities Management. In effect, the BIM model carries all the data for the building, from the building programme through to eventual deconstruction. Any one element, such as the facade, falls into each of the dimensions of BIM, so the more detailed BIM models that can be obtained from suppliers, the greater efficiency is realised. Finally, automated construction would not be possible without BIM as some of our building methods become automated, built by, or checked by ‘robots’. Yes, this could be the dawn of the robotic ‘Clerk of Works’. During the construction phase of a building, robots are being utilised to laser scan and monitor what has

been built offering dimensional accuracy as well as monitoring the programme of works. This ‘real time’ analysis ensures that any potential problems are highlighted at very early stages, saving both cost and time.

With its acclaimed BIM Academy, Aluprof continues to pioneer innovative solutions in partnership with specifiers across the globe. With a huge library of models available to architects and engineers, Aluprof are constantly adding new models for standard and bespoke designs helping

clients and developers obtain efficient and sustainable buildings.

Aluprof UK are proud to supply facade systems to a wide range of new and refurbished construction projects across Great Britain and Ireland, with Head Offices in Altrincham in the North West and with an architectural specification support office in the Business Design Centre in London, the company has rapidly grown their specification influence in the UK with their high-performance architectural aluminium systems. Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view.

Further information is available on the company website at or direct from their UK head office in Altrincham on 0161 941 4005.

February 2023 05 The MacLeamy Curve
Typical BIM model showing fenestration arrangements

New CAP Framework highlights

UK construction is ready to embrace technology

It’s true to say the UK construction industry faces a tricky landscape to navigate. The ongoing threat of theft and vandalism remains very real, with the cost exceeding the 2020 figure of £800 million by the end of this year, as well as shouldering the financial burden of rising fuel and material costs.

But with margins already so tight in construction, we are increasingly aware that telematics is one of the sector’s go-to routes to combat the risk theft poses.

And there is another important change within the industry; the Connected and Autonomous Plant (CAP) - first of its kind scoring system. National Highways recently unveiled and demonstrated the new standardised scoring system, which is based on a machinery’s level of automation, at this year’s Futureworx event.

Visitors to the industry event received a first look at the CAP framework, which will offer clarity and a clear way to compare different types of machinery to suit different tasks – and which we believe will revolutionise decision-making in the industry.

It also highlights the growing acceptance of new technology and software as well as changing attitudes within the sector. The CAP

introduction is one element of a wider process when it comes to turning data into information and information into decisions in construction and heavy plant.

Information allows for better decision making

Plant and construction machinery tracking, via telematics, is something the sector is already familiar with. Its use has been somewhat one-dimensional until recentlysuccessfully to combat high theft rates, aid recovery post theft and to increase visibility of machinery usage and tool location.

However, the capabilities of telematics solutions such as ABAX has become complex with in-built machinery tracking leading to sites no longer having to juggle different types of brand-specific tracking software at any given time.

When used and utilised efficiently, tracking has huge potential, not only in reducing thefts but in helping

to monitor fuel consumption and machinery usage.

But as with any tool, it needs to be time efficient, as well as holistic to be of value. A good starting point is to consider what information the construction industry needs to collate to generate impactful outcomes.

For example:

• Information to run businesses more efficiently when it comes to the location of assets and their usage.

• Job specific requirements, such as evidence that operating hours are being adhered to.

• Financial considerations when it comes to payroll, accurate timesheets and staff working hours across multiple sites.

• Inventory management to proactively ensure each team is equipped with the right tools and plant before setting off to a job to minimise travel time and fuel costs.

• Legislative obligations, such as CO2 or SECR reporting.

The National Highways’ new CAP system reinforces the need to observe, understand, decide and act –but this volume of information cannot be gathered without the right software solution.

Multiple systems for mixed fleets can be a drain on resources

If your fleet consists of one piece of plant or machinery or multiple pieces from one OEM – you have a smooth ride ahead. However, in reality, most construction or plant hire companies are operating mixed OEM fleets. And while each piece has its own fantastic software solution, a mixed fleet means that you are required to use multiple systems, logins, passwords, as well as the time and resource to collate the data from each system and find a unified way to report and analyse the information.

That’s not to say there isn’t a consistent standard across these systems – but what happens if you have machines that aren’t covered by the ISO data

February 2023

standard, or other assets such as vehicles and tools? We refer to this as asset compatibility.

True and full visibility over mixed OEM fleets can impact your bottom line

Construction firms can often run into difficulties over asset location, particularly when operating fleets that include vehicles, plant and tools. Logistical challenges arise over staff delivering or collecting items, arriving on site with the right tools and equipment, quickly locating and collecting misplaced tools across sites.

Today, asset tracking is not only a good idea, but business critical. It saves the cost of replacing lost tools and time for searching, additional travelling to depots or merchants, and project delays.

With asset compatibility and asset location in mind, we created ABAX Smart Connect. This is a software solution that provides businesses with full control over a mixed OEM fleet, all while reducing risk and increasing efficiency – and importantly, being incredibly user friendly.

ABAX Smart Connect complies with ISO 15143, connecting data across your ENTIRE fleet from assets both with and without OEM connectivity. This includes all types of plant and machinery, vehicles and tools, to give you instant access to a sustainable, consistent format that allows for easy analysis.

All of this happens in one platform with one interface, one log in and one set of reports that pull together

information that covers a range of information points.

With all the data you need in one platform you can easily see fuel consumption, spotting potential costdrainers like unnecessarily idling machinery.

On average, ABAX tracking solutions save users 18.5 per cent on fuel costs alone. Staff punctuality can also be improved, saving you admin time and costs of overclaimed timesheets. Finally, plant and machinery usage can be monitored too, so you can quickly identify issues and keep an eye on servicing and maintenance intervals.

Rapid plant hire visibility

Plant hire businesses can benefit hugely from the technology, gaining greater visibility over an entire fleet while also being able to confirm details of plant and machinery for customers – saving countless admin hours.

This greater visibility also ensures that the high-value plant fleet is all where it should be, and when, helping to reduce theft. Telematics is one of the sector’s go-to routes to combat the risk theft poses – particularly with margins already so tight in hire & rental.

GPS tracking devices brings live positional updates every 60 seconds and are available 24/7, with customisable geofences and usage reports also to hand, allowing

construction sites and plant hire companies complete visibility of assets.

Finally, companies can use the software for accurate usage logs for invoicing and maximising the value of each asset while on hire.

Realising the full potential of telematics – with just one screen

Imagine trying to track plant and machinery in a theft situation across multiple platforms. Not only does is become a lot to juggle, but there is a greater chance that some misplaced or stolen items could remain untracked – leading to financial loss.

This is where Smart Connect brings huge benefit to sites and companies managing multiple brands of plant and machinery. The in-built telematics technology can still be utilised, but Smart Connect can save time and reduce any risk of error by pulling all the vital data needed to have visibility over the entire fleet in one platform.

By harnessing technology to do the ‘heavy lifting’ of tracking, monitoring and reporting on ALL of your assets with the right information, companies are more equipped to meet business needs such as improved efficiency as well as contractual and regularity obligations.

The power of telematics is critical for many businesses as margins remain tight in the current climate.

If you’re looking for a solution that will save admin time, simplify plant and machinery tracking and help you realise the full potential telematics can bring – from cost-savings through to reduced fuel consumption, to better visibility of equipment to combat the risk of theft – then a solution like Smart Connect could be perfect for your business.

February 2023
Search for ABAX Smart Connect or call ABAX UK on 01733 698888 to book in a demo today. 07

Top performing CaberMDF Pro and Pro MR from West Fraser

February 2023

Due to their construction and smooth surfaces, CaberMDF Pro and Pro MR are ideal for use where intricate detailing is required; plus, the boards are ideally suited to machining and surface finishing, as well as being able to accept high quality paint finishes. Both are easy to saw, drill and rout cleanly without chipping or splintering. Therefore, elaborate detailing is possible, while for the most artistic of interior designers, developers or builders, the boards will even accept foils and ornate veneers.

The versatile panels are suited to shop fitting, general purpose joinery and furniture making, as well as wall panelling, architectural mouldings, and the production of doors. They are also frequently specified for exhibition stands, staircases and even fire surrounds, as well as in public buildings, banks and hotels.

Then in terms of the product designation, the MR refers to the moisture resisting treatment and conditioning given to the CaberMDF Pro MR boards during their production, making them suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms or other situations where the environment is prone to high humidity.

Ruggedness as well as accuracy of manufacture is also enhanced by the industrial grade’s superior screw and fastener holding over other types of panel product, thanks to the board’s carefully selected, high quality fibres and internal bond strength.

At 1220mm wide, both boards are available in lengths of 2440 or 3050mm; and in thicknesses of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 30mm. For CaberMDF Pro, extra options include sizes of 1525 and 1830mm, plus 2745 x 1220mm with the longest board measuring 3660 x 1220 mm.

For peace of mind, the boards also conform to European E1 emission standard, comply with BS EN 622: Parts 1 and 5, and carry the CE mark.

To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

February 2023 09
Both CaberMDF Pro and CaberMDF Pro MR from timber product specialist, West Fraser, are premium grade Medium Density Fibreboards developed for interior joinery: their uniform consistency offering all the benefits of timber, but without the natural defects.

Titon Adds Roto Range to Increase Its Offering for Aluminium

Titon already has a large choice of products designed specifically for aluminium and has now supplemented their range with the addition of Roto products.

Roto product ranges are synonymous with high performance and technical advances. These additions complement Titon’s existing window and door hardware offering, and creates a wider selection for Titon’s customers in the UK market.

In particular, Roto’s AL Designo range is the elegant, fully concealed hardware for large and heavy aluminium windows up to 180 kg sash weight. It meets the most

stringent demands of planners and architects with regard to perfect appearance, functionality and ease of fabrication. The top model is of a design based on the proven Roto modular principle and can be integrated into almost all UK profile systems.

Commenting on the range addition Tyson Anderson, Titon’s Sales and Marketing Director said; “Given the continued interest in aluminium windows and doors throughout the commercial and domestic markets alike, customers are looking for high quality and technically sound hardware products and the Roto AL Designo range perfectly addresses this need. Not only that, we now

have access to the full range of Roto products which will interest our customer across all market sectors.”

“Roto has been successfully producing quality window hardware for many years,” continues Tyson. “As an established brand ourselves, we are delighted to be able to offer the Roto product range from a company with such a well-respected business boasting a long heritage.”

For more information about Titon and to have access to the full Roto product range, please visit:

February 2023
With aluminium windows and doors rapidly growing in popularity, Titon continues to experience high demand for hardware in this sector.

Why innovation is driving the future of the construction industry

Mark Royse, Head of Sales at Mecalac Construction Equipment UK, discusses the latest industry growth figures and explains why the future of compact equipment design and manufacture will be widely driven by efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

According to recent statistics from the Construction Products Association (CPA), sector output is predicted to fall across the board by 3.9% in 2023. Spending decisions and infrastructure projects are being put on hold as the looming threat of economic recession continues to make its mark, while the lingering effect of the ‘mini budget’ and widespread political uncertainty are proving significant barriers to investment.

Consequently, commercial output will fall by 5%, while increasing mortgage rates will see the private housing market retract by 9%. October’s State of Trade Survey found that construction product sales are falling fast, with total output from the sector reported to be at its lowest point since January 2021. It may seem obvious, but there are challenging times ahead for the UK construction industry.

Visions of a brighter future

The picture is certainly mixed, but it must be said that the situation won’t last forever. The sector is not only renowned for its robustness and resilience, but also its commitment to collaboration and cooperation.

Doing more with less, streamlining efficiencies and maximising productivity will all continue to prove essential for businesses operating across the supply chain. These themes will define the sector for the foreseeable future, alongside legislative pressure to improve worksite safety and the requirement to decarbonise both machinery and materials.

At Mecalac, we’re investing heavily to support the industry – responding quickly to the changing needs of construction professionals and working in close partnership to co-create pioneering solutions. Indeed, we continue to innovate, expanding our portfolio of futureproof equipment to help deliver some of the world’s most ground-breaking projects.

From developing new products designed to streamline the number of machines needed on site at any one time, to establishing first-to-market technologies that maximise productivity efficiencies, we’re renowned for pushing the boundaries of capability and challenging the status quo.

At the 2022 BAUMA exhibition, we revealed some of our latest and most game-changing product innovations – each of which are set to hit the market in 2023. Designed with

productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability in mind, we believe that they will prove invaluable to construction professionals both in the UK and worldwide.

Redefining the industry with REVOTRUCK

A unique engineering feat that seamlessly combines a revolving cabbed dumper with off-road trucking capabilities, REVOTRUCK makes material transport smarter and safer than ever before. Thanks to its unique chassis and central oscillation, operators can safely receive a load before rotating the entire cab at the touch of a button to face the direction of travel with no visual obstructions.

A solution shared by no other manufacturer, REVOTRUCK aims to revolutionise operator safety and make rotating dumpers commonplace on worksites. With a sleek, stylish

Plant & Machines February 2023

design and state-of-the-art in-cab technology, it’s a real game-changer for construction professionals worldwide.

While some products in the past, such as reversible site dumpers (which only feature rotating driver platforms not the cab), have attempted to achieve the same effect, industry research suggests that the cumbersome process means operators often tend to stay in the same position and ignore the option. After all, turning the heavy consoles can be time consuming and painful in a tight cab environment. What’s more, with just the internal console reversing, mirrors and doors are rarely in the right position, making the machines no better from a health and safety perspective than more traditional forward or swivel-tip dumpers.

Setting the standards in safety, visibility, accessibility, ergonomics, mobility and stability, REVOTRUCK aims to buck this trend. Its 360° view ensures complete visibility in all directions, reducing downtime for tricky manoeuvres and drastically lowering the chance of accidents. Combining the best of both worlds, REVOTRUCK is a rear dump truck when carrying materials and a highly manoeuvrable site dumper when loading and unloading.

Thanks to its unique design, operators benefit from unrestricted access to all four corners of the cab. This means you can enter and exit the machine quickly and easily, regardless of the position of the operator station.

But while the design itself is truly revolutionary, so is the technology behind it. Rather than a manual process, the cab can be easily repositioned via a multidirectional joystick.

What’s more, thanks to intelligent design, REVOTRUCK automatically adjusts its behaviour depending on cab position. Automatically switching gears and wheel steering, this means that operators don’t need to worry about switching into reverse or mirror steering when travelling backwards.

Offering an agile solution, perfect for even the tightest sites, operators benefit from three steering modes (2-wheel, 4-wheel and 4-wheel crab), as well as the tightest turning radius on the market. With two load capacity options – a six-tonne and nine-tonne variant – REVOTRUCK is powered by a Stage V-compliant 74hp Perkins turbocharged engine, delivering 380Nm torque @ 1,380rpm and featuring a DOC and DPF as standard to minimise environmental impact.

An electrifying ambition

In 2018, we unveiled the revolutionary e12 concept – our first electric excavator and a clear representation of our ambitions to prioritise alternative fuels. While other manufacturers were dipping their toe in the water, we wanted to demonstrate the real-world potential of an electric powertrain.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including urban building sites and infrastructure projects, the 11-tonne e12 was the first mediumsized compact excavator to really embrace electrification. But while the e12 gave an insight into our vision and appreciation for alternative fuels, we were keen not to rush full production, with infrastructure at the time unable to keep up with engineering advances.

Four years later, however, the world has transitioned far further towards electrification. At BAUMA,

we presented the sector’s first zeroemissions range of medium-sized compact equipment. Comprising the e12 excavator, a 1,000-litre swing loader (the es1000) and a revolutionary six-tonne cabbed site dumper (the ed6), this new suite of models aims to change operator thinking. We’ve even created a solution to tackle the challenge of limited on-site power sources. M-Power – a 300kWh portable battery power supply – eliminates the requirement for traditional diesel generators and offers a lowcarbon charging option for our latest electric equipment.

This is not our finished line-up, it’s simply the beginning. However, it shows our intent for the future and aims to demonstrate the realworld viability of electric compact equipment.

Looking to the future

Although the industry continues to experience change, disruption and its own unique set of challenges, the opportunity for the future is significant. Investing in the latest equipment technology can help construction professionals to measurably improve their efficiencies, productivity and capabilities. What’s more, they can decarbonise their fleets and significantly improve on-site safety.

Our latest product innovations have been developed with these requirements firmly in mind, offering a unique, class-leading solution to tackle challenges head-on.

For more information about Mecalac, or to find out more about the company’s latest range of compact construction equipment, visit

February 2023 Plant & Machines 13

Bobcat has expanded the company

Bobcat has expanded the company’s market-leading line-up of attachments with the launch of a new Heavy Duty Box Blade, aimed at both 2D and 3D grading applications. The new attachment offers a Plug & Play integrated solution, that can be installed on Bobcat loaders within a minute.

Suitable for use with most of the models in the Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader ranges, the new HD Box Blade attachment saves time and money while producing a more accurate and higher precision finish grade, even on tough jobsites. The fingertip controls and user-friendly display on the Bobcat loaders also guarantee ease of operation.

The HD Box Blade covers all applications – it can be used for rough grading or enhanced with Bobcat’s compatible laser guided control systems for precision grading. These high-tech systems help the operator maintain the same plane on the graded surface, leading to very high accuracy.

As a result, the new HD Box Blade can be used to level ground effortlessly in roadwork and construction, including creating bases for car parks or pavements. Engineered for maximum precision, no rework is needed while grading.

When it is set up for 3D applications, this new Bobcat solution is capable of grading complex designs on landscaping projects with either GPS or UTS guidance. This increases business opportunities and market share for contractors by increasing the range of projects they can bid and work on. Working in sync with a 3D grading system the HD Box Blade can work on golf courses, sports fields and other medium-large landscaping projects.

Wheels behind the cutting blade allow the operator to push material more efficiently and quickly. The wheels also enable operation in tight spaces while also improving travel and stability. The increased precision offered by the compact design and rear positioned casters allows grading to take place in corners, around pillars or next to walls. Additionally, the side edges are adjustable to the desired cut depth, maintaining a precise grade.

The dual-sided cutting blade allows the operator to push or pull material in either direction – operating in reverse covers tracks for a smooth finish. The blade can also be tilted by up to 20 cm to better manoeuvre the material loads and side angles.

With the HD Box Blade attachment, contractors can expand grading and levelling work as the system is perfect for sub-grading and other surface preparation jobs, saving costs for materials and labour. The adjustable articulation of the grade enables the operator to remain at peak efficiency. Even working on slopes has been made simple – filling in low spots is easier thanks to the wheels being mounted behind.

Bobcat has ensured that there is a high-quality standard of durability with its HD Box Blade. The dual-sided and replaceable cutting edge provides a long product life with its hardened steel, as well as its removable option. Optimized for Bobcat machines, this attachment gives more control while providing less ground disturbance and giving the robustness that customers have come to expect.

Plant & Machines February 2023

Increasing environmental responsibilities and sustainability targets are driving the construction industries ongoing needs for cost effective, easy to use solutions for dealing with wastewater onsite. Sites need quick replies, concise information, simple transactions and deliveries without hassle. For the past 9 years Kelly Tanks has enjoyed providing all of these whilst building a large customer base, expanding their team and facilities, and responding to customer demand with innovative new products year on year.

16 Plant & Machines February 2023

Mark, Kelly and team KT provide a selection of Water Treatment and Concrete Washout Solutions for hire or purchase. Their popularity and proven track record is a result of providing the kit you need, in the manner you want, at a price you’re happy with. Match this with their eager to please attitudes and above and beyond aftercare and its easy to see why their customers keep returning.


Various concrete washout solutions, to allow concrete trucks and equipment to be washed off safely onsite, including closed loop washwater recycling, washwater filtration sacks, pH correction, robust washout trays and skip washouts.


Self contained units or full systems to separate and treat wastewater and Water Quality Monitoring Systems including Settlement & lamella Tanks, flocculation and pH adjustment dosing, pH/TSS/ Turbidity remote monitoring, auto desludging.


Water Treatment Solutions for high alkaline hydrodemolition waste, used to retain solids and automatically correct pH.


Automated daily prevention for concrete drum build-up. Using recycled or fresh water the highly efficient electric driven pump combined with the water jets at the tip of the boom remove the days build up before it hardens. DrumBlaster Build-up Control Technology incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head allowing the mixer drum to remain stationary.


Tailor made solutions to suit all applications. Whether an idea or a full plan, we can accommodate. We can also tweak our existing products and/or have them sprayed in your corporate colours.


Complete onsite Water Management. Consultancy, Testing, Supply, Install and Maintenance.


• Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry

• Fast and Simple to Set up

• Small Footprint equipment available

• Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics

• Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment

• Reduce off-site disposal costs

• Reduce risk of pollution

• Easy to use equipment

Kelly Tanks take pride in the quality of their products and have a classy approach to customer service making them a real pleasure to deal with. If you weren’t able to experience their hospitality for yourself at Hillhead this year, you can catch them again at the Contamination Expo, Birmingham NEC in September. If you need anything in the meantime give them a call on 01889 508944, email or check out their website

February 2023 Plant & Machines 17

When it comes to moving tonnes per hour, Caterpillar reckons that its 40-tonne Cat 340 is top of the pile.

The new Cat 340 hydraulic excavator has a more powerful engine, wider track and more counterweight to increase productivity by 10% over the previous 2020 version, the 336.

“The 340 reaches a new level of performance,” says Brian Abbott, global product manager for large hydraulic excavators. “Our additions make the machine more productive and stable with larger work tools, giving contractors more flexibility to complete a wider range of projects.”

The new excavator’s reinforced structures add durability in harsh digging, truck loading, and hammer applications. Three engine modes match excavator power to the demands of the job while saving fuel. Power mode delivers maximum power to meet the most demanding tasks; Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions to lower fuel consumption; Eco mode reduces engine speed to a constant 1500 rpm to minimise fuel consumption.

Synchronized 1,000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals reduce downtime. The extended intervals also eliminate labour cost for nine oil and fuel filter changes and parts cost for 27 oil and fuel filters over 10,000 machine operating hours compared to many other machines of this size, Caterpillar says.

High-ambient temperature capability of 52oC, cold-start capability at -18oC and the ability to work at up to 4500 metres (14,764 ft) above sea level make the 340 suitable for virtually any environment, the manufacturer says. Auto hydraulic warmup in cold temperatures gets the machine to work faster and prolongs the life of components.

The air intake filter with pre-

cleaner has high dust capacity, and a high-efficiency hydraulic fan offers optional automatic reverse to keep cores free from debris.

A touchscreen monitor and jog dial offer quick navigation through machine controls and provide easy access to the machine’s digital operator’s manual. Keyless pushbutton start is standard, and Bluetooth® key fob is available. An Operator ID passcode allows for engine starting, and Operator ID can quickly save and restore joystick button, response, and pattern preferences for individual operators.

Optional Cat Stick Steer makes travel and turning much easier. A host of standard technologies – Cat Payload on-board weighing, Grade

Assist for maintaining grade, and 2D Grade with depth and slope indication – elevate operator efficiency and machine productivity.

All Cat Grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from leading technology suppliers. Operators can store up to four depth and slope offsets to quickly cut to grade without a grade checker. Auto Hammer Stop warns operators after 15 seconds of continuous firing and then shuts off the hammer after 30 seconds to prevent wear and tear. Auto Dig Boost and Auto Heavy Lift increase bucket penetration and lift capacity by 8%, and Lift Assist helps operators avoid tipping the machine.

Plant & Machines February 2023

West Fraser –Perfect For Your 2023 Panel Projects

Industry News February 2023 20

As the expert in innovative engineered wood panels for the UK construction and housebuilding market, we support our customer in lots of ways. Our popular downloadable checklist for housebuilders and interactive product guide proved invaluable in 2022; they are simple tools which ensure you are choosing the best panel product for your project.

You can download the checklist which will help in the selection of the perfect product from floor to roof. As you’ll see, the checklist is just one of many resources, available here , designed especially for the housebuilder.

The housebuilders’ page includes a fully interactive product guide to download, details of projects using our popular boards, answers to frequently asked questions, and samples and

brochures to order. A simple click on the tabs at the side of the guide opens up the chosen product, application or technical information page. Whatever the project, the easy-to-navigate guide makes choosing the right product simple. The guide contains all the information needed on panels in the SterlingOSB Zero, CaberFloor , and CaberMDF portfolios, including detailed technical product data and installation advice. In addition to this, our guide highlights different applications, including roofing, flooring, walling, timber frames, hoarding, shopfitting, and furniture among others such as moulding and packing.

If you prefer a paper copy of the guide, which also encompasses contact information for general enquiries and

technical expertise, you can request one here!

As you’d expect from the UK’s No 1 producer of engineered wood panels, we are committed to playing our part in reducing our emissions, and we are greener than you might think.  Our products are net carbon negative.  Find out more here.

All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation. Responsibly sourced, the panels are FSC-certified and created from locally grown timber, cutting embodied carbon from transportation.

For further information, call 01786 812 921.

February 2023 Industry News 21
It’s easy to select the perfect panel for your project with our panel samples, interactive product guide and downloadable checklist

Diggers at the ready as construction starts on Dundee site

VIP visit celebrates first ‘dig’ at specialist 66 home development

CONSTRUCTION work has started at a major housing project in Dundee which is set to bring 66 specialist homes to the area.

Senior figures from Blackwood including Julie McDowell, Blackwood Chair, will meet today (7 Dec) with John Alexander, SNP Leader of Dundee City Council, Dougie Herd, Joint Managing Director of Campion Homes and other key stakeholders at one of seven sites in Charleston, Dundee.

The visit will include a tour of the site, an insight into the technology included in the home through a tutorial in the ‘box house’ – a pop up show home encompassing a range of adaptable features such as rise and fall surfaces – as well as the chance to visit the proposed golf course.

Each home will be adaptable and include a range of benefits such as lift access, remotely controlled automated functions, and digital care and housing systems – all aimed at helping people to live as independently as possible.

Simon Fitzpatrick, Development & Commercial Director at Blackwood said: “These homes will be totally transformational for those who will move into them. For perspective, the number of homes is almost half of Dundee City Council’s total waiting list for adapted accommodation.

“The new development will further our ambitions to create a blueprint for independent living and influence how the sector will operate in the future.”

Industry News February 2023
L-R John Alexander, SNP leader of Dundee City Council, Julie McDowell, Blackwood chair, Fanchea Kelly, Chief Executive at Blackwood, Dougie Herd and Susan Jackson CleverCogs being used by Christine Morrison (3)

In what will be Blackwood’s biggest build project to date, the homes will help people to live healthier and happier for longer and are based on the award-winning Blackwood House model, which was developed in partnership with architects Lewis and Hickey.

Earlier this year, Blackwood appointed Fife-based Campion Homes to lead on the £17.5m housing project, with work expected to last 18 months. When construction is complete, the allocation of the properties will be divided between people identified as priorities by Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership, Dundee City Council and Blackwood.

Mr Fitzpatrick continued: “There is an abundance of people that would seriously benefit from more widely available adaptable and specialist housing options, so it is really exciting to see work begin on the seven sites.

“We’re focused on improving access to accessible and adaptable homes around Scotland making this new milestone a very proud moment for everyone at Blackwood.”

It’s the latest milestone in a string of people-led initiatives by Blackwood including the Peoplehood project which has seen huge investment into Charleston already, with the area being one of three Scottish neighbourhoods chosen to benefit from the trial model for independent living.

The 66 homes will be built on sites in Liff Place, Gourdie Place, Gourdie Crescent, Charleston Rod, Invercraig Road and Buttar’s Road and includes 50 two-bedroom flats, 14 four-bed homes and two fivebed houses.

Blackwood’s homes are setting a new standard for accessible, connected and affordable housing that can adapt to tenants’ future needs. They feature Blackwood’s CleverCogs technology which is personalised and links users to care and health services, home automation, local information, entertainment, and video access to family and friends.

Blackwood has earned a reputation as an industry leader which uses cutting-edge technology to help its customers to live independently. Its Blackwood House design guide is the gold standard for accessible housing to support independent living in Scotland.

The Peoplehood project sees participants benefitting from free tablet computers and WiFi access, while also delivering e-bikes, electric cars and a host of equipment and activities within communities, all according to local demand.

February 2023 Industry News 23
Simon Fitzpatrick, Development & Commercial Director at Blackwood

Promotion for Keylite’s John Logue

Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite), part of The Keystone Group, has promoted long-standing Area Sales Manager John Logue to Business Manager (Flat Roof Systems) for the UK and Ireland.

John has been with Keylite for six years, building up customer relationships as an ASM covering Scotland, Cumbria and Lancashire. In 2019, John was made Sales & Specification Manager for these areas, and more recently, he was promoted to undertake the role of Business Manager (Flat Roof Systems) nationwide.

As part of his new remit, John has responsibility for developing Keylite’s range of Flat Roof Systems across all markets, providing support for architects, housebuilders, national contractors and roofing contractors on a daily basis.

John commented: “No day has been the same since I started my new role. From liaising with internal and external teams and helping support product development, to exploring current trends and visiting customers, I relish the variety.

“Anyone who knows me knows I am incredibly passionate about the Keylite brand and making tailored recommendations on the superb range of products that we offer, whether it’s providing technical advice for

healthcare and education settings, or legislation guidance for high rise apartment buildings.

“I feel very fortune to be part of a business like Keylite; the management team has helped me carve out this new role and develop it into what I think it should be. I’m very much looking forward to continuing to grow awareness of our Flat Roof Systems and work alongside Keylite’s experienced teams to support customers with their projects.”

Jim Blanthorne, Managing Director, added: “I am delighted that John will take on the role of Business Manager for Flat Roof Systems. John’s wealth of knowledge and ability to build strong relationships with his customers and colleagues has been a driving force behind his fantastic progression at Keylite. I look forward to supporting John in his new role and working with him to strengthen our offering of Flat Roof Systems to customers.”

For more information on Keylite Roof Windows and its expansive product range, please visit, download the product brochure, call 01283 200 158 or email

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation February 2023 24
Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury 1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

All Under One Roof - Langley announces complete business transformation

We’re restructuring our business to serve our customers better.

The Langley Group, which has operated under the Langley name since the 1960s, has brought our core offerings under one roof as we invest in our mission to deliver the most innovative, future-proofed roofscape solutions for the built environment that have a lasting, positive impact.

By restructuring the business, Langley will provide a much broader, convenient and effective customer experience across its diverse offerings which span design, supply, build, maintenance and training.

The Group will now operate three core business units: Roofing Solutions, Eco Solutions and Regeneration to deliver holistic and integrated roofing, greeninfrastructure and rooftop development and extension services designed to help customers successfully meet the challenges of climate change while also addressing societal pressures –including the cost-of-living crisis, lack of affordable housing and limited access to green space.

Langley Roofing Solutions and Langley Regeneration will be headed up by Managing Director Dean Wincott.

Langley Roofing Solutions delivers high-performance, compliant and sustainable waterproofing, and safety systems for refurbishment and new build developments across the public and private sectors.

Langley Regeneration provides expert feasibility, design, planning and installation of rooftop developments, helping customers to capitalise on the roof-space above existing buildings to create much needed new housing and contributing to estate regeneration.

Langley Eco Solutions leads the way in green-infrastructure and design, including sustainable roofing, water management, solar energy, decarbonisation and biodiversity. The business unit, led by Managing  Director Mike Brogan, provides green, blue and bio-solar roofs, green walls and podium landscaping.

Tony Silvestri will remain Group CEO for Langley and commented on the business’ transformation: “Langley has been through a transformational period of growth in recent years and I’m incredibly proud to share the future vision and structure of the business with our customers, colleagues and partners as we enter a new era.

“We’re committed to our vision of For Better Living, innovating in everything we do, improving the lives of everyone we work with and having a positive impact on the world around us.

“By bringing the vast expertise, knowledge and specialisms across our teams under one roof, we will be even better equipped to deliver greater sustainability and social and economic value for every Langley customer.

We’re excited to continue working closely with our partners across all sectors to rise to the challenge of creating an environment that is healthier, safer and greener for everyone.”

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation February 2023

Need a complete roof system?

We’ve got you covered.

SterlingOSB Zero offers all-round performance for Smart Spaces Surrey

A Surrey-based business specialising in the design and installation of modular garden rooms and home offices has based its manufacturing process around the performance benefits of West Fraser’s fullycertified SterlingOSB Zero T&G panels, helping it to offer clients high insulation standards, durability and value for money.

Established in 2015, Smart Spaces Surrey has up to four crews out on site installing the prefabricated buildings which are produced at its premises in Camberley.  The company’s customer base stretches from the South Coast across Hampshire and Surrey, Berkshire and Greater London.

In order to speed-up the build process and deliver high insulation values, Smart Spaces Surrey has its own SIPs or Structurally Insulated Panel press where two sheets of 12mm SterlingOSB Zero T&G are injected with breathable PU foam to create a 97mm thick sandwich.  Plastic spacers are used to leave a 50mm rebate right around each panel, which is filled by an interlocking strip of the foam as the pods are assembled on site.

In most instances, the floor structure features more of the SIPs fixed across a timber frame, supported by screw piles, and then the roof uses 18mm SterlingOSB Zero in a more traditional build-up to ensure good airflow and avoid condensation.

The company’s founder, Shade, says: “We specialise in bespoke rooms which are prefabricated in our workshop. We use a construction of SIP, which is a high-end insulation and structural timber by prebuilding it in our workshop. This enables us to cut down the build time by more than half. We do

all the cutting in the workshop so when it arrives on site, within seven days we can have it painted and finished.  We installed close to 200 pods last year and use SterlingOSB Zero for the floors, walls and roofs to all of them.  We originally chose it because of its net carbon negative credentials and find it very good to work with as well.  The largest one we’ve created was L-shaped and had a floor area of 60 square metres.”

Available in thicknesses of 18 and 22mm, the 2400mm length boards come in widths of 625 and 1200mm. They are strong enough to meet most loadbearing applications, are BBA approved and recognized by NHBC Technical and Zurich Municipal standards for housing applications.  SterlingOSB Zero T&G also bears

the coveted UKTFA Q-mark, a quality certification which provides a benchmark for manufacturers, and offers confidence to designers and end-users across the UK.

To find out more about West Fraser’s UK manufactured products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

For further information on Smart Spaces Surrey call 0333 2248214 or visit

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation February 2023

Earthborn announce their colour of 2023 Lady Bug

If you’re looking to bring warmth and sophistication into your home, look no further than Earthborn’s Colour of the Year 2023, Lady Bug - a rich, jewel-toned burgundy.

This elegantly striking shade envelops spaces with opulent colour, aligning perfectly with interior design and home décor styles for the year ahead.

As we enter the new year, interiors are moving away from the ever-popular soft neutrals and leaning towards cocooning colour and statement spaces. Lady Bug’s sumptuous and earthy undertone offers a plethora of palette options, acting as a wonderfully rich base to both delicate and daring shades. A dramatic yet cosy hue, Lady Bug adds endless warmth and timeless style to both contemporary and traditional homes alike.

Laura North, Interior Stylist for Earthborn, explains: “Rich, natural hues are set to take over the interiors world - perhaps it’s a need for comfort with their cocooning effect. Lady Bug is a beautiful earthy burgundy with brown undertones, and it’s surprisingly adaptable - pair with a soft pink for a romantic feel, or go bold and playful with similarly saturated hues.”

Paints & Sealants February 2023

CT1 – Introduces the Brand New Recyclable

Eco Cartridge!

Leading the Industry Change for Environmental Improvement!


the UK’s Number 1 sealant and Adhesive is manufactured in Britain, with British Design and award-winning British Technology. Leaders in research and development, the company was the first to bring a Hybrid Polymer to market 20 years ago and has proudly introduced the revolutionary and environmentally complaint Tribrid® sealant and adhesive technology with explo -

CT1 is now leading the change for environmental improvements within the industry and is proactively taking the initiative to develop both recycled and 100% recyclable packaging for its full range of colours.

Creating long term sustainable solutions is at the very core of our products, service and relationships. We don’t simply have customers or suppliers, we build partnerships, growing together for long term mutual benefits. There is no greater benefit than a better environment for everyone.

CT1 Introduces Revolutionary New Eco-Compliant Cartridges!

CT1 is again leading the market once more with the introduction of its new Eco-Compliant Cartridges. This game changing packaging technology is manufactured from 80% recycled content and is totally 100% recyclable.

How Will You Notice the Difference?

CT1’s revolutionary Tribrid® Sealant and Adhesive formulation will now be supplied in a distinctive ‘all black’ cartridge that both encapsulates and emulates the company’s display branding and instore stands. So, it doesn’t matter if its CT1 Clear, White, Grey, Brown or Black, every one of CT1’s range will soon be available to you in these game-changing 100% recyclable eco-compliant cartridges!

Never has our environment mattered more for our future, and CT1 is leading the change for improvement, better sustainability and waste reduction. Not only is it a technologically unique and universal sealant and adhesive that already reduces the number of separate products needed for different construction jobs, but it is also now supplied in a 100% recyclable cartridge.

CT1 is the Most Cost-Effective Choice!

CT1 continually invests in the best, always delivering new technological and environmental improvements that provide huge performance and financial benefits for customers. And customers love it because they can replace several different products into just one cartridge, saving time and money, reducing waste while providing CT1’s outstanding bonding performance and perfect sealing solutions every time.

Exclusive Partnership with Ritter GmbH

Further Embeds

‘Design for Recycling’ into our Processes

In an exclusive collaboration CT1, the leading provider of Tribrid® polymer sealants and adhesives in the UK, will unite in partnership with Ritter GmbH, the most advanced producer of plastic cartridges from recycled raw material, to provide Britain’s trades with the best products in the most environmentally friendly, ecological complaint cartridges available.

CT1 is the Safest and Strongest Choice!

CT1 is already the most sustainably minded manufacturer and supplier of sealant and construction adhesive in the UK, and this partnership further strengthens ‘design for recycling’ and creating long term solutions for customers into our production processes.

Paints & Sealants February 2023 32

CT1 contains no solvents nor isocyanates, is almost odourless and releases no vapours nor harmful toxins. It’s also 350% stronger with superior elongation, secured colour retention and enhanced performance even in the harshest outdoor applications. It can be used both internally and externally to bond and seal almost every building material in most applications, including under water.

That’s why CT1 is the number 1 product of choice for trades in every sector of the industry including roofing contractors, joiners, window suppliers, kitchen fitters, bathroom installers, as well as specialist fit out and building companies.

CT1 is the Environmentally Compliant Choice!

With over 25 accreditations already, we are committed to environmental sustainability. CT1 is the most ecologically advanced and environmentally compliant product on the market, making it the healthiest choice for home, landscaping and commercial projects, especially clinical and food preparation environments. CT1 is the only manufacturer to conform to U.E. Directives in relation to environmental builds in producing a 100% ecological compliant product. In fact, CT1 is the only product in the UK market with the highly prestigious NAAF Asthma and Allergy Association Approval Certificate as well as achieving the coveted GEV EMICODE® EC1 Plus for the lowest indoor emissions.

Since homes and buildings have become more passive and better insulated, studies have shown they have also become a breeding ground for harmful substances that cause allergies and asthma. CT1 has been rigorously tested and is scientifically proven to be the safest choice to reduce the risk of asthma and allergy attacks.

Furthermore, CT1 is also the safest choice for our pets and wildlife. As it contains no solvents and free from harmful substances CT1 is 100% eco-compliant, can even be applied under water while ensuring no detrimental impacts on ecological biodiversity, aquatic plants, animals or fish.

Join the Revolution!

We’re excited to launch CT1’s new Eco-Complaint cartridges, making even more environmental and ecological improvements and leading the change for more sustainable products and packaging that reduce construction waste and consumer cost while simultaneously helping to create a better future for all generations. CT1 Eco Cartridges are available now in all good builders’ merchants nationwide and online from

CT1 – Often Copied but Never Equalled!

We Innovate – Not Imitate!

February 2023 Paints & Sealants 33

Barrettine looking forward to the 2023 Painting and Decorating show

Barrettine who were launching new products at the P&D Show is already making plans to be at the Show next year.

“Last year’s Paint and Decorating show was excellent! Over the two days it was incredibly busy, we had quality discussions with both trade users and major retailers throughout. Live demonstrations were on show for our two market leading Paint removers, Peelaway the original poultice removal system capable of removing up to 32 layers of paint in one go and Paint Panther our super fast gel formula, great for removing metalised paints and it will remove 5 layers of paint or varnish in just 5 minutes.

There was also particular interest in our newly launched Armourflex Hardwax Oil which contains a blend of natural oils and waxes. It is suitable for protecting and enhancing the durability of all interior wood surfaces including hardwood, softwood, parquet and veneer and has excellent resistant to common stains. Armourflex Hardwax Oil has also been certified Food & Toy safe by EN 1186:2002 & EN71:3.

Finally, and just about to be released Barrrettine, Armourflex

UV Protection Oil containing a careful balance of UV absorbers and antioxidants, designed to capture the damaging UV rays from the sun and dissipate them safely as heat. In this way, the UV Protection Oil is able to defend the wood against greying and impart a subtle, enhanced warmth to its appearance, perfect for protecting exterior wood such as cladding.”

Paints & Sealants February 2023

Schöck Isokorb for iconic Nestlé factory site regeneration

No other UK product for concrete-to-steel applications satisfies the necessary load-bearing requirements, or meets the current and future thermal performance required by building standards (Part L), than the Schöck Isokorb structural thermal break T type SK. It is a complete system structural thermal break and is used widely on Block B, a collection of nine buildings which make up around a third of the 1400 hundred or so new properties at the Hayes Village development. This is an extensive regeneration programme in Hayes, West London and is built on the original site of the locally iconic

which dominated the area for some 80 years before production relocated to Derbyshire.

Nestlé Factory, Part of Block B. Image courtesy of Makower Architects The restored art deco main Nestle building adjacent to Block B

Hayes Village is situated along the Grand Union Canal, surrounded by nine acres of green space and includes play areas and allotments. Original features from the Nestlé factory, including one of the listed art deco style buildings, are carefully woven into the fabric of the new development and although all the buildings have distinct characteristics, the existing factory buildings have inspired the overall design. As a result, the nine buildings that make up Block B are broken up into a series of elements and layers, each of a different brick tone and although very different in character, have façades with common themes. As a counterpoint to the solid masonry walls which wrap the primary steel frame, the metalwork of the balconies is used as a feature to enrich the façades.

Minimising thermal bridging is critical

The entire project is built with sustainability in mind and minimising any risk of thermal bridging at the balcony detailing is critical for a number of reasons. Local heat loss will result in more energy being required to maintain the internal temperature of the building, while low internal surface temperatures in the area of any thermal bridge can cause condensation. This in turn is likely to result in structural integrity problems. Mould growth too is a possible risk, which in a residential situation can cause asthma and allergies. Incorporating the Schöck Isokorb T type SK minimises any chance of these outcomes, as it prevents the risk of thermal bridging between cantilevered steel constructions on reinforced concrete components.

A dependable and fully compliant product range

The Schöck Isokorb range of structural thermal break solutions is the largest in Europe and in the UK helps projects meet full compliance with the necessary Building Regulations (and the impending Future Homes Standard criteria where relevant). In addition to the Isokorb type used on this project, there are also solutions for concreteto-concrete, steel-to-steel, renovation projects – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. All products have the security of independent BBA Certification, which provides NHBC approval. The temperature factor requirement (fRSI) used to indicate condensation risk at localised junctions, which must be equal to, or greater than 0.75 for residential buildings, is also easily met by incorporating the Isokorb.

February 2023 Industry News 37 Contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or visit the website at for full details of the Isokorb range
Graphic of the T type SK in position
Health & Safety Update Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment FEBRUARY 2023
DEDICATED TO IMPROVING OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY STANDARDS Find out more 25-27 April 2023, NEC Birmingham UK Lead Media Partner:Co-located with: Partners:


February 2023

Health & Safety Update

Health & Safety Update focuses on the importance of safety within occupational and domestic environments – ensuring pro-activity rather than reactivity. We change attitudes towards Health & Safety measures, teaching our associates how to implement guidelines, prevent negligence, prevent injury and preventing the worst case scenario. Each magazine issue will cover recent case studies, articles, products, interviews and specialist equipment.

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment FEBRUARY 2023
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E: T: 01843 581364
Manager - Jake Page:
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Benzene gas is found in a wide range of applications, mostly being environmentally related such as petroleum and process industries. It is a liquid at room temperature but quickly turns vaporous in the atmosphere, meaning this can be highly prevalent in these industries. Benzene gas is very carcinogenic and is a mutagen, thus it is vital to implement a Benzene Gas Detector in applications where Benzene gas be present, including as a byproduct of your process. This is because very low levels of this gas could be detrimental to the health of personnel (just 1 parts per million). This article will delve into where benzene gas is found, the dangers associated with this substance. Also discussing IGDs detectably better Benzene Gas Detector solutions to help mitigate the risks of this gas.

Where will I find Benzene Gas?

Benzene is characterised as a colourless or light yellow liquid that evaporates quickly in the atmosphere. Its vapours are generally heavier than air, thus will sink into low-lying areas. This gas can be produced both naturally and by human processes, from smoking a cigarette to being found in volcanos. It is constantly present at safe levels in the air but can be produced in mass amounts in industry.

Benzene gas is most commonly found in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. This is because it is a natural part of crude oil and gasoline. Due to the processes performed, such as drilling and refining, a large amount of Benzene gas can quickly be released into the surrounding area. Therefore, it could easily drift into confined spaces and areas with a lot of foot traffic unnoticed. Quickly becoming a hazard to personnel. To mitigate this, a Benzene Gas Detector should be employed into the area to help control the amount released or alert to a hazard.

Additionally, portable Benzene Gas Detectors can be used in soil remediation and hazmat applications, as Benzene gas can be found for a number of reasons. Industrial accidents, improper disposals, leaks and spills of dangerous chemicals, oils and petrol’s can lead to an accidental release of a potentially high level of Benzene gas. This substance can be present from the moment of the spillage to months and years after. So, when hazmat teams visit these areas, they need to ensure their team aren’t put into any unnecessary danger. Therefore, a portable Benzene Gas Detector will be employed to help in mitigating these risks.

Moreover, Benzene gas can be found in a variety of other industries, including manufacturing and potentially construction. Thus, requiring the implementation of a Benzene Gas Detector. But why is Benzene gas so dangerous?

What are the risks associated with Benzene?

With a TWA of 1ppm over 8 hours, Benzene can quickly become a very dangerous substance to personnel. Ultimately causing a plethora of health issues.

People exposed to high levels of Benzene for a short amount of time can develop symptoms such as headaches, tremors, tiredness and nausea. This can also happen when ingesting Benzene or when exposed to your eyes, skin or lungs. Benzene is also highly carcinogenic and a mutagen, thus longterm exposure can cause leukaemia and various other cancers. In addition to excessive bleeding and circulatory issues. Therefore, even low exposure can be very dangerous.

It is a requirement under the UK COSHH standards to implement a mitigation technique based on the level of protection required. This is commonly in the form of a Benzene Gas Detector as this is the most effective way to mitigate Benzene exposure.

Detectably better Benzene Gas Detectors with IGD

IGD have recently partnered with mPower, allowing us to offer the NEO portable Benzene Gas Detector


The Benzene NEO comes with 10 easily replaceable Benzene filter tubes at no additional cost. This measuring in a range of 0.05-200ppm. Our Benzene Gas Detector offers the most accurate Benzene detection available on the market, easy cleanability and field serviceability. This revolutionary new product from mPower is more durable than any alternatives on the market. Equipped with a full range of approvals to ensure your competence in the product.

NEO Benzene Gas Detector

The NEO Benzene Gas Detector offers a 45 second sampling time compared to the market standard of 130 seconds: the fastest on the market! Offering a flow rate of 400cc/min compared to the market standard of 220cc/min. This feature is vital in industries such as oil and gas where every second counts. With a 35cm length (including the tube holder) the NEO Benzene Gas Detector provides clients with a smaller monitor size. This massively increases portability and ease of use.

This device also boasts an efficient pumping system, ensuring the tube doesn’t become overly saturated if used for a large period of time, whilst offering reliable sampling for up to 30 meters. Additionally, this Benzene Gas Detector comes equipped with a stainless steel cap and tube holder. Thus, ensuring your tube holder is safe from breaking in more dangerous environments. With 5x the datalogging capabilities compared to the market leader, this Benzene Gas Detector is the perfect device for detectably better Benzene detection.

IGDs aftercare team can provide all clients with a full demo, servicing and training on this Benzene Gas Detector. All from the UKs mPower approved distributor. This is backed by our century of expertise in gas detection, guaranteeing a detectably better gas detection experience. Our knowledgeable service team span across the UK and Ireland to ensure clients are cared for with IGD. Contact our team today to find out more about our Benzene Gas Detector range.



In Snickers Workwear’s ISO-compliant High-Vis clothing, fluorescent colours make you easier to see at dawn, dusk and during the day, while reflective stripes make it easier to see you in dim and dark conditions.

With a choice of garments in fluorescent yellow or orange, the latest additions to the Snickers Workwear High-Vis collection are partly made from bio-based Sorona® fabrics in which 37% of the fibres use renewable plant-based materials. In addition to offering a sustainable solution, Sorona® fabrics also provide superb colourfastness, long-lasting elasticity, and optimal comfort.

Snickers Workwear’s new winter High-vis collection includes Trousers, Tops and Jackets in classes 1, 2 and 3. They’re the stand-out choice for tradesmen and women in hazardous working environments with a diverse choice of functionality, comfort and hard-working durability for longer-lasting sustainability and wellbeing.

For more information on the Snickers Workwear Work High-Vis range, call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email

Being seen intstantly in dim or dark light conditions is a lifesaver – so stay visible to stay safe.
Focused on safety. No matter what job you do, it is our duty to protect you. Choose from our extensive line of personal protection equipment for the highest quality safety wear. +44 (0) 1635 254220 Cappture Pro™ Crossovr™ Legacy®

Government urged not to scrap Working at Height Regulations by the Scaffolding Association

The UK’s largest scaffolding trade association has called on the Government not to scrap or relax the Working at Height Regulations.

Following the news that the Government is planning on scrapping the Working at Height Regulations by the end of 2023, the Scaffolding Association has appealed to business secretary Grant Shapps to reconsider and rescue the regulations

According to reports the Government is poised to automatically scrap the Working at Height Regulations and over 2,400 other laws and regulations at the end of 2023 following the UK leaving the European Union.

The Revocation and Reform Bill which is currently being passed through Parliament seeks to remove EU-derived laws that remain on the UK statute book following Brexit.

In a letter to the Government Robert Candy, Chief Executive of the Scaffolding Association said; “This association fully supports WAHR and does not believe that they are burdensome or onerous for businesses to implement.

We are seeking urgent reassurance from ministers that the government does not intend to remove WAHR and that careful consideration will be given to ensure that any amendments do not inadvertently compromise the safety of workers within our sector and the wider construction industry.

As with all matters of importance to our members and the scaffolding and access industry, we have offered ministers our expertise and support and hope that they take the opportunity to understand the implications before they make any decisions”.

To advertise with Health & Safety Update get in touch with one of the team today 01843 581 364 Health & Safety Update
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