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Developers aim for zero carbon with the help of Ecodan

Developers have made their own commitment to zero-carbon homes, building their own concept homes that go beyond the government’s Future Homes Standard.

AtMitsubishi Electric we are working with major national and smaller regional developers, who are building homes for the private sector and social housing. Their appetite for heat pumps, and for Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan units, is immense.

In early 2020, Barratt Developments announced its commitment to building zero-carbon homes from 2030. The first phase in reaching this audacious target was through building a concept home for the future – The Zed House. They appreciate how climate change is the greatest challenge facing society and will affect how we will all live and work. Therefore, the Zed House project is in place to help create zero carbon and nature-friendly homes to minimise people’s carbon emissions.

The Zed House goes significantly beyond the Government’s Future Homes Standard, delivering a 125% reduction in carbon emissions. To help meet Barratt Development’s goal, they had to find a suitable, efficient, and cost-effective alternative heating solution that would minimise carbon emissions compared to traditional heating systems such as oil or LPG boilers.

The fossil fuel crisis is the biggest factor affecting home energy bills. Modern technologies such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan air source heat pumps are a perfect solution for the challenge Barratt Developments faced. Heat pumps are a modern alternative to traditional heating systems, helping to keep heating bills low and deliver reliable heating all year round. A 5kW Ecodan was installed to provide heat to the home via infrared radiators and heated skirting boards.

The Ecodan unit supplies the Zed House with the requirement of a comfortable indoor environment. With homes needing to be more efficient and emit less carbon, Ecodan air source heat pumps will help to reduce carbon emissions,

lower running costs, and offer reliable and sustainable heating and hot water all year round.

Being easy to install, the Ecodan unit met the requirements for the Zed House through the system being able to reduce CO2 emissions whilst also reducing running costs, helping to meet renewable energy targets. The unit works by harvesting energy from the outside air and converting it into heating and hot water that can comfortably meet the house’s requirements.

“Ecodan is fantastic energy and engineering, but it’s the cylinder as well, and that’s part of how Mitsubishi Electric has been helping to work with us. Because we deliver 18,000 plus homes, at some point, we’ll have to put in possibly 14,000 to 16,000 air source heat pumps, so we have robustly got to know what we’re doing, and Mitsubishi Electric is part of the partnership that we’re looking to do that,” said Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director at Barratt Developments Plc.

The Zed House, along with being an incredibly environmentally friendly home, will now comfortably receive low carbon emitting heat and hot water production for the future.

At Mitsubishi Electric we are proud to be part of a development to help create more low-carbon homes.

To find out more about The Zed House, listen to our Ep16 SaS podcast at

Mitsubishi Electric Residential Product Group Director Russell Dean with an Ecodan heat pump
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Top Building Awards

Rapidly growing into a global player in the architectural aluminium systems market, Aluprof recently held its fourth International Building of the Year awards in Warsaw. Of the fifteen projects put forward by Aluprof UK, Erskine House in Belfast won one of the top three International Awards from a total of sixty two shortlisted projects.

Tomasz Grela, CEO and President of the Management Board at ALUPROF SA said during his introduction at the awards ceremony: “All of the developments evaluated in the competition are top of the tree in terms of innovation and bespoke design solutions. The entries combine functionality, interesting aesthetics and, thanks to the use of green and low-emission products, support the idea of sustainable construction. That statement is confirmed by the fact that almost fifty of the buildings which got through to stage two of this year’s competition are BREEAM and LEED certified.”

Award winner Erskine House is a £17m development which sits prominently on Chichester Street, one of Belfast’s oldest and busiest thoroughfares. Offering 10,000 sqm of office accommodation above a ground floor retail space, the eight storey scheme comprises of limestone framed glazed screens over the lower levels, topped by a set-back two

storey glazed penthouse which provides panoramic views over the city. Aluprof systems used in the construction were fabricated and installed by Walsin Limited and consisted of Aluprof’s MBSR50N capped system and MBSR50N EFEKT capless structural glazing systems with Aluprof’s MB-86 doors. Initially designed speculatively, the building was selected by HMRC to become their new Regional Hub in Northern Ireland.

Prior to the awards ceremony, ALUPROF hosted the international Future Builders conference, where prominent architects from Poland and around the world discussed current trends with particular emphasis on the future of architecture, design, sustainable construction and modern city culture. Neil Pennel, Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions at Landsec in the UK was among the panellists invited to contribute their insights as a guest of Aluprof UK. During the panel discussion


entitled ‘Transforming Cities and Towns for the Twenty-first Century’, where the speaker list of eminent architects included João Rodrigues, Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys, Neil Pennell, Robert Schmitz, Alicja Kuczera, Mirosław Czarnik, Jacek Ewý, Ewa Kuryłowicz, Tomasz Konior and Bogdan Zaha from Zaha Hadid Architects, delegates were treated to a vision of what our cities of the future could be like.

Aluprof UK attended the conference and awards ceremony with a small team led by Managing Director Wojciech Brozyna, National Specification Manager, Jordan Kingman, London Projects Consultant, Jon Manning and Marketing Manager Omer Kanipak.

Accompanying the Aluprof UK team were Michael Burns and Ronan Watts from Todd Architects, who collected their award on the evening, along with guests from Bryden Wood, AWW Architects and Landsec.

With Head Offices in Altrincham in the North West and with architectural specification support office in the Business Design Centre in London, the company has rapidly grown their specification influence in the UK with their highperformance architectural aluminium systems. Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view.

Further information is available on the company’s website at or direct from their UK head office in Altrincham on 0161 941 4005.

December 2022 Editor’s Choice 05


We offer the installation of specialist bespoke sliding doors, bi-folding doors, glass roof structures, innovative frameless glazing systems, windows, frameless glass balustrades and glass window seats.

We also work closely with established manufacturers, offering both UK and Offshore designed systems.

Peace of mind

We have many years of experience in overcoming the technical difficulties involved in designing, manufacturing, and installing, a bespoke product. We are FENSA Registered, and Glass and Glazing Federation members and all our products come with a 10-year guarantee.

Our service

Before the project even starts, we are happy to undertake free design consultation and discuss our range of products.

Our bespoke glazing service means we can tailor specifically to the glazing required for each project.

Surveys and installations can be phased at no extra cost.

Through our full on-site survey, we will assist with any technical issues your builders, architects

or project manager may have. Together with this technical support we have in place, our fully trained Installers, and also the support we give our trade customers, this gives us the confidence to provide a great value for money package.

Whether your project is big or small, we can help you achieve your glazing vision; you dream it, we’ll deliver it!

Call us on 0208 997 2448, or email

Innovative vertical build increases living space by 22%

Built in Hertford in the 1990s, Network Homes’ Colebrook Court provided 14 onebed flats to the area for years, but local population growth prompted a need for larger, affordable family homes to deliver greater value to residents.

The purpose:

Built in Hertford in the 1990s, Network Homes’ Colebrook Court provided 14 one-bed flats to the area for years, but local population growth prompted a need for larger, affordable family homes to deliver greater value to residents.

United Living, appointed to redesign and remodel the building in line with regeneration in the wider neighbourhood, asked us to partner with them to find a way to increase the building’s size and tenancy potential without needing to acquire more land.

December 2022 08

Innocative and Modern Methods of Construction

Our solution:

Drawing on the team’s experience and know-how, we were able to conceptualise and build a rooftop development that added an extra storey to the building. Increasing the height made it possible to convert the building’s existing footprint into a space housing 11 larger properties – that were better suited to family living and that would be available on an affordable basis via rent or shared ownership.

The rooftop development was completed utilising innovative, modern methods of construction (MMC) techniques – including with the use of prefabricated steel cassettes.

The adoption of MMC also made it possible to work around the small footprint available on-site during construction itself, with a roof level loading bay created.

Beyond the roof itself, the full building underwent a complete overhaul. To support the new super structure, changes were made to party walls, stabilising the new floor and improving fire and acoustic separation in line with relevant Building Regulations.

In addition, a central lift was added to make accessibility possible for all residents, while the external

fabric was transformed to create an aesthetic more in keeping with the modern appearance of neighbouring apartment blocks.

The result:

Colebrook Court demonstrates the potential that older buildings possess to create modern, desirable homes given the right strategic counsel and expertise. Utilising MMC approaches and finding a solution to build up, not out, this individual project shows that it is in fact possible to both generate more space and boost an existing building’s longevity in a single project.

Through the work undertaken by our team, Network Homes has achieved its goal of elevating Colebrook Court while addressing demands locally for greater affordable housing; By expanding vertically, we were able to increase the building’s internal space by 22% without any additional land and the new mix of unit sizes and tenures has helped the housing provider to better meet the area’s needs.

Changing the external appearance of the building has not only injected value into an existing asset, but delivered social value to the wider community by enhancing the living environment and making the location far more desirable.

Added to which, the remodel will help to improve Colebrook Court’s overall sustainability. Now fitted with a flat roofing system, mounted with photovoltaic panels, the building will be able to passively generate renewable energy.

Crucially, the contemporary upgrade has ensured that its existence is sustainable both structurally, practically and aesthetically for the foreseeable future. We’re proud that it speaks to our central mission to provide the solutions and services that are designed for better living.

December 2022 09

Insulation manufacturer breaks new records as energy crisis drives DIY efficiency boom

The UK’s leading manufacturer of foil insulation products is supplying hundreds of thousands of rolls of insulation to major retailers as households hurry to cut their energy bills.


Insulation, a family-owned business based in Lincoln, is producing enough RadPack radiator reflectors to insulate 30,000 radiators per month, with Aldi, Wickes, Wilko, The Range, Yorkshire Trading Company and Travis Perkins each placing bumper orders for their range of DIY insulation.

Between October and January, the company will have supplied over 350,000 square metres of multipurpose insulation to retailers across the UK.

That’s enough to insulate more than 729,000 radiators, 63,800 shed roofs, 32,700 garage doors or line the lofts of 3,500 houses.

The extraordinary demand comes as households face energy costs that have risen 96% in a year to £2,500 per year on average. As a result, people are looking for low-cost ways to improve energy efficiency in their homes and cut heating costs.

As well as producing highperformance insulation that’s targeted to professional housebuilders, developers, architects and local authorities, the company also produces a range of affordable DIY products. These products, which include radiator reflectors, pipe wrap, multipurpose insulation, garage door and shed insulation kits, can be fitted in moments without specialist equipment.

December 2022

Managing director of SuperFOIL Insulation, Will Bown said: “Demand for DIY insulation products has gone through the roof. We’ve never known anything like this and we’re working as hard as we can to meet demand because our products will make a real difference in helping people to cut down on their heating bills.

“Last year, we were celebrating a record deal with Aldi when we became one of their Specialbuys for the first time. Now, we’re breaking records time and again as major retailers respond to consumer demand. We’re all looking for simple ways to improve energy efficiency and fitting radiator reflectors, insulating pipes and upgrading loft insulation are among the best things that a household can do.

“It is really sad that millions of people are facing such high energy bills this winter but we are really proud to be part of the solution, helping households to reduce their fuel dependency with products offering long term, highly sustainable solutions.

“This is why we’re investing heavily into our UK production plant so that we can keep up with demand whilst reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the amount of recycled content used to create our products.

“Our vision is to be net carbon positive (beyond net zero) and to have helped recycle the equivalent of one billion plastic bottles by 2030 so that we can have a truly positive impact on our environment and our local community.”

In addition to 30,000 RadPack radiator reflectors and 80,000 rolls of foil tape being available as an Aldi Specialbuy this week, SuperFOIL will supply a further 18,000 rolls of multipurpose wrap insulation as well as a further 40,000 rolls of tape and pipe wrap to the retailer in January.

Meanwhile, the company is supplying thousands of radiator and shed insulation kits to The Range as well as a variety of DIY targeted products to retailers such as Wilko and Yorkshire Training Company. SuperFOIL has also shipped three truckloads of insulation to Irish retailer, Woodies.

The surge in demand has enabled the company to create new jobs and invest in new equipment that will facilitate the scaling up of manufacturing even further, with new products and larger quantities produced in the UK. The company has also invested in sustainable practices which increase the amount of recycled materials in its products, cut transportation, reduce waste and offset carbon emissions.

The SuperFOIL range is made with 45% recycled content on average and all SuperFOIL products have been tested to the highest standards with the UK’s leading authorities. SuperFOIL products are fully BBA certified so you can trust that you’re buying the highest quality foil insulation on the market.

Visit for more information on SuperFOIL products.

December 2022 11

Howdens Depots Switch to Green, Renewable Energy

With over 750 UK depots, the majority of Howdens’ depot network has switched over to using energy that is generated in the UK from wind, solar or hydro (water) power. Previously, depot electricity emissions made up more than 10% of Howdens’ total business carbon footprint.

The move equates to a reduction of over 6,500 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of removing almost 1,500 cars from the roads.

Rob Black, Director of ESG, Howdens says: “Switching to green, renewable energy across the majority of our depot network is a great stride on our Road to Zero. It supports our vision to become the

UK’s leading sustainable kitchen and joinery business, and furthers our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment in all areas.”

The small proportion of the businesses’ depot network that has not switched to using renewable energy has their energy providers arranged directly by their landlords. However, as part of its ongoing strategy, Howdens is working with landlords to embrace and adopt green energy sources.

Earlier this year Howdens committed to set near- and longterm companywide emissions reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and in 2021 the business achieved carbon-neutral manufacturing at its sites in

Howden, Yorkshire and Runcorn in Cheshire in 2021. 100% of production waste at these sites is reused, recovered, or recycled, and 99% of depot waste avoids landfill.

To find out more about Howdens’ commitment to sustainability and its ‘Road to Zero’ plan visit

The UK’s number one trade kitchen and joinery supplier, Howdens, has moved closer towards its ambition of creating zero emissions by switching 96% of its depot network over to clean, renewable energy.

A fresh approach to green infrastructure

Weare all aware of the benefits well-designed green and blue infrastructure can bring, for example in enabling wellbeing by encouraging active travel, bringing communities together, and reducing loneliness, and also improving academic skills, concentration, and behaviour. The need for diverse public green space also needs to be considered, addressing any perceived physical, social, or cultural barriers early on.

The pressure on land for both new developments and in built-up areas is such that reducing the footprint of a scheme is a major factor in the design and delivery of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) – assemblies of components that intercept stormwater and slow its flow, before it reaches a final attenuation or infiltration point –without reducing the amount of land required for the scheme.

For specifiers, there are both legal, corporate, and economic reasons for finding better and more sustainable ways to manage surface water drainage on new developments. Therefore, the return on the developer’s investment in the land and, given that well-designed SuDS offer additional benefits of amenity and biodiversity, properties protected by SuDS can attract a higher premium. Indeed, some housebuilders have advertised the use of SuDS as a selling point.

Biodiversity Net Gain – by law

The new legislation regarding Biodiversity Net Gain requires developers of new schemes to show that they have increased biodiversity by a minimum of 10%. Coming into effect in 2023, it has helped focus attention on the need for planning for long-term biodiversity. Currently quite a blunt tool – with potentially very ‘biodiverse’ features not given the weighting we think they deserve – it will doubtless result in an improvement in the quality of the landscape. The emphasis on hedgerows and habitat creation gives the opportunity for supporting a wide range of insect and mammal life, and the resulting food chain increase.

Deciding which SuDS interventions to employ and how to combine them to create an effective solution is where collaborative working is key. Developers, local authorities, architects, landscape architects, drainage engineers and utility companies can complement one another by providing problem-solving skills, policy knowledge, creative flair, and site assessment.

SuDS systems can work on practically any scale; from ‘plot-level’ components like rainwater harvesting and green roofs to very large schemes that include several SuDS systems working together. The impressive regeneration scheme in the Grangetown area of Cardiff is an excellent example, and one that we are proud to have played a part in.

A nature-led approach

What options are available? Not all SuDS interventions have to be major. Small-scale features are possible with systems such as bioretention rain gardens, that capture and cleanse stormwater providing amenity and biodiversity to new and existing spaces. Modular systems can be used on a single plot, for example, as a ‘MicroSuDS’ solution, or combined to provide effective flood mitigation on highways or retrofitted into urban environments.

Often the ‘pipe to pond’ approach is used, however the pond could be disproportionately sized, or take up valuable developable land. As a method of intercepting runoff, using trees in ‘Tree Pit’ systems uses the soil they grow in to take up a lot of the strain. They significantly reduce the volume and velocity of water making its way through a SuDS ‘treatment train,’ so any attenuation point at the end of the train can be smaller, or take a different form from the typical pond or swale.

Using good quality tree planting, specifiers can honour their obligations to mitigate developments’ impact, planting into optimal underground environments to offset damage to the environment. Working with bespoke software tools such as i-Tree and CAVAT, specifiers can also assess the limits to which new planting can achieve the specific amount of net gain they require.

Putting nature at the core of a drainage design strategy is key to adding value to development projects. It is possible and costeffective to combine green and blue infrastructure, at the same time as getting additional biodiversity and saving money on drainage.

The solutions shouldn’t be restricted to holes in the ground. Trees and green infrastructure play an important role in addressing flood risk. All it takes is a bit of fresh, creative thinking and planning.

December 2022
Louise Page of GreenBlue Urban details how successful collaboration and implementation of multi-functional SuDS interventions can enable specifiers to maximise the benefits of public space in projects
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Monster Mesh

friendly and approachable nature, combined with expert design solutions tailored to individual needs means they have grown year on year, impressing customers with their quality of service.


The company specialises in the supply of large format print products, including custom designs for Heras fence covers, PVC & ACM hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, large scale scaffold wraps and more helping increase brand visibility in venues or construction projects. These products also have longevity, with the premium Heras fence cover proving popular for long projects as well as its potential for re-usability. Each is compatible to fit all brands of temporary fencing and include free delivery on fence covers.

Much of Monster Mesh’s business comes from business exhibitions, venues, festivals,

events and construction, with the later booming in 2021, despite the reduction in many other outdoor events.

Monster Mesh has been working incredibly hard to maintain their high results, going so far as having their record year in 2021.

This has been down to a number of factors, including a focus on brand strengthening and continual digital marketing efforts. The business has also added several new products to their site, generating more interest and a broader choice for customers.

The business has proved to be a popular choice for clients since its launch, due to their commitment to ‘good old fashioned’ personal customer service. This personal service means that clients can be confident in their decisions, having the ability to browse online before speaking directly to one of the team to discuss any particular requirements.

Founder of Monster Mesh, Mark McLennan is committed to maintaining this service with all construction products, complete with a team that are always happy to help advising and talking through options.

This commitment to service also includes free design and artwork for products, ensuring the highest quality products and personalisation.

We spoke to Mark who stated, “2021 was our busiest year ever despite restrictions and we have grown our customers in the construction sector considerably. It’s great to see the construction industry to boom and the sector is certainly doing its bit to move things forward. Our growth has been down to more customers with repeat business and recommendations, as well as increasing our focus on building the Monster Mesh brand and securing our place in the industry.”

December 2022 16
Established in 2018, Monster Mesh has worked in the event and construction branding sector since inception and is now an established marketleader in this field. 01709 432001 HAPPY TO HELP Our friendly team are always happy to take your call and offer advice on any of our products. We pride ourselves in our service CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE Our TRIPLE SERVICE OFFER is ha BIG UP YOUR BRAND Take a look at our superb range of high quality products online and then simply call or email us to place an order. We are always happy to help and advise. Ordering is simple FREE DESIGN & A R T W O R K 10% PRICE BEAT G U A R AN T E E FREE DELIVERY 5 - 7 DAYS WE WON’ T BE BEATEN ON PRICE NO ART WORK? NO PROBLEM.. DELIVERED DIRECT TO YOU large format displays at your event or work site. Monster Mesh can provide a Heras Fence Covers • Crowd Barrier Covers • Branded Debris Net ting Scaff old Banners • Banners • Hoardings • Flagpoles and Flags

Great Value Waterproof Safety Footwear from Toe Guard.

The timeless designs of Toe Guard safety shoes are complimented by their uncompromising focus on safety and wearer-wellbeing.

The new Toe Guard Wild Mid WR is a waterproof, metal free S3 safety boot made of PU coated, rip-stop leather upper. It has a wide fit for optimal comfort plus a reinforced toe area for extra safety.

The boot is designed with minimal seams in critical areas for longerlasting durability, while the waterproof membrane will keep your feet comfortably dry. It comes with a lightweight anti-slip rubber

outsole with soft nail protection that’s also heat and oil resistant with a certified ESD function.

Starting at the mid £30 mark and available from Snickers Workwear stockists, the Toe Guard range of safety shoes and boots is probably the best value for money footwear in the UK with features that keep them one step ahead of the competition to boot.

To get more information on Toe Guard Safety Footwear range, check out or you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or email

PPE December 2022
Toe Guard delivers great value for money as well comfort and protection – affordably.

The Snickers Workwear ‘Head to Toe’ Layering system.


get ‘head to toe’ functionality and protection with Snickers Workwear’s ergonomic base layers, insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layer clothing.

They not only allow craftsmen and craftswomen to quickly adjust to changing weather conditions, but also give them the opportunity to make sustainable choices about the clothes they wear on site.

This winter’s new Jackets, Trousers and Topwear feature high-tech, breathable fabrics that not only deliver dryness and warmth but also advanced ventilation for controlling body heat - so you can always work effectively, whatever the weather.

Advanced fabrics like these are integral to every part of Snickers Workwear’s ‘Head to Toe’ layering system. They combine perfectly with the brand’s hallmarks of best-in-class durability, comfort, ergonomics and sustainability.

Getting information on the Snickers Workwear layering system is easy.

You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website at or email

PPE December 2022
‘Suit Up’ in Layers for consistent comfort and protection in cold and wet weather. 20

Stay Warm this Winter With Makita

Makita has released its latest heated jacket, helping to protect wearers against the elements. Powered by the reliable 18V LXT battery, this new warm and stylish jacket is a must-have for cold, harsh jobsite environments, or for outdoor leisure in the cold winter months.

Thelatest DCJ205 heated jacket is here to offer maximum comfort and durability. Thanks to the five heating zones, users benefit from continuous warmth in the chest and back areas whilst also having control over the three heat level settings. The powerful 18V LXT battery offers even longer continuous runtimes, with a fully charged battery lasting seven hours on the highest setting, 11 hours on medium, and 29 hours on low (when powered by the BL1850B 5.0Ah battery). Customers can use existing batteries or purchase one with the DCJ205 as a kit.

The jacket’s olive coloured, polyester outer lining makes it waterproof and windproof, whilst the inner fleece lining helps keep the user warm and comfortable even with the power off. Additionally, it is fully washable and dryable, so cleaning is easy and hassle-free without damaging its heating capabilities.

It is also equipped with a two-way zip, offering more flexibility when wearing a tool belt, as well as six pockets. And last but not least, this lightweight product is available in a range of sizes, catering to sizes M to 2XL.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, said: ‘We are very excited to be releasing our new LXT heated jacket. We understand the harsh conditions that our customers are faced with during the colder months, and have designed this product with comfort, durability and style in mind. Even without the aid of our LXT battery, this jacket is an excellent product that will prove invaluable both on site but also in other outdoors environments.”

To browse Makita’s range, visit:

December 2022 PPE

With comfortable and functional clothing designed for almost every work situation and a wide choice of sizes for both men and women, the company’s ‘Safety Super-Stretch’ High Visibility range incorporates 50% of regenerated polyester REPREVE® eco-fibres which are spun from recycled plastic bottles. Combined with Engel’s FE Super Stretch fabric, the fibres are woven together into a polyester and cotton mix; the resulting flexibility of this sustainable, hard wearing but lightweight fabric allows the wearer to be clearly seen in daylight or at night and to be able to work unrestricted even in the most confined spaces.

By the use of regenerated polyester in the manufacture, the Environment benefits from significant consumption savings on energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Verified numbers of recycled plastic bottles used to produce the fibres are typically 19 for a pair of trousers, 20 for a work jacket and 37 for a boiler suit; the range is available in a choice of 8 different colour combinations.

Continuing its support of the Green Environment, ENGEL WORKWEAR includes the versatile ‘Galaxy’ range amongst its collections which now combine a mix of 65% sustainable REPREVE® regenerated polyester fibres with 35% cotton. Giving strong protection, with the emphasis on style and fit, the range includes slim-cut, functional trousers and jackets available in a choice of two-tone colour combinations plus soft-shell and winter jackets, a comfortable fleece cardigan, bib-overall and boiler suit. Most items incorporate many practical details such as several spacious pockets giving quick and easy access to tools and personal accessories, concealed buttons and zippers; the jackets have adjustable cuffs and are reinforced with CORDURA. There is also a wide choice of Galaxy sustainable workwear specifically designed to be practical, comfortable and stylish for women.

For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034

or visit
PPE December 2022 22 Alongside a continual policy of developing products to keep ahead of the highest comfort and protection standards demanded by their customers, Danish manufacturer,
WEAR also focus on making a positive contribution to aiding the Global climate challenge. Engel Workwear’s Sustainable & Stretch-Comfort Collections Help Save the Environment ENGEL WORKWEAR’s High-Vis sustainable ‘Safety Super Stretch’ (left) & examples of Galaxy sustainable workwear (right) - both made with REPREVE® regenerated polyester from recycled plastic bottles.


UK Bathrooms partner with Duravit

The partnership will see Duravit collections such as ME by Starck, D-Neo, Duravit No.1, Vero and DuraSystem be available from UK Bathrooms.

UK Bathrooms, the UK’s leading online store for premium bathroom products, has announced an online partnership with luxury bathroom brand Duravit.

‘We are delighted to announce our online partnership with Duravit and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship’ Graeme Borchard, Managing Director, UK Bathrooms.

‘From working with renowned designers such as Philippe Starck to creating unique and beautiful products Duravit are a leading global brand. Duravit’s environmentally friendly production technologies and meticulous quality control results in durable and highly functional products, often setting standards and always seeking new levels of efficiency, convenience and hygiene,’ he added.

Gilberts helps hospital safeguard staff when researching disease

Todeliver on the commitment to create resilient environments, whilst reducing its carbon footprint and saving energy, the new facility is ventilated using grilles and diffusers from the UK’s leading air movement specialist- and Blackpool manufacturer- Gilberts.

A combination of Gilberts’ MN multi-nozzle diffusers, DG square faced louvres, GHV double deflection grilles delivers the high air flow required for the space. PGR perforated face diffusers provide air extract to efficiently remove used air and airborne contaminants. Gilberts’ Ductgard dampers provide fire and smoke protection. All are linked to a central control panel, also supplied by Gilberts.

The modern-styled grilles and diffusers combine to provide the high volumes of entrained air critical for such a sensitive environment, to safeguard staff who are diagnosing and studying diseased tissue.

Building services consultant Beech Jackson Partnership specified the ventilation components for installation by M&E contractors James Mercer Group.

Paul Beech, Director @ Beech Jackson Partnership, comments: “Gilberts is a preferred supplier: we can consistently rely on the personal touch, quality of product, service and the care the company brings. It was an added benefit on this particular project that Gilberts is also local, allowing us to further support the local economy.”

The histopathology laboratory extension @ Royal Victoria Hospital builds on Gilberts’ proven track record in healthcare air movement, which includes Rutherford Diagnostics Centres, HCA Healthcare and Papworth Hospital.

Founded some six decades ago, today familyowned Gilberts’ 95,000 sq ft head office and manufacturing facility includes its own research and development and test facilities, enabling it to continue to evolve its product range and develop bespoke solutions for specific client requirements.

Gilberts is now acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, offering mechanical natural and hybrid ventilation distribution solutions.

December 2022 Industry News
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust has opened an extended histopathology laboratory at the Royal Victoria Hospital as part of a five year plan to improve facilities for staff and care for patients.

Increasing environmental responsibilities and sustainability targets are driving the construction industries ongoing needs for cost effective, easy to use solutions for dealing with wastewater onsite. Sites need quick replies, concise information, simple transactions and deliveries without hassle. For the past 9 years Kelly Tanks has enjoyed providing all of these whilst building a large customer base, expanding their team and facilities, and responding to customer demand with innovative new products year on year.

26 Plant & Machine Hire December 2022


Kelly and team KT provide a selection of Water Treatment and Concrete Washout Solutions for hire or purchase. Their popularity and proven track record is a result of providing the kit you need, in the manner you want, at a price you’re happy with. Match this with their eager to please attitudes and above and beyond aftercare and its easy to see why their customers keep returning.


Various concrete washout solutions, to allow concrete trucks and equipment to be washed off safely onsite, including closed loop washwater recycling, washwater filtration sacks, pH correction, robust washout trays and skip washouts.


Self contained units or full systems to separate and treat wastewater and Water Quality Monitoring Systems including Settlement & lamella Tanks, flocculation and pH adjustment dosing, pH/TSS/ Turbidity remote monitoring, auto desludging.


Water Treatment Solutions for high alkaline hydrodemolition waste, used to retain solids and automatically correct pH.


Automated daily prevention for concrete drum build-up. Using recycled or fresh water the highly efficient electric driven pump combined with the water jets at the tip of the boom remove the days build up before it hardens. DrumBlaster Build-up Control Technology incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head allowing the mixer drum to remain stationary.


Tailor made solutions to suit all applications. Whether an idea or a full plan, we can accommodate. We can also tweak our existing products and/or have them sprayed in your corporate colours.



Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment

Reduce off-site disposal costs

Reduce risk of pollution

Easy to use equipment

take pride in the quality of their

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Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry
Fast and Simple to Set up
Complete onsite Water Management. Consultancy, Testing, Supply, Install and Maintenance. Small Footprint equipment available
and have a classy approach to customer service making them a real pleasure to deal with. If you weren’t able to experience their hospitality for yourself at Hillhead this year, you can catch them again at the Contamination Expo, Birmingham NEC in September. If you need anything in the meantime give them a call on 01889 508944, email or check out their website
Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics


by Ben Burgess, Yanmar’s dealer for Leicestershire, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, the new models are already operational on job sites across the region.

The zero tail swing models –Yanmar’s ViO12,2A, ViO17, ViO266, ViO50-6B and ViO82 – were specified for their class-leading performance, impressive durability and suitability for a wide range of applications.

ViO12-2A – high performance and low fuel consumption are just two advantages of the ViO122A. Designed with usability and operator comfort in mind, the zero tail swing machine boasts a monoblock chassis, longer tracks and axial piston pumps, seeing it outclass the competition.

ViO17 – thanks to a variable undercarriage, the ViO17 boasts impressive stability and flexibility for a wide range of applications. With a monoblock chassis and three pump hydraulic system, it generates the most power of any comparable machine.

28 Family-run hire and contracting firm, Monk Plant Hire, has added five new Yanmar excavators to its growing rental fleet. New Yanmar excavators help Monk Plant Hire meet growing customer demand

ViO26-6 – perfectly suited to tight urban job sites, the ViO26-6 sets the standards in safety and productivity. It’s simple and enjoyable to operate, thanks to ergonomic design, while a total transport weight of less than 3.5 tonnes (including attachments), makes it easy to move between sites.

ViO50-6B – the ViO50-6B has been designed to provide true peace of mind, especially in urban environments where space is limited. The zero tail swing machine features a ViPPS hydraulic system for smooth, powerful performance.

ViO82 – redefining midi excavator performance, the ViO82 features Yanmar’s next-generation ViPPS2i hydraulic system to ensure smooth and precise operation. A large, comfortable cab maximises operator productivity, while easy access to working parts makes for simple servicing.

Based in Hockering, west of Norwich, Monk Plant Hire has more than 25 years’ experience in plant hire and contracting work. With a growing fleet, the company prides itself on knowledge, experience and exceptional customer service. Alongside equipment rental, the team also offers a wide range of other services, including groundworks, demolition and both muckaway / aggregates equipment installation.

The ongoing success of the company’s rental division is based on keeping abreast of the UK equipment

market and investing in the best models available to suit contractors’ needs. A Yanmar dealer since 2020, Ben Burgess previously supplied Monk Plant Hire with five excavator models in 2021, which were extremely well received by customers. These latest acquisitions demonstrate the sustained demand for reliable, highperformance plant by UK construction professionals.

Max Monk, Director at Monk Plant Hire, commented: “When we tried Yanmar machines for the first-time last year, we were curious to see how they would perform against our Hitachis. We have been really satisfied; they perform just as good (if not better!) and we have had some great feedback from our customers too who seemed to like using them. When it came to refreshing the fleet again this year, it was an easy decision to order more Yanmar excavators.

“Robbie, our area sales manager at Ben Burgess, is always on hand to help us, along with the service and support teams who are always there when we call and turn up when we need them. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve stuck with Ben Burgess for our new machines.”

Robert Turner, construction sales manager at Ben Burgess, added: “Yanmar is such a respected name in the compact equipment marketplace that it almost sells itself. Renowned for its class-leading products, comprehensive specifications and competitive pricing, the Yanmar brand instils confidence in users and hire companies alike.”

December 2022 Plant & Machine Hire For more information about the latest Yanmar excavators or to find your nearest dealer, visit:

Bobcat has expanded the company

Bobcat has expanded the company’s market-leading line-up of attachments with the launch of a new Heavy Duty Box Blade, aimed at both 2D and 3D grading applications. The new attachment offers a Plug & Play integrated solution, that can be installed on Bobcat loaders within a minute.

for use with most of the models in the Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader ranges, the new HD Box Blade attachment saves time and money while producing a more accurate and higher precision finish grade, even on tough jobsites. The fingertip controls and user-friendly display on the Bobcat loaders also guarantee ease of operation.


The HD Box Blade covers all applications – it can be used for rough grading or enhanced with Bobcat’s compatible laser guided control systems for precision grading. These high-tech systems help the operator maintain the same plane on the graded surface, leading to very high accuracy.

As a result, the new HD Box Blade can be used to level ground effortlessly in roadwork and construction, including creating bases for car parks or pavements. Engineered for maximum precision, no rework is needed while grading.

When it is set up for 3D applications, this new Bobcat solution is capable of grading complex designs on landscaping projects with either GPS or UTS guidance. This increases business opportunities and market share for contractors by increasing the range of projects they can bid and work on. Working in sync with a 3D grading system the HD Box Blade can work on golf courses, sports fields and other medium-large landscaping projects.

Wheels behind the cutting blade allow the operator to push material more efficiently and quickly. The wheels also enable operation in tight spaces while also improving travel and stability. The increased precision offered by the compact design and rear positioned casters allows grading to take place in corners, around pillars or next to walls. Additionally, the side edges are adjustable to the desired cut depth, maintaining a precise grade.

The dual-sided cutting blade allows the operator to push or pull material in either direction – operating in reverse covers tracks for a smooth finish. The blade can also be tilted by up to 20 cm to better manoeuvre the material loads and side angles.

With the HD Box Blade attachment, contractors can expand grading and levelling work as the system is perfect for sub-grading and other surface preparation jobs, saving costs for materials and labour. The adjustable articulation of the grade enables the operator to remain at peak efficiency. Even working on slopes has been made simple – filling in low spots is easier thanks to the wheels being mounted behind.

Bobcat has ensured that there is a high-quality standard of durability with its HD Box Blade. The dual-sided and replaceable cutting edge provides a long product life with its hardened steel, as well as its removable option. Optimized for Bobcat machines, this attachment gives more control while providing less ground disturbance and giving the robustness that customers have come to expect.

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01908 562191 @aceplantukMK19 6LA First of its kind—Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson MK18 5LJ


AndyMellor has joined RECOM as finance director with a remit that includes providing strategies and implementing procedures to facilitate further growth for the business, which is based at Salford Quays.

RECOM’s finance team has also been strengthened by the appointment of Natalie Ferguson as accounts manager. Her role is to ensure the smooth running of the internal accounts department.

Jordan Wilson has joined RECOM as a construction project manager, bringing more than 10 years’ experience of delivering technical, quality and management functions across complex schemes in the UK and overseas.

Another addition is Tom Salt, who has joined as an assistant construction manager with responsibility for managing subcontractor teams to ensure the successful delivery of RECOM projects.

Luke Roscoe has been recruited to support the strategic development of the business. He is focusing on client success, project delivery and supporting the senior leadership team in developing strategies for further sustained growth.

He has nearly a decade of experience in master-planning and client-side project management across the public and private sectors.

The other newcomers are Joanna Jagla and Caroline Cherian, who have joined RECOM as a trainee project manager and trainee quantity surveyor

respectively. Caroline is on a year-long placement while undertaking a master’s degree in construction project management at Sheffield Hallam University.

RECOM, which was founded in 2015 by directors Jason McKnight and Joseph Dillon, undertakes construction project management and main contracting work across sectors including healthcare, education, retail and leisure, commercial and residential. It also provides consultancy services to assist in the design and delivery of health and safety, sustainability, passive fire protection and cladding projects.

The company is an approved contractor under the UK’s Fire Accreditation Scheme (FIRAS) for its fire protection services, which include passive fire protection installation, fire door surveys and installations, repairs and upgrades, fire strategy reviews, compartmentation surveying, advice and guidance, training, development and support.

Earlier this year, RECOM acquired a three-storey building on the Waters Edge Business Park in Salford

Quays as its new headquarters to accommodate its expanding team, with staff numbers now at 37.

Jason McKnight said: “As our business has grown, so have our requirements to increase our financial processes. Having Andy and Natalie on board adds extensive experience to the team.

“Tom, Luke and Jordan have joined us at a time when we have a significant pipeline of projects, and their knowledge and expertise will bolster our construction management offering.

“Caroline and Joanna have been recruited in a graduate capacity and are providing support to the wider RECOM team.

“All of the new roles are in line with our growth strategy and evolution, and strengthen our skillset to enable us to continue on this path.”

RECOM has recently upgraded its employee benefits package, with a £1,250 cost-of-living bonus for all staff, a day off for their birthday and improved private medical provision with enhanced mental health cover.

Industry News December 2022
Seven new roles have been created at RECOM Solutions, strengthening its team amid a period of bumper growth.

Duo of appointments at Marchini Curran Associates

The RIBA chartered practice, which provides design and project management services from its office on High Pavement in the city, has this year marked 20 years in business and put into action its growth and community strategy.

Sara is a qualified architect in both the UK and Morocco and has an MSc in Sustainable Building Technology from the University of Nottingham.

Having just completed her MA in Architecture with a first class honours degree, also at the University of Nottingham, Lauren is being sponsored by Marchini Curran Associates through her final Part III qualification to become an architect.

The appointments come six months after the management buyout of the practice by directors Kevin Smith, Justin Ziegler and Andrew Bull. Founders Nick Marchini and Des Curran, remain actively involved in the business.

Kevin said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Sara and Lauren to our team. Their passion and unique

expertise make them a great asset to our practice, and I always enjoy the fresh ideas new team members bring.

“Marchini Curran Associates is a team-oriented company. We invest in the best talent, which enables us to deliver the most innovative design solutions for our clients and further strengthen our culture.

“Justin, Andrew and I are equally driven to further build on our wellestablished reputation for quality and collaborative approach, and Sara and Lauren join us at an exciting time - as we move forward with our growth and community strategy.

Sara and Lauren will work alongside the close to 30-strong team at Marchini Curran Associates, delivering projects in the Midlands, nationally, and more recently in Europe.

Current schemes include a largescale commercial redevelopment in Oxford city centre, a retail-led development in Camden, and a number of large data centres around London, as well as local schemes such as the new Phoenix Cinema in Leicester.

Sara said: “Really proud to be part of a team that cares about sustainable design and using my background in sustainable building technology, I’m already contributing my skills in this area to the work of the practice. The supportive and progressive approach has empowered me to take the lead on projects almost from the outset, and it’s wonderful to be part of this growth journey.”

Lauren said: “I have immediately felt part of a friendly and inclusive team and Marchini Curran Associates is the perfect environment to learn from highly skilled professionals. I was drawn to the practice for its varied architecture and the supportive culture and I’m really looking forward to the future here.”

Since its formation in 2002, Marchini Curran Associates and Marchini Curran Interiors has designed a diverse portfolio of projects for local, national and international clients, across commercial, retail, leisure, residential, education, industrial and master planning.

To find out more about Marchini Curran Associates, please visit:

December 2022 Industry News
Nottingham-based architects and interior designers, Marchini Curran Associates, has appointed Sara Saadouni as architect and Lauren Leyva as architectural assistant, as part of its plans for growth.

New Puerto Rico eco-resort by Studio

Anyo goes offsite to deliver ‘unique’ tree-top living experience

UK architects Studio Anyo has been commissioned to design and project manage a new multimillion-pound eco resort on a Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Photocaption: Studio Anyo’s designs for a new multimillion-pound eco resort on a Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Thecirca £10 million project will see the creation of a family of 12 seven luxury eco-lodges featuring four 1-bedroomed units, including a disability access unit, two 2-bedroomed units, two VIP units and four 1-bedroomed tree house units constructed offsite in the UK using the latest build techniques and MMC materials. Tree house units in the activity section as individual rental units are also planned along with a luxury customised tree house retreat experience.

These will then be shipped directly to Puerto Rico for erection on a seven-hectare site close to the El Hippie Waterfall on the edge of the El Yungue National Forest in the east of the country.

Once built for developer Namu Investment Group, they will become the eye-catching centrepiece of an ambitious and ground breaking sustainable eco-leisure destination that will also feature a fitness retreat, wild bathing, BBQs, tree top walkways and swings, cable cars, restaurants, a spa, and a coffee bean planting and tasting experience.

While still in the development stage, the eco-resort, which is scheduled to open for visitors in 2024, has been designed to incorporate a range of sustainable materials to create components assembled on-site to heighten enhanced levels of building fabric performance. Adopting the latest offsite techniques will reduce material delivery times and cut

December 2022

the construction site footprint while materials reclaimed from the demolition of existing buildings will be used in the construction process, delivering long term efficiencies.

Studio Anyo’s ‘carbon and energy positive, zero waste framework’ system will be utilised to create net biodiversity gains in the construction of its ‘Samlingen’ leisure accommodation, which has been designed to provide long term energy saving and sustainability benefits. Local skilled labour will also be employed to support the supply chain and deliver a higher quality product, with minimum impact on and disruption to the local community.

The ‘Samlingen’ incorporates leading edge design to deliver contemporary leading edge leisure accommodation. The interior features a large open kitchen diner, ample storage provision, a master suite with ensuite private balcony, child-friendly bedrooms and exterior seating. Furthermore, the light is used to define the space in the ‘Samlingen’ style as the controlled views will relate to the passage through the unit opening out into stunning landscapes and vistas.

Renowned for its draw-dropping landscapes and stunning natural phenomena, Puerto Rico with its focus on conservation and ecology, is being seen as one of the fastest

growing destinations for ecotravellers.

The travel lodge industry alone has generated $1 billion during the first half of 2022, according to the island’s official destination marketing organisation, Discover Puerto Rico.

Studio Anyo was recommended for the project by Scotland-based glamping site designer and developer, Glampitect. CEO of Studio Anyo, James Walsh, who is overseeing the project design and development phases, said: “This is another ground breaking, exciting project for Studio Anyo. We have incorporated design principles to deliver modular sustainability and a bespoke experience with tree-level living spaces within the sanctity of the local forest and wider natural environment.

“As architects, we have drawn on our extensive knowledge and expertise of bespoke solutions and contemporary design to create a stunning project that will undoubtedly make a huge contribution to Puerto Rico’s burgeoning, dynamic eco-travel market.”

December 2022

Titon Reaches Golden Milestone

working relationships with, customers and suppliers. This works alongside a strong emphasis on Research & Development, which provides high quality, reliable and competitive product that has always given the company a solid foundation on which to obtain business and success.

“The operational bases in Haverhill and Colchester have provided a valued local workforce, enabling Titon to compete and resist the need to produce our products overseas, and in doing so helping the local and wider economy. The company continues to be a leader for domestic ventilation and hardware products in the UK and developing sales in many export markets.


in 1972 following the creation of the first Titon product, a window casement stay, John Anderson created Titon Hardware from his garden shed in Feering, Essex. 50 years later, Titon Hardware has gone from strength to strength and is now a market leader of window and door hardware and ventilation products.

Titon Hardware has had a manufacturing site (including research and development) in Haverhill since 1977 and its head office for Sales and Marketing in Colchester.

Titon manufactures and supplies ventilation and window and door products – ranging from its signature Trimvent background ventilator (first made and patented by John Anderson in 1973) to window handles, locking systems and hinge systems as well as powered ventilation products including whole house systems and extract fans. As a manufacturer, Titon also invests heavily in research and development, which enables the company to use the latest technology to keep its products both innovative and cost effective.

The company’s longevity and success is in no small part due to the loyalty, skill and expertise of its workforce as explained by Tyson Anderson, the firm’s Sales & Marketing Director and the son of John Anderson.

The first product, a window casement stay

“I have seen Titon progress from its initial inception all those years ago and I’m very proud of what has been achieved from its humble beginnings. We have always been grateful to our staff, who have moulded and developed the company in to the successful organisation it is today.”

John Anderson’s shed

He said: “Titon started 50 years ago in a basic garden shed and as it grew, it was apparent that the working environment developed with it, which helped provide an efficient and professional attitude within the organisation.

“That initial ‘family feel’ permeated to every new employee and is reflected in the fact that anyone who left the business always reported back that they missed that Titon ethos and friendly approach. Long serving staff meant a better understanding of, and

The products made by Titon are sold into a range of European markets and the USA market is supplied through a wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc.

Since 2008, Titon has been in a joint venture with a partner in South Korea, where it has its own manufacturing facilities in Seoul.

The company estimates that it now has more than three-quarters of the market share for natural ventilation in the new build market in South Korea and now represents a significant source of profits for the Titon Group.

December 2022
From garden shed to global success –Titon Hardware celebrates its 50th year anniversary this week. Picture courtesy of the Haverhill Echo

New Air Sampling Offer from Industry Expert Casella

TheFlow Detective™ Plus is an electronic air flow metre calibrator, designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. This robust solution can calibrate within airflows of 20mL/min to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow. Compatible with Casella’s pioneering Airwave App and Bluetooth connectivity, calibration results can be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump calibration procedures.

The Flow Detective™ Plus was the first calibrator on the market capable of measuring pulsation, indicating if the airflow pulsation exceeds 10% for true confidence in the integrity of samples. When used with the Casella Apex2 or VAPex air sampling pumps, the Flow Detective™ Plus can achieve closed-loop automatic calibration, eliminating manual input, and drastically saving time when calibrating pumps.

VAPex Pro

Designed for the low flow sampling of vapours and gases in working environments, with a wide flow range of 20mL-500mL/min, the VAPex personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability.

Apex2 Plus/Pro

For flows up to 5L/min, the Apex2 medium flow air sampling pump is built to monitor workplace dust levels to help protect workers from long latency health problems resulting from occupational exposures.

Until December 16th 2022, any customer who purchases the VAPex Pro or Apex2 Plus/Pro

air sampling pump kits, which include five pumps, will receive the Flow Detective™ Plus air flow calibrator free of charge.

Tim Turney, Casella’s Global Marketing Manager comments, “Casella is proud to be offering access to the Flow Detective Plus through its quality range of air sampling products. With equipment that is easy to use, providing instant results, identifying any issues and changing processes instantaneously can help enhance the long-term health and quality of life for workers.”

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks, and helping businesses solve their monitoring and analysis needs.

For more information about the Flow Detective and Casella’s air sampling monitoring solutions visit,

December 2022
It is estimated that every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, one worker dies as a result of exposure to hazardous substances.1 Air sampling pumps, once calibrated, can help protect the workforce by quantifying personal exposure and ensuring compliance with regulatory limits. Global workplace hazard monitoring expert, Casella, is offering a free Flow Detective™ Plus calibrator with the purchase of its VAPex Pro or Apex2 Plus/Pro kits to improve air sampling accuracy and traceability and, ultimately, keep more workers safe.

Best UK chooses the UK’s best lowentry mixer, a Mercedes-Benz Econic from Intercounty Truck & Van

WhenBest UK Transport needed another concrete mixer truck for work in and around London, owner-driver Andrei Balean returned without hesitation for a second eight-wheeled Mercedes-Benz Econic.

“For this application there’s nothing to touch the Econic,” he said. “It combines the reliable, cost-effective performance for which Mercedes-Benz is renowned, with fantastic visibility from the low-entry cab.”

Ilford-based Andrei acquired his latest vehicle from the Peterborough branch of Dealer Intercounty Truck & Van. It wears the colours of leading customer Hanson UK, and works from the concrete giant’s depot in Dagenham, Essex, delivering to construction sites throughout London.

Best UK Transport’s new truck is fitted with an 8m3 Schwing Stetter drum. As a 3235 L variant it employs a 7.7-litre six-cylinder engine that produces 260 kW (354 hp) and drives through a fuel-efficient 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated manual transmission.

The truck’s ENA configuration –single front steer axle, double-drive bogie and rear-steer axle – gives it an impressively tight turning circle. The resulting, enhanced manoeuvrability compared to a standard 32-tonne construction eight-wheeler is a major advantage for operation in the capital.

Best UK Transport’s Andrei Balean benefits from the Econic’s clear field of view

A driver for 20 years, Andrei established Best UK Transport in 2011. His company, which holds Silver accreditation from FORS (the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), also runs a second Econic – a 68-plate model with McPhee mixer – and an 8x4 Mercedes-Benz Arocs tipper, purchased as a used truck in 2020.

The Econic’s deep, panoramic windscreen and the full-height, glazed folding side door chosen by Best UK afford unrivalled visibility. Coupled with a seating position which is much lower than that of a conventional construction vehicle, this allows drivers to make direct eye contact with vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians, a major advantage in enabling each to understand the other’s intentions.

Thus specified, the Econic achieves the highest five-star Direct Vision Standard rating from Transport for London. Safety-focused Hanson UK, which is part of the Heidelberg Cement Group, runs a substantial fleet of its own Econics, and encourages its franchisees –particularly those operating in urban areas – to do likewise.

Best UK Transport’s Econic is also equipped with Active Brake Assist 5 emergency braking technology, which boasts an industry-leading pedestrian recognition capability, and an Electronic Parking Brake that is applied automatically when the engine is switched off.

Active Brake Assist 5 combines camera and radar technology

to detect vehicles ahead and stationary objects in its own lane, at speeds of up to 56 mph (90 km/h). Detection of a dangerous situation triggers a three-stage reaction: first, the system warns the driver with visual and audible alerts; then, if the driver fails to react, it applies partial (approximately 50%) braking; finally, if the driver has still not intervened, it initiates maximum braking to bring the truck to a halt, applying the Electronic Parking Brake and activating the hazard warning lights to alert drivers behind.

At speeds of up to 31 mph (50 km/h) Active Brake Assist 5 is capable of applying full braking when encountering pedestrians crossing its path, approaching from the front or walking ahead. Not only does this remarkable system increase safety for

vulnerable road users and vehicle crews, but it also helps to relieve stress for drivers.

Andrei Balean said: “With the addition of a 360-degree camera system this Econic is the safest, most compliant vehicle available, and effectively future-proofs my business against any tightening of regulations that might be coming down the line.

“It’s also great to drive, the low seating position and wide field of vision making the job of negotiating busy city streets much less stressful. As an all-round package the Econic is unbeatable for this role.”

As with all new Econics supplied through the manufacturer’s UK Dealer network, Best UK Transport’s latest truck is covered by a threeyear/160,000 km warranty.

December 2022
products and
fillers, decorating sundries,
We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes.
We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners. T: 0333 2414 413 Techtronic Industries EMEA, 1st Floor, Unit 3 Globeside, Fieldhouse
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality
innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years. At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness. For almost two decades, Bond It has been a manufacturer of high performance, high
building chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams,
and other similar products. Head Office: Unit G16 River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire. HX5 9DN. 01422 315 300 PafBag Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom
0114 3241224
Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1HZ

Health & Safety Update

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment
Waterproof Safety Footwear from Toe Guard.
Managing Director Ian McKinnon
Common Assessment Standard Construction Fire Safety Guidance from the HSE
Great Value
on why
is the Time to Take the

The timeless designs of Toe Guard safety shoes are complimented by their uncompromising focus on safety and wearer-wellbeing.

The new Toe Guard Wild Mid WR is a waterproof, metal free S3 safety boot made of PU coated, rip-stop leather upper. It has a wide fit for optimal comfort plus a rein forced toe area for extra safety.

The boot is designed with minimal seams in critical areas for longer-lasting durability, while the waterproof membrane will keep your feet comfortably dry. It comes with a lightweight anti-slip rubber outsole with soft nail

protection that’s also heat and oil resistant with a certi fied ESD function.

Starting at the mid £30 mark and available from Snick ers Workwear stockists, the Toe Guard range of safety shoes and boots is probably the best value for money footwear in the UK with features that keep them one step ahead of the competition to boot.

To get more information on Toe Guard Safety Foot wear range, check out or you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or email

Toe Guard delivers great value for money as well comfort and protection – affordably.
from Toe Guard.
Waterproof Safety Footwear
Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment
DECEMBER 2022 Great Value Waterproof Safety Footwear from Toe Guard.
Now is the Time to Take the Common Assessment Standard Construction Fire Safety Guidance from the HSE WELCOME December 2022 54
HSE fire safety guidance
Health & Safety Update
CHAS Managing Director Ian McKinnon on why


CHAS Managing Director Ian McKinnon outlines how adoption of the Common Assessment Standard has gathered pace since its rollout began in 2019 with multiple major contractors now specifying the scheme and explains why now is the time for contractors who haven’t yet taken the assessment to embrace the scheme.

What is the Common Assessment Standard?

Developed by Build UK, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), and other accreditation bodies and industry experts, the Common Assessment Standard is a leading accreditation programme that’s recognised industry-wide. It replaces multiple assessment schemes with one comprehensive industry-agreed questionnaire based on existing prequalification questionnaires, including PAS 91.

As well as streamlining what was a complex, costly and repetitive system, the Common Assessment Standard helps organisations demonstrate regulatory compliance across 13 key areas of risk management including criteria such as sustainability, diversity, equality and inclusion and modern slavery.

The Common Assessment Standard was launched in 2019, at which time CHAS became the first assessment body to offer the scheme. CHAS has now assessed thousands of contractors to the standard via CHAS Elite, the most well-recognised accreditation of the Common Assessment Standard.

Data sharing milestone

A key milestone in the rollout of the scheme that has accelerated its adoption was the introduction of a datasharing agreement in 2021. The agreement means the details of everyone who passes the assessment can be accessed via any of the providers, regardless of which assessment body carries out the audit. For CHAS contractors, this means they only need to complete the Common Assessment Standard once a year via CHAS’s intuitive, easy-to-use, online contractor portal to qualify for a wide range of work rather than having to sign up to multiple schemes - saving time and money.

Meanwhile, clients looking for pre-qualified contractors simply specify the Common Assessment Standard to find contractors accredited to a single, consistent industryagreed standard. Clients can access a database of these contractors via the services of any of the assessment bodies - such as the free CHAS Client Portal.

Who specifies the Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard has rapidly become the elite standard for prequalification, with multiple major contractors now specifying the scheme.

Within the public sector, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has asked for contractors appointed to its sevenyear framework to assess their supply chains using the Common Assessment Standard for some time. Meanwhile, expected updates to Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 08/16 are likely to encourage or even mandate that Contracting Authorities in the public sector assess their supply chains using the Common Assessment Standard.

An up-to-date list of who specifies the Common Assessment Standard can be found here

Qualifying for the Common Assessment Standard with CHAS Elite

It’s no surprise that so many contractors have chosen to take the Common Assessment Standard with CHAS. As well as being the founder of third-party accreditation and a trusted authority on supply chain risk management, CHAS is renowned for providing a friendly and efficient service and high customer satisfaction levels.

CHAS contractors receive additional benefits such as access to discounted e-learning resources and free legal advice, 20% discount with Speedy Hire, free-ofcharge TradePoint cards and discounted membership to CHAS is also committed to helping contractors who are not yet ready to complete the Common Assessment Standard to work towards higher levels of accreditation.

When should you take the Common Assessment Standard?

Now is the time to take the Common Assessment Standard for contractors of all sizes as we are rapidly moving towards a situation where you won’t be able to win work without it. There are two levels of certification: desktop and site-based. Companies apply to CHAS for the certification level appropriate for their business based on factors including trade, size and the requirements of their clients. For companies that employ fewer than 10 employees and have a turnover below £1.8 million or a balance sheet totalling less than £1.8 million, the assessment standards will be applied proportionately.

How can you find out more?

To find out more about qualifying for, or specifying, the Common Assessment Standard, visit or call 0345 521 9111



The significance of these priorities is clear from the respondents’ feedback which revealed how busi nesses are increasingly concerned about how their environ mental, health and safety (EHS) and environmental, social and govern ance (ESG) practices could ‘nega tively impact on the wider business performance’

Engaging workers, growing business, protecting the planet: How improving EHS and ESG performance can drive competitive advantage surveyed more than 700 EHS and ESG pro fessionals across a wide range of industrial sectors in 10 European

countries and found that more than three-quarters (78%) believe they could ‘lose business to a competitor who can better demonstrate how they’re improving health and safety within their organisation’

The European survey by global environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) management soft ware provider Intelex looked at the six most common challenges in health and safety and found that 41% of respondents cited improving employee participation as the most significant. This was followed by educating and training employees (33%), implementing a safety culture (32%) and incident prevention (31%).

The findings also revealed that lack of the right technology (29%) and compliance with regulations (28%) were also important.

Significantly, the overriding issue for both EHS and ESG was a cultural one, the report found: how could businesses ensure that everyone from senior management down to on-site workers would own the challenge of improving business operations across EHS and ESG?

The report noted how building engagement is critical to reducing the number of incidents and how often they occur and reoccur. The survey found that almost two-thirds

A report has found that improving employee participation in health and safety, educating and training the workforce and implementing a safety culture are the main health and safety priorities for the businesses surveyed.

(62%) of respondents admitted that workers in their organisation had been injured, made ill or were involved in an accident over the past 12 months. Of this figure, 42% said that these incidents had happened more than once in the past and 20% felt that they could happen again in the future unless necessary improve ments were made.

Significantly, respondents said that improvements needed to be made ‘in every area of incident management – prevention, reaction, reporting, tracking, investigation and analysis’.

Across the 10 countries, respondents consistently raised the need for significant or notable improvements across these incident management areas.

Intelex’s research also showed that, of those respondents who had experienced at least one health and safety incident in the past 12 months, 49% admitted that they ‘struggle to extract, format and submit the data they need’ so they can respond effectively.

In addition, as many as 44% of respondents said that they had to ‘wrestle with inconsistent data across multiple sources’, which complicated the situation. Nearly as many (41%) admitted that they wasted time searching for critical information across different IT systems.

The findings also showed that 38% of respondents said that they don’t col lect the correct data when incidents happen. The same number admitted they have a limited understanding of the OSH management systems in their business.

Intelex argues that the best way to encourage greater employee partic ipation is for organisations to adopt the right EHS technology.

‘Success means making it easy to report incidents and near misses,’ the report notes. ‘The easiest way to do this is to implement technology that is fit for purpose.’

The survey found that 87% of respondents believed that implement ing EHS-specific technologies and applications would resolve most of their health and safety-related issues.

Intelex’s report reveals that although common approaches were taken across the 10 countries included in the survey, there were some differences in relation to responses to EHS.

The report’s spotlight on the United Kingdom and Ireland indicates that these two countries lead their European counterparts in terms of the ‘adoption of connected EHSspecific applications’

Although EHS professionals in both nations cited ‘significant or notable room for improvement across inci dent prevention, reaction, reporting, tracking, investigation and analysis’, this was to ‘a lesser degree than their mainland counterparts’, which implies EHS professionals in these countries have progressed further in dealing with incidents, the report says.

It also suggests the UK and Irish EHS professionals have a ‘slightly deeper appreciation of the possible conse quences of poor performance on the wider business.’

The survey reveals that 84% of respondents in these two countries (compared with 81% in the over all survey) said that ‘if they don’t improve their health and safety cul ture, they risk losing skilled workers to better placed competitors’. A higher percentage (81% compared to 78% in the overall survey) said that their organisation risks losing business to competitors with a better EHS performance.

The spotlight on Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) region reveals that improving employee participation in health and safety programmes was still the top priority (39%) but this was lower than the survey average.

Compliance with regulations, how ever, was cited as the second most significant priority (35%) compared to sixth place in the overall ranking. Lack of the right technology came a close third (34%) compared to 29% and fifth place overall.

The four Nordic countries that par ticipated in the survey (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) demonstrated different EHS priorities. The top priority was

implementing technology and train ing to improve OSH processes.

Interestingly, improving workforce safety, which was second in the overall survey, came in at joint eighth position across the Nordic countries. The survey suggests that this could be down to EHS professionals in this region feeling that they already progressed significantly in this area.

Although the Nordic respondents used ‘connected EHS systems to a lesser degree than their European neighbours’ , the survey did reveal most did recognise that imple menting the right technology would resolve most of their health and safety-related issues, although this was lower than the survey findings overall (80% compared to 87%).

In the spotlight on France, the final country covered, French respondents admitted that they are ‘more likely to report that they use multiple different solutions and generic software to manage their EHS programmes’ France, with 72%, scores the highest in the research, 12% above the aver age, the report notes.

More interesting was the French perspective on EHS challenges. The report found that, although employee participation in health and safety pro grammes still came top and educat ing and training employees ranked second, incident prevention was cited as the third main health and safety priority. Whereas implementing a safety culture ranked third overall, in France it was listed as seventh.

‘This focus is understandable when we consider that France sees the greater number of repeat incidents than any other region,’ the report noted.

‘It’s probably why French respond ents tell us they need either sig nificant or notable improvements in every area of how they manage health and safety. Their scores for this are greater than the average across incident prevention, reaction, reporting, tracking, investigation and analysis.’



The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is cracking down on schools across England and Wales in a bid to assess how leaders are manag ing the risks from asbestos.

During September, HSE inspections of primary and secondary schools will look at how leaders are meeting their ‘duty to manage’ the harmful building material.

More than three quarters of Britain’s schools contain asbestos, according to the Department for Education.

The inspections will be assessing how schools are managing the risks from asbestos within the school estate and meeting the ‘duty to manage’ (DTM) requirements under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR).

To prepare, the HSE said schools ‘may wish to review their current arrangements and check that they are meeting their duties’.

In advance of the inspections, schools may wish to review their current arrangements and check that they are meeting their duties under CAR, which includes requirements to:

• take reasonable steps to find out if there are asbestoscontaining materials (ACMs) in the school premises, and if so, the amount, where it is and what condition it is in

• presume materials contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not

• make, and keep up to date, a record of the location and condition of any ACMs - or materials which are presumed to contain asbestos

• assess the risk of anyone being exposed to fibres from the materials identified

• prepare an asbestos management plan (AMP) that sets out in detail how the risks from these materials will be managed

• take the necessary steps to put the plan into action

• periodically review and monitor the plan and the arrangements, and act on the findings, so the plan and arrangements remain relevant and up to date

• provide information on the location and condition of the materials to anyone who is liable to work on, or disturb them.

The visits will be carried out by HSE inspectors, who will contact the school before visiting to arrange a suitable date and time for the inspection.

They will need to speak to someone with knowledge of how asbestos is managed by the school and may also ask to see certain documentation in advance of the visit e.g. your asbestos register and management plan, the safety watchdog said in a statement.


Over 5,000 people die in the UK each year due to asbestos related diseases.


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Have you received asbestos training?


Asbestos Training Association

“UKATA” sets standards in

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approved asbestos training provider using


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HSE publishes revised construction fire safety guidance

Several years in the making, the latest edition contains guidance explaining the need to eliminate and/or mitigate fire risks during the design phase.

The guidance, aimed at all those working on construction projects who procure, design, develop and manage construction sites, including clients and designers, is intended to enable construction professionals to achieve good fire safety management and compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

It also suggests how to prevent site fires from starting and ensuring people’s safety if they do.

Construction fire safety needs to be managed from the earliest stages of design and procurement and needs to address the risks both to site workers and to persons living or working in neighbouring buildings. This may mean reviewing particular construction methods, materials, or a specific site location to achieve effective fire risk reduction at the planning stage.

Where design risk reduction is not practicable specific mitigation measures must be identified by the designers and principal designer. It is essential to consider fire safety measures throughout all stages of the design and procurement process and to implement them effectively during the construction phase.

The risk assessment and fire safety measures must identify high-risk activities or construction methods where fires can spread quickly, and situations where evacuation plans are complex. All risk assessments and control measures must be reviewed during the construction phase to ensure they remain suitable and sufficient during the everchanging environment and conditions.

The publication doesn’t reference the findings of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 because the fire did not occur while the building was being renovated or constructed.

The new guide is available to download for free here

The GB Health and Safety Executive has recently published a revised version of its fire safety in construction (HSG168) document.


At a time when energy prices are reaching an unprecedented high, those responsible for the building and maintenance of social housing stock will be keen to identify any potential strategies capably of delivering cost savings.

However, with the escalating pressure on the business world to address the climate control agenda, any financial gains must also be balanced with the need to actively seek out initiatives which also represent a conscious move towards reducing the carbon footprint. And of course, landlords are equally required find a way of meeting the heating demands of their tenants with the mandate to improve energy efficiency.

So, what steps can be taken to meet these combined objectives?

Firstly, be realistic about what savings can be made, since these will largely depend on the nature of the building efficiency of the properties in the portfolio.  Older houses which were built at a time when energy efficiency was not such a major consideration, will naturally be more limited by the existing infrastructure than a recent new build, which will benefit from the latest energy saving innovations.

That said, there are a number of established remedial works consistent with best practice that will have a positive impact on reducing energy wastage such as: loft and pipe insulation; installation of the appropriate windows designed to lower energy bills (the average UK home loses 25-30% of its heat through windows – source: Energy Saver, 2021); correct size and siting of radiators and fitting of thermostats to ensure temperature is regulated, averting the need to place undue pressure on energy resources during inclement weather conditions.

Tactical cost reduction initiatives

Regardless of the physical integrity of the housing accommodation being managed, the simplest way to minimise energy bills is to work with a reputable thirdparty broker who has the knowledge, expertise and time to research out the best tariffs offering the biggest cost savings.


Boiler plant room protocol

Regular inspections of boiler plant rooms and adherence to the recommended maintenance schedule is another absolute requirement in the quest to stabilise heating costs. Poor and inappropriate maintenance regimes are frequently to blame for bypassing control measures which can stabilise energy expenditure. Ensure that the contractors employed for routine maintenance are a) suitably qualified and offer the desired competencies to complete the task in hand and b) are regularly checked by an independent assessor to ensure the works are both completed to the correct standard – and are undertaken at a fair and reasonable price.

Condensing boilers are now widely seen in housing association stock and because of the recycling of the exhaust gases created during the boiler’s operation, represent an energy efficient mode of heating and hot water.  Newer models are entering the market capable of running on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas (hydrogen blend ready), providing a future perfect solution for accessing the planned release of more green gases into the UK gas grid, thus combining energy savings with improved sustainability credentials.

Many properties governed by a building management system (BMS) will incorporate weather compensation controls that assist the heat source and help it to work at its optimum operation – this can of course reduce heating running costs. These controls can lower fuel bills because they help the heating system to work smartly, thus reducing energy usage. Using intelligent technology, weather compensation mechanisms monitor both the internal and external temperatures and adjust the boiler’s operation accordingly, maintaining the correct flow and return temperatures which can help reduce fluctuations – and therefore improve efficiency.

Control strategies

A building management system can be applied to both old and new boiler plant rooms but in regard to new construction sites, planning permission will only be granted on the basis of a proven demonstration that the BMS enables energy consumption to be managed at 1520% below the theoretical standard 1990 building.

Cladding confidence crisis

Post Grenfell, landlords face a significant challenge in terms of convincing the tenant population of the benefits of cladding to conserve heat. This represents a considerable issue, since cladding still has a key role to play in helping to insulate a building, however, landlords need to reassure their residents that the material used is of a non-combustible nature, in line with latest fire regulations (The Fire Safety Act).

Going green

Ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar energy all offer greener energy solutions but retrofitting such systems is generally not an option. For ground and air source heat pumps, not only is the pipe and radiator infrastructure unlikely to be compatible, the capital investment is high and the ROI is at least 15-20 years – which in an older property is often not viable. However, new builds which choose to feature greener and cost-efficient technologies may benefit from a government grant.

Solar panels in the guise of curved installations which are sited in the garden and maximise the capacity to capture the rays of the sun are also an emerging option, but clearly only suited to properties which have the external space to accommodate such structures.

Catalyst for change

With heat networks in the UK becoming increasingly recognised as the way forward to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions via the use of low carbon and renewable heat sources, improving the security of energy supply and providing good value heating which can in the fight against heat poverty, it’s worth bearing in mind the new CP1 (2020) updated code of practice. This now requires a demonstration of adherence to the best practice recommendations via documented proof and audit trails across all stages of any project in addition to the introduction of a Statement of Applicability and hard performance targets.

These combine to provide a platform for assessing whether CP1 (2020) requirements have been met. A number of performance metrics are focused on customer outcomes such as domestic hot water delivery times and maximum heat network losses, giving rise to a methodology to assess network performance, efficiency and access to affordable low carbon heat, while offering a degree of protection to nondomestic and residential customers.

Commercial landlords / housing associations are now required to evidence compliance with the latest recommendations, which inhibits a landlord’s ability to pass on any energy increases with no associated responsibility to offer an energy efficient system. This will no doubt represent a powerful catalyst to fast track the supply of cost-effective energy to maintain profitability.

Allocating time and budgets for specialist guidance at this point of the year - before harsher weather conditions place more pressure on heating / power systems) - to ascertain where potential savings can be made and to ensure continued compliance, can only represent a valid and valued longterm investment.


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