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April 2023


The UK Concrete Show celebrated its 11th anniversary on 15–16 March 2023

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World Earth Day: How do piping materials affect our planet?


The 2023 UK Concrete Show presented the ideal opportunity for both established brands and new enterprises to showcase their products and services to an eager crowd of visitors.

Maddie MacLellan, show director, explains. “This year’s show did not disappoint, The concrete industry never ceases to amaze us from the innovation of new product launches and companies meeting global challenges such as carbon reduction and green technologies, to the reliability of long-established companies; they all came together at this years show for the ultimate industry event.”

The UK Concrete Show celebrated its 11th anniversary on 15–16 March 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham. For over a decade, the show has been dedicated to the concrete industry in the UK and Europe, providing a 10,000m2 exhibitor hall, outside exhibition space, and demonstration areas, with educational and networking opportunities.

Bringing the industry together under one roof in an undiluted environment has always been a key focus of the show providing a platform for businesses to network and educate. Attendees witness first-hand and watch as manufacturers and suppliers unveil new ideas and concepts that they have been developing

over the past year and this is what makes the UK Concrete Show a truly unique experience for both visitors and exhibitors.


As the doors opened for the first day of the show it was clear that there were a few surprises from some of our industry leaders awaiting the eager crowd of attendees looking to explore - new first-time exhibitors including Mortel Meister, Rakem, GPS Sprayers, Enviro-Vac, Polarmatic, Hoistech and One-click LCA were on point and ready to show what they can offer.

These newcomers joined show veterans and industry staples Danfords, CIFA, CEMEX, Conspare, Coote Engineering, Practicon, Command Alkon, Haarup, Liebherr, Construx, KVM, BetonBlock, Euro Accessories, Conplex BV, Hydronix,

Proctor Johnson, YB Fixings, Frumecar, Probst Handling and Siltbuster, in addition to other many other exhibitors.


An abundant array of industry firsts were showcased at this year’s show. Sicoma launched their new mixer; Eurobend with a new wire mesh welding line; Masterscreed’s exclusive wall screeder; Hoistech, with a new crane system; and a new concrete software tool developed by One Click LCA with their revolutionary carbon assessment software.

McPhee Mixers presented and demonstrated the UK’s first zero-emission electric concrete mixer truck, which was a rather unique experience as we normally don’t get to see the drum mixer operating during the show because of emissions, so it was a real treat to be able to see the mixer drum rotate and the controls in operation and Bay-Lynx Manufacturing presented its first liquid colour system on their latest Titan Volumetric mixer.


A focus of this year’s event was to provide the visitors with a more immersive and practical experience, not only through live exhibits but also from the brand-new Innovation hub and demonstration areas.

Attendees were able to experience technology from Masterscreed, Danfords, Mortel Meister, CIFA, IHS, Utranazz and more. The five- minute Pitch Arena brought product information from exhibitors directly to visitors. Following each presentation, a concise Q&A session was held.


This year our Industry awards covered four categories and were presented at the end of the first day of the show. Nominations were invited from exhibitors a number of weeks before the show and resulted in 4 clear winners.

The first award was for ‘Most Sustainable Innovation’ which went to Sonocrete for their ultrasound technology for concrete production, enabling strongly increased early compressive strengths, giving the opportunity to greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Our second award for ‘Best New Product’ went to well-deserved Aeromix for their EPS Bound flowing insulation.

Our third award was the ‘Industry Choice Award’ which went to a very proud Concrete Services and supplies / Ekin Engineering for their range of electric screeders.

Our final award and new for this year was ‘The British Aggregates

Association award for Safety

Innovation’ presented by BAA CEO Mike Phillips to McPhee mixers, part of the TVS Interfleet group for the new safety features on their electric mixer.

It was amazing to see everyone coming together to celebrate the finest that the industry has to offer over a few drinks and to reflect on what was an outstanding first day of the show.


The show’s educational seminar programme brought together experts from around the world who pioneer and innovate emerging technologies, greener solutions, and products to help businesses achieve profitability and cost efficiencies.

Visitors to this year’s show were in for a treat with a programme that included ConSpare speaking on sustainability and the launch of their industry white paper, we heard from Sonocrete on ultrasound and concrete and Min-Train on Mixer-Driver Standards and The British Aggregates Association presented on how it is supporting the concrete Industry to name but a few.

2024 show dates have already been scheduled for the 13th & 14th of March and our 12th year promises to bring even more surprises.

Please visit for more information.

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are now available for hire by external companies.
The Stratford Gateway Training Facilities
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World Earth Day: How do piping materials affect our planet?

According to the Climate Change Committee, 85% of residential buildings in the UK – equating to 23 million homes in total – are connected to the gas grid and have gas transported through them via a tubing network.

With so many households having these networks, and with the climate emergency ever worsening, using sustainable materials is of utmost importance.

There are several different options when it comes to gas pipes but unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in unsustainable options such as corrugated stainlesssteel tubing (CSST), which is made up of stainlesssteel tube coated with either one or two layers of PVC plastic. Due to the inclusion of two different materials, this makes the recycling of this type of product very difficult.

Another option for gas piping is copper, which is infinitely recyclable and has been the professional plumber’s choice for decades. So, what is it about copper that makes it the sustainable, superior option? And just how damaging is CSST to our planet and our people?

A question of sustainability

Generally, at the end of their life, CSST pipes are landfilled or burned as they hold no recyclable value. This is largely due to their complex makeup as it is very hard to separate the metal from the plastic layers. The process to reclaim the metal sandwiched within the

plastic would be incredibly labour intensive and costly, outweighing any value that could be retained.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), plastic can take hundreds of years to breakdown, meaning that several generations of a family can live in the time it takes for one landfilled pipe to disintegrate.

While it is possible to recycle plastic and it should be done wherever feasible, Zero Waste Europe reports that PVC in particular can be difficult to recycle. This is partly because of additives and the fact that recycled PVC often contains hazardous additives and toxicants, making it very difficult to repurpose and recycle.

By large contrast, copper is 100% infinitely recyclable and, to date, at least 65% of all copper mined remains in circulation. As a result, approximately half of Europe’s copper consists of recycled materials. What’s more, copper pipes retain all their qualities and value, no matter how many times they have been recycled.

Research has revealed that the construction industry is being responsible for around one quarter of the UK’s total plastic consumption, so reducing and eliminating the use of plastics in piping would be greatly beneficial –especially considering that a sustainable, reliable option is available and has been for thousands of years.

April 2023

It’s all in the composite

As well as its sustainability implications, CSST is also not as robust or durable as copper pipes. Originally developed in Japan, CSST was designed to be flexible to withstand earthquakes so is very thin, making it more susceptible to other forms of damage.

Due to its lean composition, CSST pipe has been known to be punctured by nails being driven into walls by homeowners which, when carrying gas, is less than ideal. Additionally, the welded seams in the stainless-steel tube create weak spots in the pipe, which is worsened by the complicated ways in which the fittings need to be adhered to the pipe, putting further pressure on the seams and increasing the chance of a leak.

If there’s a leak in CSST piping, it could be immediately evident or it could remain undetected for months. As if assumed to fail, CSST is made of multiple layers, with the second designed to act as a backup leak zone for when the first layer leaks. But what happens when the second layer inevitably leaks?

On the other hand, copper pipes have remained the pro plumber’s choice for generations. In fact, copper has been used in piping for 4,000 years and has truly stood the test of time. Strong, sturdy and seamless, copper pipes reduce the chance of leaks and its reliability is evidenced in its uses. With Swedish scientists and technologists trusting the natural material to encapsulate radioactive waste, it is more than qualified to transport gas around residential properties.

The safest option is the natural choice

When choosing piping materials it’s important to consider the safety credentials as well as considering sustainability and durability, and one of the most prominent risks posed by CSST is its fire risk.

The combustion temperature of PVC is much lower than that of copper – around 790 degrees Fahrenheit (421 degrees Celsius), compared to 1,981 degrees Fahrenheit (1,083 degrees Celsius) for copper. An average structural fire generates temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit (816 degrees Celsius), so not even reaching the combustion point of copper.

CSST is used in tower block voids to allow amenities to be delivered to flats on higher floors, however, due to PVC’s low combustion temperature, is CSST really the safest material to fulfil this purpose?

Aside from melting, should the fire reach the tubing, the toxic fumes caused by the burning plastic can be damaging for people and planet alike, with research showing that carcinogenic chemicals such as methylene chloride, allyl chloride and vinyl chloride are found in the emissions of burning PVC pipes.

The safer choice, copper is an inflammable material and, in the unfortunate case of a fire, would not contribute to any further hazards. It begs the question of why a flammable material such as plastic would be chosen to help transport a highly flammable gas around a building, when a far safer option like copper is available.

For centuries, copper has prevailed as one of the safest, most sustainable, and most reliable materials in piping. The construction industry must leave CSST in the past and return to adopting one of the world’s oldest solutions now, for the future of the planet and its population. After all, the S’s in CSST do not stand for safe nor sustainable.

Make the right choice. Choose copper.

To find out more about the benefits of copper pipes, visit

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Gilberts Helps Edinburgh Create Sustainable Education

A12+% growth in population over the past decade has meant Edinburgh City Council is undertaking a £multimillion Learning Estate Investment Programme.

It includes building at least three new primary schools and a new senior school, all designed to contribute towards the Authority’s aim of being carbon neutral by 2030.

To help realise the ambition, consulting engineers Blackwood Partnership utilised Gilberts’ grilles and diffusers to provide effective, compliant ventilation throughout the buildings- from nursery and primary school classrooms through corridors to tutorial spaces, offices and sport halls.

Careful design of the ventilation air paths and selection of the components ensures the indoor air quality throughout the schools is maintained whilst minimising energy with heating provided by air source heat pumps.

Each classroom features a combination of GSFB perforated circular swirl diffusers and PG-R perforated return grilles to supply and return the air to the HEVAC system. This combination of grilles and diffusers, with perforated faces, optimises air circulation without draughts whilst achieving enhanced airflow efficiency.

In the smaller cellular spaces air is transferred through the corridors via strategically-positioned NV2 transfer grilles above doors –heavy duty where required. GE eggcrate grilles, with their 90% free ventilation area, optimise velocity of extraction with low noise levels through the ceiling within the Sports and Dining Halls.

Explained Fraser Sinclair, senior mechanical engineer for Blackwoods, “The overall layout in each of the schools was for a mixture of suspended and plasterboarded ceilings. some of which were awkward configurations in terms of implementation of a compliant ventilation strategy.

“We knew from our long-term, successful relationship with Gilberts that we could rely on all the technical support needed in the selection of the most efficient and cost-effective combination of supply and extract solutions.”

Added Crawford McGhie, Senior Manager Estates and Operational Support, “Our new school spaces

should provide the best conditions for learning and teaching with lighting, heating, ventilation and acoustics optimised to provide a comfortable environment supporting positive outcomes for building users.”

The new schools build on Gilberts’ proven track record in air movement in the region. Gilberts has also provided grille and diffusers for, among others, the first Virgin hotel in the UK, and Gleneagles’ first urban hotel, both in Edinburgh, and the new Glasgow Rangers Museum.

Founded some six decades ago, today family-owned Gilberts’ 140,000 sq ft head office and manufacturing facility includes its own research and development and test facilities, enabling it to continue to evolve its product range and develop bespoke solutions for specific client requirements. Gilberts is now acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, offering mechanical, natural and hybrid ventilation solutions.

April 2023

As a market leader in low carbon heating systems, we help housing developers comply with the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations by specifying Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps for new build homes.

Our dedicated website pages provide you with support at every one of the seven steps of the RIBA Plan of Work.

Watch our NEW BUILD video with George Clarke

Schöck Bole eliminates punching shear risk at major Essex regeneration

The prevention of punching shear failure with flat slab construction is a critical consideration and while traditional solutions such as links in the punching area work fairly effectively, they have disadvantages in that they are both time-consuming to install and have the risk of installation inaccuracy and positional stability during concreting.

Aproduct that does offer a cost-effective, easyto-install solution, is the widely used and dependable Schöck Bole shear rail; and one of the many construction sites where Schöck Bole is the system of choice is the New Green project at Rainham in Essex. A number of council estates are planned for regeneration in the area, as a joint venture between the London Borough of

Havering and Wates Residential. Known as the ’12 Estates’ regeneration programme, it will see around 5,200 homes delivered in Havering over the next 12 to 15 years and the earliest of these is the replacement of Napier and New Plymouth House. Two outdated 13-storey tower blocks which are being replaced by mid-rise, high density buildings, providing 197 homes arranged around new open spaces.

Signifcantly faster installation with Bole

As with any reinforced concrete slab design, the New Green project is at risk of punching shear failure, which traditionally has been resolved by adding further concrete, such as the use of downstand beams or localised thickened column heads. However these measures require complex formwork and significantly reduce the benefits offered by the flat slab design. By incorporating the Schöck Bole shear rail system at New Green, installation is costeffective and significantly faster than traditional loose links.

The ready-to-install reinforcement element consists of double-headed studs with spacing bars to ensure correct positioning. Spacers allow


installation on the formwork and as a result, installation on the construction site and in the precast plant is therefore quicker, safer and easier to achieve. Two spacer bars are welded to the vertical studs, which ensure the correct distance between uprights. The forged stud heads guarantee a perfect finishing bond with the concrete. The dramatically reduced fixing time far outweighs any additional material costs that may be involved with a prefabricated system.

Schöck offers two other variants

Schöck has developed two other punching shear reinforcement variants. The type U, designed for installation before the lower mat and type O for installation after the top reinforcement layer. All products in the range are designed to Eurocode 2 and supplied ready for installation. There is downloadable user-friendly Schöck design software available too, which enables fast and simple dimensioning of the product.

For further information on the Schöck Bole system contact the company on 01865 290 890 or visit

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Main image: New Green – Rainham Top right: A graphic of Bole units in position on a completed project Right: A typical Bole installation

GEZE exhibits at BAU

The world’s leading trade fair for architecture, material, and systems, BAU 2023 will be opening its doors from 17-22 April in Munich and GEZE, a specialist in door, window and safety technology will be exhibiting a range of innovative products, system solutions and services at the show.

Under the motto of “Liveable buildings: digital, sustainable, smart” GEZE will be exhibiting myGEZE Control: the next generation networking solution for smart buildings that is able to integrate door, window and safety technology into many different areas of a building management system.

In addition GEZE will be exhibiting several other new products; Revo.PRIME – an automatic revolving door

system with a low canopy height and narrow profiles, the F 1200+ window drive, designed for large and heavy turn-and-tilt, and bottom hung windows up to 200kg leaf weight, and the TS 5000 SoftClose, perfect for anywhere where a doors needs to be closed securely, but with minimal sound.

The exhibition stand, which is 500sqm in size, will be located in Hall B1, stand 538-539, with representatives from GEZE UK on hand to offer advice and demonstrate products.

Said Andy Howland, GEZE’s Sales and Marketing Director, ‘The BAU exhibition is an important one for the whole of the construction industry with visitors from many countries. It is the perfect opportunity for GEZE to show our latest products and innovative solutions’.

Additional information:

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit

For more information on the BAU exhibition visit

April 2023


The original and still the best, Magicman supply on-site sustainable repair and refurbishment technicians who deliver on time, every time. Fully certified with every commercial accreditation. Comprehensively insured, monitored and audited. Available nationwide. Is it any wonder that over 300 companies and organisations trust and rely on us?

Before Before After After ASK ABOUT OUR ANNUAL FIXED RATE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTS 0345 4581010 available on iPhone and Android

Increasing environmental responsibilities and sustainability targets are driving the construction industries ongoing needs for cost effective, easy to use solutions for dealing with wastewater onsite. Sites need quick replies, concise information, simple transactions and deliveries without hassle. For the past 9 years Kelly Tanks has enjoyed providing all of these whilst building a large customer base, expanding their team and facilities, and responding to customer demand with innovative new products year on year.


• Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry

• Fast and Simple to Set up

• Small Footprint equipment available

• Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics

• Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment

• Reduce off-site disposal costs

• Reduce risk of pollution

• Easy to use equipment

Mark, Kelly and team KT provide a selection of Water Treatment and Concrete Washout Solutions for hire or purchase. Their popularity and proven track record is a result of providing the kit you need, in the manner you want, at a price you’re happy with. Match this with their eager to please attitudes and above and beyond aftercare and its easy to see why their customers keep returning.


Various concrete washout solutions, to allow concrete trucks and equipment to be washed off safely onsite, including closed loop washwater recycling, washwater filtration sacks, pH correction, robust washout trays and skip washouts.


Self contained units or full systems to separate and treat wastewater and Water Quality Monitoring Systems including Settlement

& lamella Tanks, flocculation and pH adjustment dosing, pH/TSS/ Turbidity remote monitoring, auto de-sludging.


Water Treatment Solutions for high alkaline hydrodemolition waste, used to retain solids and automatically correct pH.


Automated daily prevention for concrete drum build-up. Using recycled or fresh water the highly efficient electric driven pump combined with the water jets at the tip of the boom remove the days build up before it hardens. DrumBlaster Build-up Control Technology incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head allowing the mixer drum to remain stationary.


Tailor made solutions to suit all applications. Whether an idea or

a full plan, we can accommodate. We can also tweak our existing products and/or have them sprayed in your corporate colours.


Complete onsite Water Management. Consultancy, Testing, Supply, Install and Maintenance.

Kelly Tanks take pride in the quality of their products and have a classy approach to customer service making them a real pleasure to deal with. If you weren’t able to experience their hospitality for yourself at Hillhead this year, you can catch them again at the Contamination Expo, Birmingham NEC in September. If you need anything in the meantime give them a call on 01889 508944, email or check out their website

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New data reveals half of construction workers feel lonely at work

The findings, conducted by NESCAFÉ as part of the ‘Make Chat Work’ campaign, are announced amidst recent concerns around wellbeing in the construction industry –with a report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Issues Affecting Men and Boys recommending more stringent mental health provisions should be written into construction contracts.

The ‘Make Chat Work’ campaign by NESCAFÉ aims to help businesses create a culture that nurtures their employees’ wellbeing through encouraging interactions, connections and engagement between workers.

Further insights from the research reveals that eight out of ten (79%) of construction workers agree that having opportunities to talk to colleagues around coffee breaks would make them feel less lonely. In addition, nearly all (99%) of respondents said that getting together for a coffee break is important for team morale and 94% look forward to a coffee break with colleagues.

Nadia Roberts, Brand Manager at NESCAFÉ at Nestlé Professional, said: “Our research shows that coffee breaks at work aren’t just a ‘nice to have’ but are an important part of the day for employees – particularly for those that are experiencing feelings of loneliness. Breaks give workers time that’s been specifically carved out to connect, talk and engage with each other and an opportunity to take time out and switch off from the day-to-day pressures – important for workers in any business, but particularly a sector like construction, and the related trades such as

plumbers, carpenters and electricians, which are typically male-dominated.”

The Make Chat Work campaign sees NESCAFÉ partner with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), which represents 160,000 small business owners in the UK, as well as construction industry bodies the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC), to deliver insights, webinars, information and assets to help small businesses improve workplace wellbeing.

There are also various tools, for employers looking to support workplace wellbeing, that are free for businesses to download. This includes a Make Chat Work Guide packed full of insights, knowledge and practical tips on how to make the most of the coffee break in the workplace. There are also printable assets to display in the office including a ‘NESCAFÉ Your Way’ sheet to note how colleagues like to take their hot drinks and ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘Conversation Starter’ suggestions, designed to help ignite chat and interaction with co-workers.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) said: “Mental health is a top priority for the FMB so our partnership with NESCAFÉ is another great way to highlight workplace wellbeing. Builders face many pressures in their day-to-day lives and it’s great that many FMB members share their own mental health challenges to help others. The FMB has also partnered with the Lighthouse Club as our charity partner to ensure mental health awareness is front and centre in the construction sector.”

Caroline Lavelle, Chief Commercial Officer at FSB, said: “Workplace wellbeing is incredibly relevant and important to our vast small business community. We like to provide our members with knowledge and tools that enable them to run their business better; and the Make Chat Work campaign does just that.”

CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts, said: “CIC promotes expertise and knowledge on topics that are of collective interest to the construction sector and wellbeing is a topic that impacts everyone in the industry. We are pleased to partner with NESCAFÉ to cover this crucial subject and help share insights which could benefit the whole of the industry.”

Through the partnership with the CIC, NESCAFÉ will be making a donation to construction industry charity The Lighthouse Club.

Bill Hill, CEO at the Lighthouse Club charity, which provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, said: “Experiencing poor wellbeing is an everyday reality for thousands of construction workers. Stress, anxiety and depression accounts for a fifth of all work-related illnesses and every single working day in the UK, two construction workers take their own life. We welcome campaigns like Make Chat Work – it’s an opportunity to ignite conversation around workplace wellbeing and brings to life the importance of workers in the sector talking more.”

For further information on the NESCAFÉ Make Chat Work campaign or to download the free Make Chat Work Guide click here

April 2023
New data reveals that half (47%) of construction workers in the UK feel lonely in the workplace.

Experts together: Ideal Heating & ACV exhibit at Specifi events across the UK

April 2023

Ideal Heating – Commercial Products is pleased to announce it is once again exhibiting at Specifi Mechanical Services events throughout 2023, alongside hot water generation and heating company ACV UK, as part of their Experts Together campaign; both companies are part of Groupe Atlantic.

Aimed at specifiers in the construction sector, the Specifi events provide a more relaxed, informal alternative to major exhibitions. They are designed for networking and professional development through the sharing of information.

Ideal Heating is exhibiting at eight Specifi Mechanical Services events, which are being held in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester.

Ideal Heating’s experienced Specification Managers will be on hand to advise visitors on the latest cost-effective means of decarbonising commercial heating in light of the Part L uplift to Building Regulations for non-

domestic buildings, which came into effect in June 2022, targeting an average decrease of 27% in CO₂. They will be explaining how the building services and low carbon technologies that can help achieve this, with a focus on the benefits of heat pumps.

Ideal Heating’s new ECOMOD range of commercial monobloc air source heat pumps will be a key focus at the Specifi events. These heat pumps offer highly efficient COP performance with low environmental impact, thanks to the use of R32 refrigerant. The ECOMOD range of units are available in a choice of six outputs ranging from 14kW through to 70kW. Built with larger buildings in mind they can be cascaded up to seven units - from an external controller - for a performance output of up to 490kW.

Ideal Heating is pleased to be sharing its stand space at Specifi with ACV UK. Some of ACV’s most popular products include the WaterMaster Evo gas fired stainless steel condensing water heater with tank-in-tank technology; the SMART ME range of cylinders which can be installed with renewable energy products such as heat pumps; and a range of floor standing combined heating and hot water electric units and wall hung heating only electric boilers.

Ideal Heating will also be highlighting its free training courses and CIBSE accredited CPD seminars at Specifi, which have proven very popular amongst specifiers keen to gain a greater understanding of the different commercial boiler heat exchanger materials and the stages of plant room surveying. All training can be customised and is provided in Ideal’s state-of the-art Training Centres of Excellence located in Hull and Leeds.

For more information on the location and times of Specifi events, plus to register for free attendance, go to

For more information on Ideal Heating –Commercial Products, visit: and for ACV go to

April 2023

Automation and collaboration delivered, on national children’s hospital

Appointed to deliver the roof steel package on Dublin’s new National Children’s Hospital, automation and collaboration was critical to Struccie Design Associates’ work - both facilitated by BIM and cloud-based tools.

Once completed, the new National Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Dublin will offer a worldclass paediatric medical facility, combining the services currently provided at three hospitals into the one, modern and custom-designed hospital. Due to open in the second half of 2024, the hospital’s construction represents the largest and most significant capital investment healthcare project undertaken in the country.

Appointed by lead steel fabricator KH Engineering, Struccie Design Associates, based in Blackpool, Cork was responsible for delivering the steel detailing for the NCH roof package. With a curved and oval form, the structure alludes to the architecture of Dublin’s best-

known civic spaces and buildings, most notably the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham (Irelands oldest hospital).

Speaking about the project, Lee Chitty, Director at Struccie Design Associates, said: “There were numerous challenges on this project, many of which presented themselves very early on. The first was the complexity of the roof package details. Given the oval form, the rafters were curved with transverse purlins spanning onto the curved rafters, creating a faceted framework, which was very challenging both to detail and set out. It was also an Execution Class 4 project, each assembly and part were able to be traced by splitting the steelwork into smaller phases which meant easier control of the steelwork when being issued for fabrication.

“The use of intelligent 3D modelling software proved key in helping us to overcome these challenges, particularly through the use of custom components. Using Tekla Structures, we were able to utilise the modelling software to create our own project specific custom components and apply pre-defined settings in our assembly drawings, with the automation helping us to minimise repetitive tasks.

“A great example of this in action relates to the steelwork weep holes, required in all beams and columns to aid the discharge of moisture. The galv-holes tool, available in Tekla Warehouse, was brilliant and an absolute gamechanger. Once you’ve pre-defined the settings for specific section sizes and connections, you can reduce your workflow times, as opposed to having to manually detail every single one.”

April 2023 18

Understandably, coordination was also critical when it came to considering and detailing the NCH roof package, particularly when it came to the steel-to-concrete connections. With four sloping concrete cores on the project and a large number of steel connections to consider, accuracy was essential.

Lee explained: “Working in partnership with our client KH Engineering, they carried out a survey of the concrete cores whilst the build was going on, on site. We were then able to import the survey data directly into the 3D modelling environment within Tekla Structures and use this to accurately detail and set out our steel connections. Without this survey data and the ability to import it directly into our model, there would have definitely been issues on site further down the line.”

In addition to Tekla Structures, Struccie Design Associates also

utilised the cloud-based Trimble Connect tool to aid collaboration, both internally and externally.

Lee said: “Collaboration on a project of this scale was critical and is somewhere that digital technology and a cloud-based system can really add value. Trimble Connect was a big tool for us on the NCH project. We had two ‘projects’ within Trimble Connect; one of which contained all our steelwork detailing. Using the ‘To Do’ action tool, we were able to tag design team members and keep a live diary of what actions were required and what actions had been taken, making the internal communication process far more streamlined.

“The second ‘project’ was one that we shared externally. We were able to import all other design team models, giving us an accurate, consolidated and multi-discipline model to work from and refer

to. Used as a focal collaboration point, sharing our data and models enabled effective coordination and the ability to easily highlight any potential clashes.”

Lee concluded: “For me, the value of BIM to the modern-day construction industry is all about cost savings. The ability to detect any potential problems and resolve issues before the job gets to site can make a very real difference, both in terms of time and cost.”

Struccie Design Associates’ work on the National Children’s Hospital saw the team win the ‘Public Vote’ category in the 2022 UK Tekla Awards, with people praising the level of complexity and detail involved.

For more information, please visit: or


RAK Ceramics contribute to Turkey & Syria earthquake relief

RAK Ceramics

PJSC, one of the largest ceramics lifestyle solution provider in the world, pledged today support to the victims of the earthquake, that hit parts of Turkey and Syria, by joining hands with Abu Dhabibased Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation.

In efforts to rebuild the earthquakehit region, RAK Ceramics will be contributing more than 1.000 pallets of Tiles and Sanitaryware products in construction aid, as organized by the Foundation. The earthquakes, that occurred on the 6th of February were followed by multiple lesspowerful tremors and aftershocks, led to thousands of casualties and left millions of people homeless.

Abdallah Massaad, Group CEO, RAK Ceramics said “Our deepest thoughts are with the people and communities affected by this tragic natural disaster. We hope that, with this initiative, we contribute to the rebuilding of affected communities bringing relief to the victims”.

Further information is available online at


Isuzu 3.5T Euro 6

Isuzu trucks are robust and adaptable enough to suit any number of different applications.

The 3.5T Grafter chassis cab is available with either single or twin rear wheels. The standard ‘Driveaway’ vehicle body options include Dropside, Tipper and Utilitruck.

ASI Construction Seeks Partnerships with End Users to Deliver Autonomous Solutions for Production Operations

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI), a leading provider of industrial ground vehicle automation, has announced its vision for its subsidiary ASI Construction, which aims to provide autonomous solutions that empower end users to become the leading producers in their respective applications. As a response to market demands, ASI’s primary focus is end users with production operations who can leverage ASI’s market-leading Mobius® software.

ASI is currently seeking customers who are ready to scale autonomy in their construction loading and haulage applications. The company aims to deliver high-quality autonomous installations that enable customers to transform their production operations and unlock their full potential, similar to the unprecedented success ASI has proven with its customer, Roy Hill, in the mining industry. The company is committed to this vision and is open to investment partners who are passionate about making positive change in the construction industry through developing the most innovative technology offerings.

“At ASI, we believe that our autonomous solutions are the key to unlocking the future of production; it’s a journey of transformation worth taking,” said Bret Turpin, Product Manager of ASI Construction. “That’s why we’re partnering with end users to make our vision a reality, and we’re excited to help them become the leading producers in their industries.”

ASI’s autonomous solutions have already proven their worth in the mining industry, and the company is eager to replicate this success in the construction industry. The company’s innovative solutions can help end users optimize their production processes, reduce operating costs, and enhance safety, while providing real-time data to support better operational decision-making.

For more information on ASI’s autonomous solutions, please visit its website or contact its team directly.

April 2023

Moran Sindall

Construction’s £27m construction work in home city of Wakefield to deliver significant social and economic boost

Morgan Sindall Construction’s Yorkshire operation has shared details of its far-reaching investment in Wakefield following its move to the city just over three years ago.

Since the end of 2019, Morgan Sindall has been located in the heart of Wakefield town centre at Merchant Gate. In that period, the leading contractor has been appointed to a range of milestone construction jobs that are helping to shape a bright future for the city. This has seen the delivery or ongoing delivery of £27m worth of projects across Wakefield.

As a result, Morgan Sindall has developed social value plans that have seen it engage with the Wakefield community around employment and skills training, conservation, volunteering and offering its support to local projects where possible. This has included:

• £22,500 worth of community investment

• Six apprentice placements

• 17 weeks of work experience for local people

• 27 engagements with local schools

The first of the three schemes to be delivered has been the flagship new home of Wakefield’s CAPA College. A specialist provision for students aged 16-19 from across the North of England, CAPA College provides full-time training and education in all aspects of creative and performing arts from dance and drama to musical theatre, production arts, film and media.  Situated on Mulberry Way (opposite Wakefield Westgate train station), CAPA College’s new £9.3m flagship home will become the gateway to Wakefield, inspiring and educating the next generation of performers and creatives in Wakefield and beyond.

Support for next generation of Wakefield talent is also at the heart of Morgan Sindall’s work at Outwood Academy City Fields school (City Fields). The £7.3m project – procured through SCAPE - is set to complete in August 2023 and reflects an urgent need for extra school places in Wakefield as a result of ongoing housebuilding in the area.

Working alongside the customer, Outwood Academy Trust, Morgan Sindall is actively promoting STEM careers through City Fields’ career events and by offering student groups the chance to tour the site and gain valuable, hands-on work experience with the team.

In tandem with this project, Morgan Sindall is currently giving a £10.6m new lease of life to the historic Be Well Support Stadium at Belle Vue. The existing East Stand of the stadium has been demolished with the construction of a new 2,600 capacity seated stand including home and away player facilities, staff areas, concourses for fans and a large hospitality restaurant above now underway.

A new 1,300 capacity standing terrace will also be added to the North Stand with extensive external works including the formalisation of the existing car parking area also to be undertaken as part of the scheme, which was procured via the Pagabo Major Works framework.

All three projects have been informed by Intelligent Solutions, Morgan Sindall’s approach to the modern construction agenda. Intelligent Solutions brings together digital and platform design capabilities with modern construction methods and innovative carbon reduction tools to create unique, sustainable, and inspiring places for our customers.

Ben Hall, Morgan Sindall’s area director for Yorkshire said: “We’re proud to call Wakefield our home, and it gives us a real thrill to know that we’re playing a key role in creating a bright future for the city. Whether that’s creating outstanding facilities for the next generation to hone their craft or learn about the world around them, or giving Wakefield Trinity’s stadium the makeover needed to become the home the club deserves.

“Coupled with this is the far-reaching work we’re undertaking supporting our local supply chain, workers and students, helping to build a resilient Wakefield economy and workforce. There is a huge amount of potential in this city and it’s a privilege for us to help unleash it.”

April 2023

New DrainKing duty/ standby pumping system now offers more flexible installation and more reliable operation.

By eliminating traditional cable hung on/off floats and utilising the pumps own proven rigid float arms with their large triangular low-level floats, pump control is simplified and improved. This design is far less prone to debris interfering with the float movement hence the stop/start of the pump is always more reliable.

Utilizing this float arm design also means that the invert levels in to the DrainKing are now lowered considerably making positioning of the unit much more flexible. It is now easier to fit the specified pipe gradient into the tank. Previously the minimum invert level was 260mm, now, with the Jung Pumpen UK6 pumps fitted, it can be as low as 120mm.

The New DrainKing, duty/standby wastewater pumping system, incorporating Jung Pumpen pumps, from Berkshire based Pump Technology Ltd., now features more flexible installation and more reliable operation with even easier maintenance.

The DrainKing comes supplied with its own pump station control panel. This cycles the duty pump, activates the standby pump and alarm.

In practice the control panel selects a duty pump and cycles it after every 4 hours of total operation. In the unlikely event of blockage, or pump failure, a finger float mounted on the side of the tank will detect a high wastewater level and activate an audio and visual alarm on the panel. The panel then selects the standby pump, its float arm already raised for switching on and pumping.

The panel shows pump status for both pumps. In the event of a power failure the alarm is powered by a rechargeable battery. The panel

April 2023

has three volt-free contacts for connection to a Pump Technology Ltd remote alarm and/or to a BMS system.

These three volt-free alarms aid BMS logic when features such as solenoid shut off valves are incorporated into the appliance/drainage system.

The DrainKing can be fitted with a range of Jung Pumpen pumps, both single and 3phase.

With the US 103 E installed pumping capacity is over 12m head. With the 730HES or 1030HES pumps the DrainKing is also suitable for pumping hot wastewater continuously up to 90°C. Because of this special feature, this product is ideal for commercial kitchens, laundries, and commercial buildings.

The experienced application team at Pump Technology Ltd, based in Berkshire, provide specification and sizing support for consultants and installers alike. Speed of response is one of the company’s watchwords. Callers can speak to an engineer who can discuss their site and pumping application straight away, providing confidence to progress the project with the correct pumping system specification.

The New DrainKing tank and pumps are all held in stock and can be dispatched the same day.

Pump Technology Ltd is authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH as a distributor and stockist for their pumping equipment, responsible for specification, supply and support and is the largest supplier of Jung Pumpen equipment in the UK.

April 2023 27

SterlingOSB Zero ‘Primed for Action’ across the board

Panel product manufacturer, West Fraser, has introduced a new ready-primed version of its industry-leading SterlingOSB Zero board which is ideal for use in a wide range of situations from site hoardings through to building exhibition stands and other installations where appearance is important.

SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus is being produced in 18mm thick, square-edged sheets measuring 1220 mm wide by 2440mm long. The factory applied white or grey finish features on both sides and all four edges which are ready for decoration or the application of graphics. The highquality surface is smooth while the structure is free from knots or voids and from an environmental perspective the ‘Zero’ in the name assures specifiers that the product contains no added formaldehyde.

West Fraser’s Dom West, Sales Director for UK and Ireland, commented: “SterlingOSB Zero is the first UK manufactured OSB with zero-added formaldehyde to deliver health as well as several other

technical benefits, making it superior to softwood plywood as well as particleboard. The factory-primed, ultra-smooth surface presents a blank canvas for marketing messages and other types of promotional display. Being rugged and weather-resistant, the SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus boards can be used outside for security applications, such as screening or walkways while we’re already getting strong interest from the hospitality sector and shopfitting specialists, as well as housebuilders and other contractors.”

SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus is CE-marked and complies with the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and BBA Agrement requirements. The boards are supplied in packs of 50 to cover a total area of

approximately 150m². Right across its range, West Fraser has been making substantial investment in reducing the environmental impact of its production processes including signing new contracts with its energy suppliers to ensure that all its power comes from renewable sources that are covered by REGO (Renewable Energy of Guaranteed Origins) certification.

For peace of mind, the boards also conform to European E1 emission standard, comply with BS EN 622: Parts 1 and 5.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

April 2023

Councillors give approval to plans for 124 homes in Newcastle

(Far left) A CGI of Amethyst Homes

The Airey housetype, which will be open as a showhome

(Left) A CGI of Bellway’s The Cutler housetype available at the development.


Newcastle City Council’s planning committee considered the joint Bellway North East and Amethyst Homes scheme for land off Westmorland Road.

The project has been facilitated by Tynexe, a joint venture company comprising Newcastle City Council and Dysart Developments, which has carried out the necessary reclamation works to prepare the land for development.

Mike Clark, Tynexe Director, said: “It is rewarding to see this prime located, brownfield site being unlocked to deliver much needed homes in the heart of the community. This would not have been possible without the formation of Tynexe, which has brought together the skills, expertise, creative approach and commitment of delivery partners Dysart Developments and Newcastle City Council.”

Bellway will be constructing 79 of the homes, while Amethyst Homes will be building the remaining 45 properties. The development, which will offer views over the Tyne Valley, will also include public open space.

Emma Chesterton, Bellway North East Sales Director, said: “We are pleased to gain approval for

this new development in Elswick from Newcastle City Council.

“Bellway is committed to providing high-quality homes in the North East and we are keen to get started on this latest project.

“This will be a much sought-after development as it is meeting housing need and supplying a range of home styles to suit different requirements and we are very much looking forward to working alongside Amethyst Homes on the scheme.

“This is a highly sustainable location for new homes, with schools, shops and transport links close by, while Newcastle city centre is less than a mile-and-a-half from home.”

Richard Bass, Development Director at Amethyst Homes, said: “It is really rewarding to see this scheme finally come to fruition and it is thanks to the innovative approach of all the partners involved that we have been able to unlock this land that has remained dormant for so many years.

“We are confident that we can help address housing need in the city, by creating a new community, with quality housing, community and recreation facilities

along with job and training opportunities for local people.”

The plans are for two, three, and four bedroomed houses to be built on the 12-acre site, using modern methods of construction. A total of 68 homes will be fitted with roof solar panels to generate renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Vehicle access to the site will be from Westmorland Road and Brunel Terrace, while the public open space created at the south next to Wolsingham Street will see new trees and shrubs planted and butterfly bank features created.

Bellway North East is building homes across Tyne and Wear, with more information available at here

April 2023
Plans for a development of 124 new homes in Elswick, Newcastle have been given the green light by councillors.
A CGI of Bellway’s The Glazier housetype available at the development

Langley Training Services: Limited NVQ Offer

Are you looking to upskill your workforce?

The world of Roofing and Construction is changing. Experience is vital, but the industry is moving towards qualification requirements to improve industry standards.

Our NVQ qualifications don’t require downtime. They are carried out on-site during the working day and are fully funded or co-funded for eligible candidates until July 2023.

What we offer:

Langley Training Services (LTS) deliver the following National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

• NOCN Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Waterproof Membrane Roofing Systems (Construction) - Reinforced

Bitumen Membrane Roofing

• NOCN Cskills Awards Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Waterproof

Membrane Roofing Systems (Construction) – Liquid Applied Membrane Roofing Systems

• NOCN Level 3 NVQ Site Inspection

Who is it for:

• NVQ Level 2 RBM & Liquid is relevant to installers and will help them to gain the appropriate CSCS Card.

• NVQ Level 3 Site Inspections is relevant to operational managers, Site Managers, Projects Managers, Surveyors and Contracts Managers.

Why are these qualifications important:

NVQs are widely recognised and valued by employers. They can enhance an individual’s career prospects, demonstrate their expertise and increase their earning potential.

Qualifying your workforce and reducing the skills gap broadens your Social Value offering benefiting you, your clients and the whole construction industry.

Our courses are delivered flexibly and once we have assessed your eligibility can be fully or part funded until July 2023.

For more information or to book LANGLEY TRAINING SERVICES 01327 704778

Langley For Better Living

Plan for 580-bed Manchester

First Street student scheme

Property developer Vita plans to build a 580-bed student block at the First Street development area in Manchester.

The 14-storey project will be built on a previously cleared site now used for car parking called plot 10b the First Street masterplan.

The House of Social scheme is being styled as the student house re-imagined as multiple clusters within a mid rise block.

Designed specifically for second- and third-year students, each ‘House’ is centred around an open plan kitchen and lounge space, designed to bring housemates together with large ensuite bedrooms on either side.

Some larger clusters have a small kitchen in each room.

Plans include a large ground-floor food hall offering around 400 covers.

Max Bielby, chief operating officer for Vita Group, said: “We’re delighted to bring forward these exciting new

plans for our new student brand House of Social, adding to the First Street masterplan and complementing our neighbouring Vita Student offering.

“House of Social is the student house re-imagined, bringing students together at the most important time in their life and giving them the opportunity to make life-long friends whilst excelling in their studies.”

Vita hopes to be able to start House of Social this year.

The scheme is being progressed alongside Ask Real Estate’s plans for a 300,000 sq ft net zero office on the adjacent 10 plot a.

Developer Ask’s adjacent office scheme also in for planning on the plot 10 site

Plans for this taller 13-storey office scheme, designed by Jon Matthews Architects were submitted for planning in January.

April 2023

The significant staff investment comes just a year after SIAMP UK officially opened new state-of-theart warehouse and office facilities in Stockport following a period of growth which saw their sales double in just six years.

A world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of sanitary equipment, SIAMP has a presence in five continents, including its headquarters in Monaco and a sales subsidiary here in the UK.

Joining Managing Director Ashley Shires and UK Commercial Manager Ross Rigby are: Area Sales Manager (North) Ashley Lorne, Area Sales Manager (South West) Kevin Lewis, Area Sales Manager (South East) Ivan Brown, Contract Sales Manager (South) Keith Nicholson and Area Sales Manager (Midlands) Craig Finch.

SIAMP UK also recently celebrated their 75th anniversary by becoming the exclusive distributor of the prestigious Pellet brand in the UK and ROI, a market leader in France of bathroom and toilet comfort and safety products, with over 60 years of experience and a huge portfolio of products ranging from high-end bathroom grab rails and shower seats, to hand dryers and swivel bathroom mirrors.

Ashley Shires, Managing Director of SIAMP UK, said: “We are delighted and extremely excited to continue SIAMP’s expansion and investment here in the UK with five additions to the team.

“Ashley, Kevin, Ivan, Keith and Craig bring with them the perfect mix of youth, experience and passion to our sales team, and I am thoroughly looking forward to working with them all and seeing what they can bring to SIAMP UK.

“This significant investment in our team only adds to the recent success we have enjoyed in the UK and we are keen to continue building on this in the future.”

Founded in 1947, pioneer of the plastic toilet seat and now a global leader of flushing technology, SIAMP is the brand chosen by leading ceramic manufacturers

to provide the flushing solution throughout the world.

One of the biggest distributors of sanitary products for the bathroom environment both commercially and domestically, with products including wall hung solutions, flush plates, flushing technology, cisterns and toilet seats, SIAMP continues to invest in new technologies to develop new products and perfect the efficiency of manufacturing.  Understanding the importance of water sustainability, SIAMP develops technical solutions to protect this resource for future generations. Regularly at the forefront of innovation, recognised by a large number of international patents.

You can learn more about SIAMP and their products on their website:

April 2023 34
Siamp uk continues expansion with significant staff investment
SIAMP UK has continued its growth and expansion with the recruitment of five new sales managers.
From L to R Ivan Brown Craig Finch Ross Rigby Ashley Shires Keith Nicholson Kevin Lewis And Ashley Lorne

Power Through Tough Jobsite

Applications with the New 20V MAX*

XR® 1/4 in. 3-Speed Impact Driver that Delivers 30% More Torque**

New DEWALT XR® Impact Driver delivers immense power and efficiency with 1825 in-lbs of max torque and 3,400 RPM (no load)

DEWALT, a Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) brand and leader in total jobsite solutions, today announced the new 20V MAX* XR® 1/4 in. 3-Speed Impact Driver (DCF845) that boasts 30% more torque** and is designed for tough fastening jobs on the worksite. Delivering 1825 in-lbs of max torque and 3,400 RPM (no-load) through a brushless motor, the 20V MAX* XR® 1/4 in. 3-Speed Impact Driver is ideal for applications that demand power and efficiency. In addition to providing power, the 3 speed modes, variable speed trigger, forward/reverse switch, and

ergonomic grip help put the user in control when completing applications in various materials. With the on-tool 3-LED work light, users can illuminate dimly lit workspaces for enhanced visibility.

The 20V MAX* XR® 1/4 in. 3-Speed Impact Driver is available now as a bare unit (tool only, DCF845B) and in several kitted options (DCF845P1, DCF845P2, DCF845D1E1) where DEWALT products are sold.

To learn more about DEWALT tools, please visit:

April 2023

The perfect gas piping system is just around the bend

Three times faster to install, and easy to cut and bend by hand, TracPipe has been the market-leading product for over 20 years…

TracPipe is a BSI Kitemarked stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system used on commercial and residential projects for LPG or natural gas from the meter to the appliance. TracPipe was launched in the UK market in 2000 and has been the leading product in the country since then.

This gas piping system is typically three times faster to install compared with traditional rigid steel or copper pipe installation. TracPipe has become recognised as the perfect alternative to rigid pipework installed between the meter and a fixed appliance, as it is easy to cut and bend by hand, and requires no soldering, welding or special tools.

TracPipe is supplied in sizes from DN12 to DN50 with lengths of up to 90m as standard with longer lengths available as special

orders. TracPipe Kits are available in sizes DN15, DN22, DN28 and DN32 in 5, 10 and 15-metre lengths.

TracPipe can be directly buried in the ground or non-structural screed and used externally above ground without the need for additional mechanical and corrosion protection. The product offers a two-hour fire rating when installed in continuous lengths (no joints) and can be routed within fire-protected shafts, corridors, and lobbies. The outer cover of TracPipe also has a class-leading Euroclass Reaction to Fire rating of B-s1 d0.

Extra cover

TracPipeCC is the original TracPipe revamped with a second polyethene outer cover over the length of the product. This system was designed to be installed in unventilated voids by adding a secondary containment sleeve.

Omegaflex conducted thorough research to design and develop this innovative product and ensure it met all necessary safety and installation requirements. This involved a robust internal testing regime to ensure the secondary outer cover performed as a ventilated duct in all aspects of installations likely to be encountered.

TracPipeCC remains the only product of this type that has been successfully independently assessed by two of the UK’s leading test authorities.

The product is available in sizes DN15 to DN50 and is supplied on reels of varying standard lengths, with longer lengths available as special orders.

T: +44 (0)1295 676 670


April 2023

Building the future as Elevate


Our name may be changing, but the same people, products and standards you trust will remain.

Scan QR code below to see all the ways we’ve evolved to Elevate, a new brand of the Holcim Building Envelope division.

Health & Safety Update Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment APRIL 2023 ADVANCED KNEE PROTECTION IN THE WORKPLACE See pages 50-51...
Focused on safety. No matter what job you do, it is our duty to protect you. Choose from our extensive line of personal protection equipment for the highest quality safety wear. +44 (0) 1635 254220 Cappture Pro™ Crossovr™ Legacy®


April 2023

Health & Safety Update focuses on the importance of safety within occupational and domestic environments – ensuring pro-activity rather than reactivity. We change attitudes towards Health & Safety measures, teaching our associates how to implement guidelines, prevent negligence, prevent injury and preventing the worst case scenario.

Publication Manager - Jake Page: E: T: 01843 581364 Advertising Manager - Kelly Knight: E: T: 01843 581364 Head of Copy - Leigh Little: E: T: 01843 581364


The award marks Clear’s commitment to ensuring a fair wage for all its staff, enabling them to meet their everyday needs. Clear joins the 11,000 small businesses – as well as major high street brands such as Burberry and Barclays – who recognise that paying the real Living Wage is indicative of the hallmark of a responsible employer.

Matt Westby, Director at Clear Safety says, “As an accredited Living Wage Employer, Clear Safety is once again demonstrating its allegiance to providing a workplace that is committed to the fair and ethical treatment of its employees. The current cost-of-living crisis has triggered an acute focus on the importance of financial security. Working hard but still being unable to meet essential living costs is not a situation that we are prepared to accept for any of our valued staff members. Not only does this cause significant stress and anxiety, it also engenders poor self-esteem – none of which is conducive to a happy, content workforce.”

Hot on the heels of achieving formal recognition as a registered Disability Confident Committed organisation, Clear Safety, is delighted to announce that it has been accredited as a Living Wage Employer.


Made from the long-lasting, innovative Sorona® performance fabric and CORDURA® for long-lasting comfort, functionality and sustainability.

It’s the innovative design and sustainable fabric technology in the newest Work Trousers for men and women from Snickers Workwear that really set them apart from other brands.

Delivering comfort and safety features when they’re needed most, these slim-fit Trousers are Class 1 and Class 2 certified and made from innovative Sorona® sustainable performance fibre. They also come with the patented KneeGuard® system and CORDURA® reinforcement in the knees and pockets.

Sorona® delivers both environmental benefits and long-lasting performance. This recyclable, bio-based fibre offers exceptional softness and stretchability for maximum comfort as well as excellent durability to help extend the lifetime of a garment. It’s also quick-drying, breathable and soft to the touch for optimal performance that will last through wash after wash, retaining shape, comfort and protection levels throughout the life of the garments.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear clothing range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email



Merchants and Suppliers from across the building products sector are being urged to engage in meaningful conversations more frequently after a recent survey revealed potential disagreements over perceptions of service level quality.

The survey, by National Buying Group (NBG) put questions to 165 of its affiliated Suppliers and 76 of the group’s Partners to identify key priorities and concerns among its members in the run-up to its annual Conference. With the theme of the event being ‘A Changing Landscape,’ the organisation wished to see how the industry had been impacted in the three-year COVID-induced delay since its 2019 Conference.

As part of the survey, NBG asked Partners and Suppliers to rate the service they provided to merchants out of 10, with the former’s 5.0 result greatly contrasting with the latter’s 8.3. According to NBG Managing Director Nick Oates, this marked difference demonstrates a disconnect in perception between what constitutes good service, which must be addressed to ensure relationships and sales do not suffer.

“We’re always keen to keep our finger on the industry’s pulse at NBG, and our hope was that this survey would generate healthy discussion and debate at our Conference and beyond about business changes and challenges,” he explains. “In that regard, we definitely haven’t been disappointed, as a clear dip in service levels has been identified by our Partners in comparison to preCOVID times.

“Yet what’s interesting here is that it hasn’t been mirrored in Supplier perceptions. We understand why this might have happened – as our survey later underlines, the increasing cost of raw materials and energy means these organisations are likely to have focused internally to mitigate these potential impacts. However, with a recession on the horizon, many material costs falling and demand slowing, more joined-up thinking and communication is required. This is especially the case for independent merchants, where sales are reliant on support in the form of training, product information and competitive pricing from Suppliers.”

NBG’s survey also identified an opportunity between Suppliers and Partners on the development of sustainable products. Specifically, 66% of Suppliers said sustainable products initiatives had improved, compared

to 30% of the group’s Partners. According to Nick, while this figure is undoubtedly encouraging, it underlines the need for Suppliers to provide better sales focus and product communications to merchants on the steps they are taking to improve the sustainability of their products.

“The shift towards more sustainable practices has clearly been a success story for the sector post-COVID, and is definitely welcome news,” Nick concludes. “Though short-term concerns around the energy crisis and supply chain has undoubtedly dominated the news agenda, we cannot as an industry lose sight of long-term environmental goals. As such, being able to pass good news down the supply chain, from Supplier to Partner, and from merchant to customer, will be key to continuing a virtuous circle of increasingly greener practices.”

For more information on National Buying Group, including how to join the premier buying group for independent merchants, visit

46 HEALTH & SAFETY UPDATE Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050 KM 662534 BS EN 352 *DMC and the DMC logos are registered trademarks of Cardo Systems Ltd and its affiliates. FIND OUT MORE HERE Sonis® Comms is a powerful communication tool, providing group intercom and active hearing protection for safe teamwork in high-noise environments. Embedded *DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology creates an autonomous private network for seamless team communication. WELL CONNECTED PROTECTION


Providing the ultimate guide for architects, ASSA ABLOY’s new Door Hardware Specification Manual is now available for customers to download here.

The guide is ASSA ABLOY’s most complete specification resource to date, helping architects and specifiers produce detailed and accurate door hardware specifications, aligned with smart construction objectives.

To enable users to navigate their way through the extensive range of products, the Specification Manual offers a solution-led approach, grouping products into cohesive sets across eight categories.

Peter Ashworth, Sales Director – Export & Specification at ASSA ABLOY, comments: “Correctly specified door hardware reduces risk in construction—which is essential to managing the end-to-end project lifecycle.

“As construction projects become more and more complex and budgets are increasingly scrutinised, access to ample data is critical to making the right decisions when building.

“That’s why we’re launching our new Specification Manual. Designed to give architects and specifiers all the data they need, it will enable them to specify their projects accurately and in line with budget during the tender process and ultimately ensure both the client and architect can achieve their vision for the building by meeting all security, safety, and design goals.

“Detailed and accurate specifications aided by collaboration with the architect will be vital to achieving the construction industry’s aims of smart and sustainable construction, compliance, and safer buildings.”

To download your copy of the ASSA ABLOY Specification Manual, please click here

DEDICATED TO IMPROVING OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY STANDARDS Find out more 25-27 April 2023, NEC Birmingham UK Lead Media Partner:Co-located with: Partners:


Workwear, Hultafors Tools, Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety footwear writes:

Hard-working craftsmen and women put more pressure on their knees than many top athletes. That’s why the risk of knee injuries is far higher among trade professionals and manual workers than other occupations 1

Knee injuries are common in the workplace. Sore and swollen knee joints are something that most tradesmen and women suffer from at one time or another and bumps to the knee can be innocuous but troublesome. They’re a perennial problem with and can be highly aggravating, but prevention is far easier than cure by taking the proper steps to look after your knees.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body and there are different types of injuries that are of particular concern to anyone who works on their knees for any length of time.

The most common ailment is Housemaid's Knee or Bursitis, which is caused by kneeling for long periods of time and by repetitive knee movements such as crouching down and standing up. Fluid builds up in the Bursa - which is the sack of fluid that cushions the knee joints – causing swelling, soreness and stiffness in the joint. 2

So what’s the answer?

The most effective knee protection in the workplace is, as you might expect, covered by legislation and PPE certification standards. The EN 14404 Knee Protection Standard deals with the size, force-distribution and penetration-resistance of kneepads.

Type 2, Level 1 protection ensures reliable knee protection for workers in a mobile working environment that involves regular kneeling to perform their job. This protection level is designed to protect the knees in all types of working environments where you find rough, hard and damp surfaces as well as ground debris up to 1 cm thick. The Type 2, Level 0 standard designates effective knee protection for those people who need to work on their knees indoors – but only occasionally. 3

There have been various types of knee protectors available over the years such as inflexible strap-on pads that cut into the back of your knees, causing bruising and potentially impeding blood circulation.

Effective protection really only comes from combining properly designed Work Trousers that use market-leading fabric technology with a knee protection system that has been thoroughly tested, manufactured and certified using materials that perform to the highest standard day in, day out.

Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, which owns Snickers

The most effective kneepads are those that work efficiently and in tandem with the design of the Work Trousers they’re used with - staying in precisely the right position all the time to ensure reliable and comfortable knee protection.

Kneepads that stay in position around the knee is crucial and that’s exactly what you get with the patented Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ and KneeGuard Pro positioning systems which are complimented by 8 types of kneepads designed for a variety of trades and the demands of different working environments.

The KneeGuard Pro system has a unique pocket design integral to all Snickers Workwear trousers that has special seams which allow the wearer to adjust the kneepads for individualised comfort and protection.

The pocket design also makes the kneepads ‘flex’ when you walk, which also ensures they automatically mould around your knees when you kneel down. Snickers Workwear

Kneepads also feature a high-sided design that stops your knees from sliding off the sides of the pads when you move on the floor. Some Snickers Workwear trousers also have vents behind the knees so that the knees can ‘breathe’ while you’re bending, crouching or kneeling.

Most workwear manufacturers supply kneepads for their Work Trousers and they vary in price, quality and effectiveness. It will come as no surprise to most that some have no guarantee of comfort or protection.

However, the more discerning professional tradesmen and women – those particularly concerned with

their health and welfare on site – will invest in ‘active’ kneepads that are proven to last and protect. Snickers Workwear’s top-performing ‘active’ kneepads take cutting-edge knee protection to a completely new level with the revolutionary D3O® material.

D3O® is the world’s best impact protection material with a variety of sports and outdoor activity applications.4 It’s an active and specially engineered rubbery material comprising intelligent molecules which ‘flow’ with you as you move. On shock they lock together to absorb the impact energy which provides high-frequency protection.

The durable D3O® material also features an extremely slow compression rate, ensuring that the kneepads keep their shape during hard work and for long periods of time. What’s more, given that knees are not flat, the ergonomics of D3O® kneepads is important in providing continuous comfort around the profile of your knee.

So when you work a lot on your knees, the market-leading D3O® Kneepads will give you by far the best, long lasting knee protection available. Check out the range of protective kneepads certified for use with Snickers Workwear Work Trousers – market-leading knee protection that delivers optimal fit and comfort day in day out.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear clothing range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email

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