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Jetclass is a luxury furniture company with own and exclusive design. Jetclass brand is lush, is classic, strong and majestic. Jetclass creates and produces timeless neo-classical and classical furniture to provide unique environments.

Its attributes include maximum quality, excellence in details, design, innovation, customization and technology. The Collections, blend the best quality with the utmost sophistication from the past.

The offer is distinctive by its quality that only the mastery of experienced craftsmen can provide.

CAPRI Inspired by the paradisiacal purity of the Italian Capri Island, Capri reects its luxury way of living. Carefully designed, with details in gold-plated or silver-plated woodcarving, Capri is luxurious in its delicacy and reveals itself in its rounded, smooth lines.

GLAMOUR The name "Glamour" was not chosen by chance. Glamour Edition is the most romantic edition by Jetclass, showing elegance and romance in all its details. It is distinguished by its glamorous design, its delicate richness and by details that make us dream about love stories and fairy tales.

LUXUS ReďŹ ned, distinctive and elegant... Luxus makes all eyes stare at it. It is unpretentious with its sophisticated design with details in golden or silver carving. The curved lines from its legs are absolutely unique and are the most striking feature of Luxus Edition.


NEW YORK In an urban and sophisticated style inspired by New York, this edition shows the same strong and live presence as the city itself, filling with life the best environment. In the High Tech Special Edition by Jetclass, New York edition is added with cutting edge technology, turning it extraordinary.

SPACIUM Harmonizing the elegance and romance of the past with the desired functionality of the present days, Spacium is sophisticated and perfect... just like coming from another galaxy. Its minimal and avant-garde body and its legs with its continuous lines meticulously designed and crafted, make us dream about distant destinations.

VENEZIA Venezia is feminine and exuberant, with a strong and impressive nature. Its rounded lines define it as delicate and majestic at the same time, reflecting its European baroque culture. Venezia's refinement is completed with Swarovski diamonds that the hands of craftsmen integrate as a luxury detail.


Graffiti is a special edition that represents a new paradigm in personalized pieces of luxury furniture. From chic urban style, this Special Edition enables customers to select the customization to be made on the pieces, which are illustrated by talented graffiters. Innovative and unique, this edition answers to a company philosophy: never stop surprising and satisfying the demands of luxury furniture.

The High Tech Special Edition, as the name suggests, merges together Jetclass luxury furniture with high technology, luxury and comfort, aiming top level quality standards. A monitor, a LCD TV, a sound system, a Dock Station and a mini bar are some of the new features that can be included in the furniture.

To follow the most magical time of life, all children deserve the best possible comfort that could be provided to them. Thinking in that comfort, Jetclass apply all its knowledge and expertise in the creation of safe and functional furniture. The materials are carefully selected and finished with aqueous varnishes and bio-paints non toxics.


Crown furniture pieces are exquisite and unique in what concerns finishing, design, shape and fabrics. Made with passion, Crown reflects a luxurious dream. With a strong, noble and opulent personality, Crown is a perfect interpretation of royal desires. The Special Edition Crown has meticulous details gold plated and majestic wood carvings.

Jetclass continuous search to propose exclusive and unique furniture led to the creation of Limited Edition, thus satisfying the finest desires. Each original, with a maximum of 20 copies, communicates a single story, told by tiny little details, such as shape, special leather effects, different images and irreverent colors.



Jetclass Group - arises as a result of the strong entrepreneurial roots and the will of creation, becoming itself into perfection and magic in every furniture piece. Jetclass is the global expansion of the Portuguese mystic, showing the world the best and most luxurious furniture made in Portugal. Passion and dedication in each step, the innovation and the authenticity of its origins, led the Jetclass Group and its design into new worlds. Every brand of the Group have the same mastery, the same seeking for perfection, the same ideal: Making dreams come true, every day.

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Jetclass Dossier de Imprensa 2014 | Jetclass Press Kit 2014  

Procurando continuamente o equilíbrio entre o tradicional e o moderno, as coleções Jetclass primam pela qualidade e elegância. Inspire-se co...

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