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About us Jetclass is a luxury furniture company with own and exclusive design. The company stand out for suggesting to worldwide luxury markets a complete offer, in different style approaches. Jetclass also offer a personalized service of design, planning and production of customized furniture pieces and ranges, according to the luxury quality standards. Jetclass are a result from the deep experience and extensive knowledge from Moreira Family, rooted in the tradition of several generations and strengthened in a continued professional development in the Portuguese furniture industry. To this heritage, Jetclass sum the creativity of their designers, the very latest cutting edge innovation and technology of their industrial plant and a permanent development by means of partnerships with National Universities. The company continuously seek the perfect balance between the classical and the modern aesthetics, supported by continuous research and development, resulting in leading-edge, high technology and anticipation of trends.

Assets Headquartered in Valongo, Portugal, the new factory is valued in 4.5 million euros and has a 6,000 m2 covered area and 20,000 m2 of total area. The facilities include a showroom for product display and welcoming of clients and partners from around the world. The company have 60 employees, including marketers, sales representatives, designers, engineers, craftsmen and administrative management, ensuring excellence and quality control of every detail in furniture production and in the decoration projects.

Billing and exports Jetclass increasingly bet in international business, exporting to luxury markets all around the world and attaining about 90% of the billing from exports. Thanks to the productive capacity, as few in the industry, Jetclass answer to the most demanding markets of the world - the ones of luxury including Russia, U.S.A., the PALOPs (African Portuguese speaking countries), South America and Middle East. To strength the company internationalization strategy, Jetclass regularly attend the top national and international fairs in the furniture sector: ISaloni, Zona Tortona, Export Home Angola, Maison & Object, ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) Index Dubai, Abitarei Il Tempo, Interiors Birmingham, Ideas & Pasi贸n, Mebel and Feria Habitat Valencia. Jetclass carry out a strategy supported on win-win business relations, with partners from various segments, for a sustainable internationalization. For all these reasons, Jetclass are today a worldwide reference in the industry of luxury furniture.

Our brand Jetclass brand, of luxury furniture, is classic and yet lush, is strong and majestic, yet elegant. It is sophisticated and refined and, for all of that, attractive. Its objective attributes include maximum quality on product and finishing, excellence in detail, design, innovation, customization and technology. The products are objects of desire to the affluent consumer, meaning status, distinction and differentiation. It's aspirational and social, inspirational and exclusive.

Jetclass Services and Products Jetclass production standards are the ones of demanding luxury markets, never neglecting social responsibility and environmental preservation. Proposes to the market own collections, special editions and author editions, the latter chosen among famous personalities and designers. These offers are distinct by their quality that only the mastery of experienced craftsmen can provide. Also offers projects to the luxury market, including creation, design and production of tailor made furniture and luxury decoration, as well as the management and integration of all required elements for the interior architecture and decoration.

This edition is inspired on Capri, the paradise-like Italian island where luxury is part of life and a way of living. Its design, distinct by its round sophisticated drawing lines, includes finishing in carven wood, covered by gold or silver leaf.

As the name recalls, this collection is defined by a glamorous and delicate design with an delicate richness. With particular and defining details, it is known as the most romantic and Provencal style edition by Jetclass.

To the elegant design and unpretentious visual, this collection adds the elegance given by the details in carven wood under gold or silver leaf. Its curved shapes connecting stylish legs are the features that turn Luxus a unique and differentiated range.

Inspired in New York, this complete edition, the widest ever, is distinct by its grandness and presence, offering the right choice for the complete decoration of an urban home. This range that merges modernism to classicism is also integrated in the High Tech special edition, benefiting from its cutting edge technology features, for what it gets the best international reviews.

The furniture in this edition fully embodies the creativity of Jetclass design, combining in harmonious ways the romantic shapes of the past with the functionality demands of the present. The shape of the legs is the special particularity of Spacium, together with other details, turns this edition into an original proposal.

Venezia is different by its strong nature and rounded curves, defined by its carvings and inspired in the European Baroque culture. Swarovski crystals and handcraft turn this edition into true luxury and a reference in the market.

The ambition and innovation present in the spirit and culture of Jetclass lead it to the creation of new distinctive and surprising and surprising editions. With the developing of its Special Editions, Jetclass proposes itself to surprise the consumers and prescribers from the luxury furniture market, foreseeing and setting new trends.

Graffiti is a revolution in the luxury furniture industry as it brings personalization into a new level. In urban chic style, this Special Edition combines classicism with the comtemporary allows customization as clients can choose themes and designs to be applied over Jetclass furniture, by talented graffiters These pieces result from an innovation policy that aims to always surprise and respond to the global demand for unique furniture.

The High Tech Special Edition, merges together Jetclass luxury furniture with high technology, luxury and comfort, aiming top level quality standards. A monitor, a LCD TV, a sound system, a Dock Station and a mini bar are some of the new features that can be included in the furniture.

Aiming at the children's segment, Jetclass Kids meets the requirements for safe, functional and design in kids' furniture. This collection is produced with noble materials and finished with aqueous varnishes and bio-paints (non toxic). Each piece is subjected to a rigorous control process to ensure children's safety and protection.

Crown furniture pieces are exquisite and unique in what concerns finishing, design, shape and fabrics. The use of red leather in backs and interiors brings the final touch to brand differentiation and distinctiveness to this Jetclass edition. It is a reinterpretation of the Venezia collection in maximum luxury.

Jetclass continuous search to propose exclusive and unique furniture led to the creation of Limited Edition, thus satisfying the finest desires. Each original, with a maximum of 20 copies, communicates a single story, told by tiny little details, such as shape, special leather effects, different images and irreverent colors.

Author Editions and brands Inspired in the 20's and 50's, Opium is a timeless recreation, which pieces introduce artistic value to the decor and complete the Jetclass Group's offer to market segments of more minimal tastes. In Opium pieces we can find elements fully gold plated, lacquered wood, woodcarvings, glass and textured stained glass, painting, copper, bronze, ceramics and gold tablets, among other details and noble materials. Opium is the Jetclass Group's proposal of Design Art in furniture, a unique concept in luxury design.

CR7 by Jetclass is an Author Edition of luxury furniture, signed by Cristiano Ronaldo, reflecting his personality: impressive, strong, unique. A limited edition of 7 pieces of 20 units each, signed by the football player and produced with Jetclass quality guarantee, it is a result of both the mastery of Jetclass craftsmen and the cutting edge technology of the new Jetclass industrial plant.

Jetclass mission Jetclass creates and produces timeless luxury furniture of excellence to provide unique environments. Their editions and collections, of diversified styles, merge together the best of comfort and quality with the utmost of sophistication of modern times.

Jetclass vision To be one of the most prestigious brands in the international luxury furnishings, based on product excellence, innovation and sustainability, thus, aiming to answer to the most demanding standards of domestic and international markets.

VALUES ETHICS We pursue trustworthy and transparent business relations with partners and employees. HUMAN RESOURCES Our employees are our main asset. So we invest in developing their abilities and skills, promoting an enriching and challenging internal culture. INOVATION AND DESIGN We seek the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, supported by continuous research and development. We reinvented the brand through innovative concepts and techniques that result into high technology and trends anticipation. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSABILITY We manage our operations in a responsible manner in order to actively and positively contribute to the social development and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

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Since 2001 Jetclass has presented to the world the best of Portuguese design. Located in the city of Porto, Jetclass's new facilities have a...

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