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The Jesuit Food Drive

A Beastly Spring Musical

Marauders for Others make a difference this Christmas. p. 3

Top Ridiculous Gifts of 2013

The Black Box announces Beauty and the Beast as this Spring’s show! p. 4

Still need a gift for that special someone? Here’s a few suggestions. p. 5 December 2013


Jesuit High School

Father Barry Basketball Tournmanet By Charles Fries ‘14 This past weekend, Jesuit High School hosted the 40th Annual Father Barry Basketball Tournament. Eight teams battled it out for tournament glory. Jesuit started off the tournament with a dominant 77-51 win over Xavier Prep from Melbourne, Australia. In the second round, Jesuit played St. Ignatius from San Francisco and won by four points in overtime. The Marauders took first place by defeating St. Mary’s of Stockton 80-69. Isaiah Bailey was named MVP, and Lake Lutes and Nick Hilton received All-Tourney honors. Compared to be previous years, there was an extremely large turnout of Jesuit students and fans who supported the team throughout their championship run. The Galley Crew, led by Head Cheerleader John Howe, helped the Marauders rally from ten points down in the game versus St. Ignatius. Overall, the tournament was a fantastic event, with a celebrated win by Jesuit and a great crowd turnout. Make sure to attend the rest of the Jesuit basketball games, as the team continues to prepare for a difficult Delta River League schedule.

A New Way to Read The Plank By Brett Soutiere ‘14 Aurasma is a free iPhone and iPad app that allows users to access Augmented Reality through a “trigger image.” The user must have the app on his or her device, make an account with Aurasma, and follow the specific channel of the person or group that made the “aura,” which can be a picture, video, link to a website, etc. After you’ve done all of these things, you can open the app, scan the trigger image and the aura will appear on your device. To find trigger images in The Plank or around campus, just look for a pirate symbol (right) which will serve as the water mark to let users know layered media accompanies a picture. To test this, follow the “jhsplank” Aurasma channel and scan the image to your right. In addition to The Plank, Aurasma will be used in places around campus, such as the library. Currently, a group of students is working with the Admission’s Office to create a virtual campus tour that visitors can take using their mobile device.


1200 Jacob Lane Carmichael, CA 95608


Campus Life


December 2013

Christmas Tree Lane By John Howe ‘14 Dressed up in the latest styles and dancing down the stage, members of Jesuit High School’s senior class and their mothers took part in the annual Christmas Tree Lane (CTL) fundraiser. This fashion show and entertainment extravaganza is run by the Loyola Guild, which is celebrating its 57th year, to raise money for scholarships. The Loyola Guild, consisting of women whose sons attend Jesuit, was actually started before the school opened. The Loyola Guild was created to raise funds to bring a Jesuit High School to Sacramento. Christmas Tree Lane was the group’s first attempt to fundraise. In the early years, cookies and handmade Christmas ornaments were sold. Now, Christmas Tree Lane hosts roughly 1,800 people over the two-day event and there are three showings. CTL is a great kick off to the holiday season and always follows Thanksgiving. A few people have admitted to attending every single year, which is a testament to the community and heartwarming feeling CTL provides. This year’s theme was “The Promise for Christmas,” and the event was chaired by Lori Estipular and Jennifer Sweeney. Choreography was done by Pamela Kay Lourentzos. The Woodlake Hotel (formerly the Raddison) hosted. Every year, the Loyola Guild contributes over $100,000 to Jesuit for tuition assistance, and throughout its history, has donated over three million dollars, all made possible through Christmas Tree Lane.

New Year’s Resolutions

The Buoyancy Boat Races

By Riley Spieler ‘17 As New Year’s gets closer, it is time again to resolve to change ourselves for the better. Whether or not we follow up on these promises is a matter of self-discipline and perseverance. Here are the resolutions a few Jesuit students, faculty and staff: Brennan Nelson (Senior)- “I want to get accepted into college.”

Anton Gutierrez (Freshman)- “Next year, I would like to work on my school work and studying more efficiently and with less procrastination.”

Mrs. Van Liefde (Counsler)- “To be present in my everyday life and to focus on the ‘now.’”

Stephan Reynolds (Sophomore)- “I want to be more active in my community service.” Mr. O’Connor (Teacher)- “I don’t have one because I know that I’ll fail miserably. I’ll probably go to the gym for about a week after New Year’s like everyone else in my neighborhood, then stop.”

Thomas Hart (Junior)- “I want to learn to speak Swahili.”

By Tristan Mullany ‘15 Last Monday, the AP Physics class kicked of the week with a boat racing competition during fourth period. The goal was to see whose boat could get to the other side of the pool and back the fastest without sinking. The catch? The boats had to be made out of bubble rap, cardboard and tape! Students had to combine water displacement with hydrodynamics to construct a boat that would float and move quickly. “It’s a box and a paddle. That’s it!” said Senior Jared Camillo. The objective was for students to learn about buoyant force and that a greater displaced volume of water paired with a lighter weight results in greater buoyancy. Kevin Vas Dias led his vessel, named “A Piece of Ship,” to victory by a couple lengths, while ships like “The Newlander” could barely stay afloat. When asked about how his group came up with their ship design, Paul Henderson said, “We basically researched how actual boats are shaped, and mimicked them for our design.” The boat race was one of the highlights thus far in AP Physics. “From a spectator’s view, the race was actionpacked and amusing,” said Blake Thomas.

Campus Life December 2013

Food Drive


Pancake Breakfast

By Blake Clarkson ‘15

By John Lambert ‘15 With the Food Drive in full swing, the mad rush for students to get their food in by the deadline is sure to occur soon. With only a few thousand pounds collected, Jesuit’s goal of 80,000 pounds of food may seem out of reach to some, yet the Food Drive collection team is optimistic that the student body will work together to achieve that mark. Student participation in the Food Drive is key to its success. Without student volunteers and the Executive Council, the Food Drive wouldn’t function. Any student can get involved with the Food Drive in a variety of ways. “To get more involved than just donating food, students can help unload the food on Friday [December 13th] at Stanford Settlement,” states Junior Class President Kencell Nixon. “They can also donate to Stanford Settlement after the drive.” The Food Drive is one of Jesuit’s richest traditions, bringing students together and showing our

community what it means to be, “Men for Others.” Jesuit’s relationship with the Stanford Settlement, the organization to which the food will be donated, continues to grow as each Christmas passes. With over 700 underpriviledged families signed up to receive food through the Stanford Settlement, Jesuit’s contribution has been and will continue to be a major supplier of food. “The Food Drive makes the holidays normal for families,” Nixon continues. “Many families cannot afford to keep their houses warm in winter and have to choose between a warm meal [and] a warm home. This food helps bridge the gap between hunger and thriving.” Overall, Jesuit High School unites around the Christmas Food Drive. Whether it is the sense of community or desire to help others that fuels this terrific event, one thing is for sure: Jesuit is making an everlasting impact on the community.

Coat Drive

It’s about that time of year again. Finals are just around the corner, and along with them comes the Annual Pancake Breakfast. This year, the free event will be held in the Harris Center on Wednesday, December 18. The idea for the free breakfast came from Mrs. Rose, who said, “We started the Pancake Breakfast to lower the stress during finals. College campuses often have midnight pancake breakfasts during finals, so I thought it would be fun to offer something like that here.” Rose continued, “The goal is just to have a free breakfast and spread a little Christmas cheer before the semester comes to an end. It’s a way to celebrate accomplishments, and enjoy one another’s company. It’s just meant to be a fun meal among friends.” Make sure to stop by the Harris Center on Wednesday for some free pancakes, friends, and down time before your exams!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass

By Mac Yates ‘15 Are there any extra coats laying around your house? The Jesuit High School Coat Drive is happy to take and donate them to Loaves and Fishes. This year there’s been a bit of a cold snap and coats are greatly needed for the homeless and those who are unable to afford a warm coat. Started by Mr. David Novak, the coat drive has been a donation project of Jesuit for several years now, allowing students to donate coats and other useful clothing items for the needy. “I go there [Loaves and Fishes] a lot, and I see all the need,” said Maureen L. Pryor, who has run the coat drive for the last few years. Ms. Pryor and her student helpers collect coats before and after school each day. They load the clothes into a white van which is in the faculty parking area in the student pick up/drop off circle along Jacob Lane. They trasport the clothes to Loaves and Fishes, Annual Coat Drive. Your donation can make where they are distrubuted to the homeless. So, search through your wardrobe and do- sure the homeless stay warm this winter! nate any unused coats or other clothing to the

Fr. Phil Ganir, S.J. returned on Thursday, December 12, to preside over the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass. During his time at Jesuit, Fr. Ganir taught English, Liturgy Workshop, and Chamber Choir.



December 2013

Winter Musical Why this particular musical? “Jesuit celebrates its 50th anniversary this year,” says Trafton. “We wanted to do something big and family friendly so that as many people as possible can come. Unofficially, this year we’re devoting our shows to what I call our ‘season of love.’ We started with Romeo and Juliet, a great tragic love story, and now we have Beauty and the Beast, which is a wonderfully romantic and positive love story.” With this musical, there are ample openings for individuals wanting to play an integral part. “There’s an opportunity for about twelve performers to have sizable and significant characters to play. We don’t precast, and one of the things we look forward to are the surprises. The people that come out of the woodwork and give it a shot, and then end up getting a great part to play,” Trafton shared. Opening night is March 6, 2014, with performances taking place during the following two weeks.

By Adam McGrew ‘15 As far as high school theatre goes, Jesuit’s program is one of the best, and the Winter Musical will most definitely uphold the Black Box’s superb reputation. This year, Jesuit Drama has already outdone itself with a stellar and unique production of Romeo and Juliet, and the Winter Musical, Beauty and the Beast, will equally wow audiences. This musical, like its predecessor, will not strictly adhere to the original production. It contains a unique perspec-

tive that will be sure to engage audiences. “We are changing none of the original source material,” Mr. Ed Trafton, artistic director, says. “All we are doing is going back to a concept that we used many years ago in which we invented an imaginary Catholic high school that comes together and puts on their version of the show. So the only spin on it is that you are watching students, playing the part of students, who are putting on the play.”

App of the IssuePadgram

Lessons and Carols

By Charles Fries ‘14

By Carson Richards ‘15 It’s not every day that nationally-recognized music groups perform at local venues. It’s even less common when they do it for free. Luckily, the Jesuit Chamber Choir is not like most other groups. On Tuesday, December 10th, the Chamber Choir, accompanied by Mr. Trafton and professional instramentalists, sang at St. Mary’s church. The choir performed popular Christmas carols such as “Joy to the World,” as well as litugical readings. Even with uncomfortable conditions due to a broken heater, many people came to support the award-winning group led by Mr. Rallanka. “It was freezing,” said Junior Jared Borg.” But the fact

that so many people were willing to put up with the cold shows just how good this choir is.” For the new members of Jesuit’s elite choir, this concert was the first time they performed in front of such a large audience. Despite this nervousness, the well-trained singers were able to astound the audience with beautiful renditions of classics like “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “Angels We Have Heard on High.” By the end of the night, the initially reluctant rookies were wishing that they had more time. “We got to go all out with our tuxedos and everything,” said Junior Chamber Choir member Ravi Ranatunga. “We had a blast!”

Padgram is an Instagram iPad client specifically designed for the iPad. Since the native Instagram application forces iPad users to view their Instagram feed only in portrait mode on the zoomed-in iPhone version, Padgram is a great convenience. The Padgram app comes with many of the features you get from the original Instagram app along with a variety of other features that make discovering interesting images on Instagram easier. In addition, Padgram features a landscape mode--a feature that even the original Instagram app lacks--that turns your image feed into a simple tile view, allowing the user to view a whole host of pictures in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to the application is when a user wishes to publish a picture, he must upload it via the main Instagram client, as it is against Instagram’s privacy policies to allow third party clients to upload images. In short, Padgram is an excellent application for those who wish to view, like, or even comment on Instagram posts. If you are looking for a fully-featured Instagram photo publisher, stick with the original app. Padgram is available on the Apple App Store for free.

End of the Year Top Lists December 2013

Top Ridiculous Christmas Gifts


Top Albums of the Year reer demonstrates his maturity as the icon turns 41. Led by “Bezerk,” “Rap God,” and “The Monster,” Eminem leaves nothing behind as he works with Rihanna, Skylar Grey, Nate Ruess, and Kendrick Lamar to create an album for the ages.

By Luc Barbe ‘16 Water Jet Pack Marauders, it’s time to throw out your old boats and upgrade to this state of the art water jet pack! This water jet pack can lift you up to 30 feet high and thrust forward at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. It costs $68,500.

Native by OneRepublic Six years and three albums into their career, OneRepublic produces an authentic album full of hits from cover to cover. “Counting Stars,” “Feel Again,” “If I Lose Myself,” and “Something I Need,” are the four singles released thus far, with many anthems left to be released by the Ryan Tedder led five-piece group.

TRON Motorcycle This TRON Motorcycle will add a new element to your Jesuit commute. The lightbike is capable of reaching speeds well over 100 mph, it has a range of 100 miles, only takes 30 minutes to charge, and it’s street legal. Get yours today for only $55,000.

By Brien Griffin ‘14 The 20/20 Experience-The Complete Experience by Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake returns after a seven year hiatus with arguably his best work to date. A two piece set brings massive hits such as “Mirrors,” “Suit and Tie,” and “Take Back the Virgin Galactic Space Trip The sky is no longer the limit, that is if you Night.” Timberlake’s two piece effort sold over have a spare $200,000, which is all it takes a million copies in its first week. The 20/20 to land a seat on a Virgin Galactic Trip. Experience-The Complete Experience earns an outright title as the best album of 2013. Diesel Powered MechWarrior The Marshal Mathers LP 2 by Eminem Everyone’s childhood dream The tenth studio recording in Eminem’s rich cais to eventually own his very own Diesel Powered MechWarrior. For the price of $1,350,000 you can command By Patrick Stevens ‘14 this 13 foot 4.4 ton monster. ​As finals end and winter break begins, it’s a good time to go to the movies. Some notable Batman Tumbler Golf Cart releases that you can see over the holiday break This Batman Tumbler are: Golf Cart is the ideal gift for a member of the Jesuit ​THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF Golf team. Navigating SMAUG 12-13-2013 through the water hazards ​The second part of three in the film adaptaand sand traps of Haggin tion of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit continues Oaks is no longer a problem with this vehicle! It the adventures of Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freecomes complete with four-link rear suspension, man) as he travels with dwarves to the Lonely coil-over-shocks, a brand new battery, leather Mountain to liberate it from the great dragon, seats, and so much more. Only $17,500 stands Smaug. Boasting a large and well-rounded between you and utter domination on the course. cast to complement the tales of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit is certainly a film not to be Killer Whale Submarine missed by even the casual viewer of the series. It’s a Killer Whale Submarine. Do I really need to ​ANCHORMAN 2 12-18-2013 explain? Cost: $100,000. ​As a follow up to the 2004 comedy film, Anchorman, the sequel continues the adventures Motorized Couch of the titular Anchorman, Ron Burgundy (Will Long road trips are no longer an Ferrell) as he moves to New York to head the issue with this motorized couch. first 24-Hour News Station. As one of the few You can travel comfortably and comedy films arriving this season, Anchorleisurely for a mere $161.29. man 2 is sure to get a great audience turn out. Hurry, they are moving fast! ​

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk “Get Lucky” serves as one of the most iconic songs of 2013. Daft Punk releases their fourth studio album. Random Access Memories has become their most commercially successful work to date and has been nominated for Best Album of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards. True Believers by Darius Rucker Hootie and the Blowfish frontman, Darius Rucker, releases his fourth solo album. Led by “Wagon Wheel,” and “Radio,” True Believers has sold 418,000 copies in the United States alone. Hootie deserves a nod with this extravagant collection of tunes.

Top Upcoming Movies

most significant Events of 2013

ple have been killed, of which ten thousand were either children or women. This terrible war is between rebel forces (many of whom are jihadBy Brennan Honaker ‘14 ist) and the reign of Assad. Assad used chemical Syria Crisis weapons against his own people and the war has The Syrian conflict is one of the worst civil wars been raging in Syria for the past two years. It’s in the history of the human race. According to astounding that the U.S. and its allies did not get Time Magazine over one hundred thousand peo- involved in the conflict after the use of chemi-

AMERICAN HUSTLE 12-20-2013 ​American Hustle is filled with a star-studded cast and is getting lots of pre-Oscar buzz for Best Film. The tale follows Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his partner (Amy Adams), who are forced to work for the FBI in the world of pawnbrokers and mafia members. The cast also features Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, and Bradley Cooper. This film will certainly be a key spectacle of this season, but only time will tell if it rises above the rest or falls flat on its face.

cal weapons; however, the the Assad regime handed over the rest of the weapons to the UN. Super Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) In early November, with winds up to 200 hundred miles an hour, the typhoon, named Haiyan, hit the Philippine mainland. It caused incredible amounts of death and destruction. The death count is right Continued on back...



December 2013

Why You Should Get A Playstation 4

By Michael Flodin ‘15 Having come out in the U.S. on November 15, Sony’s Playstation 4 has been an immediate hit, selling over one million units in 24 hours at a price of $400 per unit. Why is it so popular when competing with the Xbox One? “The PS4 has an all new design allowing new graphics, new games, and technology which creates the ultimate next-gen gaming experience,” said Junior Alexander Dodier. Another bonus of the PS4 is the DualShock 4 controller, which is basically an improved DualShock

3 controller that is more comfortable to use and can be charged even when the PS4 is off. “We built a system of unprecedented power,” said Andrew House, President and group Chief Executive Officer of SonyComputer Entertainment Inc., while at the same time claiming that it is “ten times” better than any home console coming before it. However, one of the problems with buying a PS4 is that there are not many popular games currently available, although Call of Duty:

Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are out right now. If you are unsure about buying the PS4, the PS3 is still a good option. It is cheaper, has more games, and is actually better as a media player. Still, if you are a serious gamer, you should definitely go for the PS4, as all its features for gaming, such as the graphics, are far superior to the PS3. Arguably, the Playstation 4 is the best gaming console currently available on the market.

Xbox One- Built for the Future By Vincent McCarty ‘16 Xbox One, “the system built for the future,” was released November 22nd in 13 different countries. With it’s release, Microsoft has leapt to the pinnacle of gaming. It has an 8-core x86 processor that lets you instantly switch between a game and your favorite entertainment apps. You can also watch TV on your console by connecting your cable or satellite box to it. Xbox One holds 500Gb of data and 8Gb of RAM, allowing you to save many more of your games and allowing you to run them with much greater detail and precision. In addition, the Xbox One comes with a Blu Ray DVD player to watch all those high def movies. The running power of the Xbox One is what you would find on a supercomputer. The controller was molded to fit the human hand in the most comfortable way possible. Microsoft also perfected the Kinect, making it much more precise, more intuitive than before, more responsive, and fully integrated into the Xbox One. The Xbox One is built for today’s console gamer, who also wants a fully integrated media player.

Sports December 2013



By Jackson Cline ‘17 The Varsity wrestling team recently travelled to Vista del Lago for a tournament. The team came in an impressive fifth place out of twenty plus teams. Anthony Wesley, Hubert Enriquez and Alex Elko took the gold in their respective weight classes, while Sam Nettles came in fifth place.

JV wrestlers took part in the Mesa Verde Tournament in early December. Nate Perry, Kyle Hagy, Andrew Hoppe, and Sal Ordonez all earned medals. “Wrestling requires dedication and a lot of will power. The sport is one on one on the mat,”

said Freshman Josh Wiggen. “We have done a lot of running, push ups and weight lifting, and we hope it pays off,” Wiggen concluded. The Varsity and JV wrestling teams will begin Delta River League competition soon.

Football Team Takes on Folsom Cross Country Wins the Race

The Varsity football team huddles up and prays before playing Folsom High in the SacJoaquin Division I Football Semi-final. The Marauders lost to the Bulldogs 42-35.

(From left to right) Senior Andrew Brown, Sophomore Sean Kurdy, Senior Tristyn Martin, and Junior Andrew Huitt won the high school division of the California International Marathon Team Relay.

Significant Events (Cont...)

Letter From the Editor

now at five thousand; however, that number is sure to skyrocket because many bodies have yet to be found and counted. The most eye opening picture of this event is a group of five By Chandler Tapella ‘14 kids playing backyard basketball and behind them lays the remains of their destroyed town. Merry Christmas from everyone at the Plank! If you read Iran’s New Administration the Aurasma article on the first page, you hopefully have Iran has a new Administration. The new leadership group has somehow changed an idea of the changes we are trying to make with the the entire outlook on the historically unstable country. Firstly, it calmed ten- newspaper. Our goal is to make reading the paper a more sion with its nemesis, Israel, with a single tweet. Then, the President, Hassan Rou- interactive experience, and we hope you enjoy it! hani, had an historic phone call with President Obama. This type of communica- On another note, finals are coming up. Hopefully you’re tion has not occurred between the two nations since the Iran Hostage Crisis. The well prepared and ready to go! If not, at least you get free new Administration agreed to slow down their manufacture of nuclear weapons. pancakes Wednesday morning. Stay healthy and focused Is this a new era in Iranian politics or a facade for something much more sinister? so you can be happy with your families this holiday season. African Chaos We here at The Plank really want to thank all of you who This is one of the least documented stories of the year. Yet, it is one of the most sig- read the paper. As the editor, I also want to thank you. nificant. This year a series of terrorizing events including a hostage crisis, a destruc- Do you have any idea how much has changed since the tion of an oil field, and an attack on a city mall occurred in central Africa. This in- beginning of the year? The paper can be read online now, creased violence has lead the US to establish a drone center in Niger. The drone center and you can use your phone to see more details. It’s inhas lead to a series of attacks on neighboring villages. But, does that fix the problem? sane, and none of it would’ve been possible without your support. Government Shutdown We’re really amazed at how successful these changes This fall, the US government had its first government shutdown since the mid- have been, and how well-received they have been. 90’s. This was caused by an ultra conservative sect of Republicans who want- For those of you who prefer a physical copy of the newsed the funding for the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) terminated. This paper, have no fear! This issue is also being printed. act resulted in a loss of 24 billion dollars, and a free fall in the approval rat- I am very proud to be the editor of this paper, and excited ing of the Republican party. This may ruin the GOP’s next run for the Presidency. that you all are still reading. We spend a lot of time making these issues, and it’s good to know that they are well Boston Marathon Bombing received. I, and everyone else at The Plank, wish you It’s been twelve years since 9/11, but this year another terrorist attack (al- the absolute best for the holidays and for next semsetser. though on a much smaller scale) devastated our country. People running a gru- Thanks for reading! eling twenty six miles were faced with death and destruction as they crossed the finish line and two bombs were detonated. The culprits were two brothers, Regards, one of which was just 19. The attack killed three and injured over two hundred. Chandler Tapella Egypt Two years ago the Egyptian people protested to have Democracy. Then, this year, the military took over the faltering democratic government. This resulted in more protests, which were struck down quickly by the military lead government. The government says it will soon have elections, but this seems highly unlikely. All that is known is that this incident has nearly come full circle.

Issue Comic

New Pope Pope Francis is a pretty cool dude. He is the first Jesuit Pope. He has rejected all of the fancier aspects of the Papacy (just like Jesus said). Then, Pope Francis shocked the world with his comments regarding gays. He feeds the homeless in Rome by the thousands. In essence, Pope Francis is awesome. Nelson Mandela Death On December 5, 2013, one of the greatest people to walk the face of the earth died. Nelson Mandela stood up against the tyranny known as Apartheid and was sentenced to jail because of it. After spending decades in jail, Mandela was released, and he again protested for a democratic government. Then, in 1994, he was elected President. Mandela started a bold and powerful nation. This was a truly incredible politician.

The Plank Staff Editor-in-Chief- Chandler Tapella ‘14 Photography- Brett Soutiere ‘14 Staff Writers & Contributors- Luc Barbe ‘15, John Howe ‘14, Patrick Stevens ‘14, Brennen Honaker ‘14, Charles Fries ‘14, Mac Yates ‘15, Will Schmidt ‘16, Brien Griffin ‘14, John Lambert ‘15, Tristan Mullany ‘15, Riley Spieler ‘17, Matthew Watson ‘14, Mitchell McFetridge ‘14, Will Keys ‘14, Andrew Reid ‘15, Michael Flodin ‘15, Cristopher Simon ‘14, Blake Clarkson ‘15, Carson Richards ‘15 Comic Artist- Jake Melavic ‘16 Thank you to Mr. Caslin, Ms. Paul, Fr. Suwalsky, S.J., and the rest of the faculty and staff! From Left- Charles Fries ‘14, John Howe ‘14, Brennen Honaker ‘14, Brien Griffin ‘14, Luc Barbe ‘15, Will Schmidt ‘16, Mac Yates ‘15, Patrick Stevens ‘14, Brett Soutiere ‘14, Chandler Tapella ‘14

The opinions in The Plank are solely those of the contributors and do not reflect the views of the Jesuit Community, Staff, Adminstration, or Board of Trustees.

The Plank - December 2013 Issue  

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