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• Heavy duty galvanised chassis • Strong non corrosive tanks • Wide range of distribution systems


Submersible pump MAGNUM CSPH

Submersible motor mixer MSXH

Polyester tankers with trailing shoe applicator, from 10.500 up to 24.000 liters

Centrifugal pumps MAGNUM

NEW! Tractor mixer MTXH-L

NEW! PLUG & PLAY portable pump and separator unit for multi-site operation

Contact your local BAUER dealer or Adrian Tindall / Sales Manager - UK & Ireland 07708 919597,,


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t 12 ~ Sun 13 May 2018

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January 2018

wark Showground • NG24 2NY



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Nottinghamshire COUNTY SHOW 2018

Sat 12 ~ Sun 13 May 2018 Newark Showground • NG24 2NY

Adult Advanced £10 (Gate £15) or Book online: Advance Ticket Hotline 01636 705796 /NottinghamshireCountyShow


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Experience a fabulous family day out this Spring at Nottinghamshire County Show With plenty going on inside and out, on show will be the best cattle, sheep, goats and pigs alongside superb equine events, including majestic ‘heavies’ and firstclass showjumping.  New for this year; a dedicated ‘Heavies Ring’ where visitors can get closer than ever to watch these magnificent horses prepare for their classes.  Meet your favourite farmyard animals, gun dogs and birds of prey. Children will particularly enjoy the antics of

the animals in the Countryside Area and the return of the popular Giant Tortoises and, of course, the hilarious ‘Sheep Show’. Featuring as the main attraction is the famous Atkinson Action Horses who have recently appeared in the TV series, Poldark, Victoria and Peaky Blinders. In addition, there will be many other spectacular displays to entertain and inform visitors.

fun, a tasty Food Experience area, and ample opportunity to shop for crafts, gifts and clothing, many items on sale will not be available in the high street stores. Hot food and delicious treats available at various food & drink outlets around the show.  See www. nottingamshirecountyshow. com for further details and Membership information.     

There will be music, lots of

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The sheer number of awards demonstrates the success of Valtra’s fourth generation N and T Series tractors. EcoPower models allow quick change from Standard to Eco mode at the simple touch of a button. The perfect choice for heavy work, delivering up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, less friction, less power loss and longer engine life.

Now is the time to speak to your local Valtra Dealer. Test drive one of our multi-award winning tractors and find out how EcoPower can benefit both your pocket and the environment. Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

YOUR LOCAL VALTRA DEALERS Sovereign Agricultural Services Ltd

Craggs of Conder Green

Wool Row Lane, Shelley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 8LW Tel: 01484 603682 email:

Thurnham Mill Buildings, Conder Green, Lancaster, LA2 0BD Tel: 01524 751405 email:


Wales wide approach considered to tackle nitrate pollution from farms Wales will introduce a whole-country approach to tackling nitrate pollution from agriculture and improve water quality, the government has confirmed.


ollowing an extensive consultation on Nitrate Vulnerable Zones last year, work is now underway to develop a balance of "regulatory measures, voluntary measures and investment". This will also include exploring further options to provide farmers with flexibility, where these would achieve the same or better outcomes than a regulatory approach. Most respondents in the consultation recognised the significant impact nitrate pollution is having on water, businesses and human and environmental well-being throughout Wales and agreed further action was needed. The majority of nitrate in

groundwater in the UK is derived from diffuse pollution from agriculture, with the rest from sewage sludge disposal to land, atmospheric deposition and point sources. According to the British Geological Survey, the loading has significantly increased due to post-1945 agricultural intensification due both to ploughing of grassland and to increased fertiliser applications. 'Major source' The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths said agricultural use of nitrates is a "major source of water pollution". “Poor nutrient management is still a major problem across

10 | Working Farmer |

Wales. Pollution of this kind is entirely preventable and is simply not acceptable in the 21st century. “We should not, at the end of 2017, see significant stretches of some of our most well known and popular rivers largely devoid of fish, proving just how much work remains to be done. “Wales’ waters need much greater protection from agricultural pollution and that is why I am minded to introduce a whole Wales approach to tackling nitrate pollution from agriculture.” Ms Griffiths said Wales has some of the finest countryside and stretches of water in Europe, which people have a "duty to protect

NEWS and enhance".'Details and implications' However, the Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) has given a cautious welcome to the announcement. FUW President Glyn Roberts, said: “This seems to be a far more proportionate way forward than some of the options that had been proposed, but we need time to assess the details and their implications. “As a member of the three groups which will be looking at these approaches, the FUW looks forward to working on approaches which are proportionate proactive voluntary approaches which deliver positive outcomes. “NVZ and other regulatory approaches are blunt instruments which often do not tackle the main sources of problems, and what can be complex problems. More targeted and flexible approaches can therefore better address the real

causes of problems, as well as increasing engagement with industry.” 'Evidence is clear' NFU Cymru has welcomed the plans. President Stephen James said the "evidence is clear" that there are a range of issues and sectors affecting water quality in Wales, however, the farming union said it recognises the role that farmers have to play in contributing to improved water quality in the years ahead. “Farmers take their environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and NFU Cymru has always championed an approach that sees the Union working in collaboration with Welsh Government and other partners,” Mr James added. “We are pleased that the Cabinet Secretary has made reference to the off-set scheme that has been operating successfully by a group of First Milk farmers

in the Cleddau Catchment. This scheme, championed by NFU Cymru members Will Prichard and Mike Smith, was highlighted in NFU Cymru’s consultation response, and subsequently, as an example of a workable alternative delivering measurable reductions in nitrates. “We are encouraged that the Cabinet Secretary intends to work in partnership with stakeholders to explore a Wales-wide approach to tackling issues influencing water quality through a flexible, outcomefocussed approach that will allow farmers to deliver improvements in water quality. “The Cabinet Secretary has rightly recognised the role of investment support as this highlights the significant costs associated with slurry and manure storage infrastructure on farm, and the Union welcomes this.”

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Precast Agricultural Solutions FP McCann is committed to delivering more efficient, cost-effective and safety-focused sustainable precast concrete solutions. Our range of agricultural solutions include:

L Walls • Livestock Buildings T Walls • Silage Panels Rocket Walls • Easi-Bloc Grain and Crop Storage Slurry Stores • Cattle Slats Drainage & Water Management Lydney Office: 01594 847500 Email:

Animal Housing

Housing Cattle


ousingWhether cows are housed in cubicles, straw yards or cow sheds, in order to maximise performance and to ensure satisfactory standards of welfare, the accommodation must at least provide for the animal’s most basic needs. As an absolute minimum, the housing must provide a comfortable, clean, well-drained and dry lying area together with shelter from adverse weather, space to allow the animal to move, lie down and rise freely as well as access to adequate food and water. All housing for cattle should include an adequate provision of calving pens and sick pens for isolation of sick or injured animals. All cattle farms should also have provision for isolation and quarantine of bought-in animals in a separate building, unless the herd is genuinely closed and never buys in replacement or breeding animals. If the housing system does not provide for these basic needs, then not only will both production and welfare be compromised, but it is likely that you are also failing to comply with the welfare codes and the law relating to animal welfare in your area.

Cubicles CubiclesCubicle management should be similarly well planned, as uncomfortable or unsuitable cubicles can lead to poor occupancy, wet and soiled cubicle beds, increased risk of udder disease and lameness as well as physical damage to the cows. Appropriate cubicle length will accommodate the need for both forward lunging space and rear clearance to ensure the animal doesn’t soil the bedding. Equally important, the cubicle should be wide enough for the cow to lie down without rubbing against the partitions, but narrow enough to prevent them turning around. The required dimensions of a cubicle are dependent on the size of the cow, however DairyCo have created a useful guide to calculating the right sized cubicle for your system. To compliment a good cubicle set up, a suitable depth and choice of bedding will ensure comfort when lying down as well as preventing knee and hock injuries. When choosing bedding, consider: Thermal insulation properties Softness, Traction, The use of lime under fresh bedding, not on top of it, Low risk of abrasion, Easily maintained, Cost effective Cubicle bases other than concrete should also be considered. Sand (must be washed) and limestone, in particular, have advantages over concrete-based beds with regard to cow comfort, but require careful maintenance.

14 | Working Farmer |

Loose Housing Appropriate design of yards, avoiding dampness and contamination from water troughs and narrow entry points, is equally important. Separate housing of first calving heifers should be considered (see also Herd Health for more on disease risks associated with housing) The lying area must be under cover and bedded. The additional area may be inside or outside and does not have to be bedded.

Loafing Areas A loafing area is a space cows can use for behaviours other than feeding or lying- such as displaying oestrus behaviour and social bonding. Cattle can spend a lot of time utilising outdoor loafing areas, often using the area to regulate body temperature when humidity and temperature are high. It is advised that the loafing area size is 120% of the cubicle lying area. Loafing areas can include nonfeed passageways and non-lying areas. Although loafing is provided at pasture, the weather limits utilisation of such areas and thus an indoor loafing area with access to an outdoor loafing area is desirable. As with housing, the amount of slurry in the loafing areas should be managed, and scraped at least twice daily to prevent health problems and encourage use.

Cow Comfort A comfortable cow is a happy cow, and a happy healthy cow in turn, proves to be a profitable cow. Grooming aids are a great addition to any farm, and are often used extensively by cattle once installed. Grooming is a natural social activity for cows, and brushes have proven to positively contribute to the welfare of housed animals. Working Farmer | | 15

Animal Health & News

UK dairy industry surpasses environmental targets The UK dairy sector has achieved an 18.05% energy efficiency improvement since 2008, according to recently published results.


ith this improvement, the sector has already exceeded the 2020 Climate Change Agreement and Dairy Roadmap targets of 13.6% and 15% respectively. The 2020 package is a set of binding legislation to ensure that EU Memebr States meets its climate and energy targets for the year 2020. The package sets three key targets: 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels); 20% of EU energy from renewables; 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

The results for the dairy sector, from the Environment Agency in the Climate Change Agreement biennial progress report, are complemented by those of the 2017 Dairy UK Environmental Benchmarking Report, which details substantial environmental improvements within the UK dairy sector. This includes a 23% increase in water efficiency and a 30% increase in the amount of waste recovered or recycled since 2008. The main findings of the 2017 Dairy UK Environmental Benchmarking Report are;18% increase in primary energy

efficiency (kWh/tonne); 23% increase in water efficiency (m3/tonne); 17.5% increase in raw effluent efficiency (m3/ tonne); 56% decrease in COD per m3 raw effluent and a 30% shift in the destination of waste away from landfill and towards recovery or recycling. Dr Judith Bryans, chief executive of Dairy UK commented on the results, saying: “These are incredibly positive results which demonstrate the effective steps taken by the UK dairy industry to reduce its environmental footprint and meet the targets of The Dairy Roadmap.�

Christmas turkeys on the run in East Yorkshire village Christmas turkeys were on the run in an East Yorkshire village after escaping a lorry. Dozens of birds were left on the road after a lorry jackknifed near North Frodingham, 5.5 miles southeast of the town of Driffield. Grange Road between North Frodingham and Bridlington Road was shut for over an hour. Photos from Driffield & Wolds Weeky show many

of the escaped turkeys have now been captured and are being loaded on the back of a tractor. It is not the first time turkeys have escaped in the run up to Christmas. Last week, a number of turkeys were on the loose after escaping from a crashed trailer on the M5. A crash

16 | Working Farmer |

near a busy junction of the motorway saw the plucky birds make a run for it. They had been involved in an incident in Worcestershire between junction five of the motorway and the A38 at around 11am on 7 December, Gloucestershire Live reported.


in the diet can be common and necessary with variables including soil type, level of rainfall, Three of the most important trace grass varieties, forage type and grassland management. elements for sheep can now be Dr Berry says pregnant and delivered in a single bolus thanks growing sheep have a higher need to a new product developed for these trace elements. “They by leading UK bolus technology may not obtain enough from their company, Animax Ltd. normal diet,’’ she warns. Tracesure 3-in-1 Sheep & Lamb

scanning, with the benefit of the application at scanning passing to lambs in the womb and later, through their mother’s milk.

is the latest addition to Animax’s range of boluses.

“Tracesure 3-in-1 Sheep & Lamb contains optimum amounts to cover demands during growth, pregnancy and lactation and will provide these for a period of approximately six months.’’

The newly-launched Tracesure 3-in-1 Sheep & Lamb is generating strong sales. Dr Berry says in addition to optimum trace element supplementation, labour efficiency is a key attraction.

At Troedyrharn, Brecon, fat lamb producer Rob Stephens says the benefits of the bolus is visual and important for flock condition – it is that daily release; he can see the advantages by looking at his flock.

“One bolus, utilising Animax’s unique leaching bolus technology, does the job.’’

nimax launches first sheep bolus with highest trace elements levels

The company’s veterinary director, Dr Elizabeth Berry, says the product is not only suitable for maintaining normal health, vitality and fertility of adult sheep and rams but can be used on replacement ewe lambs or ram lambs. “Cobalt, selenium and iodine can be given in this combined bolus which has 185mg of cobalt, 100mg of selenium and 660mg of iodine, higher levels than any other bolus on the market!’’ Dr Berry explains. The need for supplementation because of lack of these elements

There is also the added advantage that 4g of copper oxide is contained in Tracesure Sheep Traffic Lights, a separate capsule for supplementation in cases of low copper in the diet.

He fattens 1500 store lambs annually. “We buy lean lambs but we don’t quite know their history so we bolus them, it does a phenomenal job.’’ He boluses ewes at tupping and at Working Farmer | | 17


Carrbridge gamekeeper wins Polaris ATV in SGA prize draw


ong standing SGA member Ewan Archer expressed his gratitude to Polaris UK after taking delivery of his brand new Polaris Sportsman 570, won in the 2017 SGA raffle. The Carrbridge gamekeeper, who works at Kinveachy Estate, was handed the keys to the hard-working ATV at the organisation’s Perth HQ on Thursday after buying his winning ticket through the SGA member magazine, Scottish Gamekeeper. Fringed by SGA Chairman Alex Hogg, Richard Coleby of Polaris and Iain Stratton of supplier Stratton ATV Ltd, Ewan was delighted to get the first glimpse of his prize. After entering the annual draw every year since the SGA formed 21 years ago, he admitted he entered the 2017 draw more in support than expectation of winning.

proved to be on his side, though, and he was enormously thankful to collect the smooth riding sage green vehicle. “Since the outset of the SGA, my family and I have always bought tickets but I didn’t believe it when my wife informed me I had won this year,” he smiled. “A lot of the estates around about us are using Polaris to great effect for grouse moor management and for day to day getting about. “I am very grateful to Polaris. It is a very generous prize.” The 44 horsepower ATV is built for safety off-road, with smooth suspension and All-Wheel Drive on demand, single lever brake system and automatic transmission. It is already a highly popular choice on Scottish estates, as Director of Stratton ATV Ltd, Iain Stratton, acknowledged.


18 | Working Farmer |

to see the 2017 prize go to a long-time member of the SGA family. On the back of successful partnership, the SGA and Polaris are set to renew their arrangement for 2018, with the raffle prize again set to be provided by the company. “It is really important we have partners like Polaris,” said the SGA Chairman. “I have used a 6 wheeler Polaris UTV myself for 5 years and it has been really good. In terms of this particular bike, it is a quality product, very sturdy with a good engine. I am sure it will suit Ewan perfectly.” Polaris UK District Sales Manager Richard Coleby said the partnership was a win-win for all parties and both organisations are looking to make the most of their continued association in 2018.

“Ninety five percent of our custom comes from sporting estates. A lot of gamekeepers will use them for feeding in areas they can’t reach with bigger machinery and for towing behind game feeders. It is great for deer extraction as well.”

“Shoots, estates and gamekeepers represent a big market for us, as a business, so it is important to support where we can in Scotland. We are probably the leader in the estates market so it is important for us to maintain profile. All our products are designed for heavy off-road performance so they really suit this type of work..

SGA Chairman Alex Hogg was delighted

Polaris Britain: 0800 915 6720


UK will be 'worse-off' under most plausible Brexit scenarios, report finds The UK will be economically worse-off outside of the EU under most plausible scenarios, according to economic analysis. Whether Brexit is judged to be success or not will depend to some degree on its economic impact, according to the influential US thinktank the Rand corporation. Much of the debate around Brexit has been focused on a 'hard' or 'soft Brexit', which relates to whether the UK should leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. However, there are a range of different trade opportunities and arrangements that could happen between the UK and European Union, and other countries, such as the U.S., post-Brexit. The chosen trade arrangement will largely depend on the UK's negotiations with the EU. 'No deal' Rand has explored eight plausible post-Brexit trade scenarios involving the UK, EU and U.S. after Brexit. Game theory insights were also used to create a better understanding of how a variety of factors might affect the outcome of Brexit

negotiations. The UK is likely to be economically worse-off outside of the EU under most plausible scenarios, particularly if the UK leaves the EU with no trade deal. This would reduce future GDP by around five per cent over ten years, which is a loss of $140 billion. Under WTO rules, the EU would also lose out economically, but nowhere near the same proportion as the UK — about 0.7 per cent of its overall GDP, which is $97 billion. Indeed, the British farming industry has stated its worry of the catastrophe a ‘no deal’ scenario and moving to WTO ‘most-favoured nation’ status would bring, severely impacting the industry's ability to trade. One report has concluded that a ‘no-deal’ outcome would lead to a collapse in trade, with a 90% drop in beef exports and 53% drop in lamb exports from the UK to the EU. UK-EU-US agreement The Rand says it is in the UK's best interests to achieve

some sort of open trading and investment relationship post-Brexit. The most beneficial trade scenario would be a trilateral UK-EU-US agreement, but this is seen as very unlikely in the current political environment because President Donald Trump does not approve of the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Under this scenario, UK GDP would be 2.2 per cent higher – or 7.1 percentage points better – than under the WTO rules scenario. The report says this scenario would make the UK better off compared to its current membership with the EU. But farmers are wary that this scenario could flood Europe, and the UK, with cheaper, sub-standard produce, which will have a big impact on British farm incomes and food safety. Overall, the thinktank says it is in the best interests of the UK, and to a lesser extent the EU, to work together to achieve some sort of trade deal postBrexit.

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New possibilities with the versatile Cultus


rom year model 2017 the tine cultivator Cultus can be delivered in three versions, customised for a range of field conditions. Because of this, there is a Cultus available for every soil type. Depending on the need for reconsolidation and weight distribution, the tine cultivator Cultus can now be delivered as a mounted machine without the hydraulic packer. Instead of the packer, Cultus is equipped with hydraulic levellers and carrier wheels. Cultus 300 in field - We have noticed an increased demand for having the opportunity to prepare the field for the spring drilling,

by cultivating it later in the autumn. By offering Cultus without its packer, the farmer gets a light machine well suited for moist conditions, says Johan Alsäter, product manager Soil at Väderstad, and continues:

From year model 2017, Cultus can be delivered in the following three versions: Mounted with the re-packer and mechanical levellers Trailed with RubberRunner and mechanical levellers Mounted with carrier wheels and hydraulic levellers

- The hydraulic levellers, which the driver is able to control from the cab, creates an even result and an open soil structure. Meanwhile, the robust carrier wheels ensure an exact working depth. Together with Väderstads wide point offering as well as the unique MixIn shin, the tine cultivator Cultus provide a very effecting mixing of crop residues, irrespective of field conditions. The new version of the machine, will complement the other versions in the product family.


The Gables, Brinkworth Rd, Swindon SN4 8DT 01793 853807 Marrs of Methlick Ltd

Schoolbrae Garage, Methlick, Ellon AB41 7DS

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01651 806910



OPEN: Mon Ͳ Fri 8:00Ͳ17:00


19 Oak Industrial Park Chelmsford Road Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1XN Tel: 01371 874006


Sat 8:00 Ͳ 12:00

Suppliers of all leading makes of agricultural, domestic & professional groundcare equipment. Visit our Dunmow showroom to see our full range of petrol mowers & grass machinery to suit all gardens & needs.

Full after sales service back up with spares and repairs. HIRE We have a fleet of Groundcare & Woodchippers Short Term Hire 1 day to 1 year Or Contract Hire 1 - 5 years

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33% + 33% + 33%



Pay 3 months deposit and






Available across the entire Merlo agriculture range




Record breaking ergonomic cab designs

Improved fuel economy

Patented frame leveling on selected models

Patented cab suspension

on selected models

up to 7.5 tonne lifting capacity

Unique CVTronic transmission on selected models


*Terms and conditions apply. 0% finance available on selected models only. Offers based on a maximum advance of 50% based on the RRP

UNLEASH THE PROFITMAKER UP TO £9,000 OFF ON THE MF 7714 – MF 7718 W W W. M A S S E Y F E R G U S O N . C O M / M F 7 7 0 0

J.J. FARM SERVICES LTD Far Stanley, Gretton, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Glos, GL54 5HF Far Stanley, Gretton, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 5HF

Tel: 01242 620631 Email; t: 01242 620631 | w: | e: Visit our website; Like us on Facebook; JJ Farm Services Ltd TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. OFFER APPLIES TO SELECTED MODELS AND SPECIFICATIONS.


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YOU DON’T COMPROMISE. NEITHER DID WE. You put your whole life into your farm. We’ve put all of our experience into this tractor. The all-new Valtra T Series takes comfort and productivity to the next level. It’s economical with an engine up to 250 hp and your choice of transmission. The comfortable and ergonomic cab includes unique Valtra features that no one can beat. We believe in quality, craftsmanship and ease-of-use. The T Series is the best value for money. Your land is your life. The T Series is your working machine. Be quick, reserve your test drive from your local Valtra dealer.

> > #ValtraNewT Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

YOUR LOCAL VALTRA DEALERS Alan Mackay Machinery (Forfar) Ltd

Craggs of Conder Green

John Bownes Ltd

Sovereign Agricultural Services Ltd

Garthfield, Padanaram, Forfar

Thurnham Mill Buildings,

Court House Farm, Swanlow Lane,

Wool Row Lane, Shelley, Huddersfield,

Angus, DD8 1PF

Conder Green, Lancaster, LA2 0BD

Darnhall, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 4BS

West Yorkshire, HD8 8LW

Tel: 01307 462081

Tel: 01524 751405

Tel: 01606 592639

Tel: 01484 603682





SHOW 2017


@midsmachinery17 - #MMS2017







LEMKEN agricultural machinery is distinctive, not only because of its blue colour but above all because of its quality, versatility and robust design. Combine advanced LEMKEN machines with the expertise of your local Sellars dealer and you can be sure of a product that meets your specific needs. See the LEMKEN range at your nearest Sellars today . . . Oldmeldrum 01651 872891

Cupar 01334 658210

Forres 01309 676708

Huntly 01466 792165

Letham 01307 818545

Perth 01738 620549

Join us in celebrating 50 years of John Deere Limited in the UK & Ireland in 2016 – learn more on our website


History, Heritage & New Horizons

Peter Noble LTD Tractor and Machinery Tel: 01425 474987 Fax: 01425 475867 Emai: Wychwood Highwood Ringwood Hants BH24 3LG

SUZUKI ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH MOTUL The relationship between the Suzuki name and MOTUL has been in place for almost 30 years through MotoGP™ and the motorcycle world. Now, a new link in the strong chain connecting the two companies has been added with the announcement of a new multi-year commercial agreement between Suzuki GB and MOTUL.

with models covering all types of usage from city driving to off-road, MOTUL’s extensive range of specialised products including engine oils, gearbox lubricants and much more will be recommended and used for all Suzuki cars as well as its twowheel, ATV and marine products.

that sees each company excelling in their respective fields. This is a perfect fit for us, as this agreement now recognises MOTUL as the official lubricant supplier for Suzuki car, bike, ATV and marine products in the UK. We’ve worked closely with From January 1, 2018 MOTUL’s MOTUL on various projects over products will become “Officially the last 15 years and they’re a Recommended” for all Suzuki has a range of engine automotive, motorcycling, ATV options which offer performance great bunch of people to deal and marine models marketed by and efficiency – key watchwords with. We are very much looking forward to working with MOTUL Suzuki GB PLC, a wholly-owned for MOTUL and two of its core and together, developing a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor values – the latest being the robust business strategy that Corporation in Japan – one of introduction of the SHVS Mild the top 10 car manufacturers Hybrid which is perfectly matched will prove beneficial for both in the world and a global brand by MOTUL’s exclusive Hybrid 0W parties, including our own Dealer with production facilities in 23 16, the next generation of engine networks”. countries and 45,000 employees. oil. Olivier Montange, MOTUL No planes and trains, but almost The manufacturer proudly claims Executive Vice President Zone EuroMed, added: “Few everything else on wheels or it has a century of engineering water… milestones behind it, and MOTUL manufacturers have the length and strength of the collaboration of course has been in the Sales in the UK commenced in between Suzuki in MotoGP™ and lubricant business for more than 1963, firstly with the importation 160 years. Innovating, performing MOTUL. Over these last three of motorcycles and later, ATVs decades, Suzuki’s engineers and producing products for and marine engines and cars and Motul’s technical experts the people over the decades including some such well-known have forged a deep-seated – common goals which bring models as the Swift, Vitara and understanding and symbiotic companies together. S-Cross. The marine engines working relationship, developing are lubricated by Suzuki Marine 30 years and counting… the perfect oils especially by MOTUL products as part of Michael Le-Flay, Suzuki GB for Suzuki’s engines. We are a long-standing agreement, Aftersales Marketing Manager, looking forward to starting this and the new partnership commented: “Suzuki GB PLC new automotive commercial now augments this existing chose MOTUL as their preferred relationship in 2018 with Suzuki marine agreement to cover automobile oil supply partner GB.” all Suzuki vehicles sold through as we recognised that both Another chapter of the the GB network. With Suzuki companies shared a common companies’ combined history is particularly well known for its commercial architecture, along about to begin. Mini and Supermini ranges, but with a passion and enthusiasm

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Working Farmer | | 33


The Importance of Sprayer Testing Everyone will agree that accurate application of pesticides is not only desirable but essential whether for the environment, the consumer or the grower


ccurate and targeted use of pesticides is all part of modern agriculture. That’s why back in the mid 90’s the Chemical Application members of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) devised a test for application machinery to make sure it was working as intended. In the early years of 2000 this test became the National Sprayer Testing Scheme as one of the main pillars of the Voluntary Initiative. NSTS now tests around 16,500 machines annually with the test also satisfying the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive (SUD), which requires that all pesticide application equipment, sprayers, slug pellet applicators, granular applicators etc., need to be tested by 26th November 2016 and at regular intervals thereafter. NSTS is an accepted part of arable agriculture and requirement of the major crop assurance schemes and

supermarket protocols, requiring that farmers and growers have their sprayers inspected annually. This requirement continues with one of the annual tests satisfying the SUD requirements. The NSTS is available through a network of test centres who have qualified examiners available to inspect and confirm the equipment is of the standard required. The test is usually carried out at the machine owner’s premises and at a mutually agreed time. The examiner will charge for the inspection, the cost is commercial at the point of use. Additionally machine owners are free to use their nearest or preferred test centre. The operator or owner of the machine can prepare the sprayer for the test using a test sheet available from the NSTS website. Owners and operators are encouraged to take part in the test and will receive three NRoSO points for doing so. As confirmation of the result of the test the examiner will apply a pass sticker

to the machine and a copy of the test report form will be sent to the owner. Other copies are returned to NSTS Administration where the information is retained on a database of all tested machines. This information is available to Crop Assurance Certification Bodies and others for verification purposes. With the continued threat of more pesticides being lost, now is the time to contribute to accurate and targeted application procedures, NSTS testing helps achieve that. Having a NSTS test will also satisfy the Sustainable Use Directive which requires all sprayers to be tested by 26th November 2016. Find out more by visiting the NSTS website Duncan Russell NSTS Manager October 2016

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Participating dealers include: Abrey Agricultural 01799 543 208

Ford & Ellis Motorcycles Ltd 01494 772 343

Hunts Engineering Ltd 01608 638 407

C.J. Keitch Engineering 01404 891 796

P R Roberts Drws Y Nant Boduan Pwllheli Gwynedd LL53 8UY 01758 720212 ww

Wildtrackers Ltd The Estate Yard Glanusk Park Crickhowell Powys , NP8 1LP T: 01873 812557 E:

Covering the South East of England APS are a well established professional agricultural and poultry farm cleaning business providing a wide range of services.

Poultry buildings inside and out Other farm buildings inside & out Brickwork and stonework cleaning Plant and Machinery Cleaning Vehicle cleaning Industrial warehouses Concrete pads Tarmac and Car Parks Tennis Court cleaning 07711 043650 |

Lloyd Ltd.

Your Manitou specialists. SALES. SERVICE. PARTS. ADVICE.




For our selection of new & quality used machinery for all agricultural uses visit CARLISLE Kingstown Broadway Carlisle CA3 0EF 01228 517 100

DUMFRIES Heathhall Industrial Estate Dumfries DG1 3SJ 01387 720 461

PENRITH Myers Lane Penrith CA11 9DP 01768 863 806

BISHOP AUCKLAND 5 St Helens Way Bishop Auckland DL14 9AD 01388 660 300

NEWCASTLE Ponteland Road, Throckley, Newcastle NE15 9EP 0191 267 7555

ALNWICK Willowburn Industrial Estate Alnwick NE66 2PF 01655 511 930

KELSO Hunters Hall Kelso TD5 8BQ 01573 224 461

The Amarok. With V6 engine as standard.

From £309 a month on contract hire* with £1,000 initial rental contribution and two free services. The Amarok is a vehicle built to bring power and efficiency excitingly together within a muscular design. The potent pulling power of the 3.0 TDI V6 engine ensures the Amarok is capable of tackling the most demanding terrain. And with up to 224PS and 550Nm of torque, even the heaviest of loads are easily manageable. With an eye-catching exterior design including elegant fog lamps and voguish grille, it’s also enhanced with the latest driver assisted technologies. For more details, why not call us today or pop into one of our showrooms?

Marshall Van Centre Scunthorpe

Listers Van Centre (Worcestershire)

Listers Van Centre (Coventry)

Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Telephone: 01724 487535.

North Bank, Berry Hill Industrial Estate, Droitwich. Telephone: 01905 412269.

347-367 Bedworth Road, Longford, Coventry, West Midlands. Telephone: 0247 767 0747.

Find us on your sat-nav using DN15 8QZ.

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Greenhous Volkswagen Vindis Van Centre Northampton Van Centre (Bilston) Trinity Road, Bilston, Wolverhampton. Telephone: 01902 219303.

Gambrel Road, Weedon Industrial Estate, Northampton. Telephone: 01604 315852.

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Marshall of Scunthorpe Limited, Listers Group Limited, Greenhous Group Ltd and F Vindis & Sons (Bedford) Ltd are brokers and not lenders and can introduce you to a limited number of lenders, who may pay us for introducing you to them. *No ownership option. Based on Amarok Trendline 3.0 TDI 204PS EU6 Automatic BMT 4M at 36 month, 10,000 mile per annum Contract Hire agreement with an initial rental of £1,854. 6.0p per mile excess mileage charges apply and fair wear and tear charges may apply. Business users only. All Prices Exclude VAT. VAT payable at the prevailing rate. 18s+. Subject to availability and status. T&Cs apply. Offer available for vehicles ordered by 02.01.2018 from participating Van Centres. Indemnities may be required. Offers are not available in conjunction with any other offer and may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Accurate at time of publication [12.2017]. Freepost Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Financial Services.






MARK WEATHERHEAD LTD 01954 210 355 MARKWEATHERHEAD-ISUZU.CO.UK Ashworth House, St. Neots Road, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7QL #Over 40 MPG figure applies to manual transmission models. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. Official fuel figures for the Isuzu D-Max range in MPG (l/100km): Urban 30.4 - 38.7 (9.3 - 7.3). Extra Urban 40.9 - 50.4 (6.9 - 5.6). Combined 36.2 - 45.6 (7.8 - 6.2). CO2 emissions 163 - 205g/km. For full details please contact your local Isuzu dealer or visit


WINNER OF WHATVAN? PICK-UP OF THE YEAR 2018 †Important Information. Business users only. Rental amounts shown are for an Isuzu Yukon Double Cab Commercial Vehicle On The Road with manual transmission, excluding special paint finish. Contract based on 8,000 miles per annum, non-maintained. Vehicle must be returned in a good condition to avoid further charges. Provided by Lex Autolease Ltd trading as Isuzu Contract Hire, Heathside Park, Heathside Park Road, Stockport SK3 0RB. Excludes motability and fleet sales, not available in conjunction with any other offers or with BASC or NFU member discounts. Available until 31st March 2018. Finance options available at participating dealers only, subject to status. *3.5 tonne towing applies to all 4x4 models. **125,000 miles/5 year (whichever comes first) warranty applies to all new Isuzu D-Max models. Terms and conditions apply. Visit



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Central Motors

Colin Appleyard Cars

Colin Appleyard Cars

Tel: 01223 633704

Tel: 01460 601049

Tel: 01618 228400

Tel: 01484 829012

158 Shelford Road, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire. CB2 9NE

East Street, Chard, Somerset. TA20 1EP

Cavendish Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. OL6 7QL

Lockwood Road, Folly Hall, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. HD1 3PA

Eaglesham Garage Ltd Helensburgh Subaru

Keith Price Garages

MTC Subaru

Tel: 01355 443054

Tel: 01873 564 018

Tel: 01733 822941

77 Gilmour Street, Eaglesham, Glasgow. G76 0LH

101-103 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute. G84 7PJ

Tel: 01436 584326

Llanwenarth Citra, Abergavenny Monmouthshire. NP8 1EP

157 Eastrea Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. PE7 2AJ

SUBARU FORESTER RANGE Fuel consumption in mpg (l/100km): Urban 25.2-39.8 (11.2-7.1); Extra Urban 40.4-57.6 (7.0-4.9); Combined 33.2-49.6 (8.5-5.7). CO2 Emissions 197-148 g/km. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results.


Croxdale Subaru

Dales Subaru

Dennis Common

Tel: 01388 881050

Tel: 01282 882815

Tel: 01665 751511

A167, Croxdale, Durham, County Durham. DH6 5HS

439 Colne Road, Kelbrook, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. BB18 6TG

West Road Garage, Longframlington, Morpeth, Northumberland. NE65 8HX


Plymouth Subaru

S & S Services

Tel: 01371 483377

Tel: 01752 522410

Tel: 01292 844294

Dunmow Road, Rayne, Essex. CM77 6SA

118 - 130 Ridgeway, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon. PL7 2HN

8 Old Bridge Road, Heathfield, Ayr, Ayrshire. KA8 9SX

†Every vehicle marketed by Subaru (UK) Ltd, excluding WRX STI, is covered by a 5 Year/100,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) Limited Warranty which comprises of a standard 3 Year/60,000 mile (whichever is sooner) Manufacturer’s Warranty (bumper to bumper, excluding clutch driven plate) and an Extended Warranty (applies to powertrain only) provided by the importer. Vehicle shown is the Subaru Forester 2.0D XC, OTR price of £28,495 plus special paint finish at £550, OTR price includes VAT, delivery, number plates, 12 months road fund licence and first registration fee. Prices correct at time of going to print.


Alan Milne Ltd

Archie Moss

Auto Services (Angus)

Elgin, Morayshire

Coalville, Leicestershire

Perth, Perthshire

01343 323 329

01530 553 783

01738 481 380

Duckworth Isuzu (North)

Duckworth Isuzu (South)

Eaglesham Garage Ltd

Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

Boston, Lincolnshire

Glasgow, Scotland

01673 558 890

01205 535 159

01355 443 050

Oliver Landpower Ltd

Slip End Garages

Threeways Garage Ltd

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Luton, Bedfordshire

Abergele, Aberconwy & Colwyn

01923 700 327

01582 788 956

01745 274 290

#Over 40 MPG figure applies to manual transmission models. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. Official fuel figures for the Isuzu D-Max range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 30.4 - 38.7 (9.3-7.3). Extra Urban 40.9 - 50.4 (6.9 - 5.6). Combined 36.2 - 45.6 (7.8 - 6.2). CO2 emissions 163 - 205g/km. For full details please contact your local Isuzu dealer or visit



Auto Services (Perth)

B&B Tractors

Browns of Preston

Perth, Perthshire

Fauld Lane, Staffordshire

Preston, Lancashire

01738 481 380

01283 888 078

01772 307 023

Ferndown Commercials

Mark Weatherhead Ltd

Northgate Isuzu

Wimborne, Dorset

Hardwick, Cambridgeshire

Canterbury, Kent

01202 983 319

01954 574 560

01227 213 024

Vale Motors

W H Brand

White Horse Motors

Wincanton, Somerset

Near Spalding, Lincolnshire

Exeter, Devon

01963 834 433

01406 633 120

01392 338 360

TO BOOK A TEST DRIVE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER TODAY †Price shown is an Isuzu D-Max Utah Double Cab CVOTR with manual transmission, automatic transmission also available. Commercial vehicle on the road price includes delivery, number plates, 12 months road fund licence and first registration fee, excludes VAT and mica/metallic paint finish. *3.5 tonne towing applies to all 4x4 models. **125,000 mile/5 year (whichever comes first) warranty applies to all new Isuzu D-Max models. Terms and conditions apply.

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irmingham 16th February 2018 – SUV brand, Subaru UK, announced as Official Automotive Partner of The Great British Shooting Show 2018, held at the Birmingham NEC from 16th 18th February 2018.

off-road test drive experiences, showing attendees that the range truly is ‘Better Where It Matters’. Show visitors wishing to take part in the experience can do so by visiting the Subaru stand, C8, and booking with an official Subaru ambassador.

Subaru brings the Outback, Forester and all-new XV to the annual show, eschewing the brands safety, reliability and capability credentials. The SUVs, popular amongst shooting enthusiasts, all achieved the maximum 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating and will take centre stage on the Subaru Stand, which can be found at plot C8 at the show.

Aiming to be the fastest growing automotive brand in the UK, Subaru will display the all-new XV at The Great British Shooting Show, its first UK show since it was launched. The all-new XV has already turned heads, achieving the maximum 5 star rating and securing the ‘Best In Class Safest Small Family Car’ accolade in Euro NCAP’s 2017 results earlier this year.

Emphasizing the capabilities of the rugged SUV range, Subaru is offering exclusive

An added bonus for show attendees, farming and TV

presenter Adam Henson, as seen on BBC Countryfile, will be hosting and exclusive book signing at the Subaru stand on Sunday 18th February from 2pm – 3pm. For more information on The Great British Shooting Show, including ticket enquiries please visiting for guidance. Subaru aims to be the fastest growing UK car brand of 2018, armed with a sturdy SUV lineup and the safest small family cars in Europe. For more on the Subaru range and details of official dealerships please visit www. today.

ISUZU ARRIVES AT THE GREAT BRITISH SHOOTING SHOW 2018 Birmingham 16th February 2018 – Pickup professional brand Isuzu arrives at The Great British Shooting Show 2018, held at the Birmingham NEC from 16th - 18th February 2018. Showcasing the manufacturers renowned pickup vehicle credentials, Isuzu offer visitors to the show an exclusive premier viewing of the new 2018 Huntsman D-Max pickup. A first for any UK show, the new Huntsman D-Max is set to be a firm favorite for shooting enthusiasts and those which share its bold title. Based on the D-Max Utah

model, the Huntsman is specifically designed for its namesake and similar professionals. Featuring ample bed space for dog boxes and equipment, a concealed lockable aluminum drawer system, a highmounted tow bar and 18� Pirelli All Terrain tires, the Huntsman proudly makes its UK debut at the NEC and is available in a choice of 3 colours. Joining the Huntsman on display are the lifestyle focused Blade D-Max and the 4X4 Utility Double Cab D-Max. Powered by a punchy 1.9L Euro 6 turbo diesel engine, the Utility model offers reliability,

comfort and impressive fuel economy, without the need for AdBlue. Isuzu is proud to showcase its range at The Great British Shooting Show, which runs from the 16th 18th February 2018 at the Birmingham NEC. For more information, including ticket enquiries please visiting for guidance. For more on the Isuzu range and details of official dealerships please visit www. today, or visit the Isuzu stand on plot C8 at The Great British Shooting Show 2018.

Introducing the new Korando 2.2

2 tonne towing capacity

New Korando 2.2 available from


7 in touch screen with iPod & Bluetooth Connectivity

Intelligent 4x4

Increased fuel efficiency

M T Cars

157 Eastrea Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE7 2AJ 01733 309782


Grovebury Cars

44-46 Grovebury Road Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4SW 01525 378899

2.2 litre diesel engine with 400Nm torque

Ashbank Garage

Ashbank Road, Werrington Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST9 0JS 01782 303926

Fuel consumption figures in mpg: 32.8 (8.6) – 61.4 (4.6). CO2 emissions in g/km: 177-139. Model featured is a Korando 2.2 ELX at £21,495 including optional metallic | Working Farmer | paint priced at £500. *Korando SE including VAT, delivery charge, Road Fund Licence & first registration charge. Prices are correct at the time of going to print, but may be changed at any time.

Hit the high street or the wilderness with Jeep’s legendary capability combined with iconic style and latest technology. Save an additional £2,000* on an award winning Jeep when you test drive in August or September. Choose adventure every day. Book your test drive now.

Chris Variava Nottingham Tel: 0115 855 3060

Northgate Garage Tel: 01227 829930

Hughes Chrysler Jeep Tel: 01494 412069

OFFICIAL FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR JEEP RANGE MPG (L.100KM): EXTRA URBAN 29.4 (9.6) – 70.6 (4.0), URBAN 13.9 (20.3) – 55.4 (5.1), COMBINED 20.9 (13.5) – 64.2 (4.4), CO2 EMISSIONS: 315 TO 115 G/KM. Fuel consumption and CO figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations and may not be representative of real life driving conditions. Factors such as driving style, 2

weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption. *£2,000 (inc VAT) test drive offer is available on new Renegade, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models ordered and registered between 1st August 2017 and 30th September 2017. Offer can be used in conjunction with other retail offers. Exclude Personal Contract Hire. Retail customers only. Subject to availability. Participating dealers only. Test drives are subject to Dealer’s discretion, terms and conditions and insurance requirements. Jeep® is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

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