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From the founders Equestic friends, We are excited to introduce you to Ride iQ! As users of Equestic, you’ve already taken a great step to be a more informed and capable partner for your horse. You’re taken a data-driven approach to help support proper and purposeful training. So awesome! Ride iQ is an innovative tool that can provide specific and real-time coaching based on your Equestic data. With membership to Ride iQ, you get access to the private mobile app with hundreds of on-demand audio lessons you can listen to while you ride. It’s instruction from some of the best coaches in the world presented in a new way. Ride iQ coaches have curated lesson playlists based on SaddleClip data so you can get guidance and exercises to help you address the specific aspects of your ride that you'd like to improve. If you’re skeptical of the Ride iQ concept, that’s normal! It’s an all-new way to learn! The best way to truly understand how Ride iQ makes schooling rides better and more fun is to try it. The second-best way is to take it from Kyle Carter (Canadian Olympic event rider, Ride iQ Coach, and SaddleClip user): "The Ride iQ x Equestic partnership is incredibly empowering for riders of all levels. Pairing these two technologies together allows riders to analyze their rides and then choose lessons based on that analysis." So, whether you’re brand new to horses (we’ve been there!) or you’re competing at the upper levels, Ride iQ and Equestic are here to support you. From us, our communities, and our incredible members around the world--welcome! Jessa & McKinsey Lux (Ride iQ Founders) and Leon Rutten (Equestic Founder) 4

We’re here for horses and riders everywhere.

Ride iQ is a revolutionary mobile app with on-demand audio lessons taught by worldclass equestrian coaches Upgrade your solo schooling Ride iQ provides affordable, unlimited access to listen-whileyou-ride audio lessons for more enjoyable, safe, and productive schooling. Anytime, anywhere.

Learn something new every day Exceptional equestrians have a deep understanding and an incessent curiosity. Ride iQ’s resources, community, and direct access to top experts paired with Equestic data will take you to a new level. 5

How Ride iQ works World-class guidance—anytime, anywhere. 1



Open the app Create an account on the Ride iQ website and download the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Log in and start your 2-week free trial.

Choose your lesson In the app, you’ll find 100s of audio lessons organized by level, skill, coach, and more. See pages 17-21 of this guide for Equesticspecific lesson recommendations

Listen while you ride Get on your horse, press play, and experience having one of the best coaches in the world as ‘the voice inside your head.’

There are lessons for every level of eventing, hunters, jumpers, and dressage.


Ride iQ stories “It’s no secret I’d take a lesson everyday if I could, and I think this is going to be a total game changer for me! Elfie and Ferris both did Ride iQ lessons today and were more connected, supple, and through in just one ride! This is such a fun way to keep from going in mindless circles for 30 minutes." - Lauren Romanelli, eventing coach and Ride iQ Member “My Paisley and I competed in the Novice Rider division at TerraNova this weekend, and we finished in a personal best 4th place. Since joining Ride iQ over the summer, we have now had personal best rides and finishes for two weekends in a row!" - Katie Emerson, Ride iQ Member

“I am fortunate to have a fabulous trainer, but until I started Ride iQ I had no idea what a poor job I was doing at home. Just the structure of how long to keep at any particular exercise is transformative!” - Christina Kaufman, Ride iQ Member

I have an amazing coach at home and am lucky enough to clinic with some fabulous riders, but I’m also an amateur on a budget. I can say with 100% confidence that my Ride iQ lessons and coaches made a difference this weekend [at The Kentucky Horse Park] – our first 7s in the canter in dressage, our first double clear XC, and our most confident SJ to-date… I’m so grateful for this program and for the inclusion of the lower-level riders like me!" - Holly Usiak, Ride iQ Member


Meet the Ride iQ coaches

Kyle Carter Olympic Event Rider

Lauren Sprieser Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Ema Klugman 5* Event Rider

Doug Payne “Olympic Event Rider

Ashley Johnson Sports Psychology Coach

Gina Smith Olympic Dressage Rider

Sinead Maynard 5* Event Rider

Kathy Baar Natural Horsemanship Coach

Leslie Law Olympic Gold Medalist, 5* Event Rider


Not pictured: Holly Hepp Hudspeth, Jon Holling, Lesley Grant Law, Peter Gray, Hilda Donahue, Ashley Adams, and more 8

Ride iQ benefits for EQ riders Unlimited on-demand audio lessons Access to the Ride iQ mobile app and the complete library of hundreds of audio lessons with new lessons added every week. Visual support and video lessons Many audio lessons are supported by a short video. The app also has full video lessons. In-app private podcasts Ride iQ private podcasts are both entertaining and educational and include interviews with top riders and experts. Weekly live virtual Office Hours Members have direct access to a Ride iQ coach or guest expert every week. Access to the private FB community Join the online community of Ride iQ members and coaches! $29.99/mo $79.99/quarter $249/year Join at Ride-iQ.com with promo code Equestic to receive your discount. A 14-day free trial is automatically included.


User Guide


Ride iQ app tour Lessons are categorized as Flatwork or Jumping. Within the Flatwork and Jumping tabs, lessons are categorized as Warmups or Skills. Lessons are organized into playlists by category, level, and duration.

Lessons are all labeled by level of difficulty: green, yellow, or orange - a neutral system to avoid confusion with levels associated with disciplines. Lessons with a green label are the most basic skills; the level increases as you move to yellow and then orange.


Ride iQ app tour

A separate section of the app is dedicated to Progressive Programs - a series of lessons taught by a specific coach and meant to be taken chronologically.

There is a section for Dressage Tests including ReadThroughs (tests are read aloud in the time it takes to ride them), Playbooks (a judge goes movement-by-movement through the tests and describes how to get the best marks), and more.


Ride iQ app tour In addition to audio lessons, the app also features short video clips that support audio lessons and a library of full standalone video lessons. If you're wondering whether a specific audio lesson has an associated video clip, just check the lesson description— you'll find links to any video support clips there!

The app hosts multiple Podcasts that are both entertaining and educational. You can even go on a hack with one of your Ride iQ coaches using the "Hack Chats" podcast! You'll also find recordings of the weekly live "Office Hours" events in this section.


How-to use Ride iQ This list will get you started, but the Ride iQ team is always available to answer your questions via email, Facebook, or Instagram.

Sign up

Visit the sign up page to create an account. You’ll be asked to choose a subscription type ($29.99/ month or $249/year and provide payment info. You won’t be charged until after a 2-week free trial. Use code Equestic for a discount.

Log in to the app

Download the Ride iQ mobile app for Apple or Android. Sign in with the email address and password you used at sign up.

Take a lesson

Check out pages 11-13 for an app tour and pages 17-29 for lesson suggestions based on your certification level.


Find the search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Search for any term, e.g. “Ema Klugman,” “Leg Yield,”“Young Horse,” etc. Results will include matches from the lesson title as well as the lesson description.


How-to use Ride iQ

Create custom playlists

Within the app, click the "Library" icon in the lower navigation bar. Click "Add" to create and title a playlist. Next, click the "Lessons" icon in the lower navigation bar, choose any lesson you'd like to add to a playlist, click the "..." next to the play button within the lesson description, and select "Add to collection"—your list of playlists will appear, just tap the one you'd like to add the lesson to.

Manage your account

Visit account.Ride-iQ.com to change your subscription type (monthly, quarterly, or annual), payment details, or password. You can also cancel your account from this page.

Download a lesson

Downloaded lessons can be listened to without cellphone service. To download a lesson, just click the lesson, click the "..." next to the play button within the episode description, and tap the toggle next to "Download." To access your downloaded lessons, click "Library" in the lower navigation bar. Here, you'll see the "Downloads" tab on top of the screen.


Curated lessons for EQ riders Levels Every lesson is labeled with a color—green, yellow, or orange. Green lessons are for beginners and the skill level increases as you move to yellow and orange lessons.


Lesson type Lesson covers with blue backgrounds are Warmup lessons and covers with purple backgrounds are Skill lessons. Each lesson cover has a bottom bar that indicates Flatwork or Jumping (see Hilda Donahue lesson cover below).

You're ready!

Hilda Donahue [316] Walk Halt Transitions

Let’s get started! The following pages will help you choose your first lessons based on your SaddleClip data. All recommended lessons are meant to be a starting point, and you will find many more options in the app.


Symmetrical movement Flatwork

Gina Smith [13] Straight & Forward

Ashley Adams [21] Straightening & Stretching

Holly Hepp Hudspeth [22] Straightness for Tense Horses

Holly Hepp Hudspeth [117] Older Horse Straightening Exercise

Jen Carter [210] Loose & Straight

Jon Holling [423] Straightness Exercise for T/C


Straight while jumping Jumping

Kyle Carter [604] Narrow Rails

Jen Carter [802] 3 Verticals on a Circle

Jen Carter [606] Rails for Hind End Activation

Sinead Halpin Maynard [804] Rider Focus Funnel

Jon Holling [611] Ground Rails Full Ride

Leslie Law [808] Tune Up with Cavalettis


Equal work on both sides Flatwork

Kyle Carter [4] Transitions

Gina Smith [15] Everyday Warmup Pattern

Jon Holling [5] Young Horse Full Ride

Kyle Carter [202] Serpentines & Spiraling Circles

Jen Carter [9] Loose & Rhythmic

Leslie Law [205] Comprehensive Ride


Holly Hepp Hudspeth [303] Stage 1, Half Halts & Straightness

Gina Smith [315] W/T Serpentines for Suppleness

Jon Holling [603] Young Horse Relaxation


Increase canter work

Jen Carter [9] Loose & Rhythmic

Kyle Carter [12] Relaxation Ride After Competition

Gina Smith [15] Everyday Warmup Pattern

Jon Holling

Kyle Carter [113] Suppling & Even Tempo

Meaghan Marinovich Burdick [114] Tense TB Full Ride

Ema Klugman [213] Developing a Medium Canter

Jon Holling [429] Improve Canter Quality

[43] First Ride of the Week

Doug Payne [209] Balled Up Horse


Steady rhythm

Holly Hepp Hudspeth [2] Rhythmic Tempo with Green OTTB

Jen Carter [9] Loose & Rhythmic

Hilda Donahue [24] Checking Your Rhythm

Kyle Carter [113] Suppling & Even Tempo

Leslie Law [122] Consistent Rhythm in W/T/C

Kathy Baar [905] W/T/C for Balance and Rhythm


Ride iQ FAQ What are Office Hours? Office Hours are weekly live virtual events for Ride iQ members. Each week, a Ride iQ coach or guest expert takes us on a deep dive of a timely, important, and fun equestrian topic. The featured guest and the Ride iQ founders have their cameras on, but all attendees’ cameras are automatically off. Attendees can ask questions via the chat feature. How do I join Office Hours? “Office Hours” happen every Tuesday evening. You’ll receive an email on Tuesday mornings at 10am ET with the link to join. That information will also be posted in the Private Ride iQ Member Facebook group. How can I join the Ride iQ Facebook group? Just search “Private Ride iQ Member Community” on Facebook and request to join. We’re excited to have you there! How can I save my favorite Ride iQ lessons? Click on the lesson you want to “Favorite” and then click “…” You’ll see a toggle for “Save to Favorites.” Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the “Library” section of your app under Favorites for easy access. You can also use Custom Playlists (see page 15 for more info). I don’t have service at my farm. Can I download the lessons? You can! Click on the lesson you want to download and then click “…” You’ll see a toggle for “Download.” Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the “Library” section of your app under Downloads, no service needed!


Get in touch McKinsey Lux, Co-Founder mckinsey@ride-iq.com

Jessa Lux, Co-Founder jessa@ride-iq.com

Leon Rutten, Founder leon.rutten@equestic.com

Find us online Ride-iQ.com @RideiQOfficial

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