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More to discover in 2014 Discovery Days What’s Cooking?

Sunday 15 June Hamptonne Country Life Museum

Medieval Battles Sunday 6 July Mont Orgueil Castle

Starry Starry Nights Sunday 3 August La Hougue Bie Museum

Arty Animals

Sunday 14 September Hamptonne Country Life Museum

Mermaids and Monsters Sunday 12 October Maritime Museum

Read All About It

Sunday 9 November Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Christmas Craft Day

New for 2014

Limited places, booking necessary Discovery Workshops Various sites

(8-11 Years Old) *Booking required

Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 June Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 July Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 August Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 September Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 October Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 November

Discovery Sleepovers (6-11 Years Old) Various sites and dates throughout the year

For more information or to book email:

Sunday 7 December Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Family Events

La Faîs’sie D’Cidre

Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 October Hamptonne Country Life Museum Sponsored by Jersey Tourism

Discover Six Sites of Summer Monday 21 – Friday 25 July Elizabeth Castle Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August Maritime Museum Monday 4 – Friday 8 August Mont Orgueil Castle Monday 11 – Friday 15 August Hamptonne Monday 18 – Friday 22 August La Hougue Bie Monday 25 – Friday 29 August Jersey Museum



Welcome Welcome to the My History Scrapbook 2014 Issue 2 – June, July & August. This is the second of three books in 2014 packed full of fun facts, activities and puzzles designed to help you on your quest to explore Jersey’s exciting and colourful history. What are Discovery Days? These are special activity days held at each of the Jersey Heritage sites. There will be activities, art and craft to do, trails to explore and quizzes to try. We have also planned a host of NEW family events for you to enjoy in 2014, including Discovery Workshops and Sleepovers.

We are delighted to support the Jersey Heritage My History Scrapbooks for a fourth year. Discover Jersey’s amazing history with your family and friends, and have fun exploring the different Heritage sites. Remember to keep your Scrapbooks safe, so you can look back on everything you’ve learnt at the end of the year.

Jonathan Speck Managing Partner, Jersey Mourant Ozannes

I would like to add a special thanks to Mourant Ozannes who have helped us bring the Scrapbook to you.

Jonathan Carter Director Jersey Heritage Download the Jersey Heritage Events Calender to your mobile device now! Visit:






Whpaot’sCou CyoLof kMinug? i e u se m ntr Ham t nne Sun day 15 June 10am – 5pm

Come to Hamptonne to discover the smells and tastes of history. Find out about cooking in the past, what it tasted like and how it was done. Have a go at tasting some old recipes. You can also discover what food farms produce and what Hamptonne can provide.

Jersey Wonders Jersey wonders are sweet cakes similar to doughnuts, but are not filled with jam or coated in sugar. Traditionally, Jersey housewives would have cooked their wonders as the tide went out. Legend has it, if they cooked them on an incoming tide, the fat in which the wonders were cooked would overflow the pan!

Ingredients (makes 40): 700g self-raising flour 100g butter 200g caster sugar 6 eggs



How to make Jersey Wonders *Adult supervision required Method:


Sieve the flour and sugar together and rub in the butter, chopped into small pieces. Whisk the eggs and add to make a light dough.


Make the dough into golfballs, put them on a lightly floured tray and cover with a damp cloth for two hours.


Roll out each of the balls into a 5x10cm rectangle. Twist the rectangle and join the ends to create a figure of eight.


Drop four to six wonders at a time into a pan of hot oil, cook until golden brown.


Match the ingredients Here are some ingredients and pictures of where they came from. Can you match the ingredient to the source?











Medieval Battles t r u i C s e Mon O g e l a tl Sun day 6 July 10am - 5pm

Experience a day of Medieval adventure at this Discovery Day in Jersey’s very own Medieval Castle. Find out about the soldiers who lived at Mont Orgueil Castle and how they fought in battle with armour and weapons used by armies throughout history. You will also find out about the Middle Ages - come and discover mythical beasts, medieval clothing, life in a medieval castle, Knights, Lords and Ladies.

Battle of Hastings Probably the most famous Medieval Battle was the Battle of Hastings, a Battle which decided who was going to be the King of England in 1066. Edward the Confessor, the King of England had died and as he had no sons there was no one to take his place as king. An argument broke out between four people who each wanted to become the next King.

William, Duke of Normandy, was a distant cousin of Edward and said that Edward had promised him the throne. When Harold Godwinson claimed the throne for himself, William decided to invade England from Normandy in France to claim the throne back from Harold and become King himself. The Battle of Hastings lasted 6 hours with fighting between archers, infantry (soldiers on foot), and cavalry (soldiers on horses). William won because his army was stronger, he had better trained soldiers and had the use of a strong cavalry and archers whereas Harold did not.


Weapons Throughout history, many weapons have Can you spot which two weapons would been created to fight battles. Here are not have been used in Medieval Battle? some pictures of weapons which have Circle the ones which were not used. been used by armies.

Did you know? The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 was an amazing English victory over the French army. Led by Henry V of England, the English army was heavily outnumbered by the French and yet because of the way that they fought with longbows, they won the Battle killing most of the French army and losing only 112 English soldiers.






Starry Starry Nights La Ho gue B e u i Sun day 3 August 10am - 5pm

Midsummer is the magical time when the days are longest and the nights are shortest. This was when people in ancient times gathered to celebrate the sun and its life-giving power. Come to La Hougue Bie and discover the earth’s position in the universe. Find out about stars and planets. Discover how the Passage Grave at La Hougue Bie aligns itself with the sun on each equinox and why the seasons were important to our ancestors.

Watch out for the Perseid Meteor Shower! The Perseids is the name of an amazing meteor shower that you can see if you stay up very very late on the 12th August 2014. All you have to do is look up into the sky when it is darkest (usually just before midnight is best) and see shooting stars! During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour.

Astronomy and the Neolithic People The Neolithic people must have watched the way the stars, sun and moon worked in the skies very closely. The reason we know this is because some of the most famous stone dolmens (built by Neolithic people) are aligned specifically with the sun at the spring and autumn equinoxes – just like the entrance to the passage grave at La Hougue Bie. Some Dolmens are aligned with the rising sun at the summer solstice (middle of summer) like Stonehenge. The many large stones at Stonehenge which were placed there over a period of about 5000 years also tell us the rising and setting positions of the Sun and Moon at the height of each season.



Did you know?

Make your own starry sky

When you look at the night sky you can see many beautiful stars of different ages and sizes. Some are very big - a couple of stars have been found that are 100 to 200 times larger than the sun! Some very old stars are smaller than the Earth.

What you will need:


Piece of black paper Paint Paintbrush Glitter Apron Newspaper

Star Light Make a wish on a star! Star Light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish, I wish tonight. I wish ......

What you need to do:


Lay down the newspaper and put on an apron. It’s best if you do this activity either outside or in a big space in the house.


Cover the floor or table with newspaper.


Put the paint into pots and then dip the paintbrush into the paint.


Flick the paint at the paper.


Sprinkle glitter onto the still wet paint.


Repeat until you are happy with your multi-coloured glittery starry sky.


9 DI




Discover Six Sites of Summe r Jersey Heritage sites, Summer Holidays

During the school summer holidays, visit each Jersey Heritage visitor site to discover new stories and have a go at art activities, trails, crafts and games. Each week visit a different site to enjoy a different theme. Pick up a booklet at any of the sites over the summer to get activities and information about the ‘Six Sites of Summer’ and collect all the stickers to show how many you have visited!

Elizabeth Castle

Monday 21 July – Friday 25 July | 10am - 5pm


Come and discover beach life and the seashore at Elizabeth Castle. Have a go at finding and painting your own rock animals. Decorate some shells and take part in a Sand Castle competition. Discover the sea life and go on a trail around the Castle to find some hidden areas!



Maritime Museum Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August

Stories of the Sea

Discover the stories of the sea and find out all about the tales that have been told over the centuries. Learn about how sailors have sung their songs and shanties. Send a message in a bottle. Discover the stories about Jersey’s sailors and seas and go on a trail to find the hidden sea creatures around the Maritime Museum.

Mont Orgueil Castle Monday 4 August – Friday 8 August

Mythical Beasts

Discover dragons and mythical creatures at Mont Orgueil Castle. Find out about the legends of dragons and other mythical beasts, whether these creatures really existed and what they might have looked like. St George is one of the most famous dragon slayers and Mont Orgueil Castle has a Chapel dedicated to St George. Design your own fantasy creature and find the hidden dragons around the castle. Go on a trail to find some hidden creatures and hear some tales of amazing mythical beasts.




Monday 11 August – Friday 15 August

Bugs, Bees, Birds and Butterflies Get ready for a ‘bugtastic’ week. Explore our very own bug hotel to identify which creepy crawlies are living there this year. Find out fascinating facts about butterflies and what jobs insects do at the farm. Play the insect game and make brilliant bug, bee, bird and butterfly art and have a go at birdwatching in the meadow.

La Hougue Bie

Monday 18 August – Friday 22 August

Dinosaur Digging

Discover dinosaurs at La Hougue Bie. Find out how you can be an explorer and try to find buried bones and identify your finds. Discover more about dinosaurs and fossils and what they tell you about history. Take part in the Dinosaur trail around the site, have a go at making your own dinosaur and take the opportunity to see and feel some real fossils and dinosaur fossils.



Jersey Museum Monday 24 - Friday 29 August

Treasure – Uncovering Celts and Romans Come and discover the amazing Celtic Coin Hoard found in a Jersey field by metal detectorists in 2012. Find out about how the coins were made and see the conservation work happen right in front of your eyes. Discover all about the Celts and Romans that were in Jersey and what evidence they have left behind. Have a go at making some Celtic art and Roman art and see the similarities and differences between the two.

Can you colour in these Celtic coins?



Nights at the Sites Sleepovers When the lights go off and the torches come out! Come and discover some of our sites after dark. Imagine yourself travelling back through time. Come and explore our exhibitions, castles, towers, forts and Neolithic sites by torchlight, and then stay to sleepover. This fantastic opportunity is open for members and non-members alike and places are strictly limited. As the gates close and the lights dim, the group will head out with torches in search of adventure. Let your imagination guide you through the ages whilst hearing stories of Jersey’s past. When the night comes to a magical close, settle down to sleep surrounded by history.

Please note: Minimum Ages for children. Adult accompaniment necessary. Charges apply. Places are strictly limited. Saturday 26 July La Hougue Bie Saturday 6 September Elizabeth Castle Saturday 29 November Jersey Museum Contact for more information

Find the hidden coins!

Miss Finch has hidden 6 Coriosolitae coins in the Scrapbook – can you find them all?

Name: Miss Finch

Occupation: Archaeologist

Age: Modern

Choice of tools: Spades, trowels, sieves and small brushes. She will also need recording equipment such as paper and pencils, cameras, tape measures and small plastic bags for keeping finds in.

Clothing: She wears hard wearing clothes that will be ok getting dirty. She might need wellington boots and gloves.


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JH Scrapbook 2 2014  
JH Scrapbook 2 2014