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Airport City Master Plan and Green Projects Ir. M.H.P.Ph. (Maurice) Adriaens. Managing Director Curacao Airport Holding

March 2012

Curacao Airport Holding Curaรงao Airport Holding N.V. is the owner of the airport and the surrounding area.

Mission Statement Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. is the owner of the airport and the surrounding area.

“Curacao Airport Holding sees Curacao International Airport as a ‘Hub’, connecting the Americas, transforming from an airstrip into an Airport City; a dynamic environment attracting aviation and non-aviation linked businesses of all types, stimulating and facilitating increasing of passengers and cargo traffic and creating a powerful engine for the necessary economic development of our Island.”

Goal Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. is the owner of the airport and the surrounding area.

“ Curacao International Airport will be the #1 airport in the Caribbean, providing the highest quality of service worldwide and will be first in the number of passengers and cargo volume in the Caribbean. It will be recognized globally as one of the top international airport Hubs for trusted, valuegenerating airport services”

Airport City Master Plan

Airport City Master Plan Zoning plan


Airport City Master Plan Zoning plan


Gaz Station

Free Zone

Cable car

Outlet Mall Logistic Park

Waste-to-energy plant

Terminal 2+3 with Airside Hotel


Central 1

Hotel 3-star Student Homes

Š Nßesch Development, Sept 2011

Hotel 5-star

Roosvelt alley


Space Museum

Space Park



Space Base


Event Space



Central 2+3

Eco Park

High-tech research

Business Park


Movie Theatre

Sea water research

Spaceport Development

Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Program

XCOR Commercial Space Carrier

Spaceport Development Functions of a Spaceport; • Supporting Space Flight Operations (landing and take-off) • Enable testing and maintenance facilities for Space Carrier • Facilitate training and preparations of Flight Participants • Provide Space Flights Participants and VIP tourists the maximum enjoyment of the unique space experience

Spaceport Development

Economic Impact •Space Port Facilities (Commercial space launches) •Space Experience (tourism & education) • High End Space related Industries (research & development)

Space Base Hangar

© Nüesch Development, Sept 2011


Seawater air-conditioning Introduction • Many businesses approximately 70% of total energy consumption is cooling. With the high electricity tariffs and the proximity to the ocean, Seawater air-conditioning seems a logical option for the Airport Complex. • An additional benefit, making it a potentially perfect fit for the CAH vision, is that Seawater air-conditioning has the potential to serve as a source for an Eco Park for high-end research, development and exploitation of aquaculture, agriculture and other spinoff activities like ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). • CAH and Aqualectra agreed to jointly develop the respective SWAC projects (synergy).

Seawater air-conditioning Facts/value drivers • SWAC is basic infrastructure providing up to 70% of the total energy (30% will be electricity). • Reduce energy consumption for cooling with 13.5Million kWh (90%) per year. – Reduction of the dependence of fuel imports (thus foreign currency expenditure) – Save ca.3.0 Million liter fuel per year (ca. ANG 2.0-4.0 Million/year, depending on fuel type). – Save roughly 1.0-2.0MANG/year in cross subsidies by the other consumers to the preferential tariff. – Reduction of GHG emissions of approx. to 11.000 tons CO2 per year (Equivalent to 1,750 cars). – Eliminates use of refrigerants and other cooling tower chemicals.

Seawater air-conditioning Facts/value drivers • First hour clients benefits: – Long term low price guarantee – Long term reduction in customer’s cooling cost of up to 50%. – Stable and predictable cooling cost for 15 years, not subject to oil price volatility.

• Possibilities for research, development and exploitation of: – Eco Park (educational and touristic) – Aquaculture and Agriculture using the clean water from deep sea – Other spinoff activities like Desalination, Water Bottling and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). – Waste-to-Energy Plant to minimize footprint and produce electricity

Curacao Eco park Driven by cold seawater


Electric Vehicles Platform • Initiative and cooperation between CAH, Aqualectra and BPM • Goal: – Promote and Stimulate the introduction of EV’s on Curacao (Cars, Busses, Vans, Trucks etc.) – Identify hurdles and find solutions for the success of the introduction of EV’s on Curacao – Attract international EV related companies to use Curacao as initial Market (vehicles, grid applications, batteries etc.) – Platform for all Stakeholders!

• Start Platform in Q2 2012 – 40 - 50 EV’s project – Public Private partnership

• Join now:

Electric Vehicles Platform •Kick off Project EV Platform: • Mitsubishi i-MIEV pilot project – Real practical test of EV use – Study infrastructure • Charging locations • Effects and requirements on the grid • Car can be a back-up for homes

– Maintenance • Impact on maintenance business • Required education • Required technical and culture changes

– Initial cooperation: • Aqualectra and • Caribbean Motors

Electric Vehicles Platform Educational EV conversion program

• Conversion of conventional cars to EV • Educational program in cooperation with local polytechnics – Initial talks with RK MTS – Other possible participants : CIU, UNA, Feffek

• Use program to educate and prepare future work force for EV market • Stimulate new business

CAH Going Green the smart way! Solar PV project

• Goal: Minimum investment and maximum cost reduction • Reduce energy consumption (saving up to 50%) – Inverter air-conditioning – Energy efficient lighting

• Produce remaining energy need sustainably – Initially Solar (because of office location, the only option)

• Target for realization project Q2 2012

CAH Going Green the smart way! Employee and Office program

• Employee energy efficiency and renewable energy packages – Attractive terms

• Office efficiency improvement and Solar PV system project – Possibly a solar carport – Charging station for EV

Going Green the smart way let's do it together! Join us!

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