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Aboriginal Artists Project

“The Aboriginal Artists Project began when I was sent a postcard from the Ngukurr postcard series of ‘Witchety Grub’ by Maureen (Murrarngulu) Thompson. Having travelled extensively and visited many of the world’s major art galleries, I thought ‘Witchety Grub’ was one of the best paintings I had ever seen! I pinned up the postcard at home and kept it there for many months, looking at it daily and always enjoying it’s wonderful colour and balance, I never tired of it. In trying to learn more about Maureen’s work, I also began to appreciate the wonderful art of Evelyn Pultara especially her ‘Bush Yam’ painting and Amy Johnson’s ‘Running Spring Water’. I also discovered another of Maureen’s paintings called ‘Spring Country’. I was being opened up to a world of colour. Their work was so perfect to me! I soon began to wonder if they might like to work together with me to create a range of exciting luggage and fashion accessories. I felt that after many years of designing in the fashion world this might be a fantastic way for me to use my skills to work on something completely stimulating and for the benefit of all of us. Fortunately the idea of the project was received very well by each of the artists. The paintings that I have included in this initial range are all from elder women and I have very much enjoyed this aspect of it. One of the artists grand-daughters, Rachael, is our model. I have established a licencing set up with the artists. As a result they will benefit from the production of every item made by us. This will be an ongoing royalty for them while the product stays in production. All the artists are very much looking forward to being kept up to date with which countries around the world their art pieces are being sold in and how they are being received!” Catherine Manuell ®

“The Art of Going Places.”

2. Luggage Tags (WBAA0423-BY & -WG) in Bush Yams and Witchety Grub fabrics. Cover shot: Rachel with Large Suitcase (WBAA0610-BY) and Airport Trolley Set (WBAA0420-BY) in Bush Yams fabric.

3. Rachel with Personal Shell Case (WBAA0425-RW), Large Suitcase (WBAA0610-RW) and Airport Trolley Set (WBAA0420-RW) in Running Spring Water fabric.

4. Passport Ticket Wallet (SBAA01/04/07-WG) in Witchety Grub fabric.

5. Rachel with Large Suitcase (WBAA0610-WG), Airport Trolley Set (WBAA0420-WG), Personal Shell Case (WBAA0425-WG) and Wheely Carry-On Bag (WBAA0311-WG) in Witchety Grub fabric.

6. Passport Ticket Wallet (SBAA01/04/07-SC) in Spring Country fabric.

7. Rachel with the top section of the Airport Trolley Set (WBAA0420-SC) in Spring Country fabric.

8. Passport Purse Wallet (SBAA0702-BY) in Bush Yams fabric.

9. Rachel with Airport Trolley Set (WBAA0420-BY), Personal Shell Case (WBAA0425-BY) and Wheely Carry-On Bag (WBAA0311-BY) in Bush Yams fabric.

Above: Large Toiletry Bag (WBAA0501-BY) and Small Toiletry Bag (WBAA0502-WG) in Bush Yams and Witchety Grub fabrics. Below: Large Curved Purse (WBAA0705-RW) in Running Spring Water fabric.

11. Eddie with assorted luggage.

Above: Anna carries Extra Large Check-On Suitcase (WBAA0610-SC) in Spring Country fabric. Head Office and Warehouse Outlet: 189 Grange Road, Fairfield, Vic 3078, Australia. Ph: +61 (0)3 9499 9844. Fax: +61 (0)3 9499 9323. Email: Website: Stores: Melbourne City 273 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Vic 3000. Ph & Fax: 03 9671 4545. Westgarth 59 High St, Northcote, Vic 3070. Ph & Fax: 03 9481 8034. All photographs taken on location in and around Katherine, Northern Territory including: Jurassic Cycad Gardens, Morris Road, Katherine and Heli-Muster (NT) at the Maud Creek Airstrip between Katherine and Nitmiluk Gorge. Photography: JoJoGamvros. 速

CMD Aboriginal Artists Project Lookbook  

CMD Aboriginal Artists Project Lookbook

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