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Omaha South High School


The Voice of the South High School Alumni Association


Upcoming EVENTS Hall of Fame ........................... Oct. 6 Packer Sports Greats .......... Oct. 24 Lottery....................................... Sept. 14 Bowling Tournament ............ Feb. 9 500 Club Sales Start............. Mar. 1

In T his ISSUE 500 Club ................................................. 8 AlumNotes ............................................ 16 Association News ................................... 4 Bowling Tournament ............................ 5,9 Golf Tournament .................................... 6 Hall of Fame .......................................... 10 In Memoriam ......................................... 20 Lottery ..................................................... 7 Omaha Gives ........................................... 3 President’s Message ................................ 2 Reunions, Class Challenge ...................... 15 Scholarships .......................................... 13 School Update ...................................... 12 Spaghetti Dinner ..................................... 4 Sports Greats ......................................... 14

We had 301 Packer Backers buy a “membership” in our first Packers 500 Club! We want to thank each of you for making our first year possible. At the time this issue was published, winners had been drawn for June, July, and August - that’s 33 winners who have already received a prize check. Those winners are listed on page 8. Congratulations! And good luck to all the members in the remaining nine months of drawings.

2018 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES Five outstanding alumni will be inducted into the 2018 Omaha South High Magnet School Hall of Fame: Msgr. Richard Wolbach-1942, Jim Fuxa-1960, Jan (Meyers) Bausch-1960, Andrea “Candy” (Fahey) Rezac-1963, and Paulette (Collins) Hammerstrom-Spath-1969. The Distinguished Teacher Award will be presented posthumously to Tom Dickey-1991. The Community Award will be presented to Omaha’s OneWorld Community Health Centers Inc. The induction will be held at the Livestock Exchange Building at a 10 a.m. brunch on Saturday, 10-6-18. All are invited to attend. See page 10 for additional details, inductee pictures and bios.

CLASS REUNION CHALLENGE Everyone might be a smidge biased when saying that their class is the very best class. Well, starting in 2019, we are going to give official bragging rights to the best class! The Top of the Pack Class Reunion Challenge is kicking off in January. Find out how you can help your class be the best on page 15. We will also be rolling out some new options to assist SHS reunion committees with planning their reunions. See page 15 For more details on how your alumni association can help you.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

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From our PRESIDENT Hi everyone! So much has happened since our last issue. Our first ever Packers 500 Club is off the ground with 301 members joining. We have already awarded winners for June, July Carole Safley and August, and are excited for next year’s club. Details to join will be in the spring Tooter. We hope that 500 Packer Backers will join our 2nd year increasing the overall payouts! I’d like to welcome our newest Alumni Board member, Kelly Mulligan-1976. He’s a fixture around Brown Park and has helped the SHS baseball team with their summer tournament. As a good South Omaha Boy, he Kelly Mulligan knows everyone and has a great work ethic. He will be a great addition to the board. I also want to announce that we have some big event chair shoes to fill! Denny Koubsky-1961 is stepping down from chairing our Bowling Tournament and Jackie Dower-1961, Dean Rezac-1963 and Candy Rezac-1963 are

retiring their post as chairs for the Spaghetti Dinner. I’d like to thank all of them for a job well done on many, many events. Tony Huerta-1969 has offered to head up bowling. Discussions regarding teaming up with a South O favorite for next year’s spaghetti dinner have already started - details will be in the spring Tooter. After 15 years at South, Assistant Principal Julie Johnson is heading to Nathan Hale Jr. High as an assistant principal. Julie has been a great liaison between the alumni association and SHS. She’s been our school contact for the SHS Hall of Fame for many years and will be missed. We wish her the very best! The Alumni Association continues to try to grow our alumni database in an effort to reach as many alumni as possible. As wide-spread as our alumni membership is, keeping in contact electronically via email and social media is the most efficient way to go. Our email blasts and quarterly updates better serve alumni by getting them the most up-to-date alumni information in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you haven’t contacted the Alumni Office to update your info with an email address or to request an electronic Tooter in lieu of a

mailed one, please don’t hesitate to do so. Since we’ve added the emailed Tooter option, a growing list of alumni now receive the Tooter electronically instead of by mail. They are able to read the Tooter days before it would arrive in the mail, it saves a tree or two, and it saves the alumni association on the ever-rising printing and postage costs. We are always trying to cut any cost we can so you might have noticed that this printed issue feels a little different. It is because we have switched to a lighter-weight paper to help reduce printing costs. A new high school in the South Omaha area will be built on the site of the old Ryan High (60th and L). The school will assume the overflow of students from South, Bryan and Central High with an opening the fall of 2020. We will let you know how this will affect both South and your alumni association. Events coming up include our Hall of Fame Induction brunch and Packer Sports Greats banquet both in October and bowling next February. Information on these events can be found in this issue. Please come out and join us. We love seeing you. Our events are a great way to catch up with other alumni!

2018-19 CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER 9-1 9-2 9-7 9-14

Fall TOOTER mailed Packer Car Show Homecoming Game Lottery begins

OCTOBER 10-6 Hall of Fame Brunch (pg. 10) 10-16 Alumni Board Meeting | 6:00 p.m. Alumni Office 10-24 Packer Sports Greats (pg. 14)

DECEMBER 12-13 Lottery winners drawn

JANUARY 1-16 Alumni Board Meeting | 6:00 p.m. Alumni Office


Bowling Tournament (pg. 9)

MARCH 3-1 3-1

Spring TOOTER mailed Packers 500 Club (pg. 8) | Membership sales start

APRIL TBD Spaghetti Dinner 4-17 Alumni Board Meeting | 6:00 p.m. Alumni Office 4-30 Packers 500 Club | Membership sales end

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

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Omaha GIVES! The SHS Alumni Association had a great 2018 Omaha Gives! campaign. This year we were very excited to announce that an incredibly generous SHS class of 1959 alum, Judy Henggeler Spohr, pledged to match all donations we received through the Omaha Gives online platform, dollar for dollar, up to $2,000! During the online 24-hour charity challenge, 114 Packer Backers raised $7,900. Thanks to those who participated, donated, and shared on this awesome day! Your support ensures SHSAA will be able to continue on with our mission to support alumni, the school and the South Omaha community. Below all our Omaha Gives donors are listed - both those who gave online through the Omaha Gives website and those who sent their donation to the Alumni Office.



Duncan Murphy-1970 Rudy Tesar-1960 Gregory Chapp-1975 Sandra (Schwer) Bazant-1967 Jane Altman-1976 Forrest Carper-1968 Sherri Macht-1978 Mary Stanek-1976 Jack Swaney-1963 Gerald Taylor-1956 Frank Vondra-1969 James Hristakos-1966 Connie Johnson-1967 Linda (Lukowski) Bird-1974 Gene & Carol Brantz-1967 Diane Casart-1958 Richard Cerny-1964 Gabby Chavez-1974 Christopher Clowers-2000 Paulette Hammerstrom-1969 Veronica & Tony Huerta-1969 Lorraine Hunter-1966 Beth Kernaghan Susan Koenig-1974 Diana Kowalski-1972 Beverly Riha-1964 Vic Riha-1961 Judy Storm-1974 Joyce Swanson-1962 Dolores Terwey-1979 Jack & Shirley Votrobek-1971 Mary Yager-1978 Carole Safley-1976 Dean & Doris Nicholson-1977 Judy Coufal-1972 James Jirak-1987 Sharon & Paul Kracher-1961 Robert & Alice Sullivan-1982 Ann Allen-1963 Sally & Rod Arant-1971 Nancy Baker-1976 Lonnie & Jean Bernth-1963 Patricia Bogatz-1979

Cynthia Cerveny-1974 Lenli Corbett-2001 Lieselotte Corbett-1975 Ed Diehm-1965 Julia Diehm-1966 Janis & William Dwyer-1972 George Felber-1963 Charles Gegzna-1973 Robert & Marilyn Gillen-1964 Janet Katz-1961 Fern Kissel-1967 Judi Koubsky-1961 John Lad-1977 Barbara Mahr-1961 Patrick Mainelli Kathryn Miller-1997 Tamara Morris-1988 Leon Nelson-1964 Marilyn Opocensky-1960 Marsha & Michael Polak-1975 Donald Preister-1965 Nancy Shelton-1963 William Smith-1974 Tip Spencer-1973 Ron Storm-1978 Lisa Todd-1978 John Yost Sr.-1967 Gary Young-1961 Eileen Crinklaw-1957 Linda Filipowicz-1976 Gabriel Gutierrez-2009 Audrey Horn-1984 Jen Kracher Vicki Krajicek Robert & Christine Mahoney -1968 Ralph & Dianna McCarty-1960 Kelly Mulligan-1976 Mary Urkevich-1963 Teresa Walker-1968 Francis Severin-1978 Lynette Birney-1970 Mary Jean Carr-1961 Magdalena Cazarez-2013

Gail Dolan-1966 Jackie Dower-1961 Dwayne Dragon-1998 Christine Fonfara Bettie Foral-1969 Garry Gernandt-1964 Paul Goble-1980 Hilda Gurwell-1966 Charles Newlin-1960 Kathy Norris-1967 Jan Podoll-1960 Barbara Safley-1978 Kathy & Leo Sova-1968 Vanessa Urbach-2005 Julie Vesper-1975 Amy & Scott Walter-1992 Sharene Waltermire-1963 Evelyn Winther-1972 AND SEVEN ANONYMOUS DONORS!


Leo Dulacki-1936 Ted Gulizia-1958 Richard Gulizia-1961 John Krayneski-1961 Stan Maliszewski -1963 Joanne Sokalsky-Teacher Jerry Stump-1965 John Szarad-1955 Walter Chandler-1967 Ron Eissler-1959 Robert Lubsen-1959 Mary Ann Johnson-1956 Howard McCoy-1970 Katheryn Slobodnik-1956 Judy Tesar-1961 Jackie Casper-1961 David Folda-1956 Dorothy Pribramsky-1963 Dean Rezac-1963 Candy Rezac-1963 Gerald Smith-1964

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

Association NEWS


Our 23rd annual Spaghetti Dinner took place on an unseasonably cold and very icy April 14, 2018 at Gateway Elementary School. Everyone who braved the weather enjoyed a tasty spaghetti dinner, great company and had the opportunity to take a chance on the meat wheel and raffle prizes. The indoor kids corner provided a place for the young ones to play games and get their face painted by SHS student volunteers. We know that the success of our event would not be possible without our many volunteers. We were fortunate to have numerous SHS student volunteers again this year. Student groups included the JROTC, Luvabulls, National Honor Society, Swim Team, Cheerleaders, Culinary, and Fashion Club, as well as many SHS staff working hard to make sure everyone had a great spaghetti dinner experience. We’d also like to thank OPS staff Janet and Monique, Gateway principal Terry Burton and his kitchen staff Suzanne and LaRon. Maintenance staff Pat and Michael also helped to make this event run as smoothly as it did. The Committee would like to extend our thanks to everyone who made this another memorable spaghetti dinner!


*Jackie Dower (Chair) *Candy & Dean Rezac (Chairs) *Jackie Casper *Bev & Vic Riha *Evelyn & Dean Winther Tom & Diane Atkins Ann Allen Shirley Benak Joe Bober Larry Brooks Carol Cleaver Lenli Corbett Barb Crum Carol Daley Julie & Ed Diehm Norma Dukich Helene Elsasser Mitch Emery Margo Hathaway Linda & Jim Hill Tony Huerta Vincent Huerta Kay Ivey Scott & Sandie Knudsen Sharon & Paul Kracher

Jen Kracher John Krayneski Todd LeMense Bob Lubsen Pauline & Ken Lundgren Nellie MacCallum Gary Kastrick Pat Priebe Joanne & Pat Ragle Scott Ragle Al Rezac Ruth Roedel Carole Safley Kathy Salcedo Mary Salcedo Nancy Shelton Judy Storm Kellie Tuller Veronica Uhe Mary Urkevich Sharene Waltermire David & Lyn Wilson (Amato’s) Jodi Winther Pam Wolfsbauer Christina Zorko

BUSINESS DONORS AAA Building Components Inc Baker’s (36th & Twin Creek) Becky’s Hair Salon Burger King (24th & H) Dinker’s Bar & Grill Frank Stoysich Meats (52 & Q) Hiland Dairy Hy-Vee (52nd & Center) Olsen Bakery Orsi’s Italian Bakery Pepsi Beverage Company Supermercado (36th & Q) Siedlik Bakery If you worked or donated items and your name is not listed, please accept our apology, as well as our thanks.

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BOWLING TOURNAMENT Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2018 Bowling Tournament! The event was held at Mockingbird Lanes on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Sixty-six bowlers, made up of a pack of SHS teachers, alumni (from 1953-2008) and lots of family and friends, all supported the Alumni Association and had a fun afternoon of bowling. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Denny and Judi Koubsky-1961 for chairing another great event! Save the date for next year - February 9, 2019! If you are interested in donating a prize for next year’s event please let us know!

Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Page 5

Our Winners! MEN’S GAME High Scores Game 1: Ivy Williams – 207 Game 2: Sam Bojanski-2005 – 201 Game 3: Cliff Vanderpool – 193

High Series Ivy Williams – 589

WOMEN’S GAME High Scores Game 1: (TIE) Maria Magnussen-1996 & Lydia Zaragosa-2001 – 168 Game 2: Alisa Vanderpool-1980 – 195 Game 3: Shana Nystrom – 181

High Series Yolanda Jimenez-1965 – 475

More pictures available online!

PACKERS ON PARADE We joined the Cinco de Mayo parade in South Omaha. A small but mighty alumni crew put together a float and walked the route. Thanks to Vic Riha for providing our parade transportation and driving us down 24th Street.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

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Association NEWS cont.


Another successful Packer Greats Golf Outing was held Sunday, July 29, 2018 at Eagle Hills Golf Course. This year 37 teams took over the golf course on a day with perfect golf weather. Foursomes were made up of alumni from every decade between the 1950s and 2010s, along with family, friends, and SHS staff. After golfing, the players were treated to a tasty lunch catered by Tim’s Wild West BBQ followed by raffle and team prize awards. A big thank you to the golfers, hole sponsors, raffle prize donors and volunteers for supporting SHSAA through this fun event. Money raised will go towards special teacher requests and student scholarships. Mark your calendars for next year’s tournament! It will be held on Sunday, July 28, 2019 at Eagle Hills. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole or donating a prize for next year’s tournament please let us know!

Above (l-r): Joe Cabral-1954; big raffle winners: Dennis Palma-1965 won the $250 Southwest giftcard and luggage prize and Ron Kmiecik-1975 won the golf bag & clubs prize. Below: Event volunteers (list in order to the right).

THANK YOU! EVENT VOLUNTEERS Mary Urkevich, Sharon Kracher, Carole Safley (Chair), Jen Kracher, Judy Storm, Paul Kracher (photos), Tony Huerta, and Linda Filipowicz

SPONSORS AAA Building Components, 60’s Decade Dance, Dunning for Sheriff F.O.P. Lodge #2, Games People Play, Lenli Corbett, Class of 2001, Midwest Tires, Overhead Door & Window, Quality Door & Trim, Rudy Tesar, Variety Printing, and Wichita Heating & Cooling

More pictures available online!

PRIZE DONORS Vic Riha, Carole Safley, John Krayneski, Julie/Ed Diehm, Jen Kracher, Mary Urkevich, Judy Storm, SHS Alumni Association

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

FLIGHT 1 - 1st Place

FLIGHT 1 - 2nd Place

(16 under)

Adam Byer, Kevin Kennedy, Dennis Mitchell, Sam Bojanski-2005

FLIGHT 2 - 1st Place

FLIGHT 3 - 1st Place

FLIGHT 2 - 2nd Place

(8 under)

Tony Devlin, Matt Yeshnowski, Jeremy Davern, Chad Knott

FLIGHT 3 - 2nd Place

(4 under)

Jonie Sturek-1994, Mike Driscoll-1994, Christy (Janda) Voycheske-1994, Justin Voycheske-1995

(15 under)

Hunter Sidzyik, Renie Sidzyik, John Sidzyik-1982, Taylor Sidzyik

(8 under)

Ron Kmiecik-1975, Ron Kmiecik Jr., Brett Lesac-1976, Mike Lesac

Page 7

(4 under)

Jon Nieman-1975, Steve Osmera-1975, Jay Ignowski-1995, Mike Modra-1995


Ticket sales for our 2018 Lottery will start September 14th. You do not want to miss your chance to win big cash prizes while supporting a great cause! Please contact the SHS Alumni Office at 402-738-9493 or if you would like additional tickets. Our 2017 winners: $3000 Prize: Alfio (Fred) Cormaci Jr.-1959 $1000 Prize (2 winners): Donald Tomasek-1959; Robert Whitehouse-former SHS AD $500 Prize (3 winners): Dennis Couch-1952; Stan Schultz-1945; David Latner-1986 Check out more past winners online at Thank you for supporting us during this fundraiser!

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

Page 8

Association NEWS cont. WINNERS!




Congratulations to the 2018-19 Packers 500 Club winners for June, July, and August! Upcoming winners will be listed online at Please note, due to having under 500 members, prize amounts have been adjusted in accordance with Nebraska State Gaming Commission rules and regulations. Are you interested in becoming a member in next year’s club? Sales for the 2019-2020 Packers 500 Club will start on March 1, 2019. Look for details in the spring Alumni Tooter.

Register online at or complete this form and return with check to: SHS Alumni Association 5082 S. 107th Street Omaha, NE 68127 Call the Alumni Office 402-7389493 with questions. Space is limited. Register now!

Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION


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Name: _____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City, State & Zip: _______________________ Phone: ______________ Email: ________________________________

South Grad? Yes No

If Yes, what year? ________ Maiden Name: ______________________ Please include names of your team members (please list grad years/ maiden names for SHS grads): (1) _________________________

(3) __________________________

(2) _________________________

(4) __________________________

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

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After graduating, Richard enlisted in the Marines and fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima. After the war, Msgr. Wolbach attended three midwest seminaries. His parish assignments included St. Adalbert, St. Phillip Neri, St. Stanislaus, Holy Cross, Ss. Peter and Paul and Our Lady of Lourdes, all in Omaha; plus Immaculate Conception in Boys Town, St. Peter in Clarks and Fullerton, St. John in Pender and St. Stanislaus in Duncan. He also served as chaplain at Bergan-Mercy Hospital in Omaha. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the National Conference of Catholic VA Chaplains. He belongs to the Fourth Marine Division Association, Greater Omaha Marine Corps League VFW, American Legion and the 40&8 Omaha Hospital Chaplain Association. He was awarded Military Archdiocese’s 1997 title monsignor, won the Hands and Heart Omaha VA award and the VA award for excellence.

Jim attended UNL and Omaha University on wrestling scholarships. He graduated in 1965 with a Bachelor’s in education. He then obtained a Master’s in education in 1972 at University of Minnesota at Mankato. Jim was hired by OPS as an administrator in Physical Education and Athletics. During his 31 year tenure, he revised the playground apparatus safety policy for OPS, was instrumental in creating planning periods for elementary teachers, and guided the curriculum development of the “War on Weight.” Jim also proposed a program for the JROTC that initiated a biathlon at the high school level, which included running and shooting. It has been an annual event ever since. Jim and his wife, Roxanne Smith reside in Colorado Springs, CO. They have two children: Nikki Mildren and Cory Fuxa and four grandchildren ranging in age from eight to 19.



In 1991, Paulette and her late husband, Steve Hammerstrom introduced the specialty coffee industry to Omaha both as a retailer and wholesaler. After offering catering and trying an espresso cart in various locations they opened their first retail location in the Old Market naming it the 13th Street Coffee Company. Eight more locations would be developed in the following five years. Each Crane Coffee location was named after Nebraska’s yearly phenomenon of the Sandhill Crane. Crane Coffee was honored as one of Chamber of Commerce’s Top 25 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2002. In 2006, Steve passed away from cancer. Paulette continued until 2008 when she sold the company. Paulette has participated in discussions sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, ICANN, SCORE, Entrepreneurial College of UNO, community organizations and public schools.

After serving 31 years as an OPS education paraprofessional, Candy retired in 2012. She worked in the English as a Second Language program at several South Omaha elementary schools. Candy has been a West Omaha Cosmopolitan Club volunteer for 12 years; raising money to send diabetic children to camp and for a new mobile diabetes center. She also participated in the Salvation Army Kettle Drive and at the “Sand in the City” event. Candy was awarded Cosmopolitan of the Year in 2017. Candy is a SHS Alumni Association lifetime member, has been a board member since 2014, and started helping in 1993 at the first Chili Supper. Candy has also worked Poker Runs, Golf Tournaments, and, most notably, with the Spaghetti Dinner, co-chairing the last 12 years. She has served on all of her class reunion committees. For 53 years, Candy has been married to Dean. Their family includes son Jason (Maureen), and a granddaughter AJ.


Nominate them now by visiting Click on Best of the Best and then Hall of Fame to start the nomination process!

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

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Jan attended UNO on a Regents Scholarship double majoring in Mathematics and Speech. After college she taught at Bancroft Jr. High and SHS. She was asked to teach a course with the top three math students from each Omaha High School. A Masters in mathematics from Stanford University and a JD from Western State Law School came next for Jan. After passing her bar exam the first time, she became a corporate attorney. While working for the Department of Labor, Jan interviewed with General Dynamics Corporation, Missile Division and was hired as Stinger Missile Counsel. She is on the board for Children in Nebraska, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Red Cross. She has also been part of Nebraska Medical Association Alliance and the Legislation committee of American Medical Association Alliance.

Our Community Partner Award is OneWorld Community Health Centers Inc. OneWorld Community Health Centers Inc. began as a grassroots organization in 1970 to provide free healthcare to people with linguistic, financial and cultural barriers. The nonprofit company is now the largest healthcare provider in South Omaha. It has clinics and satellite operations in 11 locations across the metro area and in Plattsmouth. Services range from pediatrics and dentistry to behavioral health, adult medicine, women’s health and more. OneWorld has had close ties with the South Omaha community since its inception. Members of its minority health group go into the community to do blood pressure and weight checks and even engage in Zumba classes.

TOM DICKEY-1999 The Distinguished Teacher Award is being honored posthumously to Tom Dickey, a 1999 SHS graduate who taught at South from 2015 to 2017. Tom’s teaching career included time at Omaha North and MCC. In 2015, he returned to SHS to head the industrial technology, family and consumer science programs. His big interest became the new Robotics Program. He also successfully launched a spring fashion show and pushed through a BYO device policy to South, letting students use their own laptops or tablets in the classroom. Principal Cano stated, “I don’t think that ‘I can’t do something’ or ‘That’s not possible’ was even in his lexicon.” Tom was also very active and supportive of the Alumni Association. He was a fixture at the annual spaghetti feed and came to every board meeting, keeping us updated on school news. His positive, upbeat personality was totally infectious. He left a legacy that inspires us all.

Inductee bios condensed for space; full bios can be found online at

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER


This past year SHS students and staff achieved in the realm of academics, performing arts, athletics, and in reaching out to their community. In May, SHS’s Dual Language program was awarded School of the Year by the Spanish Embassy in Washington DC. This international recognition validates the hard work and commitment to bilingualism by OPS Dual Language Program teachers and families. Last spring SHS hosted Holocaust survivor Agnes Schwartz. Mrs. Schwartz shared her story about life in Budapest, Hungary during WWII, the fate of her family, and her life in America after Agnes Schwartz (middle) immigrating. Students thanked her, gave hugs, and took pictures after the presentation. A select group of Advanced Placement Language and composition students traveled to New York City in April. While there, students examined street art, advertisements and visiting AP Language students museums to study the purpose of argument presented through an artistic lens. Omaha South was the host for the Nebraska Class A State Powerlifting Championships. Both girls’ and boys’ teams placed 2nd overall. Girl Powerlifters After an absence from South for more than 15 years, DECA has much to celebrate in the second year of its return. With only two competitors present at State, Ammelia Mendoza-Lopez took first place in her first Retail Merchandising Role Play and Francisco Lopez

WELCOME BACK! The SHSAA welcomed SHS teachers and staff back to school with a Pancake Man breakfast. So thankful to have such great teachers and staff to work with. We hope you have a great school year! Thanks to our breakfast helpers: Carole Safley, Julie Diehm, Judy Storm, Jen Kracher, Mary Urkevich and Linda Filipowicz.

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Ventura competed in Automotive Services Marketing. A select group of SHS girls were able to attend Hayneedle’s first “Girls Who Code” event in April which was held to help foster an interest in technology and computer Girls Who Code coding in young women. Barbara Barrientos-2018 was one of three OPS students, named a World Language Distinguished Scholar. This award was developed to reward students for their leadership in language learning, commitment to language study, and appreciation for Barbara cultural diversity. At the annual Theatre Arts Guild celebration, Director of Theater Arts, Kevin Barratt was presented the Outstanding Theatre Educator Award. It is awarded to an individual for outstanding achievement in theatre education, honoring those who “enhance others’ knowledge, skills, understanding, and enjoyment of the live Kevin Barratt theatre arts.” Go Pack!! Dear SHS Alumni - If you would be interested in subscribing to current issues of the SHS Tooter (you are reading the SHS Alumni Tooter) you are now able to do so. For a low subscription fee of $10 per school year. Please contact the Alumni Office if you’d like to sign up!

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Page 13

Scholarship RECIPIENTS

The SHS Alumni Association would like to extend congratulations to the 30 seniors who were awarded $31,000 in SHSAA scholarships this year. Collectively, the 2018 senior class was awarded over $13 million dollars in scholarships! Thank you to all our supporters, including those who funded the twelve endowed scholarships, as this would not be possible without your donations!

SHS Alumni Association Scholarships ($1,000 each)

Karla Chavez

Monserrat Gutierrez

Say Moo*

Axel CervantesMendoza*

Darrick Smith

Fatumo Hilowle

Aidia Vajgrt

Paolo Hernandez*

Aurora RodriguezServin

Nancy Neri

Madalene Portillo*

Joel A. Villanueva*

Nicole Rodriguez

Raul Ramirez*

($1,000 unless noted)

Joe-1937 & Evelyn-1941 Forman

Margie Krakowski Speck-1940 ($1,500 each)

David Tapia Salazar

Lily Ann Dvorak Ogden-1941

Lt. Gen. Leo J. Dulacki-1953

Karla Ponce-Merida

Eloy Lopez Banderas

Jamaari Foster

Alicia Hogan

Sheila Little Cain-1953

Class of 1956

Barbara Barrientos

Jennifer Au

Paloma Davila

Trevor Ramsdell

Maelvy Medina-Lira

Nancy Mudra-1962

Carl-1961 & Carol-1965 Schroeder

Shane Kielion-1999

Tom Dickey1999 SHSAA

Alberto Rodriguez

Stephanie Reha

Diana LopezGonzalez

Alejandro Vargas

Steven Silgado

Sandra L. Ramirez

Judith Henggeler Spohr-1959

1960 Decade Dance

Diego MarquezMunoz

* Denotes a SHSAA event-funded scholarship, includes 2 Golf, 2 Car Show, 1 Bowling, and 1 Spaghetti Dinner.

SHSAA Endowed Scholarships

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing me to receive this scholarship and for being a tremendous aid in pursuing my dreams. I will be the first in my family to attend college when I attend University of Nebraska at Omaha this fall! I am proud to represent myself as a South High Alumni Association scholar! Thank you so much for this opportunity.” -Karla Ponce

“Thank you for selecting me as one of the recipients. I am pleased to say I will be attending Iowa Western Community College this fall. The money I received will go towards tuition.” - Trevor Ramsdell

“Thank you so much for selecting me as the recipient of the Class of 1955 Reunion scholarship. I will do my best to make good use of the opportunity you gave me. I will be attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity” -Jennifer Au “I wanted to thank the Alumni Association for considering me and selecting me to receive an association scholarship. I am proud to now be Packer alumni, as well as most of my family. I really appreciate everything the SHSAA has done over these four years, from funding field trips to equipment, they have gone the extra mile. I now cannot wait to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the fall. Thank you very much! ” -Aidia Vajgrt “It is such an honor to be awarded this scholarship. You have helped me immensely on my soon to be university adventure. I appreciate the support and would like to thank you for awarding it to me. I will be attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha and this is such in a big part thanks to you! What you do is such a big help to several of us students. Thank you again for this amazing award.” - Diego Marquez

Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

Page 14

Packer Sports GREATS

Congratulations to the outstanding alumni who will be inducted into the Packer Sports Greats Hall of Fame in October!

This year’s individual inductees are Jack Kiscoan-1959, Don Jaksich-1968, Joe Fonfara-1981, Jon Hayes-1981, Cathy (Cahoy) Seaton-1985, and Terrance Badgett-1991. Other inductees include the 2013 Boys Soccer team, Coach Bob Garcia, and Dr. Roni Huerta for the Contributor Award. Inductees will be highlighted in the Spring Alumni TOOTER. Banquet details to the right. All are welcome to attend. Tickets are available now at the SHS Alumni Office.


5082 S. 107th Street Omaha, NE 68127 (402) 738-9493 Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Alumni Office Staff Mary (Renner) Urkevich Tony Huerta

TOOTER Designer / Webmaster Jen Kracher






SHS Representatives

SHS School: (402) 557-3600 Mr. Ruben Cano, Principal Charo Rangel, Assistant Principal Dennis Mitchell, Assistant Principal

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Reunion TIME 2018




Classmates meet at 12:30 p.m. the 2 Tuesday of each month at the GI Forum (20th and N St.) to connect with fellow Packers. All 1955 alumni are invited to join. Reservations not required; the group usually leaves by 3 p.m. Contact: Karlene “K.T.” Deja at 402-733-6303. nd






A 30 year reunion will be held 10-13-18. 6FKRROWRXU 6DWXUGD\DWDPVKDUS$WSPMRLQXVDW Horseman's Park FDVKIRRGEDU  Full details can be found at www.OmahaSouthAlumni. com/1988. Contacts: Mary Kosiski-Flynn at majfly@aol. com or Tammy Evans-Morris at  lllllllllllllllllll

A 10 year reunion will be held 9-7-18 The evening will start at 7 p.m. with a Homecoming football game at Collin Stadium (we play Benson). At 9 p.m. the group will meet at Cantina el Sol (2332 S. 24th). $15 per person in advance for appetizers and cake, drinks will be available on your own. Pay via venmo @becca2martinez. Contact: Rebecca Martinez at

2019 lllllllllllllllllll



A 60 year reunion is planned for 7-6-19. More info will be in the Spring Tooter. lllllllllllllllllll





A 50 year reunion is planned for 8-17-19. RSVP Betty ASAP at so a hall can be rented if needed. More details will be in the spring Tooter. lllllllllllllllllll

A 45 year class reunion is planned for 7-27-19. More information will be in the spring Tooter.

1 9 5 8

1958 classmates celebrating at their 60 year class reunion at the DAV Hall.

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Our Class Reunion challenge will start in 2019 for any class having a major (increment of 5 or 10 years) reunion during the year. We will run this challenge annually so all classes will get a chance to participate. The class with the most classmates who make a gift to SHSAA during the year of a major reunion will achieve Top of the Pack honors and bragging rights for the year that they indeed are the best class! 2019 Classes Competing for Honors 1949; 1954; 1959; 1964; 1969; 1974; 1979; 1984, 1989; 1994; 1989; 1994; 1999; 2004; 2009; 2014 If you are a reunion chair, all you need to do is promote the Class Reunion Challenge to your classmates and make sure that a grad year is know when sending in your gift, via check or PayPal. We will announce 2019’s class winner in the spring 2020 edition of the Alumni Tooter.


As you may know, reunions are a special opportunity to reconnect with classmates, strengthen friendships, and create new SHS memories! Attending them is always fun; however, like any reunion committee knows, planning them definitely has its ups and downs! We are rolling out some new features to help reunion committees navigate reunion planning. They include a reunion how-to helper and reunion ‘spring training’. We will also help with email communications, and continue to support promoting your event in the Tooter, on Facebook, and our website - did you know each class has its own page?! Those who meet with us and qualify will be eligible for a reunion starter fund that includes $100 for expenses and two alumni shirts to be used as giveaways at your reunion. Even if you feel you have your planning handled, we would hope you’d still take the time to attend the spring training to help guide and offer first-hand advice to our younger reunion planners. If you are a reunion head, be on the lookout for an email from us with more details.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

Page 16

AlumNOTES llllllll



1937-Florence “Jean” Hert celebrated her 100th birthday with friends and extended family on July 6 at South Haven Living Center. Please send warm wishes to 1400 Mark Drive, # 401 Wahoo, NE 68066. 1937-Ludwig “Lou” Radil, a Navy veteran and one of the last Pearl Harbor survivors in Nebraska, passed away at the age of 98. llllllll



1941-Nancy (Fucinaro) Rembolt celebrated her 95th birthday on April 19. Nancy lives on her own with help from her family. Nancy says she “really enjoys reading the Tooter”. Happy Birthday Nancy from all the South High Alumni. 1948-Norma Jean Kelley Schnase Miss Jean from Jean’s Storytime passed away in February. She was a lifetime member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. She spent 38 years sharing God’s word and love to children and families in the KMTV viewing area. Her children, Eileen Schnase Thornberg-1968 and Fred Schnase, Jr-1970 stated that she was so proud to be inducted into the SHS Hall of Fame in 1991. 1949-Steve Vrbanac and wife Rose (Walasek)-1950 celebrated their 65th anniversary with a family luncheon. They were married on June 6, 1953 at Omaha’s St. Patrick Catholic Church. They have 10 grandchildren and 11 great–grandchildren. Steve is a retired captain of the Omaha Fire Department. llllllll



1950-Alfred Martinez Sr. at 86 received a standing ovation on May 2 from a packed hall at the southeast police precinct which is in an area where he began as a foot patrol officer in 1956. Alfred, also a Navy veteran and community leader, was recognized by the Omaha Police Department and

the Latino Peace Officers Association as a shining example of community policing before the term was coined. Alfred Martinez Sr. was the first Latino police officer in Omaha. 1950-Chris Saklar and wife Nadine. While celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by having two “Lobster Lovers Dream” meals. Thay said, “we were surprised to find out that our tab had been paid for by a couple sitting in the booth behind us. They had overheard our conversation with the waitress about our special day. As we were still enjoying our meal the couple walked by our table, put the bill on the table and said ‘Happy anniversary, your tab has been paid.’ They signed the tab as the Henry’s. We thank them so much for this show of generosity.” 1954-Jerry Pivovar and wife Celine celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in June. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren. 1953-John Stella says “I cannot thank the SHS Alumni Association enough for all the help you have given us over the years. Where would we be if it was not for the greatest Alumni Association in the land? All the players and coaches of the baseball program thank you.” 1954-Harold Shuman. Harold was a charter member of the Midwest Street Rod Association. On 5-14-18, O-WH’s Erin Grace wrote about Harold’s funeral, describing the mile-long trail of classic hot rods lined up to honor Harold one last time on their way to the burial site. His fellow hot rodders toasted the “Rod Father” after the final blessing at his burial. His last ride was described as sad, solemn and totally spectacular. 1956-Lillian C. (Cronican) Vukov celebrated her 80th birthday on March 26, with family (husband Joe1953) and friends. Happy Birthday Lillian! We love you! 1956-Neal Mace and wife Marlene (Policky)-1957 were married on May 17, 1958. This year they celebrated their 60th anniversary. They have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

1957-George Vomacka and wife Peggy celeberated their 50th anniversary on May 3. 1959-Leon Tuite wrote, “Just a note to let you know that I really enjoy the Tooter. One really big reason is that I used to print the SHS Tooter in the South High print shop on the large printing press. Mr. Huggenberger was my teacher. My picture running the press is in the 1959 yearbook. I felt honored to be the one to keep SHS informed on all that was going on.

Three SOBs at the 60th Nebraska Shrine Bowl game banquet in June. Photo courtesy of Henry’s Facebook page. L->R: Mike Pokorski-1994, Tom Moore-1959, and Henry Schultz-1969




1960-John Clay Smith Jr. The 75 yr. old Omaha native died Feb. 15, 2018 in Washington D.C. from complications from Alzheimer’s. His record of accomplishments began in Omaha and followed him all the way to Howard University. John was the son of a packinghouse worker and a nurse. When he was 17 at SHS, John was the first black student elected class president and the first black governor elected at the Cornhusker Boys State leadership training program. In Washington he joined the FCC in 1974 and then in 1978 he was appointed to the EEO Commission by President Jimmy Carter. In 1980, he became the first AfricanAmerican elected national president of the 15,000-member Federal Bar Association. In 1982 John moved on to the faculty of Howard University School of Law, where he became the 25th Dean, from 1986-1988.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

1961-Vojmir “Bud” Benak Sr. passed away in March. Bud spent over 57 years as head gymnastics coach at Sokol South Omaha, teaching more than 8,000 students. 1961-Karen (Fahey) and Robert Wilson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April. 1961-Denny Koubsky was presented with a 75-year pin from the Western Fraternal Lodge Zest #296. The pin was presented by Lodge President John Slezak-1959. John’s wife Marilyn (Sager)-1960 is also the Secretary of the Lodge. 1961-Ken Isaacson and wife Elberta celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 15. The family would like to honor them with a card shower. Cards of congratulations may be sent to: 4955 S. 132nd St. Omaha, NE 68137. 1961-Dennis Miller and wife Kathryn were united in marriage on May 25, 1968 in Papillion. They have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 14 greatgrandchildren and 3 great greatgrandchildren. After graduating, Dennis became a licensed plumber and owned a sub-contracting firm for more than 40 years. Dennis celebrated his 75th birthday on May 26 and the couple celebrated both occasions with family, friends, and neighbors at an afternoon tea. 1961-Carl Schroeder and his wife, Carol (Nekola)-1965 generously donated $1,000 to the South High Alumni Scholarship fund. Carol is a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother who is deserving of

the recognition with this special scholarship awarded in her honor and name. SHS gave them both a great education and start in life. With Carl’s careers in the postal service and military along with Carol’s career in the insurance industry they have been blessed financially. They are excited and happy to be able to pay it forward. 1961-Gloria (Sedlak) House wanted to share a pic of herself doing an elbow stand when she was younger. Those were the days! 1964-Larry Headley and Verna (Rathgeber)-1963 celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in July. They were married at Zion Lutheran Church in South Omaha. They along with their 3 children will celebrate later on in the month. 1964-Imogene (Flyr) and Lyle Wooldrik were married in Omaha on April 27, 1968. The couple has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. On April 29 they celebrated their 50th anniversary. 1965-Leroy and Donna (Malfait) Estes-1967 celebrated their 50th anniversary last November. 1965­-Mike Shuput was the lucky winner of a hand­crafted Husker quilt. The quilt was donated by Carol (Brandt) Daley-1965. The quilt drawing took place at the SHSAA Spaghetti Dinner. 1966-Eileen (Mytkos) and Bud Wright celebrated their 50th anniversary in June. They will celebrate with family and an Alaskan cruise.

WHAT’S NEW WITH YOU? TELL US! We’d love to hear about it!

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1967-David Dufek and wife Lesa celebrated their 50th anniversary in June. They will celebrate with family. 1967-Michael Rezac and Deborah met at the Roller Bowl Skating Rink in Omaha in 1966. They were united in marriage on June 8, 1968 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. They are both now retired, Mike from UNO and Debb from the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office. Their children are Michele Rezac, Craig Gilsdorf, Joseph Rezac and Kelly Furlong-Rezac. llllllll



1971-Christine Erkman let us know when switching to our emailed Tooter that she retired at the end of 2017 after 11 years as office manager of a local architecture firm and 11 years with the University of Arizona. Yahoo!! 1977-Mark Martinez was honored by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, who declared June 8, 2018 as “Mark A. Martinez Day” as a way to express their sincere appreciation to his dedication to public service. After decades of serving in local law enforcement, Mr. Martinez was sworn in as the U.S. Marshal for the District of Nebraska January 2010 and served two, 4-year terms ending this past June. llllllll



2018-Alicia Hogan was surprised when school counselors, friends, family and reporters interrupted her advanced Placement English class to present her with an $80,000 scholarship to Omaha’s College of St Mary’s.

Graduate from college? Get promoted? Recently get married? Have a baby? Cross something off your bucket list? Retire? Visit to share what’s happening with your life! Click on Submit AlumNote to share photos and exciting life events. Click on Update My Info to notify us of changes in your name or contact information.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER


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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Page 19

We Need Your HELP! SHS Alumni Association continues to need alumni support in order to meet our goals of connecting alumni to each other, to current South students and to the South Omaha community. That is why we are inviting you to make a gift of any size to the SHSAA. We deeply value alumni support as we realize you have many choices for your financial support. We hope your South experience remains close to your heart, fills you with pride, and that you value the experience enough to want it to continue for future generations. There is a reason your mailbox and inbox are full of donation requests this time of year – that is because we are entering the “season of giving” which runs from fall through December. We hope that we can count upon your support of the SHS Alumni Association this fall.

When? Gifts must be made by year-end, December 31, 2018 to

be claimed as a charitable deduction for 2018. If you want to be part of the global initiative known as “Giving Tuesday,” go online and make your gift on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

WAYS YOU CAN HELP Donate to our General Fund: Gifts can be made in honor or in memory of classmates, former teachers, friends or loved ones. Purchase a Brick in the Memorial Flagpole: An engraved brick in the SHS Memorial Flagpole is the perfect way to honor a fellow classmate, friend, teacher, special mentor or coach. Visit the SHSAA website or fill out the form on this page. Start an Endowed Scholarship: By endowing a scholarship, you can create a lasting legacy, see the immediate benefits of your gift, and also receive an income tax deduction. Organize a Reunion Gift: Reunions are a perfect time to revive Packer Pride. Some classes take up a special collection during reunion activities while others donate any dollars left over from the reunion to the SHSAA.

How? It’s easy to do. BY MAIL: Use the envelope provided in this Alumni Tooter to make a gift by check to the SHSAA. ONLINE: Go online to and make a gift by using a credit card on PayPal’s secure site.

Contact us with any questions you may have!

Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER

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1943-Eugene E. Cullinane of Omaha, 1-7-18. 1943-Vivian (Frese) Nieman of Omaha, 4-18-18. 1927-Edward Hartnett of Oceanside, CA, 5-30-93. 1943-Wallace L. Hopkins of Omaha, 5-16-18. Survived by wife Marie (Brown)-1944. llllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll 1943-Joseph F. Skoff Jr. of 1931-Leona E. (Uhe) Smith of Omaha, 2-28-18. Springfield, NE, 6-17-18. 1944-Catherine Ann (Basan) Kelley of Kearney, NE, 4-27-18. 1932-Marie E. (Spicka) Doll of Challis, ID, 7-25-18. 1944-Doris (Frish) Eymann of Elkhorn, NE 3-13-18. 1934-Helen (Brusan) Goodman of Life gives us brief moments with another, Omaha, 5-26-99. 1944-Audrey A. Siler of San but sometimes in those brief moments Diego, CA, 4-26-18. 1934-Alice M. (Kruntorad) Kubovy of Omaha, 1-28-18. Survived by 1945-Donald E. Buxter of Omaha, we get memories that last a lifetime. 5-18-17. Survived by wife Doroles children, Mary Alice Kubovy-1961, (Schuchart)-1950. Jeanie (Kubovy) Porterfield-1960, and Jim Kubovy-1967. 1945-Victoria F. “Vicki” (Gradina) Lohman of Omaha, 3-31-18. 1934-Molly Lipsman of Denver CO, 3-20-18. 1945-Gerald “Jerry” D. Landon of Omaha, 7-5-18. 1934-David Mitchell of Omaha, 9-18-17. 1945-Bernice (Tillwick) D. Sheets of Blair, NE, 4-12-18. 1936-Joseph C. Altman of Ft. Worth, TX, 4-24-00. 1945-Marlys Ardell (Wendell) Becic of Omaha, 2-27-18. 1937-Frances (Greguras) Shepherd of Omaha, 6-6-18. Survived by husband John-1942. 1937-Charles W. Kipfer of Woodstock, GA, 3-7-08. 1946-Dareen (Hiatt) Murcek of Omaha, 3-25-18. Survived 1937-Ludwig A. “Lou” Radil of Bellevue, NE 5-5-18. by children, Frank-1967 and Fran Nielsen-1967. 1938-Dorothy Badura of Omaha, 5-24-18. 1946-Rita Jean (Hrbek) Rubin of Omaha. 6-17-18. 1938-Dorthy (Grothusen) Petersen of Rocky Mountain, MO, 1946-Delores M. “Dode” (Kudlacz) Hartigan of Omaha, July 2017. 7-25-18. 1938-Otto J. Krupicka of Omaha, 3-18-18. 1946-Mildred (Schultz) Bray of Del City, OK, 5-15-18. 1938-Catherine (Morrison) Henson of Omaha, 3-1-18. 1946-Emily J. (Small) Hufek of Omaha, 7-19-18. Survived by sister Charlotte Gelster-1945. 1938-Catherine Rozmajzl of Omaha, 7-4-18. 1946-Bernice E. (Tomasiewicz) Jodlowski of Omaha, 2-251938-Irene (Stankiewics) Jakl of Omaha, 4-13-18. 18. Survived by husband Louis-1941. 1946-Leola M. (Wiggins) Hermsen of Bellevue, NE, 6-7-18. llllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll 1947-Erma Jean (Berkheimer) Jones of English, IN, 10-26-17. 1940-Joseph Langpaul of Omaha, 5-1-18. Survived by sons, 1947-Steve F. Krupa of Omaha, 5-26-18. Alan-1970 and Roger-1972. 1947-Helen (Nechvatal) Pocop of Omaha, 4-21-18. 1941-Alice (Daniell) Fricke of Gretna, NE, 3-13-18. 1947-Joseph Poleck of Omaha, 7-13-18. 1941-Alice I. (Degan) Padgett of Omaha, 6-15-18. 1947-Kathleen Joy (Walton) Waite of Bellevue, NE, 7-12-18. 1941-Dorthy (Jensen) McCabe of Omaha, 5-4-18. 1947-Arnold J. Wichita of Richardson, TX. 1941-Esther (McCoid) Karnik of Omaha, 8-11-17. 1948-Gerald J. “Jerry” Bazar of Omaha, 6-21-18. 1941-Lloyd Earl Schultz of Omaha, 3-17-18. 1948-Yvonne F. (Beaudin) Rushlau of Omaha, 7-24-18. 1941-Harold E. Slavik of Omaha, 2-16-18. 1948-Helen (Boswell) Bartunek of Omaha, 5-5-18. 1942-Anna Mae (Feiler) Berger of Delmar, DE, 2-7-18. 1948-John “Jack” Warren Ellis of Omaha, 6-15-18. 1942-Loretta B. (Fucinaro) Gomez of Omaha, 2-14-18. Survived by wife Kathleen (Stoker)-1948. 1942-Frances A. (Kasner) Stevens of Omaha, 6-24-18. 1948-Norma Jean (Kelley) Schnase of Omaha, 2-1-18. Survived by husband Donald-1939. 1942-Alice M. (Mackelstrom) Krause of Jamul, CA, 7-26-18. 1948-Frank Mixan of Omaha, 4-25-18. Survived by wife Dorothy (Chadnick)-1951. 1942-Helen (Swircinski) E. Martin of Minneapolis, MN, 1948-Delbert C. Peters of O’Fallon, MO, 2-9-18. 1-16-18. 1948-Dale Wayne Rowe of Omaha, 5-20-18. 1943-Margaret L. (Anderson) Herman of Omaha, 7-2-18. Survived by husband Kenneth-1942. 1948-Joy (Ward) Johannsen June 2016. llllllllllllllllll



Memorial Prayer


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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

1948-John C. Wiren 1949-Charlotte (Getrost) Zvezdich of Omaha, 5-25-18. 1949-Clara (Tomcykowski) Kaspar of Papillion, NE. 1949-Dorthy B. (Warsocki) Goodman of Omaha, 6-7-18. llllllllllllllllll



1950-Jacklyn A. (Bishop) Ronning of Farmington, MO. 6-6-18. 1950-June A. (Crouch) Richards of Omaha, 3-5-18. 1950-Carl DeSordi of Omaha, 11-10-17. 1950-Ross J DiMauro of Omaha, 4-25-18. 1950-Robert L. Hanna of Omaha, 6-10-18. 1950-Raymond W. Kroll of Omaha, 2-15-18. Survived by wife Donna (Lukowski)-1950. 1950-Norman L. Larsen of Williamsburg, VA. 4-23-18. 1950-Donald D. Prem of Omaha, 2-26-18. Survived by brother Walter-1951. 1950-Elaine (Rehschuh) Louise Skudler of Carter Lake, IA, 2-12-18. 1950-Joan M. (Ulmann) Brooks of Omaha, 3-30-18. Survived by daughters, Linda Brooner-1974 and Cheryl Obos-1975. 1951-Majorie A. (Howard) Danneel of Omaha, 4-16-18. Survived by son Fred Pfeffer-1970. 1951-Leo A. Szarad of Omaha, 6-12-18. Survived by brother John-1951. 1951-Robert R. Usher Sr. of Omaha, 4-20-18. Survived by wife Linda (Waldecker)-1967. 1951-Lucille (Wolfe) Gregg of Omaha, 4-6-18. Survived by husband Benard-1950. 1952-Daniel E. Adam of Omaha, 2-26-18. 1952-Richard Leo Brown Sr. of Omaha, 4-12-18. 1952-John H. Chunka of Omaha, 5-14-18. 1952-Evelyn R. (Drvol) Frans of Omaha, 6-28-18. 1952-Noland McIntosh of Omaha, 3-19-18. 1952-Beverly (Pecka) Teller of Red Oak, IA, 10-13-17. 1952-Dale F. Swanson of Omaha, 6-21-18. 1952-Donald L. Thompson of Omaha, 6-7-18. 1952-Benjamin H. Trapp III of Linn Creek, MO, 5-28-18. 1952-Melvin Weaver of Omaha, 7-20-18. 1953-George Bluvas Jr. of St Francis, WI, 5-12-18. 1953-Geneviene Folino of Omaha, 2-13-18. Survived by brother Joe-1956. 1953-Gerald Lee Harvat of Omaha, 5-13-18. Survived by wife Betty (Kramer)-1954. 1953-Jessie Mae (Kelley) Kortus of Omaha, 4-6-18. Survived by husband Fred-1952. 1953-David L. Koile of Omaha, 6-6-18. Survived by wife Norma (Shropshire)-1951.

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1953-Philip Miller of Omaha, 4-22-18. Survived by wife Dorthy (Lubednek)-1950. 1953-Raymond A. Pilus of Omaha, 3-23-18. 1953-Beverly Jeanne (Schellhardt) Adams of Omaha, 3-7-18. 1954-Allan Pinkes of Elkhorn, NE, 3-4-16. 1954-Rita (Rasmussen) Morrissey-Dame of Omaha, 4-1-18. 1954-Harold Shuman Jr. of Omaha, 5-3-18. 1955-William L. “Bill” Denny of Omaha, 2-22-18. Survived by sister Betty J Erickson-1950. 1955-Joseph G Nekola Sr. of Omaha, 4-8-18. Survived by children Joe-1978, Mary Foreman-1979, Don-1986 and Tom-1987. 1956-Samuel “Sam” DeGeorge of Omaha, 6-11-18. Survived by wife Mary (Barna)-1955. 1956-Joyce M. (Smolinski) Urban of Omaha, 5-5-18. Survived by sons Jay-1975, Jeff-1985 and Jamie-1990. 1956-Patric Vendetti of Omaha, 3-31-18. Survived by children Patric-1988 and Jill Jones-1983. 1957-Bonnie (Adams) McAndrews of Omaha, 5-28-18. 1957-Richard L. Ehrlich of Omaha, 7-18-18. Survived by brother Donald-1952. 1958-Georgia L. (Black) Centretto of Omaha, 6-21-18. 1958-Aveline (Nelson) Marks of Omaha, 2-27-18. 1958-Susan (Peters) Hagen of Sante Fe, NM, February 2015. 1958-Gary Lynn Kirwan of Omaha, 5-29-18. 1958-Donna L. (Renner) Kleist of Omaha, 1-3-18. Survived by sisters, Mary Urkevich-1963 (Jerry Urkevich-1961), Judy Storm-1974 (Ron-1978), Gail Granger-1972, and brother Joe-1968. 1958-Margaret A. “Peg” (Teague) Schiffbauer of Lancaster, SC, 7-12-18. 1959-Alfio “Fred” Cormaci Jr. of Omaha, 6-20-18. 1959-Sharon (Glocke) Larson of Kingston, OK, 3-18-18. 1959-John J. Kilton of Omaha, 7-13-18. 1959-Richard Marquez of Omaha, 3-12-18. 1959-Neal W. “Pete” Mactier of Omaha, 2-12-18. 1959-Frank F. Petello of Omaha, 6-11-18. 1959-Joann (Rosenthal) Eickhoff of Grand Island, NE, 1-28-18. 1959-Gary Schack-No date. Survived by wife Marion-1963. 1959-George J. Smith of Omaha, 5-14-18. 1959-Lee Soukup of Omaha, 7-25-18. 1959-Frank E. Swihel of Surprise, AZ, 7-15-18. Survived by wife Alice (Pohl)-1962. llllllllllllllllll



1960-Shirley (McLaughlin) Majewicz of Omaha, 4-5-18. Survived by husband George-1960. 1960-Ronald E. Osborne of Omaha, 5-12-18.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI TOOTER


1960-Donna Fay (Sackett) Riley of Omaha, 5-12-18. Survived by sons Dwayne Parks-1980, Doug Parks-1983 and Donald Parks-1983. 1960-John Clay Smith Jr. of Washington DC, 2-15-18. 1960-James Jones of Omaha, 9-18-17. 1961-Dennis Babcock of Omaha, 5-11-18. 1961-Vojmir F. “Bud” Benak Sr. of Omaha, 3-16-18. Survived by wife Sandra (Kocourek)-1966, sons Vojmir Jr.1986 and Bohumir-2005. 1961-Betty (Lannon) Clapp of Omaha, 6-4-18. 1961-Sebastian Nigro of Omaha, 7-21-18. Survived by wife Linda (Bednar)-1961. 1961-Larry L. Skarnulis of Omaha, 4-11-18. Survived by wife Linda (Larsen)-1962. 1961-Joseph Carl Vendetti of Omaha, 3-30-18. 1962-Michael A. “Mickey” DePetro of Omaha, 6-24-18. 1962-Edward Linhart of Omaha, 3-28-18. Survived by siblings John-1952 and Barbara Goolsby-1957. 1962-Parsla V. (Mende) Dineen of Omaha, 7-29-18. 1962-Carol J. (McClimans) Howell of Ft. Worth, TX, 4-19-18. 1962-James Tefft of Omaha, 2-27-18. 1962-Frank T. Truman of Omaha, 3-4-18. 1962-Elizabeth (Twyman) Woods of Omaha, 3-22-18. 1963-Nicholas “Nick” Kuncl of Blair, NE. 3-4-18. 1963-Emil “Sonny” Mixan of Omaha, 6-23-18. 1964-Linda (Armendariz) Froehlich of Omaha, 4-22-18. Survived by husband Rick-1967. 1964-Diane (Prucha) Bednar of Omaha, 6-29-18. 1965-Kenneth J. Kennedy of Omaha, 3-19-18. 1965-Martin L. Ward of Omaha, 6-1-18. Survived by wife Judy (Life)-1965. 1966-David A. Cannon of Omaha, 6-7-18. 1966-Gail Christenson of Omaha, 11-21-17. 1966-Violet E. Cole of Omaha, 4-27-18. 1966-Glenn R. Hrdy of Omaha, 2-4-18. Survived by wife Linda (Knudsen)-1968 and son Brandon-1991. 1967-Larry R. Benak Sr. of Omaha, 7-2-18. 1967-Jane Lynn (Eckerson) Cole of Omaha, 6-29-18. 1967-Karen (Krebs) Rumsey of Omaha, 3-1-18. Survived by husband Bob-1967. 1967-Dennis Mayer of Omaha, 3-1-18. 1967-Judith (Nice) Foster of Plattsmouth, NE, 7-1-18. 1968-Frank J. Babka of Omaha, 3-6-18. Survived by children Scott-1993 and Heather-2002. 1968-Janice M. (Bura) Barkdoll of Omaha, 3-31-18. Survived by daughter Kimberly-1987. 1968-Lynne Kulisek of Omaha, 5-28-18. Survived by brother Dave-1970.

1968-Frank Kuthan in September 2017. 1968-Frank “Jerry” Olson of Omaha, 6-30-18. 1969-Judy (Mikno) Garry of Omaha, 7-19-18. 1969-Ralph Sirerly of Longmont, CO, December 2015. llllllllllllllllll



1970-Anthony “Tony” Curtis of Omaha, 1-29-18. Survived by wife Donna (West)-1970, sons Damien-1998 and Jordon-2003, and brother Keith-1964. 1970-Craig N. Halverson of Omaha, 2-27-18. Survived by siblings Lyn “Cindy” Halverson-1968 and Vince-1971. 1971-Danny J. Baker of Omaha, 1-29-18. 1971-Patricia (Goodrich) Riedler of Omaha, 2-4-18. Survived by husband Marty-1970. 1971-Ronald M. Gruhn of Omaha, 5-14-18. 1972-David P. Auch of Omaha, 9-18-05. 1972-Joyce E. (Oliver) Allen of Omaha, 5-21-18. 1973-Dennis E. Cunningham of Omaha, 5-14-18. 1973-Peter W. Jacobsen of Omaha, 3-28-18. Survived by brother Robert-1970. 1973-Gearell “George” Scherer of Boulder City, NV, 8-29-85 1973-Randy L. Wilfong of Omaha. Survived by brother Dennis-1976 (wife Rebecca (Anson)-1978). 1974-Donald J. Boyles of Omaha, 3-8-18. 1974-Michael Danahy of Carter Lake, IA, 6-19-18. 1974-Victoria (Gilson) Brock of Ft. Calhoun, NE, 4-5-18.

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Omaha South High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

1975-Sharon Lu (Gallegos) Larkin of Underwood, IA, 8-16-17. 1975-Stanley “Stan” Smedra Jr. of Papillion, NE, 5-13-18. 1975-Jay B. Urban of Fremont, NE, 6-30-18. 1976-Betty J. (Neuman) Stafford of Omaha, 2-9-18. Survived by sister Peggy Stafford-1976. 1976-Ed J. Swierczek of Omaha, 3-23-18. 1977-Brian J. Cushing of Omaha, 6-6-18. 1979-John Leisure of Omaha, 4-27-18. llllllllllllllllll



1982-Kevin Mackey of Omaha, 4-24-18. 1982-Gerianne M. Neneman of Omaha, 2-3-18. 1983-Thomas G. Dropinski of Omaha, 4-3-18. Survived by brother Mike-1979. 1985-Joseph D. Caniglia Sr. of Colon, NE, 6-23-18. Survived by siblings Kimberly Cherek-1976 and John-1977. llllllllllllllllll



1991-Kevin A. Luick of Omaha, 4-9-18. 1993-Ronald Ray Koch of Omaha, 4-1-18. 1993- Jason E. Moessner of Peoria, AZ, 3-19-15. llllllllllllllllll



2002-Daniel S. Nagy of Omaha, 6-16-18. Survived by parents Thomas-1976 and Mary (Hunt)-1976. 2005-David Haile of Omaha, 7-23-18. Survived by sister Mathea Marie-2005. llllllllllllllllll



2010-Antonio M. “Tony” Guardiola Jr. of Omaha, 4-1-18. lllllllllllll

SHS Teacher


Danny Harold Zanders of Malvern, IA, 4-21-18. Danny was a Biology and Earth Science teacher at South High School.

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MEMORIALS GIVEN Memorials were given to SHSAA in honor and memory of the following alumni: 1934-Alice M (Kruntorad) Kubovy given by Judi (Clark)-1961 and Denny Koubsky-1961. 1944-Frances Curran given by Diana and Thomas Weston. 1950-Ray Kroll given by Richard and Jeanne (Kurtz) Lininger-1959. 1950-Bill Pierson given by Bruce Mosley-1950. 1954-Don Malmos given by Cynthia (Malmos) Essig-1956. 1959-Terry & Patty (Piksa) Randone given by Julie (Hron) O’Doherty-1959. 1959-Gary Schack given by Marion Schack-1963. 1946-Leonard Joseph Tylski given by Judi and Denny Koubsky-1961. 1960-John Jensen given by Terry Whitney-1962. 1960-Alex Kovalskas given by Virginia (Kovalskas) Meissner-1962. 1961-Vojmir “Buddy” Benak given by Judi and Denny Koubsky-1961. 1961-Betty Clapp given by Judi and Denny Koubsky-1961. 1961-Betty Clapp given by Judy K. Yacio-1960. 1961-Betty Clapp given by Julie (Vomacka) Dunn-1961. 1963-Nick Kuncl given by his loving family: wife Jan, mother Ruby, brother Doug, sisters Deb (Bill) Lang, Sandy (Bret) Geist, brothers-in-law, Ray-1969 (Juliann (Ritonya)-1971) Rech, Roger-1971 (Bev (Yelinek)-1972) Rech and Dave1973 (Bonnie) Rech, niece Kori (Rech)-1992 (John) Worden. 1964-Judy (Stillmock) Maliszewski given by Stan Maliszewski-1963. 1967-Daniel Dean Beaman given by Larry G. Beaman-1965. 1977-Robin Sherlock given by Lori (Myers)-1977 and Terry Barrio-1977.

ALUMNI FRIENDS AND RELATIVES Patrick Tefft - son of Tina (Hensel)-1967 and John-1966 Tefft given by Barb (Riha) Widhallm-1967.


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SHSAA TOOTER - Fall 2018  

Omaha South High School Alumni Association's Fall 2018 issue of the Alumni Tooter newsletter.

SHSAA TOOTER - Fall 2018  

Omaha South High School Alumni Association's Fall 2018 issue of the Alumni Tooter newsletter.

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