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Team Anchored Frequently Asked Questions How much money will I make? Thirty-One Independent Consultants receive 25% commission on their party sales What kind of discount do consultants get? The new “Marketplace” allows us to buy products at 40% off! When will I get paid? Twice per month Am I an employee of Thirty-One Gifts? No, you are considered an “Independent Consultant” Will Thirty-One take out taxes? No, you’ll need to file with the IRS as a sole proprietor Does this mean I can write off all my Thirty-One purchases? Depends on how you use them. You can write off a lot! How many parties do I have to have each month? It depends on your financial goal. Parties average $600, with a $150 commission How many sales do I have to make for Thirty-One? To stay active, consultants must have $200 in sales every three months Why are you asking me to join your team? Because my experience with Thirty-One has been fantastic, and I would be thrilled to see you have the same opportunity! Relationships and seeing women empowered are two of the company’s values—and mine, too! Do you just want to make money off of me? No! But to be honest, I’ll make some money from your sales…a big ol’ 2%!! I’ve never done Direct Sales (DS) before, and I don’t think I would be very good. You like Thirty-One products right? An appreciation of the product is all you need, because your passion is contagious.

I’ve never done Direct Sales before, and I wouldn’t know what to do. As your sponsor, I get to be sure you get the training and coaching so you can succeed—and that gets me jazzed! I have done Direct Sales before, and I didn’t like the pressure. It’s amazing the number of consultants who found their place in Thirty-One after a bad experience with another DS company. And there is NO pressure to sell nor recruit! There are incentives, but no pressure. I don’t have time to do home parties. You don’t have to! During my first 11 months, I partied only on Facebook! I don’t have time to figure out how to do social media to have a successful party. As your sponsor and a fellow consultant, I am already creating graphics, promotional posts, and scripts for my Facebook parties—and I love the creativity, so it’s become like a hobby for me. You would have full access to anything I create. There is no reason for you to reinvent the wheel! I don’t want to do Facebook parties. Then you can do home parties, parties at a coffee shop, the soccer field, your hair stylists, and/or anywhere else you’d like! I’m not good with administration/paperwork. I’m not either!! Because party guests and now the hostesses, too, can enter their own orders, we simply double-check to ensure everything is entered accurately before we close the event, and hit “Send!’ What kind of investment do I have to make? You have two Enrollment Kit options right now. The $99 Signature Kit has a retail value of more than $350; the Deluxe Kit is valued at $650-plus, and is available for $179. Team members who join between August 12 and 22 will receive a $50 rebate as a gift from me when you achieve $1000 in sales within your first three months. Learn more here. Tell me more about these incentives you mentioned. I’m glad you asked! Thirty-One always blesses its new (old, too!) consultants with great rewards. And they are offering INCREDIBLE ones right now! Our Wishes Come True program will reward you for each $1,000 of sales submitted during your first five months with Thirty-One. You may choose a $100 Visa card, $100 Disney Vacation card, and/or $200 in business supplies, or products. (Yes, that is an additional 25-50%!)

How much time will I need to devote to my business? It is up to you. It is your business! I would estimate about eight hours per party, initially. If you have home parties, you’ll need to add travel and set-up time. How do I get hostesses? I'll help you to think about friends and/or family who will want to help you get started on the right foot, and we'll aim to get three on the calendar before your first launch party! Why did you join Thirty-One? Admittedly, I was addicted to all the products for about five years! But I took the plunge when I was gifted a trip to Jerusalem in June 2018. I did not want to make a trip to the Holy City without my husband, but we could not afford to go. My first party was in late September, and his portion was paid for just five months later! What have you learned about Thirty-One that you did not know before? How generous the company is—not only with consultants, but with charities that support and empower women, young girls, and their families. World Vision, the Ronald McDonald House, Girls on the Run, and other familiar names have received more than $100,000,000 (yes, nine zeros!) in funds and products. Why the name "Team Anchored"? I told you about my original "Why"...the reason I joined Thirty-One. My current "Why" has to do with another job I have. Anchored Coaching wants to provide ministry leaders with access to quality, affordable coaching. The income I make from Thirty-One Gifts will have a direct impact on the cost of coaching I can provide. What other questions should I be asking? I don’t know, but I do know that when you have them, you can feel free to text or call me! What do I do next? Tell me you are ready to give Team Anchored a try!

FAQs about Team Anchored  
FAQs about Team Anchored