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29 Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian introduces The Royal Brunch at Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort .


21 Cat Uden Makes Waves for Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Hollywood Beach

Bringing Centuries of Music-Making to the Broadwalk

27 Q&A with former Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober


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January 2019



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January 2019

letter to the community... Ah, February in Florida. Businesses are busy, traffic is snarling, love is in the air, and my personal favorite: when you look at the US weather map, all blue and brown and nasty looking, you can point to that little yellow and orange spot in lower right hand

corner and say proudly, if not a little gloatingly, “We live here!” Just make sure to watch out for falling iguanas on the colder days. They're not dead, they just need to warm up! The snowbirds are here and there’s activity at the beach and downtown and all over the city. Some things to note right now: discussions on the much talked-about GO Bond are going into final stretch before the early March vote. The discussion

continues on the placement of the 911 radio dispatch tower. While our president cries for 'strong borders,' Hollywood Beach resident Cat Uden is literally... a strong boarder! She's been making waves for Stand Up Paddle Boarders’ access to the beach. And the fabulous Beachcombers Band plays on. We had a great conversation with former Mayor Peter Bober, we’re introducing some new coverage on the local music scene (below), and in Hollywood History this month, you’ll

learn the answers to some lingering questions about the Lakes. There's even news for Hollywood pets, and a lot more. So stay warm, shop local, and remember to tell the people that you love just how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Robin Drulard

Director of Community Relations robin@hollywoodgazette.com

Rockin’ the Pub with “Celtic Bridge” By Jeff Jacob Ever been to a good, authentic Irish Pub? You’d know it if you had. Dark wood, soft lighting, dark humor, darker beer, bright smiles. You know the place right? Oh, also a good Irish Pub will almost always have an acoustic duo or trio in a corner playing a combination of foot-stompin, Celtic drinking songs, and cry me a river Irish ballads. At The Field, on Griffin Road every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night a trio called “Celtic Bridge” takes the stage. And as I experienced last night, the regulars at THIS Irish Pub, love their string-band music. Man, do they! Celtic Bridge is comprised of John Schreiber - bass, guitar, vocals, Roisin Dillon – fiddle, and Ade Peever -guitar, vocals. The band plays a mixture of traditional Irish jigs and reels, Irish and Scottish folk songs, original songs, and popular music from various genres. The band borrows liberally from the catalog of The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem, Christy Moore, Van Morrison and The Chieftains, Dick Gaughan, Robert Burns, Lunasa, Crooked Still, Planxty, Andy Irvine and Paul Brady. They also sprinkle in original songs by Ade Peever, original tune arrangements by John and Roisin, and the occasional mountain, old-time and Appalachian influenced tunes. Ade and John have a great stage presence, and it’s clear to anyone paying who is attention, that these guys LOVE the collaborative music-making process. For them, making music is not just a collaboration between musicians on

the stage….but also a joint exercise in merry, melody making with the audience themselves. And Roisin on Fiddle, simply rocks. She’s played in string bands all around the world, and these days Hollywood is

very fortunate to have her as the string shredder of the house band at our own local establishment. The band takes requests, cues the audience when to clap on certain songs, stomp their feet on others….or chime

in with a line of a song such as “I think I’ll have a pint!” All of this interaction leads to a truly unique evening of entertainment. Playing live music requires a live audience, if you know what I mean. Certainly, some kinds of music engage in different ways, but in a genre and setting which demand a true give and take with the audience, these guys didn’t let us down. About half way through the 2nd set, The fellow on the barstool next to me walked up to the stage, and dropped a few bucks in the request jar. “Galloway Girl”, an old Irish ballad was the tune he wanted to hear. As the band plowed through this emotional melody, I looked his way through the corner of my eyes. I could see he was tearing up during the first chorus. Who doesn’t love a good cry? This song was followed by foot stompers and hand clappers such as “Finnegan’s Way”, and “The 200 Year Old Alcoholic.” These songs that I was previously unfamiliar with, now are on my list to look into further, and maybe even learn myself to have some fun on the guitar. The songs of the Irish are often poignant, often festive, and often humorous. Sometimes, all in the same title. I can’t wait to dig deeper into original recordings by Ade, and visit again with these guys. They make Hollywood proud. If you want to visit them check out facebook.com/celticbridge for more information. Another Guinness please barkeep! Email Jeff@thesongteam.com if you have a local band you'd like us to check out!

Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


Hollywood History

Who Owns Sailor's Point and Other Questions Answered About North and South Lakes


By Clive Taylor

here’s a beautiful little spot on a corner jutting into North Lake in the Lakes area of Hollywood and everyone calls it Sailor’s Point. It’s a lovely place for a picnic, and the home of the Gulfstream Sailing Club, which has been leasing the property from the city for a dollar a year since 1992, and uses the property to teach club youth as well as adults how to sail. But that’s about all that is known about the land located at 921 N Northlake Drive, other than as far back as anyone can recall it has been known as Sailor’s Point. So I decided to play Real Estate Detective set out to discover why this prime piece of Hollywood real estate, with waterfront exposures that would keep a backyard cool in the summer and sunny in the winter, was never sold and built on. What I found were a lot of very knowledgeable locals who were just as curious as I was as to how the city

came to own this land, and when exactly it started to be known as Sailor’s Point. No deed can be found at the county, and as far as they are concerned, the city has always been the owner. There is no recorded sale. But, digging further, I eventually found one local who told me that the land was donated to the city by a Hollywood physician named Elbert McLaury, for the sole purpose of teaching youths how to sail. Interestingly, Dr. McLaury built a home at 903 North Southlake Drive one of the first large homes to be built on North Southlake at the time. This lot is the exact same lot

as Sailor’s Point, only situated on Southlake instead of Northlake. So the good Doctor did indeed get his fabulous waterfront yard with the perfect all year ‘round exposures. But I digress. The city has no historical information on the Sailor’s Point property, other than a park brochure from the late ‘70s listing it as

Next month...


January 2019

Hollywood History a passive park, one “which emphasizes the open-space aspect of a park and allows for the preservation of natural habitat” per Wikipedia. Some of the native locals tell me they had sailing lessons there as far back as the late ‘50s as a summer recreation program. The Concrete ramps were there in the late ‘60s and perhaps even later. Aerial photos from the 50’s clearly show Sailor’s Point with what appear to be boats on a big cleared lot. While digging I also discovered that N. North Lake Drive was originally going to be the alley way for homes facing North Lake. Pierce Street would have been in front of the homes along the seawall of North Lake, all the way to 9th Avenue. The homes were to be situated on the other side of the roadway, just like at the heads of both Lakes and the very east ends of all the Lake Drives. This would have made for a very scenic drive for motorists, four miles around both lakes and the Intracoastal. In a Hollywood Reporter dated from 1923: “Around the artificial lakes will be sweeping drives, approximately 4 miles in extent. Between the drives and the water will be beautiful parkways and walks bordering the lakes. One can imagine how attractive automobilists will find the lake drives, with a fascinating body of water before them and the refreshing greenery of a varied vegetation to charm the eye along the roadway. Wow, sign me up Mr. Young! No wonder people were clamoring down here in the ‘20s! This street plan was intended for both North and South Lakes; no houses were to be situated right on the Lakes. This explains why the avenues dead end into the Lakes. The Avenues would have intersected with the streets that bordered the Lakes. This change in roadway plan also explains why we have some houses on Polk and Buchanan with no alleys and street frontage on both sides. The same layout exists on South Lake with Van Buren and Jefferson Streets having no alleys. The city vacated its rights of way (the dead ends at the lakes) in 1936, but kept the avenues for utilities and

drainage. I viewed plats from 1945 that show very few homes on the lakes but still showed some of the original planned roadway along the border of the lake. Plats from the ‘20s do not show North Lake or South Lake Drives. Imagine life without the confusing N. North Lake Drive, S. North Lake Drive, N. South Lake Drive and S. South Lake Drive! I don’t know about you, but I grew up in Hollywood and to this day I still pause every time I say one of the Lake Drive names -- you have to think about what side of the lake you are on and which lake you are talking about when referring to an address one of the Lakes. So, back to Sailor’s Point. It stayed a city right of way, and was turned into a park where Pierce Street would have dead-ended and turned North to 9th Avenue. Well, we almost lost this valuable open space when the city considered selling off several city owned properties. Thanks to the efforts of the Hollywood Lakes Civic Assn. and local residents the city heard loud and clear this property should not be sold. A 2002 survey showed a whopping 97% of residents were against selling Sailor’s Point. If the Dr. Elbert McLaury story is true I’m not sure the city should have even considered selling land a resident donated for the purpose of recreational sailing. A search for information on Dr. McLaury turned up the information that he and his wife, Rosalind, were indeed known as great philanthropists known for their generosity in the city, so chances are that the story is indeed

Hollywood Lakes Cont. from page 5

true. Mrs. McLaury’s obituary from 1998, when she died at age 95, painted her as a generous, modest woman who had lived in Hollywood for most of her life. Per the obit: “In the late 1920s, Mrs. McLaury and her husband, Dr. Elbert McLaury, moved to Hollywood from New York. Together they established a clinic that is Hollywood's oldest operating medical office. During World War II, Mrs. McLaury helped her husband through a labor shortage by working at the clinic. For almost 30 years, Mrs. McLaury was a fund-raiser for The American Cancer Society's annual Our Race for Life luncheon and day at the races at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale.” "She was the kind of woman you had a great deal of respect and admiration for, and you could depend on her year after year," said Marilyn Myers, co-founder of Our Race for Life. "You wouldn't even know that she's gone because everything she's done is still alive Dr. McLaury died in October 1983 at the age of 83. He was a native of Waycross, GA and a graduate of Emory University Medical School. here. She left her mark.” Dr. McLaury died in October 1983 at the age of 83. He was a native of Waycross, GA and a graduate of Emory University Medical School. He was a co-founder of Hollywood Hospital and Hollywood Clinic. He

had been president of the Broward County Medical Association and a Mason. He established the Religio- Dr. McLaury in his Psychiatric Emory Yearbook from 1941 Clinic of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and worked with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s clinic in New York. Prior to the city considering the sale, Sailor’s Point was not utilized much by local residents and there were no facilities or storage buildings on site. But along with the decision not to sell, the city decided to build bathroom facilities as well as storage for boats. At the same time, Gulfstream Sailing Club improved their outreach and expanded their sailing program to encourage the local community to use the facilities. Today Gulfstream Sailing Club offers year ‘round sailing lessons for youth and adults, as well as summer camp activities. So although we don’t have a sweeping, beautifully landscaped four-mile drive around North and South Lakes, we do have Sailor’s Point and the lovely curves at the heads of both lakes, which is where you’ll find many people enjoying the views, exactly as Joe Young envisioned over 90 years ago!

Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association Meeting Feb 5, 2019. 1st Tuesday of each month

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7-11 a.m., Charnow Park between Garfield Street and Connecticut Street on Hollywood Beach

Marie-Élaine Thibert

Volunteers meet to collect litter and cigarette butts from the beach. Information: 954-921-3271


MEGA-BOOK FAIR AT STIRLING ROAD LIBRARY Noon-4 p.m., Stirling Road Branch Library 3151 Stirling Road

Find a huge selection of children’s books, plus adult fiction, nonfiction, CDs, DVDs and art books. A bag of books (bags supplied) is $5; $3 for teachers and Friends’ members. Information: 954-357-7550

HOLLYWOOD HISTORICAL SOCIETY LECTURE SERIES 1-3 p.m., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Community Center, 2400 Charleston St.

The Black Broward Film Project: Sibling Communities – Hollywood, Dania and Liberia. Free. Information: 954-923-5590

CONTRA DANCE 2-5 p.m., Hollywood Women’s Club, 501 N. 14th Ave.

Dance caller Anita Mason teaches the moves before each dance. No experience necessary. Information: 954-431-0690



Azalea Terrace

The race course is visible from Hollywood Beach. Proceeds of the event go to the Hollywood Beach Safety Competition Teams. Information: paddleguru.com


CANADAFEST Arts Park, 1 Young Circle Celebrate Canadian culture South Florida style and in a new location. Organized by the French newspaper Le Soleil de la Floride, and under new management since last year, the event is now a bilingual event moved to the heart of the city of Hollywood. More than 80 merchants will take part while a lineup of 46 artists will perform throughout the weekend, including internationally known pianist Richard Abel with his six musicians; Marie-Éaine Thibert, runner-up at Star Academy; the queens of country music Julie and Dani Daraiche; well-known Canadian/Floridian jazz musician Manon Robert with her band; and a performance by Shine MSD students. Proceeds go toward Enfant Soleil Foundation in Canada and Shine MSD, benefitting students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Information: 954-922-1800 or CanadaFest.com


5-10 p.m., Harrison Street area

Pop-up shops, mural tour and more. Information: 954-924-2980


January 2019

HOME” WORKSHOP SERIES 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Boulevard Heights Community Center, 6770 Garfield St.


This workshop provides hands-on leadership training emphasizing community building principles and strategies, project planning, organizational leadership and management. Cost is free. Information: dbiederman@ hollywoodfl.org

7-9 p.m., ArtsPark at Young Circle, 1 Young Circle

March 3

6-7:30 p.m., ArtsPark at Young Circle, 1 Young Circle

Live music, meditation and Tai Chi. Information: 954-962-7447

FULL MOON DRUM CIRCLE Information: 954-926-0204


Julie and Dani Daraiche



DREAM CAR CLASSIC 10 a.m.-2 p.m., downtown Hollywood Blvd.

Classic cars, trucks and other vehicles on display. Information: 954-825-1027

WALK TO STOP HUNGER 3 p.m., St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1704 Buchanan St.

The Walk 2 Stop Hunger is the Jubilee Center’s fundraising event to support hunger-relief efforts and to increase awareness about the issue of hunger in our communities. Cost is $10 for adults, $5 for children and includes a T-shirt and lunch. Information: 954-920-0106


MAYOR’S CHESS CHALLENGE 9 a.m., Fred Lippmann MultiPurpose Center 2030 Polk St.

Join mayors, elected officials and community leaders in Broward County for free meetups in support of scholastic chess. All ages and skill


9 BE MINE COMMUNITY DOG SHOW 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Stan Goldman Park, 800 Knights Road

ARTSPARK LIVE! 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, ArtsPark amphitheater, Hollywood Blvd. & U.S. 1

Bring your pooch, your human friends and family for fur-friendly fun. Entry fee is $5. Proof of current vaccinations is required. Contest categories include: Longest Tail, Most Obedient, Best Costume, Best Kisser, Most Distinctive Bark and more. Also features a raffle, vendors and a silent auction. Proceeds benefit the Hollywood Council of Civic Association’s Pete Brewer Scholarship Fund for graduating Hollywood seniors. Information: 954-662-3612 or be.mine.dogshow@gmail.com

Feb. 15: Return to Me Feb. 22: 42: The Jackie Robinson Story Information: 954-921-3500

uEXHIBITS ARTSPARK AT YOUNG CIRCLE GALLERY Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m., 1 Young Circle

u Exposed Exhibition + Fundraiser:

levels are welcome. Free instruction from the Sunrise Center for Excellence in Chess. Information: 954-747-4600


ELECTRIC LIGHT THE NIGHT FUN RUN #2 4-10 p.m., ArtsPark at Young Circle, 1 Young Circle

Run, walk, skip or dance your way around Arts Park in this fundraiser. Hollywood Lions Club & Greater

Trevor Noah

Hollywood YMCA Family Center will be working together to promote health, friendship and volunteerism. Information: HollywoodLionsClub. org


ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE & FESTIVAL Noon-6 p.m., downtown Hollywood

An array of floats, pipe and drums, marching bands and businesses participate in the parade along with


the New York Police Department Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. Information: 954-921-3404

HOLLYWOOD HISTORICAL SOCIETY LECTURE SERIES 1-3 p.m., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Community Center, 2400 Charleston St.

Come hear the presentation “Growing Up in Hollywood, 1920s to Present, a Native Son’s Retrospective.” Speaker is Christopher Mark Neilson, attorney and counselor at law. Free. Information: 954-923-5590

March 9: Tom Segura

Feb. 20: Sarah Brightman Feb. 22: Bad Company Feb. 23: Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience


u If I can't see you from here:

Sammi McLean and Ingrid Schindall: Viewers are engaged to reflect on their own memories of objects and longing for the slow passage of time. On display throuhg Feb. 22

March 1: Rumble at the Rock IV

Feb. 13: Dancing with the Stars: Live!

Feb. 16: War at The Rock: Mixed martial arts promotion

Feneck: Feneck’s practice is an investigation into the impact color has on our spatial perception. On display through Feb. 22.

Feb. 28: Ron White March 3: Tesla and special guest KIX

Feb. 14 & 15: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

u Hidden Color: Christian

Feb. 27: The Beach Boys


1 Seminole Way, Hollywood

On display through Feb. 22. Draw is Feb. 22 at a reception from 6-9 p.m. Exposed turns art patrons into art buyers during a night in which every ticket holder goes home with an original piece.

March 8: RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles March 15: Trevor Noah Show times: 954-797-553

u Captain is Hollywood Art

Exhibition: Featuring artist Maria Isabel Lazo. On display until March 17. An artist’s reception will be Feb. 21 from 6-9:30 p.m. in the Gallery. Information: 954-921-3500

ART AND CULTURE CENTER OF HOLLYWOOD 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Tue-Fri, and Noon-4 p.m. Sat-Sun, 1650 Harrison St.

Information: 954-921-3274

Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


The Beachcombers Bring Centuries of Music Making to the Hollywood Broadwalk


Between them, the musicians of the Beachcombers have hundreds of years of experience in making music. Maybe thousands, if you count all the Beachcombers past and present. This actually makes sense, when you consider that the band has been playing for over 40 years, that this is its 4th generation, and that right now, like most any time in its history, the average age of the musicians is about 75. And if at any time you’re lucky enough to catch one of their shows, you’ll see that these guys still rock. “Members of the band have come and gone over the years,” said John Ricci, current lead singer and director, who joined the Beachcombers about 10 years ago. There are about 10 players at this time, three of them for about 20 years! Throughout the band’s history, most of the players have been male; at this time, Mari Bell is the only female. You never know which of the musicians will show up for any given performance. The group has been making music for so long that it is almost always performed without any sheet music.


January 2019

Although, Ricci noted, “some of the guys will bring some pieces on their tablets for the others to follow along.“ Apparently, even the older people here are taking advantage of today’s technology! The band plays, as it has for 40 years, at Charnow Park, on the Broadwalk between Connecticut and Garfield Streets, right in front of the parking garage, handball courts and kids’ park. They’ve been playing in the same spot since its inception in 1978, even before the Broadwalk and Charnow Park are what they are today. You can catch them playing their unique blend of hits from the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s between the hours of 11:30 am and 3 pm on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, weather permitting. The choice of music of the day, said Ricci, depends on who’s playing. “It used to be a lot more big band and swing music, but now we do a lot more rock and newer music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The music changes with the musicians — they tend to play mostly the music grew up with,” he explained. Ricci himself is one of the youngest members of the ensemble, at “64 and a half,” he laughed. He joined the group about 10 years ago. “Three of the players — Irving

Hacken, Bobby Roberts, and Marvin Schoonens — have been part of the band for 20 years,” noted Ricci. “Marvin is 89 ¾ — well, he’ll be 90 in March. He is a featured singer and also sometimes plays drums. He does a great Louis Armstrong impersonation. He sings “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, “What a Wonderful World” and “Hello Dolly”. He’ll often do eight or nine songs in a show. “Bobby Roberts is 85. He plays the trumpet and is also our sound technician. He’s originally from Canada and he sings a couple of songs, both English and French. “And our oldest band member is Irv. He’s 97. He’s a big draw — people just love him. He usually sings two songs and he plays guitar. His first song is usually “Ain’t She Sweet,” and he almost always dedicates his second song to his late wife. “You’d never believe he’s 97! He stands tall and he conducts himself like a much younger man, in every manner.” Irv is the only one that he knows of in the current combo who played any music professionally in past, noted Ricci. “He played in the army band in WWII, and he played with some pretty heavy cats!” he said.

All the musicians clearly enjoy everything about music and playing. But the most fun thing, Ricci said, is always the audience. “The people who come and listen are so diverse!” he said. “We play under the gazebo, facing the ocean, and everyone stops, from young kids to seniors, people from all over…they listen, sing along and they dance on the Broadwalk. I’m totally flabbergasted at how people are so into it.” Ricci says that everyone in the band does it for the fun, the love of the music, and the love of the people. “We have a lot of fun, great camaraderie, we laugh a lot, we have a great time, and hey, we’re at the beach,” he laughed. “But most important, the people really enjoy it,” he added. “And we feed off of that; that’s what really gets us going.” You can see the Beachcombers perform at Charnow Park, on the Broadwalk at 300 Connecticut Street, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:30 am to 3 pm, weather permitting. And check out their Facebook page @ The Beachcombers Hollywood Florida. For additional information, you can call John Ricci at (973) 698-6606 or email him at JRVocal@yahoo.com.

Hollywood Residents Speak Out at Broward Commission on 911 Tower The Broward County REPORTER dtv@gate.net Commission agreed to wait on making a final decision on whether or not to continue pursuing a plan to place a 911 radio dispatch tower at West Lake Park after opposition from community members to the plan was heard at the last County Commission meeting. The need for improved 911 radio dispatch communication was heightened after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last year that left 17 dead. Emergency communications were overwhelmed by the large number of officers communicating with each other and many were forced to use hand signals as they approached the school, according to reporting done by the South BY DAVID VOLZ

Broward County owns the land where it wants to build a more than 300-foot tall tower, but it needs the approval of the City of Hollywood government before proceeding with construction — a task that is proving difficult for Broward County. Jackson told the Broward Commission that the tower should be built at West Lake Park because placing it somewhere else would now be too complicated. City of Hollywood leaders, Florida Sun-Sentinel. some of whom were present at the Tracy Jackson, director of meeting, prefer that the tower be regional emergency services and placed on top of the Circ Hotel. communications for Broward Mayor Josh Levy, CommisCounty, gave a presentation on the status of the implementation of the sioner Caryl Shuham and Vice dispatch services — which involves Mayor Traci Callari are in favor of placing the new antenna system on the building and installation of top of the Circ Hotel. A number of new facilities in Broward County. He said the process is going well community leaders and residents from the West Lake Park commuwith the exception of the land the tower will be built on. Technically, nity said they believe it would less expensive and that the antennas

could be placed quicker if the radio system were placed on top of the Circ Hotel, eliminating the need for a tower. Many of the West Lake Park residents believe that the tower would diminish the value of their property and take away from the pleasant appearance of their neighborhood. They agree that an improved 911 dispatch system is needed and that public safety is very important, but they also argue that it would be better to place the system on top of the Circ Hotel. Members of the Broward County Commission believe that the 911 project should be completed by late 2019 and that public safety is of primary appearance. But the Commission has asked engineers to determine if the Circ Hotel location would work.

Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


Hollywood Commission to Take GO Bond Question to Voters March 12 Hollywood residents will REPORTER get the oppordtv@gate.net tunity to vote on a general obligation bond in the upcoming March 12 election. The money would be used to pay for major expenses — such as a new police headquarters, major improvements to two golf courses, the purchase of a closed golf course and infrastructure improvements to city facilities. The decision to include the bond in the March 12 election was made at a City Commission meeting on Dec. 5. The bond is being divided into three categories and voters will be able to choose which categories they want to vote for or against: The first category will be $23 million to improve the City’s neighborhoods, infrastructure, and resiliency. The second category will be about $78 million to improve the City’s police and fire public safety facilities and equipment. The third category will be for $64 million to improve the City’s parks, recreational facilities, cultural facilities, golf courses and purchase land for open space. The total GO bond would be for about $165 million. The bonds will be payable from unlimited ad valorem taxes and mature no later than 25 years from issuance date. A homeowner with a property valued at $165,000 would pay about $106 a year in additional property taxes if the GO bond is approved. According to the City of Hollywood website, some of the proposed projects to be funded by the GO bond include: BY DAVID VOLZ

- New Hollywood Police Department Headquarters - Hollywood Fire Rescue Trucks and Equipment - Traffic Calming and Control Measures - City-wide Park Improvements - Preservation of Open Space through the acquisition of the former Sunset Golf Course and revitalization of Orangebrook and Hollywood Beach Golf Courses - Art and Culture Center/Hollywood Multidisciplinary Arts Education 12

January 2019

Center - ArtsPark at Young Circle Improvements - Renovation of former Armory Building into Indoor Sports Facility - Recreational Facilities and Sports Fields - Creation of Natural Trails - Neighborhood Sound Walls and Landscaping - Gateway and Neighborhood Monument Signs - Sea Walls and Tidal Flooding Mitigation - Hardening of Utilities in North Beach Timeline of the GO bond project • In November 2017 the City Commission held a workshop to figure out how much funding is needed for improvements throughout the city • The City Commission agreed to pursue a GO bond to fund those improvements • From November 2017 until March 2018, the City Commission held community meetings, conducted a survey of likely voters, and developed an Initial project list • From June 2018 to present dayGO bond planning staff continue to work on refining the projects • In the November 2018 midterm elections, the residents of Hollywood approved a transportation surtax • The City of Hollywood is currently working on the final list of projects and the language of the March ballot questions Here is more information about some of the proposed projects for the bond. Sunset Golf Course One piece of land that the bond money could be used to purchase is the Sunset Golf Course, a 45-acre property. Although there was a lot of discussion around the purchase of the property, it is not currently known whether or not the city will even be able to purchase the land or exactly how it would be developed. The project would cost $12 million. Many local residents want this land to be used for what is now a passive park. It would be a place for people to

go and relax, walk, jog, cycle, and participate in yoga and maybe casual ball games. New Police Headquarters The current police headquarters, measured at 76,000 square feet, is outdated and old. It is not considered to be safe in the event the city is hit by a major hurricane. Police leadership believes a new structure is needed. A new police headquarters would be 120,000 square feet and include a 450 space parking garage. In addition, the fire department would receive new equipment and vehicles. “We need to replace the current police station. In case of a storm we would be hard pressed to have a place to operate from,” Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez said at a meeting about the GO bond. “The police building is not built to withstand a powerful storm. The new police headquarters would cost $72.6 million. Another $5 million would be for fire equipment including: three ALS rescue units, three engines, one hazmat truck, one battalion command vehicle and an air pack system for structural fire fighting. Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood Multidisciplinary Arts Education Center The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood‘s “Arts Ignite!” facilities expansion initiative is among the improvement projects selected for the Let’s GO Hollywood General Obligation Bond (GO Bond). Hollywood voters can vote for the Bond during the special election scheduled on March 12, 2019. The funds allocated to the Center would represent the City’s contribution to the construction of new multi-disciplinary arts-education spaces and the expansion/renovation of current visual arts galleries at the downtown campus located at 1650 Harrison Street. Through a successful GO Bond Referendum, the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood will build new education, gallery and performance spaces adjacent to the historic Kagey Home facility.

Other Projects The Orangebrook Golf and Country Club project would involve a new 15,000 square foot clubhouse, the renovation of 36 holes — divided into an 18 hole championship course and an 18 hole par three course. There would be a 10,000 square foot cart barn and a 12,000 square foot maintenance building. The entire project will cost $24.7 million. The renovation of the Armory building will cost $2.4 million and will include an indoor sports facility with basketball courts, batting cages and other equipment and meeting rooms and office space. The Dowdy Sports Field project will include the replacement of artificial turf, new drainage, and new LED sports lighting at a cost of $2.5 million. The Hollywood West Sports Park project will include the replacement of artificial turf, new bleachers and park equipment for a cost of $1.1 million. The Zinkil Park project will include replacing playground equipment for $604,688. In general, the city commission is optimistic about the GO bond. “The City has a great opportunity with the bond. If the voters approve the bond, we could make the City an even better place to live,” Josh Levy, mayor of Hollywood, said. “We could have protection from coastal flooding and a new police station for public safety. We could purchase open space and improve assets that benefit the public.” Hernandez thinks the improvements to Orangebrook will go a long way for the city. “It would be good if we could get a PGA event at Orangebrook,” he said. “That would mean a lot of good publicity for Hollywood.” Commissioner Caryl Shuham, who still has questions about the bond, also sees the benefits of new facilities for the city. “I think it is a good thing to put the decision to the voters,” Shuham said. “I am in favor of the decision we made. I believe we need a new police station. The building is too small and outdated. It would not be secure during a severe storm. We need a better facility.” She added: “I am optimistic about the bond.”

Family Owned & Professionally Managed Since 1955





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Convenient to Miami, Boca Raton & Ft. Lauderdale


facebook.com/lomarproperties 125 N. 46 Ave. Hollywood, Fl 33021 • Email: lomarapts@gmail.com


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Third Saturday of the Month • 5-10pm Visit restaurants, galleries & shops while enjoying art, music, murals, outdoor markets & more! Mural Project Tour

FREE walking tour begins 6pm at the Visitor Info Center (Hollywood Blvd & 20th Ave)

Artisan Market

Pop-up shops, handmade items, local purveyors and more! Harrison St. between 20th & 21st Ave

Galleries & Shops

Featuring orignal artwork and new exhibitions

Impulse Art

Fusion of Music & Foot Painting FREE performance begins 8pm 2001 Van Buren St

Art: Daniel Pontet, Music: Resurrection Drums




ARTS camp June 10 – August 10, 2019

Ages 4 –  18

Bring out the artist and performer in your child with visual, performing, and interdisciplinary programs at Summer Arts Camp. Each session of camp ends with a performance or an exhibition of artwork, because children flourish when they put the skills they’ve learned into practice.

For more information or to register, call 954. 921. 3274 or visit ArtAndCultureCenter.org/camp today!

Summer Arts Camp is funded in part by an arts-education grant from the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, Helen Ingham Foundation, and Florida Theatrical Association. The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization supported in part by its members, admissions, private entities, the City of Hollywood; the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council; the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture; the David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation; and the Josephine S. Leiser Foundation. We welcome donations from all members of the community who wish to support our work.


January 2019

1650 Harrison Street Hollywood, FL 33020 954. 921. 3274

FirstLantic: Offering Peace of Mind in Home Health Care since 2000


erhaps you have an aging parent who needs some help in order to stay at home and take care of themselves. Or maybe it’s your partner, and you want to keep them with you, but you need help. Or maybe it’s you. There are so many choices to make, and it’s stressful. How do you even know where to start? One call to FirstLantic Healthcare can help, and the person to call is Patient Care Coordinator Nicole Wetzel. Nicole, a long-time Hollywood resident, has been in the home health care business for 24 years, and worked with FirstLantic since opening in 2000. At FirstLantic, the patient is offered the choice of agency or registry for hourly and live-in home care. Caregivers are carefully hired with rigorous background checks. Private pay and long-term care insurance is accepted. In-house specialist is available to verify all insurance policies. In addition, FirstLantic offers

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live within the comfort of their own home while maintaining independence and quality of life.”

assistance to veterans with the application process to find out if they are eligible for the Veterans Administration’s Aide & Attendance program. They also offer Professional Care Management which covers comprehensive care including healthcare, supportive counseling, client advocacy and budget preparation. And, when it comes time to move out of the home and into a senior living community, FirstLantic is available to help with a free placement service. “We collaborate with a network of ancillary services such as therapy, nursing, house call physicians, and durable medical equipment (DME) in order to deliver a full continuum of care. There are so many different options, and it can be overwhelming,” said Nicole. “Our goal is to create a safe, home environment that provides peace-of-mind for the patient and family.” The company’s philosophy is, “Everyone deserves the opportunity to live within the comfort of their own

home while maintaining independence and quality of life.” Visit FirstLantic’s website at www.firstlantic.com for a free, informative e-book on home care, plus lots of great information on adult health and wellness in general. For further information, call Nicole Wetzel directly at 754-226-1391. She is happy to make herself available as a resource on home health care to anyone who has any related questions.

Nicole Wetzel



Fees/Costs Unless We Win

Attorneys Peter and Samara Bober


Bober & Bober, P.A. • Car/Truck Accidents

• Medical Malpractice

• Slip and Fall Injuries

• Dog/Animal Bites

• Wrongful Death

• Construction Accidents

• Premises Liability

• Nursing Home & Elder Abuse

• Birth, Brain and Spinal Injuries

• Unpaid Overtime Wage Claims

• Motorcycle Accidents

• Wage/Tip Theft

• Boating Accidents


(954) 922-2298 2699 Stirling Rd., Suite A-304 Hollywood, FL 33312 • info@boberlaw.com The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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131 954-609n-3 this map

to advertise o

HollywoodBeach Dining


February 2019

Billy's Stone Crab Hollywood 400 N Ocean Dr. (954) 923-2300

Diplomat Prime 3555 S Ocean Dr. (954) 602-8331

Cielo Restaurant & Sky Bar 777 N Ocean Dr. (954) 613-3700

GG's Waterfront 606 N Ocean Dr. (954) 929-7030

Häagen-Dazs® Ice Cream 814 N Broadwalk (954) 923-8888 Hollywood Brewing Co. 290 N. Broadwalk (305) 414-4757

Mamacitas Latin Bar & Grill 591 N Broadwalk (954) 921-7988

Point Royal 3555 S Ocean Dr. (954) 602-8750

Ocean Alley 900 N Broadwalk (954) 921-6171

Taco Beach Shack 334 Arizona St (954) 920-6523


Hotels & Lodging

Costa Hollywood Beach Resort 777 N Ocean Dr. (954) 613-3700

Margaritaville 1111 N Ocean Dr. (954) 874-4444

Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood 3555 S Ocean Dr. (954) 602-6000

Marriott - Hollywood Beach 2501 N Ocean Dr.

(954) 924-2202 Villa Sinclair Beach Suites & Spa 317 Polk St. (954) 450-0000

Broward B-cycle (754) 200-5672 Costa Bella Realty Group 330 N Federal Hwy #200 Lonna Spitaleri - (954) 921-2800

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Funeral & Cemetary Pre-planning Transfer to/from State or Country Cremation Options

Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapel

17250 West Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

305-935-3939 or 1-800-758-1151 Availalbe 24 Hours a Day... 7 Days a Week

Custom Floral Design for Weddings & All of Your Special Events Proudly Announcing the Grand Opening of our Second Location in Hollywood

Celebrating 35 Years of Exquisite Floral Décor

BAYFRONTFLORAL.COM | 954-981-1024 18

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OF THE MONTH Lulu & Truffles


Hollywood A Great Location for Your Vocation

Lulu the Lhasapoo keeps a close watch on Truffles the African Leopard tortoise to make sure she doesn’t run away again. Email creative@hollywoodgazette.com to submit your pet of the month. COMPANION ANIMALS & EXOTICS HG • EXP 2/28/19

10% OFF

Vaccinations & Veterinary Services* *Offer excludes grooming, food and products

Office, retail and restaurant space from 200 to 20,000 sq. ft. Centrally located. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the Downtown Commercial Core is an Opportunity Zone. Lisa Liotta, Redevelopment Manager LLiotta@hollywoodfl.org | 954.924.2980

Robert D.Schachner, DVM

Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood 521 N. Federal Hwy • Hollywood, FL Office hours by appointment • (954) 920-2400


Musical Team Building Experiences


To make YOUR next meeting or event a huge, disruptive success, check us out! The Song Team

Hit Songwriters lead Nashville-Style interactive programs now available right here in Hollywood, Florida!


TheSongTeam.com or call 615-974-0225 (Residencies available)

Beth David and Levitt-Weinstein has been devoted to serving our Jewish community for over 40 years with pride, respect and the utmost professionalism. We promise do the same for you. 3201 N. 72nd Ave. Hollywood, FL 33024

www.bethdavidmemorial.com • 954-266-0174 Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


Zagat - Hottest Restaurants in South Florida

THE ROYAL BRUNCH ENDLESS SEASONAL STATIONS BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS & BLOODY MARYS EVERY SUNDAY | 11:30AM - 2PM $45 PER ADULT $30 FOR THE BOTTOMLESS BEVERAGE RESERVATIONS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED 954-602-8750 | WWW.POINTROYAL-FL.COM Join us at Point Royal for Geoffrey’s Royal Brunch with a variety of tables and stations offering the best daytime fare. Start off with our house made pastries or our delicious specialty egg dishes or our tasty morning hashes from our brunch selection table. Then move onto seasonal salads, fresh fruit, and dips and fresh-baked breads. Next, head over to our Butcher’s Table for decadent carved meats and our selection of savory options like fried chicken, shrimp & grits, mac and cheese, and more. You’ll want to try it all. +subject to applicable tax and gratuity


January 2019



City Considers Pilot Program Adding Small Space for Paddle Boarding on Hollywood Beach

by David Volz tand up paddle boarding In total, Hollywood Beach has has become a popular about 24,300 feet of space, and only activity in the past decade, 2,200 feet of that space can be used and those who enjoy it, like for stand up paddleboarding. Cat Uden, have been makUden calls into question the ing waves about being denied logic behind the city’s decision access to launch and paddle on Hol- making. lywood Beach for months. “We’ve not been presented with Following some discussion at any data that justifies the city’s a recent commission meeting, the fear of stand up paddlers. In addiCity of Hollywood has agreed to tion, Hollywood has always allowed consider a pilot program that proswimmers in our “surf” paddle zone, poses adding two additional launch and never clears them from the zones for stand up paddle boardwater when we paddle,” she said. ers — one at Nevada Street and the “Yet, I have never heard of an acother at Harrison Street. cident between a stand-up paddler Also, instead of being required to and swimmer. So, basically we have go at least 300 yards from the shore, had a pilot program for the past 20 paddleboarders would now only be years, and there is no data presented required to go out 100 yards from that shows a danger to swimmers,” the shore. noting that most paddlers are only But Uden says the pilot program going to be out there if it’s ‘like a gives stand up paddlers only two lake.’ tiny launch spots (Nevada and Har“We’re usually paddling very rison) on the Broadwalk, “and we’ll slowly on a flat, empty ocean,” said have to stay a ridiculous distance Uden. In fact, paddle boarders often from shore.” attempt to rescue swimmers from “The city is proposing a launch drowning and rip currents. spot 10 blocks from my friend’s Currently, there is no specific building, forcing her to load boards ordinance against stand up padon her roof, drive 10 blocks, pay to dling in Hollywood and no signs on park, and unload her boards just to Hollywood Beach indicating that be able to paddle at her own beach,” stand up paddling is not allowed. said Uden. The only ordinance refers to restrictions for ‘surfers.’ “I got a $50 ticket from the police for paddling in at the wrong spot on an empty beach by an empty ocean,” said Uden. “The ticket says ‘landing a boat.'” Under current city regulations, surfing is permitted from Franklin to Meade Streets and Georgia Street to Azalea Terrace. Other areas of the beach may be designated for surfing at the discretion of the fire chief and his or her designee. Such areas are currently designated by the appropriate black flag being posted in the area. The launching of non-motorized vessels is permitted between Meade Street and Custer Street, between Bougainvillea and Azalea Terrace and eastward of the beach access walkway south of 3101 South Ocean Drive and north of 3505 South Ocean Drive. “I don’t just ‘go to another beach’


“Originally, my main issue was that I had to launch at unsafe areas by myself,” adds Uden. “Now I am fighting for the entire stand up paddle community, including paddlers who live at buildings on Hollywood Beach and are denied access to the ocean.”


because I live less than a mile from the beach and I have an annual resident sticker that allows me to park at my beach all year,” explains Uden. “It would be expensive to go to another city and pay to park every morning.” Uden has offered to take the commissioners out for a paddle to celebrate an ordinance change. She’ll even supply the boards! “Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety has been assessing the restrictions other local municipalities have on paddle boarding in an effort to

update our rules and create additional access points while ensuring the safety of all on the beach, in and on the water.” says Joann Hussey, Communications Manager with the City. “The City Commission will be considering the paddle board issue and the possibility of a pilot program at an upcoming Regular City Commission meeting. It’s the best place to for the public to have a chance to hear all the facts, have an opportunity to voice their concerns and offer their suggestions.“


PLAY PIANO Individual lessons. All Levels. In your home or our studio. Can provide loaner keyboard if needed.

Call 954.609.3131 Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


Everything you need at one place in Hollywood! Bagels & More

Hiro Maru Sushi

South Broward Tag Agency

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The Market Place

Dr Eric. H. Naierman


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Sheridan Dry Cleaners


Dr. Justine Chen Optometrist MIDNIGHT COOKIES Found from Website PDF (Recreate PMS)




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9 Round (754) 217-4323 Before & After Weight Loss (305) 443-0888 Big Tyme Barber (954) 986-6985 Broward Veterinary Specialists (954) 842-4000 Coldwell Banker (954) 963-1600 Cool Cuts 4 Kids (954) 983-5437 Dr. Justine Chen, Optometrist (954) 962-6627 Dr. Eric. H. Naierman, Dentist (954) 963-6668 Emerald Hills Animal Hospital (954) 983-2300 European Wax Center (954) 475-2444 Kumon Math & Reading (954) 963-2774

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Mathnasium (954) 441-6284 Quest Diagnostics (866) 697-8378 Roots Dance Studio (216) 970-8554 S. Broward Tag Agency (954) 889-0265 Sheridan Dry Cleaners (954) 964-8824 Skylake Insurance (954) 965-6233 State Farm The UPS Store (954) 963-2222 Xanadu (954) 983-0100 Zoey Nails (954) 989-3092 Available for Lease

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For Kidz Only Academy 3DMagine 3D Printing A’Kut to Diamonds & Pearls Lavendar Spa Nail Salon Beauty Salon by Eduard G Maison Carre Fashion Jewelry G IN M LINCOLN Neighborhood Centers BuildCSOOONVibrant Communities... Neighborhood CentersPharmacy Build Vibrant Communities... Brady’s ! Mike’s Café 1 mile 1 mile west of west 441 of 441 PARK NOW Morgans Financial Services The Cage Bar & Grill N E OPFor Kidz Only Academy For Kidz Only Academy 3DMagine3DMagine 3D Printing 3D Printing Cricket Wireless Nine Spices Hot Pot Spa Nail Salon A’Kut to Diamonds Pearls Lavendar Spa Nail Salon A’Kut to Diamonds & Pearls& Lavendar OMI Tours Dance Explosion Salon Maison Carre Fashion Jewelry BeautyCSalon by Eduard G by Eduard G Maison Carre Fashion Jewelry ING OMBeauty State Farm Market SOON! Denny’s Seafood OMING OMING C C LINCOLN LINCOLN Brady’s PharmacySOON! Mike’s Mike’s Café Brady’s Pharmacy Café SOON! Stirling Dollar Store Dunkin DonutsNOW PARK PARK NOW Morgans Morgans FinancialFinancial The CageThe Bar Cage & GrillBar & Grill Services Services N EN E P P O O 6800-6890 Weight Watchers East Coast Gaming Cricket Wireless Nine Spices Hot Pot CricketNOWireless Nine Spices Hot Pot W Stirling Rd. • Davie, Fl. Smoke Shop OPEN! Empire Lash OMI Tours Dance Explosion OMI Tours Dance Explosion NOW Food Talk & Bubble Tea Sprint OMING COMINOGPEN! State Farm Denny’s Seafood State Farm Denny’s Market Market ! N OO SOON! Seafood Dollar Store Dunkin Donuts Stirling Stirling Dollar Store Dunkin Donuts 6800-6890 6800-6890 For leasing Gaming information call Weight Watchers East Coast Weight Watchers East Coast Gaming ext. 23 W W O O N N FIRM Lash Realty - Licensed Rd. Fl. • Davie, Fl. ! Empire Stirling Stirling Rd. • Davie, Smoke Shop Smoke Shop OPENLash OPEN! Empire www.FIRMRealty.com | Robin@FIRMRealty.com Real Estate Broker W W O O N Sprint Talk &Tea BubbleSprint Tea Food ONTalk & Bubble 1930 Harrison Street, Suite 503 • Hollywood, FL PEN! Food OPEN!


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leasing information call For leasingFor information call FIRM Realty - Licensed FIRM Realty - Licensed www.FIRMRealty.com | Robin@FIRMRealty.com www.FIRMRealty.com | Robin@FIRMRealty.com Real Estate Broker Real Estate Broker 1930Street, Harrison Street, 503 • Hollywood, FL 1930 Harrison Suite 503 Suite • Hollywood, FL

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When the perfect storm shows up in Hollywood, businesses will be ready to take it on! The Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Disaster (Hurricane, Tornadoes, Flood) Preparedness Conference on April 18th that no business can afford to miss! The conference will take place at Margaritaville and will start at 9 am until 5 pm. The cost will be $99 per person. Expo tables and Sponsorships are available.

4. 5.

What Federal, State and local programs are available to assist the business community to prepare and respond to a hurricane? • Physical Property • Workforce • Interim financial loans Does your insurance policy cover ALL of your business needs in the event of a storm? What does your insurance really cover? How long before you can have access to your resources. Do you have property damage? What is your liability as a landlord? or tenant? What to do if your landlord / property owner does not follow up after a disaster. How to clean up safely after a storm and who is responsible for expenses, tenant or the building owner? How to store and backup your computer systems. How do you assist your employees and protect your workforce in the event of a storm.

All those questions will be answered. The Structure of the Conference will be shaped to focus on before, during and after a storm.


We will focus our discussions on insurance policies, resources, hurricane hardening programs as well as provide information on what paper work and photos should be prepared in advance of a storm and how to properly back up your computer systems and create a business plan for employees prior to a storm.


Bill (William Condon) Director of the Long Term Recovery Coalition of Broward will discuss evacuation plans, shelters, emergency management and first responders’ needs.

AFTER THE STORM: Hurricane Irma on September 10, just before landfall on Florida. Hurricane Jose can be seen to the lower right. The primary goal of the 2019 GHCC Disaster Preparedness Conference is to properly prepare small and large businesses in our coastal community for hurricane season. In addition to information from Federal, State and local officials on new policies to improve Emergency Management in the Hollywood area, we will also provide informational resources from expert members of our business community on insurance policies, real estate, interim financing, disaster clean up, system backup and human resources.


January 2019

Panelists will discuss the importance of not cleaning up too fast (72 hour wait) FEMA, Hollywood’s Pilot Initiative, USSBA loans and financing. We will provide a list of Chamber member vendors in areas like water restoration, contractors, waste pick up, inspection as a resource for participants to contact after the storm. The format will consist of an opening Keynote speaker followed by panel discussion sessions. Each panel discussion will take place twice to allow all attendees to experience each session at least once. We all know storms are inevitable when living in South Florida….but a lot can be done to best prepare and recover quickly and smoothly. Hollywood will lead the way in storm recovery! Join us on April 18th; RSVP at www.Hollywoodchamber.org or call Tammy at 954-923-4000.

NEW TRUSTEES & MEMBERS Pinzur Communications Inc.


Rachel Pinzur (305) 725-2875 Rachel@Pinzurpr.com Well by Elle Yoga


ty / w le

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Mary Kay Cosmetics Tassyanne Assis

s, de be ck or

Hero Home Source Specialist - Lisa Pennie

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er el to













th er

on all

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ry s,

up e, of n, or

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12 6

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of ng

Tommy Ruisi (954) 239-8989 contact@sacredeyetattoos.com

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Norma Levy (954) 961-8303 twhs3801@aol.com

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Jamilla Abughali (954) 625-2545 jabughali@ulbcfl.org 4

Total Women’s HealthCare of South Broward- Dr. Robert C. Siudmak


Mathew Manzo 954-812-4401 mathew.manzo1@gmail.com

Eliana Balk (917) 301-3891 wellbyelleyoga@gmail.com

le nd

ss ur ve

Saxon Business Systems





Healthcare Industry Group University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, 3850 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 401, Hollywood FL 33021 4pm - 5pm Network Like a Pro Hollywood Chamber 330 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL, 33020 9:30am - 11:00am Good Morning Hollywood Breakfast Apollo Middle School, 6800 Arthur St., Hollywood FL 7:30am - 9:00am Real Estate Construction Home Alliance Industry Group Hollywood Chamber 12pm - 1:15pm Spanish Industry Group The CIRC Hotel 1780 Polk Street, Hollywood FL 12:00pm - 1:15pm
















Understanding the New Tax Code Hollywood Chamber 330 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL 33020 12pm - 1pm How to Use Social Media for Business Hollywood Chamber 330 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL 33020 9:00am - 10:30pm Events & Entertainment Art & Culture Center, 1650 Harrison Street, Hollywood FL 4pm - 5pm










Spark Speaker Series - Speed Branding ArtsPark at Young Circle Gallery, One Young Circle, Hollywood FL 5:30pm - 7:30pm Membership Orientation Hollywood Chamber 330 N Federal Hwy Hollywood, FL 33020 11:30am - 1:00pm SPARK Speaker Series ArtsPark @ Young Circle Hollywood FL 33020 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Business After Hours TBA 5:00pm - 7:00pm LinkedIn 2.0 Hollywood Chamber 330 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL 33020 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Hollywood Gazette | 954-962-8180 | hollywoodgazette.com


Intelligent Termite • Pest • Rodent Control

Don’t bet the house! Why fumigate when you can terminate? WDO tate s E l a Re tions c e p s In rom f



Call today before it’s too late! • Once a Year Pest Control & Ant Specialists • Termite / Fumigation & Rodent Experts • FREE Rodent Control with any annual pest control or termite service • Switch your termite warranty to us and get one year FREE

We accept:

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Visit our

store at

3256 W Willsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 954-429-3365 • pestdepot.com


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January 2019

Q & A with Former Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober Most of us know Peter Bober as the former Mayor of Hollywood. Bober served from 2008 to 2016, and as a City Commissioner from 2000 to 2008. Currently, he practices law with his wife, Samara, in the company they founded in 2001, specializing in the areas of employment law, personal injury and business consulting. Born in Miami and raised in Hollywood, Bober has always lived here, except when he attended the University of Texas in Austin for undergrad, and law school at the University of Pennsylvania. The Bobers live in the Lakes of Emerald Hills and have two teenage boys. We sat with Bober in his new office at 2699 Sheridan Street to find out about life after public service, and his thoughts on the City today. HOLLYWOOD GAZETTE: Residents were surprised when you didn’t seek re-election in 2016, and you’ve actively supported candidates in the midterms. Are you considering a run for anything in the future? PETER BOBER: I have always loved public service and government, even before I was involved. I’m still very interested in public service; I did help a number of candidates and was recently involved in a number of campaigns at local, state and even national levels. I enjoy helping other people who I think would do a good job and put other people before themselves. Right now I do not have a plan to run for a specific office, but I don’t believe in ever saying never, so if the opportunity arose where I thought I could make a difference I would be more than happy to go back into public life. HG: Where in Hollywood do you take your out-of-town guests? PB: Wow, there is so much. There are some really great parks, and of course, Hollywood Beach is one of our greatest assets. There are actually very few places in the US that even have anything like a Broadwalk -- it’s an unusual and wonderful feature! I would also take them to West Lake Park for some canoeing; we've done an amazing job keeping this an environmentally friendly town and having so many beautiful, absolutely gorgeous places

where we can enjoy nature. As for restaurants, I really love Taverna Opa, on the beach, (editor’s note: Bober said he does not dance on the tables, citing it as ‘never a good thing to be doing as mayor’), GG's, Dandee Donuts, and any place on the beach where you can have a meal and look out at the ocean. I think we’re incredibly lucky and many people take it for granted. I think there’s a lot of great choices.

to understand it. I think the beautiful thing about Margaritaville is that it’s a great financial deal which will be putting money into the City’s coffers for 99 years. And I still think that Hollywood Beach is a quaint, wonderful place to get a soda and a slice of pizza and spend time with the family and look at the ocean and it’s not too expensive so I think we’re able to have our cake and eat it too, and I’m very proud to have been involved in that.

HG: What are your thoughts about the Margaritaville sale?

HG: What do you think the city’s greatest challenge will be in 2019?

PB: I was very involved with the project, and I think that Margaritaville is an incredible success story for the city. Most residents are very proud of it, people not only like it, they love it, when they walk in and see it. It is an incredible financial business agreement for the City, which invested tens of millions of dollars to make many hundreds of millions, and people who don’t think that receiving hundreds of millions of dollars is a good thing have rocks in their heads. It has actually exceeded our expectations in terms of the financial returns, and it has brought a level of quality to Hollywood Beach that did not exist there before. And, it has actually not only been great in itself as a project but has also had a great spin-off effect for the other businesses that are up and down the beach -- you see a lot of improvements, a lot of construction happening on the beach and the Broadwalk because of Margaritaville, so it’s a double whammy in terms of benefits to the city. As for the people who are complaining about it, I think we’re talking about just a handful of people, who either don’t understand it or don’t want

PB: I think the challenge this year is not much different than it is every year -- the City needs to continue to modernize. We have a very significant issue with aging housing stock, older properties, older infrastructure, and we need to continue to modernize all of it. It’s good not only for its own sake but the city needs the revenue. The City has many expenses that need to get covered and the money just doesn’t grow on trees. One of the best ways to increase the tax base is new construction and smart development. The other thing is making sure that the City maintains fiscal discipline, that it does not spend more than it has, does not take on new financial obligations that will never be met and just continues being prudent at all times, making sure that it spends the taxpayer’s money very wisely. HG: You grew up in Hollywood. What are the changes you’re most proud to see? PB: As a kid, I used to go to the beach with my grandparents, and

I’m really glad that Hollywood is still a place for families. I go to the beach frequently and spend time in our downtown and it’s great that we have not become an overbuilt city where families are not prioritized. When I go down to the Broadwalk and look at how beautiful it’s become, it’s really vastly improved over what it was, and I see families being together, having a good time, a new generation of Hollywood children, growing up in a beautiful community, I am really proud. I’m most proud that I was able to have a hand in Hollywood continuing to be a family friendly place where they’re not priced out of the market. I’m very proud to have had a hand in creating the ArtsPark, and I still feel a lot of pride when I see people enjoying the amenities that we’ve created downtown. It’s a much more inviting place today and I think it’s going to continue to get better under the leadership of the new city commission. HG: What are you most proud of having accomplished as mayor? PB: I was mayor during one of the most challenging times in the county’s history, in terms of the economy. I was elected in 2008 and in 2009 things got difficult, but I really wanted a challenge, and I got it! I think we did a lot in those most challenging times. I’m really proud of our recycling program -- we were instrumental in making residents more environmentally conscious, and we created a culture of recycling in the city. We got a lot of new construction started in a very difficult economy. Opened new schools, after 40 years. We focused on improving education, modernizing infrastructure, transparency, and accountability, making sure that the public has faith in what the elected officials are doing. Honesty and accountability. Improving the perception of City Hall. I think we did a lot in that regard. HG: What’s the one thing you wish you had been able to accomplish during your tenure as mayor? PB: Well, when you are the mayor you try to get as many things done as


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you can, but it’s not just about accomplishing also about planting seeds, planting a lot of seeds because the work is never done. It’s not a snapshot, it’s a moving picture and when you look at the City as a moving picture, you know that you’re not going to be there forever and you try to get many things done but you also want to plant seeds for the future because a lot of things that create major change may take many years and multiple administrations. You have to plant the seeds today to germinate in the future and you have to recognize that planting those seeds is a very important part of the job. I think we got a lot of things done in a very difficult economy but we also planted a lot of seeds for things that are happening now. For example, a lot of the new construction that you’re seeing now came from seeds that were planted long ago, and this commission will plant seeds that future city commissions will be working on down the road. HG: What do you miss the most about being the mayor?

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January 2019

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PB: I think there’s really two things. First, I loved to be in a position where every day I could go to City Hall and be able to help steer the city in the right direction. But even more, I worked with a lot of really amazing, wonderful, great people. City employees, really smart people, people who wake up every morning looking to help people, and don’t expect a pat on the back or any recognition. There are so many employees there who work very hard and are legitimately interested in helping the residents of the City to make their lives better. Incredible people. I never would have dreamed that so many of the workers who I would meet would be so kind and generous, people who would come to work and then go and volunteer and give so much of themselves. I have had the best life, I’ve met so many incredible people, we did a lot of good. I was able to do it on my terms and exit when I wanted to exit. I believe I am one of the luckiest politicians that ever served. Bober & Bober, P.A. is located at 2699 Stirling Road, Suite A-304 in Hollywood. For more information visit https://www.boberlaw.com/ or call (954) 9222298.

Gregory Tony is the new Broward County Sheriff BY DAVID VOLZ REPORTER dtv@gate.net

Governor Ron DeSantis formally announced the appointment of Gregory Tony as Sheriff of Broward County. Tony, a former Coral Springs Police Sergeant, will serve as Broward County’s first African-American Sheriff. “The people of Broward County deserve accountable, competent leaders who can safeguard our communities,” said DeSantis. “Gregory Tony will be a champion for Broward County who will work tirelessly to safeguard our schools and our

streets while ensuring accountability within the Sheriff’s office.” “This is an enormous honor and privilege to be appointed Sheriff of Broward County,” said Tony. “It is my intention to embark on this enormous task to restore the confidence of families and residents of Broward County toward the Broward Sherriff’s Office, which also requires that I fix the problems that exist. I thank Governor Ron DeSantis for this honor and I commit to faithfully fulfilling my duties to this office.”


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HotHollywood in

Local Dining Showcase


t Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies, which has been around since 1958, owner John Nigro takes enormous pride in everything they serve. "We make and bake our bread daily from scratch,” he said. “That’s why people come here. And we make our own sauce, slice boneless ribeye steak for our steak hoagies. We make our meatballs from our own recipe and serve our salads with home made dressing.” Sonny’s has been honored with recognition from Channel 2 Check Please, Channel 4 Cheap Eats, SunSentinel, Miami Herald and Sun-Tattler, as well as featured on Diners, DriveIns and Dives, where John cooked his famous foods from scratch with Guy Fieri!

sonny's Famous Steak Hogies 1857 N 66th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024 (954) 989-0561


oted Best Wings in Florida by Travel Pulse, Shenanigans Sports Pub has been family-owned and operated for over 25 years, featuring quality food and reasonable prices in a casual, sports pub atmosphere. They proudly serve the freshest quality products available. Burgers are always cooked fresh to order, never frozen, feature 8oz lean ground beef on a toasted kaiser roll served with french fries and homemade pasta salad start at $10.99. Kitchen Open Late in BOTH Locations! Eastside until 2am & Westside 4am, 7 days a week.

T Cielo Restaurant & Sky Bar 777 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood Florida 33019 cielo@costahollywoodresort.com 954.613.3700



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he perfect spot for both resort guests and locals seeking a laid-back luxe dining experience, JWB offers a contemporary menu of fresh seafood including spear-caught fish, a raw bar and prime steaks paired with world-class wines and hand-crafted cocktails.

he sky's the limit at Cielo Restaurant & Sky Bar. Indulge in our distinct selection of handcrafted signature cocktails, fine wine, craft beer, and homemade artisanal bites. Located on the seventh floor, Cielo offers guests a chance to escape reality and bask in the warmth of the sun while enjoying panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the charming canals and waterways of Hollywood Beach.

JWB Prime Steak and Seafood

1111 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL (954) 874-4470


elebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian introduced The Royal Brunch at his Coastal American restaurant, Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL. Every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., guests enjoy seasonal stations including a butcher's table, house-made pastries, breads and omelets with unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Mary's.

p oint royal

3555 S. Ocean Dr. Hollywood, Fl 33019 (954) 602-8750 www.pointroyal-fl.com S P O N S O R E D


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CanadaFest for 2019 Moves To ArtsPark Weekend of Feb 8

are internationally know pianist Richard Abel with his six musicians, MarieÉaine Thibert, runner-up at Star Academy, the queens of country music Julie and Dani Daraiche, well know Canadian/ Floridian jazz musician Manon Robert with her band, and a performance by Shine MSD students. CanadaFest 2019 has organized various fundraisers to give back to the community. The chosen foundations this year are Enfant Soleil Foundation in Canada and Shine MSD, benefitting students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. For more information, email info@ canadafest.com, call 954-922-1800 or visit www.Canadafest.com.

The 36th edition of CanadaFest will be held for the first time at ArtsPark in Hollywood, on Feb 8-10 10, 2019. Previously held in January on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, this largest Canadian Festival outside Canada had two goals : First to inform French Canadians of the products and services offered to them in their language, and second, to give an early-season introduction to the merchants in Hollywood Beach and Downtown Hollywood. Organized by the French newspaper Le Soleil de la Floride, and under new management since last year, the event is now a bilingual and moved to the heart of the city of Hollywood! On stage, 46 artists will perform throughout the weekend. Among them



We Hou Dom

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Well Drinks, House Wine & Domestic Drafts


Rickey’s in West Pines has Re-Opened!

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Maine Lobsters


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POUND MAINE LOBSTERS 954.441.9696 THURS. - SUN. • 3-9 P.M.



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4799 Hollywood Blvd. 4799 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. • 954-966-1429

Hollywood • 954-966-1429 30

January 2019

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1 Silent Shout 8 Acoustic Souls 9 Jeff D 15 Mitch Herrick and the Homegrown Sinners 22 High Tolerance 23 Friday @ 5 Duo










WESTSIDE open until 4am • 7 days a week | EASTSIDE open until 2am 3303 Sheridan St., Hollywood 954-981-9702

| 1300 S. Federal Hwy, Dania 954-923-3008

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