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: IBM Tivoli Totalstorage Prod Center for Data V2.1 Impl

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1. How is it determined if SNMP is running in a UNIX environment? A. lslpp B. ps -ef C. cat /etc/rc.d D. cat /etc/services Answer: B 2. The name file filter allows you to include or exclude files based on what? A. File name B. User owner C. File extension D. Directory name Answer: C 3. What is required for TPC for Data for HDS Storage Subsystem support? A. Agent placement B. Standby Server for HA C. UNIX system requirements D. Vendor's CIM/OM application Answer: D 4. Which three staffing resources are appropriate for a TPC for Data implementation? (Choose three.) A. DBA B. System Operator C. Help Desk Operator D. Operations Manager E. System Administrator F. Network Administrator Answer: AEF 5. Which two types of alerts can be created? (Choose two.) A. New User B. RAID 5 Failure C. Virus Detected D. New Disk Detected E. File System Not Found Answer: DE 6. What are two possible factors that should be considered in troubleshooting the network connectivity between the TPC for Data server and agent? (Choose two.)    

A. Firewall B. CRC errors C. Port availability D. HBA malfunction E. Malfunctioning GBIC Answer: AC 7. What is the minimum level of Novell NetWare operating system that is supported by TPC for Data? A. 3.2 B. 4.0 C. 4.5 D. 5.0 Answer: B 8. When creating a new table group for TPC for Data database reporting, which two view options are available? (Choose two.) A. Users by group B. Groups by table C. Tables by group D. Instances by table E. Tables by instance Answer: DE 9. How are the agent logs accessed? A. Administrative Services>Services>log B. Administrative Services>Agents>click on view log C. Administrative Services>Services>right click on view log D. Administrative Services>Agents>right click and select view log Answer: D 10. What are three available policy types for TPC for Data? (Choose three.) A. Quotas B. Storage C. Network D. Constraints E. Daily actions F. Network Appliance Quotas Answer: ADF 11. Which component is a prerequisite for TPC for Data?    

A. DNS B. LDAP C. SMTP D. SNMP Answer: A 12. Which two UNIX filesystems are supported by a filesystem extension? (Choose two.) A. JFS B. NFS C. QFS D. VxFS E. GPFS Answer: AD 13. How is information collected about the availability of the storage assets in a given enterprise? A. Ping B. Scan C. Probe D. Discovery Answer: A 14. What must run to populate the backend repository with Storage Subsystem data? A. Ping B. Scan C. Probe D. Discovery Answer: C 15. Which two output formats are available parameter definitions for ChargeBack? (Choose two.) A. XML B. PDF C. CIMS D. Invoice E. Comma delimited text file Answer: CD 16. Which two reports can be viewed under Asset Reporting->System-Wide->By Computer? (Choose two.) A. By ping time B. By boot time C. By scan time    

D. By down time E. By probe time Answer: BE 17. What are two valid options on when to run a script? (Choose two.) A. Run Now B. Run Never C. Run On Alert D. Run Repeatedly E. Run On System Available Answer: AD 18. Which type of user ID must be supplied for the RDBMS when installing TPC for Data? A. Root login B. Valid database user C. TPC for Data user login D. Local Windows administrator Answer: B 19. When using custom generated certificates, which file must be copied from the Agent Manager Install directory to the TPC for Data install image? A. agentTrust.jks B. Authorization.xml C. agentManagerKeys.jks D. agentManagerTrust.jks Answer: A 20. Which two tabs are available when defining a database scan? (Choose two.) A. Users B. Actions C. Profiles D. Options E. Instances Answer: CD 21. What must be done prior to running a batch report for the first time? A. Save report B. Recycle agent C. Recycle server D. Create reports directory    

Answer: A 22. What is the name of the TPC for Data Server messages log file stored on a Windows system? A. Install.log B. TPC_Inst.log C. TPC_Agent.log D. server_######.log Answer: D 23. What is the default location for the TPC for Data Agent runtime logs on UNIX? A. <install drive>:\temp. B. \usr\tivoli\ep\subagents\tpc\data\logs C. <install drive>:<install path>\ibm\agentmanager\logs D. <install drive>:\documents and settings\<current user>\local settings\temp. Answer: B 24. What must be done to get online customer support for TPC for Data 2.1? A. Call 1-800-IBM-HELP B. Call 1-800-TPC-D4ME C. Visit www.tpcfor D. Register for online support Answer: D 25. Which component should be installed first in a new TPC for Data installation? A. Agent Manager B. Remote Agents C. TPC for Data GUI D. TPC for Data server and agent Answer: A 26. A customer has 2,000 agents that qualify for TPC for Data support. When planning for an implementation, how many Data Managers should be accounted for in the system design? A. 1 Data Manager B. 2 Data Managers C. 4 Data Managers D. 6 Data Managers Answer: B 27. Given a default installation, how do you locate the TPC for Data V2.1 machine? A. Run the df -k command.    

install directory on a Unix-based

B. Run the ls -lF command. C. Review the installation documentation. D. Review the operating system documentation. Answer: C 28. What should be configured to notify the enterprise SNMP manager of a TPC for Data event? A. alert forwarding B. alert disposition C. event forwarding D. scan agent administration Answer: B 29. Which TCP port does the TPC for Data GUI use to communicate with the server? A. 80 B. 9511 C. 2077 D. 2078 Answer: D 30. What must be performed on a NAS filer before monitoring and scans can be run? A. Run fdisk B. Map the drive C. Run a discovery D. Create SNMP link Answer: C 31. What new functionality is included in TPC for Data V2.1? (Choose two.) A. Remote install of agents to NAS B. Remote install of agents to Netware C. Remote install of agents in a Windows environment D. Remote install of agents in a UNIX supported environment E. Remote install of agents in a Linux supported environment Answer: DE 32. What is the default SNMP community name for TPC for Data? A. public B. SNMP C. private D. ITSRM Answer: A    

33. How is the list of active TCP and UDP ports on a UNIX system determined? A. kill -9 B. net use C. netstat -an D. load rconsole Answer: B 34. What is the default port for a secure connection in the CIM/OM login properties window? A. 5988 B. 5989 C. 8080 D. 9495 Answer: B 35. What is the default location of the Agent Manager Install Logs located on Windows? A. <install drive>:\temp. B. \opt\ibm\agentmanager\installlogs. C. <install drive>:program files\ibm\agentmanager\logs D. <install drive>:\documents and settings\<current user>\local settings\temp. Answer: C 36. Which default TCP port is used for SSL communication to the Common Agent? A. 80 B. 443 C. 9510 D. 9511 Answer: C 37. Which two versions of Redhat Linux are supported to run the TPC for Data user interface? (Choose two.) A. Advanced Server (AS) 2.1 B. Advanced Server 3.0 C. Advanced Server 6.1 D. AS 7.1 E. AS 7.2 Answer: AB 38. What is the default location of the Common Agent log files stored on a Windows system? A. c:\temp B. \opt\tivoli\ep\logs    

C. <install drive>:\program_files\tivoli\ep\logs D. <install drive>:\program files\IBM\tpc\data\logs Answer: C 39. How is a user group created? A. Monitoring > User - click User and select Create New Group B. Monitoring > User - right click User and select Create New Group C. Monitoring > Groups > User - click User and select New User Group D. Monitoring > Groups > User - right click User and select New User Group Answer: D 40. Which log file within the WebSphere Application server directory records the Agent Manager startup messages? A. blog.log B. startServer.log C. native_stderr.log D. None, as server startup messages are not logged. Answer: B 41. Which two types of triggering conditions are available for Storage Subsystem alerts? (Choose two.) A. Raid 5 found B. New User added C. Disk array changed D. Virtual Server added E. New filesystem detected Answer: DE 42. Which report shows disk group, volume space, disk, or LUN level information? A. Reporting->Asset->By Storage Subsystem B. Reporting->Usage->By Storage Subsystem C. Reporting->Alerting->By Storage Subsystem D. Reporting->Capacity->By Storage Subsystem Answer: A 43. Which default TPC port used by Agent Manager is for the Agent Recovery Service? A. 80 B. 9511 C. 9512 D. 9513 Answer: A    

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