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Celebrating everyday life

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May/June 2013

may • June 2013


Do you believe in big dreams coming true? I do. In fact, you are holding one of my dreams in your hands right now. One that only happened because my friends and family wouldn't let me give up on my dream of having a magazine. I wanted an outlet to share not only my creative passions but also to showcase many of the other talented women that I know. And here it is. A magazine that inpspires and encourages you to celebrate your life, home and family. To believe in and pursue your dreams whether it's to celebrate with style and ease or start your dream business, we're here to help. With Mother's Day & Father's Day approaching, we have put together a variety of ways for you to celebrate these occasions. There are also fun early summer party ideas like our Cinco de Mayo and Garden Luncheon festivities. We've also sat down with amazing women like Maggie Austin and Anna Griffin, to name a couple, who are living their dream and encouraging us to not give up on ours! So, without further ado, welcome to the new Celebrating Everyday Life magazine.


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Have the courage to follow your dreams It’s the first step towards attaining your


Nikita Koloff

Contents May|June 2013

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8 Contributors

All the lovely ladies who helped to make this issue possible!

12 Products We Love

A collection of products to help you celebrate everyday.

14 On Our Bookshelf

Books to enjoy while sitting on the beach, the pool or your porch!

16 Run for the Roses

A simple and tasty pecan recipe for your Kentucky Derby party!

18 Artist We Love: Inslee Haynes

The talented fashion illustrator chats about her journey of discovering her passion and what keeps her inspired.

22 Pom-Pom Bouquet

A bit of yarn and a fork are all you need for this easy DIY craft.

24 Monogram Succulent Wreath

Looking for a unique gift, or just love playing in the dirt? Then this DIY succulent wreath project is for you!

26 Rattan Stencil Tray DIY

Get ready for summer entertaining with this easy stencil tray makeover project.

28 Make Your Own Herbed Oil

A deliciously unique hostess gift to make for summer parties!

30 Collecting: Vintage Green Glass Tips on what to look for to start your own collection.

32 A Homemade Graduation Party Fun crafts to make this summer’s graduation parties memorable!

34 Yarn Nest Gift Toppers

Embellish presents with these perfectly adorable tags.

36 Travel-Inspired Key Fobs

Sew these sweet key fobs — they make great gifts too!

38 Vintage Modern Tea

Craft a memorable Mother’s Day tea using vintage heirlooms reinterpreted with a modern twist.

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Contents May|June 2013


44 A Gardener’s Delight

Our resident gardening expert shares 6 easy plants for beginners and veterans alike to add to your summer garden!

48 DIY Challenge Winner

An old five-panel door is reborn into a charmingly chippy lake sign.

50 Sunburst Mirror Makeover

A dated 1980s chandelier is transformed into a chic sunburst mirror.

52 Handcrafted Cookie Gift Sacks

These cookie gift sacks are beautifully adorned with elements reminiscent of nature.

54 A Rose by Any Other Name

Reflections on taking tea with Mom and a sumptuous fondant rose tutorial.

60 More Peas, Thank You

We sit down with Sarah Matheny to chat about family, writing and of course good food.

64 Cinco de Mayo

Join us for a poolside celebration filled with bright colors, sweet treats and ideas that you can adapt to any festive summer parties!

74 In the Good Old Summertime

Create memories of golden summers with this adorable lemonade stand project!

78 Fabric Daisies

These daisies come straight from the fabric cupboard so they will last as a reminder of a special day.

80 Business Is Bliss

Jennifer shares her expertise as a wedding coordinator and offers tips for starting the business of your dreams.

84 A Garden Luncheon

We celebrate a lush luncheon in an enchanted garden setting.

98 May Flowers: The Art of Cake Painting

Natasha Collins, owner of UK-based Nevie Pie Cakes, shares a few of her delectable handmade and handpainted delights.

102 Maggie Austin Cake: The Patina of High Culture The renowned cake artist gives us a tour of her studio and shares insight into her amazing designs and success.


112 In the Library

Enjoy the beauty and serenity of a quiet place to call your own in this home library tour.

122 Welcome Home: A Storybook Cottage

Step inside a fairy-tale retreat filled with enchanting collections and whimsical details.

138 The World of Anna Griffin


Anna Griffin’s designs bring beauty and style into our everyday lives. We are honored to have a chat with this maven of elegant living.

144 An Artist’s Retreat

Lovingly constructed from materials both old and new, this 400-square-foot “artist’s folly” is an oasis, allowing the creative soul to take wing.

151 Chasing Green

On a mother-daughter holiday in Ireland, one emerging writer discovers the spirit of this home away from home.

162 A Labor of the Heart

A mother’s loving essay on adopting her children, and the power and joy of being “chosen.”

166 Free Download: Father’s Day Coupons

Enjoy these personal and meaningful custom gift cards for Dad that you print out at home!

167 For Him: Barbecue Rub & Marinade

A great gift for the man who has everything — homemade barbecue rub and marinade recipes!

168 The Basics of Herbs

An illustrated guide to preparing and serving herbs for your favorite recipes.

170 Manning the Grill

Serve up a savory Father’s Day dinner with the fresh flavors of lemon & lime.

174 Playdate Snacks

Tasty treats that are easy to make and sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face and tummy.

178 Lemon, Lavender & Rosemary

A simple syrup is the foundation for these delicious recipes dripping with the scents of summer.

182 Easy Entertaining: Crispy Ham & Kale Salad A perfect light supper for a hot summer evening.

184 The Manual

Your source for recipes & instructions to all the inspiration featured in this issue!

205 Resources

Details on where you can find many of the items featured in this issue.

206 Next Time

A quick look at some of what’s coming up in the next issue!



What is your favorite Mother's Day or Father's Day memory?

Lucy Ancheta-Akins

Sussie Bell

Beth Bryan

Jenny Dixon

One of my favourite Mother's Day memories was watching my children help my mom get her garden ready for the season. At the end of the day, they were covered in mud, but their dirty little faces lit up our hearts.

My favorite memory is my mum always insisting on us NOT making a big thing out of Mother's Day, saying, "It should be Mother's Day every day," but then when we do give her flowers, she is always extremely touched by it.

Growing up, every Mother's Day I would go out to the long-stemmed rose bush in our yard and clip the bestlooking bloom as a gift for my mom.

My favourite Mother's Day memory: Aged seven, sneaking out with my dad to buy my mum's favourite song. It was a proper vinyl single!

photo: David Pascolla

photo: Lynne Brubaker

Sarah Dorsey

Kelly Elko

My favorite Mother's Day memory was three years ago when I got married and we dedicated a special part of the day to honor our mothers and our new mothers-in-law!

A Father's Day BBQ, over 10 That first year holding my sweet years ago, watching my husband, baby and thinking life doesn't dad and father-in-law (who later get any better than this. passed away) playing and laughing with my twins, who were two at the time.

8 may/june 2013 |

Jen Fariello

Tracey Fisher My favorite Mother's Day was the first one after my first daughter was born, and I spent the whole day making a photo pillow for my mom of her first grandchild, as I had finally appreciated all the sacrifices she had made for me.

photo: Jen Fariello

photo: Lauren Hubbard

Jill Flory

Anita Gupta

Jennifer Holmes

Vanessa Hunt

The Mother’s Day that stands out in my memory is my first one as a mom, when my husband and baby daughter, Emma, gave me a potted fern.

Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, my favorite Mother's Day memories include a picnic lunch from our favorite sandwich joint and heading to one of our lovely wineries and relaxing with my family.

Growing up, pretty much all of my Mother's Days and Father's Days were on the road with my whole family at AAU tournaments, which probably wasn't a whole lot of fun for my parents, but looking back definitely brings back fond memories and a smile to my face.

While I will always cherish the memory of my very first Mother's Day as a new mom, I also treasure the memory of my husband's first Father's Day as a new dad and the joy on his face as he gazed at our son.

Dara Powers Parker

Heather Patterson

Amy Renea

My favorite Mother's Day was spent mountain picnicking and meadow hiking with my three lads and my mother.

The last Mother's Day my family and I spent gathered around my grandmother will always be such a vivid memory in my mind as she was surrounded by generations of those she loved so much!

I love Mother's Day because it always starts with breakfast in bed, made solely by the hands of a six-year-old, and includes delicacies like jam sandwiches and whole strawberries with the "heads" popped off!

Without the help of these lovely ladies, none of this would be possible. Thank you all so much! | may/june 2013 9


What is your favorite Mother's Day or Father's Day memory?


Jennifer Rizzo

With a family of mostly women, Mother's Day celebrations always consisted of delicious homemade food, connections with aunts and grandmas and lovely chats around the table over sweet desserts and of!

My favorite thing every year is when my kids bring me coffee in bed and all of the handmade goodies they've made in school.

photo: Jen Fariello

Kelly Trout Standing in Hallmark buying the first ever Father's Day card for my husband while a sweet older customer cooed over our oldest son, who was just 3 weeks old. I have never felt more blessed!

Lisa TutmanOglesby When a cousin snapped a photo of me holding my baby daughter, while we were sitting next to my mom and her mother on Mother's Day, which made for a fantastic four-generation photo and memory.

10 may/june 2013 |

photo: Jen Fariello

Karen Riley

My favorite Mother's Day memory is a traditional hanging basket of petunias, a "must-do" for my mother and grandmother.

Karianne Wood My favorite Mother's Day was one filled with flowers and homemade cards covered with hearts and waffles on the porch!

photo: Jen Fariello

Sherry Spencer & Pat Roberts

The first Mother's Day after my grandmother passed away we planted a dogwood tree in her memory, and we think of her every year when it blooms.

Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity I appreciate each of you!

Editor & Designer Jennifer Carroll

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May|June 2013

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