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I am pleased to present you with various books, in the Contemporary Christian and inspirational fiction genre. These books are all written in and around everyday life events. You or someone that you may know are guaranteed to identify with these characters.These books are all written for you to not only enjoy the books as you revisit these familiar scenes and activities, but to receive the messages at the end. The majority of the books are short, so that the message will not be lost while your entertainment need is met without taking a large portion of your time. You may question, who authorized me to deliver messages to anyone? The answer is simple. I have no authority by the city, state or country to pass judgement or advice. I am simply a Chicagoan, who has often shared your stories or even lived these lifestyles as well. As an adult, with a past, I've been blessed to be able to tap into my inner worth and see the error of these ways and now, I am simply doing what someonedid for me: paying it forward. With stories, that I write for you to love! So, enjoy and please leave your review where you got your copy. If you have family or a friend who has not read one of my titles, feel free to suggest one that is possibly geared to the message THEY need to get. Remember, you can also pass the message, simply by sharing the book! Peace and Blessings to your homes!

THE GOODIE MOBB'S REVIEWS: (Not all, but a few)

4.0 out of 5 stars A very nice little story for the entire family., September 20, 2012 By "Sunday Awakening" by KevaD "Out of t... (Freeport, IL) This review is from: God Loves You (Kindle Edition) I enjoyed this childrens book. Yes, the editing could be better, but sometimes minor writing infractions deserve to be shoved into the background so readers can focus on the true purpose of the book. In this case, that purpose is education at a level designed for three to six year olds. To that end, the author succeeded, and then some. Wonderful message both about ADHD and God in our lives, told in a manner we all can share as a family. Well done.

THERESA IN WONDERLAND REVIEW 4.0 out of 5 stars "Life happens so make lemonade" September 1, 2012 By Readers Paradise VINE™ VOICE Format:Kindle Edition

Theresa was jumped on her way from school, as she recounts the story we meet Lola who started a fight with Theresa and slashed her face. With the fight no longer fair Tina a bystander jumps in to defend Theresa. She gets the knife out of Lola's hand and restrains her before she can do any more damage. The end results are a slash across Theresa's face, Lola being caught up in Tina's half nelson and life moving on forty-five years into the future. Theresa is married to her husband Joe and they have children, life is good. But if you are living life and not paying attention to life sometime things go BUMP so quickly we don't see it coming, and that was the beginning of the end for Theresa, or was it the beginning? As the years went by Theresa was able to minimize her scar physically and emotionally and not dwell on that day anymore. The loyalty Theresa feels towards Tina for helping her forty five years ago is commendable but a little misplaced, as time moves forward Theresa finds out just how much. This short story had several messages but I believe the central theme is to be careful of sheep in wolves clothing. One tragedy set the stage for several messages to be heard loud and clear. 1) Stay focused of the task at hand 2) A car is a no cell phone zone 3) Don't leave school with strangers 4) And lastly don't talk to strangers When Theresa finally wakes from her wonderland, life is not the same. What was once up is now down. Can she find any good out of the tragedies in front and behind her? Wilkins short story offers a good number of characters which allows for a fluid read. This personal expression from Wilkins is urban fiction splashed with inspirational undertones. I had a good time reading and getting to know Theresa out and in a wonderland we all have visited. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THERESA IN WONDERLAND REVIEW 5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!!!! Great short-story!!!! September 1, 2012 By S. Burns Format:Kindle Edition The book, Theresa in Wonderland by Dominique Wilkins, focuses on main character Theresa from late teenage to early middle-age. The storyline is exceptional, developed and flows very well with originality. The author has done a fabulous job with this excellent short-story read. I highly recommended this book. Five stars all the way!!! Hooray for author Dominique Wilkins!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4.0 out of 5 stars Choices, Chances, Consequences and Changes, July 11, 2012 By TeeTyme This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Kindle Edition) This was a different take on a very real and living abomination - ABUSE. While the story had me crossed up at times, I had to keep reading, just to see how the Mother In Law performed the murder....but as I kept reading, it became clear that BP, with all his character reflecting names had separation and boundary issues. Ryan on the other hand represent many females who continuously give chance after chance to people and situations that don't deserve them. I can understand and relate to that concept. You want to believe at some point one of those chances will manifest itself into what it is suppose to be - another opportunity to do and get it right. The choices we made yesterday, we make today and will make tomorrow, have consequences, and until the Ryan's of this world recognize that some chances need to be changes,for the Ryan's and not the BP's, the BP's of this world, along with their Mega Witches, will still be able to commit murder! I appreciated the spiritual affirmation and positive reinforcement conclusion Ms. Wilkins does at the end. "Don't waste your self on someone who is not worthy of you. You are special. You are important and God does not want....." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MOTHER IN-LAW GUILTY OF MURDER REVIEW 4.0 out of 5 stars Learn from your mistakes, June 20, 2012 By Readers Paradise "Book Club" This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Paperback) Ryan is a women who truly has made MANY mistakes in her life. Her idea about love and what it looks like is NOT good, but she continues on the same path with many different men. I

couldn't stand her, she was so stupid I wanted to scream, but this author was creative in showing us women how stupidity is not permanant, that when we KNOW better we should be doing better. This book is an inspiration to women everywhere and to pull from Ryan's mistakes would be a thing. I must admit as much as Ryan got on my nerves she was also one of my favorite characters. I enjoyed how the author interjected conversations directly into the story specifically for the reader. Sometimes the interjections would help clarify a future reaction, so instead of having to wastes words on a reaction she just added it right into the story. At times it felt like I was reading a comdey murder mystery. Very interesting read.......... A complimentary copy of this ebook was provided by the author for the purpose of this review. Missy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MOTHER IN-LAW GUILTY OF MURDER REVIEW 5.0 out of 5 stars A different twist in writing : ), June 5, 2012 By Diane Simmons This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Paperback)I was given this novel by the author herself and was pleased. It definitely started off good and ended just as well. The plot was well written as well as the Chapters beginning a new segment of information. I like how she wrote about a woman who has made many mistakes in life and finally woke up. I also like how she inspired women to take lessons from the life of the character while encouraging them to not make the same mistakes. I loved the attitudes of each character as they each were written succesfully. My favorite is Ryan and the Wicked Witch. She was a trip. Made me want to slap her personally. While reading this novel I felt strongly connected to some of the scenes displayed as well as felt the pain within each trial. I also was given the priveledge to speak to the author and get questions answered and felt very respected. She was patient and answered each one without feeling over whelmed or irritated. Mrs. Wilkins is a very kind person and I am glad to have been given the honor to read her book. You should read it too! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.0 out of 5 stars You won't regret this addition to your library, May 21, 2012

By JaeRenee' This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Paperback)Wow, where do I start? Well, to get used to the point of view that the story was being told in was a bit of an adjustment for me. (definitely loved it) It allowed me to look at things on the outside looking in which is what we typically do as readers. I really didn't know what to expect from the book but I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to read it. Mother In-Law Guilty was a welcomed change of pace to regular "urban fiction" with a serious tone to it complete with a message to any and all females that have or are going through life's situations. There was a story with real life situations & heartfelt lessons. You definitely spoke to me with your words especially in the ending pages. Sometimes you just have to love yourself enough to let go and move on. Push on to something better & brighter for your future and live with no regrets even when things get rough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.0 out of 5 stars A book you must read, May 17, 2012 By Humblist1 This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Paperback)This book is very good. The author brings out the reality of life in this book. This book kept me so interested that i was not able to put it down. Outstanding work Dominique! I look forward to reading more thrilling stories. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.0 out of 5 stars great read!, May 7, 2012 By DStar This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Kindle Edition)The author began this book very strong and ended it the same way I was very impressed. I really like when authors foreshadow events and add anecdotes to their writing, I find it gives it depth and more meaning. This author has clearly spent a lot of time working on this book, and putting a lot of imagination into developing an original story and characters. It's nice to read a well thought out book for a change, even when I thought it was going to go one way, I was completely mistaken! I must say this book is very unique; it has a lot of different events and qualities. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and when you finish reading it, there will be a sad moment. I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to Dominique Wilkins next adventure! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.0 out of 5 stars Book worth reading, April 21, 2012 By M. samuels This review is from: Mother In-Law Guilty of Murder (Kindle Edition)Loved it..I couldn't put it down..Can't wait to hear more from this author.I will make sure I get her next one. Thanks for an entertaining read.