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Completing the Dream Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor Casady School Expansion

East Transept Jesus, at the Center of Light with 12 Apostles, John the Baptist and St. Paul.

Casady School Chapel Ex The Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor was developed by the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and the School’s founders as the physical and spiritual center of Casady School. It was consecrated in 1950. HDB/Cram and Ferguson of Boston, the original architects for the Chapel, were called upon to design the current expansion which includes east and west transepts and a bell tower, completing the original dream of Casady’s founders.



SOUTH ELEVATION North & South Elevations (11): Grisaille

South Elevation

South Elevation

Top Row

Bottom Row

East Transept

(4): The Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John

East Transept

(3): New Testament Nativity Crucifixion Empty Tomb

xpansion Completing the Dream Judson Studios, a fifth-generation stained glass and fine arts firm that created the original stained glass windows in the Chapel, has been commissioned to complete the vision. Owner, David Judson and his team bring a 21st century aesthetic and technological sensibility to the facility and the craft, with over 110 years of tradition and experience.



NORTH ELEVATION North Elevation West Transept Top Row

(2): Alpha & Omega 10 Commandments

North Elevation East Transept

Bottom Row

(4): Memorial Windows Honoring Founding Classes, Faculty and Trustees Advent/Christmas Transfiguration Pentecost Ascension

North Elevation East Transept

Top Row

(4): The Parables Feeding 5,000 Sermon on the Mount Casting of Nets Raising Lazarus


East Side View

If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass window please contact : Nathan Sheldon (405) 749-3163

“The themes in these new windows continue to center on our Judeo Christian roots that embody the original vision for the School’s spiritual program set forth by our founding fathers. Judson Studios was originally commissioned in the early days of the School to design the stained glass windows, and planning is already underway to continue the beauty and tradition of new windows in the expansion of the Chapel.” The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny, Bishop of Oklahoma

Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor Casady School

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny, Bishop of Oklahoma

Judson Studios Los Angeles, California

Newman Construction/Larry Wallis Casady School 9500 N. Penn Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120 Phone: (405) 749-3100 Website:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

HDB/Cram and Ferguson Architects Boston, Massachusetts

Smith and Pickel Construction Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2010 Casady School - Chapel Window Brochure  

This piece was created to inform patrons and donors of opportunities for purchasing stained glass windows for the new additions of Casady's...

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