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Jeep Management offers specialist talent and entertainment consultancy services, both nationally and internationally.

AGENCY One of Australia’s leading talent agencies representing an elite group of artists that are all performance based and between them possesses dancing/singing/acting and choreographing skills. All of the artist’s have immense commercial appeal and are appropriate for film/television/fashion (print and runway) as well as stage performances

CASTING CONSULTANCY Jeep Management’s team of experts have the resources to find the right talent for your event both nationally and internationally. We are a respected team and are well connected with leading agencies and are renowned for our successful talent placement. We have proven time and time again of how we can save time and money by connecting you with the best solution from the start.

ENTERTAINMENT We understand the different needs of every client and we strive to deliver excellence to meet budgetary requirements. Jeep Management can cover all areas of Production including music editing, costume styling, choreography, stage direction/management and creating hair/make-up design.

We have the ability to offer you custom designed entertainment or provide you with a tangible pre-packaged show to suit your theme and specific requirements. Please refer to our Entertainment Menu for a taste of what is currently successful with our clientele.

THE MENU ……Food for Thought…… FASHION INSTALLATIONS Set the mood of the event with Installations, positioned throughout the venue. Create custom made scenes/costumes and even incorporate movement to resemble liveable art.

FASHION SHOWINGS AND PARADES Jeep Models are healthy looking models with impeccable grooming and brilliant people skills. These artists’s know how to connect with an audience/client and essentially to sell fashion.

ATMOSPHERIC PERFORMERS Create the mood of the event with roaming performers, costumed and styled so that guests can be entertained from the moment they arrive and create an atmosphere to bring your concept to life.

ACCAPELLA VOCAL GROUP Music is an important component of any event. Our Acapella Group can custom design the cool sounds of their vocal set to align with your event’s theme.

BOUDOIR Get your guests involved with the theme of the event by staging an allocated area where they can be dressed and styled by our team of stylists and performers. Polaroid photographs can be included so that your guests can walk away with an unforgettable memory.

HOSTS / COMPERES / PRESENTERS Our talent can be utilised in many ways during your event. If you need an MC to create a flow to the proceedings, Hosts to usher guests from one stage to another and glamorous presenters to give your event a touch of Hollywood sophistication, Jeep Management has the perfect option for you.

FLASH MOBS There is no better way to segue your event from cocktail arrival into party then a flash mob. We can create not only a dance flash mob, but with our great range of vocalists, you can crescendo the proceedings from solo artist to a fullblown choir.

DJ’S, VOCALISTS & BANDS Get the crowd dancing for hours with our fantastic range of Vocalists, DJ Dan Slater or our Network of leading cover bands.

INTERACTIVE TEAM BUILDING With our network of leading choreographers and performers, the guests can be a part of the events entertainment. Prior to the event, classes can be conducted, flash mobs can be choreographed, and situations can be created for a truly interactive experience

PRE-PACKAGED ENTERTAINMENT Jeep Management represents the finest Entertainment that can truly highlight the event. From Tap Groups, Dancers, Contortionists, Aerialists and Celebrity Vocalists, Their broad repertoire means that every act can adapt to any event’s theme, providing the highest calibre results. Visit

CUSTOM MADE FLOORSHOWS With access to diverse and versatile performers we can create the perfect Entertainment option for your event from the ground up. Past themes that Jeep has created include..

“The Great Gatsby”, “Showgirls”, “Circus”, “Hip-Hop & Breakdancers’, “Moulin Rouge”, “Masquerade”, “Solid Gold”, “Tap”, “Retro”, “Broadway”, “Disco, ”Burlesque”, ”Swing”, “60’s” / 70’s and 80’s”, “Ballroom”, “Drag Queens”, “Contemporary Dance”, “Adagio”, “Podium Dancers”, “Children’s Entertainment”, “Corporate Bands” We always love a new creative challenge so feel free to pitch your concept and our team will conceptualise and execute the performance beyond your expectations. Our creative team of Directors & Choreographers can also be utilised throughout the event to create a seamless entertainment experience.


KIERON KULIK – Event Entertainment Manager

NIKKI DAVIS – Head Booker

DEBONAIR Debonair specialises in producing aerial acts and circus entertainment for corporate and special events both Australia-wide and internationally. From the masterminds behind award winning aerial act Belle Air, Debonair has grown rapidly with widespread recognition for delivering seamless, majestic performances with the precision and artistry that flaunts their classical training. Debonair's cutting edge aerial acts take audiences on captivating, spellbinding journeys that will long be remembered.

THE IVY LEAGUE CLUB The Ivy League Club is a fresh new act that fuses percussive tap rhythms & live vocals, performed by Australia’s finest young entertainers. With the cool sounds of Acid Jazz & Electro Swing, and fashion inspired by the preppy look of college life in America, The Ivy League Club will set a scene of sophistication and take your event to the next level.

BREE ROBERTSON Australia’s Leading Contortionist Renowned for her dazzling Swarovski encrusted costumes, ornate jewellery and signature high heels, Bree Robertson mesmerises audiences with her stunning style, elegance, seductive performance, artistic choreography and seemingly impossible skills.

THE NEXT STEP ‘Always Innovating Never Imitating’ The hottest new act is now available for your events. The Next Step features a High-Energy, All-Male cast that _infuses their own original music with Tap, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Live Vocalists and much more to create a spectacle of Urban Art – and something that has never been seen before! “What I like is that it is innovative. It’s Australian Style. It’s sexy, it’s cool. It’s something new. I’ve never seen that mixture before.”- Danni Minogue

SYTYCD FINALISTS Jeep Management is proud to be guiding the careers of six of the finest dancers in the country, all of whom successfully made the Top 20 on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Immensely talented, confident in performing as well as public speaking, Lauren, Patric, Ashleigh, Jordan, Yukino & Chris would compliment any event or brand.

TAMARA JABER Tamara Jaber is one of Australia’s hottest triple threats. This stunning singer/songwriter, dancer and performer recently won the hearts of a nation as the runner up on Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars on 2010 as well as in her role as half of Sony BMG’s pop duo recording artists Scarlett Belle. This even earned her a place as one of WHO Magazine’s sexiest people of 2010. Australia was first introduced to Tamara in 2001 when she won series two of hit TV series Popstars and became part of Scandal’us. The five piece group went on to record their album “Startin’ Something” which peaked at no.2 on the ARIA Albums Chart and reached the no.1 spot for single “Me, Myself and I” and at the age of 21, Tamara and her band mates took home an ARIA award for “Highest Selling Single”. Undisputedly the biggest musical talent to come out of the Popstars franchise, Tamara credits the show with giving her the opportunity to break into the music industry in Australia at such a young age and paving the way for her journey as an Artist. Whether on stage, in the recording studio or on the red carpet, Tamara’s beauty and infectious personality sets her apart as one of Australia’s most popular talents and most exciting international exports.

MOULIN ROUGE JEEP MANAGEMENT represents two fantastic acts that incorporate a French Flavour THE MOULIN ROUGE SHOW, Captures the magic of the movie! Featuring songs from the film’s soundtrack, with a cast of 7 dancers and vocals by acclaimed singer, Nikki Bennett, this production is interactive and really gets everyone singing along to classic songs like “Lady Marmalade”, “Rhythm Of The Night”, “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” & “Roxanne”.

FRENCH ELECTRO Is a modern take on a classic French Theme. Imagine Edith Piaf fused with Electro beats. This is a sexy, underground yet chic production that will satisfy those who appreciate all things French. This show can be customised to include your choice of any of the following; Singers, dancers, apache duets, aerialists and mime artists. You envisage it and we will create it!

THE PRISCILLA SHOW The Priscilla Show combines glamour and a whole lot of crazy fun! Performed by Sydney’s DIVA Award winning Drag Artists, “The Priscilla Show” will have your whole party laughing and dancing in the aisles to all the disco classics before the night is over.

DJ DAN SLATER After many years in the club scene as a top dancer, model and producer, Dan was eventually lured onto the decks! His model good looks and love of music wows crowds at many hot spots including Beresford Sundays, Nevermind, SpinOUT and UNITY, plus he is Resident DJ at SUNDAY SESSIONS (Hugos) and TRINTY (Arq Sydney) and has also played Home Nightclub, opening for Peter Rauhofer and Tony Moran. Dan entertains many corporate clients including Starwood Hotels, Westfield and L’OrÊal and is quickly attracting the attention of promoters. Dan Slater is one to watch, listen and dance to!

Beat the Streets bring hot, streetwise entertainment to your corporate or private event. Fusing award winning break dancing, urbanstyle tap dancing and bucket drumming with hilarious comedic moments, these guys know how to work a party and get the crowd involved!


KISS KISS, BANG BANG Featuring Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova, direct from Dancing With The Stars (US and Australia) After independently competing around Europe in major competitions, their high-powered careers formed an alliance to become today’s most recognized ballroom act. This powerhouse couple brings a fusion of talent, passion, beauty and fashion to every live performance. Gleb and Elena are the ultimate stars to create a spectacular, sexy and memorable floorshow.

FASHION INSTALLATIONS WITH ADAM WILLIAMS Set the mood of your event with Live Fashion-Infused Installations by Adam Williams. We create moving Art with stunning models styled in Couture-Inspired creations to add an element of Style, Glamour and Drama to any environment. Styled and Co-ordinated by Sydney Personality and Performer, Adam Williams who is also well known as Asia’s Next Top Model ‘s 2013 “Model Coach”.

TALENT JEEP MANAGEMENT represents the finest Dancers, Models & Performers in the country, all selected for their versatility, professionalism and commercial appeal. JEEP MANAGEMENT is a boutique agency that filled the niche of having exceptionally talented performers who are also capable of representing brands and clients needs to the highest calibre.

VOCALISTS JEEP MANAGEMENT offers a range of vocalists that can be incorporated into any event or situation flawlessly. With credits ranging from Musical Theatre, Pop Recording, Corporate Vocals & Broadway, these artists are versatile performers who can set the perfect tone to the performance. NATALIE CONWAY KIERON KULIK SHIKYE SMITH DANIEL ASSETTA TIARA MACERI HUGH BARRINGTON

CHOREOGRAPHY & DIRECTION JEEP MANAGEMENT represents Australia’s leading Choreographers and Artistic Directors. With international experience, and expertise in Film, TV, Theatre and Corporate Events, these Choreographers can design the perfect magic moment at your next function or Event. They can be utilised throughout the event to direct all the entertainment with an even flow.


PJ CLARKE Jeep Management is fronted by PJ Clarke who works in conjunction with Australia’s biggest Events Teams producing some of the most outstanding entertainment at leading events. Jeep Management also provides a first class Talent Consultancy Division, placing talent into various bookings for Fashion, Stage, Corporate, Film & Television. PJ has a career spanning 25 years in the entertainment industry as a consultant, performer, choreographer, model and agent, and has long been established as one of the most sought after entertainment industry personalities in Australia. PJ is a key industry figure, with expertise across the broad spectrum of the entertainment industry and a reputation for excellence. His early professional career as a performer saw him engaged in leading musicals, touring extensively internationally, performing for royal performances, international television specials, television advertisements, music videos and corporate functions. His work in the fashion industry, in addition to his other industry experience; show the breadth and variety of his experience and the versatility of his artistic talent. Throughout his career, PJ has worked with event teams, advertising agencies, fashion stylists and choreographers at the forefront of their respective fields. His artistic flair and attention to detail ensure that each project is a resounding success.

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