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SELF ANALYTICAL EVALUATION This semester was all about starting anew. Determining the Editors-in-Chief of 201819, picking fresh stories for the new semester, and scrambling to figure out what stays in the paper next year were all a part of the norm. After being on the staff for three years, it feels strange to plan a year that I, myself, will not be a part of. However, I leave the paper to the best hands possible, and am excited to see the outcome of a fresh staff. Being Editor in Chief this year has

helped advance my leadership skills past what I thought I was capable of. As Style Editor I kept a close eye on writers and made sure to communicate with them on whether or not all of my content would be there come production day. Now, as the Chief, I must check in with both writers and editors and evaluate if they are doing an adamant job in their role. On production days, my leadership is put to the test, assigning tasks for available staffers, while designing my two pages and helping editors in need. While I

REFLECTION 1 have loved this job, there is no denying it gets tricky developing these skills. Directing peers without sounding overpowering and bossy can be a challenge, and with so much of the staff being seniors, I have struggled with finding the perfect sweet spot. Understandably, it can be hard to have your best friend in math class be your superior in another. It is also quite the challenge, second semester, to keep our senior class motivated enough to get anything done. Overall, though, I have found that by communicating every little detail and explaining why I did a certain thing, my relationships with peers have persevered through it all. I believe maintaining my focus on what’s best for the paper is an excellent way to lead the class. Although I did not learn how to do it this semester, I was able to play around a lot more with graphics and illustrations for the publication. Because we have lacked graphics in the paper for almost every year it has been produced, I wanted to try out incorporating my drawing skills into the paper. Especially after seeing so many award winning papers with heavily illustrated content, inspiration struck me. On the first issue of the paper, I produced an outline drawing of a hand holding a child on a swing. Though it was very minimal, I found the graphic to be very powerful, and it

coordinated well with the story. Since then, I have produced more drawings for the paper, and even practice them in my free time. Not only do I use a similar method in my personal publication, Goth Grrrl, but I plan to use this skill in future projects and productions. As a paper, it seems we never lack in beauty. Our pages are filled with interesting infographics and color schemes, and amazing photos and artwork. However, it seems that collectively the staff finds turning in articles on time to be difficult. Generally, in other classes, while assignments have a set due date, late work is still taken for full or partial credit. However, in the journalism world, our deadline is strict. If articles are not finished on time, they go unpublished and cannot be made up. This not only creates problems for editors trying to cover up a blank space on their pages, but also leaves the writer unpublished, and with a poor grade. Happening very often at the beginning of the year, many new writers did not understand the importance behind deadlines. Articles would go completely unwritten, photos not taken; anything at all could go unfinished. There is no one way to make writers write or editors edit, and I truthfully believe that it is all up to self motivation. And maybe a low grade wouldn’t hurt.

Besides deadlines, another struggle is actually editing pieces. It seems many editors are unaware that their job is to edit the stories for their pages. Perhaps all of us are at fault for not making that clear, but I think next year it is vital that editors understand designing is a perk, and edits should be first priority. This semester, I was an asset to the staff for a variety of reasons. As Mrs. Hart puts it, I am “good at everything.� I help edit articles throughout the writing process (first drafts, after production day, before submitting the PDFs), come up with creative topics to cover and lead brainstorming days, I am one of the few photographers on staff, and also create and manage all graphics needed for each page. With the front page of Intrigue to design and editors to keep on track, (not to mention also dubbing as Editor in Chief of Digital Journalism, Copy Editor and Team Leader of Yearbook and the Design Editor of Literary Magazine), it is safe to say that overall, I am a busy bee in the newspaper room. The greatest hardship I have faced this semester stems from communication. Funny enough, the com-



munications staff is not so good at communicating with each other. I was discussing the possibility of changing an article to a different page with an editor, but when that editor discussed this with the other, I was greeted with confusing messages that I was rude and shouldn’t talk about editors behind their backs. Although this was not my intention nor how I conducted myself that day, communication was lost in translation, and conflict arose for no reason. To avoid this I plan on taking a few steps like thinking about my words more, and only discussing matters with both people present.



As Editor in Chief this year, so many of my peers look up to me. I am expected to contribute excellent work, handle all challenges professionally, and overall set a good example. This year, I believe my most significant contribution was picking up the slack when nobody else would during the October issue of the paper. There is no denying the paper was in rough shape with only a few days left of production week. With no one stepping up to volunteer, assigning them would not be constructive. Reliable editors were already swamped with work, and almost everyone on the staff did not complete an article. Most had several articles undone. After compiling a list of each person who did not complete an article and which article it was, we were forced to decide to cut pages by the fours, or make up missed work. With so many vital articles left untouched or unfinished, Kiera and I stepped up to the plate, and began conducting interviews that hour. Once we finished speaking with every individual we could find, a total of 18 meetings, we began writing. With our already hectic lives, the writing process was done by staying after class or after school, and meeting before the sun was up at a Starbucks for three or four days. After we stumbled through a rough draft, we edited the articles relentlessly until we felt like we had produced satisfactory work.

Then came the struggle for photography. Realizing most of what had not been written also paired with a photograph, Kiera and I had to get creative. The next day was packed full with photo taking, illustrating, and sidebar making. At last, though we neared dangerously to the paper’s print date, all was finalized. Friends in class joked that my name was the only one published as a writer for the news section, but it was rather unsettling to see. If Kiera and I had not raced to make each missing article complete, the paper would be lacking severely, or may have gone without printing at all, which is not a sacrifice I am willing to make. Although this was an excruciatingly exhausting week to endure, I think

stepping up and showing what we were able to accomplish in such a short span of time was a great (and completely unintentional) contribution to the CSPress. Not only did we save the paper from its almost unpublishable state, but we also set a fantastic example by doing so. Since then, I have noticed a considerable difference in the quality of work produced, and willingness to do it. I have found that many staff writers that used to lack motivation are now enthusiastic about taking on an article. Many also have all of their interviews done on time, with photos and sidebars to match. This has been an astounding change of pace, and I hope to maintain that enthusiasm from second semester and beyond.











allenger, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Demon. This new Challenger is a rear-wheel maro. Manufacturers like these not drive, drag racing focused, 840 horsepower, y produce straight power with bulky 770 pound-feet of torque, all produced from el bodies though, many American firms, a supercharged 6.2L V8. ether it be a large establishment or an “Cars like the Dodge takePRESS power THEDemon CACTUS SHADOWS ependent company, also dabbled in the and engineering to a whole new level. Those THE CACTUS SHADOWS PRESS OPINION duction of supercars to things are mpete with their the opporidiculous,” nutt does not regret hard work OPINION OPINION nts said Jimmy butoverseas. does wonder what life may MAJA PEIRCE KATELYN REINHART k the easier There is no path. absolute defiFlanagan, Strike seemed anecessary conon of what a supercar senior theand sidering state of education WANTED when I needany someone cheer me and make me gest problems facing hightoschool inupAmerica ITH the arrival of another year, students can expect funding in the Arizona. OPINION laugh. Mycommonly friends keep me sane- they are always so arguments American with discipline issues. Cactus Shadows is no difbuzz of new students, adjustments to a new schedmy freshthere for me when I need a break from school and my ANNIE SOGAARD rackbecause to be se of constantly muscle fan. arting next busy year, school will try out a new ule, and a new disciplinary program titled Pride life.the high school, duldPride Academy. This plan focuses more on Academy. Aiming to be an alternative to in-school susanging standards. Other small be WHAT ARE SOME TIPS YOU HAVE FOR dated. preventionOTHER than STUDENTS traditional suspension or pensions, Pride Academy is set up with good intentions / ASPIRING VALEDICTOA supercar is the a car that RIZONA automotive school The public is growing increasrigorous ly in place. RIANS? but a lackluster districts and teachersexecution. ingly aware of and equally frused credits tmpus, really built for day-tofirms, such as have The most important thing to do is work hard, but are taking a stand in trated with the issue,existed, thanks toschools have taken preventive students who incur a 3-5 day suspension For as long as teenagers studied for “Pride Academy the know your limits. Don’t do too much, because all you Red for Ed the walk-in demonstrations or the yes. driving. They Hennessey class on campus. Thisnoramlly all day “class” will include measures tomoveensure students make the right decisions for themselves. This will do is burn yourself out and have a miserable high ment, advocating a march at the Capitol. Governor is set up improvement effects of the offenses theyKnowing committed, andmanage also is seminars ranging from bland to passionate, educational videos, and school experience. how to time ve a very large engine and Performance, much neededincludes in the Doug Ducey unveiled his 20x2020 the mostwork. essential thing for being successful in your and funding forschools eduplan to increase However, teacher salaries atch school fromproduce themselves. despite the whir of “do not,” meswithprioritization good pleas re’s upa on smaller of of school. This is what their classes and supply having a life outside cation. 20 percent by 2020. However, the belief that stopped the current of suspending kids sages, teenagers often take the action they know best: they do. bs and hobme fromplan going crazy trying to do well in high Clad in red, teachers are own banding teachers are concerned that the m, ” said Chris Hanbury, a superintentions but ntdents of Model schoolout, and watching do the things television I love at the same time. hanging or playIn higher this new program, who would together to demand pay and plan is students based off projections that have gotten a suspension and ws iorLiterary and import enthusiast. cars to down thefor major European manmore money classrooms. state will see an increase in not, in fact, leadingcar to any change in behavior. missed school are the instead placed into instructional time in which they are a take lackluster WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? rs Society, It is no secret that schools and is not supported by support fact high thatschool, punishment should relate shown informativerevenue, videos and given to get caught up on class work. Instead of Huge likeI’mFord and Dodge ufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and attending the University of MCA, and companies a theAfter are drastically underfunded in actual funding. It also would not execution.” Utah to double major in Game Design and Japanese. program, the production school is hoping to at provide more missing school entirely, students are staff participating in the Pride Academy Arizona. Budget cuts made dur-days cover the salaries of support ke limited run pretty ranMcLaren. I am also going to continue my studies in French and deo games, ing the recession in 2008 at have yet when or improved resources schools. d,popultimately, lead students to make more toeduprogram school they wouldfor have been at home. learn Korean. After it college, I plan to move Japan to groups, mized times, making difficult to predict Hennessey’s ever hypercar, the to be first restored to their normal levApril 19th, leaders from The days are splitOn into three sections, with the first being social and self work as a video game designer and experience a culels. According to data from the Arizona Educators United (AEU) at either company’s next supercar will be Venom GT, claimed several world records as ture and lifestyle outside of my own. Academy will spend one third of the day learnimprovement skills, second focusing on the offense itself, and the third National Education Association, andthe Arizona Education Association the national (AEA) declaredcoursework the 20x2020 plan dever how it will against other had the highest topisaverage speed ofannual 270.49 miles offense theycompete committed – bullying, vaping time for for students to finish from classes they miss. However, WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE AND LEASTcars “Theitschool y time manteacher salaries is $58,000. Arizona “disingenuous.” An overwhelmFAVORITE SCHOOL? to of thePARTS day OF willHIGH be dedicated manycar students who are in the Pride Academy program for non-drug issues kAnother right level. after third hat per hour of any road legal for three years is currently ranked 49th in the ing 78 percent of 57,000 teachMy favorite part high school was n I building can use nd character, andofthe last third onmeeting com- my is hoping to country, paying areteachers spending a third of their day listening to lectures that do not apply to their aver- per ers voted in support of a walk out, lawmakers enough incentive to ing funding for new textbooks For Ford and had the fastest run 0-200 an miles hour friendsthe and first creatinggeneration the tight-knit group we GT now and example, relax. of about Along $44,000.with which began on Thursday, April offerofa discussing plan that meets demands that, previous school efforts social issuesand technology and support staff. have. Although many people say differently, I sin- provide moreage salary offense. as long as I s produced from 2004-2006 and only of any road legal car. Supporters of the movement are 26th. and is actually feasible. It also gives teachers a 20 percent cerely believeathat my friends are themember people that I’ll st days do. m, the Ischool is hiring brand new staff have fallen extremely flat, leading to another wasted section of the day. also concerned with resources The very idea of shutting down However, hundreds of schools pay raise over the next three years, know and love the restDodge’s of my life. We equivaeven plan to information 38 were made in for total. Hennessey’s newest While project known to keep students focused, but simultaneously pasisiscurrently on exactly would available to schools, as it curricuschoolsundecided with a walkout should what acrossoffenses the state still closed warrant for the with 10 percent seen in 2018. ONG THE move out to East-Asia together. for the students.” such asF5. textbooks haveAcademy, been taken tardies by legislators six day make long strike. ended deal after of While not all of the demands ence in their lives. forViper the involvement oforPride andasabsences up aItgreat That beingThe said,chances my least favorite partprogram of high school t third-generation Dodge SRT-10 public as lum thematerials Venom This hypercar technology are often scarce or outmore of a threat, intended to give the budget was passed, increassister have was probably all the work I had to do. I was prepared having a person teaching it is that students disciplinary action. Peoplespotlight who are made to participate for these reasons aremade by AEU and AEA were comson made between 2003-2007 and 8,190 is predicted to be the first road legal car to sister were to work hard, but that doesn’t make it any more fun or t. spending a great deal of their day listening to lectures that have no relevance and do IB so difficult. I don’t regret my decision to do in IB and ed off theless production line, which is more achieve a top speed of over 300 milesLIKEper BEES TO discussion, HONEY, visitorsleaving of the of disciplining students belongs with the instead of participating in class them no better off than mejob in everyexcel, but sometimes I wonder how different my life market found products of all kinds. Among ho cheered would be if I had taken an easier way out. n double the amount of Ford GT’s prohour. While other foreign companies like ut this argument does not hold water, because they would beSARA with athe regular suspension Saturday school. 4 WINDOM vendors was Dragan Pecic or of Carefree ARM can rely on With everything from lavender ining students - it just is not working. Given the By toinstituting suspensions, decisions on disciplinary morning given many a place ced. Bugatti use massive engines with Walkouts 16these cylinarePecic quickly becoming the most prominent honey to pollen, brought something air taps grow in skillactions or test outare a across the country, is critical that take taken away from the parents. When it comes to raising chilREINHART sweet the market. 4KATELYN Honestly, foreignitcountries likethey Germany ders shouland four turbos to Supporting producealso 1,500 horseform oftopolitical activism, and for good reason. new product. iscipline methods that result in less violent acts dren, parents should have the ultimate say. By getting rid of regular suspenand encouraging localproduce OPINION d Japan make much better cars thanders of customers power,as they Hennessey is sions, ablethepower to 1,600 is taken from the parents and given to the school. browse through booths. youth has proved to be National Guard to the border. Nothing good and Border Protection, 50,308 people were what is known as the Mexican Drug War, KASSIDY WHEELER merica. Myviolence, CLSis”is really fast, really comhorsepower awas twin-turbo V8. Felipeprogram suited to fit everyone, Pride Academy strugcarries cacti jams, a priority forstarted Cordovacomes from said Kennedy Nelson, caught is trying illegally cross the border from which ve in a way that conducive to learning a toOne Withbya President generalized a senior. into the United States. Calderon another shines in the light Benson,in as2006. local students hers, ” said Jennifer Gonzalez, a National Board gles where parents do not: personalization. In a school where hundreds of table, and reliable. American cars justas a Trump‘s Hennessey Performance does not only Troops were first sent to Texas and Arizona During President presidency However, thethe Cartel’s does notonstop vendor lifts a brace- try have participated inUnited thereach Activism in States the news to see that another Despite bump stock bans and the national level, the walkouts with schools around the standard, country. kids are getting in trouble for hundreds different reasons,in Florida caused state legislation with the sole purpose of guarding the border.“Restorative policies toit’s dissuade at market Mexico, their can the betake found all to demonstrate ason well. been theinfluence rise since shooting has happened has become promises forof stringent background n’t made to that ”to come saidup with Tyletseveral develop their has own supercars, they avertroops will not be used law-enforceillegal immigration. ofare these is a wall Stoneman the way in involved America. The National has in America.have no chancechecks, color.One Tents strewn “I got wn, The because it focuses onforbuilding relationships administrators of disciplining in ato raise the age limit to purchase Douglas through High SchoolGuard normal gun violence students still happens wart, owner and tuner of a along Mercedes age muscle cars and trucks and them ment unless Defense Secretary James Mattis the four USabout statesand that border reported dealing withI’m the Carteltune on several people ofMexico. all mutual friends, and shooting. Walkouts to support We have been desensitized to on far individual more in America compared to firearms to 21. Unfortunately, the an approves simply it.punishing students for misbehavior. ” way that will leave an impact people. They will be armed only for selfAlthough many National Guard common different occasions. sense to these events because of how freother developed countries. Those agesbelieve to gather to see the walkouts have not had a significant really glad I’vegun beenlaws, able and Essentially S-500. upwards of 1,000 horsepower. nd defense. and Miami are using restorative justice Not student needwho a lecture on being andimpact with law makers across the troops prowere firstlast sent to the of border under remember “The is going to takequently over every thoseIt’sGuard who have been they occur. Peoplewill who are have grown tired ofkind seeing assembly the North to playNational there. pretty “President Trump’s move to send the Trump’s initial order, the National Guard our surveillance positions, which allows us \ SARA WINDOM With thetosecond Ford GT’sScottsdale they take fast muscle cars respectful, and turn According an articlegeneration on, these not every need a on lecture on thewalkharmsnation, however, the youth that killed by senseless walking out against gunstudent violence will bloodshed the television, Farmers Marketalready relaxed and you cangun tell violence National Guard to the border was strategihas been operating on the border for many have to puttaken more agents in the field on the border, place throughout the are angry Schools may not know who ing needs into a what, movie theater the season. everyone is having a good rams have helped their communiofbottom cocaine. but par-have organized these demonstraduction to run 2016-ofconcerning them supercars and track monsters. cally sound,is ” saidplanned Markstrengthen Crowl, a volunteer on from years, especially theinto Mexican which then allows us to goteacher after the nation. recently, because thinking how they would tions have already done more than “No protest is Opening weekly, the time,” More said Carter Homan, Republicanbetween National Committee (RNC). drug cartel. line of the criminal cartels, " said Brandon ucetheconflicts students. ents know exactly what will applyescape to their children.were Pridemost legislators when it comes to walkouts the atUnited there has if something North Scottsdale Farmers a junior throughout and piano player meant to be Trump‘s order to send troops is not a comThe Drug Cartel is an illegal operation that Judd, president of the National Border Patrol stic reductions in suspensions Academy will struggle because to it swaps States pressured legislators to been no happen, specificity or wonderingwith if combatting gun violence. Market was held at the the have market. pletely original order. Both past presidents is based heavily in Mexico that has the intenCouncil. convenient, and they will come home from support more fundingofand higher effective Recently Arizona educators General store on Pinnacle With the plethora sayGeorge theyW. areBush happier and Obama feel sent tion of supplying and Barack drug trafficking options. According to the Recovery Village, thegeneralization in discipline, and students who participayvendors to schools educators. action school that day have demhave taken it upon themselves to Peak road. Vendors such andand talents, many a good National Guard troops to the border during According to the BBC (British Broadcasting Cartels make approximately 19 to 21 mil- pate will do theway sameto things they’ve done in previous Walking out is very effectaken onstrated that they want fight for their pay and school fundas Precious Sauces andcartels students found thein the United States one point in their presidency. Corporation), there are seven major lion dollarshave on drug sales raise awareness g pioneered by admin based on what our programs: daydream. tivemarket becausebeita standout draws attention or even change. ing. Arizona teacher salaries are Jojoba Beef Company In the months after President Trump in Mexico. TheseThe include the Tijuana Cartel, in a year, to which has also resulted in 55,000 to an important issue. No protest The walkouts have been nearly $10,000 below the national is to cause a unpacked and Cartel, sold their weekend event. he most. Let’sillegal hopeimmigration that we see the results Cartel, took office, across thesame Beltrán-Leyva Sinoloa Juárez deaths since the year of 2006, when the is meant to bemarkets convenient, used as an amplifier, to averages. Teachers walked out in goods every Saturday, runare and a disruption.” US-Mexico border decreased drastically, Cartel, La Familia Michoacana, Gulf Cartel, Drug“Farmers War began. d success with similar programs. good way to raise awareness about spread the voice of outArizona, and around the nation, to ning on good always really interesting accordingistoset the to US launch Customs and Los Zetas. Each Cartel involved in ousisvibrations generations of technology dating before Thehowever, company multiple D=6% C=0% D=1% an and issue to this cause disruption rage to those who have not get the attention of lawmakers by and positivity. fun,isand wasano order to force to A=15% take a been paying attention to the disrupting the system in order to 2000s. inThere are people some dangers that these robots into space in 2020. Their “I startedthe this market different. There’s someD=17% B=4% closer look. attempted. Their goal is not to take tragic loss of life around the United get higher pay and increased fundafter I went on a trip to thing about getting a come with bringing outside resources al will be to analyze, land, and extract A=17% When it comes to inaction on away everyone’s firearms, but to States. ing for schools. Kauai and there was such bunch of people together C=20% serious issues such as gun violence, fight for common sense gun laws Even though new laws reguBy doing so, many schools have a sense of family into at the an economy. for a market like this that nerals from asteroids that pass people havereally had find enough. which will defend innocent lives. lating guns are still unapparent at been successful in other parts of farmers markets there. you can’t any- Turning If miners find an abundancy of platise to Earth. Everyone came to get where else,” said Lydia give ... what they needed and itnum in Meredith, a senior. the value of platasteroids, Mining in C=15% space seems like PROM SUMMER was really special, and I While the market has 0hould be far in the future, THEME LIP DUB could plumit once space wanted to bring that atmo- inum come to a close for the sphere here,” said Lori season, it has reached out mined platinum is brought back t the in reality it is much Cordova-Benson, who runs to members of the comthe market. and offered expeto munity Earth. Economies will cerser than people may think. B=52% B=59% Branching out to local riences and products that tainly have tountiladjust and new I don’t think it’s very practical, talent as well as vendors, will leave an impact A=95% this farmers market has its next arrival. regulations would have to be pred it should probably be our last Reinhart pared, butKatelyn using water from asterssible option to go Spotlight Editor oids could benefit us in other space to look for WSARA WINDOM ways. re resources, but if If water is extracted from orbitreally need it they ting asteroids, it could be used to ould definitely do it,” FEATURE assist in the use of hydropower and d Carmen Lopez, a junior. propel us further into the space industry. Today’s technology is moving at a Directing brothers Anthony standpoint. The only acting that I was unsure about was that of honestly the most powerful character in the immediate Marvel and Joe Russo lead the third installJosh Brolin and his character Thanos. universe. Every time they give her screen time, she destroys the film series, Avengers: Infinity ment in the Marvel’s The Avengers \ SARA WINDOM id rate, especially compared to previ-

Following a recent hike in suspensions, students discuss the issue of...

School Discipline

ess Traveled:

“Cars like the Dodge Demon take power and engineering to a whole new level. Those things are ridiculous,” said Jimmy Flanagan, a senior.

MAY 18, 2018 ■ 7




\SARA WINDOM pletely met, the passing of this bill for education funding is a massive victory, and is helping steer the state government in the right direction and give teachers the support they deserve.


over National Guard presence on border



from farm to table



MAY 18, 2017 ■ 11

He, in my opinion, is the most normal, yet horrible villain there enemy faster than anyone else. Wanda is hardly seen in the film, With the rise of social media, there has come a lack of has ever been in the Marvel Universe from a film standpoint. perhaps due to most of the screen time given to more popular creeker Thanos’s character makes the viewer both understand and feel for characters. him yet also want him to be defeated for how horrible he is. The other big problem I have with the film is the ending. Marvel I am actually glad that some catastrophe happened in the film. has never had a bigger cop out to pull audiences in for the next One thing that Marvel has hesitated to do, due to possible fan movie than the end of Infinity War. Unlike everyone else in the theater who was crying, I sighed and crossed my arms. outbreak and lack of attendance at future Marvel films, is to do It is no lie that this Infinity War was legendary, and by my third anything in finality. They stray away from killing off any characters realized close Marvel or destroying anything special permanently, so they do semi-perBy ANNIE SOGAARD staff writer time of watching it I anteed. In an how interview with the CNN, 2000s the former director movie of the FBI, James Comey, said, “There is no such thing franchise is pulling end,privacy and inhow desperate manently bad things as to cause conflict, yet they never have anyWhether it is through shows like Black Mirror or by to as an absolute America. There is no Marvel place out- is for researching and creating elaborate conspiracy theoside of judicial reach.” as viewers. Overall, anyone who likes action movies should watch this thing bad happen that will stay that way. Infinity War differed, ries, this generation has come to somehow revel in all With a lot of technology used today, privacy creepy or mysterious.epic One of which is the ideabutvanquishes without a second it had some heart crushing events happen that even newthings Marvel throwdown, if you are thebeing typegiven who cuts deep down into that FBI special agents are watching them through thought. When downloading apps, if the fans knew were final. and their individual aspects likecarefully, me, you their computers or internet movies history. permissions are not read they may be slightly It has been turned into countless memes on Twitter, can gain the ability to use the phone’s War With incredible CGI and facial tracking technology, Infinity disappointed. musing about an FBI agent coaching them through cameras, microphones, location services Wagon Wheel Coffee shop a small break-and internet activityThe does not accept credit cards, they selfies or saying “bless you” afterissomeone sneezes. andrestaurant sell paves the way to how far technology in movies The can go. However, Looking at it on the more serious side, people swear advertisements. place in Cave Creek. Thisor diner is open It is the same case dowith not cater, and they do not have wifi services. the extensive amount of animation may havefast have beenlocated to dis-down up and that their computers phones somehow display advertisements for things they had only TVs or home speakdaymost from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wagon is asmart Those factors tract the viewer from the bad aspects of the every film. The promiOlivia’sorWheel Opinion: had to spend at may leastbe twoa downside years just to people, howmentioned in “real life” conversation, that their Someone ers, which have microsmart speakers like Google Home or Alexa will turn on phones and sometimes a throwback to the classic old diners, do notechin. thatThink about ever, there are some who enjoy the old feel of the nent aspect being the Scarlet Witch’s negligence by screenwriteditingbut Thanos’s that. unprovoked during conversations about serious govcamera. When Samsung’s theyScarlet only take cash. restaurant and this may even enhance the experiernment smart TV was released, the ers. Played by Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda a.k.a the Witch isaffairs. “At first, I was one of those people that didn’t really company itself warned cus“Its a cutetakeplace to eat, it is Bebee, smallprincipal. and cozy. I love ence of the diner. MAY 2018 intrigue it seriously, ” said Steve “But one tomers not to discuss private day, my wife and I were having a conversation in the information in a close proxthe feel of the place,” said Olivia Graeber, a sopho“Some people may not like how old it is, but I living room about a bike she wanted, and her comimity to the TV. puter was open. About 20 minutes later, she went onto “Often times love they’re more. it. It's got a great atmosphere and the food is her computer and immediately saw advertisements just hearing parts of our It is a casual restaurant, with costing about really for the same bike. So, yes, nowmeals I have tape covering my everyday lives that they good too,” said Graeber. camera and microphone on my computer.” don’t need to hear, $10-20. The FBI does, in fact, have the capability to use wireand it just becomesThe Wagon Wheel may look like a small building taps on people’s phones or computers and listen to an invasion of pri“I love going to the restaurant because their food on the side of the road, but it has much to offer in and monitor them. However, unless there is evidence vacy,” said Devin pointing someone being or serious felon, Dorough, a soph- terms of food. The restaurant is best known for its is really good andtoI like that it aisterrorist local,” said Michelle they absolutely do not wiretap you. omore. Satran, a freshman. biscuits and gravy, as well as its omelets. They also It is actually directly addressed in a statement on The their official website; “wiretapping is one of the FBI’s best Since Wagon Wheel has been open, it has served offer specialty pancakes and french toast that are most sensitive techniques and is strictly controlled by federal statutes. It is used infrequently, and only to as a popular breakfast place for many people. This large in portions. combat terrorism and the most serious crimes.” In fact, therefor is a strict protocol be followed is also a popular spot locals andtoeven students “Their menu never changes, so that way I can if wiretapping is to be used for an investigation. around CaveUnder Creek. always order my favorite breakfast every time I go Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 2516, all law enforcement officers are required to establish “The Wagon Wheel used to be the hangout for there,” said Satran. probable cause that the wiretaps may provide evidence of a felony being committed. Cactus Shadows students. They had a back room If one wants a quiet peaceful breakfast or brunch, SITTING DOWN, Olivia Stickel, a senior, checks out the Wagon Even after probable cause has been adedetermined, judge still before must and it wouldquately be filled everya morning school,” as it is secluded from the heart of downtown Cave Wheel for the first time. The restaurant not only sells an array of approve using the wiretaps and closely beverages, but also foods. Some of there breakfast dishes include,the said Elissa Ericson, dance teacher. Creek, and there is no live music. monitor how it is being used. If an thing agent were to install wiretaps withto do to comHe-Person consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. out following the strict protocol, it bat this is to read app Another dish is called the Omeletwich, which includes a choice bacon would actually be considered permissions before agreeAvianna Hoppes a serious violation of feding to download, keep location seror ham on a croissant with American cheese. 4SARA

War. Infinity War takes place after every Marvel movie before it, at the pinnacle of conflict within the universe. Thanos, seen as the most powerful being in the universe, is coming to steal the six Infinity Stones in hopes to use them to carry out his evil plans. Marvel characters then team up in an epic group to attempt to take down the purveyor of the downfall of life as they know it. Having directed both of the other Avengers films, the Russo brother’s cohesive and consistent vision and style is seen throughout Infinity War as it is in the others. This film in particular had a major challenge--trying to fit in upwards of 30 significant characters. I think the Russos did all they could to even out the screen time of the different characters, and cleverly split the main characters into multiple distinct groups as to allow as many characters into one shot as possible. There is no lack of good acting in Infinity War. I had high hopes coming into the movie since I was already familiar with each actor from previous films, and was not disappointed from an acting


the country, but here in Arizona Governor Doug Ducey initially left out pay raises for support staff. After teachers walked out on April 27, Ducey agreed to update his policies to include support staff, give a 20 percent pay increase to teachers, and direct more funding towards schools with a $371 million increase over five years. Nonetheless, some are still skeptical about where that money is coming from, the action teachers took around the nation turned to change that will effect the future of education in our country. Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, young people have taken charge to make change in the United States. Though the way the youth protests has changed from sit-ins and boycotts to walkouts and rallies the goal remains the same: change.


Carefree Kiwanis rewards scholars


Breakfast wagon g

eral law. However, that doesn’t mean privacy is guar-

vices off unless they are needed, or to use good old fashioned tape over the camera, because, while the government isn’t likely to be spying on you, that does not mean nobody else is.

staff writer



Local businesses slow down over the summer.

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The Wagon Wheel attracts locals daily.

4 Ka$hin’ Out at Kiwanis

Kiwanis Carefree gives out their yearly scholarships. TRAVEL


May 2018

the creators of

Smoothie bowls to keep you cool all summer long.

Section editor

(Coac)hella Good

Let the festivities begin.

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Stickel sees a movie for the last time.

11 Humans of Cactus Shadows

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Farmer’s markets are back in season.

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Find out where students are going to college, who made the top 10, and more. STYLE

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Students show off their tattoos.

Song and Fury 2018-19 POSITIONS

SHAKE IT UP With summer heat sizzling in, Maddie

Howard sat down to figure out just which milkshake is the best. See the story on page 10. 4MADDIE HOWARD

Kassidy WHEELER Opinion Editor Brook BOWMAN News Editor Maja PEIRCE In-Depth Editor Avianna HOPPES Sports Editor Morgan REIMER Features Editor Lifestyle Editor

Annie SOGAARD Creeker Editor Julia KNIES Spotlight Editor Blake DORAME Photography Editor

Summer is here, and with that comes much in the way of adjustment. Seniors say goodbye to the Creek and prepare for their future, underclassmen become upper, some go on month long trips, others find work nearby. No matter what it is, summer is a time for self discovery that will change us into our next version of self. Intrigue is here just for that purpose. Preparing you for graduation, or starting plans to road trip with your best friends one last time, we, the staff of Intrigue, are here to aid. So congratulations, you made it through another year. On with your next chapter, song and fury burning deep within.

contributing to INTRIGUE Brook Bowman, a junior, will be taking on the Editor in Chief position next year, alongside Kassidy Wheeler. Additionally, Bowman will be the News Editor. Apart from her extensive deidcation to the newspaper, Bowman will be working on both the Literary Magazine and the Yearbook next year, and will attend the Walter Cronkite summer program in June.

Kassidy Wheeler, a junior, has just started his career as a journalist, but has already been awarded the Editor in Chief position of the CSPress, alongside Brook Bowman. Not only will he be in charge of the paper, but Wheeler will also be taking on the Opinion pages next year.

(one) acting out KEEP IT SIMPLE

Easy clothing hacks.

Sara WINDOM Editor in Chief


MAY intrigue

class of 2018 class of 2018

You know you’re from the class of ‘18 if...

Do you have any advice for next year’s seniors? “To have fun and enjoy every second because it goes by so fast.” Sarah Staats “Don’t stress the small stuff.” Nathan Ferry “You’re not as great as you think you are.” Annalee Barnett “Get your college applications, scholarships, and financial forms done early.” Julian Voitek “Participate in all spirit days.” Sydney Christman “Enjoy it. Don’t stress about things that won’t affect you in a year.” Teagan Nunnery “Don’t procrastinate on ECAP assignments, get them over with.” Abby Kitnick “Go to all the school events because it’s the last time you’ll ever get to do them again.” Jessica Kotowski “It goes by so fast so don’t take your days for granted.” Ben Malkin “Stay close to the friends that matter, quality over quantity.” Alyssa Hipschman “Good luck.” AJ Gallen

What is your funniest memory from high school? “Boys cross country shaving their legs every year before state.” Signe Fremel “Delgrosso falling off the hover board on the announcements.” Devyn Rigo “Having Mr. Marri.” Jordyn Russek “Water bottle roulette.” Ryan Kelleher “Crowd surfing at homecoming.” Tyler Hrapczak “Almost getting suspended for throwing a rock.” Sierra Fleugel “When the office first tried to make us wear our IDs.” Andrew Ballard “When my teacher put a dead frog in my bakckpack.” Nicole Sargent



What will you miss most? “All of the school spirit when it comes to the nest, spirit days, and homecoming week.” Katie O’Connor “The comfortability I have here, I’ve been here for all four years.” Asher Melrose “Free education.” Shane Watters “Being able to see my friends everyday.” McKenzie Biondo “Playing football in front of the nest.” Grant Thom “Having no responsibilities and living in Cave Creek.” Sophie Evans


“The freshman class literally looks like they came straight from elementary school.” Casey Davis “There was a bomb threat freshman year.” Haley Sterba “You were mad about the parking situation.” Sydney Reitninger “You know what hoopcoming is.” Lauren Heath “You went to Mexico for spring break.” Kaley Dodd “You were in Dr. McKay’s English 101 class.” Olivia Benedictis “You never showed up to school.” Zoie Lambesis “Everyone plays Fortnite.” Tyler Morano “You’re tired all the time.” Samantha Hamauer “You had to park at the stadium.” Jared Langley

RACHEL CURNUTT “My freshman year, my sister told me that she was about to be valedictorian, and I thought that would be really cool if I was also valedictorian.”


What was your favorite year and why? “Freshman year because it was new and different.” Josie Belliotti “Senior year - being able to have half days to spend more time with your friends.” Kassidy Warnol “Junior year because of my friends and we won 2018 state cheer championship.” Malia Fusiara “Freshman and sophomore year because that’s before the horrors of IB began.” Brett Cernich “Sophomore because life was easy.” Meagan Multz “Junior year because that year I reconnected with some old friends and made great memories.” Morgan Pulley “Senior because I wasn’t as stressed as past years and I became close with a lot more people.” Fernanda Brigneti

These students made it to the top of the class of 2018

NATALIE PLACENCIA “I’d say I had some really great teachers throughout the years. I also put in a lot of work with studying.”

MAY 2018 intrigue

intrigue MAY 2018

HAILEY OTERO “I always knew I was going to do the IB program, which gives you a lot of extra credits, so I kind of happened to be in the top 10.”

SHANNON CHUMBLEY “Taking fully weighted schedules really helped, and taking them early so you can still have a half-day.”

RIELLY PUCKETT “I always tried to do the hardest thing. The only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that’s why I did IB.”

“I really wanted to be in this newspaper article, since my freshman year, and also I just like to push myself.”

MEGAN ROSE “It’s really fun because we get to write our speech together and we’ve been together.”

DREW BALLARD “I don’t even know how I got here. Honestly, I just did my best to get good grades throughout high school.”

LAUREN HEATH “I thought it would be pretty cool because I saw the newspaper my freshman year and I set it as my goal to be in the top 10.”

ALICIA VAN STONE “It was a lot of work, but you just have to relax and take a step back and look at the big picture.”


Sara Windom 2018 Portfolio  

As my final days as Editor in Chief wind down, things are getting simpler, and as such, my design for the 2018 portfolio exemplifies this. I...

Sara Windom 2018 Portfolio  

As my final days as Editor in Chief wind down, things are getting simpler, and as such, my design for the 2018 portfolio exemplifies this. I...