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November/December 2013



2013 Executive of the Year Greg Clark


Robert E. Mackoul, CLU President

It  seems  the  insurance  industry  is  on  vaca2on  for   the  en2re  summer,  and  as  soon  as  Labor  Day  passes  our   industry  comes  back  to  work  with  a  vengeance.  We  are  in   the  fall  now  and  the  month  of  September  had  no  less  than   five  major  events  or  mee2ngs.  Our  commitment  for  this   year  was  to  “make  a  difference”,  and  I  believe  we  got  off   to  a  good  start  this  past  month.   “OverdraF”,  the  Travelers  one  hour  video  and  a   panel  discussion  was  presented  on  September  24that  the   Melville  MarrioK  to  a  large  audience.  The  topic  was  our   na2onal  debt,  its  crippling  effect  on  our  society  and  the   long  term  issues  we  as  a  na2on  confront.  The  program   was  very  revealing  and  had  a  tremendous  impact  on  the   audience  who  later  mingled  over  cocktails  and  hors   d’ouvres  to  discuss  the  ramifica2ons  of  the  powerful   message.       Our  annual  TriCounty  Golf  Classic  was  held  on   October  3rd  at  Woodmere  Country  Club  honoring  Greg   Clark  of  MAPFRE  as  the  2013  Outstanding  Insurance   Company  Execu2ve  and  with  all  profit  from  the  event   donated  to  the  Intrepid  Fallen  Heroes  Fund.  The  weather   was  spectacular,  the  golf  course  was  filled  to  capacity  and   the  cocktail  recep2on  and  dinner  was  aKended  by  more   than  200  people.    MAPFRE  Insurance,  in  tribute  to  Greg   Clark,  brought  more  than  20  employees  including  Jaime   Tamayo,  President  &  CEO.  A  wonderful  day  was  had  by  all   and  a  truly  deserving  execu2ve  was  given  a  richly   deserved  honor,  Congratula2ons  Greg!

October 29  is  the  one  year  anniversary  of  Super   Storm  Sandy  and  all  the  devasta2on  it  brought  to  our   area.  As  we  move  into  the  fall  with  Halloween  and   Thanksgiving  approaching,  we  need  to  think  back  just  one   year  to  this  event  of  historic  propor2ons  -­‐  an  event  whose   effect  on  hundreds  of  thousands  of  people,  homes  and   businesses  in  towns  and  neighborhoods  all  over  the  East   coast  and  especially  our  Long  Island  and  New  York  City  are   s2ll  being  felt  today.  Recovery  has  been  slow  and  is  s2ll   going  on.  Let’s  be  more  prepared  in  the  event  of  another   catastrophe.  As  insurance  professionals,  we  have  a   responsibility  to  help  clients  by  providing  crucial   informa2on  about  storm  mi2ga2on  and  what  to  do  aFer  a   storm.  Be  sure  to  have  plans  in  effect  to  protect  your   business  as  well;  you’ll  want  to  keep  the  lines  of   communica2on  open  with  your  clients  and  carriers  at  all   2mes.   Hope  to  see  everyone  at  our  holiday  party  on   December  12  at  Chateau  Briand  in  Carle  Place.  Once   again,  this  will  be  an  outstanding  event.  Don’t  miss  it.   Bob  Mackoul


PRO N e t w o r k S e c u r i t y & P r i va c y In a privacy conscious society, any company may be harmed with a breach of confidential information. Network Security & Privacy Insurance (Cyber-Liability) is available through NIF Pro and will protect your client from this growing exposure.

Coverage Components Coverage for third party claims arising out of a breach of the insured’s network security or other private information. Coverage for defense cost and fines/penalties for violations of privacy regulations (HIPAA, Red Flag Rules, Hi-Tech Act). Multi-media coverage for both on-line and off-line media including claims alleging copyright/trademark infringement and personal injury. Privacy breach response costs, customer notification expenses, customer support and credit monitoring expenses. Included are all reasonable legal, public relations, advertising, IT forensic, call center, credit monitoring and postage expenses incurred by the Insured for privacy breach response. Coverage for all reasonable and necessary sums required to recover and/or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased or corrupted. Coverage also includes business interruption and extra expense coverage for income loss as a result of total or partial interruption of an insured’s computer system. Extortion expenses and extortion monies as a direct result of a cyber extortion threat.

On certain classes of business, coverage can be combined with the professional liability insurance.

Classes All Industries Including: Manufacturers, Retailers, Schools, Accountants, Law Firms, Financial Services, Insurance Agents & Brokers, Restaurants, Unions, Municipalities, Technology Companies, Supermarkets and Auto Dealers.

Contact NIF Pro today to learn more about our services Deborah Dioguardi 1(800) 892-8892

Daniel Verdirame 1(800) 892-8892

NIF Pro - 30 Park Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030 | 1(800) 892-8892

Annual Holiday Party On December 12, 2013 Tri County will once again host our annual holiday party. In years past this was not an event that ever needed to be promoted, as all members and Insurance company representatives waited for the date. We had many Tri County members that used the holiday party as their office party. What could be better than spending the evening with fellow workers, company friends and fellow agents. Unfortunately like many long time traditions, peoples interests change, budgets are slimmed down and what use to be a consistent sell out, became a struggle. Three years ago our “marketing Guru” Steve Visco changed everything and decided if you build a world class event, members & friends will come back. Anyone that has attended the Tri County holiday party the last two years has not been disappointed. Steve has built an event that offers something for everyone, for me seeing over 200 fellow insurance professional at any event is a success.

What we can promise you is Steve’s new high energy holiday party theme will continue this year. We are planning a party that will allow Insurance professionals to network together at the most festive time of the year. We have reached out to all our local insurance carrier friends and asked that their sponsorship be taking a table of 10, so they can invite their best agents to share a holiday meal. I ask you to help promote the Holiday party to your carrier marketing reps as well as your fellow agents. Help us continue a tradition that has been around a long time. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Holiday Party!

by Ron Brunell

TriCounty IIAA Holiday Party Thursday Dec 12TH at 6PM

Chateau Briand Restaurant 440 Old Country Road Carle Place, NY Enjoy Hors d’oeuvres, Open Bar, Choice of Entrée, & DJ $85.00 per person Please RSVP by Wednesday December 4TH

Reserve online at WWW.TRICOUNTYAGENTS.COM or complete and return the reservation form with your check. For more info call Jeanne Abatelli at 516-681-6265 or email:

Reservation for 12/12/13 Holiday Party Please make your check payable to “TriCounty IIAA” Mail to:

TriCounty IIAA, 150 Dartmouth Dr, Hicksville, NY 11801 Attn: Jeanne Abatelli


Company: Phone:

Vice President and Regional Manager of MAPFRE Insurance Recognized as 2013 Executive of the Year by TriCounty Independent Insurance Agents Association Gregory S. Clark, Vice President and Regional Manager for MAPFRE Insurance, was recently recognized as TriCounty Independent Insurance Agents Association’s Executive of the Year for 2013. This award is given annually to a professional who demonstrates dedication, leadership and exceptional service to the insurance industry. “We were really honored to present Greg Clark the TriCounty IIAA, Insurance “Executive of Year Award,” said Robert E. Mackoul, CLU, President, Tri County IIAA. “Greg exemplified the standard of excellence we set for the award. His choice was a unanimous one by the Board members of Tri County which only illuminates the esteem in which he is held by independent insurance agents and brokers in the New York Metropolitan area.”

Greg Clark, Vice President and Regional Manager of MAPFRE Insurance NY/NJ business operations, holds his Executive of the Year award with Frank J. Elorza Vice President - TriCounty IIAA (left) and Robert E. Mackoul, CLU President - TriCounty IIAA (right).

Clark became Vice President and Regional Manager for the New York/New Jersey business area of MAPFRE Insurance in June of 2011. Since then, he has built strong relationships with independent insurance agents in the area, promoting profitable growth in auto and home insurance for MAPFRE. "At MAPFRE Insurance, we understand the importance of and value the relationships with our agency partners,” said Clark. “To be recognized by such an influential independent agent association as their Outstanding Company Executive is truly an honor." Clark has spent the majority of his career in the insurance industry with MAPFRE, primarily in leadership positions within Products, Underwriting and Insurance Operations.

MAPFRE Insurance MAPFRE Insurance, the 19th largest provider of personal automobile insurance in the United States, is part of the MAPFRE Group, an international insurer with business in 46 countries on five continents. The MAPFRE Group is the leading insurer in Spain. It is also the leading insurer in the non-life market in Latin America and the sixth largest non-life insurer in Europe.  The MAPFRE Group has 35,000 employees and over 23 million customers worldwide.  In 2012, the MAPFRE Group had net profits of $877 million with revenue of over $33 billion.  MAPFRE | Commerce Insurance, one member of the MAPFRE Group, is the largest auto and homeowners insurer in Massachusetts. MAPFRE Insurance is a brand and service mark of MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp. and its affiliates, American Commerce Insurance Company (Columbus, OH), Commerce West Insurance Company, (Cal. COA. 6715, Pleasanton, CA), MAPFRE Insurance Company (Cal. COA 08643, Florham Park, NJ), MAPFRE Insurance Company of Florida (Miami, FL) and MAPFRE Insurance Company of New York (Garden City, NY).  MAPFRE | Commerce Insurance is a brand and service mark of MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp. and its affiliates, The Commerce Insurance Company and Citation Insurance Company, of Webster, MA. For more information, visit

SEATED: Steven M. Shiner, CPCU, VP Claims, Eastern Region - MAPFRE USA, Dennis Crossley, President and CEO - AAA New York, Jaime Tamayo, President and CEO - MAPFRE USA, STANDING: Robert Walters, CFO - AAA New York, Kevin Crossley, VP - AAA New York Insurance Services, Inc., Gregory Clark, VP and Regional Manager MAPFRE USA, Patrick McDonald, CPCU, AIM, AIS, SVP - Marketing - MAPFRE USA, Scott McAlindin, SVP - Claims - MAPFRE USA

Peter Stellatos, CPA Certified Public Accountant • • • • •

Corporate Accounts Payroll Services Income Tax Preparation E-File/ Direct Deposit Year Round Bookkeeping

Tax Refund - MAXIMIZE IT! Tax Liability - MINIMIZE IT! Call and set up a free consultation before it’s too late... ...because every dollar counts.

42-27 Bell Boulevard Bayside, New York 11361 Tel: (718) 229-1004 Fax: (718) 229-7042 Email:

Helping Independent Insurance Agents with Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping & Taxes

We chose to recognize the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund this year because of their outstanding work and the fact that 100% of their donations go to the cause. Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a non-profit organization that provides support to United States military personnel and their families. The fund began in 2000 and in 2003 was established as an independent not-for-profit organization. Since its inception, the Fund has provided almost $120 million in support for families of US military personnel lost in service, those who are severely wounded as well as for veterans. The Fund relies on the public for donations. A check for proceeds from our 50/50 drawing and Chinese Auction was recently mailed to this charity by TriCounty. If you would also like to contribute, please do so through their web site or mail a check payable to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to TriCounty IIAA, PO Box 316, Albertson, NY 11507 Thank you.

Auto | Home | Renters | Condo | Umbrella

Sense of


You’ll find a quality partner in us.

MAPFRE Insurance Company of New York is a leading auto and home insurer in part because of our strong partnerships with independent agents. These partnerships allow us to offer customers products and services they can trust with the financial stability and experience of a local industry leader. Connect with us today to see how MAPFRE Insurance can better serve you and your customers.





MAPFRE InsuranceSM is a brand and service mark of MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp and its affiliate, MAPFRE Insurance Company of New York (Garden City, NY).

Next Gen Networking Event The Next Gen’s hosted our annual fall who won a $200 gift card courtesy of networking reception on 10/24/2013 at a WKFC Underwriting Managers and Steven new location this year. As our event Sternberg who won Knicks tickets attendance is continuously increasing a courtesy of NY Adjustment Bureau Inc. larger venue was necessary. The event We would also like to thank our other was held at the Black Forest Brew Haus in event sponsors for their phenomenal Farmingdale. support, Interboro/AutoOne, Total Over 40 insurance professionals Restoration and Zywave. attended the event and enjoyed a wide Be on the lookout for details for the variety of all you can drink home next event, guaranteed to be another brewed beer blends and tasty fare. fun evening. by Adam Congratulations to Peter Rovin Erickson

Left to right: Theresa Heyburn of WKFC Underiting Managers Inc. ; Brandon Conway of IIABNY/IAAC, Peter Rovin of CRC Insurance Services, Anthony Luparello of NY Adjustment Bureau Inc.; Steven Sternberg of BankDirect Capital Finance; Krystal R. Haney of People’s United Insurance Agency, Inc.

One year ago on October 29th, 2012,

thank you.

Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Northeast, including the towns that we work and live in along the south coast of Long Island, NY. It has been a long year, full of transition after transition, and we want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has stayed by our side and supported us though the storm. New Empire Group, has grown both personally and professionally through the last year, adding nine additional

Our team volunteered to help rebuild a local home this summer to give back to a community that has given so much to us.

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We’ll be here whenever you need us. Superior Service • Spectacular Prices • Exceptional Coverage

staff and expanding our programs into new markets. Thank you again for all of your support this year, we have much to be thankful for this season. 1.866.431.8100


Don’t Wait! Julie MacConnell, IIABNY


on’t wait another day to complete your profile on Why?

1. Consumers are Looking for You! We all know consumers are researching insurance online before purchasing. We also know direct writers are winning in this space. is YOUR chance to compete. 2. You Aren’t Showing Up at the Top Unless you have completed and published your enhanced profile, your agency is NOT showing up in the top results group for your area. You may be listed below agents further away. Good news - it’s a quick fix. Complete you profile! Where does your agency show up on the list? Look now. 3. Help is Standing By The Project CAP team can help you any time at (855) 372-0070. process. Visit the IIABNY website for additional resources. Complete your profile today! Simply follow the guide on the right!

Quick profile tips: Your primary image can be a logo, photo of your building or staff. You can often find this on your website and save to your desktop by right-clinking on the image. Then, it will be easy to upload to CAP! Your position statement is a short description about your business and its unique value. You may be able to copy this from your website or facebook page.

2013 Downstate Legislative Forum

On October 23rd, the Downstate Insurance Association hosted their annual legislative Forum at Chateau Briand in Carle Place. The legislative forum is held once a year and offers attendees an opportunity to hear from industry associations in New York regarding issues of interest and concern to agents and brokers, and how the three associations are working in concert to address these issues in the state Legislature. The event featured a panel discussion comprised of PIANY Director of Government & Industry Affairs Matthew Guilbault, Esq., and lobbyists Jill Muratori representing IIABNY and Tom Faist representing CIBGNY. Prior to the general meeting, there was a closed meeting with the lobbyists and the leaders of the associations that make up Downstate. Joe Bosnack, by Stephen Folan the president of Downstate led this discussion. It is a The Folan Agency valuable exchange of ideas and feedback that he lobbyists can take back to Albany as they plan their position papers for 2014. It is also an opportunity for the lobbyists to ask what we see as agents. Most of the dialogue centered on the effects of Sandy a year later. It was a chance to revisit the appointments we had with our state legislators in January and what has transpired since that time. Jeffrey Greenfield then moderated the general meeting. Topics discussed included lessons learned from Sandy, tort reform, automobile photo inspections, hurricane deductible trigger standardization and certificates of insurance legislation. While most legislators in coastal districts and most agents favor a standardized catastrophic wind deductible, many companies do not. They feel it is

an intrusion on their authority to write their policy forms. If the DFS can standardize the wind deductible trigger, what will be next? From the agent & broker standpoint, there is a large E&O exposure. We represent multiple companies, each with their own triggers. Insureds who are relatives and friends of each other will come after us when one is paying a $1000 deductible and the other is paying 5% of the dwelling limit. During our trips to Albany, we warn the legislators that the number of calls they receive now after major weather events will pale in comparison to when the storm hits and the hurricane deductibles are triggered. Many bills were floated in Albany soon after Superstorm Sandy which shortened time frames on claims handling and other issues involving perceived problems with the aftermath of Sandy. Most of these bills have not been enacted. Sometimes the best work of the lobbyists is done on bills that they prevent from being passed rather than pushing for bills which we support. The issue with certificates of insurance was resolved about the same time as the Downstate meeting. The legislation only requires the governor’s signature. All three groups will continue to work to reform the State’s so-called “Scaffold Law” by amending sections 240 and 240(1) in New York’s Labor Law. There will be possible legislative tweaking of the state health insurance exchange, NY State of Health, and some auto insurance reforms, including changes to combat no-fault insurance fraud and photo inspection requirements. The legislative session for the New York State Legislature doesn’t resume until January 2014, but it’s no secret incumbent lawmakers running for re-election have their sights set on positioning themselves for the next campaign. In light of the upcoming 2014 campaign season, it’s anticipated the Senate and Assembly are not likely to vote on legislation that might be perceived as controversial after both houses are gaveled back into session. The TriCounty Legislative Committee will be working to make appointments with our legislators in their local offices over the next few months. If you know a state assembly person or senator and can help with getting an appointment, contact the committee.

Downstate Legislative Forum

Joe Bosnack, Downstate President

Tom Faist Esq. CIBGNY lobbyist, Jill Muratori, IIABNY lobbyist, Matthew Guilbault, Esq. PIA of NY Director of Government & Industry Affairs.

Joe Bosnack, Matthew Guilbault, Esq, Jill Muratori, Tom Faist Esq, Jeff Greenfield

Ken Hehir, Bruce Chester, Andrew Chong

Richard Signorelli, Nelson Gochez, Linda Fazzio, Vito Pietanza

Rino Pietanza, Vito Pietanza, Tom Faist, Esq, Joe Bosnack, Richard Signorelli & Alan Plafker

Love That Tune....Play It Again!

We are often victims of our own habits…I know because I catch myself being victimized every day by these habits. I get in my car and my usual hour commute to work turns into a 1010 WINS depression fest or an ESPN , well, yeah, depression fest, too, since my Giants are just terrible right now.

by Alex Giraldo Club Agency

But, before I know it, an hour passes by and my daily voyage has come and gone. I come into the office to get bombarded by emails and tons of information elaborating on everything I just heard an hour ago…It’s so repetitive…And my day begins with production reports and, most importantly, my phone stats. I get to see how many calls we took in, how many we answered and how many we abandoned…Then I look at my agency management system to see how many prospects and sales we

had the day before. These numbers can be shaped to mean a lot of things, bad or good, but. at the core. they are not responsible for even 25% of my agency’s success. The success comes from my counselors and how they perform on every single call they handle. But how do I measure that? Well, for starters, I would need their calls to be recorded and that must be extremely expensive, right? Wrong! Most phone systems can be adjusted to accept third party hardware or software that can record your calls…Then you can listen to those calls on your computer at your leisure…You would be AMAZED at what you hear when you listen to your counselor’s calls, good and bad. But, I have no time to listen to my guy’s calls. I’ve got a business to run! I can tell you that I know for a fact I have at least 1 hour every single day! (2 if you count the trip back home) ESPN and 1010 WINS can take a back seat, besides, some of

Love That Tune....Play It Again! con’t

my counselor’s calls are more entertaining than a lot of the fluff these radio people throw around all the time. So it turns out that technology is allowing us to go mobile with practically every facet of our life, and this is not limited to listening to how your counselors build rapport, cross sell, up sell and close. These call recording systems can have the calls sync up to your phone like a podcast…how awesome is that! I’m sure you can go a day or two without listening to Niki Minaj, Lady Gaga , Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber right? How about you play that tune that actually gives you an advantage the minute you step in to your office….I guarantee it will make you a happier person and a smarter insurance agent. Talk to your current phone service provider about call recording services today!

VANE Excess and Surplus, Inc. Specializing in the following lines:    

Directors and Officers Liability Employment Practices Liability Professional Liability Cyber Liability Contact: Anthony Cacioppo (631) 366-5353 VANE Excess and Surplus, Inc. 103 Fort Salonga Road, Suite 4 Northport, NY 11768

You Helped Make-A-Wish Come True Craig was just a child at only 9 years old, but that didn't stop a potentially fatal brain condition from taking hold of his body. His wish, to leave the chaos of hospitals and treatment and go to Walt Disney World. His wish was granted. Now eight years have passed, two brain surgeries and this first-in-his-class senior had another wish, to give someone else theirs. Douglas is 6. He is very sick. What does he wish for? To meet Mickey, Minnie and the gang. So Craig had an idea. He went to the Make-A-Wish Suffolk chapter, the people who granted his wish. Craig wanted to create a walk with them in hopes of raising enough money to pay it forward. And…success! His walk gave Douglas his wish and raised more than $30,000, ensuring many other wishes too. So, why share this beautiful story? Because whether or not you knew it, you had a hand in it. Trusted Choice®, working on your behalf, was the main sponsor of this race. A

contributor who helped make the event possible. It doesn't stop there. Over the next few months, we will be sponsoring Make-A-Wish events throughout the state. Events like this one and the upcoming Ms. Orange Fan Luncheon in CNY. Trusted Choice is granting us the money to make this possible, to allow us to help others while showing what it means to be Trusted Choice. In closing, we'll share the moment Douglas found out his wish was being granted. Standing in front of Mickey, Minnie and the gang, Fairy Godmother asked "Douglas, which character are you most excited to see in Disney World?" Douglas paused, looked at each one of them, then seeming not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings said, "all of them."

by Julie MacConnell

Make A Wish



Quaker Special Risk is the appointed Program Administrator for an ‘A’ XV rated carrier

Program for Luxury Homebuilders and Remodeling/Renovating GC’s Qualification Requirements: Residential General Contractors involved in the construction of single family or two family homes or Remodeling/Renovation General Contractors performing commercial or residential work that subcontract most of their work. Maximum 15 new starts per policy year for home builders. Coverage Outline: Commercial General Liability Policy Form: CG0001 (07/98) Per Project Aggregate Blanket Additional Insured (including completed operations) Blanket Waiver of Subrogation Primary Non Contributory Employee Benefits Liability Competitive Rating Structure Limited Pollution Coverage Extension

Recently Reduced Minimum Premiums for all Programs

Two New QSR Contractor Programs Now Available * Solar Contractor Program * Artisan Contractor Program Submission Requirements: 4 years of currently valued loss runs Minimum 3 years in business or 6 years of construction experience Acord Application & Supplemental Application (see our Web Site) Copy of Subcontractor Agreement Number of new home starts and average sales price per home Direct Payroll, cost of subcontractors & gross annual revenues *Other markets are available for risks not fitting this profile For more information call Frank Walsh at 800-447-4180 ext. 2232,

Quaker Special Risk P.O. Box 1350 Eatontown, NJ 07724 800-447-4180 • Fax 732-223-9072

Federation of New York Insurance Professionals

2014 Annual Convention Celebrating our 71st Anniversary Come Join us April 24th to April 27th At the Ramada Inn, Fishkill, NY

We will be Celebrating Federation with a Masquerade Party (masks required)

Brought to you by the Insurance Professionals of Chenango Valley

BuddĂŠ French Cleaners, Inc.,is a full service dry cleaning plant equipped for processing all volume fire, soot, smoke, odor and water restoration dry cleaning claims. We provide a full range of services including on-location inventory, specialty garment care, and storage facilities insured in excess of $1,000,000.00. BuddĂŠ French Cleaners, Inc. 107-11 Metropolitan Ave. Forest Hills, New York 11375-6820 Voice: (718) 263-7474 Voice: (718) 263-7575 Fax: (718) 263-1545

Pryor Personnel Agency Inc. The Insurance Specialist since 1970 local, National and International Recruitment

Phone (516) 935-0100

OFFICERS & DIRECTORS OFFICERS President Robert E. Mackoul, CLU Mackoul & Associates 25 Nassau Lane Island Park, NY 11558 516-431-9100 fax: 516-431-4641 Vice President Frank J. Elorza Club Agency 1051 Franklin Avenue Garden City, NY 11530 516-873-2387 fax: 516-742-70711 Treasurer Peter Phillips pphillips@phillipsbrokerage.c om Phillips Brokerage, Inc. 37-19 Broadway Astoria, NY 11103 718-545-4700 fax: 718-545-8531 Secretary Adam P. Erickson Carlstan North Hills Agency 261-20 Hillside Avenue Floral Park, NY 11004 718-343-6450

Immediate Past President Steven Visco, PhD, AAI C.H. Edwards, Inc. 791 South Main Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-249-5200 fax: 516-249-5255

DIRECTORS Dean S. Aloia Aloia McKinnon Ins. Brokerage. 7801 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-836-8000 x 310 James G. Bastian Advantage Partners, Inc. 37-19 Broadway Astoria, NY 11103 347-721-9839 Ronald Brunell, CIC B&B Coverage, Ltd. 1 East Lincoln Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11582 516-872-2300

Andrew Chong HD Underwriting Agency Inc. 159-15 Northern Blvd Suite 102 Flushing NY 11358 718-359-2003 Theodore Garatziotis Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc. 9201 Fourth Ave., 7th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-745-1500 Alex Giraldo Club Agency 1051 Franklin Avenue Garden City, NY 11530 516-873-2443

OTHER POSITIONS TriCounty IIAA Executive Director Patricia Calvert 132 Peachtree Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516-621-2209 Tri-Lines Publisher Jeanne Abatelli 150 Dartmouth Drive Hicksville, NY 516-681-6265 TriCounty IIAA Director of Sales Jeanne Abatelli 150 Dartmouth Drive Hicksville, NY 516-681-6265

IIABNY Positions Chair of the Board                            Andrew Kaufman Autora, Inc. 120 Broadway Albany, NY 12204 Phone: 518-449-3180 800-962-7950                                                                IIABNY President & CEO Richard A. Poppa, CAE, AAI IIABNY 5784 Widewaters Pkwy Dewitt, NY 13214 800-962-7950 516-568-0800 Chair Elect of the Board

James D. Sutton, CPCU, AAI, CIC                       James F. Sutton Agency, Ltd.       143-149 Main Street         East Islip, NY 11730 631-446-3165 Regional Director  (L.I.) Kevin R. Crossley AAA of New York Insurance Services, Inc. 1415 Kellum Place, Unit A Garden City, NY 11530 516-873-2256

Committees 2013- 2014 Communications/PR & Website: Alex Giraldo (Chair). Frank Elorza, James Bastian &

Jeanne Abatelli.

Downstate: Bob Mackoul, Frank Elorza & Ron Brunell. Scholarship: Peter Phillips (St. John’s School of Risk Management)

Eileen Black (Dooley & Pollack).

IIABNY Liaison & Member Services: (includes ProjectCap & Trusted Choice) James

Bastian (Chair) Frank Elorza & Pat Calvert.

Legislation & InsurPac: Theo Garatziotis & Andrew Chong (Co-Chairs) & Steve Folan Meetings & Programs: Ron Brunell & Adam Erickson (Co-chairs), Steve Visco, James

Bastian, Jeanne Abatelli & Pat Calvert.

‘Boroughs’ Sub-Committee: Peter Phillips & Dean Aloia (Ch-chairs), Theo Garatziotis,

Andrew Chong &Steve Folan

Golf Outing: Bob Mackoul (Chair), Lane Rubin, David Spiro, Kevin Crossley & Jeanne


NextGen Task Force: Adam Erickson (Chair), Theo Garatziotis & Alex Giraldo Sponsorship & Advertising: Jeanne Abatelli, Frank Elorza, & Steve Visco

Tri-County members are invited to join a committee of their choice. Please contact a committee member or Pat Calvert 516-621-2209 for details.

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Trilines Publication Nov/Dec 2013  

News for the Independent Insurance Agents of Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island.

Trilines Publication Nov/Dec 2013  

News for the Independent Insurance Agents of Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island.