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The Classic Marque September 2010 Monthly Newsletter of the

Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Patron: H. Noel Roscrow AM Your Management Committee President: Rick Luff Mobile: 0411 426 913 Email: Vice President: Bob Charman Mobile: 0421 482 007 Email: Treasurer: Mark Goodwin Mobile: 0488 158 151 Email: Secretary: Peter Holland Phone: 8271 0048 Email: Editor: Pete and Kathy Taylor Phone: 8288 0220 Mobile: 0422 563 876 Email: Member Secretary: Noel Trew Phone: 8172 2071 Email: Events Coordinator: Di Adamson Mobile: 0407862758 Email: Webmaster: Tom Herraman Mobile: 0423 214 644 Email:

Register Secretaries: XK, MK 7,8,9 – Julian Lugg SS & Daimler – Bob Kretschmer MK 1,2,S,420 – Geoff Thomas V12 – Roger Adamson XJ, 420G, MK10 – Bob Charman E-Type – Alan Baker Multi-Valve – Peter Clarke

0417882930 8357 8233 83743228 0421052518 8248 4111 0429097729 8243 1965

Club Services Technical Officer: Geoff Mockford Phone: 8231 1233 (Bus) 0438 768 770 Regalia: Sue White and Judy Sterzl – 8270 7080, 8322 5126 Librarian – Tom & Marj Brindle 8387 0051 Historic Vehicle Registration Inspectors: North: – Don Evans 8251 1575 Central:– Evan Spartalis 8362 8116 Geoff Mockford 8223 1997 South:– Onslow Billinghurst 8325 1971 Log Books: Peter Holland:

8271 0048

Club Representatives: Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs – ACJC Bob Charman 8248 4111 Federation of Historic Motoring - FHMC Don Tyrell 8371 0015 0417 818069 Marque Sports Car Association - MSCA Barry Kitts 8391 1759 All British Day: Neil Raw TBA

Front cover Yes, it’s that time of the year for your current club committee members to hang up their hats and provide an opportunity for other members to nominate themselves (or others) to do their bit for the club. All positions are up for grabs so, don’t be a pussy, Have a go – it’s really great fun

A Class Metal Finishers

Fox Creek Winery

Sports Car Centre– Kent Town



Meeting opened by the President, Rick Luff

head, including 2 course lunch with tea or coffee. Treasurer’s Report Our Investment Balance of $81,500 is growing slowly despite spending from it. Budget is progressing well. Memberships

Apologies: Sue & Doug Harrison, Noel & Carmen Trew, Evan Spartalis, Don Tyrell, Peter & Ros Holland.

In an effort to increase membership, Solitaire have been suggested they offer Jaguar buyers from them, free membership for one year. Perhaps this could be extended to those who buy a Jaguar from members.

Guests: Brian Kahne member of MAPS from Maitland Ivor Lawrence from Belair. Has XK120, XKS & Series 2V12

General 

We have had 20,000 hits on our website.

Business Arising from Previous Meeting Minutes - None

Photos for calendar needed. Please see Di Adamson.

Register Reports President’s Report: 

Need more articles in the Classic Marque like the recent excellent one on the 2010 National

Rally by the Shouksmiths.

SS & Daimler: Next meeting at Bob Kretschmer’s at 56 Miller St., Unley on 25th August. Planning a run to Wagga next year. This will coincide with the first presentation of SS by William Lyons. 150 Mk IVs & 5s will be going.

Need 5 people per Register for marshalling on SA Jag Day.

E Type: Next Meeting at Bob Andersons, William St., Norwood on 19th August.

Bob Charman is looking at providing special regalia for SA Jag Day

Compact: Next meeting at Phil Fry’s, Salrake St, Marion on 10th August.

Barry Kits is running Come & Try Day at Mallala.

Rooms are in short supply for the run to Renmark on 20th November. See Doug Thomas soon if you wish to go.

Vice-President’s Report: 

SA Jag Day on Sunday October 17th. Di Adamson has volunteered to be Events Co-ordinator. We will have a roster for marshals so they can have a break. May be able to choose a time slot to suit individuals.

Cost of lunch may rise to $22 but will lobby for $20.

Christmas Race Day at Murray Bridge Sunday 5th December. Cost will be $50pp which will cover plenty of food (better than last year) and money for betting.

Annual Dinner Saturday, 30th October. $45 per head at the International Hotel on Anzac Highway. Moving slowly, please see Clair Palmer.

Bay To Birdwood Sunday, 26th September. Can be viewed from Gumeracha Hospital Balcony for $13 per

XK,7,8,9: Next meeting at Julian Lugg’s, 17 John St., Wayville on Wednesday, 1st September. Julian Lugg was unanimously elected Register Secretary for 2010-11. All invited to Fort Glanville on Sunday, 19th September. This will be a special occasion with dress uniforms and firing of the cannon. Lunch at Glanville Hotel or bring your own. Multivalve: Next meeting at Peter & Trish Clarke’s home at Westlakes on 28th September. Ron Palmer is new Register Secretary A day is being planned, also for 19th September, for a guided tour of Hahndorf and then on to Stangate House (famous for Camelias). XJ,420G & Mk 10: Next meeting on 3rd August at Adamsons at Joslin. Planning a BBQ for the meeting after that. 2


Club Services Library: Plenty of books & magazines to read. Have just purchased Elmgreen & McGrath’s book on the History of XK120’s in Australia. Regalia: Still have ladies gear being sold cheaply, mens gear almost all gone. Designing a new system (still from Ron Palmer) but obviating carting large volumes of stock about. However, if we don’t get somebody to organize it, there will be no more regalia.

September 2010 Let’s pretend that garage space, purchase price and maintenance were taken care of. What would be the 10 cars you would want to own? Here’s my list (no particular order). Why not make one of your own; it costs nothing and will make you feel good. Bugatti Veyron

Federation: There may be some requirement re child restraints in Historic Cars.

Jaguar XJ220

MSCA: Driver Training & Skills Enhancement Day at Mallala next Sunday is excellent for learning about fast driving. Even Barry Kits benefited.

Citroen SM

ACJC: Bob Chalmers is to attend their next meeting on Sunday.

Toyota Prius (just kidding)

General Business: 

Richard Smith commented on excellent service he received from Shannons on the repair (and attitude to lifetime guarantee) of his XK120. He also recommended the club has a list of recommended suppliers or repairers. President said this may be included in Website. If you have any suggestions, send them to the Webmaster.

Alan Baker offered to organize a bulk order for KMH speedo dials.

The “Cool Wall” site on the web is a take off of the same in “Top Gear”. You can enter your own photo if you wish.

Ossie Petrucco canvassed the idea of another run to NZ, North Island this time. Approx. total cost $12,000 per car for 3-4 weeks. Expressions of interest to him.

The Citroen Club would like the JDC to participate in another run to Encounter Bay in memory of the meeting of Flinders and Baudin. Next year sometime.

The President thanked the XK,7,8,9 Register for the supper. Meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.

Ford GT40 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Pagini Zonda E Type V12 Roadster Aston Martin DB5 Jaguar SS100 Fisker Karma Go on, have a go. We could print your answers in the CM On a more conventional note, this month’s meeting is the AGM; a time when we review the past year and re-elect a new executive. This year has been my first as President and as cliché as it sounds, I could not have done it without the support of VP Bob Charman, Secretary Peter Holland and the entire group that sits around the oval table each month. As I no doubt have said before, the club is not run by the President but by twenty or so members, and supported by another hundred, and I think that is where the secret of our success lies. Rock On. Regards Rick


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the JDC of SA Tuesday 1 September 2009 President Tim White opened the 36th AGM of the JDC of SA at 8:03pm. Attendance was recorded in the attendance list. Apologies for non-attendance were received from Trish Clarke, Don Tyrell, Robin Ide, Ron Ozlanski, Ray & Barbara Offe, Andrew & Leanne Shouksmith, Bill & Barbara Mayman, Toni and Jim Bernardy, Claire Palmer, Ron & Rosie Bailey. Previous Minutes of 2 September 2008 were distributed on the tables prior to the meeting and printed in the Classic Marque and were accepted as accurate records of those meetings. Business Arising None. President’s Report Tim White reported: The AGM on the 1st September 2009 will be my last as President. Whilst my four years has gone quite quickly I am looking forward to enjoying the Club as a “member” once again albeit that Sue & I shall still be looking after Regalia and I have some involvement on a few events. I was musing over what has transpired over this time frame. I believe the Club has come a long way in positioning itself for the future. Sunday 23rd August was a good example of the changes and advances we have made when I was invited to attend the JCCC “3-Sheds” Run. This was outstanding and a great opportunity to talk cars and “stuff” with other enthusiasts. More sharing like this is a must along with burying the folly of previous perceptions if we are ever to provide a united front regarding the Jaguar Marque. 2005  1st SA Jag Day at Morphettville combining Thoroughbred Horses and Jaguars  1st Special Christmas General Meeting at Police Club  The process started to reduce Classic Marque costs  National Rally Committee commenced with Doug Tilley  2006  Member fees reduced by $10.00 and Log Book Fee of $5.00 introduced  Took over as Treasurer for National Rally and the Club  Life Member changes made to constitution  1st McLaren Vale Vintage run held with JDCSA visiting Fox Creek  Attended the JCCC meeting speaking to Executive Committee Members to understand the differences  SA Jag Day at Morphettville including a Concours  Presentation Dinner at Arkaba – 80 people attended  2007  April 2007 Jaguar National Rally – Adelaide  We raised $18,000 of surplus monies over the year  Log Book Fee of $5.00 removed  New Treasurer commenced in November 4

 Constitutional changes to allow President to run for 4 years  No SA Jag Day. Presentation Dinner at Mount Osmond Golf Club  2008  The Great Biscuit Ballyrag was resolved  SA Jag Day at North Haven with 200 cars attending (JDCSA & JCCC Members) and hundred of public visiting  Executive meetings held at Reade Park Bowling Club  Presentation Dinner at Belair Country Club – 85 people attended  New Web Site created  Decision made by Members to have Classic Marque available in an on-line version  Decisions made by Members regarding Club’s Finances  Increase of 20% in General Meeting attendees  More new Members joining club  Rebuilt my Mark 2 over the year  2009  “Lair” at Surrey Road de-commissioned and old records etc moved to a lock-up  Classic Marque available via web site  700 hits a month recorded via web site  New Web site created in February with new supplier created in July to meet increasing demand  Reduction in Membership Fees of $15.00 for Families I believe the Club has turned a corner and new foundation pins have been installed. These changes along with a renewed vigour, enthusiasm from existing and new members will see the club remain strong and vibrant. If I go back to my first report in the Classic Marque relating to the key issues coined around the word MARQUE and leave it to Members to assess whether we have managed to achieve progress across the MARQUE. The 6 key issues are:  Member Services - the committee in consultation with Members needs to review the services and events on offer so that they are appealing to a broader range of members. e.g. we need to offer sporting events, social activities, simple and complex runs and everything in-between.  Attract new members – or improve the participation rate across existing members. Are we getting to a size that is not sustainable in its current form?  Register cooperation – Registers are now an entrenched element of the Jaguar Club in SA. Whilst there may well be consolidations this is how we operate. Imagine the club as a potpourri of interests, which live apart and come together on club events etc. The committee’s challenge is to ensure it all melds together. It is imperative that everyone participates and is actively cooperative.  Queries welcome – communication is critical – improvement in the transparency of issues within the club. It is imperative that club members feel that they can approach committee members with issues and I certainly welcome comments and points of view. I would not like to hear about problems 3rd hand. If anyone has any issues talk to me direct. Feedback or suggestion forms will be available at the front table on any night should someone wish to put their thoughts into writing first.  Understanding by all members of the issues we face so that everyone shares in the consultation process. The constitution and governing policies will need to constantly reflect the changing position we find ourselves in. 5

 Equity across all issues – club funds, services etc. This was universally endorsed during my discussions with members over the past year. A special thank you should be made to the Club Sponsors who provide monetary support and valuable services to the club. Their ongoing commitment through a severe Financial Crisis has been exemplary and all members should strongly support their loyalty. I thank Sue for her fantastic support throughout my four years – it would not have been possible without her input. I wish the ensuing committee all the best and encourage them to reflect on the past as to what the club is about and how it got to where it is as much as it is necessary to look to maintain relevance in the changing environment. Vice President’s Report Key points from Rick Luff’s report were:  Club is getting stronger  Executive Group is well attended which allows for transparency and dissemination of information In concluding Rick thanked members for support during the year and thanked all those who had previously been on the Committee. Secretary’s Report Peter Holland I am pleased to have been able to serve the club and its members for the past 12 months after an absence of a few years on the committee, and find that my enthusiasm for the JDC has not diminished since its beginnings back in July 1973. I have always felt being a member of the committee is one of the best ways to see how the club really functions and provides a deep insight into the talent, enthusiasm and friendship that exists amongst the members. This year has been no exception to that view. The past year has highlighted yet again the wide range of interests amongst the members, from technical to social, with a touch of sporting. I think the challenge ahead for the next committee will be to manage the club’s activities to allow maximum attendance by all, to a majority of events. This surely must be a pleasing position for any committee to be in. The secretary’s role over the last year has been quite routine dealing mainly with correspondence in and out and recording the minutes of the Executive Committee. In addition the recording and validation of logbooks is another major activity, and since subscription renewal time 261 logbooks have been processed. It is likely another 15 to 20 books will be processed during the next few months. This job has been made so much easier by members forwarding all the necessary pieces of paper required for quick sign off. Thank you for that. Finally, I would like to thank the committee members for their support and to particularly thank Tim and Noel for their assistance throughout the year when I have been unavailable due to being in other parts of the world with Ros, and without her support this job would not be so enjoyable. Thank you Ros. I look forward to another year of friendship and Jaguar fun. Treasurer’s Report Mark Goodwin 6

Overall we have a total balance of all funds of $72,881.77, which includes term deposits of $6,692.21 and $66,189.56 in our main cheque account. This year saw a major change with the production of our on-line Classic Marque. Whilst we continue to send some hard copy magazines to members the savings over the 5 issues in 2009 has been $10,131.08 A number of benefits and subsidies were passed onto members in a number of ways throughout the year. For example: presentation dinner, SA Jag Day, Christmas general meeting and lower costs for Regalia. These benefits total some $5,000 for this year. As we have already announced the family membership fees have been reduced by $15.00. This means that all our membership fees are $60.00. It is still apparent that club fees will not need to be increased for a few years and the executive will continue to review the long-term financial forecasts. This particular change will be reflected in next year’s results and is a significant measure of the clubs financial strength given how much other clubs are being affected by the economic crisis. This financial strength means that we have already been able to plan a number of events, which will be of benefit to members in 2009-2010. We will however continue to take where possible a long-term approach to our financial position so that the club is well positioned for the future, not simply providing short term benefits which have no payback. The Club’s Accounts as presented were accepted Membership Secretary Noel Trew highlighted how good it was to see so many new members to the club during the year. Editor Pete Taylor’s key points were: 

Hard Copies are now at 37

Reduction in CM costs from $18,000 to $500

More input from Members is required regarding articles, jokes and general interest

More on-line updates in the future Web Editor: Tom Herraman provided update on web site development and that up to 700 hits a month now occurring. A further upgrade will occur over the next year Compact Register Bill Jones thanked the Executive and register members for another terrific year. He advised that he was stepping down as Secretary. XJ, 420G, Mark 10 Register Bob Charman thanked the Register Members for their support during the year V12 Register: Roger Adamson thanked Brian & Sue Walker for all their hard work in getting the Register re-activated 7, 8 & 9 Register: Sue Harrison advised that they are considering amalgamating with the XK Register. That Register had made them very welcome and a decision was being made in December. XK Register: Rob Smith advised that he was taking over as Secretary from Rob Loffler Awards 30 years of membership were acknowledged to: 7

 Glyn & Pam Jones & Digby Thomas (not present)  20 years for Adele Brunoli; Steve Purnell; Greg Bond; Vin & Wendy Piscino; Lyall Baverstock; Brian Baverstock; Stan Matthews (not Present); Stephen Wade; Neil Murrie; & Michael Berry (not Present) Election of Officers Geoff Thomas assumed the chair to conduct the election of Club officers for the coming year. The following nominations have been received and their being no more than one person nominated the following were elected: Committee Members with voting rights 

President, Rick Luff

Vice President, Vacant

Secretary, Peter Holland

Treasurer, Mark Goodwin

Membership Secretary, Noel Trew

Events Coordinator, Vacant

Editor, Peter and Kathy Taylor

SS, Daimler Register, Bob Kretschmer

7,8,9 Register, Robin Ide

Compact Register, Vacant

Multivalve Register, Peter Clarke

XJ Register, Bob Charman

E-Type Register, Alan Baker

V 12 Register, Roger Adamson

XK Register, Rob Smith Committee Members with No voting rights

Web Editor, Tom Herraman

Regalia, Sue White and Judy Sterzl

Librarian; Tom & Marj Brindle

MSCA: Barry Kitts

All British Day, Neil Raw

ACJC, Bob Charman

Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs,

Technical Officer, Geoff Mockford

Don Tyrell with backup from Neil Murrie

Vehicle Inspectors, Geoff Mockford, Evan Spartalis, Don Evans, Onslow Billinghurst

Simon Mudie from Eastwoods was endorsed as the Club Auditor in accordance with the Constitution Tim thanked Geoff and Sponsors who are have been very supportive over the ensuing year and passed over to new President Rick. Closure Rick thanked Tim for his great efforts during his Presidency and declared the meeting closed at 8.40pm so that all could enjoy more fellowship 8

Jaguar Car “Cool Wall� The JDCSA website now has a Members Car page. If your car is not already featured you can e-mail a Photo and some details through to and well put it up on the website.

Also new on the Web this month: E-Type Register Photos from August Meeting at Bob Anderson Automotive. XJ Register 2009 Murray Bridge Race Day Video



But their owners sometimes do Renewals have all been posted out and I would like to thank those Members who have returned their Membership forms and log books. After the 26/07/2009 I will be on holidays and will not be doing any more Renewals for year 2010/2011. If you are not financial and have not rejoined by the 26/07/2010 you will possibly have to pay a rejoining fee. Members who have not renewed and currently have their Vehicles on Historic Registration are no longer legally allowed to drive their Vehicles and JDCSA have to inform the Department of Motor Registration. Membership Secretary Noel Trew 8172 2071


SS and Pushrod Engine Register held at the home of Bob & Margaret Kretschmer on Wednesday 25th August 2010 Present: Don Evans, Ross Rasmus, Don Evans, Bob Kretschmer, Malcolm Adamson, Brenton Hobbs, Des Brown, John Lewis, Jack Richardson. Apologies: Ross Gogler, Bruce Fletcher, Bob Hill Ling In the absence of President Bruce Fletcher, Ross Rasmus chaired the meeting. MATTERS ARISING: NATIONAL RALLY at WAGGA WAGGA 17-19 September 2010. Ross Rasmus reported: Attendees now 109. (Mike Furse & Ella withdrawn) He has had several late requests from Canberra to enter but declined due to fully booked accom & the Saturday dinner confined to one room. Several individuals advised their intention to attend for single day events – one E type & one 1½ litre sedan. (JDC Nationals are to be held in Canberra in 2011) Junee: Ross has spoken with the local Tourist Office which has recommended a suitable venue for lunch & will send 60 copies of their new Junee brochure. Rally Packs; Ross will collect basic packs from the WW Tourist Bureau. The Adelaide SS Register members will then complete packing & distribute to motel rooms. Local Publicity: Ross thanked Malcolm Adamson, Bob Kretschmer & Steve Byles for photographs of their vehicles. The Media Rep will send a copy of the press release to Ross. Ross used information from an Easter Rally pamphlet supplied by Media rep in planning Wagga Wagga trip Rally Information: Ross handed round a draft folder for comment & checking. List of Entrants & their vehicles to follow, John Lewis to print & collate. Newsletter: No. 4 is ready for issue later this week. Malcolm Adamson now has the following items: 

Badges, 50:50 clips & magnets

Vehicle transparent window stickers

Banner, Don Evans to make banner supports to fit Mk1V jacking tubes

Introduction Speech draft

“Automobile” magazine - June 20 copies

Jaguar world magazine

Fox Creek Wines 6 pack donation for prizes

June 50 copies coming

DVD. Ross has received a DVD from Jaguar England which only includes a small feature on pushrodengined cars. He has added an introduction showing several Register members’ cars. Adelaide Contingent Travel: Ross has prepared a summary vehicle movement schedule (VMS) noting members departing from several different points but meeting at Renmark at noon for lunch then on to Balranald, est 586 km. Some may chose to go via Pinaroo & Manangatang, est 530 km Members to note early departure Friday for 400 km drive to WW as there will be work to do on arrival. Register Membership List to be distributed to drivers as it includes mobile telephone Nos. TECHNICAL: Des Brown described an interesting display on the ammeter in his Mk1V dhc. The matter was discussed & test procedure suggested. AGM. Register President; Bruce Fletcher was elected in his absence Register secretary; Bob Kretschmer. Unfortunately not able to attend the JDC 11

Executive meetings due to prior commitments. PARTS: Don Evans wants a MkV or MkV11 steering box. GENERAL BUSINESS: Historic Vehicle Registration in Joint Names. Bob Kretschmer advised that he has started the process of having his 1 ½ litre car insured & registered in Joint names from October when the current Reg. Expires. A response from the Federation will take too long. Insurance just completed without difficulty. Registration is a more complicated matter involving a Transfer starting from scratch with a new MR334. Other factors involved include the 2nd person also being a member of an approved Club, Registration Renewal Certificate & Historic No. Plate Agreement (if applicable). There are likely to be additional problems for Numeric plates. When the project is complete, Bob will issue a concise procedure for distribution to persons concerned. Readers of these Minutes (inc.Classic Marque) Stay Tuned & do NOT pester the Rego Office to avoid them booking time against the Scheme. JDCSA: Annual Dinner Saturday 30th October; Malcolm issued tickets to those concerned SA Jaguar Day; There will be a dedicated display area for pushrod engined cars. Malcolm will check with Bob Charman & took the names of 5 volunteer marshalls Don Evans has recently purchased a 1947 Jaguar 2 ½ litre sedan which he proposes to drive to Wagga Wagga. The meeting ended with an inspection of Bob’s shed & 1 ½ litre Ss Jaguar sedan especially the latest improvements being rebuild of the steering box & front wheel splines which were done locally. REMINDERS: See also current Classic Marque. General Meetings 1st. Tuesday each month. SS Register to set up room & supply supper on 5 Oct. NEXT REGISTER MEETINGS: 29 Sept.

John Lewis

27 Oct.

Bruce Fletcher

24 Nov.

Des Brown

Dec. 20 Jan. Supper:

11 Mary Alice Drive, Para Hills, 8265 4305

No Meeting Sunday BBQ lunch at Malcolm Adamson’s beach house at Seaford. Thankyou Margaret

R.J. Kretschmer Register Secretary

So, I lost the pub trivia contest last night by 1 point. The last question was “Where do women have the curliest hair?” ......apparently the correct answer is Fiji .


Minutes of the Compact Register held at the home of Phillip & Sue Pryor on the 10th August 2010 Present: Noel & Jo Orford, Geoff & Marg Thomas, Colin Haese, Ray Thomas, Doug Tilley, Judy Sturzl, David Davidson, Bill Jones, Noel & Carmel Trew, Philip & Sue Prior, Tim White, Tom & Marj Brindle. Apologies: Marg Haese, Stewart, Ros Holland. General Business 

Renmark deposits required (21 Deluxe rooms now booked)

Annual Dinner tickets and bookings available now.(I have some $45-00 per head.)

The run to Greenock was well received

XJ register will hold a run to the Zoo and a meeting at the Murray Bridge races

Key rings are available for First aid kits

The Christmas function was discussed

Jag Day will be held on 17th October

AGM to be held in September and Geoff indicated that he would continue as register secretary.

Ray. Found a 1/18 scale MK 2 model by Model Icons in UK only be made. Price T.B.A.

Car Talk Tim:

NTR. Squeak in brakes still continuing

Noel O: NTR Tom:



Fuel sender unit fixed, brakes dragging, new brake pistons coming.




Rattle in back door fixed, by closing it properly

Noel T:

Car for sale MK2 $18,900.00




Carby repair, knock in engine to be looked at.

Bill: Minor rattle and major rattle. Bucket guide loose.(fixed thank you, Peter) Monaco Grand Prix was fantastic. He saw a Mark 2 in ROME. Doug:

Wipers fixed. Series 3 for sale.( now sold)


NTR car went well to Greenock

This is your Life (in cars) Noel Orford Noel was born in N.S.W.(Gods country) and while on a working holiday met Jo. He is now a South Australian. As an apprentice he worked for The Rootes group, also Ford & Holden. He has had many cars Fords, Holdens also Buick, Essex, M.G.’s and DAIMLER. Thank You to Jo & Noel for their hospitality. Next Meeting is at the home of Phil & Sue Prior 1 Salrak Ave, Marion. 82766136/0418841032.


Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10 & 420G Register Meeting held at Shannon’s Clubrooms, 863 South Rd Wednesday, 11th August 2010 Present: Bob & Daphne Charman, David Bicknell, Martin O’Dea, Roy Malandain, Martin O’Dea, Brad Hoare, Darryl & Fay Leyton, Evan Spartalis, John & Claire Evans, Hayden Isaac, Chris Michael, Graeme Moore, Stuart Perkins, Pete & Kathy Taylor, Timothy Dunning. Apologies: Don & Kathy Tyrrell, Steve Attard, Rick Luff, Ray & Barb Offe, Noel & Carmel Trew. New Members: Timothy Dunning General Business Our Register Christmas Dinner will be held on Saturday the 27th November on the H.M.S. BUFFALO at Glenelg. The cost will be $35 per head. This includes a 3 course meal and a few surprises. Names can now be given to Bob. We have 28 already. The week end trip to Renmark with the Compact Register was discussed. The date for this event is November the 20th. Rooms are almost full, so don’t delay, contact Geoff Thomas of the Compact register. The Jag Day for 17th of October was discussed. The committee have had their first meeting and the events for the day are almost complete. Bob proposed a Register run to Cudlee Creek on Sunday the 5th of September (Father’s Day). We will meet in the park opposite Tea Tree Plaza at 10am and depart at 10.30am and travel up to Cudlee Creek. We can visit the Gorge Wildlife Park before having lunch at the Restaurant tavern. Bob gave details of the Xmas Race Day at Murray Bridge on Sunday the 5th of December. Cost will be the same as last year, $50 per head. Full details will be announced shortly. Names can be given to Bob. We have 38 people so far. Bob outlined the details for the Club Dinner on Saturday the 30th of Oct. As Noel and Carmel are off overseas (again) for a month, they have given tickets to Bob to sell while they are away. Please contact him prior to the event to purchase your tickets. Barb Offe has the tickets for the (Bay to Birdwood) Sunday the 26th of September Gumeracha Hospital lunch and viewing. They too are off on holidays, so Bob has those tickets as well. $13 each so get in early. Bob gave details of the XK’s day at Fort Glanville on Sunday the 19TH of September. Contact Rob Smith of the XK register about this event. John Evans gave details of the JOCCERS run to Meningie on 13/14 November. Hayden Isaac is going to sell his XJ Series 1. It is sad but he just can’t keep up with the repairs and upkeep. Details will appear in C.M. soon Car Talk David Bicknell: Found puddle of oil with a red tinge. Thought it may be the front seal but Evan informed him that it could be a simple problem to fix. Fingers crossed.

Martin O’Dea: His car is like Samson. Every time he has a hair cut it looses all its power. He parked it in his daughter’s drive and when he went to start it, it wouldn’t start. Rang the R.A.A. hoping not to get the same bloke whom he normally gets. When he mentioned his name the girl on the phone already knew all Martin’s details. (We think they keep it next to their phone just in case) The R.A.A. man was not familiar to Martin (Possibly new on the job) but he stated the fuel pump wasn’t working. He got it going however and Martin put a new pump on at home. But, 14

when he turned the key it wouldn’t start again. R.A.A. called again and when he arrived, turned the key and it started first time. Martin thinks he should call the car “ Lucretia Borgia”. Bob & Daph Charman: The car about to go back to the painters to fix the paint problem. Only small but has to be fixed. While it’s there we’ll look at replacing the window glass in the two front windows. Roy Malandain: Car looks nice but it wouldn’t start tonight so he left it home. The meeting suggested he might look at putting a trickle charger on the battery. Roy wasn’t too sure because he’s only had this battery for about 12 years. Brad Hoare: All going well. Car hasn’t moved for a month. Darryl & Fay Leyton: The sovereign rusting under cover. Derek has had new foot pedals put on, Waiting to have dorian (lap timer) fitted. Darryl’s shoulder to be operated on at Wakefield Hospital on the 16th August. Evan Spartalis: The E Type is OK. The XJ leaking coolant into the oil. The Series 3 will have the head off when he comes back from holidays. The Mk 2 not working. His bad hand is getting better and his good hand is getting worse. John & Claire Evans: Claire hasn’t driven the car so they have no prangs to talk about. Took the power steering rack out and replaced the bushes. Read the manual but took no notice as it looked too complicated. Took about 4 hours but no worries. Took the car to Berri and has a few injector hose leaks. Hayden Isaac: Ernie rebuilt the alternator. Car will be up for sale soon. Chris Michael: The Mk10 has flat tyre. Needs new exhaust and the carbies need tuning. Graeme Moore: Having issues with spokes on wheels. Got a set of steel rims to go on for the time being. New spokes $12 each and there are over 70 spokes so you do the math! Maybe cheaper to buy new wheels. Stuart Perkins: Hasn’t looked at the 420G for a while. In storage at the moment. Bought an AP5 Valiant at a swap meet and will restore it first. Pete & Kathy Taylor: XJ Coupe is broken. Battery died (lasted four months) Split insulator. Taken chrome carbies off and put the old ones on. Took the XJS to Mallala come and try day. A young lady in her DB7 Astin Martin was looking for someone to take out for a few flying laps and Pete just happened to get there first (He’ll be hard to beat at the next 100 metres Olympic Trials) Pete described it as exceptional and we still can’t get the smile off his face. Pete also had a drive of Rick’s race car so that just topped off a great day all round. Timothy Dunning:

The XJ40 sitting in the garage. Not been used for about 6 weeks.

Meeting closed 8.30pm Next meeting Wednesday 8th September, 2010.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.


The power windows in the Jaguar (Daimler) are not unknown to give problems. These problems include burned-out motors, jammed regulators and of course worn out nylon guides. Recently I had the misfortune of hearing a crash thud bang!!! Fortunately for me to window jammed up, so I didn't get too cold driving home. At the following XJ register meeting, it was suggested for various methods of repair that one should replace the door replace the car or fix what I had with great difficulty. Neither of the first two options was considered appropriate, so I thought I have a go at repairing the window myself. After carefully removing the door trim door handle to reveal the inner door mechanisms it became apparent that three of the bolts of that hold the motor in place were missing. This had caused the motor had driven itself down and wedged itself between the door frame and the door skin. It soon became apparent why the first two suggestions may have been a better option. After removing the bolts that hold the motor to the frame I was able to disconnect the power windows motors wiring. From then on became a battle of wits and endurance to see who would win me or Gertrude (the name of the Daimler). The battle continued from many hours. With the scissor action jamming regularly the guides had some wear in them but they also had a two ton of

most of which deposited on my head, my face, my hands and certainly on my pride. The huge amounts of pushing and shoving and holding the window up with gaffer tape, I managed to fight finally get the square peg in the flat slide. Having accomplished this after only four hours I decided was time to have lunch. After successfully transferring the grease from my arms, hands, fingernails, to the hand basin, bathroom towels, the floor and the walls are was clean after lunch. After recuperating from lunch a return to the Daimler, to continue with the arduous task of reinstalling an electric motor onto the brackets of the scissor action this competition a mere 30 minutes again with copious amounts of Grease transferring to me the motor was back on the brackets the election connections were connected. Now all that was required was to space between the motor and the metal plate to be reinstalled. This triangular piece was missing and had been substituted with a piece of plastic pipe (not by me). This was hardly an ideal piece for replacement, so I duly when away and manufactured a more suitable piece. Returning to refit everything ,I was scratching around the bottom the door trying to find a screw that I dropped, the triangle space appeared wedged in the bottom of the door and it was only by chance that I managed to recognize the piece by feel for what it is have not seen one. There not shown in the work shop manual. So yet again it all comes apart, unbolt the motor disconnect the wiring, push the scissor action up get the screwdriver in there and forced the triangular space out. I then proceeded to reinstall the wiring the 16

motor the scissor action the mounts the bolts screws didn't bother to put any more grease in, there was still copious amounts everywhere, especially on me. Replacing all bolts and nuts on the securing plate that holds the motor in place on the door proved to be quite difficult as five of them were missing. By now it was late in the day the lead light was employed and no chance of buying said nuts and bolts washers from the auto shop; I left it till the morning. On the Sunday morning as the sun rose I still had the stench of grease on me (even though I had shower). I proceeded to my local auto shop, to buy replacements are the pieces that were missing. I was fortunate that my local auto shop and a box of odds and sods in which I found the necessary screws. Returning to the Daimler (by now Gertrude was a four letter word) replace the last few missing screws washers and proceeded to test the window. Walla the window goes up and of the window goes down. I then to proceeded to put the upholstered door cover back on only to find that the door handle slots did not line up any more with the door handle. After considerable frustration and pushing and shoving it finally is in the place the last screw tightened up I had just enough time to clean up and go on Jag day out. My recommendation if such a repair is required is

“Pay someone else to do the job!!!!!�

BAY TO BIRDWOOD September 26th 2010 An open invitation is again extended to the Jaguar Drivers Club of SA from the Gumeracha DSM Hospital Auxiliary View the Bay to Birdwood Rally from the Grandstand Style Hospital Lawns with good company & good food. Tickets are limited and can be purchased direct from Barbara Offe, or at a General/Register (XJ) Meeting, or direct from the Hospital. Group bookings through all Registers would be most welcome. This could be organised as individual Register runs to the Hospital if the Secretaries wish, as it is a fabulous Club day. BYO:

Chairs, tables, & drinks (alcohol ok).

Have a great day and support a local Hospital. LUNCH:

B-B-Q & SALAD, DESSERT, TEA AND COFFEE Only $13.00 per person (Children $6)

Information/tickets are available from Ray or Barbara Offe on 8389 4436, Bob Chalmers on 8248 4111, or the Hospital receptionist direct on 8209 9200.


Minutes of the V12 Register Meeting at Roger & Di Adamson’s home 13th August 2010 Present: Rick Luff, Pete and Kath Taylor, Murray DeLaine, Mark O’Brien, Paul Elliot, Roger, Di and Scott Adamson Apologies: Brian and Sue Walker BUSINESS: Welcome to new member and return of previous member. Reminder of events coming up – Jag Day, JDCSA Annual Dinner. CAR TALK Mark: Bought 77 XJS from Paul. Steering Rack leaks. Has Spoiler kit, 5 spoke hollow wheels. He works on the car himself. Has previously had Triumph TR6, Rovers, Peugot etc. Paul: Sold both his Jags and currently doesn’t have a jag. Has many over cars including Lotus Esprit Turbo, MGTD, Austin Healy etc. Murray: Series 1 has been picked up. Series 2 Daimler had a rubber line replaced. Replaced injector Seals on Daimler 6 Ltr. Roger: E Type going well. XK back from Gear Box overhaul. Rick: Red XJS window gears have a problem. Brought the part ready to work on and ordered a new set of leads from US. Race car had boiling brake fluid at last Mallala meeting. Pete: XJS - It’s blue and it’s beautiful but has a miss in it. Will investigate cause. XJC - It’s red and she’s beautiful. Needs tune up. NEXT MEETING: 7 for 7.15pm on Friday 10th at Roger and Di’s. Will be a BBQ Meeting. Please bring along meat and drinks. All welcome.

Roger Adamson, Register Secretary

How is it one careless match can start a bushfire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?


Minutes of the Meeting of the XK, 7, 8, 9 Register Held at the Police Club – 3rd August 2010 Present: Russell & Jennie Clarke, Julian Lug, Onslow & Wendy Billinghurst, Richard Smith, Peter & Judy Goodale, Ozzie & Rayeena Petrucco, Rob Smith, Di Adamson & Scott. Apologies: Moira Lugg, Rod & Peg Davis, Rob & Vicki Loffler, Robin & Deidre Ide & Carla Smith. BUSINESS: 

Reminder of register run on Saturday, 19th September to fort Glanville. All club members welcome. Activities on the day will be: 

Firing of the cannons at 2pm;

Military enactment of 1880

Parade of uniformed personnel

Inspection of building grounds

Entry fee - $8.00 for adults. Fort Glanville is situated on the corner of Military Road and Bower Road. Use car park off Bower Road. Picnic tables available for use so if you wish bring your lunch & join us at 1pm. Time allowing, a five minute walk from the Fort is the Victorian building of Glanville Hall. Well worth a look so bring your camera. 

Border Run progressing OK. Sub-committee for this event meeting Tuesday, 10th August.

Flag marshalls required for the SA Jaguar Day. Please volunteer for this if possible.

Reminder of Xmas Party to be held on 5th December at Billinghurst’s residence.

Julian Lugg was elected unopposed as new Register Secretary

Meeting closed at 7pm. Next Meeting - Julian’s residence, 17 John Street Norwood I have enjoyed my time as Register Secretary. So, cheers for now and thanks for listening. Rob smith Outgoing Secretary


“Life is too short not to own a Jaguar (or two)” The story of my 1966 S Type Affectionately dubbed by my wife “The Other Woman” I Just Wanted One! I grew up in Griffith NSW (along with other infamous people in the sixties and seventies) My uncle Ben, now deceased purchased a brand new Jaguar Mk 1 2.4ltr (if my memory serves me right) in the late 50s. It was a black car with red leather interior, I was just a teenager at the time but remember the car well, it was the envy of my father who owned the current model Ford (Star Model) V8 (with plastic covered vinyl seats) and there were many rather daring races, much to my mothers dismay, on country roads of a Sunday as we traveled home from church. I guess my desire, to own one of these Jaguars had its beginnings back then and I never quite got over it. I recall that this car was regarded as a very prestigious car to own in those days and the envy of many. The car stayed in the family for many years and in latter years I often enquired after it with the thought that maybe one day I might own it or one just like it. But I had to wait another 45 years or so, before my dream would be realized. I wonder how many ‘baby boomers’ finally decide (or can finally afford) in their retirement to buy the car they always wanted? Even a mid-life crisis in my early forties only resulted in a fully restored MGA Roadster (A five year restoration project and a lovely car) but satisfying as it was, it was not a Jaguar. I wonder how many ‘baby boomers’ finally decide (or can finally afford) in their retirement to buy the car they always wanted? I originally had my heart set on purchasing a Mark 11, and scanned the internet for approximately six months trying to hide my determination rather unsuccessfully from my wife. During this period it was inevitably that I educated myself on values etc. I to a lot of sellers and personally inspected a few local cars, but was disappointed with what I found. I was determined not to pay too much and found as usual sellers expectations on price usually exceeded my willingness to pay. The complete ground up restoration on my 1959 MGA 1600 roadster taught me what some of the pitfalls of such a project were. With this experience in mind I had a preference for a fully restored or at least almost fully restored vehicle. This time I would let someone else spend the money. I was content just to cash in after all the hard work had been done and hard earned cash had been spent.


The Businessman’s Express My search for a Mark 11 was not proving very successful when my brother-in-law in Sydney whop knew what I was looking for, sent me a photo of a 1966 S-Type up for auction in Sydney. I was aware of this model but had initially decided against it, probably based on nothing more than the popularity of the Mark 11. However with a little more research, I decided it really did suit my style, age, and my considerable size. I was impressed by the write-ups and testimonials from those who owned S Types and information sourced from the forum at “Jag Lovers” (what a great web site) and found other owners of S Types urging me to “just do it!” The sophistication of the car with the IRS, internal finish etc. (The Businessman’s Express indeed) finally won me over and I decided this was to be my Jaguar model.

66-CAT The car with Queensland registration 66-CAT, was being offered for Auction by The Classic Throttle Shop, a well established classic car dealership in Sydney, that was conducting their inaugural classic car auction. After having my brother-in-law (who has owned numerous classic cars himself and needed little encouragement) inspect the car and report that it seemed to be everything the promotion and photos claimed, I decided a trip to Sydney was inevitable. In hindsight the fact that this was the Inaugural CTS Auction was really to my advantage. The crowd on the night was small and the bidding less than enthusiastic with a very small number of lots actually selling on the night. Being the only th bidder on the night I was successful in the purchase of the car (6 Dec 2009) I was of course like a kid with a new bike. The car came with factory power steering and heated rear window and with some historic records and receipts. th I have no history of the car prior to 1993. Jim Leicht, of Toowoomba Qld. owned the car from at least 24 th th March 1993 to 12 May 2007. He sold the car to Sandy Brinkman of Noosa, Qld., who owned the car from 12 th May 2007 to 6 Dec 2009. Sandy clearly did not use the car a great deal but was successful in gaining a prize with it at the Noosa Car Show. Jim Leicht, had in the mid nineties carried out an extensive restoration of the vehicle with approximately $60,000 worth of receipts being supplied with the purchase. (Don’t you just love that…. ) This restoration included a bare metal re-spray. The car I have been told by Jim was originally Golden Sand, it had been painted white before his purchase and he changed the colour to light oyster gold (metallic) The restoration included a complete internal make-over with carpets, leather seats and all interior linings and trim replaced, new woodwork, new wiring harness, some new chrome, new wire wheels (5) with Pirelli tyres. There is also evidence in the receipts that the motor had an overhaul at the same time, however it seems to me now that this overhaul was not as thorough as it could have been and I have now decided to remove the motor and have it completely rebuilt to my satisfaction and peace of mind.


I have been able to obtain a Heritage Certificate for the car which verifies that the car was indeed sold with the original colour being Opalescent Golden Sand, and confirming that the Chassis Number, Car Number and Engine Numbers etc. are indeed the original matching numbers.

But is it a 3.4 ltr. or a 3.8 ltr? At this point there is a little twist to the story. The car was sold to me as having left the factory as a 3.4ltr. (Confirmed by the Heritage Certificate) that had been converted to 3.8ltr. I didn’t think much more about it at the time, I was delighted to have successfully purchased the car and was happy to have a 3.8ltr. However curiosity got the better of me. The receipts from the partial rebuild in 1995 itemised amongst other things the fitting of 3.8 rings. Yet the block is clearly embossed 3 ½ Litre, and the engine numbers confirm this. Could it be that the motor was bored to 3.8 ltr. specifications by a previous owner? You can imagine my curiosity that turned to confusion when my learned friends on the “Jag Lovers Forum” assured me this could not possibly be the case. “It just cannot be done!” they said. Sometimes we can have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. So without ‘boring’ you too much, with the head now off, I can reveal that the 3.4ltr. block has indeed been bored to 3.8ltr. without sleeves. (which is well beyond the recommended limits for a 3.4 block.) So….decisions, decisions, decisions…..what do I do? At this stage I am inclined to sleeve the block back to 3.4ltr. but that decision is yet to be finalized. With the body work and interior of a suitable high quality it is not my intention to change much other than a few cosmetic touch-ups and a few chrome up-grades. My concentration is now on rebuilding the motor and enjoying the ride. Finally, having joined the Jaguar Drivers Club of SA in February 2010 I want to express my appreciation of the club and its members, my wife (Sue) and I have enjoyed the fellowship and friendship and look forward to many years of Jaguar inspired fun. Philip Prior


Minutes of the Multivalve (XJ40 to current series) held at the home of Reg & Sue Wymond – Tuesday, 27th July 2010 Present: Reg & Sue Wymond, Ron & Claire Palmer, Marj & Tom Brindle, Glyn Jones, Lesley & John Clarke, Sue Harrison and Peter Clarke. Apologies: Tony Human, John Stanley & Wendy Hall and Doug Harrison Business arising: Register Hosting – Discussed the hosting on Sunday 19th September, 2010: Sue Harrison has kindly offered to be coordinator. Programme likely to be meeting at 1000, arrive at the Hahndorf Visitor Centre at 1030 for a guided walking tour (cost to be recovered from club funds), then proceeding to Stangate House in Aldgate for lunch at about 1300. Rob Smith has provided a water colour painting of gardens at Stangate which could be used in the ad in the Classic Marque and website. XJ/Compact Hosting – Peter & Tricia, Ron & Claire and Tom & Marj have booked. John & Lesley intend to go. General Business: Register Name - The club President has asked the Register to consider “Modern Register” as an alternative name. Discussion included that the Register currently spans a 23 year period with many different models from XJ40, X300, X308, X350, S-Type, X-Type, XK8 (2 generations), XF and now the new XJ. The XJ40 is not now considered truly modern. It was recognised that at some stage the Register will have to “break-up” as the years and models increases but that now it does work with the existing membership. It is not strictly a technical register and does not include many who would be “hands on”. Other names considered but rejected included “XJ40 on” or “Contemporary”. In the absence of a better alternative it was resolved to continue with the current name. Register Sec – Ron Palmer offered to be Register Secretary for the ensuing year, he was duly nominated and unanimously elected. Car Talk: Sue – XJ40 4 Litre. Front brakes were screaming and required new rotors and pads, questioned as to why the sensor had not warned of pad wear. 223,000 K’s Ron/Claire – X308 4 Litre. All fine, 91,000 K’s John/Lesley - X300 3.2 Litre. Recent run to Yorke Peninsula, got a little dusty on a dirt road! Not impressed that someone’s tow bar has damaged 2 vanes on the grill and didn’t leave their number. Glyn Jones – S-Type 3 Litre. No trouble at all. Just clocked up 28,000K’s after almost 10 years. Reg – X308 3.2 Litre. The steering column needs a new cable for the fore/aft function. Reg had a moment of panic when he could not close a door – he just needed to open the handle fully to release the lock. Has only covered 5,000 K’s in 2 years, 139,000 on odo now. He prefers to drive the Jag rather than his “daily driver” Merc. Tom/Marj – XJ40 4 Litre. Nothing to report, good as gold. Had 3 years now with 145,000K’s. Peter – X350 3 Litre. Slight resonance from rear exhaust, noticed in multilevel car park – solution; wind up window. Almost 29,000 K’s. Reported that Brian from Ardrossan has taken advice to have the plastic timing chain tensioners replaced in his 3.2 Litre 308 – quoted $1,700 from Sovereign. The cost is the same for XK but about $1850 for S-Type 4 Litre. Geoff at Sovereign has a box full of cracked tensioners and has had 2 customers with destroyed motors, several where the valves were bent and many others where the tensioners were cracked. He advises that only the upper tensioners have been known to cause trouble. Next Meeting: On Tuesday 28th September, 2010 at the home of Peter and Tricia Clarke, 4 Sunrise Court, West Lakes. Phone 8243 1965 or 0403 327299. Time 7:30 for 8 pm. Peter Clarke, Register Sec, Retired. 23

You are invited to the

Multi-Valve Meander On Sunday 19 September 2010 10am for 10.30 start Hahndorf Meet at Carl Nitschke Park on the left hand side of Mount Barker Road past Ambleside Road. We will then have a leisurely 2 hour guided walking tour of Hahndorf. Our guide is a member of the National Trust with a wealth of knowledge of this oldest German speaking town in Australia. Aldgate: Returning to our cars we will travel to Aldgate for a soup and sandwich lunch at Stangate House and explore the magnificent camellia gardens. Everyone welcome! Any queries, contact Sue Harrison 8333 0057 or 0407 711 352

SS Jaguar Pushrod Gathering Wagga Wagga 17th to 20th Sept 2010 We are well advanced in our planning and the response has been excellent with 115 people Jaguar enthusiasts attending. The next News Letter will be sent late August and will contain a list of people attending. We hope you all have been busy servicing your cars for the long journey. Preparation is better than sitting on the side of the road with a problem half way to nowhere. Problems may make the trip memorable but not enjoyable. We look forward to see as many SS/ Jaguar Pushrod cars as we can at Wagga Wagga. Take a look at the website for links to the attractions at Junee 24

E-Type 50th Anniversary.

The JDCSA E-Type register have begun planning their 2011 event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the E-Type. With well over a hundred known E-Types in the state this should be a spectacular event Arrangements have been made with the National Motor Museum at Birdwood to hold the event on their display grounds. If anyone would like to know more details or register their interest they can go to


This year the Annual Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday, 30th October at the


Tickets will be $45.00 per head, and this includes: Pre-dinner drinks and Canapés from 6.30pm to 7.00pm Three course dinner Two bottles of wine on each table Music supplied by Linda McCarthy Two lucky door prizes and Presentation trophies

A security guard will be employed to look after any cars parked on the Anzac Highway

Tickets will be on sale from July meeting – see either Carmel Trew or Judy Sterzl


Notice Board The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6 (B-C) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, membership will be ratified one month from this magazine: Stephen & Wendy Dowd

1995 Daimler Double Six

Andrew and Livia Smith

1972 E-type coupe

Robert and Judith Lynch

1951 Mark 5 saloon

Stephen and Wendy Dowd

1994 Daimler Double Six

The following applications listed in the June magazine have been accepted. Brenton & Robyn Cliff

1948 Mark 4

Colin & Joy Rohrlach

1989 XJS 5.3L

Ted & Kate Brice

1964 Mk 11 3.8L

Jeff & Raelene Gregory

1963 Mk 11

We hope you will take advantage of the benefits available, and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. I particularly ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these New Members welcome at meetings and functions. Noel Trew Membership Secretary

GENERAL MEETING ROSTER The Roster for the preparation of supper for the General Meeting is: Sep Multivalve Oct SS & Daimler Nov Mk 1, 2, S Type &420 Xmas meeting - TBA Jan XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register

Register Secretaries please note: Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the editor (or President if unable to contact editor) and ask them to obtain supper. The Tables and chairs need to be set up by 7.30pm and all members will assist in this process along with packing up after the meeting.


Marque Sports Car Association of South Australia MSCA for 2010 Round 3 19th September Round 4 24th October.



Regalia Coordinator(s)

WANTED This position is now available within the Club. It is a position that suits say an enthusiastic couple or two couples. During 2009 – 2010 we have reduced the stock levels with a view to changing the process for the coordinator(s). What we have in mind is for a smaller number of product lines with the Jaguar embroidery e.g. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fleecy Vests Polo Shirts – men’s and ladies Caps Fleecy Jumpers Jackets

A quantity of say 6 of each size would then be held in stock so that a member could order on-line or at a general meeting with the coordinator(s) and the items would then be posted or collected from a later meeting. Ron & Claire Palmer (through Palmer Agencies) have offered to continue to supply the club with the product lines and assist the coordinator(s) with product line choices and the embroidery. The club’s lock-up could be utilised for this purpose or alternatively if the member has space at home that would be OK. This means that at a general meeting the coordinator(s) only need bring a sample of each size along (as the same manufacture would be used for the product lines this eliminates the need for multiple samples). In addition to the above the various badges and other small items would be available for sale at a meeting. In addition the coordinator(s) would be responsible to maintain a cash float, bank sales monies, send the banking receipt to the Treasurer, maintain stock levels, and sell Regalia at Jag Day. Should anyone be interested in this role please either talk to Rick or me. Regards Tim White


Club & Other Events XK 7, 8 & 9 Register: Border Run – 15, 16 & 17 October SS Register: National Rally – Wagga Wagga – 17 to 20 September 2010 XK 7, 8, & 9 Register: Fort Glanville Run – 18 September 2010 Bay to Birdwood: 26 September 2010 Edithburgh Show & Shine – 3 October 2010 SA JAG DAY: 17 October 2010 th

Annual Dinner Dance – Saturday, 30 October at the Adelaide International Motel – 521 Anzac Hwy North Glenelg Climb to the Eagle: 5 November 2010 Compact / XJ Register: Weekend in Riverland Berri/Renmark 20/21 November. Murray Bridge XMAS Racing Day: 5 December 2010

Quick Reference for Register meetings General Meeting

Tuesday, 7th September 2010

Register Meetings Compact E-Type Multivalve SS & Daimler XJ, Mk10 & 420G XK, 7, 8, 9 V12

Second Tuesday of every second month Third Thursday of every month 4th Tuesday of odd Calendar months Last Wednesday of each month Wednesday, 8th September Wednesday, 3rd September Friday, 10th September


CAT CLASSIFIEDS For Sale 420 for sale. 1967 420 regal red cream Full leather upholstery ( only 5 yrs old) Full books and original import papers complete tool kit, Runs well. Brakes just been overhauled. A bargain, at $8000. A very reluctant sale as health will not allow me to give the car the care and attention these cars need. Phone John Kelly 0418 832 789 Member 2949

For Sale 1968 420, 3 Owners since new. Original rego number. Silver Grey interior, Reconditioned engine 5,000 kms ago! Tyres good. twin stainless exhaust. Brakes done this year. Car was on chaffeur plates early 2000s. Currently on historic registration. $11,000 offers considered. David Cowperwaite. Phone (08) 8842 1880 Mobile 0419 035 946 Reluctant Sale but I need something with airconditioning for regular Melbourne runs!


For Sale SNG BARRATT UK RHS FUEL TANK FOR XJ6, XJ12 & Sovereign Bought Dec 2009 as SNG BARRATT UK were having a sale. Includes washer and locking ring Hidden freight handling cost meant the tank cost me $800! (Learnt a lesson) Buy now $500, Pick up from Prospect SA or collected at JDCSA General meeting. Tom Herraman (0458 508 432)

For Sale Mk2, 1964 3.8 auto Re-built from the ground up. Body has been completely restored and has no rust. The engine has been total overhauled by a Jag mechanic and runs very sweet. The gearbox has been rebuilt also. Please phone 83811003 work hrs 0409287699 mobile. Chris Cooper (club member) (Ad placed 24 Jan 2010)

For Sale Mark X & 420G Parts Jim Tucker has the following items for sale: 1.

New radiator


Bonnet in excellent cond.


Complete rear end.


Headlight chrome surrounds.

(Ad placed 25 Jan 2010)

For Sale For Sale - Restored 1967 Mk II 3.8 (Club Members Car) Contact on 83708843. For Sale Mk7. In good order with only 40,000 miles on the speedo. A black car with 4 speed gearbox. Very nice car. - POA Contact Dennis Paech (Ph.85789021)


WANTED XJ6 S2 in local area (ie SA) Auto and in very good condition throughout. Needs to be a “Turn Key� reliable car with a service history and no major repairs required. Contact Mick Ph: 8864 2251 (Advertisement placed - 22 Feb 2010)

WANTED XJS (late model if possible) Prefer a manual if one exists and would like a local car. Prefer a driver but will consider any well looked after car. Contact Dave Ph: 0407 481 092 (Advertisement placed - 22 Feb 2010)

WANTED Tyre 6.7 x 16 Firestone, Ross Rasmus Ph 8356 7041, Ad placed 13 May 2010

WANTED One Pepperpot wheel (silver) wanted for spare. Robin Bullock 8389 6185

Give Away - Tyres (Must take all) 3 tyres 215/70VR15, Suit XJS HE (2 x German Dunlops legal tread 1x Pirelli P5 50% tread You want one - you must take all 3. Ring Andrew 0417 890 599


The Cat’s Giggle CAR TROUBLE: I had a flat tyre on the freeway, so I eased my Jag over to the shoulder of the road, carefully got out of the car and opened the boot. I took out 2 cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear of my car facing oncoming traffic. They look so life like you wouldn't believe it! They are in trench coats exposing their nude bodies to the approaching drivers. Cars started slowing down looking at my lifelike men which made it safer for me to work at the side of the road. And of course, traffic starts backing up. Everybody is tooting their horns and waving like crazy. It wasn't long before a cop pulls up behind me. He gets out of his car and starts walking towards me. I could tell he was not a happy camper! 'What's going on here?' 'My car has a flat tyre', I said calmly. 'Well, what the are those obscene cardboard men doing here by the road?' I couldn't believe that he didn't know........ So I told him, Hellooooooo, those my Emergency Flashers

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EXECUTIVE NOMINATION FORM We, the undersigned, being financial members of the Jaguar Drivers Club

of SA Inc. hereby nominate:_________________________

for the position of__________________________________

on the Executive Committee of the Club . (Proposer: name) (Signed)_________________________________________________

(Seconder: name) (Signed)_________________________________________________

I hereby accept the above nomination:

(Signature of nominee)

Completed nomination forms must be lodged with the Secretary before the close of the September General Meeting on 7 September 2010. Only financial senior and adult family members can hold office


2010 September Classic Marque  

2010 September Classic Marque

2010 September Classic Marque  

2010 September Classic Marque