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Vol. IV, Issue 1

Chapter earns first Knox Award at Convention August 4 was another in a line of historic days for the Eta Epsilon Chapter, as the Knox Award was presented to Chapter President John Jackson ‘13 at the 173 Beta Theta Pi General Convention outside of Chicago, Illinois. In what the brothers hope becomes an annual occurrence, receipt of a Knox Award signifies that the chapter is performing at a high level from an operational perspective. Named for founder John Reily Knox, Miami 1839, it is the highest award presented to any chapter, and John Carroll is fortunate to be among 18 recipients this year, out of approximately 120 chapters and colonies in Beta’s Broad Domain.

“When I found out I was #100, I was thrilled! It really shows how far the fraternity has come in 5 years. Being #100 is such an honor!” -Bobby Traver ‘16

This recognition is particularly rewarding as the brothers came together to work toward this goal set two years ago after earning our charter.

What began as a chapter-wide recruitment effort led by Ken Clar ‘14 evolved into a six-week new member education period with instruction from Tim Ficke ‘15 and David Radulovich ‘15. This process culminated with a memorable initiation for the fifteen members of the Iota Class.

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Eta Epsilon Rolls Hit Triple Digits

In the same year we celebrate five years of Beta Theta Pi’s presence on John Carroll’s campus, it was fitting that the Eta Epsilon Chapter’s official roll hit a significant milestone — triple digits — during an evening initiation ceremony on November 16 in Oxford, Ohio, the birthplace of our Fraternity.

Letter from the President Retreat Reflections New Member Profiles Father-Son Outing summary 5-Year Celebration recap

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Class of 2012 Update Betas in Student Union Dean receives DG bid Conversation with Advisor Eric Eickhoff

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The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

A Letter from the President John Jackson ‘13

Dear JCU Beta Community,

and a lot of fun for those involved.

What an exciting time of year it is. With December approaching that means we have an another semester under our belts and Spring to look forward to. It’s hard to believe a full semester has gone by, and much has happened since our last issue. This past summer it was an historical Convention for our Eta Epsilon Chapter as we walked away with a total of six awards for strong chapter operations. The awards included our second consecutive Francis H. Sisson award and our first John Reilly Knox Award. The Knox award was only handed out to 17 other chapters and is the highest award bestowed upon a chapter of Beta Theta Pi for strong operations and commitment to our values. I cannot express enough how proud I am of the hard work and commitment the brothers have shown in the last year to propel us to such great success. It wasn’t the work of a few, but the dedication of the brothers, advisors, and support of our families and alumni that have helped shape our chapter. Now it’s all about sustaining and soaring even higher. We took that momentum into our recruitment efforts and recruited fifteen new members who were initiated in Oxford on November 16. They boast involvement with athletics, Student Union, and many other student organizations. I am very excited to see what these new members bring to the entire chapter.

Looking toward 2013 we are in the process of executive board elections, which will be held on November 29. The newly elected team will continue to lead the chapter and work to fulfill our goals from this summer’s executive board retreat of planning and communicating to our different constituents effectively, collaborating with other Greek and non-Greek campus organizations to extend our network in the community, and as always strive to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and commitments. I am looking forward to seeing some of our many great leaders step up and help Eta Epsilon to her fullest potential. It has been my pleasure serving as president of the Eta Epsilon Chapter of John Carroll University for the last two years. I have gained so much from the position and learned many things — everything from communication skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution, to how to revel in victory and at times stand back up from defeat. I am proud of where the chapter is today, but I know the next group of leaders can push this chapter to an even better place. But for now, all I can say is thank you. In closing, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all around. May this winter season bring much joy to you and your families.

This semester we also had success with our inaugural Father-Son Outing, our 5 Years on Campus Homecoming celebration, a Cedar Point fundraising trip, brotherhood retreats, and our recent Beta Sweetheart date party. All events were well attended

The Bridge Builder


Dale J. Armbruster ‘14

Volume IV, Issue 1 Summer/Fall 2012

Public Relations Chair / Editor

The Quarterly Newsletter of the Eta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi

Public Relations Advisor

Joel W. Mullner ‘07

With Warm Regards, John Jackson ‘13

President, Eta Epsilon Chapter


Kenneth M. Clar ‘14 Timothy A. Ficke ‘15 John N. Jackson ‘13 Joel W. Mullner ‘07 Benjamin M. Rossi ‘13

The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Retreat Reflections “The brotherhood retreat was by far the best part of the pledging process. It was really easy to see where the term ‘brotherhood’ comes from within Beta Theta Pi. Everyone really opened themselves up to us, and was willing to be vulnerable. It really was an incredible experience to have, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to go with.” -Immer Chriswell Megan Vadnais, Beta Theta Pi’s director of leadership and education, spent some time with the JCU Betas in Oxford

Iota Class initiated IOTA, continued from page 1

The chapter traveled to Oxford for initiation and spent the night before a leadership and accountability exercise facilitated by Megan Vadnais, Beta’s director of leadership and education, at the Administrative Office. The brothers also took a tour of the building before enjoying each other’s company walking around Miami University’s campus and uptown Oxford. Two weeks prior to initiation, the Iota Class took part in a new member retreat at one of JCU’s off-site properties. Some reflections in the sidebar show what a life-changing experience it was and how it developed the bonds of brotherhood even further. This class brings a lot of talent academically and athletically, and is sure to make its mark on the chapter in years to come.

The Eta Epsilon Chapter does the “PowerPoint” after initiating the Iota Class in the Hall of Chapters

“The retreat was a life changing event. When everyone started telling their stories I felt open enough to tell mine. When I was finished, I felt relieved and accepted and I knew that I had made the best choice of my life.” -Jake Bandeen “I had the best retreat experience of my life. The bond that I was able to create with the guys in my pledge class in one weekend was absolutely amazing. I instantly felt as close with all of those guys as I do with my best friends. We were able to all come together and be completely open with each other.” -Steve Henderson “The pledge retreat was probably my favorite part of the whole entire pledging process. It was really nice to get to know everyone on a more personal level. I would have to say that the retreat was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life!” -Bobby Traver “I gained so much from this experience. I really opened up, and grew as a person. I really got to know each and every one of my pledge classmates. This was the best part of the process in becoming a Beta brother.” -Connor Hines “Through unadulterated bonding time, collaboration toward common goals, and most importantly a concerted effort to be vulnerable with one another, I became closer with a group of men I otherwise would not have. I learned of their struggles, successes, and aspirations for the future. Over the course of just two days, I had learned more through our mutually esteemed values than I would have ever been able without that connection. I realized that I had witnessed firsthand the real unifying thread between us—our ever-growing Beta Spirit.” -Tim Johnson


The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Meet our Newest Brothers from the Iota Class Initiated on November 16, 2012



to the 15 members of the Iota Class, who hail from Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, and have a wide variety of interests and involvement on campus.


Hometown: Canfield, Ohio Major: Political Science & Economics Hobbies: Watching the news, movies, football





Hometown: Atwater, Ohio Major: Political Science Hobbies: Reading, sports, politics

Hometown: Mentor, Ohio Major: Management Hobbies: Movies, golfing, snowboarding





Hometown: Clarence Center, New York Major: Finance Hobbies: Golfing, swimming, photography, reading

Hometown: Millbury, Ohio Major: Integrated Social Studies Education Hobbies: Sports, playing football and baseball





Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania Major: Marketing & Logistics Hobbies: Sports, reading, movies, making videos


Hometown: Westerville, Ohio Major: Political Science Hobbies: Reading, golfing, lacrosse, watching movies

The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Meet our Newest Brothers from the Iota Class Initiated on November 16, 2012





Hometown: North Canton, Ohio Major: Undecided Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, hunting, motor sports

Hometown: Poland, Ohio Major: Management Hobbies: Basketball, football, trying to golf





Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Finance Hobbies: Video games, fishing, sports, music, movies

Hometown: Clarence, New York Major: Business Hobbies: Watching movies, basketball, time with friends





Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Political Science Hobbies: Soccer, volleyball, lifting, music, writing

Hometown: Rocky River, Ohio Major: Chemistry Hobbies: Watching sports, skiing, music, video games


Hometown: Fairport, New York Major: Accounting Hobbies: Skiing, running, snowboarding, soccer


Hometown: Rochester, New York Major: Communication Hobbies: Golfing, swimming


The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Chapter receives Knox Award KNOX, continued from page 1

At the time, the group did not want to rest on its laurels, and decided to push itself to be one of Beta Theta Pi’s elite chapters each and every year. Among a number of requirements, Knox Award-winning chapters must achieve a GPA greater than the all-fraternity, all-men’s, and allcampus average; maintain involvement of the chapter membership in at least one outside organization; average at least 20 community service hours per man each year; publish a chapter newsletter; and hold at least four functions each year for alumni to emphasize lifelong fraternal brotherhood. Brothers Ken Clar ‘14, Jon McCandless ‘14, and Sean Calhoun ‘15 joined Jackson in Chicago and participated in the Peter F. Greiner Leadership College. Together, they also shared in the joy of receiving our second Francis H. Sisson Award for Chapter Excellence, our fourth Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award, our third Excellence in Risk Management Award, our second Campus Involvement Award, and our first Recruitment Award. Convention was yet again a memorable experience and the chapter seems well on track to repeat this past summer’s success in the coming year.

My Convention Experience Ken Clar ‘14

Having heard so much from my brothers about General Convention, I couldn't wait to start my weekend in the windy city of Chicago. After the weekend concluded, it was clear to me what all the hype was about. Participating in specific leadership based sessions, attending dinners with alumni Beta brothers, and networking with an amazing group of people was incredible. To spend time with undergrads, United States Senators, the General Fraternity President, Fortune 500 leaders and everyone in between, I was amazed at what I was able to experience. It was truly special to see the strength and unity that this fraternity holds at an international level. It is so important to be able to help pave the way among Greek organizations to redefine what being a fraternity man and gentleman is all about. Furthermore, I am extremely proud of what our chapter has done, and what we will continue to do in the future, as we were able to accept our six awards in person. I look forward not only to attending conventions in the future, but also ensuring that my fellow chapter brothers are fully aware of what incredible and life changing opportunities they have right at their fingertips!

My Wooden Experience Tim Ficke ‘15

Four chapter brothers and District Chief Joe Chinnici with some hardware following the Awards Luncheon


The John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle was by far one of the best experiences I've had as an active member of Beta. I was able to create connections with the brothers I met there that I know will last a lifetime; it felt much like the connection with the brothers in my own chapter. The most exciting part was seeing the unique vision each Beta brother has for his individual chapter. I experienced different aspects to leadership and viewpoints I have never even considered before. Even my views toward the Ritual are now more developed. Leaving Wooden I felt revived with the same energy I had when I was initiated. I feel honored to be among one of the few people in the fraternity able to go. I hope that everyone has a chance to experience Wooden before they graduate.

The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Clars claim victory during first Father/Son Outing Ben Rossi ‘13, Chapter Vice President

Earlier this semester, our chapter held its first — and hopefully annual — Father/Son Outing. Roughly 20 active brothers and their fathers met at Eddy’s Fruit Farm in Chesterland on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in September. Grill Master Sam Rossi answered the call of duty and helped prepare some delicious burgers and dogs, while each family in attendance also graciously provided a dish. Still riding the wave of excitement from this summer’s Olympic games, the Betas decided to follow the meal with a unique competition of their own. Thus, the Beta Lawn Game Olympics was born. The men’s might and skill were tested over a series of

Clar who claimed the spoils of battle. After a thoroughly dominating performance in nearly every aspect of the tournament, the remainder of the participants could merely stare, humbled and broken, as the Clars were presented with a plaque that will bear their names and those of future victors. It will be mounted on the Beta floor in Hamlin Hall. Inaugural Beta Lawn Game Olympic Champions Ken ‘14 and Kevin Clar

grueling events ranging from bocce to cornhole. Despite a late and emotional victory in the cornhole tournament by the Petsche clan, it was Ken and Kevin

Overall the event seemed to be a great success and was well received by all. The generosity of Eddy’s Fruit Farm and that of chapter advisor Ric Eickhoff (as well as his awesome decorating ability) helped make the event a success. We hope it continues for years to come.

Chapter marks 5 years on campus with celebration Ben Rossi ‘13, Chapter Vice President

This academic year marked Beta Theta Pi’s 5-year anniversary on John Carroll University’s campus. In an effort to honor those who helped build the foundation for this organization that continues to enhance the college experience of roughly 50 young men, the brothers of the Eta Epsilon Chapter held a celebration at The Winking Lizard in Bedford Heights on October 6. Parents, alumni, and all active brothers and new members were invited to partake in the event, which fittingly served to be a warm conclusion to John Carroll’s homecoming weekend. Families had the opportunity to meet and connect over a nice meal, and

newer members had the chance to speak with recent graduates and hear their unique Beta stories. Senior Greg Petsche put together a slideshow summarizing the chapter’s incredible growth since its inception as a colony. Andy Lane ‘12, Spencer German ‘13, and John Jackson ‘13 also shared their personal testimonies of how Beta has impacted their undergraduate experience and beyond. Alumni Nick Skiviat, Bill Worms, and Andy Lane (with the aid of Chris Casey) surprised us with a light-hearted parody of our recent “I am a Beta” recruitment video. It’s surely, yet unfortunately, floating around cyberspace.

The evening concluded with a newlyweds-style game show hosted by President Jackson. Several brothers and their parents bravely participated, as questions were asked to the brothers about their personal lives and their respective parents also wrote down what they predicted their son’s response would be. Surprisingly, there were times that the two answers did not correlate. Most people laughed. In summary, it was an awesome, fun-filled opportunity to celebrate our chapter’s history and success, and to share that with the new members and their families as well.


The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Catching up with the Class of 2012 Joel Mullner ‘07, Public Relations Advisor

It’s hard to believe that it has already been six months since we proudly watched the 12 members of the Beta Theta Pi Class of 2012 walk across the commencement stage. Consistent with Eta Epsilon and John Carroll University trends, we are happy to report that all 12 are gainfully employed, enrolled in a post-graduate program, or fulfilling a year of volunteer service. Many have stayed in close proximity to campus, while others have scattered regionally. Brothers from this graduating class made a significant impact on the Eta Epsilon Chapter, playing key roles in the chartering process, establishing the initial relationship with our philanthropic partner (Milestones), transitioning to a new financial management system, and holding nearly every executive and cabinet level position within the chapter. 11 of the 12 also attended at least one of Beta Theta Pi’s award-winning leadership development opportunities. Needless to say, they had much to contribute and much to gain from their Beta experience, with plenty of memories in tow.



First-year law student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Director of Music Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Solon, Ohio

Favorite Memory:

Favorite Memory:

Attending the 171 Convention in Washington, D.C. where the JCU colony received its charter.


A collection of casual, perhaps impromptu times of conversation and brotherhood.

Research Analyst for Costar Group (multi-family real estate company) in Washington, D.C.; Master’s student at Georgetown


Favorite Memory:

Greg’s horrific description of the boating incident on our fall retreat.

The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Catching up with the Class of 2012 continued from previous page

Junior Trader (Commodity and Interest Rate Futures) with Rosenthal Collins Group in Chicago, Illinois

Wholesale Credit Program Analyst at Wells Fargo in Cleveland, Ohio

Favorite Memory:

Favorite Memory:


A tie between my pledge class retreat and the senior bowling night.


Credit & Collections Specialist with Nestlé USA in Solon, Ohio



Emergency Medicine Intern at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio (Cap Corps East year of service)


Favorite Memory: Preparation and performance of lip sync freshman year.

The brotherhood retreat canoe ride that went wrong, the Installation Weekend Celebration, and Greek Week each year.

Favorite Memory:


Favorite Memory: Flipping the canoe at the retreat when the frog jumped in!

Favorite Memory:


Favorite Memory:


Convention in D.C. when we received our charter — the drive, touring the city, and meeting other Betas.

Master’s student at Fordham University in New York City; will start full-time with Deloitte in September 2013

Manager Trainee in Leadership Development Program at U.S. Bank in Cleveland, Ohio The day I received my bid, chartering in D.C., and going to Vegas with some of the brothers.

Convention in Washington, D.C. to get our charter — the car ride down, the ceremony, and walking the Mall.

Pricing Analyst with Progressive Insurance in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Diversified Brands— Merchandising Operations at Sherwin-Williams in Cleveland, Ohio; MBA student at JCU

Favorite Memory: The fall brotherhood retreat.

Freight Operations Supervisor at Con-way Freight in Parma, Ohio

Favorite Memory:


Pledge class retreat with the Gamma Class.


The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Betas to have big presence in Student Union Seven brothers will take office this January

November wasn’t only a big time for national and state elections; it also included elections for John Carroll’s Student Union, the student government and voice of the student body. Perhaps taking the lead from fellow Beta brother and current Student Union President Greg Petsche ‘13, seven brothers were inspired to run for office and were elected to seats on either the Student Union Executive Board or Senate. (L-R) C. Hassay, S. Henderson, T. Ficke, T. Johnson, C. Hines,

“Nearly 1/4 of the total elected members of Student T. Schifferle (not pictured: E. Schermerhorn) Union are Betas,” Petsche explained. “This is a true testament that not only are Betas leaders on campus, but also that the student body recognizes Betas as leaders. As my term as President comes to an end, I couldn't be more proud of the Betas elected to carry on the mission of the Student Union." Tim Ficke ‘15 and Steve Henderson ’15 will assume the roles of Executive Vice President and Vice President for Student Organizations, respectively. Sophomores Tim Johnson and Elliott Schermerhorn will take their place as senators for the Class of 2015, while freshmen Cole Hassay, Connor Hines, and Tim Schifferle take three of six seats in the Class of 2016 Senate. Hines, by virtue of receiving the highest vote total, will become class president. Ficke, who served as a class senator this past year, felt humbled by his election. “While it is a great achievement for me, I believe it is an even bigger one for Beta. Beta has formed the man that I am today,” Ficke said. “I cannot wait to get to work on Student Union and believe it will be a fantastic year to come.” All seven brothers will take the oath of office this January.

Betas step up as campus leaders Brothers take on important leadership roles across campus

Known for being campus leaders, many JCU Betas continued to step up this year to serve in various capacities. Senior Spencer German was named as co-coordinator of the 7th Annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life, which will be held on April 20, 2013. Junior Ken Clar joins him on the leadership team as the community and faculty outreach chair. Clar also served on the planning team for the Manresa Retreat, held November 9-11.


After a competitive selection process, the Office of Admission hired several of our brothers to act as tour guides and personalized visit ambassadors this year, including Ken Clar ‘14, Markus Creachbaum ‘15, Tim Ficke ‘15, Spencer German ‘13, Steve Henderson ‘15, Drew Kostiuk ‘15, and Drew Wagner ‘15. The Office of Residence Life also saw the leadership qualities within our brothers, appointing four brothers as resident assistants: Tim Ficke ‘15, Dan Imfeld ‘13, Greg Petsche ‘13, and Ben Rossi ‘13.

Celebrating its fifth year, Carroll’s Got Talent is always a great evening of entertainment and Beta Theta Pi’s signature campus event. Save the date and make plans to attend on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. in Kulas Auditorium. All proceeds will benefit the Milestones Autism Organization. We hope to see you there! Interested in auditioning? Stay tuned to for details!

The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

Advisory Update New Faces, New Positions

With the start of the new school year came some changes to Eta Epsilon’s advisory team.

Dean (center) surrounded by JCU Betas moments after receiving her bid

Dean receives bid to Delta Gamma Joel Mullner ‘07, Public Relations Advisor

At Eta Epsilon’s weekly chapter meeting on November 11, Executive Committee Advisor Dr. Kathleen Lis Dean received an unexpected surprise when she was offered a bid to join Delta Gamma Fraternity. Women from Delta Gamma’s East Side alumnae group, who have interacted with Kathleen over the last few months, attended the meeting to officially extend the bid. “Alumnae initiations are growing in popularity at Delta Gamma,” commented Jess Allen, one of Kathleen’s soon-to -be DG sisters. “Alumnae initiations give us the chance to bring women into Delta Gamma who are smart, civic-minded, accomplished, and have a broader perspective of the world than a young woman might have in college.” Delta Gamma values three core principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility, and

intellectual honesty. The Fraternity’s motto is to “Do Good!” “I am excited to be invited to join Delta Gamma, and could not have imagined a more perfect setting to receive a bid than surrounded by the gentlemen of Eta Epsilon,” Dean remarked. “It was truly a terrific surprise and I appreciate everyone who made it happen.” Over the coming months, she will attend DG events and engage in an adjusted new member education process before a springtime initiation. JCU Greek Advisor Holly Mittelmeier, also a DG, stated that Kathleen “has contributed to higher education in so many ways…[she] wasn’t able to have this amazing experience as a collegiate, and it is awesome we can give this to her now in a different way. I feel very grateful to call her a colleague and a friend!”

Dr. Andy Welki, associate professor of economics, came on board as the chapter’s new faculty advisor. He will work with the scholarship chairman to strengthen our academic assistance plan and aid the brothers in their intellectual Welki growth. Dr. Welki has long been a supporter of Greek Life at John Carroll University. Eric Eickhoff, assistant director of alumni relations, joined the JCU community in 2011. The son of chapter counselor Ric Eickhoff, Eric will work with the chapter on issues of self-governance and responsible conduct as the risk management Eickhoff advisor. Eric is a Beta from Ohio Wesleyan University and has held numerous staff and volunteer positions with the Fraternity since his graduation. Dr. Nick Santilli, who was appointed as vice president for academic and student affairs at nearby Notre Dame College earlier this year, will remain connected to John Carroll in his role as leadership development advisor for Eta Epsilon. Santilli Dr. Santilli, who taught in the psychology department at JCU, has transitioned from his former role as faculty advisor.


The Bridge Builder

Vol. IV, Issue 1

A Conversation with...Eric Eickhoff, Ohio Wesleyan ‘00 Eta Epsilon’s New Risk Management Advisor and General Fraternity Archivist

The Bridge Builder caught up with Eric Eickhoff, Ohio Wesleyan ‘00,

our new risk management advisor, to learn his take on Beta Theta Pi. BB: Can you share what roles

you’ve held with the Fraternity since your graduation from OWU?

EE: After my graduation, I served as a leadership consultant for three years traveling the northeast. It was an amazing experience and I made my best friends during my tenure on staff. I have also served as district chief twice, as the VP advisor for William & Mary, and now as risk management advisor at JCU. Finally, I currently serve as the Fraternity’s Archivist, a position that I am very humbled to have.

BB: Why do you feel it’s important to stay engaged as an alumnus?

EE: Beta Theta Pi is a lifelong commitment. I am not sure that brothers understand that when they initiate, but you don’t just join for your time as an undergraduate. It is a responsibility of all of us to continue to make a difference in

Mutual Assistance

Eric Eickhoff (far right) with his parents, wife, and daughter at the 171 Convention

through the initiation. It was attended and performed by some of my closest friends, the brothers I worked with at the Administrative Office. It was truly an amazing evening.

our Fraternity after we graduate. Think about all of those men who helped the Fraternity get to where it is today. We’ve had impactful undergraduate leaders, but the majority of movers and shakers have been alumni.

BB: What excites you about

BB: What is your most memorable

Beta experience?

working with Eta Epsilon?

EE: By far and away my most memorable experience is initiating my father in Oxford. I had the privilege of serving as his guide

Intellectual Growth


EE: I think the thing that excites me about working with Eta Epsilon is that I know the men of the chapter are committed to the core principles of Beta Theta Pi.

Responsible Conduct


Eta Epsilon Chapter John Carroll University 1 John Carroll Boulevard University Heights, Ohio 44118 Want to go Beta? Know someone who does? Visit for information on joining our ranks!

The Bridge Builder, Summer/Fall 2012  
The Bridge Builder, Summer/Fall 2012  

The Award-Winning Quarterly Newsletter Publication of the Eta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at John Carroll University. Inside this issue...