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The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4


A Word From Our President John Jackson ’13, President 'Hello summer,' is a somewhat bittersweet salutation because it means that another year is over, the chapter will not be together as much, and that we are saying farewell to four excellent collegiate members as they graduate. May Wooglin always smile upon our four graduating seniors and may they know that they always have a home within the brotherhood of Eta Epsilon. Although summer may be bittersweet, I think collectively the fraternity is excited to have a break from schoolwork and have a chance to be recharged and rejuvenated for the coming year. In the last newsletter I mentioned how the chapter was focusing on

Greek Week and fundraising. With the close of the school year I am happy to report that both endeavors were met with great success. In terms of fundraising, we set a lofty goal of $1,000. This seemed daunting because previous fundraising efforts had only afforded about $200 in revenue. However, with the leadership and organization of Treasurer Chris Saniuk ’12, Scholarship Chairman Ben Rossi ’13, Financial Advisor Joe Chinnici, and Chapter Counselor Ric Eickhoff, the chapter was able to raise over $3,000 through lawn work and a garage sale. Thank you to all who participated in the fundraising efforts.

A Word From Our President 1 Parents’ Club Update 7 Ask A Beta 7 Alumnus of the Quarter 7 “Developing Men of Principle for a principled life!”

On a final financial note, it is important to point out that this upcoming year the chapter is switching over to an online banking company through the General Fraternity, Billhighway. With Billhighway it will be virtually impossible for miscalculations to occur and collecting dues will be easier. I am also honored to announce that Beta has been recognized as Continued on page 6

American Cancer Society Relay For Life This spring John Carroll University hosted its fifth annual American Cancer Society event, Relay For Life. From 1pm Saturday, April 30th to 7am on Sunday, May 1st, forty-seven teams of nearly 600 individuals participated in Relay. During the day of the event Beta had a booth along

the walking route where additional donations were accepted and the right to throw a pie in a Beta’s face was sold. Under the leadership of Risk Manager Benedek Toth, the Beta Relay team successfully contributed to the over $37,000.00 that John Carroll raised through team and individual contributions.

The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

Beta Named Greek Week and Lip Sync Champions Over the week of April 10th all eight of John Carroll’s Greek organizations participated in Greek Week. Greek Week is an annual spring event sponsored by the Greek Life governing bodies, the Interfraternity Council and the sorority equivalent, Panhellenic Council. Over the course of the week all the Greeks competed in over twenty-two events including an obstacle relay, kickball, water polo, and Lip Sync, an event where each chapter prepares a themed musical skit. At the week’s end, winners are announced; the most two sought after awards being first place in Lip Sync and in all of Greek Week. The overall Greek Week winner is decided not only by determining which chapter won the most events throughout the week, but by which chapter showed the most spirit and character while participating. Beta is very excited to be taking home these titles yet again. For the third time in just four years Beta won Lip Sync and for the second time has been declared winner of the entire week. Beta’s winning Lip Sync performance consisted of a series of choreographed dances highlighting the history of John Carroll, in light of the school’s 125th anniversary celebrations taking place throughout the year.

“…we can work together very well to achieve those goals we set out to achieve.”

The preparations for Lip Sync can get quite intense. Of all the challenges of the week, Brother Spencer German ’13 felt the energy of Greek Week changing as this event approached. He described the emotion as “intense: nervousness, focus, and competitiveness.” German said while it does not detract from the fun of the week that all the “Greeks put their heart and soul into Lip Sync, so no one wants to lose.”

For her part in the process, much gratitude is owed to Beta Sweetheart Ciara Mastin ’11, who for another year gave up her weeknights, in the weeks leading up to the event, to help the Betas rehearse their skit.


chapters, fraternity.”

The awards are not the main goal of the week however. Greek Week is seen as a very important part of the entire Greek Life system. German feels “the week allows all Greek organizations to come together and get to know each other,” because as he says, “there are tons of opportunities to spend time with members of other whether a sorority or

Mark Ehrbar ’12, Greek Week judge and coordinator of the Beta teams along with Steve Frabotta ‘11, agrees. Ehrbar said he put so much time into the week because he “loves the uniting of the Greeks because it is not often that everyone is together having a great time.” For this reason Ehrbar really enjoyed the planning that took place weeks before the events as it was another opportunity to meet “with representatives from other chapters.” While Ehrbar argues that “Greek Week shows the campus how strong Greek life is and what it means to people,” this year, German also noticed that Greek Week benefited Eta Epsilon in specific ways. German said it “helped lift our morale and helped us realize we can work together very well to achieve those goals we set out to achieve.”

The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

Answering the Call to Serve Joel Mullner, Founding Father, Member Edu. & PR Advisor

“The call to service that this fraternity embodies will likely have many Betas answering that call in post-grad service.” –Patrick Carpenter ‘08


t is no secret that the idea of being a “man for others” is deeply rooted within the mission of both John Carroll University and Beta Theta Pi. A number of Eta Epsilon alumni have embraced that mission and gone on to engage in post-graduate service programs in the United States and abroad. We take a look at five brothers who share their diverse experiences and some valuable life lessons.

Jurell G. Sison ‘10

Appreciating the Everyday Moments Jurell Sison is using the skills he developed as Eta Epsilon’s member educator to serve as the director of food services and a part-time teacher at Cristo Rey High School in Detroit, Michigan as part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). Since Cristo Rey is a small school just starting, Jurell wears many hats, including driving students to their work placements, facilitating the breakfast and lunch program, advising the creative design/literary magazine and the Mass choir, and teaching creative writing, music, and a college preparatory writing course. Armed with a B.A. in English literature, Jurell embodies the Beta Theta Pi mission of what it means to be a “man of principle.” His time and experiences at John Carroll inspired him to live a life of service, as he was “surrounded by people that had this life changing experience.” He wanted to immerse himself in a struggling area in order to see things that he would never otherwise see. When the school year concludes, he will return to John Carroll as a graduate assistant and resident minister while he earns his master’s degree. Although there are a few students he has been working with closely who will always stay with him, Jurell appreciates the everyday moments with all of his students, realizing that while he is with them a short time, he has the opportunity to impact their lives. “They have learned to really trust us and depend on us,” he remarked. “They’ve learned to take our advice, whether it’s about girls, school, or just chatting about the days that go by. We are truly with these people and these are the moments I’ll never forget.” Jurell has grown significantly through this experience. He shows up every day, teaching his students the value of hard work in a society that asks “what’s the most I can get for the least amount of work?” While he thought he could save the world going into this year, he realized that he is no different than any other teacher trying to educate the younger generations. “I’ve come to realize that I’m not here to save the world but I’m here just simply to love,” Sison concluded. Continued…


The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

(Continued) Patrick C. Carpenter ‘08

Blessed with Love and Smiles in the Classroom Boston, Massachusetts has been home away from home for Patrick Carpenter the last three years. After receiving his B.A. in early childhood education in 2008, Pat became part of a program run by the Archdiocese of Boston called the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps. Volunteers serve as full-time teachers while attending Boston College (another Jesuit institution) to earn their master’s degrees. Given his undergraduate academic background, he knew that he wanted to pursue a position in education, and after his significant involvement with Campus Ministry at JCU, he knew he wanted to spend time serving after graduation. Enriched with the support of his Beta brothers, Pat made the “very easy” decision to commit to this particular program and engage in post-grad service. The program was limited to twelve volunteers, focusing on community, spirituality, teaching as service, and simple living; they lived together in a renovated convent near Boston College. “I am blessed with love and smiles everyday in the classroom,” Carpenter explained. “I know that I was making a difference and that that difference mattered. Living out my spirituality allowed me to grow even closer with God and see Him in so many new ways.” After graduating from Boston College in 2010, Pat stayed on as the house manager for the past school year. He is now moving back to Cleveland and searching for a position at public or charter elementary schools. One thing is certain – Pat will take the lessons of the past three years and be a difference maker for many years to come. “Helping struggling students, persevering through hard circumstances, and loving children who crave love have been just a few ways that I feel like I have lived out the mission of my service program, John Carroll, and Beta Theta Pi. I learned that we are all capable of anything.” Matthew G. Wooters ‘09

Living Simply to Walk, Listen, and Love Matt Wooters is one of the John Carroll chapter’s founding fathers who helped lay the groundwork for those who would follow, realizing the work they performed was not only for their benefit but for those after them. With this mentality, Matt joined forces with Jesuit Volunteers International, working at St. Peter Claver Parish in Punta Gorda, Belize. His primary role involves leading retreats in 30 different Maya Indian villages, creating a “safe space” for teachers to discuss the hardships they face on a daily basis. He also performs some administrative duties like organizing logistics for visiting service delegations from the United States. Since his time at Georgetown Preparatory School outside of his hometown in Maryland, Matt has had a strong desire to engage in service abroad. His time at Carroll with immersion experiences, Campus Ministry, and Beta “fanned the flames” of that aspiration. For two years, volunteers with JVI live in community, witness their faith, live simply, and work for justice. With thousands of memorable moments to reflect upon, one that Matt certainly won’t forget is getting Dengue Fever within his first week in Belize. It is nicknamed “bone break fever” because it feels like, as he describes, “all your bones are snapping inside [of] you. Needless to say it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.” Through his post-graduate service, Matt has embraced the idea of simplicity, stating that being is more important than doing. “As Americans, we have such a need to do, fix, and build that many times I have found just sitting with someone, accompanying them in their joy or suffering, really listening to them is much more important than trying to fix their problems,” he said. “In the end, all we can do is just walk with Continued on page 6


The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

Annual Event Update: Mothers’ Tea Each new school year finds Beta Mom, Kathy Pestotnik, looking forward to the springtime when she will get to see and meet all of the existing members, including the newly inducted members, who she says always impress her with their kind personalities and enthusiasm, their professional image, and their care and concern for each other.

fourth annual Mothers’ Tea and Mass. The morning started with Mass, led by Father McAniff, in John Carroll’s beautiful Rodman Chapel. Following Mass, the mothers

This opportunity came around this year on Sunday, March 27th, when Eta Epsilon hosted its

were treated to a light breakfast, put together by advisors Ric Eickhoff and Ben Lupica, and enjoyed viewing a slideshow of photographs of events from previous years. Before parents left to make what for some of them was a long car trip home, Chorister Mark Ehrbar ‘12 led the brothers in what was Mrs. Pestotnik’s favorite part of the morning – being entertained by the “singing fraternity.”

(Counter-clockwise from above): (left to right) Brother Steve Fedyk, Advisor Ben Lupica, & Brother Jon McCandless; The “singing fraternity:” some of the Betas serenading their moms; A group shot of some of the moms

Update: Beta Floor

Upcoming Events New Kids on the Block

The Beta’s residence hall floor will 6 open this coming fall semester. The 15 floor will be half filled with Beta residents; other students from campus Fraternal Fifties Luncheon will occupy the other half of the wing. The move in date that has been scheduled is for the week before the semester starts to allow the brothers sufficient time to set up their floor before classes begin. The only work that will occur over the summer is the painting of a mural on one of the walls.


28-31 172nd General Convention in Seattle, Washington

8 6

Executive Board retreat At one of the final chapter meetings of the semester it was decided that a 9 mural of the Beta dragon would be 10 painted on the wall. Brother Trenton Oczypok ’13 is expected to be the Formal Recruitment begins artist.

The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been granted permission to begin recruiting on the John Carroll campus as of Fall 2011. Lambda Chi Alpha has over 270,000 initiated members from over 200 college campuses in the USA and Canada. They come to Carroll with the desire to “foster high moral and spiritual standards of life based on Christian values” (Lambda Chi Alpha, 2011). Their “7 Core Values” are loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage.


The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

WISHING FAREWELL TO THE CLASS OF 2011 Stephen Frabotta Plans: Continuing on at JCU in the 5-year MBA program Favorite memory: Going to the installation banquet & meeting Beta alumni & Betas from Case

Nicholas Orlando Plans: Employed in Beachwood, OH as a software developer Favorite memory: Having his brothers serenade his girlfriend as he proposed

Rosario Scibona Plans: Obtain a position that will allow him to use his management skills to add value to an organization Favorite memory: Setting off the fire alarm in Oxford

Andrew Vogel Plans: Attend medical school at Ohio University Favorite memory: The senior sendoff cookouts Honors: Graduating with honors as a member of Alpha Sigma Nu 6

A Word From Our President (Continued) Milestones Autism Organization’s Volunteers of the Year. This inaugural award is a great testament to the strong relationship the fraternity has built up with Milestones just after one year of work with them. As our brothers work, travel, study, and relax this summer next year is not far from our minds. Recruitment is being taken very seriously this year because of our large 2012 graduating class and with the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity coming to campus. Recruitment Chairman Ken Clar ’14 devised a strategic plan we are now following. I cannot stress enough how important recruitment is this coming season, so I ask if anyone has any referrals or ideas to please contact Ken or myself. One thing we have to show off will be our very own housing floor. The third floor of Hamlin Hall will be the Beta domain for the coming years. I hope in my next letter I am writing of the excellent time at the 172nd General Convention and how stellar the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year has been. Until then have a safe, happy, and relaxing summer. Answering the Call to Serve (Continued) people, listen, and love them.” Matt returns to the United States this summer for the first time in two years. He looks forward to reuniting with his family and friends (especially his new nephew), and then will embark on a journey to Detroit, MI. There, he will use his B.A. in political science and most recent experience as a Jesuit Volunteer to walk, listen, and love as he teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies and geography. Matt is a caring, personable, and grounded individual, and his students will be fortunate to have such an outstanding role model in their lives. TO READ ABOUT TWO MORE OUTSTANDING MEN VISIT US ONLINE AT JCUBETAS.ORG!

The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

Ask a Beta Q: What is the point with having a yearly meeting for the entire general fraternity? A: It is called the General Convention and this year takes place in Seattle, Washington from July 28th to the 31st. This convention is an aspect of Beta that is uncommon to many other Greek organizations. For Beta it serves several purposes. Convention oversees the governance of the Fraternity. Taken care of during the long weekend of Convention is the business of the fraternity that the Board of Trustees is usually charged with carrying out. As outlined by Article IV of the fraternity’s constitution, during this time, each chapter and recognized alumni association will send representatives to the Convention to provide updates and vote on various matters.

Beta Parents’ Club

Some of the items slated for floor time at this years meeting include, but are not limited to: a presentation on the new Leadership College format and legislative changes that include adding an undergraduate voice to the Board of Trustees and raising the required average chapter GPA to 3.0 from 2.7. Also, and previous attendees will tell you, Convention is said to be an experience in and of itself – being able to gather with generations of Betas that share a common interest. In the past, several well-known individuals have even graced the convention with their presence. Last year, two of JCU’s Betas got a picture with Senator Richard “Dick” Lugar of Indiana. To have your question answered in the next newsletter, send your enquiry to:

Nancy Sloat, Parents’ Club Moderator

We are excited to announce the start of the Beta Parent Group, which came together toward the end of the school year. With the goal of supporting Beta where we can and being there for the Betas if they need assistance, we will offer to our sons and their fellow brothers our time, talent and treasure as well as be a means of education and communication to new and prospective parents. We held a brief meeting after the Mothers’ Tea this past March and the positive feedback was overwhelming! There were many excited Beta mothers ready to get this group started! Over the summer a final list of contact information will be compiled for all the parents so that we can all contact each other. Until the fall, have a happy, safe summer with your Beta sons! We are very excited for the coming school year and look forward to the fall to really get this group going!

2011 Alumnus of the Year Award Recipient: Joel Mullner Steve Fedyk ’12, Alumni Relations Chair

At the spring formal on April 2, Joel Mullner was recognized as an outstanding alumnus who best exemplified the qualities of a Man of Principle. The existing members and alumni who voted Mullner for this award felt that he has clearly demonstrated the ideals of a gentleman, leader and scholar and was most deserving of this award. Mullner currently serves as the Member Education, Public Relations, and Service/Philanthropy Advisor for Eta Epsilon. He has been involved with the chapter since before its official inception in October 2007, assisting the recruitment team in its efforts to find the

top gentlemen, leaders, and scholars on the John Carroll campus. He was initiated into full membership with the founding fathers as an alumnus on January 13, 2008. Since that time, Joel has played an active role in promoting the organization through a website redesign and a series of videos, as well as assisting in the complete revision of the chapter’s governing documents. In addition to his current capacity, he has also advised the chairmen for Leadership Development, Social, and Greek Week. In 2010, Mullner became the Member Education Advisor to the Continued…


The Bridge Builder

Vol. II, Issue 4

(Continued) nearby Lambda Kappa-Beta Chapter at Case Western Reserve University. He has facilitated a number of leadership development programs for the international fraternity, including the Peter F. Greiner Leadership College in August 2010, Keystone Regional Leadership Conference in February 2011, and the John & Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle in June 2011. In his professional life, Mullner serves as the Assistant Director of Enrollment at John Carroll. In this role, he provides guidance for prospective students and families throughout the college search, admission, financial aid, and enrollment process, and frequently meets with families while they are visiting campus. As a member of the Committee on Admission, he contributes to Mutual Assistance


the decision-making process of all applicants to the university. Mullner works closely with most campus-based recruitment events, coordinating volunteers for these events. He maintains the websites of several campus offices, is active with the Enrollment Division’s marketing team, writing and proofreading letters and publications.

Mullner served as the Graduate Assistant to the Director of Student Activities while he earned his Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Performance Management. He holds membership in the Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Sigma Nu, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Order of Omega honor societies, and is grateful to the brothers of Eta Epsilon for honoring him with the 2011 Alumnus Award.

Mullner also manages the scholarship selection processes for the university’s flagship merit programs, serves on the Career Center Review Team and the advisory boards for the Leadership Scholars Program and Arrupe Scholars Program for Social Action.

Thank you Joel for contributing to our goals and helping our fraternity stand above the rest! For your willingness to go above and beyond, we salute you with this 2011 Alumnus Award!

Prior to his current position,

Intellectual Growth




Responsible Conduct



John Jackson ‘13 President Daniel Imfeld ‘13 Vice President Joel Baker ‘14 Secretary Christopher Saniuk ‘12 Treasurer Benjamin Szweda ‘12 Public Relations Chair Want to GO BETA? Know someone who does? Visit for information on joining our ranks as part of the Theta Class!

The Bridge Builder, Spring 2011  

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