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FY2015–16 OCT. 1, 2015–SEPT. 30, 2016





from our permanent collection including Kuniyoshi's Circus Girl Resting to Smithsonian American Art Museum



averaged per month



at 142 adult programs



FALL 2016

FALL 2016








at 37 art clubs


One “BIG” JULE re-design







16% of accredited museums are college or university museums JCSM.AUBURN.EDU



in small-group tours 2,872 K-12 students 849 Outreach participants 506 Other art encounters 308 Homeschool students 230 College students



20% annual increase





70% annual increase



Re-design & workflow overhaul

5 new members



in JCSM’s Permanent Collection











150% annual increase



63% annual increase



art changing lives





Cost to the visitor for a unique art experience at JCSM







Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University (JCSM) is an academic unit reporting to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. JCSM’s Annual Report is published annually by JCSM and is distributed to museum members and others in the arts communities.

This publication is supported in part by Davis Direct, Inc.

© 2017 Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University. Auburn University is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer.


Since we opened to the public in October of 2003, we have created various summaries of our activities for in-house analysis or for presentations to the university administration and our Advisory Board members; however, this is the first time we have produced an Annual Report to share with all of our colleagues and constituencies.

OUR ANNUAL REPORT: TAKES STOCK OF AND REFLECTS ON all museum activities. SETS FUTURE GOALS and objectives. Acknowledges you and EXPRESSES GRATITUDE. Measuring our accomplishments, as well as our challenges, affords us valuable insights about our implementation of best practices as an accredited museum and inspires us to meet the very high standards we have set for ourselves. The quality and range of our collections continues to grow with the support of donors and such groups as the 1072 Society, resulting in the museum’s collections becoming one of this university’s great resources. Faculty requests to access these collections for teaching and student projects are reaching an all-time high, and we find ourselves pressed for space and staff to accommodate everyone. In fact, this increased demand is apparent in all of our programs, from K-12 tours and classes to our growing demographics of retirees. Because of this, we spent much of 2015–16 working with consultants from Museum Insights to develop a strong strategic building plan that identified how future renovation and

expansion would enable us to increase our services and meet the growing expectations of our audiences who have come to recognize JCSM as an essential component in the cultural and educational life of our campus and community. Our exhibition program continues to introduce meaningful and thought-provoking educational opportunities. Being relevant in an ever-changing and challenging world requires that the museum staff address a wide range of ideas and aspects of history, art and material culture in our exhibitions and through the more than 200 programs we provide annually. Reaching and engaging the many audiences that stretch across campus and community has been exciting as we balance social media and new digital technologies with the tried and true method of print. Our success in this area has resulted in various awards and acknowledgments from professional organizations such as the American Alliance of Museums and the Southeastern Museums Conference. As a counterbalance to reporting on JCSM’s many activities and achievements, we have also included our Strategic Plan for 2017–22. Over the next five years, it is our hope to focus the museum’s artistic, human and financial resources on making the JCSM experience a rewarding and dynamic participatory journey for all of our visitors. Our goals and objectives convey our strong vision for the future as well as our core values. All of us at JCSM do this because this is Auburn.




power of art

MISSION STATEMENT Art changes lives. Our mandate within the larger mission of Auburn University is to preserve, enhance, research and interpret the collections entrusted to us. Through the presentation of compelling exhibitions and programs to our diverse audiences, we foster the transformative power of art.


JCSM CORE VALUES STATEMENT Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University acknowledges that the following points are the guiding principles by which we will work and plan for the future of this institution.

POWER OF ART: Central to our core values is the belief in the transformative powers of art. We are dedicated to providing our audience with unparalleled experience of direct interaction with a unique work of art whether through our diverse exhibition schedule or through our museum's growing permanent collections. These works of art are at the heart of our museum identity.

PROFESSIONALISM: In all we do, we will treat all colleagues, visitors, and staff members with respect, recognizing that we are at all times representatives of JCSM, the University, and the museum profession. Together, we welcome the responsibility of being accountable for the care and preservation of those collections entrusted to us.

EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION: Key to our mission is providing a welcoming learning environment for our faculty, students, community and regional members. It is our intention that through academic research, visual appreciation and direct encounters with visual expression from different eras and places of origin, we will provide significant and possibly even life-changing educational opportunities. In teaching that art is the result of discipline, study and the ability to face the uncertainties of creative experimentation, we encourage all students with diverse experiences to explore new and challenging ideas.

LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION: We will strive to achieve best practices in all we do and to empower and encourage those around us to discover original ways to motivate and inspire. The creative expression that is central to our institution shapes how we will plan, teach and face challenges.

DIVERSE COMMUNITY: We are committed to reaching and sustaining a broad audience base representative not only of our whole university but also of our entire regional community. As we expand our constituency, we seek to be all-inclusive and not discriminate against race, creed, color, religion, age, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, and veteran status.



FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Financial security is of utmost importance to art museums and other cultural institutions that rely heavily on charitable giving. For JCSM to be able to fulfill its mission to “foster the transformative power of art,” it needs to have sufficient funding to make it all possible. Over the past 10 years, JCSM has achieved financial stability and sustainability through continued base-budget funding from Auburn University, through generous support from our constituents, through long-term financial investments, and through earned income from our museum shop and venue rentals. With dependable funding sources and sensible spending practices in place, the museum is able to undertake activities that benefit our visitors, our collections, and Auburn University. The following is an overview of our financial figures for FY2015–16.


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$42,207 $3,053

$346,348 $45,615 $40,683

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$2,147,086 Total income


Total expenses & transfers



VISION STATEMENT Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art serves as the cultural touchstone of Auburn University and as such, we strive to be among the preeminent university art museums in our nation. We are committed to creating positive museum experiences and providing enriching personal journeys across diverse academic disciplines and our multi-cultural communities.



GOALS I: Advance JCSM’s Collections and Exhibitions program in support of its education mission, and to nurture discourse on creative visual expression of the past, the present, and the future

Develop an excellent, vibrant and varied threeyear advance exhibition schedule that is relevant to the university and the community and continues to build upon JCSM’s solid reputation as a university art museum Develop the permanent collection

II: Engage a wide-ranging and diverse audience and focus on their participant journey as part of the museum experience

Find ways to better understand the needs and expectations of our museum participants

Cultivate greater participation within the community through membership

Find ways to engage both traditional and non-traditional museum partners across curricula



III. Create an open learning environment

Continue to enhance our academic discourse as a university art museum

Engage Auburn University students and faculty

Engage K–12 students, teachers and their families

Present a wide variety of interpretive information in a way that will encourage a more open dialogue

Create a user-friendly digital environment for access to museum collections and other resources

IV. Cultivate a collegial, creative and sustainable working environment that allows for personal and professional development that will better serve the museum

Provide ongoing enrichment and informative opportunities for staff members, volunteers and Advisory Board members

Encourage all stakeholders to approach their work with curiosity and imagination that will make us a compelling 21st century museum

Improve communication between departments to keep entire staff well-informed on all aspects of museum activities

V. Enhance Financial Resources


Increase an expanded donor base

Raise funds for needed building expansion

Establish sufficient funding to support current and future staffing needs, including part-time

Seek greater emphasis on outside funding sources for exhibitions and programming

Emphasize revenue-producing activities (CafĂŠ, shop and special events)

Utilize and share university resources, and integrate JCSM into all current and future planning of Auburn University




EXHIBITIONS The Lost Birds Project MAR. 20, 2015–MAR. 2018 Museum Grounds The bronze memorials, by sculptor Todd McCain, are in response to extinct birds from North America. Subjects include the Passenger Pigeon, the Carolina Parakeet, the Labrador Duck, the Great Auk, and the Heath Hen.

Indelible Impressions:

Selected Works by Willie Cole

SEPT. 26, 2015–JAN. 10, 2016 Gallery C Paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures by contemporary artist, Willie Cole, who served as juror for the second iteration of Out of the Box.

"The act of presenting cutting edge art is an international thing. Coming to a town and seeing that right away, you know you are not in Kansas anymore." —Willie Cole ARTIST


Along the Eastern Road:

Hiroshige’s Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido

Organized by Reading Public Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania

SEPT. 26, 2015–JAN. 10, 2016 Bill L. Harbert Gallery A complete suite of impressions by one of Japan’s most important masters of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, augmented by a selection of comparative Japanese woodcuts in JCSM’s permanent collection.

Out of the Box:

A Juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

OCT. 2, 2015–OCT. 2, 2016 Lethander Art Path Artist Willie Cole juried the second cycle of the yearlong exhibition, selecting the 11 works sited along the Lethander Art Path. Out of the Box is made possible in part with funds provided by Julian Robert Haynes, in memory of Dr. Lucile McGehee Haynes, Grace and David E. Johnson, and the Susan Phillips Educational Gift Fund. Finalists’ honoraria were supported in part by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

1072 Society Exhibition NOV. 14, 2015–JAN. 24, 2016 Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Galleries Photography was this year’s focus for the museum’s collectors group, with a range of prints for consideration of acquisition from the 19th century through modern and contemporary examples.



EXHIBITIONS Winter Denizens, The Sweet Birds Sing JCSM prints depicting species that reside in Alabama during the colder months or pass through on the way to more temperate climes.

Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America:

Selected Works from the Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Collection

JAN. 30–MAY 15, 2016

"The museum reinforces, validates and authenticates what we teach in the studio classroom. It allows students to see and understand form and content in harmony; how the language of a reformed craft informs meaning." —Chuck Hemard A S S O C I AT E P R O F E S S O R, D E PA R T M E N T O F A R T

2016 Auburn University Department of Art and Art History

Studio Faculty Exhibition JAN. 23–MAR. 20, 2016 Bill L. Harbert Gallery and Gallery C The exhibition catalogue was made possible in part by Dr. Joseph Aistrup, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University. An accompanying lecture by artist Sue Coe was supported by a grant from Auburn University Special Lectures.


Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Galleries

Call and Response JUN. 18–OCT. 23, 2016 Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Galleries Auburn University faculty and staff in various academic disciplines respond creatively to works from the permanent collection.

Face to Face:

Artists’ Self-Portraits from the Collection of Jackye and Curtis Finch Jr. Organized by the Arkansas Art Center

APR. 2–AUG. 7, 2016 Bill L. Harbert Gallery and Gallery C This program was made possible in part by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.




This Is Research SHOWCASE: The Work of Creative Scholarship

SEPT.17–OCT. 2, 2016 Grand Gallery

Camera Lucida AUG. 27, 2016–JAN. 7, 2017 Bill L. Harbert Gallery and Gallery C Organized by JCSM, Camera Lucida featured contemporary works of video art and moving digital imagery by nine international artists. This exhibition was made possible in part by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


This juried exhibition featured examples of creative scholarship by Auburn University faculty and students in the fields of fine art, performing arts, creative writing, applied design and other related disciplines. The Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development oversees Auburn University’s This Is Research Symposia and Creative Scholarship Showcase.




CERAMICS Thirty objects, gift of Ronald C. Porter ’71 and Joe Price to the Porter•Price Collection: Wesley Anderegg (American, b. 1958), Yanked Man Teapot, 1995, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.01 Alice R. Ballard (American, b. 1945), Bamboo Teapot, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.02 Nancy Carman (American, b. 1950), Teapot, 2004, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.03 Beth Changstrom (American, b. 1943), Best Friend Teapot and Pair of Cups, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.04

Beth Lo (American, b. 1949), Good Children Teapot (Boy), glazed porcelain, 2015.26.21

Leslie Rosdol (American, b.1954), Beginnings Teapot, 1994, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.29

Warren MacKenzie (American, b. 1924), Faceted Teapot, glazed stoneware and cane, 2015.26.22

Ted Saupe (American, b. 1950), Teapot Form, 2008, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.30

Jody Mussoff (American, b. 1952), Woman’s Head Platter, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.24 Two works by Andy Nasisse (American, b. 1946): Black and White, 1999, glazed whiteware, 2015.26.25; Green-Eyed Jug / Purple-Eyed Jug, 2003, glazed whiteware, 2015.26.26

Burlon Craig (American, 1914–2002), Face Jug, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.05

Joan Takayama-Ogawa (American, b. 1955), Anthurium Teabag Teapot, 2001, glazed earthenware with lustres and applied beads, 2015.26.27

Sandy Culp (American, contemporary), Bonsai Teapot, ceramic with terra sigillata and found stones, 2015.26.06

Ilona Romule (Latvian, contemporary), The Games of Chameleons Teapot, glazed ceramic and cork, 2015.26.28

Two works by Baba Wagué Diakité (Malian, active in Portland, OR and Bamako, Mali, b. 1961): Frog Teapot, 1992, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.07; Dog Teapot, 1990, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.08 Lucy Dierks (American, b. 1949), Teapot, 2005, glazed porcelain, 2015.26.09 Gary Dinnen (American, b. 1953), Monkey Bath, 2004, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.10 Jack Earl (American, b. 1934), Elvis Teapot, 1995, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.11 Gerit Grimm (German, active in Madison, WI, b. 1973), Titillation Teapot, 2008, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.12 Steven Hewitt (American, contemporary), Study in Black and White, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.14 Ayumi Horie (American, b. 1969), Monkey Teapot, glazed earthenware, 2015.26.15 Ron Kovatch (American, b. 1953), Gender, ceramic, painted wood, and metal, 2015.26.16 D. Langford Kühn (American, contemporary), Spider Lily Vase, painted porcelain, 2015.26.17 Peter Lenzo (American, b. 1955), Bethune Clay Jughead, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.20


Noi Volkov (Russian, active in Maryland, b. 1947), Doll Teapot, 2000, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.31 Kerry Wooten (American, b. 1954), Seated Woman, 1992, white earthenware and slip, 2015.26.32 Sunkoo Yuh (South Korean, active in Georgia, b. 1960), False Start #1 Teapot, 2006, glazed ceramic, 2015.26.33 Irina Zaytceva (Russian, b. 1957), Elephant Teapot, glazed porcelain, 2015.26.34


Jimmie Lee Sudduth (American, 1910– 2007), Toto, paint on plywood, 2015.31.01

Two objects, gift of Dr. Anne Amacher:

Gift of Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Mark Thornton to the Advancing American Art Collection, dedicated to Dennis Harper for his wonderful friendship:

Louis Bouché (American, 1896–1969), untitled (cubist still-life), 1921, oil and pencil on cardboard with sandpaper appliqué, 2015.33.01 Preston Dickinson (American, 1891– 1930), untitled (landscape), watercolor and oil over pencil on paper, 2015.33.02 Gift of Sue Coe: Boardman Robinson (American, b. Canada, 1876–1952), Famine in Russia, 1916, black watercolor, white gouache, and graphite on tan board, 2016.10 Two objects, gift to the William Dunlop Collection:

Walt Kuhn (American, 1877–1949), Still Life with Red Bananas, 1941, oil on canvas, 2016.09.01 Two objects, gift to the Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Mark Thornton Collection: George Luks (American, 1867–1933), Woman in a Polka Dot Dress, pencil and brown wash, 2016.09.03

Gift of Elana Hagler: Elana Hagler (American, b. Israel, 1980), Nocturnal Breach, 2006, oil on canvas, 2016.07 (pictured p. 22) Gift of John and Helen Logue: Ray Ellis (American,1921–2013), Samford Hall, 1991, oil on canvas, 2015.32 Gift of Carlton Nell: Carlton “Corky” Nell (American, b. 1962), Composition 199, 2007, oil and wax on panel, 2015.23

Hugh Williams (American, b. 1928), untitled, also known as Dam, watercolor, 2016.09.10

Charlie Kinney (American, 1906–1991), Far Brim Ston Coming. Where Will We Go, watercolor and pencil, 2015.31.02 ACQUISITIONS | ANNUAL REPORT, FY2015–16


“Seeing a work of art in a book does it no justice—when you can be face to face with it and see the texture.” —Dakota Sumpter S E N I O R, A R T


PHOTOGRAPHS Gift of Barry Anderson via The Museum Project: Two photographs by Barry Anderson (American, b. 1945): Alabama #17–7, 1987, printed 2014, archival inkjet print, 2016.11.01; Sheep and Standing Stone, Avebury, 1995; printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.11.02 Gift of Mary Ann Casey: Five photographs by Frank Hunter (American, b. 1947): Light in a Summer Night, #1, archival inkjet print, 2016.05.01; Light in a Summer Night, #2, archival inkjet print, 2016.05.02; Light in a Summer Night, #3, archival inkjet print, 2016.05.03; Approaching Storm, Goodman Field, archival inkjet print, 2016.05.04; Portrait for Susan, 1996, platinum/palladium print, 2016.05.05 Gift of William Castellana: Three photographs by William Castellana (American, b. 1968): Men at Newspaper Dispenser / Lee Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, printed 2016, archival pigment print, 2016.04.01; Kids on Street Corner / Lee Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, printed 2016, archival pigment print, 2016.04.02; Boy on Bicycle / Lee Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, printed 2016, archival pigment print, 2016.04.03 Gift of Darryl Curran via The Museum Project: Darryl Curran (American, b. 1935): All About Doris, 2001, portfolio of 12 Scanograms and 8 original poems, archival inkjet print and letterpress, 2016.12.01 Darryl Curran, Menu, 1974, unique print, cyanotype and solvent transfer, 2016.12.02 Gift of Robert Fichter via The Museum Project: Two photographs by Robert Fichter (American, b. 1939): Bend in the Road 1, 2013, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.13.01; Orange, 2011, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.13.02

Gift of Kenda North via The Museum Project: Kenda North (American, b. 1951), Red Shoes, 2009, from the series Urban Pools, printed 2016, Ultrachrome pigment print, 2016.14 Gift of Sheila Pinkel via The Museum Project: Two photographs by Sheila Pinkel (American, b. 1941): Ilex Optical Co., wide open, archival inkjet print, 2016.15.01; Untitled (x-ray, light bulb), archival inkjet print, 2016.15.02 Gift of Bonnie Schiffman via The Museum Project: Three photographs by Bonnie Schiffman (American, b. 1950): Andy Warhol, 1976, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.16.01; David Lynch 2, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.16.02; Lassie, 1988, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.16.03

Gift of Robert von Sternberg via The Museum Project: Eight photographs by Robert von Sternberg (American, b. 1939): Elephant, Long Beach, California, 1972, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.01; Iao Valley, Maui, 1971, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.02; Santa Ynez River, Lompoc, California, 2011, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.03; Maneadero, Baja California, Mexico, 1984, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.04; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 1983, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.05; Dublin, Ireland, 1968, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.06; Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, 1984, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.07; Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP, 2006, printed 2016, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.08 Gift of Michael Stone via The Museum Project: Michael Stone (American, b. 1945), No Way Out, 2010, archival inkjet print, 2016.17.18




Gift of the Walker Image Trust via The Museum Project: Three prints by Todd Walker (American, 1917–1998), L146 Creosote, Sky (2), offset lithograph, 2016.19.01; L22 Linda, 1969, offset lithograph, 2016.19.02; L161 Barrel Cactus, 1981, offset lithograph, 2016.19.03 Thirteen objects, museum purchase with funds provided by the 1072 Society, 2016: Thomas Annan (Scottish, 1829–1887), photogravure by James Craig Annan (1864–1946), Old Buildings in High Street, Nos. 17–27, 1868, from The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, published 1900, 2016.01.01 Henri Cartier-Bresson (French, 1908–2004), Sunday on the Banks of the River Marne, 1938, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.02

Sebastião Salgado (Brazilian, b. 1944), The Brooks Range, Alaska, 2009, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.11 (pictured p. 25)

William Christenberry (American, 1936– 2016), Red Building in Forest, Hale County, Alabama, 1974, printed 2006, archival pigment print, 2016.01.03

Edward J. Steichen (American, b. Luxembourg, 1879–1973), Grand Prix at Longchamp: After the Races, 1907, photogravure, Aperture series, Edward Steichen, The Early Years 1900–1927, 1981, 2016.01.12

Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton (American, 1903–1990), Golf Swing, ca. 1938, ferrotyped gelatin silver print, 2016.01.04 Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975), Fish Market Near Birmingham, Alabama, 1936, from Ives-Sillman portfolio printed under the artist’s supervision 1971, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.05 (detail p. 15) Lewis Wickes Hine (American, 1874– 1940), Opelika, Alabama, October 1914, from the series completed for the National Child Labor Committee, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.06 André Kertész (American, b. Hungary, 1894–1985), Fire Escape, New York, 1949, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.07 Charles Nègre (French, 1820–1880), Chateau of Vallombrosa, Cannes, 1852, albumen print and waxed paper negative, 2016.01.08–.09 Gordon Parks (American, 1912–2006), Drinking Fountains, 1956, printed ca. 1980s, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.10 JCSM.AUBURN.EDU

Mark Steinmetz (American, b. 1961), Carey, Farmington, Georgia, 1996, gelatin silver print, 2016.01.13 Museum purchase with funds provided by 2015 Tiger Giving Day contributors Dr. Lourdes Betanzos, Tana Newman Branch, Nancy T. and Donald M. Conner, Al and Dudley Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Cunningham III, L. Nick Davis ’84 and Sergio Marentes, Patty and Jim Disque, Dr. Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Dr. Mark Thornton, Drs. Rebecca C. and Charles M. Hendrix, Joan and Richard Jaeger, Jim and Jenny Jenkins, J. Mark Jones, Lynn Barstis Williams Katz, Franklin and Carole Littleton, Monteigne R. Mathison, David and Renée Maurer, Maggie and Scott Phillips, William Collins Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Stanaland, Nancy Tillman, Bo and Gene Torbert, and Neali Vann: Robert A. Schaefer Jr. (American, b. 1951), Elektro Licht Kraft, 1976, printed 2010, cyanotype print, 2015.29

Museum purchase with funds provided by Dwight and Helen Carlisle in memory of Pamela Needham: Joyce Tenneson (American, b. 1945), Poppy Bouquet, 2003, printed 2014, archival pigment print, 2016.03 Museum purchase with funds provided by William Dunlop: Lisette Model (American, b. Austria, 1901– 1983), Lower East Side (woman), New York, ca. 1942, gelatin silver print, 2016.02 Museum purchase with funds provided by the Joan Cousins Hartman Endowment: Linda Connor (American, b. 1944), Library of Prayer Books, Ladakh, India, 2007, archival pigment print, 2015.28 Museum purchase in memory of Jule Collins Smith with funds provided by Joyce and Roger Lethander, Marilyn Laufer and Tom Butler, and partial gift of the artist: Chuck Hemard (American, b. 1973), #3 Okaloosa County, Florida, archival pigment print, 2016.08


PRINTS, 18TH AND 19TH CENTURY Gift of Robert Hendrickson in memory of Leonard LaRoux: Gosôtei Hirosada (Japanese, active 1826–1863, d. ca. 1865), Actor Kataoka Ichizô I as Asahina Saburô, from the series Tales of Loyalty and Heroism (Chûkô buyû den), 1848, color woodblock (moku-hanga), 2015.30 Eighty-four objects, gifts of Sheila McCartney to the Sheila J. McCartney Collection: Two related prints by Eleazar Albin (English, 1680–1741): Aluco. Huette. The Brown Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.01; Noctua minima. The Little Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.02 Three related prints by Pancrace Bessa (French, 1772–1846): Amaryllis aurea, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.03; Hypoxeys stellate, etching with hand coloring on laid paper, 2015.25.04; Moraea chinensis, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.05 Two related prints by John Curtis (English, 1791–1862): Untitled (red flowers), 1825, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.06–07 John Curtis, untitled (botanical subject), 1825, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.08 Four related prints by Edward Donovan (Irish, 1768–1837): Depictions of various owls, from Natural History of British Birds, 1796, etching and roulette with hand coloring, 2015.25.09–12 Three related prints by George Edwards (English, 1694–1773) from Natural History of Uncommon Birds, ca.1743–51: Hawk Owl, 1745, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.13; Snowy Owl, 1745, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.14; Untitled (owl), 1744, etching with hand coloring on wove paper, 2015.25.15


Seven related prints by Sydenham Edwards (Welsh, 1768–1819): Botanical subject, 1791, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.16; Botanical subject, 1791, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.17; Botanical subject, 1808, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.18; Botanical subject, 1791, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.19; Botanical subject, 1791, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.20; Botanical subject, 1790, etching in brown ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.21 John Gould (English, 1804–1881) and Elizabeth Gould (English, 1804–1841), Scops-Eared Owl, lithograph with hand coloring, 2015.25.24 Three related prints by J. W. Hill (American, 1812–1879): Untitled (various owls), lithograph with hand coloring, 2015.25.25–27 William Hooker (British, 1779–1832), Psidium cattleianum, ca. 1830, etching with roulette and stippling with hand coloring, 2015.25.28 Two related prints by Conrad Loddiges, engraved by George Cooke (English, 1781–1834): Camellia japonica knightei, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.29; Camellia oleifera, etching and aquatint with hand coloring, 2015.25.30 François Nicolas Martinet (French, 1760–1800), La Chouette, 1801, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.31 Eight related prints by Rev. F. O. Morris (Irish, 1810–1893): Little Owl, 1858, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.32; Tengmalm’s Owl, 1858, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.33; Clucking Teal, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.34; Ferruginous Duck, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.35; Gadwall, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.36; Surf Scoter, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.37; White-Headed Duck, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.38; Teal, relief engraving in black, gray, and blue ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.39

Cornelis Nozeman (Dutch, 1720–1786) and Jan Christian Sepp (Dutch, Dutch, 1739–1811), Strix Flammea, ca. 1770–1829, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.40 P. Z. S., printed by J. Smit, published by Hanhart, Ninox Forbesi, 1883, lithograph with hand coloring, 2015.25.41 Two related prints by E. D. Smith, engraved by S. Watts, published by Thomas Kelly: The Courtpendu Apple, 1830, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.42; Gansel’s Bergamot Pear, 1830, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.43 F. W. Smith, Lychnis grandiflora, 1835, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.44 J. Sowerby, (English, 1757–1822), untitled, (botanical subject, blue flower), etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.45 Four related prints by Stewart, engraved by W. H. Lizars (Scottish, 1788–1859): Eagle Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.46; Snowy Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.47; Tawny Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.48; Tengmalm’s Night-Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.49 Three related prints by Edouard Travies (French, 1809–1876): Le Barbu à gorge jaune. Le Tamatia noir et blanc. Le Tamatia à collier, engraving with hand coloring, 2015.25.50; Le Bouvreuil, Le Bruant. Le Bouvreuil Noir, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.51; Le Rossignol, Le Roitelet. La Petite Charbonnière, La Grosse Mésange, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.52 Three related prints by Pierre Jean François Turpin (French, 1775–1840): Tableau XIV, Inflorescence, engraving in colored inks with hand coloring, 2015.25.53; Tableau XXVII, Fruits, engraving in colored inks with hand coloring, 2015.25.54; Tableau XXVIII, Fruits, engraving in colored inks with hand coloring, 2015.25.55 Unidentified artist, Adoxa moschatellina, engraving with hand coloring, 2015.25.56 Unidentified artist, Barred Owl, Saw-whet Owl, plate 87 from Birds of Pennsylvania, 1890, chromolithograph, 2015.25.57

Unidentified artist, engraved by Panquet, Le Cabaret, Le Senegali, Le Maia, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.58 Unidentified artist, Cineraria waterhousiana, 1837, etching and aquatint with hand coloring, 2015.25.59 Unidentified artist, published by William MacKenzie, Coes Golden Drop Plum, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.60 Unidentified artist, published by Whittaker & Co., Golden Eagle, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.61 Unidentified artist, Eagle Owl, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.62 Unidentified artist (Dutch), Klaas Commandeur, relief print with hand coloring, 2015.25.63 Unidentified artist, published by William MacKenzie, Moorpark Apricot, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.64 Unidentified artist, Mottled Owl, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.65

Unidentified artist, U.S.P.R.R. Exp & Surveys, 38th–39th–41st Parallels, Birds, lithograph with hand coloring, 2015.25.74

Unidentified artist, Peregrine Falcon, Great Eared Owl, Common Owl, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.66

Unidentified artist, Yellow-throated Vireo, Blue-winged Warbler, Great Horned Owl, plate 19 from Birds of Pennsylvania, 1890, chromolithograph, 2015.25.75

Unidentified artist, engraved by W. H. Lizars (Scottish, 1788–1859), Roughlegged Falcon, Barred Owl, Short-eared Owl, chromolithograph, 2015.25.67 Unidentified artist, Scilla autumnalis, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.68 Unidentified artist, engraved by C. B. Ellis, Spectacled Owl, Guinea Hen, Bustard, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.69 Three related prints by unidentified artist, published by G. Graves: Strix flammea, 1811, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.70; Strix passerina, 1812, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.71; Strix studula, 1812, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.72 Unidentified artist, Tawny Owl, relief engraving in black and gray ink with hand coloring, 2015.25.73

Alexander Wilson (Scottish-American, 1766–1813) and Captain Thomas Brown (Scottish, 1785–1862), Strix Owls: Tengmalm Owl, Great Cinerous Owl, Dalhousie’s Owl, Little Passerina Owl, ca. 1808–14, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.83

Unidentified artist, published by S. Curtis, untitled (thistle), 1815, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.76 Unidentified artist, untitled (owl), etching with hand coloring, 10 x 6 ½ inches, 2015.25.77

Alexander Wilson, engraved by Warwick & S. Milne, Strix Owls: Virginia Horned Owl, Long-eared Owl, Mottled Owl…, ca. 1808–14, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.84 Alexander Wilson, engraved by W. H. Lizars, Snow Owl, Male Sparrow Hawk, etching with stenciled hand coloring, 2015.25.85

Unidentified artist, untitled (waterfowl), etching and roulette with hand coloring, 2015.25.78 Unidentified artist, published by F. P. Nodder & Co., untitled (owl), 1794, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.79 Two related prints by unidentified artist: untitled (hummingbirds), etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.80 and 81 Unidentified artist, untitled (falcon), 1790, etching with hand coloring, 2015.25.82



PRINTS, 20TH CENTURY AND CONTEMPORARY Seven objects, gift to the Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Mark Thornton Collection: Yasuo Kuniyoshi (Japanese, active in New York, 1889–1953), Tightrope Performer, 1936, lithograph, 2016.09.02 Pablo O’Higgins (Mexican, b. America, 1904–1983), Hombre haciendo su arado (Man making his plow), 1953, lithograph, 2016.09.04 Four prints by José Clemente Orozco (Mexican, 1883–1949): Cabeza de mujer, (Head of a woman), 1944, printed 1951, drypoint, 2016.09.05; Demonio I (Demon I), 1944, printed 1951, etching, 2016.09.06; Demonio II (Demon II), 1944, printed 1951, etching, aquatint, and drypoint, 2016.09.07; Payaso tocado (Clown with hat), 1944, printed 1951, etching and aquatint, 2016.09.08 JCSM.AUBURN.EDU

Max Weber (American, b. Russia, 1881– 1961), The Balcony, 1929, lithograph, 2016.09.09 Partial gift of Florence Neal and museum purchase with funds donated in honor of Edward W. Neal, Class of 1950: Seventeen prints by Florence Neal (American, b. 1954): Brooklyn Bridge 100 Years, 1983, linoleum cut, 2015.24.01; Borba on the Niagara River, 1984, linoleum cut, 2015.24.02; Chinese New Year, 1983, linoleum cut, 2015.24.03; July 4th on the East River, 1985, linoleum cut, 2015.24.04; July 4th Through LaGuardia Houses, 1988, linoleum cut, 2015.24.05; Liberty Fireworks, 1987, linoleum cut, 2015.24.06; Red Mountain, 1986, linoleum cut, 2015.24.07; Villa d’Este 100 Years, 1984, linoleum cut, 2015.24.08; Waikiki New Year’s, 1984, linoleum cut, 2015.24.09; Winter Olympics on Lake Placid, 1984, linoleum cut, 2015.24.10; Conversation at Mt. Fuji, 2013, color woodblock print (moku-hanga), 2015.24.11; Duck Blind After the Tornado,

1984, linoleum cut, 2015.24.12; Pine Bark, 2007, linoleum cut, 2015.24.13; Riddled Ripples, 2006, linoleum cut, 2015.24.14; Riddled Ripples––Gihon River, 2006, color woodblock print (moku-hanga), 2015.24.15; Through the Veneer, 1996, drypoint, 2015.24.16; Tuscan Cedars, 2005, linoleum cut, 2015.24.17 Gift of Time Inc. Lifestyle Group: Art Werger (American, b. 1955), Neighborhood Watch, 1988, color intaglio print from two plates, 2016.20.02 Museum acquisition through the Tamarind Institute Collectors Club: Nick Cave (American, b. 1959), Amalgam (Brown), 2015, four-color lithograph, 2015.27

SCULPTURE Gift of Greg Brown: Roger Brown (American, 1941–1997), Galvanized Temple, 1985, galvanized steel, 2015.22 Gift of Tom Butler and Marilyn Laufer in honor of Joyce and Roger Lethander’s Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary: John Himmelfarb (American, b. 1946), Modern Burden, 2009, earthenware, 2015.20

“When people ask me, why trucks? I try to turn the question back to them and say, why, not? What if I’m painting apples, would you ask me then? And then, we get a conversation going.” —John Himmelfarb ARTIST

Gift of Ralph Hubbard: Ralph Hubbard (American, 1934–2016), Peacock Bowl, 2015, segmented and turned wood: purple heart, bubinga, ebony, and holly, 2016.06



Museum purchase with funds provided by J. Mark Jones and Prestige Properties: John Morgan (American, b. 1956), Artful Dodger, 2015, poplar, basswood, lacewood, birch plywood, brass, copper, cast acrylic, enamel, and acrylic paint, driven by five electric motors controlled by switches, relays, and timers, 2015.21 (pictured right, detail p.19) Four objects, gift of Ronald C. Porter ’71 and Joe Price to the Porter•Price Collection: Mana D. C. Hewitt (American, b. 1952), Man Power, 2007, etched copper, brass hardware, plywood, hardboard, and foam substrates, 2015.26.13 Curt LaCross (American, b. 1966), Tear the Memories from My Eyes, painted ceramic and mixed media, 2015.26.18 Cam Langley (American, 1948–2013), Blue Flower, blown glass in five components, 2015.26.19 Edgar A. McKillop (American, 1879– 1950), Bird of Prey, wood and glass eyes, 2015.26.23 Gift of Time Inc. Lifestyle Group: Edward Moulthrop (American, 1916–2003), Saturn Bowl, 1989, figured tulipwood, 2016.20.01 (pictured p. 31)

"It would be a delight to me if parents who were introduced to [Artful Dodger] in 2015 would remember the experience, and one day return to give their children the opportunity to interact with it as well.” —John Morgan ARTIST AND GRAPHIC DESIGN PROFESSOR





PROGRAMS ARTIST LECTURES Sue Coe, opening reception for the Department of Art and Art History Studio Faculty Exhibition Willie Cole, juror, Out of the Box: A Juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition John Morgan, Artful Dodger FILM@JCSM: The Artists of Camera Lucida with Jillian Mayer, Rob Carter and Rick Silva L. to R.: Sue Coe, Marilyn Laufer and Zdenko Krtic

Out of the Box with Mike Wsol (first-place winner), Hanna Jubran (honorable mention) and Heath Matysek-Snyder (finalist) (Heath Matysek-Snyder's Kominy-NBS Explore, detail p. 13)

FILMS FILM@JCSM: Found in Translation FILM@JCSM: Portraits of the Artists Italian Film Festival (co-sponsored by Auburn’s Office of International Programs and Multicultural Center) Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers National Gallery Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict The Wind Rises

"Kids can learn so much through practical work and creativity." John Morgan explaining the inner workings of Artful Dodger


—Andrea Vazsonyi PA R E N T

K-12 PROGRAMS Artypants Art Changing Lives Art Exposure for area homeschool students Auburn Studio Project Boys & Girls Club tours and hands-on activities Camp Kaleidoscope Classroom visits with Dean Road Elementary, South Smith Station Elementary and Lee-Scott Academy Exploring Art with Therapeutic Recreation Fall and spring K–12 Art Clubs Gameday Art Club at Auburn vs. University of Idaho Museum Tailgate at Out of the Box: A Juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Auburn University student gives an art talk.

“Working on A Little Art Talk presentations gives students the essential experience of scholarly art history research….they can consider aesthetics, questions of style, materiality and scale.” —Emily Burns A S S I S TA N T P R O F E S S O R

#noframe SpringBoard stART! SummerNight Downtown Artwalk Teen Art Club Teen Takeover

READINGS, TALKS AND LECTURES A Little Art Talk Third Thursday Poetry Series


“Me, Myself and I” with Brad Cushman in conjunction with Face to Face: Artists’ Self-Portraits from the Collection of Jackye and Curtis Finch Jr.

A Little Lunch Music

“The Floating World: Japanese Art at JCSM” a series of talks presented by JCSM and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Auburn

Museum After Hours featuring Cullars Improvisational Rotation and guests

DNA of a Southern Boy with author Albert J. Smith Jr. The Invention of Nature: Alexander Humboldt’s New World with author Andrea Wulf The Missouri River Journals of John James Audubon with author Daniel Patterson PROGRAMS | ANNUAL REPORT, FY2015–16



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Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Rygiel Dr. William and Dr. Lane Sauser Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schrantz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Loyd Smith Jr. Drs. John and Carolyn Tamblyn Mr. and Mrs. Michael Townes Mr. and Mrs. James Townsend Dr. and Mrs. William F. Trimble Dr. James Truman and Dr. Hilary Wyss Dr. and Mrs. John T. Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. John Western Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Williams Col. and Mrs. John R. Wingfield III Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Womer Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Wood Mr. and Mrs. John H. Woody Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Yarbrough Dr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Yarbrough III

INDIVIDUAL Ms. Addie Adams Mrs. Diana D. Adams Mrs. Seth C. Anderson Ms. Lindsey Y. Baker Dr. Jan E. Bartels Dr. Martha V. Beckett Ms. Cyndy Bentley Ms. Amy Bertocci Mrs. Stacey Blersch Ms. Carol Boegemann Ms. Barb Bondy Rev. Bruce Bowers Ms. Susan Braden Mrs. Kathleen L. Broda Dr. Elizabeth Burgess Ms. Barbara W. Cain Mrs. June M. Calkins Ms. Mary Catherine Clem Dr. Clara A. Clothiaux Mrs. Randy Luxenberg Cottier Mrs. Gibbs D. Couch Dr. Ross Ann Craig Ms. Lil Cross


Ms. Marcia Darnell Mr. Dennis Drake Ms. Kimble Eastman Mrs. Stephanie Ennis Dr. John Frandsen Mrs. Sherry Freeman Mr. Michael Garrett Ms. Elmira Gilbert Dr. Robert Gitzen Mr. Lewis Taft Glenn Mrs. Elizabeth R. Golden Mrs. Carol C. Goodwyn Mrs. Jean Goodwyn Mrs. Carline R. Green Mrs. Sybil D. Gross Mrs. Sadel Guven Dr. David M. Hall Mrs. Jean Hanson Mr. Carl Harris Mrs. Judy Byrd Harris Mrs. Debbie Hartman Mrs. Jacqueline A. Hartman Dr. Anne Harzem Dr. Virginia Hayes Ms. Camilla Hirschel Mrs. Joan Mize Holder Mr. Hillman R. Holland Mrs. Margaret E. Holler Mrs. Lynn Hornsby Ms. Vicki Evans Hough Ms. Rae Hunter Mrs. Edith Von Seeberg Jones Mrs. Virginia Jones Ms. Jennifer Joos Mrs. Jan Jung Mr. Roderick F. Kelly Dr. Ann Karen Knipschild Ms. Amy J. Krietemeyer Mrs. Harriet J. Landrum Mrs. Gail Langley Mrs. Leonard LaRoux Mrs. Earlene Lingle Ms. Mary Wood Littleton Ms. Annette Lovett Mrs. Alice J. Lumpkin Ms. Nancy Martin Ms. Brenda Mattson

Ms. Sheila J. McCartney Mrs. Elisabeth McCorcle Mrs. Price McLemore Jr. Mrs. Doris Miller Ms. Elizabeth Motherwell Mrs. Peggy A. Murphy Mr. Edward W. Neal Mr. John Franklin Norton Ms. K.T. Owens Mrs. Floyd Hayley Parks Ms. Mary Louise Patterson Mrs. Barbara Patton Ms. Kate Redmond Ms. Gwendolyn Ferris Reid Mrs. Susan Reynolds Mrs. Nancy H. Roberts Mrs. Mardelle Rockwell Ms. Marilyn Sanford Mrs. Eugenia R. Smith ‘85 Mrs. Susan H. Stanley Ms. Linda F. Stark Ms. Peggy A. Stelpflug Ms. Deborah Strawn Mrs. Janet M. Taylor Mrs. Everett Tennant Ms. Ann P. Thorington Ms. Mary Dixon Torbert Mrs. Virginia Transue Ms. Silvia Vilches Mr. Richard Walker Mrs. Myrna Walker Dr. Carol L. Warfield Mrs. Deborah S. Weiss Ms. Anne Welch Dr. Donna H. West Mrs. Sarah M. Wiggins Mrs. Sharon C. Windham Ms. Margaret M. Wright Mrs. Glynda A. Wright Mrs. Yong-Hye Yoo Mrs. Cathy Zevac

SUPPORT from the heart


As a part of Auburn University and under the umbrella of the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, JCSM is funded by the university that owns the building, grounds and provides utilities, staff salaries, security and insurances, among many other things. We think of Auburn as providing the strong framework on which we are able to build, because all of our programs, projects, exhibitions, and acquisitions are possible only because of the generosity of our donors, supporters and members. We are truly appreciative of this support, ranging from donating five dollars at the front door to establishing an endowment or underwriting an exhibition. All of these charitable gifts come from the heart and reveal that you trust in our mission. To all of you who have been part of JCSM, thank you for believing that at JCSM, Art Changes Lives.



SUPPORT 1072 SOCIETY Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barrick Mr. and Mrs. Walker Reynolds Bickerstaff Sr. Mrs. R. Platt Boyd Jr. Dr. Susan R. Braden Mr. David K. Braly and Mr. Mark Montoya Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Brewer Dr. Conner Bailey and Ms. Lisa Brouillette Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Chase Mr. N. Pat and Mrs. Veronica Chesnut Dr. Ann D. Cousins Dr. Stephen P. Schmidt and Dr. Margaret C. Craig-Schmidt Dr. Ruth Catherine Crocker Dr. Jacob H. and Dr. Fennechiena K. Dane Dr. Kenneth M. Autrey Jr. and Ms. Janne W. Debes Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dillard Mr. and Mrs. James Disque Dr. and Mrs. James L. Dobie Dr. Ralph B. Draughon Jr. Mr. Parker E. and Dr. Melanie A. Duffey Dr. Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Dr. Mark Thornton Mr. Martin Moss Freeman Mrs. Sally Quillian Gates Mrs. Margaret Gluhman Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hagler Mr. and Mrs. John Hartsfield Dr. Anne L. Harzem Mr. and Mrs. Michael Read Haughery Mr. Julian R. and Dr. Lucile M. Haynes Ms. Ursula Higgins Dr. Richard Jaeger Mrs. Joan C. Jaeger Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. David Edward Johnson Mr. Mark Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thornton F. Jordan Dr. Lynn Katz Mrs. Tee C. Kern Dr. and Mrs. Price Kloess Mr. Tom Butler and Dr. Marilyn Laufer


Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lethander Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lethander Mrs. Carolyn Levy Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Littleton Dr. David L. Martin and Dr. Catherine Perricone Ms. Sheila J. McCartney Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Millman Dr. Gary R. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. William V. Neville Jr. Dr. and Mrs. C. Lloyd Nix Ms. Janet Nolan Mrs. Judith W. Nunn Dr. and Mrs. Paul Parks Dr. Ann B. Pearson Ms. Joan Conley Penrod Mrs. Julie Perryman Mr. and Mrs. Lyman W. Phillips Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Scott Phillips Dr. Stuart B. Price Jr. Mrs. Carolyn Reed Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Richardson Dr. John E. and Mrs. Janice Ham Saidla Mr. Richard Saliba Mr. David and Mrs. Murriel Scarborough Mr. Albert James Smith Jr. Mrs. Jule Collins Smith Mrs. Susan Mitchell Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Thomas Smith Mr. William Collins Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Gene Stanaland Mrs. Jeane Stone Mrs. Renee Tillery Ms. Nancy Virginia Tillman Hon. and Mrs. Clement Torbert Mrs. Janice Moseley Watson Dr. Andrew M. and Dr. Jacqueline G. Weaver Ms. Jane Luster Williams Mrs. Lil Ziadeh 2016 JCSM Docents

Friends of Dr. Leonard LaRoux Friends of Dr. Joanne McLaughlin Tiger Giving Day Donors 2015

BUSINESS PARTNERS Alabama Contract Sales, Inc AuburnBank Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau Behind the Glass Inc Family Properties, LLC Four Seasons Landscape Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc Machen McChesney & Chastain Opelika Auburn News Pet Vet Animal Hospital R. Alexander Gallery Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc Technical & Scientific Application, Inc. Tiger Town Embroidery & Screenprinting Ursula’s Catering Wild Birds Unlimited

IN-KIND Ace Hardware Kroger of Auburn Auburn and Opelika Tourism Bureau

K–12 EDUCATION PROGRAMMING Cameragraphics Johnston and Malone Book Store, Mr. Walter G. Johnston III ‘78 Annonymous City of Auburn Dr. Robert B. Ekelund Jr. Ursula’s Catering



Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Seth Copeland Anderson ‘80 Dr. Kenneth Maxwell Autrey Jr. ‘73 and Ms. Janne W. Debes Dr. and Mrs. Gene A. Bramlett Drs. Malcolm J. and Ruth C. Crocker Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerald Czarnecki ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Davis Dr. and Mrs. James L. Dobie Dr. Robert B. Ekelund Jr. and Dr. Mark Thornton ‘89 Ms. Julia Fesperman Dr. Larry G. Gerber and Dr. V. Louise Katainen Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hare ‘70 Mr. Steve Harrison ‘71 and Mrs. Rena Williams Mount ‘76 Mr. Grant Hobdy Haygood ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Haygood Jr. ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. John Kyle Hood Sr. Mr. George F. Kent Dr. Leonard LaRoux Mackowski Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Millman Drs. Tiruvannamalai and Soma Nagendran Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Sampson Dr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Stanaland Mrs. Peggy Blank Stelpflug ‘78 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Swartz Mrs. Virginia Transue Mr. and Mrs. William K. Walsh Mr. Kenneth W. Walters and Mrs. Teresa E. Rodriguez ‘69

"The museum is like a one-stop art place! Every art is here—music, dance, film. And it’s right here in Auburn!" —Teri Rodriguez M E M B E R A N D TA N G O E N T H U S I A S T



Mackowski Family Foundation





art AND phil anthropy

GIFTS IN HONOR OR MEMORY In honor of Bill and Monica Smith on the occasion of their marriage: Mrs. Carline Ramage Green ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. John Pou Hartsfield ‘56 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jenkins Jr. ‘64 Mrs. Harriet J. Landrum ‘61 In honor of David Braly and Mark Montoya: Mr. and Mrs. John Pou Hartsfield ‘56 In honor of Dr. Bob Ekelund and Dr. Mark Thornton: Ms. Gwendolyn Ferris Reid ‘81


In honor of Gaynell Parks on the occasion of her birthday: Dr. Gerald S. Leischuck ‘64 In honor of Joyce and Roger Lethander for Christmas: Dr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Lock ‘77 In honor of Joyce and Roger Lethander on the occasion of their anniversary: Dr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Lock ‘77

In honor of Joyce Lethander: Mrs. Julie Perryman Lock In honor of Mr. Albert Smith Jr. on his 91st Birthday: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ghignone In honor of William E. Dilliard Jr. on the occasion of his 90th birthday: Mrs. Catherine Bailey Crowder ‘53 Dr. Gerald S. Leischuck ‘64

In memory of Dr. Joanne McLaughlin: Dr. Anne W. Amacher Mr. and Mrs. Gary Douglas Barfield ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barnes Jr. Mrs. Virginia H. Beck ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Burkhalter Sr. ‘69 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chase ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glenn Crittenden Mrs. Catherine Bailey Crowder ‘53 Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dempsey Dr. and Mrs. Lesel Dozier ‘64 Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Friedman Harper Valley PTA Mr. and Mrs. Hoke Vandigriff Harper ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marion Haston III ‘90 and Family Mr. and Mrs. James K. Haygood Jr. ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. David Emerson Housel ‘69 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jenkins Jr. ‘64 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. R. Brooks Johnston ‘54 Mr. Ken Kirkley ‘85 Ms. Molly Lee Dr. Gerald S. Leischuck ‘64 Dr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Littleton ‘51 Mrs. Anne McChesney May ‘74 Mr. James D. McLaughlin Dr. and Mrs. Max Victor McLaughlin Dr. and Mrs. Paul Franklin Parks Sr. ‘56 Dr. Ann B. Pearson ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cary Pick Saugahatchee Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sprayberry ‘93 Mrs. Sarah M. Wiggins ‘51 Dr. and Mrs. Emil F. Wright Jr. ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Meadows Yarbrough ‘66 In memory of Dr. Leonard LaRoux: Ms. Alice Bilderback Mrs. Ingrid T. Doerstling Mr. and Mrs. John Pou Hartsfield ‘56 Mrs. Tee C. Kern Mrs. Charlotte L. LaRoux Ms. Sandra S. Leavell Dr. and Mrs. Terry C. Ley

"Honoring or memorializing a special person with a gift to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University is a formal tribute to a loved one, friend, or colleague that also provides valuable support to museum activities that can range from educational programming to collections preservation." —Marilyn Laufer D I R E C TO R

Murphree Chiropractic Mr. Walter Murrah Rush III ‘95, given by his friends in the Auburn Area Scale Modeler’s Society. Trey Rush Dave Burke Brian Delany Ray Wilhite Steve Ziegler. Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Seay ‘65 Mr. Norman G. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Noel Wilmoth In memory of Grant H. Haygood: Dr. and Mrs. Taylor D. Littleton ‘51

In memory of Jane Bickel Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chase ‘62 In memory of Jule Collins Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ghignone In memory of Mrs. Katherine Smith Martin ‘50: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ghignone Dr. and Mrs. James M. Jenkins Jr. ‘64 In memory of Warren Stephen Sockwell ‘44: Ms. Helen Holmes Sockwell ‘75

In memory of Jack Botts Key Jr.: Mrs. Catherine Bailey Crowder ‘53 Mrs. Sally Quillian Gates ‘65





The following programs were co-sponsored by the Alabama Humanities Foundation, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities: FILM@JCSM: Portraits of the Artists, FILM@JCSM: Found in Translation, and FILM@JCSM: Artists of Camera Lucida.

Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

JCSM is an academic unit reporting to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The following program was made possible by grants from Auburn University Special Lectures: "Animal Farm" lecture with Sue Coe.

The following exhibitions and programs were made possible by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts: Out of the Box: A Juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Face to Face: Artists’ Self-Portraits from the Collection of Jackye and Curtis Finch Jr., Camera Lucida, and Third Thursday Poetry Series. K–12 Art Clubs are funded by a City of Auburn K–12 Arts Education Outreach Grant. JCSM.AUBURN.EDU

ADVISORY BOARD FY2015–16 David Braly Donna C. Burchfield Helen Carlisle Thomas M. Chase Dorothy Davidson Patricia Disque Ralph Draughon Jr. Melanie Duffey William Dunlop, Co-Chair Robert B. Ekelund James Farmer Diana G. Hagler Nancy Hartsfield Edward Hayes Jenny Jenkins David E. Johnson Mark Jones, Co-Chair Lynn Barstis Katz Roger D. Lethander Sheila McCartney Janet Nolan Stuart Price Carolyn B. Reed William Collins Smith Mark W. Spencer Eugene Edward Stanaland Jeane B. Stone EMERITUS

Fran Dillard Batey M. Gresham Jr. Taylor D. Littleton William V. Neville Jr. Albert J. Smith Jr. Gene H. Torbert C. Noel Wadsworth EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS


L. to R.: Advisory board co-chairs William Dunlop and Mark Jones

JCSM’s Advisory Board members are appointed to a three-year renewable term by Auburn University’s President based on the recommendations of the current board. This volunteer group is comprised of individuals who are passionate about the arts and dedicated to the important role JCSM plays as a cultural leader in both the community and across campus. In this advisory capacity, it is their diverse backgrounds and wide array of special talents and experiences that become essential as they assist in developing the museum’s future strategies and priorities through their committee work focused on the following areas: Collections and Acquisitions, Development and Finance, Education, Exhibitions, and Long-Range Planning. JCSM is grateful to all of these individuals for their generous support and their tireless work advocating the mission and vision of the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art.

Allyson Comstock Lady Cox DIRECTOR

Marilyn Laufer





Docents, or tour guides, lead tours and assist with select programs under the guidance and supervision of the K–12 Curator of Education. Additionally, docents participate in training sessions throughout the year, covering topics ranging from art history to information about specific museum exhibitions. Anyone interested in joining our team of volunteer docents should contact JCSM’s Tour Coordinator, Debbie Frojo by phone at (334) 844–3486 or email at

—Theresa Chavez

DOCENTS Tommy Chase Alan Cook Margaret Craig-Schmidt Betty Delaney Ingrid Doerstling Angie Dyer Lisa Estep Debbie Flick Sally Hodo Jeanette Jaynes Lynn Katz Tee Kern Margaret Kouidis Charlotte LaRoux Carolyn Levy


"I think [Teen Takeover] was a great way to encourage my daughter to explore some different things that she hasn’t had an opportunity to do yet.” PA R E N T

Mari Ley Lisa Nathan Monteigne Mathison Kathy Thomson Virginia Transue Laura Walker Jackie Weaver Helga Wilmoth Ginny Wolfe

VOLUNTEERS Amy Briggs Barbara Pritchard

JCSM’s Teen Council serves as a guiding voice for new museum programs for teenagers. The council represents area high-schoolers in the planning and development of museum programming for teens, empowering their peers to explore aesthetics, create artwork, and engage the world of art. Students are invited to apply to be a part of the Teen Council on an annual basis.

TEEN COUNCIL Anna Aikens Gracie Booher Allie Combs Kappy Eastman

Zoe Krtic Noel Lange Morgan Segrest Hannah Smith

Maggie Tennant Anna Truman-Wyss Alana Warman


Marilyn Laufer, director Andy Tennant, assistant director Janice Allen, financial administrator Robbin Birmingham, executive secretary COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING

Auburn Cottle, multimedia specialist Charlotte R. Hendrix, communications and marketing specialist CURATORIAL

Danielle Funderburk, registrar Todd Hall, head preparator Dennis Harper, curator of collections and exhibitions Jessica Hughes, curatorial assistant DESIGN

Amber Epting, museum design assistant Janet Guynn, museum designer EDUCATION

Scott Bishop, curator of adult education and university liaison Rebecca Bresler, education curatorial assistant, K–12 Deborah Frojo, tour coordinator Andrew Henley, curator of education, K–12 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Mike Cortez, information technology specialist Spencer Mashburn, information technology assistant MEMBERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT

Cindy Cox, membership officer Noemí Oeding, development coordinator VISITOR SERVICES

Lauren Horton, special events coordinator Renée Maurer, museum shop manager Ella McNece, security manager Kenneth Vines, security manager Margaret Wright, receptionist



Mary Bolton Sarah Gudauskas Lucy Littleton Clara Stanbury Anna Truman-Wyss PREPARATORS

Nicole Andreoni Nate Coker Cassidy Kulhanek Danielle Long Andrew Vincent SPECIAL EVENTS

Rachel Bain Lauren Carmichael Emmett Carstens Tyler Horton Libby Hume Morgan Martin Laura Nall

“The arts and other cultural attractions are integral for residents and visitors. The human and financial resources involved in and derived from providing cultural offerings…add to the financial health of our citizens.” ­—Robyn L Bridges






lifelong learning AND community enrichment.

For more information about supporting JCSM, visit or contact the JCSM Office of Development at 334.844.3005 or There is tremendous power in every gift. Your philanthropic donation to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. No goods or services have been provided to you in exchange for the gift.





Annual Report 2015-2016 Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art  
Annual Report 2015-2016 Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art