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Head of School Year Book 2012 Five years ago, we arrived in Qatar to a very small school at Gharaffa – just 65 students and a handful of teachers and support staff. It has been an amazing journey and we leave with three Campuses operational, over 750 students and 100+ staff. It has been great fun, hard work, but very worthwhile. So many people have been part of the team that has made the school such a huge success. This year, we are also saying farewell to Pauline Markey, Gharaffa Campus Principal, and Christa Sterk, Assistant Principal and Dutch Coordinator. Both have made outstanding contributions to our school. To Pauline, Christa and other departing staff, we wish you great success in your next post and know that you will make a real difference wherever in the world you are. Our school has grown again this year with our Rayyan Campus reopening as a Kindergarten. It will be great to see the work completed and the primary programme opening at Rayyan in September 2012. Madinat Khalifa will also see the opening of the new pool and sports hall for the 2012 / 2013 school year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our community for the support an encouragement that they have given this year and over the last five years. Our school receives support in so many different ways and it is important to recognise the many and varied contributions. Our School Consultative Group plays a vital role in representing the views of parents and assisting with the strategic direction of the school. Jeannette Verspui has been Chair of the School Consultative Group since its inception in 2008 and it is only right to thank her for all her work as she will be leaving Qatar with her family this year. I thank all members of the SCG for their contributions over the last year. Finally, let me thank all our school staff who do an outstanding job making learning happen for our students, supporting learning, administering the school and so many other jobs that keep the school running every day. It is their dedication and passion that ensures our students are ‘Learning Well, Enjoying Life, Exceeding Expectations’.

John Todd Head of School

Early Years Rayyan Campus Rebecca Scarfe

Aleisha Muhammed

Amelie Joseph

Sand and water was our first IPC unit. We particularly enjoyed working together to build an enormous sandcastle and dressing in our wet weather clothes to splash in puddles. Some of us were so captivated by the sea creatures that we now want to be divers! We were visited by Gharaffa pirates and enjoyed helping them to search for treasure in the sand and water. The fun continued as we moved to our Let’s Pretend unit. We adored dressing up! The grownups were amazed how well we learnt to dress and undress independently. Also how well we helped each other when zips and buttons were tricky. Retelling traditional stories was another favourite learning experience. All the children took part in role plays and puppets shows. In our next unit Changes we had lots of laughs when changing traditional stories. The children created title such as, the three little whales and the big bad starfish, snow white and the seven giants and Kaitlin and the beanstalk. We also changed water and juice into ice lollies, as well as transforming corn flour water and food coloring into troll slime. We have certainly learnt to be flexible and adaptable to change. At different points over the year we have welcomed children from England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Nigeria, and our host country Qatar. As part of our final IPC unit food we all enjoyed trying new foods and learning about their origins.

Billy Gibbons

Carl-Christian Due

Hadeef Azrey

Hunter Botting

Kaitlin Keens

Laasya Kallakuri

Maurits ‘t Hart

Mrs. Nichola Mclean

Mrs. Amy Edwards

Miss Nancy Ince

Let’s go exploring with Early Years at Rayyan Early Years at Rayyan have had an exciting year with all the new children who have joined us and the many new places we explored. We have been on a variety of trips throughout the year linked to our learning. Early Years 2 from Gharaffa visited us as part of our learning. During our unit on ‘Treasure’ they came to visit us dressed as pirates and we all had to find the hidden treasure! They loved our gold ceilings! On their next visit, they came dressed as animals and we had to find all the animals which had escaped from the zoo! We also went outside on a trip to Aspire park as part of our learning on ‘Plants and flowers’. We drew some beautiful pictures. We visited the zoo as we said goodbye to our unit on ‘Animals’. We looked everywhere so that Ghalya could find a peacock. She said, ”I want to see a peacock because that is my favourite animal.” Early Years 1 went to the cinema to watch a movie as part of their learning in ‘Let’s Pretend’ and they went to the beach to have fun learning about ‘Sand and Water’. One of our favourite trips this year was going to visit VCU. We had such fun visiting the Art gallery and making our own beaded wishes as part of an exhibition. Everyone joined in, even Mrs Markey surprised us with a visit and made one too.

Thomas Doherty

Daniel Macintosh

Eva Van’t Hoff

Finn Cooper

Ghalya Al Abdulla

Tudor Salcudean

Vicky Santosh

Victor Vennik

William Keens

Early Years 1 Rana Alrefai

Welcome to Early Years 1 Byrnes. We have had an exciting fun filled year in school. We learnt how to make new friends, how to play nicely and how to share our things. We really enjoyed learning ‘All About Me’ in our IPC curriculum unit. We learnt so much about ourselves. We really enjoyed telling our friends about our faces and painting our self-portraits. Later on this year we looked at ‘Changes’. This was lots of fun. We learnt about frogs, butterflies and food that changes. In our ‘Let’s Pretend’ unit we were able to bring lots of fairy-tale characters to life. Here are some of the children’s comments on their first year in Compass school. Adriana Rondon

Ella Durrant

Hafsa Bhatti

Ibrahim Al Salem

Jacon Hanna

Kareem Zeidan

Lotte Van Mispelaar

Maya Lund

Nadine Uthman

‘I like to colour’ (Matilde) ‘I like the cakes’ (Joanne) ‘I like colouring’ (Nouredin) ‘I like to play with Jacob’ (Bodhi) ‘The best thing in school is my friends’ (Yara) ‘I love playing with Nouredin’ (Nadine) ‘Playing with my friends is the best thing’ (Ella) ‘I like painting’ (Rigmor) ‘My favourite thing is the computers’ (Kareem) ‘I like painting the best- I like to paint Ice-creams’ (Hafsah) ‘I love colouring-I like pink and red and orange’ (Lotte) ‘I like to play with my friends- with everybody’ (Madeline) ‘I like putting dresses on’ (Souphia) ‘I like the pool’ (Tayam) ‘I like playing’ (Zahra) ‘I love playtime’ (Ibrahim) ‘I like singing’ (Haya) ‘I like everything’ (Maya) ‘I like to play with the girls’ (Adriana) ‘I love painting food pictures’ (Jacob) ‘I like to colour’ (Salma)

Nouredin Saad

Rigmor Svane

Salma Gelgel

Ms. Byrnes Tracy Byrnes

Bodhi Cath

Haya Helmy

Joanne Sulieman

Slade McBride

Souphia Kouki

Tayam Abdul-Moniem

Madeline Robertson

Matilde Lund

Yara Abdul-Halim

Zahra Motiwala

Early Years 1 Lian Xue

Barbara Hutchinson

We have had a super fantastic year together in EY1 Silvera! Our learning this year has focused around the IPC units: “All About Me, Sand and Water, Lets Pretend, Changes, Food and Olympics�. The students were all engrossed in the interactive and hands on activities which they found very educational and exciting! Adham Rached

Arabella Taguinota

Bastien Bacaud

Emir El Molaka

Hamzah Nabulsi

Jens Slings

Lamis Ayeche

Matilde Bonvicinio

Mohamed El Husseiny

Monique Holstrum

Niek Kunkels

Patricia Arugay


Mrs. Silvera Camille Harris-Silvera

‘All About Me’: This was the first unit in the school year; the students were all new to Compass school, therefore, developed great relationships with each other making friendships and learning about each other’s home country and their families while interacting with each other and their learning environment. ‘Sand and Water’: The students were overly excited as we changed the outdoor playground into a beach and they played with a variety of sand and water toys. To end the unit we went on a class trip to the Intercontinental Hotel where the children enjoyed the beach, a ‘treasure hunt’ and a lovely picnic before going back to school.

Alyssa Lydeile

‘Let’s Pretend’: In this unit the students enjoyed dressing up and role playing the main characters in a variety of traditional fairy tales. ‘Changes’: In this unit we learned about the life cycles of a tadpole, a butterfly, a seed and a chicken. ‘Food’: The students loved and began to appreciate the foods from the fourteen different nationalities in the class. The unit ended with a trip to Pizza Express where they made their own pizzas and pretended to be mini chefs!

Dhaya Bareche

‘Olympics’: The students enjoyed getting involved in the this ‘whole school approach’ to support the Olympics this year!

Hana Colquhoun

Puck De Vries

Salma Rached

Suchanart Garawek

Haya Al Thani

Layal Beydoun

Leonardo Neri

Yuki Mikami

Zerrin John

Early Years 2 Eliza Romaniuk

Aayan Jilani

Alexander Parris

As the school year draws to a close we can reflect on what has been a very enjoyable and successful first year at Compass International School for EY2 Akhtar.

Aminah Abdel Khalik

Cooper Kirkland

We have had many amazing learning opportunities this year and have great memories of the units we have learnt about. We started by learning about our families and friends, we helped each other feel settled and we overcame difficulties and grew in confidence. Then we learnt about Treasure, where we sailed the seven seas and spent our days looking for treasure dressed up as pirates. Arrrrrrr! In the New Year we learnt about plants and Flowers and also about animals. We had a wonderful time going to buy some flowers at

Gabe Thomson

Geoffrey Cannaby

Meryeme Bekka

Mirna Samer Abdel El Fattah

Jiho Lee

Natalie Chong

Raina Vakharia

Rayan El Katati

Mr. Akhtar Raz Akhtar

Ahmed Gergab

Amaia Gaillez

the flower souk and we got to see lots of animals when we went to the Zoo. In our final term we learnt about shopping. We got the chance to go to LULU Hypermarket and spend some money! We have also enjoyed dancing, singing, and creating fantastic artwork with Mrs Romaniuk. And this is where we say goodbye…Thank you to Mrs. Romaniuk for all her hard work, thank you to the parents for all your support especially Berenice for her role as class parent and most importantly thank you to the children.

Elizabeth Han

Elysium Allaham

John Kersey

Matthew Macintosh

Theis Haesum

Youssef Mohsen

Thank you EY2 Akhtar for your enthusiasm and hard work throughout the year. You have all been a joy to teach and it has been a real privilege seeing you all grow and become confident and independent learners. Keep believing and reaching for those stars! – Mr. Akhtar

Salomé Rojas

Spencer Mahlmann

Talia Hassaan

Early Years 2 Karin Grant

Y2 Holloway

Another fun year of learning we have done so much! We welcomed new families joining our class this year and said goodbye to others!

Abdulaziz Al Thani

Aesha Khan

‘Ship Ahoy’ the pirates came! We sailed the seas on our pirate galleon. We worked hard to create the most spectacular treasure islands ever! At pirate camp we became pirates for the day. We also learned how to make special boxes to keep our treasure safe. Next the fabulous flower shop. We made bouquets for weddings, parties and bunches of flowers for everyone. We learned all about plants and how to look after them. We even made our own Garden Centre.

Aziz Mazizi

Burhan Mahdi

The zoo trip was a real highlight for our class. We had been learning so much about animals, their habitats and animals from our home countries. It was fun to have an exciting day out taking our learning into the community. We enjoyed a visit from the vet and bandaged and injected many sick animals in our own Vets Clinic. Everyone enjoyed the shopping mall we made during our unit on shopping. We shopped ‘til we dropped! We tried on shoes bought electrical goods and even managed to fit in the odd beauty treatment in the Beauty Salon! We visited real shops and even bought things on our own.

Kyle Galvin

Laavanya Sundaravel

We have had such a busy year of learning and packed so much in. For sure it has been a fantastic year for us all. I have really enjoyed my time with such a delightful, energetic class. Watching them learn to be strong and independent has been a great privilege. I have really enjoyed being a part of their learning journey and enjoying our year together. Ms Liz Holloway

Mohammed Abdullah

Natthamon Pongnonthatch

Rania Zabedee

Riyan Khan

Robert Ognef

Roza Tol

Sara Rorstrand

Ms. Holloway Elizabeth Holloway

Kim Brett

Evie Ruis

Manon Dalessi

Simeon Rudolph

Sofie Halbye

Sven Lakenveld

Nazar Vepayeva

Peter Kjer

Zara Gathercole

Zeinab Elshafie

Early Years 2 Anna Massey

Armiguel Bedonia

Ahmad Ayad

Ahmed Sulieman

Chiara Germoni

Dinu Petrescu

Emilia Brasch

Emma Manten

Kaarlo Puurunen

Konstantin Grosse

Leeloo-Eva Hartescu

Lynn Hishinuma

Mai Miyata

Ms. Kavanagh Martina Kavanagh

We’ve had a learning filled year in EY 2 Kavanagh. Our learning experiences ranged from learning about our family and friends to looking for pirate treasure at the local beach. We’ve planted seeds and watched them grow, learned how to take of plants and flowers, dressed up as our favourite animal and even been on a trip to the supermarket when studying shopping. All the children are looking forward to the next leg on their learning journey, the move to Year 1. Here is what the children mentioned when asked for some learning memories from this year. “I enjoyed learning about animals, it was fun” (Mai) “I liked playing, I really like playing with the animals in the sand and the train set” (Konstantin) “I liked playing outside with my friends Leeloo, Dot and Emilia” (Jennifer) “I liked writing, I can write stories now all by myself” (Noah) “I learned about illustrators and I love to illustrate my writing” (Zachary) “I love learning about shopping and playing in the shopping mall” (Meera) “I know my sounds, I can read some words” (Mohamed) “ I loved playing in the home corner” (Emilia) “I loved to play in the shopping area” (Ahmed S.) “I liked getting a new reading book, I can sound out some words by myself” (Leeloo-Eva) “ I am interested in animals. I learned scorpions can live for one year without food or water” (Kaarlo) “ I learned about letters and how to read words” (Ahmad A.) “I liked learning about pirates, I loved looking for treasure all around the school” (Dinu) “I can write sentences by myself, I write lots of stories” (Parnian) “ I am learning to count in tens to one hundred” (Chiara) “I love to play with my friends, Elias and Abdou Salam” (Amsyar) I can say lots of animal names, “lion”, “tiger”, “elephant” (Abdou Salam) “I liked playing with the cars in the class” (Elias) “I liked playing in the role play area” (Erin) “I am enjoying learning about shopping” (Lynn) “I liked going on the flower treasure hunt” (Dot) “I love to play in the home corner” (Emma) I have lots of friends (Aman)

Meera Alkami

Mohamed Mansour

Noah Meekings

Abdou Salam Drammeh

Aman Althaf

Amsyar Marizam

Dot Dekker

Elias Van Doren

Erin Sulik

Jennifer Gilmour

Parnian Ebrahimi

Zachary Cheng

Year 1 Simone Hall

Agnieszka Romaniuk

Arjun Garia

Christian Iversen

We had an exciting year going on trips, learning new things, and making new friends. Every day was an adventure in our classroom, but we particularly enjoyed going on trips and preparing for our class assembly. The children enjoyed the responsibility of choosing and purchasing fruit at the Fruit and Vegetable Market. They were fascinated by the transportation exhibit at Sheikh Faisal’s Museum. Learning our song, dance, and runway walk for our assembly resulted in many laughs and memories! These are our personal highlights: Sofie: “I liked going to music class.” Eleanore: “I loved going to the computer lab.” Sami: “My favourite is PE.” Miki: “I had so much fun when we did arts and crafts during school.” Oliver: “I liked doing Mathletics during computer time.” Ghada: “I had so much fun singing and dancing in Wackadoo Zoo.” Arsalan: “I loved having choice time and building with lego.” Nil: “I liked playing outside on the playground.” Arjun: “I liked our toymaker unit and making things from junk!” Christian: “I liked swimming under the water during swim class.” Kaleb: “I had fun making junk model toys. I made a cool robot!” Agusia: “I loved our assembly and singing Hot Hot Hot.” Vera: “My favourite part was singing our month song in our morning meetings.” Pieter: “I had fun being a lion in the school production.” Fouad: “I liked to make junk model robots.” Rohan: “I had fun in our assembly and walking down the runway as a model.” Kawthar: “I liked singing with Ms. Durrant in Glee club.” Marek: “It was fun to have a clothes parade. I wore winter clothes from Poland.” Eddie: “I liked making a robot out of used boxes and other stuff.” Jhordann:”I had fun winning the declamation contest.” Cierran: “I liked sports day and playing different games.” Uhnjae: “It was fun when we made up our own songs and performed for each other.”

Eddie Simmonds

Eleanor Eleiwi

Marek Olewski

Miki Toyoshima

Erika Ghinea

Nil Yamaner

Oliver Ambicki

Pieter Manten

Ms. Durrant Lauren Durrant

Alexandra Brasch

Arsalan Khan

Cieran-Craig Silvera

Fouad Hamour

Ghada Al-Khayat

Jhordann Silvera

Kaleb Ramkissoon

Kawthar El Molaka

Rohan Turun

Sami Mohamed

Sofie Koldig

Uhnjae Nha

Vera Kleijn

Year 1 Laura Watson

We have had an exciting year of learning and are proud of our progress and achievements. Here are some of our favourite memories of the year… We started the year with an IPC unit called ‘Ourselves’. This was an opportunity to learn more about the importance of healthy eating. We went on a trip to the Fruit and Vegetable Market to buy delicious fruit to use in our fruit kebabs upon our return to school. We then moved on to the IPC unit ‘Clothes’ and learned about suitable clothes to wear in different weather conditions. We had great fun during our Entry Point dressing up in the clothes we would wear in our home country – many of us were extremely hot wearing hats, scarves, coats and boots in October in Qatar!

Aayush Sharma

The IPC unit on ‘Transport’ enabled us to visit Sheikh Faisal’s Transport Museum. The children were overjoyed to see a real Penny-farthing and heated discussions were held on how best to climb on board! Ayden Simmons

Conor Clifford

Hannah Small

Hassan Al Abduljabbar

Isabella Todd

Naz Kaya

Owen Banfield

Takafumi Konzo

Ms. Hall Amanda Hall

In Year One the children love to ‘dressup’ and ‘role-play’. They have enjoyed hours of fun dressing each other in elaborate designs using feather boas, sunglasses and fabrics! The new outdoor play area with its colourful shade, sand, water and house has been used to its full potential; the children learned the importance of taking turns, co-operating and socialising together.

Arwen Huang

During Book Week we had parents read stories originating from different countries and the children dressed up transforming themselves into different characters. Parental support has been a theme that has run throughout the year. The children have loved their support with reading, swimming, arts and crafts and school trips. Compass International School is a school where teachers and parents work together to support the children’s learning – this has been appreciated by myself and my Year One children!

Caelan Welford

Camilla Sala

Elizaveta Vartonova

Faisal Ayoub

Guillanam Alinier

Matilda von Lutzow

Naina Sareen

Natasha Holmstrom

Thomas Emerson

Timo van Kleef

Yasmin Abdel El Fattah

Year 1 Simone Hall

Adelaide Walker

Amina Frankfort

Gabriel Santos

Grace Baker

Jack Braddock

Jennet Vepayeva

Jonath Hanna

Keren Banks

Momin Khan

Nayla Al Thani

Year Book Comment Year 1 Jones What a fantastic year… we have done so many exciting things that it’s hard to know where to start. We have been on trips to the Fruit and Vegetable Market and Shaikh Faisal’s Museum. We have had lots of parties and even met Santa. Everyone has made brilliant progress both academically and socially and several children even started in our class with no English and are leaving speaking fluently. Miss Jones and Mrs. Hall have loved working with our class and will really miss us. Here are some of our highlights:

Nayla Abdulla Al Thani: I liked playing in the castle. Theis Andersen: I liked drawing in free-play. Jess West: I liked swimming. Noora Al Mannai: I liked playing in the house with Adelaide. Amina Frankfort: I loved doing Maths homework. Shiho Kajiura: I loved playing on Mathletics. Haya Ragib: I liked colouring pictures of princesses. Rafi Rashid: My favourite memory is paying tennis in PE. Gabriel Santos: I liked dancing to Justin Bieber. Jennet Vepayeva: I loved painting my sunset picture. Vigga Svane: I liked Miss Jones. Oliver Braddock: I liked doing the monkey bars at playtime. Jack Braddock: The Christmas party was fun. William Beaney: I loved swimming lessons. Momin Khan: I liked meeting Santa. Jonath Hanna: I liked to our trip to the museum. Keren Banks: I liked doing Mathletics. Valdemar Borgesen: I loved playing football at playtime. Mietta Young: I love playing Cheetahs at playtime. Adelaide Walker: I liked doing work on the computers. Elma-Sofie Stenstrup: I liked it when my friend Malou came to school.

Noora Al Mannai

Oliver Braddock

Rafi Rashid

Miss Jones Emma Jones

Elma-Sofie Strenstrup

Haya Ragib

Jess West

Shiho Kajiura

Theis Andersen

Valdemar Borgensen

Mackenzie Allen

Mietta Young

Vigga Svane

William Beaney

Year 1 Alexandra Brasch

It has been a busy but fun and rewarding year in Year 1. We have said goodbye to some good friends, Emaan, Mads and Mrs Barbara and happily welcomed new friends. We have learned so much, here are some of the children’s favourite learning memories from Year 1 Oliver: Nicola remembered, “I learned how to play and share the cars.” Mahnoor has learned “about buying things” in our Toy shop role play area. Ayar said, “I learned about transport at Sheikh Faisal’s Museum as it helped me see different types of transport.”

Barbara Sperlich

Imaan commented “I liked reading in Year 1 and I have learned how to sound out words.” Adam has enjoyed “playing with shadows especially when we made shadows using our hands.” “I have loved everything in Year One but especially painting light and dark,” Ahmed revealed. Carmen Inkpen

Leonardo remembered, “I liked cooking food in our dark, dark house role play area.” “I enjoyed drawing the toys we like to play with and I learned that I could draw around my chess pieces,” said Riley. “I learned how to write nicely by holding the pencil properly,” Mohammad S. disclosed.

Estella Weiss

Gino Poggi

Nabiha commented “I learned to colour well I have to keep my pencil between the lines.” Simon remembered, “I have learned to be a good friend and I ask my friends if they want to play.” “I learned how to mix colours when painting a sunset picture,” Hannah stated. Mariam revealed she “ learned how to use money to buy things” in the Toy shop role play area.

Hugo Vennick

Imaan Choudhary

Mahnoor Baig

Mariam Shafiq

Maya Vigor

Mohammad Saoud

Mohammed Ghrayeb

Mrs. Oliver Kirstin Oliver

Adam El-Metwaly

Ahmed Mansour

Ayar Chalco Diaz De Cerio

Bram De Vries

Gustav Hundrup

Hannah Banks

Leah Yoon

Leonardo Merlo

Shahd Al Salem

Simon Gevers

Shahd said “We cut pizza and learned if we cut them into piece there is enough for everyone.” Maya stated, “Using the calendar everyday has helped me learn the days of the week.” Leah said, “We wrote about a magic carpet and practised using full stops.” “I have learned to read in English,” Hugo said. Mohamed G. stated, “I have enjoyed reading in the reading area and I have got better at reading.” Bram commented, “I learned about writing and enjoyed writing about my weekend news.” Gustav said, “I learned to add. It is fun.” Estella remembered “The fruit market was fun and I learned how to buy fruit using money.” Gino has been in our class for only a few weeks and said, “I have learned English.” “As you can read, we have had a wonderful year. Thank you, Year 1 Oliver.” Mrs Oliver and Mrs Alex

Nabiha Syeda

Nicola Muscolino

Riley Pigneguy

Year 2 Alexandra Brasch

We have had a fabulous year! Saying goodbye to friends leaving our class was sad but we have many happy memories of Pleuni, Liam, Nils, Freja and Lana. We were also delighted to welcome Aryssa, JessieEllen, Kirstin and Aboody who quickly made friends and became part of our class. I am very proud of all the children because they have been great team players. They have worked independently, with partners, in groups and as a whole class. In this way, they have really been ‘learning well, enjoying life and exceeding expectations!” - Mrs Fathers

Mione van der Merwe

Ioana Xuereb

“One of my favourite memories is when we went to the zoo because I saw lots of animals.” Aida “My favourite thing was Book Week because I love reading.” Maya “I liked learning how to send an email.” Aliza “I liked being a on the Student Council.” Sofie “I loved it when we had E.R.I.C. It means Everyone Reading in Class.” Feline “I liked learning about communication.” Donato “I loved going to the zoo.” Arwa, Seif and Ma’an “I loved dressing up.” Hanna “I loved E.R.I.C. because I like reading a lot.” Trym “I loved doing maths and reading.” Wouter “It was fun when we had choosing because I could do my own drawings.” Marcus “I liked learning about Buildings in IPC.” Rune “My favourite thing was listening to the Ning Nang Nong poem because it was fun!” Aliyah “I loved doing ICT.” Fahad “I loved making new friends.” Kirstin, Aboody, Ayah and Aryssa “My favourite thing in Year 2 was the Declamation Contest because I won!” Jessie-Ellen Good luck in Year 3 everyone! Always remember to take care of each other and be the best you can. Mrs. Rachel Fathers

Arwa Zulfiqar

Aryssa Asrey

Fahad Al Jaaidi

Feline Engelen

Hanna Zebian

Jessie-Ellen Doherty

Liam Tibshraeny

Ma’an Ronhaar

Marcus Lumbye

Maya Barghouti

Nils Noordhuis

Mrs. Fathers Rachel Fathers

Rune Kristensen

Seif Abdulnabi

Sofie Dekker

Abdulrahman Al Dalis

Aida Artusa

Aliyah Muhammed

Aliza Batool

Ayah Mohsen

Donato Freens


Lana Al Rawi

Trym Johansen

Wouter van Mispelaar

Year 2 Nilda Van der Beek

For most of our school year we have had 21 students; 5 girls and 16 boys. We discovered in the first week that we came from all over the world, from as far away as New Zealand to as far North as Iceland and Canada, as close as Oman and everywhere in between! During the year we have adopted an impoverished community project in Eravur, Sri Lanka, where we have sent letters and gifts.

Adam Kassab

Throughout the year we have worked on many exciting IPC projects and participated in book week and fun sporting activities. Our favourite time each week was when we worked with our High School partners from Year 8. They would come and read with us or work on the computer with us. We got to know each other very well. We have been lucky to have the help of Mrs Van der Beek all year, and extra lucky to have worked with Mrs Foster while our teacher was away.

Ali El-Mousa

We have all worked very hard this year and we are ready to go on to Year 3 next year. Some of us will be leaving Doha so we say goodbye to them and wish them luck!

Claudia Surinach-Lopez

Jakob Holte-Henman

Joshua Cole Rayner

Kireina Manuhoro

Kuzey Oyma

Lujain Al-Hashmi

Nawfal Norkhairil

Mrs. Parenteau Jennifer Parenteau

Alayka Hussain

Robi Tuba

Roha Ahmed

Thomas Watson

Mohamed Adam Fadel

Angus Kennedy

Eelke Cath

Hunter Johnson

Jon Toftdal

Jose Maria Schmilinsky

Vansh Pathela

Zach Feherty-Hatim

Year 2 Anneke Visser

Aisha Yusuf

Alexis Kontopyrgos

Calum Craig

Camille Hall

Elena Van Weelden

Elisha Lakerveld

Iain Gilmour

Jacinta Hagenbach

Khaled Helmy

Liam Rice

Mohannad Suliman

Nicole Chong

Noortje Went

Oliver Demetriou Nielsen

Penelope Gathercole

Mrs. Pilkington Margaret Pilkington

We have had a great time learning in Year 2! We have worked very hard but also had a lot of fun along the way. We started off the year with our assembly all about Barnaby Bear’s adventure. It was really good to show our parents what we had been learning about in our IPC unit on Holidays. Our field trips took us to visit other countries ( our pretend trip to Madinat Khalifa campus), to The Pearl, to Doha Zoo and the Qatar Convention Centre. Here are some of our best moments in Year 2: “We really enjoyed making a building” by Camille and Iain. “One of my favourite moments was drawing Icky Doo Dah!” By Aisha. “It was fun washing the car in French!” said Oliver. “I liked learning my times tables!” Said Calum. “Our trip to the zoo was good fun!” by Jacinta and Mohannad. “I have enjoyed learning English” by Salma. “Maths was my favourite subject!” By Liam. “It was really good working on the stories by Jill Murphy in English,” said Rami. “We liked Big Writing because we wrote some great stories,” by Wade and Penelope. “I worked so hard to improve my learning in Maths!” said Elena. “Music lessons were my favourite, because I love singing,” by Danielle. “I liked Mrs Pilkington!” by Noortje and Emilie. “We really enjoyed our trip to the Pearl,” by Nicole and Alexis. “My favourite English lesson was working on the story of the Last NooNoo!” By Malika and Skye. “Music lessons with Mrs Croal were some of my best moments,” said Khaled. We have made Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Visser very proud in Year 2!

Benjamin Nijhout

Danielle Arugay

Emilie Kjelgaard

Malika Larayb

Ryan Ramirez

Ryan Wild

Salma Daaboul

Skye Joseph

Wade Barker

Year 2 Rhonna Mearns

Abbes Kouki

Abby Koons

Anouk Van der Windt

Daman Bumrah

Heloise Robertson

Ismail Daoud

Maja Kjer

Malek Zayani

Pichamon Pongnonthachai

Remus Hutter

Rosa Dalessi

Srivishnu Ramachandran

Umaiza Bhatti

Mrs. Taylor Trish Taylor

What a fabulous year of learning in Mrs. Taylor’s class. We are all very proud of our progress and achievements. We all worked well together and had lots of fun times in and out of class. Here are some of our highlights… We started the year by getting to know more about each other’s home countries and places around the world in our unit about Holidays. We went on a trip to each other’s campus. We had to remember to take our passports and boarding cards and ‘check-in’ on time! We even learned how to dance the Macarena at our Caribbean beach party. Who could forget the fantastic dancing at our class assembly which took us to different continents? We wowed our audience with singing and dancing from Australia and Scotland. We even caught sight of the Loch Ness Monster…!

Alia Daoud

One of our favourite units was about buildings, especially when we worked in problem solving teams to build our own toy village. We learned how to use different techniques in technology and they looked fabulous when we finished them. We continued to practice these skills when we designed and made our environmental gardens. After our author visit from Simon Murray, we used our gardens as a setting and wrote a story about our favourite book character of the year, Icky Doo Dah. We enjoyed learning all about the different types of habitats that animals have and went on an amazing visit to Doha Zoo. We continued to learn about human habitats during our visit to the Convention Centre. We found out all about the different materials they used for building and how they try to be kind to the environment. We have learned so much with and from each other this year and look forward to continuing our learning in Year 3.

Emil Halbye

Jasmine Taylor

Nasier Al Rumihi

Yara Alkamali

Yasmina Kalash

Yousef Abdul-Moniem

Youssef Alaa

Zara Wheatley

Year 2 Nilda Van der Beek

Abe Tol

We have had a fun year learning in Year 2! The year started with four new students: Abe, Bruce, Khalid, Adam and also Lot who transferred over from Gharaffa. Later that term Omayma also joined us! We have had lots of fabulous learning opportunities; here are just a few of them: Khalid: I liked using the passport we made in class to visit other countries. Omayma: I have learnt how to speak English and write it. Augustus: I liked going on the Zoo trip, my favourite animal was the snake. Lot: I loved it when Simon Murray came because we made an Icky Doo Dah. Wildan: We had a fantastic adventure at the zoo. Hein: I liked the zoo trip because I saw amazing animals.

Ammaar Mirza

Augustus Ugurlu

Cheyenne Kyle

Evie Hammond

Jireh Missiona

Julia Nasser

Kaitlyn McLean

Khalid Al-Rabban

Leah De Wet

Mrs. Wood Sarah Wood

Julia: I like swimming because I can now do a starfish by myself. Evie: I enjoyed Book Week because I got to dress up. Javier: I like being a Student Councillor because there is a lot of fun stuff to do. Arman: I liked seeing the giraffes and bats when we went on the Zoo trip. Jireh: I had fun at Sport’s Day and the hopscotch game was great. Yousuf: P.E. is good because we are learning to play rugby, which is fantastic. Leah: I think the Icky Doo Dah that we learnt to draw was awesome. Ammaar: Maths is good and our IPC topic on communication. Marwa: I love to do swimming because it is fun. Bader: I like school because it is making me be a big boy and it is fun with Mrs Wood. Kaitlyn: The Zoo trip was super because there were animals from Africa there. Bruce: I thought the tiger at the zoo was the best. Adam: I liked swimming, I was really nervous when I started, but I got better. Cheyenne: I loved it when the author Simon Murray visited us and showed us how to draw Icky Doo Dah. Abe: I like doing P.E.

Adam Thesiger

I would like to wish my wonderful class all the very best for Year Three! Arman Mojahed

Lot Van de Ven

Marwa Shibl

Omayma Ellabad

Bader Moataz Hussein

Bruce Yang

Hein Aung

Javier Van der Beek

Wildan Hakim

Yousuf Khan

Year 3 Jackie Bratherton

Anna Yamakawa

We have had a fantastic year of learning in Miss Charles’ class. We started the year with our IPC unit ‘Rainforests’. We had lots of fun creating our very own tropical rainforest in our classroom and our parents helped. We loved learning about all the different animals, tribes and plants and got to make our very own rainforest masks. “My favorite part was making rainforest smoothies, yummy!’’ Noortje. Bas Willem Sierman

We have also had great fun learning in our maths and English. Miss Charles has helped us to learn through lots of games and ICT. “I like to play mathletics as much as I can, it’s fun and I am getting better at my maths!’’ Quinn. Some of us couldn’t speak any English when we came into year 3 and Miss Charles, Mrs Bratherton and Mr Glover have helped us to become more confident in making friends and becoming better learners. Our school trips have been really interesting this year! We went to Café ceramaique, Jungle Zone, Wakra Beach and Katara. “My favorite trip was going to Katara to listen to a music show. It was in a beautiful room and the ceiling looked like stars!’’ Haya.

Floortje Mooij

“My favorite part of the year was our assembly called ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. I loved dressing up and making our masks, Miss Charles said we looked really scary. She helped us to make up really cool dances to music and everyone laughed and clapped’’. Bas “We love being in year 3, we have had so much fun!” Year 3

Haya Asali

Jasmin Okholm

Liam Brett

Mohamed Amine Mostefai

Nicolle Springfeldt

Nora Manten

Quinn Kleijn

Miss Charles Nia Charles

Arwa El Gammal

Connor Mitchell

Gaia Veenhuis

Ricky Peitong Cheng

Riyadh Zabadee

Rosalin Udo

Joshua Devan

Kinzamaria Uthman

Samuel Perez Silva

Simon Springfeldt

Year 3 Jackie Bratherton

Karen Hatch

Aiden Durrant

Ayera Hijazi

Gauri Khade

Kelly Lydevik

What a fabulous year of learning! We are all very proud of our progress and achievements. We all worked well together and had lots of fun times in and out of class. Here are some of our highlights‌ We started the year by decorating the entire classroom so that it looked like an Amazon Rainforest. We went on an unforgettable trip to Jungle Zone. There was amazing acting, singing and dancing during our class assembly! Who could possibly forget the trip to Wakra Beach and the sculptures we created in the style of Andy Goldsworthy! The best part about Year 3 was the football competition at the English Modern School . We scored lots of goals and finished 4th in the whole competition. Logan, Faisal and Aiden I really loved our swimming lessons in the pool each week! Najwa During the Maths Olympic Games we played lots of Mathletics in the ICT suite! I liked it when I got a bronze certificate in the cafÊ. I learned that you can do harder levels once you had completed the easy ones! Benjamin, Jimin, Andrew, Aiden and Faisal One of our units was Stand Alone Science-we did lots of fun things like playing with magnets and designing a healthy meal. Jonathan The best trip that we went on was Jungle Zone as part of Rainforests unit. We went on the Octopus ride about 20 times, the scary tunnel ride about 10 times and the water slide 5 times! Nicolai, Thea K and Layla I learned about Dinosaurs and what they used to eat. A T-Rex eats meat and is called a carnivore. Thea R We absolutely loved it when we made our fruit smoothies! They were delicious! Kelly and Malak Break times were so much fun! We played bowling nearly every day! Itsuki The Dinosaur Dig was awesome! We dressed up as paleontologists and dug for real bones and fossils in the sand pit. We recorded where we found the bones on a grid. Mustansir The best part of Year 3 was all the science that we did especially the healthy food and playing

Layla Salam

Logan Handyside

Malak Noor

Mariam El-Safty

Mr. Cunliffe Lee Cunliffe

Adham El-Dabaa

with magnets! Adham Now I know how to street dance because I went to Mr Akhtar’s ECA. We learned about poses-poses are when you stop‌and pose!! Aiden, Andrew, Thea K and Malak. I learned that if we do something really well then we will get something really good back! Derin. I now know how to count silence and sound from my music lessons! This is a very good school! Ayera

Mustansir Motiwala

Andrew Wawrzyniak

Benjamin Sulik

Derin Ozoral

Faisal Al-Jaaidi

Indy Udo

Itsuki Hayashi

Jimin Lee

Jonathan Devan

Najwa Daaboul

Nicolai Christiansen

Thea Kristensen

Thea Rorstrand

Year 3 Ann Strobel

Abdelrahman Hussein

Ahmad Achkar

University where Seshiru won Wakra Beach.

We had a very successful Rain crèches in South Africa. We ha blast we had when the sprink For me as a teacher, it was a p you very much to the parents home. I wish only the best to Alisha Khan

Carlos Martinez

Kerim Ahmedna

Erikka Ocampo

Naroa Clifford Castro

Robert (Bobby) Flynn

Seshiru Kitagawa

Shagufta Anjum

Mrs. van Wyk Annelien van Wyk

Aduragbemi Olaleye

Year 3 van Wyk had a super fantastic year! We shared lots of happy memories, made new friends and worked well as a team. We took care of each other, cheered for every victory and shared our losses with pride – WOW amazing team spirit!! Working partners were a favourite amongst the children and lots of learning was shared between them. We loved going on trips, especially the ones to Qatar n the 3rd prize for his poster design on ‘Saving the Word’ and making art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy on

Alexandra Del Socorro

nforest Smoothie Café and also raised money by selling cupcakes as part of our International Link for school ad a lovely class picnic, where dads and siblings played soccer together with the children – and what a kles were switched on. We’ve had SO MUCH FUN!!! privilege to work with such wonderful children and see them grow and learn throughout the year. Thank s for their wonderful support. You have made a big contribution to your child’s learning at school and at o all of you! Bianca Vukovic

Faisal Al Kubaisi

Humaid Ahmed

Isabel Seesarun

Jahedur Ali

Kana Kitagawa

Sofia Vartonova

Soukaina Bouhali

Thomas Jensen

Tomoki Kanamori

Younes Sellami

Year 3 Jackie Bratherton

Abel Kikkert

Carl Borgenson

Christiana Todd

Darcey Gathercole

Frederik Due

Fynn Cecil

Job Kanters

Julie Siccard

Lars Noordhuis

Levi Thoma

Year 3 Watts have had a very busy year filled to the brim with different learning opportunities… ‘At the beginning of the year in IPC we learned about rainforests. First we transformed the classroom into a realistic rainforest. We also designed and made tropical fruit smoothies, had a bake sale to save the rainforest and its endangered species and researched about a favourite rainforest animal.’ Fatimah, Stein, Tom and Kaylen ‘Year 3 Watts have been going on lots of trips! First we went to Jungle Zone as an Exit Point and went on lots of rides. We also went to Café Ceramique and made our very own plates. We made sand sculptures on Wakra Beach and listened to a concert at Qatar Opera House. We all had so much fun!’ Christiana, Fynn, Levi and Carl. ‘This year, Year 3 Watts have been learning about Dinosaurs. During this unit we made dinosaurs out of junk, tape, plaster bandages and paint. Dinosaurs are one of Year three’s favourite units.’ Seif, Darcy, Julie ‘This year we have been doing lots of performances. We have performed an assembly about significant people and took part in a show called Wakadoo Zoo. Finally many children in the class showed off their skills auditioning for the talent show.’ Cheri, Frederik and Nicholas ‘Mrs Watts’ class made their own musical instruments in English as part of our instructions unit. It was a lot of fun. We wrote instructions on how to make them.’ Lola, Gijs, Abel and Noreen

Lola Gibbons

Miyu Aoki

Nicholas Pahl

Mrs. Watts Kathryn Watts

Cheri Rudolph

Fatimah Moors

Gijs Meester

Kaylen Maynard

Noreen Nieuwoudt

Seif Samir

Stein West

Tom Siermann

Vivek Santosh

Year 4 Penny Hughes

Aamir Shafeek

Adam Ghrayeb

A Year in Year 4 Burt:

Ana Castier

Asma Abdelouahab

“Great class, great learning, great fun. Thank you!” Mr Burt. “I will always remember my first day at Compass because everyone cared about me.” Ian “The best part of Year 4 for us was the sleepover where we had four

Aymen Zayani

Horia Petrescu

Ian Chapman

Lau Andersen

Maryam Al-Khayat

Mohammed Zulfiqar

Mohanad Aboukamar

Nada Alaa

Mr. Burt David Burt

Eddie Holden

super night activities, including dodge ball, watched a movie and ate pizza for breakfast and dinner. Yum!” Aamir, Sahl, Colin, Lau, Horia, Zane and Piotr. “I will never forget when I erupted my volcano in class. It lasted for an hour!” Connor. “Our highlight was Book Week. I read so much, I really improved.” Asma. “I love reading and dressed up as Sleeping Beauty.” Nada. “I will always remember when our whole class went to the Museum of Islamic Art as I love history and we had a great time.” Hamad “My highlight was erupting our volcanoes. It was great fun watching the reaction with baking soda and vinegar!” Aymen. “Our highlight was when we were blindfolded and had to taste different types of chocolate for our entry point in IPC. We loved the ‘Firecracker’ chocolate, it was the best chocolate ever!” Mohanad, Adam and Ana. “I enjoyed our assembly about Different Places, Similar lives where we danced, sang and spoke clearly.” Maryam. “My best part was taking part in the Cross Country because I love running.” Shabri. “Our favourite memory was the swimming gala where the whole school went to Aspire Aquatic Centre. Everyone had fun.” Kate and Jessica.

Nararya Shabri

Noemi Pajak

Piotr Romaniuk

Mione van der Merwe

Colin Chatfield

Connor MacLeod

Jessica McManus

Katherine Hughes

Sahl Saoud

Zane Bezuidenhout

Year 4 Penny Hughes

Year 4 Djedid had a fantastic time learning both in and out of class this year. Here are our some of our highlights: “It was amazing how the fun began when you put your best effort in on Sports Day!” Hannah. “I enjoyed learning about why earthquakes and volcanoes happen.” Sarah. “I liked the Y4 assembly about the superheroes who saved us from losing VCOP in our writing.” Rishi.

Benita Wright

Ines Aroti

“I had a marvellous time at the museum!” Zoe. “I enjoyed learning about natural disasters like tornadoes and tsunamis.” Savanna. “I loved the treasure hunt we had in the first term!” Tom. “I had a great time making volcanoes erupt!” Maarten. “The sleepover was great fun and the highlight of my year!” Luis and Taelynn. “I enjoyed learning about children in China, Brazil and Canada.” Sam. “I enjoyed the debate on the Elgin Marbles! “ Andrej. “I enjoyed the Declamation Contest especially since I won!” Adam. “I came to Compass feeling very nervous and excited but then I quickly made friends”. Jacob. “My highlight was winning the inter school cross country running competition.” Tage “We really enjoyed the sleepover because we played with children from other classes and had team games.” Jens and Muhammad.

Maarten Went

Mathias Jakobsen

Nafisa A. Sirelkhatim

Rishi Garia

Sam Thomson

Sarah Nabulsi

Savanna Hagenbach

Mrs. Djedid “I learned that other people are not as lucky as we are.” Yeisell. “We like competing on Mathletics because we can play against people all over the world.” Mathias and Marco. “I loved visiting Katara and hearing the orchestra play.” Nafisa. “I had a fantastic year as Student Councillor.” Lucy.

Ann Djedid

Adam Abdul Halim

Andrej Prosenica

Hannah Yoon

Ioana Xuereb

Jacob Cleyndert

Jens De Witte

Joanna Chomowicz

Luis Castier

Marco Bonvicino

Muhammad Bakhthiar

Taelynn Jones

Tage Johansen

Tom Rasmussen

Yeisell Mena

Zoe Wheatley

Year 4 Penny Hughes

Andrei – “I enjoyed learning about volcanoes and making the volcano picture and I also enjoyed the accelerated reader programme” Joshua – “I enjoyed the sleepover” Jackson – “I enjoyed the sleepover and the breakfast was great!” Gib Kanthasuk

Menatella – “I liked learning about volcanoes and earthquakes” Vincent – “I enjoy all of IPC!” Willie – “I liked PE and EAL”

Isabella Heukelom

Julius Pitt Engelen

Klara Lindeloff

Liam Maher

Luis Costache

Marlo Ruis

Mr. Everest Ray Everest

Julius – “I loved learning about volcanoes and earthquakes” Hashim – “I enjoyed PE and playing all the fun games” Liam – “I really enjoyed finding out my friends were still here” Luis – “It was fun learning about earthquakes and volcanoes” George – “I enjoyed doing the art on the wall” Gib – “I had fun with all of the IPC”

Andrei Hartescu

Yasmeen – “I enjoyed PE because its sports and exercising” Isabella – “I found the unit about earthquakes and volcanoes interesting” Huda – “I enjoyed learning about volcanoes and earthquakes and what I did with my friends” Klara – “I enjoyed learning about volcanoes and the science involved in it” George Beaney

Marlo – “I enjoyed drawing the pictures of the volcano!” Jade – “I liked it when we had the year 4 sleepover” JaeHoon – “I liked drawing the art about earthquakes on the wall”

Hashim Tayani

Menatalla ElShafie

Jackson Sulik

Jade Gevers

JaeHoon Hwang

Joshua Worsley

Nora Gergab

Stijn Kanters

Willie Nieuwoudt

Yasmeen Zebian

Year 4 Ann Strobel

Year 4 Nazra 2011-2012 were a memorable and enjoyable class! Not only were they my last class at Compass but they were a challenging and exuberant group of children! They have been an inspiration to me and we have had a fabulous year! Here are some of their best memories:

Abdallah Ghoneim

Abdulaziz Al Hammadi

I enjoyed writing acrostic poems on Microsoft Word! - Garreth I loved making crystals in our science lessons with Mr Bomford! - Angelo Two things I enjoyed the most were presentations of learning and the news reports we made on the fake earthquake in Qatar! - Hugo I liked spelling bee because you have to think hard about the word! - Maryam At the end of every day, we played times tables shootout! -Dikshita The best thing in Year 4 was our class assembly on King Tutankhamen. I played the role of the pharaoh’s slave! - Mackenzie Our class trip to the museum of Islamic art was amazing! – Fadeel My favourite memory of Year 4 was making models of volcanoes and then making them explode! Fatima I really enjoyed the archaeological dig we did for the IPC unit treasure! - Maya Sports day was really fun; I participated in many events! - Nuh Ali I scored many goals during our football tournament! - Abdallah When we went to the Qatar philharmonic orchestra, it was so good to listen to the different instruments! – Filipa The super volcano movie we watched in class was really enjoyable. It gave me an insight into what the Yellowstone eruption was like! - Luka I wish you all the very best for Year 5! Keep smiling!

Angelo Allaham

Connor O’Donnell

Dikshita Nair

Emmy Watson

Esra Verspui

Fadeel Khan

Fatima Yousaf

Filipa Taylor

Garreth Rayner

Hugo Falth

Isabelle Holmstrom

Luka Vukovic

Mackenzie Lee

Ms. Nazra Fatima Nazra

Malek Ellabad

Maryam Al Farsiyah

Maya Kassab

Nuh Ali Hussain

Tobore Dafiewhare

Year 5 Carole Bartle

Sirisha Yenigalla

Brooklyn Plante

Gavin Anderson

Hamza Ahmad

Jay Toet

Julie Johnson

Olav Noordhuis

Oliver Jones

5 Cowie have had an action packed year. We have learned so much. Here is just a small selection of the highlights from this year. • The two best days of my life were the Year 5 camp! Sterre • I now know some Latin and Greek root words which help me understanding what I am reading. Matin • I can now write great stories. Julie • I enjoyed making a space station because I got to work with a partner, plan and make it. Danielle • I now know how to write paragraphs out of order. Nine • I learnt how to do short division, which is much easier than long division. Timme • I learnt how to convert improper fractions to proper fractions. Gavin • I enjoyed PE very much because we did a lot of outside activities. Wouter • Did you know that this class was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot! Scott Lee • I now know how to make a vase look 3D. Hamza Michelle Elliott

Scarlett Gibbons

Scott Lee Cayeta

Sihaam Eleiwi

Mr. Cowie Peter Cowie

• • • • • • •

The thing I enjoyed the most about Mr Cowie’s class was maths. Harleen In Y5 Cowie, I learnt how to nominalize a sentence to make it interesting. Chisa I learnt how to square a number. Zane In Year 5 Cowie, I learnt about how big the planets are in our Solar System. Jay In my opinion, the most fun thing we did this year was the pastel drawings because it was kind of learning and fun at the same time. Nukaiya The best piece of writing I did was about the Y5 camp. I would say I wrote it with a feeling for what I did. Sihaam I enjoyed PE because we got to play heaps of games. Abdalla

Sterre Van der Wal

Timme Van der Wal

Wouter Went

Abdalla Al-Kilani

Ahmad Matin Moors

Chisa Kajiura

Danielle Bovey

Harleen Bumrah

Jasmijn Kikkert

Nine Rudolph

Nukaiya Hatherley

Yahya El-Safty

Zane Bey

Year 5 Amanda Holmstrom

What an amazing Year 5 class! They have a great enthusiasm for learning; positive ‘can do’ attitudes; and are thoughtful and caring. With twelve different nationalities represented in the class, our learning has been truly international, particularly in IPC. Everyone has worked really hard to improve their learning and we have had so much fun along the way; here are some of the children’s thoughts and highlights…. Rebecca - I enjoyed the swimming gala because I love swimming and I came first in nearly every race.

Amelia O’Donnell

Rumaysa – My favourite time was going to the desert camp, because you got to meet your old friends and riding the sand dunes was amazing. Zirui - I’m glad to be at this school because it is friendly. We help each other and have good teamwork. Signe – It was especially fun at the desert camp because of all the challenges we had like the sand castle competition. Amelia – The highlight was going to Q-Bake. It was exciting seeing how bread and cupcakes are made.

Caroline Lund

Hiba - I have enjoyed making new friends at Compass and I have also liked the creative and artistic skills we learned this year. Mohaned – I love IPC because we get to do fun activities like making planets and statues. Jeremiah – I enjoyed going to the desert camp because it was my first time ever camping in the desert. Caroline – I LOVED sports day because it was fun doing all the different types of sport in the fresh air.

Frederico Sala

Hiba Ahmed

Jeremiah Missiona

Mohaned Abdel Fattah

Mostafa Shibl

Noor Abbasi

Noor Mirza

Rashid Al-Marri

Mrs. Hosking Noor Mirza – My favourite part of Year 5 was going to the desert and camping, because I made new friends and had a lovely experience living out doors.

Laura Hosking

Shreya – Year 5 has been a great experience. My highlight was making our statues as they were so simple and artistic and rewarded us finely. Federico – The best thing in class was when we learned about myths and legends because I liked making the pots and mosaics. Rashid – I enjoyed the swimming gala, because I love swimming. Mostafa – I really enjoyed the space academy because it was a really good sporty day and I got chosen to go to Mars! Noor Abbassi – I found my first big write challenging, but now I love them as it’s just time to write about a topic freely.

Rebecca Watson

Rumaysa Khan

Shreya Sharma

Signe Hundahl

Zirui Zhang

Year 5 Ann Strobel

Listing the highlights of our Year in 5L proved to be an exhausting task as there were so many to choose from. So, not wanting to be greedy and take over all the pages in this year book we have selected just a few of our best moments… “In Year 5 we did a quest to find a missing skeleton. We were supposed to find it by working out a set of clues hidden around the school. After an exciting search, my group thought we had won but we lost one of the clues and so came in third place” Taqwa Ellabad The part of Year 5 that I loved the most was when we went on a camping trip to the desert. I knew I was going to love it, the minute we got there!” Nife Oluwjuyigbe

Aysha Zulfiqar

Emma Eyckmans

Johanne Nielsen

Kitty Sharry

Linde Majoor

Mauro Van der Veen

Olamide Olaleye

Oluwatofunmi Oluwajuyigbe


Miss Leeman Jan Leeman

I loved watching how the croissants were made on our awesome educational trip to Q-Bake”. Linde Majoor “My highlight from Year 5 was the Times Table Football challenge because I won the World cup!” Kazuma Takeuchi “I liked making cakes to see how materials change. Baking was hard work but we got some delicious cakes and got to eat them too” Emma Eyckmans

Amy Clifford Castro

“The highlight of my life in friendly Year 5 was the first day of this new school, when I happily met all of my delightful friends” Amy Clifford Castro “Teaching Year 5L this year has been a real honour. This class has astounded me with their enthusiasm for all things; be it learning new skills, making new friends , or simply making up new jokes for me! Time and time again I have felt incredibly proud of their achievements and therefore want to thank them all for making 2011-2012 such a fantastic year.” Miss Leeman

David Martinez

Fleur Ambergen

Raed Karkoub

Siebe de Bruijn

Taqwa Ellabad

Karim Najjar

Kazuma Takeuchi

Tim Van de Ven

Zsofia Tuba

Year 5 Carole Bartle

Abdulla Al-Khayat

Abhay Liginlal

Charles Floden

Hannah-Sophia Brasch

Karim Kreidie

Khalifa Alkamali

Mathias Iversen

Mohamed Hakam Kouki

Omar Kalash

Pauli Christiansen

We have had a fantastic year in Year Five Maher. We have worked hard and had plenty of laughs along the way. Here are some highlights! James Maher I really enjoyed our trip to Q Bake. I learnt a lot about baking bread! Shivani I loved going on camp. Zane I really enjoyed my year, but the best part was doing magic tricks at the camp. Charles The best part for me was surfing on the sand dunes at camp. Nathalie I learnt a lot this year in Maths and English. I had lots of fun as well. Sara Camp was fantastic. Omar G My favourite activity this year was building a Mars space station. Rebecca S Making new friends and the camp were my highlights of the year. Abdulla The camp talent quest at camp is my favourite memory this year. Rebecca C I loved painting with Pauli’s aunt, when she visited our class. Lamis One of my favourite memories is playing rounders on camp. It was so much fun! Karim Spending time with my friends on camp was fantastic. Khalifa Making our Mars space stations was my favourite activity this year. Mathias Year Five was a great experience. I learned so much and had lots of fun, especially on camp. Hakam The best part of Year Five was camping near the Inland Sea. Hannah I really enjoyed all my lessons this year and have improved so much! Shaikah

Rebecca Craig

Rebecca Sannerum

Sara Al Rumihi

Mr. Maher James Maher

Billal Zebian

Julius Von Bose

My favourite event this year was the talent quest during camp. Pauli I have lots of good memories but my favourite, over the top, time of Year Five was the camp. Abhay Year Five Maher has been like a second home! Billal I really enjoyed my friendships in Year Five, especially spending time together on camp. Shriya I have had a great year in Year Five. We did lots of fun things I and will always especially remember the camp. Omar K

Shaikah Al Rumihi

Shivani Shetty

Shriya Singh

Lamis Bareche

Mateusz Ochnio

Nathalie Christiansen

Omar Gergab

William Borno-Aarseth

Zane Uthman

Year 6 Carole Bartle

Mrs. Burchell… Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow. Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record each and every day, and you will be a success. I wish you all the very best as you move on to the secondary phase of your school lives. Go with courage Year 6! Yes, that is more than three words!!

Our year in 3 power words! Adamah Frankfort

Adamah…knowledge, challenge, exciting. Sebastian… challenging, exciting, awesomeness Mohammad S… significantly, consequently, incredible Julia… enthralling, mind-blowing, unforgettable Luuk… improved, exciting, challenging

Devin Goodman

Mohammad A-H... exciting, awesome, learning Devin… wacky, wonderful, weird Pippa… exciting, challenging, reading excellence Olivier… knowledge, absorbing, delightful India… mind-blowing, miraculous, sensational

Ilse Visser

Mathias… knowledge, challenge, exciting. Mohamed Ali… delightful, enjoyable, boomed Lotte… super-duper-super year, fascinating

Asia… galactic, exquisite, cool Isis… hilarious, eccentric, bouncy Mads…learning, fun, cool Ilse… awesome, whizz, enthusiastic Hadi... amazing, awesome learning Saud…cool, knowledge, exciting Victor…cool, learning, crazy

Hashim… hilarious, friendship, laughter Anas…exciting, wonderful, enjoyment Julia Chomowicz

Mads Due

Mathias Lindeloff

Mohamed Ali Sirelkhatim

Mohammad Abdul-Halim

Mohammad Suliman

Mrs. Burchell Pat Burchell

Olivier Heukelom

Pippa Dekker

Saud Al-Thani

Anas El Gammal

Asia Musselman-Moe

Hadi Sadr

Hashim Hassan

India Hagenbach

Isis Greer

Lotte Mooij

Luuk Van Weelden

Sebastian Pedersen

Victor Rondon

Year 6 Amanda Holstrom

Muneera Al Mannai

Mostafa El-Fettouh

Muzzamil Awad

Omar Jamali

Ramsha Yousaf

Ruiyang Qiu

Ms. Derham Marion Derham

The year is almost over, and naturally, there are different ways of looking at this. In one way it’s a great shame that the year is coming to an end. I feel that as a group we have cracked it – we have learned how to work effectively together. In another way it’s a good thing and we must celebrate our successes and move on to different experiences. Thinking back, the year has been extremely busy. Almost every week there has been something new, exciting, and challenging, but always developing our learning. Personally, my favourite event has to be our amazing trip to Fujairah last October. Christine. This year was full of interesting and amazing learning experiences. I particularly enjoyed our trip to Chevron; it was spectacular and I found the exhibition really interesting. Mohammad. I really liked the 5-day trip to Fujairah Camp. I especially enjoyed the dhow trip – it was the best! Taha. For me, being in a totally new school it was great. The unit I favoured the most was ‘Black Gold’ because I liked getting my hands dirty and I used to think that oil was a minor problem! Phoebe. I enjoyed the Villagio fairground trip because of all the exciting rides. Along the way I learnt about friction, acceleration and gravity. Mostafa. I enjoyed going to The Qatar Science and Technology Park to visit Chevron and Conoco Phillips. I really enjoyed the fog curtain, it was strange because I didn’t get wet-not even a bit damp. Muzzamil. I really enjoyed this year. I particularly liked building my own quiz machine for the science fair.

Andreea Lacob

Armand Blignaut

Kenny Kafle

Lucus Okholm

Tobias Haesum

Pheobe Hughson

Christine Dafiewhare

Elijah Hillyer

Hannah Wood

Jirapat Chavalittumrong

Mackeen Safi

Mohammad Khalid Almana

Ruzain Al-Hashmi

Ryan Hildebrand

Taha Ahmedna

Yousef Al-Hammadi

Zehra Jilani

Year 6 Amanda Holstrom

Abdulaziz al Thani

Bende Tornyi

Christelle Naimeh

Year 6 was out of this world! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such an eager and enthusiastic group of students who love asking questions and finding things out for themselves. Here are some of year 6 Gibson’s poetic thoughts about the year. Fun and exiting As pleasing as winning the lottery Big smiles on everybody’s face 6 is the magic number (Christelle) Unique in every way Laughing all the time Outstanding work has been done Unforgettable Special By: David Verspui

David Verspui

Loud and funny Interesting lessons every day Very kind and smart Exciting class Learning about oil spills Year six rule You will be jealous when you see us Even went to Conoco Phillips A very well behaved class Really good and kind

Henry Clancy

Imane Bouhali

Mohammed Ayaan

Mohammed Orabi

6 G is amazing (Oliver)

Norman Gjerdingen

Oliver Flynn

Oumaima Bouhali

Ms. Gibson Mhairi Gibson

Abdullrahman al Khulaifi

6G are,,, A class who are very individual Every person is completely different from each other We are extremely creative We think out of the box! (Shreya)

Bernardt Engelbrecht

Early teenagers A class with a lot of humour Running wildly at break 6G is the BEST!!! (Magnus) Year 6 is,,, Wonderful, enjoyable Amazing, exciting, imagining, How we will change the world (Esraa)

Esraa Hussein

Hala Al Naimi

Joshua Blackwell

Magnus Tofdal

Marcel Blignaut

Ruihai Li

Shafira Balquis

Shreya Manna

Class 6G are,,, Awesome Adventurous, friendly Exploring, educating People in the playground (Bende)

Quinton Croal

Reuben Strobel

Year 7 Year 7 Lee was the greatest class I have ever been part of! Our first unit from the IMYC (International Middle Year Curriculum) about “Collaboration”.In this unit we learned how to cooperate with others and how to make friends easily. At the end of this unit,we had our first inter house competition.I really enjoyed it.

Anna Nyholm

Our second unit was “Discovery”. We went to the “Sheikh al Faisal Museum of Qatar”. We discovered things about the history of Qatar and we rode a horse too! There were more interesting things. There was a play “The Wizard of oz”. We enjoyed the play. It was fun and interesting at the same time.There was a small choir group which made the drama musical. We also went to Katara Cultural Village for “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare. I enjoyed it alot. I enjoyed the trip to the Mathaf museum. We learned a technique of making art. They used gunpowder and wrote Arabic words on stones. The painting I liked the most was 99 horses. 99 horses has two meanings one in Arabic and one in Chinese. In the adaptability unit we learned about how we change things to survive and make life easy.For people with disabilities or for people that move to a different country.

Eagan Pangestiaro

We went to space camp Turkey in the Discovery unit. We learned everything about space and gravity. It was awesome.We also used simulators. Basically year 7 Lee was awesome! Xander & Sana

Isabelle Dekker

Mohamed Al-Mannai

Musaab Khalid Alfarsi

Noah Van der Veen

Quinten Ambergen

Rabia Dhami

Ruh-Ali Hussain

Saad Al Kubaisi

Sahar Karkoub

Ms. Lee Monique Lee

Daniel Jensen

Gregory Mond

Jack Small

Sana Anjum

Sean Holmstrom

Osama Hussein

Paul Von Lutxow

Puck van de Ven

Stijn Majoor

Thomas Siccard

Xander Eyckmans

Year 7 Sue Denness

Year 7 has truly been an incredible year full of learning, fun and enjoyment. We learnt many things ranging from the Roman Empire in History to solving algebraic equations in Maths! In addition, we have been to lots of different places such as museums, parks, theatres and more. Nevertheless, our all-time favorite subject was Art. We made clay portraits, loads of art-works, cave paintings and even an essay about our favorite painting. Our favorite outdoor activity was when we visited the vet around the corner of the school. We learned how animals are treated and how they are similar to humans. We got to hold kittens and even look at the surgery/operation room! In history, we also learnt about the Black Death and its devastating consequences in Europe during the 14th century. We also had our second play called ‘The Wizard of Oz’… and it was really outstanding! All in all, Year 7 was breath-taking! Learning Well, Exceeding Expectations and Enjoying Life! Etienne, Sophie & Aya

Aya Ghoneim

Etienne Sebag

Hamad Al-Thani

Jan Alopaeus

Jasmina Ali

Johnathon Lee

Karan Pathela

Samantha Ocampo

Sarah Poulsen

Sean Emerson

Sebastian Haesum

Silvio Patricio

Mrs. Sulaiman Nadia Sulaiman

Chinmaya Vempati

Georg Hans Bech

Ahmed Sellami

Majed Saleh

Moza Alkamali

Rebecca De Azevedo

Romeo Hernandez

Ahmad Hamdam

Sirwan Yueayai

Sofia Taylor

Sophie Maher

Soraan Farah

Year 8 Wendy Feherty

Aedan Gibson

This Year 8 was my first year in Compass, I have met loads of new people and made great new friends, I have been able to participate and enjoy a huge variety of extra-curricular activities. This year I was one of three Dorothys in our school production of The Wizard Of Oz. We started rehearsing in January and the play was performed in May. There were lots of changes and adjustments made to the script and cast. We had a Drama ECA on Tuesdays and we also used some class time closer to our performance. After a lot of hard work and preparation we performed three shows and they all went brilliantly, everyone agreed that the show went really well. I really enjoyed all the different rehearsals and I had a great time being on stage and performing. This year we also went to see a performance of Midsummers Night’s Dream in the Katara Cultural Village. It was a trip for Years 7 to 10. The play was performed by the English Shakespeare Company. Before we went to Katara we had a workshop with one of the directors, and after the play was finished we had a chance to ask two of the actors about their performance and what they liked about being an actor. This was a very enjoyable year and I look forward to many more in Compass.

Dempsey Clarke


Frederick Lund

Guillermo Van der Beek

Ivana Sthormes

Joshua Pil

Kristen Joshua

Mohamed Al-Thani

Mohammed Al Abduljabbar

Mr. Bomford Clive Bomford

Diane Naimeh

Griffin Sharry

Isabel Flynn

Monia Sirelkhatim A. Ali

Muhammad Al Faridzi

Turki Al Doussari

Victor Hundahl

Wynton Hammond

Year 8 Jacky Banfield

Aisha Jilani

Damia Bakhthiar

Dorien Verspui

Jasmin (Hyang Rim) Lee

Megan Strobel

Mennatella Shibl

Min Khant Ko

Mohammed Al Khulaifi

Omar Al Saidi

Mr. Hannah Robert Hannah

Calvin Del Socorro

Year 8 was a year with many changes. People came, new friendships were made and events were held. The year started off with preparations for our assembly, the assembly went well and we learned many ways in which people collaborated as we acted them out. We also elected our student council member, Tom Roebers, who tried to improve the school.

Dinghan Zhang

I enjoyed the eyeball dissection in Science the most as it was very interesting and very gruesome. The trips to Katara, where we went to see the English Chamber Orchestra and the Midsummer Night’s Dream were very enjoyable. The English chamber orchestra performed in association with Qatar Music Academy, they performed two pieces (including Carnival of the Animals by Saint-SaÍns). Year 8 Hannah was an amazing class and we had a great year. Max

Omar El Siefy

Tom Roebers

Hassan Al Khayat

Lisa Falth

Mahmoud Aboukamar

Max Mooij

Utana Mojahed

Yasin Tariq

Yo Lin Van Kleef

Year 9 Bryan Holmstrom

This year, six students and I had the chance to go to Model United Nations where we got to meet other students from different parts of the world. It helped develop our self-confidence and public-speaking skills. For sports day, we were able to use the amazing facilities at the Aspire Zone. We competed in the full range of track and field events and students participated for team points. Our class planned a news assembly where we got to interview students and teachers and year 9 students performed a couple of songs. We also included a weather report of Qatar in both English and Russian. For our following class assembly we did a news report based on our school and talked about murals, as well as giving some examples of them. Overall, I think Year 9 was a great experience and enjoyed it very much.


Iona Gibson

Isabelle Wood

Janeena Missiona

Jeppe Laursen

Joanna Hughes

Ms. McAinsh Mhairi McAinsh

Alexander Kassab

Christian Nielsen

Colby Brooks

Keeghan Ellis

Nadia Gjerdingen

Odette Swanson

Harrison Small

Ikram Sellami

Riccardo Sala

Truls Axel Wallin

Year 9 Abbigail Guest

I enjoyed Year 9 because; I got to meet a lot of new people, and learn to become friends with them. It was a good thing to have, because along with school itself, friends are very important in life.

Aiden Allaham

Alexander Airikainen

Amelie Peter Affery

Andreas Soelvsteen

Bart Roebers

Jeppe Poulsen

Jum Young Lee

Keonmyoung Chung

Mohamed El Fettouh

I really enjoyed the murals we painted during the art lesson, it was a lot fun. It was a very useful experience as we seldom perform art outside, in such an environment. It was a really good field assessment; I think it went quite well. One of the best aspects was that when we finished, it was presented for everyone in the school to see our work. Besides this, we went for a trip to watch the performance of William Shakespeare’s, Romeo & Juliet at

Muhammad Reza Suliono

Nanna Vig Beier

Nynne Kielstrup Fondt

Mr. Van der Beek Fred Van der Beek

Katara Cultural Village. It was amazing. I personally think that year 9 has been very useful for me, as I got to become friends with many people, and develop my skills in socializing with many different people, in other years, too. Overall I really enjoyed Year 9. Alex

Pablo Carone Garcia

Rached El-Moctar

Rawan Ehab Sadek

Sean Croal

Selina Wandrei

Year 10 Lee Banfield

Stuart Keens

In year 10 we have started our IGCSE course. As part of this course we have had the opportunity to experience many different highlights of this year, some fun and some sad.

Aisha Obaidan

Let’s start with the fun ones; We did lots different experiments in all three sciences. In biology we did experiments such as testing leaves for starch, disecting a sheep’s heart and making bread to see how yeast uses respiration. During the one experiment Mrs. Banfield almost set Nikolaj on fire with the bunsen burner. In chemistry we have studied electrolysis to see how the negative and positive ions of an element react with cations and anions. in physics we experimented with light to see how fast and in which direction light travels through different mediums. In P.E we did many different things such as sports days, swimming galas, football and badminton tournaments. Later in the year we got offered the choice of taking IGCSE P.E as a subject after school. On one of the sports days we had a staff vs students football match which we lost 3-2. We have had two school trips to the Katara cultural center. The purpose of these trips were to watch two shows: Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Al Maha Al-Thani

Now some of the sad ones; Four of our very close class members departed to different schools and countries. It was a very sad moment for some of us as we were very close friends with them. James & Jared

Gijsbert De Jongh

James McKnight

Jared Shrives

Jonas Laursen

Mads Borg

Nikolaj Fondt

Rohan D’Souza

Year 11 Paul Sharry

Candida Myers

Clotilde Sebag

Ghifari Syuhada

Abdullrahmam Al’Suwaidi

Natalie Watson

Marrisa Bakhthiar

Jordi de Witte

Hassan Tariq

Elzabeth Clancy

Early Years 2: Keeping the beat by rolling the ball in time to the music.

Early Years 1: Exploring new ways to keep a beat, with a friend.

Year 1: Learning how to write our rhythm patterns Year2: Creating smooth actions to match smooth music.

Music Janet Croal

Year 3: Identifying if the music is piano-soft or forteloud

Year 4: Working with a group to create interesting actions to go with the form of a song.

Year 5: Arranging rhythms to create and perform an interesting rhythmic composition.

Year 6: Creating a rhythmic and melodic composition using the C-Pentatonic scale.

Rawya Morsey

Amal Taha

Human language is a unique because it is the major means of the communication system which connects people of different cultures and varied countries . It has a significant social value that joins individuals and parties in certain aspect to realize the profit of targets of developing human life to the best. Arabic language has an artistic value and a beauty satisfaction. It consists of 28 letters written from right to left. It is called the Dhadh language since it is a distinguishable language. In our Arabic Department we are interested in training students to speak the Arabic and pronounce words very well. We seek improving the motivation of students to be willing to learn Arabic in a student centered learning atmosphere. We aim at giving them the skills of conducting dialogues, discussions, critical thinking and debating. We tend to promote our department performance to act as a model to other sections to improve the teaching and learning educational process depending on professional development sessions and meetings that create more talented skilled teachers who find fun teaching our students. We manage many class activities besides the extracurricular ones such as celebrating the Arabian night, the National Day of Qatar and the traditional feasts during the year. Learning techniques are very interesting and attracting to students who are exposed to letters, numbers, days of the week, songs, pictures and charts. We asked some of our students about their feelings learning Arabic. They were so active that one of them said that he like Arabic because he watches lots of different movies and songs besides acquiring the skill to make doll, fruit basket and so on under the instructions of Arabic language teachers. Another student mentioned the importance

Arabic of the little animal farm they did during the year beside the interesting songs they repeated as a class. A little girl mentioned the dolls which she liked most and the kind hearted teaches of Arabic. In our department we are concerned about creating a knowledgeable and creative generation using the latest and the most modern strategies and activities that lead to creativity through students, curriculum and teachers. Our department follows a foundation curriculum framework to design the curriculum to cater for the needs of learners in line with the school’s vision and philosophy. We plan a curriculum that helps our children make good progress towards, and where appropriate beyond, these goals. It also prepares them for learning in accordance to the SEC Standards. In addition to following the upgraded strategies to get the effective delivery of the curriculum is dependent of the principle that focuses on the uniqueness of each learner, the importance of the development of positive relationships, the need to provide an enabling environment in which each pupil can optimize his or her learning and development and the different learning styles and rates at which individual pupils make progress in the different learning areas. Finally we make it easy and fun to learn the Arabic language for children. all words and phrases are repeated several times throughout the lessons. We know that if your child learns Arabic, he will be discovering a rich and ancient culture. Arabic is an expanding language and great for kids to learn. Arabic Language Coordinator Enaam Al-Taweel

Mai Alzard

Enaam Altaweel

There have been lots of exciting department. In term one, the yea by the theme of “Collaboration”. I of different fair trade products. Th paper and the outcomes for this process.

In term two our links with outsid from the Art ECA joined forces w to foster a love of fashion and bri This project which involved proje seen before. Students created lar Arabic script and calligraphy. This the auditorium. The Year 10 and with the Year 11’s being our first Other connections have been m created artworks for their waiting centre to have a guided tour and included the Louise Bourgeois ex and competitions creating a who contemporary techniques and p

learning opportunities this year in the Art and Design ar seven students embarked on their IMYC unit inspired In groups, they created storyboards describing the stages hey used lino cutting techniques and tools and coloured s were fabulous. The students thoroughly enjoyed the

de local communities continued to grow and students with the education team at the Museum of Islamic Art ing the objects from the galleries of the museum alive. ecting images from some of the museum objects, never rge sculptural headpieces which were based around s culminated in the “Fashionable Fashionistas� event in 11 students have been working on their IGCSE units year undertaking exams with Cambridge exam board. made with Parkview Vet Center where year 7 students g area. Students then took a trip to the veterinary d see their artworks on display. Other trips this year have xhibition. We have taken part in a number of Exhibitions ole variety of artworks using both traditional and processes.

Art Mhairi McAinsh

English as an

Additional Language Vicki Todd

Bryson Wood

What a fun-filled year for Primary EAL! For some, this has been their first taste of English, whilst others have shown sufficient independence, to return to mainstream classes. Watching the transition from shyness to confidence in such short time has been a joy, as they have enjoyed a variety of games, craft, interactive ICT, role plays, stories and writing activities, across the IPC topics. Congratulations to you all! - Mr. Wood Naz: ‘I love Smartboard!’ Takafumi: ‘I like computer games!’ Abe: ‘I like Smartboard!’ Bruce: ‘I find ‘Hotball’ fun!’ Marwa: ‘I love the computers!’ Omayma: ‘I love ‘Kung Fu’ Punctuation!’ Jakob: ‘I love the computer games!’ Jon: ‘I love the stories!’ Robbi: ‘I love ‘Hotball’!’ Abdulrahman: ‘‘Hotball’s fun!’ Alisha: ‘Dinosaur games were interesting!’ Carlos: ‘I love computer games!’ Tomoki: ‘I love difficult Maths games!’ David: ‘I like boardgames!’ Kazuma: ‘I loved the teaching!’

Siebe: Sophia: Caroline: Rashid: Zirui: Lucas: Ruiyang: Ruzain: Ruihai:

‘I love stories!’ ‘The teaching’s fun!’ ‘I love reading and writing!’ ‘EAL improves my language!’ ‘I love Big Write!’ ‘I like computer games!’ ‘I love ball-games!’ ‘I like computer games!’ ‘I love ball-games!’

What a great year for Secondary EAL! Majed (Yr7) learned Scientific concepts, and designed his own circuits! Frederik and Jasmine (Yr8) visited the French Revolution, and made crystals in Science! Mads, Abdul and Nikolaj (Yr10) made summary and reading comprehension work fun, prepared pizzas and danced Bollywood-style! Finally, we are anticipating amazing results for Ari and Jordi (Yr11) in their IGCSE examinations! - Mrs. Todd

Lorraine Maher What a busy year we have had learning in EAL this year! Year 3 learned about chunking words, contractions, about dinosaurs and rainforests, whilst Year 4 worked hard learning about Earthquakes and Volcanoes, and making pirate puppets. Year 5 did some space shuttle research on the internet whilst learning about survival in space and Year 6 did some great cloze procedure work to learn about word types and sentence structures.

Michael Glover

We all enjoyed learning the prepositions dance for the EAL Assembly and racing against the clock to match the words to the pictures. Lots of pupils moved out of EAL as their skills improved to such a level that they could work with more independence in the mainstream class and we welcomed plenty of new entrants to our intensive course. - Mr. Glover Mads, Yr 6 - EAL is good! Josh, Yr 3 – I like EAL. Mathias L, Yr 6 – Writing ‘Cool School Stories’ was fun! Carl, Yr 3 – Learning the EAL assembly was fun! Sebastian, Yr 6 – I liked the Titanic work. Haya, Yr 3 – I like making words with the cubes. Hadi, Yr 6 – Proof-reading and editing was fun learning! Nicolle, Yr 3 – It is fun to learn with Mr.Glover! Mohammed, Yr6 – I enjoyed the cloze-procedure work. Jasmin, Yr 3 – EAL is good. Mohamad, Yr 6 – Exceedingly Awesome Learning! Anna, Yr 3 Shaikah, Yr 5 – I enjoyed learning how to read in English. Frederik, Yr 3 – Great! Karim, Yr 5 – I liked making dragons out of dough. Simon, Yr 3 – We do so many things. It is fun! Sara, Yr 5 – It was fun learning to read. Kaylen, Yr 3(Dutch) I like the Sound Booklets. Mathias I, Yr 5 – I liked learning to make a Myth Maze. Gys, Yr3(Dutch) The Letter books are fun. Abdulla, Yr 5 - I learned how to use commas. Tom, Yr 3(Dutch) I like EAL work. Khalifa, Yr 5 – I enjoyed researching about Robin Hood. Abel, Yr 3(Dutch) Marco, Yr 4 – I learned to make a dragon. Jasmijn, Yr 5(Dutch) JaeHoon, Yr 4 – I enjoyed making the dragon in EAL! Pippa, Yr 6(Dutch) Learning about editing was good! Menetella, Yr 4 – I enjoyed doing the EAL assembly. Mathias J, Yr 4 – The EAL song in assembly was fun to learn. Tage, Yr 4 – I learned preposition words and about the Titanic. Ana, Yr 4 – I enjoyed learning how to cook and write recipes. Mohanad, Yr 4 – It was fun learning in EAL! Maryam, Yr 4 – I learned to write instructions and how to read and do maths. Shabri, Yr 4 – I enjoyed finding out about the Titanic and making the calendar. We welcomed many new friends to our classes with Mrs. Maher. Year after year I am in awe of the children we work with. Many of the children in our classes have left homelands where they were taught in their native tongue. When they arrive at Compass, often it is their first experience with English. We watch our children move from shy, frightened, quiet individuals to happy, confident, team workers in a very short space of time. Congratulations EALers!!! You have been so much fun to work with and it has been a privilege to watch you grow and change. - Mrs. Maher Vigga - I liked when we were learning the letters and sounds. Adam - I like drawing and writing. Nil - I have learned how to write Hugo - I like reading because it is easy and fun. Elma-Sofie - I liked learning how to write about our weekend. Valdemar - I liked drawing pictures after we have read a book. Gabriel - I liked reading the big books. Thea - I liked when we learned how to do a powerpoint. Gustav - I have learned how to write and I like to read the big books. Jimin - I have enjoyed reading Fantastic Mr. Fox because I like reading and have learned a lot of new words. Kelly - I have learned about the food pyramid and editing writing.

Nadia Sulaiman

Cecil Pak

French Annick Taillefer

Paula Marsh

This year the French departments across the campuses have been busy doing many learning activities in the classroom, the kitchen and outside! We aim to include a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, from academic to practical, through music and songs, games, reading and writing, videos and powerpoint presentations, cooking and crafts. Here’s what some of our students have to say - and write - about their learning experience: “I like doing parts of the body.” Estella, Y1 “I want to do the fashion show.” Nabia, Y1 “For me, I liked making fruit salad because we can eat it!” Ayar, Y1 “I enjoyed making the pancakes.” Mariam, Y1 “I liked to make a 3D city because it was fun.” Federico, Y5 “I liked to build the city; it was interesting and exciting to do a 3D city.” Mustafa, Y5 Mon café Mon café est rouge. Mon café est à gauche dans la rue. Mon café a une TV. Il y a un singe dans mon café. Mon café a une table. Mon café a une chaise. Mon café a un toit orange.

- Niné Rudolph

Le petit déjeuner Je mange au petit déjeuner : Du pain avec de la confiture. Je bois du chocolat chaud. Je bois du jus d’orange. - India Hagenbach

Ma gare Elle est grande Il y a un train Il y a un arbre Il y a un homme, Elle est toujours propre.

- Gavin Anderson

Primary PE Clayton Neill

Monique Lee

Compass QPPSSA Sports Events 2011-2012 saw an explosion of sports fixtures in the QPPSSA Qatar Primary schools league with Compass International entering Indoor Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Outdoor Athletics, Tag rugby, Rounders, Football, Field hockey and Swimming competitions. Our goal this year was to make an impact and put Compass international on the map for sport in Doha. With our Moto PMA ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ we were always motivated and performed to the best of our ability. Thanks to all the parents who supported our teams especially the ones who turned into assistant coaches when asked (after their talents were discovered!!). Thanks once again to my department (Mrs Lee & Mr Neil) and Mr Everest, Mr Keens & Sue Dunkley for their support and dedication in coaching the various teams. Highlights of the sports season include: Gaining Silver medals in the Y5 & 6 Rounders Tournament. Gaining Bronze Medals in the Y3 & 4 Boys football Tournament Finishing 4th and reaching the play offs in the Y3 & 4 Boys Basketball, beating ISLQ and AKIS B’ Tage Johnasen finishing 1st in the Y3 & 4 Boys Cross Country Competition Our fantastic performance in the Y5 & 6 Warm up tournament for BSME Games Finishing 4th in the Y3 & 4 Girls Football tournament 2011-12 has been an excellent year to showcase our talents on the sports field and I am confident that our teams will go from strength to strength in their successes moving forward. Our students have demonstrated a dedicated yet fun loving commitment when participating in competitions, showing the upmost respect for the opposition, officials and each other. It has been a privilege to see the students perform in the various competitions and am I looking forward to next year.

Secondary PE Compass QUESS Sports Events Physical Education in the secondary curriculum saw the inclusion of new sporting activities in preparation for sports fixtures in the QUESS Secondary schools league. Compass International made a huge impact on the U14’s Football coming 3rd in our pool and narrowly missing the Final Play off. This young team produced wins against ISLQ (5-3), QIS (3-0) and EMS (3-0) saw a promising result until we came against Sherborne, who matched us both in terms of skill and determination and scored at the closing stages of the match to take the victory with a score of 3-2. The Badminton and Swimming teams will be looking to make the same impact later this term. Congratulations to the U14 Basketball team for achieving the runners up position in the QUESS tournament. Thanks to all the parents who supported our teams Thanks once again to my department (Mrs Lee & Mr Neil) for their support and dedication in coaching the various teams. 2011-12 has been an excellent start to demonstrate the sporting talents on the sports field and I am confident that our teams will go from strength to strength in their successes moving forward. Our students have demonstrated such dedication and commitment when participating in competitions, showing the upmost respect for the opposition, officials and each other. It has been a privilege to see the students perform in the various competitions and am I looking forward to the rest of season and the next year ahead.

Nia Merriman

Sports Day Sports Day 2012 – Early Years & Year 1 & 2

Students dressed in their house team colours from our Madinat Khalifa & Rayaan campuses travelled to the Gharaffa campus to join forces for our first Inter-house sports day for our younger students. With every child taking part in all the activities it was a fun packed event. The performance from the students was fantastic and every point achieved counted towards the close contest of the house cup. Events included the Speed bounce, Long jump, Javelin throw, Balance beam, Beanbag throw, Skipping as well as many others. Students form Year 6 Gharaffa and from our secondary school at Madinat Khalifa assisted on the day as Event leaders with responsibility for scoring each event. Thank you firstly to the parents for their support on a very hot day, secondly to the staff for their assistant and enthusiasm and lastly to the students for their energy and efforts in creating a competitive and fun event.

Highlights of the day were plentiful and here are just some of the pictures to illustrate the fun and great performances the students achieved.

Sports Day 2012 - Y3-11

2012 is a special year in the world of athletics. Yes it’s an Olympic year and also the 1st Inter- House Sports Day at Aspire athletics stadium for Compass International School Doha. The superb efforts from the students resulted in truly outstanding performances creating an intense and nail biting competition between the house teams, coming down to the relays to give us the overall winners for each age group. The high participation rates reflected the fun and enjoyment the students have experienced in Athletics this year and to experience such an event at the world class facility was a wonderful way to end the season. My thanks as always goes out to firstly the parents for their support, secondly the students for their superb efforts and exceptional behaviour, thirdly the wonderful staff at Compass who without them an event on this scale could never go ahead and lastly to my exceptional department who have assisted me in creating and delivering such a fantastic event. Highlights of day With so many fantastic individual performances it has been very difficult to select only a few. Here are my Highlights of the day: Mr Cowie Performing the long jump in style North and East battling it out on the Y3 girls Relay with Darcey storming through to take 1st place for North. The atmosphere of the event with everyone cheering for their teams at a top venue. Results Primary 1st - North 751 pts 2nd - South 680 pts 3rd - East 669 pts 4th - West 603 pts

Secondary 1st - East 414

2nd - West 340 3rd - North 331 4th - South 313

Jelena Otten

Fred Van der Beek

Dutch Wies Selman

Christa Sterk

Talking in Dutch, writing in Dutch, reading in Dutch, listening to Dutch stories, Dutch and Belgian culture lessons. Another great year of learning Dutch at the Compass International School! Here some of our highlights. • Juf Melanie had a wonderful new baby boy called Max. • Juf Jelena showed us how to change a small room into a cozy, effective learning space moving into one of the smallest rooms at our Madinat Khalifa campus. • In our NTC secondary classroom meester Fred extended one of the best Dutch libraries for secondary students in the Middle East. A great motivation for our secondary students to read Dutch literature. Most of them read more than required! • We picked up The Big Write in our curriculum. Thanks to the use of the pyramids we wrote great stories, but they also helped us on a daily basis with writing beautiful, long sentences in our workbooks. • EY 2 had their own ice cream parlor in the classroom. They learned how ice cream is made (and that it doesn’t grow on trees) and they thought of their favorite ice cream and drew the fruit that is in it. • Our NTC student Jordi de Witte took part in the first IGCSE Dutch as a first language exam. • The Dutch Education Abroad Foundation (Stichting NOB) came out for a week. They praised our Dutch program and gave us new ideas to move with our curriculum from good to great. • The Eleven City Ice Skating tour in Holland had to be cancelled because of the increasing temperature, but it went on in Doha on the Villagio Ice Ring where 75 NTC children participated in this great event. • We are very proud about our Dutch learning and there is so much more to tell, but no space left, so next year more!


Maths Day World Maths Day was held as part of the World Education Games and saw every child in our school, from Year 1 upwards taking part. Opened by our World Education Games Ambassador, Lisa, children competed against students from all over the world in mental calculation races. As a school, we surpassed our previous year’s efforts, answering an astounding 43,922 questions correctly. Well done everyone!

Year 4 Sleepover

Year 5 Camp

Year 6 trip to Fujairah The annual trip to North Star camp in Fujairah always begins with great trepidation... both by parents and by students. However, once that plane trip is over and everyone is on the bus‌ the fun begins! The purpose of the trip is team building. Through learning to work as a team each person learns to become a little more self-reliant and independent. Everyone faces a personal challenge completing the variety of activities offered by North Star Camp staff. Overcoming this challenge is a feeling of such satisfaction and is something that stays with everyone for a long time. To face a challenge and meet that challenge is quite an accomplishment. The activities offered include mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, raft building, snorkeling and a dhow trip. The wall climbing is for most, the ultimate challenge- not just going up; but abseiling down again. This daunting looking wall is invariably a highlight in achievement as everyone is successful. A bond develops amongst the children and between the children and the teachers which lasts the whole year!

ECO Week

Book Week

Olympic Day

Swimming Gala

1st Inter-House Swimming Gala a

The 7th February was named as t and to celebrate this event Comp 1st annual Inter-House Swimmin we travelled to the world class H talented swimmers.

Students from Years 1 to 11 arrive obviously ready to swim swim sw to tell who was more excited, or or the teachers! The day witnesse various swimming strokes includ swimmers swam their fastest and until the final victory was announ Highlights of the Day include:


The Y1 & Y2 enjoying the


Hannah Wood Y6 winnin


Kitty Sharry Y5 winning 5


Jay Toet Y5 winning all 6


Yeisell Y4 winning her 3 ra

at Hamad Aquatic centre

the Qatar School Sports National Day pass International school Doha held its ng Gala. To celebrate this fantastic day Hamad Aquatic centre to showcase our

ed dressed in their house colours wim for the win win win! It was hard who enjoyed the Gala more, students ed a high standard of excellence in ding numerous neck and neck races. The d the supporters shouted their loudest nced. Well done East!!

e shark races

ng all 6 races for West

5 races for North

races for East

aces for West

Student Council

Student Council - Gharaffa- Student Councillors: Amina Frankfort, Leonardo Merlo, Jhordann Silvera, Sofie Dekker, Penelope Gathercole, Rosa Dalessi, Andy Wawrzyniak, Stein West, Kinza Uthman, Lucy Chomowicz, Jade Gevers, Sahl Saoud, Pauli Christiansen, Nine Rudolph, Adamah Frankfort. Probably the most important project undertaken this year has been the fund raising for our Sri Lankan charity to provide clean water via wells for 35 refugee families who have been displaced and are living in makeshift homes. Our grand total was 25,000 QRs and the campuses arranged a variety of small and large events to reach this total. These have included collecting donations for refreshments at

the school productions, cake, book, DVD sales, non-uniform day and larger events like our favourite’s ‘The Big Bounce’. Here are the some of the children’s personal highlights of being a Student Councillor: ‘Helping with the charity ideas’ Pauli ‘Getting new toys and helping to look after them’ Sahl ‘Hearing all my classmates ideas and writing them down’ Lucy ‘Inventing the ideas!’ Andy ‘Doing the charity work’ Jade ‘The Sponsored Bounce’ Leonardo ‘Helping with ideas – sponsored bounce’ Stein ‘Helping to make the school a better place’ Nine

Primary Student Council – Madinat Khalifa- Student Councillors: Guillanam Alinier, Javier Van der Beek, Thomas Watson, Alexandra Del Socorr, Emmy Watson, Linde Majoor, Shreya Sharma, Reuben Strobel, Hannah Wood. What a successful year it has been for the student council at Madinat Khalifa! Each member has worked hard to help share their peers’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals. Numerous fund raisers and social events such as Green day, school productions etc. were organised solely by our dedicated members! Here are some of their best memories: “Being a student council member this year, has been a splendid experience! I loved helping out with the small charity events and seeing the charity chart go up higher every once in a while was fab! I will always remember the sweet memory of seeing all the excited faces of my friends when we revealed the new outdoor toys!”- Hannah, Year 6 Derham “A student council member has great responsibilities. This year, I enjoyed participating in the many events that we organised ourselves. One of the highlights for me was organising the fund-raiser for the Sri Lankan refugees. As a group, we came up with some really good ideas and enjoyed putting them forward. We all worked hard and raised a good amount of money to help the Sri Lankan children. It felt really good to know that we were helping young people who are less fortunate than us!” - Reuben, Year 6 Gibson I am confident that all of our members learned skills that were an extension of their formal learning and I wish the very best with their charity events for next year! Fatima Nazra

Secondary Student Council – Madinat Khalifa- Student Councillors : Eagan Pangestiaro, Chinmaya Vempati, Kristen Joshua, Tom Roebers, Sean Croal, Nadia Gjerdingen, Jeppe Larson, Jonas Laursen, Candida Myers. This year, the student council helped get the lockers sorted out, since after we started the new year, we quickly found that one locker was not enough for the students, so we organized for 2 lockers per student. Each council member was given the responsibility to gather the house points for their own form group. Some of our latest projects include trying to change our uniforms, since we agreed that the material used in the current one would not very ventilated. We also agreed that for the PE uniform, the placement of the logo was uncomfortable when doing exercise, so we suggested a new layout for the shirt. When some of the heads of WCL schools came in, we came in and talked to them, to help them get an understanding how our school is like, and suggestions to what that could be done to improve the school. We were given the opportunity to go down into the construction area, to see the progress with our new swimming pool and sport hall. We were pleasantly surprised to see that it was making really good progress! We are really looking forward to getting to try it out next school year!

Other people who help us

Lynn Jennings Secretary-Al Rayyan

Pinky Arellano Finance Assistant

Alison Borberg School Nurse

Shakkir Kasim IT Officer


Judy Mond Operations Manager

Ingy Shaker PA to the Head of School

Laura Forsey Secretary-Gharaffa

Helen Stevensen Secretary-Madinat Khalifa

Sue Dunkley School Nurse

Jason Ramirez IT Officer

Ali Abduaabi

Rashmi Sharma Lab Assistant

Nidal PRO


Sharjan Caretaker


Liam Geraghty Finance Manager

Samantha Ford Admissions Officer

Shona Duncan HR Assistant

Amanda Lobo Finance Assistant

Jennifer Jones Librarian

Alex Jones Librarian

David Caretaker


Tamsin Leonard Arshiya Begum Admissions Officer HR Assistant



School Consultative Group

Elize Rudolph

Nicole Taylor

Liezel Blignaut

Jeannette Verspui

The School Consultative Group is now in its fourth year of operation. The goal of the group is to support the school in the development of effective partnerships with parents, teachers and staff and to improve the communication between Compass School and parents. The group of four parent representatives and four staff representatives have met twice each term. The two main focus areas for this year were: Communication and the Strategic Direction of the school. Other topics of discussion were the International Middle Years Curriculum, the WCL Management Review and the Arabic improvement plan.

Head of Learning Arvin Nairn How quickly the year has passed. I can hardly believe that it is twelve months since I was invited to comment upon my intended arrival at CISD. What a year it has been! One of the highlights has had to be working with the students and being part of their learning journeys. I am privileged to work in a number of classes on a regular basis, some on more ad hoc occasions as well as visiting all the classes within my role. The friendliness, enthusiasm and curiosity of individuals and groups have been a real bonus and underpin everything we do at school. Students as young as three years old are able to talk to me about what they are learning and even their preferred learning styles – play being one of the most effective learning styles and not just for the youngest students. Our oldest students use more complex vocabulary but the structure is the same – they know where they are in their learning and what they need to do next to move forward. In EAL, I have watched with rapture the progress made by students and the confidence with which they return to the classroom and join in with their peers. But our school is a learning community and the resources provided both in-house and externally have contributed to the continual enhancement of all our staff. New ideas and strategies are evaluated for their impact on learning and support best practice. The commitment of all our staff towards continually improving learning provision and outcomes shows how highly learning is student-focused and their enthusiasm for being part of the best profession in the world! Our curriculum continues to inspire and delight our students. The “Wow” visits remain the talking point for weeks, if not months, and all the students regularly talk to me about where they have been, what they learned and, in some cases, an intention to take up employment in that field. Listening to the excited chatter of some Early Years students about the recent the pizza visit, describing it as, “Brilliant” and “The best thing we have done today” and from a learning perspective, the best advert for instructional writing! The wide range of extra- curricular activities on offer each term as well as external sporting competitions have raised the profile of learning outside the formal classroom setting. Students enjoy the opportunities and benefit from working with other groups and developing new skills. I would like to thanks all the school community for their welcome and friendliness and I look forward to continuing my personal learning journey here in Doha as well as being part of the journeys of all our students in the next academic year.

Campus Principals Learning at Madinat Khalifa 2011 - 2012 Another learning packed year has flown by. Students and teachers have been involved in a huge variety of learning both inside and outside of the classroom; inside and sometimes outside of Qatar. Students have attended two Shakespeare productions, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s dream’ at Katara. Students were also treated to a workshop led by a representative from the Globe theatre who had flown from London, in the UK, to work with our students. And talking of productions the “Wizard of Oz” show was a great success with 60 students from both Primary and Secondary singing, acting and skipping along the Yellow Brick Road. Learning through art continues to feature prominently in our curriculum with Year 5 and 7 visiting the Arab Museum of Modern Art to view Cai Quo-Qiang’s gunpowder creations. Students have also produced ‘Pet Portraits’ which are on exhibition at our local Vetinary Surgery and collaboration with our local community continued with the ‘Fashionable Fashionistas’ event at the Museum of Islamic Art. Students created large sculptural headpieces which had Arabic script and calligraphy as their inspiration. Art, history and fashion were all brought together in the auditorium.

Learning at Gharaffa 2010 - 2011 As another year of learning comes to an end, once again it is time to snatch a few moments to reflect on the achievements, successes and highlights of the year. All our students this year have been involved in learning in a variety of contexts within and beyond the school walls. From archaeological digs to overseas excursions, talks and demonstrations from knowledgeable visitors to involvement in music and drama performances, wow entry and exit points and showcasing their learning to parents in assemblies and through Presentations of Learning. Raising money for our Sri Lankan projects has enabled our students to put really put the skills they have mastered into meaningful, relevant contexts. As a learning community it has not only been our students, but our teachers and parents have also been experiencing new learning and proving that we really do learn something new every day, whatever the age. We firmly believe in modelling learning to our students and all members of staff have been given many opportunities to take their learning to a new level or in a new direction. Our programme of parent information mornings have also continued with many being very well attended. The time to reflect is never more poignant for my family and I, as we come to the end of our time at Compass International School and in Qatar. Arriving in Qatar 9 years ago and at Compass 4 ½

Collaborative learning continues apace with the year 6 and 8 students learning about ‘Scratch’ animation together in ICT; our ‘Buddy Reading’ scheme has progressed into year 8 and PE students in Year 6 and 7 have been undertaking Fitness Challenges together to ensure further effective transition from the Primary to the Secondary School. Teachers of both year 6 and 7 have been learning together for the ‘Happiness Suitcase’ and we look forward to these lessons in happiness being implemented in the new school year. Finally, our very first cohort of Year 11 students have taken their IGCSE examinations. We are confident that they will exceed expectations and we wish them every success in the future.

Donna Brackstone-Drake

Madinat Khalifa Campus Principal

years ago has enabled us to witness incredible change. Compass had just over 100 children when I arrived, all on one campus. Whilst watching such rapid expansion has been exciting, as a staff we have worked hard to make sure each of our campuses retains the feel of a small, friendly community school. The feedback we receive from parents and visitors to the school tell us we are getting it right. For me personally, my time at Compass will be incredibly difficult to match. The support of parents and the experience, expertise and commitment of the staff have been second to none. However, it is the children and students that have been the most important and rewarding element of my time here. Their infectious enthusiasm, individuality, international mindedness and their absolute love of learning and joy at sharing this with others, has made coming to work every day an absolute honour and privilege. I wish all our learners, young and old, all the very best and hope that they continue to ‘Learn well, Enjoy Life and Exceed Expectations’ at Compass and beyond. Pauline Markey Gharaffa Campus Principal

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