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GIVE A HELPING HAND TO SPONSOR NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL DROP ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 21, 2013) — Give A Helping Hand, the national movement geared toward encouraging women to educate their man about testicular cancer, is coming to New York City to start off the new year with a bang. On New Year’s Eve, Give A Helping Hand will host the world-famous ball drop in Times Square, in an effort to raise awareness for testicular cancer. “This is something we’re just so excited for,” said Testicular Cancer Outreach Initiative’s Catherine Henderson, founder of the nonprofit behind Give A Helping Hand. “Hundreds of thousands of people attend the event and millions of people watch it on TV, so it’s a great opportunity to reach our target audience and really get the message out there. Ultimately, we just want people to know what testicular cancer is and how to detect the signs early. We feel this is the most effective way.” Give A Helping Hand will also sponsor the Wishing Wall, which allows people to write their wishes on a piece of Give A Helping Hand branded confetti. The wishes will be collected and added to the one ton that will be released over Times Square. Every hour before the ball drops, spokeswoman Carrie Underwood will read five wishes out loud. “I think it’s really important for women to come together and make a difference in their man’s life,” said Carrie Underwood. “If I didn’t help my husband detect the signs early, who knows how far it could’ve spread. Being a part of this event is an honor, especially because I can share my story and possibly make an impact on the lives of others.” The event will be broadcasted on ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” and sponsored by K-Y. To find out more information about testicular cancer, the event or Give A Helping Hand, visit About Give A Helping Hand Since its launch in October, the Testicular Cancer Outreach Initiative’s Give A Helping Hand campaign has been spreading the word about testicular cancer in a whole new way. Give A Helping Hand has partnered with brands like K-Y, ABC and several women’s networks to target women concerned about the man in their lives and provide them with the information they need to give their partner a helping hand. To find out more about Give A Helping Hand or its mission, visit


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A FAMILY COMPANY LAUNCHES A FAMILY COLLECTION VENICE, Fla. (June 3, 2013) — Not-so-over-the-hill grandmothers will be inspired to showcase their treasured family memories with the launch of Tervis’ all-new Family Collection. Tervis, America’s most trusted name in tumblers, has developed a line where family-oriented, sophisticated women are able to fully customize their tumblers, while taking advantage of the new open-cup-with-attached-lid feature. “Women over the age of 55 often get overlooked when it comes to being targeted for a fun but practical product,” said Tervis CEO Patrick Redmond. “That’s why we thought creating a line just for them was essential. When you think about it, they’re the ones who really hold onto and reinforce family history and values. So we want them to be able to take that affection to the next level. It just felt so natural that a family-owned-and-operated business like us would envision this idea of creating a family collection.” The Family Collection not only offers personalized options ranging from creating a family tree to displaying a timeline on their tumblers, but also makes it easy for adults 55 and over to drink out of their tumbler with the new open-cup-with-attached-lid feature. This new lid, made of a flexible and safe rubber material, makes taking it off easy on fragile hands. The Family Collection also features options for other members of the family, like the sip cup for young children. In addition, actress Betty White has agreed to take on the role of spokeswoman. “If you’re like me, you hate the frustration of twisting off the caps on traditional tumblers since it takes several tries to get it right,” said spokeswoman Betty White. “And if you’re even more like me, family is everything. That’s why I love this collection. It really brings out the importance of reliving your favorite family memories. In fact, I’ve already crafted and ordered my own Family Tree tumbler. And I have people asking me where they can get one every single time I take it out of the house. I’m just really glad I can be a part of it and tell people about this amazing new collection.” To find out more information about the new Tervis Family Collection, please visit About the Tervis Tumbler Company Founded in 1946 by engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, the Tervis tumbler got its name by combining the last three letters of both Cotter and Davis’ last names. By the 1950s, the Donnelly family purchased all Tervis product rights and turned the brand of reliable permanentlysealed, double-walled tumblers into what it is today, America’s most trusted name for more than 65 years. To find out more about the Tervis story, go to


From: Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 11:45 AM To: Subject: It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. Dear Mr. Don Nash: We’re celebrating Grandma’s 75th birthday. She had just blown out the candles on her cake. A few moments later, she’s tearing up. When asked what’s going on she simply says, “Standing at this table right now takes me back to all the other times we’ve stood here singing ‘Happy Birthday’ before. They’re memories I’ll cherish forever.” The new Tervis Family Collection gives grandmothers the ability to cherish these family memories in a more tangible way. And that’s through the customization of their Family Collection tumblers, which come in a Family Tree, Timeline or Scrapbook option. Spokeswoman and actress Betty White can relate. A guest appearance with Betty talking about the new Family Collection and its message would make a great addition to “TODAY.” Your show boasts a large mature audience and brings them the latest news, stories and trends they can relate to. In fact, a couple of months ago you featured a segment called “How to be the best grandparent, ever,” where you gave advice on grandparenting. This makes it clear that a feature on the Family Collection, which promotes family quality time, would be a perfect match to your show. I’d need to know if you’re interested in having Betty appear on your show by early next week. I’ll arrange the interview with Betty and provide you with the entire Family Collection for the segment. If there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know. I will contact you on Monday, June 17 to follow up. In the meantime, I've provided you with a few links for more information on the Family Collection and its upcoming events. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jennifer Radulovic Public Relations Tervis Tumbler Company 201 Triple Diamond Blvd. Venice, FL 34275 407.595.1230

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