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When one thinks of “Public Education,” what do they really think of? The teacher that helped you in High School, your best friend acting foolish in Math class or the place where you would “hang out.” Your “Public Education years bring back all types of memories. But, one never remembers or thinks of the people that cleaned the school rooms, or cooked you lunch, or drove the bus to get you to and from school. These selfless people in their dedication are unkown heros. These benevolent individuals are seldom heard. 3


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Logo Design (pages 6-7) Logo Usage (page 8-9) Color Scheme (page 10) Typography (page 11) Email (pages 12-16) Social Media( pages 17-26) Campaign Guide (page 27) Membership Recruitment (page 28-33) Membership Growth (pages 28-33) Media and the ESEA (pages 34-36) Radio and Television (pages 37-39) Music and Video (pages 40-41) Print Media (pages 42-46) References (pages 40-44)




The overall campaign logo design: Brand recognition, membership enrollment, and community and membership communication. The brand recognition will begin with a consistent recognizable logo. Colors of Red, White, and Blue will identify the ESEA with an American and Patriotic image and feel. This will stabilize the brand and give the campaign a secure base. 6

LOGO DESIGNS Education Support Employees Association Full Color

Eduation Support Employees Association

Single Color- Red, White or Blue Can be used

Education Support Employees Association


Education Support Employees Association

Black + White



Master artwork should always be used when reproducing any logo design. Always ensure you are using the correct artwork for the application. Reproducing of any logo elements the orginal supplied high resolution or vector graphic files should be used (Supplied CD). Key tenets: Solidarity, Collaboration, Cooperation, Patriotism, Americanism should be used after the membership can recogize ESEA logo. 8

Education Support Employees Association

Exclusion Zone The dotted rectangle should always be given to let the logo “breatheâ€?, so nothing distracts from logo design. Educaon Support Employees Associaon

Minimum Reproduction Size W: 1.664 H: .0555 A minimum size must be adhered to so that legibilty is retained.



Red, White, and Blue are the primary colors of the campaign. These colors can be used as individual color for the logo (see logo usage).


TYPOGRAPHY Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann developed the typeface Helvetica. This font design was to created to be a neutral typeface that had great clarity. Helvetica Bold is a public domain font. Therefore can be used without fee and is available on almost all computers.




Email is an important part of this campaign. Email will be used as a newsletter for important information about the membership. Also, the email will be used to sell swag, and as an advertising platform for our business supporters (discounts on restaurants’ and services in the community). The video space will be used as a newscast to inform the membership of upcoming and events that effect their membership.


Why Use Email?


of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Source:

7 in 10 people say they made

use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week. Source: Blue Kan-

garoo Survey

For every $1

spent, $44.25 is the average return

marketing investment Source: Experian


on email

Email ad revenue reached $156 million in 2012! Source: Interactive Advertising


Social Sharing Buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate.

Emails that include

Source: Get Response

64% of people say they open

an email because of the subject line. Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey


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SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Twitter


The media mix in this project is truly multi-channeled strategy. This means that all the media social media, electronic media, video, and music media, and print has a relationship to each other. They are interdependent on each other. Social Media the sounding board, pictures of events, questions polled to the membership, contests. Web site will be linked to social media pages. The web site and social media pages are to look similar to give continuity to the messages. 18


The mission of “Facebook is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.�


Facebook Statistics Today: The average Facebook user has 150 friends

More than 50% of active users log on to Facebook each day. Facebook ads are free


Facebook will be use to:

1. Publish Visual Content 2. Feature custom tabs in views and apps toolbar 3. Highlight best posts 4. Pin New promotion every seven days (Contests and Swag sales, and friends of ESEA promotions. 5. Must be published once a dayhave the membership constantly viewing creating a community. 21



Twitter: Twitter connects businesses to customers in real-time. Twitter is used to share information with the membership about the products and services of the ESEA. The goal is to gather realtime intelligence and feedback and build relationships with the membership and influential people.


Twitter Facts Twitter has about 300 million registered users One billion new tweets are posted every week There are more than 600 million searches done on twitter every single day. In 2011, Twitter mobile users increased by 182% -Twitter24

Growing a following using Twitter the ESEA must: Tweet regularly Retweet regularly Suggest to your connections from other platforms that they follow the ESEA on Twitter Start and contribute to conversations Credit everything Engage the power brokers 25

Watch your timing and consistency Use strategic keywords Practice reciprocity






Presently the membership cannot identify with the ESEA. Over 85% do not know the benefits of membership. Many say, “Why should I join,” or “Pay the money for what?” To turn this trend around with the ESEA membership, there has to be a connection between the membership and ESEA. This can be achieved by making the members feel like they belong to strong organization that is working in their best interest. They want to belong! 29

Making Membership Growth Happen 1. Make a color ID card with the members‘ picture and member number. This will instill a strong image what they are joining is a worthwhile organization. 2.When the ID cards are being made a questionnaire filled out by the member with Name, contact information, email, text numbers and member number 30

on the form. This will be used for the database and for immediate action steps during election and legislative activity. 3. An identifying button will be given to each member. “I’M IN”. 4. If a new member wants to join maybe give him some “swag” hat or mug along with a button. These steps ad a positive position or feeling about the ESEA. This is immediate. 5. Prizes can be offered from 31

the community sponsors for the ESEA member that recruit’s the most new member. The first school has 100% ESEA membership wins some worthwhile prize. 6. The membership id numbers will be used to authenticate a real member from non-members. This is important for prizes that are offered on Facebook. 7. Benefits should be discussed at every opportunity. 32


Media and the ESEA


Social media uses, Facebook, Twitter and all the others will integrate the media from the web page. The second goal of the campaign’s tried to create a community. Social media shall be the sounding board and the meeting room for all this to happen. The ESEA will use this for information and feed back of the membership. Target social media users with exclusive content and ask for them to share it. Create the tribe of the ESEA. 35




Radio and Television will not be use in this campaign because of cost. Electronic media that is going to use here will be for the iPhone, tablet, and email. All these medias will be used to delivery of a message. The message reflects the print campaign’s standardization. Video and music played as a banner content delivery parameter. The ESEA’s web page presented as news, information medium, Union news, social activities, discounts, and contests with prizes. All electronic and socially will be 38

linked to each other. Examples when contemplating the web site you see the membership contest. The prize is worth the effort so you click the button, and this goes to the page that explains the contest. Each member will be emailed the contest procedures and how to enter and win. Remember that 58% of people start their online day by reading emails. (Exact Target’s X Factor Study 2010) “The dominance of email activity on mobile devices increased from 37.4% to 41.6% of US mobile Internet time” –The Nielsen Company 39



Video and music media will draw in the membership as an interest and a content media. Music will create an interest to draw you into the video. The video will give you content which is also needed. You can also think of the video as an advertisement you can play many roles. The video and the music will be used with the social media as content and interest grabber.




Print media will standardize the logo brand. The use of clothing (swag) continues the recognition flow. Poster and select print ads used with the proper placement and cost. Buttons help the membership achieve an identity and starts the tribal process. Bestowing on the membership a visual identification with the ESEA, starting the recognition process. The logo is major identifying element. When polled only 20% could identify the old logo with the ESEA, and less than 10% knew what the ESEA stood for. 43

Swag and Recruitment Poster


Business Set


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Educaon Support Employees Associaon

Solidarity, Collaboration, Cooperation, Americanism, Patriotism 52

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