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elcome to the Spring edition of FAN-

TASY magazine for Julie Clyde Creative. It’s a little surreal and so exciting to be putting together the first anniversary edition of this magazine. I can’t believe we are here already.

I have loved creating within our community and seeing things blossom into the business I have today. It’s definitely a busy time of my life but seeing the faces of those I create for light up when they see the finished product is amazing. I’ve been a busy bee with so many amazing experiences to share! I hope you love falling into the world of imagination with me!

The cover this month:

This months’ cover is one of my pieces I created combining our universe with some of the beauty we have here on earth, flowers. These pieces are available as wall art for your home and also digitally for your screens. For more information simply email

Celebrating 12 months of FANTASY Magazine now available on

Spring 2021 ADVENTURES



Fantasy Club


Caroline Sharkey


The Coffs Harbour Breakers 2021 AFL SEASON IMAGES

Spreading Kindness



The Fairy Room


Kids Corner


Circus Clouds


Bear Cottage Fundraiser Bear Cottage is the only children’s hospice in NSW a very special place that’s dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions. Families who care for a child with a life-limiting condition often do so around the clock for many years. Bear Cottage’s vision is to be as far removed from a hospital environment as possible. They are set up to provide excellence in paediatric palliative care 24 hours a day, and their affiliation to The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network means we have access to some of the best medical resources in the world. During the week of July 25th to 31st they hold a Superhero week to help fundraise. I decided this year to work with kids across Australia to create their own version of superhero for charity. We raised $320 for charity and many kids now have their very own superhero image to call their very own. You can still support Bear Cottage by going to

Happy Birthday!

One year of FANTASY magazine

In the craziness of running a business, It’s very easy to lose sight of where you’ve been and things you’ve done. I started to put together the first Spring Magazine in 2020 because I was running out of room in my ‘Book of Magic’ and wanted to compile in one place all of the Fantasy Portraits I’d been making. The “Book of Magic” is a scrap book where I used to print 8X12 sized images off and display them for markets or to show kids when they first came to the studio. It helped to give them inspiration for their own portrait. I had recently moved some of my printing business across to my beloved GraphiStudios in Italy and I wanted to test their core promise of unparalleled print quality. I had created the Spring Bear’s cover as a special gift to my husband so it made sense to be on the cover. When the magazine arrived it took my breath away. It was printed with such high quality papers and inks, crafted so lovingly, that I was sold. I had printed another magazine through my old printers and the two were chalk and cheese. So Graphi has stayed a big part of my magazine and album printing ever since. I have been looking back over the past two years of Fantasy Portraits recently and they all make me so incredibly proud. Each child’s image was lovingly put together with a little of their imagination and a little of my magic. For almost two years, there haven’t been many duplicate images as each imagination demands it’s own uniqueness.

I will one day craft a new “Magic Book” and fill it full of the biggest wishes of children. Asking “If you could be anything today, what would you be?” Has accompanied some of the most beautiful responses. I think my favourites come from the little lady pictured above. She started Fantasy Club at 2 years old and by the end of the first year her little personality blossomed, so much so she owns a huge piece of my heart... Her whole family do. We have had hysterical giggles over her little wiggly finger that loves to boss me around to more recently asking her, “What are we doing today?” And being met with “Taking my photo Jules” with all the sass she could muster. My biggest creative challenge to date was the Chicken Army. It demanded Nerf guns, white chickens and an exploding sister. It took some time to photograph said white chickens but the final product thrilled my little customer and that, at the end of the day, is exactly why I do what I do; for them.

During the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020, the studio closed for four months and I learned to adapt by going virtual. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of families work with me to create a little lock down magic for their children from afar. I always love to work with the kids in studio but this alternative opened up an entirely new ball game to me. I realised the power of the Internet and the potential this could have on my business. As of August 2020, I have been incredibly fortunate to not have stopped working. Things did quieten down for a few days, but never stopped. The young superman to the left, was sent to me from a bridal couple of mine from many years ago. I was thrilled when Brooke reached out and she nailed the photo that I ended up using. This little image in turn opened up a weekend in Young, NSW late last year where I fell in love with the city. It was awesome to reconnect with Brooke and Scott, and spend some magical time with Superman himself. It is an area that I will definitely head back to when we are able to once more. As I write this, sitting in August of 2021 a year since I visited Young and now back into lock down it has helped me to really appreciate so many magical moments I have been afforded through these portraits. I know I say this often, but having so many children come through here and open up to the possibility of imaginary play still astounds me. They come from all backgrounds and often with special needs but they’re all treated like the magical superheros I see in them. The most magical part for me though, is when the parents join in the creative play, and their children light up. That’s the real magic.

Fantasy Club June July August 2021 It's been an exciting few months here at club as we welcomed two new adventures into the program for the next six months. They came in ready to play and BOY have we had some fun! So far the families and I have been able to work around the ever nearing covid outbreak in Sydney, however I feel the final two weeks of August may bring with it some challenges. Time will tell! For now, I hope you enjoy this season’s club kids as much as I did making them.

Caroline Sharkey

I speak of Caroline a LOT in my business because without her mentor-ship, friendship and love I may not be where I am today. She allowed a crazy idea I had about combining her art and grandson together and Fantasy Portraits were born. She’s an incredible businesswoman and mentor in the textile world and I’m thrilled to introduce you to her. My mission has always been to bring creativity and the arts to as many people as I can however I can. My Mission is the same today as it has been from day one, even though we are faced with Covid lock downs and stay at home climate we currently find ourselves. I have spent many years building my business around face to face teaching and so the past two years have not been an easy time. Teaching is something that I adore doing and having to switch to online classes has been a hard speed bump in the road to work with. I have been having a real problem with this whole change thinking that I am letting my clients down by going online and missing out on the face to face time which I cherish so much. I know I wont be if the mission stays the same and the fun, care and contribution stays somewhat the same. It already has been a steep learning curve for me, but I have tried to make my online workshops as real as possible.

I try to create them so they are not overly scripted, made at home without being too professionally produced, and I am learning new ways to bring creating and working in this way to the people who want to be here. I have made each workshop a click away from being in the workroom with me. Each workshop is easily downloaded along with patterns and requirements so you can get started asap in the comfort and safety of your own space. I was lucky early on in my career that I followed my own star and was able to say Yes to myself. I worked to just keep going and take the opportunities as they come. I made sure I said Yes! To as many scary new opportunities that presented themselves, and to go out and make the opportunities I dream to make. There were many times I had to learn to bite my lip, hold my breath and step into whatever it was that I knew was the next risk for me and my business.

When I got to that stage, I finally felt it at gut level and I was able to let go of lots of niggling insecurities. This freed up the space for me to really enjoy my path; that is very satisfying. I have to say that this confidence has taken a small beating over the past year, but I push on and keep reminding myself that I did it once I can do it all again even if it feels like I’m continually starting from scratch…. I just have to keep faith.

Being at home away from my tribe physically has made connecting in other ways so important. The possibilities of mentoring has grown more in importance and this time has been full of these opportunities to advise and lift up other creatives so that they find or keep going with their own practice. The positives of being locked down and to stop has shone a bright light on part of what I do and proved to me that I can do this here and now as a way to pay forward all the opportunities I have had in the past 25years. A book or magazine was always in my plan and starting The Digital Cloth E-magazine with Mel Sharkey in 2019 was very exciting. Mel’s expertise with my connections is a perfect partnership and the chance to finally have a platform to share the amazing creative people I have met over the years, and who I meet every day in social forums is a culmination of the plan to further mentor and promote others into the future. The Digital Cloth connects me with a wider global audience of arts, creators and readership and as it grows, I feel very blessed to have this next direction of my business. I had a message recently from a contributing artist that was very uplifting! “You are a very proud Australian and proud of the art, textiles and fiber art we produce here. You’re providing a much-needed vehicle” Go You! Collaborating has always been something I enjoy and working with different artists and creators on the magazine has helped build friendships and mutual respect for how we are all going about our creative endeavours and working in art practices.

Equally hearing from readers all over the globe and how the magazine brings them inspiring reading, projects and connections with new art and crafts are the most fulfilling moments overall, this I know is where I can make a difference to so many. I often use the hashtag #payingitforward and it sums up much of how I feel about this magazine. Paying it Forward Caroline x

You can find Caroline Sharkey Textile Art online and The Digital Cloth Magazine, by following the media links below:

Caroline Sharkey Textile Art:

The Digital Cloth E-Magazine: W

Coffs Breakers Team Photos 2021 We have had an awesome season at the Coffs Breakers AFL this year. At the time this goes to print, we were meant to have finished our season with the U11 and U13 teams in the grand finals. Sadly Covid struck the day before the grand finals and we haven’t been able to play them yet. It’s been such a change to play sports this season for such an organised, kind and fun club. My own family have participated in a wide range of sports over the last four years but none have been as well done as this AFL Club. It was such a pleasure to photograph the kids all season and be able to produce a special team photo for them all for the end of season. There are still a few more to make which will take place once we are allowed to be in person again. It doesn’t matter to me how we finish the season as we have a club filled with champions already. Team photos can be created for any team worldwide by sending high quality images to:

Spreading Kindness

In the Coffs Harbour community, there is an incredible human who spreads kindness and love wherever she goes. She holds the kind of space you need to breathe and feel comfortable in and now she’s teaching women how to do the same.

Tayebeh and I met through an advertisement for family portraits, and with her permission I created a couple of Fantasy portraits for her children. Mona’s elephant became an advertising piece for me, but it solidified the fact I could create these portraits for clients and made great friends out of Tay and I. Tay recently started holding sacred mothers circles and asked me to photogaph her to use for her online marketing. I couldn’t have said yes any faster! Here’s what Tay has to share with you about her journey to holding her sacred circles... The art of circles is something I

discovered recently when a friend asked me to join her online space that she was holding for other mothers. I found myself being transformed and my mind and heart opening up to so much healing. I realised this was what I was looking for, in terms of connecting with other mothers in a healthy way, but also as a way of service to humanity. I was trying to have meaningful connections with other women and mothers but I just needed to be guided as to how to do that. In January last year I formally started my training at the School of Intuitive Motherhood with Maria Golding, to become a Sacred Mama Circle Facilitator. I have been holding space for other mama’s in their motherhood journey, no matter where and how many years that may be.

I have found it incredibly healing for myself by doing this. I have held space for others in the past and found it extremely exhausting and was finding myself depleted after the interactions. In this context, we all hold space for eachother, and as a facilitator I find my cup being filled and connecting deeper to these women. I am so excited for the rest of my journey as a circle facilitator in life, as I continue to grow with the ebbs and flows of life, in the company of other beautiful mothers. What Tay isn’t sharing is she has also created the “Paying it forward Coffs Harbour” group here on the coast. In this group, she has organised and helped to provide over 50 school bags this year to families in need and given the space to help many more in need by sharing their stories and needs. The page has grown to have just un 1000 members now and it is still a group filled to the brim with kindness.

To connect with Tayebeh you can find her online through these links:

Scared Mothers Circles:

Paying it forward Coffs Harbour: Or you can email:

Fine by Jules started as a space for me to create whatever I wanted to in be it Fantasy work or not. My creative friend Kris Kashtanova shared her circus cloud creation and I instantly wanted to know how to create the same effect. I could see so many fantasy ideas sprout from her single image so I got to work. These are a couple of my favourites to date and I hope to create many more and have a little series.

At the minute they feel a little like my spin on popular movies, but I love how the circular spin creates instant perspective and depth to the image. The other beautiful thing to these images is there is no right or wrong finish. Sometime I will select an image I feel will look unreal as a circus, but they turn out horribly! Sometimes the worst starting image ends up looking unreal! There is a lot of play involved and creating something isn’t about perfection. It’s about the simple art of creating something for your own enjoyment no matter how jagged or rough that may be. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself.

I’ve been SO excited to be a tiny part in the adventure of The Fairy Room over the past few months. Leigh, one of my Fantasy Club mums came to me with an idea for a logo she had. I instantly fell in love with it and together we created it along with a brand guide of her vision. The Fairy Room’s mission is to connect with our community and bring people together with kindness and a little magic. The Fairy Room is committed to providing a unique, specially designed wonderland where families can book boutique styled fairy parties. The Fairy Room is committed to hosting luxe, high tea parties for children, mummy & me dates and baby showers. We welcome all other possibilities. The Fairy Room is about more than our high end Fairy Parties. We are passionate about giving our customers an experience like no other. We want our customers to come to us for an experience where they feel heard, understood and seen. Our experience as parents will allow us to see them as more than a dollar sign and as such will allow us to open up conversations about what they truly need for their party. Leigh took inspiration from her daughter, Koa when she created The Fairy Room. Originally it was going to be part of a larger business idea she had, but soon came to realise the huge potential that came with creating a luxury space for children’s celebrations.

All of our parties will be available to book through our website and will feature optional additions for your party. We will encourage our customers to confidently select from our high tea options, and also make life easy for special needs and food intolerance children by including a vegan and gluten free high tea treats as a standard option. The website will also offer specially designed The Fairy Room party invitations, where each party booking can print off to send to their guests. In the current COVID climate, The Fairy Room is looking for its forever home here in Coffs Harbour, NSW. As soon as they have their address it will be shared across their social media platforms. With a few applications in, it has been put on hold due to the current lock down restrictions. To follow The Fairy Room and stay up to date with opening times head to:

Taylor's Tales

Hi! I’m Taylor, and I love to write and create. I thought about what makes writing fun for me and I came up with a list of ten things to get you started: 1. Come up with one fun sentance to get you started... 2. Think of your characters and their personalities 3. Put on some music if it helps you think. I like to listen to Macklemore as his songs help me think. 4. Make sure you’ve had lunch or a snack- I can’t work on an empty stomach! 5. Write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense to start with, but you might use some of the ideas later. 6. Create a starting paragraph, a middle and an end to round out the story. 7. Try to find somewhere to write without distractions 8. I always write my ideas on paper first as I find it helps me write more fluently and I can see what I have written. 9. Make your story descriptive so the reader feels like they’re in the story too. 10. HAVE FUN!


For the next edition of FANTASY Magazine, use one of these starters to write a short story for your chance to have it printed! 1. Dust flew everywhere.The wind picked up causing me to retreat to shelter. 2. I’ve been stranded on the side of the road for hours. Hours since my car sputtered and died. Email your entries directly to


C s ’ y e u

r e orn

Huey’s ‘ draw your imagination vehicle’ Competition Hi little car designer!

In this competition, you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. I would like you to draw your very own imagination vehicle! Get an adults help to email me a copy of your drawing to enter for your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card! Please email your imaginary car to and as an extra reward your vehicle will be printed in the next FANTASY magazine! Happy designing!


Donald's Digs

Welcome to my corner of the Fantasy Magazine! I am a 7 year old who loves sport, jokes and history. So each magazine I will share a little bit of what I am reading about and jokes that are making me laugh. Facts about the Tiger Tank, how I understand them: The tiger tank was a German tank of World War II that operated at the beginning of 1942 in Africa and in the Soviet Union. They were usually in independent heavy tank battalions. The Tiger Tank gave the German Army its’ first armored fighting vehicle that mounted the 8.8cm KMK 36 gun (derived from the 8.8cm flack 367). They were built between August 1942 and August 1944. After August 1944, production of the tiger I was phased out in favour of the Tiger II. The first Tiger tank prototype was scheduled to be ready for Hitler’s birthday on 20 April 1942 and there were 1,837 Tiger I and Tiger II tanks were built in total. Built with combat performance in mind, although superior on the battlefield, the Tiger’s complex design and a lack of thought to repairing individual components made it tricky and expensive for mechanics to maintain. Track failures, engine fires and broken gearboxes meant many Tigers broke down and had to be abandoned.


Q. What is the Sheriffs favourite candy? A. Wagon Wheels Q. What’s the cheapest way to post somebody? A. With a stamp on the foot Q. Where do you find the most fish? A. Between the head and the tail. Q. What kind of bat can’t fly? A. A Wombat

The Midnight Visitor Written by Lara Paschke, age 10

Lara is the winner of Taylor’s creative writing challenge which was posted on Facebook a week ago. This is a stunning tale of fantasy and adventure! We hope you love it as much as we did! Thank you Lara! Midnight finally struck. The Grandfather clock chiming away wearily down the corridor. Slipping slowly out of bed into the cold, moist air something flew past my foot making me jump. This house was haunted and I knew it since I saw the black, creaky gates. I knew it since I saw the cobwebs and holes, hidden in places around the house. Now, I know it for sure, because there is a monster under my bed. It was daunting to think that a monster could be under my bed. I didn’t think that such creatures even existed. Suddenly, my toes felt cold. Not because of the breeze, though. It was because when I looked down, I saw green gloop, oozing out from under my bed. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. My mouth wouldn’t open and my eyes darted to my bed. I could make a quick leap and bury myself in blankets... “Hissssssss...” More green gloop was covering the floor and I saw the flash of two yellow eyes. “Hissss... Hisssssssss....” Then, I did the stupidest thing ever. I knelt down and felt the cold gloop crawl up my nighty. It’s alive, I thought with horror. I bent down even lower and had to bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming. Right there, under my bed, a dragon with teeth that could chomp bones, and scales as shiny as jewels, lay sleeping curled up with all of my dirty socks. “Hissssss... Hisssss...” The dragon opened it’s mouth and I saw a puddle of green gloop form on the floor. “Hissss...” This was too much. Just too much. I decided that I was dreaming, so I stood up, wiped the gloop off my nightyAt least I tried to- and hopped up onto my bed. As I closed my eyes, I heard the deep, slow breathing of the dragon and my last thought was, Is this real? I woke up to wind blowing hard in my face. “Whaaa...?” My eyes widened as I looked down at my bed... at least, where my bed should have been. I was riding on the dragon. It had grown five times it’s size from last night.

It took me a while to figure out that I was actually riding on a dragon. A real dragon! This was amazing! All my fear I had felt from last night seemed to be carried away by the strong winds. Wait- “Where am I?” It was broad daylight and I was in the middle of nowhere. Sure, riding a dragon might feel fun, but the part about how it has a mind of it’s own... Yeah. That’s something else. “PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. The dragon simply snorted and continued flying on. I scowled. “DID YOU HEAR ME? PUT. ME. DOWN!!!” Of course, the dragon didn’t respond. All of my calmness and happiness had seemed to be splashed with anger, and worry. “Uh... Mr Dragon?” I waited for a response, and when none came. I continued on, “Look, I have a family to get to, and they’re probably really worried right now... so, uh, could you please put me down?” The dragon hovered in the air for a moment, as though considering my comment. Suddenly, without any warning, the dragon flipped over and I lost my grip, falling to the ground at top speed, flailing my arms to try and save myself. “HELP!” I cried in panic. “HELP ME!” I knew that I was alone. This was the end. Oh, what a world... I sat, up gasping, and turned my head to look around. I saw nothing but darkness. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest. Just a dream. I thought, just a dream... I cuddle myself up into my blankets and smile as I hear the soft breathing of the dragon under my bed.


Congratulations to our week 1 colouring in competition winners, Bella, Josie and Havannah! Week 2’s winners were: Chloe, Ronan, Abi and Kristi. Well done everyone! They have each won a $10 Amazon Gift card! Colouring in competitions are found on our Facebook Page;

The midnight fright

Bella is the runner up of Taylor’s creative writing challenge. It was such a fun piece that we wanted to share her work with you. Well done Bella! “Midnight finally struck. The Grandfather clock chiming away wearily down the corridor. Slipping slowly out of bed into the cold, moist air something flew past my foot making me jump”. The cold air hit my face as I did. The owls hooting and the crickets chirping set the scene. As I stood there wondering what it was my mind was a boggle. Could it be dangerous? What did it want? How was I going to get through the night? My thoughts paralyzed me in fear. I thought back many years ago when I was only five and my mother and father had said to me “We’re always here for you even when you think we’re not”. Tears filled my eyes I really missed them. My parents were on a business trip and they haven’t returned yet. They left me alone with my three sisters, two brothers, my crazy six-year-old cousin Sophie and my very rich aunt. I was very forlorn when I found out that they made me sleep in the attic. Alone. As I looked back at my thought’s the thing struck again this time touching my leg it was slimy and scaly. I reached for the light switch but as I did I tripped on the phone cable and fell to the ground with a THUD. I landed on my arm and felt the pain instantly. I knew it was broken but couldn’t think how to get up. Then it happened. I could feel it slithering up my back. My legs started to shiver and my shoulders went stiff. This was it, this was going to be the end of me for sure. Then out of nowhere, there was a giant tongue licking me up to my face. The breath was warm and smelled like dirty socks, the tongue was wet and rough. The tail slapped me in a constant beat bump bump bump……. It was Ruby my crazy hypo dog. She had been asleep under my bed and something must have disturbed her. Now I had to work out how to get the light on and go get some help for my arm. THE END

Skills Update

Before | after Creating Circus Clouds are REALLY fun and fairly simple to do. I saw one of my creative friends on Facebook had created one for an art piece and she had shared a little bit on how to do it. I thought the effect was really fun and something that could possibly come in handy for Fantasy work... All I could see was a giant ship sailing through them. So I decided to research more into how they are made and the best images to play with... Turns out most cloud images are BEST to play with!

Want to learn how to do this yourself?

It’s two clicks of a button in Photoshop to turn regular clouds into circus clouds. Go to Filter->Distort->Polar Coordinates then Filter->Distort->Pinch I duplicated the final layer, and used a mask to create the smooth circular effect. There are some really helpful videos showing this on YouTube if you’d like to see more.

Current Projects: Fantasy Portraits:

Capturing memories all year round in the Bonville studio. “What would you be if you could be anything in the world?” To book call the studio on 0423 777 275

Virtual Fantasy Portraits

Capturing memories all year round from the safety of your home. For more information or to book, call the studio on 0423 777 275

Impressionable Kids Coffs Harbour:

Jamie is now taking bookings for September, October and November 2021. To book contact 0413 656 728.

Summer Fantasy Magazine Due out December 2021

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Spring FANTASY Magazine 2021 | Julie Clyde Creative  

In the anniversary issue of FANTASY Magazine, we feature some incredible creative businesses, celebrate the last 12 months of fantasy work a...

Spring FANTASY Magazine 2021 | Julie Clyde Creative  

In the anniversary issue of FANTASY Magazine, we feature some incredible creative businesses, celebrate the last 12 months of fantasy work a...

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