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Dear Friends and Supporters, On the third anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami and on behalf of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC), the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and the thousands supported through your generosity, I would like to thank you—not only for your donations, but for the love, prayers and hope that came with them. Everything changed for us at the JCCCNC on March 11, 2011. Our hearts were broken as we watched the earthquake and tsunami devastate the Tohoku region of Japan. We all wanted to help, but felt helpless. We all wanted to somehow turn hopelessness into hope, but we didn’t know how. We realized that as a Japanese American cultural and community center we needed to respond, just as we did during the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake.

Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California

The JCCCNC responded to the March 11 disaster by establishing the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (Relief Fund/NJERF), committing 100% of all money received to the citizen-to-citizen relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. We could never have imagined how large and how quickly this Relief Fund could grow, and were overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and humanity that we received from all over the world. In this summary, we would like to share with you a small glimpse of what we have experienced since establishing the Relief Fund—the range of fundraising activities that took place: from small garage sales, school concerts and community events, to local businesses doing what they could. In the first few weeks, the number of supporters and donations to our Causes page was growing by the minute. Every dollar mattered and each dollar came with a message of hope for the survivors. Also documented is the remarkable work and accomplishments of the various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Japan that received support from the Relief Fund, many of which worked tirelessly to ensure that no one was overlooked during the most critical and difficult times. The success of the Relief Fund would not have been possible without the support of the thousands of donors, event organizers, organizations, businesses and volunteers in the community and around the world; as well as the NGOs, firstresponders and volunteers making a difference in Japan. Although many are still without their homes and it is said that it will take many years to fully recover, please know that our continued thoughts and prayers will bring hope and inspire the survivors to take the small steps needed to continue to carry on. There was something you could do, and you did! With sincere gratitude,

Dianne Fukami JCCCNC Board President 2010-2012

March 2014


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6,150 23,000



Estimated cost of disaster:




In the wake of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) immediately established the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (Relief Fund/ NJERF) to aid the survivors





throughout the relief, recovery and rebuilding phases. But most importantly, to share the message of hope and to let the survivors know that they were not alone.




The campaign—a community and volunteer driven effort—quickly grew to become the largest Japanese American community based relief fund in the United States, with over 12,000 donors, 25,000+ members on Causes.com and more than 300 events raising over $4 million. The JCCCNC Relief Fund was the 19th largest* fundraising campaign in the U.S. in response to the March 11 disaster. What made the Relief Fund unique, and ultimately led to its astounding success, is its three-fold plan — Relief, Recovery and Rebuild—and its commitment to allocate 100% of the over $4 million in donations received to nonprofit organizations, local community organizations in the disaster areas and some that the JCCCNC has had long relationships with since the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake. Through these organizations, the funds were distributed based on the threefold plan that addressed the immediate as well as long-term program needs for the victims, especially those who need it most but are often forgotten — the elderly, children, the physically and mentally challenged and the migrant communities.


Covered the period immediately following the earthquake

and tsunami to meet life saving and survival needs such as daily necessities, shelter, medical care and senior and children services.


A two-pronged approach consisted of Recovery

Phases I and II to address early, medium and long-term stages of recovery that helped the survivors adapt to their “new normal.” This phase provided relocation services; temporary shelter and housing needs; supplies for children, families and seniors; revival of education system; mental health trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) counseling; as well as community development support.


Assisted ongoing recovery and mental health efforts

and is supporting community and social development needs in the affected areas to rebuild the human spirit. *Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE), JCIE Special Report–U.S. Giving in Response to Japan’s March 11 Disaster Tops $630 Million (September 11, 2012) http://www.jcie.org/311recovery/usgiving-2.html


• Aomori




• Akita • • Miyako Morioka • Kamaishi

• Kesennuma • Ishinomaki


Yamagata •









Kobe YMCA Immediately sent and coordinated volunteers with staff at local YMCAs The Kobe YMCA was the first organization the JCCCNC partnered with because of the relationship formed immediately following the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake in 1995. From that experience, the JCCCNC knew that the Kobe YMCA was the most knowledgeable and experienced among the NGOs in Japan that had done disaster relief work. The Kobe YMCA immediately sent staff and volunteers to the affected areas to assess the situation and began training staff at the Sendai YMCA and other YMCAs to help ensure they were meeting the needs of the people. Communication was also down in the disaster-affected area but the Kobe YMCA was able to keep in contact with local YMCAs in the Tohoku region and assisted and mobilized help as needs arose. From early communications, the Kobe YMCA found that along with lifesaving support—food, water and shelter—there was also need for basic essentials like flashlights, batteries, camping equipment and butane for heating and cooking. Once the Kobe YMCA identified these needs, items were purchased and brought from areas outside of Tohoku to the Sendai YMCA where they were then distributed to the local YMCAs and other organizations. The immediate assistance and skills provided by experienced members of the Kobe YMCA were invaluable to the Sendai and other YMCAs and the thousands who benefitted from their early relief support.


Sendai YMCA M I YA G I P R E F E C T U R E

Assisted 11,766 in the first three months As a local community center, preschool and hotel management school, the Sendai YMCA immediately opened its doors to victims of the disaster offering food, shelter and assistance. Because the Sendai YMCA facility is fairly large and is in a centralized location in Tohoku, initial funds were sent to create and sustain a volunteer center and provide childcare services to support families with young children. In the first two months, the volunteer center housed, fed and supported close to 1,000 Directors, staff and volunteers from other YMCAs in Japan. The main areas of focus during this time was to provide assistance and direct volunteers to the Morioka, Iwate and Tochigi YMCAs, and to deliver supplies to smaller communities whose needs were not being met. The Sendai YMCA also began to provide much needed outdoor group play programs to support the well-being of children in the coastal towns close to Sendai. The Sendai YMCA also provided essential childcare support for parents who needed a safe environment for their children so they could better manage their personal and family matters following the disaster. The Sendai YMCA allowed parents to take care of elders, clean-up their homes and handle other issues, alleviating stress during a time of much uncertainty. During the first three months 11,766 individuals benefited from the Sendai YMCA’s programs and services.


Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Logo The Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund logo quickly became an iconic symbol of strength, hope, love and community. Its compelling yet uncomplicated design conveyed a true representation of the Relief Fund’s mission and goals, which was to turn hopelessness into hope by opening up our hearts to the victims of the tragic disaster. April 2011 To Mr. Paul Osaki, On behalf of the Sen dai YMCA in Miyagi Prefecture, I would like our deepest appreciati to send on to the Japanese Cu ltural and Communi of Northern California ty Center and the many donors who have supported Northern Japan Earthq the uake Relief Fund. We are grateful for your for our relief efforts donation at the Sendai YMCA . We were holding a gra duation for our Hotel School students on Ma and it was disrupted rch 11 by the big earthquake. That day, we immedi to help our surroundi ately started ng community by offe ring them hot food and stay, and delivering wat a place to er and emergency sup plies to those around the YMCA. With your support, and that of the National Co uncil of YMCAs in Jap the Y’s Men’s Club, we an and established a Volunteer Center. Through this Center we have been Volunteer supporting the follow ing coastal towns: Na Higashi-Matsuyama nagahama, City, Minami-Sanrikucho, Yamamoto-cho cho. We have been foc and Watariusing on helping old er adults and sur vivors living by themselves. who are Many other YMCAs Directors, staff and vol come to assist us, inc unteers have luding the Kobe YMCA and National YMCA doing what we can to . We are help other YMCAs and small communities tha assistance thanks to you t need r generosity and encour agement. I truly appreciate you r kind words and sup port. I will continue informed of our relief to keep you efforts. Sincerely yours, Nobuo Murai

General Secretary Sendai YMCA

The logo could be seen on t-shirts, buttons and bracelets all around the City, at SF Giants games on the big screen, on websites like Evernote.com, and replacing hundreds of Facebook profile pictures. It was instantly recognizable, memorable and trustworthy. The brushstroke heart encircling Japan’s sun-disc was envisioned and created by Paul Osaki, JCCCNC Executive Director and Rich Lee, a versatile illustrator/graphic designer (RichLeeDraws.com).

“He [Paul] contacted me to help him

take his vision and transform it into a tangible design. As we were all shocked by the images we saw on TV, I believe the idea and execution was pretty raw and from the gut, and the final design embodied what we all felt for the victims of the 3/11 events.” — RICH LEE







relocate SUPPORT



Association for Aid and Relief, Japan F U K U S H I M A , I WAT E



Delivered over 14 tons of water Delivered relief supplies to 73,816 in the first five months Repaired 60 senior care facilities that also supported persons with disabilities Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AARJ) carried out relief efforts for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake immediately after the disaster. AARJ delivered emergency supplies to those who had limited access to aid, such as persons with disabilities, the elderly and survivors living at home. Through their Building Healthy Communities Project, AARJ continued to provide rehabilitation and health related services, mobile clinics, sanitation services, transportation services, psychological care and community interaction/exchange events for persons with disabilities, the elderly and people staying in temporary housing in the affected areas of Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Along with helping survivors with day-to-day living, AARJ also helped support schools in the Kashima Ward where the student population increased due to the relocation of schools surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant. AARJ cooperated with the Board of Education to deliver staple foods for approximately 2,800 students, twice a week in July 2011. AARJ’s long-term plans included assisting with the distribution of food and non-food items, repairing facilities for seniors and persons with disabilities in order for them to continue much needed services and engaging in recovery projects to make sure that those with limited access to aid can live a secure and healthy life.


Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Services I WAT E



Immediately set up mobile medical clinics Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Services (JOCS) set up a two stage plan and activated mobile medical clinics at several evacuation centers in Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture) and Kamaishi (Iwate Prefecture) working with churches in the area. In the second stage that began in June 2011, mobile healthcare services physically sent nurses to visit people living in temporary shelters and in their own homes in remote areas. The medical centers set up in the early months are still supporting recovery work in Sendai and Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture with support from the Sendai Christian Center. JOCS felt it was very important to provide aid to areas in Kamaishi because it was one of the most damaged areas and, even before the disaster, was in need of medical services. The disaster only made the situation worse. The JOCS staff concentrated their effort in Kamaishi because they were concerned that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), alcohol addiction and suicide would continue to be serious issues that they would need to respond to. Preventive approaches for these problems were a real need and JOCS worked together with churches and the local government to provide the necessary care. It was JOCS’ wish that their work would continue to encourage survivors to understand the need for “community”— through working and living together while gaining a sense of hope through mental and physical care services.


Japanese Society of Traumatic Stress Studies F U K U S H I M A , I WAT E



Held 24 seminars in four months about mental health issues in the affected areas The Japanese Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (JSTSS) felt that the mental health welfare network in the coastal areas of the three disaster-stricken prefectures was greatly impacted by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. Even before the disaster hit, the area did not have sufficient numbers of mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or nurses. Searching for new professionals and providing long-term assistance from outside the area were obvious demonstrated needs. JSTSS is the only traumatic stress related academic society in Japan and they have taken on the mission to provide long-term support in the disaster areas. They have committed to provide advice to professionals in trauma care, ensuring that survivors will receive appropriate mental health services on the path to stabilization. JSTSS will also address the burnout and low morale among local professionals by supporting them so that they will be able to work in their own capacity to enhance the local mental health system. The JSTSS plan is to continue their activities in the disaster areas through 2014. In Iwate Prefecture, continuous support will be provided in the area of children’s welfare in collaboration with the Child Welfare Division. In Miyagi Prefecture, regular visits will be made to public health centers in Kesennuma and Ishinomaki. In Fukushima Prefecture, due to radioactive damage, evacuees are scattered throughout the prefectures; therefore, seminars and consultations will be provided in six designated areas so professionals can attend and obtain the support and resources they need.


Kobe YMCA Assisted 20,000 resettled survivors In the immediate relief phase, the Kobe YMCA sent staff and volunteers to the affected areas to assess the situation, as well as train staff and volunteers at the Sendai, Morioka and Tochigi YMCAs to ensure they were meeting the needs of the people, especially the resettlement of those whose homes were damaged or destroyed. The Kobe YMCA also assisted 20,000 survivors who have resettled in the Kobe area. They provided care with temporary housing, assisted in addressing mental health and PTSD counseling needs and provided outdoor recreational respite opportunities for families and youth from Fukushima Prefecture. These activities eased the worry and doubt of the evacuees from the Tohoku region allowing them to return to their homes relaxed and more optimistic. As the local YMCAs continue to work directly with the residents in Tohoku, the Kobe YMCA will further assist with ongoing development and support issues related to PTSD and staff and volunteer burnout. As experienced disaster relief supporters, the Kobe YMCA can help the local YMCAs anticipate some of the ongoing and changing needs that the communities may begin to face as they continue to rebuild their lives.


Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi I WAT E P R E F E C T U R E

Rebuilt community center to serve 470 displaced children Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK), originally Doctors Without Borders, conducted surveys in the devastated areas and chose Iwate Prefecture as their main focus due to the lack of aid organizations there. They filled immediate needs by providing blankets and necessities to shelters and modified buses to support the children and youth by offering them a place to study, read, chat and relax. While working in Iwate, KnK began to concentrate more of their efforts in supporting community centers in Ofunato City, a coastal town that was heavily affected by the tsunami. Among 132 community centers, 34 were completely or severely destroyed. Realizing the important role these centers provide in the residents’ daily lives and in the communities’ restoration process, KnK decided to utilize funds from the Relief Fund to support the renovation and rebuilding of one community center, as well as provide furniture and educational materials for three other centers. Over 380 families, including more than 470 children and youth, initially benefited from the re-opening of the community center, allowing them to resume activities and function as a focal point— allowing them to hold meetings to discuss and create a long-term recovery plan; organize traditional festivals; provide cultural, educational and recreational activities; be a safe and comfortable space for the elderly and students; and provide the community with support and assistance in overcoming the difficulties and challenges as residents eventually begin to feel secure and live a normal life.


Morioka YMCA I WAT E P R E F E C T U R E

Coordinated 1,000 volunteers in the first month The Relief Fund’s support to the Morioka YMCA was dedicated to providing aid and relief to Miyako City and other cities in Iwate Prefecture along the rugged and mountainous Pacific coast that were the hardest hit by the tsunami. In some cases, mountain climbers were organized to carry in relief supplies, food, water and medical supplies to areas that were unreachable by vehicles due to damaged roads and tunnels. The Morioka YMCA also established a volunteer center in Miyako City at the Japan Christian Miyako Church to support survivors. Some of the initial volunteer activities included removing rubble and sludge, cleaning and disinfecting buildings for use, hosting training courses for 70 volunteers that would work in the disaster areas and working with Iwate University students to organize and encourage residents living in shelters to attend a cherry blossom viewing event. It has been the Morioka YMCA’s philosophy to “support survivors so they can return to their normal lives” by building positive relationships and supporting the restoration of a healthy environment. They continue to seek out those who have fallen through the safety net of aid provided by government, community and other organizations. Although they received temporary assistance from YMCA staffers from all over Japan, the Morioka YMCA’s long-term goal is to maintain consistent staffing allowing them to organize recreational programs for youth, provide child care programs and to continue to research and find solutions to effectively meet the changing needs of those most in need.


National Council of YMCAs of Japan In the first month, sent 419 Directors and 607 volunteers to support local communities The National Council of YMCAs of Japan (National YMCA) focused on creating supportive activities for those affected by the disaster, especially the children, youth, elderly, disabled and foreign citizens. The National YMCA devoted their efforts to training the first-responders of the relief and recovery activities. The National YMCA also set up three phases for recovery. In phase one, the focus was the establishment of Disaster Volunteer Centers and supporting their operations and management. This included food distribution, supporting nurseries and schools, providing nursing care for the elderly and other pressing needs. By the end of April 2011, the National YMCA had sent a total of 419 Directors and 607 volunteers to the affected areas and evacuation centers. In phase two, the main goal was support for survivors to return to a normal livelihood. This encompassed moving people into temporary housing, creating after school programs, organizing grief retreat camps and training students as disaster recovery volunteers. For phase three, entitled “No More Evacuation Center,” they focused on returning survivors and communities to daily pre-disaster routines. The National YMCA’s plan to succeed in phase three is to train youth leaders for recovery; support students with scholarships, housing and opportunities to participate in high schools correspondence courses; and establish a Recovery Support Center to create avenues for longterm mental counseling.


“We cannot thank you enough for awarding us funds to continue our disaster mental health assistance activities in Japan. The Roots Project began providing disaster assistance in Ishinomaki and nearby regions two weeks after the disaster, but it has been a struggle since we were financing our activities with our personal funds. The needs in the disaster-impacted areas are tremendous and the care for psychological trauma will continue for a long time. We are most grateful that your funding support will allow us to continue to provide the care for at least a two year period.” — S H I G E YA T O M I N A G A , M . A . , R E P R E S E N TAT I V E D I R E C T O R , R O O T S P R O J E C T: R E C OV E R Y F O R J A PA N

Roots Project: Recovery for Japan M I YA G I P R E F E C T U R E

Bringing smiles back to children’s faces through the support of mental health counseling “A mother with a four-year old son with developmental disabilities was worried that her son was regressing because of behavior problems. We gave her advice on how to comfort him, suggestions on how to deal with his behavior and demonstrated play activities with him, which made him smile and brighten up. The mother began to cry, saying that was the first time he smiled in a long time.” — ROOTS PROJECT: RECOVERY FOR JAPAN


Within 10 days of the Tohoku disaster, the staff and volunteers from the Roots Project, based in Tokyo, organized the disaster assistance initiative Recovery for Japan to offer much needed social, psychological, recreational and material support to disaster victims of all ages. Most of the activities and assistance were concentrated in the Ishinomaki, Ojika, Onagawa and the coastal areas in Miyagi Prefecture. Recovery for Japan helped with outreach visitation because many residents are older, live alone and are isolated. Depression affected many people so Recovery for Japan provided weekly visitations to help resolve problems and crisis, particularly to those who had lost jobs or family members. Recovery for Japan provided recreational services and activities for kindergarten and elementary school students, as well as residents in temporary shelters and housing. It’s the simple things like providing an escort service for children who are afraid to walk to and from school that was deeply appreciated by their parents, many of whom were overwhelmed with their recovery effort. Recovery for Japan also offered needed, valuable services like chiropractic, child care and relaxation therapy. Psychologists and social workers worked to combine psycho-educational workshops, for dealing with the stress from trauma, with lunch services. Participants were delighted to eat local dishes and the relaxed atmosphere provided a comfortable space to share their experiences which eventually evolved into a mutual self-support group.

Sendai YMCA M I YA G I P R E F E C T U R E

Provided hope for students who lost homes or family

“My family is doing well, but my house was destroyed by the earthquake. My family and I have lived in a shelter since then. We spent our savings to rebuild our house. My mother raised four kids by herself. I decided not to go to school even though I passed the entrance exam, but my mother encouraged me to continue school. This scholarship helps my family, especially my mother. We really appreciate it. I would like to learn and have a great school life. Thank you very much for your support.” — HITOMI H., FRESHMAN, H O S P I TA L I T Y D E PA R T M E N T, AUGUST 2011

The Sendai YMCA focused their efforts on sustaining shelters and childcare facilities in the Sendai and Matsushima areas. The Relief Fund assisted the Sendai YMCA’s Hotel and Confectionery Schools in the creation of scholarships for many first-year (freshmen in college) and second-year students, who either had to evacuate from their home due to the damage from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster or lost a family member. The Sendai YMCA would not have been able to provide this opportunity without the support from the Relief Fund. In a letter from Yuichi Kato, Principal, Sendai YMCA Hotel and Confectionery Schools:

“After the earthquake, many of the high school students were nervous about moving on to higher education. Some of them lost family members, their homes, furniture, cars, etc. The students stopped thinking about their future because they knew that they needed money to continue their education. They saw that their fathers and mothers were anxious about money. One of the student’s mother called us and asked us to advise her son not to quit school. He had a difficult time talking with his family and got angry when they talked about school. I went to him and explained the scholarship to him. When I said, ‘you don’t have to worry about money,’ he was relieved and lighted up with delight.” Along with making sure students in the affected areas still had a future to look forward to, the Sendai YMCA established relief shelters and senior and childrens services immediately following the disaster. The Sendai YMCA’s volunteer center was in operation by March 22 and provided immediate support to the three nearby areas on the coast damaged by the tsunami. By June 2011, the Sendai YMCA had helped 11,766 individuals affected by the disaster.


Shanti Volunteer Association I WAT E



“Bringing people together” at tea parties for 398 households in temporary living facilities The Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) directed their funds to support activities and projects that focused on rebuilding and strengthening the communities they felt needed it the most, primarily in the coastal areas of Kesennuma and southern Iwate Prefecture where they serve mainly children (kindergarten and elementary school), seniors in community housing and shelters and survivors living in temporary housing.

“We are grateful for the support from the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund as it has allowed us to support a rehabilitation festival during the summer at Hikado Fishing Port. Through this event, the SVA has brought the community closer together and residents have become more supportive in helping each other to make their community better.” — KAZUKI KASAHARA, SHANTI VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION PROJECT OFFICER, KESENNUMA


They worked to strengthen community development activities by cooperating with local NGOs, Welfare Council and other support groups to organize festivals and reconstruction projects. To support those living in temporary housing facilities they held tea ceremonies, events such as Gyoucha (informal tea), created foot baths in the emergency housing and visited with the elderly and unemployed to ensure that they were staying active and healthy. SVA has also provided activities to improve the health and development of children by coordinating playground events, educational and cultural activities and by organizing regular parent socials, an important activity in the psychological recovery process, allowing them to get together to deepen their ties with other parents. Additionally, a “mobile-library” was created in the Iwate area where libraries were destroyed by the tsunami. One other area of concern for the staff of SVA had been the livelihood of the fisherman and farmers. They have begun work utilizing networks with partner organizations to help “connect” them and help to promote their products to different markets. They are also working to broaden their network to create mutual cooperation and relationships between NGOs, citizen activist groups, local administrative bodies and others to help rebuild the community.


Purchased a passenger van that logged 3,500 miles in one month The Tochigi YMCA’s initial goals were to meet the daily needs of survivors and provide for children, elderly and others affected by the disaster. Their two areas of focus: supporting the Sendai YMCA who was responding to the needs of the coastal region of Miyagi and the southern coast region of Iwate Prefectures; the second focused on the Tochigi YMCA assisting in the city of Utsunomiya. Utsunomiya is the relocation center for evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture. The funding from the Relief Fund helped provide basic needs for the evacuees, covering cost for additional staff and operations, transportation, seminars, children’s camps, summer programs and other pressing needs. The YMCA van, which was purchased with support from the Relief Fund, has been providing children the opportunity to participate in YMCA day camps where they can play, get out of their temporary complexes and enjoy a free lunch. Outings and events are important to the YMCA’s recovery plan and Sawakai, translated as “a casual gathering over a cup of tea,” have been organized in the Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures so people can relax, talk and build community within their temporary living situations. The YMCA believes “building strong families makes a healthy community.” The Tochigi YMCA, and the YMCA family as a whole, is committed to long-term support in helping the disaster victims build healthy families by serving the children, families and the elders in the community.








Towards Recovery and Healing Program “I am grateful for the help given by people from all over the world. I especially appreciate the training organized for us, the staff working directly with the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The training on trauma, PTSD, self-care and community services was so fruitful and meaningful for us. Our team can now work without anxiety through mutual care and giving. Not only did I gain knowledge but I felt the passion of the supporters from the people I met. They made me feel that we were not alone and people were still caring for the people in Tohoku. It has given me the driving power to keep moving on. Thank you very much!” — YURIKO HISANO, KO K K YO N A K I KO D O M O TAC H I S TA F F

The Towards Recovery and Healing Program brought Japanese relief workers from Japan to the San Francisco Bay Area on September 29, 2011, for an intensive, week-long mental health training program to address the ongoing post-traumatic stress and mental health needs of both the victims and relief workers of the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts. The goals of the Towards Recovery and Healing Program included: learning culturally relevant and practical techniques in identifying and treating post-traumatic stress and mental health issues; sharing and discussing recovery issues, needs and concerns with other professionals in the field; learning about community based mental health services to help people; and to become advocates for the post-traumatic stress and mental health needs of the survivors. Hiroshi Oe, the leader of the delegation and General Secretary of Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Services, was part of the 1996 delegation of relief workers who, as a staff member of the Kobe YMCA at the time, took part in a similar trauma workshop the JCCCNC organized following the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake in 1995. Other participants of the Towards Recovery and Healing Program included directors, pastors, nurses and program/project coordinators. Many of them were first-responders and coordinators in the most devastated communities affected by the disasters. They worked tirelessly to support the survivors, many of whom lost everything on March 11. It was the first time that they were all able to talk about what they were going through, both physically and emotionally, which allowed them to understand that they also needed to heal to continue to support the survivors. Through their participation in this program they were able to begin to heal themselves and bring back the necessary tools and resources needed to aid the survivors for years to come.


Crayons for Japan The Crayons for Japan project was formed to address and support the ongoing mental health needs of the children affected by the catastrophic disasters of March 11. The main goal of the project was to use art as a creative and educational tool for children to help gain a sense of control over their environment as well as providing an opportunity for the children to develop a sense of hope, fun and laughter through art. “Art is recognized as a therapeutic activity that can play a critical role in the healing process,” said Paul Osaki, Executive Director of the JCCCNC. “Children, although they may seem to be adjusting well after the disaster, often lack the ability and opportunity to express their emotions, sense of loss, helplessness and how to process the devastation they witnessed.” Kristi Yamaguchi also felt the importance of the Crayons for Japan project and assisted through her Always Dream Foundation by donating art supplies for 18 daycare facilities and schools in the disaster-stricken area. While on the Project Aloha tour, Kristi visited some of the facilities to meet the children. As part of the Crayons for Japan project, a book of the children’s artwork will be published and sold with the proceeds going to support youth art activities at community centers and organizations that are still in need of funding to support the ongoing health and well-being of children.


Ishinomaki City Baseball Field Restoration REBUILDING A FIELD OF DREAMS

After the March 11 disasters, the Ishinomaki City Baseball Field was used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces as a staging area for humanitarian relief efforts with their vehicles completely damaging the field. In addition, a temporary housing community was built around the baseball field, so the city was unable to hold baseball practices, games or tournaments for the youth and minor leagues teams who would regularly use the field. Rebuilding the field was important for the city because it would provide a place for the community to gather and allow children and teams to play. Because baseball is considered the spirit of Japan, it would also be a symbol of hope for the people and the entire city of Ishinomaki, showing them that rebuilding their city was possible.

“Simply put, you’ve created a ‘field of dreams.’” — John V. Roos, U.S. Ambassador to Japan

With support from Commissioner of Nippon Baseball Ryozo Kato, and through the collaborative effort of the Relief Fund, Major League Baseball (MLB), the U.S.-Japan Council and the Tomodachi Initiative, the Ishinomaki City Baseball Field Restoration project was created to refurbish the field and provide a recreational outlet and platform for rebuilding community togetherness. On October 30, 2011, a presentation of a $250,000 check was made to Ishinomaki City by NJERF representatives during the Project Aloha trip. Project construction began in February 2012 and was completed in late 2012. On December 10, 2012, Ambassador John V. Roos, New York Yankee Curtis Granderson and Ishinomaki City Mayor Hiroshi Kameyama held a ceremony to re-open the baseball stadium. The cold and snow couldn’t put a damper on a terrific day in Ishinomaki City as hundreds of kids and fans showed up to see the beautifully refurbished baseball field. Baseball has returned to Ishinomaki City and the town is once again cheering, helping them to move forward after March 11, and allowing children to dream again. A special thanks to Commissioner of Nippon Baseball Ryozo Kato and Jim Small of Major League Baseball Asia for their support of this project.

The Relief Fund check presentation of $250,000 was made October 30, 2011 during the Project Aloha goodwill trip.

Tomodachi Initiative is a public-private partnership supported by the U.S. Government and the Government of Japan that supports Japan’s recovery and invests in the next generation of Japanese and Americans deepening the friendship between the U.S. and Japan for the long-term.


Project Aloha In late October of 2011, the 18-member Project Aloha delegation traveled to Japan to share the “aloha spirit” with over 10,000 residents and forced evacuees in some of the most devastated towns in Tohoku—Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture and Ishinomaki, Kesennuma and Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. The goals of the goodwill tour were to provide a sense of hope, support and enjoyment during the recovery efforts for the residents and evacuees; create an inspirational atmosphere for the people in Iwaki City—easing their fears and raising awareness by letting others know that it was safe to travel to Fukushima Prefecture; educate and share with the people of Japan the fundraising work of the Relief Fund; and upon their return home, for the delegates to be the voices and advocates providing first-hand information on the recovery efforts in Japan to the American public.

“When I saw the images of people’s houses being washed away and their life memories disappear in front of them, I knew that I had to do something.” — Kristi Yamaguchi, Relief Fund Spokesperson and Project Aloha Co-Chairperson

Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in figure skating, and Jesse Kuhaulua (also known by his professional sumo name as Takamiyama), a Hawai’i native and former sumo champion, served as the co-chairs and led the delegation of musicians, hula dancers and community leaders. After arriving in Tokyo, the first visit for the delegation was with U.S. Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos and Jim Small of Major League Baseball (MLB) Japan to lend their support on behalf of the Relief Fund on a collaborative project to rebuild a baseball field in Ishinomaki City. The field was completely damaged from emergency trucks and equipment during the initial relief efforts. Later in the trip the group traveled to Ishinomaki City to see the field and present a $250,000 check to local officials. (Read more about the field restoration on page 27.)


The Project Aloha delegation then traveled to Spa Resort Hawaiians* (SRH) in Iwaki City, which is located just 30 miles south of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The close proximity to the nuclear disaster added to the negative stigma that has plagued the prefecture’s economy and has adversely affected many of its residents and businesses. As the first international delegation to Fukushima following the disaster, the delegation wanted to show others that Iwaki City was a safe place to travel to and to encourage visitors to return to the area. The highlights of the visit to Iwaki City were two shows at the SRH with musical performances by ManoaDNA and Brother Nolan accompanied by hula. The huge crowd of over 1,200 guests was also treated to a Hawaiian luau. The finale of the shows brought smiles and laughter to the audience who stood and danced along with some of the original Hula Girls who joined in dancing “Nijiwo,” the theme song of SRH from the movie which has continued to inspire the residents, just as hula did after the closure of the coal mines. Their visit also brought back a sense of hope, pride and motivation to the thousands they met in Iwaki City. *The Spa Resort Hawaiians opened in 1966 with a Hawaiian theme, replacing the coal mining industry as the city’s main economic focus and lifestyle. It was also the inspiration for the 2006 award-winning movie “Hula Girls” and was a booming tourist destination prior to the March 11 disaster. The facility was partially damaged by the earthquake and temporarily housed residents in and around the coastal town of Iwaki, many of whom lost everything, as well as evacuees living in towns closer to the power plant.

A very touching moment took place at Chuodai Minami Elementary School for JCCCNC Executive Director, Paul Osaki. Osaki said one of the girls in the audience, around seven years old, grabbed onto his leg and looked up at him “with the saddest eyes I ever saw,” he said. Osaki and the girl began walking as the girl clutched his hand. Osaki later found out that the girl had lost her father in the tsunami and that he reminded her of him. “It was a way for her to touch the past, to connect with her father,” he said. “I will never forget it.”

Members of the Project Aloha delegation included: Kristi Yamaguchi, Jesse Kuhaulua, Nolan Conjugacion, Jennifer Hamamoto, Bret Hedican, Alex Kawakami, Lloyd Kawakami, Nick Kawakami, Donna Kimura, Diane Matsuda, Wayne Miyao, Sarah Noyle, Robyn Omura, Paul Osaki, Chantelle Su’a, Mark Tanouye, Vieni Vitale, and Lori Yamaguchi.


“Seeing the devastation on television was nothing compared to what I saw that remained after the tsunami came and left the small coastal town of Kesennuma. Seeing remnants of people’s lives left near damaged homes and drifted cars saddened me, but I was inspired by all of the smiles and their strength in carrying on.” — Jennifer Hamamoto, Project Aloha Delegate and JCCCNC Programs Manager

While in Fukushima, the delegates also delivered art supplies and gifts from Kristi and her Always Dream Foundation and performed for the Chuodai Minami Elementary and Junior High School students. Children were given shell leis and candy, which generated great energy and as they exited the hall they all said “thank you” and gave high-fives to the delegates. The next stop for the delegation was Kesennuma, a northern fishing town in Miyagi Prefecture, which was almost completely engulfed and destroyed by the tsunami. The delegates were not prepared to see the miles and miles of desolate land as they encountered pieces of the residents’ lives just lying on the ground— family photos, fragments of a rice bowl, clothing—it was if they were invading the privacy of their space, and thus for many of them, it was difficult to know where to walk and how to respect the area. The Always Dream Foundation also sponsored a Halloween party in Ishinomaki where children and parents from nearby shelters and homes were treated to activities, costumes and candy brought from America. It had been the first time after the disaster for many of the families to come together with their children and play. The delegation then traveled to the Oya Community Center, a temporary housing facility that is coordinated by the Shanti Volunteer Association, an organization supported by the Relief Fund. There they held a performance and hosted lunch and a Halloween party for families in the area. This helped lift the spirits of not only the children but the parents and older people who were encouraged to leave their rooms to participate in the festivities. The final stop that would conclude the Project Aloha goodwill tour was the Sendai YMCA for a performance and to meet with residents, volunteers, students and scholarship recipients of Youth for the Future (see page 34). The visit to the Sendai YMCA, which was the Volunteer Center that coordinated YMCA volunteers from all over Japan, gave everyone a much needed boost of morale, a chance to enjoy themselves and an opportunity to meet international supporters who were also dedicated in providing quality care and support for the victims in Tohoku.


As the delegates traveled from city to city they served as goodwill ambassadors to spread the message of hope and strength to the people of Japan who have experienced so much tragedy, loss and suffering since March 11. All of the members of Project Aloha left with a new respect for the people of Tohoku who showed great resolve and have promised to never forget by continuing to share their stories of the people, places and experiences from their trip.

SPECIAL THANKS TO SUPPORTERS OF PROJECT ALOHA: Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, Consul General Hiroshi Inomata; With Aloha Foundation in Honolulu; Japan Airlines, the official airline sponsor; and Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation.


The people weren’t the only ones who were affected by the devastation. Dr. Shigeki Imamoto, owner and operator of the Shinjo Animal Hospital in Nara Prefecture and Chief Medical Advisor for the Japanese organization Farm of Hope, made an appearance at the JCCCNC in February 2012 to bring awareness to the plight of the Fukushima animals to the general public almost one year after the disaster. Imamoto’s presentation, which was punctuated with graphic photos and videos of dead and dying animals, reflected upon his monthly travels to Fukushima Prefecture where he studied and documented how the disaster affected the pets and animals in the 20-kilometer “no-go” exclusion zone. At the time of the presentation, thousands of pets and livestock were being left to starve and die because the Japanese government refused to let their owners and volunteers retrieve them, let alone feed and care for them. In closing, Imamoto asked the audience to help spread awareness about the animals in Fukushima. He said he personally wasn’t accepting any donations but the Farm of Hope, which supports Fukushima farmers, is accepting donations and can be reached at http://fukushimafarmsanctuary.blogzine.jp/.


Our Hearts to Japan Remembrance Events The JCCCNC with the support of the Japanese American Religious Federation (JARF) and over 40 local community organizations, churches and the Japantown Merchants Association, held two remembrance events at the Peace Plaza in San Francisco’s Japantown. The first Our Hearts to Japan event was held one month after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami on April 11, 2011, and the second—A Community Remembrance: Our Hearts to Japan was on March 11, 2012. The purpose for both events was to give members of the community and general public the opportunity to share messages of hope and love to support the survivors and remember the victims of the disaster. The one-month remembrance was supported by the Relief Fund’s media partner NBC Bay Area with reporter George Kiriyama as the emcee. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Consul General of Japan in San Francisco Hiroshi Inomata and the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi all shared words of deep compassion and comfort. JARF representatives from local churches led an interfaith service which was followed by the sharing of messages of hope and encouragement written on cranes which were sent to communities throughout the Tohoku region In 2012, a community event was also held to observe the one-year anniversary which included an update on the Tohoku region, an interfaith service by members of JARF and performances by community artists. Through future events, the JCCCNC will remind supporters of the Relief Fund and those in the community that we need to keep in our hearts all those who lost their lives and to continue to send messages of hope and friendship to residents in Tohoku, letting them know that we will never forget.


Pun Pun Dani Book Project C O O R D I N AT E D B Y T H E S H A N T I V O L U N T E E R A S S O C I AT I O N

The Pun Pun Dani Book Project was created to support emotional healing of young children in Kesennuma through art and creative expression and to help lift the spirits of others throughout Tohoku by sharing their drawings and stories.

Pun Pun Dani is an inspirational tale about Rai-Rai, a young boy who grew up in Pun Pun Valley which was suddenly destroyed, leaving him feeling lost and hopeless. Rai-Rai walked and walked throughout the broken valley looking for answers and on his journey he met an oji-san (older man) who was smiling down upon him from the mountain top.

In the winter of 2011, the Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) created workshops that allowed first through sixth grade students at Otani Elementary School to freely express their feelings through art therapy. For many, this was the first time they were able to convey their sadness, fear and uncertainty for the future. As the workshops continued volunteers encouraged the children to look to the future (ten years from now) and begin creating drawings of their vision and answering questions like, “who are your friends?” “what do you like to do?” and “what are your dreams?”Through these drawings the story was conceptualized and the book was created, published and distributed to over 300 elementary schools and libraries in Kesennuma and throughout Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate Prefectures. Staff from the SVA continue to visit libraries and community centers to share Pun Pun Dani through kamishibai, storytelling through pictures.

Oji-san invited Rai-Rai to his world, Nikori–a land of beautiful,

This project was also supported by volunteers from the University of Tsurumi.

plush forest with many animals and where everyone was happy. Oji-san told Rai-Rai a story of how Nikori once lost everything 100 years ago and how they brought happiness and life back to their world. Rai-Rai was amazed at the transformation and when asked if he wanted to stay and live in Nikori, although extremely tempted, Rai-Rai wanted to return home to share the story and to bring back a tree from Nikori to plant in hopes that it would bring happiness back to Pun Pun Valley.


Youth for the Future On February 24, 2012, a group of students from Sendai arrived for a 10-day trip in the Bay Area for a week of learning as participants of the Youth for the Future program. These students and many others, who either lost their family members or homes in the March 11 disaster and were on the verge of dropping out of school for financial reasons, received scholarships from the Relief Fund to continue their college education amid hardships.

”It was amazing to know how many people were thinking about us in Japan after March 11. This program has given me hope and the strength to succeed in hotel management. It is my goal to help support my family and find ways to help revive the Tohoku region. I can never thank you enough for your help!” — H. Kurosawa


It was the first time out of Japan for all of the students who were enrolled in the hospitality or restaurant management programs at the Sendai YMCA International Hotel School. While in San Francisco, the Youth for the Future students and Principal Yuichi Kato toured Japantown; visited an English as a Second Language class; volunteered at Project Open Hand, the Nihonmachi Little Friends After School Program, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Kokoro Assisted Living Residence and Kimochi nutrition program; received a behind the scenes tour of the Westin St. Francis; were able to spend a day in classes at the City College of San Francisco Culinary and Restaurant Management School; and lived with local Japanese American host families. At a reception held at the JCCCNC, the students were introduced, spoke about their experience on March 11, 2011, and expressed their gratitude for being able to stay in school. As a thank you to their host families and other guests, the students brought special ingredients from Sendai including Sendai miso and prepared a special dinner featuring specialties from the Sendai area. As the participants departed for Sendai they shared emotional goodbyes with their new families but also left gaining much more than new strategies and experience in their field —they all left with hope and encouragement from the hundreds of new friends they made. This gave them the confidence they needed to complete their education and continue to rebuild their lives, creating a brighter outlook for their future.

Rebuilding Kesennuma: GAMBAARE After the earthquake and tsunami devastated the coastal fishing town of Kesennuma, residents began to explore ways to revive and support the town and people whose lives were so tied to the sea. GAMBAARE is one of those success stories–it is a small gallery shop along Route 45 in Kesennuma. GAMBAARE sells a wide array of tote bags, aprons, tissue box covers and pouches made using thick and sturdy canvas that used to make sails on fishing vessels. The shop owner operated a small food processing plant but in June 2011 started this new business by gathering garment factory workers who lost their workplace from the tsunami. The motifs featured on the indigo canvas include Kesennuma’s symbols such as rhododendrons, pine tree, black-tailed bird, skip-jack tuna and also has the names of the districts that were hit hard by the tsunami. By writing the location names on the bag the hope is that those places won’t be forgotten over time. Rebuilding Kesennuma: GAMBAARE is not funded by or a project of the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. We have shared this success story with you to portray other ways residents are proactively exploring opportunities outside of government and nongovernmental support to rebuild a positive and sustainable future for their town. The JCCCNC has brought and will continue to bring participants of its programs and tours to the GAMBAARE store to help support the people in the town of Kesennuma.



REBUILDING THE HUMAN SPIRIT As the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake approached in March 2013, heartbreaking stories appeared in the news about residents who remained displaced, the ongoing radiation issues at the Fukushima power plant and the economic impact the disaster has had on cities and towns in the Tohoku region of Japan. But little was said about the emerging needs and concerns of the survivors including the uncertainty, isolation and mental health issues that were arising amidst the remains of the physical destruction. The series of tragic events in 2011 affected the mental health of many of the survivors. The turmoil that is taking place within them could be just as destructive as what they’ve already lived through; therefore, immediate and long-term mental health and community and social development support was a high priority for the Relief Fund in its final phase of fund disbursement. In the final Rebuilding Phase, the Relief Fund committed its efforts on Rebuilding the Human Spirit, this at a time when most international aid organizations and corporate donations had severely lessened. Grants totaling $1.1 million were awarded to seven projects aimed at restoring community infrastructure by supporting longer-term or sustainable projects that provided social, economic, educational and wellness programs designed to rebuild the spirit of the residents in Tohoku. These much needed programs were developed to bring improved happiness and a sense of well-being to residents, removing any doubts they may have about their future.


Building Healthy + Sustainable Communities S H A N T I V O L U N T E E R A S S O C I AT I O N W




The Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) committed itself early on to remain in Miyagi Prefecture, and more specifically, Kesennuma where they established an office so residents would know that they had the intention to remain and be a part of the community to assist them with their recovery. By working directly with the residents SVA created the Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities program to address several pressing needs. One of these programs was to create an association called “Tsumugi no Kai” which works with parents who lost their children during the March 2011 disaster. The parents often withdrew themselves from the community and never came out of their residences. Thus, they created social and individual activities to encourage their participation. Because many of the residents can no longer go back to their traditional and familial line of work with the sea, many of the residents, primarily men, found themselves lost, confused and frustrated. It is difficult to leave a trade that your family has carried on for centuries. Knowing this SVA initiated discussions to find alternative ways to have some affiliation with the sea and thus began a project where fishermen work together to cultivate and sell seaweed. Other smaller projects included women making handmade gifts such as acrylic scrub brushes; working with children to help them overcome their fear of the ocean and preparing them for future disasters; developing existing play areas for children, which will allow them to physically express themselves and learn to work/play in group settings; creating workshops for elderly women, unemployed men and younger couples who have lost their jobs and need support in trying to identify with rebuilding a “new” Kesennuma; and working to empower young members to get involved in the rebuilding of their community. SVA understands that it is important to have a direct, physical presence in the area and work alongside residents but they should not force or implement programs that are not welcomed by the residents. Because they have gained mutual respect and trust from the residents, they will use their position in the community to have their staff provide continued services, but also develop and encourage more resident participation in working with the local government to obtain services and programs based on their emerging needs.


Clearing the Way for a Brighter Future JAPAN EMERGENCY NGO

Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) has focused its primary recovery and rebuilding effort into restoring a self-supporting livelihood, both economically and mentally, to the survivors of Ishinomaki City and to support the reconstruction of the local communities. Right after the disaster to the end of December 2012, a total of 8,300+ volunteers have participated in recovering towns and cities including cleaning off houses damaged by sludge and debris, dredging up mud from ditches and transporting supplies to temporary housing through JEN’s volunteer dispatch program.


Their work has shifted from emergency-relief, which required more strenuous work like removing debris and cleaning up ditches, to reconstruction assistance which includes projects like revitalizing the local fishery industry; making shrines, children’s parks and play areas accessible; and supporting F O R W A R D the daily lives of people living in temporary housing. JEN’s Rebuilding Community project will help address psychological issues that many of the survivors are facing such as depression, anxiety and isolation by providing residents in temporary housing the opportunity to meet with psychotherapist and develop therapy programs to support their needs. New programs include physical and massage therapy; “lunch therapy” sessions where residents come together, cook and enjoy meals and conversation; and play therapy. Their main goals are to reduce isolation and help residents regain a sense of community which will help reduce depression and allow them to smile again.

© JEN Photo


Helping Those Helping Others N AT I O N A L C O U N C I L O F Y M C A S O F J A PA N

The National Council of YMCAs of Japan (National YMCA) has been very active with relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in northern Japan since the March 11 disaster. One of their first tasks was to mobilize staff and volunteers from various YMCAs from around Japan, as far as Kyushu, to their Sendai YMCA office for emergency supply distribution. The National YMCA is currently in their third phase of recovery which is to support the rebuilding of communities, but many of their staff and volunteers working in the disaster areas are also suffering from the same mental and emotional traumas as those that they are trying to help. From training received in San Francisco as participants of the Towards Recovery and Healing Program, hosted by the Relief Fund, the National YMCA felt it was necessary to create their own Program for Relief Care. The Program for Relief Care will help relieve the anxiety and stress of volunteers and staff working directly with those who have been affected by the disaster, giving them time to heal and rejuvenate themselves. It will also allow participants to learn and understand how to promote better practices to effectively help the people they are working with and start to build an active and collaborative relationship with others doing the same work. The National YMCA also understands that removing people from their stressful environments and allowing them to relax in a natural environment can reduce the stress faced on a daily basis. So, the Program for Relief Care will allow direct relief staff and volunteers to spend time at their Tozanso Camp located near Mount Fuji. Staff and volunteers will learn how to reduce stress and receive care and guidance from trauma care experts from throughout Japan so they can become better advocates for the people they wish to help. Coordinating this program through March of 2015, the National YMCA hopes individuals will become stronger and better able to exchange their thoughts and feelings with other staff and volunteers, creating a more harmonious network of support staff working towards the same goal.


Nurture Through Nature SENDAI YMCA

Over the past two years, the Sendai YMCA has been supporting temporary housing facilities in the smaller towns of Miyagi Prefecture to work directly with the children residing there. Hundreds of children have benefitted from donated sports equipment at these facilities. This was especially important during the early months following the disaster as many children were confined to small spaces on gymnasium floors, but the Sendai YMCA staff created dedicated spaces for their play activity. Although many of the children have adjusted to their new living environment their ability to play with their friends, enjoy the outdoors or participate in organized sports has been limited since many of the temporary housing complexes are located on vacant land that was previously used by the youth to play. The Sendai YMCA has also recognized that these children are also experiencing a lot of stress and frustration mostly from the uncertainty of their future, seeing their family worried and vulnerable and also from the loss of friends or relatives. The Nurture Through Nature program will provide temporary relief by taking youth to outdoor camp locations in Japan where they will learn the outdoor survival basics —creating fire, cooking on fire and learning about and creating things from nature; how to protect natural environments from human destruction and devastation; as well as how to appreciate life as a young child.


The children will have the opportunity to participate in physical activity and group games, something they have not been able to do since the March 2011 disaster. Many of these children come from households that do not have the economical means to take a vacation and, therefore, this will be their only opportunity to relax and have fun. The Sendai YMCA realizes that providing for the mental, physical and social well-being of a child is very important. And through a child’s participation in the Nurture Through Nature program they will return to their everyday life rejuvenated with a healthier and happier outlook on life and are once again able to be a child who continues to dream.


Promotion of Evacuees’ Psychological Well-Being in Fukushima Prefecture Project A S S O C I AT I O N F O R A I D A N D R E L I E F, J A PA N H A P P I N E S S

The Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AARJ) worked immediately following March 11, 2011, to address the survival needs of the evacuees in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Over the past two years, the AARJ has also identified serious prolonged challenges for the evacuees living in temporary housing. Many of the residents do not have family members that they can talk to, tend to be isolated and are not provided opportunities to talk or go on outings. The majority are also without a stable source of income and savings thus, faced with anxieties of how to construct their lives after the closure of the temporary facilities. The AARJ’s Promotion of Evacuees’ Psychological Well-Being Project (Well-Being Project) was created to help residents regain peace of mind and give them enough support to cope with their uncertain future. The project will also prepare survivors for their new life after the temporary housing closures, which is scheduled to happen sometime in 2015. After the disaster in 2011, social ties and bonds with the local communities deteriorated. As a result, AARJ has seen that it has been difficult for evacuees, especially the elderly who have lost family and friends, to create relationships with their new neighbors in temporary housing. They hope to address some of the serious problems that are arising such as “hikikomori” (social withdrawal), alcoholism, gambling, addiction and suicides. The Well-Being Project will provide “Active Listening” sessions with residents where they can talk with trained staff members about their personal concerns and, if necessary, will be provided counseling sessions. They have also scheduled day bus trips to areas where residents can relax and enjoy time away from their day to day troubles. To help decrease the numbers of suicides in the complexes they have begun to coordinate local patrols where there are high incidents of suicide and attempted suicide. The project will continue into 2015 to provide peace of mind and empower the residents as they prepare for the scheduled shut down of temporary housing complexes in the next year and a half.


Protecting Our Children Program SENDAI YMCA





The Sendai YMCA Volunteer Center was in operation by March 22, 2011, and focused their early efforts on sustaining relief shelters and childcare facilities in the Sendai and Matsushima areas. As a result of the Sendai YMCA working so closely with children and childcare facilities in local communities they wanted to find a way to support their future so they created the Protecting Our Children–Preparedness Training Program (Protecting Our Children Program). Over 200 elementary school children in Miyagi Prefecture lost their lives because of the March 11 disaster. Although many of these children were in school at the time they had no idea how to protect themselves when the disaster hit. The Sendai YMCA wants to serve as the instructors and administrators of this much needed Protecting Our Children Program to encourage young people to learn about emergency preparedness. They understand that this will probably not be the last natural disaster in their lifetime but, with proper training and practice drills, these students will grow up as trained citizens that can help other community members create a safe environment in the face of an emergency. This project will not only review and explain the significance of emergency preparedness but will also include recognizing the social, emotional and mental health issues that accompany a disaster. Since the Sendai YMCA has been conducting preschool, afterschool and summer/sports programs for the past 100 years they have a strong foundation working with children aged two to 20. They will not only focus their efforts in Sendai City but expand to communities that they worked with after the 2011 disaster. In addition to training children they will also allow parents, teachers and school administrators to observe so they can also be better prepared for the next disaster. This training will focus on all aspects of what happens in an emergency situation. Young children may not understand technical terms like PTSD or trauma but they do recognize when their parents or teachers act differently or can no longer take care of their families. The Sendai YMCA believes that youth being aware of situations like this are just as important as knowing how to be physically prepared. The goal of the Protecting Our Children Program is to create a generation of young people who will be prepared to face another disaster in their community and to use this knowledge to save themselves, their family and the community around them.







Tozanso Family Wellness Camps N AT I O N A L C O U N C I L O F Y M C A S O F J A PA N

Immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami the National Council of YMCAs of Japan (National YMCA) started their relief work by cooperating with the Morioka (Iwate Prefecture) and Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture) YMCAs to support local communities with emergency aid. The National YMCA determined there was a great need to support the well-being of the residents who were displaced in Fukushima Prefecture where the troubled nuclear plant is located. They found there were cases of anxiety, depression, bullying in schools and mental issues affecting the residents and those who relocated to outlying areas due to fear, uncertainty and sometimes prejudicial judgment by others. Through the Tozanso Family Wellness Camps (Tozanso Family Camps) the National YMCA has enhanced and expanded their existing program to include residents from Fukushima Prefecture. The National YMCA will continue the Tozanso Family Camps through 2015. Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, the site promotes an environment where children can relax and escape the daily challenges that they face at school, at home and within society in general. Families can enjoy time together within the natural surroundings and participate in structured programs including sessions learning about grief care and stress management led by experienced counselors. The goals of the program are to allow children to relieve their anxiety and nurture their hope for their future on their own; release the parents’ stress and give them a more positive outlook; engage the broader community and involve cooperating enterprises, entities and local people, especially young volunteers, to support this program; and to strengthen the immune systems and livelihood of participants by allowing them to reside in a spacious and supportive environment. From their previous success with similar camp programs, and with the support from staff who have faced previous devastating disaster (Kobe earthquake), the National YMCA believes families who participate in Tozanso Family Camps will leave feeling refreshed, able to better cope with their daily lives and have a brighter outlook for their future.



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NBC Bay Area

“ There have been many moments that touched my heart but one of the most dramatic was taking calls during the telethon we held. Listening to the donors on the phone really brought a tear to my eyes as they apologized for only being able to give $5.00. Some even gave thousands.”

— Allen Okamoto,

NBC Bay Area played an integral role in the promotion and success of the Relief Fund through their unwavering support and ongoing coverage. NBC Bay Area set the Relief Fund into motion with its first fundraiser on March 18, 2011, when they helped host and televise an all-day telethon to raise money for Japan relief. Hosted by NBC Bay Area with phone lines donated by Comcast, the phone banks opened at 6:30 a.m. and closed at 12:00 midnight. Volunteers from the Japanese American and local communities answered phones to help facilitate phone-in donations. Bay Area viewers and the local community donated more than $417,000 to the Relief Fund. Phone bank volunteers included some recognizable names from the community such as broadcast journalists James Hattori, Wendy Tokuda and Jan Yanehiro; playwright Philip Kan Gotanda and wife Diane Takei Gotanda; and journalist Ben Fong-Torres. Also among those who stopped by the JCCCNC to support the fundraising efforts included San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, S.F. Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and Causes Co-Founder Joe Green. Consul General Hiroshi Inomata from the Japanese Consulate thanked the Bay Area for the outpouring of support and donations for survivors of the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. NBC Bay Area continued their support and compassionate coverage through the first anniversary in 2012 by providing the Relief Fund with public service announcement opportunities, making available their on-air talent for larger events and covering many of the Relief Fund collection drives, like the S.F. Giants games, and other events. Special thanks to Lance Lew, Director of Community Marketing, and the NBC Bay Area team and Andrew Johnson, Vice President of Communications, and Comcast for their commitment, coordination and generosity.

JCCCNC Board Member


Evernote Japan Two hours after the quake, Evernote CEO Phil Libin emailed Hitoshi Hokamura, Chairman of Evernote Japan, and others at the company and asked them to “think about what we can do for Japan.” Fifteen hours later they met at the Mountain View headquarters of Evernote and an hour later they agreed on what they would do and what organization the proceeds would flow through. Evernote, which offers a suite of software and services designed for notetaking, did two things immediately to help the citizens of northern Japan. One, the company donated all of its revenue in the month of March to Japan, and two, the company decided to upgrade all of its estimated five million customers in Japan to the premium Evernote service for free. Because the premium cost is $5 a month it was estimated that Evernote donated $25 million during the month of March. In addition, the Relief Fund’s recognizable heart logo showed up in every Evernote PC/Mac client worldwide which Evernote clients could click on and make a donation. The logo received over four million hits.

At the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, Hokamura and Libin met with JCCCNC Executive Director Paul Osaki and presented him with a check for $120,000 from Evernote.

Evernote wanted an organization that could send the money to those who really needed help and didn’t take any overhead cost. Because of the JCCCNC’s past experience with the Kobe earthquake, its ongoing relationships with Japanese organizations and the promise of 100% going to those in need, the Relief Fund was the right choice for them.

“My heart was hurting for the people in Japan and I couldn’t figure out what to do. The JCCCNC helped to steer us all in the right direction and allowed us to feel like we were working together to help. It wasn’t just one group of people—there were hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals that came together for the people of Japan. I don’t think I will ever feel like I did enough for the families in Japan, but I will continue to donate my time and efforts in any way possible.” — DONNA KIMURA,



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APCA Northern California Apple Matching Gifts Program Ardenwood Elementary School Art at Night–Chinese Cultural Foundation of SF Artist Auction Donation Wish for Japan Asian American Bar Association

Kokua Japan + Minami Tamaki

“I learned three things through this campaign. First, I learned about the tremendous empathy from people around the world, people you don’t even know; second, I learned about the power of social media—how you can really reach a lot of people quickly and get them to commit and dig into their pocketbooks; and thirdly, I learned about the power of an idea and that one person, Lynda, could make a difference — and that the one idea generated nearly half a million dollars.”


Lynda Won-Chung, Founder and President of Inspirational Opportunities for Youth and Seniors (IOYS) and former Senior Counsel at the San Francisco law firm of Minami Tamaki LLP, was the inspiration behind the story of KokuaJapan.org (“kokua” means “help” in Hawaiian) which raised over $490,000 in donations and matches for the Relief Fund. Won-Chung thought of the idea of having her foundation, IOYS, sponsor a fund. With matching funds, she figured IOYS could raise $20,000, but with the help of Minami Tamaki LLP they could surpass that goal and maybe double that amount. Dale Minami, a partner at the law firm, agreed that Minami Tamaki LLP would co-sponsor the fund and they launched the six-week campaign on March 16, 2011, with the goal of raising $30,000 — a goal they reached in only five days. They extended the campaign and when it ended on April 30, they had raised $490,314.36. During the first two weeks of the campaign, some of the staff at Minami Tamaki LLP spent up to 40% of their time on administrative efforts. Minami Tamaki LLP chose the Relief Fund because of JCCCNC’s past experience with the Kobe earthquake and they trusted that the JCCCNC would not take huge administrative costs as other charities do. Minami praised the role that the JCCCNC and the Relief Fund played. “We thank the JCCCNC for its wisdom in using the funds wisely and not squandering them on administrative costs. It’s really inspiring.”

— Dale Minami

Asian American Bar Association– Butterfly Restaurant Fundraiser Asian American Heritage Week Table Asian American Law Students at University of Oregon Asian Community Mental Health Services Asian Men’s Group

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community Asian Street Celebration– Artist Preview Show Associated Students of Santa Rosa Junior College Avloni Academy of Music– Concert and Auction Ayumi Perry Concert

Babson Bambi Group at JCCCNC Bank of America Matching Gift Program Bar Basic Fundraiser 4/16/11 Bay Area Asian Sports Basketball Tournament Bay Area Japanese Runners Berkeley Bowl–Collection Drive

Berkeley Mills–Japan Rising Berkwood Hedge School Bingham McCutchen, LLP San Francisco Office–Auction Bloomingdale’s and Links of London Fundraiser Bok Choy Apparel–Robot Relief T-shirt Book So Easy, Inc. Bowditch Middle School


Dalla Valle Vineyards Naoko Dalla Valle, proprietor of Dalla Valle Vineyards, along with Napa Valley Chef Hiro Sone and Chef Lissa Doumani of Terra and Ame Restaurants, respectively; Chef Richard Reddington of REDD; Chef Ken Tominaga of Go Fish and Hana; and Chef Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood helped to put on the Napa Valley to Tohoku Dinner and Auction on May 11 at the exclusive Napa Valley Reserve. The event, which was attended by about 120 friends from the Napa Valley (California) wine industry, featured a gourmet dinner, exclusive wines and an auction and raised over $500,000. Wines from this evening were donated by Dalla Valle Vineyards, BOND, Harlan Estate and the Napa Valley Reserve. At that event, Naoko dedicated the proceeds of Fund-A-Need to three projects in Miyagi Prefecture, including a new mental health program for children. In December 2011, Naoko along with the Oakville winery also offered its magnums to its mailing list customers for $1,500 each, raising cash donations for three charities including the Relief Fund.

“Many Japanese people and I would like to say ‘thank you’ to your heartwarming support.” — H. Shikama



Bracelets for Japan Brandeis Hillel Day School– First Grade Fun Run Brewer Island Elementary School Brown and Toland Physicians Bushi-Tei Restaurant Cal Raijin Taiko Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe

Capriccio Chamber Orchestra– Hear for Japan Concert Castro Valley Performing Arts Catabe Staff Bouting– Extend a Hand to Japan Cecily Graburn Concert Chasing Clouds Studio–Card Sales Chinese American International School

Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco –Art, Wine and Jazz Chinese Immersion School at De Avila Chinese Presbyterian Church of Oakland Benefit Concert Chinese Real Estate Association

L to R: Consul General Hiroshi Inomata, Mayor Ed Lee, Paul Osaki, Causes Co-Founder Joe Green

“One of my most fond memories...is the NJERFsupported visit of Azuma-san and Kaz, of the Shanti Volunteer Association when they visited in March, 2012. I took them to elementary schools in Berkeley and Palo Alto and they did a presentation about the devastation of the earthquake/ tsunami– showing a film and then asking the kids to draw pictures about what they experienced. The kids were very introspective and resilient and produced incredible work. This was to encourage folks to continue the effort to rebuild the spirit of those affected by the earthquake/tsunami.”

Causes.com In the crucial 24 to 36 hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11, Matt Mahan, then-President and CEO at Causes.com, noticed something truly amazing—and truly positive—about the impact of social media. “We noticed that a bunch of donations were going to an organization that we had never heard of (the JCCCNC),” said Mahan. He added that the JCCCNC had a “very high cause-member-to-donor ratio” with 2,000 members all giving something compared to the Red Cross, which had raised a similar amount of money but from a larger group. “This (cause) struck a chord with the community.” More than $1 million has been raised to date by Causes for Japan relief efforts —and more than $400,000 of that has gone to the Relief Fund. Mahan credited the team effort of his Impact Staff and said his staff worked with the JCCCNC on donations on an hourly and daily basis after the quake and tsunami hit. Causes Co-Founder Joe Green also helped recruit Salesforce.com to donate a $25,000 matching fund that went live on the Relief Fund’s Causes.com page and was announced during the telethon on March 18, 2011.


City Arts and Lecture–Tina Fey Appearance Ticket Auction Clarendon Elementary School– Ganbaare Japan! Charity Concert Clarendon Elementary School– Holiday Performance Arts Night Colette Ikemi and Friends Performance College of San Mateo–Japanese Choral Federation of Northern CA

Community Health for Asian Americans Compass Transportation Concord Ambassadors–1,000 Cranes for Japan Candlelight Vigil Corporate Asian American Employee Network Auction Cumberland Elementary School Origami Fundraiser Cyclone Warehouse Fundraiser

Cyrus Restaurant Group– Japan Relief Benefit Dalla Valle Vineyards– Mental Health Fundraising Dalla Valle Vineyards– The Napa Valley to Tohoku Daughters of Revolution (DAR) De Anza Associated Student Body– One Heart, One Family Concert

De Young Museum College Night Devin Gaan Birthday Party DHR–Japan Relief Bake Sale Diablo Japanese American Club– Holiday Party Diablo Nippongo Gakuen Diablo Valley JACL Doris Eaton School Student Council– Walnut Creek, CA


San Francisco Giants

“We have all experienced great sadness and dismay with the series of tragic events to hit Japan and its citizens. It was our intention to spread the word amongst our fans

The San Francisco Giants and the Giants Community Fund have been outstanding supporters of the Relief Fund, donating a combined $12,500 and helping to raise an additional $8,925.81 during the March 28, 2011, exhibition game versus the Oakland A’s when they allowed over 100 Relief Fund volunteers to solicit donations before the game outside of AT&T Park and up and down the stadium aisles during the game. The Giants also dedicated the 2011 season’s Japanese Heritage Night on June 3 to the memories of those lost and to the support of those working to rebuild. Proceeds from each special event ticket were also donated to the Relief Fund. Kristi Yamaguchi and Paul Osaki made an on-field appearance to talk about the fund and rally the fans to donate.

and raise awareness for the many ways they can assist the people of Japan.” — Larry Baer, Giants President and Chief Operating Officer



(drinky drinky drinky) FUNdraiser East Asian Languages and Cultures Student Association at UC Berkeley Edible Excursions– Japan Recovery Tour Electronic Arts Matching Gifts Employment Development Department

Eth-Noh-Tec–Salon You’re On! Extend a Hand to Japan Fairmeadow Elementary School Family Violence Law Center First Christian Church of Palo Alto and Pray for Japan SVCA–Concert Florin JACL Friends of Tohoku present Toshio Hirano

Fuji TV/Sports J Newspaper/ Pilates2thePeople Fukushima Kenjin Kai Ganbare Nihon T-shirts Gary Yamauchi and Friends Genki for Japan– Hella Fools Comedy Jamboree Genki for Japan–Wish For Japan Gerson Bakar and Associates

Kristi Yamaguchi Named Relief Fund Spokesperson Kristi Yamaguchi, the iconic 1992 Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, has a long history with the JCCCNC. In 1994, Kristi traveled to Japan for the first time on a Goodwill Tour sponsored by the JCCCNC, helping to improve relations between the United States and Japan at a time of rising tensions. She was also one of the first to offer help and support in JCCCNC’s relief efforts following the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake of 1995. Yamaguchi contacted the JCCCNC immediately after March 11 about how she could help. “Like so many others, I was horrified by the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan,” Yamaguchi said. “It was heartbreaking to see the scenes of destruction.” Soon after, Paul Osaki named Yamaguchi the spokesperson for the Relief Fund, which she found great honor in doing. Yamaguchi made her debut as the Relief Fund spokesperson at the San Francisco Giants Japanese Heritage Night on June 3, 2011. In the pregame ceremony, Yamaguchi spoke about the Relief Fund, unveiled the new fund website, www.kokoro4Japan.org and appeared with Osaki as well as with two elementary school youth from San Francisco who helped raise funds and awareness for the Relief Fund. Along with her support as the Relief Fund spokesperson, Yamaguchi contributed $50,000 to the Relief Fund and various NJERF projects through her Always Dream Foundation and led delegates from northern California and Hawaii to northern Japan as part of Project Aloha.

Girl Scout Troop 30438 Go For Broke National Education Center Google Matching Gifts Program Gordon Y. Yamamoto, Attorney Grateful Crane Ensemble Concert Green Elementary School, Dublin H is for Help Haircuts for Japan–Ginger Rubio, Hair Candy, Pirate and John Brody Salons

Half Moon Bay High School Japanese Club Hana Packard Recital Harvey Green School, Fremont Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California– Aloha Friday Mixer HeART to Help Japan– Kelly Anneken and Kristee Ono

Heartbeat for Japan–Denver Taiko, Mirai Taiko, Taiko for Toni Hearts Across the Pacific Heffernan Insurance Charitable Matching Program Heritage Residents Council Highlands Elementary School Hisako Pradhan Group

Hyphen Magazine– Issue #22 Release Party Illinois Tool Works Foundation Matching Gifts Izumi Murase “Empty Juice Box” James Chiropractic Fundraiser James. J. Boyle and Co. Japan Aid Event Japan Center Garage Corporation


Yahoo! Employee Foundation The Yahoo! Employee Foundation (YEF), which is fully funded by Yahoo! employees, issued an emergency grant of $50,000 to the Relief Fund to address immediate needs after Japan was hit by the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster on March 11. According to Erin Baudo Felter, then-Manager of the YEF, Yahoo! employees immediately started asking how they could help so the YEF board quickly began researching different organizations they could support to aid in the relief efforts. YEF found out about the Relief Fund through a YEF board member. “What appealed to YEF about the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund was that it involved a staged response with both immediate relief efforts and also longer-term rebuilding efforts,” Felter said. “We also thought it was important that the fund was supporting organizations that were already working in the area, rather than duplicating services.”

“The most powerful moments for me happened in Japan where I was able to accompany the Project Aloha delegation to Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures to see firsthand the impact of the disaster on the people there, but also how the support and donations from people in the U.S. could help improve the quality of life for people we met. The impact of the devastation really hit me as we walked through the debris in Kesennuma where I spotted what remained of people’s lives: a family photo album half covered in mud, a little zori, a toy truck, fragments of broken dishes—all parts of lives that were gone or would never be the same again. Those reminders made me proud that I was part of the NJERF effort and that, in some small way, we were helping the people of the Tohoku region.” — DIANNE FUKAMI, JCCCNC BOARD PRESIDENT (2010-2012)



Japan Relief Gathering and Car Show (Red’s Java House) Japan Restart Concert Japan Society of Northern California–Ozumo SF YPG JapanAid SF Japanese American Club of Rossmoor

Japanese American Religious Federation Curry Cook-off Japanese Cultural Fair, Santa Cruz Japantown Merchants Association JCCCNC Karate Class JCCCNC Monday Nite Basketball Jean Parker School PTO John Green Elementary

Jordyn Owyoung Match Julie Kawahara Jewelry Store July 3rd Garage Sale, 8th and Fulton Just Dance Ballroom–Concert and Dance to Help Save Japan Kajiyama Taiko and Fire Mountain Drums

Clarendon Elementary School SAN FRANCISCO Within a week of the catastrophic events in Japan, Clarendon Elementary School put on an inspirational and compelling super show, Ganbare Japan!, on March 16, 2011, that raised over $25,000. In addition to the show, students were encouraged to participate in a coin collection drive. The show included a taiko performance by GenRyu Arts; Shamisen (Japanese lute) performance; singing performance by Fujimoto Hideki Kai Minyo School; choral performances by Chorale May, Ensemble Shiki and San Francisco Forest Choir; and singing by Clarendon students. The hefty check was signed by all the students and was presented to the JCCCNC by six Clarendon students during the live NBC telethon on March 18. One of the six students presenting the check included the daughter of Evernote Japan’s Chairman, Hitoshi Hokamura.

Karl Lebherz Band Benefit Dance Kitayama Elementary School, Union City Koji Otsuka Tsunami Relief Concert Kokoro Assisted Living Kokua Japan Concert–Aloha Warehouse Kotobuki Trading Kylie Nakasu La Entrada and Las Lomitas Schools– Benefit Concert

La Tania Baile Flamenco – Noche Flamenca para Japon Lake Merritt Dance Center– Tea Dance Fundraiser Lamorinda Development and Investment Le Meridian San Francisco Levi Strauss Foundation Matching Gift Little Angels Japanese Preschool

Lombardi Sports– Shopping Party and Happy Hour Longfellow Elementary School LoungeFly–Japan Relief Benefit Show Lytton Gardens Senior Community Potluck Madison Dempster Birthday Marysville JACL–Benefit Movie Memphis Minnie’s BBQ

Michael Nakai T-shirt Fundraiser Microsoft Employee Matching Gifts Program Midori Nishimura, MD Mills Peninsula Health Services Laboratory Minami Tamaki LLP–Kokua Japan Mio–Nuno Trunk Show


“For the people of Japan — my heart, blessings and love go out to you in these unfortunate times. I am donating what I can in hopes that it will help all in need. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” — K.M. Wiest, San Francisco, CA

Berkeley Bowl Berkeley Bowl, a 35 year old independently owned supermarket in Berkeley, CA, fundraised for Japan by asking for donations from their many customers. For a one-month period right after the disaster, customers were able to donate at registers. Between their two locations on Heinz Avenue and Oregon Street, Berkeley Bowl raised an astonishing $38,181. Berkeley Bowl also allowed organizations like Tatsumaki Taiko to use their venue for benefit performances that raised an additional $5,250 for the Relief Fund and a small group of students played jazz in their courtyard raising a few hundred dollars.

Berkeley Mills Berkeley Mills, a high-end Japanese inspired custom furniture store in Berkeley, hosted a memorable event on June 20, 2011, that raised over $22,000 in donations for the Relief Fund. Owner Gene Agress has a deep passion and deep love for Japan that is visible in the beautiful handcrafted pieces in his showroom, and once he saw the devastating images on television he needed to do something to help. The event, which took place right in their beautiful Berkeley showroom, featured keynote speaker Consul General Hiroshi Inomata, food by Ozumo Oakland which was prepared in their custom showroom kitchen, and an opportunity to win a doublesided solid Jarrah wood tansu valued at $32,000. Gene Agress was also a guest speaker at the JCCCNC year-end volunteer/Relief Fund “thank you” party alongside Causes.com President and CEO, Matt Mahan.



Model United Nations Club, Cal State East Bay Morgan Hill Buddhist Community Center–E-Waste Recycling Museum of Craft and Design Music for Japan– African Advocacy Network Napa Valley to Tohoku Dinner and Auction

National Asian Association of Asian American Professionals– HAPI Hour for Japan Nechung Buddhist Center Neils Cummins Elementary School New England Kenjinkai Oshogatsu Party New People–Hula Girls Screening

Nihonmachi Little Friends– Dowa no Matsuri Nihonmachi Little Friends After School Program–Garage Sale Nihonmachi Terrace NJERI Morning Glory School and Art Center–Summer Concert Nombe Izakaya

Raise the Flag at Five Raise the Flag at Five took place on Saturday, April 16, 2011, at 5:00 p.m. A large 27 foot by 100 foot flag with the message “S.F. Cares” was unrolled by a group of volunteers in the middle of Post Street. Aerial shots captured the scene to the left. The flag was a symbolic gesture of gratitude, inspiration and support, and to show that San Francisco cares. Japan provided the largest overseas contribution—with donations of approximately $250,000 — to San Francisco following the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. QUICK FACT

Grateful Crane Ensemble In less than a month after celebrating their 10th Anniversary, southern California’s Grateful Crane Ensemble organized “A Benefit Show for Japan Relief,” on May 14, 2011, which featured their most popular songs over the past decade. The event, held at Orange County Buddhist Church in Anaheim, featured the “Best of Grateful Crane” and singers Jason Fong, Haruye Ioka, Keiko Kawashima, Darrell Kunitomi, Kurt Kuniyoshi, Aimee Machida, Merv Maruyama, Mary Kageyama Nomura, Helen H. Ota, Fusako Shiotani and Grateful Crane youth singers.

“It’s important that we, as a Japanese American community, support the people of Japan during this time of need. Being from San Francisco, I know the people at the JCCCNC, appreciate the fact that they have a track record of running an earthquake relief fund in 1995 and trust that its donations are once again reaching people in need now.” — S O J I K A S H I WA G I , E X E C U T I V E P R O D U C E R , G R AT E F U L C R A N E E N S E M B L E (RAFU SHIMPO, APRIL 2011)

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival–Food Booth and Craft Vendors Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival–Friendship Reception and Raffle Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival–Golf Tournament

Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Alumnae Program Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont Oakland Fukuoka Sister City Association Fundraiser Ohlone Elementary School

Ohtani Jr. YBA (Young Buddhists Association) of Berkeley Higashi Honganji Temple Omotesenke Domon-Kai of Northern California One Hitotsu One Night Charity–Pacific Catch/ Betelnut/Grayson Labosky/ Patrick Berg

Ozumo and Skybox Realty–Happy Hour Ozumo Oakland– Cherry Blossom Fundraiser Palo Alto International Film Festival– Kamikaze Girls Park Chalet Garden Restaurant– Charity Kahn and JAMband Park Chalet Garden Restaurant– Summer BBQ


The wishful moment after we helped Kenta blow out his first candle.

My wife, Eri, and I started organizing our son’s first birthday party in February of 2011. But as we first learned about the earthquake and tsunami in Eri’s native Japan we nearly decided to cancel the party. How could we celebrate when so many in Tohoku were suffering— children and adults of all ages?

Kenta’s First Birthday

Then a thought came to us—to ask our friends and family to donate whatever they could to help the people of northern Japan instead of bringing a gift. By doing this we could also teach a life lesson to Kenta—the importance of repairing the world through giving. With the cooperation of the JCCCNC this plan began our journey to transform our feelings of helplessness into hope. All told we raised over $3,300 for the Relief Fund—thanks to the generous donations of those who knew about our effort or came to Kenta’s first birthday as well as a matching donation from the Yahoo! Employee Foundation. To everyone at the JCCCNC, thank you so much for your hard work and providing a vehicle for giving hope to those in need!

Stephen, Eri and Kenta



Paxti’s Chicago Pizza– ”52 Weeks of Giving” Japan Relief Physique Magnifique Fitness Academy Piedmont Carwash Pika Pika–Japan Relief Day Ponderosa School in South San Francisco Presidio Hill School

Promise Technology, Inc. Prospect Restaurant– Chefs Unite for Tohoku Qvale Auto Group, Inc. Racqueteers Tennis Club Rainbow World Fund–Beerbust Rainbow World Fund–Club Trigger Rainbow World Fund– Heartbeat for Japan

Rainbow World Fund– Interfaith Prayer Rainbow World Fund– Shake It for Japan Raise the Flag at Five Red Door Spas– Lighting the Way to Recovery Red Java’s House– Japan Relief Gathering

Japantown Merchants Association The Japantown Merchants Association (JMA), founded in 1965, is comprised of different businesses and organizations located within Japantown. The JMA organized fundraising efforts throughout San Francisco’s Japantown by designing and ordering special Relief Fund collection cans that were used for a merchants’ collection drive and at various Relief Fund fundraising events including the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in 2011. They also provided support for the one-month and one-year anniversary Our Hearts to Japan interfaith programs.

Cherry Blossom Festival In its 44th year the 2011 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, held in San Francisco’s Japantown on April 9-10 and 16-17, was almost cancelled due to the devastating events just one month earlier. But Richard Hashimoto, the festival Co-Chairperson, felt that it would be a great way to bring awareness to the needs in Japan and to raise funds. Special Relief Fund collection cans purchased by the Japantown Merchants Association were placed at each vendor’s booth and visitors were urged by volunteers walking throughout the festival grounds to make a donation.

New People–“Hula Girls” New People Cinema in San Francisco held special screenings of the award winning film “Hula Girls,” which is based on real life events initiating the creation of the Joban Hawaiian Center, now the Spa Resort Hawaiians, in Iwaki City which is located 30 miles south of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Relief Concert at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Restart Japan Rice Bowl Donations Ringer Hut America, Inc. Rooftop School Rosa Parks Elementary School JBBP–Auction

Sake Day Sakura Chorus–Benefit Concert Sakura Gakuen Japanese Language School–KA-E-RU San Diego State Nikkei Student Union– Japan Aid and Relief Showcase San Francisco Board of Supervisors San Francisco Chefs Unite– California Culinary Academy

San Francisco College Access Center Mixer San Francisco-East Bay Mataro Doll Miyabi-kai San Francisco Filipino American Jazz Festival–Charito and Friends San Francisco Filipino American Jazz Festival–Jam for Japan

San Francisco Foundation San Francisco Fukuoka Kenjin Kai San Francisco Giants Donation Collection–March 28 San Francisco Giants–Japanese Heritage Night San Francisco JACL San Francisco Mita-kai


Kokua Japan Relief Concert On April 2, 2011, Kokua Japan San Francisco put on a disaster relief benefit concert at San Francisco Japantown’s Peace Plaza to raise funds for the Relief Fund. NBC Bay Area’s Mike Inouye emceed the event. In addition to the concert and raffle, commemorative t-shirts were on sale. The t-shirts were flown in from Hawaii just for this event with help from the Hawaii Lieutenant Governor’s office and Hawaiian Airlines. The event was co-presented by the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California, the Japantown Merchants Association, the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. The entertainment lineup included: Steven Espaniola and Friends, Faith Ako and Friends, Side Order Band featuring Chris Kamaka and Asa Young, ‘AHAmele Ukulele Band, Ho’omana and JD Puli and Friends, Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu, Ke ‘Olu Makani ‘O Mauna Loa with Kumu Meleana Manuel, Ka Liko Pua O Kalaniākea, Merahi O Tehani, Feelosophy, Project Gojira, Native Elements and Stymie and the Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra.

Noche Flamenca Para Japon After a 9.0 earthquake and 30-foot high tsunami hit northern Japan on March 11, renowned Bay Area-based flamenco artist La Tania organized a flamenco dance and music program for disaster relief to send energy and resilience found in the flamenco art form to the survivors in Japan. The event, which was held on July 28, 2011, at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts also included raffles, food and drinks. Performers included: La Tania, Clara Rodriguez, Sandra Gabas, Gina Giammanco, Lea Kobeli, Roberto Zamora, Roberto Aguilar, David McLean, Yeshe Wingerd, Sachiko Morino, Yuli Norrish, Yukie Takahashi, Michiyo Okubo and Kumi Dews.



San Francisco Recreation and Park Department–Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco Recreation and Park Department–Pacific Rim Luncheon San Francisco State University School of Social Work San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Zen Center San Jose Repertory Theatre– ”Pay What You Will” Night San Jose State University College of Engineering Santa Cruz Japan Cultural Fair– Help Japan Save Japan Badminton Initiative

Sequoias Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silverado Golf Tournament and Auction South Bay JACL Speech Therapy Comedy and Genki for Japan

Ozumo Jeremy Umland, Founder and Managing Partner at Ozumo Restaurant Ventures, has strong ties to Japan—he was an exchange student at Gakuin University, played professional baseball with the Seibu Lions and worked as an investment banker in Tokyo. To help support the relief efforts to the country that he called home for 15 years, Umland offered a specialty cocktail Kibou No Hana (“flower of hope”) throughout the month of March with proceeds donated to Japan relief and hosted a happy hour to benefit the Relief Fund at his Ozumo San Francisco restaurant. The happy hour, organized by Nick Macilveen and Mia Takami of the popular San Francisco “Nicks Happy Hour and Party Group,” was held on April 5, 2011. On this evening, over 200 guests joined the cause related happy hour making donations at the door and enjoying drinks at the bar with a portion of bar sales being donated to the Relief Fund. The happy hour raised over $5,000 with more than $4,500 coming from donations.

True Sake True Sake, the first dedicated sake store outside of Japan and the first of its kind in America, is located on Hayes Street in San Francisco. Each year True Sake organizes Sake Day to celebrate the “day of sake” (October 1) in Japan. For 2011, True Sake dedicated the event to Japan which was themed “A Toast to Recovery.” Guests had the opportunity to try select sake from the Tohoku Prefecture, taste special comfort food of the region prepared by Yoshi’s Chef Sho Kamio and bid on one-of-a-kind and specialty sake products and goods. Proceeds from the 2011 Sake Day, which totaled close to $12,000, were donated to the Relief Fund. True Sake also supported the fund by asking thousands of True Sake fans to make a donation to the Relief Fund. The Relief Fund logo appeared on their website and in their e-newsletter.

“Miwa, myself and all of Team True Sake are still in awe at how fast, but more importantly how effective, the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund campaign began right from the get go. We saw so many efforts from across the world take shape but none matched your extremely effective attack at such a dire time in this world’s history.” — BEAU TIMKEN, OWNER OF TRUE SAKE

Spice Monkey Café Sports Basement– Holiday Shopping Night Springer Elementary School Springfield Montessori St. Ambrose Episcopal Church and Sea Breeze School– Concert and Bake Sale

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church– Japan Relief Concert Stocklmeir School– Hwee’s 4th Grade Class Stuart Hall High School–Bake Sale Stuart Hall High School– Dodge for Japan Students of Cascade Canyon School Sun Ridge School–Bake Sale

Sunnyvale Southern Little League/ Cumberland Elementary School SV Mortgage Properties Taiwanese Father’s Day Celebration Tatsumi Taiko–Berkeley Bowl Performance Tech Dream–April 21 Event Ten Thousand Waves

The Cause to Effect Japanese Resolve The Urban Tavern Fundraiser Thousand Cranes for Japan Thousand Oaks Elementary School Thurgood Marshall High School– Karate Kick-a-thon Thurgood Marshall High School– Top Team


Rainbow World Fund Immediately following the devastation in Japan the Rainbow World Fund (RWF) organized the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Japan Earthquake Fund, partnered with the Japanese American community and launched a series of fundraising events that would direct its monies through the Relief Fund. The first phase of their fundraising drive began with an online donation campaign. The second phase involved what they designated as a “Week of Omoiyari (Compassion)” that took place from April 9-14, 2011. The RWF also reached out to other LGBT groups across the country to get them involved by organizing their own local events or making a donation to the LGBT Japan Earthquake Fund.

“ I thoroughly enjoyed working on the various

The RWF “Week of Omoiyari” events were: fundraising at Sundance Saloon, Shake it for Japan at Powerhouse, Beerbust at Café Flore, Interfaith Prayer at Grace Cathedral, Club Trigger and Heartbeat for Japan at Deco Lounge.

slideshows I had to put together for the NJERF. Looking at the photos and videos made the experience more memorable and alive. You could see the impact and devastation from the tsunami and earthquake and how the relief efforts of the NJERF were used to aid in the resiliency of the people in Japan.”

— Corey Yamamoto, JCCCNC Staff



Silverado Golf Tournament A charity golf tournament, jointly presented by Silverado Resort members Bill Jovick, George Porter and Jack Sakazaki and the JCCCNC, served as a Japan relief fundraiser on May 5, 2011, at the beautiful Silverado Resort in Napa. Players enjoyed 18 holes of golf on the North Course followed by a wine tasting, lunch, awards ceremony and auction. Wine tastings were offered by Luna Vineyards, Peju Province Winery and Terra Bella Vineyards. Auction items featured Ryo Ishikawa sports memorabilia, restaurant/wine gift certificates and wines from 16 different wineries including Charnu Winery, Cornerstone Cellars, Jessup Cellars, Opus One and Turnbull Wine Cellars. Masanori “Mashi” Murakami also hosted a charity golf tournament at Silverado on August 22, 2011, to raise funds for the Relief Fund. Mashi was the first Japanese baseball player in the Major League and a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants from 1964-1965.

Tibetan Association–1,000 Peace Cranes and Solidarity for Japan Tonic Fundraiser Trader Vic’s True Sake Tuesday for Tokyo at Dosa UC Berkeley Nikkei Student Union UC Davis Japanese Program– Habit Burger Grill Fundraisers

Ulloa Elementary After School– Penny Wars Union Bank Employee Contribution Program University of San Francisco School of Law Urban Tavern, SF Hilton– Japan, We Love You!

Vin12 Presents: Pinot Noir Wine Event and Trunk Sale Water’s Edge Photography Show Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL WE ARE ONE ISLAND: Concert and Auction Wellesley Monthly Meeting of Friends

Denver Taiko In little more than a week, Denver’s Japanese Arts Community organized a benefit concert, “Heartbeat for Japan: A Taiko Benefit,” that played to a full house on March 26, 2011, at the Colorado Heights University Theater. It was a night of powerful and exquisite culture sharing by three area groups —Denver Taiko, Mirai Taiko and Taiko with Toni — that helped honor friends and family in Japan. “Heartbeat for Japan” brought approximately 900 community members together to support world healing and peace. There were no tickets sold for this “Give What You Can” event that collected over $22,000 in donations.

“Along with the world, I have watched with sadness the travesty that the Japanese people are now experiencing. Many years ago I taught with a fellow Japanese American teacher who had spent his early youth in an internment camp in the Central Valley. He had a profound love for the United States and his Japanese culture. He taught me much, of the true meaning of tolerance, of forgiveness. My friend has since passed and in his memory I send this offering.”

— V. and N. Coronado, Benecia, CA

What’s Up Dog! White House Black Market Wolf Birthday World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Medicine World Oyama Karate Yahoo! Employee Foundation Yahoo! Matching Gifts Program

SAN FRANCISCO J A PA N T O W N MERCHANTS Aloha Warehouse Amiko Asakichi Auto Freak

Belly Good Crepes Benkyodo Co. Cako Daikoku by Shiki Daiso Hair Salon Glam Up Ichi Ban Kan Isobune

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National Japanese American Historical Society Nippon-ya Omodaka Paper Tree Soko Hardware Uoki K. Sakai Co.



Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California Incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in 1973, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) is located in San Francisco’s historic Japantown. Since opening its doors in 1986, the JCCCNC has grown to serve over 185,000 participants annually of all ages, from infants to seniors, and those interested in the Japanese/Japanese American culture, traditions, history and community. An array of over 100 classes, programs and events are offered at the JCCCNC, which includes traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural arts, after-school activities, sports and recreation, technology and education, community festivals, exhibits and forums, exchange programs with Japan, performing arts, as well as a number of social activities for community members of all ages. The JCCCNC is recognized as one of the premier self-sufficient non-profit organizations in the country.






Terry Akiyama

Paul Osaki

Sherilyn Chew

Executive Director

Dianne Fukami

Lori Matoba

David Fukuda

Deputy Director

Don Misumi

Marjorie Fletcher

Rumi Okabe Allen Okamoto Diane Onizuka Teresa Serata Jon Shindo

Executive Assistant

Ruby Hata Director of Financial Services

Aya Ino

Kyle Tatsumoto

Director of Development and Communications

Peter Weber

Ryan Kimura


Director of Programs and Community Affairs

Jennifer Hamamoto Programs and Facilities Manager

Kaz Maniwa

Casey Ikeda

Chairman of the Board

Membership Coordinator

Donna Kimura

Jerry Kika


Volunteer Coordinator

Brad Yamauchi

Matt Okada

Senior Vice President

Program Coordinator

Marilyn Oshiro

Mika Shimizu

Vice President

Office Manager/Receptionist





Lessons That We Learned The events of March 11, 2011, and how the survivors handled the aftermath of the devastation taught us many lessons at the JCCCNC. It reminded us how important our mission is to not only preserve and promote the cultural arts and traditions of Japan, but also the importance of teaching and sharing the cultural virtues and values of our Japanese ancestors including the Issei (first generation) at the JCCCNC. It also served as a meaningful reminder of how vital our mission is to promote friendship and grassroots relationships with Japan and how international relief programs can turn into sustainable goodwill exchange programs. The true test of a friendship is not just celebrating the best times but also being there for each other during the worst of times.






Myron Okada Corporate Secretary

Robert Sakai Chief Financial Officer

Donna Kotake Ex-Officio



On the morning of March 11, 2011, the staff of ten at the Japanese Cultural

“As I sat before my TV watching the horror of the tsunami, I immediately thought of the relief efforts done by the JCCCNC after the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake. I knew that we had to do something to help the people of Japan and I was so pleased that the JCCCNC again took the lead to initiate the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. NJERF was a way to directly help the victims in Japan”. — Allen Okamoto, JCCCNC Board Member


and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) gathered in the office knowing that, as the JCCCNC and members of the Japanese American community, they had a responsibility and an obligation to actively support the relief efforts in northern Japan just as they did back in 1995 for the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake. Together they laid out a plan to start a relief campaign and divided up the various tasks: setting up a bank account, assessing volunteer needs, contacting the media, creating a PR plan, determining administrative needs, establishing donation procedures, etc. Immediately following the meeting they went to work— no one questioned what needed to be done, expressed any doubt or hesitation about the extra work— they all saw the horrific images on the news that morning and knew that they needed to do something to help. Within hours, the JCCCNC went from being a local community non-profit to an international relief organization. By the end of the day, the ground work was laid for what would become one of the largest relief funds in the nation —the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (NJERF or Relief Fund). The following day, one after another, people came to the JCCCNC to make donations and countless phone calls and emails were received from individuals, organizations and businesses who wanted to volunteer and help raise funds. Board members came in to assist staff, but still they quickly became overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support and response to the relief campaign from all over the world. From the start the staff worked tirelessly, some of them 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week for the first couple of months. Eventually, volunteers were scheduled daily and temporary staff was hired to assist with the management of administering a relief fund of this scale. Together they processed, verified and acknowledged thousands of donations; answered numerous emails, phone calls and media requests; greeted people as they delivered donations; set up a calendar of events and coordinated local fundraisers with organizations and businesses; created and managed the NJERF website; provided updates on the situation in Japan; coordinated with partner organizations in Japan; appeared at community events to provide updates; coordinated volunteers; printed leaflets; and conducted mailings as part of their daily tasks. The staff accomplished all of this while still fulfilling their normal job duties, but managing and sustaining the relief campaign would have been impossible without the dozens of volunteers that came to the NJERF office every day.

“Although it was a lot of work, having been a part of the NJERF was a truly rewarding experience for me. Never could I have imagined the tremendous outpouring of support from people of all ages, all walks of life–doing what they could in support of the people across the ocean who lost family, friends, homes, jobs and most of what they knew as their life. We worked like crazy to promote events and keep people up to date, but it was all worth it. In March of 2013, I was able to visit Kesennuma. To say my heart was broken is an understatement, all I kept feeling as tears streamed down my face was ‘I didn’t do enough, I should have worked harder,’ but as we were getting closer to a temporary housing facility that we were going to visit, I knew I had to wipe the tears and smile. It was the most amazing thing–our visit. We were only there for two short hours, but I think it was a healing experience for all of us. We were able to share our friendship and hope for a brighter future. For me, I left knowing that the support NJERF gave was reaching the right organizations and people.” — LORI MATOBA ,


There were also some key individuals who without their commitment and sacrifice the success of this Relief Fund would not have been possible— Lori Matoba for overseeing the administration, Jeff Yoshioka for handling the media and PR, Diane Matsuda for her work as the Japan coordinator, Dianne Fukami as the Board President and Yunice Kotake and Kristen Koue for managing the NJERF office. But the ultimate success of the Relief Fund was because the people who are listed in this booklet opened their hearts to Japan— all of the volunteers, fundraising organizers, corporate supporters, small businesses, and most of all, the thousands of donors.

Our hope is that one by one we can all make a difference, helping us all realize we are truly citizens of the world. Everyone’s lives were changed forever by the events of March 11, 2011, and hopefully the memories of the horrific devastation and the sense of loss that was felt will diminish in time. As we continue to look back it will be the images of the survivors we will remember the most for the fortitude and dignity they displayed which gave us hope and resolve when we needed it most. In reality the NJERF campaign helped the survivors, but it also provided all of us the opportunity to open our hearts and be a part of the international community’s outpouring of care and humanity to help the people of Japan. The JCCCNC is committed to ensure that the NJERF story is not over, and many of the projects funded by Relief Fund donations are continuing. Many of them are helping the survivors’ better cope with their lives, some are supporting community rebuilding and sustainability for the next generation’s benefit and others will help better prepare them for any future disaster. All of this is possible thanks to every one of you.




Terry Akiyama

Paul Osaki

Sherilyn Chew

Executive Director

Aimee Eng

Lori Matoba

David Fukuda Yo Hironaka Lois Hunter Jeff Maruyama

Deputy Director

Marjorie Fletcher Executive Assistant

Ruby Hata

Don Misumi

Director of Financial Services

Allen Okamoto

Ryan Kimura

Keith Onishi

Director of Programs and Community Affairs

Diane Onizuka Marilyn Oshiro Teresa Serata Jon Shindo

Director of Marketing and Membership Development

Yumi Yukawa Development Manager

Peter Weber

Jennifer Hamamoto

Tamiko Wong

Programs and Facilities Manager


Jerry Kika Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Nakamura Weekend Program Coordinator

Dianne Fukami

Courtney Okuhara


Membership Associate

Donna Kimura

Mika Shimizu

Brad Yamauchi Vice President

Myron Okada Corporate Secretary

Robert Sakai Chief Financial Officer

Rumi Okabe Ex-Officio


Program Associate

Chairman of the Board

Vice President

JCCCNC’s Past Relief Efforts for the Kobe Earthquake

Jeff Yoshioka

Kyle Tatsumoto

Ted Yamasaki

Shinzen Program visit to orphanage in Kobe (July 2009)

Office Manager/Receptionist

Corey Yamamoto Evening Program Coordinator

In 1995, the JCCCNC raised over $600,000 for the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake that killed over 6,000 people and left over 300,000 people homeless. The donations received helped to organize efforts to get food and water directly to the victims, assisted citizens search efforts, mobilized volunteers, provided clothing for those who lost their homes, provided essential supplies for children and seniors, provided mental health services; and fed and rebuilt orphanages in Kobe. The JCCCNC has continued to bring youth from the San Francisco Bay Area to volunteer and donate to the orphanage every year since 1995.

Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

FROM MARCH 11, 2011 TO MARCH 31, 2014

F undraising Detail NJERF Fundraising

NJERF Program Support


NJERF Program Support


Total amount raised

$4,048,571.00 NJERF Fundraising

Support Detail Rebuild Phase

Relief Phase


Recovery Phase


Rebuild Phase


Program Expenses Support Total

Program Expenses Relief Phase

$155,717.00 $4,048,571.00

Recovery Phase


Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

T he following individuals and organizations have generously donated to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California to support the Program Fund to help offset the expenses to operate the NJERF Program including volunteer coordination, office set-up, postage, accounting, printing, public relations and coordination of fundraising activities.



$100 to 499

Martha Suzuki*

Melvin Ashley Lydia Avak Atsuko Awaya Steven Bokura William and Ann Bradley IMO Yuka Matoba Michelle Burton David and Joyce Busse Central Builders Supply, Inc. Ronald and Eleanor Contreras Steve and Charlotte Doi Roger Doss IMO Tomoe Ishikawa Doss Eagle Vines Vineyard and Golf Club, LLC Gretchen Ehlers David Esler Susan Fitzgerald Dennis Fong and Nancy Moore Jean Grabost Roy Hardy Sato Hashizume Debra Hatanaka Patrick and Sandy Hayashi Cherie Hishida Mary Ishisaki Chris and Pauline Iwata K. Iwata Associates, Inc. Naomi Izumo Teresa Jackson Japanese American Religious Federation JCCCNC Hula Group Fusaye Kagimoto Douglas and Barbara Kanaya Hiroshi and Sadako Kashiwagi Herena Kim

$5,000 Nihonmachi Terrace

$1,000 to 2,500 Thomas and Diane Durst IHO The People of JCCCNC Joyce Fukami Kimochi, Inc. Robert and Yukiko Nakano Shigeru and Sakiko Namba Nihonmachi Little Friends Akiko Yamauchi

$500 to 999 Berkeley Mills Bruce Fukayama and Eda Soohoo-Fukayama Thomas Hiramatsu and Teresa Elliott Tie Tom Ikeda and Sara Yamasaki Japanese American Citizens League-San Francisco Chapter Japanese Community Youth Council Larry Kern and Karen Nunotani Kern Kay Okasaki Ken* and Kay Onishi Susan Prather Robert and Alicia Sakai Hector Valencia Eugene and Toshiko Van Dyk

“Working for NJERF was one of the most challenging, but most rewarding, pursuits I’ve ever tackled. What began as a small JCCCNC-driven initiative grew into something much greater than anyone expected and I will forever feel honored to have been part of it. The outpouring of support, in overwhelming magnitudes, was undeniably arduous, but to see a community come together from all over the country, all walks of life, from the young to the old, was colossal. NJERF could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff, the board members and volunteers. Thank you, JCCCNC!” — Y U N I C E KO TA K E ,

Thomas and June Konno Elizabeth Kwon Barbara Larsen Wendy Lee Richard and Corrine Martinez Tony and Noriko Matsuda Shigeo Mitsuda* Harry and Martha Miyasaki William and Dorothy Mizono Don and Ellen Mizota Tom and Karen Morioka Mark Morodomi Henry Nakao Bobby Nakata and Evelyn Nakata Thomas Neuburger Lyra Ng and Paul Wong Christopher Nichols Alan and Yvonne Nishio Wilbur Obata and Jill Shiraki Harold Omatsu Erika Opper and James Horton Erna Pablijan Erik Peper Helen Prather Noriko Rosenthal Gary Sada Mary Sherman IHO Taiki Case Yone Shintaku Carol Smith - IHO Kenji, Kim and Kiyomi Treanor Catherine Smith Robert and Kazuko Smith James Snider Jere Takahashi Mitsuo and Fumiko Takaishi Tomoyuki Takaishi

Henry and Lillian Wan Tang Satoru Taniguchi Geraldine Teranishi Jennifer Terukina Diane Tokugawa Lily Tom Stephen and Erick Tom James and Jean Tominaga John and Marjorie Tsukamoto Robert and Kimiyo Valera IMO Dora Tachibana Takae Walts Gustav and Sueko Williges Walter Wong Michiko Yamamoto Jo Ann Yamane Shizuho Yamashita Eugene and Careen Yokoyama Richard Yoshifuji IMO Kaoru Yoshifuji Kay Yoshioka

$1-99 Masayo Abe and Raymond Rosenbaum Advantage Electric Supply Kiyoshi Aoyagi Haruyo Balistreri Jean Barsch IMO Inako Sasaki Barsch D.A. Blood and Eileen BloodGolden George Bowles H. Elizabeth Burke Wayne Bywater Sally Cancelmo Wai Shan Chan Eddie Chin

Leslie Ching Compassionate Community Care Suzanne Daily H.T. Dao Donald and Jaqueline Day Patricia Duncan Sarah Eng Deborah Foy Marilyn Giannell Vincent and Cynthia Gizdich Keith and Ritsuko Halvorson Pauline Harada Janice Haraguchi Thomas Heatwole Takaji Hirano Lori Honjiyo Paul and Kimiyo Ige Hidekazu and Christina Ikemiya Euco Inoue Akiko Ishii Kathleen Kamei A. Arlene Kasa W.C. and Betty Knorr Gail Kyono Ray and Marianne Kyono So Young Lee Linda Legac Robert and Etsuko Lew Toni Martin Frances McHugh Kiyomi Miller Donald Millikan Judy Mine Barbara Mow Margaret Munson Kaname Nagasawa Ken Neishi


Isabell Ogata Jane Ohigashi Joyce Oishi and Dii Lewis Mark and Jewel Okawachi Coleman Ow Koji and Betty Ozawa Russell Paden Kathryn Reis Victor Rowley Tom and Hideko Sakata Toshio and Taeko Sano Teiko Sasser Eric and Liane Scott Sharon Senzaki Fuad and Sharon Sheehab IMO Yoshito Tome Alice Shimazu William Silvia Edward and Elaine Slintak Fumi Spencer Naomi Stanfield Yas and Midori Suzuki Amy Tanabe Denise Teraoka Janet Thibault IMO T.C. Thibault Asako Tokuno Oscar Torres James True Ken and Akiko Tsuchitani Gale Uchiyama Beverly Williams Ada Wong Bertha Wong Karen Mae Woo Yasutaka and Rie Yagi Ted Yamashiro George and Cora Yano Edmond Yee *Deceased


Endorsers of the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund “I believe that JCCCNC is fulfilling an important part of its mission through its participation in NJERF. Getting involved not only helps those who desperately need it, but it builds bridges between Japan and the United States. This bridge building is important to both countries and the JCCCNC is uniquely positioned to do this in a very unique way.” — ROBERT SAKAI, JCCCNC BOARD MEMBER


Asian American Bar Association Causes.com Chibi Chan Preschool Clarendon JBBP Elementary School Comcast Evernote Florin Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Genryu Arts JACL Northern California Western Nevada Pacific (NCWNP) District Japanese Benevolent Society Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) Japantown Merchants Association Japantown Task Force Kimochi, Inc. Kokoro Assisted Living Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation Marysville JACL Minami Tamaki LLP

National Association of Asian American Professionals NBC Bay Area New People Nichi Bei Foundation/ Nichi Bei Weekly Nihonmachi Little Friends Nihonmachi Street Fair Nikkei Student Union @ SDSU Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Rosa Parks Elementary School JBBP Salesforce San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants Community Fund San Francisco JACL San Francisco Japantown Foundation San Francisco-Osaka Sister City Association Silicon Valley Community Foundation The Asian Pacific Fund The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation The San Francisco Foundation True Sake Union Bank UPS Store #5568 Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL Yahoo! Employee Foundation

A Heartfelt Thanks to the countless volunteers who helped support the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. This was truly a community effort and we could not have done this without you.

The following individuals dedicated countless hours to the administration, promotion and overall success of the NJERF. Our gratitude and appreciation cannot be expressed in words but we wish to acknowledge them here and extend a special “thank you� for their support of the Relief Fund, the JCCCNC and its staff and for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami. Naomi Funahashi, Office Support Michelle Hardyman, Office Support Rich Hashimoto, Community Liason James Hattori, Video Support Heather Horiuchi, Nichi Bei, Media Emy Hynes, Office Support Jon Kawamoto, Public Relations Pamela Kojimoto, Office Support Donna Kotake, Office Coordination Yunice Kotake, Office +Volunteers Mgmt Kristen Koue, Office Coordination Rich Lee, Logo Design Lance Lew, NBC Bay Area, Media Diane Matsuda, Japan Liason Myron Okada, Office Management Teresa Ono, Office/Event/Logistics Roji Oyama, Office/Event Support Kenji Taguma, Nichi Bei, Media Kristi Yamaguchi, Fund Spokesperson Bonnie + Crew, Office Support Robbie + Crew, UPS Store, Print Support California Bank of Commerce Union Bank Japantown Branch

Lynne Adams Traore Adoubou Gene Agress Seth Agress Alaric Akashi Sonoko Amada Sean Andeakin-Hall Eiko Aoki Angelo Aramayo Sharon Archibald Akiko Arikawa Soomee Arikawa Peti Arunamata Joyce Ashizawa-Yee Myonghee Austin Umida Avloni Katherine Ayabe Scott Baird Bobby Baksa Sensei Leo Balambao Pat Barovetto Brian Bender Henry Bender Motoko Binger Michael Black Susan Blank Sensei Jerry Bolick Adika Boothe Satoko Boris Danny Bowien Brian Brennen Gina Brooks Kevin Bryan Matthew Bryan Shirley Burden MaryAnn Burman Norm Caba Ruth Campbell Paul Caponigro Charles Carbone Sensei James Carter Apollo Cebatos Connie Chan

David Chan Edward Chan Evan Chan Janet Chan Jeremy Chan Kimiko Chan Mike Chan Amy Chen Wayne Chin Effie Chow Lindsay Chu Michael Cimarusti Mami Clark Jeff Cotter Miekiela Countee Naoko Dalla Valle Edgar Dang Leah Dang William Dao Jeff Davis Marie Devera Ruth Dixon Christopher Do

Betsy Dodd Karen Doiguchi Sensei Elaine Donlin Maiko Douglass Jim Duff Layton Duong Joy Ebuen JoAnn Edwards Enrique Egata Kenneth Endo Elie Ernest Steven Espaniola Michael Evans Megan Flautt Grant Foerster Ben Fong-Torres Scott Fredrick Jesse Friedman Chris Fu Yoshiko Fujii Charlie Fujikawa Yuka Fujikawa Continues on page 72


Left to Right: Kara Okamoto, Pam Kojimoto, Mary Ishisaki, Yunice Kaneko, Kristen Koue, Emy Hynes, Michelle Hardyman, Myron Okada

“Compassion, Humanity and Pride. Those are words that come to mind when I think about NJERF. The overwhelming tide of compassion of people. It was so heartwarming to experience the joy of people giving. Children, professional associations, schools, companies, chefs, college student clubs, restaurants, families–all giving of themselves to help earthquake relief. We made a significant contribution to the lives of the people in Japan and it made me feel proud of all that the JCCCNC accomplished. We did it!” — D O N N A K O TA K E , JCCCNC BOARD MEMBER



Seiko Fujimoto Mayuko Fujisono Akemi Fukuda Katherine Furukawa Rev. Ryuta Furumoto Brandt Fuse Joni Fuse Helen Gan Shirley Garrett Jake Godby Katie Gong Barbara Gordon Kristen Gorts Phillip Gotanda Hans Gouwens Jules Gouwens Lex Gouwens Cecily Graburn Alanna Grant Rory Grant Seiko Grant Jordan Grosser Rudy Guajardo

Emiko Hamada Robert Hamaguchi Tim Hamano Deborah Hamilton Mina Han Patrick Hannan Josh Harris Junji Hase Jon Hatakeyama, DDS Frank Hatamiya Susan Hayashi Rev. Takahiko Hayashi Krista Hermawan Daryl Higashi Kimiko Hiyoshi Yvette Hochberg Kyle Hoo Seiji Horibuchi Grace Horikiri Rolfe Horn Eikoh Hosoe Chad Howell Alice Huang

Shirley Hyatt Colette Ikemi Hiro Ikemoto Mickey Imura Cathy Inamasu Chris Ingram Kathy Inouye-Chu Celine Irawan Debbie Irawan Jaclyn Irawan Nancy Ishibashi Mary Ishisaki Kaho Ito Naoko Ito Rev. Yuji Ito Miki Iwabuchi Owen Iwamasa Paul Iwamasa Shelly Iwamasa Tai Iwamasa Yuji Iwashita Alisha Jew Chris Jocson Hilma Jones Gordon Jong Jason Jong Chie Jorgensen Bill Jovick Angeline Junaedy Karen Kai Philip Kan Adele Kaneda Paul Kaneko Amy Kanzaki Kenny Kanzaki Shana Kanzaki Sadako Kashiwagi Soji Kashiwagi Lori Kato Mas Kawaguchi Alice Kawahatsu Grant Kawahatsu Jeddie Kawahatsu Rev. Masato Kawahatsu Alice Kawasaki Douglas Keane Dave Kent Arlene KikkawaNielsen Robert KikuchiYgnojo Jane Kim

Joyce Kim Shirley Kim Eryn Kimura David Kinch James Kircher Larry Kitagawa Makiko Kitago Lisa Kitamura Margaret Kitamura Marilyn J. Kline Rev. Ron Kobata Susan Kobayashi Yumi Kobayashi Bryan Kodama Sensei Masayuki Koga Michie Koga Robert Koga Chuteh Kotake Yuka Kotegawa Kristen Koyama Ellie Kravets Keisuke Kumiji Yukiko Kurakata Nobu Kurashige Kazumi Kusano Pastor Jackie Kwan Grayson Labosky Margie Lao-Williams Chris LaPierre Emalyn Lapus John Larissou Yuko Larissou Karl Lebherz Corey Lee Eugene Lee Terry Lee King Lei Kathy Leong Mary Leong Anna Leung Ann Lew Robbie Lewis Nancy Lim Mike Limanon Hiro Lizars Cici Loke Flora Louie Noriko Loveridge Drake Lowe Louise Lue Ruce Lumpkins Greg Lunsford Astrid Macheel

Brad Macy Akemi Maeda Michio Maeda Dennis Makishima John Malana Joey Malonzo Drew Mametsuka Gail Mametsuka Nina Mametsuka David Mar William Mar Patrick Martinez Greg Marutani Cal Maruyama Nicky Maruyama Sue Marvit Tim Masuoka Mihaela Matei Sandi Matoba Taylor Matoba Kanitha Matoury Tak Matsuba June Matsueda Sheila Matsutani Larry Maxwell Heather McHugh Jamie McKenzie Robert Melton Amy Mihara Steve Mihara Terrena Miller Dale Minami Ed Minamoto Daisuke Miyake Atsushi Miyamoto Cheryl Miyashiro Marisa Mizono Nico Mizono Viva Mogi Stephanie MorabeHarper Ajchara Morales Kota Morikawa Lauren Morimoto Sachiko Morino Michael Muhamedcani Kyra Munson Junko Nagai Yayoi Nagano-Lewis Ayano Nagaoka June-ko Nakagawa Michael Nakai Pat Nakai

Cindy Nakamoto Charlotte Nakamura Grant Nakamura Jack Nakamura Liz Nakamura Loren Nakamura Mari Nakamura Maya Nakamura Sydney Nakamura Richie Nakano Jodi Nakatsuka Rev. Ikki Namba Keiko Nelson Steven Neumann Chad Newton Don Nguyen, DDS Mai Phuong Nguyen Scott Nichols Kathleen Nielsen Maco Nishida Kay Nomura Clementine Ntshaykolo Keesa Ocampo Nori Ogata Mimi Ogawa Rando Ogura Bonnie Okamoto Kara Okamoto Malia Okamoto Patricia Okamoto Ruby Okamoto Greg O’Neil Kerry Onishi Takeshi Onishi Jerry Ono Hiroshi Osaka Glenn Osaki Sally Osaki Rena Oshima David Ota Miyo Ota Justin Pacheco Hana Packard Brady Page Sensei David Pating Jim Peeples Jr. Adela Picar Nicole Plue Rev. Stina Pope George Porter Jackie Lou Raquidan Jessica Ray

Naomi Reagan Cliff Reeves Claire Revadavia Enida Reyes Marc Riboud Kieran Ridge Marie Rier Patrick Riordan Jobelle Romulo Quillan Rusky Kevin Ryan Marie Ryan Mabel S. Misako Sack Yukiko Sadaoka Yumi Sakagami Alicia Sakai Haruko Sakakibara Jack Sakazaki Michelle Sakazaki Leo San Pedro Darrell Sasagawa Joyce Satow Kimby Satow Ayako Sawanobori Amy Mao Scala Joey Sciarrillo Liane Scott Shurei Seng Jeff Sera Mona Shah Chuck (Charlene) Shimada Joyce Shindo Claudia Siem Hitomi Silver Claire Sit Staci Slaugter Naomi Smith Yoshiro Soga Al Souza Danny Souza Laura Springer Robert Stafford Paul Stelhe Sharron Sue Nancy Summersgill Rev. Grace Kaori Suzuki Pastor Hiroko Suzuki Rodney Suzuki Tadashi Suzuki Amanda Swan

James Syhabout Fanny Szeto Irene Szeto Barbara Tabata Mia Takami Melody Takata Diane Takei Anne Takizawa Donald Tamaki Whitney Tamaki Erika Tamura Fred Tanaka Haruko Tanaka Minna Tao Denise Teraoka Masami Terazaki Jim Thelusma Leo Tingin Wendy Tokuda Rev. Joanne Tolosa David Tom June Tom Scott Tomioka Timmy Tomioka Linh Tran Jennifer Tsan Angela Tsun Emi Tsutakawa John Tsutakawa Colzie Tucker Lynda Unger Troy Untalan Steven Uriyu Emi Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Mike VanOrden Andrew Vargas Michael Vega Nicholas Vega

Patty Wada Sharon Wake Kimberlee Walden Phillip Walden Nancy Wang Mari Watanabe Miles Watkins Sarah Weems Brett Weston Lynda Won-Chun Colin Wong Connie Wong Jason Wong Terry Woo Helen Workman Don Worth Kahn Yamada Patricia (Pat) Yamamoto Yoko Yamane Lindsey Yamasaki Liane Yanase Jan Yanehiro Rev. Rodney Yano Sharon Yasukawa Valerie Yasukochi Laura Yee Wesley Yee Jeff Yeh Mieko Yeh Malcolm Yeung Miya Yung Angie Yip Roni Yip Yuji Yokoyama Mike Yoshiage Caroline Yoshida Roy Yu Vija Zarins

“I was one of the first staff to arrive at the JCCCNC that morning (March 11, 2011) and the phones were going crazy. Folks were calling, wanting to help and asking what the JCCCNC was going to do. I was really amazed to see how much people cared and proud to do what I could to help.” — R U B Y H A T A , J C C C N C S TA F F






Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

D O N AT I O N S R E C E I V E D M A R C H 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 T O M A R C H 3 1 , 2 0 1 4


Harry and Hiroko Lange Matthew Rogers Celeste White Yahoo! Employee Foundation

Jared and Donna Murayama Mark and Anna Pope Rainbow World Fund San Francisco Giants San Francisco Taru Mikoshi Ren Joseph Schoendorf Silicon Valley Bank - Susan Scavuzzo Reed Smith Tissue Foundation David and Susan Viniar Kristi Yamaguchi and Bret Hedican

$25,000 to 49,999

$5,000 to 9,999

Berkeley Bowl Produce Nordin and Donna Blacker Peter and Vickie Chow County of Alameda Florin JACL Herbst Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation Gary Reischel San Diego Foundation

B.A. Adams, Sr. All Charities Teamsters Bob Morales Anonymous Masao Ashizawa Associated Students of Los Gatos High School AT&T- API for Professionals and Community Advancement (APCA) Bruce and Martha Atwater Charlie Baxter and Jinee Tao Jean Charles Boisset BYZ Group - Betty and Yvonne Iwasaki California Flower Markets, Inc. Alda Chan Richard and Lucy Chen Jae Chun City College of San Francisco Students Clarendon Elementary School JBBP - Ganbare Japan Concert James and Etsuko Costanzo Christopher Do William Downing and Mary Bachman Fujitsu Management Services of America, Inc. John and Nancy Hahn Dr. Wayne S. Hane Dean and Keiko Horiike Lee Hudson Robert Hudson Ichiban Kan, Inc. Inspirational Opportunites for Youth and Seniors (IOYS) Intermune, Inc.

Evernote Corporation

$100,000 Anonymous

One dollar, one act of humanity at a time, we are making

$50,000 to 99,999

$10,000 to 24,999

a difference in the lives of so many...


Anonymous API and Muslim Communities of Sacramento–Law Offices of Jerry L. Chong and Alice W. Wong Asian Youth Center (San Gabriel, CA) Marc Benioff Berkeley Mills - Gene Agress Dale and Marla Bleecher Cyrus Kenneth and Akiko Freeman Byron Gill Grateful Crane Ensemble, Inc. Hope Hofmann Dina Honda Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Greenwood, Harley and Oberman Foundation, Inc. Law Offices of Korshak, Kracoff Kong and Sugano, LLP Moraga Asian American Club

JAI, Inc. James J. Boyle and Co. Rick Jones and Elaine Sczuka Kami Family Trust Keisuke Kumiji Theodore and Doris Lee Greyson Lobosky Charles and Wanda Mannon George and Judy Marcus Family Foundation Marin Academy Marine Chartering Co., Inc. Gary and Wilda Van-Matre Matsunaga Francis McCormick Gregory and Vicki McManus Menlo College Roland and June Minami Family Fund Minami Tamaki LLP Tim Mondavi Carol Murata New People, Inc. Nihonmachi Terrace Nikkei Student Union Aztecs Lynn Ogata Robert Peebles Presbyterian Church Chinatown Promise Technology, Inc. Raise the Flag at Five Redwood City Rotary Foundation Roxana Rivasplata Sake Day 2011 Sakura Gakuen, LLC Sakura Matsuri, Inc. Dr. F. Victor Saldania, DDS San Francisco Giants Collection Drive March 28 San Francisco Giants 2011 Japanese Heritage Night Proceeds SF Lodge Chinese American Citizens Alliance Fusae Shigezawa Shimo Julie T. Takahashi Joe and Michael A. Takehara TRA Fund Tri City Youth Group Vietnamese Buddhist Association of San Francisco Rev. Lloyd K. and Marion Wake C. Angus Wurtele

We have all come together in support of the victims and survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. From large public events, neighborhood garage sales, to parents and children just collecting what they can; we have united in this community based effort.

$2,500 to 4,999 Anonymous (3) API Cultural Center Bar Basic Berkeley Millwork and Furniture Susan Boswell Brandeis Hillel Day School Brown and Toland Medical Group Employees Brown Paper Tickets, LLC Noche Flamenca Para Japon Yu Man Chan Edward and Janet Chen May Chen Chinese American International School Dennis Chuang Elena Court Cupertino High School Japanese National Honor Society Naoko Dalla Valle S. Daniel Date DeAnza College - D&E and APASL Thomas and Diane Durst Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, Inc. Andrew Erickson ESM, Inc. Andrew and Trisha Florsheim Claudia Fredriksson Giants Community Fund Dick and Ann Grace Yuji Hachiya Peter and Amy Hall Satsuki Hanada HBG, LLC Hewitt School Christine Hmelar Japanese American Club of Rossmoor Japanese American Religious Federation of San Francisco Japanese Cultural Fair Kent Jenkins and Caroline Cho Just Dance Ballroom Rosina J. Keren Keynote Systems, Inc. Unmang Gupka Jane Kim Kinokuniya Bookstores Cody Gillette Kirkham Hayaka Komatsu

La Entrada School Longfellow Middle School Los Perales Elementary School PTA Richard Martin DI McDonald Mitsue Yanagihara McKenna Robert McMillan Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Beth Milliken and Mary Novak Atsushi and Naoko Miyamoto Robert and Val Montgomery Morgan Hill Buddhist Building (Community Center) Moshi Moshi Restaurant Mitsuru Akashi Roy and Judy Nakadegawa Robert M. and Yukiko Nakano Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Association Ohlone Elementary School Rena Oshima Koji Otsuka Ozumo San Francisco Romi and Hisako Pradhan QLS Parents Association R and G Executive Lounge, Inc. Reno Chapter Japanese American Citizens League Ringer Hut America, Inc. Jack, Mayumi, Michelle and Melody Sakazaki San Jose Bowling Association Kei Sato Sawa Family Charitable Fund Ronald I. Scharman, Richard M. Kline and Matt Wood Tony Scott and Jean Su Sequence Shinobu Sering Shindy Products, Inc. Michael and Dina Smith Square and Circle Club, Inc. Steven and Claire Stull Sumofish Shigeko Tanaka Thien Tinh Buddhist Meditation Larry Toji Dr. Reiko H. True True Sake Watsonville Taiko Group World Oyama Karate White Zone Kiyohiro Yamauchi

$1,000 to 2,499 Marcus and Barbara Aaron Makoto Abe Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose Denny and Rick Milliken Abrams Bruce A. Adams Lynne K. Adams Advanced Technology Transfer, Inc. African American Art and Culture Complex Bill and Mary Cunningham Agee

Airport Appliance and Kitchens, Inc. Melvyn and Dorothy Akutagawa Delal Ali All Clubs Reunion Emily L. Allen Amigos de El Salvador As Ang Patricia Angell Anonymous (37) Paul and Midori Antebi API Banquet Monica Arima Artmar Hotel, LLC Grace M. Asaoka

Alpers Sidewalk Sale Every penny donated to the Relief Fund went to help support the victims in Japan. The same care and love for Japan is echoed in our donors. The Alpers sisters’ sidewalk sale was the epitome of the adage “every penny counts,” as they were in front of their home on March 12 raising whatever they could to support those in Japan

Marie M. Asaoka Asian American Bar Association of Chicago, Korean American Bar Association of Chicago, Chicago-Kent School of Law’s Asian Pacific American Law Students’ Association Mark Attanasio Pauline V. Attanasio Paula Bakalar Kurt A. Bakken Celeste Bancroft Carol Diana Barlage and Warren Hale Lewis Marjie D. Barrows Charlie Baxter Bay Area Asian Sports Dragons Bay Area Medical Academy Benkyodo Company Mike and Susi Bickley Margaret Biever Bingham McCutchen, LLP Bingo Hall Group Black Ink, Inc. Bookshop Santa Cruz Bowditch Middle School Boy Scouts of America Troop 58 Dr. Carla K. Bradshaw Burnett Britton Brown Paper Tickets, LLC Japan Aid Event Barbara Bryant Ann E. Burchill Café Hana California State University East Bay George Caloyannidis Capitola Book Café Velma Cato Park and Joan B. Chamberlain Geoffrey Chan Charles Woodsoon Wines, LLC Christiana Foundation Robert Hickman, PHD Church of Perfect Liberty City and County of San Francisco Dept. of Human Resources City College of San Francisco Civic Center Campus Clarendon Elementary School JBBP Annette Clear Club Mallard *Deceased


Colonial Bank-Upper Deerfield Margaret Coughlin Leslie Couvillion John Crew and Shelia Gasden Chieko Cuzzort Dance Masters of California, Inc. Mimi deBlasio Brett and Natalie deLeuze Dentoh Diablo Nippongo Gakuen Doc’s Clock DOSA Margaret Duckhorn Kamal Duggirala East Bay Community Foundation Edna Maguire 5th Grade Class of 2011 Employment Development Department Ginny Eng Eth-Noh-Tec Creations F.D. Roosevelt School Student Council Fairmeadow Elementary School Family Bridges, Inc. Maria Farrow James and Barbara Fetherston Fftec Motorsports First Christian Church of Palo Alto Jack Fischer Peter T. Fitzgerald Chris Flick Sook-Yee Fok


Morrison R. Fong Scott Frankenberg Dennis L. Franklin Matthew Frederick Friends of Gary Yamauchi Barbara Fritschen Shari Fujii and Douglas Higashi Thomas Fujisaka Tom Fujisaka Joyce Fukami Kumiko Furukawa Fred and Betty K. Furuta Ginger Furuta Rika Futamura John Gage and Linda Schacht-Gage Sandra Gauvreau Fumiko Gearlds Genki For Japan.org John Giannandrea Marvin and Satoko Gibson Mary K. Gilles Glam Up, LLC Miye A. Goishi Golden Gate Optimist Club of San Francisco Jonathan and Deborah Goldman Spencer Graham and Elizabeth Pressler Greg Gregory Clifford and Emmeline Gunderson Larry and Carrie Haimovitch Steven Hallgrimson Bette R. Hamachi Rose Kanemoto Hane Don Hanlay Joan M. Haratani

Herbert Hoover Middle School Student Body Ursula Hermacinski Nina R. Hetteima Daryl Higashi Douglas Higashi Highlands Elementary School Takeo and Carle Hirahara Jamie Hirata Dr. Gustin Ho, MD Robert Hoff Hokka Fukushima Nikkeijin Kai Marvin Honig Herbert and Julieta Honma Thomas T. Hoshiyama Hotel Kabuki K. Jean Howard Harry Hsia Agustin Huneeus Ikuko Hutt Ida’s Rest Home, LLC Kuni Iida Rew K. Ikazaki Frank and Kiyoko* Ikenaga Illinois Prarie Bison, Inc. Iloilo Circle, Inc. of San Francisco Frank Ingriselli Inner Fire Yoga Paul Inouye Edward Inouye and Patricia Kay Int’l Institute of the Bay Area Himawari-Kai Ishida and Abramson Peggy Ishikawa Mary Ishisaki Naoko Ito Erika Iwamura

Japanese Community Youth Council JCCCNC Bambi Group Jean Parker School PTA Jewish Community Endowment Fund Yuan Jiang Hisashi and Akiko Kagami Kagami Kai Duke Kalauck Preet Kang G. Kase Steve Kawai Yoko M. Kawata Gail Keikoan Keker and Van Nest, LLP Robert A.Van Nest Keon Enterprises Takeshi Kinoshita Billie B. and Sonoko Kirk N.H. Kitayama Richard Kline Bryan Kodama Jun KodaniIMO Haru Miyazawa Valerie A. Koehn Keith S. and Priscilla Kojimoto Kona Club Amy Kong Nozomi Kong Ming Kown Koo Harry and Carol Koshi Kotobuki Trading Nisha Krishnaiah Balasubramanian and Mythili R. Kumar Kazumi Kusano La Tania Flamenco Music and Dance Ladera Community Church Lake Merritt Dance Center, Inc. Chun Cheng Lam

Craig and Kyoko Harmer Harmony ‘84 Frederic and Caren Hatton Kazuo and Aiko Hayashi Ruth Y. Hayashi Head-Royce School Hello Hunter Corp.

Mary Iyama Dr. Ronald James, James Chiropractic Japanese American Citizens League Japanese American Citizens League - Florin

Tsering T. Lama L and W Land Company Cary S. Lapidus Albert and Yuko Lau Michael Laverty LCF Montessori Tsunami Relief Fund

Mitchell D. Lee and Sylvia Wang Robert and Carolyn Lee Sug Woo Lee Mark Leno Masako Leon Man Kong Leung, MD Mike Limanon Raymond and Joanne Lin Longfellow Elementary School, San Francisco Los Gatos High School Japanese National Honor Society Noriko Loveridge Lowell High School -Japanese Club Miles L. and Jacqueline S. Loyd Lucille M. Nixon Elementary School PTA Chng Hsu and Shih Lin Lue Lyle and Forsyth-Investment Managers Lytton Garden Residents Association Marianne Mahoney Lynda Martin Marysville JACL James M. Matsuda Josephine and Sumi Matsuda George Y. Matsumoto Michiko Matsumoto Francoise and Jean-Marie Maureze Tom and Martha May Mayeda Family Trust Raymond Mayer John Michael McCaffery Joe A. McCarthy

Jack R. McDonnell Mitsuo McKenna Anne and Chuck McMinn Polly M. McMullen Yoko Meiji Yoshiro and Yoko Ozawa Meiji

Molly E. Mentzer Peter Michael Microsoft Corporation Midori-Kai, Inc. Kyra Miller Mills-Peninsula Health Services - Matching Gifts for Glory Chew, Loly Young, Carol Nishimura, Linda Kilby, Catherine Loney, Gan Haw, Sandra Berry, Elaine Slintak, Keith Duncan, Kathryn Kurotori, Miriam Naza, Nancy Tom, Lisa Forslund, and Elizabeth Sunde Dale Minami and Ai Mori Hideshiro Minami Edwin Minamoto Akshai Mirchandani Montessori School of North Hoffman Vernon Francis Moore Noriyuki Mori Mountain View Buddhist Temple Dharma School Muir Beach Quilters Yuko Murakami Jane Muramoto Yung Edward Murphy Arthur Satoshi and Naomi Nagahashi Hoshi Nagamoto Patricia Nagamoto Michael Nakai Coleen Nakamura Bobby Nakata Evelyn Nakata Shigeru and Sakiko Namba Kazuo Nanya Neil Cummins Elementary School Dr. Frank A. Nesi, MD New Haven Home Health and Hospice, Inc. Geroge T. Newell Next America Fund Kim-Anh T. Nguyen Phuc V. Nguyen Nihonmachi Little Friends Nikkei Matsuri David L. Nishikawa Dr. Midori Nishimura, MD Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Northern California Japanese American Theological Forum Northern California Japanese Sword Club, Inc. Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services Angel Y. Odgen George and Mary Okamoto David and Stephen Oku Olander Foundation Harold Omatsu Dennis O’Neil and Stephen Martin Timothy and Lori Ong Patricia Orr

William and Louise Osada Wayne and Sally S. Osaki Betty O’Shaughnessy Woolls Marilyn C. Oshiro Shirley Osumi Maile Ota Miyo Ota-Mio, Inc. James and Terrie Oto Ozumo Concepts International Erna Pablistan Pacific Golf Club Parkview Presbyterian Women Riana Parvez Patxi’s Chicago Pizza - Laiko Bahrs Patxi’s Chicago Pizza Layers, LLC Charles and Beth Perrel IHO Naoko Dalle Valle James Pettit and Peter Wilson Piedmont Carwash - Yukiko Adams Piedmont Piano Co., Inc. Manuel Pires Presidio Hill School Presidio Middle School Student Body Raymond and Mildred Quan Qvale Auto Group, Inc. Mark Radcliffe Rajeev Rai Richard Reddington Barry and Ann Reder Richmond District Democratic Club Patricia Robinson Rumblefish Richard L. and Enriqueta Russell Miyuki Ryan Takeshi Saeki Takeshi and Yoko Saito Hisaji and Jean Sakai Jack and Mayumi Sakazaki Sakura San Bruno Venture, LLC San Francisco GiantsDonation Collection Japanese Heritage Night San Francisco State School of Social Work San Francisco/Silicon Valley Chapter of Kwansei Gakuen University Alumni Association San Jose Repertory Theatre Edwin Sanders Santen Incorportation David and Cindi Sasaki S.K. Sasaki James* and Fumie Satake Machiko Sato Mary M. Sawai and Lester K. Soo Schools of the Sacred Heart Margot Scott Meigyoku Seki Michael and Ginger Sera Joselito Sering SF Brew, Inc. Shiao Family Linda Dairiki Shortliffe

Jan Shrem Joseph Siegelman and Charlene Shimada Sita Foundation Robert and Kazuko Smith Soko Hardware Sophie’s Crepes Andrew Soss and Michelle Goddard Jasper Speicher Dr. Nick M. Spirtos, MD St. Cyprian School St. Ignatius College Preparatory Nancy and Jack Stack

Sutro Elementary School Marumi Suyeyasu Shinichi Suzuki W. Clarke Swanson, Jr. Tagawa Greenhouse Tomoye Takahashi Hideaki and Naoko Takase Irene Takasuka Shigeyuki Takeda Laura Takeuchi* Donald Tamaki David Tanaka Violet Tanaka Richard Taylor Hiroshi and Ruth Terashima

Taru Mikoshi For the past 45 years the San Francisco Taru Mikoshi group has been closing the Cherry Blossom Festival’s annual Grand Parade with their boisterous “wasshoi, wasshoi.” After learning about the March 11 disaster in their homeland, many of the core organizers had heavy hearts and wanted to do something to support those in need. Their support came in the form of an $11,000 donation to the Relief Fund from the proceeds of their festival food booth and donations collected during the 2011 festival.

Jay and Janet Stallman Lawrence Sugimoto Megan Sugiyama Sundance Cinemas, LLC Ryoji and Nobuko Suruki Sushi to Dai For (Mitsudai, Inc.)

Thalassa Tibetan Association of Northern California Thomas Tie William H. Tilley Michael and Suzanne Tobin Betty Toguchi Ronald and Maeley Tom

Stephen S. and Toy San Tom Tuyen Tran Kenji Treanor and Kim Nakahara UC Hastings College of Law Toot and Joanna Uchida James R. Ukropina Ulloa Elementary After SchoolPenny Wars Emi Uyehara Naomi Uyemura Hector V. Valencia Valtellina, Inc. Vegiworks, Inc. Vertigo Coffee Grace Voss Dean Wada Warren Furutani for Assembly 2012 Watsonville - Santa Cruz JACL Robert A. and Celeste Keith White Peter Wilson Stephen Wolf William E. Wolf Sophia S. Wong and Young Choi, RV TR Woodside International School Scott Woodworth Ashley Wu Chi Chen Wu Ken Yamada Yasunari and Mieko* Yamada Dick and Janice Yamagami E. and W. Yamamoto May Yamamoto Jo Ann T. Yamane Ayame Yamashita Yamasho-Shogo Yamada Akiko Yamauchi YKS Services, LLC Clifford Yokomizo Shinya Yokota Namiko Yokoyama Dr. Craig Y. Yonemura and Pamela K. Matsuda Katsuyuki and Fumiko Yonezawa Kumi Yoshimoto Gregory Young Yui Marlu, Inc.- Kazumi Akamine Miya Yung

$500 to 999 A Thousand Cranes for Japan Haruo Abe AC Transit AFSCME Local 3916 Adler and Co. Jade Keala Agua Aiken and Welch, Inc. Albany Middle SchoolIHO Haga Junior High School Doreen Alderman Sally Aldridge David Alger *Deceased


Robert L. Anderson and Kei Kitakata Anonymous (94) Don Aoki APA Heritage Foundation Apollo Lodge No123 Independent Order of Odd Fellows George ArvayIMO Dr. Hermann Gmeiner Takeshi Asano Asian American Bar Association Asianweek Foundation Associated Students of University of California Michael and Susan Austin Umida Avloni Kay Ayaki-Zeren Samah Bader J.B. Baraz William Barnes Lisa Hu Barquist Bay-Marin Aikido, Inc. Rick Beal Janice Bell Bella’s Sports Pub Benihana Monterey Berkeley Buddhist Dharma School Berkwood Hedge School Wendy Betts James Biernat Arid C. Bigattini Wade S. and Hisako S. Blair Blue Nami Corp. Margeret M. Boettger Catherine I. Boggs Bok Choy Apparel Shannon and Amy Bosick Boxer and Gerson, LLP Bracelets for Japan William and Ann Bradley Betty Brady James E. Bray Ray and Abigail Brenner Brewer Island Elementary School Robert Brown Robert B. and Carol Ozawa Burns Dave Busse Salvador Bustamante and Marion Steeg CAAEN Auction Cal State East Bay International House Luis and Dewana Carlos Cecilia Chang Yi-Ruei Chang Jean Chao Judy Chen George and Angeli Cheng Cherry Blossom Festival Golf Tournament Kenneth Chin Chinese Community of Watsonville


Chinese Immersion School at De Avila Ernest Chow Michael D. Chu Chubb Group of Insurance Company Employees Madeline Chung Connie L. Codding Concord Ambassadors Michael Cornu Peter Cornyn Cotchett, Pitre and McCarthy Covenant Presbyterian Church Dolores Cramblit Jim Cross Barbara Daily Daiso Japan-SF Japantown Jeff Davidson and Satoko Nagatoshi R.F. Davis De Anza College DEKA Associates, Inc. Lucca Deli Christine Dell Byron Der Giacom Di Nepio and Stefania Carhaghi Fumiko Inoue DiDomizio Evelyn and Joseph M. Dieu F.H. Dobashi Dolan Law Firm William Dow Misa W. Dubrawski East Los Angeles College Foundation Ann Eliaser Carylann Elleri Todd Ellinwood Jillian Ellis Employees of Natural Grocery Company Carol C. Espinosa Greg and Anne Evans Fabric 8 Carey Bryan Fan Carol and John Field Robert Finn and Ursula Schultz Michael and Jane Rogers Fischer- IHO Jenna Lyn Fischer Richard and Sharon Fish Julie A. Fisk William T. and Wilma C. Follette Cynthia M. Fong Pauline L. Fong Virginia Fowkes Robert C. and Susan Barnett Fox Ann Francisco Dennis W. Frazier Sam and Teri Fujikawa Nancy K. Fujimoto Dianne Fukami Yoshi Fukawa Yumiko Fukiage Hiroshi Fukuda Yasuko Fukuda Christine Fukumitsu and Mary Matsuno Bruce and Eda Soohoo Fukuyama

Miharu Furihata Judy Furukawa Michio Furukawa Warren and Lisa Furutani Alyce Furuya Clarence T. and Elizabeth Y. Furuya Catherine Gamble Scott Garell

Danny Garvin and Nancy Nishimura-Garvin Gerson Bakar Foundation August and Lisa Giannetti Giordano Brothers, LLC GKI Indonesian Church Golden Willow Chinese Restaurant Jane Gorai

Support from Businesses, Organizations Community Groups*


As the news and images hit the airways, businesses organizations, churches and groups including Kotobuki Trading, which imports/sells Japanese ceramics and goods; the San Francisco office of law firm Bingham McCutchen; freight forwarding company James J. Boyle, whose main office is in San Francisco; the Asian American Bar Association; Kimochi, Inc.; the Japantown Merchants; the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Japanese American Club of Rossmoor, just to name a few, began organizing fundraisers, hosting events and collecting donations from employees and members to support the Relief Fund. *Please see the full list of events and organizations on pages 46-61.

Lynn K. Gordon Gordon J. Lau Elementary School - Music Department Cecily Graburn Frank and Linda Grange Gravel and Gold, LLC Rowland Gregory Eric Gustafson Tim Haggerty Half Moon Bay High School Japanese Club Lily May Hall Richard and Lois Halliday Halsted N. Gray-Carew and English, Inc. Robert and Carolyn Hamaguchi Wendy Hanamura Masao and Setsuko Handa Judy Hane William R. Hansen Gordon Harris Walter R. and Susanne Harrison Haruko Creations Jane Y. Hashimoto Masaru and Marcia M. Hashimoto Tomoki and Yuka Hashimoto Reiko Hashizume Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California Cynthia Lee Hayashi James A. and Phyllis J. Heaney Betsy Hess-Behrens Hidaya Foundation David Hiestand and Nina Quarequio Michelle Perry Higgins Noriko Hill Hillcrest School Stuart Hing George and Florence Hiraga Christopher M. Hirano and Chiyomi S. Kuroki-Hirano Yo Hironaka* Cherie Hishida Kazuko Hishida Kenneth and Yoshiko Ho Tim Hockin Florence M. Hogan Robert P. and Denise Haboush Hohmann Hitoshi Hokamura Shigeko Z. Hoki James Holloway Dallas and Muoi Tran Hom Chris Hong Barbara Hood Barbara E. Hood Geary Horikiri Kelly Horner Frank W. Horst David Hosaka Conel M. Hoskins Hotel Healdsburg Terry Houlihan Rod Hsiao Ron Hsiao Chiahsiung Hu

Mikiko Huang Rose Huang William Hughes Norman Hui Lynn M. Hutt

Kimura Family Ikuko Kinoshita George Kiriyama Kazuhiro and Sayaka Kishino Kimberly J. Kitano

Risa Makabe Constance Marvin Jennifer Masuda Haruko Matsuda Sumi and Josephine S. Matsuda

Kikue Kiyasu G. and B.P. Knoblock Greg Kodama Susan K. Korn Carol Korn-Bronson Dominica Kriz Sumiko Kudrick Yukiko and Shinsuke Kurakata Daniel Kuramoto Cecilia C. Kwan Minette A. Kwok Lionel H.W. Kwong Bob La Rue Dr. Robert Lamoreaux Law Offices of Jerry L. Chong and Alice W. Wong Le Meridien San Francisco Karl Lebherz Jack W. Lee Wendy Lee Coleen Lee-Wheat Linda M. Legac Mary W. Leibman Esther Leong Kathy Leong Edward and Heidi Lau Leung Sherman Lew George and Mary Anne Lewis Jeff Lievense LinkedIn Corporate Engineering Service Little Angels Japanese Preschool Dorothy Liu and Madeline Chun Stephen J. Louie Wesley M. Lowe K.W. and C.G. Lowry

Julie Matsui and Maxime Simon George Matsumoto Chester and Nanako Matsuoka May Mayeda Dianne McNenny McSherry and Hudson Complete Insurance Service Kais A. Menoufy and Cheryl L. Milles Teresita Marie Meroff Teresita Meroff IHO One Night Charity Michael Metzger and Chikako Nakandakari Microsoft Corporation - Xbox Matching Gift Mifune Restaurant Chiyoko Miklasevich Cheryl L. Miles Donald and Hatsue Miller Donald J.R. Miller Joseph and Annette Minafo Tommy Mine Mischief Domilyn Mitchell Mitchell Kapor Foundation Daisuki and Elena Miyake Elena Miyake Acupuncture and Herbs Ronald and Janet Cordova Miyake Geoffrey Y. Miyao and Staci S. Toyama Lois K. Miyashiro John S. Mizono* Robert S. Mizono Mark Mizuhara

Nancy Moyle Florian Mueller Sharon Muneno and Raymond Johnston Toyohiko and Suzanne Muraki Alfred and Joy Muranaga Kristina Murata Kelly P. Murphy N.S. Collins Fund Ayano Nagaoka and Radhakrishnan Nagarajan Steven H. Nagata Midori Nakahama Hiroshi Nakai Michikazu* and Mitsuko Nakai John Nakamura Larry S. and Kathleen S. Nakamura Phil and Yasuko Nakamura Scott and Sandra Nakamura Vicki A. Nakamura Don Nakanishi Naomi Nakashima Shila and Pravin Narottam Natural Grocery Company Negishi Jewelry Eric Neil Schalon Newton Betty Yin Ng Christie Ng Mary Ng Judie K. Ngov Duong Nguyen Sen Nguyen Sumiko and Merry Nishimura Alan Nishio Noami Nishioka Christine Noma NorCal Wetsuit Company Hideshiro Minami Phillip Norfleet Jeanette Piepho Norman Jean M. Nosaka Hiromichi and Tomoko Nozaki Karen Nunotani-Kern Lisa Oba Susan Obata Wilbur T. Obata and Jill M. Shiraki Deborah Odier

Lorraine Luna Richard and Deborah Lundgren Helen Ma J. Matthew Mackowski Macomber Family Fund Dennis Maemura Dr. Robert C. Magoon, MD Lincoln G. and Katherine M. Mah- IMO Teiko Kitagawa

K.Y. Mizukami Modoc High School Susan Monroe Mary Jean Moore and David Creighton Donald and Emiko Moriguchi Koichi Morikawa Leroy and Barbara Hedani Morishita

Off The Street Pro Shop Elsie Ogata Itsuo Okamoto Van Okamura Yoshiko Okamura Kay Okasaki Toshio and Setsuko Okazaki William OkudaIMO Yukiye Okuda

Each of us must do our part to help. Sharon Hynynen Hyphen Magazine Henry and Stephanie Ichinose Michael Ikeda Mary Imai Julie Imaizumi Diane Inaba Cathy Inamasu International Institute of the Bay Area/Himawari-Kai IPPUKU Keiko Irino Gerald Ishikawa Toyofumi Ishikawa Gregory Ishizaki Takako Ishizaki Takeshi Ito Noriko and Shigeru Iwamoto Lori Iwasaki Chris H. Iwata Corrine Jan Japan Center Garage Jardiniere Restaurant A. Annette Jensen Joe’s Ice Cream John B. Mockler and Associates John R. Houghton-Ledwith, Houghton and Co. Gordon T. and Linda M. Joo Rochelle M. Jovick Kevin Joyce K. Iwata Associates, Inc. K. Sakai Building Acct. Masaru Kagami Masahito Kagawa Yumiko Kakizaki Yukari Iwatani Kane Satoshi Kaneko Betty Nobue Kano Miyeko Kanoh Geoff and Nora Kanter Peter C. Karp Hiroshi and Mrs. Sadako Kashiwagi (San Francisco) Paul Katayama Lori Kato Briana Kaufman Shigeko Kawabe Kikue and Yoshizumi Kawanaka Jade Keala Agua Mary J. Kelley Pad Kemmanahalli Kenmoku Ketan and Sheila Kothari Family Fund Rosaline Kiang Kimochi, Inc. Paul M. Kimura

Virginia L. Olesen Omotesenke Domon-Kai of Northern California Thelma Ong Ken* and Kay Onishi Anh Crutcher Oppenheimer Edwin and Barbara Osada Teruko Osborn Hideaki Oshima Cheryl Ossola, SF Zen Center Jerry and Eleanor Osumi John Ota Etsuko Otsuki Lisa Oyama Stan and Yaeko Ozaki Kevin Pardo Parent Teacher Community Council of the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program Victor and Eun-Young Kim Parker Junko Parsons Mark Patel David Paul David and Betty Paul Foundation Stephen and Denise C. Pegors Fumiko Okada Peppin James Pettit Jeffrey Pfeffer Chalermporn Phanthong Philanthropic Ventures Foundation Physique Magnifique Chunfen Su Pierce Pilates to the People Pine United Methodist Church-Nichigo Ministry Fund Nathan Poon George T. Porter Helen Prather Susan L. Prather Kazue Preiser Tiffany Hood Price Pump It Up of San Francisco Pyramid Graphics Ranko Dance CompanyRanko Ogura Leslie Rasmussen

Laird Rawsthorne and Alyssa O’Brien Amir Razmara Red Hots Burlesque Research and Development Glass Products -Tim Mishima H.M. and Robin Richardson Hans and Yuri Richter *Deceased


Mat Rick Paul Ridgway and Tamar Leah Enoch Dennis Roberts Susan Roegiers Rooftop PTA Patricia Rosenberg and Scott Nicholas Susan L. Rothstein William F. Ruiz Sacramento Japanese United Methodist Church (SJUMC) Nihongo Chorus Mieko Saito David Sakai Joanne Sakai Robert and Alicia Sakai Salinas Union High School District San Francisco Foundation San Francisco Friends School San Francisco Symphony San Jose Zebra Youth Foundation San Ramon Valley Islamic Center Sanju Reddy Rental Investment Emily J. Sano Tomoko Sato Andrew Satzman Harry and Sandra Sayama John G. and Dorothy J. Schaar Ronald I. Scharman Brian Schindler David Schwartz Jason Scoggins Gerald and Joy Sekimura Serazuki Enterprises, Inc. SFP and DC Employees (USPS) Robert J. and Linda Faiola Sheehan Grace Sheng Emily E. Shibata Masanori Shibata Elinor Shin Randall Shingai and Naomi Makihara Takeshi and Mamiko Shinkawa Olivia Shinomoto Hideki and Marie Shiohira Sergio Luis E. Silva Peter H. and Beverly K. Sinton Chehie Songstad Timothy Sonoda Julie Soo Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church Athletic Association Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church Fujin Kai Sparer Law Group Richard Specht Ronald and Noriko Spinks Springer Elementary School St. Brigid’s School Robert Stafford Lisa Stephen Samuel and Ailene Stokes


Cynthia Strause June Sugihara Nancy Summersgill Vincent Suryasasmita Mary Sutow Tomokazu Suzuki William H. and Sandra S. Svoboda Amanda Swan John R. and Pat S. Sweeten Marian Tabuchi Beatrice A. Taggi Jerrold Haruo Takahashi Ryuko Takahashi Yuki Takahashi Yukie Takahashi Mia Takami Nariko Takashima-Wagner Atsuko Takeshita Hideko Takeshita Takeshita Revocable Trust Patricia Takeya Taki Restaurant George and Toshi Tambara Sam O. and Celeste J. Tamura Patrick Tan Ayumi Tanaka Frank* and Edith Tanaka Mary Tang Dr. T. Miriam Tani, MD Junya and Colleen Tashiro Michiko Tashiro Hiroshi Tateshima Tod Tawara Tech Dream-April 21 Event Geraldine Teranishi

Thurgood Marshall High School-Karate Kick-a-thon Alton and Nancy M. Tom Yukorin Tom Marlene Tonai Toot Uchida, Inc. LJ Torres Town Cleaners Jonathan D. and Mayumi Traupman Keith Tsuchiya John and Marjorie Tsukamoto Himeo Tsumori Keiko Tsuyuki Beatrice Ttee

Turek Clinic Ben Tyler University of California Merced - Revolving Fund Dennis Unson and Lisa Chyi Donald K. Uriu and M.T. Matsumoto Robert and Kimiyo Valera Eugene and Toshiko Van Dyk Vesta Pacific, Inc. Donald Viegas Vista Pacific, Inc.- R.F. Davis Lee Vogt Mei Fang Wang BM Watanabe Mitsuharu Watanabe David W. Watson Don Weaver Mary J. Weaver Belle W.Y. Wei and Luke Cheng Jens Weidemann Sandy Weil Erik Weitzman Daniel G. and Marie D. Welch Stephen Welter and Joyce Hayashi Gary Wetzel Richard Wiersba Douglas and Louise Williams Elizabeth M. Willson Bob Wilmot Bonnie S. Witman Won-Chung Family Angela Wong Houston Wong Ron Wong Russell Wong Wilbur and Dolores Woo Jacqueline A. Wood Matthew Wood Yoko Ishida Woodson Angie Xiao Xuereb FamilyIMO Taeko Tomonaga Minoru and Suzanne Yamada Kay Yamagata Shigeki T. and Mitsue Yamahara Gregg T. Yamanaka Brad Yamauchi Marcella Yano Yonemoto Physical Therapy Services, Inc Asa Yonemura Cecillia Yoshida Keiko Yoshida Yoko Yoshikawa Douglas Yoshimura Howard Yoshioka May Yow Nancy Yuan Atsuko Yube Atsuko Yube Wells Fargo Bank, NA Stacy Zones and Jane Sprague Akemi Zoshi

$250 to 499 4th Street Bowl, Inc. Margaret Abe

Dosa Emily Mitra, owner of Dosa on Fillmore and Dosa on Valencia, wants to be known for more than her acclaimed South Indian cuisine, she wishes that her restaurants will also be known for their integrity, which explains why she pushed to hold a month of fundraisers called “Tuesdays for Tokyo” that raised over $5,000.* The Dosa staff wore the NJERF pins and their regulars went out of their way to dine on those Tuesdays. “Customers have a social interest,” said Mitra, “and if the dining experience goes to a good cause like the NJERF, they feel good about it.” *The $5,000 was funneled through the Kokua Japan matching fund drive to increase the total to $10,000.

Robert and Jane Abe Kazuo Abey Jeff and Mutsuko Adachi Holger Adami Lisa Adaniya Doug Addis and Dine DeMarlie James and Myrna Adnres Trust Advantage Electric Supply Monty Agarwal Aikido Center Mark Akimoto Albany High School Marie Alberti Joyce Aldana Dr. Stephen Alpert, MD and Celeste M. Marx, Pharm D John W. and Laurel J. Alyea Amiko Boutique J. Amster Ananda Church of Self Realization Andrew Carothers-Liske, Inc. James Andrews Christopher G. Angel and Katherine B. Farkas Anonymous (78) Eiko Aoki Kiyoshi Aoyagi Shoshana Arai Thomas and Jamie Archer Adrian Arias Cynthia K. Asai Asakichi Keiko Asano Robert K. Ashworth Asian Business Association Asian Community Mental Health Services Aunt Mary’s Café Atsuko Awaya Michael Badolato

Roland J. Bainton David and Christine Balabanian John Barhaugh Dilla Barnett Christian and Yoko Bayer Beckford Avenue Elementary School PTA Reiko Berger Margrit Biever Bingo Hall Group-Accion Latina Wade Blair Frouwke Blanding Donald and Linda Aletto Blank Ed and Belle BlumenstockHuang Bon Chon Chicken-Bay Area Giampaolo Boschetti, Western Apartments Senator Barbara Boxer John R. Brandes, PHD Cecily L. Bray Donald and Laura Breese Lew Brentano Brisbane Lions Charities, Inc. Marilyn Britt Timothy and Margaret Brown Christopher J. Brunner, Tachibana Dance Group, NY Tram B. Bui Pamela Burns Michelle Burton Sergiu Calin Deac Robert H. and Wendy C. Campeau Benedict and Beverly Cardenas David Carroll Castro Valley Elementary School Parent Club Barbara Cate Cathedral Hill Neighbors Association

Janice Cha Diana G. Chan Patricia T. Chan Steve Chan Thomas K. and Virginia M. Chan Al Chaquette Charles P. Howard Elementary Jeff Chen Brian and Jean Chin Veronica Y. Chin Chinese Cultural Foundation of San Francisco Rebecca Chong Elaine Chow Darryl Chun James Clark Sudan B. Clifford Judith L. Cole Becky Conzett Cooper, Moss, Resnick and Klein, LLP Karen Cormier James M. and Etsuko Costanza William Creagh Megan Cristina Arnie S. Cruz and Daisy M. Lee Catherine Crystal Michael Curtin and Audrey Ichinose Daruma No Gakko Dr. Armor B. DMD and Carlo T. Del Rosario Mark Todd and Kimberly Nelson Dempster Henry Der Diablo Taiko Club Diablo Valley Chapter JACL Dianne Feinstein Elementary School PTA Boris Dimitrov Dinsmore Store Caroline H. Do Tanaka Betsy Dodd Elizabeth Dodd Carolyn Doiron Agnieszka Dojlidko Frank and Lisa Dolan Yoko Donathan Kathryn Doyle Arleene Dreschsler Ken E. and Carol L. Duncan Daniel F. and Cynthia A. Dwyer Ryan and Audrey Eagan Alan Eaton William Edick and Pamela Burns Randy Ellison Carol A. Eshima Anna Etkin Caroline L. Everts Rhean Fajardo and Vilaska Nguyen Henrietta Fajardo Boyd Anne Farrar Farrington Historical Foundation, Inc. Finance Depot, Inc. Susan Fitzgerald Eileen Fitzpatrick-Flores, PHD Gavin Flint

Kevin Fong Marc Fong Mark Fong Phillisa Fong Foothill High School Joey Forester Brittney Fosbrook Joe and Nancy Foss John Francis John Frank and Diann Kim David and Bonnie Fry John and Carmen Fry Walter Fuji, Sharon Hemling, Victor Fujii, Kathy Morimoto Chris and Jane Fujimoto Ruth S. Fujiwara Nobusuke Fukuda Jan Funahashi Michelle Furukawa Jun Furuta and Kanika Sharma Kay Gamo Gateway High School Thomas Gede Gayling Gee and Gerald Sakuyama Lynne Geries Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, LLP Girl Scouts of Northern California-Troop 33205 Daniel Gizzi, Jr. Go For Broke National Education Center Susan Goldsmith Eleanor H. Gong Herbert Houn Gong and Diane Rae Imai Steven Gotanda Koji and Junko Goto Kaoru Grieselhuber Griswold Family Fund Owen Henry Guenthard Craig Gulliver Haas and Najarian, LLP Donna Junjo Hamamoto Kevin Hamanaka John Hamasaki and Hana Azman William L. and Victoria R. Hamilton Asa and Yuriko Hanamoto Roy D. Hardy

Dorothy Harkavy Haro, Kasunichi and Associates, Inc. Harvey Green School Marguerite Hasbrouck Jon Hasegawa Miwa Hashimoto

“Thank you for organizing and helping the victims of the northern Japan earthquake. I was fortunate to be able to visit Sendai last fall; it truly was a beautiful city, one of our favorites. My heart goes out to the Japanese victims who have lost so much. The devastation was beyond belief.” — G.+ N. Adams, Elk Grove, CA Richard T. Hashimoto George S. and Kashiwa A. Hatamiya Robert and Lillian Y. Hatamiya Roy and Mariam Hatamiya Linda Havard Sandra Hayashi Joanne Hayashida Eileen Heaser Dave and Stacey Hecker Jose Antonio Hernandez William Herron Higa and Gipson, LLP Roy Toshiyuki Higashi Yoneko Higashigawa J. Kenneth and Sandra Higgins Ella Highland James Hirabayashi Michael and Linda Hirabayashi Ronald and Cynthia Hiura Francisco Ho Annie Hoddinot, SFFD Station #9 James Hom Christopher Hom and Lori Kubokawa-Wun Louis Hong Sumi Honnami Calvin G. Hori Douglas Horngrad Fred Hoshiyama Ayako Hosokawa Daniel Joaquin Howell Lisa Hsu and Colin Jensen T. Huey and K. Sakai

Keith K. Inouye Ned and Caroline Isokawa Janis K. Ito Naomi Izumo Jamestown Community Center Jeffrey S. Jang Jay and Gayle Janton Stephanie Jee Sandra Jeong Virginia Jeong Regina Jimenez Gordon K. and Nancy S. Jong Randolph Jong Gregory Joseph and Kaoru Ayaki Zeren Frank and Marjorie Kagawa Hideo and Nancy M. Kagawa Ronald and Margaret Kagehiro Belinda Kamita Barbara and Douglas Kanaya Ann Kanazawa Kaori Kanazawa Naoki Kaneko Kenny Kanzaki Benjamin Elliot Kaplan Katachi San Francisco, Inc. Brent R. Kato Neil Katsura Tetsuo and Sumiko Kawaguchi Julie Kawahara Kent Kawai Thomas T. Kawakami Alice M. Kawasaki and Robin P. Vroom Nellie and Leslie Keate Robert and Wendy Kelley

Henry and Miriam Kim Ted Youngju Kim Akihiro Kimura Joni Kinoshita Josh Kirschenbaum Tomoko Kitada Patrick Kitano Yoshiko Kitawaki Kimiko F. Kitayama Ted Kitayama Kitayama Elementary PTA Justin Kitsutaka Karen L. Knoetgen Earl Kobayashi George Kobayashi Hugo Kobayashi Karthik Reddy Koduru Mary Koerner Kiyomi Koide Wayne Y. Koide Koji Sake Lounge Nobuyo Kojima Kathryn M. Kojimoto Kokoro No Gakko Corrine Kong Alyssa Koo Nancy Kucharik Loretta Kuliawat Janet Kunihara J. Kuramoto Vernon Kwan Ray and Marianne Kyono Isa A. Lang Amie Latterman John Harold Lauder and John Polito

Katherine Huibonhoa Trucker Huss Victor Hwang Chris and Bob Ichikawa Lisa Imahara Colleen T. Imamura Vickie Ina Christopher and Paula Ingram

David and Beverly Kennedy Ronald Kennedy Denis Kerechuk Khurshid Khoja Yvonne M. Kiernan Laura Kiesewetter Sylvia Kihara

Charles E. and Carol V. Laughlin Steve E. Lavezzoli Law Offices of Billy Chan Lawrence Berkeley Lab Asian Club and Divsersity Council LDRME, LLC *Deceased


Charles and Ellen Leach Marjory Leaned Baldwin and Jennie Lee Eumi Lee Jae A. and Melissa O. Lee Olivia S. Lee Samuel and Lily Lee Daisy M. Lee and Arnie S. Cruz Larry J. Lee and Margaret L. Louie Jonathan Leong Michele Leong Alvin Leung Marc and Naomi Levenson Darrell Lew James Lewis Marian Li Sharon Lilly Suizi O. Lin Dorothy Liu Yoshiko Lohuis Margaret Love and David Kent Joanne Low and Carroll Tom Lowell High SchoolBadminton Club Dave Lu Yu-Lin Lu

Dave Lum Raymond Lum Patrick Lydon Patricia Ma Morrison B. Mac and Xingfen Liang James E. and Monique Magolske Jennifer C. Mahoney F.J. Mair Kyoko Makishi Yasutomi Makishi Royal L. and Hiroko Manaka Kaz Maniwa and Masako Fukunaga Mannion and Lowe Anthony Marko Sergio Martinez Michele M. Masuda Sandi Matoba Jani Matsui Vivian Matsutsuyu Joelle Louie Matsuura D. McGeorge and J. Petty Dennis Meehan Robert Melton Keiko Mihara

Nihonmachi Little Friends Nihonmachi Little Friends, in San Francisco, has been one of the children’s organizations that have supported the Relief Fund from day one. The Afterschool Program held a garage sale a couple of weeks after March 11. Throughout the year they also learned about relief and recovery efforts in Japan, and for their 2012 annual Dowa no Matsuri Fundraising Program, their focus was on the events of March 11. The Afterschool students also performed “Jishin” (earthquake) for the one-year anniversary Our Hearts to Japan program for Japantown.


Masaki and Kayoko Miki Virgil and Sharon Miller Craig Miller and Jacqueline Shelton Judy M. Mine Yo Misaki James Mitchell Ikuko Miura Steven and Linda Miyagawa Patrick Miyaki Alfred F. Miyamoto D. Kenneth Mizono Aimee S. Mizuno Lorraine Mizuno Lois Moline Lisa Momono E. Michael and Valerie Moone Masaki Mori Mieko Morikawa Ron Morrison Timothy J. Mosa William Moy Wakako Mukohata Patrick J. Mulligan Garret and Kathy Murai Piper Murakami Emily Moto Murase Karen Musalo Nancy Nagano-Lock Shigeo and Kay Nagata Reiko Nagumo Emiko Naito Andrew Nakahata and Alison Fong Dr. Lawrence H. and Sydney Nakamura Maya Nakamura Yoshimi K. Nakamura Yumi and Maya Nakamura Jack and Sumi Nakashima Kylie Nakasu Keiko Nakatsuka Laura Napolitano, MD Christina Nepodal Cynthia Neumann David W. and Lauri Ellis Neyer Sharon Ngim Ngo Legal Group Dee Dee Nguyen Karl and Sherry Nichols Jane Nicholson Nikkei and Retirement James and Jane Nishi Gilbert Nishida David Nishimoto Duane Nishimoto Harry Nomura Nordgren Performing Arts, Inc. Noriega Teriyaki House North Ranchito Elementary School PTO Don and Sumi Nose Nuno Textiles-Chad Pattton Oakland Motorcycle Club, Inc. Carla Oaklay Lucy Odwyer Isabell M. Ogata D.H. and S.K. Ogawa Thomas T. Ogawa Deborah Ogden

Michiko Tamate Oh and Gary E. Weiss Jane S. Ohigashi Hitomi Ohsawa Ohtani Jr. YBA (Young Buddhists Association of Berkeley Higashi Honganji Temple) Margo Okazawa-Rey Michiyo Okubo Linda and Balram Puligandla Okuhara Joyce Okumura Lee Ruth S. Omatsu Marisa Ongbhaibulya Carole Janice Ono Teresa Ono Orange 22 Thomas and Mari Ormiston Yuriko Oshita Dean M. Osumi Donna Keiko Ozawa Tomoko Ozawa Ozumo Oakland Cynthia Page Madhulima Pandey Al S. Parker Parkview Mens Group Vinay Patel Harriet Patton Richard W. Paulisich, Jr. Demian L. Pay and Quyen Ta Peet’s Coffee and Tea-Shelly Groves Herta Peju Mike Peng Terry Peppin Drew E. and Tomoko Peterson J. Petty and D. McGeorge Tuan Pham Paul Pickrel Natalie Joy and Ed Pinlac Marcus and Miho Yamashita Pizzorno Polianos Family Susan Weber Pomilia Pamela Porter Allen M. Posey Yasuko T. Purcell Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc. Joshua Rapoport Red Crow Yoga Shala: Shadow Yoga with An Chad Rego Salvador and Maria Louise Renteria Juan Reyes Ann McDonald Rice Marjorie Riley Marci Riseman Patricia I. Rohrs Ropers, Majeski, Kohn and Bentley Seth Rosenberg Katherine Rosenbergwohl Kiku Lee RudaIMO Taeko Tomonaga S. Sakata Investigations St. Bede’s Episcopal Church Stefanie Sada

Saji Inc. Michelle Sakazaki Stuart and Janet Sakuma San Francisco Day School San Francisco Mita-Kai Anita Sanchez Ken Sano Rumiko Sasaki Kenn and Genie Sasloff Kenneth and Helen Sato Sam and Jean Sato Yone and Daisy Satoda Tim Savinar Akira Sawada Fred C. and Pauline H. Schack Mary A. ScheibIMO Kurt Porter Sligar James and Yolanda Scheihing Michael Schindler and Linda Nguyen Mark and Renita Marla Schon Peggy R. Schroeder Mark Segelman Karen T. Seriguchi Stephanie Seto Greg Sharp Diane Shields Herbert and Amy Shimamoto Hiko Shimamoto Karen Shimamoto George Shimizu Shigehito and Hisako Shimizu Shiori Oki and Bradley Elementary Students, Family and Staff (Corralitos, CA)

Gordon Shiozaki Allan P. and Lenore B. Sindler Kuldev and Angele Singh Susan Singh Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur Lisa Slauson Ben Smith Sohn Legal Group Robert Spiers St. Bede’s Episcopal Church St. Giles International School SF Streetlight Records, LTD Cynthia Sugawara Sun Ridge School Kent S. Sunakoda Mary Elizabeth Sutherland

Yas and Midori Suzuki Jeanine L. Swanson Swanson and Bratschun, LLC Jane Swinerton Noriko Tabata Alessandra Taboni Norihiko and Kayoko Tachibana Anna Tai Kiki Yoshioka Taira Akemi Takagi Kojiro Takahashi Mary Takai Yukiyo Takaishi Reid and Stacy Takamura Dai Takeda Glenn Takei Russell and Linda Takei Taketsugu and Lilly Takei Paul H. and Wendy Tamate Lloyd Tanaka Fred Tanaka and Michael J. Fletcher Satoru Taniguchi Kenneth and Flora Tanji Wesley Tao Gail Tashima Tatsumaki Taiko-Phil Pickering Lisa Taylor Dwight Teague Technovant, Inc. Junko Teperoff Craig and Jean Teramoto Teraoka and Partners, LLP Jennifer A. Terukina Darren Teshima Juanel Thamkul The Edge The Futon Shop The Nag’s Head James and Lori A.Thomas Clare M. Thompson Mary Anne Thompson Peter R. Thompson Marcia Sue Thorndike Lori Timmons Wendy S. Tokuda Megumi Tomatsu Senoch Tong Gary Topper Anna Toy Bernice Toy Karen S. Toy

June Yoko Toyooka Ha Minh Tran Trustforte Corporation Cheuk Yulo Tse U.S. Park Police UCSF Clinical Laboratory Hematology- IHO Syd Canoy Nattaporn Udomsuk Makiko Ueda (San Mateo) Hideaki Umeshita Henry and Reiko Urano Urban Development Partners NW, LP Cesar and Sylvia Ureno Ashley Uyeda Don Uyeda Stacy M. and Anthony R. Uyeda- IHO Haga JHS June Uyenoyama Andrea Uyeta-Buckley Joanne Vasquez Delia Viader, PHD Paul Vierck Nancy Vigil Visions Plus, LLC Vistacion Valley Middle School Karl Voss and Sue Bay Waldorf School David Walton and Machiko Nakatani Eileen M. Wampole Wat Misaka Story-Christine Toy Johnson Louis and Georgia Watanabe Claire Weber Vivien Mia Weber Audrey Wells Wells Fargo Social Responsibility Group Gardner Weng Iumi Weskamp Susan Williams Allen K. Wong Amy Amanda Wong Carina Wong David Wong Diane Y.M. Wong Stuart Wong Edwin Woo Dan Yale and Marilyn Rosenberg Gordon Y. Yamamoto Jiro Yamamoto Lance Yanagihara George and Cora Yano Yasukochi’s Sweet Shop Randy Yau and Libby Tomiko Oda

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$100 to 249 2G Japanese Brasserie Taka Abbott George and Helen Oda Abe Toshi Abe Aiman Abedi Mark Abey Kenneth H. Abiko Donald AbramsIHO Tami Takahashi William Abrams Alisha R. Acker Jason Ackermann Inger Acking Cynthia Adams Gisela L. Adams Jennifer and Joseph Addiego Kathryn Adkins Jim Adler Adobe Systems, Inc. Matching Gift Program Cris Advincula, Jr. Aesthetic Pruners Association and Merritt College Aesthetic Pruning Club Max Agajan and Sandra Sakai Molly Agarwal-Prabhakaran AGI Financial Jack Jr., Karin, and Jennifer Aguilar Roberto Aguilar Deok Keun Ahn Haluk Ahune Kenneth and Karen Aisawa Hatsuro* and Amey Aizawa Seiji and Vivian Wan-Wai Aizawa

Mark Akamine and Sachiyo Tomita Sumiko Akashi Takako Akashi Mitsuru AkashiIMO Gene Koda Haruko Akatsu Mariorie Akey Gengo and Yoshie Akiba Eric Akiyama Glenn Y. and Linda S. Akiyama Yuko Matsunaga Akiyama Ken and Alice Akune Veronika Albl David Albrand Earl and Jill McCaw Alexander Sharon J. Alexander Zoe M. Alexander Gustavo Alfaro Catherine C. Alfred Dolores Ali

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We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone to get the work done. Kevin R. Allen Mary Allen Richard and Vicki Allen Thaomai Allen Heidi Alletzhauser John Allison Abdullatif M. and Mika Alshamali Ximena Alvarez Prescilla Alvino Regis and Setsuko Amann Takashi and Yoshiko Amemiya CrossFit Amundson Ananda Sangha Denise Andersen Carl Neal and Luisa Chang Anderson Gregory Anderson Susan Anderson Margaret AndersonIHO Tami Takahashi Irene Andress Tom Andrews Ridwan Ang Marion Richter Ann Sorenson

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To all the Japanese people — take as much care “Thank you for coordinating this relief fund, enabling the Japantown and Japanese American communities to contribute to such a worthy cause. Please know that the temples and churches of the Japanese American Religious Federation (JARF) continue to send their thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.” — Reverend Grace Kaori Suzuki, Japanese American Religious Federation

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as possible of yourselves and your families. Betty Chan Christopher Chan Harold Chan Joyce Chan Karen Chan Kwai Hung Chan May and Edward Chan Munson Chan Roger Chan Sharon Ng Chan Steven Chan Sue Chan Sue Shu-Kwan Chan Valerie M. Chan Vicki Chan Waymond and Audrey Chan Mark Chandler Christina Chang Francis Chang and Leslie A. Kim Fritz Chang George Y. Chang Jason and Sung Chian Chang Mabel B. and Peter L. Chang Sandy Chang Teresa Chang Teru Chang Wen-Na Chang Raymond and Susan S. Chao Joel R. and Lorna Asai Chapa Mare Chapman Theresa Chapman Vijay Char Jeffrey Charles and Annette Lee Charter with Charles Charles Chatfield-Taylor Brian Chau Peter Chau Rocky N. Chau Aune Chau-Kam Kanti Chaudhari Thomas and Mary Ellen Chavez Debra Chaw Lillian Chee Christina Chen Jean Chen Min Chen Shyuer Tsung Chen and Chingfen Chang Stewart Chen Alberto Cheng Chester Cheng Picho Cheng Thomas and Holly Chenh Barbara Cherington Barbara A. Cherry Cherry Blossom Friendship Reception Janet C. Cheung Kin Cham and Siu Fung Cheung Wendy Cheung Chevron Human Kind Matching Gift Program Alberta Chew Hanley Chew Jane Chew

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Andrew Clark George L. Clark Mami Clark Meredith Clark Margaret Clarke Ina Clausen - IMO Manabu and Dorothy Akutagawa Michael and Linda Clayton Deborah Clearwaters Pamela Clevenger

Shea’s Toy Sale The images of the devastation in Japan also impacted children across the country. Many students participated in fundraisers at school but many, like Shea, felt the need to do more. So she gathered some of her toys and collected donations at a stand she put together during the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival. The following week, she brought her donation to the JCCCNC, showing that even a young person can make a difference.

Carlyle Coash Hiroko Cobarruvias H. Stewart Cobb Robert Cobbold Louis and Cheryl Cobbs Sarah Coenen Michael and Victoria Cohen D.W. Cohn and Reiko Moreno Janet Cole and Deborah Abraham Thomas Cole Joseph and Teresa Coleman Mark E. Coleman Jane M.C. Colgan College of Marin-Alpha Gamma Sigma Club Eric T. and Shannon Collier Elizabeth Collier and John Trevithick Adam Collins Jylana Collins Mary Collins Dianne K. and Glenn L. Colville Frances Marian Comarsh Ryan D. and Tomoyo Combies Caroline Commins Katherine Burkett Congdon Raymond Connors William and Laura Conrow Coleman J. Conroy Sally Conroy Ronald and Eleanor Contreras Patrick Zak Conway Noam Cook Wirt Cook Wirt M. Cook William Cooper William H. and Anne C. Cooper William H. and Anne C. Cooper- IHO Ruth’s Sunday School Cousette Copeland Matthieu and Taeko Corfmat Dan Corkish Victor and Nancy CoronadoIMO Ken Tashiro Corporate Center Café Elaine H. Cortelyou Annie Mary Cosgrave Joe Cossitor Fran Bree Cotter Patricia Z. Cowden Robert Cowen Barbara H. Crafford Kazuko Craig Ena Chan Cratsenburg Alan Crawford Guy Creightan Susan Creightan Arene Creps Frederick and Betty Crews James M. Crisolo Pauline V. Croci Julian Carl Crocker Richard and Andrea Cross Molly A. Crowe Crown Seafood Distribution Co. *Deceased


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Bracelets for Japan Miya Yung from San Francisco decided that she needed to do something to help those in need after witnessing the devastation on television. What started out as a small idea to create simple bracelets, which sold for $5 each and was shared only by word of mouth and social media, ended up raising over $4,000.

Alvin and Gwen Easter Eileen M. Eastman Merle Lynn Easton Ruth V. Eaton Aprille Ebisui Shingi Echima Crosby Eda Eden Township Japanese American Citizens League Marlene G. Taylor Edghill Marvin Edwards Laura Efuro Jerome Egan Anastasia Egarova Bruce and Pat EggletonIMO Kaoru Yoshifuji Kenichi and Miyuki Eguchi Greta Ehlers Elena V. Ehrlich Heike and Helge Eilers Elaine Elinson David L. and Masako Elisofon Linda Elkin

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It’s our time; time to do something for the tsunami victims of Japan. Deundrey Dunn Melanie Dunn and Theodore Ting Penn and Linda Dupuis Chiaki Susan Durham-Powers Ivy Dwiggins Eagle Vines Vineyards and Golf Club, LLC

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Gilston Electrical Contracting Corporation Ted F., Sr. and Jeanenne S. Gingrich Girl Scouts of Northern California-Troop 32678 Girl Scout Troop 62092 Richard and Valerie Girling Russell Giuntini Nita Gizdich Carole S. Glanzer John Lewis Glass Patrick and Pamela Gleeson Joseph S. and Sondra K. Glider Rachel Glitz J.W. and Betsy Glover T. Gock Tonya Goforth Richard and Karen Gok Laura Gold Jay Goldberg and Anita Levine David M. Golden Golden West Lodge #322 Ind. Order of Oddfellows James D. Goldhawk Eileen Goldman Renee Goldstein Sanford Goldstein Joel Gollop David Golombek Eric Golub Go-Ma International, Inc.Super Suppers John W. Gong E.P. and M.N. Gonzalez Miyuki Mabel Googins Herman Goon Cheryl Gorham Diane Takei Gotanda Neil Gotanda Sandra and Hans Goto Allison Gould Susan Goulet, RN Denise Antonia Grab


City Arts Lectures City Arts and Lectures, located just down the street from the JCCCNC, called just days after the tragic events asking if they could help by donating proceeds from an auction of two premium tickets to a sold out April 20, 2011, appearance by Tina Fey. The tickets, which were put up for bids on eBay for one week, sold for $670.

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Jin-Lon Hon Dennis H. and Yoko Matsuura Honda Laura Honda Cecilia Hong Craig Hong Edward, Wing Fuey, and Po S. Hong Pamela Hong Ruby Hong Richard H. and Takako M. Hongo Victor and Lorraine Honig

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Nobushige and Mari Ichiryu Rose Ichiyasu Richard Ida Toshi Ide Takefumi and Cheryl Louise Ideta Yoshiko Igarashi Kimiyo and Paul H. Ige Gildas and Carrie Igondjo Kayoko Iguchi Kazue K. Ihara Tetsuo Ihara Alice Sumiye Iiyama Kosuke Ijichi Derek Ikeda Elaine Saito Ikeda Richard Ikeda Roy Ikeda Vivian Ikeda Joey and Janice Ikemoto Lisa C. Ikemoto Mary H. Ikenaga and Jill C. Wong Kazuye Ikuma

Diane Hirasune Masako Hirata Shigeko Hirata Jeanie Hirokane Lynda Hirose Gary and Kathleen Hiroshima Akira and Nancy Hirota Sherry Hirota Patricia Hirota-Cohen Naomi L. Hirotsu Craig L. and T. Noel Hirst Seth Hitchings Mark, Ann and Kelsy Hiyakumoto Kimiko Hiyoshi Adrienne Ho Bert and Brenda Ho Chai Ho Ching Ho Danny Ho Howard Ho Ivan Ho Morris and Mae Ho Sarah Ho Lee Hoang Robert A. and Carla Chun Hoblit Mary A. Hobson Richard Hodgson James Hoff Paul Hoffner Kelly Hofmeister Gail K. and Tetsu Hojo William and Joyce Holman Matthew Holsten

Lori M. Honjiyo Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce D.P. and M.E. Hood Yukiko Hope Katya Hope, LCSW Ken and Junko Hori Jane Horii Carl and Barbara Horikoshi Jamie Horita Barbara Horiuchi Tokiko Horiuchi Philip Hornig Akari Hoshi Kimie and Kensaku Hoshi William and Joyce Hoshijo Junko Hoshiyama Hot Stone Communications Antonia Hotung

Graham and Amy L. Huey Helen Huey Bonnie Hugh Jim Hughes Valentina Huicochea Roger J. Huie Mary Hume Dana H. Hung Ed and Josephine Hung Hiroko Hung Marilyn Y. Hurst Paula-Jo Husack-Ma Richard Hutchens Jeanne Hutchins G. Rick and Carolyn Hutchinson Sadie S. Hutton Muoi A. and Linh N. Huynh Chau Huynh

Elsa Jocelyn Blanco Ilagan James Imai Joy Imai Peggy K. Imai Rev. Akinori and Akiko Imai Saeko Imai Cynthia and Dwight Imanaka Denis and Darlene Imazeki Angie K. Imura Hisashi K. Imura Michio Mickey Imura R.T. and G.K. Imura Reiko Imura Stephen T. Imura Cecily Ina Koichi and Hitomi Inagawa Angelo and Cheryl Incardona Michiko Ino Hitoshi Inoue

Kinji and Toshiyo Usui House Valerie Howard Beverly Howell Boniwati S. Howell Bonnie Howitson Chidori Hoy William and Denice Hoy Li Chi Hsieh

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Carl and Miwako Hsu Chia-Yin Hsu Mary Hsu Pi-Ching Hsu and Chun-Hwa Chu

I continue to pray with love for you all.


Karen J. Iovino Jaclyn Irawan Robert Irwin Silvia Iselin Irene Iseri James Iseri Roy Iseri Terry Iseri Toshiko Iseri Walter Iseri Wayne Iseri Jason Ishibashi Taeko Ishida T.T. Ishigaki Junko Ishihara Mitsuko Ishii Jennifer Ishikawa Mas B. Ishikawa Sara Ishikawa Richard and Esther Ishisaki Yuzo Ishizaki Karen Ishizuka Sadao and Irene T. Itamura Christopher M. Ito Katie Ito Keene and Marcia Ito Ralph and Lynn Ito Roy and Shirley Ito Susumu Ito Takaaiki Ito Yoriko Ito Lesley Iura Stanley Iversen Donald K. Iwahashi Paul and Shelly Iwamasa Dawn Iwamoto Kimihiko Iwamura Christine Iwanaga-Chew Elizabeth Iwano Ryan Iwasa Yuji Iwashita Eiko Iwata Y.H. Izumi Anthony Jackson and Kelli Leyba Bob Jackson David Blake Jackson and Lillian Lai-Ling Hom Juneko Jackson Teresa Jackson Tenzin Jacobson Lee Jaffe Cheline Jaidar Ellen Jamason David Jamison

Japantown Planning Executive CommitteeIHO Paul Lord Ronald and Cynthia Jarvis Jean J. Jay JCCCNC Volleyball-Patrick Codd, Patrick Tao, Robyn Chung, Maria Sakata, Chris Burggraf, Bert Tam, Lindsay Chu, Nancy Summersgill James Jenkins and Nellie Won Marilee Jensen Grace M. and Barbara Jeung Phyllis A. Jewell Jikei Kai (Japanese Benevolent Society of CA) Karen A. Jiobu Don W. Joe Susan Johannaber Stina Johanson John and Eleanor Lim-Lim, Ruger and Kim, LLP Lisa Johnsen-Littlejohn Christopher C. and Teresa G. Johnson Cindy Johnson Herb and Gloria Johnson Inako Johnson James Johnson Kelsey Johnson Stephen Johnson Sue Johnson William Johnson Joli Vin Imports-Nadia Dmytriw Bj Jones Carol D. Jones Douglas E. and Kathryn Hatsumi Jones Janet Boeth Jones Velia Ortiz Jones Glen Jong Sun Nok Joo Hisako Jordan Joanne Jouris John Jow Vincent M. Jue Chutikam Julhom Ai Justice K2 Salon and Spa, Inc. Karen Kaar Kabuki Spring and Spa Tadashi and Susanne Kagami Warren Kagami-Yee Hideo and Nancy Kagawa

Mary Jang Jang and Associates, LLP Japan Society of Northern California Japanese Tea Garden

Junko Yarimizo Kagawa Susan Kagehiro Fusaye F. Kagimoto Himawari Kai Karen Kai Henry Kaiser Amy Kaizuka Tadao and Yoshiko Kajiko

Jam for Japan “Jam for Japan� was a benefit concert put on by the San Francisco Filipino American Jazz Festival. On Sunday, April 10, 2011, the hip Mission Street Savanna Jazz Club was filled with great music and caring people showing their love and support to the Japanese.

Gladys Kajiwara Glen Kajiyama and Joann Ceranski Kazuo and Mae Sakae Kakiuchi Mike Kaku Ronald A. Kalayta

Terry Kamrin Christie Kan K. and A.M. Kanagaki Richard and Julie Kanazawa Joji Kanda Paul Tadashi and Kazuyo N. Kaneko

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Monica Kendall-Shaw Kendo Club at Cal-Saya Wallace Frank Kennamer and Tristen Taylor Kathryn Kennell *Deceased


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Julie Kitzenberger Meg Kiuchi Kimiko and Joel Klein William and Renee Klein Alfred Klyce Mitsuko O. Knight Begonia C. and Meinhard Knobloch Grace Ko Ray Ko K.K. Koba Bruce Koball Ben Kobashigawa Harold and Patricia Kobayashi John and Ruby Kobayashi Sharman Kobayashi Steven Kobayashi Susan Kobayashi Vivian N. Kobayashi Yumi Kobayashi Glenn Kobuchi Audee Kochiyama-Holman Kanakaraju and Aruna Koduri Gary and Janet Koe Jennifer Koepnick Laraine Koffman and Violet Hanada Brian Koga Gordon and Irene Koga Tepper M. and Amy Emiko Koga Kristin Kogure Syndie A. Kohara Kohshi Jimmy Koide Yoko Koiks Hidesuke and Keiko Kokawa Kokua Japan Organization

Rieko Komiyama and Gary Karcz Travis Komoda Herbert and Marie T. Kong Mimi Kong Flemming and Megumi Kongsberg Daniel Konhauser Cynthia Kono Gary Kono Nobuo and Marlene Kono Sachiko Konopka Derrick and Helen Koon Brian Korb Yuval and Molly Koren Wilson and Muriel Moody Korol Dr. Keith F. Korver M. Kosaka Morris and Jane Kosakura Carol A. and Robert D. Koyama David and Karen Kozai Geoff Koziol Kozoni Family Trust Deborah W. Krahenbuhl Lynn S. Kramer Lawrence and Ruth Kranshaw Konrad A. Krause Carol Krishnan Chad, Hanako and Tracy Kubo Lucien and Duane Kubo Dr. George S. Kubota, DDS Chie Kuboyama Mary Kuhara, Donna Teraji and Elaine Watkins Brad Kumagai Kazuo and Sumiko Kumagai

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan at this time. I have such fond memories of how welcoming and generous they were to me during my visit in 1987. Domo Arigato.” — C. Curtis + A. Chaquette, Fremont, CA 94

Keiko Kumagai Robert M. and Machiko Kumagai Yoshio O. and Machiko Kumagai Tom and Judy Kumamaru Navneet Kumar and Shilipi Goel Glenn and Yoshiko Kumekawa Yoshiko Kumekawa Kumon Math Center-Masako Hoshi Vera Kunda and Wienik Bleyenberg Eva Kung Fumi Kunihara Gordon and Donna Kunisaki Riyo Kunisawa Sam Kuo Simmone L. Kuo Charles M. Kupferman Joseph Kurata Michael Kure Marie Kurihara Marie KuriharaIHO Suzuki Music Studio Concert at Sequoia Shari Kurita Ken and Barbara Kurita-Ditz Emily Kuroda Masako Kuroda Dennis and Margaret Kuruma Athary Kuwait George and Joyce Kuwatani May Kuwatani Kay Kwan Michelle Kwan Miranda Kwan

Mary Kyono Kellie La Ping La Ed and Cathy La Hay Thomas Lacey Lloyd LaCuesta Jon Lagasca Bensalah Lahourciri Becky Lai Dennis Lai Helen Lai and Andreux Chernine Lydia Lai Sarah Laight Jack C. Lake Joseph Lam Kay Lam Mitch Lam Robert Lam Stanley Lam Thin Hue and Le Anh Lam Lam/Koc Family Trust Carlos and Carmen Lamas Bryan Lamb and Bridget Ford Richard D. Lamb and Arole A. Hall Michael Lamm Abe Lampart Gen-Shen and Shu-Chen Lan Frances Lana and Georgene Keeler Lucinda Land Land Rover San Jose Tracy Landauer Betty Landis L.P. Lane David and Kathryn Langemak Doris Lan-Raguindin

Kwansei Gakuin University Alumni Association (SF/Silicon Valley Chapter)- Koichi Ichiki) Patricia Kwok Lillian Kwok Sing Elizabeth Kwon G. Kwong Ray Kwong Shiho, Shiu Yin and Betty Kwong William C. Kwong Harry Kwong and Natsuko Kawano

Mary J. Larkin Jennifer Larochelle Jerry Larson Michael and Linda Larson Marit Lash Asif Umer Latif Cecilia Lau Clifford H. and Deanna L. Lau David Lau David and Lillian Lau Grace Lau Henry and Sally Ann Lau

Philip M. Lau Ronald T. Lau Dr. Donald R., MD and Judy Laub Cindy Lavagetto Law Offices of Garrick Lew Law Office of Gene Takagi U. Lawkanartha Lawler and Lawler Dr. Bruce Lawrence David Lawson Irene Lay Kevin Le Luong D. Le Thong V. Le Trang Le Le Foundation Jeanne Nakahara Leach Martha B. Lebovitz Darrel Leclair Alan Y. Lee Alice Lee Amy Lee Andrew Lee Bing Lee Cara Lee Christine Lee Dack Lee Daisy Lee Daniel and Barbara Lee Denise Lee Diane G. Lee Edna Lee Edwin M. Lee Etta Lee Fanny Lee Frankie and Frances Lee George Lee (Oakland) Gloria Lee Gregory Danger Lee Guyler Mark and Shirley Dea Lee Helen C. Lee Henry Lee and Nini Chue Ibuki H. Lee In S. Lee Jayne Lee Jeannette Lee Jenny Lee Junko Furui Lee Kathy Lee Kevin Lee Kui Lee Kyle V. Lee Louis Lee Lucy F. Lee Merrily Lee Michael C. Lee Pam Lee Richard and Janet Lee Robert Lee Roxanne Lee Sadie Lee Shirley E. Lee So Young Lee Sola Y. Lee Terry M. Lee Thomas Lee and Debbie Mendes Giusto Virginia Maria Lee

Wallace and Alice Lee Yeon Shim Lee Yick Chiu and Mae Lee Yvonne Lee Lee Law Offices Jon and Bette Legallet Daniel P. Lehner Scott and Emily Lehrer Erin Jessica Lem James C. and Sharon K. Leming Anita M. Leo Donald Leonard Calvin Leong Catherine K. Leong Daniel and Kayoko Leong David and Lorraine Leong Sai Mui Leong Sheena Leong and Emma Leong Carrie LeRoy Catherine Lerza Sabina Letang A. Leung James Leung Jonathan Leung Michael and Vivian Leung Eric Levenson Stanley M. Levenson Andrew Leventhal and Susan Nakamura Amy Levi Robin E. Levin Kate Levinson Barney and Patricia Levy Phyllis K. Levy A. Lew and Family Donald Lew Kenneth and Ann Lew Robert and Etsuko Lew Donna Lew-Ng Dana Lewis John Lewis Nanyang Li and Dr. Tizhong Ba Sandra Li and Jian Xu Yan Li and Re Lai Carola and Michael A. Libby Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association Vinie Lieu Amy Lifson-Leu Keith Lighthouse Yemane B. Likanos Angela M. Lilley David H. Lim Judi Lim R. and S. Lim Rebecca Lim Sharlene R. Lim Emily Lin Phurbu Lin and Yokehwa Yong Shan and Ho Hui Lin Tony Lin Fred Lincoln Frank and Mary Ling John and Nancy Lingeman Michelle Liong Thomas Liong David A. and Wendy G. Lisowski

Little Tokyo Leasing and Sales, Inc. Anna Liu Dennis and Donna Liu Hsin Liu Hubert Liu Kai Ping Liu John Paul and Hiroko Kumagai Lizars Eunce Lo John LoBianco, Jr. Diana Lobosky Hollie Lobosky Susan P. Logie John Loh Loh Realty and Investments Karen Lohmann Watson Lohmann Shiuchun Lok Ann Marie Lonergan Glen Long Jerry and Judith Long Thomas M Longa Mei Kheng Loo

Eloisa Lopez Mario Lopez Mellie Lopez Melissa Lor Craig Lore John Losito Robert and Gwyneth Loud Charlie Loughlin Bruce Louie Damon Louie David and Terri Louie John Louie Jonathan Louie Joyce Louie L. Louie Patricia Louie Stanley Louie Wayne Louie Wilson R. Louie Moxie Louis Christopher Loux Allan and Jane Low Julian Low and Elaine Joe Rodney Low

Kaeru Charity Event Organized by a group of Japanese friends and held on April 10, 2011, at Sakura Gakuen in Pleasanton, the Kaeru Charity Event was full of fun workshops, games, bake/sushi sale and exhibitions. Families had the opportunity to have some fun, experience Japanese culture, but also listen to guest lecturers speak about the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami and on the importance of giving.

Jeanne Lowe Gary K. and Susan K. Loy Julie S. Lu Sergio Lubick Elizabeth J. Lubrano Margaret C. Lucaccini IMO Jeanette Yamamoto Lena Lucas Sarah Lucas Stephen Lucero Nellie Ludolph Lawrence and May Oy Lui G.K. and A. Lum Janis Lum Kathy Lum Rodger G. and Karen Ng Lum Ted Lum Janet P. Lumberg Leslie LundquistIHO Tami Takahashi Luo and Huang’s Family Foundation Lorraine Lupescu Daryl Lura Mildred Lusardi Kathy Garcia Lusin Sheila Luttringer Tien Luu Tuan Minh Luu Christina Ly Ann Vieille Lydon Edward Sandy Lydon Richard Lym Chris Lyman Susan Lynott Dr. Alison Lyon IMO Jeanne K. Sommer Scott and Michelle Lyons Nancy Ma Yoko Macahilas Colene Mace Shannon Macfarlan Thomas T. Machida Barbara Machtinger Peter J. Mackay Christian Mackey and Juanita Leung Karyn Price MacKie Rita J. MacPherson Kathryn Macropol Mae URA Interiors, Inc. Hisashi and Yasuko Maeda Robert and Nobuko Maeda Seigo Maeda Joseph F. and Elizabeth B. Magagna Christina Magee Felluini Mageo Betty Magome Michael Mague Calvin and Paula Mah Kamini Mahendran Jean and Barbara Mahoney Loc Z. Mai and Ai Tang Julie Mak Dennis and Joanne Makishima Dr. Kenneth Malament, DDS, MSCD *Deceased


Mami Malandra Katherine R. Malatesta and Luke J. Stangel Matthew Mallet Karen J. Maloney Robert and Gail Mametsuka

Joan E. Mancuso and Diana Adair Michael Mandelbaum Thomas Mangin Michiko Mango Mary Judith Manhart Karthik Kumar Mani Billy and Helen Manji Tasneem Manjra Manneka Jerome Manning Robert L. Manning Michele Mantynen Gene Manzo Angela C. Mapa David Mar Jane Mar Kathryn L. Mar Maisie Mar Greg Marasso Nina Marayama Oscar G. and Felisa R. Marcia Mario A. and Michelle J. Marge Gianpaolo Marino Veronica C. Marino Stanley and Sharon Mark Sherry Marker Zeljko and Mina Markovic Walter Marks Duane and Rose Markus Harry Markus James Marshall Richard and Kathleen Marshall Charles Marston and Rosa M. Luevano Allen and Karen Martin Dennis Martin Jenice Martin Kay Martin Rae Martin Toni Martin


Dorothy Martinez Kristine D. Marubayashi Jacquelyn K. Maruhashi Kazuo Maruoka Ken K. and Sumi Maruyama Paul J. and Larae J. Maruyama Sam O. Maruyama Christine Tran Marwha Ed Marwitz M. Marzell Mas Kawasaki Landscape Kay Kazuyo Masada Jim and Darlene Cheng Masamori Ron Massa Taketo Masubuchi Keiko Masuda Ross Masuda June Matayoshi Greg Matoba Lori Matoba Sean Matsubayashi Alan Matsuda Anthony Matsuda Kiyoko K. Matsuda Lawrence and Karen Matsuda Michihiro Michi Matsuda Koichi Matsui Ryoko Matsukata Atsuko and Alfred Matsuki Alice Matsumoto Daphne Matsumoto Jenn Matsumoto Kazuhiko and Kyoko Matsumoto Mari Matsumoto Stephen Matsumoto Tetsuo and Jeannie Matsumoto Yutaka and Yoshiko Matsumoto Larry and Kay Matsumura Hideki P. and Hikaru P. Matsunaga Mary Lynn Matsunaga Mitsuru and Mary Matsunaga Lance Matsune Frank and Hedy* Matsuno Kimiko Matsuno Kinya M. and Phyllis S. Matsuno Noriko and Mitsuhiro Matsuo Bert S. and Harriet T. Matsuoka Jeffrey Matsuoka Pamela Matsuoka Hideto Matsushima Kentaro Matsuura Michiko Matsuura Carolyn W. Matthews Mitchell and Tokiko Matthews Williard Quoc Mau and Ting Ting Wu Lawrence Maxwell Michele May Laurin Mayeno Kate Mayer Richard W. Mayers, Jr. Susan Mayhew Maynard Tischler Studio, LLC May’s Coffee Shop Helen Chou McCabe

Mason McCabe Kim McCall Sydney McCall Miriam McCarterIMO Bill Carter Celeste Moine McCarthy Helena E. McCathern Michael McClure Martin McCombs Chris McCrum Walter McCuistion Ann Rusk McDougal McGeever Family Trust Maxine McGinnis John M. McGregor James McHale M.P. McIntyre Kalsang D. McKay Mitsue Yanagihara McKenna Steve McKenzie Debora McKinney Richard McKinneyIHO Tami Takahashi James McLean Hugh McMullin Kay McNamara Stephen McNeil Patricia McShane Susan and Gregory S. Medak Joelle Medina Kathryn Meermans

Gail A. and Munther R. Megdadi Robert K. and Cheryl L. Mehe’ula Mehl’s Colonial Chapel, Inc. Helmuth E. and Karin Meissner Sonia E. Melara and Tomas M. Roman Barbara Mendes Evangeline De Vera Mendez Grace Meng Myrna Menghini Pravina J. Mentha Linda Carol Meredith Living Trust Teena Merlan Edward Merrill and Loretta Warner Marlin and Sandra Mesman Krisztina Mester Janet D. and Timothy Metzger Eve Renee Meyer Helen Meyer Patricia Sue Meyer Vladimir Mezhibovsky Shoaib A. and Yasmene Mian Anastasia Micheals Middle East-Asia Doc and Tax Svcs, LLC John Mifsud

Vin12 On March 24, 2011, at Vin12, California’s largest monthly wine event, participants sipped wine to support the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Vin12 helped by donating 40% of their ticket sales to the Relief Fund.

Samuel and Helene H. Mihara Mario and Deborah Newby Mijango Aya Mikami David Mikami Mike Schultz Construction Miki’s Paper Susan Miklos Andrew H. Miller and Donald G. Howe D.H. and C.L. Miller Evan and Debra Miller Janice E. Miller Kirk Miller Kiyomi Miller Lempi Elizabeth Miller Nancy Strom Miller Richard Miller Taylor M. Miller and Julie Van Reyper Todd Miller Donald Millikan Karl Mills Gavin D. Milner and Kelly A.Woodruff James J. Milway Machiko Mimoto Ray Min Liz Minami Jeffrey Minamide Susan Minamizono Edward Minamoto John Minamoto Lou Minamoto Michie Minamoto Suwa Minatoya Andrew and Jenny Miner Hamy Ming Hisako Minobe Terrazas Miriks Ronald Misaki Stanley M. and Glory Misaki Junko Mise-Tighe Gayle T. Mishima Kunio and Ritsuko Misono Diane Misumi Donald J. Misumi Sadahisa and Yoshiko Mita Richard Mitarai Gloria Mitchell Henry Mitchell Matthew A. and Karen C. Mitguard Robert Mithun Fusaye Jean Mitoma Janice Mitsuda Shigeo Mitsuda Toshio Mitsuda Brenda K. Miura Chieko Miura David Miura Dean Miura Ruriko Miura Yoshihiro Miura and Kana Tanaka Ken Miya Sandra G. Miyahara Harold Miyake Hiroko Kotaro and Kinako Miyake Col. USA Ret. Kirk D. Miyake

Steven Miyake Alice Yumi Miyamoto Susan T. Miyamoto Vickie M. Miyasaki Martha K. and Harry H. Miyasaki- IHO Fujiko Virginia Okamoto John S. and Elaine S. Miyasato May C. Miyashiro Nancy Miyashiro Cynthia Miyashita David Miyashita Gordon Miyauchi Frank M. Miyazawa Philip and Lillian Miyazawa Keiji Miyoshi Walter and Helen Miyoshi William and Dorothy Mizono Don and Ellen Mizota Mizu Japanese Seafood Buffet Pat Mizuhara Sachiko Mizuhara Patti Mizuiri Miyoko Mizuno Nam Fai Mo Dennis and Wendy Mochizuki Albert and Jeanie Mock Model United Nations Club, Gavilan College, Gilroy Martie Mogensen Shah and Brishna Mohammed Staci J. Momii Randy Mon and Izumi Sakai Kazumi Monaco Carlos Monfiglio and Elena Garcia John N. and Paula C. Montana William Montgomery James Montgomery and Julie C. Baldwin Brunhilde Moore Fely Moore Frances Moore Johnathan and Linda Lim Moore Linda K. Moore Ashoorbell and Sherli Moradkhan Frederico Morales Hector and Saya Morales Margaret Morales Edmund Moran and Cara Ohashi Raymond Moran Michael J. and Yoriko Y. Morgan James and Shirley Mori Kazuo Mori Kyoko Mori O. Mori Richard and Felicita Moriguchi Stanley and Dorothy Moriguchi Kanako Morikawa Charlie Morimoto Frank Eiichi Morimoto Juli Morimoto Mizuko Morimoto Roger and Christine Morimoto

Ronald Morimoto Ryoko Morimoto Sachiko Morino Karen Morioka Taeko Morioka Howard Y. and Alice A. Morioka- IMO Harriet Shiroma Wallace and Sharon S. Morishige Barbara Morita Carrie F Morita E. Daniel and Lena A. Morita Jolene Morita Nancy Morita Staci Morita Fredric Mork

Seiki Murono Anthony J. and Lynn Lee Murphy Fusae Y. and Joseph Murphy Greg Murphy Clark and Elizabeth Murray Robert and Diane Muto Jill Myers Wayne Myers Tina Myint Elene M. Mylordos Jane Myrddin Peggy Nagae Kei Nagai Haruko Nagaishi Kazuyuki Nagano

Fujio K. Nakasako Arthur K. Nakashima Gale S. Nakasone Linda Nakasone David and Lily Nakatani Don Y. and Miyeko Nakatani Sam T. and Hiroko Nakatani Sharon Nakatani Neal and Patricia Nakatsuka Stuart Nakayama Daichi Nakazawa Sachi Nakazono Ted Namba Henry and Frances Nanjo Isamu Sam Nao Russell Narahara

Phan and Ann Nguyen Phuong H. Nguyen and Nick D. Wolf T. Nguyen and A. Wong Thao Mai Nguyen Thoa Thi Kim and Quang H. Nguyen Trung M. Nguyen and Cindy Nguyen Pham Tuan and Ha Ly Nguyen Nichigobu of Parkview Presbyterian Church Christopher Nicohols, DDS Sharma Nidhi Tommy and Judy Nihei Robert and Nancy Nii

Mark Morodomi Shintaro Moroi Donald Morosi Jennifer Morozumi Kenneth D. Morris Ellen Morrison Gloria Morrison Harold D. Morrison Letty Morrison Rowena Morrison Shirley Morrison Hal Moseley and Julie Savinar-Moseley, PHD Jill Moses Diane K. Mosier Harold and Donna Mosley Edwin and Eiko Motoma Neal and Akiko Motoshige Vivian Moutafian Ann Moy Joyce A. Moy Lanting Moy Edison and Kazumi Mua Kazumi Mua Eiko Mucci Mudra Dance Studio Fritz Muegenburg J. Soto Mukai Ray and Susan Mukoda Satoru Munekawa Jim Munroe-Davidson Trisha Murai Murakami Dennis Murakami Jen Murakami Lori Murakami Sue Murakami Yukiye H. Murakami Galen and Phyllis Murakawa Trisha Murakawa Robert Muramoto Clifford and May S. Murata James* and Emi Murata Mari Murayama

Kazumi and Chizuko Naganuma N. Nagao and E. Shoji Barbara Nagareda Kazuye and Bruce Y. Nagasaki Kaname Nagasawa Yukiko Nagasawa Masayuki and Michele Nagase Jeffrey Nagata Takashi and Junko Nagata Jim Nageotte Diane Nagura Nana Naito Robert Naka Maria Nakae Chiyo Nakagawa Gordon Nakagawa Ittsei and Kiriye Nakagawa Jon Y. Nakagawa Kiyo Nakagawa Natsko Nakahara Emiko Nakahiro Terry and Ann Nakahiro Ellen Nakai Kenji and Kaori Nakai Tricia Nakai Molly K. Nakaji Ayako Nakajima Jane Nakama Eugene and Diane Nakamura James and Agnes Nakamura Kayo I. Nakamura Ken and Elizabeth Nakamura Mark and Nancy Nakamura Mary C. Nakamura and Timothy Quinn Michael Nakamura Miki Nakamura Sueko Nakamura W.K. Nakamura Mikiye Nakanishi Curtis Nakano Mario and Nadine Nakano

Baderi Narayana Kathleen Narruhn Jim and Tina Nash Naoki Nashimoto Ryan Nassau National Wood Products Steve Naventi Miriam Simmons Naza Elizabeth Neary Robert A. and Kimie N. Nebrig Mei Nechu Nechung Buddhist Center Mary Negi Wayne J. and Helen M. Nehl Roger J. Neill and Sylvia S. Kihara- IHO Edie Yamasaki and Bob Snapka Steve Nelson Linda Nerini Net Tech T.R. Neugurger Carlos Nevarez Esther Nevarez New West Properties Richard and Camilla Newhagen NEX Systems: Natural Extraction Gary Ng I. Kun and Jean Ng Linda Ng Lyra W. Ng Ronald Ng Steven Ng and Wai Chun Stella Ngai Hang Nghiem Hoang Ngo Cuc Nguyen Diem T. and Tan K. Nguyen Elizabeth Nguyen Haisinh Nguyen Nelson and Julie Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen

Nine Dragons Realty Erin K. Ninh Elaine Ninokata Nippon-ya Leslie Nishi Naomi Nishi Ronald and Marcia Nishida Takeko Nishida Gayle T. Nishikawa Linda Nishikawa Chino and Naomi Nishimoto Darin M. Nishimoto Hugh Nishimoto Judy Nishimoto Randall and Noriko Nishimoto Shirley Nishimoto Terri K. Nishimoto Alex Nishimura Chris H. and Carol K. Nishimura Akiko Nishio Walter Nishioka Justin NishiokaIMO Chieko and Paul Reyes Don Nishita Terry Nishizaki Mudita O. Nisker Teo and Neha Shah Nissen Mary Noble George T. Nobori Kesaya Noda Sachiko Nogami Nellie H. Noguchi Yoriko Noma Kay Nomura Terisita Y. Nonnally Terry Murakami Noone Tana Norodom Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Alumnae Program Keiko Noui Carolyn Nowick *Deceased


Jill Oishi Noyes Andrew T. and Dorothy M. Nozaka Seiko Nozaki Karen Nuelken Nancy Nugent Samuel O. Nukazawa Paul and Jan Nuno Fumiko Nunome Marsha K. Nunotani Bach Nyugen Jamie Obana Robert and Delphine Obana

Andrew Okumoto Kaito and Auda Okutani Lora Oliver Lois Olmstead Elizabeth Olson Tomohiro Omine Linda Omori Alan M. Omoto Naomi Onaga Carmelita Ong James M. and Pinky C. Ong Ronald Ong and Nadene Ong Russell

Paul J. Ota Yukie Ota Bob and Sachiye Otani Shigeko Otani Junko Singer Otsuki Lihua Ou Miyuki Ouchi Our Hearts to Japan Remembrance- 3/11/12 James and Toshiko Ouye Pamela Ow Phillip Owyoung and Jennifer L. Hamamoto

Laurie Pasmooij Kimiko Pastoral Mehulkumar Patel Indira Patil and Nety Krishna Camille Hamilton Pating Matsuno Kuhara Patrick Andrew W. Patterson and Kerry E. Russell Virginia Patterson Paul T. Woo, Optometric Corporation Andrew Pauley Janice Paull

Nichibei Potters Jonathan Poullard Cynthia Powell Mary Powell Mary Joe Power Aman Pradhan June Pramualphol Vivian Jyoti Prasad Alvin Preiser Presidio Graduate SchoolPresidio Bldg. 36 Douglas and Diana L. Price-Hanson

Japan needs the world and the world needs Japan... Cathleen Obata Miho Sakotsubo Obiraki Linda Ochi Fred U. and Betty Y. Oda Greg Oda Harua Oda Linda Kunie Oda Patricia O. Odell Lawrence and Mary O’Donnell Rory and Olive O’Driscoll Stuart Offer Pamela OffnerIMO Rumiko Matsuura Paul and Lesley O’Flynn Futaba Ofuka Annie Tsui Ogata Duke and Dorothy Ogawa Emiko Ogawa James and Yuri Ogawa Ryosuke Ogawa Brent Ogden R. Allen Ogi Jacqueline Ohara Sami Ohara Timothy O’Hara Ohara School of Ikebana Mitsue Oji OK Watch Shop-Kawajiri Robert and Mary Oka Yoshihiro Oka George Okada D. Okamoto Joanne Okamoto Kumi Okamoto Linda T. Okamoto Makoto Okamoto Tets and Nancy Okano Miho Okawa Jewel Okawachi Jewel Okawachi- IHO Haga JHS Donald and Ruby Okazaki Fred and Patricia Okimoto Rodney and Irene Okimoto Mia Okinaga David Okita Herbert and Jean Okubo Mie Okubo Tatsuo and Michiyo Okubo


Sharon Oniwa Alan and Hitomi Onizuka Colette Kikuye Ono Donald T. and Brenda Ono Hanaes and Chiyeko Ono Linda Ono Lynda Ono Lynne C. Ono Donna Onodera OOCL (USA), Inc. Masaaki and Dianne Ooka Elizabeth Oravillo Marjorie E. Faulstich Orellana Abraham and Anna Oren Thomas E. Orman Cheryl Osada Glenn Osaki Jon Osaki Paul Osaki Paul OsakiIMO Kaoru Yoshifuji

Roy and Nori Oyama Joe K. and Jill M. Ozaki Nancy Ozaki Koji and Betty Ozawa Paul and Ellie Ozawa Beverly Pachner Hana Packard Stanley Padilla Ananth N. and Carla A. Pai Mary Paige Eugene Pak Patti Kirk Palmieri Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Kristen Palumbo Carla Pancheco Jamie Pang Judy Pang William Pang Francesco J. Papalia Raghavendra Pappu and Rajani Gangalvoi

1,000 Cranes for Japan The Concord Ambassadors, a nonprofit organization sponsoring Concord’s Sister City Program, held a “1,000 Cranes for Japan” candlelight vigil and fundraiser on March 31, 2011, in Todos Santos Plaza in downtown Concord. The cranes are part of an art piece that commemorated Concord’s support for its sister city Kitakami, Japan.

Phyllis Osaki-Hallgrimson Maho Osano Jill Osato Wallace Osato Suzanne A. O’Shea Neal Oshiro Karen S. Ota and David Yasuhide

Ranganathan Parameswaraiyer and Prema Ranganathan Joseph B. and Mieko Parker Gary Parkinson David R. Parr Zafar and Cindy Parvez

Asako Peacock John W. Pearce Timothy F. Pearce J. Erich Pearson Joseph and Yaeko Pearson Dina Murakawa Pecceu Alfred and Jonna Peguero Kuniyo Pendelton Dana Pengilly Mary P. and Bret A. Peppo Randy Peralta Elisha A. and Ricardo Perez Jose and Amy Perez Jane M. Perlas Cassandra Permenter Marilyn G. Perry Maximilian Perry Michael Perry Joe Persinger Katherine Pesk Marcia Peterzell and Linda Silver Tom and Amy Petz An and Van Pham Du Van Pham Naphtali Nhung Pham Philip Levin and Associates Sachi Burch Phillips Photo Solutions with Lenore Sanborn Anh Phuong Tonya C. Piacente Donn and Janet Pickett Marjorie Pilz Ariel F. Pineda Margaret Pinter M. and C. Pinto Jerry and Diana Pitcher Family Ricardo Pitoni Lena Setsuko Pius Jay C. Plano and Stephanie K. Tanaka Martha Platt Ferris Plock Janine Poimiroo John Polychroniou Porter Kali Porter Ruth O. Posey Deborah S. Potter

Princeton Investments, Inc. Michi Pringle Suzie Provo Ruby A. Pugh Eugene Pulliam Larry V. Pulliam Timothy P. Purcell Beatriz Pussman Zip Py Hyejung Pyun Andy L. Quach Daniel C. Quach and Lily Lee Chris Quan and Joane Fischer-Quan James Quan Judi Quan Nadine J. and Annabelle Quan William P. Quinlan and Karen Ishibashi Deb Quinn Jennie Quinn Patricia Quinn Nori and Wing Quon Peter Quon Alison Quoyeser Cathy Rabin Cliff and Maria De Guzman Radford Manoj Rajshekar and Nayana Veeresh Scott A. and Julie C. Ramirez Randall and Sharon Hanson Randolph Katherine Randolph Michael Rao and Monica McCrary Daniel Rapaport Claire Rappoport Keith and Barbara Rasmussen Eduard and Lillia Rasousky Takako O. Rayfield Lucy Reckseit Erik Redse Sylvia M. Regan Susan Reichardt Philip Reiff Jean Reilly Kathryn S. Reis Dr. Mark L. Renneker, MD Tamar Resnick

Katherine Reyes Linda Reyes Diane R. and Edmunda Rhein Jan Rhodes Margarita Rhodes Sean Paul Ricard Bob Ricci Peg Rice Nancy Jo Richard and Jeffery D. Kapellas Denean Richards Hilda Richards James and Sandra Richetts

Richmond Area Multi Services Broderick Street ARF Ayako Rieke Steven J. and Sonya C. Rinkus Melissa Rinne Riordan and Horgan, Attorneys at Law- IMO Layli Shivani’s Father Helen Ripple Richard Ro Jane RoachIMO Stella Sugimoto Jeanette Roan Masako S. Roberts Shelley Momii Roberts Sylvia A. and David P. Robin Karen Robins Dean Robinson Rick Robison Carlos Robledo and Nobuko Tsukamoto Ann E. Rockwell Patrick Rodda Carl and Stephanie Rodeheaver- A1 Pool Tables Cristina Rodriguez Ely Rodriguez Jenny Rodriguez Silvia Rodriguez Motomi Roe George Roemer Craig Rogers David Rogers Don Rogers and Hiroko Kajino Michael Rogerson Jean Roggenkam James and Sondra Rohan Larry Roles Rollcall, Inc. Irvin G. Jr. and Dorothy Jean Rollins Sonia A. Rollins Ralph and Soo Romberg Jan Romero Stefani Romero Bill Roseberry Stuart Roseman F. Everett and Stefanie S. Rosemond Harold Chet and Glenda Y. Ross

Judith Ross Ernest T. Rossi Irene Rossi Thomas J. Rotelli Robin Roth Mohan Rowlands Victor Rowley Ted Roy Royal International Travel and Related Services Yu-Hwa Rozelle Imelda Rubio Glenda M. Russell Robert Ruth Connie Rutherford Kevin Ryan and Carrie Thiederman Paul Ryan W. and A. Ryan Julie Saba Gary Sada Christina Sadler Don and Ada Sadler Gene and Karen Sadural Calvin and Wilma Sagara John R. and Lisa Miller Sage Irene Y. Saiki Haruki Saito Takeko and Glenn Saito Yoshio and Masako Saito Frances Sakaguchi B. Sakai Barbara Sakai Mineko and Lawson Sakai Stephen Sakai William T. Sakai Yukiko Yokomura Sakai Koji Sakakibara Gary Sakakihara and FamilyIMO Hisae Sakakihara Arleen Sakamoto Douglas M. Sakamoto Kit S. and Margaret S. Sakamoto Ryo and Yuko Sakamoto Stephen and Karen Sakamoto Thomas and Hideko Sakata Rekiso and Hisako Sako Paul Sakuma Masakazu and Aiko Sakura Gerald Sakuyama and Gayling Gee Frank Saleno Leslie Salisbury Stephen Salmon Linda M. Saltzer Phu Moh San and El Thein San Francisco College Access Center San Francisco Drakes San Francisco Leo Club San Francisco Mataro Doll Miyabi-kai San Francisco Superior Court Frank Sanchez Gio Sanchez Sophia Sanchez Christine Sanders Minnie Yao Sanford Susan M. Sanford

Santa Rosa Junior College All-Faculty Association Jefferson Santiago Bernard Sarachek Thomas and Donna Saruwatari Darrell Sasagawa (Menlo Park) Darrell Sasagawa (Sunnyvale) Jeff and Gale Sasagawa Tara K. Sasagawa Darryl Y. and Yukiko Sasaki George and Doris Sasaki Haruko Sue Sasaki Mimi Sasaki Phyllis Sasaki Sachiko Sasaki Sharon Sasaki Thomas Sasaki Tomiko and Ruth A. Sasaki Srikonda Sastry and Bharani Srikonda Earl T. Sato Kreyne and Laura Sato Sam Sato Tomoyasu Sato William K. Sato Fumiko Satoda Midori Satoh Yoshiyuki Satoh Soy Sauce Anthony Saulnier Andrew Saunders Kathy Sawada Mariko Sawada Amy Scala Yasmine Scallan and Susan Scallan-Leder Marie Scannell Karen Scarpulla Virginia Schaaf Abigail Schairer Lisa Scheff Jeffrey and Kolotita Scheller Ernest Schenk R.E. and J. Schenk Janis M. Scherr Stephen Schrey Mayumi Schroeder Soren and Deidre Schuler Lucia Schultz Julia Schumann-Shinsky Herb and Malini Schuyten Frances and Riqui Schwamm Neil J. and Jodie Schwartzfarb Josef Schwarzenberger Carsten C. and Junko Schwesig Kass Schwin Anna Scott Eric and Liane Scott Mary R. Scott Naoko Scott Sandy Scrivano Shioko K. Seab Barbara Searles and Daniel Kerns Edmond Sebra Mike Seely Victor Seeto Scott V. Segelku and Cynthia L. Clark-Segelku Jose Segundo Hazel Seick Marian Seiki

Patxi’s Pizza On April 5, 2011, at all four Patxi’s Pizza locations in San Francisco and Palo Alto, the owners and patrons helped raise funds for Japan. Ten percent of all proceeds were donated to the Relief Fund. Patxi’s hosted the fundraiser as a part of their “52 Weeks of Giving” campaign.

Sim and Tsuyako Seiki John P. and Pamela Seman Yevsey R. and Tatyana L. Senderson Senior Taiwanese Association Sharon K. Senzaki Walter and Harumi Serata Vladmir Serebryany and Elena Perevatova Phouvang Sergmany John Seto Susan Seto Seto Family Richard and Koeurn Seu Robert Seymoure Norma A. Shade Lamont W. and Katherine K. Shadowens Stanley M. and Anna Shaff Diane Shakal Ming-Chien Shan Kimiko Shannon Mary Shannon Paul Shannon and Alison Onderdonk Rhoda Shaponik Grigoriy Y. Shaprishteyn Carol H. Sharding Avantika Shastri Lan Shaw Kenneth James Shaw and Lisa T. Hooi Gary W. Shawley Nora Shea Steven Shea Thomas M. Shea Terri L. Shearer Elliot and Linda Sheftel Jennifer Shen Yen-Ling Shen Masako I. Shepherd Sheridan School Parent Teacher Club Dennis G. Sherman and Elin M.Ouye Mary Sherman Steven N. Sherr and Karen Hall Jung Hae Sherrill Al Shew Calvin and Natalie Shew Kaz Shibao Fumio Shibata

Kenneth Shigematsu Lisa K. Shigematsu Roy and Rosemary Shigematsu Lia Shigemura Akira Shigenaga Shige’s Hair Barn Randall and Linda Shigio Jeanne Shih Hideo Shiine Yayeko Shijo Lawrence Shikuma Silvia Shillon Gary and Marilyn Shimabukuro Kurato Shimada and Jean Shimada Margaret Shimada Cheryl Shimamoto Frank Shimamoto Mark Shimamoto and Tomita Sashino-Shimamoto Ellen Shimasaki Gary Shimasaki Kenji and Rosalie E. Shimasaki Michael Shimasaki Dion M. Shimatsu and Gregory Ong Kiku Shimazaki Hiroshi Shimizu Kathleen T. Shimizu Dwight and Adrienne Shimoda Setsuko Shimokusu Jamie Shimomura Janet Shimotake Harry and Mary Shin Jeong Shin Keiko Shinagawa Dr. Dennis D. Shinbori, DDS Lauren Shinjo Susan Shinn Shinsho Mugen DaikoIkuko Conant Thomas Shiosaka and Roxanne Washington Eddie and Margie Shiozaki E.A. Shirai Stanley Shirai Kent G. and Julie A. Shiraishi Kojiro and Kent Shiraishi Whitey Shiro Randy and Lillie Y. Shiroi *Deceased


Genevieve Shiroma Zensaku and Ryo Shishido ShoreTel Dorothy Shou Leonio Shtukater Fredrick L. Shue Mark Siegel Sierra Nevada Masterworks Chorale Belinda Sifford Eugene Sigler Patrick M. Siglin and Yu Fukuda Sigma Phi Omega Allison Fitzpatrick Silver Jessica Silverman Brian James Simmons Nobuko Simmons Matthew Simon Robyn S. Simonett Carol D. Simpkins Sing for America Foundation SD (Erich Stratmann) Christine Singh Eric and Mary Sinkkonen Minen and Ting Situ Albert Kwok Ho Siu Allen Siu Claire Siu, MD Moyra Siu, MD Ryan Siu Wayman* and Marianne O. Siu Fukuyo Skakel Elaine Skinner Alan D. and Alice Jane Sklar Bill Slakey, Financial Department/Live Ops Slash Kevin Slaughter and Lynn Redic Lawrence Slavich JacquelineRae Slavin Cara A. Sloman William Smalley Alex Smilovitsuy Anna Yagishita Smith Catherine Smith David E. and Milicent Buxton Smith Loise M. Smith and Marsha A. Pabst Maureen SmithIHO Tami Takahashi Takako Smith Therese Smith William L. Smith and Denni Ann Gershaw Virginia Smyly James N. Snider Dane Snow Sachi Snyder Jane K. So Patsy Sofield Shiroko Sokitch Gina Solomon Jerome S. and Barna J. Solomon S. Michael and Cynthia Soltis


Gerry Somers Donna Sonoda Kenneth A. Sonoda and Dorothy Tsang Dan and Nancy Soo Jane Soon Valee Soontararak Marina S. Soosaipillai Gay Rose B. Soque Mark Sorensen Rayne Soriano Gennady Sorokopud Michael Sosin B. Spack Shari Spakes G. and Ellen Spears Jeffry Spencer Joseph and Ella Spinelli Gail Splaver Lisa Levine Sporer Scott Sprague Michael and Laura Springer James A. Squires and Karen E. Jones St. Ambrose Sea Breeze School Thais Dale St. Clair Janet, Cottardo and Claudine Stagnaro Stacy Ann Standal Robert H. and Connie Stanley

Karen A. Stanton Winifred L. Star Judy Starling Joseph and Susan L. Stasi Michael K. and Joan S. Stauffer Justin Steele Rob Steele Roger T. and Patricia L. Steers Maika Ito Steiger Steven B. Stein Walter Stella Craig and Sara Stephens Helen Stevens Ethan A. Stewart and Cathleen S. Yonahara Michael T. Stewart, Esq. Thomas and Anne Marie Stickel Dee Stoddard Craig A. Stoner and Karen E. Nogami

Nancy Storch Philip and Jennifer Storey David and Sharon Strachan Keith Straub Charles Philip Strause Scott and Kimiyo Straw Barbara B. Stream Susan Struck Jenny Su Kathleen Suda and Gerald Cederquist Richard and Teru Suda Nami Suemori Kenji and Sachiko Suenaga Shiro and Annie Suenaga Deb Sug Michael and Cynthia Sugawara Mia Sugi Lovelyn Sugi-Louie Jean Sugihara Rie Sugisawa Tom Sugita and Fumiyo Yoshikawa Daniel and Diane Saunders Sui Kelly Sui Jean Sujishi Amy B. Sullivan Eileen Sullivan Mariko Sullivan Suen Sum Tomiye Sumner Kenley Sun MinFen Sun Suncrest Nurseries Sushi Kazu Marge Sussman Taeko Sutton Wayne Sutton Wayne and Susan E. Sutton Sara Suyama Ann Suyeyasu Suzanne Suzanne and Rose Thomas B. Suzuki Brandon Atsushi Suzuki Chiyumi Suzuki Gregg I. and Elaine L. Suzuki Kaori Suzuki Karen Suzuki Kazuko Suzuki (Pleasanton) Kazuko Suzuki (San Francisco) Motosaburo Suzuki Norihiko Suzuki and Kaoru Sato Seiji and Nancy Suzuki Jonathon C. Swain Swartz Christine Sweeney

Joseph Swicegood Ronald Szeto Cuong Ta Glen and Ryoko Tadakuma Derick Tagawa G.H. Tagawa Hiroko Tagawa Kenneth K. and June J. Tagawa Christine Tai Renee Tajima-Peata James and June Tajiri Sakaye Takabayashi Yoshihiro and Michiko Takada Kazuko Takagawa Asayo Takagi Eriko Takagi Arisa Takahashi Kirk and Osamu Takahashi Kiyo and Ruth Takahashi Lauren Takahashi Makoto Takahashi Makoto Takahashi and Michiko Mango Mas and Elma Takahashi Michael M. Takahashi Michiye Takahashi Osamu Takahashi Rita Takahashi Ronald Takahashi Sandra Takahashi Mitsuo and Fumiko Takaishi Tomoyuki Takaishi Joan Takano Tomohisa Takaoka Futaba Takashima Rui Takashima Irene and Eric Takata Mineko Takata Kyoko Takeda* Norman L. and Suzanne Takeda

Sachio and Sally T. Takeda Scott Takeda Scott and Sally Takeda Yoko Takeda Edward and Nadine Takei Masaki Takemori Clifford and Kiyoko Takemoto Joel and Sally Takemoto Nicole Takemoto Scott and Stefanie Takemoto David TakemuraIMO Chisato Takemura Steven TakemuraIMO Chisato Takemura William Robert TakemuraIMO Chisato Takemura Jason S. Takenouchi and Vivian L. Lee Akiko Takeshita Hiroe Takeuchi Jimmie H. Takeuchi M. Louise Takeuchi Minoru Takeuchi Tenzin Takhang Kenji Tamaoki Corina Tamas Nancy Tamashiro Susumu, Joyce, Jill and Darlene Tamashiro Beatrice Tamichi Carlene Tamichi and Muriel Wakayama Eric Tamichi Sall Tamie Madhavi Tammineedi Milton Tamura Alan Tan and Suzie Kohno Teresa Tan Jayne Tanabe Sumiko Tanabe Chika Tanaka

“Please find my donation for the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Thank you for making it possible for 100% of my donation to go to those in Japan who are in desperate need of help. I am only sorry I cannot give more.” — C. Gamble, Aptos, CA

Dean and Gail Tanaka Junko Tanaka Kiyomi Tanaka Marilyn Tanaka Mika Tanaka R.M. Tanaka Roland Tanaka Carolyn Tang Eric W. Tang Henry and Lilian Tang Julie M. Tang Warren and Gail S. Tang John Tang and Angela Liu Tangent Real Estate Sharon Tangney Janice M. Tanigawa Steven Jon Taniguchi Takeko Tanisawa and Sue Tanisawa Tsang Lydia H. Tanji Sonia Tanlimco Walter Taoka Lois Tarr Chiyo Tashiro Lucille Tashiro Sharon Kei Tatai Carol A. Tateishi Kyle Tatsumoto Paul M. and Leslie Johnson Tatsuta Marilyn Taube Rau Mona Tawatao James M. Taxiera Dennis Taya Jodie Taylor Sabrena A. Taylor Steven T. Taylor Dieter Tede Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa and Resort Philip Tep Lori Teranishi Ludene Teranishi Miyeko Teranishi Lenni Terao Fusaye Terazawa Jonathan P. Terdiman and Madhulika G. Varma Stanley and Jayne Teruya Tae Teruya Theresa C. Thadani Aparna Thandra Tharrington Sponsorship Marketing The Casino Bar and Grill Charles Thi Jenny Thi Zayda Thiel Marina Thiry Garielle Thomas Lawrence D. and J. Michelle Thomas Sandra Thomas Bruce Thompson J.S. and Carol Thompson Margaret Thompson William R. and Leslie M. Thompson Marsha Thrall Alana Thrower

V. Thun Nate Thurmond Leslie Tilley Kelly Tillman Kimie Timura’Hea Karleen Tindall Peitao and Jinene Ting Charles and Joanne M. Tinkham Sara Tobin Haruko Tocci Ana Toda Ken Todoki Lillian Todoroki Seifu Togo Fuad Tokad Michi Toki Sei Tokuda Tlaloc Tokuda Mikka Tokuda-Hall Asako M. Tokuno Duayne Tokushige Elizabeth Tolmach David and Sharon Tom David K. Tom Gary M. Tom Jean Tom Jeffrey and Cindy Tom Lily Tom Marjorie Tom Nagako H. Tom Nessie Tom Louis and Janet H. Tomimatsu Natsu Tomimatsu Henry Tominaga James T. and Jean S. Tominaga Chris Tomine Scott Tomioka and Irene Szeto

Darick Tong Jessie Tong Noriko Yatsunami Tong Norman S. Tong Sharilynne Tong Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich Michael Sadao Torizawa David Torney Flora Limon Torres Debbie Torrey Tosca Care Home Mina TouegIHO Tami Takahashi Samson and Lilly Toy Violet Toy Mitsuko Toyama Robert Toyofuku Alicia Toyooka Takashi and Toshiko Toyooka Clarence Tran Hung V. and Mai T. Tran Lam X. Tran and Amy L. Yu-Tran My Tran Phong Quoc Tran Thanh Tran Tien H. Tran Mark Trang Karen Travis Louise M. Treanor Chau Trinh Jason Trivino Diana Narasaki Trujillo Cam Truong Oanh Thi Bich Truong Phan T. Truong Tu Truong Rev. Mark and Mary M. Trust

Students Sharing Love Hope


Whether it was creating cranes, drawing pictures, hosting bake sales or other fundraisers, children and youth played an important part in helping the Relief Fund share the messages of love and hope with those in northern Japan. Green Elementary, Dublin, CA; Longfellow Elementary and Stuart Hall High School, San Francisco, CA; and Sakura Gakuen, Pleasanton, CA are just a few.

Calvin and Gail Tomita Kenji and Mary Tomita Carolyn Tompkins Miyoko Tomura Janice S. Tonai Ralph and Johanna Tondre Cranson Tong

T.J. Tsai Vivian Tsai Trong Tsan and Friends Elaine Shi-Lien Tsang Xavier Tsang Diana Tsoi Ken and Akiko Tsuchitani

Dennis Tsuchiya Jani Tsuchiya Kazuko Tsuchiya Yuko Tsuchiya Jack and Frances Tsuda Richard M. Tsuda Toshio Tsuda and Elaine H. Yokoyama

Susan Urabe Sandra L. Uratsu Elaine Urban Richard Urban Jeri L. Ure Andrew Urushima Tokiko and Soko Ushijima Kikumi Usui

Yuriko Tsuge Heidi Tsui Rhoda Tsuji Kishiko Y. and Wayne T. Tsujisaka Masaki Tsuru Yuka Tsuzuki Julie Tu Jeremy Tucker Teresa Tucker Rachel Tufunga Karen Tung Patricia Tunnard Mieko Miyamoto Turley Shizuko Turmon Eileen Turner Richard K. Turner and Prem Hunji Shellie Turpie Angela Nishio Ty Yoav Tzur Eri Uchida Keith and Theresa A. Uchida Gale Uchiyama Hideo Uchiyama UCSF Osher CenterIHO Tami Takahashi A. and Y. Ueda Barbara and Mori Ueda Toshiko Ueda Makiko Ueda (San Francisco) Kazue Uehara and Glenward Johnson, Jr. Don and Martha Uejo Misty Uemura Tomie Ueno Yosh Umehara* Bryan Ichiro Umeki Teruo and Toshiko Umemoto Sharon Umene Michael Underhill Steven and Marcy Unger Chip Upshaw

Kazuo Utsunomiya Yvonne Utzig Benjamin Uy Nancy Uyemura Grace Uyeno Herbert and Grace Uyeno Valley Pharmacy-Kenji Yoshimura Gene and Betty J. Vallortigara Jay E. Vallortigara Lennart and Yuki Van Den Ende Deanna Uyeda Van Klaveren Patricia M. and John G. Van Winkle Lynn Vanhart Jessica C. Vapnek Elizabeth Varnhagen Lionel S. Vaughn Karen Vertanen Michael and Susanne Vertin Sandra H. and T. Mike Vines-Walker Virta Investment and Realty Jan Volkert Richard and Elizabeth A. Vongeldern Mary Voxman Brian H. Vu Cathy Wada Patricia Kay Wada Takanori and Mayumi Wada Yae Wada Yasuko Wada Yukimi Wada Charles L. and Maris C. Wagener Miriam Wahab and George Block Rachel Wahba, LCSW Janice Wai Jeffrey and Mari Waite Marc and Leslie Wakasa Mitch M. and Arlene F. Wakasa Roy and Alice Wakida *Deceased


Randy Reid Walden and Darlene K.L. Zane Erik Ian Walker Kazuko Walker Michael Walker Charles R. and Sally Wallace Deborah G. Wallach Linda Walsh Paul and Camille Walsh Peter Walsh Peter Walter Takae Walts (Tarino) Elmira Wan Carlos G. Wang David Wang Dick and Kayoko Wang Easter Chan Wang Harry Wang Jianhui and Wei He Wang Nancy Wang Qingyan Wang Vivian Y. Wang Eiko Wapensky John and Tanya Wapensky Jack and Verna L. Ward Steve Ward Eric and Kelley Warner Joyce K. Warren Brian Washington and Margaret E. Deane Aileen N. Watanabe Donald and Emiko Watson Suzy Way James and Chizuko Wayne Dave and Anita Weakley Randy Weber Steffen Weber Shoshana Wechsler Jayson Wechter Jill R. Weed Linda Mar Weidman Eva, Burdon and Thomas Weilander Sarasa Weinstein Stephen Weir Dr. Reinhard Weiser and Joan L. Grant Alexandra Weit Wellesley Friends Meeting Wellesley Monthly Meeting of Friends Elizabeth Wells Niki Wells David E. and Motoko Welsh Jennifer B. Wendell Colin and Hartley West Westlake Elementary School Peter M. and Lisa M. Westley Westminster Presbyterian Church of Richardson Bay Wetherby Asset Management Anisha R. Wharton Robert J. (Bob) Wheeler Donald White Joi White


Thomas White Blake Whitehead J. Whitely Lynn Whitney Nick Whitney Vicki J. Wilderman Heidi M. and Richard O. Willetts Beverly Williams Michael Williams Douglas W. Williamson and Xanthe Berry Kiyoshi Williamson Gustav Williges Sueko Williges James and Miyoko Wilson Mari Wilson Patricia Wilson Roy Wilson Teruyo Wilson Wilson and Southern Sue Windels Ronald E. Windy Jean Wing Louis and Ellen S. Wing William and Miwako Winters Bill Wirt Wish David Wisz Evelyn Wolski Edward Won Irene Won Aike Wong Alice Wong Allen Wong Anna Wong Anthony and Heidi Wong Arleen L. Wong Beatrice Wong Belinda Wong Benny and Jannie Wong Benson Wong Betty Sun Wong Bill Wong Brenda Wong Brian Wong Channing Wong Cindy Van Wong Clifford and Carol Ann Wong David and Angela Wong Devin, Jared and Colin Wong Diane Wong

Gene Wong Germaine Q. Wong Harland and Jane Wong James E. Wong and Lee Millen Janice S. Wong Jennie Wong Jennifer Wong Jenny Wong Joanne Wong John C. Wong and Janet Oi Ping John Y. Wong Joseph Wong Josephine Wo Heung Wong Kalina Wong and Robert Lowe Kenneth Wong Kit Wong and Michi Minamaoto Larry and Penny Wong Lily Wong Man Chong Wong and Jerrica Hau Mark Wong Martin Wong May Chuan Wong Philip Wong Rich Wong Richard and Landes Wong Sandra Wong Susan Wong Ted Wong Timothy Wong Tina C. Wong Tino and Joyce Wong V.D. and G.K. Wong Walter Wong Wendy Wong William D. Wong Yookye Karen Wong Charles H. Wonpu Darryl M. Woo Jeff Woo and Shirley Tan Joana Kwai Woo Paul T. Woo, Optometric Corporation Tong Woo Gertrude M. Wood Alan and Grace Woodruff Barbara Woodruff Bev McBride Wooldridge Anthony Woolf and Rhonda Lesinski

Dick and Shirley Wong Donny A. Wong F.L. Wong Fayanne Wong Flo Wong Gary and Julie Wong

Workman Publishing Company Allan and Marcia Wright Jerry R. Wright Patricia G. Wright Daning Wu Gloria Wu

We Are One Island– Japan Relief Concert Auction


Presented by One Island Productions and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, attendees enjoyed dancing, music, poetry and bidding on auction items featuring works by API artists, as well as participating in a traditional ceremony led by the Buddhist Church of Oakland. This event was emceed by Oakland Athletics Kara Tsuboi and showed the love and support for Japan from the Bay Area community.

Irene Wu Ken Wu Ruth Wu Yueru Wu YuYee Wu Kenneth and Lenore Wurtzel Lisa Wurui Susan and Alan Wyatt Peter Wyles Michael Xavier and Allan Gia Luu Li Xie and Joelle Tan Gig Xifaras XT Company Wei Xu Toni Yagami Hiromi Yagi Ken Yagi Yasutaka and Rie Yagi Roger and Heather Yago Harry and Leona Yahata Sue Yakushiji Ramil and Nancy Yaldaei Gilbert Yamabayashi

Kayoko Yamada Kiyoko S. Yamada Kumiko Yamada Ron Yamada Steven and Glenna Yamada Donald I. Yamagishi Theodore and Jennifer Yamagishi Darren Yamaguchi April Yamaichi Dev Yamakawa James and Grace Yamakawa Satoshi and Kayoko Yamakawa Midori Yamamitsu Douglas and Betty Jo Yamamoto Eleanor Yamamoto Enid Yamamoto James Yamamoto Michiko Yamamoto Robert and Reiko Yamamoto Ruth Yamamoto Sherry Yamamoto

Ann, Tom and Miye Yamada Gayle Yamada gayle k. yamada and David H. Hosley Jean J. Yamada Kahn Yamada

Yoshio Yamamoto Yukio and Jane Yamamoto Jay and Linda Yamamura Masao Yamamura Yukari Yamano Miki Yamasaki Richard Yamasaki

Tadami Yamasaki Rachael Y. Yamashiro Ted Yamashiro Dianne Yamashiro-Omi Asako Yamashita Kazuyo Yamashita Mitsu and Sanae Yamashita Patricia Yamashita Shizuho Yamashita Sumika Yamashita Ronald Yamato Yamato Company- Clarice Harue Hoy Fujio and Helen Yamauchi Kenji Yamauchi Linda K. Yamauchi Yoshiro and Sumie Yamawaki Yuki Yamazaki Ann T. Yamoto Lennie Yan Dorothy Yanagi Mary M. Yanagi Shunji Yanai D.C. Yanase Dr. Roy and Regina Yanase Elva Yanez Dennis Yang Pingching H. Yang Qiaohui Yang and Kazuho Sakamoto Wen Yang Diane and Glenn Yasuda M.A. Yasui May Yasui Daniel G. Yasukawa John T. and Chitose Yasumoto Hachiro, Linda and Kelli Y. Yasumura Kengi and Mildred Yasumura Kay Yatabe David and Charlene Yates Joyce Ycasas A.G. and A.S. Yee Ayako A. and Peter G. Yee Benjamin and Leslie Ching Yee Chee Yee D. and Y. Yee Daniel Yee Frank Yee Gwen Yee John and Sandra Chan Yee Katherine Yee Lyle J. Yee Lynne Okamura Yee Ron Yee Terrance and Juliana C. Sanger Yee Thomas and Mari YeeIMO Yasuko Sakaguchi Geoffrey Yeh Robert and Gail Yelland Eileen Yemoto Midori Yenari Patricia R. Yenawine Simon and Sally Yencken Eleanor Yim Karen K.F. Yip Stan Yogi and D. Carroll Janet Yokota Chiharu Yokoyama

Eddie Tak and Teruko Yokoyama Eugene Yokoyama Glenn Y. Yokoyama Mark and Phuong Yokoyama Nancy Yokoyama-Woo James Yonashiro and Lynn Ashcraft-Yonashiro Shintaku Yone James and Mary Yonemoto David S. and Sharon L. Yonenaka Beverly Morita Yoneshige Christine Yoo Eiko Yoo Salle E. Yoo Susan Yoo Yunhee Yoo Keith Yoong and Genevie Fong Janice E. Yoritsune Aya Yoshida Douglas Yoshida Masayasu, Nori and Kikuyo Yoshida Mieko and Yoichi Yoshida Riiko Yoshida Ronald Yoshida Toru Yoshida Kaoru Yoshifuji* Richard Yoshifuji Iwao and Yoko Yoshii Laura Kimi Yoshii Carol Yoshimoto Agnes Yoshimura Frances Yoshimura Jinea K. Yoshimura Milles Yoshimura Judy Yoshimura-Wilson Misako Yoshinaga Kay Yoshioka Robert and Susan Yoshioka Kay Yoshiura Clifford Young Emi Young H.P. and Stefanie A. Young Loly Young Maureen Young Michele Young Norman Young Randall T. and Beverly A. Young Stephen and Lisa Young Christine L. Youngdahl Yowangdu Edward Yu Katy Yu Kelvin Yu S.H. Yu and G.Y. Sugimoto Thomas Yu Wendy Yu Clifford and Anna Yuen Derek Yuen and Yvonne Ng Tammy Yuen Ted Yukawa Dorothy Yuki Shirley S. Yuki Eric E. and Fuko Tamura Zagol William and Carole Zaima Peter Zajichek Avi Ben Zaken

George S. and Melinda Zee Michael Zekovitch Meher Bharucha Zen Doctor Nancy Zhang Wanna Zhang Xiaoying Zhang Shang Ying Zhu Trudy Ziebell and Lisa Wurui Kalus and Rosetta Zimmermann Phil and Kathryn Zimmerman ZIO Fraedos, Inc. Kyle Zipes M. Javad Zoroofchi Zwinak Family

$50 to 99 52 Weeks of Impact Barbara G. Aase Jane M. Abbott Michelle Abbott Dennis Y. Abe Jean Y. Abe Jen Abellera Charles L. and Bridgette Abendroth Kenia Acevedo Winston M. Acevedo Gerald Achatz Alex T. and Dolly Paz Acosta Carolyn Adams Fuyo Adams Gary and Nancy Adams Priyanka Agarwal Alma P. Agcaoili Beatrice Aguilar Miller Grace Aikawa and Karen Simkover Hanz Akbarzadeh Deborah Albuquerque IHO Tami Takahashi Maru Hsi Aldern and Mary Anna Sung Hsi Vicki and Sue Algea Tracy Alicaya All American Trophy Supply Amy R. Allen Katheryn Allen-Katz Cherri Allison Callie Almand Alphabet Soup Preschool Yuki Anderson Paul Alsdorf and Jee Young You Lina M. Alta Barbara Althoff Mieko, Pete and Juanita Alvarado Victoria Alvarado Sharon L. Amacher Erik Ambrose Gwendolyn Anderson Dyanna Anfang and Robert Gross Lisa Ang Ian Aniszewski and Melissa R. Picache Anonymous (272) Ant’s Mind and Body Yuri Aoki

Mariko Aoyagi Apple Matching Gift ProgramWayne Nakamura Ryoji and Jahlee Arakaki Sherry Aramaki Francisco Arce Mutsuko Arima Art and Itsu Arita Gigi Ballif Arrington William E. and Rachelle M. Artelt Mabelle Artz Susan M. Asai Takahito Asari Donna Ashizawa Thomas Ashkenas and Marilee Allan Marek Asliwiaski Jennifer M. Astone Toan Van Au and Binh Tue Tu-Au Patrick Auyeung Grady Avant Vicky Mihara Avery Brett and Coleen Azuma Tom and B.J. Baba

Richard Balison Haruyo Balistreri Frezell Barber Don Bard Steven Barisof and Bonnie Singer Casie Barnes Dominique Barnet Sergio Baroni Lillian Barton John and Debra Nicholson Bassham Raja Basu and Lakshmi Mohanbabu Suzanne Battaglia Donald and Alice M. Bautista Myla Bautista Larry Beck Ingrid Becker Mark Beert Richard Bell Ekaterina Belle June Beltran G.T. Benedict and M. Haselfeld Larry and Lori Bennett Ellen Bepp

Rie and Timothy Bach John M. and Luzviminda I. Bachofer Richelle and Marie Baer Daniel Thomas Bailey and Camarin Elizabeth Bailey Madigan R.V. and Mieko Bailey Ava J. Balbutiu

Clara Bergeron Arlene Lefkowitz Berkley Stephen H. and Rosemary Wolcott Bertolucci Wayne and Debra Omoto Berve Maurice and Betty Bessiere Best Alarm Company David and Pearl Bethel *Deceased


“We are eager to donate these funds for relief and rebuilding for the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. Our group grants a portion of our fundraising efforts through our ‘Vision Project’ to nonprofits in the community and the recent catastrophic events have prompted us to give emergency grants to the survivors in Japan. We are hoping it will help. Thank you for your good work.” — The Muir Beach Quilters

Ana Bettencourt Jaiti Bhrany Iris E. BiblowitzIHO Elaine McKinley and Kit Dragon Betsy Bigelow-Teller Marie E. Bisen Beverly A. Bishop Robin Bishop Biso Vincent J. Bisogno Susan Blank Eileen M. Blood-Golden Terry J. and Catherine D. Bloom-Gregory Bryan J. Blumberg Paul and Mary Ann Blumenthal Gentle Wind Blythe B. Tom Boardman Karen Bocaling Catherine Bonniot and Christian Saucedo Cynthia Bonta Bruce and Ivette Bookman Philip G. and Lois J. Bookman David and Adrienne Borge Katherine Ann Borgfeldt Lucienne Bouvier Clifford Bowen Russell Bowes James and Dorothy Bradt Lisa Bravo Sophie Breall Rosemary Breedlove Elizabeth Breneman Anne Marie Brenner Midori Briggs Todd and Amy Briggs Paula Brinkley Michael S. and Talya Brinkman Mary Brogan Mark Broner Stephen Brophy Michael Brown Mildred Brown Ethan Browning Meredith R. Bruce Jason Buberel Asako Buchanan Leslie Buck William and Evangeline Buell


Lana Buffington Long D. and Thi Huong Dau Bui Elaine Bulloch Jeffrey L. and Sherry Liu Bullock Jesus T. and Carmelita Burguillos Tracy J. Burris Gregg Butensky Paul Caldwell California Pacific Properties, LLC Ramon J. and Melissa Camacho Diane P. Campbell M. Cristina Campos Laurie Cannon Damian Cano Huong L. Cao Robert S. and Mellisa A. Cardinale Richard Cardona Christopher L. Cardwell Bert Carelli Roger Carribine Terri Locke Carroll Anne Cassia Elizabeth A. Cassidy Herlinda Castaneda John Castelli Brian Castile and Elmira Dianati Diane H. Castleton Leticia Castro Roderic and Susan Cattell Richard and Pauline Caulk

CC Commercial Coatings, Inc. Christopher and Peggy Cella Elisa Cervantes Mary E. Chadwick Lu Chaikin Jessica Champion Andrea Chan Camay L. Chan Chris Chan Donald and Diana Chan Helen L. Chan Hoover Chan Marcia Chan Roger K. and Yen T. Chan Wendy Kristen Chan Cecily Chang and Fred Murphy Fred Chang Juliann Chang Pei Yang Chang Peter Chang Robert Chang Francoise A. Chanut Meera Chari Amar Chaudhary Rajwinder and Kaur Chauhan Ravi Chava Angela Chee Sue Ling Chee Chi and Phoebe Chen Chun-Ta Chen and MengFang Hsieh Elisa Chen Huei Long and Wu Mei Chen Katherine Chen Loren Z. Chen Gina Lechun Cheng Willa Cheng Karen K. Cheong Allen K. and Shirley L. Chew Bessie Chew Joann Chew Selwyn Chew Wendy Chew Carl Chiang Chiang Consulting Alice Chin Lisa Chin Shirley Chin Steven A. Chin Vivian Chin Chris Chinn Jeroyln Ann Chittum Warren Cho Sunny Choe

Csokyi Choera Cory Kapui Chong Ken and Casey Chong Lena Chow and Kevin Smith Trina Chow Lillian Choy Virstan Choy and Marina Lew Felix Chu Gabino Chu Sean Pierres Chua Katherine Chuh Sandra J. Chung Shui-Chun Chung Mabel Chung-Choy Christine B. Clark Lisa and Don Clay William C. Clay Michelle Cobble Stephan Cocron Philip Cohen Sevim Say Cokmez Stephen Cole Colorado Budokan, LLC Compassionate Community Care, LLC Conceptual Metalworks Ruth Connery Robert and Avis Connolly Albert J. Connor, Jr. and Carmen Connor Connie Conroy Ingram David Conroy and Joanna Schull Contra Costa JACL Manami Cook Natalie Cook Patricia Cook Colin W.L. and Mary Lynne Cooper Kristen Cooper Peter Cooper Esther Cooperman James Coran Gudrun Barth Corpuz Jen Ferro Cortes Miho Cortez Vera Costa Jerilynn Coward Irene Wu Cowen Tracey Cox Taylor Michie R. Crane Rodger B. and Shigemi Cree Elizabeth Creely Jeanette Crosetti Judith Csejtey

Ciera Momi Cummings Robert and Paula Cunningham Rajeev H. and Meghna R. Dadia Paul Daijo Irene Haynes Sondern Dailey Ross Dakin Elza Dalarossa Samuel and Barbara D’Aloisio Norman M. and Virginia D. Damico Peter Dand Walter A. and Louisa M. Daniels H.T. Dao John E. David Akemi Davidson Sandra Davidson Elisha M. and Russell Davis Thomas and Jo Ann Davis Tommie M. Davis William and Suzanne Day

Wilfred de Kok June Dea Peggy Dean Thomas Dean Harumi Debono Melanie Degiovanni Debra Delaney Logan DeLey Linda Dell, Angelica Designs Michelle S. Delos Angeles Christine Demian Migdalia H. Demil Alexandros and Kelly Ann Demos Brian Komei Dempster Debbie Yan Ming Deng Larry Dennison Becky Dere Patricia Derickson Therese Devine Brian DeVries and John A. Blando Kumiko Dews Marion Dietzen and Setsuko Ichimoto Marco Di Lucca Louis and Sharon Dilda, Jr. Kazuko Dishong Baltazar Dispo

Shridhar and Tanuja Dixit Mary Dixon Gregory and Yvette Dobson Adolph and Marialice Dockus Janet M. Dolinsky Tsering Dolkar Bert Doll and Reiko Doiron Laura Dollarhide K.W. Dolphin Raymond J. and Rosemary F. Domergue D.L. Domish Deirdre Howard Donadio Day Donald Guinevere Doner Augustine Jilong Dong and Ceclia Yulin Mao Karen Donovan Kayoko Donovan Rosaleen Doran Edward H. Dougal and Keiko Ishikawa Melbourne M. Douglas Jane Dowes Jeannine Drew Edward M. Dua Suraj K. and Niharika Dudhoria Ronald T. and Angela G. Dumatol Madeleine Dunphy Danielle Duong Vincent V. Duong Hilary Duwe Garett Dworman James and Erika Dyquisto Martin Eaton Thomas and Christine L. Ebner Thushari Edirisinghe and Harshana G. Vidanalage Alison Ehara-Brown Esther Ehrensaft Pamela Elder Adrian Elfenbaum Sandra M. Elger Marilyn Elkins Bernard Ellis John Ellis Ron and Nancy L. Emory George and Cassie M. Escobar Farzin and Kathi Z. Eshtehar Christopher Espinosa Monica Espiritu Mark and Tamami Estagin Takehito Etani Kanako Ezaki Phyllis Faircloth Ralph Fallant Judine Farley John and Carol Farnworth Lausanne Rivera Farrell Ryan Emerson Febus Richard Felix Alice Feng Zhaohui Feng and Tao He Alex Fernandez Chris Feroz Jasmin Finks and Justin Krohn Craig Fisk Daniel Flores

Lawrence Gruber, Jr. Annie Guan Jason Guan Marion Gulick James Gundy Sheila Gunn Priyesh Gupta Manjesh and Sonia J. Gurusiddaiah Byron Gustafson Robert L. and Anne G. Haberstock Karen HaganIMO Stella Sugimoto

Doreen Fong Edward and Rosemary Fong Linda M. Fong Pius Fong Randall and Catherine Fong Sharon Yamagishi Fong Ida C. Foo Gina Fornario Lisa M. Forslund William Foster Masoud Foudeh Cindi Fox Julia Fox Spector Frances Jose Maria Francos Jody Frandle Shae Frankston Peter and Rei Freedberg Gregory Freeman Pauline Peele Rene Frelow Thomas Walter and Gina Olivieri Fresquez Michiko Fu Jeffrey W. Fucigna and Ellen M. Smith Jim Y. and Georgia M. Fujii Michele M. Fujii Richard and Jane Fujii Dave and Susan Fujikawa Donald and Evelyn Fujimoto Genevieve Fujimoto Tom and Sharon Fujimura Mollie Fujioka Adrian Fujitani Jenny Kyanlin Fujitani Paula Fujiwara Toshie Fujiwara Bill M. and Yasuko Fukuda Ken Fukuda Mai Fukue Jim Fukui Ray T. and Jane Fukui Diane Fukui-Bell Bob H. and Fumi Fukumitsu Andrew and Louisa Fukutome Joni and Carl Furumasu A.Y. Furuta Robin C. Furuta Fumi Furuya-Hattori Maria Soledad Gabriel Yasko Gamo

Dennis Gee Genie Gee Kathleen A. Gee Barbara Geib Genji-Akira Miike Gary and Fern Geschwind Edward D. and Marilyn A. Getsch Aleksandr Geyler Hue M. Giang Julie K. Gibson Todd Gibson J. Catherine Gikelly Mandy Gilbert Raymond Gin Allen Gittelson Stephen and Joan Glafke Meryl Glass Taylor Glass-Moore Denise F. Go Nancy Goldberg Bruce Goldman Diane M. Goldman Alexander and Tammi Goldstein Martin Goldstein and Marilyn Frank Kirby and Lily Gong Alex and Valarie Gonzales Melinda Gonzalez Ambariish Goswami Brian Gotanda Jen Gotanda Samuel Ray Goth and Leslea Brickner Akiko Gotoh N. Goudarzi Kathryn R. Gough Oliver and Yoko Govers Goyo, Roberto, Raul Gary Grablin Jean Grabost Kenneth A. Graham Paula M. Grandbois Steven C. and Janet C. Grant Janice Grau Linda Gray Masako Gray Michelle Gray Sharon Gray Paul and Virginia Graydon

Amie Haiz Ben Noel Halili Donald E. and Marcie B. Haloin, Jr. Teresa A. Halper and Dane A. Rezentes J.C. and C.A. Haltom S.M. and B.J. Hamaguchi Dolly S. Hamamoto Scott and Elsa Hamamoto Peggy Hammett Walter Han

Sato Hashizume Yumiko Hatano Kayoko Haver David L. and Gan Haw Harry and Yuki Hayashi Miyuri Hayashi Frederick Hecht and Elizabeth Lown- IHO Tami Takahashi Harold R. and Barbara A. Hedman Pauline Hee Gregory W. and Erica J. Heibel

Patricia Gangwer Benjie V. Garchitorena and Cheryl V. Swanson Wendy Gardner Genadiy Garmash Heidi Gast-Wilson Rochelle Gatlin Todd and Lisa Louise Gedryn

Gayle Greenbrook Anne Greene Jay Greenfield and Deanna Kempthorne Catherine Griffin M.T. Griffin Mark Grossman

Ayako Hanaoka Nobuaki Hanaoka Hiroko Hanes Kristin-Valerde Hanson Shawn Hanson and Ann Alpers Yukiko E. Hara Harry M. Harada, Jr.

Nancy H. Henderson and Kathryn A. Black Rebecca G. Herman Krista Hermawan Jocelyn Reyno Hermoso Sabrina D. Hernandez Victoria Herrin Robert B. and Jonnie Herring

Janice Haraguchi John Haraguchi and Amy Shiratsuki Yoneko Harano Nathan Haratani Serena Harrigan Kathleen Harrington John and Esther Harris Kimberly Harris Barbara Hart Maria Hartanto IHO Tami Takahashi Etsuko Hashimoto Kristine Hashimoto

Tatsumaki Taiko Tatsumaki Taiko held two benefit performances at Berkeley Bowl West — one in April 2011 and one on March 10, 2012, to mark the one year anniversary of the tragic events. On April 11 the Berkeley-based taiko group performed and in just two hours raised $3,000 for the Relief Fund. On the one year anniversary they put on another performance that raised an additional $2,250.



College Clubs Do Their Part There were numerous college groups/ clubs that stepped up and organized fundraisers, large and small, like hosting relief showcases, potlucks, donation collections, volunteering at events and selling t-shirts. They were from near and far and included SDSU Nikkei Student Union, SF State School of Social Works and SJSU College of Engineering.

Eleanor Hicks B. Clifford and Tony Hilligoss Cheryl L. and Patricia J. Hines George Hinoki Tomoaki Hirai Teru Hirano Harumi Hirasawa Hiroshi Hirashima and Darcy Radcliffe Carrol Hirasuta-Tsutsui Cynthia Hirokawa Kay Hitch- IHO Allan Mandell Nikkie Ho Valerie Ho Willbe Ho Clara Hoesada Beth A. Hoffman Judy Hogan Brian Hogencamp and Janet Mijung Um Heidi C. Hohener Dr. Heidi Hohener, MD Jeanette Hoki Mary Lou P. Holding Vivian Holley Tiffany Holliday David P. and Barbara Holman Sara A. and John A. Holmes Jillian Hom Wendy Hom Cindy Honig-Fong Gwen Hopkins Mineko Horie Ronald and Loraine Horii Gail Horita Gee Dick K. and Alice Y. Horio Doreen M. Hornstin Allene Hoshi Dr. Houmanfar, PHD Jean Howe Stephen and Donna Howell Chris Hoxie Thuc Anh Hsieh Jacey Hu


Albert K. and Evelyn C. Huang Jing-Yao Huang Noreen Hui, LMFT Si Hui Eric E. Huizar Melissa Hung Donna Hunter Robert Hunter Dan Huntley Huntsman Architectural Group Susan L. Hurley Viquar Ahmed and Mubina V. Hussain Alex Hutton Richard and Patricia Hutton Huong Ngoc Huynh Gordon and Salome Hwee Rabbi Micah and Erin Hyman Emy Hynes Yukiko Ide D. and I. Idlerton Adam Ierymenko Noboru and Michiko Iida Carey S. Iida and Verna C. Uchida Akemi Iizuka Yoshimi Ikeda Kenji and Kaori Ikegami H. Ikehara Ernest H. Ikuta Arlene Imagawa Masako June Imamura Curtis and Kimiko Imokawa Sherwin Imperio Keijiro Imura Aya Ino Darlene Inouye Douglas and Megumi Inouye Gary Inouye Jerry and Madeline A. Inouye Robert H. Inouye Robert Y. and Kyoko Inouye IPPUKU Employees Alyssa Irawan Hengky Irawan Steven C. and Akiko M. Irick Midori Irie Bill and Gina Irwin

Hilda Isaacson Marco Ishida Kiyomi Ishii Norman Ishimoto Yuki Ishioka and Alex Lam Atsuko Ito Jane Iwahashi Michio and Kazuko Iwahashi Takako Iwasa Mitsuko Iwatsu David Jackson Dawn Jackson Jerome and Nancy Jacobs Karin Jamieson Ariel Janesh Mark Janofsky JCCCNC Karate Class Jennie P. Jee Cathy Jefferson Jefferson Elementary School Valerie C. Jeffrey Paulette Vu Tam Jeh Tracie Jensen Alice Jeong JETAANC Kabuki Screenings Yoshiko Jitosho Roberta T. Jo Claire Joaquin Marie Jobling Lukhbinder and Narinderpal Johal Bettina and Hans Johnson Iku Ingrid Joki Jacob Jolish Brad and Linda Jones Michele Jones Jason Jong Sharon Jong Satish V. Joshi Jack and Akiko Journeay JT3, LLC - IMO E. Isen Wanda Jung Yoko Jung Meghann Kabala Susan Kadoguchi Makoto Kaga Christina Kai Karen KaiIHO Paul Lord Karen M. and Arnold I. Kaji Michael Kaku Shinkyo S. and Sachiko Kaku Kenichi Kakuno Yayeko Kamada Nobuko Kamatani Naomi Kambara and Kenneth T. Yamada Kathleen Kamei Alex Kami Arkady Kaminski Joseph F. Kaminski Keith Kamisugi Thomas and Mihoko Kanaya H. and N. Kaneg Kerry Kappler Carmen Kara Nakia Kashima Walt Kassoway Gail Katagiri Janet R. Katlan

Katharine Kato Kengo Kato Sharon Kato Teruaki Kato Dennis Kaw Allen and Lily Kawafuchi Alice R. Wong Kawahatsu Vickie Kawakami Jo Ann Kawakami-Woo Jon Kawamoto Sally S. Kawamoto George Kawamura Jessica Kawamura Taeko Kawasaki Mickey Kawick Andrew Kaza Martin and Kinga Kazinski Patrick Michael Kelley Gerald Kelly Paul and Elaine Kennelly Pauline Kenney Robert and Cathryn Kerr M. Kersey Scott M. Kessler Tsewang and Tseten Khangsar Christine Khuu Nancy S. Kikuchi Jerry Kilroy Frank P. and Joyce N. Kim Woo Sil Kim Chiyeko Kimura Oliver King Akiko Kinoshita Douglas Kirby John Kirkpatrick Paul and Claire Kirner Gladys Kitagawa William M. and Barbara M. Kitagawa Sanae Kitahara Henry Kitajima Greg Kitamura Lilly H. Kite Anne M. Kitos Keigo Kiyohara Richard F. and Shirley A.White Klemm Gints and Maya Klimans Ted and Karen Klos Andrew and Jennifer Kobayashi Donald and Kimiko Kobayashi Edward Kobayashi Eizo and Mary Kobayashi Maureen Kobayashi Yutaka Kobayashi Edward L. and Estelle T. Koblitz Hiromi Kochiwa Masaru Koga Ali Kagawa Koide Yoko Kojima Russell Kokx Hiroko Komatsu Toshikazu Komatsu Gary M. Komatsubara Nancy Komatsubara Mari Komwe-Jensen Gale Kondo Megumi Konishi

Mason Koo Jan Kornbluth Shinji Koyama Miwako Koyasako John Kozik Pege Kramer-Amann Andy Kramp Mark and Mary Ann Kretschmar Martha, Steven and Samuel Krow-Lucal Sabine Krueger Uldis and Ann Kruze Jonathan H. Kubo Hideo and Teruko Kubota Houdo H. and Shirley Y. Kubota Dharmendran Kulangara and Hema Talreja Deepa Kumthekar Chun W. Kung Kurt S. and Harvie L. Kuniyoshi Hisakazu Kurahashi Ryo Ricardo Kurechi Miyuki Kurono and Gary Chan Sachiko Kusano Glenn and Kristen Kuse Peter Kvitek Mary Kwan Vannarith Ky Stephen La Plante Pawan and Ekta Lakhara Alex and Anna Kwok Lam Annie Lam May J. Lam Niraj and Neena K. Lama Sally Lambert Lea A. Lamzon Josh Lando Julia Langewis Teruko S. Lapierre Yuki Lapin Alice C. Lau Nongpat Lavanakul Masako B. Laverdure Law Offices of Edwin Chau Daphne Lazare Quynh Le Odette Le Pendu Alan and Jennifer Lee Albert and Lynnette Lee Barbara L. Lee Berni Lee Christopher Lee Danford and Peggy H. Lee Fawn Lee Gilbert L. Lee and Susan Y.M. Giin

To all my Friends Ivy Lee Jesse and Nicole Lee Malinda Lee Michael and Alison Lee Michael and Sylvia Lee Mika Lee Paul and Kyoung Lee Penny Lee

Raiden and Koan Lee Randall Lee Richard and Adrienne Lee Sandy Lee Sang-Joon John and Jung Ah Lee Seung Lee and Carey Louie Susan Lee Tina Lee Victoria Lee Miyo E. Lefever Deloris Leiter Daryl and Mary Lembke John A. Lemmon Jean Lenhart Karen Leonard Richard Leonard Faye S. Leong Charles Leung Yin Ling Leung Allison Levin Ann Lew Anna Lew and David K. Homan Myrna Lew Sylvia Lew V.L. Lew Eleanor Lewis Mariavida R.S. Lewis Jeffrey A. Leyser Vladimir and Jirina Lhotak Peiyin Li and Peng Ding Eric and Nancy Liang Monica Licea Kathleen Lilienstein Ryan Lim Charley Lin I-Ling Lin Vincent Lin and Reiko Kataoka Pouran T. Lind Alice P. Linder Ashley M. Linder Chay Pui Ling Gregory S. and Rosario M. Lingle Julia Liou Marcia Appel Lipsenthal Nita Little Anthony Liu Lisa Liu Richard Liu Shulie Lo Natasha Lobosky Lindsey Lock Jesse Lon and Nicki Sanford Lawland Long Philip Long and Melanie Liu Alma D. Lopez Frank and Maria Lorch

Michael and Lily Lung Low Curtis and Vera Lowe Vicky Lowe Chunhua Lu Shirley Lui Mimi Luis Rainier Luistro Alice Lum Deana Lum Tenzin Dolma and Kalsang Dorji Lungkhawa Luc Ving and Holly Ly-Chung Ann F. Lyon Monica Lyons Jennifer Ma Crystal MacDicken Alec MacDonald Gail MacGowan Marina Mackin Robin Macomber Cynthia A. Madison Candida R. Madrigal Saori Maegusuku Denise Maguire Anthony and Yun June Pound Mah Meriko Maida Maido Fine Stationary and Gifts Karin Mak Suresh and Nalini Makhijani Anisha Malhotra Michael P. and Pitsata Joy Malveda Chamel and Satya Manhas Mark Manoukian Richard Mansfield Erin Mar Kevin A. and Kathryn Jo Mar Austin and Lucy Marcus Peter and Olga Margaris Valerie Margol Erlinda Santa Maria Leroy and Linda L. Marquez James Marsh Judith Marshall Richard Charles Martinez and Corrine Manzanares J. Martino and C. Conceicao Anthony and Jennifer Mascola Annie Ho Massei John T. Masunaga Jean Masuoka Gordon Matassa Wendy Mathieu Kazuki Matsubara Dale S. and Gretchen R. Matsuda Vincent A. Matsudaira

Katherine Matsumura Raymond and Annette Matsunaga Betty M. Matsuo Florence Matsuo Kevin Matsuo Janet Matsuoka Patsy and James Matsushita Debora Matsuura S.F. and Betty Matsuura Cynthia Jew Matsuzaki Manyalibo J. Matthews and Yuko Honda Gatto Matto Pancy Mauk Maximum Mobility, Inc. Eileen C. Mayeda MaryAnn Mayo Lara Mayorga Mazel Equities National Associates Hilarie Mazur Charles and Maria McCarthy Diane McCarthy John and Ann McCormick Maren and Michael J. McCourt Daniel and Emily McDonough Jacinta McGinnis Gloria A. McGoran P.D. McGrath Archibald McKee Laurel M. McMahon Judi A. McManigal Donna Luisi McMurray Jennifer McNary Elenor Medina Daniel A. Meer and Michelle K. Levin Beverly C. Meinbress Ernest J. and Susan L. Mendes Orlanda Mendes Paul Menzio and Suzanne Akagi Bernadette Merida Graeme and Irene Merry Autumn A. Mesa Germai H. Mesgun and Nebyat A. Negaci Alice Marie Mestemacher Edward A. Mestre Evelyne Michaut Jeffrey Micka Vito and Josephine Migala Valerie Mih Carolyn Mikawa Mark and Heather Milazzo Gregorio and Visitacion Millares Jonas B. Miller

Alice A. Mitani Megumi Mitchell William E. and Nina R. Mitchell Donald J. Mitchell and Jeannette Yusko Karen Mitchoff Shoji and Chieko Miura Kate Miya Aki Miyai Jed N. Miyashiro E.M. and A.M. Mizuguchi Stephanie Mizuhara Katsuya and Naoko Mizuide Yoshitaka and Mitsuko Mizusaki

Ruthanne Marie Morentz Tomohisa Mori James Moriarty Amy Morikami Naurie Morimoto Maya Morimune Kay S. Morioki Nobuo W. and Grace T. Morishige Wilson Susumu and Mayumi Susan Morishita Russell and Cheryl K. Morita Frank and Chisato Morohoshi Mary Rose Morose Go Randy Morris Elizabeth A. Moseley

Akiko and Kenichi Mizuta Kenichi and Akiko Mizuta Sigismund Mo Moab Community Dance Band Shin Mochizuki Kent and Kimberly Moddelmog Susan Moffat Stanley A. Moffett Francisco Moises

Daniel S. Moskowitz Kazuko Moss and Linda Hendrickson Susan Mostajo Margues Motamed Vincent and Kumiko Moudry Benjamin and Bertina Mow Raj Mukkirla Edna Mulgrew Elizabeth Maureen Mulyana

in Japan and from Japan, be strong and be safe, I wish you protection and safety. With Love and Hope. Cynthia Louie Dorothy Toy Louie Elaine Louie Frankie Louie Harvey Louie May H. Louie Trust Susan Loustalet

Paul Matsui Tadashi Matsui Willie Guillermo Matsuki Hiroaki Matsumoto Sakiko Matsumoto Lynn Matsumoto, Kathryn T. Jan and Yae Wada

Mark R. and Christine E. Miller Dr. Marlene Sockol Mills Nancy Mills Sumiye Minami Aleyna Minamoto Linda Minamoto Ruby Minemoto Brian and Kirsten Missett

Ciera Momi Cummings Jo Ann Momono Joe and Sachi Monastiero Joyce Montante Nita S. and Edward A. Moosman Genevieve Mora Clint and Kim Morehouse

Ron Munekawa Hiroko Muneno Indra Mungal Mylene Munjal Margaret Munson Mark Murai Alan T. Murakami *Deceased


“ I learned through a very good friend about the JCCCNC and the efforts that a couple of her nephews were making to send financial assistance to Japan. I wish it were more, but that is all my retirement allows right now. Please accept my donation and my sincere wishes and prayers for those in such dire need. I had the pleasure of visiting Japan many years ago, and I will always have beautiful memories of my trip.” — W.R. Barnes, San Jose, CA

Miyuki Murakami Pamela Murakami Myly Muraki John A. and Diane W. Musgrave John Nagano Chieko and Akihiro Nagata H.W. and L.H. Nagata Kiyoshi and Tazuko Naito Setsuko Nakahara David Nakai Joanne Nakai Yasuo and Chiyeko Nakamoto Eiichi and Marion Nakamura Katsuko and Keiko Nakamura Kay Nakamura Mari Nakamura Shari Nakamura Sharon K. Nakamura Victor Nakamura Wayne Nakamura Shirley Nakao Kimiko and Masato Nakashima Russell and Norma T. Nakata J. Nakayama Nako Munkhtulga Narangerel Patricia Nargang James Nash National Semiconductor Fasi Nico and Huina L. Nazar Scott P. Nealy and Bonnie M.N. Tang Pavel Nedvetsky Neil Revocable Trust Johne Neishi James E. and Beverly J. Nelson Paul S. and Kim Robinson Neto Diego Nevado Joan Neveu New People Cafe New People, Inc.Takara Gallery Janice Newland May Ng Tri Tong Ngo and NhuY Nguyen Le Dr. Hong Truc T. Nguyen, DC Jim V. Nguyen Nancy Nguyet Nguyen and Tiffany Thanh Nguyen Thai Hung Nguyen


Lynn Nihei Nihonmachi Little Friends Families Nikkei Student Union UCSD Nobuko Ninomiya Kyoko Nishikawa Philip Nishimoto Frank and Marilyn Nishimura Junichi and Naomi Nishimura Shino Nishioka Don S. and Kazuko D. Nishita Kathleen Nojima Yoko Noma George and Setsuko Nomura James K. and Karen F. North Mary B. Notsch NRA-ILA Singrung Numsangvanich Shinko Obata* Peter and Melanie Oberdorfer Van and Mieko Obermuller John O’Brien Kieran O’Carroll Somao Ochi Susan Ochi Colleen Oda Raymond and Judy Ogata Yoshiko Oguri Barbara P. O’Hare Cara Ohashi Ume Ohba Dr. Mikio and Dr. Nobuko Ohno Junko Ohoka Sed Ohre Koh and Masayo Ohsedo Thomas Y. and Mieko Oiwa Kimerly Oka H.S. and V.T. Okamoto Scott T. and Amanda M. Okamoto Glenda Okamura Carol Okay Joyce K. Okimoto Mari Okuda and Chris Ford Yumi Okuwaki Martha Lucey Olchowy N.R. Olexo Susan E. Olney Maria Olorzano Steven Olsen Craig and Pam Olson Doug Olson Ronald A. and Nancy M.N. Olson Chizuko Omori

John T. and Patricia A. O’Neill Jan Ong Leslie Ong Lili Ong Kazuyuki and Sanae Ono Mariko Ono Tamami Ono Victor K. Ono Robert M. and Laverne A. Onorato Erika K. Opper and James A. Horton Robert M. and Mariko S. Orr Jason Ortiz Osaka City of Opportunity/ Intersolar North America Naoko Oshimi Masafumi Oshita Koorosh K. Ostowari Janet T. Ota Bonz Otsuki Joanne T. Otsuki Sho and Eome Otsuki Wally and Elvie Owyang Janet T. Oyama Charles and Teri Ozaki Jefferson Packer Erika P. Padron Minnie Pak Roger and Tammy Pardoe Kellie and Mario Paredes Tejal H. and Bhakti T. Parghi Alicia C. Park Kyuim Park Young Ja Park Jolyn Parker Leon H. Parker and Gloria W. Wu Parkview Presbyterian Church J. and M. Pascual Pasitos School, LLC Duco and Laurie Pasmooij Navin S. Patel Lisa Patrizio Emelita and Jacinto Pattugalan Wanda Paul William Payne Paul Pedersen Eric Pederson and S. Harada Rockesanda Peeks Virginia and Nicholas Pegley Janet Pelosi Janet W. Penley Kathleen J. Penley Fukuko Pennell Saralie Pennington Karen Peratta

Marcio Pereira Ralph and Patricia Perra Maceo Persson Hay B. Petersen Rosalie Pfeifer Hoang Pham Cass Pham and Samuel Thacher Van Phan Jason J. and Fehmeen Nasseem Picetti William Pierce Marjorie Pierson

Antony and Susan Pilkington Sandram and Dhanum Pillay Marc Pilotin Julia Pimsleur Toni Pinamonti Ummara Pirom Ann Ver Planck Daniel Plotnick Srinivas Pothana Kaliprasad Pothuraju and Geeta Rout Walden H. Powell Gloria Powers Suzie Lata Prasad Michael D. and Betty C.N. Prenter Lyons Pride Robert and Joan Hanson Prouty Elise Prowse Joel Puliatti and Olivia Teter

Anna N. Pusina Cayetano and Bettye Putian Larry and Mee Quan John and Fabienne Quarterman Raquel Quinet Tifani Rae Sonia Raesly Arun Rajeev Venkat Ramakrishnan Barbara and Candice Ramey Gregory J. Ramos and Janice Y. Tanaka Thomas E. and Denise K. Ramsey Heather Randolph Deepak Rao and Preeti Kota Jonathan Rapp and Monica Lee Vani and Sri Ratnam Elizabeth Rebensdorf Beatriz Rebullida Linda Reed Robert Reiter, The Lightroom Laura Renaud-Wilson Yesenia Renteria Barbara J. Restivo Patricia M. Rhein Kathleen Rice- IHO Nick Rice Zoanne Richardson Charles and Kyoko Ridley Robert Rieder Ray S. and Miriam M. Rike Desmond and Linda Ritchie Dalia Rivera Sarah Margaret Roberts Tom Robertson and Tam Pham James B. and Stephanie Robinson Katherine M. Robinson Kathleen Robinson Joyce Roderick Jacob Rodriguez and Laurel Nakanishi Linda Rodriguez Katherine Rogers William and Yuriko Romer Diana G. Romo Margaret Ropchan Landa Bandy Rosebraugh Elizabeth H. Rosen Noriko Rosenthal Marjorie Roth Steven Joel Rothman and Kathleen R. Tierney Haruka Roudebush Tomoko Roudebush Eldon E. Rowe Vivienne Rowe Daniel and Terry Roy Roger L. and Carol M. Rozzano Jun Ruan Jon Rubin Marja Rudge Matthew and Motomi Rudoff Linda Rushing Blaire Russell Diane SabinIHO Tami Takahashi Pelar Sabucdalao

Yuri Safarov Moe Saisho Atsuko Saito Barbara Saito Joseph and Pat S. Saito Katsuji Saito Shizue Saitoh Katherine Sakai and Pamela Leong Miyo Sakai Seiji Sakai David and Kaori Kubota Sakauye Etsuko Sakimura Margaret R. Salazar Frederico and Mary L. Salcedo Satu Salmivirta Samasta Services Robert T. and Barbara J. Sample Dharmaraj and Srimathi Thiagarajan Samuel George Sanchez Mary Sancimino Sanko Cooking Akira and Itsuko Sano Hiroshi and Christa Sano Michael Sanossian Carolyn Santo-Domingo Emma J. Santos Dorotea Santos and Leticia N. Delacrina Melodie Sasada Robert and Robin Sasada Brian Sasaki Chiaki Sasaki Denise M. Sasaki IMO Elaine Hori Kazuko Sasaki Toshiko Sasaki Yolanda Saslona Teiko Sasser Ryan Satcher Elizabeth Sato Frances Sato Mieko Sato Miwako Sato and Marco Falcioni John and Donna Satterfield Misha Sauceda Jeffrey Saul Joseph and Elizabeth Schaefer E.N. Vangie Schafer Elizabeth Scharnetzki Mary Schenk Carol Schilling Frances Schreiberg Harvey and Sandra Schuster Michael and Sheila Jessup Schwarz Science Students of Central Catholic Gwenevere P. Sebay Mercedes Segesvary Tristan Seifer and Brian Aubry Fred Seiji M. Thea Selby Charles P. and Christina J. Semba Brian M. and Emily S. Sena Yanin Senachai

Emi Serizawa Susan Serrano Harry and Yoko Servin, Jr. Dan Seyer SFSU Asian Student Union Graduation Fundraiser Shadow Light Productions Asad Shah Niraj and Radhika Shah Susan Shannon Angelina Shapiro Jerald E. Shapiro Avin Sharma Girishkumar and Nidhi Sharma Mohinder and Setsuko Sharma

Akiko Sharp Sharshun, Inc. Sharon Sheehab Mertis L. Shekeloff Kitako Shelton Michael and Lisa Shelton Eric Sherman Mei-Chu Julie Shi Allen Shiba Christina Shigemura Akio and Rosa Shikama Kaoru Shimada Alice Shimazu Timothy Shimizu Alana Shindler

Haircuts for Japan On Sunday, April 10, 2011, the Ginger Rubio Salon opened their doors and stylists from several salons and studios pulled out their clippers for a Haircuta-Thon. People came from all over the Bay Area to get a stylish cut and to support Japan. 100% of their proceeds went towards supporting the Relief Fund. “Haircuts for Japan� was a great event that highlighted the passion, heart and creativity shown in fundraising for the Relief Fund.

Jon Shindo F. Shingledecker Robert Shinji and Sumiko Nakamura William K. Shirado Yoshihisa Shiraishi Phillip and Joan Shiraki Ronald Shiromoto Dr. Louis Shlipak, MD Kimberlee Shoecraft Adele Shoop Robert Shreve Alexander Shteyngolts and Yulia Piterkina Tsuya Shubert Marcelo Siao Sharlene Siegel Sam and Poh Kiat Siew Kia K. Silverman Jeffrey and Kerry Simpson Lyle W. and Peggy A. Simpson Richard and Diane Simsarian Alastair Sinclair Bhupindarpal Singh Jack Singleton Loretta Siu Monica Skikos Janet and Steve Slagle Richard Q. and Jeanne Lewis Slinn Edward T. and Elaine M. Slintak Mariam M. Smairat Frank Smiddy Bruce and Kristen Smith Carol Smith Maureen SmithIHO Dr. Jeff Bitterman Sylvia Smith William So Brendon Solitis Peggy J. Solomon Brendon Soltis Chloe Soroquere Kimberly Souza David Spath Special Hardwood Floors Susan L. Speed Spices and Blends Joanne Spiegelman Sue Spiersch Sandi Spires Allen Seger and Audrey Seger Sprain Kavitha Sreeharsha St. Ambrose Episcopal ChurchRev. David Ota Ferdinand Stachura Gayle Steele Glenda Steffek Karl W. and Ya-Hui K. Steinbrecher Clarence Steiner Laurie Sterling Andrea Sternenberger Michael Sternenberger Jeffrey C. and Tanya Russin Stevens Kurt Stevenson and Katherine D. Maher James and Kristen Stewart Matthew Stickney

Buckley Stone Yukiyo Takaishi Stonebeaker Arthur and Marcie Storch L.L. Strom Miki Stuebe and Doug Andersen Sandy (Shwu Chun) Su Shao Xiong and Shuxian Su Vijaya L. Subramanian and Sri Satish Ambati Cliff and Cherng-Ren Sue Sachiyo Sugimoto Hajime Sujishi Donald and Geneviene Sullivan Tatsuo* and Yoko Sumida Charles Sumimoto Ryan Susanto Karen Sutherlin Saki Suto Fumi Suzuki Kimberlyn K. Suzuki Sandy Svoboda Michael D. Sweany Midori Szeto Jeffrey Tabas and Michiko Shibata Judy Tachibana Merline Taira Thomas W. and Michele T. Tait Sachiko Tajima Mihae Tak Kent Takada Yoshio Takakuwa Takara Sake USA, Inc.Satoshi Urakawa Gary Takata May and Tetsuo Takayanagi Hirokatsu and Yasuko Takeda Toshio Takeshita Nobuko Takesuye Shauhin A. Talesh and Jasmine Knight Julie Tam Katherine Tam Vicky Tamashiro Tiichi and Setsu Tamate Chiho Tanaka and Michael J. Fletcher Frank* and Edith TanakaIMO Gene Uratsu Hiroshi Tanaka Kazumi and Helen Tanaka Minoru and Mitsue Tanaka Yusuke Tanaka Eleanor Tandowsky Fernand Tanedo Alvid Tang Hung E.M. Tang Kristine Taniguchi Reagan Taniguchi Teri Taniguchi Judith Tannenbaum (Carmel) Judith Tannenbaum (El Cerrito) Joanne Tanner Susan Sato Tanorio Tanuki Restaurant Hai Tao and Alhua He Alyce Bezman Tarcher, MD William C. and Janet S. Tarr Blodwen Tarter *Deceased



Mari Rose Taruc Kim Tasaki Kalsang Y. Tashi and Sonam Gyaltsen Tomoko Tassone Tatsumaki Taiko Pamela Tau and Ben Lee

Haruko Toshimitsu and Ann Suzuki Gary Towslee Kenneth and Jeannie J. Toy Ayako Toyama Bich-Huyen T. Tran Martina Tran

Melanie Turner Adi Tzur Gayle Uchida Dave Uemura Carmen Ugas Sunanda S. Ukhauler Harin and Vinaya Ullal

Alfonso Vega Kristina Velarde David Veneziano Laura Veschetti Rafael and Jovita Vidal Rene P. and Kathleen N. Vignos John Vilaikeo

Susan Wengrofsky Johanna Werbach Paul WermerIHO Paul Lord Johan Westberg Joel Weston Emiko K. Wexler

Susan Taubman Frances Taylor Kevin Taylor Susan K. Taylor Kit Teguh Christopher Teng Lee and Mitsuko Tennant Chodrak Tenzin and Dawa Tsamc’ho Denise Teraoka, Hisashi Imura and Keiji Imura Suna A. and Orhan M. Tercioglu Noriko and Harry Teruya Heng Thach Phuong Than Nisha Thapa Rene Thomas Richard and Ikuko Thomas Franklin H. Thompson Susan Thompson Jerry and Miharu Thomte Marius and Florina Tico Henry R. and Florise D. Tiedemann- IHO Tomiko Sakashita of Yokohama Larry and Stacey Ting Whittemore and Debora Tingley Therese Tiojaneo K. Tobo Kai and Robert B. Tocchini and Edith Bacuyani Tak and Karen L. Toda Bernard and Emiko Yamamura Tom- IMO Kaoru Yoshifuji Wilfred and Jane Tom Douglas R. and Sandra Lee Tomioka Kurt M. and Gaye Tomita Staci M. Tomita Etta Tompkins Adrienne Tong Cindy Tong Donald and Janice Tong Janice Tong Jack K. and Mary M. Tono Jackie Tono Sonam Topgyal and Tenzin Dolma Patricio and Amelia Torres

Nhung Tran John R. and Ellen S. Travis Betty Traynor Phuong Trieu Ann Trimbach Forrest Trimbell Angel Trinh Lan H. Trinh James B. True Ray Tsang Dawn Tso Ken and Masako Tsuchitani Marjorie Tsuji Robert H. and Frances Tsujimoto Family Trust Takako Tsujimoto Danny Tsung

Lee and Mary Umlauf United States American Volunteers Alliance E. Shieko Uno Hiroko Unosawa Kazumi Uota Rita T. Uribe Kumi Uyeda and Douglas M. Picard Neil N. and Carol M. Uyeda Amy Uyematsu Yuki Uzuhashi Chris Vakili Akiko Valdefiera Leo Valls and Lauren Mahan Star Van Norma Van Cott

Rosalinda Vilan Chloe Villegas Hitomi Villmow Vangkao Violet Nagandra Vlakunta Ann Vo Thanh Vo Volcano Kitchen-Wakaba, Inc. Robert A. and Caroline V. Von Eiff Helen R. Voorhies Raj Vrittamani Robin Vroom Kenneth Wachi Chikako Wakabayashi Muriel Wakayama Kaori Waki Alice I. Walker Darryl Walker Gilliam Wallace Peggy and Steven Walstead John W. and Donna C. Walton B.L. Wampner Anna Wang Shirley Wang Xiaobo Wang Yajie Wang Hoss Ward Valerie Ward Joshua Warren and Ann Lawson Patrick Warren James Washburn Jewlee Washburn Pedro P., Dolores S. and Mark S. Watan Evelyn Watanabe Henry I. and Carolyn S. Watanabe Dr. Jerry H. Watanabe, DDS, Inc. Amadeo Watkins Jackie Watkins John A. Watkins Patricia Watson Nancy Wecker John Weiler Ellen Weinstein and Fred Weiner Michael Welch Raymond Wendling Eric Wenger Benjamin Wengrofsky

Ann M. Whalley Vicki Wheeler Fred and Susan Whinery Garry and Joan White Thomas Wiborgh Gale Wichmann Robert D. Wilcenski Monica Wilkinson Cheryl Williams Elizabeth A.Williams Ryan Williams D.A. and S.K. Williamson Joyce Wilson Kathleen Wilson Emily-Takako Mukai Windels Fong Y. and Charles Wing Heather Winslow Henrietta Wisniewski Dahlia Wist Keeko Wixon Wendy Wollish Bertram and Adrienne Won Janice S. Won Tiffany D. Won Aaron Wong Ada Wong Alan Wong Amy Wong Bennet Wong Bertha Wong Donald Wong Eddie Wong Ellen Wong Garey Wong Jahson and Colleen Lum Wong Jimmy H. Wong and Sungsri Chang Juliana T. Wong Kenneth and Stephanie Wong Loraine Wong Lori Wong Marie Wong Raymond and May Wong Raymond and Sandra Wong Sonia Wong Stacy Wong Stephanie J. Wong Tina Wong Virginia Wong Wilfred Wong Doreen Woo Herman and Joyce Woo Joseph Kono Woo and Grace Kono Sachiko and Peter Woo

One Night Charity One Night Charity, spearheaded by Grayson Lobosky and Ben Smith, held a “One Night Stand” benefit for the Relief Fund on July 27, 2011, which bartenders, bussers and servers from throughout San Francisco gave up 100 percent of their tips. More than $8,000 in donations were collected. A few days later, One Night Charity organized another event at Mist Ultra Lounge, that included an auction, which raised another $1,000.

Miyoko Tsuru Steven N. Tsuruoka Judi Tsuyuki Giovanna Tuccori Sarah Jarboe Tucker

Jean Stephane and Christine Vanelle Hector Vargas Edward and Suzanne Vasgerdsian Ekapon Vathana Moysey and Anna Vaynberg

Sandra D. Woo JIll Wood Michael D. and Gerry L.Wood Rebecca Woodson Alan Woolman Bonnie Woolworth Kristina Wrech Pete Wright Andrew Wu Ben and Angela Wu Cindy Wu Jay and Lucy Wu Muriel Wai-Jane Wu Shelley Wu Matthew and Amanda Wulfstat Rita Wun Alan and Sondra Wuthnow Bessy Xepoleas Yi-Xian Xia Hermes Xiang Betty Xiong Susie Yabu Judi S. Yabumoto Kenneth and Joyce Yabusaki Grace Yagi Hiroyuki Yamada Nicole K. Yamada Steve Yamaguma Geremy Yamamoto Karen Yamamoto Midori Yamamoto T.K. and P.S.Yamamoto Wes Yamamoto Setsuko Yamamoto and Kaeko Park-Li Wendi S. Yamanaka Junko Yamasaki Bert and Doris Yamasaki, TTE Hidekazu Yamashita Sumi Yamashita Ichitaro Yamazaki Yasuhiro Yanai Liane Yanase Angela Yang

Masashi and Kanako W. Yasuhiro George and Jeane Yasukawa Liane C. Yasumoto Deborah R. Yatabe Mary E. Yates Esther M. Ybarra Melba B. Yeck Bryan L. Yee Carolyn Yee Christina Yee Jo Ann Yee June Ming Yee Wayne W. Yee and Fung S. Chan

Anne Yen Carolyn Yen Regina Yeo Christie C. Yeung Patricia R. Yew Yukiko Yoda Keiko Yokomizo Steven Yokomizo Tamotsu Yonetani Sachie Yoshida Yuko Yoshida Mary Yoshifuji Steve Yoshifuji Glory Yoshizaki Dr. Keith Yoshizuka, Esq. Regan Young Kyeong Min Yu Leanne Yu Edmond Yuen Toyoshi and Taiko Yui Anthony M. Yuretich John W. and Susan Zemblidge Zaid Zereary Zu Zhao Zhang Ke Zhu Eduard Zhukovskiy Oliver and Ellen Ziff Louise D. Zingrone Lila Zinn Takayuki Zoshi Ami Zota Dr. Shiying Zou, DDS Karl Heinz and Dori Zuchold Susie A. Zukor Richard A. Zuniga and Sean M. Selegue Mark E. Zwinak and Amanda M. Bouchard Joan K. Zwisler

“Enclosed is our contribution to the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. We hope and pray for all of those affected by this terrible tragedy.”

Richard and Tricia Abad Naziah Abas

Ersan Akgun Kuthbuy Akthab Mona Al-assaad Elisa Alderete Nan Alderson Ana Alegria Joyce Hashimoto Alexander Jorge and Melinda Alfaro Nazheen B. and Taria Ali James Riley Allen Rukeya Ally-Kajee Ecaterina Altmann-Beil Janette Alvarez Sandra Lynn Alves Amy Anderson Nina B. Anderson Kara Lee Andrews D.M. Angst Ana Caterina Anitei Anonymous (287) D.L. and S.M. Anthony Elizabeth Anton Kelly Archbold Erny Arifin SooMee Lee Arikawa Jean Armas Thomas G. and Heidi M. Arnold Prapaporn Asadamongkol Diane Aubry Donald H. and Claire Auslen Daniel and Esther Avalos Christian and Abraham Aviles-Scott Carol Ayers Linda Baba Adeel and Rabia N. Babar John Backstrom June M. Badal Hannah Naseem Badiey Denise Bailey and Kristen Murakoshi Betsy Baird Michelle L. Baker Yoshiko Bakthtiary

Yumi Barnes Joshua Barousse Patrick J. and Tomomi Barron Paul M. and Marianne Barsanti Cathi Bartice Maria Natalicia Basch Igor Bass Jessica Bassuk Robert Bastasz Joan Bauer Joan Bauer and Donald Railey Fred Beale Eugenia Beh Douglas and Margaret Beima Diana Bell J. Caesar and Marynet Bellosillo Kirk Bender Benson Shari Benson Gary Bergren

Diane Abbatecola Florence S. Abe Hope Ann K. Abe Masayo Abe and Raymond S. Rosenbaum Elodie Abigail Boris Abramson and Mila Shargorodsky Lesly Adams Nathan and Elyse Adlen Mukesh and Preeti Aggaarwal Gina Ahrens Scott and Iris Aiboshi Hotranatha and Punita Ajaya

Rabindranath Balasubramanian and Padmapriya Gopala Krishnan Christopher and Daphne Lefeaver Ball Amanda Balmages Juanita Baltierra Christine Banta Shakeela Banu Sukhjinder Banwait Eduardo Nuno Barata Terry Barber Dennis P. Baricevic Angela Barker

Berkeley Microdesign– David Warren Steven C. and Yoshiko S. Bertetta Frances Beverly Mithun Bhowmick Prajapati Bhupendra K.G. Bianchini William Bianco Sean Bickell Jennifer Biringer Helen Blach Yoko Suzuki Blench Daniel Blereau

$25 to 49

— D. + H. Gilbert, Wallingford, PA

Jason Blickman Jessi Blodgett Tai Bo Kristin Boese Michael Bojorquez Rebecca Potts Bolich Kristene Bondi Christine Bonfilio Jill Boone Sophia Adkison Boralli Meryl Borromeo Robert Bostick Ru Jess Bradford-Ebey Mark Brailsford Phil Brattain Doug and Frances Breien Timothy and Rebecca Brennan Steve Brickman Darlene Briggs Susan Britson Joe and Yumie Britt Eileen Broadley John and Amy Brockett Mark J. Brooks Travis Brooks Marilyn Broussard Allen Brown Judith Brown Patricia Brown Shelly Brown Tani Brown William R. and Carolyn S. Brown Maria and Mario Bruno Margaret Buchan Evangeline Canonizado Buell Nancy Buell George L. and Jackie L. Bullen Anthony A. and Willa L. Bumatay Jason J. Bundy Janet Burnham Beverly BurnsIHO Tami Takahashi Machelle Burstrand *Deceased


Morgan Burton Dominick Buscemi Valerie A. Bush Mickey Butts Barbara Byington Evelyn Cabalbag Emily Cagan Robert A. Cairo Sally and Susan Lynn Caldwell Gavin Cameron-Webb Jose and V. Capitule Eva Maria Costa Carcel Joe Carew Rhianna N. Richard Carillo Erik Carlblom Carlton Carmack Chris Carter Deborah Y. Carton Danilo F. and Lina R. Cascon Ker Fong Casipit Emma Cassidy Mary Cassidy Tovas Daniel Castaneda Mena Castelluccio Annette Cate Celso Cathalina Martha Cavanagh A.M.F. Cayabyab Central Builder Supply Julia Chaffin May-Lee Chai Askar Chalbasov Arthur Chan Bertram and Patricia Chan Bessie and Sandra Chan Chrisy Chan Freda Wanching Chan Janet Chan Kevin B. Chan Mai-San Chan May M. Chan

Randall Chang Wanda Chang Adam Chapin Sarah L. Chapman Michael and Martha Charlson Joy Chatterjee Adam Chau Dave Chavez Hector and Kazue Chavez Jesse Chen Ru Chen Stephanie Chen Andrew Cheng Belinda Cheng P.Q. Cheng Lois Cherner Arrick J. Cheromiah and Helga Vano Keith and Maria Chertok Christopher Cheuk Jennifer Cheung Julie Cheung M. Chew Enkhtsetseg Chimid Jason K. Chin Jean Chin Louis and Deborah Chinn Randall David Chin Jaekyung Yi Choe Erin Choi Joon Choi Mario M. Choi Sydney Choi Gordon Choy G.M. and G.L. Christiansen Eugene Chu Jeffrey M. Chu and Tara K. Mochizuki Theodore and Alice Chu Hervy P. and Norminda G. Chua Arnel Chua and Josephine Lim

All Clubs Reunion Members of the postwar San Francisco Japanese American Clubs, which include more than 30 clubs—from the Arbees, Barons, Clovettes to the Young Buddhist Association—held their fifth reunion on October 15, 2011, at the JCCCNC and later presented a $1,600 check to the Relief Fund.

Perry Chan Rodney Chan Sonny Chan Stephen Chan Susan Q Chan


Kenji Chuang Sung Kil Chun Ariel Cisneros Greg Clark Peggy Clark Sharon Clark Richard A. and Carol A. Clarke Barry Clyde

Guillermo Cobar Cathy Cockrell Edy Cohen Colleen Commentz-Ciminieri Gemma Conception Alexandra Cons Consul General of Japan in San Francisco 3/13/12 Event Joann Cook Matt Coop Jeff C. and Kristen B. Cooper Albert and Kelly Costa Maureen Costa Shirley J. Costello Jeaneen R. Cowen Leslie Coxon Carole Cresco Jerome Jeffrey and Abbygail Yabut Cristobal Thomas and Juday Cronin Judy Culleeney Leanne Cummins Gretchen Currens Tara J. Currie-Martinez Jessi Cutter Harry Dahlberg Shawn G. and Monica M. Dahlem Steve Dainard Kyle Daly Jacquelyne Damato Gaetano and Cynthia D’Amato Alex Dang Warren Dang Jesse M. Danielson Saman Davari Donald Davidson Romona Davies Colleen Davila Frank Davis Gigi Davis and Vy Thomas Julian Davis Donald Day and Robin Bishop Paul A. De Lipski and Rebecca Arredondo-De Lipski De Vre Int’l RE Group, Inc. Isaura Xavier deCampos Meg deCausmeaker Monica Decker Stefan Von Dehn Frederic Delrieux Marlene A. Dema Daniel P. and Linda Dentone Patricia A. Derock Dandre DeSandies Mitchell and Rebecca DeShields Padmanabh Y. and Roopali Deshmukh B.A. Devone Dr. George and Suzanne Lake DeVos Annette DeYoung Anish Dhamija Jeffrey Martin Dickemann Robert H. and Esther Dicks Elena Dicriscio Mark Diekhans Carolynn Digiuseppi Clint DiPietro Peter Donohue Tamdin Dorji Emily Doskow

“For the devastating events that have happened in Japan—I offer this small contribution to help the people of Japan.” —G. Splaver, Berkeley, CA

Terry Douglas John Dowling Daryl S. Downey Jeremy Downs Jian Du Ying Jun Du Marc Dulman Michael A. Dumbra Chris Dumlao Karen Dunn Stephen and Dorian Dunne Quyen Quyen Duong Sipkje L. Dykstra G.K. and M.A. Eaton Rachel Ebora Eric Eckberg Nik Edmiidz Helen P. Edson Claire Edwards Martin and Elisa Edwards Sarlene Edwards Nora K. Eggenburg Cesar I. Ejerta James Dennis and Paulette M. Eldridge Mary Elizabeth Audrey Elling Mary Louise Elliott Gillian Ellis Rana Elmghirbi Ion Emanuela Ayako Endo Albert Eng Barbara Engel Mary C. Englestein John and Kathleen Erlich James and Veronica Esparza Athena Espiritu-Santo Anna M. Estrada Will Evo Tami F. Farzaneh Faalzadeh Facebook User (1) Patricia Farber Mona Farooq Michael and Lausanne R. Farrell Daria Fedorova Janet S. Felt Nina Gagnon Fendel Lena Fernandes John Ferrari Figen Jasmine Finks D. and L. Finn

Steven Fiore C.K. Firestone Jeff Fisher Peter J. and Sheri S. Fisher Edward and Gayle Rita Fishkin Alan Fishleder Shoshannah Chantal Flach John P. and Pam Flaherty Gisela Flatt Samuel L. and Juliet Fleischman Jonathan Foell and Cynthia Okano Mandy Y. Fok William N. and Teruko S. Follette Ralph E. Foltz, USN Ret. Donald Fong Joseph Fong Josie Fong Peter Fong Rodney A. Fong Aj Fontecha Angela Foo Marjorie E. Ford Melodie Ford Analiese Fort Lidia Fortier Sara Foster Catherine Fox Fox and Moon Tearoom Deborah Foy Madoka Yoshiki Franzen JJ Frederick Mark Freeman Christopher French Eric and Robyn Frendberg Merly T. Fronteras Joshua Frost Robert Fuerste Gail L. Fugere Gregg and Susan Fuhriman Reiko Fujii Kathy Fujii-oka Lindsay Fujinaka Ty and Linda Fujiwara Herbert and Cynthia Kimiye Fukui-Shim Vicki Fukumae Louise K. Fukumitsu Stan Fukunaga Carol J. Fullerton Sheryl Funakoshi Irene Fung David and Jeanette Gaggiotti

Victoria Galea Paul Gallette Bhawana N. Gandhi Regina Gantan Ana Garcia Shirley Garrett Janet Gee Scott Geiger and Angie Chan Jean Genera Paris and Kamini Patel Georgallis Leif and Emma Gerchberg Aura Gergely Gerardo Giammarino Audrey Gibson Sabrina Gillespie Leonard and Jeanie Gilmore Linda Gin Ralph Gin Ruby Gin Andria Glassman Yumiko Glasspool Ken Gleason Steve Gleaves Gary and Marilyn Gliddon Ted N. Glogovac Mae Jean Go Mini Goddard Julie Anne Godmintz and Shizue Novitski Jennifer Gomez Bob and Ann Gong May Gong-Hom Nora Goodfried-Koven Shirley A. Goodman Chester Goong Carolyn Goossen Viviane C. Gordon Kasia Maria Gorska Sara Jane Gould Anne Graham Roger Graves Carole and Lisa Gray Bruce and Joy Green David and Cindy Green Tova Green Janet R. Gregori Jenny Griffith Sunny Gen Grunloh Anna Maria Guastalla Kristine Guerra Rashimi and Sunil Gupta Robin Gupta Chime Gurung Arthy Gutierrez

Mimie Hackley Chelle Gifford and Bob Hall Deborah Lamascus Hamilton Kathy Hammer Seigo and Keiko Hanamoto Nelly Handa Otis Handy Donna Hansen Sally K. Hanson Sherry Hao David Harada John Harlow Tami Harnish Anna V. Harrison Bryan Harrison Lorinda S. Hartwell Janice A. and Randall S. Harvey Ruby Hata Brittany HatfieldIHO Ken Inouye Mori and Tomiko Y. Hatsushi Masashi Hatta Paige Haviland James Hawkins Kayo and Jeanette Hayakawa Michiko Hayakawa Steven and Mari Hayama Glenn and Maryam Hayame Chiaki Hayashi Elisa Hayashi Susan Hayashi Joel L. Hayashida and Susan Lew Kazuko Heaton William Hedges Molly Helfrich Donald and Barbara Henderson Debra Sabatini Hennelly Kristina K. Hermann Irma Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez Kevin W. and Pamela Herr Maria Herrera David Herrick and Cheryl A. Herrick Judy Hess, PHD Yoshiyuki and Meiko Hibi Stephen Hibino Kasey Fleisher Hickey Susan E. Hida Derrick Higa Norm Higa Thomas T. and Judy C. Higa

Darren and Catherina Hirokawa Satoshi Hishikura Barry Ho Byron and Karen Ho Cecilia Feng Ho Gin Yi Ho Aaron B. Hoffman Michele Hofherr Jam Hojas Mary T. Holmes Jean Hom Lily Hom Raymond Hom Susan Ling Hom Steven T. and Sharon A. Honda Tamiko Honda Yoshio and Ikuko Honda Young Hye Hong J. Won Hong and Sung Hwan Kim Brett Hornig Noah Horowitz and Abby Waldstein Daniel H. Horsey and Therese Pickard Jodi Williamson and Gary Horsman Fe B. Hortinela Harunaka Hoshino Hotel Mayflower Lucille and Dick Housholder

Allen E. and Pamela Heinze Hueseman Kathrine C. Hughes Pegatha Hughes John R. Hunter Joyce Hunter Viquar Ahmed and Mubina V. Hussain Roger C. and Hiroko Husted Richard Huynh Tom and Helen Huynh Kim Bo Hyeun Dipika Hyun Dr. Thomas, MD and Keesia Hyzer Kelechi C. Ibegbulem Shigeko Z. Ichikawa Kazuyoshi and Tokiko Ide Minoru B. Ikeda Minoru Imabeppu Taku Imagawa Yukiko Julia Imagawa Heather Imrie Peter Innes Aki and Kanae Inoue Euco Inoue Art and Ann Inouye George Inouye Tsuneo and Lillian Y. Inuzuka Mary Ann Irvine Keiko Ishida Kumiko Ishida

Jun Isogai Sue Isokawa Yone Ito Shunsuke Iwai Chizuko Iwama Seiji and Amy Iwamura Kojiro and Eiko Iwasaki Masahiro and Carolyn Talbott Iwata Susumu Iwata Dharam Rajen and Padmaja Iyer Gail A. Jackson Gary W. Jackson Sharon Ongsiako Jackson Ann Marie Jahn Doron and Bridgette Jakubowicz Sanjay and Parul Jalona Pretzel Ma Jane Jane Page, Inc. Roxanne Janson Aki Gardner Javier Marc Jensen Steve and Rosann Jesberger Kevin Jeung Kazuko Jew A. Jiminez Linda Johannes Adam and Manon Johnson Amal Johnson Eldon and Mary A. Johnson

Nuestros amigos del Japan nos necesitan. Hay que ayudarlos. [ We need our friends from Japan. We must help them! ] Frank J. and Robin D. Guttler, III Nancy Ha Vina Ha Michelle Haase

Jaclyn Kellye Higgs George W. Hightower Karen Hildebrand Maureen Hillard Judy Hinh Emma Delia Hipolito Sue Hirabayashi Takaji Hirano Mas Hirata

Mark and Janet Lee Howard Timothy M. Hsu and Rita An Nou Hao Mougang Hu Ai Hua Tuan Hua Linda Wong Huang Marissa M. Huang Jeanne Huber

Shingo Sean Ishida and Catherine Higbee Monica Ishidate Hisayoshi Ishiguro Nancy Ishihara Junya Ishikawa Michihisa and Junko Ishikawa

Gary Johnson Ish Johnson Kathryn R. Johnson Adi Jolish Betty Louise Jones Denise M. Jones Kori Joneson *Deceased



Anthony A. and Leonides C. Jong Michael S. and Priscilla P. Jong Paris Jongkind Albert and Melissa M. Jordan Vitus and Grace Jow Terrence Jue and Diana Hiranaga Grant Jung Alex P. and Cecilia C. Juntilla Ravi Chandra K Erin Kagehiro Ajay Kamble

Sandra Kiyomura Kiyoshi and Sandra Jean Fukuda Revocable Trust Ronald and Sharon Klein JoAnne Kliewer Barbara Klitze Ivonne Klug-Noble Dr. W.C., MD and Betty L. Knorr Ramey Ko Haruko Kobata Trina S. Kobata Kazuo Kobayashi

Grace Kwan Mabel Kwan Daniel Kwong Hoishing Kwong Sherwood and Geraldine Kwong Gail Kyono Amy La Kim Thuan La Cindy LaBar Candy Lac Amy Lai Sandy Lai

Sabrina Q. Lee Sharon F. Lee Steve G. Lee and Noriko Nitao Warren Lee William Lee Duane and Michelle Legins Mike Lem Cecile Leneman Chikako Okuda Leng Joyce Leng Drusilla L. Leo Samuel W. Lessin Angela Leung

Shigeo H. and Louise K. Kanda Charles Kang Joon Kang and Hiromi Kang Yoshikawa Mithunreddy Kanukula Yusuf Abdul Karim Arlene Kato Atsushi Katsumata Anna Katterjohn Rajan Kaura Karen Kavanagh Hideya Kawahara Kawahara and Sorbo Albert Kawakami Frances Kawano Ann Kawasaki Douglas and Didi Kaya Masaru and Alice M. Kazaoka Kyoko Keenon Linda F. Kelver Patnua Kenny Carol and Suriya Khemradhipati Barbara A. Kiehl Arlene H. Kikkawa-Nielsen Alicia Kikuchi Robert and Marlene Kikuchi Yumi Kikuchi Mino Kim Yukie Kimoto Takashi and Yukiko Kimura Yukiko Kikuchi Kindle Lavaughn King Angelika Kinter Gary Kishida Russell and Harumi Kishida Miya Carter Kitahara Cody Toshiro Kitaura Gary N. and Antoinette Kitazawa Melanie Kitazumi Jimmy Kittiyachavalit

Edmund and Mary Kochiyama Cynthia R. Koenigsberg, Trustee and Harry Addison Patsch, Trustee Jonathan Koh Kyounghae Koh Rebecca Taber and Michael John Kohlmoos Ryoji Koike Akiko Kojima Mary E. Kolesar Ramana Rao Jagadeeswara Venkata Kondaveet Yukiko Koomoa Vanny Koornwinder George Kopczynski Koreans United for Equality (KUE) Erenestine Kotthoff-Burrell Kimberly Kountz Carolyn Holmes Kozlowski Brittany Kramer Kim Kreutzer Sajith Krishna Srinivasarengan and Latha Srinivasagopalan Krishnan Nancy G. Krop Donald and Judith Kropp Wendy Krupnick Charles Ku Marco Ku Ayaka Kubo Momoyo Kubo Lars Bo Kujahn Hisako U. Kumagai Siva Kumar Laura Kung Vakho Kuprashvili Keizo Kurazono Sailaja Kurella Gary and Grace Kurotori Kathryn Kurotori Helen Kutin Agnes Kuwano Randall T. Kuwano Alison Kwan

William Lai Elvira and Sandra Laione Catherine Laird Janet Lam Tai Peter and Yuet Mei Lam Russell and Midori Lamonaco Lance Consulting Emily Kujo Land Margie Lao-Williams Todd Lappin Debbie Larsen Chris LaRussell Tienny Latif Laurel Latto Alvin Lau Jennifer Lau Priscilla Lau Peter Laugharn Atsuko Laughton Guillaume Lautour Amy Law Hang Le Ngoc K. Le Olivier Le Due Alu Lealaimatafao Roxanne LeBlanc Stephen D. and Deborah Anne Lecover Susanne Lederer-Graham Beatrice Lee David Moon and Elizabeth Lee Donna Lee Ed Lee Ellen Lee George Lee (San Francisco) Gregory and Emmanuelle Lee Joey Lee Kathleen Wah Lee Kathy Lee Lisa Lee Margarete Lee Marlene H. Lee Meenha Lee Mo Ling Lee

Claudia Leung Curtis Leung Maren Leung Stephanie I. Levin Joel Levine Barney Lew Lewis Family Foundation Investing In Human Development Kathleen Leyva Tsewang Lhamo and Ugyen Tsering C. Li and M. Liu Fred and Carol L. Li Richard Li and Shirley Chiu Tony Li Tamara Liang

Hudson Liao and Kristina Lau Yihua Liao Valerie Libbey Diane L. Lim Danny T.C., Jilian Eilleen and W.K. Lin Ej Lin

Ellen J. Lin Y.T. Lin Bonnie Lindauer Frederic Hernanz Lindo Anne-Marie Tonyan Lindsey Mac Ling Fumiko Linger Maryann Lipaj Rhonda Lipkin Barbara G. Litsky Cecily Liu Fu Lin Liu Janet Liu Sandy Liu Wenfu and Chunhua Liu Yuxi Liu Eugene Livshitz William and Deborah Lloyd Lauren Lo Mirian C. Lock Kelly S. Lockwood Eileen Loecher Janet Lohr Andrea Loke Catherine A. Loney Rich Long Ann Long-Hindle Betty Louie Betty L. Louie Virginia Louie Gordon Love Norman Low Daniel A. and Sarah J. Lowery Rose V. and Diane R. Loyola Juan Luis, Jr. Kenneth Lum Greg and Mihoko Lunsford Zichong Luo Jeremy Luttrell Karl Lutts Binh Luu and Huyen Dang Bat Ly Thu Ly Peter and Norma Lydon Karen Lynch Zuzy Martin Lynch Eve A. Ma Maddie Julie Madigan Jennie Magid Matt Mahan Alisa Mahoney Eilie Ngo Mai Maximilian Mailler Brenda Navarro Maillo Lily and Paul Mak Tommy Mak Mary Beth Makic Michael Paul and Corinne Foo Maley Manisha and Phrm D. Mandhare Peter L. Mangione and Margaret Mary Sabo Archival and Victoria Manley Shelly Mannoni Emelita Mapoy Richard Mar Sidney Mar Vivek Mardia Nick Marinovich

Donations on Raymond Marshall Charles F. and Gayle E. Martin Deborah Martin Lois Martin Gregory M. Marutani Lisa Masai Ellen Sasaki Maseba Mitchell S. and Dola Mia Masia Judith Massarano Rebecca L. Mastoris Jeff and Melanie Masuda Mirry Matalaba Teresa Matheson Taylor Matoba Ken S. Matsubayashi and Kathleen Yoshida Aiko Matsuda Miki Matsumoto Wes Matsumoto Mikiko Matsumura Teruko Matsumura Rhonda H. Matsuno Eddie Matsuoka Pamela Matsuoka Yukie Matsuoka Tiffany Matsuya Duane H. and Tricia C. Maxfield Grace Mayeda Kenyon Mayeda Elaine Mayer Suzanne Vana Mayfield Arlene Mayfield-Inouye Mitzi McCullough Becky McElravy Mary Gray McGee Lisa McGinnis John P. and Margeret A. McGlynn Frances McHugh Patricia H. McKain Carin McKay Mike McMahon Rosemary McMurray Jessica McQuay Helga Mena Valentin Menchaca Spencer and Yoko Mendez Gabriel Mendoza Mahinder Menghrajani Sally Mentzer Norma J. Mercer Douglas L. and Nancy L. Merritt Lissa Merritt Sandra A. Metzer Stefanie Michaels Rodney Miguel Kathleen W. Mikkelson Loretta Mild Roman Milgram and Bella Reznik Becky Nelson Miller Bonnie Miller Diane Miller Lynn Ruth Miller Emily Miller-Amato George J. and Elizabeth G. Milstein Kyuiyung Min

Wha Ra Cheryl Min Shigeki Minami Yuko Minami Alexandra Hong Minn Carlos and Rachel Mino Yayoi Mirande Leatrice T. Mirikitana and Roger L. Hadlicit Darby Mitchell Mitroff and Associates Abe Mitstuhiro Meri Mitsuyoshi Teruyo T. Mitsuyoshi Kranthi Mittapalli Christine Miura Takashi and Yoko Miyagi Judy Miyamoto Junko Miyanishi Ayako Miyazaki Geraldine T. and Douglas Mizukami Cindy Mizuno H. and D. Mochizuki Hideko and Keiro Mochizuki Jean Mock Lorraine Mock Kaavya Mohanasundaram R. Tiruvayapadi and Supriya Mohankumar Katsuhisa Mohri Clement Mok Laura Mon Sarah Moncada and Edwardo F. Madril Michael Moody Roland Moore Carlos Armando Guameros Morales Serge Morel and Juanita Fryer Laurence R. and Estrellita S. Morgan Lynne E. and Stephen T. Morihisa Herbert and Yoshiko Morioka Alan Morita Emma L. Morrelli Chuck Morris Margaret Morrison Oliver C. and Atsuko H. Morse Moe Mosley Michael A. and Samantha S. Moss Paula A. Moss Jessica Marie Moy Brigitte P. Moyer Moyo’s Froyo Mahesh Mudradi Sunil Mukherjee and Amy Balsbaugh Brian and Fuemi K. Mulligan Jeanette Munsill Pavan K. Muppidi and Samatha R. Rendla Miho Murai Tomoko Murakami Michiko Murata Barbara O. Murray Nicholas and Kathryn Murray Anthony Musni Susannah Nadler *Deceased


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Shizue Nikaido Robert Nipper Yukiko Nishikido Dorothy E. and William S. Nishimatsu Stephen Nishino Cynthia Nitta Terry L. and Brenda Nixon Lafayette Noda Michiko Nohmi Allen Y. and Ruth Fawcett Nomura Chris and Nicole Nomura Ron Nomura C. Lynn Norona K.J. and Mary Lou Notari E.I. and J.H. Nozawa Erin O’Brien Hazel O’Brien Erin O’Bryen

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FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS! Jonathan and Dawn E. Nakashima Debra Nakatomi Ryuzo Nakaya Jeffrey and Aimee Nalle Michael and Juay Nannini M. and R.M. Narasaki Maqdhavi Latha Narra Frances Natale Bobette Nathan Erik Nauman Shshank Nautiyal Brenda Navarro Maillo Subhrajit Nayak Jen Naye Judy S. Nayebi Lynne Neishi Wanda Nervi Curtis D. Neumann and Theresa A. Neumann, PHD Michael Neumann Marco Nevado Rosario Nevado Ja New Yumiko N. Newcomb Suzanne Newcome and Stephen D.Cowan Dora Ng Kent Ng Lapyan Larry Ng and Ryoko Yamashita Renee M. Ngai Paul F. and Ruby C. Ngim Stefanie Ng-Lee Bryan Nguyen Dinh and Kim Nguyen Tri Nguyen and Karolyn Tran Anthony and Josefina Nichols Marian Niiyama


May K. Ochi* Jennifer Ockner Donna October Steve and Olga Oelschlaegel Dr. Kenjalin Ogata Sylvia Ohea Chiz Ohira Gordon Oishi Amy Ojima Cindy Okada Dr. Dorothy Okamoto, Optometrist Helen Okamoto Mari Okamura Michael O’Keefe Miyoko Oki Tadashi Okino Yumiko Okita Steve Okubo Eric and Lise Olsen-Dufour Carl B. and Camilla B. Olson James and Billie Olson Kazuko Iwamoto Olson Adrienne Rae Ong Alexander Ong Jason Ong Kendre Ong Hiroko Ono Courtney Onodera Osamu Onodera Erika Onuma Debbie O’Reilly Francis E. Orourke Aya Orozco Donnette Orsi Jean Osbay-Bell Helen Osborne Gayle T. Oshima Barbara A. and Carl T. Oswald Rich Ota

Alex Pashintsev Paul Paternoster Brendon Patubo Nina Paul Alicia Pauls Lori Pellegrini Mary Noel Pepys Chad and Laura Peritore Ariana Perlmutter Debra Perry David Persky Deborah Persselin Susan N. Pesotski Shay Pesta David F. Peterson Gary and Andrea Peterson Julian Pham Tony Phengrasamy Tuan Phi Robert M. and Helen Phillips Phu Phuong Douglas Picard and Kumi Uyeda Jackie Pickard Oscar R. and Janice R. Pieper Arlo J. Pignotti Tony Pineda Eden Pinlac Theodosis Pirounakis PIXSID Javier and Yesenia Hernandez Plascencia Ester Plavan Federico Politi and Susanna Segre Olaf Pollard Shirley Pon Yuvaraj Ponraj Pookstyle Johnny and Martina Treven Poon Barry L. and Cinta W. Porter Tamara Postai

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Ryoetsu Sato Shazia Ali and M. Ali Sayyid Dennis Schissler Milton J. Schloss, Jr. Matt Schmidt Cathy Schneiderman Eric Schoeller Lynn Scholle Mary Alice Schuler Bernard and Shirley Schultz Keith and Peggy Schultz Dana Schurr Dorothy Seeliger Don and Sumi Seki Takayuki and Susan Seki Taketo Sekine Julie Sekino Natalie Sekowski Cristal Senda Kyeogn Seo Yoshi Serizawa Sharon Sessions Patricia Setlik Dan Seyer Tom Seymour SGV Public Affairs Network Yuk Shan Ku Kelly Gallagher Shannon Yogendra K. Sharma Mary Ellen Shea A.F. Shen Amy Shen Tim Shen Gloria J. Shepard Rio Shew Michiko and Jason Shibata Mike H. Shibata Mimi’s Shibori Annick M. and John L. Shields Chikako Shigematsu Hisayasu Shikama Jimmy Shikuzawa Kiyoko Shimamoto Carol Shimizu Mika Shimizu Emi Shimura Haruka Shinkura Erica Lang Shinn Eiko Shintake Shingo Shiode Stephanie Shiraki Yoshimi and Yuki Shiraki Bonnie Shiu Mika Shiyama May Shlee Michael G. Shlipak Alexis Shockley Bob Shonkoff Eric and Cheryl Shroff Sudheer Shukla Jay Siegel Cathereine Siemens Jacob Sills

Edward Silva William Silvia, Jr. Timberly ‘k’ The Entertainer Simmons Sydney Simon and Lorie Hirose Martelle Simpson Gaganpreet Singh Manpreet Singh Kristen A. Sinkhorn Andrew and Natalia Sinyaver Ravisankar Sivasubramaniam Knut and Evelyn Skeisvoll Janey Skinner Carolyn Sloane Rena S. Smilkstein Gordon D. and Yvonne G. Smith Kathy Smith Michael and Julia Smith Harold and Mary Smyer Valerie Soe Jon and Angeline Sorenson Michelle Sosa Gary and Carolyn Soto Janet Sovin Fumi Spencer Maureen Spitz MaryJo A. Sponseller Angelo Stamp Naomi R. Stanfield Clifford Staton and Elizabeth Ozer Dmitry Stavisky Craig R. and Jill Deane Steel Claudia Stefani Janet Steinberg Rebecca Steinebrey Kathleen Stern Doug Stewart Paula Stinson Cubbie Storm Carlyn and Susan Stuart George Su Willy and Lily Suda Ken Sue Ahmad Suhendro Dan and Linda Sullivan Pawadee Suwanphotipra Allyn and Kori Suzuki Dean Suzuki Fumi L. Suzuki Hiroyuki and Yuko Suzuki Jenn Suzuki Kyo Suzuki Urara Suzuki Andrew Svahins Dorothy Svihovec Craig Svoboda B. Swimme Luis Syquia Jeffrey J. and Ruey L. Syrop Gioia Taber

Victoriano D. and Grace M. Taburaza, III Gavin Tachibana Ayako Taguchi Lauren Y. Takahashi Mayumi N. Takahashi Neal Takai Naozumi Takase San Takashima Robynn Takayama Mich and Aileen Takechi Mami Takezaki Calvin Tam Diana Tam Wade Tambara, DMD Yukiye N. Tamm Francisco E. Tamse John T. and Naomi N. Tamura Joyce Tan Nomar and Michelle D. Tan Amy Tanabe Kevin and Christine Tanaka Sara Tanehaus Dennis Tang Roger Tang Sharlene Tracie Tang Dennis and Etsuko Tani Barbara Taniguchi Jim M. Tanimoto Craig Tanisawa Marge Yamada Taniwaki Bill Tankersley Susan Tao Elizabeth Tasker Srinivas Tatikonda and Kavitha Mannava C.B. and Dale A. Tatum Margaret Taub Masashi and Yumi Tayama Lewis Tedford Jennifer J. Templin Mabel S. Teng and Lawrence Ngan Qi Yuan Teo Orhan M. and Suna A. Tercioglu Caren A. Tereck Leslie John Tereck Shirley and Nancy Tervo Jennifer Terwilliger Shelley Tesik Karn Tharawit T.C. and Janet Thibault Carl Thiermann and Marla Browning Stephanie Thomas William N. and Irene B. Thomas Emily Thompson Juan F. and Jennifer K. Winkel Thompson Sarah Thompson

Charles Thorley Wendy A. Thornton Shawn and Lisa Tibbs Shawn L. Tilley Dionne E. Titus Kristin T. and Robert Q. To Stephen Tobias Yuki Tobinaga Akiko Tokoro Diane Tokugawa Clark Y. and Jeanne E. Tokunaga Aixa Toledo Catherine Tolentino Randall Tom and Candace Low-Tom Tiffani Tom Amy Tomine Junko Tomoda

Happiness follows sadness – I hope this becomes true for Japan, too. Carol Tondre Daniel Tong Jenna Tong Virginia and Katherine Tong Kathleen Toomey Katherine Susan Jones Topete Christine Torp Takao Toshishige Melissa Jones Towle Michelle Toy Sylvia Toy Emiko Toyama Jimmy Tran Ngoc Tran Thanh (Tom) Trieu Nancy Trinh Quyen Trinh Minh Troung Caitlyn Truong Angela Tsai Dolly Tsang Herbert and Stephanie Tsang Madge M. Tsang Ruby Tsang-Cheung Martha L. Tseng Neill Tseng *Deceased



Kristin Tsuchimoto Timothy Tsun Christina Turnbull Frances Turner Michi Turner Russ Tynan Sakato Tyrus Lillian Uba Jane Uchida and Allison Snider Mika Ueda Osamu and Rika Ueno

Donald Wacks Helen Y. and David K. Wada Kathleen Wah Lee Meyoung Cho Waissar Brad W. and Mari L.S. Wakahira Wendy G. Walker Kevin Walsh Irene Wan Tsu Hui Wang Ed Ward

Wesley Iwao Ueunten Yaisa Ugas Frank H. and Laura C. Ujiiye Brian A. and Dawn L. Ullmark Tamiko Umeda Shinka Umesaki Vivian Nana Umino Chris Unterseher and Dawn Kaneshiro Michael Urban and Danielle Dekker Keith M. and Pamela L. Uyeda Corrie Valadez Suzanne Marie Valdez John J. and Louise Teresa Valencia Kirsten Valley Larry Van Dyke Clarinda Van Horn Jennifer Otte Vanim Wilma Vanwyngaarden Sclomon N. and Christine O.Varon Yefim Vaynberg J.R. Vega Lisa Viaches Daniel Vienshevereux Joel Vile Walter P. Villa Vicencio Karla Miranda Villanueva Andrew Viloria Sophia Visedchaisri Patricia Vogelenzang Stacy Volpe Stefan Von Dehn Diana Vriend Rajka Vukadinovic Michelle Le Vynh

Marc Washington Marilyn Waters Antonio K. Watkins Donna Watson Veronica Weber William Weber and Pamela A. Minamoto Chinling Wee Darrow H. and Lisa F. Wehara John Wehrle Bev Wei Troy Weidman Amy Weissman Altamirano, Rolando and Tymla Welch Esther Wells Musiclover Wendy Laura Peel Wentworth Nataya Weraarchakul and Pasvorn Boonmark Gracelynne West Sylvia Westlye Jeffrey and Rebecca E. Wexler Karen Wheeler Cynthia D. White Janet White Titus Whitehead Randall Widener and Naomi Sazaki Linda Wight Jane Wightman Craig Wiley and Renata Spangler Carole Williams David Williams Ema Williams Jake Williams Susan B. Williard Elizabeth Wilson Toshie Elizabeth Winfield Christine Winkler

Hannah I. Winter Christy English Wioncek Lauren Wise Lynda Wise Carol Wisnieski Kelly Marie Wist Julia Witwer Jeanne Woelfel David and Denise Wolff Peter Wollman Adrienne Wong Barry and Roberta Wong Calvin and Joanna Wong Collin Wong Dave Wong Eunice Wong Florabelle and Rodney Wong Jane H. Wong Jeanne Wong May S. Wong Norman Wong Rebecca Wong Serena Wong Vincent and Yvonne Wong Wilton Wong Gillbert Woo Irene Woo James and Josephine Woo Raymond Woo Regina Woo Mary Wood Michael Woolbert Wendy S. Woolish Eunice Wormald David K.B. Wu Robin Wu and Regan Louie Xiang Wu Joe Xie Chrisie Yabu Emi Yabusaki Tomoko Yabusaki Madeleine Yaki Taka Yama Robert and Florence Yamabe Jane Yee Yamada Michiko Yamada Jennifer Heskett Yamaguchi Elena Yamaguchi and Daisuke Miyake Ginger Yamamoto Joyce Yamamoto Reiko Yamamoto Tsuyoshi and Joyce Yamamoto Haruka Yamashita Corinne YanceyIHO Tami Takahashi Jane Yano Nikolay and Irina Yantikov Ting C. and Joan Yao Stanley K. Yarnell Yumi Yasunaga Jolyon Yates and Emily Frank Sophie Yazdi Raquel Yebra Herman Kin Yee Jeanne Yee Miranda Yee Rodney Yee Ronald Yee Ronald G. and Cynthia K. Yee Heesoo Yeo Caroline Yeoh

Danielle Sajous Yergo Clifford Yim Seiichi and Makiko Yokoi Yuji Yokoyama Dennis and Kathie Yoneda David and Janice Yonemoto Joe and Su Jong Yong Paul and Anne Lee Yoon Shirley Yoshida Mark Yoshinaka Donald S. and Gail L.Yoshioka Jeff Yoshioka Aska Yoshizu David and Elaine Young Mary Haley Young Willis and Claudia Young Anna Yu David Yuan Rick Yuen Karen A. Zack Kelly Zaualeta Cathy Zeewy Rong Zeng Russell Ziebell Patricia Ziobro Natasha Zlo

$ 1 to 2 4 James Aaron Khafayah Abdulsalam James Abe Biju and Suju Abraham Ken Ackerman Wesley Q. and Lucy Adams Amrollah Afshar Dante and Erlinda G. Agatep Laeeq and Uzma Ahmed Utako Aihara

Help us help them. We can make a big difference if we just try. Cesar Y. Alcazar Rama Alebouyeh Sunitha and Bhasker R. Allam Laura Moss Allen Tim Alm Aloha Warehouse

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Ken Boehm Nate Bohlen Mary K. Bokon Asa Bonaparte Zoe A. Bonnette Dulmaa Bor Bradley and Nancy Brehmer Arthur Bridge Ophir M. Bruck Marjorie and Jason Bukowski Ilan and Diana Bunimovitz Kelly Bunting Lewis and Kyoko Burch

Paul Chew and Angela Lee Sherilyn M. Chew Stanley and Helen Chew Chia Ching Chi Mao-Ting Chien Jack and Julie Chin Mary Chin Mike Chin Pik Yu Chin Valerie M. Chin Chinese Seafood Akira Chishiki Dinu-Razvan Chis-Serban Clara M. Chiu Will Chiu Danika Choe Albert Chong Jeannie B. Chong

Linda M. Creccero Helen Cregger Elizabeth Criollo M. Paul and Fumiko Crocks Toni Crotty Abby Cua Kimberly and Adrian Cukar Robert N. Curry and Vicki Green Irina Curt Daikoku Shiki Pete Daly Alan Thanh Dang Caroline Daniel Brian and Patricia Hayes Danitz Jourdan and Maureen Dantes D’Artagnan Darnell

Mandy Dhillon Vaughn Dice David and Ruth Difalco Teresa and Cecelia Dippery Jasmine Wolf di’Vine Dance Dixon Eugene T. and Carole T. Doan Namrata and Prakash V. Dodeja Christopher and Lisa Doherty Kazuko Doi Francesa Santo Domingo Hoa Thuc Dong Leon and Amy Youngmei Mi Donn Patrick T. Doohan Thomas A. Dorsi Michael S. and Stephanie D. Dorward Layton Doung and Janet Chan Carole H. Driscoll Yongmei Du John and Peggy Dubois Erestina R. Ducusin Mike K. and Stacy A. Dunnett Aleksandr Dvorkin Kristy Smith Echavarria David H. and Tanya Edgar Malachi Edmond Robert Edmonds Shirley Edward Randall Ehrbar Dietrich and Irene Elze Prathibha S. and Siddalingaiah Eraiah Sachie Erasi

Andrew Choung John and Emily Chow Phillip L. Chow and Julie A. Sakamoto ChewIHO Herning Grissom Wendy N. Christensen Thomas and Sonja Christmann Jinyoung Chun Lily Chun Carin Chung Thanh H. and Brian Chung Jack Cimino Kathleen Clark Yolanda Clark-Green Miles Cleveland Gina Clyde Nancy Cole Sue Cole Lisa Fryday Collins Candy Coloma Barbara M. Colton Rodolfo Conde Gloria M. Conner

Judy Davey Glenn Davidson Jennifer Davies Aaron and Tracy Rae Davis Tom Davisson Scott and Naoko Day Lorraine Araula De Arco Michelle De Page Nobuko De Spain B.T. and H.S. Dean Fumiko Defont Kelly Everson Dei Sakura DeJesus Reyna Del Haro Alexis and Dan S. Delehanty Chris DeMink H.K. Dennis Jennifer Dere Michelle DeRock Dr. Anne DeSchweinitz Laura M. Dewitt Robert E. and Ruth K. D’Happart

Ana Erickson Fumie Erikawa A. Ernest Loretta Esau S.R. Escalante Antan Esterhuizen Suzanne M. Evans Er Cai Fang ElPedo Fantastico Alisa Lena Farenzena Kendall Farrington Liz Fazenda Qian Hanying Feng Andrew F. Ferguson Mary Ferguson Rich Fick Brian and Saudra Fitzgerald David and Beatrix Flory Joanie Flynn Tomoko T. Flynn Chi Wok and Man Fong Ching Fok Bonnie Jean Folk

Richard and Lynda Chatcuff Tin Van Chau Alvin H. Che and Frances Lee Alexander Chea Primitiyo Rojasand Ann M. Cheatham Angel Chen Pei Chim Chen and Jenny En Cheng Cedric Cheng Jack Cheng Tony Cheng Dolly Chew

James Conte William R. and Susan J. Conway Imi Cooke Adrianne Cooper Lorraine Cooper Patti Corcoran Yali Corea-Levy Gary Corner Kristen Corrigan Lynn Craig Norika Cramer Omar Craviotto

How may I help from southern Utah? Marie Annette Burkhart Leslie Burlock Kimarie and Mark Burnette Margaret L. Lucy and James D. Burnham Robert Busick Bernice Butcher Christopher and Karen Butler Ora Butler Wayne Bywater Carolyn Cabellero Roger Cabotaje Andrew Cale Eric T. and Michelle M. Calhoun Dolores E. and Alfredo A. Calonsag Arturo Calvillo Margaret Ellen Ferriter Campbell Yessy Cano Lillian Cardona Robert and Lavonne Cardoza Melissa Carey Cary Carlson Teri Carlyle Annabel Carvalho Vicky Case Iris Morikawa Caslin Marcela Bejarano Castaneda Patty Castillo Vu Thuy Celine HD Zhuorong and Chunchan Cen Lauren Ceravolo Glen and Debra Ceremony Turi Cervone Benjamin Ceryes Xavier and Kerrie M. Chabot Ivy Chai Kevin R. Chalk Anna Chan Kit Fong Lo Chan Linda and Jeffrey Chan Mabel Chan Marty Chan Michelle Chan Rosabella Chan Simpson B. Chan Sue Ann Chan Wai Shan J. and Lap Yin Chan Joseph and Atsuko Chang Peral Chang Rachel L. Chang

Eloise Fong Jean Fong Lester L. Fong and Vera Kwong Michael Fong and Maureen Chow Dr. Richard Y. and Genevieve L. Fong Jason Fox Alisa Fraenzena Charles and Bingjing Qiu Francavilla Joyce Ann Fritz Georgia L. Frueh Josue R. Fuentes Shizu Kaoru Fujikage Keiko Fujita Shozo and Judy Shizuko Fujita Kira Fukuda Hiroshi S. FukudaIHO Paul Lord Paul Fukuma Sumako Fukumori and Sawae Futatsuki Elsa Funston Hisako Furuta Darlene Gakovich Luigi Gallal Victor Galvan Linda J. Gant Anjan and Rupa A. Garai Garcia Beverly Garcia Diana L. Garcia

William and Nancy Garecht and Linda Greene Dan N. and Joyce W. Gatihi Hui Gauci Janice L. Gaytan James Gee Geotechnical Engineering, Inc. Laura Gerace Kenneth and Kim Gerber Aaron G. Gershenberg and Julia E. Massa Kathryn H. Gholson and Andrew T. Maruoka Suvrangshu Ghosh and Snigdha Basu Joanne Giannuzzi-Savelli George H. Gigiolio and Jody K. Debs G.P. Gil Gil and Alice Anna and Mike Gilman Rozalia Girel Toni Gish *Deceased


Global Communication Robert C. and Catherine O. Goedken Jared Goldin Masae Goldman Graham P. and Lesley I. Golkin Candice Gonzales-Cullen Aao Gopal Bon M. and Ann H. Yamada Gotuaco Sebastian and Lori C. Goulet Ann Grabowski Joseph Gradahl Yukina Grady Brendan Graeber Robert Greeley Chino Green Darcie Green Benjamin W. Greenblott Mary M. Greenblott Charlie and Claudia Greenwell Mary Ann Greenwood Loribeth T. Gregory Angela Griffin Mitsue Griffits Carey Groom Yi Yuan Guan Beatrice Guerrero Jill E. and Pauline Guillermo-Togawa Manuel Guitierrez Robert and Barbara Guletz Annie Guo Mika Gushima Richard Hack Pamala Hagler Scott and Satoe Haile Mary Hallisey Bryce Hamaguchi Justina Hamamoto Eric C. and Angela Y. Hamamura Fazil and Saida Hamidi Ashley Angeline Hamik Neil R. and Cenandra Lai Hamilton Eric Robert Diesel Hamm David R. Hammons Fan Han Marco Han Brian Handa


Derek Hanks Wayne and Stephanie Harding Haruyo Harrell Donna Harrington Erica P. Harris Sandra Harrison and Aka Sotj Yasuko Hartley Kigiku Hasegawa Mary Hasegawa Karen Hashimoto Masashi Hata Harry H. and Sadako M. Hatasaka, DDS Yoko Hatton Carissa Hayashi Matt Hayashi Nobuyuki Hayashi Charles N. Hayes Katherine Ah-Yung Hayes Stephen Hazel Thomas Heatwole Jeffrey and Nancy Hebel Michaael Hegedus Jeanette Heinen Remy Heiskanen Troy Helm Cathy Hendrickson Megan Hennessey Leah Herrera

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Thi Duong and Duong Thuy Nguyen Hoa John Hoagland Linda Hofferica Lolita G. Hoffmaster Herbert and Makiko Holdeman John B. Holt Caspar Home Yoji Homma Akira Honda June Honda James Hornsby Job Hosea Kristina Hou Ling M. Hou Gary and Anita Hsueh Shu Ying Hu Bao Xuan Huang Johnson Huang Liying Huang James Hue So Wah Huey Kristina Hughes Hui O. Kalani E. Aloha Hula Halau Chelsey Hunninghake Sharon Hunt Margaret G. Huntington Ali Husain Ali and Michelle Husain Elshan Huseynov Victoria Hutchinson Darren and Xuan Thai Huynh Thanh Huynh Lien Hia Hwang Kevin T. Ibaraki Junichi Ichikawa Andrew and Jeannie Ichimura Allan and Hiroko Iida Michael Iida Wataru Iida Hiroshi Ikeda Suga Ikeda Vladimir and Raisa Ilinets Motoko Imada

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Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

JCIE Survey: U.S. Giving for Japan’s 3/11 Disaster Exceeds $665 Million 1 8 M O N T H U P D AT E

Japan Center for International Exchange Founded in 1970, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to strengthening Japan’s role in international networks of dialogue and cooperation. A survey of nearly 1,000 nonprofit organizations, businesses and philanthropic foundations reveals that the first 18 months following the devastation of Japan’s Tohoku region by a massive earthquake and tsunami, Americans have donated at least $665.8 million for relief and recovery efforts. This outpouring of charitable giving represents the largest U.S. philanthropic response ever to an overseas disaster in a developed country. This response also ranks as the third most generous American charitable response to an overseas disaster after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2010 Haiti earthquake, both of which struck poorer, developing countries that clearly had great need. It is the fifth largest incidence of U.S. giving for any disaster, at home or abroad. Unlike many other disasters, most of the giving for Japan was in cash, over 98 percent, rather than in-kind goods and services. This is due to the fact that, as a highly developed nation, Japan already had sufficient supplies/goods available domestically and donors quickly recognized that sending unwanted materials would be a hindrance rather than help. Most of the funds raised for the disaster were eventually sent to Japan through largescale humanitarian relief organizations—groups like the Red Cross, Save the Children and World Vision—but the diversity of organizations acting as intermediaries to channel funds to recipients on the ground has been extraordinary. More than 330 American organizations, primarily nonprofits, have given directly to Japanese groups, with 41 organizations raising more than $1 million each and 16 surpassing $5 million.


Key Role of Grassroots Ties One way in which the response of the American public to the March 11 disaster has stood out is its nature as a grassroots phenomenon. High profile national appeals were launched in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2010 Haiti earthquake with former Presidents encouraging Americans to donate. In comparison, while the U.S. military quickly provided humanitarian assistance to Japan, there was no coordinated national effort to mobilize American philanthropy. In fact, while some U.S. organizations launched appeals, many groups decided not to aggressively raise funds since Japan is a rich country and they did not feel they had sufficient expertise to operate there. Instead, in the case of Japan, fundraising began as a bottom-up effort with thousands of schools, churches, community groups and individuals launching small fund drives. These came in all shapes and forms, ranging from school concerts to dance parties, bake sales, happy hours and sporting events. In many instances, it was personal ties to Japan that motivated people to raise funds—whether it was their experience living there, participation in exchange programs, friendship with Japanese expatriates or a fascination with Japanese pop culture. Amazingly, as one reflection of the importance of grassroots ties, nearly 100 U.S. towns and cities with sister cities in Japan organized fundraising campaigns. The typical pattern that emerged was for community groups, company employees and individuals to raise money, then to search for larger organizations that could channel this to Japanese aid groups. As a result, much of this giving did not show up on the radar screen of the larger organizations that traditionally fundraise for disasters until weeks or even months after the earthquake, leading to a spate of inaccurate media reports that Americans were not demonstrating the same generosity toward Japan that they had shown other countries in crisis. This also slowed the disbursement of funds to groups working in the disaster zone, allowing a disproportionate amount of American funding to go toward longer-term recovery efforts. Ultimately, this was fortuitous since the Japanese government and Japanese groups were already well equipped to provide immediate relief.

Impact of U.S. Giving While some observers without expertise on Japan mistakenly insisted that American donations for the March 11 disaster would make little difference given Japan’s relative prosperity, U.S. funding has in fact played a crucial role. This is because roughly 85 percent of U.S. contributions have ended up going toward nonprofit activities in Japan, filling an important and


underfunded niche in a nation where most domestic giving ends up being used for cash grants-in-aid for disaster victims. Japanese nonprofit organizations have been spearheading some of the most innovative and sophisticated responses in the disaster zone, and it has become clear that their efforts are essential for a sustainable, broad-based recovery. However, they have traditionally operated from weak financial bases and U.S. funding has played an invaluable role in allowing them to expand their capacity to meet the needs of the disaster survivors. I N F O R M AT I O N F R O M Japan Center for International Exchange, “JCIE Survey: US Giving for Japan’s 3/11 Disaster Exceeds $665 Million” (Sept 2012) http://www.jcie.org/311recovery/usgiving-2.html



American Red Cross



Save the Children



Catholic Relief Services



World Vision



Mercy Corps



Latter-day Saint Charities



Japan Society of New York



United Methodist Committee on Relief





10 Salvation Army


11 Americares


12 United States Fund for UNICEF


13 Direct Relief International


14 International Medical Corps


15 Give2Asia


16 Church World Service


17 Japan-America Society of Hawaii


18 Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA


19 Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California


20 International Rescue Committee


Figures represent estimates of the funds raised in the United States by each organization as of September 2012. Some organizations raised additional funds outside of the United States.



Friends Are Friends Forever When the JCCCNC created the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund it was not just about raising money for the immediate relief effort. It was also about making a commitment to remain connected to residents and organizations in Tohoku far beyond the disaster. We learned this lesson from our support of the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake. Through that effort it became apparent that our support wouldn’t end once we sent donations to Japan. Rather it would begin with the creating and fostering of real and enduring friendships. Less than one year after the Kobe tragedy, the Shinzen Nikkei Youth Goodwill Program was created in collaboration with two Kobe organizations. Every year the program brought together hundreds of high school students and their families. This program became so successful that many of the youth have stayed in contact and families continue to welcome each other to their homes. Since then we also created two other youth programs called the Takahashi Youth Ambassador Fellowship Program and the Nikkei Cultural Heritage Program. These programs provide an opportunity for Japanese American students to gain a better understanding of their cultural heritage and to establish a greater connection to Japan, its people, culture and history.

Photos from 2013 trips to Tohoku

For 19 years we have remained involved with the organizations that received support from our relief fund in 1995. One activity that is always included in these programs is a visit to a small out of the way orphanage in Kobe that we helped to rebuild back in 1995. We have sent participants to play games, perform dances and create arts and crafts with the children. Many of the participants have also raised funds and donated personally to the orphanage and do so regularly when new JCCCNC groups go to visit. We have already begun to develop new relationships in the Tohoku region by sending youth and adults to visit the area. They volunteer with children in day-care centers and with seniors living in temporary housing. We hope to continue building upon these early friendships and create similar programs and activities that, like those in Kobe, will be able to connect the people of Tohoku with the people who supported them after the tragedies, fostering friendships that will also be ones that last forever.


JCCCNC Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California 1840 Sutter Street San Francisco, California 94115 (415) 567.5505 phone | (415) 567.4222 fax info @ jcccnc.org | www.jcccnc.org For updated information on the NJERF funded programs and organizations please visit the Relief Fund website: kokoro4japan.org.





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Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Summary Report  

In the wake of the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of...

Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Summary Report  

In the wake of the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of...

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