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Bond-Aid Begetting Bigotry

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I feel like sleep deprivation, coffee and the several prescription drugs I’m on to keep me functioning until the parentals arrive Saturday, are seriously affecting my sanity ... Whatever the case suck it. It’s 2am, and I’ve got a lot to say. What of it? Enjoy the dribble. I’ll bring a bib to the office next week.

out there; if you like it, take it, if you don’t, send it right back WE’RE FUCKING AWESOME. Just at life in general. Not only us for delivering you this BOSS edition, but Bond winning NUG ... what’z up?!? All we do is win, win ... Let’s just be honest ... Week 9 is a ravenous whore. It’s hell. And not hella good. SO MUCH WORK. Between Consti, Corps, Civ Pro and the myriad of other assignments; Bond is throwing the book at us. And it’s a damn heavy one - I mean have you seen the Tax books? Sweet baby jesus. If I don’t have guns the size of tanks by the end of the semester, I’m asking for my money back. Well not actually; arms like that would be really weird on a chick. Also the logistics - gorilla woman fo sho. Sooooo we have a bazillion posters again. Soz. Yeah I’m not even extending a sozzlecopter this week. You only get one syllable. Write for me and then I may add a few more. Yeah I know it’s the middle of the semester and you have LOADS of work, blah, blah, blah, blah, jkbg3ryoiy p348rf .... as you can tell my care factor is high. Seriously, we’re Bondies, we’re awesome - we can do this shit. I’m in the middle of studying for Tax (Thursday); doing Consti (Due Friday), and Reporting Specialties assignments (Due Monday); preparing tutes; AND putting together Scope. Get Like Me.

Cutting through the bullshit Scope is looking excellente this week! We have the NUG write up on pages 4 and 5 - great success. Also, Bondstock has (FINALLY) released the prices for what is shaping up to be an EPIC week in 113. Ok, so the price is a little steep; but it’s worth it. Believe me. Parting with that little bit extra is going to save you a hell of a lot of FOMO next semester. You’d be stupid to miss out. Also, the students who’ve slaved away putting this unbelievable week together deserve to have efforts recognised, and what better way to say thanks than to attend EVERY event. Pimping aside, check out page 8 for all the details on the BondAid trip to Cambodia. And for a thought provoking read, see its neighbour ‘Begetting Bigotry’’. We also have an introductory piece from the new LSA (page 16), and player profiles for some of the Bondies partaking in Grudge Week Rugby Thursday. Yes we are missing OMW, but it’s for a good cause - the NUG wrap around cover. Collector’s edition. And we’re at the end. What a ride ... I’ll stop talking now, and leave you to soak up this patriotically charged edition of Scope. Win. We’re Bond - that’s what we do. Jorja Wallace P.S. Shoutouts to the Bondies at ALSA in Sydney.

Weekly BUSA Report

20 11 Bond University Yearbook: Bigger and better Andra Nasrie, Publications Director

September 18, 2011 – save the date. Two major events are going to rock your socks off. They will be bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. Combined, these two events are generating more buzz around Bond than the release of the final Harry Potter flick.

Launch Party on September 18. We promise that this particular yearbook will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before. I hope it’s unique enough that we will be able to give out every single copy to the student body. This is where you come in.

Of course, by now you probably know September 18 is the launch date for Bondstock. But I’m not talking about that.

We want you to submit articles, poems, photographs, or even artworks that could forever be immortalised in the yearbook. If you’re interested, please submit your pieces to by Friday, Week 10. Please don’t confuse this with the Creative Arts competition; there’s no prize money involved here.

I’m talking about a publication that highlights the essence of student life at Bond over the past year. It’s a publication that you would want to have, regardless if you’ve just started at Bond or you’re close to finishing. I am talking about the 2011 Yearbook.

On a related note, we have a few copies of the 2010 Yearbook left in the BUSA office. Pick up yours before it’s too late!

I, along with graphic design master Elliott Green, will put the Yearbook together, to be released at Bondstock’s


Northern University Games AKA ‘NUG’ Ryan Lenegen

“... and with four gold medals, four silver medals and one bronze medal, the winner of the Northern University Games 2011, is Bond University.”

So ended Team Bond’s campaign at this year’s Northern University Games, capping off a week in Armidale, Northern New South Wales with the Jodie Martin Memorial Shield, awarded to the University that best places across the 12 sports on offer. For the first time ever, Bond topped the medal count on the back of some amazing individual and team results and finished third in the Population Cup, which takes into account the size of the universities competing. With a three-way tie at the top of the table between University of New England, Queensland University of Technology and Bond on four gold medals, silver medals were taken into account and Bond managed to pip QUT by one medal. This year also saw the inclusion of qualification for Australian University Games in netball, hockey, soccer and basketball. With more than pride on the line for these sports, mixed netball, women’s hockey, men’s soccer and men’s basketball all ensured they would be representing Bond at this year’s AUG’s on the Gold Coast.

The gold medal performances: Mixed Netball Bond’s Mixed Netball went through the entire competition undefeated, coming up against rivals Griffith GC in the gold medal match. The team’s lead-up training and professionalism paid dividends as Bond comfortably took the match and qualified for the Australian University Games. Men’s Golf Battling sub-zero temperatures and swirling winds, Bond’s Kingsley Kelly and Timm Goeller finished second and third in the men’s competition, returning the pennant to Bond for another year. Men’s Squash Bond’s Steve Kogon comfortably took out the men’s squash tournament, while also playing in the men’s soccer team. He will look to continue this form against the best in Australia at the AUG’s. Women’s Tennis With three Bondies in the female tennis competition, Matilda Hurst took top honours in the competition, continuing last year’s success in the same division. Team Bond now has less than three months before they take on the best in the nation with the Australian University Games on the Gold Coast. If the same level of commitment and talent is on display, Bond’s sporting stars can look forward to capping off a great year. 5

Tickets to Bondstock 2011 go on sale on Wednesday 20th July, 2011. How much? SAM - $185/ NON SAM $270.

How can I pay? Cash, Eftpos OR in 2011, you can put your entire pack on your student account!

What’s included in the price? So $185 seems like a lot of money I know…but when you put it like this: Want to win $1,000 in cold hard cash? The Alumni Student Excellence Medal in Public Speaking is your opportunity to do so. Bond Revue Bond welcomes a ‘VIP’

The Annual Bond University Student’s Ball

Bond University Class Photo (Replica 1989)

Launch Party – Held in the Princeton Room with some drinks, nibbles, speeches and fireworks, Bondstock’s Launch Party is a very enjoyable way to start the week… LOL, jokes – we chucked that idea out the window and have completely shaken this event up – all still to be revealed! The BIGGEST and MOST FAMOUS Bond Party (a.k.a Secret Location Party) + Your Bondstock 2011 t-shirt, drink bottle, corporate gifts, free food, drinks, discounted vouchers and new in 2011, dedicated photographers at every event taking free pictures for you that will be available in high resolution for download whilst you are still at the event!

The Cultural Showcase on the Lawns

Bond University Music Festival which includes 5 hours of non-stop dancing, partying, and raving together with 1,500 of your friends. With a new location in 2011 and possibly the best line up Bond has ever seen, it’s going to get just a little bit messy. The biggest Wednesday by the Water of 2011 Clearly the funniest night of the week, the Entertainment and Comedy Night will be a Parmijana-rama with some great laughs, fantastic comedians and potentially a nice little surprise on the night for all attendees! Don’t forget the other ticketed Bondstock events: Bondstock Triathlon Our Generations Greatest Challenge Speakers Forum

For more information, please contact:  Like  ‘Bondstock’

BOND-AID: Cambodia 2011 BASIC INFO: Duration - 4 weeks (19th December 2011 – 13th January 2012) Location - Samroang, Cambodia. Cost - $220 per week per person , including accommodation, all meals and transport (flights not included) Accommodation - The whole group will be staying together in an Eco Lodge which is within walking distance of the local shops.

Ever wanted to see the world? Perhaps you’re busting to give back to those in a Third World country while you’re at it? Well, whether you consider yourself a regular Mother Teresa, or you just feel like experiencing a new culture, Bond-Aid’s inaugural expedition to Cambodia is just the thing for you! According to figures of the UNDP, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia. Over 75 per cent of the Cambodian population lives on less than 2 USD per day, with the figures for the countryside dramatically higher. Basic infrastructure is lacking and education levels are generally low. However, de¬spite these problems, young Cambodians are very dynamic and eager to en¬gage themselves. In cooperation with the provincial public health department, Global Nomadic Ltd and its partners, we would like to take a group of 15-20 Bond University students to Samraong, Cambodia, to assist in both medical and community development focused aid programs. Students will have the opportunity to work in remote areas to assist in local orphanages and schools; renovate and help with construction at medical outposts and health centres; and participate in HIV/AIDS education workshops. Medical student participants will spend the time assisting local medical staff in the provision of health centres, organising first aid refresher training for villagers, and participating in trips to local villages to do health screenings and checkups. The weeks will be cushioned with regular recreational activities, including visits to Siem Riep and Angkor Wat. If you want to get involved but don’t think you can commit to the trip, don’t worry! There is an opportunity for the greater Bond Community to take part in the project by engaging in fundraising activities to assist in replenishing medical aid kits and other medical resources prior to the expedition.

Valuables - There are lockers available at the Eco Lodge. Food - All food is included during your stay. Feeling Tempted? Have a few more questions? GREAT! Our info night is being held THIS Thursday (14th of July) at 5:30pm in the Gregor Heiner Theatre (Med Building)

Begetting Bigotry - By James Mackechnie

A narrow minded sense of patriotism which makes my blood boil can be found on a bumper sticker we’re probably all too familiar with: “If you don’t like it, GO HOME.” Call me ‘un-Australian’ if you will, but I find it so infuriating that someone would dare put this on their car when they reside in a country which prides itself on being multicultural. This mentality is particularly relevant to the controversy surrounding the banning of the burqa. Whilst the issue is not anything new, a recent court ruling has reignited both sides of the debate. Originally, Carnita Matthews was charged for falsely accusing a police officer of attempting to forcibly remove her burqa. However, her appeal late last month was upheld after arguing her identity could not be confirmed due to the veiling of her face. As a result, authorities in New South Wales now have the power to demand a head piece be removed when investigating a serious offence. Although this legislation is necessary, I’m concerned by how it has sparked so much public interest in a complete banning of the burqa. From a Western or even feminist perspective, this movement might seem like a win for all concerned. Yet, when viewing the issue from a Middle Eastern or Central Asian perspective, it seems obvious as to why women are unwilling to discard their head pieces. Sheikh Halaly, one of the supposed Muslim ‘leaders’ in Australia, used a shocking analogy to express the typical ideological belief that women bring sexual assault and gang rape upon themselves: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street ... or in the garden ... or in the park ... or in the backyard without a cover and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem,” he said. With this kind of cultural conditioning in effect, it should come as no surprise that many foreign women feel more secure under their burqas. Why in a land full of strangers would they suddenly be comfortable with revealing more skin than was allowed back home? It might be seem a form of liberation, but I honestly can’t see how the burqa affects any of us in our everyday lives. At the end of the day, we should each have a right to choose how we portray ourselves to the world. Is it really such an issue to see people wearing radically different clothing? Apparently it’s okay for Lady Gaga because she does it in the name of fashion, but it’s not okay for an entire population to dress themselves as they like even if it has always been deeply embedded in their culture. If only I had the power to prohibit people from wearing things I don’t personally like... say goodbye to the combination of sneakers and jeans! But seriously, instead of imposing harsh legislation upon thousands of females, the government should focus on encouraging more self-expression through educational programs and reinforce that our laws will not tolerate any form of unwanted sexual advances or violence against women. This way, women can choose whether or not they would like to assimilate rather than being forced. Moreover, security problems could be solved through fingerprinting. If an individual has not bothered to go through this process, then by all means police officers should be able to request burqas be removed. Ultimately, the banning of the burqa is clearly bigoted as it is an obvious injustice to strip an entire community of their ability to freely express themselves, their culture and their religion. If all else fails, I guess I’ll just have to create my own bumper sticker: “If you’re a racist, GET F**KED”.

Bond Sport Branding Launch 29/06/11 Photographer: Jeremy Carreon

PGSA Black & White Photographer: Zee Tarona

Post Exam Slam: J is For July Photographer: Liam Byrne

The new Law Students Association (LSA) committee has officially taken office. The experienced team vowed while campaigning not to make any promises they couldn’t execute over the next twelve months. This means achievable objectives students, predominantly in the law faculty, will recognise. The ambitious members, however, did not want to constrain their goals by what they can do for you during their term at Bond; they were keen to undertake that within their legal careers. They will make a serious crack at improving some of Australia’s laws to better society. This is to prove to you how driven, determined and passionate the new LSA is about the legal field and your wellbeing. The following actual Australian laws will be targeted: - Life sentences are only 25 years - Minors may smoke but not buy cigars - Keys may not be left in unattended vehicles (Road Safety Regulations 1999) - It is illegal to walk the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face - It is against the law to walk on the right hand side of a footpath

- A modem cannot pick up on the first ring - Taxi cabs are required to carry a bale of hay in the trunk - Bars are required to stable, water and feed the horses of their patrons - The legal age for straight sex is 16, unless the person is in the care/custody of the older person, in which case it is 18 - Only licensed electricians may change a light bulb - It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday - You must have a neck to knee swimsuit in order to swim at Brighton Beach - People may not come within 100 meters of a dead whale carcass - It is illegal to read someone’s tarot, or give them a psychic reading, as these are forms of witchcraft The new LSA will meet their term goals along with striving to change these outrageous laws. Too much? Maybe. Hold them accountable for meeting their platform policies? Yes. Changing these laws? They’ll do their best… Feel free to come and see the team in the LSA office if you have any questions, or if you know of any more bad laws that should be looked at!

Your New LSA Team President: Rupert Pedler Vice-President : Jacqueline Hagger Secretary: Gabrielle Morriss Treasurer: Alex Myers Competitions Director: Indhia Duncan Social Director: Naomi Atkinson

Academic Affairs Director: Mitchell Stevens External Relations Director: Deborah Horsley Promotions Director: Anna-Louise Peterson Publications Director: Jamie Hitchon Sponsorship Director: Christina Krantz




1. Name/Degree: Thea Doyle, Bachelor of Business 2. Why you want to win: I want our amazing business team to win so we can finally show those law kids who puts the BOSS in Business! 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: I would eat five cheeseburgers in the competition, maybe more. We’ll do whatever we need to win, after all, we do mean business.

1. Name/Degree: Ellen Naughton, Law/International Relations 2. Why you want to win: Because Business is not a degree. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: Sell my soul to the devil (aka Terry Gygar) 1. Name/Degree: Rachael Cage, Law/International Relations (Business) 2. Why you want to win: So I have supremacy in my household (Jack Reid’s head. It’s big enough already :P) 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: Spend a week at Griffith.

1. Name/Degree: Nicola Ying, Bsc. Biomedical Science/Sport Science 2. Why you want to win: Someone needs to shut those lawyers up. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: Skip my 5-7pm microbiology class to make it to the match. That’s what I call determination.

1. Name/Degree: Mary Grant, Law/International Relations 2. Why you want to win: To maintain our superiority over the Business students. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: Reluctantly spend a week in the Business Faculty.

1. Name/Degree: Sally Davies, Commerce/Law 2. Why you want to win: I want to beat Law because grudge week always comes down to the winner of the girls touch football game! 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: Unforgiveable things ...


1. Name/Degree: Greg Russell, studying a Bachelor of Business (double major of Marketing Communication & Entrepreneurship) 2. Why you want to win: This game is very important as we won the first game of this year’s series last semester, so if we win this week we will be able to make claim to this year’s series and return the trophy to its rightful owners. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: The only thing I will be telling the boys to avoid come game day is going too easy on them due to their lack of talent. So expect another annihilation by the Business Wolves! 1. Name/Degree: Sam Jones, Commerce/Law 2. Why you want to win: Terry Gygar and Torts. The Law faculty has dealt a pretty decent blow to my already feeble GPA, I don’t think I could handle being both physically and intellectually dominated by the law faculty. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: I’d consider going on a diet of nicotine patches and water in the lead up to the game. I won’t. But I’d consider it. 1. Name/Degree: Jose Ausejo, Bachelor of Commerce 2. Why you want to win: I think is pretty obvious... Nobody likes losing. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Law: Minimise my mistakes in defence and go hard in offence.

LAW 1. Name/Degree: Charlie Henley, Law/Commerce 2. Why you want to win: Main reason I want to win is to retain the trophy that took us so long to win back from Business. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: Score more points...that usually helps you win. 1. Name/Degree: Tom Blackhurst, Bachelor and Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (double) 2. Why you want to win: Because they are a bunch of cocky air-heads studying a degree you can do at TAFE with no skilful foundation to justify their presence on the field with the Law XV. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: There is very little I WOULDN’T do...I would even run it straight at Jose ; ) 1. Name/Degree: Chaice Paterson, Law/Commerce 2. Why you want to win: Law is the better faculty. We’ve got to keep the Business boys in their place. 3. What would you do to avoid being beaten by Business: Almost anything! Or just take my shirt off

Bond Indoor Volleyball


If you  are  interested  in  joining  a  fun  and  loving  team   then  contact:   Or  just  show  up:  Tuesdays  6:30-­‐8:00  

Signature Dish

Scope Review

Looking for the perfect place to wine and dine near Bond? This series of reviews will visit the Market Square restaurants. This week’s review focuses on local café Signature Dish.


How Do You Know?

Signature Dish is famous for many reasons. The chefs at Signature Dish have the skill to easily alter the à la carte menu daily whilst maintaining quality and taste. The menu style is always perfectly coordinated by the Signature Dish family. With cuisine from all over the world, this classy restaurant is a god-send for food lovers at Bond University. But that’s not to say you can’t expect some old favourites. My favourites are the delicious wagyu burgers and steak burgers, which are served daily. A delicious combination of fresh prime steak straight off the grill, sweet juicy tomatoes, tangy relish and crisp green lettuce, this upmarket burger is just one example of the exquisite varieties of food on offer. This café caters for all foodies. Whether you are looking for a full degustation or a small pastry, Signature Dish has you covered. Cakes, filos and wraps are all made daily from fresh, quality ingredients to ensure the most delicious selection of snacks on the run. Finally, those muffins are baked deliciously fragrant, moist and tastebud tantalising with the flavour combination changing daily. Watch out for the infamous gooey caramel chocolate chunk variety. With a commitment to fresh, quality ingredients and deliciously fragrant tastes, this restaurant will never disappoint. Pricing is very fair with lunch mains averaging $10-$15.

Beverages Delicious Campos brand coffee is the perfect pick me up when you are ten hours through your consti assignment, or if you just feel like a perfectly brewed coffee. With a deliciously strong taste and served gloriously HOT, this is the place to buy your coffee. For something cooler, Signature Dish squeezes fresh fruit and vegetable juices from a selected seasonal variety and provides the typical milkshake varieties. For something exotic, exquisite Italian soft drinks are served chilled.

Location and Aesthetic Signature Dish can be found at the 240 Varsity Parade in Market Square. That’s just down the walkway from the Medicine Faculty. Looking over the waterways and sporting a pleasant blue theme, this open kitchen restaurant is a laid back, private affair perfect for any luncheon. Friendly staff and a witty Twitter (@Signature_Dish) presence polish off the Signature Dish experience. This restaurant has surpassed and exceeded this critic’s expectations. The only negative I can point out is the lack of a liquor license. However, this may be beneficial for the diner with the establishment’s BYO policy at dinner. Starting from June, Signature Dish is now open for dinner Friday and Saturday. Normal business hours for breakfast and lunch until 4pm every day. Free wireless internet available. Cooking classes every Wednesday (you will need to book in advance). Tune in for future Lake Café reviews, or follow my Twitter reviews (@AlexanderRooney). - Alex Rooney

When my boyfriend and I decide to rent a movie, the experience can be somewhat of an ordeal. I briskly walk straight to the romantic-comedy section and he is off in the weird indie isle, on his phone looking up reviews on IMDB (that’s the International Movie Data Base, if you were wondering). To say we have different taste in movies would be an understatement. So here I am, telling him he can pick (I know, such a good girlfriend, right?) between, How Do You Know, Little Fockers, and No Strings Attached, and he looks at me like I am forcing him to watch someone killing his childhood pet, Taz. I thought they were all great choices. We left the video store with How Do You Know, the Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson rom-com. Why did he pick this? The saving grace was that it starred Jack Nicholson; my boyfriend felt it necessary to tell me over and over that Jack was ‘da man.’ Meh, I’m not a fan. We get home, put the movie in and curl up with our Chinese take-away and yeah, I’m bored as hell. Between the million different story lines going every which-way, the pretty lame spectacle of Reese playing baseball and Owen Wilson’s nose, the movie was a flop. I did manage to force out a few fake laughs so my boyfriend wouldn’t know he was right. But, god damn it, he was. So if I have any advice: 1. Don’t watch the movie 2. Do whatever it takes to not let your boyfriend know when he’s right and 3. Maybe venture outside of the romantic-comedy section every now and again… but just maybe. - Aja Denman

The Career Development Centre encourages all students

and staff to attend “Career Journeys” – A Reflection. The annual Trevor Rowe speaker series brings together the finest of Australia’s industry leaders to Bond to share their insights with both students and staff. This year’s panel will be sharing with you their career journeys and the path they took in order to get where they are today. Below you can find a short introduction to the speakers that will be joining the panel this year: • Dr Trevor Rowe AO DUniv - (Former Chancellor, Bond University) Mr Rowe is Executive Chairman of Rothschild Australia Limited. Prior to joining Rothschild, Mr Rowe was at Citigroup Global Markets and held numerous senior positions with Salomon Smith Barney over a period of some 23 years. He has lived and worked in New York, Asia and Australia. He established Salomon Brothers offices in Australia in 1983. In the June 2011 Queen’s Birthday honours, Mr Rowe was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his service to the finance sector, particularly in the area of investment management.

• Mr Steve Sargent Steve Sargent is President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Australia and New Zealand. He is responsible for all GE operations across energy, water, oil and gas, transportation, healthcare and financial services in the region. Australia and NZ is one of GE’s largest and fastest growing global markets. In 2008, Steve was appointed a Vice President and Officer of the General Electric Company, a post held by only 190 senior executives of the global organisation. He is the first Australian to be appointed to this position. • Ms Kathryn Greiner AO Ms Greiner has been Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Australian Hearing since October 2006. Kathryn’s professional career has involved administering early childhood services and mental health programs, both in Australia and the United States. She has held many corporate and notfor-profit directorships, including the Salvation Army Sydney Shield Appeal, Save the Children Fund, LEK Consulting, International Council of the Asia Society and the Sydney Peace Prize Foundation.

res wars weekly report


HOT Cinnamon FIFA 12

Club Empire

Sleepover at Don’s Chai lattes PJs in the Batties

Ultimate Frisbee

“Ape with AK-47” Turtles

A game not for the faint hearted. Those with true fighting spirit braved the cold and fought the urge to stay in front of a warm bar sinking a few while watching the Origin decider, and ventured out to the Rugby Fields to battle it out for Res Wars bragging rights at Ultimate Frisbee during Week 8. With the speed of the magnificent cheetah and catching skills on par with… umm… ah... the awesome catching jungle animal, res kids became a blur of orange, green and blue on the field (with the occasional red flash towards the pizza), with Frisbees and fur flying. Due to a scheduling snafu, (and with three of our four man Campus Life team away at NUG, can you blame us for being a little distracted?), dinner was a surprising selection of both pizza

and subway with everyone going home with at least one of the 50 pizzas or trays of six-inches. With the all-important announcement of the overall winner of Res Wars just around the corner, for mystery’s sake, we’ll keep the results under wraps. But let’s just say, with two events still to go, it looks like it’s going to come down to the valuable points up for grabs in the slow-motionchariots-of-fire moment at Res Sports Carnival. Tonight’s game is basketball, so come on down to put your back into it, make a big noise playing in the hall today! Also, don’t forget to sign up for On v Off Netball by sending an email to !


Man vs Woman Harry Potter Bond winning NUG Coke Ice-Up Machine Puppies Girls who play FIFA Sheila Dikshit on YouTube NOT Piking Not actually sleeping over at Don’s Harry Potter being over Murdoch


Week 9 work load Julia Gillard

Wednesday Week 9 5.45pm

Carbon tax Other unis on holidays Sub zero temperatures 50% essays Sea Patrol finale

Sports Hall

Ibis Tomatoes at Cafe Bond


Theme stealing

Mixed netball: gold medalists, nug 20 11

112 Scope Week 09  

112 Scope Week 09

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